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Here are a list of future ideas for Pokémon, including Mega Evolutions.

Theories related specifically to Generation VII are allowed to stay on this page until Gen VIII begins, at which point any such theories still unconfirmed would be presumed Jossed in Gen VIII. But there will be hopes when Generation IX comes.

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     Full list of type combos not yet done — have at it! 

  • Normal/Ice
    (4x damage from Fighting; 2x damage from Fire, Rock, and Steel; 1/2x damage from Ice; 0x damage from Ghost)
    • A beluga.
    • Polar bear Ursaring evo.
      • Or a regional variant of Ursaring itself.
    • White rabbit/fox.
    • An Inuit.
    • A lemming.
    • A husky.
      • Whose evolved form could be Steel/Ice.
    • A Saint Bernard
    • A snowman.
    • A snowfield Com Mon
    • A moose.

  • Normal/Poison
    (2x damage from Ground and Psychic; 1/2x damage from Grass, Poison, Bug, and Fairy; 0x damage from Ghost)
    • A shrew or Solenodon. Both are small furry mammals with a venomous bite. Note that Sandshrew is more of a pangolin.
    • Platypus-based Pokemon that's Always Male, since male platypodes have a venomous spur.
      • I dunno; platypi or platypodes (whichever word you wanna use) would probably make better Water- and Poison-type Pokemon.
      • They also have a weird static electric sensor thing on their bills that allows them to find prey, so maybe Males can be Water/Poison, while Females can be Water/Electric.
      • Psyduck and Golduck are actually based on platypi, even though the Pokédex calls them ducks.
    • A zombie hog.
      • Minecraft?
      • That would work better as Normal/Ghost or Ghost/Poison.
    • A rabbit. They were considered pests, after alel.
      • Dark seems to fit better for that.
    • A used tissue?
    • A Brown Note Pokemon, with Normal acting as "Sound".
      • Could potentially represent noise pollution, like the Koffing line being air pollution, the Grimer line being water pollution, and the Trubbish line being land pollution.
    • A Com Mon sewer rat, which eventually evolves into a Poison/Water-type.
    • The Catoblepas.
    • A porcupine with covered in poisonous barbs like the Nidoran lines.

  • Normal/Bug
    (2x damage from Fire, Flying, and Rock; 1/2x damage from Grass and Ground, 0x damage from Ghost)
    • An adorable fly larva.
    • Something like a Porygon Expy, but with an insectoid appearance and the habit of creating countless computer bugs in nearly any system (not including the PC boxes, of course) it gets into. It would almost be like a canonical version of Missingno, and its Ability could be a version of Moody Turned Up to Eleven with a lot more effects than stat changes.
    • A literal spider-monkey.
    • A banana slug.
    • A millipede.
      • Little-known fact: millipedes can shoot a venom from their antennae to defend themselves. So Bug/Poison would work too.
    • Apparently, goats are being genetically engineered to produce spider silk in their milk. One of these goats could work nicely for Normal/Bug.
    • A noisy species of bug, like a cicada.
      • Cicada has been done (Nincada).
    • A honey bear with bee aspects incorporated.
    • A naked mole-rat (it's an eusocial mammal).
    • Mix-and-Match Critters between a mammal and an insect (eg. bunny + grasshopper)

  • Normal/Rock
    (4x damage from Fighting; 2x damage from Water, Grass, Ground, and Steel; 1/2 damage from Normal, Fire, Poison, and Flying; 0x damage from Ghost)
    • Mountain goat
    • Rock candy
    • An Onix baby form that's bigger and stronger than Onix and Steelix. As it turns out, Onix's original purpose is to have babies and die, that's why it sucks so much. A recent mutation in modern Onix populations caused them to live longer and eventually evolve into Steelix.
    • Fossil pokemon based on extinct synapsids. Its evolved form is a gorgonopsian.
    • A fossil Pokemon that's the ancestor of all modern mammal Pokemon. It could bear some resemblance to the above suggestion, as they were related.
    • A prehistoric mammal.
    • A horned gopher. Could either be a fossil Pokemon or the evolved form of a regional mammal.

  • Normal/Ghost
    (2x damage from Dark; 1/2 damage from Poison and Bug; 0x damage from Normal, Fighting, and Ghost)
    • Apart from being ridiculously awesome at defense, it could be some being that can travel between the spirit realm and the real world. And, with Levitate, it would be immune to four types of attacks, including both of its own STABs.
    • A reincarnated being returned as an Ascendant Pokemon. It would be able to use Cosmic Power through knowing the truth of the universe.
    • Zombie Pokemon.
    • Schroedinger's Cat Pokémon.
      • It would be a box with a radioactive symbol (subtle or not), a couple of eyes, and with the shape of two cat ears (just to remember what's inside). With a trade, it would have 50% chances of evolving into a Poison/Ghost Radioactive Cat or a Normal/Psychic Cat (Psychic-type would be to reflect the experience of being half dead), and it would also give a nice excuse to make a "physicist" Pokémon, like an Einstein/Planck/Bohr-based Cat. The physics-based cat could also be Normal/Electric.
    • Another idea of a Normal/Ghost could be a program from cyberspace, similar to Porygon (hence the Normal typing) but intangible like a hologram (hence the Ghost typing). The one weakness to Dark would make sense as hackers/bots tend to damage such programs.
      • In that case, it could be Porygon-3, a new and improved alternative to Porygon-Z. Or it could be the American counterpart to Porygon.
    • A ghostly Sifaka Lemur?
    • I came up with a legendary Pokemon trio based on the idea of life, death and rebirth. The rebirth one is a Normal/Ghost-type (yes, Normal-type legendary) — half dead, half alive. The others are Ice/Ghost (death — "cold as the grave") and Normal/Water (life — water is the basis of life). Basically, the antagonist gets the life and death ones in order to control life and death and become God. Main character gets the rebirth one to stop her.
    • A cartoon pokemon. The spirit of an animated character brought to life. It would have godly defenses, but weak attack, to represent a toon's resilience and the fact that anyone can survive one of their gags. It would probably have Prankster as an ability. Bonus points if it looks like one of the Warner Brothers.
    • A Nopperabou. Could also work for Normal/Dark.
    • Doctor Strange; he can astral project
    • A bedsheet ghost.
    • How about just... a normal ghost, like above, a bedsheet ghost.
    • A Living Shadow.
      • Sounds more like a Ghost/Dark-type.
    • Victims of The Punishment
    • A soul.
    • The Wandering Jew.
    • A cleanly white rat, that is also a scientist trying to understand the nature of the world. It ended up in its contradictory state during an experiment gone wrong. (version exclusive) An expy of that enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (other version exclusive)
    • Slenderman.
    • A Banshee, with Normal acting as "Sound".
    • An Eldritch Abomination, possibly one that Was Once a Man. Its typing represents the sheer abhorrence of its nature to physical law.
    • A cute little ghost that were supposedly the spirits of dead children.
    • A possum, one that's so good at pretending to be dead that it gained the typing and powers of a ghost.
      • Taking the concept further, this Pokémon could be a pure Normal-type initially, then gain the Ghost-type by meeting certain conditions in battle, such as using a move or it being tied to an Ability. Said Ability could trigger at damage thresholds, like 50%, or in response to opponents' actions, like Intimidate or Scary Face.
    • A Pokémon that can control its own tangibility; turn it off to phase through normal/fighting moves, and turn it on to phase through ghost attacks.
    • A spirit possessing a dead corpse.
    • A normal Pokemon that, like a dog or something, upon turning level 14, gets to use a very strange machine, designed to view a world unseen, that gives it snow white hair and glowing green eyes.

  • Normal/Steel
    (4x damage from Fighting; 2x damage from Fire and Ground; 1/2x damage from Normal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel, and Fairy; 0x damage from Poison and Ghost)
    • Reconstructed Caribou... erm, Stantler.
    • Cyborg (too obvious?)
    • An armored Pokemon
    • White Tiger of the West, representing the metal element.
      • Possible, There's already a pokemon based on another one of The Four Gods (Carracosta, and possibly Ho-Oh/Moltres and Dialga). Though it something like that seems more fitting for a Steel/Electric-type IMO.
    • Ladies and Gentlemen, Signimal and Audorate, made by Cardiac Fluxx!
    • A sheep Pokemon, with iron wool.
    • A Pokemon based on architecture meant to repel ghosts.
    • A steel drum, if you count Normal as "Sound".
    • Mega Snorlax, basically Snorlax leaning over a metal garbage can.
    • A wind-up toy.
    • A slinky.
    • An indian elephant with Lightning Rod that has adapted from being preyed on by Raichu and Gastly.
    • An Armored Shrew, which has a heavily developed and strong backbone.

  • Fire/Grass
    (2x damage from Poison, Flying, and Rock; 1/2x damage from Electric, Steel, and Fairy; 1/4 damage from Grass)
    • Wildflare, the brushfire Pokémon.
    • Tiki torch or jack-o-lantern; see above.
      • The Tiki torch could evolve into a masked ape-like Pokémon, and the jack-o-lantern could evolve into a scarecrow! And they could be version exclusives!
    • A giant citrus plant-based Pokemon.
    • A eucalyptus tree. Can learn Explosion, just to give more nightmares to EarthBound veterans.
    • I'd imagine that it would likely turn out similar to Smogon's take on this, except with a less uninspired moniker.
      • Napelm!
    • Timburn: The Forest Fire Pokémon
      • Heh, that was actually one of the names suggested for Smogon's Fire/Grass fakemon...
    • A Pokémon based on a burning tree, charred black and glowing with its inner fires.
    • Something like a flower Pokemon with flame petals.
    • A chili/capsicum/pepper plant. Preferably of the Ghost Pepper or Trinidad Scorpion variety.
    • A methane-fueled, compost-like Pokemon based on swamp gas.
    • Chili pepper Pokémon! The first Fire Pokémon with Chlorophyll as its ability. Sounds REALLY awesome.
      • Building on this, there's apparently a kind of pepper called a "tyrant habañero." A pun on this (like, maybe a cross between a pepper and a T. rex) could be pretty awesome.
    • Another Pinecone Pokemon, to go with Pineco and Ferroseed. Some pinecones only open at high temperatures; heck, some species of pinecone practically need to be incinerated to open.
    • An effigy. If given a Dusk Stone, it will evolve into a Grass/Ghost effigy (with smoke instead of fire.)
    • A tree Pokemon that excretes oil or some other flammable substance. It attacks by lighting its seeds on fire and flinging them at opponents.
    • A Venus Fire-trap expy.
      • Or a Fire Flower.
    • Something based off of the Firestick plant
    • Mega Cherrim
    • An incense burner specializing in relaxing scent-based moves including Aromatherapy and Calm Mind.
    • Something that can be found in a hot, tropical jungle.
    • Some red/orange-colored flower...
    • The first Pokémon with this type combination will be offense-oriented and have Chlorophyll or at least an ability that requires it to be in harsh sunlight. This is to optimize it using Solar Beam/Blade and fire moves under the weather.

  • Fire/Fairy
    (2x from Poison, Ground, Rock, and Water, 1/2x from Dark, Fighting, Fairy, Fire, Grass, and Ice, 1/4x from Bug, 0x from Dragon)

  • Electric/Fighting
    (2x damage from Ground, Psychic, and Fairy; 1/2x damage from Electric, Bug, Rock, Steel, and Dark)
    • He's the fighting robot!
      • Could be a new Rotom form. It's been said that he possessed a toy robot before...
    • Retcon the Electabuzz family into three of these. Or at least the last two.
      • Ampharos may be a slight possibility, too.
      • Or have a Mega Evolution.
    • The Duracell Bunny!
    • An angel.
    • A bare-knuckle boxer with electrified fists.
    • A Muy Thai fighter who can shoot lightning from its elbows.
    • King Kong, as detailed below.
    • Atom!

  • Ice/Poison
    (2x from Fire, Ground, Psychic, Rock, and Steel, 1/2 from Grass, Ice, Poison, Bug, and Fairy)
    • A Pokemon themed around frostbite?
    • A common cold virus?
    • Pneumonia?
    • A snake that injects venom that freezes the bloodstream.
    • A white-furred ambush predator that hides in the snow.
    • Formalich, based on Formaldehyde as a preservative (poison) for dead things (cold as ice) and deep-space chemistry.
    • Something involving hypothermia?
    • The Stuff

  • Fighting/Ground
    (2x from Water, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy, 1/2 from Poison, Bug, and Dark, 1/4x from Rock, 0x from Electric)
    • Another golem based more closely on Jewish legend.
    • A boxing hare.
    • A fighting armadillo?
    • A whip-tailed lizard.
    • A Greco roman wrestler
    • Gorillas hate rain and can't swim...
    • A Kangaroo
    • Mega Golurk
    • Alolan/alternate regional Golurk
    • A cat that preys on Pikachu and his expies. They are afraid of water, after all.
    • A whip-tailed lizard. It could be an exclusively female species as well.
    • A humanoid mud wrestler.

  • Fighting/Fairy
    (2x from Poison, Steel, Fairy, Flying, and Psychic, 1/2x from Fighting and Rock, 1/4x from Bug and Dark, 0x from Dragon)
    • Magical Girl. Duh.
    • A Knight in Shining Armor who hunts dragons.
    • A Cheerleader, making the gender ratio more towards female.
    • An Always Female expy of the Hitmon family based around different dancing styles. Ballet for higher Attack, waltz for higher Defense, and salsa for when Attack and Defense are equal.
    • The Powerpuff Girls, with Levitate.
    • Mega Granbull.
    • A Minotaur. Preferably a Pseudo-Legendary.
    • A Superman clone (with levitate), with weaknesses to Poison and Steel standing in as weaknesses for Kryptonite.
    • Ballerina — Primarily Fairy for the first impression, secondarily Fighting for the training it goes through and surprising strength to pull off performances.

  • Poison/Steel
    (4x from Ground, 2x from Fire, 1/2x from Normal, Flying, Dragon, Rock, Ice, and Steel, 1/4x from Grass, Bug, and Fairy, 0x from Poison)
    • The Toxic Needle Pokemon.
      • Or even better — a disease-infected needle.
      • It could start out as something with a needle for a nose, and when it evolves, it has two huge needles for arms.
      • And the names would be Toxishot and Veninject (the evolved form) with a third, Vaccinscare, requiring a signature move to evolve.
    • Mercury Mon (Quicksilver? Alternate evolution of Scyther when it is holding a certain poison-type item?)
    • Something based around heavy metals in general.
      • An animate lead plumbing pipe.
    • A Pokémon version of Dumb Drum.
      • Or something like a walking waste plant.
    • Junker! But seriously, some kind of rusty scrap metal abomination.
    • A Pokemon based off of a factory and/or toxic waste dump.
      • An evolution of Muk with a toxic waste barrel on its head.
    • A snail whose slime is poisonous and shell is made of steel.
      • How about a Cone Snail whose shell and venom harpoon are both made of metal?
    • Uranium based.
    • Cyborg Weezing evolution named "Hacking". Its shtick would be Mind Control (hacking your mind). Also works as electric/poison.
      • Shouldn't it be something like "Hakking" since Koffing and Weezing are spelled in an alternate way?
    • Forget GLaDOS being Electric/Poison, this would be a type combo for a Pokemon based off of her — a machine that uses toxin, and is weak to fire (end of Portal 1, anyone?)
    • A trash can in a symbiotic relationship with the Trubbish line.
      • Or an evo of Garbodor that has him wearing bits and pieces of a trash can as armor!
    • An armored scorpion. It could start out as a Bug/Poison-type, but gains an armor to protect it when it's run out of venom.
    • A Grey Goo Pokemon
    • A two-formed Pokemon based off magnesium, with a solid form and a liquid form. The solid form specializes in Attack and Defence whilst the liquid form specializes in Sp. Attack and Sp. Defence. It changes formes with some kind of refrigerating item.
      • Alternatively, it takes the second form if hit by a Fire-type move, or is burned. To prevent it doing too much damage, it will have the ability Heatproof.
    • A cute little Pokemon known for recycling. It starts off as pure poison, but evolves to carry scrap/used metal (think aluminum cans and burnt out gear) and uses them for something new. Its first form would carry some old cans, the second form would wear tinfoil clothes and the final form would have the scrap metal as part of its very body. It has a chance of holding a Metal Coat.
    • Radioactive material, such as nuclear waste.
      • Building on this, a Blob Monster made out of nuclear waste. The first form would be a tiny, cute-looking green blob peeking out of a toxic waste barrel, and the final form would be a giant, scary looking blob wearing the barrel from its first form as a hat.
      • A Pokemon based on the iconic atom symbol composed of a glowing spherical "nucleus" with a face on it and three steel rings encircling it.
    • Given other Pokémon based on different forms of pollution, something based on space junk. It could largely be made up of broken satellites.
    • An expy of the Bionic Booger Boy is a must!
    • A family-friendly version of the Phyrexians.
    • A Scaly-Foot Gastropod. They're snails that incorporate iron sulfide compounds into their shell and scales making them ridiculously tough. They also do this by taking in toxic sulfide from volcanic vents.
    • A Pokémon (possibly Poison/Steel) based on industrial/factory pollution (given that Steampunk/Industrialization might be a theme in some parts of Sword and Shield)
    • Something based on Tetanus, a bacterium that tends to be found on rusty nails, and it would use a rusty nail as its weapon. It would evolve into something based on Botulinum, a bacterium which tends to be found in bloated aluminium cans and is noted for having the most potent toxin in the world. It would use a bloated aluminium can as its armor. The evolution line would make sense as both Tetanus and Botulinum are part of the Clostridium genus, and their names could be Tetanail and Bloatox respectively.

  • Ground/Fairy
    (2x from Steel, Ice, Grass, and Water, 1/2x from Bug, Dark, Fighting, and Rock, 0x from Dragon and Electric)

  • Bug/Dragon
    (2x from Dragon, Ice, Flying, Rock, and Fairy, 1/2x from Water, Electric, Fighting, and Ground, 1/4x from Grass)
    • Sadly, we already have an evolutionary family of dragonfly Pokemon with Yanma... But what the heck, it's not like there isn't room for another.
      • Not just a dragonfly, a Meganeura, the largest dragonfly ever.
    • Flygon Expy.
      • Alternatively, have another Japanese-based region. Then have an alternative evolution to Trapinch.
    • Arthropleura. A humongous 8.5 feet long centipede and the largest known land invertebrate ever, and them actually coming from the same time period as Genesect opens up some ideas for a backstory.
    • That "Yanmaku" idea that was going around on the forums a few months ago. Bonus points if it wound up looking like Hirow.
    • A prey species that lives deep within the planet's crust, hunted by Steelix and Roggenrola... until it gains Magikarp Power.
    • A line of mantis that look more like mantis than Scyther does
    • Dennis before Team Plasma modified it.
    • Monarch butterfly.
    • A Damselfly
    • An expy of Dean Hardscrabble from Monsters Univeristy. (She looks part dragon, part centipede)
    • Mega Yanmega and/or Mega Flygon
    • The King of Insects. (figuratively)
    • An insect queen (literally), with its drones counterpart being pure bug.
    • Whatever insect that has the Japanese word for 'dragon' in its Japanese name. (Apparently, dragonfly doesn't so the Yanma line isn't part dragon)
    • A common lizard—small like a bug, reptilian like a dragon.

  • Bug/Dark
    (2x from Fire, Flying, Rock, Bug, and Fairy, 1/2x from Grass, Ground, Ghost, and Dark, 0x from Psychic)
    • A flea?
    • Cockroach, obviously!
    • They could take this to a whole new level of sinisterness where they introduce bug-type Pokemon that get infected with mind-controlling mushrooms and then die after a couple of battles.
      • Parasect evo. Do it, GF.
    • Beelzebub pseudo legendary!
      • That would be awesome.
      • Beelzebug?
    • Or an alternate evolution line for Trapinch. Trapinch DOES learn an awful amount of Dark-type moves...
    • A female mosquito! It would have an ability that gives it back a portion of hp from biting moves, and STAB Bug Bite/Crunch...
    • A tick?
    • An Expy of Paras that is a cricket with a hairworm sticking out of its rear that evolves into a writhing mass of tentacles squirming out of the zombified cricket's body?
    • Mothman.
    • A Tapeworm. It can be 35 feet long and the Pokédex will mention some growing up 100 feet. It will have a signature move that's an 80 power version of Leech-Life and will have an ability that either increases damage of draining moves or increases amount of health taken from draining moves. Its Dream World ability will cause a toxic poisoning affect on fainting.
    • A wolf spider which takes the name a bit too literally.
    • A black widow spider.
    • A No See Um.
    • Widow spider. They will be a female-only species, and have a a Bug/Psychic male counterpart.
    • Dracula louse.
    • A parasitic wasp. You'll know why when you read about them.
    • A slave-maker ant.
    • A bird-dropping spider. Yes, this is in fact real.
    • A pest animal, like a centipede.
    • Tsuchigumo
    • A Changeling!
    • An Expy of a Cy-Bug.
    • A Xenomorph Expy.

  • Rock/Ghost
    (2x from Ghost, Dark, Water, Grass, Ground, and Steel, 1/2x from Bug, Fire, and Flying, 1/4x from Poison, 0x from Normal and Fighting)
    • Gloomstone, the gravestone Pokemon.
      • Or any kind of poltergeist, really.
      • I think a poltergeist Poke would be Ghost/Psychic. (Like if the poltergeist had a body, and moved things around with telekinesis.)
      • Ooh, ooh, a Bouldergeist expy.
      • No, it would have to be named Tombstoner.
    • As said under Ghost/Ground, a living dinosaur skeleton.
    • A gargoyle?
    • A possessed artifact of some kind, kind of like Claydol but more rocky.
    • A guardian angel statue similar to the statues found in cemeteries. Maybe a Weeping Angel, but with a lot more emphasis on the angel aspect and as such somewhat more benevolent.
      • Any ancient statue or bust could count.
    • A sentient, skeletal fossil. Or just Dem Bones in general.
    • A fossil Pokemon that Came Back Wrong.
    • Any random object made of limestone could do, as that type of rock is... commonly composed of material that came from dead marine organisms.
    • An expy of someone from Pompeii.
    • A Ubume
    • A canopic jar.
    • Haunted totem pole, maybe with a "true" set of eyes peeking out from inside a la Phantump.
    • A sand castle of sorts.
    • A ghostly ratfish-like Helicoprion fossil Pokemon, since ghost sharks, one of the nicknames for chimaera, are Helicoprion's closest living relatives.

    Type combinations that already exist, but only one evolutionary line has 

  • Normal/Fire
    (2x from Fighting, Water, Ground, and Rock, 1/2x from Fire, Grass, Bug, Ice, Steel, and Fairy, 0x from Ghost)
    • The cow that started the Chicago Fire?
    • A Legend with a flamethrower?
    • A mountain-dwelling prey species? (Assuming the mountain is filled with Rock, Ground, and Fighting-types)
    • A fire rat?
    • A Man on Fire.
    • The Pyro!!
      • The Pyro is anything but normal...
    • A fire ferret?

  • Normal/Water
    (2x from Fighting, Electric, and Grass, 1/2x from Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water, 0x from Ghost)
    • A bottlenose dolphin that learns sound-based attacks and Confuse Ray?
    • A capybara, perhaps?
    • A muskrat.
    • The "missing link" between fish and amphibian.
      • Axolotol.
    • An otter.
    • Water buffalo
    • Anchovies and Minnows
    • A whale that specializes in HYPER VOICE! It evolves into some terrifying underwater monstrosity by leveling up with ancient power. The modern form is actually a Power Limiter because the species ate everything to death in the past.

  • Normal/Electric
    (2x from Fighting and Ground, 1/2x from Electric, Flying, and Steel, 0x from Ghost)
    • Something involving neutrons.
    • A nurse shark with defibrillators.
      • That would be a better Water/Electric-type. So would any kind of shark, really; they have a sixth sense that utilizes electricity, after all.
      • By the reasoning, every thing found in the grass is a Grass-type?
      • The question is, where does the Normal typing come in for the Pokémon suggested above? Anyway, any Pokemon found in the grass could leave with no assistance if so inclined, so they don't HAVE to be Grass-type. Meanwhile, most Water-type Pokémon (the ones that aren't based on amphibians or anything else with legs; in other words, the fish-like Pokemon, which generally have fins instead of legs) can't stay out of the water for very long, if at all, until and unless a Pokémon Trainer comes by and captures them, taking them onto the land in Pokéballs.
    • Static electricity
      • Carpet monster?
      • Ooh, a pre-evo of Mareep! Or does that make too many evos? If so, then an alternate evo for it, in which Mareep loses most of its electricity, but still keep a fair amount of static electricity.
    • Porygon expy, or alternate evo (Porygon 3, anyone?)
      • Mega Porygon-Z
    • A literal electric guitar, or a Pokémon playing that sort of instrument. Why? Because Normal sometimes refers to "Sound". Just look at the Whismur line, Chatot, and Meloetta. This could also work for Normal/Steel or Electric/Steel.

  • Normal/Grass
    (2x from Fighting, Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison, 1/2x from Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water, 0x from Ghost)
    • Maybe a sloth. Sloths often do have algae growing on their fur.
      • Grassloth?
      • Belphoss (Belph as in Belphagor, the demon prince of sloth)
      • The animal, not the sin. That said, Mossloth could work.
      • Why not have both the animal and the sin as version exclusives?
      • We kind of have a sloth already with the Slakoth line. Perhaps Mega Slaking? Be afraid... be very afraid.
    • A Joshua Tree

  • Normal/Ground
    (2x from Fighting, Water, Grass, and Ice, 1/2x from Poison and Rock, 0x from Ghost and Electric)
    • Mu.
    • Prairie dog?
    • Ground up spices.
      • That would be more Grass/Ground.
    • Gopher
    • Any burrow- or cave-dwelling mammal would work for this. Well, except for now-extinct ones like the Cave Bear.
    • Earthworm
    • A traffic cone that evolves into a crossing guard.

  • Normal/Dragon
    (2x damage from Ice, Fighting, Dragon and Fairy; 1/2x damage from Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass; 0x damage from Ghost)
    • A depowered mythical dragon? It would have average stats, too.
    • Some fans believed that Reshiram would be this before its Fire typing was revealed.
    • A Dunsparce evo. Dunsparce is based on a mythological creature called a Tsuchinoko, which is a snake that had the potential to turn into a dragon.
    • A pseudo-dragon, like a wyvern.
    • Kecleon evolution, maybe?
    • A Normal-type that wears the shed skin of a dragon that eventually became a dragon.
    • A Fin Fang Foom expy, right down to the inexplicable shorts.
    • Any dragon design made Acrofatic.
    • A penbroke corgi. They're the official breed of dog owned by the British Queen, and Dragon-types are somewhat "royal."
    • A dragon with sonic attacks. Yes, I am thinking of Skyrim.
    • A Komodo dragon.
      • Komodo Dragons are poisonous because they have a lot of bacteria in their mouths, so that would be more of a Poison/Dragon.
    • A Spike Expy.
    • A tuatara
    • An expy of Mr. Gus.

  • Fire/Water
    (2x damage from Electric, Ground, and Rock; 1/2x damage from Bug and Fairy; 1/4 damage from Fire, Ice, and Steel)
    • Steam Pokemon, perhaps?
    • A Pokemon that gives off alcohol?
    • Salamander, see below.
      • That could also work for Fire/Poison, as that was the original idea the Greeks/Romans had of that creature.
    • A Torkoal evolution?
      • Its shell would look like a Ying-Yang, with fire for one side and water for the other!
    • Two words: Pistol shrimp.
      • Which then evolves into a mantis shrimp! Or would that be more Water/Fighting?
      • Where's the Fire typing in that? Is it because it actually heats up the water with a "punch"?
    • Oil spill Pokemon!
      • A BURNING oil spill, that is. Just an oil spill would be Water/Poison.
    • Luvdisc evolution. Because everyone knows that love is represented by Fire.
    • A humpback whale with geothermic vents or volcanoes (prevo is a calf with vents, evo is a full-grown one with volcanoes?) that are supposed to represent barnacles.
    • A kettle?
      • If they ever have triple-typing, that would also be a Steel-type.
    • A living hot spa.
    • A tea pot, perhaps?
    • A black smoker vent, something that lives in a deep sea thermal vent, a hot spring, or an underwater volcano.
    • A boiled lobster!
    • A crab that has an internal flame that is only found in a desert oasis and has an ability that makes it immune to sandstorms.
    • An aquatic mammal like a dolphin.
    • Literal fire coral

  • Fire/Electric
    (4x from Ground, 2x from Rock and Water, 1/2x from Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, Electric, and Flying, 1/4x from Steel)
    • Whatever it is, it constantly gives off sparks, making it both an electrical and a fire hazard.
    • Static burns? Like Kirby?
    • An Electabuzz/Magmar hybrid?
    • Saint Elmo's fire?
    • A ball of flaming plasma, much hotter than Rotom.
      • This would work as a 3-stage Pokemon. The first stage would be a Spark Pokemon that's just a blob with little arms, having just begun nuclear fusion. The second stage would be a Nuclear Pokemon with a partial skeleton made of hydrogen and a more beastly form. The third stage would be a Nova Pokemon with a full skeleton made of carbon and a blazing form.
    • A Liger Pokemon that is created by breeding a Luxray with a Fire-Type Tiger Pokemon.
    • Pokesho has suggested a kotatsu Pokemon (translation, has NSFW ads/rest of site.
    • An energy hummingbird that has high special attack and speed, poor defense, and can learn Explosion!
    • A star, which is somewhat of a Solrock Expy.
    • A Hedgehog that shoots from its fur and a porcupine that has a similar ability but prefers physical contact. (roles reversed on purpose).
    • A seraph.
    • A personification of electromagnetic radiation. Makes sense for Electric, and fire emits light.

  • Fire/Ice
    (4x damage from Rock; 2x damage from Water, Fighting, and Ground; 1/2x damage from Grass, Bug, and Fairy; 1/4x damage from Ice)
    • A Pokemon based on temperature sounds suitable.
      • A thermometer Pokemon.
    • Or two Pokemon, one Fire and one Ice, that only evolve (into Fire/Ice and Ice/Fire forms, respectively) when both are on the team.
    • The living incarnation of Hail Fire Peaks.
    • A Japanese macaque. They live high in the mountains, and yet they soak a lot in volcanic-fed hot springs. And we already have flaming monkeys running around...
    • A jackalope Pokemon with flaming fur and ice fangs/antlers.
    • A comet?
    • A Pokemon that's half solar plasma and half Bose-Einstein Condensate, to serve as the "master" of a second Legendary Trio based on the states of matter. (The Creation Trio's secondary types hint at this with Steel/Water/Ghost, but it's easy to miss.)
      • The legendary based on solids is Ice/Steel, and the legendary based on fluids is Water/Electric.
    • A two-headed snake.
      • Building on this, a two-headed snake that has a thermometer for a body and is a legendary that embodies temperature.
    • Living freezer-burn?
      • Or liquid nitrogen. So cold, it burns.
    • Since we already have a Pokemon based on Ice Cream, why not have one based on Baked Alaska? Maybe make it the end of a three part evo line where the other two also have unique typings? Starts off as a small prey creature with an icy core (Ice/Normal), then becomes an omnivore and covers itself with a poisonous foam to protect it from predators and to hunt — the foam also insulates it from heat (Ice/Poison), finally when exposed to a Fire Stone the foam catches on fire while still protecting its core from the heat. At this point, it wanders its icy home as an apex predator (Ice/Fire).
    • An ice demon.
      • An oni?
    • A legendary who's very purpose is to be a self-contradiction, aka a living paradox.
    • A Snowman wearing hot pants.
    • An alien that originates from a body of highly elliptical orbit, like a comet. It's adjusted to survive the extremes of said environment.
    • A type of ice or fluid that acts like an ice, that happens to exist under massive pressures and heat — think Ice VII or the mantle of planets like Neptune. It would be a very unique alien Pokemon, and would be a HUGE Stone Wall.
    • Living permafrost, that somehow managed to exist in the desert
    • A snow lantern.
    • A Frazz Expy. It's Already a King Mook of the Keese, which are bats. Might be mixed with Vaati, as seen here, Though i personally think it would look more like this: here.
    • Maxwell's Demon.
    • An aquatic animal.

  • Fire/Poison
    (4x damage from Ground; 2x damage from Water, Psychic, and Rock; 1/2x damage from Fire, Ice, Fighting, Poison, and Steel; 1/4x damage from Grass, Bug, and Fairy)
    • A smoke Pokemon, of course.
    • Flammable gas (not that kind)
    • A lit cigarette!
    • A Fire-Bellied Toad with Dry Skin (Not Croagunk or Toxicroak evo)
    • A tar monster.
      • Tar Muk?
      • A fossil Pokemon found in tar pits, becomes poison instead of rock.
      • Pokemon Industries at Smogon has already come up with a Grimer evo fitting this mold. It's called Tarxic.
    • Radiation.
    • A spitting cobra that shoots sulfuric acid instead of venom.
      • It could serve as a fire starter. After all, the snake is one of the twelve animals of the zodiac.
    • Propane?
    • Monster that uses napalm or some fuel source.
    • A cockatrice
    • A manticore for an evolution of Pyroar.
    • Mollux, from Smogon
    • An agile slasher capable of messing with body-temperatures, perhaps based off Thrax.

  • Fire/Steel
    (4x from Ground, 2x from Water and Fighting, 1/2x from Dragon, Flying, Normal, Psychic, and Rock, 1/4x from Bug, Fairy, Grass, Ice, and Steel, 0x from Poison)
    • Incinerator! Or maybe a smelting furnace...
    • A blacksmith Pokemon.
    • A walking barbeque grill
    • Oxen starter. The Steel is its manly horns.
    • The Quiznos oven.
    • An expy of Ghor, but that might be too obvious
    • A steam engine. Possibly an evolution of Torkoal.

  • Water/Grass
    (2x from Bug, Flying, and Poison, 1/2x from Steel and Ground, 1/4x from Water)
    • Seaweed
      • Potential for a branch evolution of Tangela, since the vines covering its body are similar to seaweed.
    • Reed beds?
    • Driftwood?
    • Seadragons, which resemble plants.
    • Sundew?
    • A horse with fins and a mane made of seaweed.
    • A literal Kelpie.
    • An Eastern Emerald Elysia, a species of seaslug capable of photosynthesis.
    • A bromeliad.
    • A punkrock turtle (a species of turtle with green algae growing on its head)
    • A manatee. They're pretty docile and sometimes moss grows on their backs, so it could easily turn into a Torterra-type deal.

  • Water/Ghost
    (2x from Electric, Grass, Dark, and Ghosts, 1/2x from Fire, Ice, Steel, Water, Bug, and Poison, 0x from Normal and Fighting)

  • Water/Steel
    (2x from Electric, Fighting, and Ground, 1/2x from Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Normal, Psychic, and Rock, 4x from Ice and Steel, 0x from Poison)
    • A Pokemon based off a Chan Chu?
    • A hammerhead shark.
    • That shark Badnik from the Sonic games. Or one based on the piranha enemies that leap out of the bridges.
    • An depth charge Pokemon.
    • A Cloyster expy.
    • Helicoprion or Stethacanthus?
    • Dunkleosteus. It has armor plating, what more do you want?
    • Swordfish.
      • I like. It could start out with a Water-type Magikarp expy, but evolves into a powerful and awesome Water/Steel swordfish, with amazing speed.
    • A sawshark.
    • A thresher shark. They're notorious for being able to decapitate a man with a single swing of their tail.
    • Captain Hook combined with the crocodile that ate his hand.
      • Similar to above, a pirate combined with a shark.
    • A giant cruise-ship that evolves from a pure Water tugboat.
    • A water crib, maybe evolving from a buoy.
    • A goldfish in a steel bowl that evolves a mecha body.
    • A fire hydrant.
    • An anchor.
    • A water mine that evolves from a sea urchin.
    • A razor clam that's actually part razorblade part clam. Naturally learns Smart Strike and Razor Shell.

  • Electric/Grass
    (2x from Bug, Fire, Ice, and Poison, 1/2x from Steel, Grass, and Water, 1/4x from Electric)
    • Bioluminescent plants, taken to absurd degrees.
      • Maybe an alternate evo for Shroomish based on bioluminescent mushrooms?
    • A Christmas tree. Possibly an alternative evolution for Snover.
    • A lightning rod tree.
    • A sundew, but with the sticky things replaced with electric barbs.
    • A walking Pickle light with wires as arms and legs.
    • Pokemon Industries came up with some bizarre grasshopper thing.
    • A telephone pole.
    • A lightning reed.
    • A citrus fruit
    • Walking plants that gather electricity to power radio links they communicate through.
    • A lemon?

  • Electric/Poison
    (4x damage from Ground; 2x damage from Psychic; 1/2x damage from Electric, Grass, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Bug, Steel, and Fairy)
    • ...battery acid?
      • Building on this, a slug made of battery acid, like how Slugma is made of magma. A Fakemon that's based on this is called Teslug.
      • Alternatively, a lemon battery, also playing on the acidic nature of citrus juice.
    • A platypus could work, if it's not already Normal/Poison. They sense electricity and the males have a poisonous spur. Of course, that wouldn't make sense if there were females of the species, but Pokemon has made worse biological errors. And if it not being Water-type bothers you, neither is Hippowdon.
    • Something radioactive?
    • GLaDOS? Because of the deadly neurotoxin?
    • Elecobra?
    • An Electric Jellyfish. Originally a pure Poison-type, the species got tired of people making that mistake and while evolving to get the electric attribute, grew large enough to eat people and now actively hunts them out. The final form has one big eye that moves around its transparent body. A Ground-type with some kind of water resistance keeps them from spreading out of one area and overtaking Tentacool.
    • Food disposal-Rotom.
    • A computer virus. Because Steel is the closest thing to tech, it would have a special ability allowing it to poison Steel-types.
    • Believe it or not, a Mongolian Death Worm. They're said to be capable of spitting acid and releasing electrical discharge, both of which are strong enough to kill a human.
    • A beaded lizard. They're said in local myths to be able to cause lightning strikes with their tail, and they're highly venomous.
    • Another deep sea cephalopod evolutionary line. Electric could be about flashy lights and shock they can induce, while Poison might refer to its' ability to spray ink and use its' sticky tentacles.

  • Electric/Ground
    (2x from Ground, Ice, Grass, and Water, 1/2x from Flying, Steel, Poison, and Rock, 0x from Electric)
    • Similar to Raichu, an Electric Pokemon that can ground itself when needed with a body part.
    • A bison Pokemon. Bison were oftentimes associated with thunder in Native American myths, and they would most definitely fall under the Ground-type. Maybe a calf-pronghorn-bison trio?
    • Maybe for the next Pikachu Expy there could be a prairie dog or ground squirrel.
      • Or a rabbit, as it fits the "cute critter" type.
      • Plusle and Minun look sorta like rabbits. Maybe a gerbil?
    • Mongolian death worm?
    • A merger between an earthworm and underground wiring.

  • Electric/Psychic
    (2x damage from Ground, Bug, Ghost, and Dark; 1/2x damage from Electric, Fighting, Flying, Psychic, and Steel)
    • Brain-based.
      • A neuron! The soma would be its head and body while the axon is its tail.
      • Seeing how we now have a Pokemon based around cell division, this is quite possible.
      • Neurohm/Cerebellohm/Encephalohm, the Neuron/Floating Brain/Brain in a Jar Pokemon, who tends to build up a sizable electric charge around its body while thinking. Glass Cannon-type that turns into a Mighty Glacier upon evolving to Encephalohm.
    • Living supercomputer.
      • Another promising Rotom new form, namely a possessed computer.
    • A Manectric evolution.
    • A Pokémon based around the concept of chi. On the one hand, it involves meditation; on the other, it's a sort of "energy". This would counterbalance Aura, which seems more aligned with Fighting, as another life-force in Pokemon.
    • An electric Victini, but it will represent defeat.
    • Grumpig evolution based on a coilgun.
    • A hologram, or disembodied mind.
    • Our Mermaids Are Different: Playful giants accidentally awoken by divers, they now curiously study the world, though they can get rough in their play.
    • Jupiter dijinn.
    • An Energy Being.
    • A carpet. An electron carpet.
    • A dormouse Pikaclone (sleeping and dreaming seem associated with the Psychic-type).
    • A cartoon idea lightbulb.
    • A crash test dummy.
    • A Jedi/Sith humanoid expy proficient in force lightning and of course mind powers as in the Star Wars series. Can switch to Superpowered Evil Side through Mega Evolution.

  • Electric/Rock
    (4x damage from Ground; 2x damage from Water, Grass, and Fighting; 1/2x damage from Normal, Fire, Electric, and Poison; 1/4x damage from Flying)
    • Kirby 64 fans should remember Kirby's combined copy ability of this type, involving a rock tethered to a line of electricity. A Pokemon incarnation of that could work...
      • With the critical praise its getting, it could be combined with a fossil expy of the plasma dinos of Xeno Blade.
    • An electric guitar. (It uses The Power of Rock.)
      • Guitar Rotom!
    • Dynamite. Come on, you were thinking it too!
    • Magnetite Pokemon? Nosepass could have been this.
      • A magnet Pokemon with a North and South Side. They're normally weak, but are incredibly powerful together. The two are fused to gain their power, and by themselves have Plus and Minus.
      • Or an Onix expy.
    • Velociraptor fossil Pokemon.
    • A glowing quartz crystal, perhaps?
    • An automatic toilet with the water absorb ability. Storm drain in dream world.
    • A fossil Pokemon based off an ancient rodent. Possibly the ancestor of Pikachu and its expies.
    • The Rock: He is the most electrifying man in all of entertainment.
    • Ancient prototype of Klink, building on the idea that Klink is an artificial Pokemon. It could be partly based on the Antithkyeria Mechanism and other technology centuries earlier than it should be. A fossil Pokémon.
    • Two words: Electric Scrat.
    • Since being turned into stone could be equivalent to paralysis, Medusa.
    • A fulgurite. Possibly an inanimate fossil.
    • An amber Pokemon, because of Eletron name being derivate from Greek word for amber
    • A separate evolution to Boldore.
    • A Dimetrodon fossil, since it was once thought to have used its sail like a solar panel. Perhaps with Solar Power as an ability and a crystalline fin.

  • Electric/Ghost
    (2x from Ground, Dark, and Ghost, 1/2x from Electric, Flying, Steel, Bug, and Poison, 0x from Normal and Fighting)
    • A dead battery.
    • A jaguar?
    • Living electricity.
    • The Undertaker, with a cry that sounds like a church bell mixed with a lightning strike.
    • An angel.
    • Robot ghost.
    • A UFO (Give it Levitate)?
    • A lightbulb.
    • A ghost screen/movie/slide projector?

  • Electric/Dark
    (2x from Ground, Fighting, Bug and Fairy, 1/2x from Electric, Flying, Steel, Ghost, and Dark, 0x from Psychic)
    • An animate black thundercloud?
    • A creature that absorbs and gluts itself off nearby electricity.
    • Some variety of saboteur-type gremlin.
    • Some type of deep-sea fish or glowworm? Of course, the fish one might work better as a Water/Electric (like another Lanturn) or Water/Dark.
      • An angler-fish that's learned to live out of water, only appearing at night. Like the Tynamo line, it would have Levitate.
    • Blitzle's evolution?
      • Jossed, though a future gen might go and add a Stage 2 form.
    • Retcon Luxio and Luxray?
      • Mega Luxray?
      • Alolan/alternate regional form of Luxray ?
    • Perhaps one based off a computer virus would work.
    • A blacklight!
    • An energy sucking vampire?
    • A tiger.
    • Dracula could manipulate weather in Bram Stoker's book, so why not something based on him?
    • Satan itself. Why? Well, Satan is the Morning Star, or bringer of light. Electromagnetism is an important aspect of light. However, Satan is known by most as the lord of darkness, despite never being referred to in the Bible as this. Thus, Dark is its secondary typing. In terms of appearance, it would have an angelic, beautiful appearance while possessing traits commonly associated with the Devil. It would be one of the legendaries in an Italy-based region.
    • A huge disgusting rat, the anti-Pikachu.
      • Going by that logic, it could take a cue from electrical power strips and the Rat King phenomenon, a dead Swarm of Rats with their tails entangled together, and was historically considered a bad omen. Perhaps it could even have an outfit like a Royal Brat, with fur like a king's cape and a crown-like spiky tuft on its head.
    • Chupacabra
    • A Pokémon equivalent to Lord Hater.

  • Grass/Ice
    (4x from Fire, 2x from Bug, Flying, and Poison, 1/2x from Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water)
    • A christmas tree
    • A plant that blooms during winter
    • A flower that turned predator due to a prolonged lack of sunlight, freezing the Beautifly that came to feed on it, in turn causing them to turn more predatory and rely less on plants.
    • A frost monster
    • The wood frog, due to its ability to endure being frozen. Naturally it would have the Snow Cloak ability.

  • Grass/Ground
    (4x from Ice, 2x from Fire and Flying, 1/2x from Ground and Rock, 0x from Electric)

  • Grass/Rock
    (2x from Bug, Ice, Fighting, and Steel, 1/2x from Electric and Normal)
    • A moss-covered rock.
      • A rolling stone that somehow gathers moss?
    • A cycad could work, as they're living fossils.
    • Potted plants, anyone? (upon evolution, it breaks the pot, then fuses with the shards)
    • A desert rose / rose rock.
    • Triceratops fossil.
    • Brontosaurus grass starter line (Chikorita/Turtwig expy)
    • A Megaloceros fossil with fern-covered antlers.
    • A fossilized fern.
    • Petrified wood.
    • A barrel cactus combined with a sea urchin, capable of living both in deserts and oceans. Either Dry Skin, Storm Drain, or Water Absorb for its ability.
    • Literal rose quartz
    • A Pebble Plant.

  • Ice/Ground
    (2x from Fighting, Fire, Steel, Grass, and Water, 1/2x from Poison, 0x from Electric)
    • A muddy glacier thing.
    • A burrowing rabbit
    • A monster with built in snow shoes or skis
    • A sort of lungfish with an ice theme, that can live in mud for an elongated time.
    • An arctic hare.
    • An avalanche.

  • Ice/Fighting
    (2x from Fire, Fighting, Flying, Psychic, Steel, and Fairy, 1/2x from Ice, Bug, Dark)
    • Viking?
    • A Valkyrie themed evolution of Jynx? She does look a lot like an opera singer, so it would fit with the Scandinavian theme.
      • Or it could be the male version of a Jynx, which would be a Viking.
    • Polar Ursaring. Ursaring are basically Fighting-type Pokemon with claws, though they lack the typing. Polar Ursaring would be their Dire cousin to the north (though they missed their chance to put them in Sinnoh, they could still show up in a Lost World colony similar to a cross between the Mossleaf caverns in Hoenn and the Ruins of Alph in Johto).
    • For a completely-out-of-left-field Ice/Fighting Pokemon, something that looks like a tan-coated Ice Climber with Red Boxing Gloves and a triangular body in the visual style of a small netbeing from MegaMan NT Warrior (Rush in particular).
    • Beartic should really have been this...
    • An Ice/Fighting turkey?
      • That doesn't make much sense... I could see that being Fighting/Flying, but where does the Ice part come in?
    • Two words: Fighting snowman.
    • Hockey players.
    • Polar wolf.
    • Adlet. Would definitely have Snow Cloak as an ability.
    • An Expy of Bentley the Yeti

  • Ice/Psychic
    (2x from Fire, Rock, Steel, Bug, Dark, and Ghost, 1/2x from Ice and Psychic)
    • A colossal squid
    • One of those cliche old guys who are very wise and live on top of a snowy mountain.
    • The Ishigaq from Inuit legends. It could have Levitate as an ability.
    • Mercury dijinn
    • Santa's sack. Could also work for Ice/Fairy.
    • Literal brain freeze.

  • Ice/Rock
    (4x from Fighting and Steel, 2x from Rock, Grass, Ground, and Water, 1/2x from Ice, Flying, Normal, and Poison)
    • Glacier or mountain themed.
      • An embodiment of frozen mountain peaks, to serve as another counterpart to Heatran and complete the Fire, Ice, Lightning trio.
    • Thardus.
    • All of the fossil-revival Pokemon have been Rock-typed. Something from the Ice Age?
      • A Smilodonnote  Pokemon.
      • Or, you know. A mammoth. Although there would be cries of "too much like Mamoswine, except Rock, not Ground."
      • Scrat!
    • A comet or asteroid. They're made of ice and rock, after all.
    • A rock-hopper penguin could work.
    • A frozen crystal or gem
    • A fossil Pokemon based on a polar dinosaur like Cryolophosaurus or Leaellynasaura.

  • Ice/Ghost
    (2x from Fire, Rock, Steel, Dark, and Ghost, 1/2x from Ice, Bug, and Poison, 0x from Normal and Fighting)
    • An Expy of Sir Weston from Luigi's Mansion.
    • A wendigo!
    • A creepy matryoshka doll.
    • A living popsicle, a Pokémon that was frozen in ice, and is in a near-death status. However it's still aware, and has the ability to move around thanks to its mystical powers (give it the ability Levitate.) It would be a Mighty Glacier, and one of the slowest Pokémon in existence.
    • The Iceman.
    • Fog of the dry ice!
    • Possessed ice sculpture
    • A lich, since the myth originated from the Arctic.
    • Given the scenes in Frankenstein in the Arctic, as well as all of the ice references, something based (loosely or directly) on the Monster.
    • Crystal King
    • A snowman, like the Sun/Moon rumors that didn't actually end up happening.

  • Ice/Dragon
    (2x from Fighting, Rock, Steel, Dragon, and Fairy, 1/2x from Electric, Grass, and Water)

  • Ice/Dark
    (4x from Fighting, 2x from Fire, Rock, Steel, Bug, and Fairy, 1/2x from Ice, Dark, and Ghost, 0x from Psychic)
    • If it's not a Ghost/Ice-type, a Wendigo could work here, as well.
    • A penguin.
    • A moose.
    • A celebratory ice sculpture created by satanists that has been brought to life? (A little dark for Pokémon...but it'd be awesome)
    • A sea lion or orca, feared by the penguins.
    • The Amarok from Inuit legend.
    • Also from Inuit legend, the Ijirait.
    • A yeti.
    • A literal cold-blooded killer.
    • A snow leopard. Bonus points if inspired by Tai Lung.

  • Ice/Steel
    (4x from Fire and Fighting, 2x from Ground, 1/2x from Normal, Grass, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Dragon, and Fairy, 1/4x from Ice, 0x from Poison)
    • Arctic-exploration equipment themed?
      • Probably a sentient pick-axe.
    • The ultimate incarnation of solid matter? It's related to low temperatures...
    • A refrigerator? Either that or a metal ice box...
    • Another Viking.
    • Similar to Garchomp being a "land shark," maybe a "land whale?"
    • Muskox?
    • As someone said above, a Bose-Einsteinium Condensate.
    • Inuit.
    • A snowplow inspired monster
    • Narwhal, with a giant steel horn.
    • Beartic evolution with robotic implants known as Cybeartic or Kumecha in the Japanese games.
    • Avalugg evolution or Mega Form carrying a wrecked ship on its back.
    • Living permafrost
    • A living Zamboni
    • A frozen mirror. Bonus points if it's a potential Expy of Cryogonal.
    • Something with its tongue frozen to a metal pole, like in that common cliché.

  • Ice/Fairy
    (4x from Steel, 2x from Poison, 1/2x from Bug, Dark, and Ice, 0x from Dragon)
    • Another Yuki Onna, or a Banshee.
    • Fairy of ice, Sherbet
    • Something based on "The Snow Queen"
    • Mega Delibird.
    • The Gingerbread Man. It could have excellent speed but low defense and an ability that's essentially a reversed Dry Skin, healing it when hit by a Fire move (it's being baked by it), and hurting it in rain and adding extra damage when hit by a Water move (making it soggy).
    • Santa's elves.
    • A living aurora.
    • Whatever it will be, it will apparently be especially vulnerable to Steel-Type attacks, so how about something particularly averse to metal?
    • Taelia the Snow Faerie
    • Cirno Expy, because she's an ICE FAIRY

  • Ice/Bug
    (4x from Rock and Fire, 2x from Flying and Steel, 1/2x from Grass, Ice, and Ground)
    • Arctic butterflies.
      • Butterfly with wings that look like snowflakes.
    • Frost beetles (look like a hemispherical ice cube with legs).
    • Smogon's done one... It's called Syclant.
    • A Weta Pokemon. (Wetas can survive being frozen for months.)
      • It could fit as part of a New Zealand-based region.
    • A Pokemon based off of a Tardigrade.
    • Ice worm.
    • An ice bug?
    • Arctic wolf spider.
    • Hypnotick
    • A combination of a rhino beetle and a woolly rhinocerus.

  • Fighting/Poison
    (4x from Psychic, 2x from Flying, 1/2x from Dark, Rock, Fighting, Grass, and Poison, 1/4x from Bug)
    • A poison-themed assasin or ninja could work.
    • An expy of the Great Kabuki, innovator of the Asian mist.
    • An expy of the rattlesnake "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, a fearless heavy beer drinker who blasts opponents with streams of alcohol after beating them up.
    • Snakehandler
    • A Toxic Avenger expy?

  • Fighting/Rock
    (2x from Fairy, Psychic, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water, 1/2x from Bug, Dark, Rock, Fire, Normal, and Poison)
    • An actual golem.
    • Terracotta soldier.
    • A fossil Pokemon based on a caveman.
      • Or a "common ancestor" of Pokemon in the human egg group, like how Archen and Archeops are the common ancestor of bird-based Pokemon.
    • A troll, perhaps?
    • A gargoyle Pokemon.
    • A statue of a soldier, athlete or hero
    • A fossil based on a Chalicothere with Iron Fist and Sap Sipper as abilities.
    • An Ankylosaur
    • Mega Conkeldurr.

  • Fighting/Ghost
    (2x from Flying, Psychic, Ghost, and Fairy, 1/2x from Poison and Rock, 1/4 from Bug, 0x from Normal and Fighting)
    • A Pokemon themed off of spirits of fallen masters.
    • A play on the phrase "Shadow Boxer".
      • Confirmed by Marshadow.
    • Revenankh
      • A fighting-mummy could work out as an evo of Cofagrigus. Mummy arms would come out the sarcophagus making him a Fighting-type, but keeping the shadow arms in the back.
    • A disembodied, extremely muscular arm. That evolves from Duskull.
    • A rooster, based on cockfighting. Although we already have Blaziken, we can have another.
    • A Gashadokuro. Maybe it could even be a legendary Pokemon.
    • A creature that can go between the physical and ethereal planes at will. Though maybe that would be Normal/Ghost...
    • A ghost that haunts bars, alleys and popular party areas where it instigates fights.
    • Both Bruce Lee and The Undertaker fit this, although 'Taker also fits Fighting/Dark. And it would be AWESOME.
    • Literal Shadow Archetype. It'll be a parallel to Scraggy and Scrafty. Both are gangs; however while Scraggy form groups, this version are at war with one another. It'll have the same stats that Scraggy and Scrafty have.
    • The spirit of a dead Pokemon trainer. Could also work for Normal/Ghost.
    • Something based off Talion.
    • Jason Voorhees. Or just some ghost with a hockey mask.

  • Fighting/Dragon
    (4x from Fairy, 2x from Ice, Flying, Psychic, and Dragon, 1/2x from Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Bug, Rock, and Dark)

  • Poison/Ground (Nidoking and Nidoqueen count as one evolutionary line)
    (2x from Ground, Psychic, Ice, and Water, 1/2x from Bug, Fairy, Fighting, and Rock, 1/4x from Poison, 0x from Electric)
    • Fidgit.
    • Gila monster.
    • A Stunfisk Expy based on a stingray.
    • A hermaphroditic Nidoran. Yes, I went there.
    • A velvet worm
    • A rattlesnake, potentially with a maracca for its tail.

  • Poison/Flying
    (2x from Psychic, Electric, Ice, and Rock, 1/2x from Fairy and Poison, 1/4x from Bug, Fighting, and Grass, 0x from Ground)
    • A Hooded Pitohui. This is an actual bird that is poisonous — just touching its feathers can cause tingling and numbness. A fake pokemon based on it gave it a literal hood.
    • A vampire finch.
    • Pegasus with snakes for a mane
    • Since pigeons are notorious for pooping on people's heads, maybe a pigeon that attacks by doing just that. It could also work well even when it's not attacking because street pigeons are notorious for carrying diseases.
      • That works better with Flying/Dark, you know...
      • How so? It carries diseases and drops smelly weaponry on people.
      • Because Dark = Evil in this case, and Pigeons are considered vermin, so...
    • A spur-winged goose, which is poisonous thanks to its diet.
    • An ifrita.

  • Poison/Psychic
    (2x from Ground, Ghost, and Dark, 1/2x from Grass, Poison, and Fairy, 1/4x from Fighting)
    • Random sort of Pokémon whose shtick is poisoning the mind?
      • The propaganda Pokemon?
    • Something based on the Wonderland. It's a surreal looking place, which mixes both mind tricks (Psychic) and hallucinations (Poison). Imagine a Blue Caterpillar Pokémon, or a Mad Hatter Pokémon with poisonous tea.
    • The Corruption.
      • See Mistikal above.
    • What about... PINK ELEPHANTS?!
    • A witch.
    • An alien
    • Psiama?
    • A spider whose venom causes insanity. It could also be a Psychic/Bug-type.
    • Keep in mind that, since psychic powers often relate to purification/holy powers in Japanese Mythology, this would be a huge contradiction, since it's basically the essence of purity combined with poison. Possibly, a poisonous creature that was purified, but is still able to manipulate poison? (An evolution of Muk, perhaps.)
      • Or the reverse: a psychic Pokémon whose happiness can drop below the baseline, which evolves into part poison at low happiness. And to discourage players from actually getting one that way, it'll have worse stats than its pre-evolution and there will be some other way to get one that has much better stats. Or mabye this should go in Psychic/Dark.
    • A garbage-eating raccoon.
    • Something that starts off psychic and has a predatory, parasitic, commensalism, or mutualistic relationship with a Poison-type that allows it to become poisonous too.
    • A Fire coral.
    • Something based on TV Tropes. Think about it. It poisons your vocab with Troper Speak but it will also enlighten you with all the information available on this site.
    • One of those toads that people lick to get high. It uses the hallucinogens to manipulate the mind, giving it a psychic edge. It could also be part dart frog.
    • A halucigenic mushroom.
    • Mad cow disease?
    • A literal brain fart.
    • A Pokemon equivalent to Ursula.
    • Medusa or a Gorgon

  • Poison/Rock
    (4x from Ground, 2x from Psychic, Water, and Steel, 1/2x from Normal, Fire, Flying, Bug, and Fairy, 1/4x from Poison)
    • Brimstone (Because a Radioactive Isotope Pokemon would never get approval).
    • Sulfur?
      • Better, a geyser that spews sulfuric acid and toxic gases.
    • A Fossil Pokemon that is made of tar and the bones of its victims.
      • A fossil Pokemon of any poisonous or venomous prehistoric creature game freak wants to choose.
    • A stonefish. Hey, they made fish that aren't Water-types (Stunfisk, Eelektross), so why not a stonefish?
      • Camouflage has the added benefit of removing it's water weakness
      • It can have either that ability, or Poison Point.
    • A giant virus, probably a bacteriophage due to the design being crystalline. Consider, viruses are kind of like poison in that they are infectious and hurt people. Viruses also use a capsid shell, which could be compared to minerals, so maybe a crystalline virus?
    • A camouflaged mountain dwelling Pokémon that inspires the saying "never step on what can be stepped around or stepped over."
    • The Horta?
    • Poop?
      • I don't think that would fly in an E-rated game. : /
      • You mean coprolite? (fossilized animal droppings)
    • Some radioactive material. See also Poison-Steel.
    • Cinnabar (No, not the island), which is a mercury-based gem that is toxic to humans.
    • Lead

  • Poison/Ghost
    (2x from Ground, Psychic, Dark, and Ghost, 1/2x from Fairy and Grass, 1/4x from Bug and Poison, 0x from Normal and Fighting)
    • A zombie whose zombie plague has been converted into a Poison subtype.
    • The Virus
    • A possessed syringe full of eyes.
    • A sea anemone (No, Cradily is based on something else)
    • A Jiang Shi (Chinese zombie) could work quite nicely.
    • A ghost that looks like Pigma's head from Star Fox: Assault and kills people by blowing ammonia on them.
    • The Keelut from Inuit Mythology. It also could work as Dark/Ghost or Dark/Poison.
    • A snake's severed head. Even after being separated from the body, a snake's head still can bite and inject venom.
    • The ghost of a mammoth trapped in tar.

  • Poison/Fairy
    (2x from Steel, Ground, and Psychic, 1/2x from Dark, Fairy, and Grass, 1/4x from Bug and Fighting, 0x from Dragon)
    • Some kind of poisonous spirit, or a fairy ring poisonous mushroom?
    • A peri, which is a Persian fairy that causes natural disasters.
    • A hag-like Pokemon, a la the archetypal Wicked Witch. It could also work as Fairy/Dark.
    • A cute Blob Monster.
    • The frog prince.
    • If a Pokemon based on Medusa or a Gorgon isn't Psychic/Poison, it could also be this.
    • The Yara-ma-yha-who.

  • Ground/Psychic
    (2x from Ice, Grass, Water, Bug, Dark, and Ghost, 1/2x from Poison, Rock, Fighting, and Psychic, 0x from Electric)
    • A mud doll, though Baltoy and Claydol may already have this
    • Naked mole rat queen who uses psychic powers to control the others?
      • In evolutionary terms, it could be similar to Vespiquen.
    • Venus djinn
    • A kachina.
    • Earthwake

  • Ground/Dark
    (2x from Ice, Grass, Water, Bug, Fairy, and Fighting, 1/2x from Poison, Rock, Dark, and Ghost, 0x from Electric and Psychic)
    • A sandworm! There haven't been any worm Pokemon yet, after all!
    • Colossoil.
    • A Diprotodon or bunyip could work, though a bunyip could also work for Ground/Ghost.
    • A Dugtrio evo that finally has the claws it's been using since Gen 1.
    • A horned toad
    • A ghoul.
    • A mandril
    • The Weremole

  • Flying/Fairy
    (2x from Poison, Steel, Electric, Ice, and Rock, 1/2x from Dark and Grass, 1/4x from Bug and Fighting, 0x from Dragon and Ground)

  • Psychic/Dragon (Latios and Latias count as one evolutionary line)
    (2x from Bug, Dark, Ghost, Dragon, Fairy, and Ice, 1/2x from Fighting, Psychic, Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water)
    • Any Eastern dragon could work. They're generally depicted as wise and benevolent.
    • A dragon with glasses and a spoon in its mouth
    • A tilapia, the hardy fish of the Nile, fed upon by Jesus and his disciples. Also a call back to the first region to introduce psychic/dragon, as it was full of water.
    • A wingless serpentine dragon who uses levitation as their means of flight and naturally has immense telekinetic strength. Imagine the general shape of Rayquaza as a basis.

  • Psychic/Bug
    (2x from Fire, Flying, Rock, Bug, Ghost, and Dark, 1/2x from Grass, Ground, and Psychic, 1/4x from Fighting)
    • A single bug that "evolves" into a swarm, like a locust version of Diglett or Magnemite with a hive mind.
    • A bookworm.
    • A legendary Battra Expy, since Mothra's already got Bug/Fire covered.
    • A housefly whose reaction time has been exaggerated to the point of it being precognition.
      • Also give it Levitate and a few Flying-type moves.
    • An insectoid Cute Monster Girl based off of Mimi. Yes, that Mimi.
    • This would be more Bug/Psychic, but Genesect re-engineered to assault opponents' minds rather than their bodies.
    • A dreamcatcher looks like a web right, so how about it being a spider.
    • How about a Kricketune evo? It could control others by focusing its Psychic powers with music.
      • Kricketrik?
    • A mantis with psychokinetic powers. Geddit? Psycho Mantis?
    • Tentaquil.
    • A Luminoth
    • A hallucinogenic millipede (these do in fact exist, and monkeys and lemurs apparently use them to get high).
    • A parasitic insect who can mind-control its host.
    • An earwig.
    • Mega Butterfree
    • Parasect evo that uses the mushrooms as psychic antennae.
    • An Expy of the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.
    • A bedbug with dream powers similar to Drowzee or Munna. Could also work for Bug/Ghost.
    • A Mr. Mind expy.
    • The line will have a cocoon stage what is like Metapod and Kakuna, except it can learn special moves, naturally learning confusion and other psychic moves to defend itself from predators.
    • Hinamizawa Syndrome. It is a parasite (Bug) that affects the mind (Psychic).

  • Bug/Ghost
    (2x from Fire, Flying, Rock, Dark, and Ghost, 1/2x from Grass, Ground, Bug, and Poison, 0x from Normal and Fighting)
    • A Butterfly of Death and Rebirth?
    • How about a louse, or another parasitic bug?
      • Or a vampire flea.
    • A death's head hawkmoth. With an English name that's a pun on "Clarice".
    • Deathwatch beetle. It counts down to its trainer's death, based on the old wive's tales about deathwatch beetles clicking just before someone dies.
    • Perisceptis carnivora, a recently discovered Panamanian bagworm nicknamed the "Corpse-wearing Bagworm." It could possibly even be a new cloak of Burmy and Wormadam.
    • An assassin bug that wears the exoskeletons of its victims.
    • Ninja spider.
    • Reincarnation of household pests that were swatted in their previous lives.
    • A magical Leech

  • Bug/Fairy
    (2x from Poison, Steel, Fire, Flying, and Rock, 1/2x from Bug, Dark, Grass, and Ground, 1/4x from Fighting, and 0x from Dragon)

  • Rock/Dragon
    (2x from Dragon, Ice, Fighting, Ground, Steel, and Fairy, 1/2x from Normal, Electric, Poison, and Flying, 1/4x from Fire)
    • Good candidate for evolved Dunsparce. Like an earth-themed Gyarados.
      • Ooh, ooh, a Huanglong mon (though it would also work well as a Ground/Dragon)!
      • Then they would add in a Grass/Dragon Qinglong, Fire/Flying Zhu Que, Water Xuan Wu, and Steel Bai Hu.
    • How about a living, flying Quetzalcoatl statue with Tron Lines and glowing eyes? That would kick ass.
    • A Pokémon based off of the Sirrush of Babylonian Mythology.
    • A Druddigon evo. The skin on his face is already described as being harder than stone, his classification is Cave Pokémon, and he's supposedly based on gargoyles.
    • A living dinosaur skeleton.
    • An Aerodactyl evolution. It's the only fossil poké who lacks one. Could take on the Quetzalcoatl idea mentioned up there by another Troper.
    • The T-Rex. It's one of the most powerful, and definitely most popular dinosaur in history. Furthermore, it could be an event legendary.
      • Confirmed! But as a Fossil pokemon, not an event legendary!
    • A dragon made out of rock.
      • A porcelain dragon
      • Or maybe a crystal dragon.
    • Well, Medusa had snakes for hair and turned her victims to stone... Though this might work better for Rock/Poison.
    • A Mosasaur fossil Pokemon, the first pseudo legendary fossil. Slightly longer and much heavier than Wailord.

  • Rock/Dark
    (4x from Fighting, 2x from Grass, Ground, Steel, Water, Bug, and Fairy, 1/2x from Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison, Dark, and Ghost, 0x from Psychic)
    • A fossil Pokemon of a Utahraptor.
    • A terror bird fossil
    • Being the wolves of their time, a velociraptor.
    • An Apatosaurus fossil, because it's the "deceptive lizard."
    • An Andrewsarchus.

  • Ghost/Steel
    (2x from Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark, 1/2x from Grass, Psychic, Flying, Dragon, Rock, Ice, Fairy, and Steel, 1/4x from Bug, 0x from Normal, Fighting, and Poison)
    • Now this would be darn close to Game-Breaker, having only 8 types that do normal or better damage.
      • Actually, not really, Smogon has done tests. That being said, Kitsunoh could work.
      • Considering that steel alone has only seven types that do normal or better damage, there's not really a problem.
    • Dusknoir looks like he should be this already.
    • Haunted suit of armor, as above.
      • Dullahanmon!
      • Similar to Omega-Xis?
      • Nice Idea! Here's some expansion: it starts out as an blobby shadow with yellow eyes and sharp teeth that wears random scrap metal as armor (it could even use a trash can lid as a shield!), and as it evolves the ghost gets bigger and scarier, and the armor gets more coherent.
    • An old west style gunslinger, maybe?
    • A possessed Gashapon?
    • A Ghost train!
    • An evil, possessed car?
    • How about a legendary that's ruler of the underworld, like a Hades expy? Hades was in charge of all the precious metals in mythology...
    • A possessed robot, perhaps? Or maybe even a robot that no longer functions properly?
      • Better yet, it'll be a robot with Brain Uploading. You start with a Ghost/Psychic, and after trading it with a Metal Coat, it transfers its mind to a robot.
      • Or a robot that was a failed experiment that resulted in the death of the scientist who built it, and now is inhabited by his soul.
    • A metal pole that collects candy.
    • A legendary that used a sunken ship to build its body.
    • Possessed scrap metal.
    • Modern version of Golurk/Golett. Basically a mecha Pokemon with the ghost elements of the Golett line.
    • Cofagrigus is made of gold, a metal, which ties to the steel typing. So, Either a Retcon or evo of Cofagrigus?
    • An old haunted hard-hat diving suit? (Could also be Ghost/Water)

  • Ghost/Fairy
    (2x from Steel and Ghost, 1/4x from Bug, 0x from Normal, Dragon, and Fighting)
    • A cute, good ghost, or an angel, a paranormal phenomenon, or the kind of non-material fairy...
    • A banshee or a White Lady.
    • Thanatos
    • A Cute Ghost Girl.
    • A Nuckalavee or a Dullahan. Could also be a sort of combination of the two, given their mild physical similarities.
    • Any trickster ghosts could do, considering that fairies are mischievous.
    • A Galago or Aye aye
    • A wishbone.

  • Dragon/Fairy
    (2x from Poison, Steel, Fairy, and Ice, 1/2x from Bug, Dark, Fighting, Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water, 0x from Dragon)
    • Dragons and Fairies seem to be opposed in the Pokéverse, so it's difficult to see... Maybe a good dragon, or something like Falcor.
    • A faerie dragon expy, of course!
    • Dragon!
    • Puck!
    • The Drake.
    • An ouroborus?
    • Puff the Magic Dragon, from that old kids song.
      • Mega Dragonite, heavily based on Puff the Magic Dragon.
    • A cute little dragon/lizard.

  • Dark/Steel
    (4x from Fighting, 2x from Fire and Ground, 1/2x from Dark, Ghost, Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel, 0x from Psychic and Poison)
    • Turns out everyone's plugged into The Matrix.
      • Just expy those attack machines from The Matrix
    • Spikes of Villainy. Think a cross between Darkrai, Arceus, and Giratina, with just a hint of Heatran. Basically, a big old dark spooky thing made of untempered steel. For what it is... Sort of a junkyard version of Grimer and Muk? Magnetite/ton, with much austerity?
    • Zero Beat expy.
    • A Reaper
    • Black Knight
    • A slot machine Pokemon, because it's the one-armed bandit?
    • A Terminator-based Pokemon.
    • A snake with two die for eyes.
    • A line based on Dump Matsumoto.
    • An Al, they are said to help create more imps by killing off unborn babies of other species and replacing them with developing imps. It is also said to be made of copper, brass, and/or iron.
    • Something based off the Darksteel Colossus.
    • The mechanical bull you see at a rodeo.
    • A pile of creeping coins, which evolve into a Chest Monster.

  • Dark/Fairy
    (2x from Poison, Steel, and Fairy, 1/2x from Ghost, 1/4x from Dark, 0x from Dragon and Psychic)
    • A witch, or a Maleficent look-alike.
    • An Unseelie Fae.
    • Goddess Cordelia
    • A black cat with witch-like aspects.
    • Hunter of His Own Kind, except that while it looks like a dragon itself, it is not a dragon-type.
    • An imp.
      • Confirmed with Impidimp.
    • Ratatosk expy (no, no, not that one...) The Dark-typing stems towards its penchant for pissing people off just for shits and giggles. Bonus points for having some sort of relationship with Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. It could have a similar name, like "Wyldxwirl".
    • A Villainous Harlequin.
    • Related to an above suggestion, Saint Lucifer also known as the devil was once an angel and is the paragon of perfection,pride and was a "angel of light" before he was a fallen angel. Or could just be based on a fallen angel in general, the Ralts line being their non-fallen counterparts (who are based on regular angels). Could act as a foil or evil counterparts to the Gardevoir line. Bonus points if they belong to the same egg group as them and look almost identical to them, save a few key differances and a pallete swap to allude to the fact that angel and demons (which another possible name for fallen angels) looking exactly alike. More so if the line looks feminine but has an equal chance of being either gender, BUT is a physically based rather then the ralts line special based, with the male needing an evolutionary stone to evolve into a more "masculine" version that focuses on special attack rather then physical attack and the line in general having the mega forms but reversed (Gallade's counterpart working a bit on it's special defense to balance it, and Gardevoir's counterpart rolling for physical attack and defense and a boost in speed and not much else.
    • A Changeling, maybe?
    • A troll?
      • Grimmsnarl appears to be a big hairy troll.
    • Jhudora the Dark Faerie
    • A Monster Clown?
    • An incubus/succubus.
      • Its unique gimmick allows it to breed with any Poémon. It can also change forms between incubus and succubus counterparts to change its gender.
    • Der Erlkönig. The pre-evolution could be an imp or goblin.
    • Jekyll & Hyde (Because good and evil?)

     New types and miscellaneous type-related WMG 
  • Non-specific
    • Eeveelutions for the rest of the types (including a Normal-type one for giggles) and then, if Game Freak really wants to go crazy, all the double-type combos.
      • If they do all of the double type combos, then they might be evolutions for the Eeveelutions!
    • This is highly unlikely to occur, but if they eventually started to make some Pokemon have three types, the possibilities are insane.

  • Light-type (or Sun-type). You already have your first move: Solarbeam (seriously, when it's a concentrated blast of intense sunlight, wouldn't that be more of a fire attack and not a grass attack?). Given Dark is actually "Evil" type in Japan, Light type would be called "Good" or "Pure" there.
    • Type chart: Supereffective vs Ghost and Dark; not very effective vs Water and Ice; no effect Steel. Resistant to Bug and Ground; immune to Dark.
    • Alternate type chart: Supereffective against Dark; not very effective vs Rock, Ice, and Ground; no effect vs Steel and Fire. Weak to Poison and possibly Ground note , resistant to, immune to Dark and Fire. Not very effective or no effect vs. Grass note .
    • Alternately, Light is weak to Dark instead of supereffective and immune.
      • Alternatively, both Dark and Light are weak to one another.
    • Perhaps it wouldn't have to be a foil to Ghost or Dark-types in any way.
      • It wouldn't have to be, but if it wasn't, it would be a serious missed opportunity to get rid of Ghost/Dark's pesky lack of weaknesses.
    • While the Fighting-type already essentially fills the role of "hero" note , if Dark = Rogue and Fighting = Knight, Light may = Paladin. Fighting is the opposition of Dark, but Light could be its exact opposite.
    • Complete with Eevee evolution: Soleon!
      • Or Photeon, as a terrible pun on "photon".
    • Not to mention the resident Solrock (Rock/Sun) and Bellossom (Grass/Sun), as well as all the fun stuff that you could use a Sun Stone for.
      • If a Sun-type is made, no doubt a Moon-type will be coming out shortly after. Pokémon like Lunatone (Rock/Moon) and Clefairy and Clefable (they're believed to come from the moon) would be good Pokémon that already fit the category.
    • If this does go through, we might see a sort of mirror-image of Absol — white skin, black fur, and a reversal of that yin-yang symbol on its forehead. Whether it actually causes disasters or just buys into the belief that Absol does is up in the air.
    • One reason we may never see a Light-type: if you look at the attack descriptions, a number of special attacks are described as attacking with light in some form or another, regardless of type: Solarbeam (Grass), Luster Purge (Psychic), Flash Cannon (Steel), Power Gem (Rock, somehow — how can a rock be a beam?), and on the extreme end, Judgment, which can be any type in the game. Including Dark-type. It seems that "light" is less an actual type and more a generic "element" used by Special Attacks, particularly those that one normally would not expect special attacks from. Of course, this doesn't prevent the possible inclusion of a "Pure" type that can be renamed to Light...
      • Actually, it kind of does. Psychic is already purity, essentially. The Japanese tend to modernize their holy priestess powers from mythology into psychic powers, which is why the Psychic-type is super-effective against Poison and sometimes associated with light (Morning Sun, Luster Purge). So a "Purity" type would be redundant.
      • I dunno, Mewtwo doesn't seem "pure" to me... I think there are other examples that debunk this theory, too.
      • The Psychic-type being effective against Poison is due to "psychic healing," not because Psychic represents purity. It's called the Esper type in Japan, and is used in exactly the same context as in the West. A hypothetical Light type could represent both holiness/purity and photons, and could cover both light-based moves as well as healing moves. Separate Sun and Moon types wouldn't be necessary.
    • Daeva-type. According to Zoroaster, Daevas were embodiments of evil posing as gods and were to be rejected but more importantly, they were commonly known as the shining ones. There's your "light" type. Who else was known went by the title shining one? Louis Cypher! People are going to call Pokémon the devil anyway, why not make use of the many forms he's described as? Aren't fairies also associated with light? Aren't the Fair Folk often associated with evil? There could still be some Umbreon/Absol like members to prove they aren't all evil, but they would still be prime examples of Good Is Not Soft.
    • Pokémon that could be retyped as Light (in both senses of the type): Staryu (Water/Light), Togepi (Normal/Light), Togetic/Togekiss (Light/Flying), Ampharos (Electric/Light), Bellossom (Grass/Light), Sunkern/Sunflora (Grass/Light), Blissey (Rubber/Light), Ho-Oh (Flying/Light), Volbeat/Illumise (Bug/Light), Absol (Dark/Light), Cherim Sunshine Form (Grass/Light), Lumineon (Water/Light), Cresselia (Psychic/Light), Shaymin Land Forme (Grass/Light).
    • We already have a "good" type with Fighting-types. Light-types could refer to the actual light itself.
    • Alternate type chart: Supereffective against Shadow-type Pokemon; not very effective against non-Shadow Pokemon.
    • Broadly speaking, a lot of the niche a Light- or Pure-type might fill has been taken up by the introduction of Fairy-types.

  • Doody type. A type based on fecal matter; all Doody-type Pokemon would be extremely stinky. Attacks can either involve yucky doody or stinky farts. Doody type Pokemon generally have high defense because their smell drives off physical attackers. They have low speed for the most part.
    • Type matchup — offensive: Super effective against Fairy (Fairies hate yucky things), Fighting (stink breaks their physical concentration) and Psychic (stink breaks their mental concentration). Not very effective against Water (thins out the yucky doody), Fire (burns the doody), Poison (doody is organic material and susceptible to poison)
    • Type matchup — defensive: Weak to Grass (leaves wipe up the doody), Fire, Poison. Resists Fighting, Psychic, and Fairy.
    • Possible old Pokemon Retypings:
      • Simipour, Simisear, Simisage — Water/Doody, Fire/Doody, Grass/Doody (monkeys tend to throw their feces)
      • Snorlax — Normal/Doody (he's so constipated that his body is over 50% doody)
      • Diglett & Dugtrio — Ground/Doody (the rest of their bodies will finally be revealed next generation to be extremely wriggly stinky doodies)

  • Wind-type (or Air or Gas-type). It could be a distinct type from Flying; in fact, it should be super effective against it. We have Razor Wind and Air Cutter, perhaps Twister and Gust?
    • Wind could be a generic "gaseous" type that covers air, dust, smoke, and steam. Examples of existing Pokémon that could be retconned with that type could include: Gastly/Haunter/Gengar (Ghost/Wind), Koffing/Weezing (Poison/Wind), Torkoal (Fire/Wind), Castform (Normal/Wind, Fire/Wind, Water/Wind, Ice/Wind), Drifloon/Drifblim (Ghost/Wind), Rotom Fan forme (Electric/Wind), Tornadus (Wind/Flying).
      • Type chart: Resistant to Fighting, Ground. Weak to Psychic, Wind. Ineffective against Dragon, Grass, Magic, Rock, Steel. Super-effective against Fire, Flying, Ground, Wind.
    • Could cause some issues, as all Flying attacks that could possibly be Special (aside from Chatter) would be shoved into Wind, as a small-scale reversal of the Special-Physical split. If it ever did become a type and needed non-flying moves, let's go with Smog and Twister.
      • Precisely, Wind attacks would be virtually every special Flying attack plus a few moves of other types. What's next, Dark-type being split into Dark and Trickster? Fighting being split into Fighting and Qi? That's why a Wind or Air type distinct of Flying is ridiculous. It doesn't make sense and in many cases could just be covered by a dual type.
      • So in order avoid the physical-special split, you'd only need to make moves with the word "wind" in their names to Wind-type moves. Tailwind is the only Flying-type move that would need to be changed to Wind, while Razor Wind and Whirlwind are both Normal-type moves. As shown above, most retyped Wind-type pokemon are dual-typed and use other moves.

  • Sound-type. There are plenty of attacks that are sound related (Screech, Hyper Voice, Sing, etc.) and plenty of sound-related Pokémon with only one type (Jigglypuff, Exploud, Chimecho, etc.). The only problems are the strengths and resistances.
    • Type chart: Supereffective vs. Waternote , Dragonnote , Psychicnote  and Steelnote ; not very effective vs. Flyingnote ; has no effect vs. Ghostnote . Resistances and weaknesses unknown.
      • Weaknesses: Sound note  and Poison note . Immunities: Fighting note . Resistances: Electric note , Ghost note .
      • Sound isn't electromagnetic energy, dude, it's just vibrations in matter.
    • Retyped Pokémon: Igglybuff/Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff (Rubber/Sound), Voltorb/Electrode (Electric/Sound), Whismur/Loudred/Exploud (Normal/Sound), Spinda (Normal/Sound), Chingling/Chimecho (Psychic/Sound), Kricketot/Kricketune (Bug/Sound), Chatot (Sound/Flying), Noibat and Noivern (Sound/Dragon).

  • Space-type. It'd be based a bit on the abilities of old movie monsters, and since there are only a few Pokémon based off of aliens so far, there would be little retconning, if at all, and the field will be wide for newbies.
    • Type chart: Supereffective vs. Psychic, none that are resistant or immune to it. Immune to Normal; resistant to Fighting and Dark; weak against itself, Electric, and Steel.
    • It could also be called Cosmic type, and include not just space aliens but interdimensional aliens too.
      • Given Palkia representing space, Cosmic type seems more likely as a name.
      • Space and Time could both be represented under Cosmic. Maybe as part of the Generation it appears in there could be a conflict between Cosmic and Chaos types (Cosmic also meaning Order). Pokemon Cosmos and Chaos?
    • Pokemon that would be retyped: Deoxys (Psychic/Cosmic), Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable (Normal/Cosmic), Lunatone/Solrock (Rock/Cosmic), Unown (Psychic/Cosmic), Jirachi (Psychic/Cosmic), Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf (Psychic/Cosmic), Dialga (Steel/Cosmic), Palkia (Water/Cosmic), Giratina (Ghost/Cosmic), Arceus (Cosmic), Elgyem/Beheeyem (Psychic/Cosmic).

  • Nuclear-type? Weak to Fire, Ground (as both can cause meltdown), and Electric (as nuclear energy is used for electricity); resistant to Water (since it can help calm down meltdowns) and Flying (radiation can travel on the wind); immune to Fighting (just makes sense). Super effective on Grass (radiation kills plants), Normal (radiation kills most animals), Fighting (radiation can harm people), and Dragon (see Normal); not very effective on Steel (certain metals can block radiation), Rock (certain rocks can block radiation), Bug (many invertebrates can survive high levels of radiation), and Ground (hiding underground can protect you from fallout); no effect on Water (water can calm down meltdowns) and Electric (Nuclear energy is used for clean electricity).
    • Nuclear type could also work as a Light/Poison dual-type.
      • That would depend on the definition of a Light type, of which there are many. If by Light type you're referring to a holy type (which basically is Psychic-type), then that would make no sense, whereas a Light type as in bright lights and waves of photons could make sense combined with Poison for a nuclear Pokémon (though this definition of Light type is basically Electric-type or Fire-type).
    • Wouldn't Nuclear be counted under Pollution (see below)?
      • Would Ice be counted under Water? Logically speaking, Ice makes more sense under Water-type than a hypothetical Nuclear-type does under an also hypothetical Pollution type. And Ice being a distinct type from Water likely means Nuclear would also be separate.
    • The Pollution type actually states "radioactive isotopes," so yes, Nuclear is considered part of Pollution by whoever suggested it in the first place.

  • Pollution-type. Splits off from poison, making Weezing, Muk and Trubbish among the first members and allowing radioactive isotopes and other non biological toxins into Pokemon form. Steel also gets poisoning moves in the form of heavy metals.
    • This doesn't seem to be sufficiently distinct from Poison's themes and niches to be a split worth making.

  • Rubber-type (including plastics). Some existing pokemon could be retyped like so: Ditto (Rubber), Spoink/Grumpig (Psychic/Rubber), Happiny/Chansey (Normal/Rubber), Blissey (Light/Rubber), Politoed (Water/Rubber), Grimer/Muk (Poison/Rubber), Tangela/Tangrowth (Grass/Rubber), Munchlax/Snorlax (Normal/Rubber), Lickitung/Lickilicky (Normal/Rubber), Wobbuffet (Psychic/Rubber), Igglybuff/Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff (Rubber/Sound), Trubbish/Garbodor (Poison/Rubber). Bounce would be a Rubber-type attack, not Flying!
    • Strengths: Immune to Electric attacks and Super-effective against Electric Pokemon. Resistant to Ice (since cold helps rubber bands have staying power). Causes a recoil with Physical attacks (maybe this could be an ability). Immune to the Freeze status condition. Weaknesses: Fire-type (melting) and Steel-type (cutting). More easily afflicted by the Burn status condition.

  • Bird-type, to replace Flying. Missingno gives us some evidence that "Bird" used to be a type that was replaced with Flying, but it makes a whole lot more sense. Almost everything that's Normal/Flying is a bird, and the type matchups (and even more obviously, the movesets) are clearly based around that. It makes sense that birds would be weak to Rock (fragile bones weak to heavy, crushing attacks), but our first pure Flying-type is a genie on a cloud that flies through magic rather than wings. Why in the world would he be weak to Rock? It's also rather egregious in that he can't use most of the physical Flying moveset, since they're based around beak- and wing-based attacks, and he has neither. It makes more sense to change the type to "Bird", since that's obviously what the design team based the type around. And we already have "grass", "bug", and "dragon" as types, so I don't see how naming a type after a specific category of organisms would cause problems if it's already being done.
    • Except that would mean you're suddenly calling Dragonite, Butterfree, Drifblim, and Tornadus "birds".
      • To be fair about Tornadus he IS a bird in Therian Form...

  • Taken from the above theory, maybe we could split Flying into separate Air (deriving from the Wind commission) and Bird types. The Bird type does not necessarily mean that the Pokemon will be immune to Ground, since in real life there are plenty of flightless birds (and it would make a wonderful new type for Doduo and Dodrio, who can somehow fly without having wings), while Air (referring to wind, clouds and ACTUAL FLIGHT) will have the Ground immunity. Attacks like Peck and Wing Attack will be Bird-type while attacks like Gust and Hurricane will be Air-type. Also, Razor Wind and Whirlwind should DEFINITELY be Air-type, going by the fact that these wind-based attacks are Normal for some reason.

  • Acid-type. They could be a "new and improved" version of the Poison-type. Hey, we've got Fighting, which is the improved version of Normal, right? Unlike Poison, Acid is actually strong against Steel (acids can corrode metal), Rock (because acid rain erodes rocks, Water (acids and water give violent reactions) and Normal & Fighting (well, basic creatures can get harmed by acid pretty easily, same goes for fighters). Not sure about the resistances or immunities, though.

  • None. There are eighteen elemental types already — do we really need more?
    • We could have a unique Eldritch Abomination Pokemon with no type. It would be a legendary that embodies the chaos preceding the universe, and is essentially a glitch Pokemon. It's also an Omnicidal Maniac who wants the primordial chaos to roam free, and ultimate enemy of Arceus. Much like the idea of Kaos being a god and thing.

  • Ice will be fixed. It will gain resistances to Grass, Dragon, Normal, and Flying. Water will no longer resist it, and it will not be weak against Rock or Fighting. (Hell, I don't see why anything should be weak against Fighting, almost all of its moves could easily fit in Normal.)
    • They could also become strong against and/or powerful against Poison-types. My reasoning is that most pathogens are killed off or slowed by cold.
    • Ice will resist water, but Scald will become super effective against it.

  • Poison-types will be fixed. They will become super-effective to Normal-types (it's not like you can defend against Poison).
    • They'd also be strong against Fairy, since faeries represent nature.
      • Second part is confirmed.

  • Magic-type (or Mana-type). When Pokémon finally goes into a medieval fantasy setting, there will be Pokémon based more on wizardry and magic, and the magic type will be born from that. For typing, they're only vulnerable to themselves, and otherwise deal neutral damage to everything except for Steel (duh) and Dark.
    • Magic currently seems to mostly fall under Fairy-type.
    • Possible resistances/weaknesses: Resistant to Dark, Fire, Ground, Water, Wind; Weak to Dragon, Rock, Steel; Not very effective against Fighting, Normal; Supereffective against Ghost, Poison, Psychic. Retyped pokemon: Kadabra/Alakazam (Psychic/Magic), Dunsparce (Normal/Magic), Mismagius (Ghost/Magic), Murkrow (Magic/Flying).

  • Science-type. They used it in the TCG Game Boy game. Mewtwo could be retconned to be Psychic/Science. It could be resistant to Ghost, Dragon, and Psychic, because they don't have a scientific basis. Alternatively, it could be weak to Ghost, Dragon, and Psychic because they defy science.
    • Well, in the TCG game, "Science-type" was basically Poison-type...

  • Cyber-type. This type would cover artificially-created pokemon that are digital- or electronic-based, like the Porygon family.

  • Magma, Paper, Machine, and Glass (or Crystal). Of course, most of these work better as dual-types: Magma is Fire/Rock, Paper is Ghost or Ghost/Grass, Machine is Cyber/Steel, and Glass (or Crystal) is Psychic/Rock or Light/Rock.
    • Some of them might not necessarily even need to be dual types, and could just as easily be individual types. Magma could just as easily be pure Fire if the Magmar line is any indication, Paper could also easily be Grass, Machine based on existent mechanical Pokemon appears to Steel with an occasional secondary type, and Glass or Crystal (based on the crystals covering Gigalith and Boldore) appears to fall under pure Rock.

  • Blood-type?

  • To paraphrase the X&Y guessing page, Zombie. Classic hoodoo magic and Afro-Caribbean folklore creatures would be "pure" zombies. Hollywood American walking corpses would be zombie/ground or zombie/dark. Frankenstein monsters would be zombie/steel along with The Borg maybe. Fungal parasites for Zombie/grass, worm and arthropod parasites for zombie/bug. Strong against water(infected fluids seep in) and electric (lightning brought the monster to life). Weak to dragon (Nidhogg chews on corpses), psychic(the purpose of zombies is to control them) and fairy (the dead can become elves, which seem to be fairies in Pokemon). Resists itself (zombies usually work together), poison (hoodoo zombies are created by using poison to make the victim appear dead), electric and ground. Resisted by ice, grass(absorbs leaking body fluids as easily as water while thick cell wall blocks infection), and steel.

  • Undead, not necessarily zombies, but can be highly intelligent beings who cheated death and inhabit the reanimated corpse of a suitable Pokémon. Their type-color in menus could be a sickly-green since the only other green is the grassy-green for Grass, and yellow-green for Bug.
    • Offensive: Strong against Normal and Fighting note , Electric note , Psychic note , Rock note .
    • Not very effective against Fire, Water note , Ghost, dark note , Fairy note , Dragon note , Steel note 
    • Defensive: Weak against Fire note , Waternote , Grass, Bug, note , Psychic note , Dragon note , Ghost note , Fairy note , Steel note 
    • Resists Normal, Fighting, Ice note , Dark.
    • Immune to Electric note , Poison note . Also, can not be affected by poisoning, paralysis, confusion, sleep, infatuate, flinching, and possibly more.

  • Heavenly or Holy-types, based on yazatas, fylgjas, guardian angels and the like. It would be strong against Fairy (it is their duty to defend us against otherworldly creatures) and Ghost (they remove the souls that refuse to move on). They would be weak to Grass (angels are "celestial bodies", grass gets energy from the sun, a celestial body so they would make grass grow faster) and Fighting (the yield to righteous fury). They would resist the naturally occurring energies of Fire and Electric as well as their rival Fairy-type but be resisted by Psychic and Fighting, physical beings in tune with their spirituality. Also resisted by Grass and Normal (they are supposed to protect normals and their environment). They would be strong against and weak to Dark because they can destroy evil but seeing it come from those they are assigned to protect is demoralizing.

  • A type for actual darkness, since the currently-existing Dark-type is more about fighting dirty and playing tricks.
    • Who knows? Maybe the Dark-type will be renamed something else in the English localizations, while the new type focusing on Casting a Shadow and related abilities will be called the "Dark" type.

  • A "demonic" type.

  • Time-type.

  • Maybe something for aliens?

  • Type: Varies: Not an official type, but rather, a placeholder for moves that represents more than one type (such as Tri-Attack representing Fire, Electric and Ice).

  • A Bomb-type. Now, when I say "bomb," I don't just mean actual bombs and literal explosives; no, I mean anything and everything that relates to explosions, bursts, blasts, popping, and similar things, from explosive bombs to simple popping bubbles. Anything that can blow up, really. But in general, this type would essentially represent explosions in general with a majority of it's Pokemon having something to do with physical bombs themselves. It would be effective against Grass for the same reason that Fire is; both effective against and weak to Ice as it ice can easily be shattered by explosions, while at the same time, cold temperatures makes it difficult to detonate; effective against Fighting, because obviously, punching a bomb is just going to make it explode; effective against Rock because strong enough blasts can even break boulders; effective against Ground because think land mines; effective against Steel because even the hardest metals can be blown up by a sufficiently powerful bang; and effective against Fairy because fairies are often thought of as dainty and delicate little creatures — something an explosion would make quick work of.
    • On the other hand, it would be have no effect on Fire, because explosions can only spread fires making them stronger; weak against Water (water can put out fuses, and sea explosives are rarer than land ones); be both weak to and effective against Electric because certain types of explosives require electricity to go off, but striking any bomb with electrocution is almost sure to detonate it; would have almost no effect on Bug because of the old legend that cockroaches can survive nukes; weak against Psychic because clairvoyance warns mediums of the oncoming explosion giving them time to escape (alternatively, if one were to associate Psychic with intelligence, then having the right type of book smarts can help in defusing or deactivating a bomb); weak against Flying because birds can fly out of the blast radius; weak against Dragon because dragons often have magically strong scales to protect it; have no effect on Poison because certain types of nuclear explosions can cause radioactive fallout, strengthening poisons if anything; no effect on Ghost because intangible beings can't be harmed by mere explosions; and weak against Dark because sinister crooks probably know how bombs work, being the types that most often use them after all.

  • The Sharp-type, covering anything prickly enough to have devastating effects on whoever it attacks. This would go from everything, from sharp knives, to sharp claws, to fangs, quills, beaks, feather, swords, and even jagged rocks. It would be effective against Water because sharp, jagged objects jutting out of the ocean can often break the flow of the sea; effective against Grass because sharp enough blades can cut through plants; immune to Ice because of, well, icicles; effective against Ground because drills pierce through soil and dirt; effective against Poison because taking your needle regularly helps prevent sickness; effective against Bug because creatures as fragile as insects can easily be stabbed; effective against Dragon because it could be seen as representing the blade that knights slay dragons with; effective against Flying because it can injure wings, thus making it harder to fly; and effective against Fairy because thorns often have negative connotations in fairy tails, such as the finger pricking the spindle in Sleeping Beauty.
    • On the other hand, it would be weak against Fire because sufficient heat can cause things to melt, thus becoming smoother and less sharp; weak against Electric because of lightning rods; weak against Rock because stones are too tough to be pierced by mere spiny objects; both effective against and weak to Fighting as enough stab wounds can have fatal effects on a warrior, but a quick enough one can stop it with their own two hands; weak against Psychic because knowledge helps one be weary enough of thorns to avoid their effects; have no effect on Ghost because the blades would just pass right through their incorporeal bodies; weak against Dark because of the aforementioned stereotypically villainous implications; and have no effect on Steel because iron is strong enough to not only withstand spikes, but even bend some.

    There will be Pokémon based on... 

If you have a concept for an unused/unique type combo, put it in one of the above folders. If you have a more general concept, put it below in "other future Pokémon concept ideas".

...various creatures.
  • A hero shrew/armored shrew. Those little things have special vertebrae that lets them withstand weights of over 120 pounds on their backs with no damage.
  • A hummingbird.
  • A koala: Japan loves them (probably the Normal-type Com Mons).
    • Confirmed
    • Or maybe a koala-like Grass-type starter
      • Or a Fire-type starter. Some Fridge Brilliance here: they're very fond of eucalyptus and are known for not drinking much.
  • A flea: Poison/Bug-type.
  • A tiger. It seems to be the most popular idea for a Gen 6 Fire starter family.

  • A dolphin!
    • Water/Psychic, to reflect their incredible intelligence.
    • Or Normal/Water, to get STAB on sound moves, which are Normal-type for the most part.
    • Kyogre is an orca (which are the largest dolphins), and Lanturn is arguably a cross between an anglerfish and a porpoise or Risso's dolphin (which like the deep seas), but a bottlenose dolphin Pokemon would be nice.
      • Then it would be Water/Dark, because bottlenose dolphins are pretty mean, but can be okay, if they don't try to rape you.
  • A cockroach (hopefully Bug/Dark)
    • Pheremosa is partly based off a cockroach post-molting, but it's Bug/Fighting (then again, it is from an alternate dimension).
  • An earthworm (Bug/Ground)
  • An electric eel starter (Water/Electric)
  • Something from the Teiidae (whiptail lizard) family. It would have a literal whip (or flail) for a tail and would be an all female species. It would have unique breeding mechanics of mating only with female Pokemon (the other Pokemon is always the "father", passing down egg moves and TMs).
    • Perhaps they would be able to be left in the daycare alone and then breed by themselves.
    • Salazzle is based of fire-bellied newts and mythical salamanders, but it shares some similarities to teiids, given that only females can evolve.
  • A tardigrade (aka water bear), which will be Bug/Steel with Flash Fire, a typing and ability with no weaknesses. By far, they are one of if not the most resilient animals on Earth. Between surviving temperatures near absolute 0, oven level heat, extreme pressure in the deep sea, 1,000 times the radiation of other animals, and the vacuum of space, these Nigh-Invulnerable bastards deserve no less than having no elemental weaknesses when they finally get a Pokemon equivalent.
    • I read that eventually the vacuum killed them within a few minutes, so perhaps an Ability that weakens Fire (Heat), Ice (Absolute Zero), Water (Deep sea), and Electric attacks (Radiation), but makes Ghost-type attacks (Vacuum of space) Super-Effective.
      • True, but this is Pokemon, so they could be more resilient than their real life counterparts. To balance this, they'd be very slow.
      • Or just have very low stat totals.
      • Eelektross manages to have decent stats and lack weaknesses. The water bear could be something that doesn't evolve and has great physical, but low special (think Durant).
      • Isn't the Solosis line already partially based on the tardigrade?
  • A dromaeosaurid that starts out slow, ponderous, and featherless, evolves into something faster and smarter with a few feathers sticking out here and there, and eventually matures into a Lightning Bruiser with a full coat of feathers. The second two forms would have a red patch on their snouts, larger in the females.
    • In fact, we could have a lot of fun with Pokemon based on prehistoric animals that start out as the oldschool, outdated visions of the beasts, and mature into the most up-to-date reconstructions allowable in a childrens' mons game.
  • One of those prehistoric giant bird Pokémon. It could be Rock/Fighting.
    • Confirmed with Archen and Archeops.
  • The secretary bird (#2 in this article). This bird is so awesome, it's amazing it hadn't been made into a Pokémon yet. It could probably be an avian Expy of Zangoose, complete with Immunity as its ability and a serpentine rival Pokémon. It'll either be Normal/Flying or Fighting/Flying and have various kicking and stomping attacks to choose from note , along with the staple Flying attacksnote . It should also be a part of the Field and Flying egg groups. That way, if you get a female, you can have her mate with a Blaziken, resulting in a secretary bird Pokemon that knows Blaze Kick.
  • A poison porcupine.
  • To counterbalance the secretary bird, a black mamba Pokémon.
    • Give it a Dark/Steel typing. It'd then be made very weak to the Secretary bird.
  • A narwhal, or a beluga. It would be water/ice.
  • A legitimate Water-type shark, like a great white or hammerhead.
  • A sperm whale.
  • A cheetah.
  • Huntsman spiders.

  • To complete that secretary bird/black mamba duo, perhaps an animal that can be killed by the black mamba, but can kill the secretary bird. Because of natural order.

  • A Ground-type peafowl Pokémon that evolves differently depending on the gender. If it's a male, it would evolve into a Fire/Steel peacock, with the ability Levitate. If it's a female, it would evolve into a Grass/Ghost peahen with the ability Sap Sucker. I have some drawings of them based on the near-extinct green peafowl. I made the male Fire/Steel because the males shimmer like polished bronze or a heat mirage. The female is Grass/Ghost because the females are a dark, glittery black, and tend to stay around the ground and forage for food. So yeah, I put a lot of thought into this.

  • Same troper as the above two, and I had an idea for sidewinder that is Ghost/Ground, a fer-de-lance that is Poison/Ground (Look up the fer-de-lance. This snake is extremely deadly.), and an Australian king brown snake with the Poison/Dragon typing and the ability Wonder Guard. Why is that king brown so goddamned strong? Because its venom turns human blood to jelly and makes you bleed that jelly through EVERY. SINGLE. HOLE. That and it's from Australia. At that point, it's painfully obvious that nothing short of an Ice Age will kill it.

  • See both Australia and New Zealand. Examples include the platypus, echidna, and kiwi.
    • Problem: We already have a platypus (Psyduck. Note the claws, fur, and lack of wings), an echidna (Cyndaquil, surprising as it may seem, is indeed a long-beaked echidna), and a family of kiwis (Doduo and Dodrio. Note the wings being so stubby they can't be seen, the fuzzy brown bodies, and the long beaks). Of course, this doesn't mean we can't have more Pokémon based on these.
      • I can think of types: the platypus will be Fighting/Poison (its spurs are used for battle), the echidna will be Normal/Poison (it's from Australia and has spines), and the kiwi is Grass/Ground.

  • A termite Pokémon, with multiple evolutionary lines. You start out with a Bug-type larva. When it normally evolves, it becomes a generic Bug/Grass worker termite with a bunch of Rock-based moves to get rid of Fire-type enemies. With a Dawn Stone, you either get a male Bug/Fighting soldier or a female Bug/Psychic queen. The former is a Fragile Speedster and the later is a Mighty Glacier who controls the colony with their psychic powers.

  • A sabre-toothed tiger Pokémon, possibly with Ice- or Rock-type (probably the latter if it is a fossil). Yes, we have Raikou already, but Raikou had a looser resemblance. We already have a woolly mammoth, after all.

  • A duo of a honey badger (also called a ratel) and a honeyguide bird, possibly introduced alongside another bee Pokémon (preferably Bug/Flying like Vespiquen). The honey badger could be at least part Rock-type so it'd be very strong against the bee Pokémon. The honeyguide bird could be Flying and another type that's strong against Bug/Flying-type, for example Fire or Electric. The two could have abilities that boost their stats when they're used in battle together, similar to Plus and Minus, or maybe the honey badger could be Rock/Electric and the honeyguide could be Electric/Flying, and they could have Plus and Minus as their abilities.

  • Another kind of octopus, that evolves into a mindflayer, then into Cthulhu himself.
    • It would make a perfect Water starter. Its signature move will be Madness, a Psychic move with a greater chance of confusion than any other.
      • We have something similar to mindflayers in Malamar.

  • A snakehead. As a pun on the Japanese name of the speciesnote , it would be at least part Electric-type.

  • Frilled shark. It already looks like a Pokemon.

  • River dolphin. The Amazon river dolphin is the most well-known, but the South Asian river dolphin has a more monster-y look to it.

  • A blue glaucus sea slug. Practically every website mentions that it looks like something out of a Pokemon game. It will probably appear in an Australia-based region, and will be either Water/Dragon or Poison/Dragon.

  • A leopard and/or jaguar.

  • A giant squid.

  • A grouper.

  • A sea snake.

  • A wolverine.

  • A snow leopard.

  • A badger.

  • Hedgehogs.

  • Large "game fish" like tuna or swordfish.

  • Water buffalo.

  • Shrews.

  • Jumping spiders.

  • A water snake.

  • Timber wolves (Dark/Ice typing?)

  • Various kinds of reef fish.

  • A velvet worm.

  • A tuatara.

  • Horseshoe crabs.
    • Already done with Kabuto and Kabutops.

  • A ringtail.

  • The goliath birdeater. Maybe it'll have some kind of ability that helps it against flying-types.

  • African wild dogs.

  • The house centipede.

  • Legless lizards.

  • Deep sea life forms.

  • Mountain lions.

  • Grasshopper (speedy Bug/Grass).

  • An okapi. Possible types are Normal, Grass, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, and Fairy. Normal and Psychic because of being a cousin to Girafarig. Grass because they are staunch forest dwellers. Dark and/or Ghost because of their elusive nature. Fairy because they had a reputation as an "African Unicorn" before being formally described by western science.

  • A Pokémon based on mining canaries (maybe Flying/Steel —> Flying/Poison), canaries which miners sent into mines to see if the air was safe to breathe (if the canary died, don't go any further). Especially since Steampunk/Industrialization might be a theme in some parts of Sword and Shield.

  • Romer’s Tree Frog

...various plants.
  • More Grass-types based off edible fruits and vegetables
    • Chilli: Grass/Fire
    • Potato: Grass/Ground
    • Orange/Tangerine/Lemon/Lime/other citrus fruit: Grass/Electric (citrus batteries, anyone?)
    • Garlic: Not too sure about the typing, but will have Stench as one of its abilities
    • Jumping beans! A Grass/Fighting jumping bean, to be precise.
    • Durian: Since it's sometimes called the "king of fruits", this would be a Spear Counterpart to the Bounsweet line, which is based on the mangosteen, the "queen of fruits".

  • Some kinds of tree
    • Oak trees
    • Maple trees
    • Pine trees
    • Eucalyptus trees
    • Redwoods
    • Cedars
    • Sycamores
    • Sequoias
    • Willows — willows are notable for their love of watery areas, medicinal bark, and delicate, drooping leaves, which might inspire a partly Water-type healer 'mon. Alternatively, they develop very ominous, gnarled shapes when pollarded (i.e., periodically harvested for branches) and have a reputation in folklore as malicious and evil trees, which might suggest the Dark-type more. Of course, both interpretations could be possible with a split evolutionary line.
    • Another coconut — unlike Exeggutor, it might be themed around throwing coconuts as projectiles and have a bandolier-like vine that grows fresh ammunition.
    • Christmas trees — this would either be Grass/Electric with some Ice moves or Grass/Ice with some Electric moves.
    • Burnt trees — a Grass/Fire Pokémon that fights with the flames smoldering within it.
    • Trees grown around metallic objects — a partial Steel-type with a bunch of metal junk (wiring, fencing, bicycles...) sticking from its body, which it has learned to use to fight with.
    • And a colossal, towering legendary based on the World Tree or the Tree of Life.

... superheroes!
Predominantly American, but a few Japanese as well. All of them are Fighting-types except for one or two.

...Asian Animals.
Specifically, a Water/Fighting starter. Many people have complained that the for the past 3 generations, there has always been a Fire/Fighting-type starter. While Blaziken can't be argued for, Infernape and Emboar can. Both seem to possess some very deep similarities to one another; both are Fire/Fighting-type, both are bipedal, and both are said to have their designs inspired by Chinese motifs (they both even have that odd golden swirl). Why is this? Infernape and Emboar are based on Sun Wukong and Zhu Baije, respectively, 2 supernatural warriors that starred in Journey to the West. These two were accompanied by a third demon, a creature by the name of Sha Wujing, who is occasionally known as "the water buffalo". Thus, it would follow logically that this creature shall appear as one of the next Generation's starters, be it as a water buffalo or some other creature.
  • As a corollary, Yulong will be completely ignored.
    • He is the least regarded of the cast. But regardless — you can't make a Dragon-type a starter, and as a Dragon in the shape of a horse, a Yulong Pokemon would logically be Normal/Dragon anyways.
  • Alternately, it would be a Water/Dark monk seal that evolved into an ogre seal.
  • In Japan, Sha Wujing is popularly portrayed as a kappa, so while I do think we'll get a Water/Fighting starter based on him, it might look more like a turtle or monkey than a buffalo. But yeah, it's definitely on the way in some form next gen.

...the Oracle of Delphi.
  • Delphox is named after Delphi + Fox, and it is a Fire/Psychic-type.

...weapons of war.
  • A Tank Pokémon: Pure Steel
  • A Flamethrower Tank Pokémon: Steel/Fire
  • An amphibious Tank Pokémon: Steel/Water
  • A Fighter Plane Pokémon: Steel/Flying (A Fragile Speedster kind)
  • A Bomber Plane Pokémon: Steel/Flying (Either a Glass Cannon or a Mighty Glacier kind)
    • A Stealth Bomber Plane Pokémon: Steel/Ghost (Levitate as an ability. A fast annoyer.)
  • A Battleship Pokémon: Steel/Water
  • An Atomic Bomb Pokémon: Steel/Poison (more people in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki died of the radiation poisoning than the direct explosion)
    • Isn't this basically what Victini is, or have I misunderstood?
  • An automated Humongous Mecha: Steel/Fighting.

...military troops.
The first form is based off the lowest ranking in the military, the first evolution will be based on a higher rank, and the final evolution will be based on an even higher rank.

...British royal guards.
A pseudo-legendary that excels in both defense stats.

...the Queen of England.
Legendary Pokémon just to go along with the previous WMG.

...various electronics
All will be either Electric or Steel-type. or coding
A porygon evolutionary family expy perhaps?

...The Olympians.
  • An Electric/Fighting Zeus (because he's a badass with thunderbolts). He has Levitate (lives in the Heavens) and some dark moves (he's a Jerkass.) Also Attract.
    • Signature Move List for a Zeus Pokemon: Transform, Attract, Pound, Thunder.
  • An Electric/Dark Hera (she's the wife of Zeus, and a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. It also fits with her being unable to directly affect Zeus.)
  • A Ghost/Steel Hades (Hades is said to rule over precious metals)
  • A Ghost/Ice Persephone (the wife of Hades, and when with him winter occurs) with Grass moves (she's needed for spring)
  • A Water/Ground Poseidon (god of the sea, also god of earthquakes)
  • A Fire/Steel Hepheastus (he's the blacksmith of the gods)
  • A Psychic/Fire Aphrodite (her manipulation of sexuality as Psychic, and intense "firey" lust) with the Attract move (for obvious reasons)
  • A Fire/Normal Hestia (goddess of the hearth, and a Flat Character)
  • An Electric/Fire Apollo (carries the sun, which is hot and made of plasma) with Levitate (like I said, he carries the sun)
  • A Grass/Fighting Demeter (a hunter)
    • Artemis would make more sense as a hunter. Demeter would probably make more sense as Grass/Ice (causes both Spring and Winter). Alternatively, she changes types with the seasons (Grass/Water for Spring, Grass/Fire for Summer, Grass/Flying for Autumn, and Grass/Ice for Winter.)
  • A Psychic/Grass Dionysus (Grass for the plants harvested as alcohol, and Psychic for his popularity)
    • Psychic also makes sense due to the Orgia.
  • A Psychic/Fighting Athena (Associated primarily with knowledge, but also with strength and just warfare. Also associated with law and justice, so would have to have Justified as her ability.)
  • And for the lesser-known ones:
    • Helios, who was often conflated with Apollo (it was actually Helios that drove the chariot of the sun), would also have the Electric/Fire typing.
    • Eos, the dawn goddess, would be Fire/Flying (generally depicted with wings and was mother to the four Winds).
    • Selene, the moon goddess, would be Fairy/Fire or Fairy/Flying (among other things, the Fairy-type seems to be associated with the moon, with Moonlight having been retconned to a Fairy-type move and one of the new moves introduced in the type being called Moonblast. Selene is sibling to Helios and Eos and likewise has one of those chariots so the Fire-type is to tie in with them)
    • Pan, of course, is Grass/Fairy.
    • Hecate would be Dark/Fairy (associated with the moon, magic, witchcraft, and sorcery). Could also be Psychic/Fairy.
    • Eros would be Fire/Psychic (Fire for the same reasons as Aphrodite; Psychic partially for similar reasons and partly for the tie-in with Psyche.)
    • Heracles would be Dark/Fighting (often used his wits as much as his muscles in completing his Labors and was said to be quite vengeful to those who crossed him.)

... King Kong.
  • It'll be a Pseudo-Legendary Electric/Fighting-type to compliment Tyranitar and Hydreigon. Why is it an Electric-type? Because in King Kong vs. Godzilla, the Eighth Wonder of the World had some Electric abilities. And the reason it's a Fighting-type? Word of God from Toho confirms Kong beat Godzilla, and this Pokémon would be doubly strong against Tyranitar.

Antique objects such as...
  • A nutcracker!

... Prehistoric mammals.
Out of all the fossil Pokemon so far, none have been mammals. For variety's sake, they're probably going to change that sooner or later.
  • Saber-tooth cat would be a popular choice
  • Megaloceros (massive prehistoric deer)
  • Megatherium (massive prehistoric sloth, the size of an elephant!)
  • Woolly mammoth
    • Problem is, Mamoswine, a non-fossil one has been done.
  • Cave lion.
  • Mastodon
  • Cave Bear
  • Giant short-faced bear
  • Some kind of prehistoric whale
  • An Andrewsarchus
  • A brontothere
  • Early hominids
  • A Gigantopithecus
  • An Indohyus or Ambulocetus evolving into something like Basilosaurus

  • It would be Bug-type/Rock-type, because Plue is a bug who can find the Rave stones. Also, as a rock-type, Plue would have a weakness to water, since he cannot swim. And, as a bug-type, Plue would be super-effective against Dark-types (for he can break Dark Brings). It could be found by fishing and has an ability that lets it point toward some special items.

The rest of the chess pieces.
  • Rooks as a Stone Wall, Knights as Lightning Bruiser, Kings (males only) as Glass Cannon, Queens (female only) as Fragile Speedster. Also, a method that makes them evolve into Psychic/Steel "white" versions (with an ability that lets them hit Darks with Psychic moves and Dark hit them for normal damage).

Ridley. Specifically, the pseudolegendary of that generation.
He fits the pattern!
  • Looks like a dragon.
  • Three-stage evolution.
  • Flying-type grants an immunity.
  • Stats are second only to the final boss.
    • How would he even fit?

More dinosaur and prehistoric reptile fossils
While we already do have several, a lot of the most famous and popular dinosaurs remain absent from Pokemon in fossil form.
  • Diplodocus. Rock/Steel, with a powerful ironclad tail it uses to smash its opponents. It's sort of surprising we got a fossil based on the more obscure Amargasaurus before the more famous Diplodocus.
  • Stegosaurus. As mentioned above, likely with solar panels for plates, seeing as its plates likely functioned similarly. Rock/Fire, Rock/Grass, or Rock/Electric (a la Helioptile) all could work.
    • We got the rear half of that in the case of Dracovish and Dracozolt. Perhaps we could get the full thing in the future.
  • Some kind of dromaeosaurid. Rock/Electric (for the speed) or Rock/Dark (for the viciousness and the cunning) both could work, as mentioned above.
    • We got the front half of that in the case of Dracozolt and Arctozolt. Perhaps we could get the full thing in the future.
  • A Parasaurolophus that can play complex melodies using the protrusion on its head. Perhaps the crest even could resemble a brass instrument. Rock or Rock/Water would work, but if a Sound type were introduced then Rock/Sound would be better.
  • A Dilophosaurus with elaborate crests. Rock/Poison in reference to Jurassic Park in spite of the fact that they were not actually venomous.
  • A Maiasaura as a sort of ancient Kangaskhan expy, revolving around its care for its young. Pure Rock or Rock/Psychic, or maybe an interesting Rock/Normal to reference Kangaskhan further.
  • An Ankylosaur. While Torterra already bears some resemblance to one, it isn't a fossil. It could be Rock/Steel-type with armor resembling a military tank and either a wrecking ball or a medieval mace for its tail.
  • Spinosaurus. There are so many possibilities for the types of this one. It could be Rock/Water with a sail like a shark fin in reference to its speculated diet of fish and frequenting of the shores of bodies of water. It could be Rock/Fire with Solar Power in reference to its sail being speculated to have worked as a sort of solar panel. It could be a monstrous Rock/Dragon-type. Any of these could also bear some resemblance to the Egyptian crocodile god Sobek, due to Spinosaurus's crocodile-like skull.
  • A mosasaur of some sort, part water-type, of course.
  • Some kind of pterosaur.
  • A triceratops. Yes, we already have the Bastiodon line, but neither member of it looks like a triceratops.

Plant fossils
No, I don't mean like Lileep. Lileep may be a Grass-type, but it's based on an animal rather than a plant. I mean fossil Pokemon based on actual ancient plants. For example:
  • A cycad.
  • A Lepidodendrale.
  • A primitive flowering plant.
  • The ancestor of all modern plants.

Non-reptile fossils.
Basically, any ancient life-form that isn't reptilian, and hasn't been done already
  • A sea scorpion
  • A Dunkleosteus-Rock/Steel
    • We got the front half of that in the case of Dracovish and Arctovish. Perhaps we could get the full thing in the future.
  • One of those flightless giant birds of prey-Rock/Fighting
  • A prehistoric amphibian
  • A Megalodon.

Inanimate fossils.
Who's to say modern day is the only time period with Pokemon based on inanimate objects?
  • A stromatolite, Rock/Water.
  • A fulgurite, Rock/Electric.
  • An asteroid, Rock/Fire. Came to Earth in a huge swarm, wiping out much of its life 65 million years ago.
    • Confirmed, with Minior. It is Rock/Flying, however.
  • An Ice Age glacier, Rock/Ice.

Pokemon based off of ancient weapon artefacts
Okay, so this line is a strange idea, but it's possible that it would be able to have Pokemon that were reconstructed from ancient artefacts, such as a spearhead or arrowhead. I haven't got any concepts yet, but it could be a source of interest for the future.

Similar to Tyranitar largely drawing inspiration from Godzilla, there could be other Pokemon based on other Kaijuu! Due to the fact that many Kaijuu seem to serve almost as a part of the earth, many would likely be Rock-type. For example:
  • Rodan (Rock/Flying, Rock/Dragon, or Rock/Fire with Levitate)
  • Battra (Bug/Dark)
  • Gamera (Rock/Water)
  • Daimajin (Rock/Fighting or Rock/Dark)
  • Varan (Rock/Flying)
  • Pulgasari, though Aggron may already be this (Steel or Steel/Dark to reference the dark backstory of the movie)
  • Generic bug monster (Bug/Dragon)

We already have Genbu with Tirtouga and Caracossta,
  • Byakko would be a Sabere-tooth tiger like in the above WMG, only Rock/Steel and coated in iron-plating (think a feline Agrron)
  • Suzaku would be a Flying/Fire pokemon (replace with Rock if a fossil and add lvitate for similar effect) based on a fusion of a pterosaur and a Sparrow
  • Seiryu would be a Dragon pokemon natch.
  • Alternately we would have a quartet of Legendaries based on these monsters. A Dragon-type, Fire/Flying-type, Electric/Steel-type and Water-type. On pair would be exclusive to one game (based on their axis the Byakko and Seiryu analouge are the mascots to one game, the Genbu and Suzaku analog become the other's mascots), with a 5th yellow Dragon-type as their leader.

The Seven Deadly Sins may be represented by the Ultra Beasts already, but I'd like to see a bunch of legendaries which are explicit embodiments of each sin. They will be accompanied by Good Counterparts representing the Seven Heavenly Virtues.
  • The Greed mon will allow you to get ways to farm for money easily, like starting with Pay Day and being able to grind for money with a moveset designed to take Com Mons down easily. Its type will be Dark or Dark-Rock (with Rock relating to crystals and all) and its ability could be Pickup.
  • The Wrath mon is a Berserker with Glass Cannon stats and lots of self-destructive moves such as recoil attacks, High Jump Kick and Explosion to represent how wrath can cause lots of damage at the expense of sanity and morality. Its type is Fire-Fighting, and its ability will be Anger Point or Reckless, or maybe even Hustle to not only represent impulsiveness leading to danger but also the constant missing making the trainer feel wrath of their own.
  • The Envy mon engages in impossible or intangible theft. Its moveset can be used to remove or counter its opponent's attributes, like items (Thief, Covet, Switcheroo or Knock Off) and ability (Gastro Acid), moves (Disable, Mimic). Spectral Thief is a fitting move as it can steal stat stages, but it's mainly Marshadow's signature move. Its type is Dark-Ghost to represent how envious people scheme without their targets knowing and how thieves often steal during the night, as well as how Dark/Ghost-types should feel envious ever since their type got a weakness for the first time with Fairy. Its ability will be Pickpocket or Magician.
  • The Lust mon would typically have a Fanservice design (as Ms. Fanservice mons like Gardevoir, Lopunny and Primarina have) and would be a female-only Dark-Fairy succubus or Gumiho with Cute Charm as an ability. It will be a Lovable Sex Maniac who can use Attract to manipulate male Pok@eacute;mon into breeding with her.
  • The Gluttony mon is an Extreme Omnivore Blob Monster who will eat every Pok@eacute;mon it sees. Unlike Guzzlord whose cataclysmic eating applies in lore only, the Gluttony representative will eat in battle. It will have a signature move which is a stronger version of Bug Bite and Pluck that lets it eat another Pok@eacute;mon's berry or even swallow the Pok@eacute;mon alive. It is Poison-Dark and has the ability Gluttony or Cheek Pouch.
  • The Sloth mon is Psychic-type and mainly acts with its Psychic Powers due to being too lazy to do things itself. It will be a Stone Wall with high defenses but little offenses, and it should mainly serve as a Support Party Member due to being too lazy to fight, relying on entry hazards or Standard Status Effects. It will have the Rock-Psychic or Steel-Psychic typing to represent a shell that covers it and protects it from damage. Its ability should be Comatose to represent its slumbering yet aware state.
  • The Pride mon is even more overpowered than the others to represent its superiority, and it will ensure that it will be the most powerful in battle by buffing and healing itself. It will be Steel-Fairy due to being unanimously considered the best type for both offense and defense, and its ability will be Clear Body or Magic Guard so it will remain untouched by little inconveniences.
  • The Charity mon is The Medic or Combat Medic, who can heal or support its allies with moves like Light Screen, Mist, Wish and Healing Wish. It is mainly suited for Double or Triple Battles. It will be Normal-Fairy or Grass-Fairy and its ability will be Healer or Aroma Veil.
  • The Chastity mon is an agent of purity and will protect its team from any "impurities" such as Standard Status Effects (like Heal Bell and Safeguard) and stat drops (like Mist). It is Steel-Fighting and has Oblivious and Justified to represent its refusal to succumb to lust or evil, respectively.
  • The Diligence mon is a Determinator who is the embodiment of persistence and willingness. It is a Mighty Glacier who won't go down in one hit with its defensive prowess. It is Rock-Fighting, and its ability is Insomnia or Sturdy.
  • The Humility mon is a Water/Ghost-type made of a transparent intangible fluid to represent humility and keeping the conscience clean from pride. Being covered by the fluid will purify the user's self-centred thoughts and they will be absorbed by the Humility mon, where it will dissipate. Its ability is Unaware to represent its purity.
  • Ran out of ideas for Kindness, Patience and Temperance. If you can expand it, that's okay with me!

There will be at least one Pokèmon based off a Kirby final boss
I'm leaning towards a Bug/Dark-type based off Sectonia, but I have ideas for other ones:
  • Marx: Fairy/Dark (Tricks Kirby into summoning Nova, has a fairy-like appearence in general
    • Marx Soul: Fairy/Ghost
  • Dark Matter: Could very well be Pure Dark with Levitate. Could have a "Blade Form" that's Dark/Fighting
  • Zero: Oddly, I could also see Zero being a pure Dark-type, but with Wonder Guard as a reference to him only being damaged by Positive Feelings (Fairy-type).
    • Zero-Two: This time, He's Dark/Ghost while having Wonder Guard be renamed. (I'd go with an Eva Reference)
  • Drawcia and Paintra: Unclear on the two Sisters. Maybe a Dark/Psychic for Drawcia and a Fairy/Psychic for Paintra? They could learn Sketch...
    • Drawcia Soul: Psychic/Ghost.
  • Magolor:
    • Normally, he would be a Pure Psychic-type, he is shown with Magical Power in Dream Collection.
    • His first form and EX Form would both be Psychic/Dark. This signifies both the Master Crown starting to take over him, and his similarities to Marx
    • His Final Form in the Normal Game would be Psychic/Ghost. He's Reincarnated. I have not much to say
    • Magolor Soul: He will be Ghost/Dark. The Master Crown has fully taken him over and he is nothing but a sad shell now.
  • Queen Sectonia:
    • Normal Form: Bug/Dark with Magic Guard or Queenly Majesty. Being a Dark-type is signified by her being corrupted by the Amazing Mirror.
    • Dreamstalk Form: Being fused with the Dreamstalk, (Which is a GIANT FUCKING FLOWER, mind you) she will become a Bug/Grass-type with Magic Guard
    • Soul of Sectonia:
      • First Form: Becomes a Grass/Ghost-type while regaining Magic Guard
      • Second Form: Becomes a Bug/Ghost-type with an absolutely broken ability
  • Star Dream: It's going to be a Steel/Fairy normally, but Star Dream Soul OS is a Steel/Dark.
  • Void Termina: Dark, as it's formed from the darkness in hearts. Becomes Dark/Flying in its second form.
    • Void Termina's core: Dark, being the core of Void Termina.
    • Void Soul: Dark/Ghost, as it's essentially Void Termina's core but with a Soul, and charged with negative energy.
    • Void: Ghost/Fairy, or Dark/Fairy, being a radiant, star-like being that's the progenitor of origination and created from Dream, Dark, Soul, and Heart. Uncorrupted form of the above.

There will be at least one Pokèmon based off winds
  • They would be pure Flying-types, the first stage would be a face made of wind lines, the second stage would be based on a Tornado, the third stage would be based on a hurricane.

To complete the theory of Fire-type starters being based on the Eastern Zodiac, the last animal will also be introduced with a lesser legendary/mythical that is based on the Nian beast.
There will be a lore on how it terrorizes a village on a yearly basis until it is sealed/driven off by 12 wandering trainers, each with their respective Fire-type Pokémon.
  • Its typing will be weak against Fire, in reference to the Nian be abhorrent to it.
  • Will also be part-Dark as a malicious beast.

Several aspects of nature
  • A Raincloud

Various Touhou characters

     Other future Pokémon concept ideas 

If you have a concept for a specific type combo, put it in one of the above folders for types. If you have a concept for a Pokemon based on a specific animal/plant/mineral/thingy, put it in the "There will be Pokemon based on..." folder above.

Regional Forms.
  • A tan Polteageist based on Milk Tea.

In a future gen, there will be a Distaff Counterpart of Bouffalant.
And she will be based on a Sassy Black Woman.
  • ...Except that Bouffalant comes in both genders already.
    • So did Gardevoir, but nobody told Gallade that.

Possible starters.
  • A Grass/Electric monkey who uses its tail to shock fish, a Fire/Poison frog, and a Water/Psychic dolphin. In dex number order, I call them Implonkey (impulse+monkey), Statichim (static+chimp), Electrape (electric+ape), Flammog (flame+frog), Magmoad (magma+toad), Burncroak (burn+croak), Hyphin, Dolphic, and Delphini.
  • A Fire/Dragon (Charizard expy), Water/Dragon (Gyarados expy), and Grass/Dragon Trio
  • A Grass/Fighting polefighting lemur line (Bushby, Treemur, and Tribole), a Fire/Dark volcanic Tyrannosaurus rex Charizard expy line (Tyrannaw, Tyrantorch, and Rexuvius), and a Water/Psychic Aztec dolphin line (Porphin, Delphet, and Aztecean)
    • Alternately, we'd get a Grass-type kappa/cactus that evolves into a Grass/Fighting Expy of Sha Wujing to compliment Infernape and Emboar, and a Water-type wolf cub that evolves into a Water/Ice Akhlut — basically, a wolf with some orca whale-like elements.
  • A fire/dark spotted hyena (has mostly balanced stats, but with physical a bit higher than special. Learns Bite and Fire Fang early on. Can also learn ground-type moves via TM as a Take That! to Luxray), a water/poison platypus (Strong defenses, mediocre attacks and speed, but can poison enemies), and a grass/fighting jaguar (Glass Ninja).
  • A massive sea serpent that may evolve into water/dragon or water/flying.
  • An eel that evolves into water/electric.
  • A water-type whale or dolphin. Maybe a big, badass orca.
  • A Grass-type canine, a Water-type feline and some Fire-type rodent (a reversal of the stereotypical food chain associated with these pets).
  • A Grass-type unicorn that would gain Psychic or Fairy eventually if evolved. It should be a stallion if male, and mare if female. A special attacker with some medic capacities. (I.E, Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, etc.)
  • A Fire-type tiger that could become Fire/Dark. A swift physical attacker.
    • Confirmed with Incineroar, although it's not fast.
  • A Water-type hermit crab that would gain Water/Rock. A Mighty Glacier with a notable physical Defense.
  • An Electric/Fighting cat that's a female that can speak. Also, a Superheroine and a Shout-Out to Carol's Captain Marvel.

Instead of the standard Fire/Water/Grass starters, we will get a Fighting/Rock/Flying trio.
This, of course, will lead to cries of ruined forever.
  • Or a Psychic/Dark/Fighting trio.
    • But Dark is outright immune to Psychic, which ruins the balance. People always seem to not pay attention to that.
    • Gamefreak has acknowledged the three as forming a triangle in Black/White. In the city with the eighth Gym badge, the female Ace Trainer in the battle house uses a team of such (while the male uses a Grass/Fire/Water core).
    • Psychic/Dark/Fighting could be possible if the Psychic-type's ability let it hit Dark for NVE damage instead of an immunity. Of course, the Dark-type would still be immune to other Psychic-type's STAB.
    • Anyway, Fire/Rock/Steel and Grass/Poison/Ground also work. The problem with those combos is that Steel has too many resistances and that Poison is super-effective on ONLY Grass. Fire/Rock/Steel is additionally unbalanced by the latter two resisting Normal, meaning that only the Steel-type can make up for the disadvantage with Normal attacks.

    • Full list of type triangles:
      • Fire/Water/Grass, Fire/Rock/Steel, Grass/Poison/Ground, Fighting/Flying/Rock (traditional 2x/0.5x)
      • Grass/Ice/Rock (2x/1x, avoiding the "Rock resists Normal" problem)
      • Water/Dragon/Steel, Electric/Grass/Steel, Electric/Dragon/Steel (1x/0.5x)

    • Possible type squares:
      • Fire/Water/Grass/Bug, Fire/Rock/Ground/Grass, Grass/Flying/Rock/Ground (2x/0.5x)
      • Electric/Grass/Dragon/Steel (1x/0.5x)
    • Finally, type pentagons:
      • Fire/Rock/Ground/Grass/Bug, Grass/Bug/Flying/Rock/Ground (2x/0.5x

There will be another Fire/Fighting starter, but it will be counterbalanced.
The fourth Fire/Fighting starter will be counterbalanced with a Grass/Psychic with a possibly-hidden ability that's the Psychic equivalent of Scrappy, letting it hit the Water/Dark starter with Psychic attacks for neutral or maybe not very effective damage. This distribution of secondary types would neatly mirror the primaries. This would also work with any of the other type triangles mentioned above — to keep with tradition, make 'em the secondary types of the traditional Fire/Grass/Water starter trio.

There will be a Pokemon named after the Sprint phone company
This is based on the fact that there is a pokemon named Virizion (Verzion) and that Kabuto's name was originally Att (AT&T).
  • Also Kricketune (Cricket). But what about MCI and T-Mobile?

There will be two or more Pokémon that evolve into the same Pokémon
Each of the unevolved forms would learn moves that the other one(s) couldn't, leaving the evolved form with multiple, separate movepools. Only the evolved form would be breedable — the unevolved forms would be baby Pokémon, each requiring a different incense to produce (with the lack of incense producing the evolved form, as always).

Possible future legendary mascot trios
  • A trio of ancient Super Robot mecha-golems based on Norse Mythology: a special-attacking Glass Cannon Ice/Dark Loki with Illusion, a physical-attacking Mighty Glacier Electric/Fighting Thor, and a mixed-attacking Steel/Psychic trio master Odin. As robots, all 3 would learn Steel-type moves by level-up. Possible names: Lokaeis (from "Loki" and a corruption of "ice"), Thorebrak (from "Thor" and "Torebrak", Norwegian for "thunder")note , and Siderodin (from "Odin" and the steel-related prefix ''sidero-"). If the games are a direct sequel to Black/White, then Lokaeis could be the white-colored mascot of Onyx Version and Thorebrak the black-colored mascot of Opal Version. That way, they'd be direct expies of Reshiram and Zekrom (strengthening the "sequel" connection) without being ripoffs.
  • A trio based on the console war (Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360), or on political alignment (Left, Right, and Centre), or religions (Christian, Buddhism, Islam).
    • These would probably be done as indirect analogies. For example, if they had a trio based on the console war, instead of having giant robots or something that look like giant PS3's and 360's, they'd just have one red-and-black member that's Awesome, but Impractical (referencing the PS3 and its high pricepoint), one bright green/white/gray member that's pretty much your average legendary with at least one 4x weakness (referencing the 360 and its tendency to break down), and a blue-and-white trio master that's smaller and weaker than the other two, but has the most potential (referencing the Wii and the fact that it's made by Nintendo). Of course, this would most likely be a subtle Shout-Out to the console war rather than the main theme of the trio (which would be based on mythology or fictional characters or something).
    • I thought political alignment was already done in Black and White (Reshiram and Zekrom are left/right wings, Kyurem is balanced.)
    • The 360 one could be Bug/Steel, with a 4x weakness to Fire. And isn't it strange that the colors match up? (Red ring of Death, Green and White for the regular colors of the X-Box 360)
  • Pokemon based off nature. These include a Grim Reaper Pokémon (Ghost/Steel), a Mother Nature Pokemon (Grass/Dragon), and a balance Pokemon (Fire/Ice). The reason why the Grim Reaper has an advantage is because death is inevitable.
  • If there's ever a Pokemon game to take place in a region based off of Florence, Italy. It's gotta have a legendary trio based off of the three main contenders of the High Renaissance.
    • Leonardo da Vinci — A Steel/Psychic-type: Steel to represent all the machines he's designed, Psychic to represent Da Vinci being a man of science for his time. He'll probably look like a big, metallic owl with wings resembling those of one of Da Vinci's flying machines. Why an owl? Because owls are a symbol of wisdom to the ancient Greeks and Romans, where artists of the Renaissance drew most of their inspiration from.
    • Michelangelo — a Rock/Ghost-type: Rock because Michelangelo did a lot with sculpting by carving statues from marble, Fhost because Michelangelo is the more religious/spiritual of the trio. He'll most likely be a pokefied Expy of Michelangelo's David (sans the junk of course). Plus, in a similar vein to Regigigas, he'll just appear as an ordinary statue in some hidden location posed a lot like the statue he's modeled after until you bring the designated artifact to the Pokémon.
    • Raphael — ???/Dark: I was originally thinking ground as the primary typing since A) no Pokémon typing to my knowledge is really appropriate for representing paint, which was kind of Raphael's thing, and B) I figured it would look consistent with the other two having a mineral-based type in their typing. However, that struck me as maybe too cheap. Does anyone else think it'll work? Anyway, the dark typing is to represent Raphael's more devious nature. While Da Vinci was studying human anatomy and mechanics and Michelangelo was praying, Raphael was out partying. I don't know what the pokemon would look like though.
      • Poison can represent paint — you wouldn't want to ingest it!
      • This wouldn't work without Donatello, you know.
  • Larry, Curly, and Moe.
  • A trio of matter (Rock/Steel), mind (Psychic/Ghost), and life force (two of Water/Grass/Bug).
  • A trio representing the spiritual/supernatural aspects. Psychic, ghost, and fairy.
  • A trio representing the concept of storytelling and/or history. Personally, I feel like these would make an appearance in a region based of Britain, as it has a lot of historical and storytelling value. Anyway, the first Pokemon would be based of history itself and be known as the "Chronology Pokemon" Possible typings could include Rock or Ghost, or both as a dual typing, as Rock-type is often used in the Fossil Pokemon to reflect how old they are. Ground-type could also work here I guess. The Ghost-type would also make sense, as it could show they have possibly "lived" through history as a spectral observer. The second part of the trio would be known as the "Lore Pokemon" and would be based on fiction and stories. Fairy would be a good type for it to represent how stories are imaginary and/or "Fairytales". The final/third part of the trio would represent secrets, parts of history/fiction that we do not understand and conspiracies. Likewise, it would be known as the "Conspiracy" Pokemon and would most likely be Dark-typed. All three Pokémon would have a somewhat similar appearance, all looking very knowledgeable and Sage-like, possible holding tomes and quills somewhere on their bodies to reflect how they document these events. The Conspiracy Pokemon would have a less similar to the design compared to the other two. The Conspiracy Pokemon would have its tomes carefully hidden, reflecting how it does not wish for its knowledge to be shared.
  • A trio based on natural disasters — landslides, avalanches, and eruptions. Ground/Rock, Ground/Ice, and Ground/Fire, respectively. All three would be Glass Cannon, since such events are over as quickly as they begin.
  • Personifications of morality. A Psychic / Fighting personification of good, a Psychic / Dark personification of evil, and a Psychic/Steel personification of moral neutrality.
  • A trio based on Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf — The one based on Link would be some combination of Fighting (honorable warrior), Steel (metal blade), and Grass (In Zelda, courage is typically associated with forests), and it would be a Jack-of-All-Stats. The one based on Zelda would be some combination of Fairy (magic powers), Psychic (wisdom), and Water (in Zelda, wisdom is typically associated with water), and its highest stat would be Special Attack. The one based on Ganondorf would be Dark/Fire (in Zelda, power is typically associated with fire), and its highest stat would be Attack.
  • A trio based on Fate, Luck and Chaos, to complement Kalos Trio (Live, Death, Order).
  • A trio based on Magic (part Fairy) and Technology (part Electric or Steel), with the third based on Nature (possibly part rock, ground, grass, or bug).
    • Expanding on the above, the Magic legendary and the Science legendary could be a Fairy/Fire Magical Girl Warrior and a Steel/Electric Humongous Mecha respectively, being two popular anime/manga genres. They would each have a signature move that is 4x super effective against the other including an otherwise-resisted type, with the Magic legendary having a Fairy move that's super-effective against Steel and Electric, and the Science legendary having a Steel move that's super-effective Fire and Psychic.
    • The third legendary could have a move that's perhaps super-effective against the non-magical supernatural (Ghost and Dragon), and a Grass-type move that's super-effective against Pollution and Pestilence (Poison and Bug).
  • A trio based on the animals that are called Kings of the animal kingdom, one based on the lion which is known as the King of the beasts, one based on the eagle which is known as the King of the sky, and one based on the Great white shark which is known as the King of the seas.
  • A trio based on starter types with a lore explaining how a starting training gets to choose between Grass, Fire and Water.

Not Trio, but Quartet
  • Well, the Four Symbols of Chinese Constellations. Azure Dragon (Dragon/Grass), Vermillion Bird (Fire/Flying), White Tiger (Steel/Normal), Black Tortoise (Water/Poison (the snake)). Seems quite appropriate, especially if the VI gen wants to improve the seasons' mechanics.
    • Considering that we've got Moltres and Ho-oh already, Lugia could fit as the Azure Dragon (he is a blue dragon-like creature, despite the fact that he's associated with water rather than wood). The latter two (the White Tiger and Black Tortoise) could be a new legendary mascot duo and form a quartet with Ho-oh and Lugia (and would probably end up being Expies of Reshiram and Zekrom due to their color schemes).
      • Ho-oh is based on the Fenghuang and Lugia is based on Ryujin, so I don't really think Ho-oh and Lugia can represent Vermillion Bird and Azure Dragon (though a Fire/Flying legendary does seem a little bit derivative now, however, a Dragon/Grass would be quite cool indeed — chances are, GF might reinterpret Qing in Qing Long as Green rather than Azure). And we finally get a Poison-type legendary (Black Tortoise would be something like a uber-Tentacruel with much better Defense stats).
  • The four horsemen. Conquest (Fighting), War (Dark), Famine (Poison), and Death (Ghost).
  • Ladies and gents, I give you the four guardian deities of the Alola.

We will get a Fighting-type that is Always Female.
She'll be more Special based than the Male Physical attackers, getting moves like Aura Sphere and suchlike.
  • Alternatively, a Kick Chick.
  • Though it is genderless, Pheromosa is a Bug/Fighting with a VERY feminine appearance.

There will be a legendary Pokemon that has The Power of Rock
It will probably be an Electric/Steel-type. Its battle theme will have electric guitars. It will also be the focus of a movie.
  • It may also have synergy with Meloetta or conversely, a weakness to her types

There'll be a single gender pokemon that evolves into the opposite gender (probably a fish of some sort).
Some real world animals do something like this, and it would be interesting.

There will be legendaries based off the Cthulhu Mythos.
Here are some examples:
  • A Psychic/Dark Nyarlathotep. Call it Crawlatep (Crawling Chaos+a+Nyarlathotep)
  • A ??? (as in, NONE) type Azathoth, which in many ways will be an Ascended Glitch (the enviroment will glitch a bit when it's in battle, and a lot when it scores a critical hit). Call it Nuclaos (Nuclear+Chaos)
  • A Bug/Dragon Shub-Niggurath. Bugs are usually an example of Explosive Breeder, and Dragon fits with its god-hood. Call it Shubliath.
  • We don't need a Yog-Sothoth, since Giratina fits that part.
  • Great Old Ones can be the trio legendary. You can get a Water/Dragon Cthulhu, an Electric/Dragon and Psychic/Dragon Y', I'm not going to summon him.

There will be a pokemon which evolves at level 100.
Zweilous evoulved into Hydreigon at level 64, so maybe at some point, they will have a pokemon that evolves at level 100?

In Gen 7, there will be at least three pseudo-legendary pokemon
The minimum three will have their primary typing such that it follows the Grass-Water-Fire triangle. The typing of the pseudo-legendaries needs to get more diverse.
  • Jossed. This generation is minuscule.

There will be fossils found in ice
The pokemon revived from this sort of fossil will all be ice-types and not all will be rock-types. Only a minority will be rock as well.
  • Examples could include a smilodon(Ice/Fighting).
  • Or a wolf that is an ice-type. Researchers will find bits of fur or skin in the ice, they ask the protagonist to revive it and voila, an Ice-Age era wolf that is an Ice-type. Dark is optional.
  • A Mamoswine evolutionary expy is possible. Somebody finds tusks, the hero gets it, revives it and get the basic stage.

There will be fossils that are Steel-type instead of Rock
They will be more heavily armored than other fossils, and will be a Steel/Water Dunkleosteus and a Steel/Bug Megarachne.

There will be a legendary connected to Yamask.
Specifically, it'll be a "pharaoh" and the most powerful of its kin. It'll also be an certain type of event Pokemon, and a "boss." When you enter the event area (you'll need a Yamask/Cofagrigus to enter), it'll be full of Ghost-types connected to themes of the afterlife and/or humans: Dusclops, Litwick, Golurk, Banette, and of course, Cofagrigus. Some will be possessed by this legendary, who is trying to go out and take bloody revenge against society for capturing the souls of humanity. All of his Pokemon will be influenced by/worked with humanity (they'll include Golurk, Rotom, Porygon-Z, Garbodor, Conkledurr, and Castform.)

The true Pokemon will then be fought. Unlike all others, it cannot be caught (being a literal ghost, and to avoid further Fridge Horror), however once beaten, it'll be entered in your Pokedex. It'll be called Yamoast (combination of Ghost and Yama, the Hindu lord of the dead) and be about Lv60. It is effectively a bonus fight, and will be Ghost/Normal (the normal part being how close to human it is.) The apperance will be a humanoid Yamask. Expect Nightmare Fuel ahoy, as you enter the spirit world!

Once beaten, the soul will be released and finally pass on. What will be left is a special item that, if held on by a Yamask when it evolves, it will become a Ghost/Normal Cofagrigus.

There is a Governor of Sand somewhere.
Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 gives some credence to setting Kyurem as an ice counterpart to Kyogre and Groundon. This leaves Sandstorm needing a Legendary of its own to complete a Weather Quintet. Probably in the Poke-Equivalent of North Africa. I mean, how else would the Sahara have formed?

There will be Subfossil Pokémon in addition to Fossil Pokémon.
For the most part, they will be Pokemon that went extinct more recently than Fossil Pokemon. They'll be revived from remains that aren't preserved in rock, like perhaps a mummified carcass, and as a result will not be part Rock-type. As mentioned elsewhere on this page, some might be preserved in ice instead, and will be part Ice-type. This way, we potentially could get Pokemon based on such animals as dodos, thylacines, Ice Age megafauna, aurochs, and perhaps if the "mummified carcass" part were extended, revived mummy cats and ibises and other animals worshipped in ancient Egypt.
  • And players could also revive mummies of extant (still existing) Pokémon, but the revived versions have different abilities and can learn different moves.

A Dragon-type trio will show up in a future title.
This trio, will be comparable to Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. The "weather trio" of generation five has alternate forms that look like a bird, a dragon and a cat. Bird is generation one obviously and cat is generation two but no generation had a Dragon-type trio of that level yet. Now one of this pseudo trio's base stats are higher than the others, which suggests which could be referencing that Dragon-types are overpowered in general but the stats and the forms don't match up, so it is more likely to be foreshadowing a new legendary dragon trio that's not so overpowered.

Missingno will become an Ascended Glitch.

A Legendary based on the Jade Emperor
And 12 other legendaries based on the Chinese Zodiac

The Gen 7 Pikaclone will have Minus as its hidden ability
To contrast with Denenne.
  • Jossed. Togedemaru has Iron Barbs, Lightningrod, and Sturdy.

A Legendary Pokémon that acts as the Delivery Stork
Probably not a literal stork, but it will explicitly be responsible for leaving eggs at the Daycare.

The Snivy line will be reused as a Fire-type starter.
By gaining a regional variant, it fulfills the "snake" in the Fire starter zodiac system.

Future "Counterpart" Pokémon
Version exclusive or not, there will be Pokémon in future generations that act as counterparts and/or foils to one another
  • Two Pokémon based on constrictors, one a Grass-type based on pythons that lives in forested environments, and the other a Water-type based on anacondas that lives in watery environments. It may be possible to encounter both in swampland.
  • A Glass Cannon tarantula vs a Mighty Glacier scorpion (possibly with a higher priority move unique to it)
  • A flying fish vs. some kind of waterfowl.
  • A dolphin vs. a shark
  • A killer whale vs. a whale shark
  • A narwhal vs. a beluga whale
  • An oarfish vs. a giant squid
    • Alternatively, a sperm whale vs. a giant squid, to better fit with actual roles and natural rivalries.
  • Wolves vs. hyenas
  • Tiger shark vs. great white
  • Hippo vs. rhino
  • Wasp vs. bee
  • Sea turtle vs. saltwater crocodile
  • Coyote vs. badger
  • Moth vs. butterfly
  • Baboon vs. chimpanzee
  • Gorilla vs. gibbon
  • Elephant vs. giraffe
  • Skunk vs. porcupine
  • Otter vs. beaver
  • Rattlesnake vs. cottonmouth
  • Eel vs. sea snake
  • Crane vs. swan
  • Nightjar vs. brown bat
  • Fruit bat vs. oilbird
  • Raccoon vs. fox
  • Greyhound vs. pit bull
  • Rottweiler vs. German shepherd
  • Mastiff vs. Saint Bernard
  • Newt vs. water monitor
  • Tiger vs. leopard
  • Cheetah vs. pronghorn
  • Lobster vs. spider crab
  • Sea lion vs. manatee
  • Walrus vs. elephant seal
  • Toucan vs. hornbill
  • Falcon vs. sparrowhawk
  • Leopard seal vs. skua
  • Ringtail vs. coati
  • Piranha vs. river dolphin
    • In a vein similar to Heatmor and Durant, a piranha and the giant Amazon river otter that preys upon it.
  • Monitor lizard vs. salamander
  • Centipede vs. millipede
  • Magical Girl vs. Humongous Mecha

Future "Rival" Pokémon
Much like Zangoose and Seviper or Heatmor and Durant, these Pokémon will be natural enemies.
  • Lion vs. hyena
  • Tarantula vs. tarantula hawk wasp
  • Honeybee vs. bear
  • Aardvark vs. termite

Future "Complementary" Pokémon
On the other hand, there will be types of Pokémon that get along very well
  • Ant and aphid
  • Honey badger and honeyguide
  • Buffalo and oxpecker
  • Shark and pilotfish
  • Clownfish and sea anemone

In a future generation, there will be a set of starters that all begin as duel types.
We have already had Bulbasaur and Rowlet as duel type starters. So a future generation will introduce a Fire/Water/Grass set that begin as duel types. For example Grass/Steel, Fire/Fairy, Water/Fighting.

In one of the future generations, the starter will be introduced whole line at once as pure types.
However, to make up for the plain typings, an item will be introduced in that gen to benefit pure-typed Pokémon.
  • This previously happened with Gold and Silver: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile are all single-type and never gain a second type. Could still happen again, but would most likely have low reception.
  • When that set happens, the whole line will be introduced at once, or at least sooner compared to the previous generations.
  • Semi-Confirmed with pure types Rillaboom, Cinderace and Inteleon, however, instead of getting an item, they all got Gigantamax Forms exclusive to them.

In one of the future dual versions, their version mascots will no longer be Legendary Pokémon.
Instead, they will be fully-evolved rare and powerful Pokémon that are each well-known to be used by a hero. The legendary status will be on the trainer and not the Pokémon.

The next time more Ultra Beasts are announced, there will be 2 more.
In fitting with the prime number motif, there were 7 confirmed Ultra Beasts in Sun and Moon, with four more introduced in UltraSun and UltraMoon'' to get to 11, the next prime number. The prime number after that is 13, meaning there will be a set of two after this.

The next two Pikaclones will have Dragon and Ghost respectively as their secondary types.
Starting from Gen VI, we had Pikaclones whose secondary types were Fairy (Dedenne), Steel (Togedemaru), and Dark (Morpeko). These are the three typings starting from the bottom of the official type chart ordernote . If we continue on further, we get Dragon, then Ghost.

There will be a pair of Pokémon that nearly perfectly mimics another
  • A Cleaner Wrasse and a False Cleanerfish as stage 1 split evolutions of a basic fish Pokémon. They would be found in an underwater/surfing area, look almost identical with almost-identical names, and have slightly different animations. Just like in real-life, the False Cleanerfish would take advantage of its similar looks to deal nasty damage to weakened Pokémon.
    • The Cleaner Wrasse would be Water/Fairy with high defenses and low speed, Triage or Healer for an ability and when encountered in the wild its moveset would consist of Heal Pulse, Purify, Life Dew, and a new move that bestows Aqua Ring on a target, making it a Helpful Mook to the player's party, especially if their Pokémon are weak.
    • The False Cleanerfish would be Water/Dark with high speed and attack. It would have either Adaptability or Ambush, a new Ability that doubles the power of its first attack when it is encountered/sent out. Its would have moves like Fake Out, Pursuit, Bite/Crunch, Aqua Jet, Ice Fang and Sucker Punch to tear holes in a weakened Pokémon if the player expects it to be the Cleaner Wrasse.

     Pokémon evolution predictions (Of already existing Pokémon) 

Skarmory will get a pre-evolution
Skarmory is already spectacularly good enough on its own, and it would be instantly banned from Little Cup if it got an evo. Which is why it could get a prevo.
  • You could also consider how the Pokemon that was meant to be its counterpart—Mantine—got one already. But then again, the Pinsir and Scyther duo ended up with only one getting a evo... And Jynx didn't get an evolved form when Electabuzz and Magmar did... and Banette didn't get an evo when Dusknoir did, and Weepinbel didn't get an alternate evolution when Gloom did, and Delibird didn't get an evolution when Gligar did, and... eh, the point's probably made by now.
    • Heracross seems to have become Pinsir's new counterpart these days.
      • They're based on "Japanese Beetle Brothers", apparently.

Blitzle, Minccino, Audino, Purrloin, Scraggy, Zorua, Pawniard, Bouffalant, Alomomola, Sigilyph, Throh/Sawk, and Druddigon will have baby forms
Pawniard/Bisharp counterparts will have Light/Steel and based on knights. Druddigon needs a baby form because it's currently unevolved and Haxorus is fully evolved but Druddigon is heavier than Haxorus. Sigilyph needs a baby form because its base stats are on par with fully-evolved Pokémon, with defenses better than your average speedy Special Attacker.

Heracross and Pinsir will get a convergent evolution.
  • Alternatively, they'll get a common prevo, or even both.

Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop will get a convergent evolution...
Called "Hitmonchuk", based on Chuck Norris.

Gurdurr will get a hammer wielding alternative evo based on John Henry.

Basculin will get an evolution.
Unlikely, since its base stats are already equal to a number of fully evolved Pokémon.
  • In that case, make its evolution really high (Lv 50), or have a stone evolution (it won't learn any non-TM moves afterwards). Furthermore, the typing would depend on the form: Red Striped Basculin become Water/Fighting, while Blue Striped Basculin become Water/Psychic.
    • Confirmed. In Gen VIII, Red Striped Basculin evolves into Basculegion in Hisui.

Stunfisk will get an evolution.
  • Its stats are a bit high already.

Throh and Sawk will get a pre-evo and an alternate evolution for the pre-evo.
Someone on DeviantArt came up with an idea: the pre-evo (forgot the name) would have its belt change color as it gets more experienced, and when it becomes a black belt it can either evolve into Throh, Sawk, or the kendo-based Thwak.
  • Given the parallels between R/B/Y and B/W, this seems especially likely.
    • While it is fine that they're using the gimmick that Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee used to have, I personally don't like the idea of them copying them that much.

Gothorita will get a male only Alternative evolution.
Maybe a Psychic/Steel Emo Teen wielding knives?
  • It should be called "Killmo" (Kill + Emo).
  • Or maybe, he'll be based off of Visual Kei.
  • They can learn Dark-type moves, and their Gothic style is tied in to the Dark-type, so maybe Psychic/Dark?

Emolga will get an evolution.
  • Or a prevo.

Mawile will get an evolution.
A Steel/Dark-type or a Steel/Fighting-type would be cool.
  • With that yawning maw, I bet it'll be a Steel/Dark.
  • And to balance, we could get a Sabelye evo
  • Pure Steel-types are still a bit too rare. I like the idea of Mawile getting an evolution, but it should remain a pure Steel-type since there's already a Steel/Dark family.
    • There are more pure Steel-types than Steel/Dark, you know. Plus with the Dark-type, it can get STAB.
    • Sadly, with its Mega Evolution revealed, Mawile is basically confirmed as incapable of regular evolution.
    • Furthermore, Mawile itself didn't retain its pure Steel typing, instead being retconned into the new Fairy-type.

Qwilfish will get an evolution.
It should be based off of a lionfish, since they have poisonous quills like Qwilfish has.

Sudowoodo will get an evolution.
After all of the years of pretending to be a tree, it finally becomes one! Its evolution barely moves, has moss growing on it, and sometimes bird Pokemon will nest on its arms.

Swoobat and Audino will get evolutions in Gen 6.
Considering that Golbat and Chansey got Crobat and Blissey in Gen 2, this is a given.
  • Swoobat would most likely have to evolve via stone (Shiny or Dawn stone, perhaps?). And it would be like Crobat but much more special-oriented.
  • And Audino's evolution will be a bigger bunny-like creature with great defensive abilities.
    • Jossed, it got a Mega Evolution.

Kangaskhan will finally get a pre-evolution
Or at least some explanation for the second head in its sprite.
  • Maybe it will be called "Joeykhan"?
    • Joyroo.
    • Kangaskid.
    • The pre-evolution could then get a male alternate evolution, named Ghengaroo or Kubaskhan.
    • Kubaskhan will be Normal/Fighting, but not as strong as Kangaskhan.
  • Alternatively, it will get a male counterpart, that'll be Normal/Fighting.
  • Jossed, it got a Mega Evolution.

Absol will get an evolution
Because such a fan-favorite deserves better stats. Probably something that's still pure Dark-type, maybe called Ution.
  • Or, it could be a happiness-based evolution into a Dark/Fighting-type. Because Absol is so thrilled to find a Trainer that loves it, and if it gained a Fighting secondary type, it could be seen as the hero it is!
  • Absol already has stats comparable to many fully evolved Pokémon. Although Magneton has the same base stat total...
    • Same as with Mawile, Absol's Mega Evolution confirms it as incapable of regular evolution.

Cubone and Marowak will get an evolution.
It would use full body armor, tools, and weapons using fossils from actual fossil pokémon.
  • Alternatively, it's part Ghost.
    • Somewhat confirmed for the Alolan Marowak, who is indeed part Ghost, but is not an evolution and rather a different forme.
  • Maybe if you evolve it by leveling it next to a certain fossil pokemon, it will have a different form and moveset based off that pokemon.

Unown will get an evolution that is not useless.
Maybe call them Unowble, and they will be based off the Greek alphabet.
  • How about Nigma? Its moveset depends on the type of Hidden Power it has. Each letter has a different super-powerful move they learn at a high level.
    • Alternatively, it could be called Ciphable and its secondary type is determined by its Hidden Power move (if it's Psychic, it'll retain the Psychic typing). This would hint at its connection to Arceus, which was already hinted at when it used them to create a new member of the Creation trio. It would take the form of a plate/slab with an Unown eye, and its color would depend on the type (shinies would have a color-inverted eye). Since the Pokedex entry says that a great power occurs when many Unown unite, Unown would evolve by being levelled up with another Unown in the party. Since Unown could be potentially any Psychic dual type (except Normal), it would give motivation for people to collect as many as they can.

Pawniard will get four alternate evolutions besides Bisharp, carrying Chess Motifs even farther.
  • King: Male only; powerful, but a shallow movepool.
    • Not a King. When a pawn gets to the end of the board in chess, it can only be promoted to a queen, a rook, a bishop, or a knight.
  • Queen: Female only; Fast and versatile, but only average HP.
  • Rook: Mighty Glacier.
  • Knight: Fragile Speedster.
    • Possibly, the other evolutions replace Steel with some other type.
      • As a twist, a certain area will change a Pawniard's Dark-type to Fighting, and these "White Forme" Pawniard evolve into White Forme versions of their Dark Forme counterparts, Fighting/X instead of Dark/X.
  • Wouldn't all this make more sense if Bisharp did more with special attacks? I always saw bishops in a chess game as being magic users.
  • The family only has a chess motif in its English names. They're more of a Super Sentai character. I'd rather leave the chess basis for an entirely new family.

The next Eeveelution(s) will be...
  • Phanteon. You get it by having your Eevee reach minimum happiness while holding a razor claw. It will be Ghost-type. You Bastard!.
    • I think a reaper cloth would be more fitting.
      • Or a Dusk Stone.
  • Aveon. It's a Flying-type. It could be a parallel to Phanteon, like Espeon with Umbreon and Glaceon with Leafeon. This evolution is obtained by making Eevee reach maximum happiness while holding a sharp beak.
    • Or a Shiny Stone
    • It will be first discovered when a trainer takes their Eevee to sky-diving. It went wrong when Eevee's parachute did not work, forcing it to fly on its own.
  • Litheon (as in lithosphere). Ground-type.
  • Metaleon. Steel-type.
    • Orreon
    • Ferreon
    • Steeleon
  • Stoneon. Rock-type.
    • Jeweleon.
      • Eroseon.
  • Scuffeon? Brawleon? Fighting-type.
    • Champeon!
    • Xiaoleon.
    • Aureon
    • It should learn some moves that Espeon and Umbreon can (Psychic and Dream Eater... And there's more!), and if Eevee's leveled up with happiness in circumstances that produce neither Espeon nor Umbreon, You can get this Pokémon
    • Evolve when level-up within a community of Fighting-type specialists and Pokémon.
  • Toxeon. Poison-type.
  • Arachneon. Bug-type.
    • Will debut in the gen where real-life animals are integrated into the Pokémon world. Eevee evolving into the Bug-type Eeveeltion will involve a particular species of insect.
    • Scorpeon.
  • Fafneon (from the legendary dragon Fafnir). Dragon-type.
    • Draceon
    • Alternate name: Dovahkeon.
    • Evolve when level-up within a community of Dragon-type specialists and Pokémon.
  • Eeveeon, a Normal-type Eeveelution that is a jack-of-all-stats.
  • Introduced in Gen 8, keeping with the new Eeveelution every even gen.

Luvdisc will somehow manage to evolve into Alomomola...
Either through a strange middle evolution that is somehow considered a baby form for Alomomola but an evolved form for Luvdisc, or (more simply) just introducing a new item or other evolutionary method allowing Luvdisc to evolve. Lord knows Luvdisc needs the boost to its stats...
  • Not possible, since they're not in the same egg groups (Alomomola is in the Water 1/Water 2 while Luvdisc is just in the Water 2).
    • Tell that to Shedinja.

Cryogonal will get an evolution
And after evolving, it will gain a gender, given it can learn TM 45 Attract.
  • Its stats are too high for one. Although there is Rhydon...

Lapras will get a pre-evolution
It's 8'02" (2.5m). How could you have an egg that big?!
  • It also shares its base stat total with many fully evolved Pokémon such as Swampert, Crobat, and Magnezone. If Game Freak ever decides to expand the family, a baby is certainly the way.

Farfetch'd will get an evolution.
However, it wields a piece of bamboo and uses it as a bo staff. It will also have a move called "Stick Split" which causes it to split its staff into a pair of Eskrima sticks, though I'm not sure what it would affect.
  • It could work as the first Fighting/Flying-type.
    • Confirmed. In Gen VIII, Galarian Farfetch'd evolves into Sirfetch'd.

Ninetales will get an evolution.
A Fire/Ghost named Byakkoal.
  • Never going to happen. Ninetales already has high stats and is fairly powerful as it is right now. Not to mention that no Pokémon that evolves via stone evolves further.

In the next generation, we will get what Reshiram and Zekrom as well as, possibly, Kyurem were before they split.
It'll be a three-headed dragon.

Heatran is actually a pseudo legendary like Dragonite, Tyranitar etc.
Future gen will give it 2 Pre-evos! One Fire Pokemon evolves to a Fire/Steel Pokemon, which then evolves into Heatran. Oh, and only the middle one can breed.

There will be a rare item that you can give to a Phione that will let it evolve into Manaphy
No more will Phione be just the mass-produced cheaper version of Manaphy, it will be able to become the real thing!

New Ponyta family members
There will be an alternate evolution for Ponyta that's a Fire/Flying pegasus, as well as a convergent evolution for this new Pokémon and Rapidash that's an alicorn.
  • Partially confirmed, as Galarian Ponyta appears in Gen VIII as a unicorn which is pure Psychic-type.

Dunsparce will get an evolution
In order to acquire another typing, or be more useful.

Beheeyem will get an evolution
Called Emeybee and looking like a man in a black suit. It will be difficult to obtain, because of how extremely secretive it is about its own existence.
  • Sounds like a good candidate for a Psychic/Dark-type.

There will be midvolutions
A mon that debuts in a later generation that fits in an existing line (or two), but in the middle. Examples could be between:
  • Luvdisc and Alomomola.
  • Rufflet and Braviary.
  • Vullaby and Mandibuzz.
  • Larvesta and Volcarona.
  • Magikarp and Gyarados.

Eevee will get more evolutions, but none will have Special Defense as its lowest stat.
Eevee, being the evolution Pokemon will get evolutions for each of the 18 types, including a Normal-type evolution likely simply called Eon.

Future Eeveelutions will, naturally, follow the trend of base stats being 130/65/60/110/95/65 in some order.

However, it has been noticed that none of the existing Eeveelutions have either HP or Special Defense as their lowest stat. That none have had HP is simply a coincidence, and the remaining 10 Eeveelutions will feature at least one with HP as its lowest stat.

However, that none of them have Special Defense as their lowest stat is a conscious choice, because Eevee's highest stat is Special Defense, which is 65. Thus, any Eeveelution that had Special Defense as their lowest stat, which would be 60, would have a lower Special Defense than Eevee, which they choose to intentionally avoid.

The Eviolite does not gives us the final answer to which Pokemon won't get an evolution.
For example, if Fearow were to be a new evolution, it will be retconned to receive the x1.5 defense boosts from the hold item.

The same goes to Mega Stones as well
But here's the catch: this only applies to Pokemon that only look like its fully evolved and evolving it does not involve leveling up. Rhydon and Dusclops are two examples who could gain a mega evolution despite already having an evolution.

The Ralts line will eventually get a 3rd branch
Gardevoir is a either gender species based on an RPG Mage.Gallade is a male only species based on an RPG Knight.3rd evolution a female only species based on an RPG Rogue.

Two items will be introduced giving Luvdisc a branching evolution into Alomomola and a new Pokemon.
When Luvdisc holds Item A, it will evolve into Alomomola; when it holds Item B, it will evolve into the new Pokemon (let's call it Daveheart). Daveheart will have stats more reflective of Luvdisc's with an emphasis on speed, while of course Alomomola actually drops speed for lots of HP. The effects of Items A and B are permanent such that when an Alomomola or Daveheart breeds, it will only produce another of its own species—unless it's holding the Item from the opposite evolutionary branch (in which case it produces a Luvdisc), similar to how Incenses work. This explains the previous evolutionary separation of Luvdisc and Alomomola.
  • Alternately, the above could be done without Daveheart, but introducing Daveheart means it's not so strange when Luvdisc loses speed to become Alomomola.

Tyrogue will gain a new evolution, named Hitmonjaa.
That's really all there is to it, but it should be able to learn moves like Bone Club, Bonemerang, and Bone Rush (which are Cubone and Marowak's signature moves, though Lucario and Mandibuzz can learn the latter) and dual-wield sharpened elephant (Donphan?) bones while doing so. Or, going by the anime, solid energy projections in the shape of bones. (Kenjutsu by all means would be logically classified under Fighting, right?) Maybe it'd possess a unique ability in which the power of its attacks increase if it manages to successively hit the opponent without missing.

Oh, and knowing Close Combat would inevitably pave the way for a nod to Kenshiro's Hokuto Hyakuretsuken, right down to the Pokémon Speak Kiai in the anime (though that'd basically be the same result as Greninja's Final Smash in SSB4), even though Hitmonlee is named for (in English) the man Ken is based off of.

The hitch is that the new mon's name would have to be a nod to Tony Jaa in Japanese as well, or else the actual moveset allusions fall flat in English.

Meowth will get a Pre-evolution.

If Persian were to get a mega evolution, that would be awesome, but if Persian were to get a straight forward evolved form it would degrade Meowth to the status of a baby Pokemon. Plus it would make the Pikachu and Meowth lines more like equals if they both have a baby, mid stage, and final evolved form to work off of.

Mimikyu will get an evolution in Generation 8.
It would be based on Slenderman because Mimikyu has long tentacle-like arms, an appearance said to be so terrifying that someone died of terror, and it's mysterious nature in general. How does that not fit Slenderman?

Ultra Beasts will get pre-evolutions
They all have high base-stat totals, which means it shouldn't be too hard to insert lower stages into their lines. It's also not without precedent thanks to Poipole. However we're able to access Ultra Space in future generations, it will also take us to places where we can find pre-evolutions of the Beasts.

Pikachu will get a 2nd evolution form being half electric and half fairy and being partly white and pink

Porygon2 will get an alternative evolution as to fix Porygon-Z's in-universe issue.
According to its dex entry from Ultra Sun, its eccentric behavior is due to incompetent programming. In the future, there will be an alternate patch for Porygon2 that avoid making it buggy.
  • The Porygon line could have been one of the few Pokémon with more than 3-stage evolution, but Porygon-Z's programming is deemed to buggy to fix.

Shaymin will gain more forms
Shaymin will based on other types:
  • Shaymin's Land Form will be reclassified as Grass/Normal
  • Its Snow Form (Grass/Ice) will be based on a moose and can only changed during cold climates after giving a Gracidea.
  • Its Combat Form (Grass/Fighting) will be based on a bear.
  • Its Sea Form (Grass/Water) will be based on a dolphin.
  • Its Flame Form (Grass/Fire) will be based on a bull.
  • Its Spark Form (Grass/Electric) will be based on a antelope.
  • Its Insect Form (Grass/Bug) will be based on a beetle.
  • Its Magic Form (Grass/Fairy) will be based on a swan.
  • Its Fang Form (Grass/Dark) will be based on a bat and can only changed during the night after giving a Gracidea.
  • Its Rage Form (Grass/Dragon) will be based on a mixture of both European and Asian dragons.
  • Its Spectre Form (Grass/Ghost) will be based on a raccoon and can only changed after giving a dead Gracidea.
  • Its Acid Form (Grass/Poison) will be based on a frog.
  • Its Stone Form (Grass/Rock) will be based on a kangaroo.
  • Its Iron Form (Grass/Steel) will be based on a tiger.
  • Its Dirt Form (Grass/Ground) will be based on a rhino.
  • Its Mind Form (Grass/Psychic) will be based on a rabbit.

Magcargo will be heavily buffed by having a further evolution.
This will be mainly accomplished by having its ability set changed to accommodate to its poor defensive typing. Its standard abilities make it immune or benefit from one of its x4 weaknesses (such as Storm Drain or Levitate). Its hidden ability will be Innards Out or similar, making the opponent cautious of fully knocking it out in one hit.

Onix will get an alt evo that retains its Rock-type.
This is for Brock to use his Onix without compromising either using a non-Rock-type or an unimpressive unevolved.

There will be a Pokémon that is to terrain what Castform is to weather.
As of Gen VIII, the closest is Galarian Stunfisk, a Ground/Steel-type who changes its type depending on the terrain, though that is not form-changing like Castform.

     Mega Evolution Predictions 
Given that Game Freak have confirmed that there will be no more Mega Evolutions (at least for the time being), all of the below could be considered Jossed for the foreseeable future (except where Gen VIII Gigantamaxing is concerned).

  • Mega Butterfree.
    • Bug/Psychic.
    • Gigantamax Butterfree appears in Gen VIII.
  • Mega Raticate.
  • Mega Raichu.
    • Referencing the anime, give it an ability that allows it to hit Ground Pokemon: Superconductor.
    • Will be the Fragile Speedster to Light Ball Pikachu's Glass Cannon.
    • Mega Alolan Raichu will then be the Squishy Wizard.
  • Mega Sandslash.
  • Mega Nidoqueen.
  • Mega Nidoking.
  • Mega Ninetales.
    • Fire/Ghost.
    • Ice/Ghost or keep Ice/Fairy for Mega Alola form Ninetales.
  • Mega Wigglytuff.
  • Mega Vileplume.
  • Mega Venomoth.
  • Mega Persian.
  • Mega Golduck.
    • Water/Psychic, as it should have been.
  • Mega Arcanine.
    • I've heard arguments for Fire/Fairy, Fire/Fighting, Fire/Psychic, and Fire/Dragon
  • Mega Poliwrath.
  • Mega Machamp.
  • Mega Victreebel.
  • Mega Golem.
    • Following Mega Aggron, it could lose its secondary typing eliminating its 2 4X weaknesses.
  • Mega Rapidash.
    • Gets wings, becomes Fire/Flying, ability becomes Aerilate, cue Princess Twilight Sparkle jokes
  • Mega Farfetch'd.
    • Or an actual evolution.
    • Huge Power and improved Speed should be something.
  • Mega Dewgong.
  • Mega Muk.
    • Poison/Dark to properly balance Kanto's broken Type chart.
  • Mega Cloyster.
  • Mega Hypno.
  • Mega Marowak.
    • Ground/Ghost.
    • I can see it becoming a tribal member with access to Parental Bond.
  • Mega Hitmonlee.
  • Mega Hitmonchan.
  • Mega Weezing.
    • Goes all nuclear and becomes Poison/Fire. It could be three-headed, as rumoured way back in one Generation 4 game's PokéDex entry.
  • Mega Starmie.
    • With Regenerator, since starfishes are known to regenerate their bodies.
  • Mega Mr. Mime.
  • Mega Jynx.
  • Mega Lapras.
  • Mega Ditto.
  • Mega Eeveelutions.
    • Mega Vaporeon.
    • Mega Jolteon.
    • Mega Flareon.
    • Mega Espeon.
    • Mega Umbreon.
    • Mega Leafeon.
    • Mega Glaceon.
    • Mega Sylveon.
  • Mega Omastar.
    • Becomes noticeably slower, to go along with its' theme of inevitable extinction due to it being held back by its' heavy shell. It would resemble a current form of a cephalopod. Plus, it should learn a stronger, but reverse version of Ancient Power.
  • Mega Kabutops.
  • Mega Snorlax.
  • Mega Articuno.
  • Mega Zapdos.
  • Mega Moltres.
  • Mega Dragonite.
    • Dragon/Fairy Shout-Out to Puff the Magic Dragon.
    • Alternatively, it'll resemble Dragonair more than Dragonite, in response to fans complaining about Dragonite's derpy look.
    • Gains No Guard to take advantage of its' broad attacks with low accuracy. (Hurricane, Iron Tail, etc.) It may be Dragon/Water to avoid any further competition with Mega Salamence.
  • Mega Mew.
    • At least two different ones.
  • Mega Meganium.
    • Mega Meganium X: Becomes a Grass/Steel-type with the ability Grass Pelt. More Stone Wall-like.
    • Mega Meganium Y: Becomes a Grass/Fairy-type with the ability Grassy Surge. Stat increase goes more onto the special side.
  • Mega Typhlosion.
    • It will become a Fire/Ground-type. Typhlosion will learn Earth Power by the time it gets a Mega Evolution.
  • Mega Feraligatr.
    • It will become Water/Dragon with the ability Sheer Force. It should learn Dragon Rush for the Sheer Force boost if it gets such a Mega with those combos.
    • Alternatively, it will become Water/Dark with the ability Tough Claws.
    • Strong Jaw is also a strong candidate for its new ability, since alligators and crocodiles are well-known for their incredibly strong biting force.
  • Mega Noctowl.
    • Psychic/Flying-type.
  • Mega Ledian.
    • Possibly Bug/Fighting with Iron Fist. Would essentially be a Mega Beedrill 2.0.
  • Mega Ariados.
  • Mega Bellossom.
    • Grass/Fairy-type.
  • Mega Azumarill.
    • The biggest gamebreaker of all time since Garchomp.
  • Mega Sudowoodo.
    • Rock/Grass with Rock Head, just to continuously use Wood Hammer without consequence.
  • Mega Politoed.
  • Mega Sunflora.
    • Grass/Fire.
  • Mega Slowking.
  • Mega Unown.
  • Mega Girafarig.
    • Mega Girafarig could resemble Girafarig's original design, but with the main head looking calm, collected, and defensive, with the back head looking like the rather more sadistic-like tail, looking more offensive. If this will be the case, It'll be a Dark/Psychic or Psychic/Dark, and an ability that works like Aegishash's Stance Change would be a perfect fit.
  • Mega Dunsparce.
    • Possibly Bug/Dragon and a power level rivaling Legendary Dragons.
  • Mega Granbull.
    • Fairy/Dark-type, because it's a bulldog.
    • Fairy/Fighting, since it can learn quite a lot of Fighting-type moves. Plus, it should gain Pixilate to convert its broad Normal-Type attacks into Fairy-type attacks.
  • Mega Qwilfish.
    • Or an actual evolution.
    • Or it can gain a Poison-type equivalent to Refrigerate as its Ability for that STAB Explosion, being just as useful as it was back then in Gen 4. Of course, high Attack and Speed are welcomed.
  • Mega Ursaring.
    • Normal/Fighting with Tough Claws.
  • Mega Magcargo.
    • Gains Sturdy by being able to withdraw into its' volcanic shell. Of course, it would remain Fire/Rock.
  • Mega Kingdra.
  • Mega Skarmory.
  • Mega Hitmontop.
  • Mega Blissey.
    • Normal/Fairy, retains Natural Cure, and a larger base physical Defense stat, which would essentially be Mega Audino done right.
  • Mega Raikou.
  • Mega Entei.
  • Mega Suicune.
  • Mega Lugia X and Y.
    • Lugia X is Psychic/Water (many people have been wondering why Lugia wasn't part-Water) and Lugia Y is Psychic/Dragon (Lugia is based off a dragon).
  • Mega Ho-oh.
  • Mega Celebi.
  • Mega Beautifly.
  • Mega Dustox.
  • Mega Breloom.
    • Gains improved Speed to benefit significantly with Technician.
  • Mega Slaking.
    • Given that Slaking's stats are already on par with most legendaries, this would be too much of a Game-Breaker unless it somehow ended up with an even more detrimental ability than Truant.
    • Instead of boosting its stats, Mega Slaking will replace Truant with a more beneficial ability.
    • And it could have Normal/Ice to be a little easier to take down.
    • Second opinion: It follows the same base stat gains rule, but its ability is upgraded such that while inferior, it's not detrimental like Truant.
  • Mega Exploud.
  • Mega Delcatty.
  • Mega Wailord.
    • Would likely become a Water/Flying-type and resemble a blimp.
  • Mega Torkoal.
    • Or an actual evolution.
    • I've heard arguments for Fire/Steel, Fire/Ground, and even Fire/Water
  • Mega Crawdaunt.
  • Mega Claydol.
    • Should gain a Sp. Atk benefitting version of Huge Power as its Ability.
  • Mega Milotic.
    • Water/Psychic or Water/Fairy.
    • Or alternatively, Water/Dragon, just to make it even more annoying to fight.
  • Mega Castform.
    • Defaults to Normal-type. Gets a flat +20 in each stat. Gains the Ability "Wild Weather," which selects randomly between Rain, Sun, Hail, and Sandstorm, each turn with no repeats for as long as Mega Castform is present. The weather returns to normal at the end of the turn Mega Castform faints. Mega Castform shifts form accordingly, including a Rock-type "Rocky Forme" resembling a dust devil (though still with the transparent gel-like coating around it).
  • Mega Tropius.
    • Grass/Dragon.
  • Mega Chimecho.
    • Psychic/Ghost. Or just a regular evolution.
  • Mega Walrein.
  • Mega Huntail.
    • Water/Dark.
  • Mega Gorebyss.
    • Water/Psychic.
  • Mega Relicanth.
  • Mega Luvdisc.
  • Mega Deoxys.
    • With some ability that changes its stats .
  • Mega Torterra.
    • Receives Solid Rock to tank hits a little better.
  • Mega Infernape.
    • Retains Iron Fist.
    • Resembles Sun Wukong even more.
  • Mega Empoleon.
    • With Swift Swim, since penguins are very agile swimmers underwater.
  • Mega Staraptor.
  • Mega Bibarel.
  • Mega Luxray.
    • Gotta be Electric/Dark.
  • Mega Roserade.
  • Mega Floatzel.
    • Becomes Water/Fighting, retains Water Veil, and gains an improved Attack, Sp. Atk and Speed.
  • Mega Cherrim.
    • Grass/Fire, has Drought/Desolate Land as ability, will be in permanent sunshine form, great boost to both its attacking stats.
  • Mega Gastrodon.
  • Mega Mismagius.
    • It'll add a Fairy-type, giving it four immunities and only two weaknesses (Steel and Ghost).
  • Mega Honchkrow.
  • Mega Toxicroak.
    • It could become Poison/Dark, eliminating that nasty 4x weakness to Psychic. Possible Abilities for it could be Protean or Dry Skin.
  • Mega Weavile.
    • Tough Claws or Refrigerate will do wonders for it. Plus, in the rare event of a D/P remake, it will be Cyrus' signature Mega Evolution user.
  • Mega Lickilicky.
  • Mega Rhyperior.
    • A good opportunity to introduce it in Pokémon Z, since the series will have its' 20th anniversary celebrated by then.
  • Mega Tangrowth.
  • Mega Electivire.
    • Becomes Electric/Fighting, like it should have been. Lightning Rod or Motor Drive will do fine.
  • Mega Magmortar.
    • Becomes Fire/Poison with additional Poison-type moves like Sludge Wave or Gunk Shot.
  • Mega Togekiss.
  • Mega Gliscor.
  • Mega Mamoswine.
    • Retains Thick Fat, and becomes much bulkier in exchange for being noticeably slower than usual.
  • Mega Porygon-Z.
  • Mega Probopass.
    • Becomes Rock/Electric and maintains Magnet Pull. It gains a huge Sp. Atk boost to utilise its' decent special movepool.
  • Mega Dusknoir.
    • Becomes Ghost/Fighting to effectively deal with mortal beings.
  • Mega Froslass.
    • Gains Technician for that Frost Breath + Ominous Wind combination.
  • Mega Rotom.
  • Mega Dialga.
  • Mega Palkia.
  • Mega Regigigas.
    • Gets rid of Slow Start and has Huge Power instead. And improved Attack. (Oh shi-) To keep it from being horribly broken, Speed is toned down, to the point where normal Regigigas can outrun it while suffering from Slow Start. And maybe lowered defenses.
    • It will be Primal Regigigas instead, just like Kyogre and Groudon. It will parallel with Primal Rayquaza just as how Lugia forms a duo with Ho Oh. Its motif includes the gemstone Topaz and the Greek Alphabet, Tau. Its ability summons a terrain where grounded Pokémon are unaffected by stat changes. It cannot be removed by other terrain-summoning moves or ability; only by Primal Regigigas switching out.
  • Mega Giratina.
  • Mega Arceus.
    • Might have been where it got its 1000 arms from.
  • Mega Victini.
  • Mega Serperior.
  • Mega Emboar.
    • It will become Fire/Dark to distinguish itself better from Infernape and Blaziken. Receives improved bulk to take advantage of its' good HP stat..
  • Mega Samurott.
    • Becomes Water/Fighting to go along with that samurai motive. Of course, the Pokémon should gain access to extra beneficial Fighting moves, such as Sacred Sword, Focus Blast, and Close Combat.
  • Mega Swoobat.
    • Retains Simple to gain an extra edge in battle. As its' Sp. Atk may be improved, it would essentially be Unova's Crobat, albeit, merely as a Mega Evolved Pokémon.
  • Mega Excadrill.
  • Mega Zebstrika.
    • Electric/Fire.
  • Mega Throh.
  • Mega Sawk.
  • Mega Whimsicott.
  • Mega Lilligant.
    • Grass/Fairy.
  • Mega Krookodile.
  • Mega Emolga.
    • With either Prankster or Infiltrator to make it seriously irritating to battle.
  • Mega Scrafty.
  • Mega Carracosta.
  • Mega Cofagrigus.
    • Ghost/Steel or Ghost/Fighting (mummy warrior).
  • Mega Zoroark.
  • Mega Gothitelle.
    • Psychic/Dark (like it should've been)
  • Mega Vanilluxe.
  • Mega Chandelure.
    • It's entry states how docile it is in contrast to Dex entries for other Megas.
  • Mega Haxorus.
  • Mega Beartic.
    • Ice/Fighting, for Type diversity reasons.
  • Mega Stunfisk.
  • Mega Druddigon.
    • Dragon/Fighting.
  • Mega Golurk.
    • Becomes Ground/Fighting and regains Iron Fist.
  • Mega Bisharp.
  • Mega Heatmor.
  • Mega Durant.
    • Gets a significant Sp. Def boost and a slight increase in Attack, Defense, and Speed, all in exchange for a drop in Sp. Atk.
  • Mega Hydreigon.
    • Becomes Steel/Dragon and resembles its original concept of a cybernetic tank dragon.
      • This Steel/Dragon Mega Hydreigon retains the Levitate ability, giving it only one single weakness (Fighting). It also gains greater attacking stats and slightly better defenses. However, it will be slower than normal Hydreigon.
  • Mega Volcarona.
    • With Drought as its' signature ability, since it is a sun-themed Pokémon.
  • Mega Reshiram.
  • Mega Zekrom.
  • Mega Kyurem.
    • I always imagined that Mega Kyurem would resemble "the original dragon" before it split into Reshiram, Zekrom, and the remaining husk that is this Pokémon. Might resemble a well-working fusion between Black Kyurem and White Kyurem.
  • Mega Genesect
    • Primal Genesect could make more sense as it was a different pokemon 300 million years ago, assuming that its former form was not Kabutops as many suspect.
  • Mega Chesnaught.
    • Better Sp. Def., has ears, and shares the same color scheme as his evolution line.
  • Mega Delphox.
  • Mega Greninja.
    • Based on Sha Wujing, and has Frogadier's foam collar. Better Def./HP.
      • HP does not increase with Mega Evolutions. However, improved Defenses are not out of the question.
  • Mega Florges.
    • Fairy/Grass-type.
      • Gains Natural Cure, since it is the Pokémon version of Mother Nature, after all.
  • Mega Meowstic.
    • Mega Meowstic Y would be Female-exclusive, and Becomes Psychic/Dark. As it can no longer maintain the enormous strain caused by holding back its' deadly psychic powers, its' ears are open and I'd imagine it would gain a Sp. Atk version of Huge Power, or retcon Pure Power into benefitting both physical Attack and Sp. Atk to go along with that motive.
    • Mega Meowstic X would also be Male-exclusive, but instead, becomes Psychic/Fairy. Would learn Dazzling Gleam for a STAB move. It should also retain its' Hidden Ability, Prankster.
  • Mega Aegislash, just to annoy Smogon.
  • Mega Malamar.
    • Retains Contrary and learns a Dark-type Superpower to effective utilise a STAB move that works well for its' Ability.
  • Mega Dragalge.
    • Would retain its' Hidden Ability, Adaptability, and the Poison/Dragon combo.
  • Mega Clawitzer.
    • Becomes Water/Fighting to distinguish itself a little better from Crawdaunt and Mega Gyarados. Unless Mega Launcher is buffed in a future generation, Mega Clawitzer should have an upgraded equivalent to that Ability for moves like Focus Blast, Ice Beam, and Sludge Bomb.
  • Mega Hawlucha.
    • Gets Tough Claws to take advantage of its' movepool.
  • Mega Goodra.
    • Dragon/Water makes perfect sense.
  • Mega Klefki.
    • Mega Klefki X: Physical-attack oriented, has ability Tough Claws.
  • Mega Trevenant.
    • Retains the Ghost/Grass typing and could retain Natural Cure.
  • Mega Gourgeist.
    • It may sacrifice some physical Attack for a good Sp. Atk to take advantage of its' broad special movepool. Of course, it retains the Ghost/Grass combo.
  • Mega Noivern.
    • Should gain a Dragon-type Type version of Aerilate as its Ability for diversity reasons and a STAB Boomburst.
  • Mega Xerneas.
  • Mega Yveltal.
  • Mega Zygarde.
    • Called Avenger Zygarde, and personifies Gaia's Vengeance, with all stats shot up through the roof
    • More likely there will be Mega Zygarde X and Mega Zygarde Y, each with certain aspects of Xerneas/Yveltal.
      • It can only Mega Evolve as Zygarde Complete.
    • Alternatively, Zygarde could become the first pokemon with both a Mega Evolution & Primal Reversion. Unless Rayquaza beats it to that of course.
  • Mega Gumshoos.
    • Becomes Normal/Dark, has strong jaw for its ability, huge boost to Att.
  • Mega Vikavolt
    • Remains Bug/Electric. It would gain Speed Boost for it's Ability, along with a boosted Speed stat.
  • Mega Crabominable.
    • Remains Fighting/Ice. It should have a new Ability that gives priority to either Fighting- or Ice-type attacks to make up for it's lack of priority moves.
  • Mega (male) Salandit.
    • A Salanditite is created when a male Salandit bonds with its (responsible) trainer in place of a Salazzle mistress.
    • Stat boosts will also include the overall stats total that would have been gained from evolving into Salazzle.
      • Boosts will all focus on Attack, Sp. Att and Speed.
    • Tends of get jumpy, which translate into a new ability where it may dodges a super-effective move (x2 effectiveness have its accuracy halved; x4 effectiveness has quarter the accuracy)
  • Mega Mimikyu.
    • Costume resembles Alolan Raichu.
  • Mega Intelleon.
    • Its new ability raises the accuracy of moves, making more powerful moves like Hydro Pump and Blizzard less likely to miss.


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