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    Plot-related guesses Part 1 

The new region will be the Pokémon World's counterpart of Europe.
You can see something that looks like the Eiffel Tower in the trailer, and the surrounding buildings have an European feel. Europe still needs to have a Pokémon counterpart, so X and Y might take place there.
  • Add in the fact that at beginning of the trailer, Pikachu was standing atop the actual Eiffel Tower while releasing electricity all over the world. We're probably going to get a region based on France, possibly (Western) Europe in general in the same fashion Unova was loosely based on NYC.
  • Looks like it is based on France. There's stand-ins not only for Paris, but the Vaux-le-Vicomte Chateau and the Pic du Midi de Bigorre.
    • We might still get areas based on other parts of Europe...
  • Confirmed. The map of Kalos has been released, and the overall shape is almost identical to France, with Lumiose City basically in Paris's place.
    • North France, to be specific - they used the country's top half for Kalos. What this means for South France, we don't know yet.
      • My guess is it'll either be DLC, or part of the third game and/or X2/Y2, whichever we get. Kinda like the Kanto to Kalos' Johto.

Alexa is the champion.
With previous generations, The champion was a character who you met at different points throughout the game. The article states that Alexa guides you around Santalune City. Although not likely, it's a possibility.
  • Jossed, it's Diantha.

The Kalos Region's city and town names will be based on light.
We already have Santalune city and Lumiose town.
  • Maybe flavors too, like with Vaniville town.
  • Partially confirmed, with Anistar City, but most of the theme naming is plant-based.

Hilda/Hilbert will appear, and so will N
It was mentioned in B2W2 that Hilda/Hilbert went to a distant region to look for N. N will be either looking for Hilda/Hilbert or fighting against the new evil Team. Chekhov's Gun indeed.
  • And which one of them appears is based on your version - Hilda in X, Hilbert in Y.
    • Possibly as a Bonus Boss similar to Red in Gen II?
    • Also, like with B2W2, you'll be able to utilize an Old Save Bonus to "overwrite" what would have been the default gender of the previous player character.
    • Or alternatively, whichever one appears will be the opposite of your gender.
  • Jossed.

Cynthia will appear
Come on. She's everywhere!
  • So very sorry, but that's Jossed.

N will appear
Since he was so popular last gen, he could be the Cynthia of Gen VI.
  • Also Jossed.

Steven Stone will appear
Hinting at a Hoenn remake.
  • Jossed.

The Big Bad will be based on Judge Claude Frollo
Since the setting is based on France, we could have a Frollo-like Big Bad with genocidal plans of some kind (and possibly a tragic love-based backstory that's Lighter and Softer than Frollo's). The villainous team could be based on religious ministers.
  • And then he will call Ghetsis for aid with a cell phone.
  • Jossed. The Big Bad is actually Lysandre, a scientist. And Team Flare are a bunch of... businessmen?
    • Not completely, the tragic (sort of) love-based backstory just went to another character, and the Big Bad is into genocide (in Y at least).

The Big Bad could also be based on The Phantom of The Phantom of the Opera
It might be realated to France. Due to the GRAMPS (Galatic/Rocket/Aqua/Magma/Plasma/???) meme, he will lead the Soprahnas (Soprano/Pirhana) who are dressed in Georgeian-like/Emo mashupped clothes. The leader will be called Tenorton, and he will lead the new region into chaos and war by possessing Yvetal/Xernas into carnage, making a war between the regions of Gen VI and V. His battle theme is a dark rescemlience to Ave Maria, but it's without the vocals and more about the instrumental take-on of the medoley.
  • He might also be causing war because his wife died of a depression of the war before the peace of the Gen VI region.
    • Jossed. The Big Bad doesn't wear a mask sadly, and no mention of a wife either.

The bad guys want to poach the legendary mascot
Why? Either because it is valuable or it has something valuable. Both will involve selling one off for huge cash.
  • We would have never believed you... Then it turns out the villains were Team Flare.
    • Xerneas at least appears to have Gem-Encrusted horns and its signature move, Geo Control, appears to shoot forth gems from the Earth. That could be useful for a group of villains wanting to make a lot of money. Yveltal...may be useful for further poaching?
      • Jossed, sadly. Though they really couldn't have fleshed out the moneymaking aspect of Team Flare.

Alternatively, they want to poach the legendary.
Venison is highly prized, and people will eat anything once so why not a wyvern?
  • Very funny idea, but obiviously Jossed.

The plot will involve combining human genetic material with that of a Pokémon
Possibly creepy and full of Unfortunate Implications, but considering that the Japanese game logos feature DNA double helix and names of the games are possibly derived from human sex chromosomes, why not?
  • Isn't that Mewtwo already has human genes?
    • Wasn't that only in Pokémon Adventures? I don't think it was ever confirmed in-game, so X and Y have free game here.
  • I will agree that the games might have a DNA motif, but the combining of human and Pokémon DNA seems a bit far-fetched to me.
    • Well, the Shin Megami Tensei series has done it on more than one occasion. And with one exception it never ends pretty.
      • Yes, but Shin Megami Tensei is far darker than Pokemon.
    • Bill would like to have a word with you.

If there are twin sequels, they will be called...
Pokemon A and B. Then we have BAXY, the buttons on a DS/3DS.

The new games will have a very sci-fi feel to them
Similar to the post above, the Pokemon will be artificially created by the two bad guys of this game. Also supported by the trailer, before the scene cuts to the starter show-off, a strange sci-fi looking building can be seen in the middle of a desert, where things like genetic modification seem to happen a lot. The legendaries escape from the lab and it is up to you to help the "good" enemy team catch the Pokemon before the "bad" enemy team catch it, or the opposite. I think that the legendaries are inorganic because of all their strange, unnatural glowing bits, and that Yveltal seems to have some of its veins visible and Xerneas has a slight Tron Line like effect on its legs. Also, the game will have a Daft Punk reference or Easter egg in them because Daft Punk are releasing a new album soon and the games seem to be based of France, where they are from.

The evil team will deconstruct players who obsessively breed their Pokémon for perfect IVs/Natures
To go along with the DNA theme, the Big Bad will probably be a rogue scientist who tries to unlock the genetic potential in Pokémon, bonus points if he/she was involved in the creation of Mewtwo.Jossed, it's either immortality or genocide, depending on version.

The player characters' default names will be...
English = Xavier and YvonneX and Y, and there are only a few names that start with those letters. In addition, the primary version names the male, and the opposite names the female.
  • But why would they have the one WITH a Y chromosome start with X, and the one WITHOUT the Y chromosome start with Y?
    • Because "Ximena" and "Yancy" are less recognizable and don't go together as well.
      • Yancy's already been used for a fairly important character, anyways. A female one, at that.
  • English names rarely have anything to do with the titles, but instead something vaguely tied to the theme of the game. So I'm going to guess it's going to be something like Jean and Joanne, because they sound sorta like 'gene' as in genetics and are French-esque names.
  • The female character's going to be named Verta, after green. Look at her design, then look at green, then back to me.
  • [1] This picture from the X and Y site seems to indicate Yvonne and Xavier are correct, at least in the English version.
    • It's possible that these are only names used during promotion. Remember that Hilbert and Hilda were named "Blair" and "Whitley" in some screenshots as well.
    • Jossed, their canon names are Calem and Serena (which are a play on the words Calm and Serene), the names Xavier and Yvonne are nothing more than promotional placeholder names.

Unova's Original Dragon will get the Regigigas treatment.
Because why not?
  • Just hope it isn't that kind of treatment.
    • Due to the fact that both White Kyurem and Black Kyurem have a base sat total of 700 - behind only Arceus - I think that it might be safe to assume that the Original Dragon will be just as powerful-if not more-then Arceus.
    • Jossed. It doesn't make any apperance. On the other hand, there's a statue cameo of Zekrom and Reshiram in there somewhere.

Wes or Michael will appear.
I know I said this about Black 2 and White 2, but surely I can't be the only one who wants to see them in other games? As usual, who you fight depends on which version you have.
  • Very unlikely considering that Colosseum and Gale of Darkness aren't main canon.
    • Link/screenshot, or it didn't happen.
      • What, is plain logic not good enough for you? None of the spin-off games are main canon. Colosseum and Gale of Darkness are no more a part of the main series storyline than Conquest and Mystery Dungeon. The events of Colo/XD have never been referenced in any of the main series games; Orre and Team Snagem/Cipher never been mentioned even when every other main series region (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova) and team (Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, Plasma) have, and Shadow Pokemon are non-existent. Wes and Michael didn't appear in Black and White 2, and they're not going to appear here, solely because they are the protagonists of 10-year-old side-series games that have never been relevant to the main series.
      • That's still not proof. Not being mentioned doesn't equal not being canon (and besides, those regions are so far away they might not even know what's going on there in the main series).
      • Actually a NPC in the game says "At one point in history, human and Pokemon were one in the same, then a Froakie Prince turned into a human" referencing The Frog Prince. But think about it... human and Pokemon were one in the same, where have seen a world that doesn't have humans, but the Pokemon were human-minded? As well as humans "were" Pokemon in some instances. Perhaps Mystery Dungeon is in fact a prequel.
  • Well, if they are non-canon, then how do you trade the Pokémon over to Hoenn/Kanto?
  • And what about the Manaphy Egg from Ranger?
    • Yeah, let's keep fanon discontinuity out of this, especially when it's clearly canon.
      • Colosseum and XD aren't even made by Game Freak. Saying that they're canon to the core titles would be like saying that Super Smash Bros. is canon to Pokémon just because it has Pokémon in it, or that the anime is canon to the games when it clearly isn't.
      • Smash Bros and Anime cannot trade with the main series though. Colosseum and Ranger can. If they are not "canon" then where do the Pokémon that you could only get from them "canonically" come from?
      • Also, by the logic that developer decides continuity, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and Kirby Squeak Squad aren't canon to their respective series, but are canon to each othernote . Smash Bros. is actually a different series, making it an entirely different case.
    • Jossed. Good theory, but Jossed.

The girl following the male player in the preview is the rival.
This could be the franchise's first real (not counting May) female rival, or there could be a catch; she'd be a girl if you choose to be a boy, or a boy if you choose to be a girl.
  • Bianca?
    • Technically, Bianca is a secondary-rival, just like May. Both of them pick the starter that is weak to yours.
    • (OP) Ahh, that's right. First stand alone female rival, then! Also, May picks the starter that's stronger than yours if you have her as your rival.
  • Alternatively, she could be a partner character like Cheryl, Riley, etc. from D/P/Pt.
  • Confirmed. The gender you didn't pick is your neighbour/rival. So it's a Call-Back.
  • Although in proper context, the girl who was following you in said scene is not said rival, but another one of your player character's friends.

The Big Bad is female
Just because the main series is lacking in female Big Bads.
  • She will be a horrible person, though not on Ghetsis' level, as that will be difficult.
    • She could be based off Sofia Lamb.
      • Who, if you think about it, is basically a female Ghetsis...why not?
      • Possibly Jossed; the leader of Team Flare is a big guy. But he does happen to have all-female administrators.
      • That he's the leader of Team Flare has not been confirmed, they just said he's a scientist, along with 4 others.
    • Jossed. It's not even Xerosic, said above. It's the 'handsome' Lysandre.

The games' main theme is going to be... existence.
An alternate theory for the meaning of the games' titles: as Navel-Gazing demands, the reason behind our existence is unknown, and we're constantly looking for an answer. Which is whynote  X stands for the mystery of existence, while Y stands for the search for an answer as to why we exist.note 
  • Seems to be supported by recent reveals. It turns out that Xerneas is a Fairy-type and the Life Pokemon, while Yveltal is Dark-Flying and the polar opposite: a Psychopomp. So, existence seems like the theme they're trying to explore.
    • Jossed. It's beauty.

Humans will be able to communicate with Pokémon, and the game takes place in the communication age.
The game will introduce some way for Pokémon to talk with humans. In the trailer, it mentions that "your bond" will become stronger when you fight with your Pokémon, and I know this has been around since Gen II, but it seems like an odd thing to mention when they could have just said "and become more powerful" instead. Maybe in Gen VI, there will be some kind of way to communicate with Pokémon. Also, Pikachu sends out electricity across the globe; that reminded me of all those pictures you see about the internet with arrows pointing in various directions (kinda like this one). Maybe this means the game will have things like widely accessible internet access, smartphones, etc.?
  • Well, they were working on a Human-to-Pikachu translator a while back...
    • Devon Co. was mentioned to be working on a Pokémon translator as well. Don't forget, they were also working on a machine to envision Pokémon dreams, and then we got the Dream World...
      • Jossed, it was mentioned in an interview that they WANTED to input this, but ran out of time.
      • To be fair, there is a girl in Anistar City who deciphers your Pokemon's memories, outright translating what your Pokemon is thinking towards you and your time together.

The games will be sequels to BW and B2W2, and the new region will be the Johto to Unova's Kanto.
Some possible features:
  • Although the new France/Europe-based region will have a new professor, Professor Juniper will greet the player at the beginning of the game (like Prof. Oak in Gen II).
  • The regional Dex will feature Pokémon from all generations, but with a focus on Gen VI and V Pokémon (similar to the Johto Dex's focus on Kanto Pokémon). The Unova starters and legendaries will be included in the Dex, but will most likely be unobtainable in the wild. Just like Johto's landmarks and features named/modeled after Kanto Pokémon, we'll have a few new landmarks and features named/modeled after Unova Pokémon (for example, the Golurk and Palpitoad statue).
  • Xerneas and/or Yveltal will be the trio master of one of Unova's legendary trios (similar to Lugia and the legendary birds), as suggested below.
  • After beating the main story, you can travel to Unova and collect its gym badges.
  • Ghetsis will be the Big Bad again, having lost any sanity he might have had remaining after B2W2. The villainous team will either be Team Plasma or a new team still led by Ghetsis and (possibly) the Shadow Triad.
  • Hilbert and/or Hilda will appear as the True Final Boss similar to Red in Gen II (as suggested above), with Reshiram/Zekrom and at least one of the fully evolved Unova starters on his/her team. In the third version or sequel games, they might be replaced with Nate and/or Rosa, possibly with Kyurem (in one of its formes) replacing Reshiram/Zekrom.
    • Jossed.

If the region is based on other parts of Europe as well as France, we might get a city with an area based on La Rambla.
It's a popular pedestrian mall-like street in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Jossed. GameFreak confirmed it's based on France.

The new gym leaders will be the unknown characters from the type expert tournaments in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.
Considering the three Dark characters, the Dark-type Gym might be a triple battle gym.
  • While I wouldn't be too sure about there being three Gym Leaders of the same type, I do find it interesting that there are exactly eight types that required new Leaders in that Tournament. Doubly so due to Gen 6 being set in France with one of the newbies referencing England (in both Japanese and English), two more whose Dub names reference Greek Mythology, and a fourth whose Dub name refers to a plant growing in Southwest Asia and adjacent regions... (Game name fixed, BTW.)
    • Sadly Jossed. Sounds geniusly crazy, but Game Freak yet again taunts us with no Dark type Gym.

The Legendaries will have Mega Evolutions.
As this is the game to introduce Mega Evolutions into gameplay, both mascots will have a Mega Evolution that will be available after you capture the respective Pokémon. Alternatively, this could be used for the Sequel/Remake later on.
  • Jossed, at least for X and Y. Out of all the Legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo is the only one with a Mega Evolution (two actually, one for each game).

We will finally get a Dark-type Gym Leader.
And it will be glorious.
  • More than that, it will be the eighth Gym, and thus, the Dark-type Gym Leader is the strongest one in the region.
  • There is a new battle mode that would befit the Dark-type (Horde, which creates uneven battles as bad as 5-on-1). And, unlike its Flying-type counterpart (Aerial), it hasn't been ruled out as "optional" yet...
  • The gym could be located in an island in the northwestern part of the region. And its leader could be based off John Dee. Why John Dee, the alchemist? "Dee" is loosely based off the word "Dark", hence his "Dark Prophecy". It could also be the penultimate gym (7th, as Dee was very superstitious).
  • The new trainer Grant seems to fit the bill to me, despite being a guy that apparently likes to exercise and climb mountains. (Hey, we've had a pro-wrestler Water leader, a and a Surfer Dude fighting type, why not?) He has gems all through his hair like Sableye, his Japanese name (and possibly the English one) is derived from the word for Pomegranate (a symbolic fruit of Hades/Pluto, Greco-Roman god of the Underworld) and part of it is the word for Black, 'Kuro.' I //can't// have been the only one to see this.
  • Jossed. Looks like Dark will have to go without a Gym again.

The types for the Gym Leaders other than Viola.
We all know that Viola specializes in Bug-types note . I'm not sure what type Korrina will be, but Grant will probably be the Rock-type Gym Leader since his hair looks like a gem-encrusted rock, and Clemont will be the Electric-type Gym Leader because he has gadgets.
  • Clemont and Grant's types are confirmed, while Korrina uses Fighting.

Ghetsis will not be the main villain, but The Brute of the Big Bad.
To show how far he's fallen, Ghetsis will appear as the psychotic brute force of the Big Bad. Expect that Ghetsis will go One-Winged Angel at some point, possibly an attempt at Tyrant Takes the Helm when the main Big Bad is defeated. Ghetsis will also be completely insane, in a way that is sure to inspire more Nightmare Fuel.
  • Possibly The Dragon?
    • Jossed. In fact, he doesn't appear at all in this game.

Ghetsis was already close, but fell short because of his ego. Game Freak has the potential for one, so it'd be nice to have one. And the Big Bad could also be female, since most magnificent bastards and all previous big baddies were male.
  • Jossed for the female part. Confirmed for the other. Lysandre is the Big Bad, and he's definitely a big bastard as well.

The Big Bad will be even worse than Ghetsis.
Their villainy will be completely onscreen, bar one or two moments.
  • And you can expect those one or two moments to milk the Fridge Horror for all it's worth.
  • Or possibly, Ghetsis himself (if this game is a Gen V sequel) will be confirmed as pure evil through flashbacks and continued heinous acts.
  • Remember that scene where Ghetsis almost kills you with Kyurem's Glaciate? Yeah, this Big Bad might do that with a main character, and succeed. Bonus points if it's a Family-Unfriendly Death.
    • Sort of jossed/confirmed. He tries to kill EVERYONE but the villianous team with the mascot.

Speaking of which, X and Y will a rich source of Nightmare Fuel.
By which I mean worse than N's broken music box. More on the level of Tanetane Island, or may even Giygas.
  • This Scottish troper is going to second this, as she has just found out while looking at Black and White that X and Y is rated PEGI7 in Europe, whereas all previous Pokemon games were only PEGI 3, the only exception being Ruby and Sapphire as 3+, which is only a minor difference really. The only age-restricted warning exclusive to PEGI 7 is Fear, which makes this troper worry, as silly as it sounds, especially since she's 17. It's more related to the fact that these games are rated a bit higher than the usual Pokemon yeah. WMG seconded here.
    • Have fun trying to sleep with the fact that Team Flare can see all Holocaster conversations and their goal is to restart the world as a beautiful one... by killing everyone but the crime syndicate themselves. Confirmed.

Hugh's sister will be the champion.
And her Liepard will be deadly.
  • Jossed, it's Diantha.

Iris' home village, The Village of Dragons, is in this region
Drayden did say that The Village of Dragons wasn't in Unova and I think it sounds like a cool place to be able to visit.
  • Jossed.

Caitlin will be the champion.
Back in the Gen V games in Unova, Caitlin in the Undella Town villa notes how she went from the head of the Battle Castle to a member of the Elite Four in a different region, chuckling at the thought of graduating into a champion in the next. I think that is possible foreshadowing for who the champion will be.
  • Jossed, it's Diantha.

The forest where N was found will be in this region
  • Jossed. Depends on your interpretation of things, the "Pokémon Village" hidden in a mysterious forest is where the poor creatures abused by trainers ran off to. And since N grew up with these kinds of Pokémon, this might be it. Heck, you can even find Zoroark there!
    • I always thought he was found in Lostlorn Forest, since 1- It's called Lostlorn a perfect name for an abandoned child to found. 2- You can catch a Zoroark there, as well as there are two other Zoroarks disguised as humans nearby. One in a trailer, another in human form who gives you the TM Snarl. Remember N's flashbacks, he was in a forest surrounded by Zorua.

You will have a sibling this generation
There is a chromosome theme. Ideally I'd have the opposite gender hero be your twin, or at best a relative, but I won't bet on it.
  • It'd be cool if the player character's opposite gender was your twin.
    • Jossed.

Cynthia's house is in this region
If I recall we still don't know where she lives so..
  • Jossed, sadly.

This game takes place years after the previous gen
I'd say ten years at least, preferably twenty to thirty if not more.
  • Jossed. An NPC said Team Plasma was "Causing trouble a while back" I wouldn't call 10-30 years "a while"

Your rival will become champion
We haven't had that since G1 and wanted that with Bianca.
  • Jossed, it's Diantha.

The name of the new villainous team will begin with "S"
The reason as to why.
  • Does Team Snagem just not exist anymore? Or do side games not count?
  • Maybe Professor Oak was the one behind all of the villainous teams?
  • Jossed. Team Flare.
    • However, the generation after that features Team '''S'''kull.

The Big Bad used to be a member of a villainous group we've already encountered
  • One possibility is a former Team Rocket Scientist who was involved in Mewtwo's creation. That scientist could be aiming to create the ultimate Pokémon, only under their complete control unlike Mewtwo. And that Pokémon is the version mascot of your game. Thusly, we have two more human-made legendaries.
  • Cyrus will return. He's still at large. He might try to destroy the world again.
    • Isn't he imprisoned in the Distortion World in Platinum?
    • Technically, he COULD get out. The possibility hasn't really been ruled out and if he is working to unlock its secrets, that presumably involves a way out for him as well.
      • You're all wrong! Jossed. It's the inventor of the Holocaster, Lysandre, who is the big bad.

Your parent's gender in the game will depend on the version
If chromosomes are the theme, then they might play with it a little. X Version will contain the traditional Mom with missing Dad. Y Version will shake things up a little, and give you a Dad with missing Mom.
  • Then all of the players of X will be stuck with only a mom. Why not both?
    • Jossed. In both versions you have a mom regardless of gender. Your dad is mentioned in the game, fortunately.

Ghetsis will appear as a Bonus Boss.
You will find him in an abandoned, remote cave, and when you talk to him, he thinks that you're the protagonist from Black & White, and immediately challenges you, repeating that he's going to destroy you over, and over, and over again.
  • Jossed.

There will be a Bonus Boss who isn't any of the characters from any of the games.
They are, instead, a completely mysterious character who wears a mask and hood to hide their identity. Their Pokemon will be trained to the maximum stats allowed without crossing into The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard territory. Upon defeating them, they disappear without a trace (and may or may not leave a note behind requesting that you don't look for them). As a bonus, this character wouldn't be referenced or mentioned ANYWHERE in the game.
  • Jossed.
    • Actually half-confirmed in the post-game Emma is being controlled by Xerosic in a robotic suit that can shapeshift and turn invisible at will the only difference is that this IS explained. But most the WMG was spot on.

Professor Oak will be the Bonus Boss
Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Professor Oak was originally meant to be battled in the Original Games, possibly in a manner similar to Red after you beat Blue, the Champion. For whatever reason, this was scrapped, but Professor Oak could be visiting the new region, decide you look like a worthy opponent, decide it's time to dust off the balls, and challenge you to a battle. His team will be the same as what was going to be used in the original games, and will be influenced by what starter you chose. His team would be set as having a Tauros, Exeggutor, Arcanine, and Gyarados, most likely in the 80s, and he will have a fully-evolved Kanto Starter that will be influenced by what starter you chose. If you chose Chespin, he will have a Blastoise, if you chose Fennekin, he'll have Venusaur, and if you chose Froakie, he'll have a Charizard, mirroring how your starter would affect his Kanto starter in the original games. His team will most likely be on par with, if not higher than, Red's team. This would be a spectacular way to bring Professor Oak back to the series, as he hasn't been seen since 2010, with Gen V being the first Generation where the classic Professor has never made an appearance.
  • Jossed, but you fight Professor Sycamore twice in the main game.

Cynthia will once again appear as a Bonus Boss
  • Just like in the Unova games, she'll have traveled to this new region, and you'll encounter her and battle her, with her team slightly changed to accommodate new Pokemon from Gen VI, but still keeping her signature Garchomp.
    • And now it will be THAT MUCH HARDER to defeat her, cause I'll bet she has Mega Garchomp.
      • Jossed, sadly.

Professor Oak and Cynthia will appear as Bonus Bosses in a Tag Battle against you and your rival in-game
  • Incorporating both theories above. This would make for the most epic available battle in any Pokemon game to date.
  • Another option: The protagonist from Black/White appears and joins in for a true triple battle using the dragon and two other Unova mons.
    • Both are jossed!

There will be dual Gym Leaders
  • Place your theories here.
    • Grass and Steel
    • Fire and Ice
    • Dark and Ghost
    • Fighting and Psychic
    • Dark and Fairy. Come on, the two types we've never had a Gym for will team up for their simultaneous debut.
    • Jossed. They're all single types.

The Gym Leader roster will have more options
Some cities in the new region will have two gyms, but the version will depend which one is open at the time or give you a choice of which one you want to battle.
  • Alternately, it could be based on whatever starter you chose.
    • Jossed.

Joan of Arc will play an important role
She's an important icon in French history and since at least part of the game takes place in France we'll have some mention of her.
  • Bonus irony points if she ends up a fire type gym leader.
    • Jossed.
    • There's not even a Jeanne De Archetype. The closest thing we have is a knight trainer who is a member of the Elite Four.

Waka will appear
He's French, right?
  • Only in the English version of the games, as far as I know. He's a English speaker in the original Japanese, as well in the French games.
    • Jossed.

Hoenn will be visitable in these games
Junichi Masuda did say he wanted to do something special with Hoenn. What better way than to let Hoenn be revisitable in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, much like Kanto was in G/S/C and HGSS? It would make for an awesome post-game story, and those who want R/S/E remakes would very happily take this.
  • And such, Cyrus will return in these games, from the Distortion World. He'll have decided that, if he can't remake the Universe in his own image, the next best thing is to revive Kyogre, and drown the world in a great Flood much like the Lord Himself, to remove all living things, thus removing "spirit" and "emotion" because there is literally nothing left. Someone tell me, what class of apocalypse is this?
    • Better yet, in X he'll revive Kyogre, and go for the aforementioned "drown the world", or in Y, he'll bring out Groudon, and dry everything up, until everyone dies from lack of water.
    • This is probably going to be planetary Class 3note  Apokélypse.
      • Jossed, though Hoenn gets remakes this generation.

The plot will revolve around genetic engineering.
With a story similar to that of Mewtwo, scientists will try to genetically engineer some super powerful Pokemon, but the 'mons go out of control. The two legendaries will be made by rival labs, each hoping to make the better Pokemon. The villain group, meanwhile, will attempt to steal the Pokemon but fail to control them.
  • Jossed. It's beauty. Sadly, there isn't even any genetic engineering in the Team Flare plots. It's either immortality or genocide/eco terrorism.

One of the Elite Four...
...Will be played somewhat like the Striaton City Gym Leaders and will have a different team based on what starter Pokemon you picked. It will be different in that instead of his/her team being a type advantage it will be the same type. Also the team will be made of the fully evolved starters from each generation of that type. So if you choose the Fire starter, Fennekin, his team will be a Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar (better bring a Psychic type), and the fully-evolved Fennekin.
  • Jossed.

    Plot-related guesses Part 2 

The villains will be the Elite Four and their Champion
  • Jossed... mostly. One of the members was a Team Flare member (before their implied dissolution after Lysandre's final defeat), but you never directly encounter her on your journey.

Fantina (from Diamond and Pearl) will be an Elite 4 Member in this Gen.
Because, first of all, Game Freak seems fixated on Ghost-type Elite 4 members. Second of all, Fantina's dialogue in the English-speaking games was localized into a French accent. Seeing as Kalos is based on France, well...
  • But she speaks English in the original Japanese version — so, for all that matters for the producers, Fantina has nothing to do with anything French.
  • Jossed.

Some of the Gym Leaders will have villainous ties
  • Jossed. Lysandre is the Big Bad, and he's not a Gym Leader. All 8 of the Gym Leaders are never evil at all.
    • Though, one of the E4 reveals herself as an ex-Team Flare member in a post-game storyline. She's never actually seen during your encounters with Team Flare, though.

Professor Oak will be the leader of the new villainous team
Ok, this started out as a joke theory based on an image I saw, but then a bit of thinking happened. So, naturally, the next villainous team will have a name beginning with an S. This will form GRAMPS. However, think about this so far. The theme in Generation VI seems to be chromosomes and dimensions (depending on which you take X and Y to mean, chromosomes seems more likely, given the Japanese logos having the DNA helix). In Generation I, where Prof. Oak debuted, Mewtwo was introduced, and the theme of that Generation was science and engineering. Gen VI seems to be taking a similar turn. Where I am going with this is Prof. Oak could be heading up a villainous team to further his research, to delve into research material that would be seen as unsavory by the general scientific community. And imagine how heartwrenching it could be. This is the man who introduced many of us to the world of Pokemon. Yes, even those of us who started in Gen II, I don't care that Elm gave us our first Pokemon, who introduced us to the world of Pokemon? Who was there to put us right into it? Professor Oak. Now imagine how heartwrenching it would be for long-time fans to have to fight this man, the man who started everything for them, because he's gone down the path of evil. There. Salvage what's left of your childhood.

The Champion is Hilbert/Hilda.
And by using Memory Link, the Champion has his/her old team back. Giving you only two options: take out the team you yourself put your blood, sweat, and tears into or die by your own hand.
  • Unless you give them a team consisting of a single Lv 1 Magikarp, in which case the climax of the game will be rendered severely anticlimactic and you'll pretty much get an automatic win.
  • Obviously, GF would not allow the above to happen. That would allow players too much influence over a important character's line-up. I'm thinking Hilbert/Hilda should have an elementally balanced team, evoking that of Cynthia and Blue in terms of diversity. Like so:
    • Fire: It could either be Emboar or Reshiram, if they are going to let Hilbert/Hilda keep their Dragon. If those fail, there can be Volcarona or Chandelure.
    • Water: This all comes down to either Samurott, Seismitoad, or Jellicent, really.
    • Grass: There's Serperior, Lilligant/Whimsicott, Ferrothorn, and Amoongus.
    • Flying: There's Braviary, Sigilyph, and maybe Unfezant.
    • Electric: There's Eelektross, Zebstrika, or Zekrom.
  • It could also be accomplished like Red in G/S/C/HG/SS. That is, based on events in B/W. In that case, it would be:
    • One of the Unova starters.
    • One of the dragons, based on version. Reshiram in X and Zekrom in Y.
    • Tornadus or Thundurus, again based on the version.
    • Volcarona.
    • Zen Mode Darmanitan.
    • The elemental monkey used for Striaton Gym.
    • Maybe they will have the hall of fame team?
      • If it was like Red, wouldn't she/he have all three Starters? That, plus Reshiram/Zekrom, leaving two spots open.
      • You don't get all three starters by event in Black and White, no?
      • I have a bone to pick with having two fire-types on the same team. What would they do to keep balance? Also, catching the Kami is optional, and I don't see Game Freak giving two legendaries to one trainer.
  • Jossed, the League Champion is Diantha.

We will be able to turn into/ communicate with our Pokémon.
Devon Corporation mentioned that they were trying to see into Pokemon's dreams. In Black and White, 2 generations later, we got the Dream World, which does just that and more. Maybe the Pokemon Speaker and/or Pokemon Transformer would start working by then.The Pokemon Dream Projector must have been upgraded so you can experience your Pokemon's dreams instead of just seeing them. See theDevon Corporation page on Bulbapedia for details.
  • Jossed. The communicate part is sort of confirmed with Pokemon-Amie.

The Big Bad will be from a previous villain team.
However, they will not be a previous Big Bad, instead an Evil Genius or Dragon Ascendant, or possibly just a Mook that got lucky and took control.

More of Professor Oak's backstory will be unveiled in this generation.
Several have theorised that he may be the Greater-Scope Villain or an upcoming Big Bad. What if that's not true, but instead he used to be part of an old villainous team? In atonement for what he did, he decided to research the world around him and improve it for both people and mons alike? Alternatively, he may have been involved in Mewtwo's creation, but probably quit at an early stage when he realised what was going wrong.
  • Jossed.

The electric type gym leader/s will be based on Daft Punk.
Kalos is based on France and Daft Punk are from France, and some of their music sits within the Electronica genre.
  • You do not know how much I want this. I think that when you manage to reach the final area of the gym, where you battle them, it should be based off the Alive 2007 pyramid, with lights and everything. Also, because Daft Punk are robots, they should be a dual type gym that also uses steel-types (in Pokemon, robots=steel. The other trainers in the gym should be named after the characters from Interstella 5555 and possibly TRON: Legacy as well. The gym will be double-battle, of course. They should also be playing French House as the gym's theme music.
    • The trainers should also make references to Daft Punk's songs as well (e.g. "My Pokemon are harder, better, faster, and stronger than yours!" or "My Pokemon will robot rock you!"
      • Jossed.

Pokemon Connoisseurs/Sommeliers will play a bigger role.
France is wine country after all. And this game will apparently place an emphasis on Pokemon/human bonds, which Connoisseurs/Sommeliers specialize in. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the Gyms was a gourmet restaurant with a chef Gym Leader. Maybe the Striaton trio will cameo as well.
  • Jossed.
    • Well, not completely. There's a TON of cafés and restaurants in Lumiose, and you have to participate in fine dining to access the Boutique there. Additionally, Siebold, the Water-type Elite Four member, is implied to be one of the best, if not THE best chef in Kalos.

The Big Bad will be the professor.
The game appears to have a genetics theme - why not have a science-y villain? Perhaps the professor is tricking the protagonist into getting information about Pokemon in order to work out how to complete whatever their evil scheme is. And after Black/White's plot twist at the end of the main story, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Player Punch like this.
  • Jossed. Though he is a close friend and former student of the professor.

The big bad of these games will be revealed as... ZeedMillenniumon!
Think about it: He can cross dimensions, and given how much trouble he got, when he tried to seize control of the digital world, it actually makes sense for him to try and take over a universe where the general powerlevel is lower, and there's no Ryo, ENIAC or Sovereigns to stop him. Arceus, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina? Against ZeedMillenniumon? Don't make me laugh!
  • He does spiral, add some separation and it could be a double helix. There have also been non Pokemon monsters before bunot in the "main" series and color is wrong.
    • Zeed Millenniumon's body is a double helix. And the colors aren't that much off, only navy-purple as opposed to blue, and a ruddy shade of brown as opposed to red.
    • Jossed. OBIVIOUSLY. Like before, it's Lysandre. And he's not from Digimon.

Related to the above, generation will feature a way for Mewtwo and Genesect to fuse!
  • And the result will be MissingNo, which will be defeated as the final boss, without any option to capture it. This will be the start of a new subseries of games, featuring Wally, from the manga, as the protagonist, which will eventually land him in the anime universe, which hopefully gives that show a renewed sense of direction. Because if we don't get Digimon Wonderswan Series remakes in 2013-14, THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN, DAMMIT, PLAGIARISM LAWSUITS BE DAMNED! If it doesn't, there's always fanfic...
    • Jossed.

There will be a flying type gym just for the sole purpose of the new battle mechanic.
  • Jossed.

We will not have a Flying-Type Gym in Kalos.
The new battling type that pertains to flight has been stated to be strictly optional. This being the case, then in order to have a Flying Type Gym, you'd need another gimmick; whether as a choice or as the main gimmick. Two gimmicks for the same type in the same game seem a bit much.
  • Maybe you can opt in, and the Gym Leader will have a humorous response Lampshading the 'wasted' opportunity.


  • Confirmed!

One of the Gen VI equivalents to the Frontier Brains will be a Aerial Battle Specialist
While Aerial Battles may be decried by many as a Scrappy Mechanic and have already been pronounced as "optional", some more adventurous players may be crying They Wasted a Perfectly Good Battle Mode. On the other hand, throughout Gens 3-4, the Battle Frontier has been at the forefront of competitive variant play. And while none of the mechanics used at the Frontier have carried over (yet), they still offer interesting battles nonetheless (YMMV).

Who knows... we might even get a foreign Gym Leader as the de facto "Brain" of this Air Base.

  • Jossed. There's no 'Air Battle-like' Frontier Zone. But there's the equivalent to the Battle Subway/Tower.

The Swords of Justice shall return in this Generation
Kalos is based off of France, the setting of The Three Musketeers and the country where the book was written. With the Swords of Justice being based off the Musketeers and whatnot, it seems like a perfect opportunity. If Kalos really does take elements from parts of Europe outside of France, then at minimum there should be a mountain named after Cobalion somewhere (Cobalion is based off of Athos, who shares his name with a mountain in Greece/UNESCO World Heritage Site). Or better yet, they play a role in the postgame after you get the National Dex.
  • Jossed. With the exception of the Reshiram/Zekrom statue cameos, there's no Unova Legendaries to be found anywhere in the game.

Something terrible will happen to one of or most of your friends.
There seems to be a lot of friends/rival characters this time around. At least four (two boys, a girl and one based on the character you didn't choose). With the current Serial Escalation of the Pokémon games going through darker themes, I wouldn't put it past them for something to terrible to happen to your companions. Perhaps something similar to Claus from Mother 3?
  • Maybe Team Flare actually manages to steal one of your friend's Pokemon/their Dex/something else and get away before you can show up to stop them.
  • Jossed. Team Flare doesn't even try to steal anything from your buddies, let alone harm/kill. Standard Pokemon battles apply to them, though.

The Elite Four types will be Grass, Fire, Water, and Normal.
For the sake of something different, the Elite Four types will NOT be extraordinary like in the past.
  • Half confirmed half jossed; the Elite 4 is Steel, Fire, Dragon, and Water.

One of your friends will Face–Heel Turn.
Most likely Calum/Serena, the potential player character that you didn't choose. This could be Driven by Envy: they fear that their friends have come to respect you/your battling skills more, or they could get roped into Team Flare's schemes by promises of money/power. (If it is Calum/Serena, they could have some kind of meltdown for the sake of gutpunching the player — and rendering their name somewhat ironic.)
  • Jossed. Sounds really powerful, but it seems that you and the opposite gendered main player are really good childhood friends. So no.
  • The one thing that even comes close is Shauna near the final battle expresses her grief that she was an incompetent ditz and was holding everyone back. (Despite she never showed any sign of that) or the fact you and your rival battle for the Mega Ring, in which after you win, your rival admits jealously but doesn't hold it against you, and pretty much never mentions it again

Three loose ends in the game are actually related in some way.
There are three mysteries in the game that may actually be related, all of which involve Lumiose City. The first one: At the train station, there is a hidden and ominous message that says, "I'm going to go for help. Wait in the usual place." The second one, the ghost girl who sneaks up from behind you in the second floor of the office building, then says, "No, you're not the one..." before vanishing, leaving the room empty.Third, on the 4th floor of Hotel Richissime in Lumiose City, there's another creepy girl who looks like the ghost girl (both are based on the Hex Maniac model) who says, "Don't talk to me...if you do, I can't hear the elevator."

There is no known explanation for these creepy events, but when you look at all three as a whole, it is possible that they are linked. Maybe the ghost girl was the one who wrote that message to someone, went to "go for help", and was expecting someone else - not you - at that office building when she got there. (Or maybe she was killed by whoever she wanted to seek help from before she reached it.)

These events may hint that something dangerous might be in store for a sequel or download...

  • Though we have nothing but speculation, there is no doubt Game Freak put that in for a reason (Unless they just want to Mind Screw us for the sake of Mind Screwing) chances may be it involves catching Darkrai (The most Goth based Legendary)

There will be an implied love interest or even a love triangle this generation.
Because Paris is the city of love... *cue the violins*

Seriously, why not? Calem and Serena both look like they could be in their early- to mid-teens, allowing for a couple of innocent crushes (although admittedly Tierno, Trevor, and Shauna do look a bit younger), and Game Freak hasn't been against some innocuous ship teasing before—see the Ferris Wheel date moment with Curtis/Yancy in BW 2, Ethan/Lyra getting teased by their grandparents in HGSS, half of May and Brendan's dialogue to each other in RSE, and Dawn/Lucas being made fun of by Mars in DPPt.

  • (Kinda) Confirmed. There will be a shipping scene somewhere in the game, involving the male player and Shauna. Said scene will be used for the female player too, but with Tierneo/Trevor (this guy hasn't played as the girl player, so it could be either one.
  • It's still with Shauna if it's a girl!
    • Though the dialogue is less shippy and coy in that case.

The head of Team Flare will be...
  • A Corrupt Corporate Executive who thinks that money lets them do whatever they please. Likely has designs on one of the legendaries or their habitat.
    • Alternately, while it appears that it's the head of a Mega-Corp at first, the real mastermind is one of their assistants, who feels like they aren't getting enough money and recognition in their position and is hijacking the company's resources to their own ends. This leads to confusion and the boss Not Helping Their Case when you try confronting and calling them out... which also alerts the real mastermind that you're onto them.
    • They could be modeled after the game industry, notorious for shafting Nintendo's home consoles for the past few generations.
  • Professor Augustine Sycamore, who's savvy enough to know that most teams are thwarted by a young trainer who's just recently started their Pokemon journey, and tries to misdirect you for his own ends. An innocent errand will turn out to be anything but...
    • Bonus points if he's crossed multiple Moral Event Horizons, which is quite possible seeing as how Pokémon games tend to get darker with each generation. There's that genetic theme, so maybe it would imply terrible things about your starter...?
  • Related to one of the friends you meet in Vaniville for extra dramatic torque.
  • An Evil Counterpart to N: a Lonely Rich Kid who presents themself as a Spoiled Sweet Upper-Class Twit, but is really a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing funding Team Flare out of boredom, amusement, and the belief that they can do better than all the past Team Whatevers because they're just so much better.
  • Miror B.
  • A Michael Pachter expy.
  • Rick Flair.
  • A scapegoat to the problem with the legendary mascot; someone else is the evil one, and is either manipulating the Head Flare or putting him in a bad light, while the real villain goes after the legendary mascot.
    • Seems to be a fat guy, by the looks of things.
    • Jossed. For every character mentioned OTHER THAN LYSANDRE. MAYBE a Corrupt Corporate Executive though.
      • Confirmed that he's a Corrupt Corporate Executive. Team Flare runs the company that makes Holo Casters, and he has his lackeys spy on peoples' calls!

The Champion of the Kalos Region will be...
  • One of your friends. Most likely Calum/Serena or Shauna.
  • Professor Augustine Sycamore.
  • Alexa, Viola's sister.
  • Bonnie, Clemont's sister.
  • The head of Team Flare, who may or may not be Augustine Sycamore.
  • Your character's older sibling, whom Game Freak have not shown off to not spoil any surprise.
  • Regis Philbin, just for laughs and giggles.
    • All are jossed. Diantha is the Champion.

Team Flare will play the "You Bastard!" card for all it's worth.
Going along with the implied genetic theme, their scheme will be a giant Take That! at players who breed Pokémon with perfect IVs to use as mere tools. Maybe their moneymaking scheme revolves around trafficking genetically modified Pokémon?
  • Jossed. They want to KILL everyone but said team so they could re-create a 'beautiful' world. No genetic engineering involved.

Yveltal will be the Big Bad.
Hey, it's the Destruction Pokemon. Why not? Bonus points if you team up with Xerneas to take him/her/it down.
  • But Pokémon, they're not inherently evil...
    • (OP) Darkrai is in Mystery Dungeon. And yeah, I know it's unlikely since you have to catch Yveltal in one of the games, but maybe we could have one where, say, Team Flare turns out to be more than meets the eye and uses Yveltal to try to destroy the world and one where they use Xerneas instead? I dunno, it's Wild Mass Guessing, so...
      • I said 'inherently', didn't I? Plus Mystery Dungeon is a spinoff, making it completely irrelevant anyway. Even if it were relevant, that would mean bringing Hydreigon (who would be evil if we went by species name, which is essentially your grounds for the original WMG) into this, and as far as I know he ain't evil. And if it's Team Flare using the mascot, then by definition the mascot can't be the Big Bad...
      • Yeah, good point. I guess I just can't really imagine there being a literal Pokemon god of death and it not be evil, but oh well.
      • Why the heck not? Psychopomps do not need to be evil, by any means.
      • Jossed.

There will be a second evil team.
The Team will be called Team Wave, and be situated in the Coast Kalos region, while Team Flare will be situated in Mountain Kalos. These two teams are rivals, and are clashing over territory in Central Kalos.
  • And their main goal is power, with their leader actually pulling their strings as well as Team Flare's. Also, this sounds like foreshadowing to a Ruby and Sapphire remake.
    • Jossed. Speaking of two teams (even though there's only one team in X and Y), Team Flare's story is different in each version.

Characters in-game who will utilize Mega-evolutions
Guesses here.
  • The champion will use at least one.
  • The gym leader mentioned.
  • Numerous trainers in the region's battle facility later on.
  • The main rival.
  • The boss of Team Flare.
  • Cynthia. They've even introduced a Mega Garchomp.
  • So, the above guesses are mostly confirmed: The gym leader does not use it in the gym battle, but in another battle. The champion and the boss of Team Flare both use it during the storyline. Your rival uses it post-game in rematch battles. Cynthia does not appear in X/Y, though.
    • Jossed with the battle facility, you CAN use Mega Evolution in it.

Team Flare will target the Mega Evolution items in the hope for profit at one point
  • Half confirmed. Lysandre, aka the Big Bad, is very curious about you having the power to access Mega Evolution. Ironic because he ALREADY KNOWS ABOUT THAT. And also has a Mega-Evolved Pokemon too.

Korrina's Signature Pokemon will be Mega-Mawile.
Since she is likely going to use the gimmick due to knowing the art, and there is the fact her appearance almost resembles Mawile.
  • This might be jossed given Mawile is Steel / Fairy. Based on her badge, she looks like she will be a Fighting-type leader. So perhaps Mega-Lucario.
  • Apparently Jossed with the new Nintendo Direct, Mega Rings are also required for Mega Evolution, and Korrina isn't wearing a Mega Ring. Although it could be possible as she still has a mysterious blue stone on the back of her hand, could that be a Keystone?

Mega legendary mascot will be attempted a plot point, but neither can mega-evolve.
  • Jossed.

The League Champion will use at least one Pokemon that is able to Mega Evolve
  • Since Game Freak will probably be showing off this new mechanic.
    • Confirmed. The League Champion uses a Mega Gardevoir.

The Leader of Team Flare will pass through the Moral Event Horizon in a later part of the story.
  • Turning him or her from his or her relatively harmless plan of trying to make money to, say, using Mega Evolution to create an army of powerful and flawless Pokemon to take over the world.
    • Confirmed, he tries to do Kill 'Em All, but par the course you stop him.

Tierno's post-game team will avert Informed Attribute and Gameplay and Story Segregation
He will have a team of six, each possessing a "dance" move.
  • A Dragon-type like Haxorus or Salamence with Dragon Dance.
  • A Bug-type with Quiver Dance.
  • A Grass-type with Petal Dance and, if Lilligant, Teeter Dance.
  • A Water-type like Ludicolo with Rain Dance.
  • A Honedge with Swords Dance.
  • A Flying-type with FeatherDance.
    • Actually part-confirmed; you fight him three times throughout the game (as well as beside him in the Battle Maison multi battles). In all examples save for the tag battle with Trevor on Route 7, he uses only Pokémon which have at least one "Dance" move.

You will have to go to the tower of mastery BEFORE you can use mega evolutions
It's been said that the tower of mastery plays a role in understanding Mega evolutions, so it would make sense if you had to visit the tower in order to unlock the ability to use them.
  • Confirmed!

The Kanto starters help the Player Character form a second starter triangle
Calem/Serena will have the Kalos starter superior to yours in type and Shauna's will be the one with a disadvantage. The ones Sycamore gives you are for you to form a trio with Trevor (advantage) and Tierno (disadvantage). That way, it explains where Trevor and Tierno will get their mons.

The conflict with Team Flare
There will be a connection between Team Flare and Mega Evolution, and since their main goal appears to be making money, they will initially appear as a Mega-Corp, but with a nasty rumour on the side that they actually run underground fighting rings where Mega Evolved Pokemon will duke it out, with bets being made and Team Flare profiting from it big time. On the corporate front they will lead the trend in the hopes of making all trainers use Mega Evolution and eventually overturning classic battles in favour of their fighting rings, just to make even more money, and they may even introduce modified Mega Rings that allow trainers to achieve Mega Evolution faster, as opposed to going the natural way of forming a strong bond with your Pokemon. You, the player, discover the negative side effects of the enhanced Mega Rings (of course your own Mega Ring would be normal), as well as how harmful excessive Mega Evolutions can be for Pokemon. The phenomenon would end up becoming what N feared people were doing in Black and White and the trainer must expose Team Flare to stop people from hurting their Pokemon. But as you are working to thwart Team Flare, you discover that the Big Bad actually plans on forcing Pokemon to Mega Evolve permanently by using an advanced form of the Rocket signal that forced all of the Magikarp to evolve in the Lake of Rage back in Johto, just to make even more money. This, of course, would have the same nasty side effects it had on the Gyarados if not turn out to be even worse.

The signal will spread via the tower in Lumiose City and through the enhanced Mega Rings, creating a sense of urgency for the player to seek out a resolution. Xerneas and Yveltal would turn out to be key.

  • Jossed. Every. One. Of. Them.

Team Flare's plans for a "beautiful world" conceals a much darker scheme.
Assuming they're not a straw front (maybe an environmentally oriented company) for the Big Bad to make a killing like Plasma, their idea of beauty will probably be much more different than most people. This could be played out in many different ways: creating genetically perfect and beautiful Pokemon, "perfecting" them through forced Mega Evolution, or just going the whole Nazi route with their twisted idea of beauty. Expect the Beauty Is Bad trope to be played out very thoroughly.
  • Confirmed, they plan to do this through killing everyone but them to acheive this.

Team Flare's leader will want to create their "beautiful world" with Xerneas and/or Yveltal
They will want to use Yveltal to destroy the current world so that it can be rebuilt or Xerneas to create their new "beautiful" one. Possibly even their scheme involves using both. Release Yveltal to destroy the world and then use Xerneas to rebuild it.
  • Confirmed. They use both as the ultimate weapon told in AZ's story in an attempt to kill everyone and make their beautiful world. You then are forced to catch them.

Team Flare's top five scientists are researching the technologies of the previous evil teams for their plan.
  • Xerosic - Researching Team Rocket's technology (Forcing Pokemon to evolve through radio waves)
  • Aliana - Researching Team Magma's technology (Meteorite and Mt. Chimney eruption attempt)
  • Mable - Researching Team Aqua's technology (Weather-changing data)
  • Celosia - Researching Team Galactic's technology (Galactic Bomb and the Red Chains)
  • Byrony - Researching Team Plasma's technology (Plasma Frigate and Colress's notes on the true potential of Pokémon)
    • Jossed.

An ex-Team Galactic member will be an NPC in this game.
In Pokemon Platinum, a Team Galactic member states that his partner quit the team and returned to his home country. This ex-Team Galactic member hasn't appeared as of yet, so his home country may be the Kalos region.
  • I believe it was mentioned in White 2 that some Ex-Galactic members were in Team Plasma, so he might have been one of them, it doesn't rule out the possibility though.

Team Flare's goal of creating a "Beautiful World" will involve the removal of Pokémon they deem "ugly" or "weak".
This would serve as a Player Punch to players who judge Pokémon solely based on whether or not the design for the Pokemon is "cool" or "cute" and another punch to all the players who think that all Pokemon beyond Generation 1 are stupid. Since the main theme of Kalos/Pokémon X and Y is beauty, it would make sense to end with An Aesop about how every Pokémon is beautiful in its own way.
  • Jossed, they don't care about killing only Ugly or Weak Pokemon. They want to kill "all Pokemon and all humans, themselves excluded" then repopulate the world from scratch with no corruption, greed, pollution, murder "Ironically" but that was basically them saying that the end justifies the means.

You will be given the ability to Mega Evolve your Kalos starter at a critical point in the plot, i.e. as an 11th-Hour Superpower
It makes sense. Maybe just before the final confrontation with the Big Bad, and it's activated by Heroic Willpower or a Heroic Second Wind.
  • This would be awesome, but wouldn't that also mean you are forced to evolve your starter and keep it in your party? There are probably a small percentage of players that might not keep their starters throughout the whole game.
    • Jossed, there's no mega-evolutions of Kalos Pokemon in X/Y.

Team Flare's motivations will be a deconstruction of the "super-powered creature" aspect of Pokemon.
Consider Pokemon: They're semi-intelligent, stronger than most (if not all) life-forms in reality. If they wanted to, Pokemon could overwhelm humanity. Team Flare's goal of creating a beautiful world will amount to subjugating nature itself, so that humanity remains safe from the world. Xerneas and Yveltal are implied to be the Olympus Mons of life and death, and they will use them for this purpose.

The Flare scientists and the 5 main characters will each be counterparts and/or rivals to each other.
We've got 5 main characters and 5 scientists on the evil team, it seems like too good of an opportunity to miss out on this.
  • The most obvious would be Tierno and Xerosic because of their body shapes, the others might be
  • The Player and Mable (As she looks to be more in charge after Xerosic.)
    • Or The Player and Xerosic (Being seemingly the leaders of their groups.)
  • Shauna and Celosia (Since Celosia seems more laid back than the others, it would oppose Shauna's energy and happiness.)
  • Trevor and Aliana (Because of both having the same hair color)
    • Alternately Trevor and Xerosic (Because they both seem to be the smartest of their groups.)
  • The opposite gender character and Bryony (Only one left)

Valerie (the Fairy-type gym leader) is a Fae.
She has that Uncanny Valley look on her... especially the eyes.
  • This is actually possible. The Fairy Tale Girls are giggly and mysterious and you get an unnatural vibe from them, and one even said "I'm much older than you" despite being a child. (Many people already speculated them as Dwarves) this could be very well true.

Dr. Fuji created Mewtwonite X/Y.
While creating Mewtwo, he also developed specialised Mega Stones to make it even more powerful. However, they were never used as Mewtwo escaped Cinnabar Mansion. Despite this, Mewtwo took one (or both) of them upon its escape, then brought it/them with it upon migrating to Kalos.

The leader of Team Flare is an expy of Clu.
  • Think about it, guys. Both Lysandre and Clu are willing to commit genocide (the latter already did with the ISOs) for the sake of creating a perfect world in their own image. Both also have armies that are just as murderous, but are not fully aware of the plot. Not to mention that they both also have similarities with a certain, real life, villainous German...
    • Never seen that film, but it could be just a coincidence.
      • More than a coincidence, actually. Remember Essentia? She could be considered a female version of Rinzler, considering that they are both being controlled by an antagonist (though in the former's case, by Lysandre's dragon, Xerosic, rather than by Lysandre himself), and finally freed from their control at the end; while Essentia got a happy ending, we don't know what happened to Rinzler. Also, Essentia's outfit looks very similar to Rinzler's...
    • I'd be quite surprised if Jeff Bridges or Fred Tatasciore voiced Lysandre in the anime adaptation. Though knowing that the anime has rarely used cast members outside it's normally pool (not to mention the former being a celebrity), and the easy prediction that Lysandre would be Spared by the Adaptation and thrown in jail along with every other member of Team Flare by Officer Jenny (since the anime does not care for anyone over the age of 10), this would be very unlikely.

The parade and medal aren't for you becoming a champion
It's for you saving the world and defeating Flare.
  • Confirmed. You still have to become the champion after having already saved the world, but the celebration is definitely more about saving the world.

The Ace Trainer who plays you the song 'Emotion' from the Unova games in Courmarine City is none other than Hilbert/Hilda.
S/he, after finding N, decided to travel further to experience life in other parts of the world. Perhaps s/he also felt the duties and title of Champion did not suit her/him, and traversed the world to escape it.

The third/sequel game for X/Y will allude to the Pokemon counterpart of the French Revolution.
Since the games are slowly getting darker...

The strange-looking device Lysandre was using in the final battle with you was an attempted copy of the Snag Machine
.It was implied that the device on his back was to retrieve the title legendary.
  • An addition: this is where Xerosic got the idea for his Pokéball jacking cables in the Essentia plot as well.

The war 800 years ago was against Poke-England.
Kalos is based off North France, and England is right next to it. France and England used to have a history of conflict in Real Life, and it would be a nice set up for a English-based region.
  • It would be much much more interesting if they were at war with the Ransai region. Since Ransai is based on Feudal Japan, which took place 800 years ago, so possibly it's the same in-game as well. (Except the real-life in-game generals and soldiers were from 500 years ago)

Your father is suspiciously absent as always, and there's a fair bit of Ship Tease between Professor Sycamore and your mom. It's likely that you're illegitimate, which explains little other mention of any possible parentage. Given Sycamore, this would explain the protagonist.
  • Picking the darker-skinned model would present some obvious problems with this... unless Sycamore and/or Grace was a cheater, or Sycamore was their step-dad for a little while.

The Celebi from Pokémon Bank will trigger an in-game event.
This event will involve traveling to the past before the great war took place, allowing players to catch new Pokémon and see what caused the war in the first place.

In the sequel, Malva will be a major villain
.Well, it seems kind of obvious that she does not like you, nor does she feel sorry at all for being a member of Team Flare. (This becomes even more obvious after you take on the Elite Four the first time and decide to face them again; if you beat her a second time there, her dialogue and attitude is far more evil if that happens.) Besides, this is the first time there has ever been a member of the villain organization as one of the Elite Four, and they've given no reason... yet.

Team Flare's leader never thought of his grunts as the Chosen ones.
This is a reaction to some additions to his character sheet, which imply that he considers money to be a requirement for worthiness. This is never stated ingame, however it is stated that the Team Flare scientists needed a lot of funding. This funding almost certainly came from the grunt's admittance fees. The Grunts being allowed to live needn't be because he thought they were special, as he thought of Diantha. Instead it was probably their reward for making his goals of saving his REAL chosen ones possible.

The player character is from the Pokemon equivalent of Belgium.
The PC is from outside the region but speaks the Kalos language, or French, perfectly and very few people seem to react as if they're a foreigner. They'd probably have to be from a French speaking region and the French speaking part of Belgium would give a less detectable accent than say Quebec or Haiti.

The next version will introduce someone related to Diantha
and that person will have access to Mega Gallade.

The avatars of your 3DS friends in the Battle Maison are robots.
I mean, it would make sense. They're probably too busy to come and battle in person, being trainers and shiny hunting and IV breeding and whatnot, so they got someone to use abandoned Flare technology to build robots to fight in their place. The black bead eyes are meant to be there, as a way to tell you these trainers are not humans.

It would be easy to have Lysandre be his descendant to connect to royalty, but they chose his younger brother instead. Even if the Immortality Procreation Clause was in effect, as king AZ would be expected to produce an heir. Either he chose not to, so when he left after firing the Ultimate Weapon the throne went to his brother. His reason was that he didn't want to outlive someone he loved again, whether it be his queen or any potential heirs. This would also fit with how he was unable to let go of the death of his Floette.


    Pokemon-related guesses Part 1 

The names of the legendary mascots will begin with the letters X and Y, respectively!
This applies to all languages. Maybe except Japanese, depending on the romanji of the name.
  • Confirmed for English. Xerneas is the deer, and Yveltal is the bird.

The legendary will have mystic powers that oppose each other.
But that power is not explainable, nor can it even be described, so they are labelled as X and Y, respectively.
  • Confirmed: Xerneas has the power of life, while Yveltal has the power of death.

Possible secondary types for the starters
Post your speculation on what secondary types the starters would have as by which stat they'll have it here!
  • Grass (Chespin)
    • It will gain Ground type by second stage.
    • No, it will gain Fighting type instead.
      • Looks to be likely, as Fighting completes the Fighter, Mage, Thief trio with the other starters, and its evo Quilladin looks like it's covered in armour. Also, its name is Quill+Paladin, and Fighting-types seem to be associated with honour.
    • No, it will gain Rock type, so it doesn't have a crippling 4x weakness.
      • Torterra has a 4x Ice weakness, so avoiding 4x weaknesses for the starters is not something Game Freak is terribly concerned about.
    • It seems to use a stylized dark attack (much like Night Slash works in current games), so presumably it will become Grass/Dark. This works together with Fennekin's more evident Psychic secondary type, and Froakie's plausible Fighting secondary subtype, making the triangle work in both directions, something fans have been wanting for years.
      • If the Dark Typing works, then it will probalby look more and more like a ferret/weasel as it evolves, if also having porcupine quills. Alternately, it could also turn into something hedgehog-like, and have heavy defense stats.
      • That attack actually looks exactly like Aerial Ace from B2W2, with the same red slash background and animation.
      • Keeping with the Knight theme, Chespin will likely be stylized after a Dark Knight if Chespin's secondary type is Dark.
    • Flying. Chespin will grow wings in the second or third evolution, just to screw with the fans.
    • Steel, because armor!
    • Looks confirmed to be Fighting.
  • Fire (Fennekin)
    • It will gain Psychic type on its last stage.
      • This seems plausible, given is used a purple-pinkish wave move in the trailer (perhaps confusion or hypnosis?)
      • It's already confirmed to learn three psychic attacks, so this seems likely. There's also that witch/mage motif it's playing on (Braixen's literally casting Psyshock with a torch like a magic wand!)
    • It will gain Dark type when it reaches its second stage.
      • Jossed, its second stage is still pure Fire type. Having its third stage be part Dark type still isn't out of the question, though.
    • Fighting again just to troll the fans.
      • Bonus points if it's still 4-legged by then, similar to Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Keldeo.
      • Seeing as it knows a new move called Glow Punch, this seems worryingly possible. Though seemingly less so now that we know it learns three psychic attacks, one of which is usually exclusively level-up. Not many Fighting-types can learn Psychic attacks at all.
    • Ground type because the fennec fox is a desert animal.
    • A pure Fire type, perhaps?
    • Fairy type, its evolved form seems to have a wand already.
    • Looks confirmed to be Psychic.
  • Water (Froakie)
    • Psychic to balance out the possible Grass/Fighting, Fire/Dark combos mentioned above.
    • It seems to use a physical barrage of attacks against a Patrat in the trailer, suggesting it's probably a Water/Fighting type.
    • Flying. It's got a cloud on its back!
    • Ice, due to the white cloud/snow look that puff-ball thing on its back has. Could later evolve into a snow-beard and ice-crystal glasses for a real grandpa look.
      • I don't know about possible evolutions, but the Ice subtype will fit since Froakie attacks by throwing foam at its enemies, and attacking by throwing snow balls would be cool.
    • Poison to resemble a poison dart frog.
    • Electric. One of the moves it uses in the trailer has little thunderbolts coming off. It could just be using a non-electric move that causes a paralyzing effect, but who knows?
    • Grass. He's a tree frog after all.
    • Nope. He's probaly gonna be Water. No reasons, but just Water. That is all.
    • Dark, to fit the whole ninja theme it's based on and to complete the second type circle. The final evo will be the Thief of the Fighter, Mage, Thief trio.
    • Looks like Dark now.

The main feature of the legendary mascots will involve something that encourages trading.
This is based on Satoru Iwata's recent video emphasizing on trading and connectivity. The mascot will at least have something that people wants, it not themselves as powerful Pokemon.
  • Jossed.

The Starters will evolve to look like similar creatures
  • Chespin- What looks similar to a chipmunk but can pass as an evolution to one?
    • It's either a hedgehog or an armadillo. Or both.
  • Fennekin- A wolf, which is similar to dogs because then we have a 6th zodiac fire type.
    • It's based off the fennec fox and it's fire type, so it's kinda obvious it's a kitsune like Vulpix, Ninetales, Zorua, and Zoroark.
      • Or it could just become a bigger fox. Not every single fox Pokemon has to be based on a kitsune.
  • Froakie- A toad, but not any old toad, a badass half Psychic Sage Toad.

Eevee's new evolution method is based around its gender, and the other will be a dragon type.
I say this because gender-based evolution is the only new way I could think of other than trading. The Fairy-type eeveelution will be exclusive to female eevee and the dragon-type to males. As a way to balance this out, the chances of getting a female eevee will increase a fair bit. The fairy-drgon pair up also makes sense when you realize the pattern of the previous eeveelutions; One always has a type advantage over the other. First, the fire-type Flareon is weak against water-type Vaporeon who in turn is weak against the electric-type Jolteon. Still, we have Espeon weak to Umbreon and Leafeon weak to Glacion. Also, the dragon-type would also double as the much anticipated flying-type eeveelution.
  • Well, each Generation introduced new evolution methods, and those methods were passed on to Eevee. Gen I used Stones instead of normal leveling up to show off that mechanic. Gen II introduced "Friendship" and the day/night cycle, which was used for Espeon and Umbreon. Gen IV introduced location based evolutions (although Magneton and Nosepass were the only other ones to even use the feature) which was used for Leafeon and Glaceon. So, Gen VI will likely introduce a new mechanic and use that mechanic for Eevee's evolution. If all else fails, they could always just make a new stone.
    • "Gender Based Evolutions" were introduced in Generation 4 as well, so it may be some completely new mechanic that's introduced in Generation 6.

  • Jossed. Sylveon is the only new Eeeveelution, AND THE ONLY FUCKING POKEMON to be evolved/pre-evolved from a previous gen Pokemon. Apart from Mega Evolvution Pokemon, obviously.

The Legendary Mascots' typing.
For primary type, one's type has an advantage over the other. For secondary type, it's the other way around.
  • So... Fairy/Grass for Xerneas, and Dragon/Flying for Yveltal?
    • Jossed. It's just plain Fairy, and Flying/Dark, respectively. So Xerneas has a type advantage against Yveltal.

The legendary mascots will naturally hold an item that powers the other Pokémon instead
All to encourage trading further.

We will get a gargoyle-based Pokémon
Given the France-based setting, this is pretty likely.
  • So a Druddigon evo then?
  • Wait, since when did the Pokémon designs rely/depend on the setting? - Alex Sora 89
    • Unova had eagles, carrier pigeons and terriers since it was New York.
      • A Gargoyle would be awesome. Rock/Dragon perhaps, with Storm Drain to represent that the Gargoyle is literally a drain on a building
  • Noivern does remind of some gargoyles (it's a Flying/Dragon bat-thing).
    • Jossed. Probably since there's only 69 new Pokemon.

The legendary mascots are inspired by Norse mythology
One is a bird, one is a deer-like animal. In Norse mythology, there are animals that live inside the world tree Yggdrasil, namely two birds, four stags, and a dragon. Of course, this could have merely served as a conceptual basis, like the yin & yang theme did for the trio of dragons in Gen V.
  • Supported by Zygarde, the third legendary trio member, who seems based on one of the serpents that live under Yggdrasil. All that's missing is Ratatoskr the squirrel, which may be the 'Mew' legendary of this gen.
    • Depending on your opinion, Confirmed.
      • It had better be a 30ft Shiny Pachirisu xD

The legendary mascots will have genders.
Considering that the versions might be named after the chromosomes X and Y, I think it's possible. Perhaps, the mascot for the Y version could be male and the mascot for the X version female.
  • X=female, Y=male is rare outside of human beings, most species do not use those chromosomes and many that do use them in reverse.
    • Jossed!

Dunsparce will get an evolution.
It will be Dragon type, for its serpentine shape. Or fairy type, because of those small fairy-wings. Or even better; A Dragon-Fairy dual type.
  • Alternatively, a Mega-Evolution.
  • Looks like it's Jossed; it doesn't get an evolution.

Froakie will evolve into a British gentleman frog.
This is admittedly a stretch, but Froakie's "mustache" resembles a pair of glasses (and I could see it turning into the most magnificent mustache as it evolves). And it seems like it will take place in an European country...

The Legendaries are the Poké-Gods of Love
All major legendaries since Ruby and Sapphire have been major deities of some sort (land, sea, and air; time, space, and dimension; yin, yang, wuji). The setting appears to be the famously romantic France, and the name has X and Y chromosomes in it. What better divine portfolio for the cover legendaries than the male and female gods of love?
  • Adding to that, perhaps the third "Z" legendary will represent hatred.
  • Alternatively, kismesissitude.
  • Jossed. They represent life and death.

The Legendaries will not merely have genders, but will be able to breed.
And when bred together, they will create a third Pokémon different from the other two.
  • So are you saying that's what Pokemon Z's mascot is?

The third legendary that goes with the cover legendaries will be serpentine in appearance.
So that it can shape itself into a Z.
  • Alternatively, it could be a W. That would make it into a Wyrm Pokemon.
  • Supported by this article.
  • Confirmed by Zygarde, who looks like a black-and-green serpent-thing.

Pertaining to the Norse Mythology idea above, the cute legendary will be based on Ratatosk.
If the new legendaries are based on Norse Mythology, Ratatosk would be it. Think about it. Ratatosk is the only animal on Yggdrasil that would be considered cute (but he's not nice). If one of the legends is based on the bird, and in Norse Mythology, Ratatosk was known to climb up and down the tree trading insults for the eagle at the top and dragon at the bottom.

Continuing pertaining to the Norse Mythology idea above, Froakie will:
  • Have Fighting as a secondary type.
  • Be able to learn Electric and Flying type moves.
  • Learn a signature move named Hammer Blow.
Frog Thor will live again!
  • Unfortunately, Jossed. But Chespin's evo has Wood Hammer, so...

The legendary mascots are not based on Norse mythology
They are based on Hinduism. X=Creation=Brama, Y=Destruction=Shiva, Z=Preservation=Vishnu, W=Conquest=Bali/W=Corruption=Mahammada

Froakie's final evolution will be based off of Journey to the West's Shā Wùjìng
Infernape and Emboar were based off of Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie respectively, and Sha Wujing is referred to as a Kappa in the Japanese translations.
  • Depends if you think the Ninja final evo of Froakie is based on a Kappa. Though the weak spot on the head is already not present, so...

Xerneas is the leader of the Swords of Justice / Musketeers
He has the appearance of a stag, and with his legs resembling swords, it's quite possible that he could be the leader of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, similar to how Lugia is the leader of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.
  • Expanding on this theory, Yveltal will have its own trio introduced this generation, basically being the Ho-oh to Xerneas's Lugia.
    • Wouldn't it be the Lugia to Xerneas's Ho-oh?
      • No, because Xerneas would rule over the Musketeers, an older trio, similar to how Lugia ruled the legendary birds, an older trio. Ho-oh rules the legendary beasts, a trio that was introduced the same generation as itself.
  • You guys forgot Keldeo, who's definitely not the trio master but definitely is included with the Swords of Justice (as The Three Musketeers have One Extra Member). If this theory counts trio masters in the group that they head (aka counting Xerneas as a Sword), then that gives us...five Swords. Kind of a lot for a series that as of this writing has never topped four per group of Legendaries. And on that note, what character in The Three Musketeers would Xerneas be anyway?note 

The mascots will be part dark/psychic
First, look at Xerneas' antlers. They have some kind of psychic glow, thus, Psychic-type? Now let's look at the logos for a second. They're both stylized to resemble their legendary a little, X, for example, shows Xerneas' antlers. Well, what about Y, then? It shows Yveltal's claws. Now let's look at Yveltal itself... The claws are noticeably a little darker than the rest of the body, and overall it has a very "villain"-ish appearance, even if it's not evil at all. Thus, Dark-type!
  • I'd argue that Xerneas is an Electric/Psychic type. Reason I say this is because of the way it glows but also the way it looks up into the sky as if sensing some far off presence (possibly even sensing Yveltal). As for Yveltal, I'd wager Flying/Fighting, because there's no way those claws are just for sure. It'll also have Crush Claw when you battle it. Also, if it IS based on a Wyvern then it will be an incredibly powerful physical Pokemon. A Third Pokemon would either be Water (W) or Ground (Z) type, probably Dragon/Poison... Too many possibilities until we know for sure.
  • Yveltal confirmed, it's Dark/Flying. Jossed for Xerneas, it's pure Fairy-type.

The legendaries will be inorganic or unnatural
Copied directly from one of my other posts:

Xerneas:Other than the blue fur on its neck and face, it seems to be covered with a dark, somewhat metallic-looking material.The glowing white streaks on its body bring to mind Tron, honestly.Its other glowing bits look very strange and unnatural to me.It has strange, mismatched eyes (apparently), an asymmetrical face (the glowing streaks are different), and its X-irises just scream "cyborg" to me.

Yveltal:Not as sci-fi as Xerneas, but still looks futuristic to an extent.The claws on its wings and tail look like something a robot bird thing would have.It has a strange, glowing chest area.Its eyes are an unnatural, electrical blue.The most important part is the marking on its chest, which seem to look like exposed veins or nerve-system.This is my little rant, and Pokemon seems to like to avert common theories, as when Zekrom was reveled, we all though it was a mechadragon, but it really existed before household electricity! So we may think that these Pokemon look natural, but watch them be some sort of genetically altered chimera creature!

  • If this is true, I expect them to be part-Steel
    • All Jossed. No Steel type either.

Mewtwo will be the third member of Xerneas and Yveltal's trio.
Especially if they decide to "cut off" transfer of Pokémon from Gen V, they could at least give us one old legendary as a token. Mewtwo's DNA theme would fit with the two new legends; the three of them could form the "Genetic trio" or something. Then the third version would probably be "Pokémon M" unless they give it new Kyurem-like formes where it takes on aspects of the duo.
  • Wouldn't Mew be a better choice? It's a 'natural' Pokemon compared to Mewtwo being created by man, plus it's already got the genetic link.
    • OP: Xerneas and Yveltal's stats will probably be closer to Mewtwo's than Mew's, plus Mew is an event Pokémon. Also, Red (Yveltal) + Blue (Xerneas) = Purple (Mewtwo).
  • Considering Mewtwo has a new form, that's quite likely.
  • Jossed. Zygarde is the third member. Not that it's actually confirmed yet, but c'mon, after this thing happened with Rayquaza, Giratina, and Kyurem, it's a given.

Xerneas and Yveltal represent life and death, respectively.
Xerneas appears to be associated with nature from the brief clip of it, and the glowing antlers could be seen to represent life energy. Likewise, Yveltal's dark red/black color scheme, combined with its appearance as a amorphous bird of prey with veinous patterns on its limbs, relate to common symbols of death.

Furthermore, life and death is one of the major dualities that has yet to be explored by having representative legendary Pokémon (such as yin/yang for Gen V, time/space for Gen IV, and to a lesser extent land/sea in Gen III).

  • Xerneas bares a resemblance to the Great Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke.
  • Confirmed. Xerneas is called the Life Pokemon, and Yveltal is the Destruction Pokemon.

Related to the above two guesses, Mew has a connection to Xerneas
Mew is the Ancestor of All Pokemon. Xerneas is the Poke-God/Personification/Thing of Life. Pokemon/Mew Descendants are a subset of Life. Ergo, Mew is probably a creation of/servant of/connected to Xerneas.

Pokemon #666 will either be a Dark-type or have a Devil Theme
Otherwise it will be a missed opportunity...
  • If 666 ends up being a normal or even cute critter, there will no doubt be dozens of creepypastas written about how the critter is secretly a demon or such.
  • Pokemon #666 is very early in the Pokedex and will most likely be the regional bird, rodent, or bug. Let alone the fact the the number 666 isn't as significant in the East as it is in the West. Eastern cultures generally assign negative connotations to other numbers such as 4 and 108.
    • Likewise, some biblical scholars believe the number of the beast is in fact 616 rather than 666 due to a translation error. That gives us the utterly terrifying Shelmet.
  • Considering it's an appropriate point in the dex for Com Mon bug types, it can be a Dark/Bug housefly, therefore representing Beelzebub.
    • Then wonder if it evolves into a bipedal fly the size of a tank.
    • 666 may not be a significant number in the East, but the Pokémon games have taken Western influences before, besides, the games are still extremely popular in the West and it would be a cool Shout-Out.
    • Poochyena and Mightyena are right after the starters and Houndour and Houndoom are fairly early, so a hell beast is possible
  • Consider the case of Girafarig. It's a Pokemon based entirely around the idea of a palindrome, but its number is 203, just shy of the palindromic 202 (which is Wobbuffet, IIRC, which as a non-evolving Pokemon at the time had no particular need to have that number). I wouldn't be surprised at all if Game Freak ends up "missing" this "opportunity".
  • Although somewhat unlikely, Malamar would fit if it ended up in the slot.
  • It's possible Litleo's evolution will be 666; it's part fire type after all (fires of Hell).
  • Leaked Pokédex numbers indicate that the HORRIFYING ABOMINATION FROM HELL is Vivillon. And it is a surprisingly good for an early-game bug Pokemon to boot.
    • Which is evil in a completely different way. 18 different patterns, each locked to certain geographical regions; good luck getting them all.

Yveltal will be neither dark nor flying type
Because it's too obvious, especially for the latter. Remember back when Zekrom could have been a dark type?

Xerneas will be able to learn Extremespeed
Because it's Xtreme.
  • Jossed.

The stat distributions of the Pokémon revealed so far
Chespin and Fennekin might end up as Glass Cannons on the Physical and Special sides, respectively, and Froakie will be a Mighty Glacier or a Stone Wall with emphasis on HP. Xerneas will be another Glass Cannon (at least, compared to other Lightning Bruisers in the tier it will likely be in), as with Yveltal.
  • Personally, I think Chespin would be the more defensive one, and Froakie will be a Lightning Bruiser in its final stage because it knows Quick Attack.
    • (OP) I actually think that Chespin has great Defense, based on how it has a Chestnut helmet, but will have higher attack and even if fully evolved, its Special Defense remains terrible. About Froakie, there are some fully evolved Pokémon that, while they can learn Quick Attack, are actually slow in their stats. *Cough*Jellicent*Cough*
  • Here's what I've gathered for the evolved Pokemon based on leaked screenshots. These are very rough because of IV and EV discrepancies. (Order is HP/Atk/Def/SAtk/SDef/Spe; Spoilers for leaked Pokémon!)
    • Pangoro: 90/130/75/75/75/60.
    • Doublade: 60/110/150/55/50/30. The higher defence than attack is interesting. Shame about the speed though.
    • Malamar: 70/105/90/60/65/90. Interestingly physical-based rather than special, as its hypnotic abilities would suggest.
    • Tyrantrum: 95/125/120/80/60/75.
    • Hawlucha: 70/100/80/65/70/110.
    • Heliolisk: 55/55/35/105/95/105(?)
    • Chesnaught: 95/105/120/65/75/65. A bulky physical-oriented tank.
    • Delphox: 70/70/70/105/105/105. A specially-oriented sweeper, reminiscent of Mismagius.
    • Greninja: 75/95/65/105/60/125. Very fast and frail mixed attacker, something between Infernape and Sceptile.
    • Klefki: 50/80/90/80/90/70. Seems low for a non-evolving Pokémon, but it has the Prankster ability and Steel/Fairy typing that more than makes up for it.
    • Carbink: 40/40/150/40/150/40. Amazing defences; shame about the everything else. Sadly, this fairy-type doesn't evolve either, and it doesn't have Prankster.
  • And for Mega-Evolutions. At the moment, there are screenshots for only Lucario, Venusaur, Aerodactyl, and Abomasnow, so the rest are more speculative. Interestingly, all of these look like they add up to 600 BST, the stat total of pseudo-legendaries. Maybe this is what was meant by Megaevos being on par with legendaries?
    • Mega-Venusaur: 80/100/120/100/120/100
    • Mega-Lucario: 70/140/70/140/70/110 (!!)
    • Mega-Mawile: 50/85/170/55/170/50. Its Def. and S Def are said to increase "sharply". This goes up to 580 BST, which is the lowest stat total for legendaries. Some other stat might go up to bring it to 600 (speed?)
    • Mega-Garchomp: 108/150/95/140/85/92. Since it's already 600 BST, I'd assume it goes up to about 670, the BST of Kyogre and Groudon.
    • Mega-Aerodactyl: 75/135/75/65/95/155. Take a moment to admire that speed.
    • Mega-Abomasnow: 90/135/95/150/95/30. And these attacking stats. Scary with its perfect-accuracy Blizzards.

There will be a new Pokémon that can use Transform
Looking similar in colour (both Shiny and non-shiny) to Mew and Ditto (who are the center of a cloning theory that basically says Ditto is a failed clone of Mew, which makes some sense), there will be a new Pokemon that can use Transform. I say this due to X and Y having to due with chromosomes and genetics and whatnot, and the Japanese logos of the game have the DNA helix coming out of it.

Smeargle will be one of the Pokémon you can get in this game, and possible evolution.
Come on — it's an artist-based Pokémon with a beret. Smeargle would logically be found in an area similar to the Louvre. Also, they could give Smeargle an evolution with better stats. That way Smeargle could be easier to use effectively and not have to worry about its very poor stats.
  • It probably wouldn't be able to learn any new moves after it evolves, though, because that would be cheap. So you couldn't use it as a complete Game-Breaker.
    • It would be a complete Game-Breaker even if it only learned Splash at level 1, because it would evolve from the Pokémon that already learns every move.
    • Jossed for the evolution part. Confirmed for the part where you can catch one. All of the Artist trainers (male and female) only use 1 Smeargle.

The legendary trio/quartet/whatever will be inspired off some aspect of genetics or cellular structure.
  • They'll be based off the elements that make up DNA. Instead of a trio, we could have a quintet. Their shared typing could possibly be Steel (to fit the modernism), Psychic (also modern) or possibly even Water (since it's necessary for life. Make it the secondary type.) As for the elements — hydrogen could be Normal or Electric (Normal refers to hydrogen's common nature, Electric refers to it being mostly found as plasma in stars), oxygen would be Fire (it's necessary for fire to exist), nitrogen would be Flying (the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen), carbon would be Grass (refers to hydrocarbons and many carbon-based products originating from the forests of the Carboniferous Period) and Phosphorus-okay, I don't know.
    • Going along with this theory, Hydrogen could be Water, Oxygen could be Flying, Nitrogen could be Ice (like Liquid Nitrogen), Carbon could be Rock (for Diamond), and Phosphorous could be Fire (for being highly reactive.)
    • Jossed. Kalos will yet to have, or likely never have a Legendary Trio at all. Unless if you count the mascot duo actually a trio being related to life and death (Xerneas and Yvetal repsectively) and in between those two (Zygarde) which can relate to cells and genetics by a little, this is completely Jossed.

Xerneas and Yveltal will be female and male, respectively.
  • I Personally hope not on this one...
  • Jossed, gameplay showed that they don't have the gender icons.

Porygon will receive a true third evolution
To commemorate the transition into 3D graphics, Porygon might receive a new evolution to match. Porygon-Z was more of a corruption and glitched out version of Porygon2, so it's not really a 'true' final evo if you think about it. So perhaps trading Porygon 2 with a new upgrade disk item will turn it into Porygon 3D or such.
  • Alternatively, Porygon-Z will get a "de-bug" form, which will be the true third evolution.
  • Well, Porygon-Z is getting a Mega Evolution. Does that count?
    • Jossed since 1: Mega Evolution doesn't count as a regular Evolution, and 2: Porygon-Z does not have a Mega Evolution.

Jynx and Mr. Mime will get evolutions.
I think it could happen, I mean, everyone else who got baby forms in later gens got evolutions.
  • Jossed: the list of possible past Pokemon who are going to get Mega Evolutions doesn't include them.

Xerneas and Yveltal will represent Earth (Or forest) and Sky.
As in, they will be the spirit Pokémon of the Earth and the Sky. The big bad of the game will be looking to capture them in order to control the winds and weather and growth of the land. Once he controls them, people will have to pay him if they don't want him to turn their farms into barren deserts, make the oceans and such too stormy to cross, ect.
  • Isn't Groudon the spirit/lord of the Earth?
    • Not necessarily. The notion that certain Legendaries are "gods" is speculative at best, and even then, Groudon was only ever said to have expanded the continents. Furthermore, Groudon is mentioned as a significant figure exclusively in Hoenn region mythology. Besides, there are several other Legendary Pokémon that are associated with land or volcanoes; Entei, Landorus, and Heatran are prime examples.
    • Compare Celebi and Dialga, as well.
  • And then the third version legendary can be a lord of water, to complete the land/sea/sky theme. And for bonus points, it can be serpentine so it can form itself into a Z.
    • Not necessarily. Xerneas could be a Pokemon that "connects" the land and sky, a Horizon Pokemon. Which actually means there could be a third Pokemon living UNDER the earth and a fourth in the ocean. If you want to take it to its logical conclusion then there should be a fifth Pokemon from Space. Possibly that's taking it too far...
      • Which would be Groudon, Kyogre, and Deoxys/Jirachi. But I don't think they're connected...
    • Kinda Jossed. Xerneas and Yveltal are representing only life and death.

Yveltal will recieve a x4 weakness against Ground
All in the name of Irony and Gameplay and Story Segregation. Bonus point if Xerneas is immune to Ground attacks instead.
  • Jossed, it's Dark/Flying and has complete immunity.

Xerneas and Yveltal will represent Good and Evil
They themselves won't be assigned to morality, but they will be representatives of the concept. Perhaps the enemy team will want to capture one or the other to use them to manipulate people who subscribe themselves to that morality.
  • Probably not, seeing as they could have easily run with that concept for the more obvious Reshiram and Zekrom...
  • It looks like they have a Life/Death dichotomy from recent information — Xerneas representing life/creation, and Yveltal representing death/destruction.

There will be two new Eeveelutions.
They will be the flying type and ground type, named Galeon and Quakeon respectively. Their evolution will involve usage of DNA-based items in the environment or a new gimmick to evolve in the new region.
  • I think they'd introduce a Ghost-type called Spectreon, a Ground-type called Litheon and a Flying type named Aereon. Any of these three.
    • A fighting type namedChampeon or Bludgeon
      • I think it will be a dragon-type.
      • It's the only "special" type still missing.
    • Or a Ghost Type named Spookeon.
      • Despite it obviously isn't happening (yet) I think Shadeon is a much better name.
  • There is one official new Eevee evolution, it's name is Sylveon. It is known to be Fairy type.
    • Jossed. There's only one.

X and Y will only introduce 51 new Pokemon
The Pokemon company president recently confirmed that there will be 700 Pokemon total in this game. However, the grand total as of the moment (barring newly shown releases) are 649. This would leave only 51 spaces for new Generation VI Pokemon, thus leaving them to put many Pokemon from Gen I-V in the games to make up for Generation V's first paired game's inability to catch any old Pokemon before the National Pokedex
  • I'm pretty sure they confirmed there would be OVER 700 Pokémon, actually.
    • Therefore...
  • ...This is jossed. There's 69 new Pokemon. (heh, 69.)

X and Y will introduce 52 new Pokemon
There. 701 Pokémon. It's technically over 700.
  • Jossed as well, see above.

That 700+ Pokémon promised...
It's only when you put the two games together. There are gonna be lots of version exclusives to encourage trading.
  • Place your bets on which ones will be version exclusives here, folks. Place your Bets!
    • Riolu and Zorua lines.
    • A moss stone for Leafeon will be in one version, An Ice stone will be in the other for Glaceon.
    • Woobat and Zubat. in order to even it out a bit, Woobat will get a third evolution.
    • Bagon and Beldum lines, as the two Hoenn Pseudo-legendary evolutionary lines.
      • Or Bagon and Gible, so the two lines have a bit more similarity. Skitty and Buneary were version exclusives in B2/W2, so exclusives do sometimes extend beyond generations.
    • Sigilyph and Xatu, with a possible pre-evo for the former to compliment Natu. Reason 
    • Black 2 and White have about 481 Pokémon catchable together (including version-exclusives and all starters), which was almost the total of Generation IV. White 2 has 17 version-exclusives, while Black 2 has 20 (unless you count Kyurem formes, also by technical terms Regice and Registeel count as version exclusives), all due to Benga's Gible not being catchable in wild, while Dratini is catchable in Dragonspirtal Tower. That gives like 464 (plus Regice) Pokémon for Black 2 and 461 (plus Registeel) for White 2... unless it doesn't work like that. Also, the actual numbers may be bit off, but still, they should be close to what I am sayingnote 
    • Jossed yet again, there's no new (pre) evolutions for any previous gen Pokemon (except for Sylveon obiviously, and also the Mega Evolutions). There's 68 brand new Kalos Pokemon (69 if you count Sylveon).

With the 700+ Pokémon, each game will contain half of the grand Pokémon total.
Each game will contain half of the grand total Pokémon, preventing a situation like Generation III where you couldn't obtain as many Pokemon as you should have been able to at the start and they had to produce dozens of side-games to fix this. And thus, both of these games will have the most version exclusives out of any game.
  • Jossed. However, there will be a couple of version exclusive Pokemon, but not TOO many.

The total amount of Pokémon that spans 6 Generations will be at least 714.
Estimated by the number of new species (excluding Legendaries) that have been revealed so far.
  • Almost Confirmed. There;s 718 in total now.

There's no reason it shouldn't have by now.
  • Or it'll learn a better move. A new physical Fire move.
  • Hopefully, the fact that Flareon appears in the Japanese gameplay trailer - he's shown fighting an Orotto horde battle - is a hint that he'll get an upgrade. Even though the move he uses looks more like Overheat, he's not one of the standard Pokémon to be shown in trailers, since it seems new Pokemon (especially the legendaries), Pikachu, the starters, and Route 1 Pokémon usually make up the bulk of the Pokémon shown. A hint that Flareon is going up in the world?

There will be Baby pre-evolutions of...
  • Druddigon. First Dragon-type baby Pokémon.
  • Heatmor
  • Zangoose and Seviper. The pre-evolutions happen to get along better than their evolved forms.
  • Sigilyph, who's the strongest non-legendary Psychic-Flying Pokémon, for crying out loud!
    • Jossed. There will be NO baby pre-evolutions at all.

Chespin will develop a fruit hat
Its current "hat" has little spines that look like they could hold fruit. Maybe it will grow some.
  • Jossed. Chesnaught dosen't have a fruit hat. At least it's a freaking knight. :D

X and Y will introduce mammals for fossil Pokemon.
So far there are no mammalian fossil Pokemon, my guess is that they'll add some in X and Y to keep things fresh. Some possible fossil mammals could be:
  • Saber-tooth cat of some sort
  • Prehistoric wolf/canine
  • A European cave lion (after all, the new area is based off France. There are even ancient paintings of cave lions in French caves!)
  • A megaloceros (unlikely, since one of the legendary Pokémon is already a giant deer)
  • Prehistoric bear of some sort
  • Woolly rhino
  • Woolly mammoth
    • And it could be Rock/Ice
    • ...Isn't that what Mamoswine is? That's why it evolves with Ancientpower, just like Yanma/Yanmega.
  • Megatherium (massive sloth)
  • A sivathere (moose-like giraffid) just to keep people on their toes. There was even a species that lived in France.
  • Jossed, unless there are more than two new fossil Pokemon this gen: The fossil Pokemon are a Rock/Dragon T-rex and a Rock/Ice Amargasaurus. Given how long it took them to get to the Stock Dinosaurs, it's still a little surprising...

There will not be a new Eeveelution
  • Instead, there will be a pure dragon type expy that uses evolutionary stones to evolve into pure rock, flying, or fighting types. See, Eevee was a pure normal type, which was physical in the first three gens. it evolved into types that were special. Dragon is the only special type without an evo, so a dragon type expy of eevee will appear and evolve into previously physical types
    • That's... actually, kinda cool. If we don't get a new Eeveelution then we better get this. So long as the fighting type evolution is called Champeon I'm good.
      • Jossed. Ninfia has been revealed on CoroCoro leaks.

Ninfia details

Ninfia is a female-only Eevelution with a male counterpart that still has to be revealed.
Its design looks quite girly, its main color is pink, and its name is likely a reference to the mythological Nymphs, who were exclusively female. Since X and Y seem to be centered around the male/female dychotomy, it's possible that there will be an item or method that allows male and female Eevees to evolve differently. Its male counterpart will be revealed in a few weeks, probably because announcing both at the same time would have made it too obvious and they still don't want to release too many details.
  • Jossed, there are male Ninfia/Sylveons.

Ninfia will be a Normal-type
Well, it doesn't resemble any other type, at least.
  • Kinda having a hard time figuring out how you'd even evolve the thing to begin with if it's supposed to be Normal, seeing as Umbreon and Espeon already evolve practically unaided. What're you supposed to do, level it at sunset and sunrise?
    • It could require a stone to evolve. Many normal-type Pokémon evolve using the Shiny Stone.
  • Jossed. Fairy-type.

Ninfia's name and related details
The "Ninf" in Ninfia's name seems to be Nymph. Transliterating "Nymph" into Japanese gives us the kana in it's name. If that is the case, it's English name could be "Nympheon".
  • There's been speculation on another wiki that the Nin/Nym is as much a clue to Nimbus as much as Nymph

If it is indeed Nymph, it's typing could be Flying or Bug, as "Nymphalidae" is the largest family of butterflies.

  • Or Normal, as the majority classified as a faerie is normal.

Its English name has been revealed as Sylveon, but in French it's Nymphali. I'm starting to like Bug for its typing.

  • "Sylveon" recalls the sylphs (air elementals) and the Latin word for forest. Its German name is Feelinara, which has "Fee" (German for fairy). This seems to make some case for it being flying or (maybe less so) bug - that is, if it's not completely new (see below)

Sylveon's method of evolution will be gender-based
  • Sylphs and Nymphs are both a: faerie creatures, and b: female-only spirits, in Pokemon the Fairy Egg Group is dominated by overwhelmingly female-dominant and female-specific types. This is not to say that it will change Egg Group, or gain an Egg Group on evolution, but using the aesthetic design and naming system as a common ground.
  • The eighth evolution in a family that only has one out of eight hatch as female.

Ninfia/Sylveon is going to show off a new type.
Sylveon's design doesn't clearly recall any of the existing types - it's not for nothing that there's fierce debate over its type. It's also curious that one of the first things they're revealing is an Eeveelution - which people immediately associate with type-changing evolution - and the thing they're hyping the most is its type.

If there is a counterpart to Sylveon, perhaps X and Y will introduce two new types. Perhaps linked to sound and light?

  • Confirmed, Ninfia/Sylveon is Fairy type.

Sylveon will be the Dragon Eeveelution.
Am I the only one that's reminded of Iris when I look at that thing?
  • Jossed. Sylveon's the Fairy Eeveelution.

The other Eeveelution will be a Dragon type.
All previous Eeveelutions besides the first three were introduced in pairs, along with one of them being weak against the other(Espeon weak against Umbreon, Leafeon being weak against Glaceon). Fairy is introduced as something strong against Dragon, so why shouldn't it continue this pattern?

Or a Steel type.
To be strong against Sylveon and have a magic vs. tech theme.

The 700+ Pokémon promised is only counting the new Pokemon
Taking us from 649 to over 1349.
  • Oh my dear Arceus...
    • (facepalm) JOSSED. When will you learn? 69 FUCKING NEW POKEMON, PEOPLE!
      • ...heheheheh... 69 fucking...

There will be a ground type Eeveelution called Gnomeon that is a counterpart to Sylveon
If Sylveon is a Flying type based on the air elementals of Sylphs, then it'd make sense there'd be a Ground type based on the earth elementals of Gnomes. It will probably be manly looking in contrast to the feminine Sylveon.

Baby Kangaskhan will become an official Pokemon
Bonus points if it is linked to Cubone.
  • Almost. During Kangaskhan's Mega Evolution, the baby (FINALLY) comes out of the pouch and aids in attacks. The two Kangaskhan (adult and baby) are still considered one Pokémon though.

The small, cute, all 100-stats legendary for this gen
will double as another Pika-clone, where it will at least be an Electric Type.
  • The 'Pika-clone' for this generation has already been revealed, so this is likely Jossed.
    • Completely Jossed.

They'll introduce 4th evolutions and Yveltal is the evolution of Sceptile
Come on, they've got the SAME head.
  • Regular Pokémon evolving into legendary ones?... Sounds too Digimon-esque for me...
  • I'm not sure if they'll add in 4th evos, it just seems a bit odd and they ended up with enough of a Broken Base with all the third evos they added in Gen IV.
  • There are a whole lot of issues with this theory. First, legendary Pokémon being part of an evolution line, period. Second, legendary Pokémon being part of an evolution line with non-legendary Pokémon, even starters. Third, the idea of 4-stage evolution lines is highly unlikely at this point, given that the 3-member maximum has been the unspoken rule since the very beginning and isn't in obvious need of change. Fourth, Sceptile and Yveltal have no common design themes that would indicate an evolutionary relationship or even a common type, the latter of which has always been present (apart from the obvious exception of Eevee). Finally, their heads look vaguely similar at best, which is an incredibly weak basis to claim an evolutionary relationship.
  • Confirmed and Jossed. Semi-confirmed! Mega Evolutions are a thing now, but they're not true fourth evolutions. (Mega Blaziken is still Blaziken, it does not become a new species, nor does it get to stay in that form.)

Sylveon is fighting type.
I sincerely hope not, the pun Champeon is too good to waste.
  • Jossed; Fairy-type.

X and Y will introduce "hybrid Pokémon".
Basically, there will be a few Pokemon that can only be obtained if two certain, different species of Pokemon are bred together. Only a few combos will produce a hybrid species, and breeding will remain the same for the rest. Some possible hybrids:
  • Breeding Xerneas and Yveltal will only be able to breed with each other, and doing so will produce a special Pokémon.
  • Breeding Pikachu/Raichu and Marill/Azumarill will produce a water/electric type Pokémon heavily resembling a blue Pikachu, as a Shout-Out to the old "Pikablue" rumors.
  • Breeding Lucario and Zoroark will result in a Fighting/Dark Pokemon that uses Aura Based abilities as well as the illusionary abilities of Zoroark.
  • Adding on to the above theory, there will be an incense to allow hybrid breeding.
  • Skitty and Wailord to get this thing
    • Jossed. Real genetics only works that way some of the time, and the games' breeding mechanics haven't changed.

There will be Pokémon exclusive to the player's gender.
Ignoring all possible Game-Favored Gender implications that may arise from it, there is substantial reason for gender exclusives as well as version exclusives. B2/W2 sort of introduced it already, with some of the Pokémon available through the lost item subquest (albeit only 4 pairs, perfect for expanding upon). Importantly, it fits with the percieved chromosome theme much less outlandishly as some WMGs. If the "over 700 Pokémon" fluff indeed means "over 700 catchable in-game" (which is what most WMGs are assuming), an additional exclusives system would make sure the existing one is not completely overrun. And of course, it will inspire even more usage of the much-loved GTS (which is to say, much-loved by Game Freak).
  • Well, that's already done by Black 2 and White 2. That Ferris Wheel quest has 2 sets of Pokémon, one for female NPC and other for male. Some Pokémon are shared, some are not. All aren't available in B2W2 outside that way, though some are available (in)directly in BW.

Xerneas will be female, and Yveltal will be male.
In DNA, two X chromosomes are female, an X and a Y chromosome is male. The black diamonds on Yveltal's body, if you look closely, you'll see that the pattern resembles a double-helix, consistent with DNA.

Not all 6th gen Pokémon are in this regional dex
Some are exclusive to post game, especially in swarms. Others are obtained through breeding or evolution from old Pokémon not in the regional dex either. And a few (legendaries) are exclusive to future installments of this generation games. Ultimately in those future games, the regional dex will be updated to include them all.
  • Except that this was one of the main reasons that Diamond and Pearl was widely criticized (a good chunk of the Pokémon introduced were pre/evolutions to Pokémon that couldn't be obtained until the post-game).
  • Maybe they could save some Gen 6 Pokemon for the Gen III remake?

Sylveon's type will forever be unknown.
In-game, it will literally be labels as a '???' type, having no weakness or resistance. And it can learn all the moves the previous Eeveelutions could.
  • Problem with this is that the '???' type was retired in Black and White. If anything, Sylveon will be either of an existing type or (if Game Freak has well and truly gone nuts) of a new type.
  • Especially considering Game Freak's always been nuts.
  • Jossed. Its type has been confirmed to be the Fairy-type.

The gimmick/novelty Pokémon of this generation.
Each new generation has some "gimmick (or novelty) Pokemon", which are Pokémon designed to take advantage of a new feature in the game. For instance, Feebas could originally only evolve by having its beauty stat raised, when contest stats were a new thing. Chatot could use a move that took advantage of the new microphone in the DS. Deerling and Sawsbuck were probably made to show off the new seasons feature, and so on. So, the novelty Pokemon for X and Y could be:
  • A Pokemon with a very geometrical look to take advantage of the 3D. Possibly a new Porygon evolution?
  • A Pokemon that can only evolve when you meet someone else through Street Pass.
  • A Pokémon that you need to pay Play Coins to evolve.
  • According to rumor, there's a Pokémon that you evolve by turning your 3DS upside down. (The 3DS has a gyroscope, so it's more plausible than it sounds)
  • According to the new CoroCoro, the shaggy white Pokemon seen in the mega-Kanto-Starters trailer can be given haircuts and dyes that change its appearance, which seems pretty like a gimmick Pokemon to me.

Mewtwo will get an alternate form.
Mewtwo is one of the two main Pokémon, the other being Genesect, in the sixteenth movie which is going to be the last one before X and y are released. Usually, those tends to feature a Pokemon from the next generation (Lugia, The Lati Twins, Lucario and Manaphy and Zoroark) but this time it doesn't, and why is that? That's simple, it's because Mewtwo is going to get an alternate form. I mean, just look at the title of the movie (Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening).Plus, it would be fit Generation VI's DNA theme.
  • According to CoroCoro, that new Mewtwo-like Pokémon is an alternate form, so seems Confirmed.
  • To expand on this, it's actually "Mega Mewtwo," a new Mega Evolution for Mewtwo. However, it has not been confirmed whether Mega Evolutions count as forms or if they get their own category.

The mascot of the third version (which will be Pokémon Z) will be a serpent-like legendary who will complete the trio with Xerneas and Yveltal, based on the serpent who lives inside Yggdrasil, Níðhöggr.
  • Holy shit, CONFIRMED— Zygarde is a Dragon/Ground serpent who lives underground and seems pretty much a dead-on reference to Nidhogg. Not yet confirmed to be the third version legendary, of course, but it seems like a slam-dunk.

    Pokemon-related guesses Part 2 

Fennekin's final evolution will be blatant furbait.
It'll be one pair of sleeves away from being sued by Bandai.
  • Well, its second form is bipedal so far...
  • Even better: Delphox has sleeves.

Sylveon will be used to show off a new method of evolution.
As has been the case with previous Eeveelutions. In Gen. I, the Eeveelutions were there to take advantage of the stone system. In Gen. II, the new ones evolved by leveling up during certain times of day, which was done to take advantage of the new day/night feature. In Gen. IV, the new ones evolved by leveling them up in a certain location, and that was the first generation that such a method was possible. It's not unreasonable to suggest that Sylveon, and any other new Eeveelutions that may appear in Gen. VI, will also use a new method of evolution.
  • Confirmed. Play with Eevee in Pokemon-amie to 2-3 affection hearts, then level it up while it has a Fairy-type move.

The Z mascot will position itself as a letter Z.
But only after its version is announced and its official artwork is updated. Can also be applied to W or other letters too.
  • Well, if there will be a Z-Version Zygare fits this to a Z as it's a snake-like Dragon which is in a constant upright "striking" position that resembles... the letter Z

Xerneas will be male, and Yveltal will be female.
Just to poke fun at all those who said the opposite.
  • Neither have genders, so jossed.

The new Mewtwo-like Pokémon is a new Mewtwo forme AND the third game mascot
The long crest on its head makes it vaguely "Z"-shaped, so it could be called "Mewtwo-Z" or something. In X and Y it'll be unobtainable via normal gameplay, and only the Mewtwo from the 16th movie event can be transformed into Mewtwo-Z. However, the third game (possibly a sequel like B2W2) will make it obtainable and give it a role in the story. Kinda like Zoroark.
  • One could argue that the thing on the new Pokemon's head looks like an Omega which is often depicted with a W. On the other hand the thing on its chest looks like Z from the opposite angle. For all we know it's a Two of a different Pokemon.
  • Partially Confirmed: it's a new Mewtwo forme, though nothing on the third game aspect yet.

One of the new Pokémon in X and Y will be a Farfetch'd Evo.
(Note: This is pretty much copied from Pokémon: Future Generations).

The Evo will wield a piece of bamboo and uses it as a Bo staff, and it could have a move or an ability that will allow it to split the staff into a pair of Eskrima sticks (but I'm not too sure as to what it would do or how it would affect the Evo). It could work as the franchise's very first Flying/Fighting type.

  • While it is jossed, X/Y does in fact have a Flying/Fighting type, Hawlucha.
The Mewtwo looking Pokémon is another clone of Mew
It's connection to Mewtwo is that in the movie the Genetic Pokemon will become a mentor of sorts to it so it doesn't take the path he first ended up taking. This will be followed by having Mewtwo be used to get the Pokemon in the game after you fight and defeat its creator.
  • Jossed: it's merely another forme of Mewtwo.
    • Merely?! It's actually a Mega Evolution, a brand new mechanic.

The Mewtwo looking Pokémon is to another Pokémon what Mewtwo is to Mew
But similar to the above, Mewtwo Awakens some sort of mentor instinct and teaches it to keep it from making his mistake. Whether Mewtwo will be used to fight its creator is unknown.
  • Jossed: the two are the same - it's a Mega Evolution.

The Mewtwo looking Pokémon is Mewtwo under special circumstances
This forme will in fact be what Mew would have eventually needed to look like if it need to evolve to survive some great catastrophe. Sort of like how some species look different in modern day than they did say thousands of years ago but Mewtwo unlocks it due to its clone biology.
  • Somewhat Confirmed: it IS an alternate forme of Mewtwo, but it isn't known what conditions - if any - are needed.
    • Mega Evolution.

New Mew is Mewtwo's father.
Mewtwo's eyes are purple while Mew's are blue and New Mew's are red... Something about this Pokemon will be more linked to why Mewtwo turned out so radically different than Mew. Recall that in the gen one games and remakes it was said that Mew gave birth to Mewtwo, if that is still the canon then what if this is the father.
  • Jossed: it's just a Mega Evolution of Mewtwo.

Guesses about Mewtwo's new forme
  • In X and Y it'll be unobtainable via normal gameplay (just like other old legendaries), and only the 16th movie event Mewtwo can transform into this forme, similar to how Zorua and Zoroark required you to transfer over old event legendaries in Black and White.
  • Just like Zorua and Zoroark, it'll be obtainable in the third game. If it's in the regional Pokédex it can be captured during the main story (maybe even as the third game mascot), while if not then it'll be obtainable in the post-game.
  • It'll have a phenomenally high Sp. Atk stat (possibly higher than White Kyurem and Deoxys-A), to generate hype and drive home the point that it's Mewtwo's "Awakened" form.
  • Mewtwo will return in the next Super Smash Bros. installment with this forme playable, either replacing or as a transformation of its regular forme.
  • Its BST will be 700, like Kyurem.
  • If its the mascot, it will get its new form when in contact with the main legendaries, similar to Kyurem.
  • It'll be Psychic/Fairy
  • It'll have new ability that's much more useful than Pressure or Unnerve. (Levitate?)

Mewtwo will have two new formes
One for each version.
  • Confirmed here: [2]

Yveltal will have something to do with the yatagarasu
It's a three legged dark avain creature, so it's a possibility.
  • Yatagarasu, eh?
  • Yveltal has two legs though. It's got two wings and a really long tail that resembles a wing however.

Stat distributions for Mewtwo's "Awakened" Form(e)
It looks more streamlined, so maybe higher Speed, but because of that lower Defense?
  • A very high Special Attack? (even more than the old form; more like the White Kyurem) Its head appears to be bigger, aside from the growth trailing from it, meaning a bigger brain and stronger psychic powers.
  • The manga for the 16th movie said that the forme was able to go faster than Red Genesect, so higher Speed seems likely.

Helioptile's secondary type will change when it evolves.
It's the first Pokemon to have Normal as a secondary type. Being a lizard, the most likely type for Normal to change to is Dragon.
  • Alternatively, Electric/Grass, since it gains energy from the sun much like plants.
  • Crazy idea-it'll mimic Eevee by evolving into three different Pokemon with different types. Probably Grass/Electric, Fire/Electric or Water/Electric
    • Jossed.

Pancham's evolution will be Fighting/Dark.
It's the Naughty Pokemon. It only makes sense.
  • Confirmed! And even better, it's called the Aggressive Pokémon!

Pancham's evolution will be Fighting/Grass.
Because Pandas are associated with bamboo trees. It also got this leaf, which could hint at a weapon of some sorts. Maybe a bamboo staff.
  • Jossed (see above)

Pancham has more than one evolution path.
Like Ralts, Eevee, or Slowpoke, it can evolve into different Pokémon. Either into Fighting/Dark or Fighting/Grass.
  • Jossed.

Pancham's leaf will change into a bamboo stick when it evolves.
If it is Fighting/Dark. It will look like a cigar.
  • It still has some kind of plant in its mouth, but it looks more like a simple sprig than a bamboo shoot.

Evolving Pancham
Pancham will have two final evolutions. One is obtained through previously used mechanics, at which point, it will turn into a slow and weak gimmicky Pokemon related to noodles. To evolve it to its better form, you have to feed it a special treat in Pokemon-Amie that you can only obtained on an island with a Shaolin-temple from an old trainer.

He will give it to you only if you beat him with Pancham or Pancham's second evolutionary stage and his team will be composed of:

  • A female Arcanine or a new tiger-like Pokemon.
  • A male Swanna/Blaziken or new Crane-like Pokemon.
  • A male Primeape/Infernape.
  • A female Arbok/Seviper/Serperior.
  • And lastly, a male Scyther.
  • He may also have a new Pokemon based on the red panda, snow leopard, peacock or tortoise.
  • (respondent here) Have you possibly been watching Kung Fu Panda lately? THAT SETTLES IT, I'M NAMING MY PANCHAM "PO". In which case, who bets this treat is some sort of almond cookie thing?
    • (Original poster)Yeah, that was my reaction when I found out about Pancham in Marriland's video too. Also, if I recall, he was trained using dumplings.
      • (respondent) Good, so I'm not the only one. XD Good point. Almond cookies were just the first thing I thought of, 'cause...well...
    Shifu (after seeing Po has climbed practically to the roof just for Monkey's almond cookies): How did you get up there?
    Po: I...I don't know, I was just getting a cookie.
    Shifu: And yet you are 10 feet off the ground and have done a perfect split!
    • (same respondent) Or maybe you need the almond cookie things to get through the island...

  • Completely jossed for obvious reasons.

Fletchling's final evolution will look like a pink flamingo/a stork/an ibis/a crane/a heron/combine aspects of several.
Fletchling is a Normal/Flying Pokémon and is very likely to be the equivalent of Pidgey/Starly/Pidove... Also, note that none of so-called regional birds has ever evolved into a wading bird so far. In fact, the closest approximation we have at all of wading birds in the series are the first-generation Doduo line, and they're highly gimmicky birds with several heads and no wings. So, why would Fletchling evolve into one of these? The first reason is that wading birds are common enough in the real world to at least be granted a Com Mon line in one generation. The second reason is because pink flamingos and storks are both birds associated with specific regions of France (pink flamingos with Camargue in the South, and storks with Alsace in the northeast). If that doesn't work, it could be based on a crane, a heron or an ibis which are the closest Japanese equivalents. Also, Fletchling's legs seem longer than usual for a regional bird, which could be a clue. So, when evolving, Fletchling will keep its head red and its body grey, but its legs, its neck, and its beak will all grow. And if Fletchling doesn't evolve into a wading bird, we should at least expect that a new line (or a new evolution) of these will be introduced in the games, and be possibly Water/Flying.
  • Seems to be jossed, as Fletchling's evolution is a Fire/Flying kind of hawk.

One of Fletchling's evolutions will look like a lyrebird.
If the previous guess is jossed. Though I used to think that would fit much better for a Chatot evo...
  • This one is, too. It's a bird of prey.

Litleo will evolve into a manticore, which will probably end up being Fire/Dark.
It has a tail that's suspiciously shaped like a stinger.
  • Alternatively, Fire/Poison, since the manticore's tail is poisonous.
  • Another alternative is Fire/Flying or maybe even different forms for different situations, as manticores are also sometimes depicted as having wings or a draconic tail in place of a scorpions.
    • Jossed.

There will be more Female Litleo than Male
See below.
  • Confirmed. It's got a 3:1 Female:Male ratio.

Litleo's evolved form(s) will have gender based differences
It's a lion. Even if Pokemon isn't always congruous with real world biology, I doubt they'd miss this one.
  • They missed it with Luxray.
  • Confirmed.
  • Also, a note: Luxray have different mane lengths based on gender, but the point still stands.

Litleo's evolved forms will be gender based
In conjunction with the above three WMG, Litleo will evolve into different Pokemonm possibly with different types and stat distributions.

The new Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon will be unlike its fellow brethren.
It will be neither a draconic beast nor a Dragon-type.
  • Bonus points if it's a Fairy-type.
  • Semi-Jossed, it's unlike it's brethren all right, it's a gooey dragon that is pure Dragon-type.

The third legendary will represent heaven.
Xerneas seems to represent the Earth, Yveltal seems to represent Hell, so maybe the third will relate to Heaven (like angelic)
  • First off: Xerneas is Life, Yveltal is death. Secondly: Jossed. Zygarde represents Order.

There will be an Asian dragon Pokemon.
It will be either a dragon/fighting type or a Dragon/Water type.

There will be a griffin Pokemon.
It will be a Flying/Ground type.

Froakie's evolutions will be based on western superheroes.
It has [[Franchise/Superman a little cape and can leap tall buildings in a single bound]]. How has someone not guessed this yet?
  • Jossed

If the alleged "Fairy" type exists, it will be weak against Steel type attacks.
Generally, The Fair Folk are considered to be weak against man-made objects, specifically iron, so it would make sense for the type to reflect this.
  • Folklore has it that iron could warn of fairies and spirits. It could maybe be weak to Ice, too, since iron is usually called "cold iron" in all those old myths.

The (as-of-this-writing) Confirmed Fairy type will also be weak against Poison.
Because A: Fairies are usually depicted as granting life and in harmony with nature while the Poison type is usually about taking life and going against "nature" and B (and more importantly): Poison-types need all the help they can get.
  • While we're at balance, Fairy should be strong against Electric types (only Ground type attacks are super-effective against Electric types), Fairy attacks should be weak against Ice types (there aren't many "pretty" mythical creatures that live in the cold), and resistant to Psychic.
  • CONFIRMED too!

Fairy type will either be weak or resistant to Dark types
  • Given the legendaries are Fairy and Dark/Flying, it's inevitable.
    • Confirmed- Fairy resists Dark.

Froakie wil evolve into a tadpole
In the same style of the Mareep line.
  • Jossed, it grows into a larger frog.

Azurill's type will be changed to Fairy.
Fairy to Water/Fairy makes more sense than Normal to Water did.
  • Confirmed. Well, sort of- normal/fairy close enough for you?

There will be another pure Fairy-type Pokemon based on a leprechaun
You will be able to catch it in the stone alignments in the West of Kalos.
  • And it will be the second line to ever learn Pay Day naturally.
    • Jossed.

Xerneas will be part Fairy-type
It would be kind of strange to bring a a new type in and not promote it. I'd go with Xerneas as the Fairy mascot since it has a very nature-y motif going on with lots of mystical looking colors. Yvetal would probably have Dragon or Dark as a counterpart.
  • Partially Jossed, it's pure Fairy-type.

This Gen's 'Mew Expy' will definitely be Fairy-type
The previous Mew copies were often categorized as 'Fairy Legendaries' so making an actual Fairy Legendary seems like a no brainer. I wouldn't be surprised if they re-typed a lot of the previous ones into Fairy instead of Psychic as well.
  • Replacing a type on an existing Pokemon seems like it would be a step too far. Making Mew and Manaphy dual Fairy-types seems probable though.
  • Sort of confirmed? None of the hidden legendaries are exactly small and cute, and none of them have flat 100 across the stats, but one IS Rock/Fairy.

Pokémon that may be retconned into Fairy types.
  • The Clefairy line - because it would be a shame if it wasn't. According to a review, it is. According to Serebii, they're a pure Fairy type now.
  • Igglybuff - Wigglytuff may as well be confirmed already. Confirmed. The entire line is Normal/Fairy.
  • Azurill - Azumarill may as well be confirmed already. Confirmed. Azurill is Normal/Fairy.
  • The Chansey line - Jossed. Still pure Normal.
  • Dunsparce - Jossed, sadly. Still pure Normal.
  • Castform- Jossed
  • The Gothita line - Jossed, still just Psychic
  • Mawile - Confirmed
  • Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf
  • Luvdisc - Jossed.
  • Audino - Jossed, then unjossed. Audino is still pure Normal, but Mega Audino is Normal/Fairy.
  • The Snubbull line - they're already know as "the Fairy Pokemon". -Confirmed that both are now pure Fairy,
  • Cresselia - There are hints that the Fairy type will be related to the moon. -Jossed, still Psychic.
  • The Misdreavus line - since they're based on banshees, a type of Irish fairy. -Jossed, likely due to their youkai origins being more prevalent.
  • The Vulpix line - since they're based on kitsunes, a type of Japanese fairy.- Jossed.
  • Milotic - Jossed, apparently, it's still Water.
  • Manaphy and Phione
  • The Togepi line. Might not be likely since they would have to change a type outright, though that has been done with the Rotom formes.- Confirmed by Kanpachi, and it's pure Fairy-type. Confirmed again by Serebii, and its evos are Fairy/Flying.
  • Whimsicott - its Japanese name is Elfuun, and its behaviour is quite fae-like. -Confirmed to be Grass/Fairy by Serebii.

  • The final list of retconned Fairy types is as follows:
    • The Clefairy line is pure Fairy at all three levels.
    • The Jigglypuff line is Normal/Fairy at all three levels.
    • The Mr. Mime line is Psychic/Fairy at both levels.
    • The Togepi line starts at pure Fairy and becomes Fairy/Flying on evolution.
    • The Marril line starts at Normal/Fairy and evolves into Water/Fairy.
    • The Snubbull line is pure Fairy at both levels.
    • The Ralts line is Psychic/Fairy at all leves except Gallade.
    • Mawile is Steel/Fairy.
    • Arceus has access to the Pixie Plate which changes its type accordingly.
    • Whimsicott is Grass/Fairy.
      • Though this doesn't include certain legendaries which are unavailable until the end of December. (Notably, the Lake Spirits.)

There will be some kind of item required to unlock Fairy-type on retconned Pokémon.
Thus giving an in-story reason for why they weren't always Fairy. This item will be rare, forcing players to make a choice.
  • Seemingly Jossed — they're all permanent, including outright type changes.

Sylveon's base stats will be:
  • 95 HP
  • 60 Attack
  • 65 Defense
  • 130 Sp. Attack
  • 65 Sp. Defense
  • 110 Speed

  • I think of it as something like 65/60/60/95/110/130. When I first saw it I thought it would have high SDef, and it's also light and looks quite nimble (and not very physically durable). Also as of now the Eeveelutions don't repeat the 110 and 130 stats more than once.

  • Seems to be 95/65/65/110/130/60 or 110/65/65/95/130/60.

The third member of Xerneas and Yvetal's trio will be Fairy-type
May as well show off the new type some way or another.
  • Alternatively, Xerneas will be Fairy-type. Which would go well with it appearing to be some sort of majestic forest guardian. Too elaborate, Xerneas will be something like Psychic/Fairy or Grass/Fairy while Yvetal will be Dark/Dragon or Fire/Dragon so they both oppose each other in some way.
    • Confirmed, sort of. Xerneas is actually pure Fairy-type.

Miltank will become a dual Normal/Fairy-type
Despite every person who has ever played G/S/C (and their remakes) seeing Miltank as more of a demon, it will probably be changed to a Fairy-type (along with the Cleffa-line). And thus, if anymore Johto remakes should happen within the next decade, Whitney will now be a Fairy-type Gym Leader.
  • Jossed. Still Normal.

Vivillon's secret has something to do with the number 666
There will be a Pokémon with #666 as its National Dex number. It's likely it will be Kalos' regional bird or bug, or another Pokémon that's common in the early game. So, even if Vivillon was not #666, why not ?
  • Confirmed. Enjoy your Satan Butterfly. The number's utterly insignificant, though.

Dragon type Pokemon will be more common this generation.
Thanks to the Fairy type, they're less of a Game-Breaker. It would also allow them to counter with Fairy types.
  • The entire point of the Fairy-type is to counter the ever growing strength of the Dragon-type, why do anything to give the dragons a way to counter the Fairies?
  • Maybe not related, but one of the screenshots possibly shows you can get dragons really early (Lv. 8 Axew, anyone?)
  • Seemingly confirmed. The 3 Kalos dexes together have three lines of draconic pseudolegends, and has introduced a new one, Noivern (special Fragile Speedster extraordinaire), and the long-awaited Poison/Dragon.

There will be a Fairy/Dark Pokemon
To be more in line with The Fair Folk, rather than the "cute" fairies we have now. It will have the Prankster ability and learn Nasty Plot by level-up. (Dark-type Thundurus-I, anyone?)
  • This sadly appears Jossed outside of possible event legendaries. Only a few known fairies appear to resemble The Fair Folk, incidentally (Mawile, Klefki, Gardevoir, Xerneas, end list)

Flabebe's evolution will be a Game-Breaker
Just looking at the little doll makes me believe it itself will be terribly useless. The lightest and tiniest mon ever? Yeah. However, upon evolution it becomes a succinct rival to Gyarados if not Dragons like Dragonite or Salamence.
  • Sadly, its speed appears too low. But Floette has been seen to be a Fragile Speedster, and it's rumoured that the stats differ depending on the colour of its flower.
    • Aside from the still-unreleased Eternal Flower Floette (which has more or less the same base stat total as Florges), the rumor about the stats differing based on its color has been Jossed. But while it's hardly a Game-Breaker, Florges's base stat total is indeed higher than (non-Mega) Gyarados and in fact the only Pokémon that's not legendary, pseudo-legendary, a Mega Evolution, or hampered by a detrimental ability (read: Slaking and Archeops) with a higher base stat total is Arcanine. Its Special Defense in particular is tied with Ho-oh and Lugia for fifth-best of any Pokémon, behind only Shuckle, Regice, Defense Forme Deoxys, and Primal Kyogre.

Fennekin's evolved form
Will be this.
  • ...And that is?
  • This is a family game, I rather doubt that. (That's an image from the Eroge Monster Girl Quest, good story, really pornographic).

There will be a pair of Pokemon based on a tortoise and a hare respectively
The hare Pokémon will have a very high speed and attacks, but abilities such as Slow Start or Truant ; while the tortoise will have a very low speed but high Defenses and an ability such as Speed Boost and moves to get more powerful.
  • Partially confirmed. Diggersby's a hare and Avalugg's kinda based on a tortoise/iceberg/aircraft carrier, but the former has Huge Power and the latter is a Mighty Glacier on the physical side. Furthermore, the tortoise also has a type advantage against the hare (Ice vs. Normal/Ground).

There will be another type introduced alongside Fairy
Just like how Psychic was counterbalanced in Generation II. Fairy types will be immune to Dragon attacks, while this new type will simply be resistant to it (the only type that resists Dragon attacks is Steel). And it will be weak/strong against other types that need balancing.
  • Weak to Poison.
  • Weak against Ice.
  • Strong against Electric.
  • Jossed.

Fairy attacks will not be effective against Normal types
Fairy types could be a Crippling Overspecialization sort of element, where it is good against otherwise strong types (Psychic, Dragon), while weak to the types that aren't usually threatening (Poison and Normal).
  • Jossed. Fairy attacks do regular damage to Normal types.

There will be an Ice/Normal Pokémon
Since there's a Fire/Normal and an Electric/Normal Pokémon.
  • Jossed.

Orotto will be Grass/Ghost or Ghost/Grass
You look at that thing and tell me it doesn't look like the evil tree from Poltergeist. The Grass part is obvious, but its face seems to strongly suggest Ghost as a secondary type.

The Pseudo-Legendary or a legendary this Generation will be Dragon/Fairy or Steel/Fairy
Fairy types are being deemed extremely powerful just because they're strong on Dragon types and in previous generations, Dragon and Steel types were considered the strongest so this combo would work well for the Pseudo-Legendary or Legendary
  • Jossed, it's pure Dragon and very squishy (not in terms of it's defenses however...).

Orotto will be Made of Explodium, like the trees from Earthbound.
It will learn Explosion by level-up and/or have the Aftermath ability. Bonus points if it runs off an absurdly high attack.{{Jossed!}}

You will be able to trade one Fairy-type from your game for another from the other version.
That should happen since Black and White did that with the Grass-types Cottonee and Petilil.
  • Confirmed, basically...Slurpuff and Aromatisse both evolve by trade with an object.

Helioptile and Litleo are somehow related.
They're both the first secondary Normal-types, and they look like they could be version exclusives or such.
  • Jossed.

How Eevee will be able to evolve into Sylveon
There might be some sort of evolutionary powder or glitter that works like the stones. Or, if the stones are a theme, then a sparkly stone or something similar.
  • Alternatively, it will evolve using Pokémon-Amie in some way.
    • Jossed. Confirmed in the case of Pokémon-Amie.

Oorotto's English name will be Auroot
Aura + root, and it's similar to the Japanese name.
  • I think its name will be Booroot, just because.
  • Its name might be Rootot, a combination of root and rot.
  • Jossed. Oorotto is now known as Trevenant.

Kyurem will get its original state back through Mega Evolution.
  • Jossed

Pokemon that will get a new Mega form

Place your bets, folks, place your bets.

  • Zoroark
    • Jossed
  • Charizard
    • His Mega Form will either be Fire/Dragon or have an ability that negates its oft-maligned Rock double weakness.
      • Charizard (and the rest of the original trio) gets Mega Form, but it regains the typing. Mega Form sets up permasun, though.
      • In fact he has two Mega Formes now, both are version exclusive (the above is for Y). His X Mega Form IS Fire/Dragon now, and an ability that boosts Physical attacks.
  • The final evolutions for all starters.
    • It looks like it's shaping up to be that way; the Kanto starters are all confirmed to get Mega Evolutions, then there's Blaziken from the first reveal.
  • All Final evolutions. Including branches and those who don't evolve from anything at all. Except for Pokemon with at least one additional "Forme" already (see WMG below). (DtP)
  • Sableye (to match Mawile)
    • Confirmed for the Hoenn remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Torterra: Who will have the ability Forecast and ba ableto change type in the weather: Grass/Ground, Water/Ground, Fire/Ground Ice/Ground.
  • Infernape
    • Bonus points if he looks like a Super-Saiyan.
      • Even more if it turns into an Electric/Fighting type, making a Super Sayain 2 reference.
  • Bisharp
  • Medicham
  • Raichu. To give it a bit of publicity alongside Pichu and Pikachu.
    • Alternatively, Pikachu. That way, Ash can get his Pikachu to Mega Evolve without first evolving it into Raichu in the Anime.
  • Magnezone
  • All of the regis. They share the same Mega Stone (Reginite), so you have to choose which one to Mega Evolve in battle.
  • Deoxys and All of its formes.
  • Togekiss, so they can add the fairy type to the line without having to remove one of its original types.
    • Seemingly Jossed, as the fairy type has been added to it anyway (according to leaks)
  • The event legendaries. The single-types will become dual fairy types, while the dual types will have psychic replaced by fairy only in the mega form.
  • Flygon, so the poor thing can finally get some attention over other dragons. Even better with an ability like Tinted Lens or Speed Boost.
  • Eevee, and it'll be nessesary to evolve Eevee into the second new Eeveelution
  • Braviary. Blue body, red and white striped wings and tail, gatling guns for legs.
  • Tyranitar. It's Mega Evolution will be Mecha Tyranitar Because it's much too cool a design to not use again. It will be Dark/Steel with Flash Fire for an ability.
  • Gyarados and Sceptile, who will both gain Dragon-type upon mega-evolution.
  • Latios and Latias, with the Soul Dew being retconned as a Mega Stone.
  • Sudowoodo, who becomes Rock/Grass and finally achieves his dream of becoming a tree.
  • All starters, or at least one form each generation. But the items will only be available through events, therefore slightly mitigating the amount of people who will choose the one with a Mega evolution over those that don't.
  • Metagross. It will have slightly higher attack/speed and slightly worse special stats, because it has to concentrate on it's new ability: Levitate
  • A lot of Joke Character Pokemon. It would allow them to improve on Pokemon like Farfetch'd, but not have to add about a dozen or so new evolutions.
  • Miltank. Its type will be Normal/Rock.
  • Houndoom. We've waited so long for a cerberus Pokémon.

  • According to, the following Pokemon have been given Mega-Evolutions. Most of the predictions here have been Jossed, but a lot have been confirmed:
    • The Generation I starter Pokemon
    • Alakazam
    • Gengar
    • Kangaskhan
    • Pinsir (Bug/Flying)
    • Gyarados (not Water/Dragon but Water/Dark)
    • Aerodactyl
    • Mewtwo
    • Ampharos
    • Heracross
    • Houndoom (sadly, it doesn't look like Cerberus, the three-headed hound of Hades, but it does have longer devil horns and a more intimidating look).
    • Tyranitar (sadly neither mecha nor Steel/Dark, it keeps its old typing and ability)
    • Blaziken
    • Gardevoir
    • Mawile
    • Aggron (pure Steel)
    • Medicham
    • Manectric
    • Banette
    • Absol
    • Lucario
    • Garchomp

  • And in the Hoenn remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the following guesses have been confirmed:
    • Sceptile
    • Sableye
    • Latios, Latias (they each get a new Mega Stone, though)
    • Metagross (no Levitate, though it is hovering)

Legendaries with multiple formes with have the non-basic formes Retconned as "Mega" Formes.
And any items that trigger those formes will become equivalent to the in-battle Transformation Trinkets the game will have for the other Pokemon. Conversely, formes that do not trigger with an item will get one; thus we'll be able to see (e.g.) Deoxys' Speed Forme without having to visit meteors.

There will finally be a Poison-type Legendary.
There really are no more excuses now.
  • It will be based off Cthulhu, and will also be part Psychic as well.
    • Well, they got Inkay and Malamar as the Cthulhu-style Pokemon, so that opportunity is gone. They can base a Poison-type Legendary on something else...
      • Poison type Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who would have Yveltal as their master.
      • Of course! It fit in with the life and death themes (though I always thought a "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" group of Pokemon would be Dark types or Ghost-types. I don't see anyone clamoring for Ghost-type legendary Pokemon — barring Giratina, but that was a Ghost/Dragon, and I'm talking about a pure Ghost or maybe revive the Ghost/Poison pairing from Generation One and really make it something worth fighting with).

There will also be a non-event Bug-type Legendary.
  • Jossed.

There will be more pure Flying-type Mons, since Tornadus pretty much opened the door for pure Flying types.
Based off clouds and such.
  • Does this mean that Castform (the cute little weather-based Pokemon from Generation III) will have an evolution or a mega evolution that's pure Flying? 'Cuz that would be cool if it did.

Crobat will get Mega Evolution
Hey you. Yes you, you playing Guardian Signs. You know what I mean.

Malamar has always been manipulating everyone it sees
into not using it for its mind controlling powers.

Gardevoir will become a female only species in Gen V
Thus finally splitting the Ralts line into a proper male/female counterpart, stopping idiots from only using female Ralts if they want a Gardevoir because the idea of a male Gardevoir disturbs them. Which leads to...
Mega-Gardevoir will receive a larger chest
Perverted Internet fans are thinking (and placing bets on) it. Gardevoir, along with a few choice Pokemon (like Charizard) have been copyrighted/trademarked, whatever the proper term is, for Mega-Evolution. Why not take this chance"enhance" Gardevoir's feminine qualities?

The Rufflet and Vullaby lines won't be version exclusive (they're either equally available, or not at all).
Seriously, hardly anyone chooses Vullaby.
  • Confirmed: Neither lines are indigenous to Kalos.
    • But both of them are available via the Friend Safari.

Inkay and Malamar will be able to learn Surf.
I mean, they ARE squids, and if Stunfisk can learn it, then...
  • Jossed, they don't even learn any water moves except Rain Dance via TM.

There will be two Pokemon species with a rivalry based on the knight and dragon interactions in fairy tales.
The Knight Pokemon will be Fairy/Steel, and the Dragon Pokemon will be Dragon/Fire. They also won't, hopefully, be able to breed.
  • Would you settle for a Ghost/Steel haunted sword that evolves into two swords and then into a sword and shield with references to Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone? If not, then this is the closest thing players are going to get to a "Knight" Pokemon. Besides, Bisharp and Pawniard from Generation Five look like knights (the chess piece and the armored fighter).
  • Jossed.

There will be legendaries based on characters from The Wizard of Oz.
The scarecrow, the tin man, and the cowardly lion specifically. Maybe Dorothy will be the base for an event-exclusive Pokémon.
  • What type would a Cowardly Lion-based Pokemon be? I know the scarecrow will be Grass and the Tin Man will be Steel (maybe Steel/Electric, but pure Steel is a better bet). The Cowardly Lion-based one would probably be Dark, since Dark types are often depicted as doing cowardly things (i.e. the Sucker Punch attack). Maybe a Normal type, since we need another Normal type Legendary (Arceus can only do so much).
  • Jossed. We have scarecrows, lions, witches, dogs, and metal creatures, but no new ones corresponding to Oz.

Honedge (the Ghost/Steel sword Pokèmon) will NOT learn Swords Dance
Just to troll expectations.
  • Jossed. It's already confirmed that Honedge learns Swords Dance. As a starting move, no less.

The Pokemon shown in a brief shot during Venusaur's battle is some sort of alpaca.
Think about it. It had white fur, dangling ears, and its got black hoof tips. And judging by its design, it looks like an alpaca or a llama.
  • Jossed. The Pokémon, named Furfrou, is actually a poodle (standard, not those yippy little toy poodles). Its hair is untrimmed in the wild; you get to customize it.

Nidoran Male and Nidoran Female will get retconned into one Pokemon with gender differences.
  • This will be done in order to finally give Nidorina and Nidoqueen the ability to breed.
    • The problem with this is that they have different dex numbers, meaning every single Pokemon past it would have its number changed.
      • That's really only a minor issue, plus it would put Girafarig's number down to 202, which would finally make it a true palindrome.

There will be a Poison/Steel Pokémon, possibly a legendary.
  • According to the new type chart, Poison and Steel are the two types most effective against Fairy. So it would be just to annoy that type. Plus, this combination was never seen before.
    • What would a Poison/Steel Pokemon be based on? A rusted-out robot or hunk of metal corroded by acid? A silver puddle of goo, kinda like Ditto, but with a name like Quiksilver or Mercuria or Aychgee [pronounced "H-G"], since mercury is a liquid metal and is very poisonous? Or a Pokemon based on lead (using its element symbol Pb), though that might lead to Moral Guardian protests...

The Starter Pokemon's lines will be based off of the Fighter, the Mage, and the Thief.
This theory's gaining some steam, so let's outline the possible clues:
  • Chespin gains a lot of bulk in its evolution, which makes it look tanky, and a good fit for the fighter class.
  • Fennekin-evo's fur makes a dress-like pattern around its waist, and its tail looks like a broom. Both dresses and brooms are associated with the standard image of a witch.
  • Froakie was already ninja-themed, but its evo has long, skinny limbs and is presumably good at jumping as a frog.
  • Confirmed. They even become Grass/Fighting, Fire/Psychic and Water/Dark respectively.

Fennekin's final evolution/Mega Evolution will be something particularly trollish
His final evolution will not be fire/fighting, but instead a different type combination. However, his Mega Evolution will be fire fighting. Or vice Versa.

Chespin's final evo will become Grass/Dark because of how people received his first evo.
All the hatred and bullying he received as his fat first evo will cause him to become bitter and resentful. By the time he evolves again, he'll have done a complete 180 from a cheerful Pollyanna into a cynical Jerkass and gained the Dark type.
  • Jossed; it's going to be a Grass/Fighting type, however it does look quite grumpy compared it Chesping/Quilladin. Then again, anything looks grumpy compared them.

Mega Garchomp won't be a Game-Breaker.
He'll be a top-tier threat, for sure, but nowhere near as ridiculous as he was in Gen 4. To recap, Sand Force boosts Ground-, Rock- and Steel-type moves by 30%. Even assuming a rise in Attack, he probably wouldn't do too much more damage than a standard Choice Band Chomp, perhaps except for Earthquakenote , and the boost only affects those typed moves. Remember that Mega Evolutions have no access to items besides the megastone. So no Life Orb, and no Yache/Haban Berry, which alone makes it easier to check.

Remember also that this is the generation of fairies, and a Fairy/Flying or a Levitating Fairy is entirely possible. (In fact, we have two mons, Togekiss and Mismagius, that are speculated be just that, and Spritzee looks bird-like enough to become Flying-type) Having two attacks that are free switch-in bait is never a good idea for any Pokémon, and the paranoia about Fairy-types that's sure to be means that he might have to give up a coverage move (or even Outrage) for Iron Head, which happens to get the boost. But not carrying Outrage means Gliscor walls it, and Iron Head instead of Fire Fang means it can't touch Skarmory; thus, more counters and checks.

It's also been revealed that it has less speed than regular Chomp, which always helps. Then again...

Mega Garchomp's speed will "go down a little"... base 101.

There will be new Dragon/Poison and/or Dragon/Steel Pokémon
Again, just to troll Fairy. The Dragon/Steel Pokémon may even be a powerful pseudolegendary line.
  • Confirmed for Dragon/Poison (Skrelp's evolution Dragalge), jossed for Dragon/Steel.

The Kalos starters will only evolve once.
Game Freak is changing so many things that I wouldn't be surprised if the starters no longer evolved after Quilladin, Braixen, and Frogadier.
  • What about the Mega Evolutions?

The Kalos starters will have branching evolutions, a first for starter Pokemon.
This will be a reference to some JRP Gs where characters have to choose between two advanced classes after leveling a while. Quilladin will evolve to Grass/Dark or Grass/Steel (Which class will the Knight choose, Dark Knight or Paladin?), and Braixen will evolve to Fire/Psychic or Fire/Fairy (Sorcerer/Wizard or Witch?). I am unsure about Frogadier, other than that one of his advanced classes would be Ninja.
  • Ninja/Rogue or straight up Fighter. Water/Dark or Water/Fighting.

The Kalos starters' stats in a nutshell:
The Chespin line will have high physical attack and defense with low speed, the Fennekin line will have high speed and special stats, and the Froakie line will have high speed and offenses with low defenses.

Pancham's evolution method.
Pancham will evolve if it levels up at the same time as any other Pokemon in your party.
  • Jossed, it requires a Dark-type to be in your party when it reaches level 32.

Bunnelby's evolution will have Arm Cannons.
We have Braixen, we have Tyrantrum, don't they remind you of something?

Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit will be retconned into being Psychic/Fairy types
Aside from being a nice boost (And a nod to them being called pixies), it will also be a nice bit of Gameplay and Story Integration as they are supposed to be able to suppress the creation trio together.
  • Unfortunately, it appears they are still pure Psychic types. But then again, Transfer's not out yet, and until then, the only way to get the trio in X & Y is by hacking.

Pyroar evolves into a Fire/Poison type with even more gender differences.
The male, as discussed before, becomes a manticore with the Levitate ability. The female becomes a chimera with a new ability that turns its Normal moves into Poison moves.
  • Nope.

Identity of the Pokemon to be revealed on September 25th.
Right now, it's only known to be an evolved Pokemon. Place your bets, folks!

Oorotto evolves from Bonsly
Making a branch evolution
  • Jossed

Eevee will get a megaevolution
Excluding Gen 1 every time Eevee has had new evolutions added it was done in pairs

Whatever new item evolves Eeevee into Sylveon will also work on Gogoat.
Because where there are fairies, there's probably a satyr. Bonus points if the female looks more like a dryad; gendered evolutions seem to be a trend in this generation.
  • Nope. Eevee's evolution into Sylveon isn't item-based; it's totally unique; and the closest thing to a gendered evolution is Meowstic having a slightly different level-up learnset based on gender.

Honedge has a three stage evolution and a Mega Evolution
Doublade will evolve into a Pokemon composed of three swords, and it's mega evolution will be composed of nine swords with a dark green tassel.
  • Jossed, it's been confirmed no Kalos Pokemon will have a Megalution this time, and it also trades away one sword for a shield when it becomes Aegislash.

Meowstic are some kind of Expy for Nidoran
Learning different moves based on gender? Where I've heard that before...note 

Fennekin will have a swapped gender ratio compared to the other starters
Up to this point all starters have had an 87.5% Male to 12.5% Female ratio. However, considering Fennekin's evolution has the the word "vixen" in it, this may mean that Fennekin will be predominantly female, and therefore have a 87.5% Female to 12.5% Male ratio instead.

Charizard will be the only Kanto starter that is getting two Mega Evolutions.
It IS one of the oldest fan favorites, after all.
  • Confirmed.

Old Pokemon will entirely overshadow the new Pokemon
I have a feeling that X and Y will be the polar opposite of Black and White in terms of Pokemon. While Black and White cared NOTHING for the periphery demographic in terms of Pokemon, restricting us to new ones for the entirety of the main game (and yet having a bridge called Charizard Bridge), I have a feeling X and Y will focus nearly entirely on the OLD Pokemon, ignoring the new ones.
  • One leaker on 4chan basically says much of the same happens by the second gym. Then there's that persistent rumour that there's only 70 new Pokémon, which is probably doubtful. (Especially since that would mean more than half of them have been officially revealed already...)

In the inevitable Z version, the Kalos starters will get mega evolutions with the following abilities.
  • Mega Chesnaught Z: Iron Barbs (covered in spikes)
  • Mega Delphox Z: Magic Guard (makes sense for a mage)
  • Mega Greninja Z: Technician (multi-hit and priority moves would benefit)

Celebi will be retconned to Fairy/Grass.
  • Maybe.
    • Togekiss's type was changed (from Normal/Flying to Fairy/Flying), so it seems possible.
      • Jossed.

Sylveon is the only Gen 6 Pokemon
to have a cross-gen evolutionary stage.
  • Looks confirmed, if you don't count Megas.

Noivern is a Pseudo Legendary OR is a part of a Pseudo Legendary line
Leaks have been saying that its pre-evolution, Noibat, is found in the endgame, similar to how Pokemon like Gible were found.
  • Jossed.

Houndour and Houndoom will be doomed to be postgame Pokemon in this game
Just like every other game that isn't Pokemon Platinum.
  • Jossed, they can be found in the main game.

Goodra is a Pseudo Legendary
  • Heck, the Champion uses one in the final battle, but it doesn't seem to meet eligibility requirements unlike the previous Pseudo Legendaries, such as double typing. It does however get a type immunity if it has "Sap Sipper", which makes it immune to all Grass type moves.
    • Confirmed.
  • People are also speculating that Aegislash, a Ghost/Steel is a Pseudo Legendary as well. It is double-typed, is the final evolution of a three-stage evolutionary family, is immune to Fighting, Normal, and Poison type moves, and it is used by an Elite Four Member.
    • Jossed, it has 540 BST in both formes. Honedge appears to be wild too early in the game too.

A hypothetical Pokemon Z would have a new dex.
After Central, Coastal and Montain dexes, it would have a fourth one. This dex will include:
  • Gen 6 Pokemon that whose data are miraculously well hidden in X and Y versions.
  • A real Legendary trio and their trio master who is themed after W.
  • Old Pokemon who are not in any of the previous three dexes. They may also have new evolutions or pre-evos coming from this gen!
  • Alternatively, some Pokemon in X/Y Kalos' dex will be outright replaced by others (the Pidgey line may be replaced by the Pidove line, Zigzagoon by Rattata, etc...)

Yveltal will be an example of Dark Is Not Evil.
C'mon, they do this sort of thing all the bloody time throughout the franchise - why stop now?
  • Seems to be confirmed. Its existence is necessary for life on Kalos to continue.

Previously Version-Exclusive mons that won't be version exclusive in X and Y
  • Rufflet vs Vullaby
  • Growlithe vs Vulpix

The third version/sequels will give Zygarde either a mega-evolution or a new form.
  • As it stands now it is at a severe disadvantage against both of the Pokemon it's supposed to control. Plus they already did it with Giratina and Kyurem.
    • Confirmed ! In fact, Zygarde gets not one, but three new forms ! (though admittedly, only one will be stronger than "regular" Zygarde)

Kyogre and Groudon will be exempt from (or work around) the weather nerf some way.
Since there are many Sequel Hooks for a Hoenn remake in X and Y, and their weather control abilities not being permanent would severely take away from the story. The reason that Drizzle and Drought were permanent in the beginning is because they're the gods of the sea and of the land — their powers are supposed to be biblical.

Darmanitan's hidden ability shows us that it is entirely possible to hard-code a link between an ability to a specific Pokémon, and this has been done before. Drizzle and Drought would therefore work less efficiently when Politoed and Ninetales use them, because they're simply not Kyogre and Groudon.

Alternatively, the weather turn count replenishes itself when the weather summoner is still on the field. This would mean that, when the time comes to catch Kyogre and/or Groudon, their weathers will still be up for the entire battle without having to change up the ability mechanics — which would, in that situation, translate to permanent weather.

This of course will mean that, yes, Kyogre is still the King of Ubers.

  • So far, weather turn count does not replenish itself when the weather summoner is still on the field. This is easily confirmed in a wild battle with Hippopotas.
    • Confirmed in a really weird way. The Ruby/Sapphire Remakes give them Primal Forms (similar to Mega-evolutions) which makes their weather abilities permanent, as well as new namesnote . It also STUPIDLY boost their weather ability's utility. They cause Fire (for Kyogre) and Water (for Groudon) moves to automatically fail, changes to the weather failnote , and Groudon gains Fire as a secondary type.... and is immune to its 4x weakness to water because of the new ability.

The reason Honedge kill you if you try to wield one as sword...
Is because, as a gendered Pokemon, that hilt? Is their reproductive organs. No, the sword is not happy you are crushing its balls/ovaries.
  • Gonna call jossed, since it's literally just a sword and breeding is implied to be asexual in some way.

Event Mega Evolutions.
3DS games are very hard to datamine, and we have no reason to believe that all the Mega Evolutions that have been revealed are all the mega-evolutions that exist in the game's code. I would be astonished if there weren't a Swampertite and a Sceptilite on their way sooner rather than later...
  • Jossed as far as X and Y go, but confirmed for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion
Because these three are seemingly confirmed for event Pokemon, yet lack any pics/details besides type, let the WMG-ing commence!
  • Hoopa is based on a Hoopoe.
    • It will also be the Mew clone.
  • Diancie is the Ratatosk mentioned above.
  • Volcanion is connected with Heatran.
    • Jossed for all three. Hoopa is a ghostly djinn (although it could be argued that it's the cute legendary), Diancie is a more humanoid mutation of Carbink, and Volcanion is more connected to Magearna.

The three new Pokemon on the GTS (Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion will be legendaries based off of Hatsuyume.
Volcanion is Mt Fuji, Diancie is the Eggplant and Hoopa is the Hawk. And they'll be released/revealed on New Years Day.

Latias and Latios share the same Mega Stone
So instead of Latiasite and Latiosite, we get a single Latinite.
  • Jossed.

Diancie is related to Carbink in some way.
Such as being a special kind of evolution, at least in story.

They have the same, brand-new typing (Rock/Fairy), their appearance is quite similar, their names rhyme in both Japanese and French, and both seem to be related to jewels.

  • One relation between them could be like Manaphy and Phoenie. Diancie can breed with Ditto to produce Carbink eggs.

Confirmed, Diancie is revealed to be a "sudden transformation" of Carbink. There's no in-game way to get Carbink from Diancie or vice versa, though.

In the hypothetical Z version, we will get to choose another set of starters

In X and Y, one of the biggest things revealed were the Kanto starters. However, Charizard got two new Mega Evolutions. One for X and one for Y. Now then, something tells me that we won't get a Z Mega stone for either Charizard. It just kinda seems stupid considering that they're both powerful in the only ways that they can be, and a defensive one probably isn't the best idea. Therefore my idea?

Another old set of starters with Mega Evolutions. My own personal bet is the Hoenn starters, because we got Heartgold and Soulsilver to take care of our nostalgiicness, and the outcry has mainly been for Hoenn. Not to mention the Blaziken Mega has already been confirmed.

How to kill Yveltal pernamently?
Before it dies, make sure it is surrounded by Pokemon with Liquid Ooze ability.

Slaking and Regigigas will both get Hidden Abilities.
Except their Hidden Abilities will be each other's. Although it might actually be an improvement in Slaking's case since at least it can stall better with Protect and Rest, and Slow Start is easier to get rid of than Truant.

Espurr is the way it is because of the Pokemon equivalent of WWII
Kalos is based on France, and select parts of world history have been reference in the Pokemon world in the past. What if Kalos was once invaded by a neighboring Germany-based region, just like in real life? All of the Espurr of the day bore witness to such horrors as Poke-Normandy, leaving them permanently wide-eyed and shell-shocked. Due to their psychic nature, this trauma has been retained and passed down to every subsequent generation of Espurr.
  • In-universe, jossed. Espurr are actually having a constant freak-out due to an intense strain to contain their powers. That's partially why all Espurr are like this, even the ones hatched after the war.

Espurr are born with insufficiently sized ears.
They spend the beginning of their lives uncontrollably blasting high volumes of psychic energy in every direction until their ears grow out to cover the eyes on the inside. That's why they have creepy glazed eyes, and will do anything to keep their ears down: they're severely traumatized from being constantly subjected to the sheer deafening noise of their own psychic powers throughout their infancy, and just couldn't take it if it were to happen again.

Zygarde isn't actually the true trio master for Xerneas and Yveltal, or even a native Kalosian Pokémon at all.
It's a displaced Unovan Pokémon. Zygarde is supposed to be the one that keeps Xerneas and Yveltal in check, but while its ability does indeed counteract the effects of theirs, it's remarkably ill-equipped for this task, as each of them is completely immune to one of Zygarde's STABs. While the actual effect of Zygarde's Aura Break as programmed is to weaken moves that are under the effects of Fairy Aura or Dark Aura, the flavor text is merely "The effects of "Aura" Abilities are reversed." Now, which other abilities besides Dark Aura and Fairy Aura announce their presence by saying that their owner is radiating a certain aura? That's right: Teravolt and Turboblaze. And while Zygarde's stats are still well below those of a proper trio master, both Zekrom and Reshiram take 2x damage from both of Zygarde's STABs. The idea of Zygarde having a relation to the Tao trio makes a lot more sense. (Meanwhile, Zygarde's 4x weakness to Ice gives it a disadvantage against Kyurem, the weakest member of the trio—when not powered up by one of the other two.)
  • Slightly confirmed. Zygarde isn't really a trio master as much as a check to the other two's powers.

Eevee is native to the Kalos region.
Kalos was the first region we could find Eevee in the wild. It's also not a Hidden Pokemon. It's just like any other Pokemon. In every other region, you could only get one Eevee per game, through someone else. Not so in Kalos. It stands to reason Eevee are native to Kalos.

The reason why we can't find a Floette like AZ's is because the flower went extinct.
When the weapon fired that made AZ, and his Floette immortal also made the flower that AZ's Floette holds immortal. While the rest of flowers died off inbetween the 3,000 years of the time of the war and the time of the games.

Zygarde can only be shiny if at least one of its cores is one to begin with.
Shiny Zygarde Core does exist, just that it is not programmed into the games yet.

     Meta-Related Guesses Part 1 

Pokemon X and Y had been under development at the same time as Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, or as far as Pokemon Black and White.
That's why Gen 6 came out so fast!
  • Supposedly, Gen 6 has been in development for 7 years back when Game Freak first got their 3DS development kits. So back around the time Diamond and Pearl came out.

We'll be able to travel to the original four regions this generation.
The titles are back to simple red and blue, and that was the colour scheme used by all the main games of the 1st four generations. Red- Duh, Gold, Ruby, Pearl. Blue- Duh, Silver, Sapphire, Diamond.
  • People said the same for the titles of Black 2 and White 2. How did that work out, again...?
    • Strongly supporting that theory, as I hoped would happen with B2W2 (disclaimer: that theory wasn't mine, anyway). Reason? Well, first of all, traces of fully 3D Pokémon titles can be found in the Pokédex 3D Pro - why else developing a polygonal database for the entire national Pokédex? Additionally, the fact the overworld graphics (so far) seem to resemble those of a DS game (3D effects aside) is further proof of this, as "inferior" graphics would allow Game Freak to use all that saved space to cram all of the previous regions into a now-way-more-capable 3DS cart. "Proof" aside, hoping doesn't hurt. - Alex Sora 89
    • Where on earth do you get the notion that the 3D environments take up less space than the previous titles? The reason to develop a national Pokedex of polygonal models should be obvious; so all Pokemon are actually usable in the game!
      • Of course. I'm not as tech savvy as you, but my guess was a comparison based on the graphical engine; specifically, the overworld graphics for X and Y aren't as "good" as the ones used in, say, the Pokémon Orre Games. And with this example, what I mean is that the 3DS actually can pull off the Colosseum graphics (see Mario Kart 7, as its graphics are as good - if not better! - as the ones seen in Mario Kart Double Dash). Now compare the 3D graphics of Bubsy 3D with those of Super Mario Sunshine: of course a single level in the latter game should take as much space as the entirety of the former. Which is why I supposed that Gen IV/Gen V level graphics can allow all previous regions to be crammed into X and Y. And even if, eventually, Game Freak doesn't pull this off (which is likely, considering the short, New Super Mario Bros. 2-esque announcement-to-release timespan), generations IV and V actually seem to show Game Freak's desire to unite the entirety of what we've seen of the Pokémon world so far, the most obvious instance of this being the Pokémon World Tournament in B2W2. Alex Sora 89
      • We've seen only a few snippets of footage in 2D. When you account for things like the day/night system, seasons, 3D effects, and more scenes we haven't seen yet, there's no telling what the filesize for the games may be. This may simply also be a resolution problem that you're referring to from watching a blown up video; at native resolution, it's possible the graphics are superior to the Gamecube games; we already know the battles sure look a lot better than they did in the Gamecube games. They're certainly not inferior to DS quality games, and even with the 3DS cart being much larger than a DS cart, it's still utterly preposterous to assume Game Freak can or would fit in more regions because of that. Also quality =/= filesize, because different engines accept different file types which may be differently designed or compressed.
      • Logic settles in when you realize that the original bit of this specific wmg never said anything about the regions being in one game. Simply that we will be able to travel to the original four regions this generation. Whether that means after X and Y, two sets of dual games with two regions each will be made or not, can be debated upon.
  • Ultimately Jossed. The generation only ended up visiting Kalos and Hoenn before ending abruptly.

If previous generations are "cut off" like G/S/C to R/S, then there will be some connectivity feature with Gen V (possibly IV) games as a token.
Possibly similar to the one in Pokémon Dream Radar that lets you capture the Gen IV legendary mascots; linking to Black will let you catch Reshiram in a certain area, linking to White will unlock Zekrom, and linking to Black 2 or White 2 would either give you Black/White Kyurem or regular Kyurem along with the DNA Splicers.
  • Let's hope not, thank you very much. That's still a painful wound for all Trainers worldwide, and Nintendo, given the Gen III-to-Gen IV-to-Gen V backwards compatibility, has learned from that mistake. Hopefully. - Alex Sora 89
    • Given the DS can migrate information to the 3DS, there likely will be some sort of functionality, but it will likely be a 1 way transfer.
      • Most likely it's going to be another Pal Park thing. And the cut-off is like the only thing you can't blame Game Freak of, because it was actually Nintendo's fault (how ironic). GSC and RSE just couldn't be compatible.
      • GSC and RSE's cut off was a double edged sword though. Nintendo made the devices incompatible, so Game Freak took the opportunity to completely overhaul the engine. Who's to say there might not have been some workaround that could've been used.
  • Jossed in the sense that the original premise has been invalidated by the reveal of Pokémon Bank.

There's gonna be a Time Capsule-esque device for backwards compatibility.
Contrasting the above theory. It should make trades even easier! - Alex Sora 89
  • There cannot be. This is the same reason B2/W2 wasn't on the 3DS; 3DS architecture is not compatible with DS architecture (unless it's running a DS game but that's obvious). The most immediate reason? Friend Codes are built into the system, as opposed to the game.
    • I wouldn't count it out so quickly. Pokemon Dream Radar is an example of a 3DS game interacting with a DS game. They'd just need to add a program that did what Dream Radar did but in reverse, taking Pokemon off of the DS game and storing them on the 3DS, and then you switch cartridges and put them in the 3DS game. Or if you get the Pokemon games as digital downloads, you could just transfer them directly.
      • Hence that would fall into the above mentioned 1-way transfer (in the WMG above this). The suggestion of Time Capsule goes back to idea that "These may be able to trade and battle directly" which is impossible.
  • Jossed. The new Pokémon Bank app for the 3DS lets players transfer up Pokémon from Generation V, indicating that Generation V and Generation VI games cannot directly interact. Not to mention, if Game Freak wanted to reintroduce the Time Capsule mechanic, they would have done it during Generation V, since both Generation IV and Generation V were on the DS. On the bright side, the transfer process seems to be much easier than it was in Generations IV and V: not only does it appear that there is no minigame required, but the player can move entire boxes of Pokémon at once.

The third game will be called Pokemon Z
It's the last 3D axis.
  • Jossed. No third game ever materialized before Gen VI ended.

Pokemon X and Y will give you the ability to customize your trainer's appearance, (or at least their clothes.)
The outfits for the male and female trainers this generation are a bit more plain then usual, almost resembling the outfit of a deliveryman or something similar. This could perhaps be a hint at the ability to swap outfits.: The male PC's outfit looks no less plain than usual, and we've barely seen the girl's.
  • Confirmed. As of E3 2013, we know that players will be able to customize skin, hair, and eye colors, and game footage implies that players will at least be able to mix and match accessories for their outfits.

Fans of Gen V will start crawling out of the woodwork to talk about how much better Gens IV and V were.
What, it happened with the previous ones - I remember in 2007 where Gen III suddenly got mysteriously accepted by Pokémon fans, and then in 2011 when people started talking about things Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum did right but Black and White did wrong. Before, those guys had nothing but bile hatred for Gen IV. Also, Game Freak will still receive almost no credit for making the games - with all the shit-posts and hate-mongering about Gen V, very few of them actually pointed fingers at Game Freak, the DEVELOPERS. (even the Headscratchers, back when they were called "It Just Bugs Me" and allowed Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, people still didn't realize it.)
  • Hey man, this is wild mass guessing, that's pretty much a given.
    • Woodwork? Who was ever in any woodwork?! Gen V is the bomb! (VI's badass, too, mind.)

The third and fourth versions, or dual sequels, will be Pokemon W and Pokemon Z.
They're the other chromosome pair.
  • It's more likely it will simply be Z, considering the X and Y more likely refer to the axis measurements of 3D space rather than chromosomes.
    • The Japanese logo for the games have very obvious DNA Helices in them, making the game titles an obvious reference to X and Y chromosomes (Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Japanese Logo). Meaning that the chromosome implications of the title are probably just as important as the 3D-axis ones - and maybe even more so, as DNA and such will probably be relevant to the story/plot of the games too.
  • Also, they fit with a possible axis theme. The X-axis and Y-axis are length and width. The Z-axis is depth, and the W-axis is time aka the fourth dimension.
    • Pokemon W will be the sequel or updated rerelease to the console RPG, Pokemon U.
  • There is a Z legendary that's confirmed (Zygarde, a Dragon/Ground), so this looks likely.
  • Jossed. There were no further Kalos games in Generation VI.

The inevitable sequel games/third version games will be named Pokemon XX and Pokemon XY.
To drive home the chromosome point.
  • Jossed. Turns out the sequels/third versions weren't so inevitable after all.

This game will be an allusion to Gen 3, and possibly Gen 4
Not as closely as the previous gen was to G1-G2 but it'll still be there.

Pokemon X and Y omits the "Version" suffix due to the fandom.
Makes sense really. We've been calling the Red/Blue Version just "Pokemon Red/Blue" forever and have continued this habit through each new generation. So, why not?

The new Sky Battles and Horde Encounters will become Scrappy Mechanics.
So far, the only difference between sky battles and regular battles is that only flying types and Pokemon with levitate can participate. This means for multiplayer, there will be no reason to have them, and for single player, to get passed routes people will need to make sure they have a flying type or a mon with levitate with them at all times. Horde encounters, however, could be even worse, as they would basically make it much harder to get past routes unless you have multi hit moves. Bonus points for if they also happen early in the game when you don't have many opportunities to obtain those moves.
  • Semi-Jossed. They've already confirmed at the developer's conference that Sky Battles are all optional encounters.
  • Horde battles ended up being fairly popular for EV training and finding Hidden Abilities.

Fans will hack Levitate onto unfitting Pokemon for the lulz
You just know someone will hack Levitate onto a Diglet or something just for the amusement of seeing it.

Most likely nicknames for Litleo
  • Simba
  • Mufasa
  • Scar
  • Kimba
  • Nala
  • Kiara
  • Kovu
  • Leo
    • I will be nicknaming mine Cinba. Like a portmanteau of Cinder and Simba. Clever, right?

The Berserk Gene will make a comeback.
Only it will function differently from Gen II. Instead of a hold item, it is a Key Item. When used on any Pokémon (this can only happen in battle) it will have the same effect as it did in Gen II, only it is not consumed and the Pokémon is pernamently confused for the rest of the battle (not even switching out will work). When used on Mewtwo (either in battle or on the field) it will instead trigger/reverse his transformation into his new forme.
  • It also raises Attack by 2 stages. Also bit of funny trivia - if you were to encounter wild Mewtwo in G2, sometimes it would have Berserk Gene. (PS. It's Japanese name is はかいのいでんし Disruptive Gene)
  • Well, seems to have been Jossed as far as the Mewtwo part is concerned.
  • Though it's not likely, it would be cool if Mewtwo's Mega Stone was actually called Berserk Gene. It even has the DNA-like shape to match.

Game Freak is manipulating us
Not just that, they are EVIL GENIUSES. Everyone hear this out here. We all know the fanbase will be livid if Fennekin is Fire/Fighting. But, Fennekin won't be Fire/Fighting, it'll be different, maybe Fire/Psychic. That way, it will look like Game Freak is giving us what we want, right? However, then they release Torchic AT LAUNCH, with it's new Blazikenite that you CANNOT FIND in game. Thus ensuring that people will get excited and want the Mega Evo, thus STILL having a Fire/Fighting anyway. Basically, they are manipulating the fans to use a Fire/Fighting, even though it's what most of have raged against since Emboar.

The random number generator will be impossibly byzantine.
Since Game Freak are probably savvy to players RNG abusing for the past three generations and want to stop that kind of thing. Though knowing the player base, they'll eventually find a way to exploit that.
  • They will do. Smogon will do that. Also, considering they derped Emerald, who knows...

The Game Freak staff has been playing a lot of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale lately.
Mega Blaziken looks like Heihachi. The Espurrs look like Toro and Kuro. The Chespin Evolution looks like Fat Princess.

Sky Battles will finally show how Doduo and Dodrio are able to fly.
My guess is tiny wings that are usually tucked into their feathers, out of sight.
  • Jossed. Doduo and Dodrio cannot partake in Sky Battles.

There is a special reason why Game Freak is keeping the final evolutions of the starters such a big secret.
They're going to be fighters in the upcoming game, Super Smash Bros 4, under the leash of a new Pokemon Trainer. Nintendo wants to reveal it on the same day Game Freak reveals the final evolutions.
  • Jossed, though Greninja, Froakie's final stage is a fighter. No 'tag teams' like the Pokemon Trainer will appear in SSB4; characters who had multiple forms in the past will be completely separate characters.

PETA is going to try to have their revenge and do a "mock" version of X/Y, just like they tried to make a mock version of Black/White 2.
They were pretty late for the party, especially since Pokemon has been out for years and even for Super Mario 3D Land, which isn't the first game Mario wears a raccoon suit.
  • Confirmed. Though Your Mileage May Vary as to whether it protests Pokémon or McDonald's.

The Generation 6 metagame will suffer from the worst Fake Balance since RBY.
If you're going by what /vp/ say lately. Fairy will be the equivalent of Generation 1 Bug (due to their lowish stats), Dragon and Steel will be more dominant than ever (with Ghost being a strong new contender), and the only Mega-Evolutions will be those of already powerful Pokemon which will atomise the metagame. To be fair, that board is in full Hype Backlash mode at the moment.
  • Jossed.

     New/Changed Moves and other mechanics Guesses 

The Doubles/Triples Move combo system of X&Y will be far more expanded compared to gen 5.
Self-explanatory since the fact that only 3 moves limited to starters and Smeargle that only had 3 different combos made the gen 5 combo system feel like a prototype.
  • Jossed.

Weather will be nerfed in some way.
If there's a God heaven, it will be nerfed. One of the main complaints about the gen V meta-game was how over centralized weather had become with the dream world introducing perma-weather abilities to non-Uber Pokemon. As such, weather will be nerfed to where it isn't as be all, end all like before or introduce an ability that removes weather effects for a few turns.
  • They already have Abilities that remove weather. They were there since Abilities were introduced, even.
  • It seems that at least rain was nerfed, judging from that Gamescom demo. Sylveon could not have survived a boosted crit-hit Hydro Pump from a Politoed with the rain boost on top without defensive stats on par with Blissey, which I doubt it has.
    • Jossed. The weather bonus is about the only part of this that hasn't been nerfed. Hydro Pump's BP was lowered and so was the crit-hit multiplier.
  • To add onto this WMG, its real purpose is to yank charizard's chain, bringing it down to NU again!
    • Mega Charizard gets Drought, I doubt we'll see our Dragon Friend in back in NU anytime soon.
    • But gaining Drought is the part before its chain gets yanked.
  • Seems to be confirmed. Auto-weather abilities now work exactly like the move counterparts: the weather lasts five turns instead of forever (ten turns with the rocks). No word on what that means for Charizard Y (still, Drought-boosted Fire attacks coming from 150 Special Attack seems a tiny bit too high for NU)

Weather won't be nerfed in any way.
Gen VI will still be all rain teams, all the time. Or maybe it'll get worse and introduce five different kinds of Excadrill.

I mean, it's not like Game Freak has had a good record with balancing the game and all. *coughMOODYcough*

  • Jossed (see above), weather did get nerfed.
    • Well, not so much weather itself as the weather-creating abilities.

The player character will be customizable. The ones we see in the trailer are just the "default" forms.

Thanks to Marriland for this one. Since we see the player character looking into a mirror at the beginning of the trailer, it is possible that the mirror will be used to customize your character's appearance, similarly to how other video games (for example, The Sims) have done. Either all of the options available at the start to give you an avatar, or with accessories that you pick up throughout gameplay. Or maybe a mix of the two.

  • And you'll be able to customize and change the hat into a fez. Because it's France, and fezzes are cool.
  • You will start the game being able to chose from only two characters (male and female) and have to earn stuff like hairdos, faces, clothes, etc. like in Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (DS). You can only change your look at certain places by looking into the mirror.
  • X and Y probably will have more emphasis on multiplayer, as past Pokemon games have done. Allowing a certain level of sprite customization, even just a little bit like being able to change outfit colors, would be beneficial for that.
  • What's more, the male trainer character is seen with sunglasses on his hat for most scenes. But in a later scene, he doesn't have them. It's been attributed to a glitch, but even then, that means that the sunglasses aren't attached to the sprite.
  • Confirmed! Although, so far only skin color and hair color are adjustable. Costumes and accessories are hinted at.
    • The game starts you with three default skin color and hair color combos. Costumes and accessories are sold separately. You can also later dye or get a new hairdo, but not change skin tone.
      • You can also change eye color using contacts. Unlike clothes, which are changed in a Dressing Room, eye color can be adjusted with the key-item Lens Case.

The day and night feature or the seasons feature will be removed
When it comes to either one of these features, I think Game Freak will only keep one for this game, and chances are, chances are, it will be the day and night feature that is kept, while the seasons are nixed in this Generation.
  • I don't think so; if anything, the visuals for the Day/Night system will improve. We may see the sun rise and set.
  • Not to mention that removing the day/night feature would make some evolutions impossible, and removing the seasons feature would contradict the existence of Deerling and Sawsbuck. Rather, thanks to the 3DS's bigger processing power, the game might even get additional features, like the previous troper said.
  • Day and night is still here. Seasons seem to be gone, but we'll eventually know how to do Deerling/Sawsbuck formes.
    • The map actually seems to be divided up into seasonal areas- I'm not sure where exactly spring and summer split from each other, but Laverre and the routes around it seem to represent fall, while the Dendemille and Snowbelle area seems to be winter. This is further supported by the names of Lumiose's streets.)

Oorotto evolves from Bonsly
Making a branch evolution
  • Jossed

Eevee will get a megaevolution
Excluding Gen 1 every time Eevee has had new evolutions added it was done in pairs
  • Jossed.

Whatever new item evolves Eeevee into Sylveon will also work on Gogoat.
Because where there are fairies, there's probably a satyr. Bonus points if the female looks more like a dryad; gendered evolutions seem to be a trend in this generation.
  • Nope.

Honedge has a three stage evolution and a Mega Evolution
Doublade will evolve into a Pokemon composed of three swords, and it's mega evolution will be composed of nine swords with a dark green tassel.
  • Jossed, it's been confirmed no Kalos Pokemon will have a Megalution this time, and it also trades away one sword for a shield when it becomes Aegislash.

Meowstic are some kind of Expy for Nidoran
Learning different moves based on gender? Where I've heard that before...note 

Neither the Contests, Pokealthalon, or Musical will make a return this Generation, instead, we will get an entirely new distraction
We will become Pokemon Watchers. Now...before Tracey Haters jump on me here, let me explain. This entire game is rendered in full 3-D, and thus, there could easily be a mini-game in it that functions like Pokemon Snap, and serves as our "distraction" in this game. Instead of Contests, Pokeathalon, or Musical, we instead travel to certain areas and get pictures of Pokemon, and get some reward for it. Heck, in the trailer, around 0:58 to 0:59, a trainer that SEEMS to have a camera is following the male player character around, she could easily be the person who shows you the ropes.
  • Well, such a feature would take advantage of the new 3D Pokemon models.
  • Since this is Poke France, maybe a Parkour-like minigame that lets you find new Pokemon and items, think Mirror's Edge. It would be a great use of the new 3D software
  • Looks like we might get Photography, if the rumors are true...
    • Confirmed, we get Photography. Slightly jossed, we don't get Parkour. We get a skate park roller derby gym though.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi and Streetpass features, you'll be able to meet other irl trainers in-game.
As in, literally see them walk around in the overworld, either anytime à-la Nintendogs or just when both of you are playing at the same time. The trailer stressed the importance of player interaction, and given the 3DS's capabilities, they might implement a "friend" system that allows you to have real-time interactions with other players anywhere in the overworld.

Stealth Rock will be nerfed.
Possibly by having it work identically to spikes, or by preventing the two from stacking with each other.
  • Either that, or they'll introduce a second Stealth Rock-type move (possibly "Ice Fence" or a Grass-type "Stealth Thorns") that will nerf even more Pokémon. Either Smogon will be reasonable and ban both Stealth Rock and the new move, or players will use both entry hazard moves to death and the list of viable Pokémon in OU will narrow down to only about 10-20.
    • Or more than likely if another SR type move is put in that it can't stack with SR or SR can't stack with the new move come on now while Game Freak might not focus on single player balance as much anymore but 2 SR type moves at once would be way too much even for the VGC format.
  • Or perhaps nerf the damage output, but reduce certain stats of the target.
  • Alternatively, Stealth Rock will not be able to be used in some battles, such as Sky Battles.
  • Paritally confirmed and partially jossed. Stealth Rock itself is unchanged, but Defog has been buffed to clear all entry hazards now, and since Defog cannot be spinblocked, Stealth Rock is far less useful.

You'll get to pet and play with your Pokemon
The trailer talks about creating stronger bonds with your Pokemon, so maybe playing with them (a la Nintendogs) makes them like you more or gets you other bonuses.

The evolution effect will be the same as Pokemon XD
Because XD had an AWESOME evolution effect, and the "collapse into data and reconfigure yourself" evolution method from Gen V really has to go.
  • There you go. It's not in English, but it doesn't matter.
  • The XD evolution is rather plain in my opinion. After you remove all the sparkles, all the Pokemon does is shrink down and then the new Pokemon grows to its full size. I like the "collapse into data" thing, but I hope the evolution will be more like a full-fledge model morph. It might get a little creepy at times, but it will be awesome!

Berries will return to the main game like they did in R/S/E
As in, they will return in an actual growing capacity. They've been absent from the actual games as berries you can grow around the region for four years (ever since HGSS, where they were only grown in pods that shouldn't have fit the plant in the first place, but let's not get into that), and that's far too long to have removed a mechanic that wasn't causing problems in the first place.
  • Confirmed. You get an entire berry farm to yourself.
  • Well, Unova is as urbanized as Kanto, (or at least their Real Life counter parts are,) so...

Secret bases will return, or be brought back as a similar feature.
Generation III featured "secret bases", little hidden spots in rocks or trees that the player could use as a clubhouse and decorate with furniture, dolls, posters and rugs. If one player mixed records with another person, the other person's secret base would show up in their game and would allow the player to battle that trainer every day. Secret bases were around in Generation IV but they were a lot different. I predict that X and Y will bring back secret bases like the ones in Gen. III. It will take advantage of street pass by downloading the secret bases of passerbys and allow users to download secret bases over Wi-Fi through use of friend codes. If trainer sprites can be customized, such a feature would be taken advantage of.
  • Jossed. The Pokemon-amie bottom screen is as close as you get to a customizable Secret Base in this game. No trainers visit though. And the Pokemon that visit are based on Streetpass. And the Friend Safari makes use of friend codes instead.

X and Y will have a clubhouse feature.
A more advanced version of secret bases, the clubhouse feature would have more options to customize. Floors and walls can be customized along with the furniture, and clubhouses could be upgraded to have extra rooms or stories. There will be a town that the clubhouse is built in. If the player meets other players through Street Pass, regular link play or WiFi play, the clubhouses of the other players will show up in the town. Alternately, the clubhouse can be built anywhere in the outside world, and other players clubhouses will still show up.
  • Jossed, sadly.

HMs will be removed, or overhauled as TMs
This generation is described as an "evolution" of Pokemon, and thus it's reasonable to think that more should evolve than just the graphics and battle system, so, why not go through a complete overhaul of Machines? TMs can stay, those merely teach new moves, however, HMs could be replaced with simple "Field Abilities" that every Pokemon has access to depending on their type. It's perfectly reasonable, since it's perfectly unreasonable for you to catch a Pokemon in the water...and it be unable to already use Surf, when the move's out-of-battle useage is....swimming. Or any Flying-type Pokemon that are able to learn Fly in the first place, they shouldn't have to be taught to do something they should already be able to do. So, my theory is HMs will be overhauled as TMs, to keep the moves they teach, but any Pokemon who can learn these moves will be able to use their out-of-battle effect as a "Field Ability", so you don't need to go teaching them something they should already know.
  • There has already been one Pokemon that is said to be mountable... and it may be an evolved form. (I can't see the Player flying on the back of a Pidgey, though)
  • Highly doubtful. If something like this were to be implemented, it would change the entire structure of the adventuring aspect of the game. Imagine if you could go to Cinnabar Island after getting a Squirtle in RBY. It would completely break the game. Although it does inherently make sense that certain Pokemon should be able to do those things naturally, it's going to be tricky to implement something like that that doesn't negatively affect adventuring.
    • The gym Badge restriction on HMs would remedy this. You usually have the HM by the time you beat the gym required to use it anyway.
    • Jossed: There are six HMs in this game. Also, Rock Smash and Flash have already been overhauled as TMs since before.
      • HMs are less commonly required however, only Surf gets much mileage as mandatory for progression, the others are mostly used for unlocking shortcuts or getting to hidden goodies.

The models for old Pokemon will be taken right from Stadium, XD, and Battle Revolution
As far as I am aware, all the older Pokemon models have really never been changed from their Stadium Counterparts, even when they were brought into Battle Revolution. And such, any models that aren't new Pokemon will be ripped right from 3D games they've already appeared in.
  • Then explain Pokedex 3D pro.
    • There doesn't seem to be anything to explain, looking at the Pikachu that appeared, they don't even seem to be using the Pokedex 3D Pro sprites.
    • You, quite frankly, have little faith in Game Freak creating new 3D models... Besides, the Pikachu looks about the same.

The game will add benefits and incentives to using Street Pass.
Use Street Pass and it will offer benefits like increasing the chance of encountering a shiny, or making certain Pokemon available after coming across enough people on Street Pass.
  • Confirmed, you get PokeMiles through people you StreetPass.

There will be a tie-in game/app on the Nintendo 3DS shop.
Similar to the Pokemon Dream Radar with Black 2 and White 2, there will be a tie-in game or app to go with X and Y. Like the Dream Radar, the tie-in app will allow players to capture Pokemon otherwise not available in the game, including legendary Pokemon. If connected to the internet, the game will update and hold certain special events.
  • Half confirmed, the downloadable app is Pokemon Bank, a storage system.

X and Y will be compatible with Pokemon Dream Radar.
  • Jossed.

X and Y will utilize the Street Pass feature in some way.
It will have some features like that of the Pokewalker, where people who walk around with their game can capture special Pokemon. If two players with the game pass each other, their games will exchange records. The other player will show up as an NPC in the first person's game and can even be battled, using whatever Pokemon they had in their party at the time. They can be fought once a day. If secret bases, or a similar feature, come back, the other player's base will show up in the first person's game. If a player passes enough other Pokemon X/Y players, they may even be able to unlock a legendary Pokemon.
  • Confirmed, you get PokeMiles through people you StreetPass, and other trainers' Pokemon visit the bottom screen of Pokemon-Amie.

Chatter will be fixed.
Such that the microphone feature will no longer be used to change chatter's chance of confusion. This will lead to Chatot being allowed in tournaments and Chatter being Sketchable.
  • Confirmed, with the exception of Sketch.

X and Y will add a way to create "genetically altered" Pokemon.
Players will be allowed to alter the appearance, and maybe even stats, to a certain extent. This would give the super hardcore players more to do to keep up. Colors of the Pokemon can be altered a bit, though not able to look like shinies. There can be notch-eared Pokemon, some given bob tails or longer tails, or different skin or fur patterns.
  • Heart-Cheek Pikachu, Blue Flame Charizard, Flower instead of leaf Turtwig... Personally I hope this happens now since customizing our own Pokemon to be more unique would allow our bonds with them to grow but it would probably work out like the Dream Eaters
  • Going even further, entire types of Pokemon can be (optionally) changed for the sake of balance. Charizard's and Gyarados' crippling Flying element could be replaced by Dragon, for instance. These changes won't come cheap though, and only certain Pokemon can be changed into certain types, replacing only certain default types (Charizard can only use Dragon to replace Flying, not Fire, and can't have any other changes).
    • Sadly jossed, but this would've been a cool feature. The only Pokemon that can alter appearance is Furfrou and it's through "haircuts".
    • Like hell is it "jossed!" Through mega-evolution, Charizard and Gyarados gain ways to do exactly those two things. Right down to Charizard's blue flames.
      • It is. There's no genetic alteration, and Mega Gyarados isn't a Dragon-type; it's a Dark-type.

Some of the old Pokemon have different sets of abilities in this particular region.
For example, Patrat in the Unova Region have the ability Run Away or Keen Eye. But in this region, it's ability is either Quick Feet or No Guard instead. The only way to have the old set of ability is to either transfer your Pokemon from previous games or breed.
  • Jossed.

There will be a new Fairy type.
  • Sylveon will be the first to receive this new type. In addition, the fairy-like Pokemon such as Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Snubbul, Togepi, Audino, et cetera, will be re-typed. It will be super-effective against Dragon, and Steel will be super-effective against it.
    • Fairy-type confirmed. So far, it's been confirmed as Sylveon's type and Gardevoir, Marill and Jigglypuff were some of the Pokémon confirmed to have been shifted to that type. All that's known about it currently is that it is Super-effective against Dragon-type Pokémon.
      • Everything in this WMG has been confirmed except for Audino's retyping, and even that's not exactly wrong as it received a Mega Evolution that gave it the Fairy-type.

There will be a new method of evolution introduced.
Judging by the reveal of Sylveon, anyway. Past Eeveelutions that showed up all used whatever new method of evolution that was introduced in the generation. So the question is, what will this new evolution method be?
  • Confirmed, in a sense. We know Pancham evolves through some new method, although we don't know what it could be, and there's no word on Sylveon at the moment.
  • One Pokemon evolves when leveled up with dark types in the party. Another evolves in the rain. Another evolves when leveled up while the screen is upside down.

(2) New types will be introduced.
  • A lot of guesses all around, especially about Sylveon, speculate this, so might as well put it all in a separate heading. But, if they were going to introduce a new type, they probably would introduce two at a time.
  • Xerneas will be one of the new types. Yvetal will be the other one.
  • Sylveon will be one of those types.
  • Possible Types:
    • Light - This seems very reasonable, and it would fit Sylveon and Xerneas very well.
    • Time - This would be cool. Yvetal seems like time would fit him. And, since the game is 'evolution' themed, time would make sense.
    • Sound - Suggested below.
    • Zombie, ranging from classic hoodoo magic zombie(pure) to brain eating walking corpse(zombie/ground, zombie/dark) to Frankenstein monsters(zombie/steel). Strong against electricity(brought the monster to life), water(infected fluids seep in), ghost(no fear of death) and fairy (because balance). Weak to grass(thick cell wall blocks infection while taking in leaking body fluids), psychic(zombies are dumb), dragon (the real reason a dragon counter was introduced, not fan complaints), resists itself (zombies usually work together), poison (hoodoo zombies are created by using poison to make the victim appear dead), electric and ground. Resisted by ice(Haiti is a hot place), grass, rock and steel.
  • So far we have Fairy.
  • Jossed, only one type was introduced.

The weight-reflecting mechanic will be expanded.
In Generation V, a neat feature is introduced - depending on how much Pokémon weighs, it will have a visual and sound effect upon landing (unless it's airborne due to one or another reason, like levitating, flying or being a water Pokémon like Seaking... Or it's a damn Diglett or Dugtrio.).
  • 1st group - anything that's lighter than Zweilous (50kg). Small shake and normal SFX.
  • 2nd group - from Zweilous to Bastiodon (149.5kg) - medium shake and... slower/lower SFX?
  • 3nd group - Emboar (150kg) and heavier - heavy shake, dust and... "heavy" SFX?

As you see it's not that complicated... even more than you think.

Counting ALL Pokémon, even those who do not apply the mechanic:

  • 1st group consists of 437 Pokémon (this doesn't count Sylveon) or about 67.334% of all; or about 2 in 3 Pokémon.
  • 2nd group has 153 Pokémon or about 23.574% of all or about 1 in 4 Pokémon.
  • 3nd group has just 61 Pokémon (without counting Yveltal and Xerneas) or about 9.399% of all or about 1 in 10 Pokémon.
(the new region's starters have no weight revealed)

Any comments on this, or how they could expand this?

Strip clubs and prostitution will be other ways to make money in this game
In light of [3] that, someone had to say it.
  • You can work at a hotel in this game, that's as close as it gets to these M-Rated businesses.

The male playable character will opt to wear Scottish clothing.
To go with the girl's pants option.

Among the costumes winnable are Gym Leader Outfits & Styles
The conditions for the earnable would be to beat the Elite Four & Champ with a same-type team.

It's Table Time!

TypeMaleFemale TypeMaleFemale
NormalCherenLenora FireBlaineFlannery
FightingBrawlyMaylene WaterMarlonMisty
FlyingFalknerWinona GrassCilanErika
BugBugsyBugsy ElectricSurgeElesa
PoisonKogaRoxie IceBrycenCandice
GhostMortyFantina PsychicTateLiza
RockRoarkRoxanne DragonDraydenClair
GroundClay er...  SteelByronJasmine

Conversely with the Ground-type having a Male-Only costume, a female that beats the Elite Four with all Dark-types will get a Maid costume. The reason being is that the female trainer in the Striaton Gym uses a Dark type. On that note, defeating Cilan would also allow his brothers' hairstyles to be accessible once you earn Blaine / Marlon respectively.

And conversely with Bugsy having the androgynous Ranger Suit, Whitney (see a WMG below) will be available once beat the Elite with an All-Fairy-type team.

Then again, there are multiple Gym Leaders that could also be chosen... perhaps you eventually get all of them with extra costumes obtained after defeating the Elite with the specified Type five times?

  • All of the above is jossed.
Whitney's Plain Gym will be Retconed to being Fairy-Type...
... as will her signature move: Attract. Clefairy will justify the former whereas The Bard and Cupid shalt justify the latter.
  • It's a moot point for X and Y, since it's virtually guaranteed that we won't be visiting Johto in the games. It's still highly unlikely for the rest of Generation VI, since Hoenn remakes are far more likely (and useful) than a second set of Johto remakes.

Ash's Pikachu's power to let electricity hit Ground-Types will finally be introduced here.
And, to tie it further to Pikachu, it would be a Fairy-type move (only applies if the Pikachu line gains Fairy-type).
  • Jossed. Pikachu has had Grass Knot since Gen IV to hit Ground Pokemon super effectively.
(Trainer) Horde Battles still operate on the "one Pokemon per Trainer" rule
It's just five trainers against the Player. Evil Team Gang-up much? This means that each mook could have Pokemon in reserve. Conversely, you would also be able to swap if otherwise unhindered.

There will be a gym where you can choose between a Flying-type Gym Leader or a Dark-type one. The Flying-type leader is fought via Sky Battle and the Dark-type leader by Horde Battle.
  • Or perhaps two Gyms in the same city, both having the "8th" Badge.
    • Jossed.

We will have Walking Pokemon again
Doesn't seem like it, but maybe it's an option that we can turn off at will. We can already ride Gogoats, why can't we walk with them?
  • Jossed.

Fairy Type relations to other types
This WMG is closed. Type Chart Revealed on 9/11/13.
  • Normal
    • Normal types would be Immune to Fairy Attacks (It's either one or the other, or maybe both... DonaldthePotholer)
    • Normal attacks hit Fairies normally. (DtP)
    • Normal Types would resist Fairy Attacks. (RainingMetal)
      • Jossed, Confirmed, jossed (1x on both sides)
  • Flying
    • Mutually Normal (DtP)
      • Confirmed.
  • Poison
    • Fairy types are weak against them.
    • Fairies would do reduced damage to Poison Pokemon (You know, because Pollution = Poison DtP)
    • Also, Poison really needs all the help it can get right now... (sidakarya)
    • Poison could also be completely immune to Fairy Attacks. (RainingMetal)
      • First two are Confirmed.
  • Ground
    • Fairy types resists them.
      • Any particular logic as to why? (I mean, Poison gets SE due to balance issues.)
      • If they are going to balance out dragon, I figured they'll account for Garchomp too.
      • Also, they can... fly?
      • Jossed, both neutral.
  • Rock
    • Either Super-Effective against Fairy types (much like Bug-type weakness), or non-effective, for balance. (RainingMetal)
      • Again, Jossed.
  • Bug
    • It's been confirmed to resist Bug-type
  • Ghost
    • Fairy types are super effective against Ghosts. Either that, or effective against Dark types. Someone told me this to counterbalance Spiritomb. (RainingMetal)
      • Jossed, neutral on either side.
  • Steel
    • Fairy types are weak against them.
    • Fairy Attacks do normal damage to Steel-Types. (Come on, Steel needs more "normal" defense values... DtP)
      • Confirmed to resist Fairy and weaken it.
  • Fire
    • Fire's super effective on Fairy. Why? Fire BURNS THING! ... That and there was just nothing here and I wanted to e a part of the conversation... I like Fairy Type. (JTroper)
    • Fire resists Fairy, going from that one leak. (Confirmed!) As for why?
    "Courage to strengthen / Fire to blind / Music to dazzle / Iron to bind." (sidakarya)
    • Confirmed to resist Fairy-type, does normal damage to it.
  • Water
    • Fairy types resists Water attacks
      • Any particular logic as to why?
      • Same as Ground's, but for Kingdra, in particular.
    • Jossed. Accordingly to this, Water moves do neutral damage to Fairy Types.
    • The previous video link also confirms fairy moves dealing neutral damage to water types.
  • Grass
    • Fairy types are vulnerable to Grass types, and Fairy attacks aren't effective against Grass types (more balance excuses). (RainingMetal)
      • Jossed. Mutually Normal.
  • Electric
    • Fairy Attacks would be super effective against Electricity (and thus Electric Pokemon) (Plus, Game Balance. DtP)
    • Fairies would resist Electric Attacks (DtP)
    • Jossed on both counts; Mutually Normal (Doh! & Come on GF!)
  • Ice
    • Like Poison, Ice needs some support, this time defensively. So Fairy attacks will not be effective against Ice types. Not to mention the lack of adorable mythical creatures of the cold (as far as I know). (RainingMetal)
    • Also, it could be where the "cold" part of Cold Iron comes in. (sidakarya)
    • Jossed. Mutually Normal.
  • Fighting
    • Fairy-types resist Fighting. Can't use brute force against magic. (sidakarya)
      • Confirmed, resists and is weakened by
  • Psychic
    • Psychics and Fairies would resist each other's attacks, as each is a different type of "Magic" (DtP).
    • Psychics resist Fairy, but not the other way about. Fairies may be inscrutable to ordinary mortals, but a psychic might say otherwise... (sidakarya)
    • Jossed on both counts; Mutually Normal (Doh!)
  • Dragon
    • Already confirmed that Fairy moves are super-effective against Dragon types.
    • As another speculation, Fairy-types resists Dragon moves
    • Fairy-types are immune to Dragon, like Dark is immune to Psychic. This is actually rumoured to be the case. (sidakarya)
      • Confirmed to be damn immune.
  • Dark
    • Fairy types are super effective against Dark types. Either that, or effective against Ghost types. Someone told me this to counterbalance Spiritomb. (RainingMetal)
    • Fairy types deal regular against Dark types. Based on a previous trailer where Gardevoir used fairy wind on Hydreigon. Despite being described as a powerful move, it did not knock Hydreigon down. Definitely not x4 effective unless that gardevoir's level or sp. attack was much lower.
      • It has 30 PP, so it's likely not stronger than 80 PP (which should still KO Hydreigon if it's 4x effective...) Incidentally, 40 BP with 4x damage (or 80 BP with 2x) would deal more or less the same amount of damage as in the trailer with Gardevoir's special attack.
      • Still not confirmed, still not confirmed, still not confirmed...
      • Sorry Hydreigon, Fairy weakens and resists Dark-type.
      • Take that, Wondertomb!
  • Fairy Itself
    • Fairies resist their own attack types, they know their own tricks for the most part. (DtP)
      • Jossed, 1x.

There will be a way to change a Pokemon's Secondary Type
For example, contrary to the trailers, you will still encounter a pure-Normal Jigglypuff, but you can get to turn it into a Normal/Fairy type.
  • This would only work on monotyped Pokemon, right? Because attempting it on preexisting dual-types would cause issues IMHO.
    • Mentioned above, there could be a way to change a certain type of a dual-type Pokemon to another type (but not much else; the options would have to be limited). An example would be to change Charizard's Flying to Dragon, for example (to not be as vulnerable to Rock attacks).
    • Apparently, no it wouldn't. The Pumpkaboo and Phantump lines each have a signature move that adds a specific type (Ghost for Pumpkaboo, Grass for Phantump) to the target, even if it already has two types. It's not permanent.
  • Confirmed at least with Ampharos, who can turn into Electric/Dragon type.
  • Jossed at least in the sense of picking a specific secondary type.

The Surfing Pikachu animation from the Pokémon Stadium series will be present
  • The game already uses Stadium-esque animations. Just like in Stadium, when Pikachu uses surf (which will be either obtained from a Mystery Gift or from a Gen VI Pokémon Stadium spin-off), it will ride a surfboard.

Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves are Zygarde's signature moves, but can only know one per Forme.
Both are Ground-Type, and these moves are unable to be learned by any Pokemon. It stands to reason that each of Zygarde's battle-ready formes learns one. As an example, if a Zygarde in it's 50% Forme knows Land's Wrath, and changes to, say, 10% Forme, then Land's Wrath with change to Thousand Arrows/Thousand Waves, much like how Black-Kyurem and White-Kyurem could only learn Freeze Shock and Ice Burn, respectively.

     Meta-Related Guesses Part 2 

Some moves that might be retconned into Fairy-type
It happened in Gen II (Bite changing into Dark) and it introduced new types, so it might here.
  • Swift Jossed, still normal
  • Moonlight (like Sylveon's Moonblast) (confirmed)
  • Entrainment
  • Safeguard
  • Lucky Chant
  • Metronome (associated with Clefairy, Togepi and the like above)
  • Attract, Charm, Captivate (presumably based on Glamour) (Charm is confirmed as Fairy-type)
  • Lovely Kiss and Sweet Kiss (Sweet Kiss confirmed as Fairy-type)
  • Sing
  • Very likely Fairy will be one of the Hidden Power types.

Fairy will fail to balance out Dragons
Something that just occurred to me is that dragon's brokenness derives not just from the 120-150 BP attacks associated with them, but that combined with the extensive attack coverage that many dragons get, and (I dearly hope this won't come to be) merely the supposed immunity to Dragon (see above) won't be enough to un-break them. Think of Garchomp, for example: it's not just Outrage and Swords Dance that makes him powerful, but the near-perfect coverage with that plus Ground, Fire and Rock attacks. Their base stats also add to the equation: they were long considered to be the Infinity+1 Type, and even many non-legendary dragons were bestowed amazing stats to boost their attacking potency. Azumarill and Gardevoir, on the other hand, are just too slow, and Sylveon doesn't exactly scream "tank" from what we can see.note  And if the rumour about Fairy being weak to Steel is true, let's not forget about a certain red bug that is constantly paired with offensive dragons.
  • One gets the impression is game freak was not really concerned with dragons since it made so many legendary and pseudo legendary dragons in the first place. Perhaps X&Y's box legends will both be fairies but most likely not since more powerful ice types, or just varying type and stat distributions in general would have kept one type from being so imbalanced in the first place.
  • There will be another type that is weak to dragon, it will be the second most common type in the Kalos region after the always common water type and furthermore dragon will actually be immune to fairy.
    • The demos show that fairy attacks do damage dragons. Though you have to wonder why a (supposedly) 4x effective attack coming off Gardevoir's base 125 special attack doesn't KO a Hydreigon...
      • Why would it be 4x? It's using Fairy Wind, which would be super-effective against Hydreigon's Dragon type but not Dark. What gave the impression that Fairy is also strong against Dark?
      • Apparently it's also effective against dark and fighting, if you go by some rumours floating about. (It's still not confirmed, of course, but a lot of the other infos in that link are)
      • Even if it is 4x effective, a brief demo reel footage is hardly an indication of how an actual battle would pan out. It is possible that Gardevoir has mismatched stats or Hydreigon has an item or other various reasons.
  • (OP) Leaks came about the new Pokemon and apparently, this is what many people think will happen. Their stats do appear to be pretty lowish compared to dragons and pretty underwhelming (but then, any type has lowish and underwhelming stats compared to dragons). (At least until Togepi was confirmed pure Fairy, making Fairy/Flying Togekiss very likely.)
    • Fairy/Flying Togekiss is confirmed. Stone Edge Garchomps incoming.
  • Jossed. Dragons are no longer the Infinity Plus One Type, although they are still one of the better types in the game. On the other hand, Fairy is a great type but didn't become the dominant type itself, as many people feared, so... mission accomplished? (Admit it, it would be plain stupid if Game Freak introduced a new type only for it to be lackluster.)

There will be a hard mode where Pokemon can die.
This will be the only way to acquire a Spectreon and other new Ghost-types.
  • It would be cool to basically have a Nuzlocke mode added as a difficulty option, but making it mandatory to use in order to get certain Pokemon? I'd hope not...
    • Jossed. It's still a Self-Imposed Challenge.
    • Besides, what if you're using an Arceus or Deoxys that you'll probably never get again, and it dies? Thanks Gamefreak... but then again the player would have to be an idiot to use one of those if they had that mode.

Pokémon-Amie will become a Game-Breaker.
The official site says that bonding with your Pokémon with it will make them perform better in battle — including landing more critical hits and dodging attacks, presumably randomly. Now translate that into competitive battling, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Jossed.. online at least. Affection levels in Pokemon-Amie do not affect battles with Human Player opponents but do give an upper hand against AI ones in game.

The macaroon treats will be like the Pokeblocks/Poffins/Aprijuice and have their own flavors.
The Pokemon-Amie shows the trainer feeding Sylveon a pink macaroon, which means it must be a Sweet-flavored one. Oh, and the macaroons would make the Pokemon better fighters (among some other parts of Pokemon-Amie), but hopefully not permanently changing any stats.
  • I noted five distinct colors, so it's more than likely. I'm also pretty sure it'll just affect how much the pokemon likes it, loves you in return
  • It might bring back the taste preferences by nature from DPPt, with the same kinds of flavours as Poffins.
  • Jossed. Pokepuffs have no stats to manupulate.

There will be a Dark-type move representing The Sacred Darkness.
It will finally break 100 power, and gain additional effects if the Pokemon knows no other Dark moves (representing a pure mind). The Japanese name for will be retconned from Aku (evil) type to Yami (darkness) type.
  • I can't see Japanese name being retconned. Hardly ever any Dark-type attack actually represents darkness, most of them are based on dirty tricks. Something like Dark Pulse or Night Daze, they do... but rest?
  • The Japanese dark type was Always "evil".

Yveltal's Secret Art "Oblivion Wing" will goddamn finally break the 100 mark for Dark-Type moves.
It's about time that it did. Even Ghost got Shadow Force; all Dark has is something that doesn't even use your own attack (and that's still 95).
  • Jossed, it's an 80 power move that drains over half the damage dealt. It's also Flying-type, not dark.
  • We do get a Dark move with almost 100 power, though. Knock off is now 65 BP and it deals 1.5x damage if the foe has an item.
  • Meta-jossed. While Oblivion Wing is actually an 80-power FLYING move, Yveltal's ability Dark Aura increases the power on Dark-type attacks on your team. But it'd have to power up Dark moves by at least 25% so that Dark Pulse can sort of go more than 100 power.
  • In Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Hoopa's alternate form (Psychic/Dark) has a 100-power Dark move called Hyperspace Fury.

There will be multiple typed moves.
I.E. Ice Punch will be an Ice/Fighting type move, Muddy Water will be a Water/Ground type move, est. Just imagine the competitive players of the world...
  • Alternatively, it will be one type but deal damage like another type, like Psyshock but with type effectiveness. Maybe that new Glow Punch move is a Psychic or Fire attack that deals Fighting-type damage.note 
  • Confirmed with the move Flying Press. It is a Fighting move that is both Fighting and Flying at the same time.

There will be an NPC in-game who gives out Mega Stones
With a feature like this, Game Freak can't limit them all to DLC, the fanbase will be more than livid at missing a chance to get the Mega Stone for their favorite Pokemon. Thus, there will be an NPC, either in a place so obvious you'd miss it, or some game you really have to look for, who will, under certain circumstances, give you a Mega Stone, either randomly, or if you have the necessary Pokemon in your party. Hell, Steven likes rare stones, maybe he'll be the one you go to the obtain Mega Stones.
  • Apparently at least some of them are obtainable in the Master Tower.
  • Confirmed. Some Mega Stones are obtainable from NPCs.

The method to move Pokemon forward from the previous games (along the lines of Pal Park and Poké Transfer) will be...
A pinball-type of game in which you have to hit your six Pokémon choices with the ball to recapture them.
  • Pokemon Bank is already the way to do it with no minigames, sadly. But I'd love a "remake" of pinball as a minigame.

New items related to Fairy Type
  • Very likely there will be a Fairy Plate for Arceus.
    • Pixie Plate confirmed to exist. Are you ready for Fairy Arceus?
  • A berry that reduces super effective damage from Fairy type attacks. Most likely based on the sugarplum, because of Sugarplum Fairy.
    • Who knows, maybe an e-Reader berry from Generation III will make a comeback.
    • Roseli Berry confirmed by Serebii.
  • A hold item that increases Fairy type attacks, perhaps Fairy Dust.
  • If Gems are returning, there will be a Fairy Gem.
    • Semi-Jossed. There is a Fairy Gem in the data, and the event Diancie held a Normal Gem, but no gem is easily obtainable in XY.
  • An incense that boosts Fairy-type attacks, which you need to breed a Fairy-type pre-evo (most likely of something that's Fairy-type by Retcon)
    • I don't really see the Fairy-type incense. We have at least one item boosting certain type, Plate for every type but Normal, Gem for every type, Berry weakening super-effective attacks (or any Normal-type attack since it doesn't weaken anything) but incense? There are 9 incenses out of which 5 boost FOUR types in total.

All Mega Pokemon are going to be an intentional Game Breakers!
Especially when their stats and boosted to an equivalent to a legendary's. Or for Mega Mewtwo's case, Arceus.
  • This might be why you can only have one per team.
    • Wait, where did you hear that?
      • That's only one of several things that are either confirmed or floating around. Among them, besides only being able to have one Pokemon that can Mega Evolve hold a Stone on your team, the other is that you can only Mega Evolve once per battle. If you use it at the wrong time, you're screwed. Use it at the right time, and it can turn the tide of a battle. It makes sense, for Mega Evolution to have multiple limits to ensure it doesn't become a really broken concept.
      • ... Well, there goes my strategy for a Mega Kangaskhan Triple Battle...
  • Leaked stats indicate they have at least 600 BST, some of them with the most ridiculous stat spreads (see the stat calculations I've gathered up earlier). Mega Mewtwo Y apparently has 760 BST — as in, higher than the Canon God the Almighty of Pokémon Arceus himself!!!
  • Hold your horses. Mega Evos are forced to hold an item, and can't use other held items. Think about that. So you'd be losing your Leftovers, Choice item, Life Orb, type Gems, Sitrus Berry, Chesto/Lum Berry over a fairly minor stat boost. This loss will be apparent when you reach the first Battle Tower/Subway analog in the game.

There will be a "Pikachunite" Mega Stone.
Just because the franchise mascot should get in on the action. This would subvert what we've seen so far, though, with Mega Stones being available only to fully-evolved or non-evolving Pokemon.
  • Alternatively, there will be "Raichunite" just to make him competitive again.
    • Or there will be.......BOTH, and Pikachu's mega evo will be slightly stronger, maybe the Light Ball will be retconned as Pikachu's Mega Stone, and of course then there'll be an episode of the anime where ash goes up against mega raichu, loses, gets a Mega Stone for Pikachu from someone, rematchs the guy, Pikachu mega evolves and wins.
    • Jossed so far. how about in Z?
    • The only way I can see Pikachu, a middle-stage evolution, getting a Mega is if it's a very special Event Pikachu that's coded so it's the ONLY Pikachu in the games that can Mega Evolve and that it cannot be traded or evolve to Raichu, so it's essentially like a Mythical Pokemon or the Cosplay Pikachu that eventually came out with ORAS. Furthermore, it would be Ash's Pikachu, as that has been given out before, and as his Pikachu specifically is the mascot of the franchise. And it'll be a Japan-only event, so I guess technically it's Satoshi's Pikachu. I see Mega Pikachu being only marginally better than Raichu itself is, stat-wise, except with Pikachu's speed advantage. Raichu's Mega would be the superior one of the two by a longshot.

There will be no way to transfer Pokemon from Gen IV and V to Generation VI
From what I've heard, communication between the 3DS and DS systems is very difficult, if not impossible, and Game Freak themselves pretty much said that, while they are trying, there's no confirmation. So, kiss your hard raised teams from Gens III, IV, and V good-bye.
  • All they need to do is do what they did in Dream Radar, but in reverse...
  • Didn't that cost money? It's unfair to charge someone to send over their Pokemon.
    • The Dream Radar costs money sure, but we're not talking about literally using the Dream Radar. Just the transfer process. Which I'm pretty sure is easy to switch around. Also I'm pretty sure communications between separate DS and 3DS systems might be difficult, but not a 3DS and itself, which is all you need.
      • Makes sense. Because giving away all these event Pokemon so close to the release date seems pointless without a transfer process.
  • And Game Freak will be blamed instead of Nintendo. Again.
  • Jossed. Pokemon Bank, but you have to pay for it, except for a free 1 month trial.
    • The fee apparently issomething around 500 yen (5$, I think), and it's annual; as you pay once per year.

There will be a new weather effect that harnesses the moon.
Opposite of Sunny Day and intense sun weather, there will be a "Full Moon" or something similar introduced as a new weather condition. It will boost Fairy type attacks, as they apparently use moon power, and increase the accuracy of Dark and/or Ghost type attacks. Dragon and maybe Grass might get debuffed by it as well.
  • Sunny Day is actually... misleading translation. (explaining why Moonlight is boosted by it). The Japanese name means Clear Skies (a clear sky equals to more Sun/Moonnote  being visible), so I am not sure how this would work.

The DLC transporter was because an in-game transfer analogue wouldn't connect well to a normal DS game, prompting the new method

Pokemon-Amie will be required to evolve Pokemon that evolve via happiness.
  • During the game, your Pokemon will now only bond to you up to a point. In order to get them to achieve max happiness with you (which will allow Pokemon to evolve that require happiness), you will need to play with them in Pokemon-Amie.
    • Jossed except in the case of Sylveon. Others who evolve via friendship can evolve with no interaction in Amie whatsoever.

Ghosts will become the new Dragons.
Now that Steel is no longer resistant to it, Ghost is now one of the best attacking types, resisted only by Dark and Normal — and those are easily covered by a Fighting attack (most commonly Focus Blast). On top of that, they have two immunities and two resistances, and its only weaknesses are Dark and Ghost (and only Dark is safely exploitable for obvious reasons). Remember how Dragon used to be weak to just Ice and Dragon?

Furthermore, Ghosts are now immune to trapping moves like Wrap/Mean Look/Magma Storm/etc. If this extends to abilities, it means that no amount of Arena Trap/Shadow Tag/Magnet Pull (for Honedge) is going to work on them too.

Gengar in particular will become a top-tier threat now that it has an excuse to run STAB Poison, which has fantastic coverage along with Ghost. If Mismagius gets retyped to Fairy, she'll be even more terrifying: dual STAB only resisted by Pyroar, four immunities, plus Substitute and Nasty Plot to boot! Expect to see a lot of Scizor, T-Tar and Blissey, plus random Mons carrying Shadow Ball, Crunch, Night Slash etc. to counter Ghosts.

The only thing that keeps Ghosts from reaching Dragon levels of brokenness is that Ghost attacks barely reach 80 BP (not including Giratina). Still, there's nothing discounting Game Freak just putting their hands up in the air, saying "fuck balance" and making a Ghost-type Draco Meteor. I mean they weren't hesitant to make Garchomp a Mega Evo, after all.

How Mega Evolution works
It's been said that Mega Evolution has something to do with how close the trainer and Pokemon are. Also, in all the videos that shows a Pokemon Mega Evolving, the trainer is surrounded by the same light as the Pokemon.

My theory is that Mega Evolution occurs by fusing the trainer and Pokemon together, and the high friendship is required because the fusion can't hold if the trainer and Pokemon are in disagreement.

  • Jossed. A high level of friendship/affection isn't required at all, and the process only changes the Pokemon, with the trainer staying the same and in control.

Some of the Pokédex height will be retconned as length, and the Pokémon will get the second measurerent which would be the usual size.
Because who is going to believe that Arbok is as large as Groudon?

Any flying Pokemon can take part of Sky Battles.
And by flying Pokemon, I mean Pokemon that can fly. They do not have to be Flying-types, have Levitate ability or even be immune to Ground moves! Magnemite is one example where it can enter Sky Battles.
  • Or alternatively, any grounded Pokemon that knows the move Fly (like Golurk) can enter as well, but only if it has that move in its move slot.
  • Levitate mons and Dodrio are already confirmed for Sky Battles.
  • Jossed. Here's a very specific list.

All Pokemon with Mega Evolutions have an X version and a Y version
This will tie into the in-story explanation for how it works.
  • Almost certainly Jossed, considering that we know Lucario and Blaziken use Lucarionite and Blazikenite, respectively. Mewtwo and Charizard use Mewtwonite X/Y and Charizardite X/Y, respectively. Also, we only know about two Pokémon with version-exclusive Mega Evolutions. That's not enough data to make a reliable extrapolation.

The reason there are so few new Pokemon is because it is based on France
France is not known for ecological diversity due to the many centuries of human habitation and habitat destruction. Only recently has some form of it returned. There are also a lot of species there that are not native, thus all the old Pokemon.
  • Not really. There is still a ton of variety, new Pokemon aside.
  • Variety of introduced/invasive species, considering this topic is all about lack of new Pokemon.

Hidden abilities in Gen VI
Are not the same kind of hidden abilities accessed in Dream World. For example, Venipede can get Speed Boost only in Horde Encounters or Friend Safari, but you can only encounter Quick Feet Venipede in the Dream World.

X/Y are a retelling of Zelda in the Pokemon universe
Lysandre is Ganondorf - he looks like Ganondorf gone Super Saiyan, he has royal lineage, and wants to use an ancient power to wipe out anyone who opposes him and rule the world. Professor Sycamore is Zelda - he provides sage advice to the hero, and while he's not literally kidnapped by Lysandre, he is fooled by him and doesn't realize he's up to no good.

And Sycamore's theme music? It's got to be a remix of the Dragon Roost Island theme from Wind Waker!

  • That would make the player character Link, then. Fitting, seeing as everyone seems to have a thing for Sycamore anyway.
  • Hero fights villain and gets help from a third party. Yeah, only Zelda did that...

Mega Charizard X was a calculated attempt to get people to buy Pokemon X.
Nintendo knew people would like Y more because of Yveltal. To make sure X gets a comparable amount of sells, they decided to make an even more popular and wanted Pokemon: a black Fire/Dragon Charizard

Cilan is secretly behind the development of Pokemon X & Y
  • Why else would this generation be french-themed and have more emphasis on aesthetics and red herring, than a wide variety of new Pokemon and actual post-game content?

There's actually a mistake in the Critical Hit system.
Level 3 supposed to have 25% chance of Critical hit, Level 4 should be 50% and 5 100%, but a programmer made a mistake.

The decision to buff certain Pokémon's stats slightly came really late in development.
Alakazam was among those that received a 10-point boost to one of its stats, specifically Special Defense. All other Mega Pokémon have Base Stat totals 100 points higher than their regular forms, but Mega Alakazam's is just 90 points higher. This makes sense if the Megas were coded before the stat boosts were implemented and they just forgot to adjust Mega Alakazam after buffing Alakazam.

     Third Game Edition Speculations 
The Third Version will be called "Pokemon Z"
Or, there won't be a third version, it will be X 2 Y 2.
  • Maybe it will be called X-Squared and Y-Squared.
    • Or maybe even XX and XY.
    • Or ZX and ZY
    • Or, as stated above, they could be named Z and W after the other chromosomal pair.
  • So far, it seems to be jossed. No additional games, just straight on to Pokémon Sun and Moon!

The third game will not be Z or a second pair of games, but rather, Pokemon M.
X and Y may refer to axes. Notice how Xerneas is a deer. A land animal. Something that runs. While Yveltal is a bird. Something that rises. In algebra, the change in the Y and X value between two points is referred to as the rise and run, respectively. Dividing the rise by the run results in M, the value of the slope of the line between those two points. If this is the case, the third mascot may be something that travels on slopes, perhaps in a rolling motion. An armadillo or hoop snake, maybe?
  • Pokemon M?! Does that mean we get to be spies with our Pokemon?
  • If this is the case, Yveltal wouldn't be able to go diagonal, foreward, or sideways. Same with Xerneas. Also, you're telling me Xerneas can't jump, and Yveltal can only go up and down.
    • It's just a metaphor, and I kind of like it.
      • Same guy. Sorry. Pokemon W and Z sound better in my opinion. W and Z can be both chromosomes and axes, so it's fair. Game Freak does seem to like surprising us, so maybe we'll get something completely different. I mean, how many people expected Pokemon to crossover? With Nobunga's Ambition, of all things!

Pokemon Contests in ORAS will be present.
And you will have to option to dress up according to the contest you'll partake!

The playable character's default clothing
will be green-colored to fit the hypothetical Z version. To be specific, their default clothing are:
  • Male
    • Wide-Frame Sunglasses
    • Two-Tone Bag Olive
    • Zipped Jacket Green
    • Vinyl Pants Black
    • Ankle Socks Black
    • Short Boots Black
  • Female
    • Wide-Frame Sunglasses White
    • Tassel Purse Green
    • Short Parka Lime green
    • Pleated Skirt Black
    • OTK Socks Black
    • High Tops Black
They will use these defaults when connected to the previous versions if they were to wear clothes new to this version.

The letter Z will be played around.
In that the "2" in X2Y2 is shaped as that letter.

Serena will have shorter hair in this game.
It seems weird that both the anime version of Serena and Y from the manga have cut their hair.

'Pokémon Z', or whatever the third/sequel version is, will give Xerneas and Yvetal Mega Forms.
That or Zygarde will receive a Mega Form. The third version usually features some sort of legendary transformation and this would be the most obvious way to do it. Plot wise it will probably go along the lines of Team Flare tries to get a legendary to go Mega in X/Y, but the player foils them. In 'Z' however, they succeed and the player has to defeat a Mega-Legendary with another Mega-Legendary.

Like Black and White, X and Y will have two versions of a direct sequel.
  • Now that it looks like mega-evolutions will be version-specific, Game-Freak will either have to go with the fifth generation's set-up or create third mega-evolutions for each Pokemon that already has one.
    • Unless (as is typically the case with held items) Mega Stones can be traded.

Pokemon Z and the Ruby and Sapphire remakes will include Mega Stones that are not in X and Y.
Just a feeling that I get.
  • Confirmed! With Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at least.

Pokémon Z or whatever it will be called will occur in a new region
  • In Pokemon X and Y, a tourist tells you he is from a region we haven't been to before. We will get to go to that region in the next main series Pokemon game.

"Z" will be a third game, not a sequel, but...
It will also have a second region in it.

The next game will be a sequel
Emma, who is sixteen now, will be at least eighteen, for one.

The next games will follow straight on from X and Y, and they will be called A and Z.
Set in the Poké-UK, featuring another seventy or so Pokémon, creating approximately a full generation's worth. Pokémon Trainer AZ isn't from Kalos.

The next game will only be one, Z, but it will still be a sequel.
Lysandre's fears about greed destroying the world come true, prompting Sycamore to seek out a new group of children to send out on various missions in an effort to save Kalos from collapsing on itself. On one such mission, the protagonist and rival awaken Zygarde, whom is righteously pissed off, leaving the mines to wreck city after city in order to fix the damage done. Sycamore then reveals himself to be the true Big Bad, his plans having been to find a trainer strong enough to replace Lysandre and finish his work.

Pokemon X and Y will not receive a third version or sequels, but prequels
A lot of questions about the story of XY will be answered in the prequels. More of Lysandre's and Team Flare's backstory will be expanded upon, we will see more of AZ and his eternal search for his Pokemon, and we will receive a much more detailed history on Kalos, especially the war it was engaged in with neighbouring regions.

The playable characters of this journey will be Dexio & Sina. In game they mention they went on a journey to years ago, and are often referred to as "Defenders of Kalos" when in their superhero disguises, hinting they may hold the same title the player and his/her friends receive at the end of X and Y. What they did to earn this title is anyone's guess.

Mr. "You'll see my region soon enough" guy isn't breaking the fourth wall.
He's talking not to the player as we all assumed, but to the player character- you see, he's part of an insidious plot to bring another region crashing down on Kalos. He just happens to be rather friendly about it. This will be the plot of the next Gen VI games.
  • A floating continent would make the Pokemon World much more interesting.

will be the new boss of Team Flare
  • We've seen very little of her actual role in Team Flare, so it seems like a bit of a waste of a character so far, not to mention the fact that she goes completely unnoticed and unpunished for whatever crimes she may have helped commit. If the next game is a sequel, Lysandre won't be available (for different reasons depending on your version), so someone just as powerful must take his place. Not to mention her potential as a Villain with Good Publicity- her status as a newsreader and member of the Elite Four will help get plenty of people on her side.

Alexa will have a role in taking down Team Flare
  • She will play a similar role to Looker in Platinum, trying to investigate Team Flare's motives and expose them to the public. Like Malva, she had a surprisingly small role to play in the original games (A nameless NPC speculates that she may be a stronger trainer than her sister Viola, but we never get to battle her or even see what kinds of Pokemon she has). She may even wind up teaming up with Emma as part of a detective duo!

Zygarde will gain TWO megalutions, and there will be two sequel games, XZ and YZ
Team Flare will use a mind control device (similar to what was used on Emma/Essentia) on Zygarde, forcing it to enter the super weapon, and the left-over energy from Xerneas/Yveltal will create a new mega stone, Zygardite X or Zygardite Y, depending on the version. The resulting mega will look like a mix of Zygrade and the respective legendary. Plus, Zygarde is quite weaker than Xerneas/Yveltal, and the hybrid mega form would help it out a lot. Also, Emma will willingly join Team Flare and permanently become Essentia, and she will become a high-ranking admin of TF, or possibly even the new leader.

Olympia will have a bigger role in Z
She certainly seems rather major.

The sequel will take place in a region east of Kalos
You will get to it from the Coumarine train station. It will be the region the Hotel Hiker comes from, and the "amazing machineefers to is the same machine that the Coumarine Pokemon Centre Scientist refers to, the one that lets you become a Pokemon. The message in the Luminose station is related to this, and the Skiddo are actually transformed humans.

Rather than go the sequel route, they'll have a spinoff sequel that acts as a midquel
The Unnamed Pokemon Detective game would have the plot shortly start after the finale of the Looker sidequest in X/Y, perhaps you'll be a nameless character with a Pikachu as their superior, the game starts off as a sequel to Hey You Pikachu/Pokemon Channel in gameplay but has a narrative that expands the Generation VI universe. In XY, after defeating Team Flare, their leader is Crushed under rubble, you would've thought that would be done and dusted? infact they might have survived due to the effects of the cannon so Malva would have to kidnap Clemont to work on machinery for their own goals. (and to dig up Lysandre

Team Flare probably still has some connections to the Holocaster, and since Clemont somehow invented a whole virtual landscape for Pokemon to be trained and cared for, this leads to the next bit: The Evil Blue Pikachu is actually an agent of Team Flare by using their surplus from embezzling Two-Million Pokedollars from the rich, Team Flare is actually secretly building Hard Light projectors throughout Kalos.

The Blue Pikachu obtains a conscience, sees his errors and becomes good at the end, but probably gets deleted...but not before Team Flare gets resurrected, indirectly, Clemont probably steps down as Gym Leader due to having free (if forced/controlled) reign in inventing with limitless wealth during his captivity in Team Flare's labs, gains a new lease on inventions. His father who in the anime has a Blaziken, and he'll have to take up the mantle of the Fire Gym Leader for Z/X 2 Y 2/XZYZ/Whatever.

Malva will inexplicably leave the Elite Four, Mega Evolution is presumably going to be much more widespread...just to sidestep the issue of Mega Rings, Mega Evolution may take place much earlier..possibly at Luminose City whilst having more convincing roadblocks than a power outage in the daytime...building developments? maybe they'll go the BW 2 route and have new towns built?

The Kanto starters in X/Y will be replaced by Johto starters in Pokémon Z
  • And they will receive Mega-evolutions.

Pokemon Z will still be a 3DS game
  • But it will be enhanced for the New 3 DS.

If Pokemon Z is made, Mew will be available.
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire made a lot of people happy by allowing you to get Deoxys without an event. Similar to the Delta Episode, Pokemon Z will have Mew part of the after-story and available. This'll also be a good opportunity to play up the importance of the Mew/Mewtwo relationship: Mewtwo will be the Rayquaza equivalent, used to get Mew. Mew'll probably get a Mega or Primal Evolution.
  • This needs to happen. In fact, to go one further, you will have to have Mewtwonite X and Y to get him, perhaps requiring a leading Mewtwo to Mega Evolve to each in fights against some kind of "guardian" (like the non-Pokemon in Pokestar Studios). Not only that, but Mew will have both a Primal and Mega Evolution, each boosting different stats. For my preference, Primal Mew is Psychic/Normal, but with an ability that changes the second type to that of an attacking move, and to a type that resists/nullifies moves used against it. Call it "Primal Protean". Mega Mew is Psychic/Fairy (representing the latest evolution in Pokemon typing) with access to Light of Ruin and a signature "super-Metronome" that always uses a Super-Effective move against the opponent when selected. Call it "Genetic Memory".

The sequel(s) of X/Y will have Lysandre return
  • Lysandre was given immortality by being so close to the ultimate weapon as it activated, sending an energy wave directly inside of him. A Team Flare member will return to the base and dig Lysandre out of the rubble. Lysandre will carry out a new plan to use Xerneas' and Yveltal's power to turn the sun into a supernova, destroying the world. The player will be able to use Zygarde's power to interrupt this process and fight Lysandre. Afterwards, he will be warped into another dimension by the Legendaries as punishment.

Zygarde Perfect has a BST over 900!
Because it's in Pokémon Z, get it?

Zygarde will be obtainable way early in the game.
You'll start with Zygarde Core, then as you play through, it slowly gains new formes.

Zygarde will be a Sequential Boss.

The plot of Z will borrow from Platinum
Specifically, Lysandre getting both Xerneas and Yveltal but all of the Zygarde core that you've been collecting doing a Fusion Dance with those Pokemon to create Perfect Zygarde; the same mistake that Cyrus made.

Perfect Zygarde will be so powerful, the player will only be allowed to have it and no other Pokemon on their team.
I mean, look at the guy. He's huge and bulky! Forget Xerneas and Yveltal- he could probably snap Mega Rayquaza in half if the player wanted to.

Tweaks for a potential third version:
  • The ancient war will be elaborated on.
  • The EXP Share will be reserved for postgame.
    • The EXP Share will be given to the Rival instead of the player.
    • The EXP Share is still there, but you can be told "turn it off if you want a challenge" by the person who gives it to you and in the menu, it says "Turn it off if you want a challenge", since most viewers didn't put two and two toether when they started to outlevel the Pokémon.
    • Or they could bring back the difficulty selection option like in Black 2 and White 2 but have it available from the start in addition to receiving the Exp. Share so people who liked the spread out experience don't have to suffer for people who didn't but also people who didn't like it but don't want to be thrown into being underleveled fast stand a chance, too.
  • The Ultimate Weapon will be explained more.
    • The scene where the weapon is turned on will be changed.
  • The player will decide whether or not they forgive the villains.
  • Having certain species in the party will change some scenes (As examples, having an Absol in Lysandre labs, or a Ghost when encountering AZ).
  • Clemont will take part in the Team Flare plot.
    • Also, Malva.
  • Knock Off will be nerfed to 55 Base Power.
    • Unlikely, given that they'll have to be compatible with the original games.
  • The Rival will not be grinded under the heels of the Protagonist all game and will not feel like some Broken Ace.
    • The other rivals will be fleshed out more, too. If they go the Platinum/Emerald/etc. route and not the Black 2/White 2 route, we'll actually SEE Trevor and Tierno help out Dexio and Sina against Team Flare, for starters. We'll also see them actually go places with their goals- maybe Tierno could open up the sixth generation equivalent to the contests/musicals/etc. in the form of a dance studio? Trevor could become an apprentice to Dexio and Sina, unless that's too similar to Bianca working with Juniper at the end of Black and White. Shauna... I'm not sure. Maybe become some sort of tour guide? She seemed more interested in making memories and seeing everything. Or something with her puzzle skills...
  • They will Sequel Hook the Hoenn remake. If at all.
  • Sky battles will be fixed: several Pokémon who were disqualified due to their idle poses not flying will be given new ones. Also, sea battles.
    • Or they'll simply be ignored.
  • AZ's Floette will be a recurring character, starting with an expanded version of Dextra and Sinis' explanation of the fairy type.
  • AZ's capture by Team Flare will be seen. Malva will be the one to bring him in.
  • The Lumiose Ghost will be expanded on
  • Riolu will be removed from random encounters, just so you don't box Korrina's Lucario forever.
  • Zygarde will be the mascot legendary, but Xerneas and Yveltal will both be able to be caught later on.
  • Refinements will be made to the AI to make the battles a little more challenging.
  • The long-awaited return of being able to walk with your Pokemon.
    • Especially with Pokémon Amie, this actually would make lots of sense. Maybe using Amie would affect how they interact with you in the overworld, too, like a higher affection changes their "dialogue" or increases the chances of them finding something (couldn't they do that in HG/SS, or am I remembering wrong?).
  • More customization options would be nice too, like glasses or scarves or jewelry, or even the option to remove certain items like hats or socks. Maybe a wider range of hair colors as well, or even unnatural colors!
  • One of the gym leader will retire and a new gym leader will take their place. And the new gym leader will not be specializes in Dark type.
  • AZ will be more involved with the plot.
  • During the end credits, KISEKI will have sung lyrics. Sounds good... until you realize they're sung by a vocal synthesizer. Bonus unintentional creepiness points if they're sung in the secondary language.
    • What's so creepy about that? Vocal synthesizers can do decent singing- just look at the Vocaloid community.
      • Just take the fake- and bizarre-sounding Village Bridge song from B/W Up to Eleven. They could do a good job with it (or even hire a human singer), but considering the Village Bridge song there'll probably be some degree of Uncanny Valley.
  • There will be an event where you get AZ's Floette. But then again, he waited 3000 years to find it it's doubtful he'll give it to you to fight, especially since fighting is what separated them in the first place.
  • There will be a shitton of new Mega Evolutions. Zygarde is a given, and Hydreigon is pretty likely too so it can laugh in the faces of fairies. Speaking of fairies, they could make a few strong and/or cool-looking Fairy-type Mega Evolutions such as Mega Arcanine and Mega Dragonite, since the Fairy-types are pretty controversial right now for their lack of badass and/or masculine species.
  • If Diantha is still champion, she would get a bigger role in the story.
  • The Froakie line will no longer have its eyes always closed in Pokemon Amie and in the same game mode, Pokemon will be able to properly wink.

Potential Mega Evolution candidates for the 3rd installment.
Since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire introduced more new Megas, there is no doubt that there are more to come. With that in mind, here are some worthy candidates.

  • Butterfree (It would be fair, since Beedrill got one. Plus, it will be Bug/Psychic to even the advantage between them in battle.)
  • Machamp
  • Golem (Along with Machamp to catch up with Alakazam and Gengar to complete the Mega Trade Evolutions group.)
  • Rapidash
  • Marowak
  • Lapras
  • Dragonite (To continue the Mega Pseudo-Legendary trend.)
  • Slowking
  • Granbull
  • Flygon (Once Game Freak comes up with a satisfactory design, that is.)
  • Toxicroak
  • Rhyperior (A little something to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary, since Rhydon is one of the earliest Pokémon created by Game Freak, after all.)
  • Froslass (To go along with Mega Glalie, just like Mega Gallade in ORAS.)
  • Watchog, Basculin, Garbodor or Sawanna will be among the candidates as they are the only fully-evolved Gen V Pokemon not to have any triple-digit base stats.
  • Zebstrika
  • Gigalith and Conkeldurr will be the ones completing the Mega Trade Evolutions group, not Machamp and Golem.
    • Machamp and Golem would be completing the Gen 1 three stage Mega Trade Evolutions Group that Alakazam and Gengar are part of, but Game Freak pulling off a twist by using their Unova counterparts instead is not out of the question.
  • Sigilyph (Incase AZ gets to be a Mega Evolution user.)
  • Golurk (Same reason as Sigilyph.)
  • Hydreigon (Same reason as Dragonite.)
  • The Kalos Starter Trio, making them relevant in Kalos again.
  • Vivillion, as the common early-bug Pokemon who will be the counterpart of Mega Beedrill instead.
  • Diggersby, who will be the early Com Mon counterpart to Mega Pidgeot.

Not only there are various formes of Zygarde, but they're purposely hiding the existence of 1 from the Movie. presumably with the intention to keeping the idea of the dual-game's sequel a secret
In the Anime, there is a Red core and a Blue core. now logically you'd assume that Puni-chan was involved in the creation of the Perfect Zygarde. but why would they tote a new Pokemon in the form of a chibi which might not even be usable in battle? because they might be using it as a plot token to justify how Zygarde would shift forms. in the Movie there is Volcanion which appearance is unexplained yet "stars" as a main character.

The theory in-universe is that Team Flare would imprison Volcanion in the effort to power up one of the cores, preferably the blue one. with this it'll shift into a corrupted form rather than a perfect form. essentially this would imply that Perfect doesn't appear in the movies and the existence of a Red-Imperfect form would make it an unmentioned form variation sort of how Rotom's forms were only mentioned in ads, vs Giratina & Shaymin getting new formes right off the bat in their movie. in the Games, the core you get depends on which legend was siphoned so in X2, the player's intervention meant that Xerneas' energy wasn't released from the Geosenge Weapon which Zygarde takes into rejecting the Red core to vastly empower itself for the Blue core (Life) whereas in Y2, the lack of Yveltal Energy would result in Zygarde adopting the Red core (Death). perhaps by direct intervention by the Dragonid, surplus energy from one universe can be siphoned into a version of Kalos without as much energy in one aspect than another.

Perfect would be a Primal forme, whilst the Red/Blue formes would be considered as Megas called Death/Life formes, but to cater to a younger demographic, they'll call it the Prosperous forme and the Entropy forme. Notice that the only new art we've seen of Zygarde is the Core, 10% and Perfect? all of them besides Perfect only shows Red. perhaps this is a Broad Strokes Retcon to justify why the idea of 2 Cores didn't exist before the Core was revealed. the Dog forme has the justification of being built for speed and only has teeth for close range protection hence the prominent Red Core being shown, whilst the "Perfect" form is that; perfect to protect the core where it doesn't need the power because the environment is in perfect balance, they skip straight to Perfect forme in promotions to trick the audience into thinking it's just that; Red, Blue and White is France's national flag's colors so it'd be reasoned as that. but Zygarde was still shown in silhouette meaning there's still either the potential for single-core "perfect" formes, or even the possibility that Blue Core may have a different 10% form from Red, possibly a more hellish wolf form to differentiate itself between Man and Nature. (Dogs and Wolves?)

Nintendo will pull an Atlus and announce everything but Pokemon Z
Just like what Atlus did with Persona 5, Game Freak and Nintendo will have a huge announcement related to the 20th Anniversery, where they use the big announcement to announce multiple games (including the already known upcoming Pokkén Tournament and the Detective Pikachu game), and possibly throw in a musical rhythm game, like with Persona 4 (though that would not be too bad of an idea), with absolutely no hint towards a X or Y sequel. It may be in production, but they won't tell.
  • Confirmed. The games announced are the next generation, not a third version or sequels!

The Third version will contain some of the following
  • A southern area of Kalos perhaps being a new region (Possibly the country that waged war against Kalos)
  • 50-70 new Pokemon (Magearna is perhaps implying this
  • New side features
  • Seeing the other side of the wars story and the consiquence of AZ's weapon
  • Some more Mega Evolutions (potentially ones they couldnt do, like Mega Flygon)
  • Glitch fixes
  • More changes to the Meta
  • A Possible second Eeveeloution

Pokémon Z is to be reserved for Gen 7.
Third game editions for past gen had been improvements from their otherwise-dual counterpart such as graphic-wise, so how could Z one-up X and Y when they are highly acclaimed? By being on the next console that has the capacity to upgrade the game even further!
  • Tentative joss based on the logic. Generation VII has been announced, but they're not on new systems at all, and no follow-up to X and Y has been announced.

     Remainder of Generation VI 

If there is "Pokemon Black 3/White 3" starring the original dragon, Ghetsis himself will be the final boss of the entire Unova Saga.
No, not Ghetsis' Pokemon; Ghetsis himself. Since Pokestar Studios has given us "non-Pokemon" that can be fought, they might have some plot device where, after you defeat the Original Dragon (possibly a new Kyurem forme), Ghetsis will then merge with it himself (or absorb its power) and declare himself a god, and it's up to you and your Pokemon to defeat him.
  • His typing will either be Dark/Dragon, or possibly Dark/Psychic, referencing how completely insane he is
    • OP: And his One-Winged Angel form could look like some sort of Eldritch Abomination, bonus points if he merges with his Hydreigon too and gets extra heads, making him look like a Spear Counterpart of Cloud of Darkness.
    • Whilst I doubt Ghetsis himself will appear, it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume that Game Freak used Black 2 and White 2's Pokestar studios feature to test out the idea of battling entities other then Pokemon.

There will be a pseudo-remake of Red and Blue on the 3DS eShop.
While the Game Boy itself would not work with the new stat system and would not support more than 256 Pokemon due to the coding of the games, pseudo-remakes (with the same graphical style, but the modern type chart and stat system and Pokemon from Gen II-VI hidden in the data) would easily be possible. While this would piss off the people who want RSE remakes yet again, it would take less effort to make than a full RB remake.
  • Essentially confirmed, although they were straight ports for the Virtual Console and didn't arrive until Generation VII.

If there's a Stadium, Colosseum, or Battle Revolution type game, it will be backwards compatible.
Since Gen V never got one of those games, it'd only be fair to people who like Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 to be able to use Pokemon from those games on the TV the same as Gen VI players. And because of the wireless connection, it might actually be possible to have backwards compatibility with Gen IV as well, even though that's already covered by Battle Revolution.
  • Sadly, Gen VI never got one either, so the theory is moot.

This game'll have co-op multiplayer.
As seen in this video, when the male character is running around a forest, a female character (looking different from the one we've seen) is following him in a path a second player would. Or maybe there's trainers that'll force you to fight by chasing you down.
  • Or maybe she's like the trainers that follow you in Diamond and Pearl.
    • If you look closely, you can see she isn't following directly in the player character's footsteps like most games that feature All in a Row (including previous Pokemon games). Maybe there's new multiplayer gameplay similar to the Entralink in the Black and White games.
  • Jossed.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Remakes will come this Generation
Because Junichi Masuda did say he wanted to do something special with Hoenn, and if a fully 3D Hoenn isn't special, I'm at a loss as to what is.
  • I'd honestly be surprised if we didn't get Gen 3 remakes in Gen 6. Gen 5 was so short, and, while this may just be a coincidence, the previous two remakes were done two gens after their original release (Kanto in Gen 3, Johto in Gen 4). Plus, then we could call the Hoenn remakes... Gen 3DS.
    • Oh, you deserve money man.

There will be two remake games this generation, but they won't be of Ruby and Sapphire...
They will be of Emerald and Platinum. Purely wishful thinking on my part, but Game Freak's been so unpredictable that I find it hard to believe that they'll play the Hoenn remakes completely straight. Besides, due to differing plotlines, R/S and D/P are seemingly non canonical in favor of the third version plots recieving far more Call Backs. Gen 4, now 2 generations ago, fits the previous remake pattern as well.
  • Heart Gold and Soul Silver incorporated many of Crystal's changes to Gold and Silver, so it's possible that the Ruby/Sapphire remakes would incorporate Emerald's adjustments. We're probably not going to see remakes of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum until DS compatibility is phased out, which won't be for a while.
  • Jossed. The only remakes we saw in Generation VI were Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

While Gen V evoked Gen I, This Gen will Evoke Gen II
Self Explanatory. Feel free to put your own theory's.
  • NEW EEVEELUTIONS! Oh, God, let there be more Eeveelutions!
    • Since new Eveelutions after Gen I appear in even-numbered generations, it is quite likely.
      • Confirmed.
  • Travelling across Unova after beating the new region.
    • Jossed. Each game only contains one region, and none of them revisit Unova.
  • The new region shares it's Elite Four with Unova.
    • Jossed. Kalos has an entirely new Elite Four.
  • Roxie will become an Elite Four member like Koga.
    • Her son will become the new gym leader in her place.
      • Roxie's a bit young to be having a son old enough to take over a Gym, don't you think? She can't be older than 14-15.
      • There could always be a Time Skip, though it would still have to be a pretty darn big Time Skip.
      • Alternatively, Pop Roxie takes over for awhile until someone takes over, and explains his daughter is on tour (to explain why the Elite Four will be unavailable for a rematch until you get all eight of Unova's badges). Cue to him being a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass with an excellent team of poison types.
  • Hugh will become a gym leader.
    • And his sister will be the last trainer the player has to pass through to get to him.
  • Alder will become the champion again. (An explanation: It's assumed that Lance was the champion before Blue came in and took the title. Blue was defeated by Red, who left to stand on a mountain for 3 years. He then took his original position back.)
    • Alternatively, N.
  • This region seems to start Route numbers over again, which means it is too far away from Unova to share anything with it. And Unova wasn't the best region, I doubt anyone wants to waste 3D graphics going back to it.
  • 2 New types. Sound and Light.
    • Also, the balancing between typings is just fine as it is. There is no need to add two new types that cannot help the balance that we currently have. If you remember, Dark and Steel were introduced merely to combat the ungodly cheap Psychic-types.
      • Well, Light has been one of the most requested types in the franchise, and the sound thing makes sense. Plus, I could imagine that it would help break the cheapness of psychic types that there is. I could imagine that Light would be super-effective on Psychic, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon, but takes super effective moves from Bug, Fighting and Dark type attacks. Dark type will be weak and strong against Light type. I could imagine that sound would be super effective on rock, ice, fire, psychic, and steel, but not very effective on water. Sound would be weak to ground and Water.
      • "The balancing between typings is fine"? Grass, Poison, and Ice would all like a word with you.
      • Actually, a Light type would probably be resistant to Grass (Photosynthesis) and Ice (Reflections) therefore giving those two some resistances that should be there.
    • Semi-confirmed as of now, with the new Fairy type (I guess you could call it Light if you were stretching it. It's the only type introduced so far though). It's supposed to counter the overpowered Dragon-types.
    • At least Semi-Jossed, there will be no "Sound" Type. Some may consider Fairy as a "Light" Type in that it beats both Dark and Fighting (in addition to Dragon).
  • Though there will be plenty of new Pokemon evolution lines, Gen 6 will primarily focus on evolutions and baby forms of Unova Pokemon (which is not just a characteristic of Gold and Silver, but of even numbered generations in general)

There will be some hidden caves similar to Lascaux or the Chauvet Cave.
After all, it does take place in a France-like setting. The caves will have paintings of ancient fossil Pokemon, maybe even a hidden Mew. Fossils can be found inside the cave.
  • To add to this: Every future visits will involve a little puzzle for the player to do to earn rewards that earn them items.
    • New region's Hidden Grotto equivalent?
    • Ruins of Alph 2.0...? Intriguing...
    • Jossed

There will be a small area based on Africa or India in the X and Y region.
Simply because it would be cool to have more variety in the region, and take advantage of the wide variety of wildlife in the areas.
  • Jossed

The region in X and Y will be a large mish-mash of European cultures.
Rather than just being based on France or England, the region will be based on several cultures in Europe. The north will feature Nordic-inspired culture, imagery, and Pokemon, maybe even have a legendary based off something in Norse myth. Another area will have the ruins of some English castle, maybe even containing some cool dragon Pokemon. There will be a town based on Venice, where you can use Surf to get around.
  • Bonus points if Latios and Latias are somehow important to the town based on Venice.
  • Jossed. The region is based exclusively on France.

There will be a game on the Wii U that can connect with Pokemon X and Y.
And Pokemon from the Wii U game can be transferred to X and Y.
  • So... Pokemon U?
  • Pokemon Universal. Pokemon 4U. Pokemon Universe. Pokemon Ultra & Pokemon Alpha.
  • Pokemon Stadium U or Battle Revolution U?
  • For sure it'll probably not be Rumble U since that's based on the toys.
  • Jossed. The only Pokémon game the Wii U got was a pseudo-crossover with Tekken.

There will be a Journey to the Center of the Earth style area in the new region.
The player will go into what appears to be a normal cave, but after going deeper inside they find an area full of prehistoric plants and Pokemon. Pokemon based off extinct creatures can be found here, including some fossil Pokemon from previous generations. Alternately...
  • And a floating island which will be hard to accessnote 
  • Goddamn it, it'd definitely be great to have a Journey or Dinotopia or Land of the Lost areas. It'd be even more exotic than the Safaris from previous gens.
    • Nope

There will be a "Prehistoric Pokemon Park" on an island.
A lifeless island was reformed to support plant life, and work as a reserve for prehistoric Pokemon. Pokemon based off prehistoric creatures can be captured here.
  • Safari Zone meets Jurassic Park, not bad!
    • Jossed

Pokemon X and Y will have a really cool underwater area.
Dive is used to get to it, and it will be full of Scenery Porn. It would also be a great way to take advantage of the 3D.
  • Jossed

Obligatory "Leaf's gonna appear" theory
Yes, yes, we know she doesn't technically exist. HOWEVER! One of two things could happen to allow her to show up in X/Y:
  • She could come from an alternate reality, perhaps brought to our reality by Dialga for no reason.
  • She could be the genetically engineered daughter of a mad scientist.
So, what d'ya think?
  • Jossed.

There will not be a light type.
Because the Dark type is more like evil than literally dark.
  • Step 1:Make a Good type.
  • Step 2:Translate it into English version as Light type.
  • Step 3:...
  • Step 4:PROFIT!
    • Note that Dark-type is already Evil-type in Japan, so if this happens, it'd probably be Holy-type in Japan, while we get Light-type.
    • Confirmed?...The logic is correct, that a light-elemental type would be a conceptual mismatch with the Dark type (set up with Fighting in Japan), but we did get the Fairy type which encompasses the lighter side of magic and some light-based attacks.

The regional Pokédexes' orderings will be slightly different between versions
Each version will only have its own version-exclusives in the regional Pokédex. Furthermore, one version will have more Com Mons from Gen I-IV (Geodude, Machop, etc) and the other will have more Com Mons from Gen V (Roggenrola, Timburr, etc).
  • Alternatively, you can customize the regional Pokédex before playing, to some extent.
    • Actually, the Dex is going to be broken up into 3 different dexes: the Central, Coast, and Mountain dexes.
    • ...sounds like the Central, Western and Eastern Eurpoean time zones?
  • Jossed. As always, the Pokédex has the same order between the two games. It's just the flavor text that differs.

The Theme Naming for towns and areas in the Kalos region will be based on stars and other astrology and light-based things.
Unova had a cloud theme for their cities (At least in the English version), for these games, it'll have an astrology theme. The Kalos region is noted to be star-shaped and the one city revealed so far is called "Lumiose City", which is based on "Luminescent".
  • Actually, that's because Paris is nicknamed "the city of light". I guess your idea is still valid, though.

Sprites will be used somehow.
  • From what little we've seen of the new Pokédex, it seems like there will still be the little icons (like in the PC). That's probably all we're gonna get, though.

The next specialty healing item will be some sort of French-style pastry.
Starting from Pokémon Gold and Silver, you can obtain a healing item that resembles a dessert: Pokémon Gold and Silver (and remakes) had the Rage Candy Bar, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire had the Lava Cookie, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl had the Old Gateau and Pokémon Black and White had the Casteliacone. Since the Kalos Region is based on France, there's certainly going to be a reference to its food somewhere... But what is it going to be?
  • Brioche?
  • Croissant?
  • Biscuits? Pizza or Pasta? (if we get a chance to go over to the British Isles or Italy equivalent...)
  • It's actually the Lumiose Galette.

There will be a city above the clouds.
Considering these sky battles, and sky trainers, I foresee a Skyloft-esque area where these people live high in the sky and have a connection with Yveltal.
  • Jossed

There will be a new 3-D Pokemon Snap game.
One of the characters in X/Y is a photographer, and wouldn't that be the best thing ever?
  • Confirmed that X and Y have "Photo Spots" where you can take photos. Bulbapedia says "When taking these photos, aperture, shutter speed, brightness, and other features can be adjusted. Tilting the 3DS will change the angle of the photo. The focus and zoom can be adjusted as well. These pictures can be added to the player's homepage on the Pokémon Global Link."

There will be Red and Green/Blue remakes this generation.
With that anime special being about Red and his journey, it just seems to much of a coincidence. Everyone place your guesses on what names might be.
  • Probably something greater than Fire and Leaf. Like Blaze Red and Forest Green. (though technically there is fanproject of remakes made from scratch which includes the second protagonist as another Trainer you can fight)
  • Why not both (Green and Blue)? Also, GF will make a Kanto sequel instead of another remake. Like Black 2 and White 2. So for this case, it will be called "Red 3", "Green 3" and "Blue 3"!
    • That completely goes against the reasoning behind the WMG. It was meant as green having its name changed in English (which is unlikely though considering how the previous Kanto remakes didn't), and sequels ruins the reasoning that created the guess.
  • Close, but no cigar. Instead of remakes, it was a Virtual Console release, and it didn't happen until Generation VII.

Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Fire Red/Leaf Green will be put on the eShop.
  • And there will be a feature added that allows you to transfer Pokémon from them straight to Pokémon Bank.
    • Maybe something like this would be a thing for Red/Blue in the eShop?
      • RBY/Bank compatibility is jossed.
      • Not necessarily, The virtual console versions of RBY with be compatible with Pokemon Bank. Albeit they can only go to Pokémon Sun and Moon from there.

Every existing Pokemon will be available in some form in this gen, without requiring the older games; the transfer is only necessary for those who want to keep their specific Pokemon
They dropped the "Gotta catch 'em all!" slogan in Gen III, partly because when Ruby and Sapphire first launched you couldn't catch them all. They've just reintroduced that slogan for Gen VI, which may mean that it will now be possible to complete the entire National Dex using only Gen VI games. This might also be a way to minimize complaints about the annual fee for the Bank application that comes with the transfer utility; if you never need to use the old games, it'll still be possible to complete the Dex without either paying or working quickly to transfer all the needed Pokemon in the free trial period.
  • Right now, only Gen V hasn't made a few Pokémon available (such as Mew), and besides that only Gen II didn't have all non-eventnote  Pokémon catchable in any game.

The Kalos Pokémon are getting Megaevolutions in the next version after X and Y.
Ever since Generation 3 (with Deoxys), each new game in a generation has introduced new forms for certain Pokémon. This will likely be applied on a massive scale on the new Pokémon to generate hype for Z and other games. Plus, this would give Game Freak time to gauge which ones need Megaevos based on their three criteria (visuals, popularity, balance).
  • Mega Sylveon. Make it happen, Game Freak!
  • Mostly Jossed. The only Gen VI species to get a Mega Evolution in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is Diancie.

Mega Stones are related to the Smash Balls from Super Smash Bros.
The Smash Ball granted certain characters form changes, so it's possible. They're also just as colorful.

The girl in Lumiose City is the ghost girl from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions.
  • This may sound REALLY far-fetched, but hear me out. Reading from the D/P/Pt WMG page, there's a WMG there that says that the player may have accidentally killed that girl and her butler. Now she wants to find her killer. Cue her showing up in Kalos, and saying to the protagonist that they "Are not The One." this refers to the fact that the protagonist didn't kill her... the player did. That's right. She's looking for YOU.
    • What? They've already been dead when you come to the Chateau! How can you kill someone who is already dead? Also, what about people who didn't play the game?

The Chamber of Emptiness will have an event in the future
Only an Arceus plate and Banettite are there now, but the cave seems a lot just for that.
  • The fact it is stated to be "A void where nothing can exist" that sounds like a perfect place for an Arceus event.
  • Jossed. If there was ever a plan for the area, it fell through.

There are unrevealed Pokemon in the game data
We know Mew was discovered by hacking in Gen I, Arceus wasn't immediately revealed in Gen IV, and Keldeo,Meloetta and Genesect were found by hackers in Gen V, so it wouldn't be surprising if more event mons were found when people figure out how to read the games' data.
  • Betting on a second Eeveelution.
    • Confirmed. People have discovered the names of 3 new Pokemon thanks to the GTS: Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion.
    • Data exists for a playable AZ's Floette.

People like Riley and Sir Aaron, and Lucarios are from Kalos originally
Think of it: Riolu are easily catchable in the Kalos region, and Kalos has a history of warring with other regions, where warriors that can use Aura and Pokemon that can understand human speech might be in high demand.

Swampert and Sceptile have Mega Evolutions, but they haven't been revealed yet.
It's kind of weird that Blaziken is the only member of the Hoenn trio that has a Mega Evolution. Maybe Swampert and Sceptile have some as well, but they haven't been revealed yet. They will either show up when someone hacks the game and finds the items and evolutions in the data, or when Nintendo has an event to give out the stones.
  • It's not so weird if you consider Charizard has two mega evolutions, while its counterparts only have one each. They clearly didn't care for keeping any sort of symmetry there.
  • Perhaps they could do Mega Evolutions to showcase the Hoenn remakes? Don't tell me a Grass/Dragon Mega Sceptile wouldn't be awesome.
  • Possibly confirmed.

List of unreleased content in X & Y
Here, before someone hacks into the game to find out, let's speculate what kind of contents are hidden in X & Y:
  • About 30 more Gen VI Pokemon, and that excludes event Pokemon.
    • A second Eeveelution, maybe? The new Eeveelution's always come in pairs - Espeon and Umbreon, Leafeon and Glaceon - and Nintendo didn't promote the latter two.
  • As mentioned above, the 4th dex after Central, Coastal and Mountain.
  • Mega Evos for:
    • Watchog, Garbodor, Basculin and Swanna because they are the only Gen V Pokemon without any base stat over 100.
    • Latias and Latios have be confirmed.
    • Swampert and Sceptile, since Blaziken has one.
      • Or alternatively, Mega Blaziken forms a trio from starters from from its original region like Meganium (becoming a defensive Grass/Steel)and Samurott (Becoming an offensive Water/Fighting).
  • Extra space for downloadable contents to be combatable with future games within this gen.
  • Trainer customization items and options, to be given out for events.
  • A legendary trio, to be released as event Pokemon.
  • BW 2's Challenge Mode.
  • DLC unlocks of additional (themed!) Battle Maison opponents
    • Previous gen Gym Leaders and Champions and Elite 4
    • Previous gen protagonists
    • Previous and current gen villain teams
    • Previous gen Professors, or Sycamore
    • Your Mom!
    • Your Gen 6 rivals and other major characters who aren't in jail like AZ.
  • DLC post game quests!
    • Maybe more of Looker and the fate/backstory of Xerosic or Lysandre or AZ.
    • Emma or Essentia, and Mimi, going on missions with the protagonist.
    • The return of N.
    • Various sidequests involving previous gen legendaries.
    • Anime tie-in quests. (a.k.a. Canon Immigrant Ash Ketchum finally appearing in game)
    • Sidequests and rematch with Professor Sycamore.
  • A later update featuring the return of phenomena, like rustling grass (which have a high rate of swarm encounters) and dust clouds.
  • About seven more moves (based on the how the moves are ordered by index) not shown in X or Y yet, including:
    • A Dragon status move that even Eevee can learn (through move tutorial)!
      • Eevee can then evolve into a Dragon-type evolution in a similar style to Sylveon's.
    • A King's Shield counterpart, but for Sp. Att.

Zygarde has a mega evolution.
But the Zygardite is the one big Pokemon World EVERYONE lives in!
  • So wouldn't that mean Zygarde could Mega Evolve anytime you want, anywhere you want?
  • Probably in a similar way to Rayquaza.
  • Well... Not quite a Mega Evolution.

Alder and Lysandre are related.
Just look at their hair!

Lysandre will appear in any sequels haunting Lumiose City moaning, "VEEEEENGEAAAAANCE!"
Come on, someone had to make that reference.
  • You win the internet.

Locations for future events in X+Y:
  • The Chamber of Emptiness, as said above. Possibly Hoopa's nest, as it is rumoured to be at least partly Ghost-type.
  • A secret area in the Reflection Cave. Possibly Diancie's nest; it is rumoured to have the same typing as Carbink.
  • The other three inaccessible power plants.
  • The Place Rose, going off a dialogue between two NPC's about a "Volcano" Pokémon, possibly Volcanion. (Though this could just be Heatran instead)
    • It appears this is a mistranslation; in the original Japanese, one of the women was mimicking Heatran's sounds, and the other complimenting her on it.
  • The Sea Spirit's Den. It's where you meet Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres, depending on your starter, but its name implies the nest of a different Pokémon (possibly Lugia?). It may appear once you've already caught the legendary birds.
  • There's a train station in Couriway Town. Could that go to an event?

These will all be activated by a Key item, which you receive through Mystery Gift or the Global Link.

Mega Rings are rings.
They are to be worn by Mega People.

Valerie is from Johto
  • Valerie's leader title is "The maiden from a land with history." Johto itself is the region with the most value set in its own history, with legends and lore taking a pivotal role, being the first games to put emphasis on legendary Pokémon being actual legends in-game. Johto also seemed to have a theme of "purity", as shown with the three starters, who remained monotyped throughout the game. Purity could tie well into Valerie's love of all things "beautiful", to be beautiful is often seen as a form of purity. Ecruteak itself seems to be the center of Johto's history, myths, and lore, and located within this city is the Kimono girls. Valerie favors sewing and is seen in the company of furisode girls, a style of kimono distinguishable by its long sleeves. Valerie even used an Eeveelution much like the Kimono girls do themselves, and she as a distinctly Japanese look that many other trainers in Kalos lack, even if her name isn't obviously Japanese.
    • Actually it's confirmed by 1 of the rotating hotel tenants that she's from Johto, the real WMG here should be that she might be related to the Kimono Girls.

Valerie is otherkin-identified
Or, if she doesn't know that's a thing, she would be if she did. She says she wants to be a Pokemon and cosplays as.. Something Fairy Pokemon-like.

Another Valerie theory.
This one's a bit pervy, so I'll spoiler it in case you're not into that. You know how she doesn't appear to have any arms? Maybe she's secretly into bondage, and has them tied together behind her back underneath her outfit, or possibly tied to whatever she uses to support her sleeves and make them so stiff (probably a metal bar or frame, or something, considering how her outfit apparently weighs 33 pounds)? This would explain how she throws Poke Balls without having visible arms. It would also be a MAJOR case of Getting Crap Past the Radar. If she's into that, she may still want to be a Pokémon, or she may just use that as a cover story. She probably has special contact lenses and/or a full face mask, going by her eyes. And this is just me, but for some reason I think she's wearing a latex catsuit under her outfit.

This one is going off of her appearance. Specifically her eyes. Valerie is possibly blind. A relatively common trait for people with congenital blindness is their pupils/irises appearing cloudy or solidly-colored. Valerie's eyes happen to be just exactly like that, especially seeing as how her official art gives them an oddly murky tone compared to every other character's. Perhaps giving her a bit of a Blind Seer appearance.

Olympia is a Time Lord.
I know it's an old thing said with a lot of these series but that is honestly the sort of vibe she gave off to me. A mysterious woman in a gym that can turn bigger on the inside and show the stars. The gym guide even looks like an aged version of the Eleventh Doctor and Looker is about this region as well and you know how some fans felt about him. Even with the Poke Ball in it the marking on the carpet of the gym which triggers the change in layout to see the true form looks a bit like Gallifreyan writing.

The Lustrous Orb, Adamant Orb, and Griseous orbs are in fact Mega Evolution stones for Kyorge, Groudon and Rayquaza
Jossed. Groudon and Kyogre go through Primal Reversion, while Rayquaza doesn't even need a Mega Stone to undergo Mega Evolution.
  • I believe the poster meant Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina, not Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza.

In the next game, Clemont and Bonnie will get a new sibling
In the next game, Clemont and Bonnie might get a new adorable baby brother/sister. There has been no other gym leader with a baby and that would be cute.

The Soul Dew will be Retconned into Lati@s' Megastone
The item seems to be unobtainble in game and Both of the eon dragons seem to have a Mega-Evolution. It would also make sense for an item like the soul dew to become a Mega Stone (especially since the mega form looks a lot like a Fusion Dance)
  • Jossed. They have their own Mega Stones.

Volcanion is living in the Kalos Power Plant
Like the Sinnoh event legendaries, the Kalos event legendaries are located in the game itself, but in areas that cannot be accessed without a key item. One of the sites that leaked the information on the event legendaries even wrote that "Volcanion seems to be related to the Lumiose City blackouts", and there are still three doors to the power plant that remain locked even after you've reached the postgame. The key to those doors, or to one of those doors, is an event-only key item, and Volcanion is inside. Continuing the theme of "Event legendaries in in-game locations", there's a rather suspicious-looking area of Reflection Cave granted, once you've gotten the upgrade to the Mega Ring, said area houses Alakazam's Mega Stone, so it's not a complete red herring even now, which just so happens to be where wild Carbink are found. It's hardly a stretch to think that a key item could allow Diancie to appear there; perhaps as an added bonus, you'll have to bring a Carbink with you to make it appear. Hoopa...maybe the Chamber of Emptiness? It's a very small cave which doesn't even contain any Pokémon, and the only items it contains are all related to Ghost-types a Spooky Plate available immediately and Banette's Mega Stone after the Mega Ring has been upgraded, which Hoopa is.
  • Alternatively, Hoopa is somehow related to the Hex Maniac in the Lumiose City Fighting Dojo.
    • The Hex Maniac's ability to disappear is because she is Hoopa in disguise. The event-only Key Item causes Hoopa to recognize you as the one that it's looking for and reveal its true form to you. It may even join you without a fight, since it was apparently looking for you, or it may decide to test your strength, but like Darkrai and Shaymin it'll have a much higher catch rate than your average Legendary.
  • Jossed. Volcanion's event was just a giveaway unconnected to any area in-game, with no indication that anything more was ever planned.

Diancie's relationship to Carbink
From what little official information has been announced, it is said that "Diancie is born from a Carbink that undergoes a mutation." In a rare display of Gameplay and Story Integration, the event giveaway to obtain Diancie will in fact be a key item (again, similar to Gen IV) which, once obtained, will allow a one-time event in which a Carbink can be turned into a Diancie, inheriting the Carbink's moveset at the time that the event is triggered.
  • Alternatively, Diancie will be able to breed with Ditto to create more Carbink, similar to Manaphy breeding with Ditto to create Phione. While a legendary being related to a non-legendary in in-game terms seems like a bit of a stretch, even though it's been confirmed that at least in terms of flavor text the two are related, it should be noted that Carbink's BST is actually higher than Phione's.
    • On that note: Diancie is obviously not the Kalos "Mew clone" (100 in all six stats). Carbink's got 150 in both defensive stats, and Diancie's theoretically should be even higher.
      • Partially confirmed. Serebii's listing Diancie's stats as 50/100/150/100/150/50, so it is indeed greater than or equal to Carbink in every stat; however, the additional hundred points was put into attack stats, not defense stats. The Manaphy/Phione parallel is apparently Jossed, though.
The next game's villains will want to turn people into Pokemon
It's talked about by various people in the game, including Valerie, a gym leader, who will be the new leader, replacing Lysandre after his apparent death. Incidentally, she's also the gym leader of the new Fairy type, highlighting her importance. Furthermore, Team Flare seems to believe all people are evil and the only logical solution is to destroy them all - maybe they'll later believe that only Pokemon are good, and the equally logical solution will be to turn people into Pokemon.
  • Luckily Bill has a machine that can separate Pokemon DNA from Human DNA. Assuming the transformation works that way.

Almost everyone in Team Flare died alongside Lysandre
  • By that point, most members were located inside the Secret HQ, and only Xerosic, Malva and a handful of grunts were outside. But most of the other members, including Aliana, Bryony, Celosia and Mable, were probably inside an ark built to protect them from the Ultimate Weapon, and were all crushed to death when Lysandre used the machine to either immortalize the player (X) or outright kill him/her (Y), which caused it to collapse. It's a fitting end to the franchise's Nazis.

There will be an event where you can get a Mega Arceus
  • It will take place in the Chamber of Emptiness. And the Mega Arceus will have 200 for every stat and will have an ability that makes it every type in existence.
    • Wouldn't that be an instant Game-Breaker though?
    • Exactly. That's the point. As an added bonus, its ability would cause it to heal itself and make all of its moves super effective against any Pokémon. It'll be awesome.
      • It'll be the incitement of the rage of Smogon is what it'll be.
      • It'd be a good way to add Cynthia to the game though.
    • Having all types would mean its only weakness is Rock, because fossils disprove God! (no they don't, but this isn't the place to have a philosophical debate)
  • Jossed. Arceus never received a Mega Evolution.

There will be Sinnoh remakes
  • Come on. You know they're coming.
    • Maybe in a generation or 2. But not soon.
  • Jossed for Generation VI, but there's always the possibility we'll see them in a future generation.

Alternativly there will be Kanto remakes... again
Kanto was remade when Hoenn was new, meaning it shares the same technical problems. Plus imagine returning to Kanto in 3D - just in time for the franchises's 20th anniversary!
  • Jossed, although RBY did get Virtual Console releases during Generation VII.

X and Y will receive a patch to allow compatibility with the new Mega Evolutions in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
Possible since the Hoenn remakes also introduced new signature moves for all three members of the Weather Trio that apparently aren't available within the programming of X and Y. That, and the only Pokémon with Mega Evolutions you can't get through normal gameplay in X and Y are Blaziken, Latias and Latios (the latter two not even publically released yet).
  • Jossed, unfortunately: no patch will be given to Pokemon XY, so the Mega Evolutions introduced in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire will be exclusive to those games. That said, if a Pokemon Z is released, it will most certainly have those Mega Evolutions.

X and Y's inaccessible areas are what links it to Hoenn, and will be accessible in the Hoenn remakes
Why are there several waterfalls on the map that are blocked off by stones? One is in Victory Road, another outside Frost Cavern, a couple in Couriway Town (which are really obviously meant to be accessible), another is in the route leading from Snowbelle City to Victory Road. Were they designed for portions of the game that never got finished and just left in to be ornamental? Or could those routes possibly be what connects Kalos to Hoenn? Perhaps you'll be able to access them if you have a Pokemon X and Y save file on the system whilst playing the Gen III Remakes (especially if you have both games installed on the system)? There are strong hints that there is code in X and Y which was never pointed towards anything (certain Mega Evolutions, for example, were meant to be accessible, but you can't get the stones to do them until the Hoenn remakes, the station in Couriway Town doesn't have any trains, and several NPCs talk about far away things). Furthermore, in Black And White 2, you can access some areas that were never in Black And White, but conversely, there are some places you can no longer get to. In the previous games there were sea routes that were blocked off by stones, which is understandable. But this game clearly does away with most of the long sea routes, which makes these blocked off areas puzzling. My theory is that the Hoenn remakes will feature a remade Kalos, which you will reach post-game via Couriway Station. This will take place several years after Team Flare has completely disappeared so some places will be quite different. No idea as to whether it would feature the whole map.
  • Jossed as far as the Hoenn remakes go, although given that Hoenn is based on a region of Japan and Kalos is based on France, their lack of proximity to one another is not surprising. But the inaccessible areas being accessed in X2Y2 seems like a decent guess.

Zygarde will have two alternate formes, same as Kyurem
There are two moves that are known to exist in the code for the Generation VI games, but are not known to be learnable by any Pokémon. Both are Ground-type moves and they immediately precede Zygarde's signature move, Land's Wrath, in index number. Presumably Thousand Arrows, which has the effect of being able to hit Flying-types (like Yveltal) despite being a Ground-type move, will be learned by "Zygarde X", while Thousand Waves, a trapping move (think "underhanded technique"—related to Dark-types) will be learned by "Zygarde Y".
  • 2? How about 4 confirmed forms?
  • Technically confirmed, although Jossed in spirit. Zygarde did receive new forms, but none of them had anything to do with Xerneas or Yveltal. Apparently Zygarde is an amalgamation of Zygarde cells controlled by a Zygarde core; the more cells it has, the stronger it becomes. The giant serpent we first met is at 50% strength; 10% strength turns it into a dog, while 100% strength makes it humanoid. All forms can learn its signature moves. Unfortunately, none of these other forms made it into the games until Generation VII.

We either have a very short, or very long, wait ahead for Generation VII.
(Written July 2015) Thus far, the waits between Generations have averaged just over three years, with Gen I -> Gen II being the shortest at 748 days (2 years), and Gen III -> Gen IV the longest at 1,495 days (4 years, 1 month, 3 days). So, if the wait for Gen VI -> Gen VII hits the average, the release date would be October 2016, only 16 months from now! Of course, Gamefreak could be planning to hold out for a major blowout Gen VII, to celebrate Pokemon's 20th anniversary. That would be a whopping 1,812 days (nearly 5 years) since X & Y came out, and the longest wait yet. Of course, they could also split the difference and give us Gen VIII in 2018, making Gen VII -> Gen VIII the new shortest wait yet.
  • Evidence that the next game is in 2018? The ROM has Wonder Cards through Pokémon Movie 2018.
    • That's not proof. Generation V had Wonder Cards for Pokémon Movies all the way to 2020, even though it ended in 2013.
  • Magiana's only added more fuel to the fire. Proof of Gen VII or still possible to be in Gen VI?
    • Confirmed on the "short wait" side. No follow-up to X and Y has been announced, but Gen VII has for late 2016.

Magiana is connected to Diancie.
The two are very similar in design, both being feminine creatures with dresses, so it seems that Magiana might be Diancie's Steel-type counterpart, created as an imitation.

Magiana will make an Early-Bird Cameo.
It is a Gen VII Pokémon, but it will make an appearance in Pokemon Z.
  • Jossed. There was no Z version or equivalent thereof for Magearna to cameo in.

Xerneas and Yveltal will each gain a Super Mode through Zygarde Cells
On the next remake, they can be infused by a portion Zygarde Cells to become more powerful. They can be aided by Zygarde whenever they need to defend themselves.

    Timeline Guesses 
After ORAS implied there is a Pokemon multiverse, why not add a folder for Timeline/AU guesses?

In games where Mega Evolution can't happen, Kalos doesn't exist.
In Black and White as well as B2/W2, you can find Relic items which date back to approximately the same time as the Kalos war. In ORAS it's revealed that there's one Pokemon universe where Mega Evolution exists and one where it doesn't, and the point of divergence was approximately 3,000 years ago, the same time as the Kalos war. The timeline split based on how AZ used the Ultimate Weapon. The one where he didn't end the war with it ended with Kalos being destroyed, leaving Relic items in Unova. When he did, we got X and Y, Mega Evolution, and OR/AS. This also explains why Mega timeline games are darker - in order to even GET to that point, countless Pokemon had to die.
  • Strictly speaking, Zinnia tells us that in the other timeline, the war in Kalos just never happened, period, and the weapon was never built. Kalos (or the area that would become it) must have been in a very different state at the time for the war to not break out, and it's implied by Lysandre's notes that the war started when other countries became envious of Kalos's wealth and prosperity (which was ushered in by AZ, using "technology unlike any seen in that era" to unite Kalos for the first time). Maybe AZ wasn't even around in the non-Mega timeline?
  • Alternately, it's possible that a version of Kalos could still exist, it's just be vastly, vastly different from what we see in "mainverse" Kalos. Going off the point immediately above this, there's two things that immediately come to mind. Either Kalos was considerably poorer in that timeline (no one can get envious of Kalos's wealth if the wealth isn't there), so perhaps it simply faded away and folded into other regions (mostly into Unova, tying into the Relic Items from the OP). Or possibly Kalos was so well off that they were able to donate money and treasures to other regions. No need to go to war to take it all if Kalos is giving it away. And in that case, there still could be a present-day Kalos, though whether or not it could maintain its present levels of beauty if it got rid of a good chunk of its historical artifacts is anyone's guess.

In games where Mega Evolution happened, Team Flare created Mewtwo.
ORAS has established that a multiverse exist. In the non-Mega timeline, Mewtwo is always found in the Cerulean Cave. In the Mega timeline, Mewtwo is found in the Unknown Dungeon in Kalos. In this universe, the scientists who made Mewtwo live in Kalos. But whom? Team Flare, that's who! Lysandre wanted a living weapon of mass destruction to help him, in case Xerneas/Yveltal didn't work out. Unfortunately for him, Mewtwo decided it wanted no part of it, so it fled. The Mega Stones are made to serve as a counter towards other legendaries.

RSE are still prequels to XY
While ORAS is the prequel to the 6th gen's third game edition.
  • Sadly jossed by the fact that Kalos doesn't seem to be getting a third version (and/or sequel).

Pokemon X and Y are Continuity Reboots.
With the release of ORAS, it has been confirmed that there are alternate universes in the pokemon world. It is said that the war in Kalos never happened in the RSE universe, explaining the lack of Mega Evolution in the first five generations. But that would mean that since X and Y have Mega Evolutions, they take place in the ORAS universe. As such, Pokemon Sun And Moon will follow this continuity and continue it's story.


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