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    Fairy type strength 

  • I'm actually interested in seeing how the new Fairy type turns out and there's a question I was hoping I could get an answer to. With every type resistance and advantage, I'd like to come up with a reason for why each exists. For example, Water beats Fire because water douses fire, Steel is resistant against Dragon because steel armor and shields protect knights from dragons, and etc. It has been announced that Fairy is strong against and immune to Dragon. My question is why? I really couldn't think of a reason. My first thought was magic, except that doesn't really make much sense since dragons in most lore are resistant to and could even wield magic.
    • On the other hand, enchanted weaponry is often the key to defeating dragons in various myths/games/stories/etc.
    • Because dragons (usually) lose in fairy tales! Similarly, Fairy's weakness to Steel is likely a reference to the weakness of Fair Folk to "cold iron" in many European stories.
    • It actually would make sense for the fairies to be immune, since, in fairy tales, the hero usually has some way (often a shield) to block a dragons fire. But that's neither here nor there. I personally hope Fairies are immune or take half-damage so Dragon Trainers will have to do something different for once.
    • Except it's humans who slay dragons, not fairies.
    • Have you, by any chance, watched Sleeping Beauty?
    • While it's true that Pokemon type matchups are fairly reasonable, there are some that make absolutely no sense. Like Poison being resistant to Fighting.
    • Original poster: I like to make reasons, even for the odd ones; it helps with memorizing all of the type matchups.

    Kalos desert geography 

  • How does Kalos have a desert (or, what looks like a desert in the map) in the midst of lush forest and plains? It looks really out of place and doesn't make sense geographically. The one in Hoenn was at least surrounded by mountains.
    • Might be that something happened in that area that caused it to be desertified.
    • Perhaps there used to be forest there, but it was turned into pasture/farmland and was eventually desertified due to overfarming and poor care of the soil? I feel like I might be talking out of my ass, but I'm pretty sure this is a thing that can happen.
    • It happened in Maine. It's not a true desert, since there is frequent rain and snow, but it counts.
    • Perhaps it's the ground zero of the Ultimate Weapon!
    • Alternatively, In Y at least, it's where Yveltal was previously "killed" and sucked the life out of everything.
    • It's not a desert; it's a wasteland/badlands. If you check out the Lumiose Museum, you'll find that the Power Plants run off of heat from the ground (as well as fire and composting waste) not to mention that the main Power Plant (the one you're able to visit) gets its solar power from what essentially seems to be microwave emissions. So not only is it on a geothermal hotspot, but if one of the microwave transmission beams missed the receiving dish...
    • It does appear to be volcanic badlands.
      • One of the Power Plants is partially built into a pool of lava. It's somewhat visible ingame and confirmed by the official map, which places the power plants in a layout similar to their ingame placement.
      • Gible and Slugma can be found there. Gible live in holes warmed by geothermal heat, and Slugma is almost always found in volcanic areas.

    Helioptile and Dry Skin 

  • On the other hand, why the hell did Game Freak make Helioptile's ability Dry Skin if they feed on sunlight?
    • Because they're born in the wild and don't have access to skin lotion.
    • Being out in the hot sunlight causes dehydration so it makes sense to not be affected by water, it moistens its Dry Skin
    • Could also be that it has two abilities. It can feed on sunlight, but like most Pokemon, it'll be able to eat normally, too. On top of that, Dry Skin only makes the sun harmful when it's intense. Even with Dry Skin, Helioptile can sit comfortably on a sunny day and soak up the rays, it just can't take harsh sunlight. The day gets too hot, and Helioptile just moves out of the sun.
    • To use a human analogy, fatty foods are delicious and provide us energy, but they're also pretty bad for your health.
    • Going off the human analogy on fatty foods for humans, Helioptile is a photovore but not a thermovore it's probably a mix of that while being cold-blooded. As sunlight is both heat and light, Helioptile needs sunlight to warm itself to a functional level, but if it overheats it has no method of cooling itself down.


  • Do the effects of Pokemon-Amie only affect the lead Pokemon? And as such, if their position were to change, would the effects wear out?
    • No and no. The effects stay even you put the Pokémon in a box, and there's a switch option that allows you to choose who to use on the feature. I'm not sure if they wear out over time, though.

    Sky Battles 

  • So Sky Battles will allow Pokémon with Levitate. What happens if you use Skill Swap during a Sky Battle, then?
    • We'll just have to wait for that one. They'll probably either not allow you to lose Levitate, or let you lose Levitate but let the battle proceed as normal. More likely the former.
    • The Nintendo Dream interview confirmed that some moves can't be used in Sky Battles. Skill Swap might be disabled to prevent breaking the game.
    • ...or break Willing Suspension of Disbelief.
    • Charizard loses its Flying type after mega evolving to "X", yet doesn't gain Levitate in its place, yet Mega Charizard X was shown participating in a Sky Battle with no issue. I'd assume that the Pokemon will continue to battle normally. It's also possible that other Pokemon will be able to participate in Sky Battles other than Flying types and Pokemon with Levitate; Possibly, all Pokemom capable of learning the move Fly can participate. (Volcarona, for instance.)
    • Gamers have confirmed that only Pokemon who are seen levitating or flying and have either the Flying type or Levitate can participate (thus, leaving out certain Pokemon that are not animated flying but have either the Flying-type {like Farfetch'd} or Levitate {Like Gengar}, but having Pokemon not generally seen as being able to fly participate {like Gyarados or Mantyke}. They'd also confirm that if a Pokemon were to lose its Flying type or Levitate, they'd still be able to battle.

    No Guard instead of Huge Power 


    Amity Square 

  • Will Pokemon-Amie be like that 4th generation Amity Square, where only specific Pokemon can be played with in it?
    • No. It works with any Pokémon.
    • It'd be weird to be petting something like a Qwilfish. But it might be heartwarming all the same.
    • The game's actually programed to hurt you if you were to touch anywhere on the Pokemon where it should logically hurt you (like Pikachu's cheeks, because that's where he stores his electricity).
    • You can use it with Tyranitar, so it's pretty safe to assume that you can use all 721.

     70 new Pokemon 

  • I keep hearing that there's only 70 new Pokemon and there's basically no post-game. Where did this come from? (I doubt this is true.)
    • More internet rumors. Take everything with a grain of salt until you see confirmations.
    • Agreed, remember when during the first wave of Black and White spoilers, the champion was Belle with her starter trained to level 70? Yeah. And regarding the post-game... unless the endgame consists of going to other regions, the internet will never be pleased. Especially those who rush through the game as fast as possible without taking time to explore in about 48 hours, then complain that there's no content and that they're bored.
    • Sadly, there really are only 69 new Pokémon.
    • I've also heard there's no Pseudo-legendary... however Sliggoo evolves at level 70...
    • It actually evolves at Level 50 and above in the rain.
    • Actually, it's sad to say, but from what i've heard, yes, the post-game is indeed pretty lackluster. I haven't beaten the game yet, but I've heard from a lot of people that it's true (I heard somewhere that the Elite Four don't even upgrade their teams). However, that was basically the same case with Diamond and Pearl and Black and White, and then Platinum and Black 2 and White 2 had much more, so they might be saving some post-game ideas for the inevitable third version or sequel.
    • Well, there's still trading and battling.
    • There is a canon explanation as to why there's so few new Pokémon. See Fridge Brilliance.


  • So with several formerly Normal type Pokemon being retconned as full-on Fairy-types, why is the Jigglypuff line Normal/Fairy instead? More importantly, with Marill's stages being Fairy type as well (with Marill and Azumarill being Water/Fairy), why is it that Azurill is Normal/Fairy instead of just Fairy when given the aquatic nature of its line, it has no business being Normal type in the first place?
    • Maybe to differentiate the Jigglypuff line from the Clefairy line.
    • And Azurill was likely made Normal/Fairy simply to make it a dual-type like its evolutions are.

    Fairy weaknesses (or lack thereof) 

  • Is anyone else besides me surprised that Fairy isn't weak against Ghost or Rock? I just picture them being easy to scare, or get smushed compared to a lot of other types.
    • There are really old stories that portray fairies as evil motherf*ckers who like to screw around with humans. Also, if you think Tinkerbell is a bitch in the Disney movie, read the book. They're not going to be scared easily.
    • Only a few fairies are really like that in Pokémon, though. (Three.)
    • So that's the reason for Fairies being the most overpowered type in the games? Simply because they are evil Jerkasses who get away with nothing in the myths?
    • The two things that hurt Fairy-types are related to human things - Poison and Steel. This being because fairies are supernatural beings well in tune with nature, even without being Grass types. What confuses me a little is why Fairy isn't weak to Fire, as witches (ie, magic users) were commonly burnt at the stake, and why Ice doesn't resist it (really, just because Ice needs another resistance besides itself, and Ice tends to screw with plant life, of which fairies are commonly associated). If it weren't for the fact that damn near anything can learn a damaging Dark or Ghost move, Ghost would be an insanely overpowered type, since the most common moves (Normal and Fighting) can't hit it and Pokemon of the Ghost type can learn a huge variety of moves. Further, Ghosts and Fairies tend to be linked in mythos. The sole reason Fairy isn't weak to Fighting is that they have below average defenses, so Fighting types would slay them quickly (also, their relation to Fighting is the same as the one for Psychic and why Ghost can hit Fighting - magic over muscle). Valerie specifically states Fairies are very fragile. I do think they could do with another weakness, but a logical weakness for them would be Electric, which fits in with their human-related weaknesses considering how much humans rely on electricity. I don't really agree that they're any more overpowered than Fire or Electric, though, just because they're immune to a powerful type or resist the most overused moves in the games due to the move's typing. Thinking about it, I would say Electric is overpowered since it has exactly one weakness (Ground) and some Electric types, such as Rotom and Eelektross, have an ability that renders them immune to their sole weakness, in addition to being the fastest type with good offensive capabilities, a signature status ailment that can be induced by about half their attacks AND by their abilities, and that ailment halves the speed of the opposition as well, making Electric that much faster, AND Paralysis tends to render the opponent unable to attack at all. Electric is also super effective to two of the types the game forces you to have on your team to use the H Ms (Water and Flying), cannot be paralyzed, and has three resistances - itself, Flying, and now Steel as of Gen VI. If Fairy is OP because it's not weak to at least three types and is Immune to Dragon, then what does that make Electric, a super-fast type with its own personal status affliction that can be rendered immune to its sole weakness by Levitate? Why is Fairy OP but not Electric? Because it's a brand new typing?
    • False equivalence. Because things that are weak to Fairy are many and powerful in Gen V, because Fairy types tend to have bigger movepools than Electric-types, because Poison suffers from many weak members and Steel suffers from the lack of offense among many things.


  • Speaking of fairies, why isn't the Flabébé line part-Grass? I know the flower's not really part of the Pokémon itself, but it's weird since its movepool and ability are so Grass-oriented.
    • Flabébé and Floette aren't part Grass-types for the same reason that Farfetch'd isn't, which is as you said, because the flowers are not a part of them. Their Grass-based movepools imply that they have an affinity for grass and nature, which is to be expected of some fairies. No idea about Florges though. Maybe they just didn't want to give it a ton of added weaknesses, including a 4x weakness to Poison.
    • The same reason Sudowoodo isn't a grass type. It looks like a flower, but it just isn't.
    • The X pokedex entry begs to differ.
      It draws out and controls the hidden power of flowers. The flower Flabébé holds is most likely part of its body.
    • I would assume this has to do with the fact that fairies are typically portrayed as dressing in floral attire, though I do consistently try and use moves that would be supereffective against Grass on them, only for it to do normal damage. I mean, this same design question could be posed to Kirlia and Gardevoir, whose designs are very obviously based on ballerinas, and even Gallade looks like a danseur, but they're supposed to be knights.
    • I'd say that it's because they retconned Whimsicott into Grass/Fairy if not for the fact that they let other new combinations repeat (two steel/fairy types, for instance), so there's really not much of an excuse for this. Other than maybe they were going for the "fairies being tricksters" idea, and the Flabébé line is simply trying to trick you into thinking that they're Grass/Fairy?
  • When I saw Flabébé something told me its Shiny would be purple (possibly the fact that it comes in five flavours already), and I was right. But why in the name of Jirachi's wish tags is it the green part of its body, and not a sixth flower colour? I mean, apart from making it so that each flower colour has its own shiny? I don't think this would irritate me so much if it wasn't for the fact that you can find Flabébé in three flower patches: yellow, red, and purple, the last of which being the one and only place you can find blue flower Flabébé. So, why is the shiny Flabébé not a purple-flowered Flaébé?
    • Flabébé's shiny simply being a different flower color would kind of defeat the line's form gimmick, and, as you said, letting each form have a shiny. That, and the "purple" flowers are kind of an ambiguous bluish-purple color, so it could have gone either way, really (though I do agree it should have been closer to the color they went with for Flabébé).



  • Has any reason been offered for Frogadier and Greninja having different eyes in their models for Pokemon-amie versus everywhere else? I for one think they look much better with the horizontal frog pupils...
    • What are you talking about? They're just closed or squinting.
    • I suspect that their eyes in pokemon-amie are the idea of them not being on duty/battle, so they're relaxed as they can be. When battle occurs though...
    • I think they are either squinting, or what you're seeing in battle are nictitating membranes.

    Gallade Mega Evolution 

  • If Gardevoir gets a Mega Evolution, why not Gallade as well?
    • I don't think we still have all the mega evolutions revealed yet.
    • Because Pokémon were given mega evolutions based on three factors: Popularity, the need for a boost, and/or designs that facilitate mega evolutions. Equality/symmetry were not pressing concerns and if Gallade didn't meet any of those criteria, then it would not have been given a mega evolution (as it wasn't). Although with that being said, it is likely that there will be more mega evolutions in the future, so Game Freak could change their minds at some point.
    • Mega Gallade is in the next game, they were simply testing the waters with the limited roster of megas.

    Flying not in sky battles 

  • Why is it that, despite being able to learn Fly, Pokemon like Pidgey, Taillow, and Hawlucha can't participate in Sky Battles? How is it that they're capable of carrying their trainer all the way across the region, but they aren't capable in flying without the burden of added weight? Even assuming the unevolved Pokemon like Pidgey aren't capable of learning Fly anymore, Hawlucha can.
    • From what can be seen, it appears to be a simple case of using ones that have an in-flight model.
    • This reaches Wallbanger levels with Haunter being able to participate in Sky Battles, but Gengar cannot.
    • Well, Gengar loses Levitate should you Mega Evolve it into Mega Gengar, and if you pay attention when you send it out into battle in Gen V you can hear it land on the ground despite having Levitate.
    • Well, if you pay attention, Mega Charizard X can participate, despite losing Flying type. Also, see the post above.

    Goomy Y 

  • According to Goomy's Y entry, its body is made up of a membrane that can cause punches and kicks to slide off harmlessly. Wouldn't that make it invincible?

    More Mega-Evolutions 

  • Are there still more Mega-Evolutions? I heard that breaking into the code of X and Y hasn't been successful yet, so for all we know Sceptilenite and Milknite is still possible
    • On the other hand, those items regarding legendary Pokemon are fairly obvious (as in previous generations), with blatant hints to what they're referring to—the Gracidea holder mentions Shaymin, for instance. Still, it's likely that given how there's nothing so obvious as those for Mega Stones, it's probable that any future stones will be released like the Blazikenite, via Wifi.
    • Actually, it has, by the same person who managed to run homebrew on his 3DS. He progressed enough to allow booting a newer kernel from an older one, thus, allowing him to run homebrew and the latest games at the same time. He used this to look into the game's coding. That's how the three new event Pokémon screenshots were leaked. To get back to your question, the only hidden megastones not officially confirmed, I'm afraid, are the ones for Latias and Latios.
    • That doesn't mean there can't be some added in a Hoenn remake. Then again though... that might complicate things. (Is it possible to use Therian formes for the Raijin trio if you're challenging someone with Black and White 1, or is that impossible?)
    • Well, I like the Lati's, so not so bad a loss, though I have a odd feeling there is still more to be found

    Valerie's design 

  • I'm kind of weird-ed out by Valerie's character design. No, it isn't her eyes, It's the fact that she doesn't appear to have arms (they might be in those strange sleeve-wings, but the fact that they appear to be extremely stiff suggests that they aren't).
    • Well, some people just don't have arms. It is possible she doesn't, which would make her apparent interest in sewing even more impressive!
    • Maybe she's secretly into bondage, and has them tied together behind her back underneath her outfit, or possibly tied to whatever she uses to support her sleeves and make them so stiff? This would explain how she throws pokeballs without having visible arms.

    NPC friends 

  • Why do the NPC versions of your friends in the Battle Maison Multi Battles look so freaky? Are they androids? Disguised Dittoes that have learned to talk? Just... why?
    • Bad graphics?

    Lysandre's plan 

  • Why did no one point out the obvious logical flaw in Lysandre's plan? Killing all pokémon would change nothing because pokémon have existed for eons without being used as tools of war; they're not the problem. As long as there are two humans in the world, they'll always find new ways and reasons to kill each other. Team Flare wouldn't have lasted a year without forming factions over which lady scientist is hottest or something stupid like that, it's what humans do. Actually proving Lysandre wrong would be so much more satisfying than the lame "we'll find a way because friendship" dialogue we got.
    • Short version? He's insane. Long version? He's really freakin' insane, but so incredibly charismatic that his followers don't question his stupidity.
    • I'm assuming we're talking about Y's plot. If I understand it correctly, Lysandre does acknowledge that Pokémon are beautiful and useful creatures, but they'll just be collateral damage once he sets his genocide in motion. The goal is to eliminate everyone except Team Flare, not strictly Pokémon.
    • To note, Y has the same plot as X. The only difference is the Legendary involved. In both games, he believed that Pokémon had to be done away with because humans in the future would become cruel and selfish and would inevitably begin to treat Pokémon as nothing more than mere tools/weapons to further their own self-centered gains. So basically, he thinks he's Mercy Killing all of them.

    Mega Mewtwo 

  • Why does Mega Mewtwo X look more masculine than Mega Mewtwo Y? Game Freak goes with chromosome-based Theme Naming for the first two games introduced for G6, yet they ignore that it's the Y chromosome that determines if an animal (at least in a mammal's case) is biologically male?
    • There is a fair amount of speculation that the "X" and "Y" are actually referring to the Cartesian Plane, and not genetics. Besides, implying that Mewtwo changes genders temporarily has... implications that Nintendo might not have wanted to go for.
    • Maybe it just refers to something like "this version of Mewtwo appears by default in Pokémon X" rather than taking into account gender or Cartesian Plane or whatever they wanted "X" and "Y" to mean. Other than that, Y's Mewtwo is said to be a more perfect Mew clone, while X's Mewtwo is a less perfect one that practically lets it be its own thing.
    • It has been confirmed that the games were named after planar axes, not chromosomes. Mega Mewtwo X looking more masculine has nothing to do with the games' titles.
    • Ever seen X and Y chromosomes side-by-side?
    • Also, if you look at the movie; Genesect and the Legend Awakened, Mewtwo Y is performed by a female voice actor whereas previous Mewtwo's have used male actors.
    • Mewtwo is a failed copy of Mew. Mewtwo is larger, has more developed limbs and has stats focused on offense, whereas Mew is embryonic is nature and has equal stat spreads. Mega Mewtwo Y is a "correction"; it becomes more like its mother (Mew) in design, whereas Mega Mewtwo X continues to go in the direction it was initially.

    Battle Mansion 

  • Why is it that now some of the trainers that aren't from the Battle Maison have Egg moves or previous Gen Move Tutor moves? I was wondering if Gyarados learns Outrage by level-up or Heart Scale now after Lysandre's used it against my Chesnaught, but turns out it doesn't, and that (and Iron Head, which it also has) can only legitimately be obtained by Move Tutor from BW 2 (or Platinum or HGSS for that matter). Additionally, I fought an Ace Trainer's Weavile in Victory Road that had Ice Punch, so I'm curious as to if more trainers are like this.
    • Maybe they're just trying to improve the AI a bit in these games. It's actually more surprising (to me, anyway) that this didn't happen more often in previous games.
    • Well, Iris' Aggron in BW2 Challenge Mode has Head Smash, and Cynthia's Milotic in the Sinnoh games has Mirror Coat, both Egg moves. And Cyrus' Weavile had Ice Punch, even in Diamond and Pearl before it was a Move Tutor move (and in Platinum it has Fake Out, another Egg move). Also, in Pokéstar Studios in BW2, the Lucario you use in one of the Brycen-Man movies had Fury Cutter, which it could only learn in Gen IV (Platinium and HGSS had that as a Move Tutor move, but not BW2). Additionally, in BW, I know there was a Scizor with Superpower in the Battle Subway.
    • It was definitely as said above, an attempt to ramp up the difficulty a bit. I was very impressed when I used a Mr. Mime on my Nuzlocke against Lysandre's Gyarados, expecting his mega evolution, and he OHKO'd me with an Iron Head.
    • I can understand that, but it's more the Gen IV/BW2 Move Tutor moves I was surprised by moreso than the egg moves. I know that in addition to the big battles I mentioned above, those Veterans in Pinwheel Forest in BW2 that you fight in a Double Battle had a Magmortar with Flare Blitz (egg move), so that Ace Trainer with the Weavile I mentioned above was possibly the same deal. However, the only trainer I can think of in BW2 that had any Move Tutor moves outside of the Battle Subway/PWT was Iris' Druddigon on Challenge Mode and in the rematches, which has Fire Punch and ThunderPunch (not counting Draco Meteor and the elemental Hyper Beams).

    National Pokedex 

  • Why is that item still called the "National" Pokédex? Since Unova and Kalos are outside of "Japan" (Gens 1-4), shouldn't it be called the "International" Pokédex now??
    • I don't think it's ever been confirmed that the in-game country is different, though—just that the other regions are "far away". And they were still using Japanese names for the characters in Unova (Hilda is "Touko", etc.). This isn't true for Kalos (Sycamore is "Platane", for example), but I'm not sure if it's ever stated that you're in a different nation.
      • Wrong as of Sun and Moon. If you check the globe in the player's house, there's a narration saying that "even in a tiny globe, Kanto and Alola look far apart". Also at the beginning, Kukui just arrived from Kanto and comments on how far away Alola, even remarking on how it's day/night (depending on current time), making it clear that they're far apart enough for it to be daytime in one when it's nighttime in another. They're definitely not in the same continent, let alone same nation.
    • I'm calling Grandfather Clause, since they didn't do it in Unova either.
    • We don't know what places neighbor Kalos or Unova; for all we know, they're in different nations in which there are other regions as well. There could be something like a Poké-Spain that have the Pokémon that are listed in the National Pokédex.


  • So, the post-game finally outright confirms that in Pokéverse, everyone speaks the language of whatever country their region is based off of. Interesting, and it confirms why Looker has weird speech patterns in both Platinum and Black/White (he's not from either region, I assume). But given how badly he butchers the Japanese translation for the woman who had her Pokémon stolen, how was he even capable of carrying on a coherent conversation with anyone in Platinum (Sinnoh should be "speaking" Japanese too)?
    • Maybe the tourist was speaking really fast?
    • Or that person could just have been from Japan, and the other regions did speak English. As I recall Mew was found in South Africa, Mewtwo was born from Mew, Gastly can topple an Indian elephant.
      • Mew was found in Guyana, which is in South *America*, not South *Africa*. At least in the real world, Poké-Guyana might be in Poké-Africa.
    • Where is it stated that everyone in the Pokéverse speaks the same language? If you remember, the Team Rocket grunt you meet in Cerulean City in G\S\C and their remakes doesn't speak your language very well, and it's eventually revealed he's a Unova native. A NPC character in Lumiose City states that trainer Blue visited Kalos and learned how to say "bonjour", which is fitting given the city is supposed to be Paris. I think it's safe to assume every region uses its real-life counterpart's language, and we don't notice because of Translation Convention. As for the tourist, she actually speaks English in non-English versions of the game, so she's just supposed to be "foreign" regardless of your native language, which explains why Looker can't understand her.

    Upside down 3 DS 

  • Could someone explain why the 3DS needs to be held upside-down, in order to trigger one of the Pokémons' evolutions?
    • Pokemon games almost without exception like to introduce one or two 'mons to take advantage of improved hardware capabilities and features. Gen II had Espeon and Umbreon, as well as other features, because the Gen II carts had the ability to keep an internal clock. Gen IV had Chatot, which is entirely and completely a gimmick built around the "Chatter" move that lets it imitate sound bites from the DS microphone. The 3DS has a gyroscope, so why the hell not? At least Malamar learns some decent moves and has a fairly unique typing; Chatot was pretty much on Luvdisc tier.
    • I always got the idea that if it evolved upside down, then it evolved and holding the 3DS upside down was basically like holding it upside down.
    • So there's no in-universe explanation after all.
    • No, just imagine he's holding the Inkay upside down while it's evolving. There's your in-universe explanation.
    • Still confused. The player isn't even HOLDING the Pokémon. But I guess we'll wait until James' Inkay evolves, then conclude this. Deal? Deal.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight, back when Pokémon Red and Blue came out, there was an April Fool's joke that claimed that you could evolve a Lickitung by feeding it a Rare Candy while the Game Boy was held upside-down. Maybe Inkay's evolution is a reference to it?
    • I think that Inkay evolves due to a defence mechanism. Inkay and Malamar are Dark/Psychic. I think that it's literally split into two parts- the tentacles are what makes it Dark, and the pink part (Malamar's body and Inkay's head) are Psychic. Inkay evolves when upside-down because the Dark-type energy starts to rush down to the Psychic-type, so it evolves so that it doesn't die, since Dark is super effective to Psychic. The Dark-type energy no longer surges downwards, because its body has adjusted so that the Dark is supposed to be on the top (think of it like blood rushing to your head when you're held upside-down, but when you right yourself, this ceases to happen because of how pulses work). This is also why in the anime at least, Inkay is bubbly and cheerful, but Malamar are pretty evil- Inkay's brain is driven by the more positive Psychic energy, and Malamar by negative Dark energy. It's brain is likely located in between the two halves. Something like that, I suppose.

    Evolve by trade 

  • Why the hell do we still have pokemon that evolve by trade and yet not in-universe explanation as to how this works, let alone in the wild where there are no trainers to exchange pokemon to trigger their evolutions?
    • It's been mentioned several times in fact that Pokemon evolved alongside humans, and that they change their forms to adapt to different circumstances. As for the wild Pokemon thing, chances are that they just don't evolve. Same with all the other Pokemon who are found at too low levels to evolve. They don't need to be fully evolved to breed.
    • Given Shelmet's and Karrablast's Pokedex entries stating that they evolve when they are together when accompanied by an electrical pulse of some kind, I think that it's generally assumed that traded Pokemon evolve when they are exposed to an electrical current, and trading provides them the current of electricity.

    Honedge gender 

  • Why does Honedge, a possessed sword, have a gender?
    • The sword is not the Pokemon; the spirit possessing the sword is.

    Raichu belly 

  • Why, in the Pokémon-Amie, does Raichu hate being stroked on the belly? It loves being stroke on its tail, head, arms and feet but makes a sad face should you pet its belly. Are Raichu just really sensitive there?
    • Could be just ticklish.


  • What's up with Malva? She, despite being a member of Team Flare (now part of the Elite Four) had an Even Evil Has Standards by being against experimenting on (and killing) children, yet whenever the player defeats her she threatens to kill them! At least she ALWAYS lets the player go.
    • Maybe she's a REALLY sore loser.
    • Malva blatantly says it herself that she's not actually going to kill you, so my best guess is that she's just bitter. Also, she says she'd like to see you "burn" which could always be a pun/exaggeration on her using Fire-Types.

    Fennekin gender 

  • Okay, I'm really confused on this. The Fennekin line looks as if it would be a female-looking Pokémon, and I've only obtained female Fennekin throughout my journey... so why is it that Fennekin have a 1/8 chance of being female?!
    • The same thing happened with Chikorita. It's supposed to make it harder to breed your pokémon because it's a "gift" and the Japanese-based Game Freak has a cultural bias against modifying a gift. It's the same reason you can't re-nickname a pokémon you got through trade even if the pokémon's nickname is really juvenile or you just don't like it. Cultural dissonance.
    • You got female Chikorita? I only got males.
    • You're missing the point. They're saying that Chikorita is similarly "feminine" but has the standard male-skewed gender ratio.
    • I don't think cultural dissonance has anything to do with the skewed gender ratio. Breeding more of them is easy to get around by using Ditto or soft-reseting until a female comes up. Its just a small hurdle for amassing more of that species.
    • While probably not the actual reason, there does exist a biological explanation. There are a number of Pokemon in the games that appear in a 7-to-1 male-to-female ratio, and they're pretty rare in the wild (Munchlax, Riolu), or they're pretty much event-given. Pokemon are, by presence of the breeding system, sexually dimorphic creatures, which means that with the less available females of a Pokemon species, the species' numbers will be smaller than those of less-skewed gender ratios (in simple terms, these Pokemon were not found in the wild in Gen I, so the gender system introduced in GSC was designed as such for this to make sense, since less females means less chances to breed in the wild). Fennekin is a starter that doesn't appear in the wild, so if this theory is true, then it's just sticking to the pattern. Also, it would be damned uncool if its gender ratio was different just because it looks "feminine" (it doesn't to me, honestly, but my views on gender moors are different from others, so). Changing a game mechanic for one specimen for aesthetic reasons is unfair to Chespin and Froakie.
    • Outside of the series tradition of always having starters having a 7/8 chance of being male, it's for the same reason peacocks look more "feminine" than peahens. It may be arbitrarily considered feminine by certain human cultures, but other animals, and even humans, aren't guaranteed to have the same standards.

    Pokemon Ranger theme 

  • Relatively minor compared to most of these other entries, but why do Pokémon Rangers no longer share their encounter theme with Ace Trainers and Veterans like they have since Ruby and Sapphire?

    Phantump dex entry 

  • Is there any reason so many take Phantump's Dex entry to be true? It flat out starts with "According to old tales," meaning the Dex is outright acknowledging the info comes from rumors. A few other entries also cite legends and rumors as a sort of trivia rather than an actual fact about the Pokémon. The other entry just says it's a spirit possessing an old stump that likes to live in abandoned forests, after all.
    • Well, yeah, it's just a rumor, but it had to start somehow, right? My guess is that a few Phantumps came about that way, but most are other spirits. However, the fact that some of them are children is just so creepy that it became an overblown urban legend in-universe.
    • At least some of them might have come from the children killed by the Ultimate Weapon...
    • Original poster; the "old tales" could also be similar to ones noted in some of Duskull's entries, being tales told to discourage children from going out into the woods.
    • A lot of people think that the Pokedex (Pokedexes?) are written by the Trainers themselves; if that's true, in this case it could probably just be the Trainer repeating legends their mother taught them or otherwise heard. A lot of the Pokedex entries seem a little too fantastic to be real, even in the Pokedex universe. Then there's that Indian elephant thing...

    Flare Pokemon 

  • A minor one. Team Flare specialize in using poison- and dark-type Pokemon... and Manectric. Why Manectric? That seems like such a random Pokemon choice.
    • To throw off your strategy, I presume.
    • Electricity can cause fires. There's also a bit of a Elemental Rivalry between Fire and Electric, Reshiram and Zekrom, Flint and Volkener, Magmar and Electabuzz. Manectric and Houndoom are version counterparts and it seems like evil teams use both (Team Rocket have a lot of Sandshrew in their ranks despite being associated with poison-typed Ekans, and Team Galactic did use a lot of Stunky and Glameow for whatever reason...)
    • They use Manectrics to power their machines. Lysandre is a gadget inventor, the admins are scientists, and you can see that their HQ is filled with machines.

    Pokemon-Amie and Super-Training 

  • How exactly would Pokemon-Amie or Super-Training be explained in-universe? Are they some kind of app the trainer has on whatever mobile device they have on them or something? None of the NPC that I know of ever talk about using either, and yet in the former's case, You'll find at least one NPC (specifically Laverre City's Vallerie)who owns a sylveon, which you can only get by maxing out an eevee's affection in Pokemon-Amie. So what exactly is one doing in-universe to turn their eevee into a sylveon?
    • At least the Super-Training App can be described as a VR simulator program. Most likely Pokemon Amie is something like that. Eevee to Sylveon only requires 2 hearts of Amie affection and then it must gain a level while knowing a Fairy-type move (like Charm or Baby-Doll Eyes). There is a cafe in Lumiose where it is implied that Super-Trining is such a simulator.
    • It's confirmed in one of the Lumiose Cafe's that yes Super and Core training is a VR program, invented by Clemont, as for Pokemon-Amie, its just letting the Pokemon out and playing with them, the mingames must be VR though, but you can see the Pokemon coming out and going in to its Pokeball when you use and exit Pokemon-Amie respectively.

    Pokemon-Amie multiplayer 

  • Speaking of Pokemon-Amie, how come the effects of playing with you Pokemon through it aren't active during multi-player battles or anything similar? Can you imagine how cathartic it would be to wipe the floor with some "Stop Having Fun" Guy because your Pokemon have been landing more critical hits and evading more attacks in response from the affection and care you've shown them?
    • Because a) it would be super annoying to play against, and b) those people you want to wipe the floor with could just pet their Pokemon to get those boosts and not actually care about them.
    • Because it would break the metagame completely if those effects were on in Wi-Fi battles and such. It would make battles even more luck-based than they already are. You know how hax items like Bright Powder, Quick Claw, Focus Band and such are pretty much banned? Yeah, Amie's effects are axed for the same reason.

    Honedge and draining 

  • If a Honedge is able to drain the lifeforce of any living thing that touches its cloth arm, then why can't it learn any draining attacks? Surely, it could at least learn "drain punch".
    • I can't imagine, that it could "punch" anything with a tassel of cloth...
    • Well, it can hold its own scabbard with the cloth, so it appears to work somewhat like a hand... Sure, a punch coming from it would not really hit hard, but the draining aspect would compensate. Then again, maybe the fact it holds the scabbard with the tassel is the reason it's not used to attack.

    Veteran in Snowbelle 

  • In Snowbelle City, a Veteran mentions that he has a kid who left on a journey of their own recently. I remember watching he says "she" left when people would play as the guy, and when I was playing as the girl character, he said "he" left recently. So by any chance could that be Serena/Calem's father who they mention at the beginning of the game (along with their mother too) are experts?
    • It's almost certain. Sycamore mentions when you first meet him that the rivals parent/s were veteran trainers.

    Pokemon village 

  • Do the cut trees sitting around in the Pokémon Village that don't actually block anything serve any purpose other than filler spots? Does anything happen if you cut them down or something?
    • They might just be there to help add to the "abandoned sanctuary" feel of the Pokemon Village.
    • You can cut them down, and they just grow back like normal.

    Victory Road veteran 

  • In Victory Road, a Veteran asks why Pokémon need us trainers if they can feed, fly and swim themselves, and after you beat her, she says she thinks it's not right that Pokémon stick by trainers to have battles. And yet, she's using a Pokémon of her own. That goes by the same logic that Team Plasma in Black and White (and to an extent Black and White 2) follow, in the sense that they're against trainers using Pokémon yet they won't release them themselves. Does anyone besides me have an odd feeling she may be ex-Team Plasma?
    • It's a possibility (we already know that most of the group scattered to the wind) but I think it's perhaps more likely that Game Freak is just giving an audience nod. I think most people who play Pokemon would probably feel guilty at one point or another at hurting their Pokemon in battle, yet I don't think anyone would release their Pokemon on that principle. In-game, perhaps she does feel guilty about using her Pokemon to fight but balances it out with love at home, or maybe she doesn't think her Pokemon could survive in the wild.


  • Sycamore invited everyone to your parade...except your mother, apparently, who watched it on the TV. Any reason why he didn't invite her/she didn't show up?
    • The player character's mother is a celebrity in her own right as a pro Rhyhorn racer, she probably felt like her presence would end up stealing the spotlight from you.
    • I doubt she'd take the spotlight away from the kid who saved the entire world.
    • Maybe she caught the flu the exact same day that the player defeated the Champion.
    • I genuinely thought the mother just didn't know it happened and the parade was so important it took up air time on all networks. Well, this is what I tell myself when I know my stylist went to my parade and my mother didn't.

    Heracross and Skill Link 

  • Why did they give Mega Heracross Skill Link? It only learns five moves that benefit from it. Arm Thrust is about equal to one Brick Break; Pin Missile isn't nearly as good as Megahorn; Bullet Seed is good, but it's not exactly the best offensive typing and is resisted by Fire and Fighting; Fury Attack is outdone by Strength and Return. The only good move for this is Rock Blast, which is powerful and hits Fire and Flying types well. Mega Heracross would do so much better with its previous abilities.
    • One advantage multi-hit moves have over regular attacks is that they can break an opponent's Substitute or Focus Sash and still attack, something regular Heracross can't do at all. There's also the extra chances to land a critical hit for a little extra damage.
    • Actually, with Skill Link, Pin Missile beats out Megahorn by 5 points (7.5 with STAB factored in)in base power, has higher accuracy, and twice as much PP. Mega Heracross with Bullet Seed, Pin Missile, Rock Blast, and Earthquake has nearly perfect coverage, with nothing being able to resist all four of those moves (that I am aware of, could be missing one of the newer type combos), and each move having at least 100 base power, and three out of four negating Focus Sash and allowing it to break through Substitutes. While I agree it was a weird move, considering any Heracross with those moves needs to go Mega to make much use, the ability on the Mega Form isn't really bad, per say. Just out of left field and completely against Hera's usual strengths.
    • But Heracross generally prefers its Fighting-type STAB, so foregoing Close Combat wouldn't be the greatest idea. If you dropped Earthquake for Close Combat, the only thing that would resist it is Toxicroak, and Bullet Seed would only really be good for stuff like Azumarill and Jellicent. Although admittedly Arm Thrust doesn't lower your Defenses afterwards.
    • You have to factor in that many Mega Forms play differently than their base states, either due to an ability change or different stat spread. M-Heracross seems to go into the tank kind of role and possibly might end up finding the best use as a wall breaker. Heracross can afford Close Combat in his play style, M-Heracross really can't. And by dropping the Fighting STAB, and going with the multi-hit moves, M-Hera again has insane coverage that nothing seem capable of completely resisting (in fact, dropping either of the multi-hit moves or Earthquake for a Fighting STAB decreases coverage).

    Backpacker and Colress 

  • So a Backpacker on Route 10 says something about how Colress from BW2 spoke of the stones giving off strange energy. Does that mean Colress might have some insight on the ultimate weapon's power or the wars of Kalos? Maybe that question will be answered if he makes an appearance in another Kalos game.

    Gardevoir gender 

  • Why hasn't Gardevoir been changed to be a female species? Or why is it treated more like one? Rather than a possible feminine male or neutral appearance as it used to be (due to its angel concept), its Mega Evolution's Fairytale Wedding Dress obviously evokes a feminine appearance. Even the Ralts with its Mega Stone is female! I understand that it would be strange to retcon a possible gender, but why treat it as more blatantly female than male if its intention was a vaguely neutral appearance?
    • Probably as you said, to avoid retconning any male Gardevoir that people already had before. As for the Mega Evolution, the mega evos in general tend to exaggerate features that the Pokémon already had, so... in Gardevoir's case, its dress-like thing just got fancier.
    • Maybe Game Freak likes the possibility of Wholesome Crossdressers?
    • Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir aren't that feminine when it boils down. Gardevoir's name in Japanese is "Sir Knight", it has no feminine traits other than a dress and hairstyle (no boobs, kiddos. Look closely, ole Gardy's flatter than a pancake). That red thing that looks like a bow/chest-centerpiece? That's its heart. The only time Gardevoir gets especially female is when it Mega Evolves, and as the Dex explains, Mega Gardevoir references Shakespearean plays, specifically Romeo & Juliet. And back in the day, woman weren't allowed on stage, so men wore dresses, explaining why there's still male Gardevoirs.
    • I really wish people would stop using the "Sir Knight" thing as a way to criticise people who feel Gardevoir's design is feminine-looking. Yes, that's its Japanese name. What about it? Women can be addressed as sir, and there are girls in the world with male names like Michael. Why does no one bring up the fact that the Machop line all look rather masculine and yet are female 50% of the time, instead of pointing out Gardevoir is called Sirknight in Japanese? The notion that Gardevoir looks female isn't unfounded. Its design is based on a ballerina and part of its body looks like a long skirt, like tutus used in ballets like Giselle for the Wilis. What's supposed to be a helmet-like design looks like a green bob cut. Kirlia looks like it has flat pigtails and looks like it's wearing a curious tutu, and it's unquestionably moving like it's en pointe (Gardevoir does this as well, though its harder to see its feet-that's why its always moving in its status screen). I don't do ballet, but I don't believe men do pointe work (and Gallade, whose design has elements of both a ballerina and a danseur on top of a knight, does not do this). Hell, one of Gardevoir's idle animations in battle is that of a Noblewoman's Laugh, and it does a curtsey in the Pokemon Amie if you watch how it moves its feet. Arguing that it's chest is "flatter than a pancake" doesn't really work, either, as a deterrent to the "it looks female" argument- Meloetta looks very feminine, but has no more a chest than it does a gender, and I also want to point out that the player female characters tend to be on the flat side, too. Further, the pattern on Gardevoir's chest can look like the cut of a dress collar on a girl with... huge tracts of land, even though Gardevoir itself is flat. Think of it like an illusion. Do I think Gardevoir should be an all-female Pokemon? No. No I don't. Do I like that people sexualise it? No. I think that's ridiculous and frankly a little disgusting. Do I think its heart looks like a bow? No, and who the hell does? It looks like a huge, horrifying thorn shoved through its body. Mega Gardevoir's skirt-like lower half still rather evokes a ballet costume. Even if it is supposed to evoke Shakespeare and knights, that doesn't mean it doesn't look feminine to a lot of people. The original comment about this does make sense- it does look like they're purposely making Gardevoir look feminine. Simply because it looks female to someone doesn't mean they're going to sexualise it like some people do. Just means they think it looks feminine. That said, you are perfectly free to think Gardevoir doesn't look feminine- I don't think Sylveon looks all that feminine, but everyone else apparently does. Gardevoir actually looks to me like it could also be wearing some kind of robe, because of the way its arms flare, and could be seen as a {bishounen}. Ralts actually looks totally masculine to me, like a little boy wearing a helmet far too large for itself, where Kirlia, facially, looks a bit male, but has some clear feminine traits I already pointed out. Gardevoir really, really doesn't look remotely Shakespearian to me, even in Mega form, even knowing that, because there's nothing particularly masculine about it (that I see) to suggest it's supposed to look like a man dressed as a woman thanks to its fine and slender build being closer to that of how women are built. And all of that aside, there are plenty of Pokemon that look more male or more female, yet the Pokemon can be either gender. Making Gardevoir all female would be as ridiculous and frustrating as making Glalie all male, and likely make the male Ralts/Kirlia and female Snorunt nearly as worthless as male Combee because then they can only evolve with the aid of a Dawn Stone, which are really uncommon.
    • You are trying to impose human standards on animals. Sure, Machop does look masculine on both genders... but for us, not for them. Same with Gardevoir and its feminine traits even though it can be male. Like, if one could ask a real-life bird what they consider to be masculine traits, they would be extremely different from what we humans think. Saying Gardevoir should be female-only or that Machop should be male-only just because we find them feminine and masculine-looking, respectively, could not be more wrong (And it would be even on those masculine-looking species that have no females, and those feminine-looking species that have no males).


  • What's the purpose of giving people tips? Do you get something out of it or is it just you giving NPCs some compensation out of your own free will?
    • It's been rumored that tipping rises the shiny rate. I myself don't know much about that, though.
    • I think tipping makes people react more friendly to you. For example, the two attendants at the battle chateau are more respectful when you tip them. I assumed it was just a nice touch by Game Freak to encourage players to be more generous.
    • Video Game Caring Potential.

    Xerneas and Yveltal 

  • Does anyone else feel that Xerneas and Yveltal's level up moves were chosen ridiculously randomly? A Fairy-type learning Close Combat and Outrage I find very weird. Nature Power I understand though (especially looking at Xerneas in the very first trailer), but Yveltal gets Phantom Force (Ghost-type move), Psychic and Focus Blast, a move that no other Pokémon learns by level-up. Are these level-up moves supposed to have something to do with their themes?
    • I haven't studied Yveltal, but Xerneas's moveset was probably designed for it to be Purposely Overpowered, as it is such a lovely mixed sweeper. Close Combat is pretty much essential so that it can take out the Steel-types that would otherwise stop it dead. Outrage is perhaps a reference to the deer 'rut' where stags go mad and fight each other for days on end, which fits Outrage's description.
    • Doesn't explain why Yveltal is not getting the same treatment while those two are supposed to be evenly matched. But then the same thing happens to Kyogre and Groudon three gens earlier...

    Steel resistances 

  • If Steel doesn't resist Dark and Ghost anymore, then why does it still resist Psychic? Ghost I read is because ghosts can phase through any kind of material, but i'm just not really sure why it would still resist Psychic if Dark isn't a resist.
    • Because Steel (and Dark) were mainly created as Psychic nerfs in the first place. No other type (except Psychic itself) resists Psychic.
    • It could also be because while Ghosts phase through objects, Dark types actively fight somewhat dirty, and likely learn to aim for weak points. Psychic is resisted because they're trying to blast steel armor with psychic energy. It just doesn't yield.
    • Also, keep in mind that most justifications for type effectiveness are fan-made (when they're not obvious, such as water beats fire), and not really the reason behind the change. They just wanted to nerf the Steel type defensively (probably a consequence of its offensive buff by being one of the two types that are super-effective on the new Fairy type), and thought removing the Dark and Ghost resistances would better achieve this without breaking a different part of the game (like making Psychic attacks too good again).
    • I know, right? I mean, Alakazam can bend STEEL spoons with its Psychic powers!

    Holo caster 

  • Why does Japan have a ton of Holo Caster announcements, but English games (US and Europe) only have one relating to Torchic? Does Game Freak not care about us anymore?
    • Japan gets the good stuff first, also they have more local events than us by default. Less of not caring, and more of favoring home turf more.


  • Why are so many people abusing the GTS in x and y? I've learned that it's a lot better than in the 5th generation, but the majority of people are still making downright impossible requests. The four most common requests I see are
    1. A legendary pokemon for literally anything else. Do they really expect people to trade their version legendary for a pokemon that can be easily gotten in the game? If you want one for your pokedex, you need to make an offer of equal value, like xerneas for yveltal.
    2. Asking for pokemon at ridiculously high level, or at a level before they evolve. I've seen a request for a machoke at level 10-20. It evolves at level 28. I can't say how many times I've seen a request for absol or mawile or some other pokemon that you can get easily, at level 70-80, or 80-90. I know people want pokemon at high levels, but you have to train them yourselves, or offer a pokemon of equally high level. Even if it's at a low level, why would you limit yourself to a specific level range of a pokemon? By asking for one at level 1-10, you're preventing yourself from potentially receiving a pokemon at a higher level (like level 30 if it's from the friend safari). It also means you have to breed pokemon and hatch them from an egg to trade it, which means more work for the person who wants to trade, an meaning fewer people will trade you the pokemon you want. An then there's asking for a level 1-10 ditto, when it can only be found at a much higher range in the pokemon village, and you can't breed ditto.
    • Generally, people do that are just using the GTS as an extra storage system. There used to be a practical aspect to it in Gen IV, when you could deposit a Pokémon that needed a trade to evolve with an impossible request, then trade anything else so your deposited Pokémon evolves when you remove it, but they decided that was actually a glitch instead of a frustration-reducing feature and removed it from Gen V & later games. Now, it's probably just to brag or something.
    1. Kindgra, Scizor, or an other pokemon that evolves by trade with an item. These pokemon are more valuable because you need a special item to trade with, many of which come once per game (I don't know if it's possible to get more than one metal coat). Find the pre-evolution such as scyther or seadra, give them their respective item, and trade them with another person. If you have no one else to trade with, then that's unfortunate. But I don't think you're very likely to get them on GTS, especially since most requests I see are for much more common pokemon. You can't even trade them the pre-evolution with their held item. If for some reason a person wanted to trade a seadra holding a dragon scale, they would have to trade it, evolve it, and get it back before putting it on the GTS to trade because people only want the evolved form.
    2. Pokemon that are impossible to obtain. Meowth, Koffing, and misdreavous are the three most common examples I see on the GTS. There are a handful of pokemon that are unavailable in these games right now. You'll need to get them from a past game with the poketransporter (it and the pokebank come out on December 27th, 2013). But so many people are asking for them anyway. Does no one realize that? If Bob finished the game a week after it came out, and wanted to get a meowth, he'd have to wait until he could transfer it from an older game. How long would it take this hypothetical person to realize that no one can trade them this pokemon, even if Bob puts up a shiny Zygarde on the GTS? Now I have gotten a lot out of the GTS by putting up my own pokemon, trying to figure out what's a reasonable offer for a pokemon I want, (like a Y version exclusive for an X version exclusive, or a pokemon that evolves by trade) but the GTS is still plagued by uninformed idiots. I have considered the possibility of trolls, but these requests are so widespread that I have to believe it's something more than that.
    • Some traders are just preemptively requesting Pokebank pokemon early. Nice and all, but you're all wasting your GTS trade request for a few more days.
    • It ain't gonna do them much good that way, Nintendo took down the Bank and Transporter apps due to the heavy traffic, so the release of the games will be delayed quite a bit.
    • Here's another way to do it: Don't be an idiot and have the GTS work for you. Gain some starters or whatnot, put them up yourself and name the prices, then watch them come to you.


  • After obtaining several Vivllion of the Polar coloration, out of nowhere I somehow evolved a Modern Vivillion. How did that happen?
    • Perhaps you evolved a Spewpa received in a trade? Vivillion retain the colours of the country they were traded from.
    • I'm pretty sure I caught it in game
    • You could just check the Original Trainer. If you did catch it yourself, you just came across some sort of bug.
    • Problem, I had traded it to a Japanese Trainer for a Rhyperior

    Underevolved Magikarp 

  • There's a Fisherman with six level 24 Magikarp. This means that he either (a) stupidly blocked an evolution to the actually useful Gyarados as many as thirty times or (b) caught six Magikarp all at exactly the same level, probably deliberately. And he challenges you with these. What the hell is he smoking?
    • If you think that's crazy, just look at Generation V. That same Magikarp guy is in the post-game with Level 60 (BW)/58/63 (BW2/Challenge Mode) Magikarp, which is even sadder. Granted, this guy is actually in the game, not to mention in Generation I and FRLG, there was that same Fisherman with them at Level 27. They have this in basically every game (except the Hoenn games where there's instead a dude with five Gyarados and a Magikarp).
    • He wants them to learn Flail before he evolves them? Not that it makes it much better...
    • Perhaps he just wanted a Self-Imposed Challenge, or didn't think he'd be able to handle six Gyarados?
    • In every mainstream game, there's a Fisherman with 6 Magikarp as a tradition.

    Mewtwo and mega evolutions 

  • How can Mewtwo have mega evolutions, aren't mega evolutions supposed to be connected to nature? Because Mewtwo was created in a lab and on a side note why are Mewtwo and Charizard currently the only pokémon with 2 mega evolutions?
    • I was expecting the first one to actually be explained in-game. Something like Team Flare trying to artificially cause a mega evolution, and what better way to do this than using an artificial Pokémon? Alas, Mewtwo went completely unmentioned by any NPC in the game. Maybe the second wave of Gen VI titles will elaborate more on that.
    • To be specific, mega stones, and by extension, mega evolutions itself, are the result of stones (theorized to be regular evolutionary stones) that were irradiated by Xerneas/Yveltal's energies when said energies were channeled through the light of the ultimate weapon when it was used to devastate the land of Kalos. Hence, it could be that the mega stones known formally as Mewtwonite just happen to be oriented in such a way as to sync with Mewtwo's genetics. It seems unlikely and coincidental but it is perfectly plausible, especially since Mewtwo's genes are modified from an existing Pokémon, Mew. And as for why Mewtwo and Charizard have two mega evolutions, the in-universe reasoning would be that just as some Pokémon have branch evolutions, so to do some Pokémon have branch mega evolutions. Out-of-universe, the answer is that Mewtwo and Charizard are extremely popular and as such, receive special treatment.
    • This gets explained now that ORAS is out- X and Y are Alternate Universe counterparts (as it's implied OR and AS are AU to each other and to the original Ruby and Sapphire, and imply that X and Y are not part of the universes set up in the first five gens), so the different evolutions are likely essentially mutant Mega Stones, altered by the energies of Xerenas and Yveltal over their time in statsis. Since the Pokemon are still genetically the same, the stones work in either version, but you're essentially passing them through a tear in the universes. It's likely Charizardite and Mewtwonite were affected because of something about their energy natures. I suspect we'll continue to see blatant favouritism of the Fire-type starters, since Blaziken also got it (by being introduced a whole game before Sceptilite and Swampertite), so maybe the next one will also get two different evolutions depending on the version, and we'll get one from another gen introduced before the others.

    Fairy sp. defense 

  • If Dragons are generally physically-oriented, why do most of the Fairies have high Sp. Defense?
    • Perhaps because the most splashable TM moves to deal with them would be Sludge Bomb/wave or Flash Cannon, which are special attacks
    • But on the opposite sided note, Garchomp and Haxorus can learn Poison Jab, and most of the physical-based Dragon-types can learn Iron Head/Tail through breeding.


  • Why isn't Avalugg in the Mineral Egg group? I question why it's even in the Monster group while it doesn't have the "monster strength" feel like, say, Blastoise, Sceptile and Haxorus do.
    • There's not always a lot of sense in it, but Avalugg is a giant ice beast that looks like a frozen mash-up of turtle and alligator. I think it's plenty monster-like to justify the Monster Egg Group. Why it isn't Monster and Mineral, however, I can't say.
    • This could also be asked of other pokemon. Like, why isn't gourgheist in the "plant" egg group or noiverin in the "dragon" egg group?

    Trainer Card 

  • The Trainer Card. It only has three objectives before it's maxed out to Gold rank: defeat Diantha, see all the Pokémon in the Kalos Dex excluding the legendary birds you can't get without trading, and beat one of the Battle Chatelaines in the Super Rank at 50 battles. There isn't a big rank like the Black card in the DS era games (or White in White and White 2, unless it's both black and white, I haven't seen). Honestly, that's pretty pathetic. Why wouldn't they add something more challenging than that?
    • Because people complained about previous games being too hard. Now, they're complaining about the games being too easy. It was the same with the post-game. People complained it was too short, yet complained it was too long with previous games.

    Inver rewards 

  • Why does Inver give Sitrus Berries almost every single time you beat him? Most of the times that i've beaten him in the post-game, not all of them were without losing any of my Pokémon, and some I have, but I almost always get the Sitrus Berries. Is there something that determines the item he gives you for winning?
    • The item you get is determined by your score, you get 1 point on your score for every (by inverse battle mechanics) super effective move you use, and lose 1 point for every super effective move against you, so to get the good items the battle has to last a long time with you dealing super effective hits.

    Malva keeping her job 

  • So... any explanation as to why Malva was allowed to stay in the Elite Four and keep her job as a newscaster? She's not exactly trying to hide her involvement in the cult that tried to destroy the world.
    • The Newscaster one is obvious, she's a newscaster for the Holo-caster, a product made by Lysandre Labs. Her involvement with Team Flare got her the job in the first place, so she keeps it after Team Flare mostly dissolves, probably through a contract she signed while Lysandre was in charge, as for the Elite Four, I don't think the person's personal affiliations are really what it's about, just how strong they are as a Trainer, so as long as she doesn't lose all of her Pokemon after Team Flare's destruction her position in the Elite Four wouldn't change.
    • Also, it's heavily implied in the Looker missions (specifically, in Looker's journal) that the reason Malva was helping you was in exchange for immunity from Looker. Most likely, she successfully hid her involvement with Team Flare from most people, but Looker figured it out, but then he promised not to tell anyone in exchange for her help saving Emma.

    Looker and Emma 

  • During the post-game side quests, why didn't Looker buy Emma new clothes? I mean, she has been living on the streets for years. If he can afford to buy the whole bureau for her, I think he should at least buy one pair or two.
    • Out of universe explanation is that they probably didn't want to make another whole 3D model for her that would be used only shortly after the first, in universe he might just had never had the time with all the investigations going on, but then Emma should have been able to buy her own clothes after that since she would have plenty of money running the Bureau.

    Angel fairies 

  • This also includes other media like Yugioh and Sword Art Online but why are Angel based Pokemon (Togepi line, Ralts line) reclassifed as faries? The fair folk aren't always benevolent and have no connection to God.
    • To be completely fair, angelic themed Pokemon still go into the line that they're just not truly angels. Despite the basis, labeling them instead as examples of The Fair Folk is actually quite fitting for many. Now, as for Yu-gi-oh and Sword Art Online, yeah, that's just your basic case of Bowdlerization in action.
    • I feel like you're asking the wrong questions. Fairy is not just The Fair Folk, since Sylveon is very benevolent, and the Clefairy line are aliens. Fairy is flat-out just the Light type people want to see but never will, because "Dark" is not a type in Japan. It's called "Evil", and the fact that Fairy directly opposes Dark/Evil should have the religious connection. Also, the Psychic typing has nothing to do with God either, since Psychic is treated like magic more than any other type, except Ghost. In addition, angels aren't exactly always benevolent. Metatron isn't exactly the nicest, and other angels aren't infallible, either, otherwise fallen angels wouldn't exist, and they're still technically angels.


  • When Calem or Serena helps you fight Team Flare battles why do they lead with Meowstic? Celosia and Bryony have 3 Dark types and in Geosenge Town, all 3 Admin/Grunt pairings have at least 1 dark type.
    • Lack of realization that they have Dark-types leading?


  • Why are the Withdraw/Deposit Pokemon options still here in X/Y? Why not just have just Organize Pokemon/Items?
    • Most likely an artifact. Besides, sometimes you might just want to drop off a Pokemon (or withdraw one).

    Flipping Avalugg 

    Kyurem in Pokemon-Amie 

  • If you play with Black or White Kyurem in Pokemon-Amie, does the affection transfer to both Kyurem and Reshiram/Zekrom when it's undone, or does only Kyurem benefit?
    • I haven't tried it myself, but considering that every other detail (IVs, E Vs, Nature, Characteristic, Shininess, etc.) about BW Kyurem draws exclusively from Kyurem and doesn't affect Reshiram/Zekrom in any way (since BW Kyurem are, for all intents and purposes, "Kyurem" instead of "Kyurem and Reshiram/Zekrom"), I would expect that the Affection boosts would only affect Kyurem upon de-fusion.

    Flare Grunts 3 D models 

  • Why do the Flare Grunts get 3D models and animations for their battles but the Gym leaders and Elite Four just have generic 2D portraits like the random trainers?
    • I guess it's for the same reason the game isn't fully in stereoscopic 3D: they either rushed things or are saving a more polished version for the third game.
    • That isn't why the games aren't in full 3D. Masuda said that they wanted the overworld to look particularly beautiful, and by not using 3D, they were able to render a lot more detail, in addition to their decision to only use 3D for more "impactful" moments in the game. As for why the Gym Leaders use Sugimori art, it was probably just a stylistic decision. It could be that they felt the 3D models were better-suited for story-relevant characters like Team Flare and AZ, and in these games, the Gym Leaders and E4 aren't very relevant to the story, so they would be given Sugimori art intros.

    Tyrantrum moves 

  • Why does Tyrantrum learn Head Smash by level-up before Rock Slide (58 for the former and 68 for the latter)? You can even learn the former by Heart Scale after you get your sixth badge, and Rock Slide is usually gained by most Rock-types before then (although you can't get the TM for it until after you get your eighth badge).
    • Game Freak thinks in terms of double battles, and Rock Slide is a preferable move in double battling over Head Smash except with a beneficial Ability.


  • Why hasn't Metronome been retconned into a Fairy-type move? There's nothing "normal" about it, and it's practically the signature move for the Gen 1 Fairies!
    • Probably because it wouldn't do much mechanics wise - the move allows the Pokémon to potentially use almost any move in the game.
    • Adding onto that, the Normal-type has always been the sort of "default" or "base" type from which all of the others derive. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that a move that can let you use just about any move of any type would be classified as a Normal-type move.


  • On Freeze-Dry's page on Bulbapedia, there's a picture of an Aurorus using it against a Tyrantrum in a cave. I know there isn't any trainer in a cave who uses either fossil (the only ones who use them that I know of are two Veterans on Route 21 and Diantha, neither of which are battled in a cave), and Wi-Fi battles always have the same setting, so is there any way that situation was legitimately possible?
    • An Action Replay did it. Someone used the Pokémon Generator.
    • Actually, I heard on another forum that may have been a pre-release pic.

    Zygarde versus Xerneas and Yveltal 

  • How is Zygarde (Dragon/Ground) supposed to keep Xerneas and Yveltal in line when both of them have type advantages over it?
    • With its ability, Aura Break. The rest is just gameplay segregation. You might as well ask how can Rayquaza control Kyogre and Groudon when both of them naturally learn moves that can OHKO it.
    • By the Kyurem way. Just wait for the next that stars it.
    • It turned out they skipped the third version this time, so there was no Zygarde game. But from what we know, Zygarde is likely supposed to keep Xerneas and Yveltal in line by canceling their auras with Aura Break, as well as by using its signature moves, Thousand Waves (by trapping Xerneas and preventing it from fleeing) and Thousand Arrows (by shooting Yveltal and preventing it from flying).

    Kalos native 

  • So I've had the game for a couple of months now and I still don't understand the big deal about Pokemon you catch being Kalos native or not. Pokemon transferred from previous games are marked in the Pokedex with a Pokeball marker whereas ones caught in XY have the little red-white-and-blue triangle. What was the thinking behind this exactly?
    • Probably for competitive reasons. When the games first came out, having a native Kalos Pokemon meant it was impossible for it to be hacked. Competitive Pokemon in previous generations were infamous for being obtained through illegal methods. In the first few Wi-Fi tournaments, you could only use native Kalos Pokemon to prevent cheaters.
    • He's right. I recently got into pokemon breeding and trading, and I finally asked someone why they are so obsessed about KB (Kalos Born; either caught or bred in X or Y). They actually explained to me that Kalos Born is pretty much proof of being legit.

    Anistar's gym 

  • How in the hell was Anistar City's gym (Olympia's gym) built?!?!?

    Lysandre's outfit 

  • What IS Lysandre doing with that outfit the last time you fight him? Like... what is the purpose for suddenly putting on something with weird robotic tentacular.. things?!
    • It's a wild (mass) guess, but maybe he was planning to restrain the PC after defeat and nick Xerneas/Yveltal back from them (and restrain the legendary if needed—it would explain the eyeshield/goggles thing). Why he doesn't do this anyways, instead of rage quitting and setting off the Ultimate Weapon, I'm not so sure.
    • Hmm, perhaps it wasn't meant to restrain the protagonist, but rather, the Pokémon? Before battling you, Lysandre says that he needs to "reclaim the Legendary Pokémon's power" and send it back into the Ultimate Weapon. So with that, I figure that it was some sort of a contingency plan for the possibility of the initial energy drain causing the Pokémon to wake up and try to defend itself (which did happen). Lysandre would then have used his machine to take its energy by force.
  • The machine is meant to drain Xerneas'/Yveltal's energy back into the ultimate weapon.

    Lucario and Mega Launcher 

  • Why doesn't the Lucario line have Mega Launcher at all? Not that Adaptability isn't a good ability for Mega Lucario (never mind one that got it banned from OU by Smogon, but given Lucario is the Aura Pokémon and learns all the pulse moves by level-up or Heart Scale (well, it DID have Dark Pulse but they removed that for some reason), I question why they don't have that ability. (It'd do them a lot better than Justified would if you ask me...)
    • Mega Launcher was given to Pokemon that can launch attacks through their cannon- or pistol-like bodyparts. Unlike Blastoise or Clauncher, it doesn't have a gun-like component to its body. Plus, M-Lucario was designed to be more of a physical attacker, which is generally how both forms are used in the metagame.

    Miracle Seed 

  • Why is it that you can get the Miracle Seed in the berry garden on Route 7, but you can only get the Mystic Water and Charcoal in Couriway Town, which is close to the end of the game, and only depending on your starter? I guess the Mystic Water I could sort of understand because you can buy infinite Wave/Sea Incense at Couriway Town, but what about the Charcoal? It's not right that your starter locks you out of specific items.
    • You can get the Flame Plate on Route 13, which does the exact same thing as the Charcoal.

    Maranga Berry color 

  • Why does the Maranga Berry tree's overworld model have blue berries when the actual berries themselves are brown? Wouldn't red make more sense?
    • I dunno- why are the Enigma berries overworld sprite pink, and they're black and white?

    Diancie legendary 

  • Am I the only one who thinks Diancie shouldn't have been a Legendary Pokemon? I mean, they could have just have it evolve from Carbink instead. They gave it a Mega too. I know Mewtwo has two, and there are other Legendaries with Alternate forms (Giratina, the mulitple forms of Deoxys, Keldo, and Shaymin), but those guys don't have potential in-universe pre-evolved forms the way Diancie does. Why not just have Carbink evolve into it?
    • Probably to fill their event legendary quota.
    • I kinda think the "it came from a Carbink" thing is either a myth (seeing as Diancie is a Mythical Pokemon), or the phenomenon is so rare and it made Diancie so powerful that it was qualified as a Mythical Pokemon, since Carbink don't normally evolve into Diancie. I also would suppose, in the meta sense, the reason for this is that Diancie's design is way too special and unique to belong to a regular Pokemon, even if they made Carbink insanely hard to find like they originally did with Feebas, and made evolving it into Diancie very hard. The opposite problem is that Carbink's design is too ordinary to be a Mythical Pokemon.

    Anistar body of water 

  • What body of water borders Anistar City? According to the map, Anistar is pretty deep inland, and the only thing it could be is a river that stretches beyond the horizon and has a few islands in it. However, not only does this same river pass through Couriway Town and is only several steps wide, a river wider than that one, according to the Town Map, passes through Route 7 and looks to be about 20 to 25 steps wide.
    • The region map clearly shows that Anistar is on the edge of a large lake that connects to and from that same river

    Elevator ghost 

  • So, what's the deal with the infamous "elevator ghost"? Is there an in-game explanation? Is there any NPC that talks about her?
    • She (or someone like her) makes a reappearance in ORAS, continuing the running theme of "You're not the one". It probably has something to do with a future event—likely in a future generation, since neither Brendan/May nor Calem/Serena are "the one".

    Mental Herb 

  • Why are the Power Herb and White Herb available at the Battle Maison but not the Mental Herb, especially in light of the buff it got so that it now blocks Taunt, Torment, and Disable? Even more so for the Omega Ruby version, the only 6th generation game where Mental Herbs cannot be found in battles against wild Pokémon.

    Cresselia and the Fairy type 

  • Why wasn't Cresselia retconned into being a Psychic/Fairy type? With one of the strongest Fairy-type moves being "Moonblast" and the existing move Moonlight being reclassified as a Fairy-type move, it's clear that there's a connection between Fairy-types and the moon. Furthermore, in the in-universe legends, Cresselia is supposed to be the counter to Darkrai's powers, yet from a game mechanics standpoint, Cresselia was almost completely walled by Darkrai due to a lack of Miracle Eye and very few non-STAB moves, and the only SE moves it could learn prior to Moonblast's addition in Gen VI required a Move Tutor (Signal Beam; also Fury Cutter in HGSS). (And given how many fully-evolved Psychic-types can learn Focus Blast by TM, this almost feels deliberate.) If Cresselia was, in fact, a Psychic/Fairy, its ability to handle Darkrai would make more sense as it would overall have the type advantage.

    Countess and Earl 

  • The Battle Maison has a female class called Countess. Why is the male counterpart to that the Earl instead of using Count?
    • Simply because "Countess" is the female counterpart to "Earl" as well as "Count". So it's not the male class's fault, it's the female's.

    Day fireworks 

  • When you find the Furfrou belonging to Parfum Palace's owner, he rewards you with a fireworks show, except you can do this during the day.
    • Maybe fireworks are actually somewhat illegal in that area, so he sets them off in the day to avoid getting fined since they can't be seen? Seems to be why people in real life will set off fireworks in broad daylight (but still set them off at night for New Years and whatnot).
    • I figured he was just so excited to have his Furfrou back he simply couldn't wait.


  • Speaking of those restaurants, how do they stay in business? Your incredibly strong Pokemon just used Earthquake inside your store and my other one used Surf to knock out the rest of your team. Wouldn't that cause serious damage to your place of business, as well as upset the other customers? What happens to attacks that miss? Customers would hate to be sitting down enjoying the dinner they just paid half a million dollars for, when a stray Hyper Beam destroys the table and the meal. At least at the end of the meal, they give items worth almost as much as the meal cost. (Once again, how do they stay in business?)
    • Because all the patrons are lovers of the Bar Brawl or they wouldn't be there, and they went in knowing there were possible risks? It's entirely possible that the restaurants are built to withstand Magnitude 9 Earthquakes and Surfs and whatever else you throw at it or the things in it, considering it always looks unscathed after a battle. You could literally ask the same question of how the Gyms stay functional with Earthquake being used in, say, a Fairy or Electric Gym (due to being built in a way that looks fragile) or Surf in a Ground or Fire-type Gym (thus washing away or extinguishing half the Gym), or any sort of Electric attack like Thunder in a Water Gym without frying the trainers (or ask how the Electric attacks can even work in a Ground-type gym). It's safe to assume most, if not all, all buildings in the Pokemon Universe are built to withstand some hefty damage from battles, and that the platforms the trainers stand on are similarly protected from the elements. It's just not considered polite to battle in most of the buildings. I mean, you can have a battle in your bedroom in Black and White, for Victini's sake, and all that happens is your room becomes messy. The restaurants are basically the same as eating dinner and watching a live show, like going to a Medieval Times restaurant.

     Lysandre's Mega Ring 
  • The first two times Lysandre is battled, if one looks closely while he throws his Pokeball, he is actually wearing his Mega Ring at this point. If he has it, why doesn't he just use Mega Evolve his Gyarados right there? It certainly would have given him some help.
    • Maybe he doesn't have the Gyaradosite yet? I mean how many of us have been playing these games with Megas, and had the Mega Bracelet, but either not had the Pokemon to go with the Mega Stones we have (either through not catching it yet, it died during your Nuzlocke, or not having it with you), or had a Pokemon that can Mega, but not gotten the stone yet?
    • He might not have mastered Mega Evolution yet.

     Thwarting Team Flare at the Power Plant 
  • I had to double-take when I beat Team Flare at the Kalos Power Plant. How exactly do you bring the power back? Where exactly was the mechanism that Flare was using to take away Lumiose's power? How are you responsible for saving the day other than defeating the two Flare member's Pokémon? This bothers me more than it should.
    • Didn't the Masked Heroes remain behind? Even if they didn't, it would be easy to assume that the workers took care of it after you left. They just needed somebody to drive Team Flare out.
    • If you talk to some of the workers, one of them mentions generating power from space (or something). Presumably they have more ways to get power than just that one generator, especially when you consider that there are other parts to the power plant (even if they player can't get into them). Presumably, Team Flare was just taking power from that one part of the plant, and the workers were able to fix things after they left.
    • The way I understood it, the scientist tells you that satellites collect solar power from space and beam it down to the plant for processing, and then they ship the electricity to the city where it's needed. Team Flare just seemed to redirect the electricity from the city into wherever they needed it to go. Once they were gone, the normal flow of power could easily be reestablished. It's kind of like how if you blow a circuit breaker in your house, nothing on that circuit will work until you reset the switch.

     Lumiose City Guards 
  • So, if the workers won't let me travel around Lumiose City because of a power outage, then why are they letting random Non Player Characters walk right pass them?

     Strange House 
  • This is very, very, very minor, but am I the only person who thought the man's story was kind of... all right? I mean, yes, the way he tells it wouldn't scare anybody over ten years old, but with a couple of tweaks a horde of faceless men could be properly scary. Instead it's treated on the same level as "AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT!".

     Pokemon-Amie Logistics 
  • First off, how are you able to isolate a freshly-caught Pokemon in an environment where they won't run away or hide from you in fear? Are all Pokemon immediately accepting of their new Trainer?
    • Yeah. Seriously: the logic is that Pokemon only attack you because they think you look strong and like a challenge, or want to be your friend and on your side, and and Defeat Means Friendship, so fighting creatures is okay. (I know, but it's an E+ rated game.)
  • Secondly, what's the in-universe explanation for how the games work? They're presented to the player as typical minigames to grind for affection, but in-universe, how are you really playing with your Pokemon?
    • Since Pokemon kept in Pokeballs are converted into computer data—so you can put them in the PC and hook them up to the Pokecenter healing machines and so on—it's probably some sort of app-type thing that you have on your PDA that you can hook up the Pokeballs to.

     Always Pidgey First? 
  • Am I going crazy, or is your first encounter when you first enter Route 2(before the catching tutorial) scripted to be Pidgey? I've restarted X and Y several times and this always seems to be the case. What's more, it's always in the second row of grass—I've run back and forth in the first row for several minutes and hit nothing, only to get a Pidgey the moment I step into the second row. Why?
    • Yes, it is scripted. Nuzlockes of XY even have a Pidgey Clause that states this encounter does not count.

     Team Flare stealing their own power? 
So Team Flare decided to use the power plant to steal power from Lumiose City. The same Lumiose City that Lysandre Labs is hidden in. In other words, wouldn’t that mean that they’re stealing the power from one of their own hidden bases? Especially considering that Lysandre Cafe is in the area that’s afflicted with the blackout, implying that they have indeed lost power there.

     Korrina's helmet 
  • How does Korrina's helmet work? Did she drill holes for her pigtails/bangs/whatever on it?

  • Why does Grant look so skinny (if not anorexic) despite doing rock climbing on a regular basis?

  • Also, what are those colored things on his hair?

  • Why does Looker refuse to accept payment from his clients despite being in need of money? And why is he in need of money to begin with? As an International Police Agent working as a detective as a cover, shouldn't the agency fund him?