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Nightmare Fuel / Pokémon X and Y

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Pokémon X and Y have some pretty scary stuff...

  • In-game, Team Flare are this combined with Paranoia Fuel. First of all is that their end goals basically amount to mass murder in either their goal for immortality or killing off everybody not them (former for X, latter for Y) and that they are able to listen in all Holo Casters. And then you have all the Nazi parallels. (Suddenly the name "Holo Caster" sounds quite uncomfortable...)
    • Meanwhile, their leader Lysandre is right up there with Ghetsis when it comes to horrible Big Bads, although falls short of the latter for at least having sympathetic qualities. It's still really frightening to see how off the deep end he is.
      • His plan is extremely disturbing, especially when you see him before the main events—even when acting like a well-intentioned man, he cannot conceal his utter disdain and revulsion for "filth". When one looks at his plan, his "World of Silence" and "Eternal Beauty", it becomes clear what sort of villain he truly is. He corresponds very strongly to a LAW Villain—believing a massive amount of humanity is not worthy and deserves destruction for their sin, while selecting Chosen Ones to survive and create a new world.
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  • The infamous "Lumiose ghost girl". On the north side of Lumiose City, there is a three-floor building with little kids playing on the first floor and a dojo man from Kanto on the third. The second floor, however... as soon as you step out of the elevator, the lights go nuts, you're unable to move, and a ghostly woman Ghostly Glides around you before stating that "You're not the one." and leaves. This event is totally unexplained in game.
  • If you go into Lumiose Station and check behind the far timetable, you'll find a note. It reads: "I'm going to go for help. Wait in the usual place."
    • As a cross-game Nightmare Fuel, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has one of the Hex Maniacs in Mt. Pyre mutter the very same thing once you defeat her.
  • The Fairy Tale Girls, full stop. While some have some adorable lines, and they are generally adorable themselves...several of them reach creepiness you wouldn't expect a child to achieve. In fact, they seem downright possessed in some cases, saying the fairies they have are whispering to them, and telling them to do things, you can find them around areas associated with ghosts and hauntings, and one states she's old enough to be your mother, hinting these girls are far from natural.
    • The Fairy Tale Girl also do not have normal human eyes. They lack any pupils, and their eyes are constantly glistening, even seeming to have heart-shaped designs. They share this trait with Valerie, the only character who seems to share their strange tendencies...
      • They're also seen in the company of Hex Maniacs. These girls are normal for the most part...except the ones with the Fairy Tale Girls, who seem...lost in their own mind.
        Fairy Tale Girl: My dear cuties whisper all kinds of secrets to me...
        Fairy Tale Girl: Oh phooey! Don't you ever come back. If you do, we're gonna end you, mmkay?
        Fairy Tale Girl: Tee hee hee hee! I can hear them! The fairies are whispering to me... "Fight!" "Win!" That's what they say! Hee hee hee...
        Fairy Tale Girl: Shhh. Rest now and close your eyes... You won't ever need open them again...
      • Laverre City is surrounded by Hex Manics and creepy forests, and its Gym is based on a dollhouse chock full of fairy-type users. One even calls you a doll like everyone else.
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    • Taking into account their demeanour and somewhat mature-looking faces, it's possible that at least some of them are little people rather than children. And that they're intentionally affecting an exaggerated childish facade for...whatever reason motivates them. They come off more than a little disturbed as a result.
      • It is all but confirmed; one of the Fairy Tale Girls outright says she's "old enough to be your mother."
      • Another one (on Route 16) claims her mother dresses the same way she does. While it was probably intended to be funny, it just contributes to the theory that some of the Fairy Tale Girls are adults with issues of some kind...
      • It's been confirmed by Hex Maniacs and Fairy Tale Girls, though, that it's really just an act, and very likely all trainer classes in all games such as psychics are all just playing the role of that trainer class; it's still possible that some of the Fairy Tale Girls have some kind of mental problem, but for most they're just playing their chosen role.
      • Though they could very well be fairies masquerading as humans. Maybe even possessing children. The kid isn't older than you, but the fairy is.
  • Route 14. Most of it is a swampy route/spooky forest with tombstones scattered all over the place. Then there's the haunted house and the story the old man tells you. Thankfully, there are some Pokémon Rangers to keep you company and Shauna's reaction to the story helps lighten things up. It's also Nightmare Retardant because of its playground.
  • The Dishes in the Lumiose City restaurants might as well as go over Foreign Queasine into Masochist's Meal. Dishes made out of Slowpoke Tail are served normally even if that's what past games constantly tell you is illegal. However, what seems to be worse is that there's a soup made out of 3000 year rare bone and last but not least, cheese made out of female Arbok poison. You might seriously wonder how people even eat those things and not die.

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