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Nightmare Fuel / Pokémon Black and White

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Pokémon Black and White got away with an E rating, despite lots of dark stuff...

See here for examples about the Pokémon species introduced in this generation and their Pokédex entries.

  • N's Room. Oh man, N's room.
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  • The music that plays at the Pokémon League sounds intense and frightening. It doesn't help that the Unova regions' Elite Four has a somewhat creepier, more intimidating quality than most.
  • Kyurem. It holds a town in fear, is said to periodically "steal" people and Pokémon, and when you actually go to catch it, you can't walk up to it immediately, but have to wait for it to cause a blizzard so you can walk over on the snow.
    • The area it's in. The Giant Chasm right next to the town, a pier to see the very chasm from the top, isolated in a creepy mist. The bottom has high leveled Pokémon and random things scattered all over the forest area clearly left by previous trainers and humans that had wandered into it. When you reach the center where the apparent Pokémon crash landed from space (according to the townsfolk at least), you hear a loud bellow and suddenly the forest is caught in a flash freeze and the previously blocked off cave has a clear path, with the dragon waiting for you.
    • Add to that its weird design - its mouth is frozen shut, and the fact that it eats the nearby humans.
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    • Kyurem becomes even more terrifying, and becomes an utter Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds when you learn that it just wants to be whole again. Black 2/White 2 heavily implies that Kyurem was the original dragon that was once part of Reshiram and Zekrom before being split into three dragons. Imagine having parts of your being torn from you and being reduced to nothing but a frozen zombified shell of your former self longing to merge with what was once part of yourself. It makes you want to both hug Kyurem and run away from it.
  • Gothitelle's cry. That's right, you have a Pokémon whose cry sounds like the one used in the shower murder scene to Psycho!
  • The ghost girl in the bridge. When you talk to her, she'll disappear (even creeping out an NPC that was next to her!). At the end of the bridge, an old lady will ask you if you saw her, and that the girl had an Abra, who she used to play with, but one day suddenly disappeared, and was never seen again.
    • She shows up in the sequels, and even tells you that the Lunar Wing failed to save her before giving it to you. Those who have played Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will come to the conclusion that Darkrai killed her.
    • The worst part is that the text in the mansion states that that her father left to find the Lunar Wing, yet she begged them to stay (voicelessly, of course). The implication that loved ones have to be present to stave off absolute death from the nightmare... Makes you really glad you helped that Sailor in DPPt.
  • The ride on the Ferris Wheel with N is pretty unsettling.

    N: You're looking for Team Plasma, right? They ran off into the amusement park. Come with me. (N leads the player to the ferris wheel) They're not here. Let's ride the Ferris wheel and see if we can spot them. I love Ferris wheels... The circular motion... The mechanics... They're like collections of elegant formulas.

    Yeah, okay. That's not creepy at all. And like an idiot, you have to follow him into the car. Then, as it climbs higher and higher, the camera zooms in on the two of you in the car, and N starts calmly explaining who he really is.

    N: First, I must tell you... I am the king of Team Plasma. Ghetsis asked me to work with him to save Pokémon.

    And you just recently saw this group was willing to brutally abuse a Pokémon with absolute zero empathy, and they stole a Pokémon from one of your best friends. Not to mention that N had been pretty creepy even before the whole 'Team Plasma' reveal, babbling about perfect equations and needing power and how the two of you are going to be friends.
    • It gets even creepier when you next encounter him at Chargestone Cave, where you get a Jump Scare from the Shadow Triad, who forcibly take you to him upon which he casually remarks that he told Ghetsis all about you and your friends, and had the Shadow Triad do a background check on you. It's even worse if you've already played the game before and know what kind of man Ghetsis really is. He now knows everything about your life and the lives of those you care most about. And N still sees nothing remotely creepy about this.
    • The above becomes more horrifying in Pokémon Adventures, where White (this version's incarnation of Hilda) gets shoved out of the Ferris wheel by her own Pokémon after it was convinced by N to join his side.
  • Pokemon evolving in this generation games counts too. Watching your Pokemon moving, then suddenly stops, then breaks apart into pieces while they twirl around does not give an impression that they are evolving in a natural growing way. When you look at it, it feels... digital. akin to a certain other Mons series.
  • Driftveil Drawbridge's music can unintentionally be this to some players due to very few instruments mostly consisting of low-key piano notes.
  • The music that plays when your Pokémon reaches critical health can be frightening, especially to younger players.


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