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Nightmare Fuel / Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

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  • In Platinum, when Giratina is awakened at Spear Pillar. It crawls at the ground, its eyes glowing red. Then it leaps RIGHT AT THE SCREEN, along with its distorted cry. It's a pretty big Jump Scare for players not expecting that.
  • The villain, Cyrus, is no joke. He's a sociopath whose plan involves whipping the universe to make one for just himself, and he manipulated an entire team of followers to help him do so. He has no regard for life, whether human life or Pokemon life, and is always icily calm when you run into him. This all makes him considerably creepy, for such a light-hearted franchise.
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  • The Old Chateau, to the point that the nearest Gym Leader refuses to set foot there. This place is haunted not just by ghost-type Pokémon, but by human ghosts too. There's also the creepy TV sets, paintings that have glowing red eyes, and the furniture, where the rare Rotom can be found hiding in any of its forms.
  • The laboratory in the Galactic Veilstone Building, with creepy music, vats with ambiguous objects floating in them, and scientists who put the Lake Trio through such pain to create the Red Chain that they feel sick and begin to question Cyrus's goals.

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