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Nightmare Fuel / Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

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From the pits of darkness, Giratina awakens. And he's not happy.

  • Giratina. A terrifying-looking Legendary Pokémon, Dragon/Ghost-typed, that the Pokédex makes no attempt to hide how fearsome it is. Namely, the fact both it and in-game lore state that Giratina was banished from the real world due to its unhinged, uncontrolled violence, and given the fact that it was likely done by Arceus, the Pokémon equivalent of God, there is quite a ton of fans who believe this Legendary to be their version of Satan, or at the very least a demon or fallen angel.
    • The Ghost typing adds to how eerie it is, particularly due to the Pokédex claiming it can appear in ancient cemeteries. Furthermore, there is something chilling about the entries that say it "silently gazed upon the old world" after it was banished. This means that this creature, isolated from humanity and other Pokémon, has been watching them from its prison for eternity without any hopes of leaving.
    • Its infamous appearance in Platinum, when Cyrus' plan and the Lake Trio's interference awakens it at the Spear Pillar. It emerges from a pitch-black hole in the ground, its eyes glowing a deep, sinister red, actual darkness dripping from its shadowy figure on the ground. It's such a big moment that even Dialga and Palkia have to step back. It extends its wings, which reshape into what seems to be claws ready to strike... then leaps RIGHT AT THE SCREEN!
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    • The Distortion World, Giratina's domain away from the human realm. Described as a realm opposite the real world, it's a place without rules, light or logic, where landmasses simply float in the air and waterfalls float upwards, with a large, dark void always beneath your feet as the player has to traverse it towards Cyrus and Giratina. Not only do you have to go through this place devoid of life with that disturbing music in the background, you will sometimes see Giratina's Origin Forme flying fast in the background, always close to you, waiting for the moment when you'll inevitably have to fight it.
      • Adding to this place, Giratina's Origin Forme can be scary in itself. Now the creature is fully serpentine, with its mouth now formed by parts of its golden "crown" sliding apart, not to mention its wings being turned into creepy streamers with spikes at the end. This form is also responsible for further fan comparisons between it and Satan, given that it has six spikes along its body and six of those streamers on its back, added to the Altered Forme's six legs, all of which references the so-called Number of the Beast, which also leads fans to believe the Distortion World is the games' version of Hell itself.
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    • Turnback Cave, Giratina's domain in the human realm, isn't as warped as the Distortion World, but that doesn't make it any less scary. There's a very ominous vibe to the cave with its maze-like structure, dense fog, and lack of anything besides pillars with vague clues on how to navigate. It's moreso in Diamond and Pearl, since the location appears out of nowhere and first-time players will likely have absolutely no idea of Giratina's mere existence.
  • The villain, Team Galactic's leader Cyrus, is no joke. Unlike Giovanni (a mafia boss who at least treated his grunts well) or the Aqua and Magma leaders (who were ideologically misguided but still did what they did for the sake of Pokémon/humanity), Cyrus is a sociopath whose plan involves erasing all of the known universe to make one only for himself, and he successfully manipulated an entire team of followers to help him do so. He has no regard for life, whether human or Pokemon, and is always icily calm when you run into him. This all makes him considerably creepy for such a light-hearted franchise.
    • In Platinum he's arguably worse. Before, he openly dismissed the idea of Pokémon welfare as he tortured the Lake Trio into creating the Red Chain, and even admits to his own team being expendable for the sake of his selfish desire for a world "without spirit". Now in the unified plot, his lack of emotion starts to crack the further you approach his endgame, showing a tinge of psychopathic excitement when it seems he has Dialga and Palkia under his control, culminating with the aforementioned encounter with Giratina, where he remains stoic up until the moment the Legendary finally strikes and drags him into the Distortion World. You meet him there and he talks about how the two worlds are like the sides of the double-helix, needing each other for balance, and saying it's all pointless as he'll single-handedly defeat Giratina and destroy everything. Even in the face of Giratina's wrath, he STILL insists he's going to succeed.
    • His Villainous Breakdown, where his emotionless determination finally succumbs and he lashes out at both the player and Cynthia, selfishly choosing to stay in the Distortion World as he realizes he himself isn't immune to his own rage. The man is choosing a Fate Worse than Death out of his own inability to admit to his own emotions.
  • The Old Chateau, scary to the point that the nearest Gym Leader refuses to set foot there. This place is haunted not just by ghost-type Pokémon, but by human ghosts too. There's also the creepy TV sets, paintings that have glowing red eyes, and the furniture, where the rare Rotom can be found hiding in any of its forms. The background music that plays when inside the Chateau is also perhaps one of the scariest pieces of music in the whole franchise.
  • The laboratory in the Galactic Veilstone Building, with creepy music, vats with ambiguous objects floating in them, and scientists who put the Lake Trio through such pain to create the Red Chain that even they feel awful about it, and secretly begin to question Cyrus's goals.
  • For a Pokémon repeatedly stated to be a creator and watcher, Arceus has quite a terrifying presence. Essentially the Pokémon version of God, this being is said to have created not only the Sinnoh region, but all of the Pokémon world and its inhabitants, so you have a Legendary of untold power in this game that created the very world you live in, often compared to Mew as the very first Pokémon in the lore. So imagine you, a ten-year-old child, having the ability to confront God and capture Him in a tiny ball so you can befriend him and pit him against other creatures he helped create. Arceus can be nightmarish just from how much power its existence alone entails.
    • The Hall of Origin. A pocket dimension sitting right above the Spear Pillar, never truly accessible in-game, since the key item to access it was never officially released. Regardless, playing the Azure Flute at the entrance of the Spear Pillar lets you access the towering mythical staircase leading to the Hall, where it's only you and the "Original One". The place is eerie and off-putting, compounded by a disturbing track as you approach Arceus. It's actually the first section of the game's opening in reverse.
    • Arceus' battle theme, which is rather simple compared to other Legendary themes in the series, consisting of a simple drum beat and two different types of horns. That being said, the simplicity adds to how imposing it is, utterly nightmarish and evolving into a frantic beat as it nears the end.


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