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Nightmare Fuel / Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Pokémon Sun & Moon is the culmination of twenty years of the franchise, bringing together all the fun, cheer, and entertainment the series has to offer in a massive island romp that is sure to lighten up your day.

... But the brightest lights always cast the darkest shadows, do they not?

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For the nightmarish Pokédex entries, check here.

  • When doing the Ghost Trial the player has to take pictures of the ghost types haunting the abandoned Thrifty Megamart while following an oddly pale Pikachu. In the final section, the player enters a small empty room in the back. Immediately, the game tells you that you can feel a presence staring at you while a ghostly entity forces you into the first person view. The Totem Mimikyu is hovering Right Behind You preparing to attack the whole time.
    Totem Mimikyu: Seeeeee meee?!'
    • It's worth pointing out that once you finish the trial and decide to continue to explore the abandoned store, the small empty room in the back is gone like it was never there. Even the Ghost Type Captain reiterates that there never was a back room and simply assumes the player is joking and trying to scare her. Then Mimikyu briefly possesses her before sneaking off in the background leaving her confused and a bit shaken.
  • Speaking of the Ghost Trial, you can find a Mimikyu in the back room of the Aether Foundation building where Acerola usually hangs out, implied to have been involved in the trial since it only appears there after completing it. Inspecting/Talking to it will get you this:
    Mimikyu: Me... me curse... you...
  • The basement of the Aether Paradise building is quite creepy. It’s where you find out Type:Null’s backstory, where three were created to fight off Ultra Beasts but were discontinued and frozen after they went berserk. The entire structure appears to be suspended in an endless black void, and the music that plays there is incredibly chilling.
  • The villain of Sun and Moon's true colours. Lusamine as a kindly woman who genuinely wants to help Pokémon? It was all an act. The real Lusamine is a deranged, psychopathic Yandere who is so obsessed with the Ultra Beasts that she is more than willing to destroy the world (or at the very least severely damage it) in order to live out her twisted fantasies with them. She's also an incredibly chilling and realistic depiction of an abusive sociopath for this franchise.
  • A comparatively mundane point: all those Pokemon frozen in her trophy room to preserve their beauty. Dear lord.
    • Her Battle theme is elegant, yes, but at the same time is like an instrumental Sanity Slippage Song.
    • When Guzma realizes that Lusamine has gone too far and at one point experiencing a Nihilego momentarily infecting him. It's treated as akin to Demonic Possession, albeit without any direct control on the part of the Nihilego.
    • The buildup to her transformation into her Motherbeast form. She releases a Nihilego from the Beast Ball, which slowly caves down upon her as the screen fades to black. The camera then cuts to part of a black, blobby mass expanding from the corner of the screen. It then shows two gelatinous, taloned arms emerging from offscreen, each with vertically aligned, eyes on the hands, then shows her face in profile; her green eyes are now a bright yellow, her hair has turned completely black with blond streaks, and her skin paler than usual, and she appears to be within a transparent dome. Then the camera pans up her body as she hisses at the screen, and zooms out to reveal her in all her glory.
    • And every last one of her Pokemon have hateful expressions on their faces.
  • The Ultra Beasts are implied to have attacked the universe prior to Gen VI off screen, with Anabel falling into the post-gen VI universe muttering about defending the Battle Tower. The exact depth is of event has fueled immense speculation of what the full outcome was.
  • At one point in the story, the player visits what appears to be the dimension that the Ultra Beasts originate from. It is just very wrong in comparison to the regular landscapes you've seen in Pokémon, and Lillie even mentions that breathing is a little difficult. There are also multiple Nihilego just floating about, teleporting in and out of view. On top of that, the... music has what sounds like a pulsing heart beat playing throughout. Is Ultra Deep Sea some sort of living nest for the Nihilegos and you are in the innards where the heart and lungs are?!
  • The trailer for the Ultra Beasts introduction to the Trading Card Game. A Stonehenge-like monument is blanketed in darkness by a fiery cloud, and a meteor drops right into the middle of it, destroying the monument. A red blood-like substance crawls out of the crater and over some nearby slabs, and the message "THEY ARE COMING" appears twice.
  • Po Town. It's an abandoned town taken over by Team Skull, so all of the buildings are in disarray. It's also seemingly permanently raining, and the music is an eerie, haunting piano track that sounds like it'd fit more into a Survival Horror game.
    • Once you say you're going into Po Town, Nanu flat out tells you that if Team Skull kill you, he'll make sure your body gets sent back to your family, which, if he wasn't exaggerating, says a hell of a lot about what Team Skull might have been up to that we didn't hear about — or why Po Town was so infamous in the first place.
  • The Elite Four tunes usually give off vibes of an upbeat challenge because the tetrad’s job is to test your skills thus far. In Sun & Moon, the theme starts out with a few low and ominous bars that slowly build before unexpectedly slamming into something more heart-pounding and serious, implying that despite their good intentions, these people are actually out to get you. Olivia is a special case; the abruptly serious look she gives you just before the music plays indicates that she’s not too happy that you defeated her precious Pokémon earlier and she’s feeling just a little vindictive.