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Nightmare Fuel / Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Pokémon Sun & Moon is the culmination of twenty years of the franchise, bringing together all the fun, cheer, and entertainment the series has to offer in a massive island romp that is sure to lighten up your day.

... But the brightest lights always cast the darkest shadows, do they not?

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  • Plumeria's eyelids are covered in black eyeshadow, so when she closes her eyes, she abruptly looks like she has no eyes.
  • The reveals of many of the Totem Pokemon are pretty nightmarish, as they often either sneak up on your character or pop out of nowhere:
    • In Lana's trial, a Wishiwashi appears and hovers in front of you with the camera really close to you
    • In Mallow's trial , after you get done with all of the ingredients you need, the Totem Lurantis sneaks up behind you, and you get a very creepy shot of the Lurantis looming over your character until you turn around and the fight starts.
    • The captain-less Dragon-type trial at the end of Vast Poni Canyon. You enter a large, narrow crevice in the canyon rock to discover that there's still a Z-crystal in a pedestal and Pokémon ready to attack you, and despite the captain being long gone, it still remains functioning. There's no music whatsoever, and all the "trial" is is a slow, long walk forward towards the pedestal, while Jangmo-o and Hakomo-o lunge at the player and ominous messages about feeling a pair of eyes glaring at your character from somewhere with growing ferocity. When you inspect the Z-crystal, the Totem Kommo-o leaps down to where your character was just standing and lets out a roar before attacking. And should the player try and walk out the exit to the altar without checking the pedestal, the Totem Pokémon lets out a roar, followed by a message saying that the Totem Pokémon is furiously roaring and that it will most likely attack you from behind should you proceed forward. This, coupled with the way the trial Pokémon lunge at the player, gives the feeling that this Pokémon is out for blood.
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  • Lana's trial. It takes place in a lake full of waterfalls, where thousands of Wishiwashi can be found. While paddling along on Lapras, many of them swim around your character, represented only by dark outlines. Lana's monologue at times is also... unsettling, to say the least, and it's not helped by her complete lack of expression during the trial.
    Lana: But we are near the sea. If that splashing sound is coming from the sea... then I wonder what is causing it. And now it is raining. The rain will boost the power of any Water-type moves by half again... Could those splashes be caused by some Pokémon whose moves are now growing ever stronger in the falling rain?
  • The buildup to the Totem Pokémon for the Electric-Type trial. You get to see a first-person view of... something getting closer to the observatory you're in, all while you're trapped in a dark room, forced to answer trivia questions and fighting off the Totem Pokémon's pre-evolutions. When the Totem Vikavolt finally shows itself, it talks (though it could also be the computer speaking, not that it makes the scenario any less creepy). It says just one word- a long, stretched-out "Here".
    Sophocles: (ominously) It's coming. The totem Pokémon is coming.
  • When doing the Ghost Trial the player has to take pictures of the ghost types haunting the abandoned Thrifty Megamart while following an oddly pale Pikachu. In the final section, the player enters a small empty room in the back. Immediately, the game tells you that you can feel a presence staring at you while a ghostly entity forces you into the first person view. The Totem Mimikyu is hovering Right Behind You preparing to attack the whole time.
    Totem Mimikyu: Seeeeee meee?!'
    • Worth noting that the room isn't entirely empty, it's covered with posters and flyers of Pikachu as the mascot for various businesses.
    • It's worth pointing out that once you finish the trial and decide to continue to explore the abandoned store, the small empty room in the back is gone like it was never there. Even the Ghost Type Captain reiterates that there never was a back room and simply assumes the player is joking and trying to scare her. Then Mimikyu briefly possesses her before sneaking off in the background leaving her confused and a bit shaken.
  • Speaking of the Ghost Trial, you can find a Mimikyu in the back room of the Aether Foundation building where Acerola usually hangs out, implied to have been involved in the trial since it only appears there after completing it. Inspecting/Talking to it will get you this:
    Mimikyu: Me... me curse... you...
  • Po Town. It's an abandoned town taken over by Team Skull, so all of the buildings are in disarray. It's also seemingly permanently raining, and the music is an eerie, haunting piano track that sounds like it'd fit more into a Survival Horror game.
    • Special note goes to the Pokémon Center. It just feels... wrong to walk in and find it trashed and dark, considering Pokémon Centers are typically full of friendly, helpful NPCs. It's softened a bit by the fact that the Team Skull grunts start rapping at you before revealing that the healing machine still works, but it can still come as quite a surprise.
    • Once you say you're going in, Nanu flat out tells you that if Team Skull kill you, he'll make sure your body gets sent back to your family, which, if he wasn't exaggerating, says a hell of a lot about what Team Skull might have been up to that we didn't hear about- or why Po Town was so infamous in the first place. Jesus Christ.
      • And if he is exaggerating, that says a lot about Nanu. Either he's okay with making things up just to terrify a kid, or it puts a much darker spin on his apathetic nature.
    • Po Town is enclosed within huge, thick walls that look like something out of Attack on Titan. Given that the town was abandoned, one has to wonder whether those walls were built to keep something in or out...
  • One of the Aether Foundation Employees who you have to battle threatens to "crush you to find out what you're made of!". Slightly lessened by the fact she then muses that it's probably just stuff like money, but it's disturbing to see that even some of the Elite Mooks there are indeed deranged Mad Scientists.
  • The villain of Sun and Moon's true colours. Lusamine as a kindly woman who genuinely wants to help Pokémon? It was all an act. The real Lusamine is a deranged, psychopathic Yandere who is so obsessed with the Ultra Beasts that she is more than willing to destroy the world (or at the very least severely damage it) in order to live out her twisted fantasies with them.
    • The only sound that Nihilego and Lusamine make after merging is screaming in pain.
    • During the battle with Lusamine when she is fused with Nihilego. Almost all of her Pokémon are depicted with evil expressions (notably Clefable and Lilligant)- the same ones they would get when the player commands them to use a Z-Move. This is hinting that Nihilego's neurotoxins have also gone to infect her Pokémon. It feels extremely unnerving to see a cute Pokémon like Clefable glaring evilly at you. The only exception is Bewear, as it doesn't have any expression on its face to begin with. Which is already unnerving as it is.
    • When Guzma realizes that Lusamine has gone too far and at one point experiencing a Nihilego momentarily infecting him. It's treated as akin to Demonic Possession, albeit without any direct control on the part of the Nihilego.
    • After she loses to you for the final time, Lusamine slips into a rage and tries to personally kill Lillie. Only the cover legendary's intervention prevents Lusamine from murdering her own daughter with her own two hands.
    • When you confront her the first time in her room, you see frozen cases containing Pokémon like Pyukumuku, Slowpoke and Pikachu! She tells you that they will be contained here for eternity.
      • The worst part is; you can see a few open cases on the walls. And then you realize that every single square on the walls and even the CEILING is a cryogenic cage each containing a Pokémon. The horror is mitigated a bit by how peaceful the Pokémon look, and how in the postgame an Aether Foundation employee states they will eventually be freed.
    • Her second encounter theme is extremely disturbing, even when compared to the likes of music such as "Drought" or "The Old Chateau". It's a slow, off-kilter version of her Leitmotif accompanied by weird, "alien"-sounding noises and an eerie One-Woman Wail, signifying how dangerous her plans are and just how far she's fallen off the deep end.
    • One of your first major warning signs that something is off about Lusamine is her face after the first Ultra Beast fight: it suddenly shifts into a very unnerving Slasher Smile. It's particularly nightmarish because it's so unexpected. The change is so abrupt and evil looking that it would send a Gengar running for its mother.
    • The buildup to her transformation into her Motherbeast form. She releases a Nihilego from the Beast Ball, which slowly caves down upon her as the screen fades to black. The camera then cuts to part of a black, blobby mass expanding from the corner of the screen. It then shows two gelatinous, taloned arms emerging from offscreen, each with vertically aligned, eyes on the hands, then shows her face in profile; her green eyes are now a bright yellow, her hair has turned completely black with blond streaks, and her skin paler than usual, and she appears to be within a transparent dome. Then the camera pans up her body as she hisses at the screen, and zooms out to reveal her in all her glory.
  • The Ultra Beasts. They are horrifying Eldritch Abominations that hardly look like Pokémon however they are actually Pokémon from another dimension, and almost all of them are seemingly capable of immense destruction, directly or otherwise. Everything about them just defies typical Pokémon design and even some logic. They're incomprehensible, and everything about them just seems... wrong, at least compared to actual Pokémon.
    • UB-01 Symbiont (also known as Nihilego) is a jellyfish-like creature that possesses human like movements resembling that of a child, but it might not have a will of its own. Possibly meaning that it's being controlled by something else. In fact, the opposite is true, as it's a parasitic creature. When it finds a fitting host, it injects them with neurotoxins that boost their natural abilities and make them act wild in hopes of protecting the Ultra Beast. This fate befell Lusamine.
    • UB-02 Absorption (also known as Buzzwole). Real Life mosquitoes are already the deadliest animals around due to their ability to spread deadly diseases such as the Zika virus. Now imagine facing one that is almost eight feet tall, and has Super Strength to boot. Its concept art has it attacking and draining energy from a hapless Pangoro.
    • UB-02 Beauty (also known as Pheromosa), emits a pheromone that can cause anyone nearby to be awestruck by its beauty, one that science thought was impossible. Although it's one of the least aggressive of the Ultra Beasts, it also hates touching anything as though it hates the very concept and wrongness of this world to it. It's also able to hit speeds of 120 MPH instantly. Basically it's a cuter version of a Terraformer.
    • UB-03 Lighting (also known as Xurkitree) is perhaps the most alien-looking of the Beasts. While a bunch of cables stuck together in the vague shape of a humanoid tree is not too outlandish an idea for a Pokémon in and of itself, the fact that UB-03 has nothing that would even remotely resemble a face makes it look extremely off in comparison with most Pokémon. Not helping matters either is how it uses some of the wires to stand up, and the others as... arms, but the lack of joints make it unclear whether they're supposed to be meant to be limbs, tentacles, or both.
    • UB-04 Blaster (also known as Celesteela) might have a cute face up close, but it's a thirty-foot tall living spacecraft that has been stated to burn down entire forests. Imagine seeing something like that fly over you in real life.
    • UB-04 Blade (also known as Kartana) might be super small and much more passive compared to other Ultra Beasts, but even when it's not attacking, its indescribably sharp body is extremely dangerous to the touch. And when it's angry? It's been known to destroy entire steel buildings with a single stroke of its blade.
    • UB-05 Gluttony (also known as Guzzlord). It's a huge, monstrous creature with a cavernous mouth that looks like it could be the Final Boss in any other RPG. It has, what are apparently two tongues coming from the mouth that act as its arms, and they're basically two large pincers. If you look a little closely, you can even see a second hole inside its mouth that looks like some sort of spiky gate, and it also has a spiked tongue. It has been reported to eat entire mountains, swallow whole buildings, and even swallow entire oceans. It is also implied that it uses everything it eats as energy; it's basically a living black hole, and everything it eats ceases to exist. And the worst part? Looker mentions that 10 years ago, his team targeted an unnamed Ultra Beast, which was not known to be an Ultra Beast at the time. A member of their team, a Faller, was set up as bait, while Officer Nanu and Looker had to kill it. However, Looker felt sorry for the beast and hesitated to kill it; this delay ended up causing the third member of the team (who was apparently very inexperienced) to be "done in" by the UB. Considering what the Ultra Beasts can do to someone, this is horrific enough, but there's more. If you bring Guzzlord to Wicke, she mentions that the International Police previously targeted it on a top-secret mission. That's right, an innocent woman was eaten by this monstrosity, and was converted to energy, leaving behind no sign of her prior existence. Sweet dreams... Of course it is also likely she was simply killed by accident by Guzzlord, as its explained that the Ultra Beasts go after Fallers in the belief that they can use them to get back to their home dimension, but the result was horrible regardless of Guzzlord's motivations.
    • The Ultra Beasts are implied to have attacked the universe prior to Gen VI off screen, with Anabel falling into the post-gen VI universe muttering about defending the Battle Tower. The exact depth is of event has fueled immense speculation of what the full outcome was.
    • At one point in the story, the player visits what appears to be the dimension that the Ultra Beasts originate from. It is just very wrong in comparison to the regular landscapes you've seen in Pokémon, and Lillie even mentions that breathing is a little difficult. There are also multiple Nihilego just floating about, teleporting in and out of view. On top of that, the... music has what sounds like a pulsing heart beat playing throughout. Is Ultra Deep Sea some sort of living nest for the Nihilegos and you are in the innards where the heart and lungs are?!
    • The trailer for the Ultra Beasts introduction to the Trading Card Game. A Stonehenge-like monument is blanketed in darkness by a fiery cloud, and a meteor drops right into the middle of it, destroying the monument. A red blood-like substance crawls out of the crater and over some nearby slabs, and the message "THEY ARE COMING" appears twice.


  • The Island Guardians' signature Z-move: Guardian of Alola. The Pokémon first summons a giant, yellow, headless, humanoid figure, who crawls out of the ground like some sort of horror movie. The Pokémon then takes the place of the figure's head, controlling it like a Humongous Mecha, and brings a giant fist upon the opposing Pokémon.
    • The Poison-type Z-move is rather unsettling, too. It's unusually quiet for a Z-move, since it's about acid rain, but the affected Pokémon also slowly sinks into a puddle of acid, in silence, in a way that looks like the target is actually melting. The abrupt return to the battle makes this all the more unsettling.
  • The Pokédex entries as usual, though it's a bit worse here. In previous generations, the Pokédex, while still gory, would simply say that the Pokémon kills "its prey" in a certain way, leaving exactly what prey the Pokémon eats open to interpretation. Here? The Pokédex outright states exactly what Pokémon species the Pokémon prefers to eat, so that you can hear tales of adorable creatures such as Corsola, Cubone, and Alolan Vulpix being brutally slaughtered in terrifying ways. Emolga even has a dex entry that states that it grills berries (nothing new among the electric rodents) and Bug Pokémon to make a meal out of them.
  • Even ignoring the hunter/prey relationship entries, a large number of the Pokédex entries are significantly darker than normal mentioning not just how they kill other Pokémon, but even some humans as well. The otherwise adorable Bewear's entry states that many trainers have been killed from their Bewear hugging them and accidentally snapping their spines. Mimikyu's states that anyone who has seen its true form has died from shock. Wishiwashi's entry states that, even though it's mostly to keep predators from trying to eat them, their School Form is so dangerous that even Gyarados would flee for their lives at the sight of it. Driftloon's entry states that if its body is ever pierced, its very soul is destroyed in a painful explosion.
    • Wishiwashi's is actually invoked in-story for the Water Trial. As the captain asks you to investigate the strange figures causing an uproar in the lake leading up to her trial, the player faces two very weak base form Wishiwashi. When they approach the final area the captain reveals that she was playing dumb earlier and knew full well what was causing the splashing. Oh and she notes that you just pissed off the entire school of Wishiwashi in the area by attacking those two on her orders earlier. When you reach the last one your Lapras shudders in fear as the shadow beneath the both of you grows larger and larger until a gargantuan form dives out of the water threatening to swallow you.
  • Gengar's Pokedex entry in Sun:
    Should you feel yourself attacked by a sudden chill, it is evidence of an approaching Gengar. There is no escaping it. Give up.
  • Similar to the above, many Mega Evolutions' Pokédex entries are horrifying, either implying, or outright stating, that you've turned your beloved Pokémon into a beast that knows nothing but the thrill of the fight and/or suffers from injurious levels of Power Incontinence.
    • Mega Garchomp's description reveals that its arms and wings melt to form its scythe arms.
    • Mega Salamence's dex entry states that any enemy that touches its wings will get sliced in half. Heck, Mega Salamence has been dubbed as the "blood-soaked crescent" due to its brutality.
    • There's also Mega Lucario whose fighting style is summed up as heartless. Remember that to get Lucario, you need Riolu to have max happiness. This behavior has been demonstrated with Korrina's Lucario in the Pokémon anime.
    • The energy Mega Aerodactyl receives makes it more vicious supposedly due to the excess energy causing it pain. This is only a idea though, and its other pokedex entry simply says it is theorized that Mega Aerodactyl is what Aerodactyl looked like in prehistoric times.
    • Gyarados's dex entry was already terrifying, Mega Gyarados has only its destructive instinct left.
    • Mega Glalie's dex entry explains that its huge mouth hangs open the way it does because it broke its jaw! Mega evolution actually dislocated its jawbone so it hangs uselessly, its Moon dex entry even saying it will try to eat prey but can only freeze them uselessly in its mouth since it can no longer move its jaw to swallow them.
    • On a less dramatic note, Mega Kangaskhan's Sun entry is "Mega Kangaskhan's strength derives from the mother's happiness about her child's growth. Watching it grow up keeps her spirits high." The Moon entry is "Thanks to Mega Evolution, its child grows. But as the child is good only at fighting and nothing else, its mother feels uneasy about its future."
    • Subverted with Mega Alakazam's Sun entry: "As a result of Mega Evolution, its power has been entirely converted into psychic energy, and it has lost all strength in its muscles." This would be more dramatic if Alakazam's Omega Ruby entry didn't outright state that it already relied on psychic energy to support its always-growing brain.
  • Toxapex's description is this for Corsola: "Toxapex crawls along the ocean floor on its 12 legs. It leaves a trail of Corsola bits scattered in its wake." It's also brought up in-game that Toxapex eat so many Corsola, that Corsola are endangered in Alola.
    • Also, the only way to find Toxapex's pre-evolution, Mareanie, in the wild is for Corsola to call for help. Just to re-iterate, a Pokémon based on coral calls for help from a Pokémon based on a crown-of-thorns starfish, the natural enemy of coral. Imagine how terrifying that must be from the perspective of the Corsola; it calls for help from other Corsola, only to attract a predator of Corsola.
      • From an outsider's perspective, the player can act like a real bastard in trying to catch a Mareanie. Since this is the only way to catch Mareanie, many players will intentionally keep a Corsola near death, taking down any friend coming to its aid, until its natural predator come to "help" and kill it if the player doesn't first.
      • It is worth noting that only Toxapex is explicitly stated to devour entire Corsola, unlike the pre-evolution, who is only stated to eat the branches atop Corsola's body. Which can grow back. And scares the Corsola more than it actually hurts the Pokémon. So, in truth, while looking to catch a Corsola, all you're really doing is causing the poor creature to faint from fear, but thankfully, you're not killing it.
      • It doesn't help noting that Toxapex (and Mareanie) can even breed with Corsola!
  • Sandygast is incredibly creepy, despite its silly and cute appearance. Its description states that children that come into contact with it become Brainwashed into adding more and more sand to it. It can be very unsettling considering how many times we've all done that at the beach. What the fuck, Game Freak?!
    • Kind of makes the two kids in Ruby and Sapphire who want to use ALL the sand on the beach just outside of Slateport to make "a giant sandcastle" a little terrifying in hindsight, doesn't it?
    • Sandygast's evolved form Palossand is even more unsettling. To elaborate, this goofy looking Sand Castle Pokémon is actually one of the creepiest things to ever emerge from Game Freak. Palossand drains the life from other Pokémon, then those Pokémon's grudges inhabit piles of sand to turn into more Sandygast. That means that the way it breeds is by killing other Pokémon, and Palossand's Pokedex entry states that it's full of the bones of Pokémon it's eaten. To top it off, in a promotional image (pictured above) Palossand is shown devouring a Pikachu. That's right, this thing is not just a haunted sandcastle, but a carnivorous haunted sandcastle that actively hunts its prey down. Sweet dreams.
    • Hell, even its cries sound incredibly disturbing, even by Ghost-type Pokémon standards!
  • The gas that Salandit makes smells sweet, but is also toxic. Its females apparently have gas that hypnotizes male people and Pokémon.
  • If you're an arachnophobe, Araquanid can be this. It's the biggest spider Pokémon to date. Say hello to a 5'11 (1.8m) tall Giant Spider with rather unsettling eyes! Lessened a bit, however, as its Moon Pokédex entry states it's actually a caring Pokémon and will protect the weak in its water bubble. However, its Sun Pokédex entry says that it headbutts Pokémon with the water bubble and the smaller ones get sucked in and drown... Look at it from a Pokémon's perspective; they'd have no idea whether an Araquanid is coming to help it, or drown it.
  • Morelull might be an adorable fairy mushroom, but the same cannot be said about its evolution Shiinotic, one of the most explicitly malevolent Fairy-type Pokémon in the series. Not only does it have hyphae resembling Creepy Long Fingers and a blank, staring face coupled with a rather disturbing Slasher Smile which also happens to look eerily cute, it also makes people lose their way in the woods via its luminescence, and uses its lights to put its victims to sleep, then use said hyphae to drain their strength.
  • A subtle example is Magearna and its signature ability, Soul-Heart. Soul-Heart boosts Magearna's special attack whenever a Pokémon faints in its vicinity, whether ally or enemy. What makes this eerie is that lorewise, Magearna's Soul-Heart consists of collected life energy from other Pokémon. Apparently, the process is not finished, and whenever a Pokémon dies or is close to death in Magearna's vicinity, its Soul-Heart automatically starts stealing their waning life energy to power Magearna. This is made arguably even more terrifying by the fact that this is not even something Magearna does of its own bidding, instead, "it will try as hard as it can to save injured Pokémon, due to its ability to feel others' pain." It can be surmised that the process of draining the life energy of suffering Pokémon is painful to Magearna, but it is incapable of controlling it.
  • SYLVEON. Its Dex entries, compared to X and Y, are utterly horrifying.
    Its ribbonlike feelers give off an aura that weakens hostility in its prey, causing them to let down their guard. Then it attacks.


  • The theme for when you fight the Elite Four might be this to some players. It sounds less like they're just testing your strength, and more like they really want you to lose.
  • The Tapu battle theme is both awesome and unsettling at the same time, especially with the distorted tribal chanting combined with menacing techno. It perfectly fits the fact that what you are fighting have been worshipped as gods, both in the past and in the present.
  • There is an area called the Lake of the Sunne/Moone, encountered in Moon/Sun respectively. In it, there are some abandoned ruins near a lake which just houses the Psyshock TM and nothing else. The player can walk all the way to the heart of the ruins and find absolutely nothing else. Until the postgame that is, and only through visiting the alternate world. The player can receive a Cosmog, thus giving the location a purpose. But in the Lake of the Sunne/Moone that exists in the regular world, there's simply nothing but that TM.
  • The animation for Lovely Kiss. For some horrifying reason, they decided to use the exact same animation as Pursuit, where the Pokémon receiving the attack is pursued, terrified, by the attacker, and instead of being hit like in Pursuit, the animation for Sweet Kiss plays. The Japanese name for this attack is Demonic Kiss, if that helps explain things.
  • Imagine after completing the game and catching the Ultra Beasts that you return to Ten Carat Hill for some reason. You're wandering around, fighting Rockruff and Carbink, maybe searching for a rare Spinda, when suddenly you enter an encounter. The music cuts out for a second, and when the battle starts you're treated to a close-up of the pure black Eldritch Abomination that is Necrozma. Also, Necrozma is encountered at level 75, which is sure to be a shock compared to the other level 10-13 residents of the cave. You are at least, given some warning about it after the Ultra Beast quest, but it's mentioned so briefly that it can be easy to forget, making Necrozma's appearance all the more surprising.
    • Unlike the other legendaries of the game, Necrozma and its sudden appearance is given almost no explanation, aside from possibly being an Ultra Beast that arrived on earth a very long time ago. The fact that it shares its battle theme and "Legendary Pokémon that is actually an Ultra Beast" identity with Solgaleo and Lunala implies that it must share some relation to the two, possibly the "trio master" much like Rayquaza, Zygarde, etc., but nothing about this is stated anywhere in the game.
    • The kicker? It's an Omnicidal Maniac that fires lasers everywhere at even the slightest provocation, and is found on Melemele Island, which is full of young trainers just starting their journeys and is likely Alola's most populated island, given that it is based off Oahu. What if a beginning trainer with low-leveled Pokémon entered Ten Carat Hill while Necrozma was active to search for rare Pokémon, only to come face-to-face with it and get themselves killed? Or even better, yet, what if Necrozma escaped its confines in Ten Carat Hill before you got there, and wreaked destruction upon Melemele and the entire Alola region as a whole?
    • Who was the first person to see it? Looker. How does this make it scarier? Looker is a character who ties the games together through repeated experiences. He has been involved in a lot of stuff, and has taken on Ultra Beast missions twice. He has no idea what this thing is. This Pokemon is not just alien to Sun and Moon, it is alien to the effective representative of every game since Platinum. What the hell is this thing?
      • Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon eventually gave us answers: an ancient Ultra Beast whose light was harnessed by people until his body broke, forcing him into a painful existence that needs to assimilate other lifeforms as parasites and consume the light of whole worlds just to sustain itself. The sheer power of its true form rivals even Arceus.
  • It seems that with Poké Pelago, there's the "added bonus" of talking to NPCs who actually talk about the PC system. Which would be nice, if not for the man who confirms that Pokémon in the PC are in ageless stasis. Something the player is not capable of. The man remarks that it's "Like a kind of time-travel", but he specifies that you could pick up a Pokémon after 100 years from the PC. But would you, an 11 year old, be alive in 100 years?
    • For that matter, what happens to the Pokémon in a PC when the trainer dies? Either they're trapped in suspended animation forever, which makes you as bad as Lusamine, or someone has to eventually accept responsibility for your time-displaced 'Mons. Arceus help the poor badgeless soul inherits Old Grandad's box full of Ultra Beasts...
  • In the Hau'oli City mall, there is an old man sitting by a stage. Talking to him reveals that he's simply waiting for his chance to sing his song on stage. What song? Perish Song. Yikes.
  • There's a little girl in Malie City who's been trying to remove her Mimikyu's costume so it can wear a Reaper Cloth. Luckily for her it's resisted, because it's heavily implied that looking at Mimikyu's real face will kill you.
  • If you fight Grimsley in the Battle Tree and defeat him, his reaction cut to losing is this mixed with Tear Jerker. He man looks like he is a hair's breath away from what could be seen as a mental breakdown, sweating, and is clutching the right side of his face while desperately trying to maintain a Graceful Loser facade, unlike the one from the Unova games. Wondering what the hell happened to the man since Black and White 2's events aside, you could easily mistake him for trying to withhold himself from lashing out at you.


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