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For entries related to the Mega Evolutions and this gen's new mons, check this gen's families' Fridge page.

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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Apparently, everyone attended the parade celebrating/congratulating you being the hero/champion in the finale. Except your Mom. At first it seems cold of her not to attend. Consider, however, that she's a world-famous celebrity in her own right. It makes a lot more sense that she laid down low for this game; you wouldn't want someone to detract attention away from you, especially not during a parade specifically for you!
  • A lot of people have complained about how the experience share and the ease in level-grinding is over the top. Consider, though, the following: The number of Pokémon available in the Kalos region is 454, more than any previous games, and there's also the National Pokédex which has the remaining 260 or so. And also, the majority of Pokémon's evolution involves levelling up. Furthermore, Gym Leaders and the like are still no slouch in actually having a brain during battle and that factor note  has been responsible for the utter difficulty of all the Pokémon games since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. At least if the game's too easy, you still have the option to think up ways to make your playthrough harder.
    • And if you don't use the multitude of ways that let you level grind into overleveled territory, you soon find that the game is, in fact, not any easier than the past two generations.
      • For instance, late-game levels are actually quite high compared to most previous generations; Wulfric has some of the highest-leveled Pokémon of any gym leader, and even some Elite Fours!
  • Likewise, why did Game Freak introduce so few mons in this generation? That's because the Gotta Catch 'Em All goal will become unmanageable if they introduce too many new Pokémon. Even after having 454 Pokémon in the regional Pokédex, there are still around 250 for the National Pokédex. Game Freak also probably took into account the Wi-Fi function for the 3DS — which still has issues in compatibility with at least some of the Wi-Fi spots, and unnecessarily complicates things.
  • Though many have complained that Dragon-type Pokémon are now weak to the newly introduced Fairy type, dragons are usually defeated in fairy tales. Also, Fairy-type Pokémon are weak to Steel-type moves. In olden tales, Fae were supposedly burned by the touch of Cold Iron. Fairy-types are also weak to things you'd find in areas highly populated by humans — Poison (as in, pollution from cities) and Steel (metal being so essential to technology and used in making nigh everything), possibly because fairies are known to have close ties with nature and a dislike of humans. Even their resistances make sense, the most obvious being Dark — The Fair Folk are only marginally more fair than a Dark type would be, while still using a lot of Exact Words and underhanded trickery to win (except The Fair Folk Know When to Fold 'Em). They don't fear Ghost-types (a misconception because they're frilly, frail, and feminine-looking, apparently) because they love a good prank just as much as a Ghost-type does.
  • The Steel type no longer resists the Ghost and Dark types. Ghosts have the ability to phase through all materials, which includes Steel. Dark types, on the other hand, have become smarter in their dirty tactics, striking at the chinks in a Steel-type Pokémon's armor.
  • So it seems that Quick Attack animation doesn't include the user hitting opponent, unlike, say, Flame Charge, which is a physical move which does make contact. A reason why? The description states the "user lunges at speed that makes it almost invisible." — no wonder you can't see Pokémon moving out of the circle!
  • Why is Freeze-Dry strong against Water-type Pokémon? Freeze-Drying is a method of dehydration!
  • Where do the X and Y axes meet? At The Origin. (0,0)note 
  • It seems a little strange that Torchic was given out as a promo for X and Y. The Gallic Rooster is the national animal of France.
  • Some evolved Pokémon like Metapod don't have a fullness meter in Pokémon-Amie. Cocoons don't eat. Swords do, though, apparently. And celestial meteorites.
  • A.Z. battles you with a Torkoal, Golurk, and Sigilyph. As an immortal, AZ needs Pokémon that are like him (Golurk and Sigilyph are essentially everlasting automatons while Torkoal, being a tortoise, likely can live long enough to be reliable before he has to switch). This is also Fridge Horror given he likely outlived any mortal Pokémon he had along the way due to age, but it explains things.
  • Why is there basically no guidance on steering a Rhyhorn on the way to Glittering Cave, when it's not like the games have ever been shy with pointers on obvious things before? Because your protagonist has been riding his mother's mount since before he could walk. If there were instructions posted in the gatehouse, he merrily ignored them.
  • The Elite Four is another nod to fairy tales.
    • Siebold and Malva:
      • They represent fire and water, needed to forge steel weapons and armour, which Wikstrom represents, to slay the dragons, which Drasna represents. Diantha and Gardevoir represent the princess. And as an added bonus... Who was the most well-known princess in recent history? Princess Di... Diantha is Princess Di. Not coincidentally, her signature Gardevoir is not only actually a Fairy-type, it looks quite the part of a faerie queen.
      • Alternatively, Siebold and Malva represent the butler and the witch respectively, considering their outfits and personalities.
    • Diantha's team. She has Hawlucha — A Fighting type, which is seen as heroic, and in this case looks foreign (how often is it that the knight is from the same kingdom?), Gourgeist — A reference to Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, Goodra — The dragon keeping the princess captive (combines with the whole monstrous French snail monster thing as well), Tyrantrum — A KINGLY looking Pokémon, Aurorus — Delicate, fragile, and beautiful, much like the princess, and Mega Gardevoir — A princess in her own right, and the star in this fairy tale.
  • Team Flare's money-making schemes at the beginning might not make sense at first when you consider that their real plan is to kill off everyone not loyal to them, but it's clear that much of their effort is directed to researching and powering some kind of machine that's basically a nuke. Making money, then, is really only a short-term goal to fund these efforts and becomes less prominent later in the story, when those steps have already been taken. (This could also be Fridge Horror for obvious reasons.)
  • Why does Yveltal and Xerneas get an Amazing Technicolor Battlefield when you first fight them and not Zygarde? Also, why are you suddenly fighting over a Black Hole or on some light field? Their abilities, Dark Aura and Fairy Aura, are likely why they conjured them up while Zygarde's (Aura Break) doesn't create one. It doesn't explain Lysandre's case, but it justifies the sudden change in area. Lysandre's could possibly be an illusion caused by that crazy stuff he was wearing.
  • Team Flare's goal is to get rid of everyone else and leave the world only for themselves and go back to a simpler time... Sounds remarkably similar to a lot of fans who have been complaining since Generation 2.
  • At first, it might seem a little odd that A.Z.'s Floette has a different flower than the other members of its species. Of course, since it is 3000 years old, it's more than likely that that flower is just a type of flower that has since died out.
  • There's something about Valerie regarding her choice of Pokémon. Sylveon, a Pokémon evolved from a Pokémon outside Kalos, can be seen as rather odd for the Kalos Gym Leader. But Valerie hails from Johto, and all her Pokémon or members of their evolutionary line can actually be obtained in Johto in at least one game. Mr. Mime and Eevee can be bought at Goldrenrod's Game Corner and Mawile can be found in Swarms in Soul Silver. Also, Johto is home to the Kimono Girls, which also use the Eeveelutions. She may also be the Kimono Girls' unnamed little sister, who appeared briefly in the Gen II games.
  • Wulfric is quite a large guy both in height and in girth and he happens to live in Snowbelle City, where it is constantly snowing, and as many people know fat serves as a insulator against the cold. Meaning that despite him not wearing his jacket properly, he is actually less likely to be cold than Candice, Brycen, and Pryce in Gold and Silver. (And as an added bonus, who else do we know who is fat and jolly, has white hair and a beard, and hangs around where it's always cold?)
  • Why is Cafe Triste the most empty Cafe in Lumiose? Triste is the French word for sad.
  • Why is the Day Care on the longest road in Kalos? So that you can move in a straight line longer when you're hatching eggs. The Day Care routes are always long routes in every game, so it's a fridge brilliance tradition.
  • Team Flare's name and fancy orange apparel make it seem that they'd be based on fire, when in reality they don't do anything remotely related to the element. It seems like a nonidicative name at first, until you realize that their name actually does fit. The team is all about coolness and fashion! It's not Team Flare, it's Team Flair!
  • Looker's had a goofy accent since his introduction in Platinum, saying things like, "Actually, yes, yes, you may speak to me. You must. Not because I am lonely, no, no! You must inform me of bad guys! You must inform me of any happenings!" He retains it in the Unova games with lines like, "I am a globe-trotting elite of the International Police. My name... Ah, no, I shall inform you of my code name only." However, his goofy accent's been toned down significantly in Kalos, where he says stuff like "You will need to find five Looker Tickets that have been sprinkled about Lumiose City, and then bring them back to me! There's nothing more to it! Simple as can be!". He retains the constant emphasis and exclamations, but his grammar and syntax have improved significantly. The Fridge Brilliance would ensue if he's actually from Kalos, and thus no longer butchering PokéJapanese and PokéMerican English. Even if he wasn't actually from Kalos, it would make sense for him to be good at speaking French, considering that the real-life Interpol headquarters is actually in Lyon, France. As a matter of fact, if it matches, Interpol headquarters would be in Kiloude City… which is connected to Lumiose City via train, which is how Looker and Xerosic left.
  • Absol and Bagon being available on Route 8 seems just like any other random tidbit. Not only is Route 8 the last route that has grass on it for Absol to appear in before the Team Flare plot kicks off (hence Absol sensing the disaster), but it's also a very cliffy area, and Bagon is known to throw itself off cliffs to practice flying.
  • The restaurant Sushi High-Roller is noted for being the most difficult of them all, so why does it have no stars at the entrance? The stars are actually "Michelin Stars", a type of rating system (originating in France, no less!) that determines the quality of the restaurant. The fact that it has no stars is a sign that eating there may not be worth your time, considering that you gain a net loss after your meal.
  • Professor Sycamore's reaction to Lysandre's first genocidal speech was to praise his passion and enthusiasm. This makes it look like Sycamore's a huge ditz, or at least a Horrible Judge of Character. Later, you find out Lysandre used to study under Sycamore himself, and Sycamore blames himself for Lysandre going wrong. This retroactively suggests that during that early cutscene, Prof. Sycamore wasn't oblivious, he was in denial.
  • The device that Lysandre is wearing for his final battle has been met with considerable disdain. However, when you remember that the introduction to the Xerneas/Yveltal battle makes it look like the player is being consumed in Fairy Aura/Dark Aura, you notice that the flying little things always turn to face the way Lysandre faces until he rips the visor off during his defeat animation. He probably anticipated that the Aura would interfere with his vision and prepared something to counteract that!
  • The Regis like to be pet on the face in Pokemon-Amie. Their faces are composed of dots reminiscent of Braille, which are read by running your fingers/hands across them.
  • The protagonist is not a native Kalosian. ("Here in the Kalos region, you're far away from everything you used to know...") Thus, they probably aren't as fluent in Kalosian as the NPCs. For once, the Heroic Mime trope has a justification!
  • Why do you get Celebi when you download Pokémon Bank? Sending your Pokémon forward through generations is often considered a form of time travel. In addition, Generation VI actually portrays events at two extremes within the timeline, with X and Y being at the very end of the timeline as of Generation V and VI (according to Word of God) and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire being at the very beginning of the timeline (since it's implied to have replaced the original games within the timeline). This, incidentally, is also why Brigette, the sister of Lanette from Hoennnote , became the host of Pokémon Bank - during the events of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, she must've discovered the secrets of time travel with the help of Celebi.
  • The Laverre Gym, whose leader specializes in Fairy-types, is surrounded by toadstools. In traditional folklore, a circle of mushrooms is often called a fairy ring. According to legends, if a person steps inside a fairy ring, they will be taken to the world of the faeries and be unable to leave, and indeed, once you enter the Laverre Gym's warp tile puzzle, the only way to get out is to beat Valerie and the Furisode Girls.
  • The Kalos region is the Fantasy Counterpart Culture to France. Shauna/Sana, one of the rivals, is Ambiguously Brown and has a rather Arabic sounding name. Actually, 3.5% of France's total population is North African or of North African descent - it makes a bit of sense. In addition, even if she isn't supposed to be the equivalent of North African, she could still be Mediterranean.
  • Sky battles:
    • The rules for which Pokémon can and can't participate in sky battles seem pretty arbitrary, but there's actually some logic behind many of the exceptions. First-stage bird Pokémon, the ones that can't fight, are fledglings that would struggle to stay aloft for an entire battle — that's also why they sit on the ground normally. They need to get stronger by evolving before they can stay airborne for an entire fight. Similarly, many bugs that can get off the ground simply aren't built for altitude — they can't hover high enough to duel with soaring birds, so they're ineligible. As for the strange choices that have Levitate, think about it — levitation is some sort of non-standard form of passive flight, so it wouldn't inhibit the 'mon to float around at bird level while duking it out.
    • As for not allowing the participation of some mons that can learn Fly, think about the technicalities of the move. The user has to spend an entire turn getting the altitude to use that attack. If you consider some of the points above, and Fly was the only way a 'mon could get high enough to fight, it'd be pretty useless.
  • Your companions in your Five-Man Band each represent one way of playing and enjoying the games:
    • The PC gender you didn't pick is the classic, competitive way. Build a team, beat gyms, kick ass, save the world.
    • Tierno represents enjoying the company of the Pokémon as creatures. You can't build a dance group yourself, but Pokémon-Amie allows an unprecedented level of interaction and petting with your favorite companions.
    • Trevor is the age-old Gotta Catch 'Em All type. The biggest point of pride is comparing Pokédex numbers, not strength.
    • Shauna treasures most the memories she makes with the group as they travel along, and loves puzzles. In other words, she's in it for the story and exploring the world and its obstacles.
    • Most importantly, none of them is accused even for a moment of "doing it wrong". Even when you're told Tierno has trouble battling because he's too busy copying moves, he just admits that being a powerful battler isn't his priority. They all have fun their own way, and that's okay.
    • Further brilliance, at least in the English dub: If Calem is the player character, then per the '96 Bartle article, the players representing the black suits start with S and the players representing the red suits start with T.note  It's also notable that the usual gender-color roles are inverted: the guys are red while the girls are black.
    • Furthermore, Shauna can be seen as a Take That! to the "Stop Having Fun" Guys players. The player builds a better team than Serena/Calem, can catch more Pokémon than Trevor, and become more stylish than Tierno, but you can't truly beat Shauna as she's going on her journey For Happiness. It tells the serious players that they can't invalidate someone else's enjoyment of the game.
  • Seeing as how both Gen IV and Gen V were DS games, it's odd that the Pokémon Bank works with the latter, but not with the former. Hence, carrying the analogy, Pokémon from Japan have to pass through New York to get to (Northern) France. This is exactly how the whole Franchise worked prior to Gen VI, Japan first, then America/Canada (and Taiwan and Oscenia), then other territories. Heck, this is usually how Japanese media works in general. And, even if this is a canard and the developers were just lazy (or other reasons), it still demonstrates the parallel, as not everything of Japan's is released internationally and, sometimes, some of what does get transferred to other territories is based more on the AngloAmerican dub than the original.
  • Word of God confirmed that these games take place around the same time as Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. This explains why the Pokémon World Tournament is not within these games — they were still going on within Unova by the time of these games. The reason why the Kalos gym leaders and Diantha are not participating in the tournament could be because they are simply too busy to attend the tournaments. It also explains why Looker didn't show up during B2W2, despite appearing in the BW postgame to arrest Team Plasma's sages. He was too busy coming to Kalos to deal with Xerosic and Malva to go help with Team Plasma again.
  • The Blue pentagon that represents the Kalos Pokédex is filled with this:
    • It has the shape of a pentagon, like both France and the Kalos region.
    • It's divided in three zones, that represent the divisions of the Kalos map: Central, Coastal, and Mountain, and if one would put the pentagon over a map of the Kalos region, the divisions match accurately.
    • It has the colors of the French flag. Also, it contains the colors that represent the games: red (for Y) and blue (for X) on opposite sides.
    • The blue section matches to Coastal Kalos, as the sea is associated with blue.
    • The white section has the shape of the Prism Tower, the symbol of Kalos (and therefore, the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of France), which is also white. Luminose City, the capital of Kalos is also mostly white-colored.
    • To a lesser, likely unintentional extent, the icon that appears on your Pokémon also looks like the film versions of the Wizard Cards from Harry Potter, being of a similar shade of blue and shaped exactly the same way. Wizard Cards are, like Pokémon, popular with the Gotta Catch 'Em All crowd.
  • People complain about how overpowered the Experience share is, and also about how there is no hard mode. But think about it: The Experience share is a difficulty toggle. It is the easy/hard mode switch.
  • Only 69 new Pokémon? It sure feels odd to have the new generation have the smallest number. However, the previous even-numbered Generations had fewer Pokémon (100 for Gen 2, 106 for Gen 4). Those generations were also heavy on evolutions and pre-evolutions to Pokémon from the previous generations. If you include the number of Mega Evolutions available, it does bring the total over 100. It's a different type of evolution, one that doesn't quite "count" in the Pokédex, but a type of evolution nonetheless. Sure, those are still debated on whether or not they're "new Pokémon", but counting them with the Sixth Gen's new Pokémon adds up to over a hundred.
  • The ability Protean, which changes the Pokémon’s type to that of the attack it's going to use, is only available in four Pokémon — Kecleon and the Froakie evolutionary line. Kecleon's case is easy to understand because it was already capable of changing types through Color Change, while for Froakie, Frogadier, and Greninja, it may not make sense at first — until you remember they are based on ninjas. Real-life ninjas used disguises of other members of the Japanese society to do their job, and had to put extra effort on making said disguises. Through Protean, Froakie, Frogadier, and Greninja get a STAB bonus on every damaging attack it can use no matter the type, while also changing its defensive type matchups. They are using their moves' types as disguises.
  • Many fans were surprised to see the lack of Cynthia in Gen 6, but with the reveals in OR/AS about the Pokémon Multiverse, it makes perfect sense that Cynthia hasn't appeared yet. Cynthia appeared everywhere in the previous universe, not this one.
  • Usually in Pokémon games, your father is absent save for brief mentions. This time his absence is justified. Since the protagonists in these games are Virtual Paper Dolls (including various skin tones as starting options) and Grace always has the same appearance regardless of how you look, the protagonist must take after the absent father. This is likely also why character customization is absent from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as both parents are shown onscreen.
  • Why is there only one Fairy-type evolutionary line (the Cottonee line) in Gen V? To prevent Dragon-types from looking unimpressive in the Unova region. The one with the legendary dragons.
  • Why does the Karrablast family appear between the Goomy & Shelmet families in the Kalos Pokédex? Well, it's because if you reverse the order, so that's it's Shelmet > Karrablast > Sliggoo, then it's a reference to Escargot. A dish that's popular in France, which Kalos is based off of. As Shelmet represents the snail before it's cooked. Karrablast represents the objects used to remove the snail from its shell (after it's put back in the shell after cooking). While Sliggoo represents the snail's soft insides after being removed from the shell (after cooking). This also explains several other things:
    • Why the Karrablast family can learn Aerial Ace (Shelmet is weak against Flying attacks).
    • Why Escavalier is part Steel (Poison-type attacks, which both the Shelmet & Goomy lines can learn, do no damage against steel, and Grass-type attacks, which both the Shelmet and Goomy lines can also learn, only do 1/4 damage against the Bug/Steel combo; Dragon, Rock, & Ice attacks, which the Goomy line can also learn, do half damage against steel (Rock does neutral damage to Bug/Steel).
    • Escavalier's name (Escargot+Cavalier).
    • Why Goodra (but not Goomy or Sliggoo) can learn Flamethrower, Fire Blast, & Inferno (those 3 attacks do quadruple damage against Escavalier, allowing Goodra a way to defend itself).
  • It might seem like a disappointment that the seasonal changes introduced in Generation V aren't brought back in this game. But consider: Route 14 looks like a Halloween setting, while Laverre City and Routes 15 and 16 are filled with browned and fallen leaves, looking just like autumn. After that, you travel through the snowy Frost Cavern and Route 17, which look wintery. The routes themselves reflect the changes in seasons during your journey.
  • In a similar vein to the point about Mega Mewtwo above, Xerneas — the mascot of X — looks feminine, whereas Yveltal — the mascot of Y — looks more masculine. It corresponds to chromosomes.
  • Lysandre is a man frequently described as fiery and passionate, is the leader of Team Flare, wears red and black, and his very head looks alight with red hair and matching beard, yet his signature Pokémon isn't a Fire-type like Pyroar or Houndoom, but rather the Water-type Gyarados. This makes sense when you think about it: Gyarados is infamous for its extreme rage and blind destruction, and, according to future Pokédex entries, Mega Evolution only accentuates that to such an extent that its higher brain functions shut down due to raw primal rage. For such a Misanthrope Supreme who's willing to kill untold billions, he has much more in common with such a wrathful Pokémon than any Fire-type.
  • Lysandre's name has a bit of a clever double meaning behind it. It's derived from the fleur-de-lis, a symbol of France, representing how, at first, Lysandre is well-respected and seen as heroic; however, it's also derived from the roots "lys," meaning "break" or "destroy," and "andros," meaning "man." Lys andros. "Destroyer of man." A fitting name for a genocidal maniac, no?
  • Mewtwo just seems to come out of nowhere, serving as nothing more than Gen I nostalgia and with no real explanation for why it's in Pokémon Village. Except it makes sense when you remember that Pokémon Village is a place for Pokémon who are hiding out from humans, likely due to abuse. Mewtwo's creation was not exactly the most pleasant time for it, and due to abuse it went berserk and destroyed the Pokémon Mansion. It makes sense it would want to hide from humans in a hidden secret village.
  • Elgyem can learn Steel Wing through TM. Seems kind of odd since, you know, it doesn't even have wings. But what's Steel Wing's TM number? 51.
  • Know why Kalos has such a strong emphasis on beauty and friendship? Considering the warfare and bloodshed in their history, Kalosians may be a collective case of The Atoner.

    Fridge Horror 
  • A lot of people were disappointed that there are only 69 new Pokémon... that is, until the story was revealed. Remember the part where A.Z. holocausted all the Pokémon in Kalos to resurrect his late Floette? And the part where Flare are trying to re-enact this event? Suddenly it makes sense why Kalos is so lacking in unique Pokémon... and why there are so many Ghost-type Pokémon... It gets even better when you consider that the Ultimate Weapon also killed people. Now take a look again at Phantump's dex entry.
  • Team Flare was attaching caught Pokémon to the stones to rip out their souls and charge up the Ultimate Weapon. Who is to say they weren't prepared to do the same with any trainers that were in the area? It really doesn't help that with the Ultimate Weapon, their ultimate goal is to kill off everyone, human and Pokémon alike, that's not loyal to them — i.e. committing genocide. At least Cyrus wasn't leaving out anyone when he was trying to destroy the world, and fully expected to pull everyone back to "enjoy" his nice new World of Silence.
  • Another, more meta example involving Team Flare (also Fridge Brilliance): Lysandre's decision to kill all Pokémon on the grounds that problems arise from interactions between people and Pokémon. Remember that, in his (rather unstable) mind, his mass genocide program is the only way to resolve the issue of limited consumable resources on earth. Unsettlingly, it makes sense: what of all the players mass-breeding Pokémon to produce competitively viable battlers and abandoning dozens of leftover babies? Not all of them are going to die off in the wild, and likely their sheer numbers would have caused massive disruption to local ecologies — especially with optimised genes and the apex-predator nature of some species (e.g. the Bagon line).note 
  • Sometimes, you can fall into a Horde battle with four Zangoose and a single Seviper, or vice versa. The AI is programmed to have the Zangoose attack the Seviper and vice-versa. The Pokédex regularly notes that these two species have an ongoing feud. Basically, you interrupted Pokémon murdernote .
  • In the post-game, during Looker's sidequest, Emma tells you that he used to have a Pokémon as his partner, who died in a certain case a long while ago, which is the reason why Looker never has any Pokémon with him now. That's a Tear Jerker in itself, but it gets worse when you remember that Looker had a Croagunk that would always follow him around in Platinum, and said Croagunk hasn't shown up since. Put two and two together.
  • In Restaurant Le Wow in Lumiose City, your first two battles are with the owner. If you win the second battle, he starts wheezing and coughing, then says the way you handle your Pokemon could stop his heart... then the dialogue reads "urk!" and he walks away. The next person to serve you is a waiter... who says the owner had to tend to an emergency. The owner never comes back. Fortunately, he doesn't die. Unfortunately, in every subsequent battle, you're giving him yet another near-death experience...
  • If you pay attention, A.Z. is wearing what appears to be part of a leg brace on his left knee. That means, while he was continuing, his body was beginning to get to the height where he will not be able to physically support himselfnote . Now, given he was walking, it is very likely he is in constant pain and will feel it for a long time. On the other hand, while characters occasionally reference how huge he is, there's no indication that it's because A.Z. has actually been growing taller for the past 3000 years. It's quite possible that the leg brace thing is for an injury resulting from some kind of side-effect of the Ultimate Weapon, which is still a fairly creepy idea, admittedly. It also might have been for a more recent injury. Still kind of uncomfortable to think about, admittedly.
  • Lysandre is said to be descended from the former royal family by way of a supposed brother of A.Z.'s. It might make you wonder why the writers didn't just make him directly descended from A.Z. himself for simplicity's sake. But then you remember how badly he took Floette's death, and it makes you kind of glad that it's implied he has no descendants. Bordering on Tear Jerker, A.Z. probably wouldn't take outliving any children very well at all.
  • In Lysandre Labs, there is a series of bookshelves that, among other things, reveal that A.Z.'s brother "led a legion of greedy souls who wanted to seize the Kalos region." History repeats itself.
  • With a team as bright, flashy, and over the top as Team Flare, no one around the region seems to know of their true colors, despite the stunts they pull. Even when the news reporter talks about the incidents, Team Flare is never mentioned. This is revealed to be the case because the news reporter is Malva, a respected E4 member and also a secret member of Team Flare. The reason no one ever here's about Team Flare's actions is because she covers all their tracks from the public eye! Without the protagonist, their plans would have gone without a hitch...
  • When Lysandre triggered the self-immolation of the ultimate weapon from point-blank range, he may have either been turned immortal or killed outright. What happened to the four Pokémon he had with him? Even worse, it's unclear what happened to the grunts and admins that were down there too.
  • Parasect's favorite place to be petted is the top of its mushroom. That's because, at this point, the mushroom is the Pokémon, not the bug.
  • Route 10, the road south of Geosenge Town that goes to Cyllage City, has copious amounts of tall grass and is absolutely crawling with Golett. Innocuous enough, right? Wrong! Late in the story, we learn that the stone structures lining the route are gravestones, and the route itself is a cemetery. The souls of the Pokémon killed by the Ultimate Weapon the first time it was fired possessed rocks (which there are plenty of on Route 10) to become Ghost-type Golett. Brilliant if it was intentional, amusing if it wasn't, horrifying either way.
  • Safety Goggles protect the holder from both weather-related damage and powder. But that means that there is only one way for sandstorm and hail to do damage and power moves to do their effects — through the eyes!
  • When you take a Pokémon transferred over from an earlier generation to the Memory Girl, she will tell you that it seems to have a good memory, but cannot seem to remember. Already upsetting enough, but then Pokémon Sun and Moon gives us Anabel, who also lost their memory after they fell into the dimension where those games take place. And Word of God confirms that the Generation VI games onwards take place in a different timeline from the ones before, meaning that you wiped your Pokémon's memories when you transferred them.
    • In addition, Pokémon from Generation VI onward are able to remember Egg Moves and event moves via the Move Reminder. However, the same doesn't hold true for Pokémon transferred from the earlier generations; if they forget such moves, they're gone for good. With their memory blanked out, they lose the ability to recall the details of their less orthodox moves.
  • Lysandre wants to destroy people he feels are unworthy. What did he call his invention? The Holo-Caster.
  • Route 14 looks pretty dreary and creepy. It also has a playground right by the gate to Lumiose City. Said playground is empty, with a Rare Candy hidden behind a bush...
  • The power source used by the Ultimate Weapon is terrifying enough; but AZ is said to have created other advanced technology beside it. If the Ultimate Weapon was powered by the lives of Pokémon, imagine how the other technology may have been powered.
  • Possibly falls under Funny as well, but the Hex Maniac selling Moomoo Milk at Dendemille Town. The trainer class uses mainly Ghost types, and Miltank is a Normal type. Assuming the Hex Maniac doesn’t have a Miltank...

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