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since I first browsed the site,
these lame changes I will fight,note 
and will keep this wiki fine:
I am... Alex/Sora Eighty-Nine!
Alex Sora 89's oath

Gateway article: Nonstandard Game Overnote 

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Sure thing. G'd evening, gentlemen and ladies. This is Alex/Sora 89, the Italian troper who brought you, among other things, the Italian page for Nightmare Fuel, the various page-images that now decorate some of the pages (including panels from the 34th issue of What If?) and even created some of the articles (see: Powerless and Bullet Points). Oh, and those quotes by Italian comedian Omar Fantini about The '80s? My doing! note  My most recent work, as of this edit, is the article for the just-announced Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: feel free to help with it!

And, given the Mini Marvels article needs both More Love and Wiki Magic Love as well, feel free to help with both.

But please, take a seat, and — ya know what? Now that you're here, have some tea while I talk about, uh, myself.

You may have thought that such an introduction that you're reading about your typical Small Name, Big Ego guy, but it's actually quite the opposite - not only there's a ridiculous amount of Self-Deprecation when talking about either my skills or my flaws, but my tendency to apologise for even the least significant of mistakes makes me a male example of Yamato Nadeshiko Shrinking Violet, too - believe it or not.

I used to be a Butt-Monkey at school, but somehow I Got Better and now I'm done with books. Thankfully. However, my last school year has been made rougher by a textbook example of the Jerk Jock to the point I nicknamed him the "quintessential jerk". However, after years of waiting for a girlfriend (because of my looks), I finally received my first, True Love's Kiss. When I was almost nineteen.

Still, now things are going nicely between me and, for lack of a better English name, Faith. Our dates tend to border on Sickeningly Sweethearts, reaching Tastes Like Diabetes levels.

Given that, for me, now school's out for real, I think it's time for me to look for a job - despite my dream is to start my own webcomic and make a living out of it (à la Jeph Jacques/Penny Arcade), since the-stuff-you-are-likely-to-find-at-comic-cons has been my passion since my very birth and I've drawn stuff since I was a 4th-grader. The tentative title of its webcomic (as I'm currently imagining it, anyway) is a Zero Wingrish mix of Gratuitous English, Gratuitous Spanish and Gratuitous Italian, resulting in "El Webcomico Italiano".

I've been anonymously lurking the site since, on that fateful day, Wikipedia brought me here through an external link. After the first page of this website I browsed... well, you know... nothing has ever been the same anymore.note 

I've now become a (self-appointed) member of the Society To Prevent Overly Original Names, or SPOON for short, the key word being "overly" in terms of nonindicative trope names. note 

As you might have noticed at the top of this page, I've recently created a Just-Bugs-Me article for this very page meant for those who feel annoyed by my hatred towards most of this site's "updates", as listed in this article. If you want to defend them, you need to look no further than the article I just made. [EDIT: It's redlinked now.]

However, following a brief suspension of my account in April 2012, and after finding out about The Second Google Incident, I realised some of the site's changes actually are for the best, like the perma-redlink for Naughty Tentacles. While my inner, formerly natter-loving self sees this as a Face–Heel Turn, most of the tropers' community is likely to think it's actually a Heel–Face Turn instead. That's why you'll find instances of me actually REMOVING natter, as you can see in the Nightmare Fuel cleanup thread. (Just in case you're curious, this is my current track record.)

However, the site's lost pages are still a touchy subject to me, which is why I created the article for Wayback Machine and is the reason behind my interest in - and great respect for - the site's unofficial archivist, Korodzik. Check both pages out.

"I'm currently planning to use the new 'Quest editor' - or whatever it was called - in Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy to create some fan fics in playable form"... but I noticed that everything after that sentence was just getting too long, even considering I'm on "my" page nownote , so this section of the page has evolved into my very first Troper Works page ever, which you can find here.

Also, I saved un-launched YKTTW drafts of mine, "potentially risque edits" (nothing NSFW, though) on the Alex Sora 89 Sandbox page, where this kind of things is supposed to be shown as in a museum of sorts: the edits are displayed there, in a frozen state, for everyone to see. Provided you feel the need to see something hidden in a different namespace to begin with, anyway.

As of other stuff I've created, for those curious, I've recently downloaded "Mario Vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!" on my recently-bought Nintendo3DS. Why am I telling you that? Because I used the editor to create, so far, the following bunch of levels. You're more than encouraged to try out...

  • Headache: first attempt at using the editor. It turned out to be way better than expected, mostly thanks to one hell of an user-friendly level editor, and called as such because I found out to be good at creating Nintendo Hard levels (on the average That One Level standards, between Breather Level and Platform Hell). Currently online and approved by the staff.
  • Brothers: a linear level, slightly easier than Headache. As the title suggests, it's meant to "feel" like a linear Super Mario Bros level. Currently online and approved by the staff.
  • Kong: third level I designed. As with Brothers, the level accomplishes the same feat by using the original Donkey Kong game as a basis this time around, turning out to be a lot more Nintendo Hard than Brothers in the process. Requires either excellent timing or a fairly blatant amount of luck. Currently online and approved by the staff.
  • ShyTower: fourth level. Originally supposed to be a totem made out of Shy Guys, the concept was ultimately scrapped when I found out Shy Guys can't stand on one another because if one falls on the other, the result is a Goomba Stomp between the two. So I scrapped the epic battle idea entirely and simply created a tower for the Mooks instead, with purple blocks being the only thing keeping them from harming the two Minis. The same purple blocks must be used to create a stairway to the top of the titular tower, without ever getting hit by the Shy Guys that get inevitably freed in the process. Requires even more timing than Kong but may turn out to be incredibly tedious once players get the hang of it... although actual fatigue resulting from boredom is also a key element. Currently online and approved by the staff.
  • PipeTrap: fifth level and first key level, where a key-wielding Mini-Mario has to save the others, trapped in a prison surrounded by a pipe - hence the title. That One Level, just like the others. Currently online and approved by the staff.
  • ShyGhoul: sixth level, with the level design based on the flying ghost Shy Guy enemies. While simpler than other levels, it requires the player to follow the Minimarios constantly. There's also one last Minimario next to the final door, but purposefully placed in the worst way possible. Currently online and approved by the staff; it's also the first level that has been rated, with a 4/5 rating as of early May 2012.
  • BothWays: seventh level, based on the magnet levels, the exit can be reached either by going left or right, hence the level's name. Currently online and approved by the staff, with a 4/5 rating as of early May 2012.
  • HardMaze: eighth level, with a lot of content crammed into the smallest a level can get in the game. It lacks any enemies, just eight Mini-Marios on red girders, with purple blocks that can be either removed or filled at will, and ladders. Don't let this fool you: given the time limit rule that forces Minimarios to get out of the level all in a row, this level easily becomes the most sadistically designed level of mine. Good luck if you find and download it. Currently online and approved by the staff, with a 4/5 rating as of early May 2012.
  • KongRise: ninth level. A pretty basic one, as the Minimario at the bottom is only required to make it to the exit alongside the other two in the stage; however, it needs a lot of timing. Currently online and approved by the staff, with a 4/5 rating as of early May 2012.
  • KongJail: tenth level, and the second with a key-wielding Minimario. While not as small as the aforementioned HardMaze, this one has a lot of risky elements, such a red Shy Ghoul, a Kong that can throw you on spikes, and the need of timing as required in a level with a locked door. Currently online and approved by the staff, but this time with a 5/5 rating as of early May 2012.
  • DropDown: mostly made for the hell of it. As small as HardMaze, it's just an excuse for giving the newly-unlocked Mini-Peach and Mini-Toad a try. Basically, a Mario opens the yellow gate-thing the others are standing on, resulting in a very quick non-stop barrage of woo-hoos from the toys entering the door. Currently online, not yet approved.
  • Anatomy: Exactly What It Says on the Tin, a level shaped like a human being seen frontally. The exit is accessed after a short free-fall, and is placed between the feet. Currently online, not yet approved.
  • HardStep: while HardMaze was already sadistic, this Spiritual Successor is even worse in every aspect. Not yet uploaded.
  • Rescuers: based on both the underground and castle levels of the first Super Mario Bros., this one is the Spiritual Successor to my previous level "Brothers". Here, Mario and Toad must rescue Peach. Not yet uploaded.

You can find me on various sites:

This Troper actually shows the following Tropes (among others):

Welcome to Troper Talk! It's like a chalkboard where you can write - by editing - whatever the hell you want, and maybe I might even answer. note  Give it a try!

...But hey, it's good to know that, years later, everything was compensated!

  • Alexlayer: Hi, Alex Sora. This is about your neglected edits in the Dissidia Articles later. I thought I'd try to talk with you about the reasons. You see, it's not that your oppinions aren't valid. In fact, I can perfectly see where most of your complains come from. Thing is, when you go and put them around the main article or the character page, well... you're just being too negative about it, mostly in ways people won't relate to, let alone agree. To put an example, when you mentioned Tifa being The Wesley, you made it sound like she could have been blamed if the game would have not been made. Not to mention, that which you pointed out may go with the "Author's favorite character" of The Wesley, but not with its other half, that is that fans usually hate this character, while Tifa isn't widely hated (I know some do, like with EVERYONE in the Final Fantasy series, but she's hardly a prominent example). See what I mean? It comes off like you just want to rant and complain, not actually contribute to the article.
    • Alex Sora 89: no problem, bro. I'm more than open to being corrected whenever I do anything wrong. The only thing that kinda pisses me is that the "put YMMV tropes into separate pages" is actually pretty darn confusing, given the sheer number of subjective tropes (not that sheer, but still hard to remember). And since everything is relative, we could even argue whether a character is Lawful Good or whatever. The subtle trope differences are a bit too subtle at times, remembering them is even harder and tropes tend to overlap pretty much all the time. Do you think you can put up with my long learning times about this? I apologise in advance for everything... and until I get used to how tropes actually work, I'll be happy if you just undo my edits if they are wrong.
  • Thing is, my advice is that anytime you think of adding a Trope that it's gonna come off as a rant, you should really take it to the YMMV page. If there's a reason for the trope, nobody will delete it. But even then, I think you should try to be more tactful. Think about it, okay?
    • Mr Death: To add to this, I'd just say to think twice about edits you're about to make if you're putting in "adding a wallbangery detail" in the edit reasons or something similar. And if you're not sure, just check the page of the trope you're looking to add. If it's not allowed on a main page, it says so right on the top.
  • Kerrah: Could you please stop editing main-and-character-namespace articles to "add Wall bangery details"? When you're using a YMMV trope to define what you want said, you can be pretty sure that your message is YMMV material.
    • Alex Sora 89: not really. Don't get me wrong - I'm trying not to put subjective tropes in Main articles, but I can't really promise to do the same with Character pages, given that characters are not immune to YMMV tropes, which can also apply to them. Besides, there aren't any YMMV pages for Character articles yet, so as of now the situation isn't likely to change.
    • Mr Death: Wall Bangers don't go on character or YMMV pages either. YMMV's for characters go on the work's YMMV page. By now you've gotta be seeing the pattern that nearly every time you "add a wall bangery detail" it has to be fixed by someone else. Rule of thumb, if you're posting mainly because you're pissed off about something, maybe you just shouldn't post.
  • Belfagor: Hi, Alex. Finally another Italian troper who works on the English pages! I also liked the work you did with CarburantePerIncubi.
  • FairyRed: Hey there~ 8D Dropping a random hello on your page! You've done a lot of great work, haven't you?
    • Alex Sora 89: Oh, hey! Sorry if I moved your quote from here to the quotes tab, but it started to take an awful lot of space here. Anyway, yeah. Just look at the Nightmare Fuel cleanup thread linked above and see for yourself. Anyway, I still have to give you my sincerest congratulation for your post on the forum when we were struggling to save the Stock Phrases: it takes balls to post a comment like that. Lately (early 2012, that is) I've started dealing with some of the site's most controversial changes like we tropers are supposed to, and I must say it isn't as bad as I'd have imagined it. I hope you feel more or less the same, because I do my best to be as nice as I can towards tropers and mods alike.
  • BlakeDiamond: Heyoo! Thank you for "humbly bowing down" before my WMG for Black 2/White 2. That took me a while to put together, and I had to fight a couple people to keep it pure. It's unfortunate that it wont happen, but I appreciate the support ^_^
    • Alex Sora 89: No need to thank me. I don't quite recall exactly which one it was, but if your theory was the one I'm thinking of, then duh, no wonder I bowed down to it. That theory is made of awesome.
      • Blake Diamond: My WMG was the "Travel to all 5 regions and battle everyone" one. I forgot to mention that there would be an expanded Badge holder for the Trainer Card, and ribbons for beating each League, the Sevii Islands, and Mt. Silver. Would make it more interesting, showing who your team was in each League. But alas, all my effort is for naught. Oh well!!! ^_^
  • Telcontar: Good morning/afternoon/evening/youshouldbeinbed! I noticed that in a recent IP thread, you described yourself as the "resident annoying troper". Jes' so's ye ken, you're not; you do a lot of good stuff on the wiki and it's fun to have you around in the forums. :D