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All guesses pertaining to the first games should be placed here.

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     Plot-related guesses 

N releasing his dragon and giving it to you is non-canon.
If we get a third game, he'll still have his dragon, and it'll work its way into the plot somehow.

Near the release of Pokémon X and Y, we'll get a final PWT DLC tournament with Hilbert/Hilda as the final opponent.
There are unused lines of dialogue in the game for Hilbert and Hilda as PWT opponents, and their battle sprites are in the game data (and possibly their overworld sprites too).
  • Without Memory Link, your opponent will be the opposite gender of your character. If ubers are allowed in the tournament, they'll use Reshiram in Black 2 and Zekrom in White 2.
  • With Memory Link, your opponent will have the same gender as your character from the linked game. Linking to Black will give them Reshiram, and linking to White will give them Zekrom. It's also remotely possible that their name might also be overwritten with your BW character's name.
    • Will they have the starter you picked in the first game?
  • Jossed, sadly.

Black/White will be a trilogy, with the third story taking place in Hoenn.
But only for the first ten minutes of the game.The protagonist will be a Hoenn native that's about to get their first Pokemon, along with their childhood friend and sibling. As they're on their way to Prof. (Brendan/May) Birch, they come see the original B/W protagonist fall to the ground from out of nowhere, unconscious. A case falls next to him/her, with the Unova starters inside.A mook comes and tries to take Hilbert/Hilda, forcing the protagonist and co. to choose their starters and do a three-on-one battle. They win, but then a whole bunch of other mooks come out of nowhere, knocking the kids out. When they come to, they're on a ship, locked in a cell with Hilbert/Hilda. Once they escape the cell, they battle their way topside, only to run into one of the admins.Hilbert/Hilda decides to take him on, allowing the kids to escape on a lifeboat. As they get away from the ship, an explosion erupts and sinks the ship, with no sign of Hilbert/Hilda.The three contemplate "the mysterious trainer's" fate and what all happened as they drift. In the morning, they're rescued and brought to shore on Unova.And so the story begins.
  • For the people who want to actually re-adventure through Hoenn in new games, that is a complete slap in the face.
  • To make it a bit less so, the case could have the Hoenn starters instead, or the region could be Johto (which was remade) instead of Hoenn.
    • Although, it's perfect for an Orre continuation.
    • OP: Either a Black/White or a Colosseum/Gale of Darkness continuation would serve the above-mentioned purpose just fine. And let's face it, Game Freak DOES have a bit of an inner troll.

If the story begins after the events of Black and White and your character has defeated N and Ghetsis, you'll fight the Seven Sages instead of the eight Gym Leaders.
If the games are a direct sequel with the same player character (not just Hilbert and Hilda, but the same Hilbert/Hilda who went through the events of Black/White), it'd be rather tedious for both the character and the player in real life to have to fight all 8 Gym Leaders again. Instead, the main bosses will be the Seven Sages, while the Gym Leaders will be optional bosses after clearing the main storyline.
  • Just about jossed; we have gym leaders revealed now, but it IS confirmed to take place after B&W. Two years, in fact.

At least one of the Sages will have done a Heel–Face Turn.
And they may appear as Gym Leaders/a Gym Leader (or even Elite 4), as suggested above. My guess is that Rood will be the one to have a Heel–Face Turn, given that after-game he tells the protagonist that he wants to see N confront Ghetsis. My guess is that Rood will be a Fire type user, as his name translates to red. To add to this, he may use a Flareon as his main Pokemon.
  • Yep. At least one of the Sages had a Heel–Face Turn, and it was Rood.
  • Gorm seems to have done a Heel–Face Turn as well, though he has no impact on the main plot, unfortunately.

Hilbert and Hilda will still be the protagonists, but the story will take place after the events of Black and White.
The protagonist that you don't choose will have gone through the events of Black and White (defeating Ghetsis, capturing Reshiram in Black 2 or Zekrom in White 2, etc.) and will be fightable as a True Final Boss with their dragon, similar to Red in Gold and Silver.
  • Jossed, the protagonists are all new.
    • It is confirmed, however, that Black 2 and White 2 will take place after Black/White 1; two years after.

If the version mascots are actually the same color as the box art as well as different forms of Kyurem, then that means that...
  • A: Catching Kyurem in the Giant Chasm isn't canon
  • and B: Something must have happened to N after Black and White. But what?
    • He's fine, but Kyurem forcibly assimilated his dragon.

The reason why Kyurem is the main Pokemon is because Team Plasma managed to get both legendary dragons.
It just so happens that Ghetsis is even more savvy, so he ordered Team Plasma to get both of the dragons. Ghetsis has the dragon you expect to get in the Black and White games(Reshiram/Zekrom), in case N fails/so he doesn't have to rely on just Hydreigon to get rid of him. Instead of getting an orb, you need to search for an object to summon Kyurem, who'll be able to counter N's Pokemon.
  • Except aren't these games sequels?
    • Are they? The games are actually called Version 2, which implies that it is just Black and White, but enhanced in some way.
      • Except all of the main series games have Version as part of the title, it's just that no one really ever uses them. It's more likely that these are sequels.
    • Confirmed by CoroCoro to be sequels.
      • Not really. All they've actually said is that it's a "whole new adventure", which... well, Platinum was also sold as a "whole new adventure" when it was first announced. Basically, it means nothing until we get some more info. Even if these two games are more than just the usual third version divided into two, and even if they really are a "whole new adventure" and not just being sold as one, we've gotten nothing to tell us that these are even going to be sequels and not something else entirely (whatever that might be).
      • No, it was confirmed. “You thought it was just a different colour? This time it is ’2′, an utterly different story full of impact and new features are waiting for you!” That's what the announce says.
      • I do not see the word "sequel" in there anywhere. And again, Platinum had a similar announcement. Until we get some actual information on the games besides two sentences of hype, we know nothing.
    • And finally confirmed to take place 2 years after the events of BW, with two entirely new main characters, new gym leaders, and a new villianous team.

Hoenn will be involved
(not op) Some have pointed out the red and blue marks in the logo appear to be a ruby and sapphire...
  • It's possible, but it could be unrelated — bear in mind that Reshiram and Zekrom both have similarly shaped tails which at times glow/burn red and blue respectively. Also, the red one is more orangeish as opposed to being rubyish.
  • People see what they want to see... the logo is simply frozen, to represent Kyurem. Blue ice for Black 2, reddish ice for White 2, in order to evoke the typing and color scheme of Zekrom and Reshiram (and Kyurem's new forms).
  • Jossed with the end of Gen 5, plus ORAS.

Hilda/Hilbert or N will be the protagonist

  • It's a direct sequel, so giving us new protagonist would piss off a lot of fans/undermine all the work and effort Hilda/Hilbert went through in the first two games. Best to just keep it as either of them or use N with either Anthea or Concordia being female player characters since they probably left to go after him.
    • Nothing about these games are confirmed. Don't jump to conclusions quite yet.
    • Jossed. There are whole new protagonists.
      • Which is completely understandable, as the alternative would be an egregious Bag of Spilling.

Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect will get new and improved events in Black 2 and White 2.
Black 2 and White 2 will be released in June, while Keldeo's movie will come in July... The release dates have been timed just right so all of the unreleased Mythical Pokemon will be distributed after the new games come out. This is the reason their events in the original Black and White are somewhat lackluster; they're essentially "consolation events" for whoever hasn't gotten the new games or trades K/M/G over to the original pair.
  • Confirmed, at least for Keldeo.

The new region is a New Jersey equivalent.
  • Part of Unova is already New Jersey based.
  • Not a new region; however, new content (e.g. gyms) is likely in Jersey, considering the fact that practically everything East of the East River or North of Westchester is covered in a glacier.
    • Small correction to the spoiler: the only part of Unova that got frozen is Opelucid City. The initial guess is basically confirmed, though.

Ghetsis takes over Unova.
Ghetsis manages to find and kidnap/knock out N, then puts his hands on N's dragon (Zekrom in Black, Reshiram in White), and somehow fuses it with Kyurem, successfully corrupting the Pokemon since Kyurem is arguably evil. Then he uses its power to wreak havoc over the whole region of Unova, which either freezes over (thanks to Kyurem's power) or just turns into some kind of wasteland (mirroring the climate-changing attempts of Gen 3 Team Magma/Aqua), and thus taking whole control. The player will have to rescue N and save the whole region with his help, teaming up with the remaining legendary. They will fight Ghetsis once again, and capture the fused Kyurem, probably leading to another transformation. Either Kyurem reverts to its original form or the remaining legendary fuses with it, bringing back to life the original dragon of the myths.

Kyurem's two new forms are the original Zekrom and Reshiram
When the original dragon split into two, B-Kyurem and W-Kyurem were born, but were called Zekrom and Reshiram by the humans (maybe the brothers) who witnessed it. As they continued to fight, they kept receiving more and more damage until what was left of each dragon became the black and white stones, with the icy and grey bits that were broken off fusing together and falling back to the earth.

The truth recreated W-Kyurem, but it lacked something, while ideals created B-Kyurem, though it also lacked something; thus, when the twin dragons were reborn from the stones, they were more complete, because the trainer summoning them had much stronger belief in what they represented, and since the icy grey bits represented a void, they were drawn to each other after being cast off during the original fight. The real reason for the Giant Chasm was the result of the remains trying to fix itself by making up for what it lack just as it impacted where the chasm is now (though this is more of a side guess).

The reason Kyurem regains these forms is because whoever is using it has a stronger belief in truth or ideals. On the note, the original dragon may only be brought back when someone has all three of the tao trio in their party.

Ghetsis will fuse Kyurem with N's dragon, with YOUR help.
After Ghetsis is defeated, you'll run into the Shadow Triad on the Marvellous Bridge, just like last time. But instead of giving you the Sinnoh dragons' orbs, they'll hand over some mysterious McGuffin (possibly related to the Light and Dark Stones) while vaguely implying that it would be best if it were kept out of Ghetsis' hands. And who better to protect the McGuffin than you yourself, since you're the great hero of Unova who bonded with one of the Tao dragons and saved civilization as we know it? (Gameplay-wise, it'll go into your Key Items pocket to prevent you from just giving it to a Pokemon and sticking it in the PC or something).

Later, there will be some big disturbance at the Giant Chasm. Being the dutiful Pokemon protagonist that you are, you go investigate. Surprise! N and his dragon will also be there, trying to help the local Pokemon in distress. But before you get a chance to catch up, guess who appears and starts ranting about how the two of you ruined his plans, but now he'll finally have his revenge?

Ghetsis then reveals that when Reshiram and Zekrom split off from each other long ago, Kyurem was left behind as a frozen husk. But under the right circumstances, it could be made whole once again. All it would take is for Kyurem and one of the Tao dragons to be together in the presence of a certain item. And of course, you were thoughtful enough to bring that very item along with you. Ghetsis draws Kyurem to him and the McGuffin activates, pulling Kyurem and N's dragon to it and merging them into one entity. (Why didn't Ghetsis just hold onto the McGuffin himself? He was on the run and needed to make sure it wouldn't be lost if he ever got caught. And this way, not only does N lose his beloved Pokemon partner, but you'll also both be haunted by the fact that you, the first human N could ever begin to open up to, had a hand in it. And why doesn't the McGuffin affect your dragon if you have it in your party at the time? It was safe in its Pokeball, while N's was out in the open.)

Ghetsis moves in to capture Kyurem, but N, instead of slipping into a Heroic BSoD as expected, calls on the local Pokemon to help him stop his father. While they're thus preoccupied, N shouts for you to save not just his own dragon, but Kyurem as well, from being doomed to an unhappy life as a pawn in Ghetsis' evil plan.

Naturally, the story has a happy ending; either you capture Kyurem, and since you cannot capture another Trainer's Pokemon, N's dragon will be separated from it along with the McGuffin, or you defeat Kyurem before it's too late, and it no longer has the energy to maintain the fusion. In either case, N's dragon will be freed and Ghetsis will be stopped. Upon closer inspection of the McGuffin, you'll see that it now contains an imprint of N's dragon's aura. The altered McGuffin will then be a regular, equippable item, allowing you to bestow Kyurem with its alternate forme whenever you like without having to sacrifice N's dragon.

  • tl;dr = The stuff in the title is Confirmed, as if not for your arrival, N wouldn't arrive to save you from Ghetsis' Kyurem... but Ghetsis knew that N would do that. He then fuses Kyurem and N's dragon into White/Black Kyurem.

You'll fight the Shadow Triad
Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Confirmed.

Unova's ancient enemy has had his revenge
High above in the hall of Judgment, mighty king Kyurem rained down pain and destruction on the people below for fun. Kyurem dared not move on the lower Pokemon's territory while the Musketeer trio kept watch, but because People and Pokemon did not associate with one another at this time, people were fair game. Living miserably, people lashed out at one another in an attempt to grab some illusion of control and power. Occasionally, their fights got out of hand and the Musketeers would step in, but they never bothered to strike at the root of the problem. There was a Pokemon who did care, though, as a rash hero attempting to assault the Hall of Origin learned first-hand.

The hero befriended another dragon who dwelt above and together they toppled King Kyurem, sending his prone form crashing down to the land below. With their oppressor gone, the people were united under their hero and he founded the Unova region. Lost to history, Kyurem awoke in the depths of a giant chasm. The spread of people had sent the Musketeers into hiding and though less severe, continued conflict between people had split the hero's dragon into two dormant halves. Kyurem was technically free to reign again, but was too weak to return to his throne; he could barely make it out of the chasm. So he decided to live there for awhile, setting out every night to feast on whatever he could catch to regain strength.

Once again, conflict awoke the halves of the hero's dragon just when Kyurem had recovered enough to cross the Unova region, and he set out after them. One was defeated and flew to a faraway land, but one stayed behind and Kyurem defeated him. He's not quite the same, but the king is back to full strength; he used the remains of his defeated foe to get there. Now he plans to destroy the region his foe created. Unova is as much for Pokemon as it is for people, though, and there are still three Pokemon who can take down Kyurem and cut out the dragon pieces he has assimilated...

  • This means that Kyurem's cover forms will be Unusable Enemy Equipment with illegally strong attacks and three types at once instead of the usual maximum of two. After defeating Kyurem, players will probably get to unlock its much more reasonable, dual typed, "original true form" that will be able to learn Freeze Shock in Black 2 and Ice Burn in White 2.
    • Well, I don't know about illegal attacks and typing, but the respective forms DO in fact learn Freeze Shock and Ice Burn. Their base stats are suspiciously high as well.

The protagonists of B/W2 will be related to Hilbert and Hilda.
They look unsettingly similar. Perhaps cousins or younger siblings?

Hilbert and Hilda will have been eliminated by Ghetsis off-screen as of B/W 2.
C'mon. You KNOW Game Freak hates us and won't even give them a cameo.
  • Well, it's true that they don't even get cameos, but their mother confirms that they're just fine.

Black 2 and White 2 will use Lock-on Technology
You connect them to their predecessor to expand the game or play them alone.
  • Impossible, due to the way DS game cards work.
    • Action Replay made it work.
  • Jossed in that it's not traditional lock-on; however, there's a "Memory Link" function that allows you to unlock/change aspects of B2W2 from your BW game, including battles against Bianca and Cheren based upon their BW teams.

Reason For No Pokemon In Unova
Pokemon from past regions escaped from the transfer system and are all over Unova now. Hey, summon referred to it in the original Black and White.
  • What does this WMG even mean?
    • Let me try to explain this as best as I understand. The reason that there are Pokemon from previous generations from the start is since they escaped from the PC system, which Team Plasma hijacked in Black and White.

N will meet his real family.
Any guesses as to who it is?
  • I actually had this in mind: maybe a sibling (older or younger doesn't matter, but I'm leaning towards older) would travel to Unova, after having traveled throughout all of the other regions just to find N (with his team members all from the different regions). If it was me doing the writing, then maybe the two wouldn't meet or realize that they're related, but all the implications would be there. (Bonus points if the sibling's team makes hints towards a remake for Ruby and Sapphire.)

N will be the main character.
It takes place in the region N left to after Black and White as he journeys through the region. He starts hearing about people convincing others to release their Pokemon, but when they try to do the same to him he fights them off with his dragon (Reshiram in Black 2, Zekrom in White 2). He learns about the rise of the new Team Plasma and how they plan to take the dragon from the other hero. He returns to Unova, pulling off a Big Damn Heroes moment on either Hilbert or Hilda (changing depending on the version), and after defeating Neo-Plasma, he journeys through Unova doing things right. As a bonus, if this turns out correct, overworld sprite Pokemon will have human language speech boxes.
  • Who'll be the starters then? Will he only have Reshiram or Zekrom, reduced to level 5 somehow?
    • Maybe he has it at level 50, but ends up losing it somehow or it gets reduced in levels, or perhaps you get to keep it and its levels while the genral level of the Pokemon and trainers are much higher than normal.
  • Seemingly Jossed, partly due to the reveal of new characters (Supporting Protagoni?), and partly due to the Dragon that gets fused with Kyurem being the same as N's, implying just about anything...

N will solve his puzzle cube.
It has been mentioned on the concept sheet for the puzzle cube that it has a keyhole in its middle. The player will recieve the key in the course of the story and N manages to solve the puzzle, perhaps offscreen. Then, the two items are combined and awake a Pokémon, possibly the "original" dragon or Black/White Kyurem.
  • It contains the spirit of an ancient pharaoh, a master of Pokémon Battling, who possesses him to help him win battles and look cool. Bonus points if he's voiced by Dan Green in the anime.

Extremely unlikely, but Mewtwo (or maybe Arceus) will turn out to be the Tao Trio's master.
Rule of Cool, people. Since it seems (so far) that Kyurem doesn't have any sort of "leader" relationship over Reshiram and Zekrom, they might pull a reverse Lugia/Regigigas and make an older Pokémon the master of the new trio. In Mewtwo's case, he's been shown (albeit very little) to be a "rival" of sorts to Kyurem in the TCG, so maybe they could make up some backstory about the recently created Mewtwo discovering the ancient Pokémon Kyurem and deciding to reunite the Tao Trio to master its power. In Arceus' case, it's already the master of two trios (the lake and creation trios), so why not a third? It could be revealed as the being that gave birth to the original dragon (that split into Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem) or something.
  • Seems to have been Jossed since there's still no word on it.

The Tao Trio and the Weather Trio are connected
  • This base theory seems to have Support, given practically everything East of the East River or North of Westchester is covered in a glacier.
    • Sadly seems to be Jossed, especially considering that the only part of Unova that got literally frozen was Opelucid City.

Expanding on the above statement, Rayquaza is the original dragon that Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem split from
Not much evidence, but this could be a possibility if the two trios are indeed connected. Consider how Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem all have weather-changing properties, and how Rayquaza can learn most of the moves that all three dragons can learn and more. This is highly unlikely unless they decide to retcon RSE and HGSS to make any encounters with Rayquaza there non-canon.
  • Unlikely, but not for retcon reasons. They could easily just say he cast off the other three elements but continues to fly around in the sky. Unlikely because there isn't too much evidence that there was any third part left over when the original dragon split. We know Kyurem is related to the others, being Wuji, but Wuji isn't exactly part of the Yin Yang symbol, we really don't know what that relation is yet.
  • Given the new data above, it's more likely that Kyurem is an equal counterpart to Groundon and Kyogre and the other dragons were split from Kyurem as was previously thought.
  • Almost definitively jossed with the new plot in ORAS, plus the game itself pretty much all but states that the above point is canon.

The Sinnoh Dragon Trio will be involved.
In Black/White, after defeating N and Ghetsis, the Shadow Triad gives the player character the Adamant/Lustrous/Griseous Orbs on Ghetsis' orders, and it is suggested that this could be another part of Ghetsis' plan (Is he testing you? Or using you?). Perhaps B2W2 will elaborate on this, and will reveal what Ghetsis intended to accomplish by giving the Orbs to Hilbert/Hilda.

Black Kyurem/White Kyurem are artificially-enhanced versions of Kyurem intended to emulate Reshiram/Zekrom.
We know that Team Plasma CAN augment Pokémon from Genesect. With both dragons denied them, even outright enemies of Team Plasma now (since Ghetsis kinda blew the thing with N), they'll capture Kyurem, the original dragon's broken husk, and use tissue samples taken in secret from N's dragon to convert it into a rough approximation of Zekrom or Reshiram.

This game will take place several years in the future
The characters have aged, the BW protagonist is an adult, things have changed, etc.
  • Confirmed, it takes place two years after the originals.

Concordia and Anthea will play a role in the plot
Either that or they'll be given back stories.
  • Backstory part confirmed, they're revealed to be N's adoptive sisters.

We will learn how long after Platinum BW took place
We know HGSS and Platinum take place roughly 3 years after FRLG and Emerald but the fifth gen is ambiguous so far.
  • Sadly, nope. We still don't know.

There's a split timeline and this game will either reference it or be about it
Someone graphed it out already. In Opelucid City a character mentioned alternate dimensions - referring to White if you're playing Black or Black if you're playing White. While it could be breaking the fourth wall, maybe it's not.. I'm betting this is a Chekhov's Gun which either won't be looked into until another generation, if at all.

We will get to fight the Seven Sages.
And their Pokemon shall be based off the colors they are named by.
  • Zinzolin means purple, so he could use the Liepard, Gothita and Meinshao lines
  • Gorm means bule, so he could use the Roggenrola, Ducklett and Woobat lines
  • Bromius means brown, so he could use the Vullaby, Sandile and Stunfisk lines
  • Giallo means yellow, so he could use the Joltik, Scraggy and Sewaddle lines
  • Ryoku means green, so he could use the Solosis, Golett and Maractus lines
  • Rood means red, so he could use the Heatmor, Venipede and Darumaka lines
  • Confirmed in that you get to fight sages. However, only two of them are present in the game. Rood is no longer affiliated with Neo Team Plasma, and has Herdier and Swoobat, whilst Zinzolin who works for Neo Team Plasma uses Cryogonal and Sneasel/Weavile.

You'll get to pick a partner for your journey, not too unlike the missions in Pokemon Ranger.
After giving your name and gender and picking your starter, you'll be able to choose between Bianca, Cheren... and N. You'll travel Unova with them and get to have "conversations" like you did in DPPt with the Stat Trainers. Pretty much all battles will be double. How this affects team-building has yet to be seen, but most likely their team will complement your own (if you have a Glass Cannon or Fragile Speedster, they'll pick a Stone Wall or Mighty Glacier to cover your weaknesses and vice versa).

You'll go to Hoenn after the main game
This may be a bit far-fetched, but the colors of the boxes (along with the popular hope of fans of a remake of the Gen 3 titles) certainly could mean more than for Zekrom/Reshiram. Game Freak may pull a "Gold and Silver" with this by allowing us to go back to a previous region post-game. This can also explain the lack of many endgame options in the original Black and White, along with the spiked levels of trainer's Pokemon.

Expanding on the above WMG, You'll get to go to all four of the previous regions after the main game
(This is a long one, so bear with me)

Once you beat the main game, the red boat in Castelia City (the one in the port closest to the city entrance) will become available for travel to the other regions. At first, you'll only be able to travel to Sinnoh, but the other regions will become available as you beat each region's Pokemon League (8 Gyms plus Elite 4), the specifics and changes of each are explained below.

  • Sinnoh League:
    • Canalave City; Leader Saturn (He takes over because Byron retired between the events of Platinum and Black/White. His Gym will be unavailable when you first arrive)
      • The rest of the gyms are unchanged until...
    • Sunnyshore City; Leader Barry (he became Leader after Volkner joined the Elite Four)
    • Then there's the Elite Four:
      • Aaron and Lucian are in the same rank as before (1 and 4), and Flint is in Bertha's rank (2). The new 3rd member? None other than Volkner.
      • Cynthia is no longer Champion (we'll find out why later). The new Champion is... Lucas! (Like Cynthia, Lucas doesn't stick to a particular type)

  • Hoenn League:
    • New Mauvile City; Leader May (Like Byron and Bertha, Wattson retired between the events of Emerald and Black/White)
      • The rest of the gym leaders are the same from Emerald.
    • The Hoenn Elite Four has two changes:
      • Drake has stepped down as the fourth member. His replacement? Wally. (As a nod to Pokémon-X, Wally will use green Pokemon. Mostly Grass-types, with his Gardevoir thrown in for comic-accuracy)
      • Wallace is no longer Champion. The new Champion is... Brendan! (Another multitype user)

  • Johto League:
Like the Kanto League in (Heart)Gold/(Soul)Silver/Crystal, you do not go through the League in the original order. Instead, you start in Olivine City, and work backwards till you get the badges from Olivine City, Cianwood City, Ecruteak City, Goldenrod City, Azalea Town, and Violet City. Only then will you gain access to...
  • Mahogany Town; Leader Kris (Bryce stepped down)
  • Clair is still Blackthorn City's Leader, but has matured greatly since her debut games.
  • The Elite Four is the exact same lineup from (Heart)Gold/(Soul)Silver/Crystal, except, of course, for the Champion.
    • Lance is no longer the Champion. The new Champion is...Ethan! (Multitype, but as a nod to The Legend of Thunder!, he will use Typhlosion)

  • Kanto League:
    • You take on the Kanto League in the exact same order from the second generation.
      • Before facing you at his Gym, Lt. Surge will greet you when you get off the boat (and at other places in the Kanto region), and this will be his Leitmotif, as a nod to the fan theory that Surge is Guile.
      • Seafoam Island; Leader Lyra (guess who retired?)
      • Viridian City; Leader Silver (Blue didnt retire, but instead gave Silver control of the Gym at his request. Gotta keep it in the family, after all).
    • Once you beat the 8 Kanto Gyms, you dont go directly to Mt. Silver. Instead, you get access to...

  • The Sevii Islands:
This is where all the retired League members (Excluding Blue and the former Champions) now reside, with a few extra characters.
  • At One Island, Blaine battles you on Mt. Ember.
  • At Two Island, Wattson is waiting to battle you, with Professor Rowannote  also taking up a house there.
  • At Three Island, Agatha and Bertha await, and you face them in a Double Battle.
  • At Four Island, Loreli and Bryce await, and you face them in a Double Battle.
  • At Five Island (Specifically at the Memorial Pillar), you run into Byron, but instead of fighting him there, he asks you to battle him at his house on Iron Island (back in the Sinnoh region)
  • At Six Island, Lance is waiting for you on Outcast Island, while Drake is waiting at Ruin Valley.
  • At Seven Island, none other than Professor freakin Oak challenges you to a battlenote .
  • Once you complete the Sevii Island Challenge, you gain access to...

  • Mt. Silver:
    • Mt. Silver now houses the strongest Trainers in the entire world: The Ultimate 4.
      • The first member of the Ultimate 4 you face is the former Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia. She uses the same team she had from the Undella Town villa.
      • The second member of the Ultimate 4 you face is the (most recent) former Hoenn Champion, Wallace. He uses a slightly stronger (higher lvl) version of his team from Emerald.
      • The third member of the Ultimate 4 you face is the other former Hoenn Champion, Steven. He uses a slightly stronger (higher lvl) version of his team from Emerald.
      • The final member of the Ultimate 4 you face is the original Rival and former Kanto Champion, Blue. His team is similar to his Viridian leader team, but with Gen IV and V Pokemon sprinkled in (Machamp and Pidgeot are replaced by Conkeldurr and Mandibuzz, for example).
      • When you beat the Ultimate 4, you get access to the summit of Mt. Silver, where you face the grandaddy of 'em all: Pokemon Master Red (a red Palette Swap of the Gen V Veteran sprite). Red's team will feature lvl 100 pokemon, and will have all of Ash's starters that evolved completely in the anime (Charizard, Sceptile, and Torterra), as well as a Female Unfezant (like Ash's from Best Wishes), a Seismitoad (All the Johto Starters are being used, and Ash already has a Palpitoad in the anime, so it's not too much of a stretch of the imagination) and, of course, Pikachu. (Similar to how Red in (Heart)Gold/(Soul)Silver had Ash's Orange Island team.)
      • Of course, the girls could easily be the new champions and the boys could take roles as Gym Leaders or whatnot.

    • Sadly Jossed, but confirmed at the same time. Confirmed in that you will get to fight the previous members of the League, but Jossed in that you dont leave Unova.
      • Sadly, indeed. This troper, Alex Sora 89, humbly bows down in front of such a magnificently awesome theory, but, alas, regardless of the sheer impossibility of all five regions in the same game due to technical restrictions (maybe in a 3DS game card keeping the DS graphics, but sure as heck not in a DS card), having all five regions would mean players could get to catch a lot more Pokémon in the first place; that would, sadly, not only kill the purpose behind an expanded Unova Pokédex, but also that of Ruby and Sapphire remakes as well, and given Nintendo wants to make as much money as possible from the whole "One Game for the Price of Two" shtick, well, let's just say that such generosity isn't to be expected by what, in the end, is a business company after all.
      • Well, they could still keep the whole "One Game for the Price of Two" shtick by dividing the 'mons you can catch in each region. For example, you could only catch Pokemon from Diamond, Sapphire, (Soul)Silver, and Blue/LeafGreen in Black 2, and you could only catch pokemon from Pearl, Ruby, (Heart)Gold, and (Fire)Red in White 2.

We wont be able to go to past regions but you can still get the experience
Unova is based off New York, and New York has places like Little Ittaly and China Town. After you compleat the Main Game you'll gain access to places like Jotoh Town, Little Sinno, Hoenn Island and New Kanto. There you'll be able to chalenge Gym leader equivalents or the real deal if visiting and even face their respective leagues.
  • Partially confirmed-you will be able to fight the real deal.
    • Regardless of the confirmed Continuity Cavalcade, this idea would be much easier - scratch that, it's actually possible - to implement than the "five-regions-in-one-game" theory above, in both the "people" aspect (confirmed) and the "regions as towns" aspect.

The antagonist will be
The Master. After crashing the TARDIS on this fascinating planet he/she learn that he plans to enslave the entire Pokémon world and all its inhabitants by using the power of Kyuurem. And it is up to the protagonist, aka the Doctor, to stop him. The only way to do that is to beat him in a battle which means that you'll have to beat the Gym Leaders and Elite Four (who are unaware of his plans) because he happens to be the current league champion. He/She will not have an assistant because the Pokémon he/she amasses over the course of the game will be the assistants.
  • What? This is Wild Mass Guessing after all.
    • Guessing the Master is not that Wild

Hiougi City is the Unova equivalent of NYC's Chinatown
Admittedly, I'm basing this on the design for the new protagonists and their rival. They appear to have more Asian features than Hilbert and Hilda, especially the Rival's face and the girl's hair.

Cipher has been involved the entire time.
Think about it. Ghetsis' Hydreigon has perfect IVs and EVs.Want to know something interesting?Shadow Pokemon often have perfect or near perfect IVs and EVs.(These are lost when they are purified and then re-generated randomly.)The worst part? It wouldn't be hard nor out of character for Ghetsis to turn his Hydreigon into a shadow Pokemon.And considering that Cipher is located in Orre, which is the equivalent of Arizona, they would only be a few hours away.Cipher would certainly be interested in all of those "liberated" Pokemon, after all. And Ghetsis only cares about power, and lacks compassion, so he'd totally be on board with this.And they could have potentially been seeing each other for ages.Think about the implications of that.
  • Going back to a previous WMG, the chief accomplices of the aforementioned have names referring to colors. Specifically, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Brown. The same colors as Cipher's Goldfish Poop Gang. Said cohortsnote  are The Hexagon Brothers!

There still won't be a Dark-type gym leader.
It's practically a running gag in the games. Kind of like Flareon's lack of any good moves.
  • I see you preempted my suggestion that the new Poison Gym Leader might by lying about her type. She wears purple and blue, and purple and black are themed throughout her stage area, and her Guitar. Yeah, Purple is identified with Poison as well as Ghost, but, even going back to the SNES era, Purple Is the New Black. And as for how we can have a Dark Gym where an Elite member is Dark, all we have to do is go back to Johto...
    • She was shown to own a Koffing in the anime. So... Poison, still no Dark.
  • Confirmed.

Kyurem was caught by Hilda/Hilbert, but escaped.
Kyurem does have evidence in-game that it is a very aggressive pokémon, with legends saying that it eats both humans and other pokémon. So it probably didn't take being captured by some teenager and being forced into battle very well. What do you think a giant dragon is going to do when it's first sent out into battle? It would also explain why there's so many glaciers, Kyurem is taking revenge on humanity and intends to cause another ice age for it to happen.
  • Who says the capture attempt had to be successful? If Kyurem is as ferocious as you claim, wouldn't he just resist capture from everything outside of a Master Ball (which would already have been used on Hilly's Dragon at the end of the last game) and just do the deed there? Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, Legendaries are not supposed to be pets. Also would explain how the hero's Dragon is lost because the hero didn't bring it here (and retained some measure of wisdom...)
    As for how the other Dragon got merged, N, as The Atoner, and mourning for the loss of his redeemer, would not want to take revenge on Kyurem but rather help it. That may have worked in the past, and would have worked in the Anime, but it won't work this time and N's Dragon gets absorbed. Whether N dies or is able to escape can be left in the air.
    • I caught my dragons with a first-turn Quick Ball in both games. Master Balls are always Too Awesome to Use

We will find out what's up with the Abyssal Ruins
  • Pokelantis?
  • Still nothing, unfortunately.

There will be an Ice-type Elite 4 member/Champion.
Hey, Johto had different members, so who knows. Maybe Brycen would've become an Elite 4 member/Champion in order to deal with the ice age caused by Kyurem.
  • Jossed, the E4 retains its typing.
  • Also Jossed on the ice age thing.

There will 8 new gyms, and you'll face the original Unova gyms in the post-game.
They did it in Johto.
  • Semi-Jossed. There are new leaders, but some of the old gyms, like Nimbasa City's, are coming back.

reasons for why Unova got frozen, and what could happen.
When you go to the cave Kyurem is in, it was able to basically flash freeze the whole darn field, trees included, into a big winter wonderland. The town nearby said it was trapped there, I think.

What if the events of Team Plasma somehow made it able to escape? Due to it escaping, It froze half of Unova in revenge. The game basically starts with you beginning your journey, while this disaster is happening. Some of the towns have relocated underground, and the desert resort has become a last resort for living. One of the main plots could be N's return, in order to calm Kyurem down, while Team Plasma tries to control it and freeze all of Unova.

  • There is also one other thing as well. Depending on the version, the past hero from B/W gets wiped out due to the disaster, and loses his Pokemon. Kyurem takes their Tao dragon, and becomes stronger, which is what leads to N trying to return. A focus could be N being played as a villian, while he isn't.

    • As for the crackpot theory, Unova got frozen for Being rude on Neopets.

Team Rocket is the new Villainous Team
I was watching the new trailer, and, at 1:26, there are people in black uniforms, who look alot like Team Rocket, so, it's just what I figured.

  • Maybe the Cerulean guy changed his mind about changing his mind? This troper thinks the villainous team is either a new Team Plasma (led by Akuroma!) or Team Rocket.
  • Somewhat fitting, considering that Team Rocket will be playing an important part in the anime.
  • Well Giovanni IS showing up, so there could be something to this.
    • Sadly, it seems likely that this has been Jossed. According to the animated trailer, the new guys have the Team Plasma crest stitched on the breast of their uniforms. Seems they've gone underground.

Akuroma is the scientist who created Genosect
Come on. Doesn't he look like the kind of guy who'd revive an ancient fossilized superpredator and amp it up with cybernetics and a Wave-Motion Gun?
  • Actually, Genesect was created by a team of Team Plasma researchers, who aborted the project because N forbade it. There was a single researcher who didn't want to eschew the research and completed Genesect by himself, and you can battle him by bringing Genesect to P2 Laboratory in Black/White. So... probably not.
    • He could still be connected. Maybe Akuroma worked with the scientist?

The suggested movie/Mecha Tyranitar will be this gen's equivalent of Pokemon contests.
Giving the tradition, the next main game would be the Ruby/Sapphire remakes. Perhaps the movie theatre could serve as a version of the contests? Instead of said contests, you could compete to make an in-universe movie demo with your Pokemon. It would be a rather unique minigame...
  • And it's way better than that crappy Musical no one liked.

Something really bad is going to happen during the course of the game.

The Kyurem forms are the cover legendary's for the games of the same name (Black Kyurem for Black 2 and White Kyurem for White 2), unlike Black and White which had the opposite colored ones as the mascot (Zekrom for White and Reshiram for Black). Half the region freezing over is just the warning sign for the fact that cosmic balance has been disturbed.

The games will bear strong resemblance to Generation II, and will have two Regions
Black and White were designed to strongly mirror Generation I in many, many ways. With Black 2 and White 2, some inspiration will come from Generation II. The primary effect will be that the games will have a second region. It is likely that this region will be a region that has been seen before. The most likely are Hoenn, the Sevii Islands, or Orre. Each of the three likely options have reasons justifying them.
  • Hoenn is likely because it is the one region from the main series that cannot be accessed in a game made for the DS. Furthermore, the new forms of the Legendary Genies, who are weather based, suggest a weather-related relevance to the games, as does the fact that half of Unova is iced over. Finally, as each game is "remade" two generations later, Ruby and Sapphire should be expected to effectively be remade... except that they can't be, as Black and White take place at least 10 years after Ruby and Sapphire. To accomodate this, there will be a plotline in Hoenn relating to Teams Magma and Aqua.
  • The Sevii Islands are likely because of their relative isolation from other parts of the Japan-based regions, the fact that Brock and Giovanni appear in Unova suggests a connection to Kanto, and the potential to explore more Islands in the vicinity. This is the least likely of the three, however.
  • Orre is likely because it shares the same greater region with Unova (being based on an American location), because after 10 years Orre is likely to be thriving with Pokemon, and because there is a clear connection between Ghetsis/Plasma and Greevil/Cipher.

Team Plasma has been split in two.
We've seen two factions of them; the old grunts, one of the sages, and Anthea and Concordia, vs New grunts in soldier-like uniforms who have the Shadow Triad on their side.

Group #1 is the original now reformed to be a legit organization dedicated to N's ideals and Pokemon rights.Group #2 is a new faction probably under the direct control of Ghetsis(Seeing as the Shadow Triad were loyal to him and him alone). They may or may not have cut the bullshit about trying to liberate Pokemon, and are basically Team Rocket's spiritual successors

  • I really like this idea. It seems to fit with the theme of the Black and White games.
  • Confirmed, Team Plasma has split in two.

Akuroma is running one of the two factions, Ghetsis the other.
One official trailer video shows Akuroma in a room with a Team Plasma symbol on the floor. Plus his name isn't a tree, but means "colorless". Since all the other professors have been named after trees...he's obviously not a good guy. So if he's running one of the factions and Ghetsis the other, likely Ghetsis is running the original faction and Akuroma the breakoff. The reasoning is a line in the anime style trailer.

"Team Plasma once said 'We realize the potential of Pokemon and it is best to free them from humans.' I, however, disagree with them."

Thus Akuroma can't be running the original base faction. Since we know Ghetsis is back and a lot of the Team Plasma members aren't that bright, he's probably the one running the original faction (the "knights") and Akuroma is running the new faction (the "ninjas").

  • Jossed. Ghetsis and Akuroma are on the same side. Altough Akuroma later regrets his mistakes.

Black 2/White 2 will end up just being Part II of a Three-Part story
So the main story of Black 2/White 2 will end with even more Sequel Hooks than Black/White did . . . and setting up for Black 3/White 3 (or, alternately, Black 3D/White 3D). . .
  • This idea had been swimming around in my head for a while, and while I think it's a good idea, it seems like most other fans might start to get weary of the "Pokemon Black and White Saga" by then; instead desiring RS remakes or Gen 6 games.
    • OP here. While I do agree that some fans may get weary of a "Black and White Saga," I think Game Freak and Nintendo would do it anyway, if for no other reason but the Franchise Branding aspect it would give them. And it gives a way to transition Pokemon over to the 3DS in a directly marketable way in preparation for Gen 6, and if they finally do remake R/S/E. Game Freak seems to really be on this "shake up the franchise" thing this Gen, and doing a full Black and White Trilogy is a easy - and marketable - way of doing that IMO.
      • First Responder here, I'm really liking this idea now; Anyway, Black 3D/White 3D could be the perfect opportunity to showcase the Original Dragon, thereby making it a sort of "progression" leading up to completion. In BW, Reshiram/Zekrom are completely separated; in B2W2, one of them reunites with Kyurem and becomes 2/3 completed; and in Black/White 3D, they could finally combine with the last member of the trio and become one again. Plus, it could a perfect opportunity for Genesect to get some screentime, since B2W2 seems to be all about Keldeo and Meloetta. As far as the structure of the releases go, it might be possible that after B2W2 Game Freak would temporarily turn their attention to RS remakes to wrap up Gen 5 before moving on to BW3D, which would be considered the start of Gen 6 (and would allow for the introduction of new Pokemon such as the Original Dragon should it not be another Kyurem forme). However, should this prove to be the case, then I'm at loss as to what Gen 6's third game would be. Perhaps it would give rise to another change in formula; that being the start of a new story mid-Gen as a single game? It could still use Gen 6 Pokemon introduced in BW3D, but it would take place in a new region.
      • OP again. I think Gen 6 incorporating any story elements from Gen 5 will all depend on if the new region for Gen 6 is anywhere close to Unova, or part of Unova. And I tend to think - outside of general Unova Pokemon appearing in the new region - all story elements related to Gen 5 will mostly stay in Gen 5. So if there is a Black 3D/White 3D I think it will for sure be part of Gen 5, and Gen 6 will be a totally new thing. That said, another alternative is - Pokemon Grey. Instead of doing Black 3D/White 3D, Pokemon Grey could be the final game of the "trilogy." Meaning instead of being just a Director's Cut of Black/White/Black 2/White 2 (because let's face it, if they did a standard Updated Re-release they couldn't do it of just Part 1 - .i.e. Black/White - now that we're getting a Part 2), Pokemon Grey alone could be the "Part 3" of the story. Either way, I don't think we're getting a standard "third game" this Gen (meaning if they do Black 3D/White 3D I don't think they'll be a Pokemon Grey . . . unless Game Freak are ready to make one game that contains the entire three-part story) . . . but whatever the third game is will be the game that closes out the Black/White story/saga.
      • Alternatively, they could have both their RSE remake and their B3W3 as one game... by setting B3W3 in Hoenn as a sequel to both B2W2 and RSE, with a new story set in Hoenn that shows the effects of both Black/White and Black 2/White 2 on other parts of the world, or perhaps Team Plasma spreading to Hoenn (and possibly splitting off into revivals of Team Aqua and Team Magma) as well as what's happened to Hoenn in the years following RSE. Considering how long Black and White take place after RSE (At least 8, most likely 11, years later), plus the two year timeskip between B/W and B2/W2, it would make more sense than a straight-up remake.

Ghetis will have/use Genesect
Think about it. Genesect was recreated by a Team Plasma scientist to be obcenely strong, and Ghetis would be the kind of person to abuse its power. He''ll use it in a plan to terrorize Unova to take control of the region. He'd either have it as one of his Pokemon if you battle him again, or you might have to actually encounter it like any other legendary. Calling it now!

Arceus caused the two brothers to split up, hence splitting apart the original dragon into the Tao Trio.
Think about it: White/Black Kyurem has a BST of 700. That's stronger than Mewtwo. And this is just when it fuses with one of the two legendary dragons. The original dragon would have, going by this logic, a BST of 740. Or even more: that's better than Arceus itself. Naturally, such a being would frighten even the Creator, so it sowed the seeds of discontent that caused the brothers, and thus dragons, to split. For the same reason, this may be why you can't get all three legendary dragons in one game-Arceus is doing everything it can to prevent them ever recombining.

Speculation-Potential plot points/game mechanics for the possible third installment.
  • It will be called Pokemon Gray, and feature the original dragon as the 650th Pokemon. It'll be a Dragon/Water Pokemon(the Ice of Kyurem will be melted thank to Reshiram and Zekrom), with two extra formes(that change Water into either Fire or Electric).
  • Similar to Pokemon Yellow, you'll have another starter and get to find the Unova starters across the region. Your starter? Zorua!
  • The main antagonist will not be Ghetsis or even the Shadow Triad, but another member of the Harmonia family. He'll be the father of Ghetsis; an Anti-Villain who wants to restore the grandness of Unova before the split. We'll also find out a bit more about said Harmonia family: they're descended from the third, forgotten brother who refused to play a part in his siblings' squabbles. Hence the name "Harmonia". I wonder what he may be called.
  • Ghetsis will appear, but after losing in BW 2, will be a raving, barely coherent lunatic who the Shadow Triad are keeping safe. His past will be revealed: instead of being given a Freudian Excuse, his "justification" for being evil is because of how well he was treated by his parents, leading his natural narcissim into full blown It's All About Me. If he doesn't regain his sanity, he'll be dropped off to the authorities by the Shadow Triad-realising that Ghetsis is beyond saving, and it's just safer for him and everyone else to be locked up. The fact that even the Shadow Triad has had enough of him will kill him inside. If he regains his sanity, Karmic Death, or better yet, Karmic Fate Worse than Death will follow.
  • We'll finally see N's real family.

Ghetsis didn't actually pull a Despair Event Horizon we though he had
After being transferred out of the cave, he eventually calmed down and instructed the Shadow Triad to spread the fake news that he got too disfunctional. While the Shadow Triad keep the player busy, Ghetsis cooks up a new plan......

It is, in fact, possible to catch Kyurem early in the game
When you first battle it, Ghetsis's staff prevents poke-balls from capturing it. To nullify its effect, have your Pokemon use Embargo or Magic Room.
  • This troper tried Embargo. It did not work.

In expansion of the Unova being a triology
B/W3 will be made in Gen VII.
  • How? We're still in Gen V. I do think that there will be a trilogy, but why wait 2 Gens?
    • Actually, Gen VII sounds too early. We got Gen I remakes in Gen III and Gen II remakes in Gen IV, but we didn't get our return to the Hoenn region until Gen VI. While the wait there may have been in part caused by Gen IV and Gen V being on the same system (Original GB games like RB were allegedly incompatible with the GBA, though that's not actually true, and anything GBC or earlier can't be played on a DS), it's highly unlikely that they'll return to Unova that quickly. If Gen VII turns out to be on whatever comes next, we might get new Sinnoh games for it, but the 3DS still seems to be far from being retired and Game Freak has been producing games more frequently so there's a very real possibility that Gen VII will be on the 3DS as well—and either way we won't be getting new Unova games until at least a generation after we get new Sinnoh games.

The Striation Trio Memory Link was a case of Unreliable Narrator
People can lie and fake memories.

The protagonists from Black and White 2 ARE the protagonists from Black and White
The protagonist traveled back in time. Therefore, he was the hero that saved Unova. The reason he left the region is so that he wouldn't cause a Time Paradox. When his B2W2 self goes back in time he will return to Unova.

The final completion of Kyurem will not involve Reshiram or Zekrom
The black and white dragons were born in response to the wishes of two people, degenerated into stone when the people no longer needed them and only reawakened when confronted with a worthy individual. Maybe this isn't so much picky choosing by the two so much as they need a worthy trainer to make these things happen. Kyurem is similar, it only truly awakens in the presence of a worthy partner. The kidnapping, the eating, the assimilating, these are all just futile efforts to regain that high it once had after its mortal companion inevitably left or died. The other two are content to wait things out but why wouldn't they be. They used to only be one legendary capable of unifying a region, now they are two. If Reshiram and Zekrom never awoke again they can still say they've gone beyond what they once were. Kyurem can't.

Ghetsis' cane is the "completed" Colress MCHN technology.
After you've defeated Ghetsis, he will leave his cane behind, planted in the ground. If you inspect it, the game will read "It's the cane that Ghetsis was holding. Was he controlling Kyurem with it?" Now, one wonders what special properties it would have to possess in order to control a Legendary Dragon like Kyurem. But now think about the Colress MCHN - it's only a prototype, but already it's capable of filling a nearby Pokemon with energy. However, Colress later gives it to the player and it eventually breaks after they use it on a Crustle. But what if Colress gave you his old prototype because he had already perfected the technology and had no more use for the Colress MCHN? And what if the perfected technology not only fills a Pokemon with energy, but allows the user to control that energy? Perhaps Colress managed to complete the energizing technology and then integrated it into Ghetsis' cane (in addition to the Pokeball jamming technology), and that's how Ghetsis was able to manipulate Kyurem. Just to support this WMG, consider how Colress' chamber of the Frigate is located right next to Kyurem's container. Being so close to Kyurem would have given Colress ample opportunity to experiment on it and collect data for his project.

Kyurem is the legendary dragon equivalent of cerebral palsy
Yin is feminine, Yang is masculine, the dragons represent both and were originally one. They were always separate entities actually and had only come together because that is how they reproduce. When the twins bickering forced the two apart, the two had not been together long enough to form an embryo but who says they are the only ones? Some other dragons successfully conceived but carelessly dropped the child, which created the giant chasm. One cannot expect a baby to develop too strong after such an impact without immediate medical treatment so Kyurem was abandoned by his parents, who felt they could not afford to raise a kid with disabilities. Kyurem managed to survive of course and now wants to make himself stronger at Zekrom or Reshiram's expense in order to win his parent's love. The combined form of Kyurem's parents will likely be the trio's currently absent master.

Complete Kyurem...
Will wreck havoc once it completes it's assimilation mission.


     Gameplay-related guesses 
If the game has a Battle Frontier, it will be on an in-game equivalent of Staten Island.
It's the only borough that hasn't been used yet, and there's a real-life park of significant size there: the somewhat unfortunately-named Freshkills Park. Take the Grand Unova there and it'll fit in nicely.
  • Alternatively it'll be Coney Island.

Kyurem's different form changes its Dragon type to the secondary typing of the "color dragon."
If you chose Black, it becomes an Ice/Electric. If you choose White, it becomes an Ice/Fire.
  • Wouldn't the typings need to be balanced a bit better? Ice/Electric is much better defensively than Ice/Fire.
    • They'll probably be Ice/Dragon, but will probably have an ability that gives them pseudo-STAB on Fire/Electric attacks.
    • Alternatively, the stats change depending on the form. White Kyurem could have a boosted defense.
  • Jossed. Kyurem's forms keep its Ice/Dragon typing.

Kyurem's ability also changes when it colorize
To pressure to Turboblaze for White kyurem or Terravolt for Black kyurem. It gets to learn fusion flare and bolt respectively, too.
  • Or, as a tie in to the above WMG that W-Kyurem and B-Kyurem were the orginal forms of Reshiram and Zekrom, the two colored versions of Kyurem have unique abilities that give them the properties of Fire/Electric types respectively. Thus, technically making the first triple-typed Pokemon.
  • Confirmed for Abilities.
  • Also confirmed regarding Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare.

Kyurem was originally a 3-head dragon
That splits into Black Kyurem, the 'Neutral' kyurem and White Kyurem, where the 'neutral' kyurem is the one we have in the original Black and White versions.

There will also be a fusion of Reshiram and Zekrom
Possibly even a Gray version, and even a Gray 2.

Pokemon exclusive to Black 2 and White 2 include:
Black 2:
  • Throh
  • Gothita evo line
  • Tornadus
  • The Elekid line

White 2:

  • Sawk
  • Solosis evo line
  • Thunderus
  • The Magby line


  • Vullaby and Rufflet evo line
    • or maybe switch from the originals

  • So how to go... Jossed; Confirmed; Jossed - they don't appear at all (presumably the old protagonists caught them); confirmed, yet jossed - Elekid and Magby are exclusive, but the versions are wrong; jossed and the subpoint also jossed - birds are exclusive to the same versions as before (Vullaby line to Black 2, Rufflet line to White 2)
We will be able to face all three of the 1st Gym Triplets
But instead of six pokemon they will only use their signature ones giving the player some trouble with a strategy.
  • So, it would be a Triple Battle in White 2 and a Rotation Battle in Black 2?
    • Confirmed and Jossed at the same time. Confirmed you can fight them. Confirmed they use the apes, but jossed in the battle types described above. You instead have a Multi battle, teaming with one of them, and fighting the other two.

The Unova starters are unobtainable, and Black 2 and White 2 will each have a different set of starters from past gens.
For example, Black 2 could have Treecko, Charmander and Piplup while White 2 could have Bulbasaur, Torchic and Totodile.
  • Jossed. The starters are still Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott.

We will face both Drayden and Iris at the 8th gym
Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Jossed, you only fight Drayden.
    • And it's at the seventh gym.

We will face neither Drayden and Iris at the 8th gym
Take a Third Option we will have two completely new gym leaders a young man in White 2 and an older woman in Black 2.
  • Jossed.
    • Yet also confirmed. Drayden has been moved to the Seventh gym, and Marlon is now the Eighth gym leader.

The bag of spilling should this be a direct sequel.
Remember one of the Plasma members in N's Castle, who mentions that they hacked the PC storage and would release every single Pokémon stored? Yeah...they do it to you, forcing you to start over with a starter.
  • What about the party you have at the time the release was done?
  • Jossed. B&W2 will use new Protagonists, just like XD did.
  • Alternate guess, Kyurem ate the last game's protagonist and their legendary dragon.
  • Alternate alternate guess, Amanita's PC has been locked from the public by Team Plasma, and you have to catch new Pokémon using one of the other storage systems (Bill's, Lanette's or Bebe's).

A legendary Pokemon will be found in Challenger's Cave
Either a new one or one of the three unreleased ones.
  • Or an old one (like the bird trio in Platinum). Mewtwo seems like a good guess, considering its recent marketing push and the fact that it got a signature move this gen without being obtainable normally (yet). In this case, since the Birds in Platinum got the legendary theme as BGM, Mewtwo would probably use a legendary battle theme as well (either Kyurem's old theme from Black 1 and White 1, which would be a bit of a Shout-Out to Mewtwo and Kyurem's "rivalry" in the TCG, or the standard legendary theme).
    • Or maybe he'll get the Kanto legendary theme.
    • If it is an old one, it will probably still be in a section where new ultra rares (or event ultra rares like Zorua and Phione) can be caught.
    • Mewtwo should have a remix of it's theme from Pokemon Stadium. And if they decide to introduce a trio, let it be the beasts.
  • Alternately, if the Dragon Orbs are part of the plot, we might get Dialga in Black 2 and Palkia in White 2. Trading both over to the same game lets you go to the Distortion World and capture Giratina. Cynthia will probably have some connection to the event as part of an expanded role. Since they have well-established battle themes already, they'll just use remixes of those.
  • If it is a new one, Genesect could appear.
  • Keldeo is a strong candidate, since Virizion and Terrakion were found in places that were blocked off (by humans) until Cobalion was caught. Since Challenger's Cave was blocked off until the post-game, it's a similarity worth considering. It's also got a lot of water in it, compared to Terrakion in a mountain (rock/fighting type) and Virizion in a forest (grass/fighting type) which would make sense since Keldeo is a water/fighting type.
  • Jossed, the cave entrance is no more.

This game will have two different play slots
Because, why not? This theory is farfetch'd, but the guess is that Black 2 and White 2 will have two "play" slots in each game, Black 2/Remake of Sapphire, White 2/Remake of Ruby. You'll be able to start off with either one of the games you choose first, to play either the Hoenn remake or the Black/White Sequel. Junichi Masuda did say he wanted to do something special with Hoenn.
  • Much more likely is that we'll be able to go to Hoenn after the main games (or even during, for some plot related reason) like we did in the gen II games, but there is that "something special" thing you mentioned, making it unlikely he'll have it EXACTLY the same..
    • What's with all the Hoenn theories going around? That would have been advertised already.

We will get a whole new set of Pokemon
Gold and Silver where originally called Pokemon 2 and they introduced a whole new set of Pokemon designed at the same time as the gen 1 mons
  • Metaphorically True time: They are new.... to Unova. The new additions to the Dex are from previous generations.
    • And even then, most of them were catchable in B/W postgame.

Regardless of the WMG above this game will try to invoke a gen 2 feel
Gold and Silver where originally called Pokemon 2

There wont be a legendary Pokemon in Challengers Cave
But when you bring a specific legendary (possibly event version) into it it will unlock the relevant legendaries
  • Regigigas- It happened in gen 4
  • Landorus- If the right side of Unova is completely revamped
    • Jossed, as mentioned above the cave entrance is no more.

The upper right part of Unova will be completely revamped
With stuff added
  • Confirmed, but in this case not a good thing. The entire northern and eastern sections of Unova have turned into a glacier that stops at Opelcuid City. Probably Kyurem's fault.
    • But who knows what's beneath the ice once it's gone. It's probably what the main storyline is about, defeating Kyurem and taking the ice away.
      • The ice is just there to cover up what's actually there.
      • Nope, it's really there according to the animated trailer.
    • Nope, it's only Opelucid City that gets frozen.

When you trade Kyurem between Black 2 and White 2...
Just like Deoxys in the Gen III games, White Kyurem will change to Black Kyurem when traded to Black 2 and vice versa when traded to White 2.
  • Jossed, as you can get both formes in both games... as long as you can get the other Tao dragon to your version, you can.

List of possible legendaries you could get via event items.
  • Mew. It could be like the Zoroark event. In order to get it, you need three event-exclusive versions of the original starter Pokemon (and like Zoroark, they could be shiny). Show these to Miyomoto (the in-game one, of course), and he will give you a special "finder" which will allow you to find Mew hiding in one of the trucks at Castelia City.

If Genesect can be fought, its battle theme will be Ghetsis' battle theme
  • Would be a nice nod to how everyone thought it was Genesect's battle theme.

The starters won't be Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott
  • My guess is they will either be a different set of Unova Pokemon or Pokemon from past regions, or three new Pokemon entirely.
    • Or mix and match starters, like you can choose between Snivy, Tododile and Charmander
      • Jossed by Pokemon Smash's gameplay footage. The Unova starters are the same.

There will be a handful of new Pokemon
Mainly to connect some older Pokemon with their gen 5 counterparts
  • This is a Black 2 and White 2 WMG page, not a Gen VI WMG page.

Regis will be catchable in wild
I mean... Why not? In Gen IV they were the only non-Event Pokémon unavailable without either Pal Park or events , you either had to get event Regigigas or import them from Hoenn-based games.
  • Wouldn't it make more sense to save them for the Hoenn remakes?
  • Confirmed. Regirock normally in-wild, and then depending on game you get stuff to unlock Regice or Registeel. However, you can trade with pal to get the feature that's not in your game, so all three golems are in both games.

Alternatively, the Lake Trio will be obtainable.
If Dialga and Palkia are part of the plot, it wouldn't be surprising that the lake trio will appear to deal with it. They tried to play the Big Damn Heroes against the last guy who tried to toy with the Creation Trio. Wouldn't be surprised if they do this when Ghetsis tries to toy with the Creation Orbs(which, given the possible Sequel Hook in the last after-game, he probably will).
  • Confirmed!

You will be capable of obtaining Dream World abilities without the Nintendo USB connection.
Probably from Akuroma. To keep the "hidden" aura, it'll be a mini-challenge to obtain this.
  • Semi-Jossed; you can get DW abilities in-game, but in other way. The best thing that the places with them replenish their contents. Well, it's only 5% per 256 steps, but better than nothing.
A Drifblim that has its hidden Flare Boost ability and knows Explosion will appear on Thursdays in Mistralton City.

Oh yes, I went there. Anyone who figures out this reference gets a cookie. EDIT: And guess who's just been seen in the CoroCoro scans? Drifblim. My WMG is now one step closer to happening. Oh the humanity!

  • The Hindenburg? That would be pretty funny in a really dark way.
    • One free cookie for you, good sir. Have you figured out the deeper meaning behind this concept?
  • Jossed, but minorly confirmed; you won't be able to get Drifblim with Flare Boost and Explosion in Mistralton City, but you can get a Drifloon with Flare Boost in one of the Hidden Hollows.

In the post-game, you'll be able to capture Mewtwo.
It would be pretty neat. Plus, it could showcase the Psytrike move.
  • Jossed, there's no Mewtwo encounter in the game.

The new Player Characters will both be able to swim without the aid of Pokemon
Heard this WMG from another site, but it makes total sense. Look close enough at their designs, and you'll see that they're really wearing wet suits under their clothes. They're already dressed as beach goers in the first place with the visors, but I foresee new artwork of them in just their wet suits showing them in or underwater.
  • Jossed. You still have to use the Surf HM.

     Character-related guesses 
There will be a new character that gets the other dragon
Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Sub-guess: depending on version, it'll be either Cheren or Bianca.
    • Sub-sub-guess: Changing important plot details based on version won't happen. It will either be one or the other.
      • The WMG explicitely states 'a new character will get the other dragon'. Though Cheren would represent Reshiram while Bianca would respresent Zekrom. Ie. Cheren has to find out a good reason to be Champion and be honest about it while Bianca is the more idealistic about it cause she just wants to journey with her Pokemon.
  • Jossed, N has one dragon, Ghestis has the combined form of the other and Kyureum.

The Shadow Triad shall be revealed to be Cilan, Cress, and Chili.
No Gen 5 WMG page is complete without this theory being mentioned at least once.
  • Absolutely!
    • Pokémon Adventures has them using masks with the same shading as the elemental monkeys, as well as the masks bottom outline matching the same monkey and them using the same typing as the Striaton trio.
      • Watch it turn out to be a Red Herring or that they're trying to frame the Striaton trio.
  • If their not then they'll use Pokemon of the remaining three types. If they are then we'll have three new gym leaders.
  • And now we know Striaton City has been frozen over, and the trio seems to have been replaced as gym leaders by Shizui or Homika. Things have been set up just right so if they were revealed to be the Shadow Triad, no complications would arise in the post-game with stuff such as gym leader rematches...
    • Specifically, Shizui replaces Corn (Cress) with the Water-Type. Replacements for his brothers have not yet been divulged.
    • Cheren has also been revealed to be taking their place as the first gym leader.
  • The trailer may have stomped this theory but it's still partially in the air until the release of the game
    • The Triad as they appear in that trailer don't have designs that match up with their sprites from BW, however.
  • The trio and the Shadow Triad meet in-game. Jossed with gusto.
    • ... In a flashback as told by Cilan. So either it's Jossed or Cilan is an Unreliable Narrator.
      • Agreed, it could easily be a coverup story that Cilan made up on the spot.
  • Well, since the flashback can only be activated via Memory Link, which requires the previous game(s), it proves that the flashback is legitimate. Plus, if they had never battled the Shadow Triad and lost, the Striation Trio wouldn't have the motivation to become stronger as individuals instead of a set.
    • The problem is if Cilan went through the Break the Cutie phase, it's easy to assume that he's lying either accidentally due to the trauma and not remembering the details clearly or just lying out of his ass. If Chili or Cress were the ones that tell you, it wouldn't be an issue, but the anime implies that Cilan lies a lot and is unstable, so his credibility memory scene not is very low.
      • Gameverse =/= Animeverse. Using something from the anime try to prove something in the games is just grasping at straws, really.
      • Cilan is stil untrustworthy given that people who go through trauma will not remember the scene in their head clearly and since Cilan was the most tramatized by the event, his memory is not reliable as say Chili or Cress with or without using the anime as evidence. That's logic really.
      • Only problem here is that Chili and Cress will also activate the Memory Link if you talk to them instead.
      • Also, why would Cilan be traumatized by something he made up?

Alternatively, the Shadow Triad will be revealed to be O, P, and Q.
As an extension to the "A through M" theory. To clarify, O will be a new character, not the guy from the anime.
  • Ore[n](Steel Type), Pestilan(t)(Poison Type), and Q(got nothing but rock type)
    • Quart[z]?
    • Since they're ninjas, their main Pokemon will be the fastest of the type(excluding legendaries). Meaning Ore would have a Lucario/Metagross/Klinklang, Pestilant would have a Crobat/Scolipede(the former may or may not be part of the new dex) and Quratz would have an Aerodactyl(probably not going to be included)/Archeops
  • Or it'll be that the Shadow Triad are both O/P/Q and the Stration Trio! They use those types in their ninja identity, aka "their true selves."
    • ...True Selves, you say?
    • O,P, and Q mean the children after N, since Ghestis went through half the alphabet. Anthea and Cor- whatever are A and C/ O, P and Q are the children after N.
Bianca will be the champion
Well.. Many people wanted that in the original and it'd show how much she's progressed.
  • Certainly seems likely... One can acheive much in two years...
  • Given her characterization and how she had an Overprotective Dad, combined with what happened to Unova, could lead to either Harsher in Hindsight or Unfortunate Implications. EDIT (from same poster): Unless it was the direct result of someone else's actions...
    • Jossed. She's Professor Juniper's assistant, who hands out the starters.

Alternatively, Cheren will be the champion.
As an extension to his Character Development.

If it's a new protagonist expect the canon Pokémon Black and White protagonist, if you're still playing as the Tou. character's then expect a protagonist from a previous game all grown up (maybe the Pokemon Platinum protagonist considering Cynthia mentioned them in the previous title?}
  • Blue will appear, and his theme will have a purpose. Red and/or Leaf may also appear with him as a Double/Triple/Rotation Battle option.

You will get to fight Dawn/Lucas from the previous generation.
It would be pretty cool, and it could be related to Ghetsis having the Orbs: he stole them, and Dawn/Lucas wants them back! The battle could go in one of two ways:
  • Much like how Red's team was based off Ash during the Orange Islands, Dawn/Lucas' team could be based on the Pokemon Ash caught. This would include the three starters, Gliscor, Staraptor and Garchomp
  • If possible, you can transfer data so that Dawn/Lucas' team is the same as yours. Except more balanced, of course.

Cynthia and Red will be available for a Double Battle
What's better/worse than fighting one of the few Bonus Boss trainers the series has had? Fighting both at the same time!

If there's a new player then they'll have a sibling or a father
Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

The player characters will be the same.
If you choose to play as Hilbert, then Hilda will appear as the hero who befriended Reshiram/Zekrom and defeated N some time prior to the new games' events. And vice-versa. That would explain why the opposite gender character was Schrödinger's Player Character in Black and White, breaking the tradition set up back in Ruby and Sapphire: they couldn't play an important role yet, they will be the hero of the sequel.
  • The not chosen does show up in the battle subway with a versatile team. Their Pokemon could have been stolen by Team Plasma or eaten by Kyurem, traumatizing them into forgetting the basics and forcing them to start over. They could be brought into Juniper's and coached by the last game's hero at first but later need to save them from vengeful plasmas or Kyurem. The old rivals would be helpful while the new rival would be a delinquent who tried to take advantage of the subway kid in their weakened state or one of the plasma members responsible for their grief, returning to the well for "another drink".
    • Your choice of starter will decide, not chosen's, Cheren's, Bianca's and your rival's, with not chosen's type matching yours and the rest falling into place. The rival will come after you while Kyurem or the rest of plasma is distracting not chosen, trying to steal the starters not chosen was offering you and you have to use your choice to fight them off.
    • Jossed. There are scans of completely new protagonist.

Kris is going to appear as an NPC
She hasn't appeared since Crystal, so it will be nice to see her again in the later generations.
  • Pretty sure she was retconned into Lyra with the release of HGSS. However, a cameo from Lyra wouldn't be all that bad...
    • Though, several people consider Lyra and Kris completely different.
      • They are different characters playing the same role if chosen as the player character.

The new researcher will turn out to be a villain.
Come on, just look at him. He screams villain. And with all the "Pokémon isn't about strength" we've been getting for years, it's at least strange to have a researcher who focuses his research solely on that.
  • Well "Akuroma" seems to be a blend of words that mean "evil", "demon", "devil", etc. Considering Ghetsis also had a Meaningful Name referencing the term "The Devil in the music"...
  • Also achroma(tic) as in colorless.
    • Nice connection. Seems like valid reasoning. O.o
  • His hair color sans the blue seems to be quite close to that of Ghetsis too. And weird appendage(s) sticking from the hair as well. Most likely coincidence, but who knows.
  • Confirmed.
  • What do you mean by researcher? Like Prof. Juniper researcher? No, Colress is not really a researcher. He just wants to bring out Pokemon's full potential.

Who you fight will be the opposite gender yours. Alternatively, you could somehow sync your Black/White cartridge in order to import that protagonist's name and gender. They will also use the opposite dragon, since they caught it in Black and White.
  • How about you fight Hilda in White 2 and Hilbert in Black 2?
  • Why not let us choose the previous protagonist's gender, perhaps through an in-game quiz that asks us the gender of the hero?
    • Also, you'll be able to synch the six Pokemon in your Black/White Cartridge's active party to BW 2. Imagine having a fight against six level 100s.
  • How about this: the trainer you fight is your opposite gender. Their Pokemon include:
    • Serperior. Why that starter? Because Snivy is the most popular!
    • Simipour, referencing the fact you likely got one of the elemental monkeys to fight the Stration Trio
    • Zen Mode Darmanitan.
    • Ok, it's probably unlikely, put Zekrom/Reshiram(depends on which version)
    • Golurk, furthering its connection with Zekrom/Reshiram
  • I doubt Darmanitan-Z will be on that team, considering it's post-game, and too easy for the player to abuse.
  • Why not Unfezant and Seismitoad as an anime tie-in?

Hilbert/Hilda will appear as an NPC several times to help the player
Since they are probably be the champion by now, they will probably aid you several times, just like Cynthia did in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Akuroma made Kyurem-B/Kyurem-W, Genesect, or maybe both.

This is expanding on the higher up WMG that he's a villain. In one of the CoroCoro screenshots, he's talking about an item which activates a Pokemon he created. Given that he researches Pokemon strength and his outfit has all of the Plasma logo's colors, it's not too hard to figure out the obvious suspects. If he is responsible for the Kyurem forms, then that would explain why they look so... unnatural.

  • He might also be responsible for the Kami trio's form changes as well.

N will appear, and he Took a Level in Badass as well as in Character Development.
In the last two years, he has gradually become less naive and more sociable, due to traveling the world and meeting new people. He still loves Pokemon, but is more accepting towards people. When he found out someone took his legendary dragon, he went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in order to find it, since he personally knows how powerful it is and how someone can use it for evil purposes. Bonus points if he's toting a Menger Gun.
  • Confirm so much that he's appearing. He may have taken a level, but we can't tell yet.

The new additions to the Pokedex came from Orre.
It's a region that had Trainers carrying Pokemon from earlier Generations. Perhaps their feral offspring finally made the long transcontinetal journey.
  • Considering Unova and Orre are both based off the United States, this may be possible. Note that Eevee (considered by the fandom to be Orre's unofficial starter) is apparently catchable.

Akuroma will be a parody, critique, or deconstruction of Serious Business Pokemon meta-gamers

It's stated that Akuroma is researching Pokemon strength specifically, which is something of interest to most competitive Pokemon players. I wouldn't be surprised if, when you face him, Akuroma wielded exclusively OU Tier Pokemon with perfect IV's and Min-Maxed EV's.

  • The second part is busted, the trailer shoes him with a Magneton, which is really only useful in VERY specific builds. He could evolve it and screw any steel type you use over with HP fire.
    • Not necessarily. Both Magneton and Magnezone are completely viable. Magneton still has it's higher speed, and on top of that, the Eviolite item to boost its defenses.
  • Indeed, Jossed. His actual dialog shows he's very much interested in the way trainers believe in and care for their pokemon as a means of bringing out strength, rather than the eugenics/effort value training Meta-gaming involves. He's basically a mad scientist looking to research emotional bonds and motivations.

The Poison type Gym Leader will be named Alice in the English localization

Come on, she plays the guitar, she uses the POISON type, that kind of reference would be too good to pass up.

  • Nope.
    • Sadly.

Cheren will be the new Champion

Makes sense. It's been two years, no reason why he wouldn't be able to become strong enough to beat Alder in that time.

  • Assuming the player character didn't beat Alder first, as the B/W rematch Elite Four may or may not be canon to B2/W2. Then again, Cheren has the type advantage over the PC's starter.
  • Semi-Jossed. Cheren has taken over for Leonora as the Gym Leader of Nacrene City, but there's no saying that maybe he beat Alder but decided to be a Leader instead.
    • Actually, Cheren is the Leader in the new starting city south of Driftveil City, not Nacrene.
      • Yeah, but when I said that, all we knew was that he was giving out the Basic Badge, which Leonora gave out.

Bianca will be a gym leader
  • Jossed, she's Prof. Juniper's assistant.

Volkner will show up.
He was mentioned by Shauntal in BW and she seemed quite impressed by his battle abilities. It's never specified under which circumstances did they battle, maybe he challenged the Unova League? Maybe he'll show up in BW 2, as an Elite trainer or Champion even?
  • ...Wow, you're good. Confirmed, Volkner has shown up as part of the World Tournament.

N will be the True Final Boss
It'd make sense for Game Freak to save N for the very end of the game. The player character from the last game being the True Final Boss has already been done, and N was arguably the most important character in the last game. He'll probably also have taken a level in badass over the years.
  • Alternatively? N and Hilbert/Hilda (depending on the gender of the player) are fought as a double battle. Fight level 80+ Reshiram and Zekrom at the same time. Remember, at the ending of the first pair of games these two got on just fine; if they really want to see what the new kid on the block can do...
  • Appears to be jossed. It looks like it's Red again.
    • Nope. Red is a Bonus Boss, appearing in the Pokemon World Tournament. Achroma is the True Final Boss, wrapping up the Team Plasma storyline.
    • And then confirmed as N is the True Final Boss overall, due to having the highest leveled Pokémon in the game if certain conditions are met.
    • Close. Iris is the True Final Boss! Her Haxorus is Lv. 83 in Challenge Mode. Compare it to N's Politoed/Ninetales/Abomasnow/Hippowdon at Lv. 82 in Challenge Mode.

All the same-gendered protagonists of the previous games will return as part of an underground Pokemon championship for people who have advanced beyond the Elite Four.
They will all have Pokemon at levels no less than 80, and going all the way up to 100. If you choose the male protagonist, you'll fight Red, Ethan, Brendan, Lucas, and Hilbert. If you choose the female protagonist, you'll fight with Leaf, Lyra, May, Dawn, and Hilda. You'll fight them in reverse order, going back to the gen 1 protagonist. Red/Leaf will have a full team of level 100s.
  • The problem is, Red is the canon protagonist of his games no matter who you pick in C/HG/SS.
  • This theory would also mean GF is screwing over canon. Canon protagonists do exist.

You'll play as Hilbert/Hilda...
But only in the beginning. You'll choose to play as either Hilbert or Hilda and then play as them for a little while, until Kyurem comes in and freezes you. Then you'll get to play as the new protagonist. Kinda like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, except it's a surprise that you'll play as the previous protagonist. Part of the story will involve defrosting them (along with some other major characters) so that they'll help you.
  • Jossed.

Bianca stole Cheren's glasses for some reason.
  • Maybe they're going out and Cheren gave her those as a present? He's probably wearing contacts, now that I think about it.

Cheren will be That One Boss.
He's the normal-type gym leader, it's almost a given.
  • Except according to the CoroCoro scans, he's the first Leader. I don't think Nintendo is THAT sadistic.
    • Yes, but Whitney was the third Gym Leader for the Johto League, and she was considered That One Boss thanks to Miltank. Who's to say Nintendo wouldn't pull that as the first leader, thus giving you less time to level-grind?
  • I doubt it, considering his only known Pokémon so far is a Patrat...
    • ...And the other is a Lillipup.
    • Actually, this guess turned out pretty accurate. His Pokémon's levels are both in double-digits even in Easy Mode, at a time when yours probably won't be, and they have a status move that raises their attack power. Its basically Character Select Forcing you towards catching a Riolu and training it until it learns a Fighting-type move.

The past Champions and Gym Leader's sprites won't be anything new
Because Game Freak/Nintendo will get lazy.
You aren't actually facing off against any of the past Champions and Gym Leaders.
Instead, you're actually facing off against holographic simulations of them. The AI is programmed to behave like them.

If the returning Pokémon in the new regional Pokédex are any indication, chances are something similar will happen for the human cast as well. Just like Cheren, rival character in Pokémon Black and White, has become a Gym Leader in the sequel as a parallel to Blue between Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Gold and Silver.

The "female" player character will be a crossdressing least for the Japanese
Quoting directly from Trap-Heaven's "Trapdex":
" Nintendo mistyped the gender of this player character on the official homepage for Black & White 2. They gave the reading (furigana) for the female protagonist as OTOKO-NO-KO (instead of ONNA-NO-KO). So she is officially (by mistake) a cross dressing boy! Hentai trap fan artists rejoice!"

If it wasn't an error, this "female" player character will be the first trap to appear in the games... at least in Japan, since America wouldn't allow that.

  • I'd rather her be Transgender..
  • ....There are some things that shouldn't be in a Pokemon game, let's just leave it at that.
  • They've already had a transsexual character in an adaptation, and they've gotten away with more, so..

Elesa is a natural raven
She dyed her hair blonde but decided to go back to natural.
  • Or she's naturally blond but decided to die her hair black, and then completely for these games.
  • There's a Memory Link event that explains this.

Homika is a dude in drag
Gamefreak said it wanted to shake things up.
  • Jossed, Homika is a girl.

The (partial?) reason for Bianca's clumsiness in previous games was that she had vision problems
It makes sense.

Adding to the above, the glasses she's wearing are Cheren's and Cheren never actually needed them
I know I'm not the first one to bring it up, but still—Cheren gave them to her partially for the obvious reason, and partially because he never needed them to begin with (he only wore them because he thought they made him look smarter).

Chili will have his own Fire type Gym
This is assuming he isn't part of the Shadow Triad. In one of the episodes of the anime he states that he wants to get stronger because he loses to so many trainers so he's considering branching off from the Striaton Gym and starting his own. The episode aired in Japan months ago but this kind of foreshadowing is not unheard of from the anime: There is also a kid named Luke who was introduced early on and is really into making movies. In retrospect it was a big hint we would get Pokewood.
  • Appears to be jossed.

The new protagonists are clones of the old ones
The names Black 2 and White 2 made me think of Mewtwo and Ambertwo. Plus, they look similar enough that some people thought they were Hilbert and Hilda in new clothes. As for why anyone would clone them? To steal their legendary dragon. And how? Well, Pokemon might be able to use some kind of time or growth-related attack to age them up to adolescence in less than ten years, and perhaps there's some kind of psychic Pokemon that can implant memories or knowledge in their mind.

Akuroma will be part of Ghetsis's team.
Akuroma could be The Starscream (his quote in the animated promo states that he disagrees with Team Plasma's beliefs, yet he was seen in a Team Plasma base of some sort), as well as The Evil Genius, because he's an Obviously Evil researcher.
  • Confirmed.

Alternatively, Akuroma will be a standalone villain, OR he will oppose both the protagonist and Ghetsis.
He did say he disagreed with Team Plasma's beliefs, after all. One could see him as The Chessmaster, he looks like the sort of villain to manipulate things behind the scenes. He could very well go up against Ghetsis, with Evil vs. Evil and the protagonist is caught in the middle trying to stop them both.

The new Team Plasma, or Neo Team Plasma, could have been influenced by Akuroma.
Perhaps Akuroma noticed the fall of Team Plasma after the first games, confronted Ghetsis and helped him gather up a new Team Plasma, one that follows Ghetsis and HIS ideals. Akuroma's quote in the video could have been referring to the old Team Plasma.

Akuroma will, at some point, say the phrase...
"Complete... global... SATURATION..."

Akuroma will be subject to Draco in Leather Pants.
Because Wynaut.
  • It seems you may be right with the recent revelation that he gives up being evil and tries to redeem himself after you beat the game. And he seems to be subjected to Evil Is Sexy so even if he was a complete monster that surpased Ghetsis, he would receive this.

Colress isn't entirely working for Team Plasma of his own free will. At least, not anymore.
He may be aligned with Team Plasma to see how to best bring out the power of pokemon, but he repeatedly states that he disagrees with Team Plasma's ideas, and he helps out your character a lot. He even gives the player a way to get to the Plasma Frigate, and never really gets in his/her way, and in the postgame battle he says he despised Ghetsis from the start. Not to mention that his last battle theme has an intense yet sad feel to it, as though he doesn't want to fight you so much as he has to fight you. Even if Colress willingly worked with Team Plasma in the past, at some point he tried to leave but couldn't. Ghetsis is hanging something over Colress' head and forcing him to stay with Team Plasma and finish his work. His subtle aiding of the the player is like a cry for help.

Wes or Michael will appear as a Bonus Boss depending on which version you play.
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I feel that Colosseum/XD should be represented more often.Wes will appear as an opponent in Black 2's World Tournament mode while Michael will appear in White 2.
  • Jossed.

What happened to the former Gym Leaders
Here, you can add in your own speculations:
  • Cilan, Chilli and Cress
    • Chilli accidentally set the gym-restaurant hybrid on fire
    • They ARE the shadow triad
      • Jossed, although basic sense and not relying totally on fanon really would have shown you this wasn't right from the beginning. They shut down the gym to train themselves and their teams, and are definitely not he Shadow Triad as shown by Memory Link.
      • Not necessarily jossed, no. The scene in Memory Link was, after all, a flashback narrated by Cilan, who could easily just be covering up the fact that they are in fact the Shadow Triad.
  • Lenora
    • She is now a full-time archeologist
  • Brycen on how he ended up in Pokewood
    • He got busted.
      • It seems he just wanted to return to the movie business.
  • Iris
    • She is still a gym leader exclusive to White 2 when Drayden is exclusive to Black 2
      • Jossed, Drayden is the sole Opelucid Gym Leader, and Iris is now Champion.

Akuroma (Achroma?) is N's Brother.
Pretty self-explanatory. Similar looks, Ties to Plasma, etc.

Or, alternatively:

Akuroma (Achroma?) is Ghetsis's actual son.
And is seeking his father's goals in his own way, relying on strength and science to control the world, as opposed to cowing everyone through reliance on legends and mysticism.

Akuroma/Achroma/Colress is Ghetsis' brother.
Ghetsis and Achroma don't look like they have enough of an age difference to be father and son. Plus they have some similarities in apperance, namely the Idiot Hair.

Sometime between Black and Black 2, Iris took over Drayden's role as a Gym Leader
Then, in both versions, she eventually took on and won the league and became champion. Drayden, previously retired, retook his role as a Gym Leader once more.

Ghetsis killed Hilbert/Hilda
They don't seem to be appearing in this game, despite the fact that everything they tried to prevent last game (two years ago) is happening all over again. So, my guess is, Ghetsis killed them so he wouldn't have any opposition, not that he counted on younger children rising up to beat his ass later.
  • Jossed, Hilbert/Hilda left Unova to search for N.

You can battle Hilbert/Hilda via memory link
And their teams will be based on their latest Hall Of Fame members.
  • Jossed. Hilbert/Hilda are stated to have left Unova in search of N. In addition, they have neither teams nor overworld sprites within the in-game coding, making it essentially impossible to battle them.

After you defeat N in battle, N says he is going to look for the trainer from two years ago. If the player is female, it stands to believe they chose female in their last game, so, by choice of character, Ferrish Wheel Shipping is canon.
  • By that logic, Isshu Shipping is canon too. N had just as much subtext with the male player character as he did the female.
  • I don't see how it'll be canon. It was never said they had a romantic interest in each other.
    • It could happen; N did say that he wants to tell the previous player character "how he feels", a phrase that typically has romantic undertones. As an Isshushipper, I approve this guess.

Volkner is the true Unova Champion.
There is dialogue that strongly suggests Alder is a glorified stand-in asked to take the Unova Championship because the position was otherwise vacant. We also have Shauntal's comments about meeting Volkner before a match. It's not a stretch to assume Volkner is the missing Champion, having cleared the Unova League and moving on after he found it disappointing. Consider what we know about him from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: He's the strongest Gym Leader in Sinnoh by quite a wide margin, so strong that he has resorted to blackout-causing shenanigans to chase away the boredom of his long-running winning streak, which is why he started handing out Badges in the first place. Someone (Flint, I think) even says he was about to make a run at the Sinnoh Elite Four to kill his boredom. He's so strong no one can challenge him until Dawn/Lucas comes along. The competition in Sinnoh presumably dried up again after D/P/P, and he quit his job as Gym Leader to travel the world and challenge other Leagues. Unfortunately for him, no one in Unova was tough enough to hold his interest, so he continued wandering the world in search of strong trainers until he caught wind of the World Tournament happening in Unova during Black 2 and White 2.

It is mandatory for Unova champions to wear sandals
Though it doesn't look clear what footwear Champion Iris is wearing.
  • But...if Iris' are indiscernible, then Alder is still the only Champion who wears them.
  • Hers is indiscernible because her champion clothing is only in sprite form. We need to wait for the Sugiromi Art to show us the details before deciding whether it's fully Jossed.
  • Now with the Official Artwork available, this WMG is now possible.

Ghetsis is N's biological uncle/distant relative
Maternal uncle or second cousin, perhaps? It could make up for their Uncanny Family Resemblance, even though Junichi Masuda claimed N's birthparents to be unknown. Moreover, they do share part of the same surname...Ghetsis could've been estranged from the rest of their family, attempted cradlerobbing and later decided to take in N, raising him as his own son and effectively turning him into a Tyke-Bomb for his plans to take over the Unova Region in the previous installment.
  • Ghetsis could've co-erced his brother/sister into giving up their baby N, and made sure that N would be lost from the orphanage. Or worse, Ghetsis killed his own brother/sister so he could take N.

Alternatively, Ghetsis really IS N's biological father
N's mother died during childbirth. Ghetsis being an unfit parent, was forced to raise him alone. Having been injured in his youth in a wild Pokemon attack (hinted in an interview to be the cause behind his disfigured right arm and misplaced eye) and torn over the recent death of his wife, the sage grew cold, and became extremely aggitated when N started showing signs that he could actually talk to Pokemon. This infuriated Ghetsis so much to the point where he decided to abandon N in the wilderness. As Ghetsis' ambitions grew in his travels, it was only by chance that he was reunited with his lost son, years later. Finally realizing N's gift, Ghetsis took the boy back and sought to transform him into an important tool for his Pokemon "liberation" campaign. He adopted Anthea and Concordia to help him look after N, as he oversaw the construction of Team Plasma's castle while conspiring with the other Sages.

This could also fit in with Ghetsis' overall bitterness toward N's talent, as detailed in his Villainous Breakdown at the Giant Chasm.

  • Definitley seconded. However, finding N again might not have been by chance at all. Apparantly, the boy has lived in unknown woods for serveral years without any human detecting him. In the Pokémon world usually no mountains are too high and no caves or forests too deep to have at least a handful of specialized trainers (Hikers, Rangers, etc.) running around. If N has been so sheltered from humans, then Ghetsis must have known where to look for the boy when he realized he could actually be useful for him, after forming a (probably still rough) plan to take over the region. Another thing to look at is how the story around N's past is delivered to the player: the two goddesses tell it, and as they are very officially and obviously adopted by Ghetsis, they cannot have eye-witness knowledge of the whole story. The one who told it to them (and also maybe N) is presumably Ghetsis himself and - ignoring the possibility that he could have just as well had lied (which in turn would not have made much sense since the rest of the story is confirmed by N later on) - he in turn only can have knowledge of all this if he's been present, and being the child's actual father is the most logical conclusion to that. After all, he nowhere in the game explicitely said he did not father N.

Kyohei and Mei's English names will be...
]Nate and Nancy respectively. From "resonance/resonate"
  • Confirmed for the biy, jossed for the girl. Her English will be Rosa instead.

There are actually two groups of Shadow Triad members.
The first group, which was introduced in BW 1, actually consists of Cilan, Chili, and Cress. The reason why they didn't fight you in the first game was because they were afraid their battling styles/Pokemon might give them away, so they only served to bring you to N, Ghetsis, etc. After the events at N's Castle, Ghetsis told them never to find him again, because he was disappointed at their inability to help him conquer Unova. Between the Time Skip from BW 1 to BW 2, Ghetsis found himself a new, more aggressive shadow triad, which then showed up before the old shadow triad (Cilan, Chili, and so on)and defeated them soundly. Cilan doesn't tell you the whole truth because he doesn't want to be exposed as a shadow triad member, but also because he may have been traumatised that their Lord Ghetsis had abandoned them for another group of triplets.
  • My question in response: Would that trauma have prevented them from allying with Rood and N upon hearing about his rebellion/reformation? I mean, it sounds like a great opportunity for such NobleDemons to take a Heel–Face Turn along with a fellow ND. On the other hand, if so, we may have further reason for them not to have outed themselves, that is there would be no gain and the reopening of legal issues. After all, unlike other places, Unova actually is America.
    • Are they really good guys willing to reform? There isn't really a reason for them to ally themselves with Rood or N. If this WMG says anything, they don't seem eager to want to get any revenge on Ghetsis make a FaceHeelTurn; they only want to continue working in their restaurant quietly where no one would ever suspect their true identities. That makes more sense to me.
    • Maye they want to put everything behind them and are trying to dissociate themselves from Plasma. Them disbanding as a trio could be another sign; they were a Triad after all.
      • From the new Black 2 and White 2 gameplay, it seems that the shadow triad have gotten themselves quite a change in personality; From the original emotionless people to punk ninjas. This makes this WMG even more possible, since it indicates a 180-degree character change from the prequel.

The new protagonists are the old protagonists reborn.
Throughout the game, especially if the Memory Link feature has been enabled, comparisons are drawn between the protagonist and the protagonist from the original versions. Some also seem to allude to a sudden disappearance of the original protagonist.

It's unclear how, but maybe the protagonist of the new games are the old protagonists in new (younger) bodies. The Memory Link shows flashbacks to the events of their previous life, vaguely hinting towards how they disappeared and the impacts of doing so. In this way, Black 2 and White 2 become a reconnection quest of sorts, with the protagonist reclaiming relics and reliving the memories of the past.

There are two Shadow Triad's
There are two Shadow Triads. Cilan and his brothers were the Triad, as implied in the original games. Ghetsis told them not to search for them and that's what they did. They stopped being the Shadow Triad. "Never shall we meet again" referred to you never seeing them as the Triad. Ghetsis found a new trio, which explains their personality shift and their design shift. The new Triad decided to beat the old Triad for whatever reason. That event, along with the brothers wanting to forget their past, caused them to focus on training themselves individually.
  • Already mentioned in the earlier WMG.

N is descended from the Abyssal King
The carvings in the Abyssal Ruins speak of an ancient king who was kind, brave, fair, and universally loved by people and Pokémon alike. To be loved so deeply by both people and Pokémon suggests that he could approach both groups equally... thus, speak with Pokémon. Of course, this is spelled out more plainly in Black/White 2, where Zinzolin mentions that the King's gift may have been passed down to descendants. Throw in the parallels with N being the former "king" of Team Plasma, and... I'd say this one's a given.

N is really a Pokemon
In the game it was revealed that N was found by Ghetsis as a child raised by Pokemon, the fact he can talk to Pokemon is amazing on it's own but... right after you become the champion you find a Zoroark in victory road whom you follow, it leads you to N's castle. N is waiting for you but the Zoroark is nowhere to be found, nor does N have it's Pokeball on him. So an interesting conclusion is that he IS a Zoroark which had been taking on human form, that explains why he can understand the Pokemon language
  • Fairly plausible, since we do see several Zorua/Zoroark throughout B/W and B2/W2 that take on human forms. Plus, N's hair does somewhat resemble Zoroark's.
  • Also, one of the Memory Link flashbacks is "narrated" by a Zoroark, and the scene happens to involve N. However, there is no Zoroark present in the actual flashback itself, nor do you ever see N in that building. Coincidence? It sounds a lot like the castle Zoroark to me... It's the one you can get in Old Plasma's Driftveil City building, by the way.

The Volcarona on Alder's team IS his starter Pokemon
Sometime after the events of Black and White, Alder practiced necromancy and revived his starter Pokemon from the dead.

Hilbert/Hilda is dead and Nate/Rosa is their Nobody.
Because why can't Nate/Rosa be Roxas? Maybe Kyurem froze Hilbert/Hilda along with the rest of Giant Chasm when they went near the pit/crater in the center, and everything else is Canon Discontinuity! Sure explains what happened to them and Reshiram/Zekrom. As for how it happened, it probably had something to do with Reshiram/Zekrom being with Hilbert/Hilda when they were frozen.

Cheren became Alder's student between BW and BW 2
They seemed to have a connection, considering Alder reminded him of him when he was younger. Also, you meet Alder in Flocessy Town in this game, and we assume that's where he lives. And Cheren became a new gym leader in Aspertia City, just across the road. Since Cheren was probably living in Flocessy Town before, it makes sense that his new job is close to where he was before.

Colress is Asexual.
He's so interested in science, that's pretty much his main interest in life. He never really had time for romance or whatever, because after all, why romance when you can study a science behind Pokémon? His Pokémon are mostly genderless because he associates with machines and genderless Pokémon more easily than with humans.

Between the first game and now, Ghetsis lost his right arm.
While his artwork and sprites never showed his right arm, N's crowning ceremony did show Ghetsis using both his arms to crown N. Notice how Ghetsis seems to be using his cane for physical support along with his sprite animation showing some difficulty with physical exertion(though that could be heart difficulty from his Sanity Slippage). There are two distinct possibilities on how he lost it: the first is frostbite from dealing with dealing with Kyurem. The second, and probably more likely, was Hydreigon tearing it off-Hydreigon knows Frustration, which is more powerful depending on how much the user hates the trainer. Hydreigon being significantly weaker could also have been an attempt to control him.

Curtis/Christoph and N are related.
Oh come on now, Both have green hair, (Although the former's is a much lighter variant) and the female PC (Hilda/Rosa) rides the Ferris wheel with them at one point!

To go with the above theory, Yancy/Nancy and Anthea are relatives too.
Both have pink hair.

Iris takes over Ghetsis' Hydreigon after he goes to jail
Premature evolution is stated in Gen II to be a rather painful process, and champions are generally decent people in the games. While there's little doubt that Ghetsis would use what's quite possibly the same process as Team Rocket did in G/S/C/HG/SS, having the Pokémon passed to someone who knows to take care of it, and deal with it, would be a perfectly logical choice (especially with the way Ghetsis treated it, it might consider every living thing a foe). Comparing the movesets, the differences are that Ghetsis' Hydreigon has Focus Blast and Fire Blast, while Iris' Hydreigon (initially) has Flamethrower and Charge Beam, both can be taught by TM.
  • And in challenge mode, the Hydreigon has the exact same moveset..

Colress probably has a lot of people on Tumblr assuming he's agender.
With the exception of his Beeheeyem, the only Pokémon he uses are genderless.

The Shadow Triad are Ghetsis' biological children.
They're about the only truly loyal allies of his even after he completely loses his mind. They state that they're loyal due to him saving his life, but given what Ghetsis is like the only realistic reasons why he would do this was either to make them indebted to him, or they're actual family and thus the only people he'd have any sliver of attachment to. Ghetsis appears old enough to have adult children. Their hair is either dyed to fit the ninja theme, or Ghetsis is naturally white-haired and dyed his hair so he looks like N(explaining the resemblance if N doesn't share any blood). Being his children also makes them his caretakers, which is why they take him away when reduced to a non-functioning state.

    Meta-Related Guesses 
The special trailer is a "testing ground" to gauge audience reaction, similar to the April Fool's Day revival of Toonami.
Because fans have been clamoring for a Periphery Demographic-friendly anime based more closely on the games for years, The Pokemon Company decided to release exactly that, albeit as a 7-minute trailer. Based on audience reaction, they may expand the project.

The game will not make it to US shores
I know it has been set for a release date, but Ghetsis tries to murder you here. Either a rating bump is necessary or the game may not make it.
  • It's a Pokemon game. They'll probably have to edit some dialogue but it's coming over here. It even has an official US website.
    • That was before attempted murder was revealed. Wouldn't they be fearing the Moral Guardians ? Of course, worse things have happened in Pokemon, for example, Marowak being killed. However, I think values were a little less strong 13+ years ago.
  • They got away with worse in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. As long as they Never Say "Die", they'll get away with an E rating.
  • Jossed. October 7, 2012.
    • And it'll be rated E for Everyone.
  • Instead of stabbing the character with icicles, Ghetsis threatens to freeze the player.
  • Busted! He never threatened to stab the character in the first place; that was a fan translation error of some sort. The animation suggests stabbing, however.

N will die in a Heroic Sacrifice
He and the player will go in Ghetsis's base to stop the evil plan, but some will go wrong. relizing it is the only way to save the day N will die to stop Ghetsis, resulting in his Villainous Breakdown, allowing the player to finish the stoping the plan. I don't think they would really do this but it would be in charater and a surpising plot twist
  • Jossed. This wouldn't even be an option if N died in-story.

The brothers were originally the Shadow Triad but it was changed somewhere in BW 2's development
The Memory Link felt like a Hand Wave and concept art for the Triad shows them with hair that was vaguely similar to the brothers, along with similar builds.
  • Links to the Concept Art, or it did not happen!
    Same Troper: Personally, I favor this by reason of the return to pre-teen protagonists; the return to the "classic" formula mimics what happened between Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: they changed too many things in B1W1note  and Snapped Back in B2W2. But still, accusations of this sort must be backed by evidence!
  • Furthermore, the Hand Wave feeling of the memory link (YMMV) could also stem from them simply needing to find an excuse to explain why they didn't show up at the end of BW (in terms other than "it would have looked really weird for there to be 11 gym leaders facing up to only 6 sages"). The trio probably got lost in development, and so this is a way to integrate them back into the plot.
    • As opposed to 11 Leaders versus 6 Sages plus 3 Elite Mooks?

The Timespace Orbs was Ghetsis' backup plan.
If he couldn't just freeze everything over to take over Unova, he could have just recreated the world as he saw fit. For someone like Ghetsis, he'd probably plan very carefully. On the plus side for him, recreating the entire universe like Cyrus intended to would make almost every single Pokemon under his control. Too bad he didn't think ahead in the first game, and just had the Shadow Triad give it back to the player.

Ghetsis never intended to surrender the orbs.
This theory presumes the "Two different Shadow Triads" theory in the Character section, but does not require the first one to be the Straiton Triplets. Seeing what happened at the Castle perhaps gave the (first) Triad a notion of what Ghetsis would do if he still possessed the orbs. What they reported to the (B1W1) Player about Ghetsis dismissing them was probably Metaphorically True, said Triad having an idea just what Ghetsis's reaction would be.

These two games were created instead of Pokemon Gray because Game Freak didn't want to merge the old-timey and futuristic Opelucid cities into a balanced modern version

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