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Pre-Release Theories

     Plot & Character Related 
Related to Pokémon X and Y

Zygarde will play a role in the plot.
Expanding on the "Sun and Moon will be to Kalos what Johto was to Kanto WMG above," Zygarde will play a role in this game's plot since new forms of it were revealed which were not implemented into a main series game yet. Since they are going straight into Generation 7 instead of making a "Z" version, it would make sense for them to introduce Zygarde's new forms in this game.
  • If it does, it's probably in the postgame.
  • Given how well-received the Delta Episode was, it's very possible the new Zygarde stuff may be put into an "Episode Z" to tie off the hanging Kalos threads that still may not have warranted a full game to resolve.
  • Hell, if this gen does end up being the Gen II to Gen VI then maybe Kalos will become fully explorable after the possible Zygarde quest akin to the Battle Resort in ORAS.i
    • Why not during? If the Region is Spain or Southern France, then Terminus Cave is on the far side of Kalos.
    • Zygarde's 10% and Complete formes are at least confirmed to make their in-game debut, but whether Zygarde will play a role in the plot is still up in the air.
  • Sina and Dexio appear and give the player character a quest to find the Zygarde Cores and Cells. However, it's still up in the air as to whether Zygarde is involved in the main plot.
  • Jossed. Zygarde is a collection sidequest (and in the Alola Dex) but completing Zygarde is not only impossible before beating the main story, but has no story significance.

The Player Character from Pokémon X and Y is from Sun/Moon's Region
They are from outside of the region, but not so far outside that they have a language barrier in the game at all.
  • Hawaii is extremely far away from France, and French is nowhere near a common language in it, so...

AZ and his Floette might make a return.
If the hint of "flowers" is valid evidence, it's possible that AZ's Floette, with its unique flower might be involved in the game's plot. Most likely not integral, but maybe post-game.
  • Jossed. AZ is not yet in the game. Maybe an event...

Shauna will also return.
At the end of X and Y, Shauna states that she'll be moving to a brand new region but doesn't really say where. Her next appearance will be in this region, in the same way Bianca makes a return in Black 2 and White 2.
  • Jossed.

Z-Power is connected to Zygarde somehow.
There must be some connection between the two - Zygarde was previously shown off in clips earlier this year, and I seriously doubt Game Freak would randomly name a new mechanic Z-Power for no reason. So a connection to Zygarde is likely at the very least.
  • Jossed. Z-Power has no relation to Zygarde, and Zygarde doesn't even have his own Z-Crystal.

Related to other Pokémon games

Missingno will play a role in the plot.
Missingno can finally be traded forward. The Big Bad can even make use of it, either as an Eldritch Abomination, or as part of the Master Plan to get more Master Balls.
  • Maybe it was created during the dimension split mentioned by Zinnia in ORAS. The creation of the Ultimate Weapon caused the timeline to split violently into two, trapping slain Pokémon souls into a glitched out Eldritch Abomination. Cinnibar Island is where the the two timelines are still joined at the closest and acts as a portal. Glitch City is the purgatory that lies between.
  • As a plus, the slain Pokémon could reference how there was supposed to be 190 Pokémon rather than 151.
  • Missingno and the other glitch Pokemon aren't in the game, but the Ultra Beasts appear as random encounters, come from another dimension and have deleted the older versions of the universes, so they're close?

Sun & Moon will tie into Kanto somehow, and possibly are patterned off of the real-life Shinto religion.
The timing of the announcement that R/B/Y will be able to feed Mons into Sun & Moon feels a little suspect, and even more so than previous logos, Sun & Moon seem to be playing up the "Red & Blue" divide quite a bit. And both the sun and moon do play huge roles in real-life Shinto, so such a theme would make a lot of sense for a rebooted, more-true-to-Japan Kanto.
  • It would also make a lot of sense for the "20th anniversary game" to tie into the original region, especially with how hard that angle is being pushed.
    • Not to mention the phrase "it all comes together" from the trailer, is interesting.
  • Given that the new region is based on Hawaii, this has just become more likely.
  • There are no specific tie-ins to Kanto, but there are a lot of references, including it's own Nugget Bridge (right down to the guy asking if you want to join Team Rocket).

The player character is Red's son/daughter
In the concept art, the player was seen wearing clothes that look very similar to Red's. No other player character has done this, and assuming it stays in the finished product, there has to be a reason for it.
  • Not officially Jossed, but Red doesn't appear to be old enough to have had a kid yet. Right region, though.

Orre and Shadow Pokémon will be acknowledged or referenced
If they're going to "bring everything together", they might as well bring everything together.
  • Well, Arizona is closer to Hawaii than any mainline region's real life counterpart to date.
    • Heavily doubt it, considering the Orre games were made by a different company. And Orre's only BASED off of Arizona, it's probably a lot closer to Johto.
  • Jossed.

Blue will make an appearance
Since in XY, we did see a mention of him coming to study in the Kalos region, what if his next stop is in the region of these games? He'd possibly assist the player in dealing with the villain team, and even be a post-game Bonus Boss, using his Gym Leader team, possibly even with higher levels. Of course, in said battle, his Champion music would play.
  • Confirmed. He appears as a possible opponent in the Battle Tree.

Having Zygarde would trigger a Z Episode
Where remnants of the evil team will try to get Zygarde to do their dirty work but this will backfire and our Zygarde will take on the Complete Form. Either that or it will work like Kyurem in Gen V, you can't capture it until after you beat the story and then you have to seek it out.
  • Or perhaps like Regigigas in Gen IV: you can't actually capture Zygarde without not just the 2 Legendaries from this generation, but also Xerneas and Yveltal.
  • Jossed. There isn't a significant post-game episode.

Because this is Pokémon 20th anniversary, characters from previous generations will be participants in a reworked version of the Pokémon World Tournament from B2W2.
(Feel free to add any characters you want.)

Gen I:

  • Red
  • Blue/Green
  • Leaf
  • Giovanni
  • Lance
  • Brock
  • Misty
  • Professor Oak
  • Lt. Surge
  • Sabrina
  • Bill

Gen II:

  • Ethan
  • Silver
  • Kris/Lyra
  • Whitney (and her Miltank)
  • Jasmine
  • Clair
  • Eusine
  • The Funny Foreigner Team Rocket Grunt

Gen III:

  • Brendan
  • May
  • Wally
  • Archie
  • Maxie
  • Steven
  • Wallace
  • Norman (bonus points if he appears with Brendan/May)
  • Zinnia

Gen IV:

  • Lucas
  • Dawn
  • Cyrus
  • Cynthia
  • Saturn
  • Barry
  • Volkner
  • Looker

Gen V:

  • Hilbert
  • Hilda
  • Nate
  • Rosa
  • N
  • Ghetsis
  • Bianca
  • Cheren
  • Iris
  • Alder
  • Elesa and Skyla

Gen VI

  • Calem
  • Serena
  • Shauna
  • AZ
  • Lysandre
  • Clemont

    • Or they will fought at the Battle Chateau, with all the gym leaders in Pokemon will hold the rank of Marquis, all the Elite Four members holding the rank of Duke, all the Champions holding the rank of Grand Duke, all the playable characters will hold the new rank of Prince or Princess, and the highest rank member who will hold the new rank of King and who will be the hardest boss in the game will be Red.
  • Confirmed. Red, Blue, Cynthia, Wally, Anabel, and some other characters from past generations appear in the Battle Tree.

Lysandre is alive and well.
I am going off a video on JasonPlaysPokemon's channel. I think it's worth the 10 minutes worth of watching to allow other WMGs covering this one.
  • Well, he hasn't shown up. Doesn't mean he's dead, though.

Leaf will make a surprise appearance.
Let's face it this particular WMG is pretty much obligatory at this point.
  • Sadly, Jossed.

The Team Rocket Grunt from HG/SS will show up again.
What he does will remain to be seen.
  • Given the theories that Black and White take place about 12 years after HGSS, (since that means that Red and Green, Gold and Silver, Black and White, and Black and White 2 are all synced up with the time they came out) it's quite possible he's retired to Alola.
  • Jossed. He's nowhere to be found.

There will be an Avengers-style team-up between characters from every main series region
Perhaps the villainous team this time around presents a global threat that requires representatives from every region to take action. I'm thinking Red, Silver, Steven, Celio, Wes, Cynthia, N, and Emma, with Looker in a Nick Fury-esque role.
  • This would be cool, but I think that if this were to happen it would just be the regions made by Game Freak, and Red and Silver would not be a possibility. (Red cannot talk and Silver does not have a name.) Maybe Lance could represent both Kanto and Johto. Also Emma would only be Generation VI's representative if Looker is the one organizing the team.
  • Jossed. The only PC to appear is again Red, and only in the post-game.

The new region will be Cynthia's homeland.
In Platinum, if Cynthia visits your villa, she mentions that she doesn't want to go home because her residence is messy. When (implicitly) asked about it by the player, Cynthia responds, "My house? Even the region is a secret!" This suggests that, unlike the anime and Special, Cynthia is not a native of Sinnoh. Generation VI also marked the first time Cynthia did not appear in a game following her debut, so now's as good a time as any to surprise the players after making them perhaps think a fan favorite like Cynthia won't be re-appearing anytime soon.

Phoebe will make a cameo appearance.
She was definitely the most Hawa-I mean 'Alola' looking character. Maybe the player will get to see her house or family, and she'll mention she currently resides in a distant region that is also a tropic island with many water routes.
  • Jossed.

Internal to Sun/Moon

Sun & Moon will give us our first dual battle couple... As Elite Four members!
They'll specialize in types that let them cover each other's weakness', you'll be fighting two elite four members simultaneously for maximum epicness! Or better yet, maybe there'll be two equally strong trainers serving as dual champions! C'mon, you know you want it!
  • Jossed. The Elite Four are all solitary.

The player character is from Kanto
As has been guessed by some YouTubers. The second Japanese trailer depicts a boy moving to Oahu with his mother; he has trouble getting used to his new surroundings and has difficulty making friends, until in-game text addressed to the player character and by extension him gives him the encouragement to play Pokemon and make friends with a group of classmates, in particular one named Hoku. Said boy has a very similar familial structure to that of the typical Pokemon protagonist, is seen wearing a rather similar outfit to the default male protagonist minus the hat, and vaguely resembles a younger version of him. Not only is he moving from Japan, but he's seen playing one of the 3DS ports of Pokemon Red or Green on the plane. So basically, the theory states the boy is analogous to the male player character, and Hoku is analogous to Hau, also supported by the fact that the boy chooses Litten and Hoku chooses Rowlet, much like how Hau is shown to always pick the starter weak to the player's. (A good part of Hawaii's population is Japanese, so there may be many Non Player Characters from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh as well.) If the player's region of origin is ever mentioned, it would be a nice way to "make everything come together", as the announcement trailer put it.
  • Confirmed.

Protagonist/Rival Character personalities
"Sun" will be the male protagonist's default name and, if boutiques and character customisation do come back, will default as a red head. He's an Idiot Hero with No Inside Voice when the rival with an Espeon on his team. Meanwhile, when the female player character is the rival, she is a Silk Hiding Steel type with a streak of The Comically Serious with an Umbreon on her team.
  • Rivals haven't been named after game titles for years now though. And none of the options seem to be redheads, so that at least is jossed.

The rival will have Jumped at the Call when it comes to fighting the villainous team.
They would have always wanted to follow the example led by the previous player characters and try to stop the bad guy's plans.
  • Considering how laid-back the confirmed one at the moment (Hau) seems to be, this would be pretty good Hidden Depths. He may play a similar role to Shauna in this regard, except much more gung-ho about it.
  • I'm going to call this one Jossed, if only because of Team Skull being pathetic and the Aether Foundation hijacking a Team Skull plot.

Team Galactic will be making a lot of cameos.
The game names imply a space theme going on with these games and Team Galactic were heavily space-themed. The admins will likely appear, as they were each named after a different planet. Game Freak will likely have Cyrus's fate remain a mystery and he won't appear, but he will be mentioned and alluded to a lot; his name does mean "sun", after all.
  • Sinnoh confirmed?
  • A problem with this theory: Cyrus's Japanese name is "Akagi", which has nothing to do with the sun.
  • Jossed. Team Galactic didn't even make it into the game.

The Gym Leaders and Elite Four will be based off the Zodiacs, with the Champion based on Ophiuchus.
  • Following off my above theory, the dual team would represent Gemini.
  • Jossed.

Kukui is literally your cousin.
I get that saying "cousin" is a sort of expression, but maybe he is really the player characters cousin.

The name of the Female PC is Lilo.
Since the games take place in the Pokémon version of Hawaii, why not reference one of the most popular series that takes place there?
  • I don't even think we got names for them.

The Pokedex entries in the Alola Rotom Pokedex will be written from the perspective of Rotom.
In previous games, the entries for each Pokémon, while outlandish in their claims, are written as scientific entries. This time around, with Rotom serving as this Pokedex's "A.I" (using the term loosely since Rotom is a living being). these entries will be about what it thinks and knows about the Pokémon in question.
  • Well, the Pokedex is a lot more savage in Sun and Moon, so maybe?

Tapu Koko
In the E3 demo of Sun and Moon, there's a ceremonial battle to honor a deity named Tapu Koko. Just who or what is it? Could it be a Pokémon? A person who's now Shrouded in Myth? Something else entirely?
  • It's possible that Tapu Koko could be the third legendary which forms a trio with Solgaleo and Lunala.
    • That's unlikely as the demo stated that it's only the deity of the first island you happen to be on. There would be three others (four if you can count the artificial island). Oh, and disregard the idea that Tapu Koko is a person as the islanders talk about it like it's a Pokémon.
      • In that case, it's possible that each island contains its own deity, and if they're Pokémon, they form a group of legendaries. As further evidence that these deities are Pokémon, the Strange Souvenir's description from X&Y states that it depicts a Pokémon that serves as a protector.
      • The June 30th trailer has confirmed Tapu Koko to be a Pokémon, but it is unknown whether it's a legendary or not.
  • It is a legendary Pokemon that forms a set with the guardians of the other four islands.

Hau is not your only rival.
You will have another one who is a jerk.
  • This is supported by the fact that Hau always chooses the starter that is weak to your starter. So it makes sense for there to be another rival who chooses the starter that is strong against your starter.
    • Jossed on the point above. The 3rd starter is on Kukui's team at the champion battle. However, given the circumstances, Gladion can be taken to be another rival, especially as he is one of only two trainers in Victory Road, the other being Hau.

Hau is Hala's grandson, and will play a major role in the plot.
According to E3 footage, Hau is "the grandson of the Kahuna". Kahuna in Hawaiian culture, from what I can gather, refer to significant persons, especially of spiritual nature. This is going off of the assumption that this Kahuna is Hala, what with him seemingly being able to summon Tapu Koko, or at least having some kind of connection to it. This also goes for his grandson. The two have similar hairstyles, which by cartoon logic almost never happens by coincidence. It's possible that these two may know the magic spell or enchantment or whatever (or a special inherited supernatural power of sorts) needed to summon a legendary, which he may or may not be aware of, such as the guardians or even one of the cover legendaries; as a result the evil team will be after him over the latter half of the main story. He may not be the only person who can do this, and there will be three other kids also being sought after in each island. If Lillie is indeed a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing she may have known about this from the start or have drawn connections from her readings, and will be the one to tip them off, the big reveal being followed up with a whole Zerg Rush of grunts attempting to nab him and possibly the player as she coldly walks off. Or alternatively, she may be the one to Exposition Dump the two of you and say the MacGuffin Person Reveal if she is an ally all the way through. Anything as long as he doesn't get shafted like Tierno or Trevor. Something also tells me Hala isn't just a minor character, and at the very least will help fight against the evil team a-la Professor Rowan.
  • Update: It appears that Kahunas are trainers chosen by the local island guardian, and that it isn't hereditary; what this means for their descendants I have no idea.
  • Confirmed. Hau is Hala's grandson and is a major supporting character.

There may be some Ship Tease, if not outright a canon ship subplot, between Hau and Lillie.
Going off of the above theory, but not necessarily. Game Freak has been inserting more Ship Tease as of late (the infamous Ferris Wheel scene in Black and White, the X-Transceiver side quest in Black 2 and White 2, the Ferris Wheel dates in both pairs of games, the fireworks scene with Shauna in X and Y, and quite possibly the closest thing to an Official Couple between main characters in the entire history of the games with Brendan and May in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire), with even the anime putting a bit more of a focus on Serena's crush on Ash than expected, and I don't see them stopping now. Going with the idea that she is The Mole, her betrayal will have a bit more weight to it, the idea being that she was trying to exploit him for his abilities the entire time, or that she was trying to make herself look even more unassuming. Making the poor guy cry would probably be a Moral Event Horizon in itself. If she isn't evil, it would be more genuine and come to a head with a major Heartwarming Moment at the end. Since Lillie looks foreign, she would definitely need someone to introduce her to the region's culture, after all.
  • There's definitely Ship Tease, but Hau never acts on it before Lillie goes to Kanto.

Lillie is the one with the connection and ability to summon the legendary.
Or otherwise possess some type of supernatural power. She looks like she can be a MacGuffin Girl, what with her delicate appearance, and she definitely is going to have some significance; maybe she has the tome with the ancient spell/enchantment in it? Considering her possible Kalosian descent, and many other theories concerning her, she could be connected to Zygarde somehow. She may even be turned against you via Brainwashed and Crazy by the evil team, making her sort-of an antagonist.
  • Confirmed. The being inside Lillie's bag is Cosmog, who evolves into the game's title legendary.

Lillie or Gladion will be the real rival, Hau will be the pseudo rival
Hau picks the starter that is weak to yours. It is likely that Lillie may be the actual rival, who picks the starter that is strong to yours and Gladion will be the N type character, or the other way around.
  • Expanding on this, if Gladion is the real rival, he will steal the starter that is strong against yours, similar to Silver. This would also mean the return of the jerk rival that many fans have been clamoring for.
  • Gladion is a psuedo-rival of sorts, but Hau has him beat.

Lillie is an Interpol agent.
Considering how capable children younger than her have shown to be throughout the series, it wouldn't be shocking by now that they have a 13 or 14 year old girl among their ranks. And also considering how Looker is becoming a series regular, it wouldn't be out of nowhere if there is another Interpol subplot in these games. Maybe Team Skull is actually much more sinister and dangerous than they look, and Lillie was sent over to investigate them to see what they're truly up to; after all, people should have gotten by this point that any organization with "Team ___" in the name is guaranteed to be evil. She tries to keep you away from the whole business at first, not to mention her identity secret to not endanger you, Kukui, or Hau, but then realizes that you may be another one of those kids with a natural talent in Pokemon training who would eventually save the region, and the main kids proceed to take down the organization together.
  • Jossed. However, there is a subplot involving the International Police.

At some point, you'll have to fight your Rotom Pokédex.
I'm not entirely sure what kind of scenario would entail Rotom battling you, but it would be neat to see what kind of abilities it would have as a battler. Maybe you'll accidentally flip a switch in the back and the Pokédex Rotom's in transforms into an androgynous humanoid robot?
  • You mean like Mettaton?
    • Close enough. But it seems unlikely to happen.
  • Jossed.

In Sun, the final boss battle will take place as the sun rises and, in Moon, as the moon rises.

There will be a female Ground type gym leader.
  • She'll basically be a tomboyish and energetic cowgirl like a younger, more upbeat female equivalent of Clay with a Mudsdale as her signature Pokemon.
  • Close enough. There are no gym leaders and no ground-type Trial Captains, but there's Hapu, who is a Ground-type Kahuna.

If Looker shows up, he will have a Gumshoos.
Since Gumshoos' design appears to be based off a Private Detective and its name may be a pun on Gumshoe, a synonym for detective.
  • Jossed. Looker still hasn't replaced his Croagunk, so he's delegated to back-up against the Ultra Beasts.

The main plot will be to bring the Gym, League, and Champion system to Alola.
If the "island trials instead of gyms" rumor is true, the player may have just moved to Alola from somewhere that was more common, and wants Alola to experience the fun of traveling for gyms. This would also give players a chance to finally make our own gyms, thus giving us the chance to make a dark type gym.
  • To go with this the trial captains will become gym leaders.
  • It is Professor Kukui who organises the League, retooling an existing challenge in the island challenge to become an outright league. You still establish yourself as the Champion.

Majority of the people that came from Kanto specifically originate from Lavender town.
That's the reason why Sensu-stype Oricorio remind them of their hometown.

One or both of the male player character's parents is a former Team Aqua member.
Because he's dressed vaguely similar to them (blue-and-white striped shirt, black hat with white logo), and where better for a former Team Aqua member to live then a place surrounded by the ocean!

Each Trial Captain and Kahuna will have a least one Alola-form Pokémon and one Gen 7 Pokémon.
This is going of the fact that Kiawe has a Alola-form Marowak and most Gym leaders have a Pokémon from that Generation.
  • Jossed on the Alolan Forms, but most Kahunas manage a new Pokemon. Trial Captains, not so much.

The island with the icy mountain will be the third one the player visits
In the Japanese Team Skull trailer, a battle with Guzma is seen, with him having a Level 30 Ariados. Level 30 is usually around the level of the 5th Gym. Going by the idea that Island Challenges replace Gyms, that means this is around the 3rd Challenge. In the battle, one can see a Tin Tower like structure, which can be seen on the map as part of the icy mountain island.
  • Confirmed as far as natural islands are concerned. The player does visit Aether Paradise briefly before that.

Lillie is a Puella Magi.
She made a wish to Kyubey that her mother would care about her Pokémon, creating Team Flare. Side effect is family neglect that leads to estrangement, including her brother Gladio leaving to join Team Skull. Lillie then gives into despair and UB-01 emerges out as her witch.

Hau is secretly evil.
It really irked me that Hau was this game's main rival, yet he uses the starter weak to the player. Sure, Bianca and Shauna were similar, but they were joined by rivals who chose the starter with the advantage over the player. Then I thought how cool it would be if he was actually part of this game's evil team, with his happy nature being just a farce.
  • Jossed. Hau is as happy-go-lucky as they come.

We will be able to visit the Ultra Beast's dimension.
If reason is to be believed, the Ultra Beasts hail from another dimension. I believe that at some point, we may be able to visit the dimension that they hail from, similarly to the Distortion World from Diamond and Pearl.
  • Sinnoh confirmed?
  • Confirmed. It's where you go to fight Lusamine fused with Nihilego.

The "Oak" in the 8 Sept Japanese trailer is a brother/cousin of the Professor Oak of Kanto
This new guy certainly looks a lot like our beloved Kanto Professor Oak. He, however, is explicitly mentioned to be studying regional forms, while the Professor Oak we know was said to be specialized in studying Pokemon and human relationships. Given this discrepancy and their shared surname (plus the uncanny resemblance), the two are more likely to be relatives. If we assume that Sun/Moon took place within ten years after Kanto, this new "Oak" is probably at the same age (or pershaps slightly younger) than the Kanto Professor Oak. This troper is surmising that the two are most likely brothers or cousins.
  • Pretty much confirmed. Samson Oak is the cousin of Samuel Oak.
  • In the post-game Samson will have his family visiting him as during which his cousin Samuel will upgrade your Pokédex to the National Dex and offer you a Kanto starter. Daisy will be an opponent in the contests as well as giving your Pokémon massages and Blue will be fought in the Battle Maison.

The head professor will be introduced.
The recent Chinese Riddle Leak shows a picture of Aristotle. This could been shown as a hint that the character that initiates the study on Pokémon will be revealed.
  • Jossed.

The Trial Captains will be fought at the beginning of their respective trials.
Each of the Captains are said to have type specialties, which implies they are fought at some point, but the trials are said to end with Totem Pokemon. It could be that you have to fight the Captains to gain the right to take on the trial.
  • Semi-Jossed, you can fight them before and after the trials.

The version mascots' arrivals are related to the Ultra Beasts.
The Ultra Beasts will become so big a threat that Solgaleo / Lunala will return to fight them off, whether of their own volition or because they were summoned.
  • Well, Cosmog evolving is because of trying to summon them, and Solgaleo/Lunala is used to get into Ultra Space.

They will be four Pokemon professors, one for each of the main islands.
Each one gives a starter to people that live on the same island as the professor. The professor also looks after the trainers, that he or she gives Pokemon that is why Kukui is the main professor for the main character. The each one also researches a different topic about Pokemon, like Kukui and Samson research different things about Pokemon. Kukui and Samson will be two of the professors, with one of the remaining two being an Expy of Professor Ivy.
  • Jossed. Just the two, and Oak has nothing to do with starters.
    • Actually semi-confirmed. Besides the two, Professor Burnet makes an appearance and, despite being married to Kukui, her headquarters is stationed at Akala Island. Kukui and Oak are found in Melemele and Ula'ula Islands respectively, although Kukui does travel with the player. Finally, there is no known professor in Poni Island. That makes three of four islands with professors.

Zinnia will make an appearance.
It's said she went off on her own to someplace else after the events of the Delta Episode. And Zygarde, a legendary Dragon-type, is set to play a not-insignificant role in Sun & Moon's plot somehow...
  • Jossed.

The player's mom was in Team Rocket.
Her Meowth walks on its hind legs!

The leader of the evil team will be female.
We have a female professor and two female Champions.
  • Jossed; it's a guy.
    • Possibly unjossed? See all the speculation about Lusamine and the Aether Foundation.
      • Nope, not unjossed yet. All the talk about the Aether Foundation is like you said, speculation, and baseless at that. Until the full game comes out and answers those questions, the WMG remains Jossed.
      • Sorry 'mac, but it's now Unjossed. Lusamine is the real Big Bad and not Guzma.

Similar to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, there will be two villain teams.
Both teams will seek control over the time of day, with the villains of Sun Version wanting Endless Daytime and the villains of Moon Version wanting to start The Night That Never Ends.
  • Jossed. There is only one villainous team: Team Skull.
    • Possibly unjossed? See all the speculation about the Aether Foundation.
      • Nope, not unjossed. All that speculation is just that; speculation, and baseless at that. Until the full game clarifies those answers, the WMG remains jossed.
      • Unjossed for real this time, both Team Skull and the Aether Foundation are villain teams. However, everything else about this WMG is Jossed.

The evil team is made up of evil businesspeople.
They plan to make money by exploiting the region's natural resources, despoiling it's beauty for their own profit. They possibly have a foreign sounding name, such as Team Noir or Team Laissez-Faire to drive the point home.
  • Jossed; they appear to be pirates or punks.
    • Possibly unjossed? See the speculation about the Aether Foundation, who definitely appear to be a business. However, spoiling resources does not appear to be part of their MO.
      • Not unjossed yet, since all of that is entirely baseless speculation, as nothing so far has shown the Aether Foundation as secretly evil. The game will give us the answers, but until then, it's not unjossed.
      • Unjossed for real. The real villain team is the Aether Foundation, an organisation that helps Pokémon who were influenced by UB01/Nihilego's toxins (though it's not mentioned how they profit for business).

The main character and his/her mum lived in Pallet Town before they moved to Alola.
It is the 20th adversary so as a call back to the orginal games they lived in the same place as Red, Red's mum, Blue Oak, Daisy Oak, and Professor Samuel Oak.
  • The intro to the game does state that the player character is indeed from the Kanto region, but they never even told which town they lived in before his/her family's departure.

Silly theory: Lana is a lesbian.
Her name references the lilia-lana-i-ka-wai, or water lily. She's already kawaii, so it makes sense that she'd be a lily, too. And since lily is "yuri" in Japanese, she must be a lesbian.

     Team Skull Related 

Team Skull won't be as serious as previous teams.
Starting from Gen III onwards, the evil teams have been going through some kind of "spectacle creep" where their actions were getting more and more serious. After trying to nuke the region with a superweapon, where do you go from there? Perhaps to break the trend, Team Skull will be more "wacky" and a bit more humorous then previous teams. However, don't underestimate them.
  • Confirmed. Team Skull essentially amounts to a Goldfish Poop Gang in comparison to the real villains, The Aether Foundation.

The evil team will have an alchemy theme.
Under Genius Bonus, two of our confirmed Pokemon have a reference to alchemy. If that's tied into the plot, the bad guys are either out to get super rich (the whole turning everything to gold thing) or become immortal (the Elixir of Life).
  • Confirmed. The Aether Foundation is named after an alchemical element.

Guzma and Professor Kukui used to be friends until Guzma was rejected as a Trial Captain and went bad.
In the trailer, Guzma is talking to Kukui and describes them as "Fellow rejects who never could become captains." This suggests that they both tried to become trial captains in the past and failed, but while Kukui was able to move on and became a Pokemon Professor, Guzma couldn't get over it and turned evil as a result.

Guzma and Team Skull's evil plan/goal involves messing up the Trial Captain/Kahuna system.
Guzma was rejected from being a Trial Captain in the past, and one of Team Skull's evil deeds mentioned in their description is "messing up the trial sites". They might all be people who were rejected or couldn't get past the trial system, and are trying to get revenge by making it so no one else can succeed either. They might even want to get rid of the system and replace it with their own or something like that.
  • Jossed. They're just petty thugs trying to get by. After the second trial, Team Skull stops bothering interfering in Trials.

Team Skull will not be the real Big Bad of the games, and will pull a Heel–Face Turn to help you in the end much like Team Aqua and Magma.
Because it would be ironic if the team that dresses like total punk Hot Topic rejects and screams Obviously Evil ended up being not so bad after all. If Guzma is involved as well, it could be because Kukui is able to talk him down from whatever evil thing he's planning.
  • Maybe Guzma has The Man Behind the Man controlled him, in a fashion Big Boss commanded Solid Snake.
  • Supporting this is the fact that Plumeria is stated pretty explicitly to care for her grunts like a sister. She could turn on Guzma's plan if it ends up harming the minions too much.
  • With the reveal of the Aether Society it is possible that Team Skull is initially collaborating with them, because they are stealing the Pokemon that the Aether Society needs. Once Team Skull finds out about their true motivations, Even Evil Has Standards will be invoked and they will cut ties with the Aether Society and side with the player.
  • Confirmed.

Team Skull's antics will escalate to summoning the version legendary.
For maximum chaos.
  • Jossed. It's the Foundation's antics that do it, and not really on purpose.

Guzma is a descendant of the Alolan royal family.
Alolan Meowth's lore mentioned that Alola once had a royal family, but at some point in the past this monarchy was destroyed. In the two preceding generations, the big bad had some connection to royalty. Perhaps Sun and Moon are continuing this trend and Guzma can also claim to have royal status. In addition to the gangsta theme, Team Skull also has a pirate theme. Maybe they're taking cues from another group of pirates who have ties to royalty of a long lost kingdom?
  • Nanu and Acerola are confirmed to be part of the royal family, and Guzma seems completely unrelated, so not likely. Still possible (branching family trees), but fiction doesn't typically work that way.

The goals of Team Skull are not entirely wrong
They are after something noble. Perhaps they want to help a member of their 'family', or perhaps there is some legit issues with the trials they have a legit issue with. However, either by accident or by power madness they go too far.
  • Semi-confirmed. The goal of the organisation is to get enough money to get by. Their methods are the worst part about them.

Team Skull's creation was actually very recent.
  • Semi-confirmed. They were founded by a kahuna at an unknown point in the past, but Guzma reformed the team after he failed to become a Trial Captain, recruiting a bunch of other kids who failed the Island Challenge.

Team Skull Mooks will rely on Alolan forms of Rattata / Raticate, Meowth / Persian and Grimer / Muk.
Because their new forms are Dark types and as with all villain teams, Dark Is Evil.
  • Alolan Meowth is a friendship evolution, but a recurring Mook does like Alolan Raticate.

Gladion is related to Lusamine and a former member of the Aether Foundation
He has the same blond hair, green eyes, and fair complexion as Lusamine. He also has Type: Null, which is implied to have been created by the Aether Foundation.
  • Confirmed. He's her son.

Team Skull are a Red Herring evil team.
The true bad guys are the Aether Foundation. Team Skull will either be usurped by them as the main threat, or even become allies against them. This could also be a set up for a "don't judge a book by its cover" moral.
  • Confirmed. Team Skull works for the Aether Foundation, though.

Gladion is the second rival for Sun and Moon.
Like Silver, he will steal a Pokemon from Kukui which will be the starter that is super effective against your starter. Like Silver he will also go through some Character Development.
  • Confirmed, though instead of the starter, he has his Silvally's type changed to be advantages to yours.

Gnoggin's idea and one I rather like. Most evil teams have related names other than the original team, Team Rocket (I think, unless it's a play on Racket). Team Flare wanted to burn the world anew, Plasma is a separation of fire and electricity, Galactic and Aqua and Magma......and Skull is pretty much a universal death symbol. Plus it has options for them to be morally gray by wanting to stop death for a good reason.....somewhat.
  • Jossed.

Gladion has some form of Battle Bond with Type Null.
Which is why he's always twitching; he can feel the constant pain Type: Null is always in from being restrained by it's helmet.

     Aether Foundation 

Aether Founder is not the angel to Team Skull's devil.
It is more of the squid, while you are the angel. Confirmed. Lillie and Gladion are the "Angel", Team Skull is the "Devil" and The Aether Foundation is the "Squid".

Lillie and Gladion are fraternal twins and Lusamine's daughter and son respectively
  • Confirmed on them being Lusamine's children, Jossed on them being twins. In-game Gladion implies he's a few years older than Lillie.

The Aether Foundation's real motivation...
They are evil scientists masquerading as Pokemon caregivers. Lusamine gathers Pokemon from all the regions and experiment on them for to create the 'ultimate' pokemon and bring out their full potential as an Evil Counterpart to Colress. They are also involved with the creation of the ultra beasts, which went rogue like Mewtwo in their attempts to create the ultimate pokemon. They will be the ones to summon the Box Legendary, and transform it into an Eldritch Abomination For Science!!
  • Half-Jossed: Lusamine didn't create the Ultra Beasts at all but she is a fanatic about them. They did experiment on Pokemon to create Type:Null and Silvally however.

The Aether Foundation are also evil
I don't know just a hunch, plus when you think about they seem more structurally similar to previous evil teams
  • Perhaps Team Skull is just a scapegoat, or being used as a smokescreen.
Confirmed, but they're evil because they're all (aside from Wicke) affected by UB-01/Nihilego's neurotoxins

Lusamine is an Evil Matriarch.
She'll be an unholy fusion of Ghetsis and a Bowdlerised version of Ragyo. She had two children, Lillie and Gladion, on whom she performed grotesque experiments. There is a strong possibility that Lillie might be UB-01 and Gladion is shown constantly holding his twitching hands and has jerky movements. Gladion defected from his mother and joined Team Skull, while Lillie joined the player character in the hopes that she would be able to talk her mother out of villainy.
  • Confirmed, but must be taken with a grain of salt because of Nihilego's neurotoxins affecting Lusamine

The Aether Foundation is the Pokémon version of Shou Tucker
They created Type: Null and the Ultra Beasts. Also, some of the Ultra Beasts used to be human.
  • Half-confirmed. They created Type: Null, but the Ultra Beasts are simply extradimensional Pokémon

The Aether Foundation will be a Red Herring
The player will be led to believe that the Foundation hides a dark secret behind it, leading the main characters to start doubting the Foundation. However, it will turn out to either be a hoax or an exaggerated twist on events from the past, made up by Team Skull to shatter Aether's reputation, and its name will be cleared in the end.
  • Confirmed and Jossed. While the Aether Foundation isn't originally be evil, everyone but Wicke is Brainwashed and Crazy under UB-01/Nihilego's neurotoxins.

The Aether Foundation created Z Crystals.
Lusamine has a rather large Z Crystal looking thing on her dress, and the crystal pattern appears to be a reoccuring thing in member uniforms. Maybe Z Crystals are synthetic versions of Zygarde's transformation energy or Mega Stones. The Aether Foundation actually harvests this energy from the Pokemon they 'take care of' in order to mass produce them for their own gain.
  • Jossed. Z-Crystals seem to be an island tradition unrelated to Aether, and Aether doesn't exploit the crystals in any way.

The Aether Foundation will be "partly bad"
Seeing that everyone believes Aether will turn out to be secretly evil, it's safe to say that such a twist is way too obvious and predictable. Maybe Gamefreak is going to give a different twist to AF... in that the AF will be neither all good nor all bad. It's possible that *most* members of the AF are genuinely trying to do good (most likely Wicke and the mooks), while some other members have less noble intention (i.e., Faba; come on, that smug grin of his screams "villain!") or are Well-Intentioned Extremist (i.e., Lusamine; seriously, all her babbles about love for all pokemon give her tons of potential to be a Visionary Villain). This will give more moral ambiguity to the AF as a group and make for more multi-layered characters. Confirmed. Wicke is a good guy, but the rest of the group is Brainwashed and Crazy until the end of the game.

     Setting Related 

The region for these games is the same one that was mentioned in Pokémon X and Y.
There was a Backpacker in X and Y whose dialogue indicated he was from a faraway region that wasn't one we've seen before and who gave the player an item depicting a Pokémon from said region. This mysterious region is the one that we're going to visit in these games.
  • Confirmed. The Strange Souvenir has been updated to state that it's from Alola.

Generation VI will take place in a neighboring region next to Kalos.
It may or may not be Spain, but if not, it is most likely a new region right next to Kalos. It will be the region responsible for waging war against Kalos 3,000 years ago.
  • Must've been a world-spanning war. Possibly the one from Pokémon Black and White.note 

The new region will be based on Hawaii.
  • The Vivillon being traded in the announcement trailer was the Hawaii pattern.
  • Hawaii has yellow fire trucks; the Blastoise fire truck depicted in concept art in the trailer was also yellow.
  • The large hotel-like building shown in the concept art is somewhat similar in design to Iolani Palace.
  • The Strange Souvenir from XY looks like a totem.
  • The green truck in the concept art is a rainbow; Hawaii license plates have rainbows on them.
  • A hint given for the future of the Pokémon series a while back was "flowers."
  • Confirmed as of May 10th.

The towns will be based off the Zodiac constellations.
  • Aries: The player character's hometown. Everyone there calls them "kid" in reference to baby goats being kids.
    • Aries is a sheep, not a goat.
  • Taurus: A town rife with bull-headed Trainers. A joke about Barry can be made because everyone here seems to be in a rush. Or, the restaurant battles can be a reappearance here.
  • Gemini: Twin gym leaders or a reference to Liza and Tate will be present in this town. the theme of duality is extremely felt here and there will probably be plenty of little kid Non Player Characters who are chilling with their twins. Elderly NPCs might make the comment how it feels everyone born here is a twin.
    • Gemini could be a town that is totally mirrored; its east side is a direct reflection of its right side, or the two sides are regarded as separate cities. You're thinking too narrow sometimes. The Gym could be right in the middle of the two towns, though, and still have twins as its gym leaders, but not as a reference to Tate and Liza, any more than Roark is to Roxanne or Brock.
  • Cancer: Um, I'm going to make a possible inappropriate joke but: a hospital can be explored here. If said hospital isn't abandoned, then its actually here Pokémon doctors go to study.
    • Why not a quaint, seaside resort town? Cancer is a crab, and Cancer is in the summer. It could be that cute resort town we saw way back in the beginning. It could be on the coast between a volcano and the sea, representing how those born under Cancer are often a contradiction, and the employees are of little word due to shyness, but passionate about their work. This extends to the resort- it appears modest, but is in reality very opulent once you start to explore it more. It houses the Water-type gym, again to represent contradiction between relaxation and battle. Hell, it could be alluded to that it's really more of a health spa, but is still popular as a resort.
  • Leo: The heartland of this Region. The mega city that'll be a pain to navigate.
  • Virgo: A small, autumnal town where the Day Care can be found. Any named character here will have Greek names when played in English.
  • Libra: Another small town and one of the places here that can be explored is the local hall where some lawyer Non Player Characters and their delinquent clients Can be talked to.
    • Libra could be a town where you can branch off and take a different path to Victory Road. Like you can get the last three badges in a different order depending on which path you take, or something.
  • Scorpio: The gym leader here will be inspired by Artemis and will have a hair style that screams as being a shout to The Hunger Games.
    • Wait, why? And what does Hunger Games have to do with anything?
    • Scorpio is directly based on the scorpion sent to kill Orion the Hunter, with the sender being either Gaea or Apollo. It would be a reference to whom the scorpion was sent (and succeeded in) to kill.
  • Sagittarius: The gym leader here has a heated rivalry with Scorpio's. A PokéDome-like mini-game can be found here.
  • Capricorn: A relaxed sea side town which is stated as being a sister city to the protagonist's home town. Again, a lot of people have a tendency to refer to the PC as "kid."
    • Capricorn could be the coldest town, due to when Capricorn falls, and is actually the home to the villain team's secret base, again, looking at the traits of Capricorn- ambitious, stern, melancholy, disciplined, responsible.... they are always pursuing something and seek leadership positions. Yeah, people might call the player "Kid", but it's not in reference to Capricorn being a goat mermaid. The town itself reflects this by being more city-like than the others and lacking foliage.
  • Aquarius: A town or city completely at sea. If there's a gym leader here, he's inspired by Zeus or seems waiter-like with a huffy personality.
  • Pisces: The last town that is completely on route to Victory Road. It feels like a retirement village because most the populous seems to be elderly. An aquarium can be visited here.
    • I really do like this idea, but I just gotta point out that the towns in previous games don't get so literal with their themes. Snowbelle City is an exception, not a rule, and is named for a perfume ingredient, just like everything in Kalos. It's actually a visual pun. Like I said above, you're thinking a little narrow or literal about this.
  • Jossed. The towns are (mostly) given traditional-sounding names, and no Zodiac is in sight.

Instead of multiple regions, this region will be the largest one to date.
One of the main arguments I've seen for a second region is the fact that the 3DS could easily handle it. While this is a valid point, I have another idea. This region will have more gyms, more Pokémon, and larger cities than the the regions before. If the region is based on Hawaii, they will use the idea of multiple islands to expand the length.

The villain team(s) will have a lunar base and a solar base in the respective games.
We went into space in ORAS, so why not the moon and (orbit around the) sun?
  • Jossed. Aether Paradise is firmly on Earth.

We will finally find out who "The One" is. Either it will be The Hero or someone affiliated with the villains (initially).
Given they said they are bringing everything together, this would be the perfect time to finally show — decisively — who "The One" is in relation to the ghost girl who keeps showing up.
  • Maybe it's Lillie.

There will be a university in the region
Several characters are noted as having gone to college (Fennel, Professors Burnet and Birch, and Norman), but there are no buildings in any of the games as of yet where they could have studied. Maybe the university could serve as the region's version of the Battle Maison or something. As an addendum to the WMG above about characters from other Generations appearing in the games, any of the four characters mentioned here will make a cameo.

The Alola and Unova regions are part of the same country.
Makes sense since both regions are based on places in America.
  • Don't forget about Orre.

You'll be able to travel to Unova in the post game
  • In relation with the above, since Alola is based on Hawaii and Unova is based on the metropolitan areas of New York the two regions are probably closely connected. Allowing for travel from one to the other much like Kanto and Johto.
  • Jossed. The post game area is only a portion of Poni Island.

We're not seeing all of Alola right now.
Along with the starters, The Alola region map was revealed in the trailer. People have noted that the region so far is awfully tiny (especially when you compare the scale of the buildings to the island itself). It might be artistic license but it is also known that the state of Hawaii isn't a single island (The "Big Island" is known as Hawaii).

What we're actually looking at is just one part of the Alola region and it's a chain of islands.

  • The present theory is that the island we've seen thus is Oahu (where Honolulu actually is). Still a bunch of islands (including the Big Island of Hawai'i itself) to the Southeast.
  • Multiple Islands Confirmed

There will be one Gym per island.
  • Except for the Big Island-analogue, which has two, and the Kahoʻolawe-analogue, which houses the Alola League.
    • But there's only four natural islands, and we need eight gyms.
Jossed. There are no gyms, but trial captains and Kahunas.

You'll be able to travel to Sevii in the post game.
We're getting Kanto back via the Virtual Console, but Sevii wasn't in the original Pokémon Red and Blue. And, technically, Sevii is closer to Hawaii than any other part of Japan is. It's just large enough to have adventures in but not large enough for a large one.
  • Jossed. No new islands become available to visit in the postgame.

Either the Legendary or The Elite Four will be headquartered on Mauna Loa.
It's the chief mountain on the "Big Island", has an observatory, and recently became dormant. A nice parallel to Mt. Fuji/Mt. Silver.
  • If that's the island that became Mount Holukani, it does have a Trial. If it's Lanakila, it got the League. Sorry, I'm not brushed up on Hawai'ian geography.

Alola’s unique sweet treat
Given Hawaii has been confirmed for the main reference of Sun and Moon’s region I am expecting something along the lines of a snowcone to be sold at one or a few places across the island(s). For now it will be referred to as “Alola Ice” until it is confirmed to exist and if it is unique to a certain area. The shaved ice theme I am giving this idea means it could come in multiple flavors(Possibly based on berries)and similar to a Casteliacone certain flavors might need to be obtained at certain hours or days thanks to their popularity. Maybe it could even go as far as there being a food mon based off the colored shaved ice which it is.
  • A few desserts that can be referenced include haupia (a traditional coconut pudding), or a chantilly cake.
  • The official website says Hau has a craving for malasada which is a famous treat in the region he is always trying to find a shop that sells them. A quick round of research showed that "Malasada" are a Portuguese fried dough confection.
    • The Big Malasada is the Alola version of the "Full Heal food item", joining the Lava Cookie, Old Gateau, Casteliacone, Lumiose Galette, and Shalour Sable.

The villainous team's base will be located in a military base
Alola will be based on Hawaii right?
  • Jossed. The only bases are an abandoned town and a floating island.

Victory Road and the Pokemon League will be located within the Volcano.
The champion battle will take place on the outer rim as well.
  • Jossed, atop a cold mountain peak. The volcano area hosts a Trial instead.

They will in some way adapt the Honolulu Zoo
As someone who has visited the zoo, I know it to be large, well kept, and impressively stocked. We haven't had a Zoo since Fuchsia, so I really hope they'll do this.
  • Jossed. There is no zoo.

The giant tree on one of the islands
On the island where we potentially get Solgaleo/Lunala, there's a massive tree bathing in sunlight. I think most of us can agree that this is where we find Zygarde. I know this is kind of a stretch, but think about it: the giant tree is theorized to be based off of Yggdrasil, the World Tree from Norse mythology. And Zygarde's forms are based off of Loki's children, Fenrir (10%), Jormungand (50%) and Hel (Complete), which are also based on Norse mythology. So I think it could make sense that we find Zygarde in this massive tree.
  • That is probably the Battle Tree, the Battle Tower of this game.

Lahaina Noon will be referenced in some way.
What is Lahaina Noon exactly? It's a Tropical solar phenomenon where the sun is directly overhead. Hawaii is the only place in the U.S where this occurs. Straight objects like poles don't cast a shadow at all.

Alola will contain a Dark-type gym
Dark is the only Pokemon type never to have had a gym dedicated to it. Considering the games apparently have a day/night theme going on it is very likely.
  • Unlikely, with the whole Island Challenge deal effectively replacing gyms. Though that doesn't rule out the possibility of a captain or kahuna being a Dark-type specialist.
    • Instead, one of the Island Challenge bosses will be a Dark-type specialist, meaning that Dark-types will still (technically) not have a gym!

Alola won't have 8 gyms.
This WMG has only the slimiest chance of actually being true, but considering that there doesn't appear to be as many towns that can support gyms, there's a chance that Sun and Moon will be the first main games to do away with the eight gym leader badge quest. There's an even a chance that there won't be a badge quest at all.
  • Confirmed, surprisingly! The gym quest has been replaced with the Island Challenge, which involves, in short, completing each island's trials in order to become the strongest trainer. It has some similarities with the gym leader system, but it's almost completely different, and doesn't feature gyms per se.

The names of the islands are Melemele, Akala, Poni, and 'Ula'Ula.
  • It's confirmed as of this writing that the starting island is called Melemele, Hawaiian for yellow. While this led some to believe that the other islands will be named after red, green, and blue, after the generation one games and the primary colors, but others suspected that they would be named after the island colors of their real life counterparts; pink (Akala) for Maui, purple for Kau'ai (Poni), and red for Hawai'i ('Ula'Ula), not to mention the fact that Pokemon Yellow was never called Pokemon Yellow in Japan (It was called "Pokemon Pikachu"). It was then revealed offhandedly that one of the other islands is called... lo and behold, Akala. Thus jossing the "red, green, blue, yellow" theory entirely, and making the island color naming convention extremely likely.
  • Confirmed. Switch Ula'ula and Poni around for the order.

Alola is located where the Orange Islands are in the Anime.
This troper has noticed similarities between Alola and Orange Islands, four gyms or four Island Challenges that aren't just Pokemon battles, the Orange Islands have different versions of Kanto Pokemon and Alola has Alola-form Pokemon, as well both regions being made of islands.

Secret bases will return, and you can make them into gyms like in Pokemon Go.
Both secret bases and gyms are quite popular so why not conbinded so people can make secret bases or gyms. Also allow them to pick the pokemon the other trainers in the base use and design their own badges to give out. You will need a ride pokemon, or an item to create it rather than a move.
  • Jossed. No such feature is in the game.

There will be a Safari Zone in one of the post game islands.
It will be run by Safari Zone Director, there will be Pokemon you can't catch any where else from the other regions and it will have normal form Pokemon like normal type Meowth or ground type Sandshrew, and having more friends codes increase the different number of Pokemon you can catch.
  • Jossed. Considering ORAS dumped the Safari idea, not surprising.

     Legendary Pokémon Related 

Magearna was created from Diance
The two look extremely similar and Magearna looks like it will be a Steel-type legendary. After watching a video on how iron ore is created into steel and considering the fact that Magearna is an artificial Pokémon made by human hands, plus with the anime movie it's slated to appear in seems to show that it was living in a place where abused Pokémon lived, this Troper is convinced that this new Pokémon was made from a poor Diance who got captured by some very evil people.
  • Alternatively, Magearna is a mechanical replica, since, while it's implicitly possible, the idea of multiple Diancie hasn't been explored, and torture/reconfiguration of Pokémon is a tad too dark.
    • While the multiple Diancie not being explored thing is true, there's also the fact that Genesect is technically a reconfigured Pokémon in that it was revived from a fossil and scientists worked under N's nose to modify it into what it is today. Though you are right in that the torture is a bit too dark.
  • Double alternatively, Magearna's the result of some either evil or horrifically misguided people attempting to "evolve" a Carbink into Diance. While you're right about the idea being too dark, outside Japan there's a type for that. Who's to say for the time being, whatever happened turned that poor Carbink (if there was a Carbink or Diance) Steel/Dark?
  • Triple alternatively, Magearna was created by that Da Vinci-type inventor after he was inspired by Diancie. Hence the similarities and typing. But we can also notice among the inventor's plans something that resembles a flower cannon (which may be part of Magearna's design). Now, could he have been inspired by AZ's ultimate weapon, or did the inventor inspire AZ or help design his weapon?

Magearna will turn out to be a "sudden mutation" of Klinklang.
Okay, not really.

Magearna's body is its own Poké Ball.
It'll have its own unique Poké Ball menu sprite and unique summoning/recalling animations where it unfolds Transformers-style.

Another Mythical Pokémon will be catchable in this game
Continuing a trend which started with Deoxys in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, another Mythical Pokémon will become obtainable without events.
  • Bonus points if each one has an exclusive one to Sun or Moon.
    • Darkrai for Pokémon Moon (although they could do like Black and White and put him in the contrasting game, Sun)
    • Shaymin or Meloetta for Pokémon Sun. (And vice versa.)
    • Mew is a possibility. As part of 20th Anniversary, what better way to celebrate than to have Mew made obtainable. It would also put the kibosh and lessen people from inevitably using the Mew Glitch from the Virtual Console release of RBY to bring Mew into Sun and Moon.
  • Jossed. Only legendaries are new and Zygarde.

Leonardo da Vinci (or his Pokémon equivalent) created Magearna.
Never mind what its movie says in regards to who created it (it wouldn't be the first time the animé gives a Pokémon different creators/backstories opposite to the games, though the guy painting its blueprints in the trailer does look like the man himself), if Magearna was made 500 years ago, that'd put it around the time frame of Mr. da Vinci. And the guy designed all sorts of things before anyone built them (helicopters, tanks, submarines etc.), so why not a Pokémon automaton? Only unlike them, he (or someone using his designs) actually managed to build it.

The Pokemon the strange souvenir depicts will be a lesser Legendary or Mythical Pokemon.
Considering the drastic and standoutish designs the Mascot Legendaries have, it would be difficult for the Totem like Pokemon to fit in with their theme and shared designs, this legendary will most likely be a sidequest during or after the main story.
  • Alternatively, the strange souvenir depicts one of Tapu Koko's fellow island guardians. The Strange Souvenir is described as representing a "protector" in a region far away, which falls in line with how Tapu Koko is described. The strange souvenir is most likely depicting said island guardian in its protective form - Tapu Koko's alternate form resembles a bird totem, so it isn't too far of a stretch to assume that the strange souvenir's form could be the alternate form of an island guardian.
  • Well, the Tapus are Legendaries... though I can't say it resembles one in particular.

The lore behind the two legendary Pokémon will be similar to the story of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi from Shinto.
Amaterasu is the Goddess of the Sun and Tsukuyomi is the God of the Moon. According to the Japanese religion, the two were once married and resided in the same part of the sky. Since they were always together, the world was in a constant state of day. One day, Amaterasu was invited to a banquet by Uke Mochi, the Goddess of Food. But she was unable to attend and asked Tsukuyomi to go in her stead. He did, but was so disgusted at how Uke Mochi prepared food (by literally vomiting it up) that he killed her. After realizing what her husband had done, Amaterasu divorced him and moved to another part of the sky, vowing to never be in his presence again. This explains why we have a day and night cycle instead of a constant day or night.
  • Jossed.

There will be a cutesy Mythical Pokémon that will be a Foil to Mew.
After all, these are the games that are celebrating Pokémon's 20th anniversary, so it'll make sense. It'll probably be a Jack-of-All-Stats Pokémon in the same vein as Mew. A couple of ideas:
  • A dog-like Mythical. Since Mew's a cat, it makes sense. It could also be part Dark and/or an artificial Pokémon, adding to the contrast.
  • Another cat. Since Mew's shown to be rather nice, maybe this one could be a Jerkass.

We FINALLY get the Original Dragon.
Ever since Gen V, we've known that the Kyurem is but a husk of what he was before he was separated from Reshiram and Zekrom. We NEED this Pokémon in Gen VII. I don't know if this is a valid point, but in Gen III, we were introduced to the Golem trio, Regice, Regirock and Registeel, then we got Regigigas, who turned the trio into a quartet in Gen IV. What I'm saying is, we had a late addition to an existing legendary Pokémon group before, so why not do it again by introducing Kyurem's true form in this Generation?
  • Jossed, at least for now. The only "old" legendary with a prominent role in the game is Zygarde, and nothing new has been discovered for Kyurem yet, as far as I know. Sadly.

Volcanion will receive a new forme.
It's currently the only Gen. VI Mythical Pokémon without another forme of some kind—Diancie has its Mega Evolution, and Hoopa has its Unbound forme.

The Third Legendry.
In keeping with the tradition of a third Legendry making a Power Trio with the cover Legendries, there will be a third Legendary in Sun and Moon. To match the theme of Solgaleo and Lunala, the third legendary will be a Star or Space themed creature. It will be partly Dark-type to counter the Psychic Legendries and will (in part) reflect the darkness of space that both the sun and moon reside in. The Pokémon will be based on some kind of sea creature, maybe even a starfish.
  • Necrozma looks like it's based on stars, shares Solgaleo/Lunala's battle theme, and is the only legendary in the game not paired in a set. I would like to suggest that this Pokemon will be the third member of the trio. If it is, you're partly jossed- it's pure Psychic.

Magearna is based off of the Philosopher's Stone
Assuming that the theories about the games having an Alchemy theme are correct, then the rarest of the legendaries could fill this role. It was created ages ago by somebody who was ahead of their time, and has the ability to create life (flowers) out of nothing.

Tapu Koko's lore and possible connection to Magearna.
Similar to the Swords of Justice of Gen V, Tapu Koko is a legendary Pokemon that protects one of the islands of Alola. However, unlike the Swords of Justice who don't like humans, they care for all the inhabitants of the island, human and Pokemon. Unlike most legendaries, they also aren't secretive and make themselves known to people. They just don't allow themselves to be captured, or the islanders don't try to since they have that much respect for them (similar to the idea that it's terrible luck to take a volcanic rock away from one of the islands as a souvenir, as they're regarded as Pele's children).

It also forms a quartet (or even quintet, more in a bit) with other guardians. They're all fairy types. The other guardians are Water/Fairy, Grass/Fairy and Fire/Fairy and they guard the other islands.

Who's the fifth member? Magearna (who's Steel/Fairy and is the unofficial guardian of the artificial island). An interesting thing to note is that both Tapu Koko and Magearna can "close up" to resemble other things (Tapu Koko looks like a bird mask and Magearna is a Pokeball). This is similar to Keldeo's relationship to the Swords of Justice.

Another similarity/contrast to the Swords of Justice is the fact that Tapu Koko's arms resemble shields. similar to how the "Swords" of the Swords of Justice are their horns.

  • Considering that artificial island is the Aether Paradise, this is probably Jossed.

Tapu Koko and the other three island guardians form a quartet.
Tapu Koko is an Electric/Fairy type and has a new ability which activates electric terrain. It is the resident of the island which is named yellow, which is also the title of the first gen game that has an electric type on the cover. The other four island guardians will have the following types and abilities (assuming the islands are named after the first gen games): the one for island blue will be Water/Fairy with drizzle, the one for red will be Fire/Fairy with drought, and green will be Grass/Fairy with an ability that activates grassy terrain.
  • Confirmed that it forms the quartet, but the color, type and abilities dynamic are wrong.

Tapu Koko is part of Alola's legendary trio.
As in, it's part of the Recurring Element of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres' status as the legendary trio, albeit being a quartet variant.
  • Confirmed.
    • Mostly confirmed, but partially jossed. While the Tapu do make a quartet of powerful, one-of-a-kind Mon, they're called guardian deities, not legendaries.
    • Confirmed for real this time. The video for the shiny Tapu Koko event confirms that Tapu Koko, and to a lesser extent, the other tapus, are legendary.

Zygarde is a member of two trios.
Besides its connection to Xerneas and Yveltal, where it is the Order Pokémon that balances them, it could also be connected to Solgaleo and Lunala. While Solgaleo represents the sun and Lunala represents the moon, Zygarde could represent the Earth. It's color scheme even contrasts them, being black and green while Solgaleo and Lunala are white and red or blue.

Marshadow, the third legendary, will not be based on an animal.
To have an eclipse theme, it will be a marshmallow that has a black core and white outline and a huge shadow behind it. It will also have 2 beady white eyes on its black core.
  • Semi-Confirmed: it's not an animal and is shadowy, but has no black core, a black outline, and beady orange eyes.

Zygarde will have it's own special Z-Move.
I mean the new mechanic is called Z-Move and Zygarde forms were pretty specifically mentioned as being in the game. I'm guessing Zygarde-Complete will have the most over-the-top-Super-Sentai-Gurren-Lagan style Limit Break that involves copious lasers and whatnot. If the Lillie being tied to Zygarde guesses are true, maybe she'll be the key to unlocking it or some such.
  • Jossed.

The other Guardian Deities will be Fire/Fairy, Psychic/Fairy and Ghost/Fairy.
The recently revealed Oricorio apparently changes form depending on the nectar it drinks and which island said nectar is from. Pom Pom Style Oricorio is part Electric type, just like Tapu Koko. This could possibly mean that the other guardians' types correspond to the types of the different Oricorio styles. Compounding this theory is the fact that Pa'u Style Oricorio's dance "expresses its gratitude to the guardian deity Pokémon".
  • Confirmed with Tapu Lele, who is Psychic/Fairy. However, the other two type combinations are jossed; Tapu Bulu is Grass/Fairy while Tapu Fini is Water/Fairy.

One of the new legendaries will be poison type.
We have had legendaries for every other type of Pokemon, but no poison type other than poison plate Arecus.
  • If Ultra Beasts count as a form of legendary (Thanks to their 570 BST), then we have Nihilego.

Marshadow is not the third box legendary.
Necrozma is. Marshadow seems to be a Mythical Pokemon, not a legendary, so Necrozma seems to be the likeliest candidate for the title (if there is one, that is).
  • Necrozma seems highly probable. It shares Solgaleo and Lunala's battle theme, is a Psychic-Type like them (although it's pure Psychic), and all three of them have similar lore in their 'dex entries.

The Alola legendaries are based off Tarot concepts.
Aside from the Suna and Moon parallels with Solgaleo and Lunala, there are a lot of comparisons for the other Pokémon:
  • Nihilego = The High Priestess
  • Magearna = The Empress
  • Pheromosa = The Lovers
  • Type: Null = The Chariot
  • Buzzwole = Strength
  • Xurkitree = The Hanged Man
  • Nekrozma = Death
  • Marshadow = The Reaper
  • Celesteela = The Tower
  • Kartana = The Star
  • Lunala = The Moon
  • Solgaleo = The Sun
  • Silvally = Judgement
  • Guzzlord = The World

     Pokémon Related 

The bird being rendered in the Sun and Moon trailer is the main regional bird
It's very Fletchling-like so it wouldn't be too difficult to have it as the regional bird. As for the exact species, it appears to be either a Woodpecker or a Hoopoe (as both birds have crests and Woodpeckers as Zygodactyl feet, like the new Pokémon has).
  • Confirmed, it's a Woodpecker called Pikipek.

Missingno will be a hidden legendary, never announced, put in any official guide, or put in the anime.
And the only way to obtain it is to catch it and transfer it over via the Bank.
  • Jossed; datamining has revealed that Missingno is not legitimately in Sun/Moon, and attempting to transfer it over via Bank simply shuffles around the nicknames of any other Pokémon being transferred with it; Missingno itself gets deleted as Bank does not recognize it.

Most of the new Pokémon of the region will be based on birds.
If the theory that the new games will take place on a region based on Hawaii turns out to be true, then most of its native Pokémon will be birds or based on birds, but not necessarily Flying types, as many birds became flightless when they reach isolated islands with an abundance of food and virtually no predators. Of course, Pokémon based on plants, insects and sea life will also be included.
  • Jossed. Plenty of non-birds on offer.

There will be a Pokémon based on an ibis.
Two reasons:
  • The Egyptian god Thoth had the head of an ibis and was the god of the moon, so it could be one of the Moon Version-exclusive Pokémon.
  • Since the Spritzee line doesn't really look that much like flamingos, it could be based on the scarlet ibis, another bright pink wading bird that could fulfill the role of the flamingo in the Pokémonworld.
  • Jossed, as of this generation. The bird Pokémon introduced are based on woodpeckers and toucans (the Pikipek line).

Sun and Moon-related Pokémon will be set up as version exclusives.
The most obvious choice would be Solrock and Lunatone, but a few other pairs could be set up. Perhaps Teddiursa could be a Moon-exclusive wild Pokémon.
  • Alternatively, there will be a werewolf and phoenix. Or Kua Fu, a Chinese giant known for trying to steal the sun. Or the three-legged crow, associated with the sun a lot.
  • Close enough. Solgaleo and Lunala are a given, but they are the only sun and moon-theme exclusives.
  • Semi-confirmed with Lycanroc, which is more or less a werewolf or based on one, anyway. It also has version-exclusive forms by virtue of evolution: Rockruff evolves into its Midday Form in Sun and its Midnight Form in Moon. However, the opposite form can be encountered in the wild in Vast Poni Canyon, so they're not truly exclusive.

The number of new Pokémon will actually be very tiny.
Perhaps the same size as the number of new Pokémon in the Gen VI games. Especially if the Hawaii theory is true: There simply might not be enough space to support the same kind of numbers of Pokémon that regions based on much larger locations have.
  • Not necessarily. Hawaii has a huge amount of native birds, insects, fish and snails. It might mean a larger amount of Bug, Water and Flying Pokémon.
  • Confirmed. Just shy of 80 new beasts are available.

New Type Combos to debut.
With every new Generation comes a new Type combination. Here are some unused Type combinations as of now. Winners will be placed in bold.

  • Electric/Psychic (Alola-Form Raichu)
  • Bug/Dragon
  • Fire/Fairy
  • Grass/Fire
  • Poison/Ice
  • Dragon/Fighting (Hakamo-o and Kommo-o)
  • Fire/Ice
  • Fighting/Ice (Crabominable)
  • Electric/Fighting
  • Dark/Fairy
  • Normal/Dragon (Drampa)
  • Steel/Normal (bonus points if related to a pure Steel)
  • Ghost/Normal (bonus points if related to a pure Ghost)
  • Ice/Fairy (Alola-form Ninetales)
  • Bug/Dark
  • Ghost/Rock
  • Ghost/Fighting (Marshadow)
  • Rock/Poison (UB-01"Nihilego")
  • Poison/Steel
  • Electric/Dark
  • Rock/Electric (Alola-form Geodude line)
  • Poison/Fire (Salandit line)
  • Bug/Fairy (Cutiefly line)
  • Ghost/Fairy (Mimikyu)
  • Fairy/Fighting
  • Fairy/Poison
  • Bug/Psychic
  • Ground/Fighting
  • Ice/Steel (Alola-form Sandshrew and Sandslash)
  • Bug/Ice
  • Dark/Normal (Alola-form Rattata and Raticate)
  • Normal/Ice
  • Poison/Electric
  • Psychic/Poison

There will be exactly 17 new type combinations among the Gen VII Pokémon.
Since that will raise the number of total used type combinations to 150.
  • Jossed. There are a few new combinations, but nothing close to 17.

This region's Pseudo-Legendary will be based on...
The Mo'o.
  • Confirmed; the September 6th trailer introduces a Dragon-type called Jangmo-o, which evolves into Hakamo-o and Kommo-o. They are later shown to be the pseudo-legendary Pokémon.

Litten will evolve into a Fire/Dark type.
Litten has the looks of a dark type Pokémon.
  • Confirmed. Its final evolution, Incineroar, is Fire/Dark.

Litten will retain its typing when it evolves.
Just being black doesn't always automatically means it will eventually evolve into a Dark-Type. Plus, only Cyndaquil retain its pure Fire-type when it evolves, unlike most Fire-type starter.
  • Close enough. Torracat is pure Fire, but Incineroar is Fire/Dark.

Popplio will evolve into a Water/Fairy type.
It would fit with the circus theme.
  • Maybe it'll be Water/Dark or Water/Psychic. Dark, because clowns are near universally regarded as terrifying except by a small number of people (and you can't say it won't happen just because of Greninja, considering Blaziken, Infernape, and Emboar), or Psychic because Mr Mime is Psychic.
  • Popplio has been seen using the Fairy Type attack Disarming Voice.
  • Confirmed. Its final evolution, Primarina, is Water/Fairy.

Along with the return of Tauros, there will be eleven other Pokémon based off the Zodiacs.
The games have a celestial theme, so why not? .
  • But... we already have Pokémon that represent the Zodiac, since you're including Tauros. Off the top of my head, we have Tauros (Ox/Bull), Arcanine (Tiger, as it's based on a statue that is partly a tiger, and because people can handwave a honey badger into being a rat with Insane Troll Logic), Lopunny (Rabbit), take your pick of Dragons but I'll just name Gyarados since it looks like a Chinese dragon, Serperior (Snake), Rapidash (Horse), Mareep (Sheep/Ram) OR Gogoat (if you call it the year of the Goat), Aipom (Monkey), Blaziken (Rooster), Furfrou (Dog), Emboar (Pig/Boar), and Rattata (Rat). Most of these categories have multiple answers, too. The only one you're really missing is a straight-up Tiger (unless you count Raikou) and a proper Rooster (Blaziken is actually a cockfighting chicken, not a rooster), but then again, the group of people people who believe a badger is a rat are already insisting Litten will be/is a tiger.
    • They probably mean the Western Zodiac, in which one of the signs is Taurus.

Surfing Pikachu will be a preorder bonus.
After all, the region is Hawaii, meaning loads of surfing ahead, and it's the 20th anniversary. With Pikachu as the series mascot, it makes sense, does it not? It might be a unique Pikachu, like Cosplay Pikachu, that wears board shorts or some other clothing accessory, and carries a surfboard, just to highlight its uniqueness.
  • Jossed, we have a Munchlax with a Snorlium Z as our Early Event

The starters (Rowlet, Litten and Popplio) are going to have a circus troupe theme
  • Rowlet will become a Ringleader evidence being the bow-tie and small tail feathers possibly becoming a cape.
  • Litten is the tamed lion/tiger. This one is kinda obvious.
  • Popplio is the clown and/or strongman, due to its clown-like appearance and Game Freak having an obsession with having a fighting type starter.
  • Jossed. Robin Hood, heel wrestler, and siren.

Litten's names
  • Japanese: Nyabby ニャビー, Hanyabby (Hanabi, fireworks+Nya (meow) ハニャビー (Ha-Nya-Bii) and Dainyabii. (Dynamite (english) Dai (大)= large/similar to hi = fire (火). and Tabby. Noticable in the move animation for Fire Blast) again, the Nya could be keeping the pun theme going. ダイニャビー (D Ai-Nya-Bii. the fact that Dai means large makes sense for a 3rd stage Pokemon.
  • English: Litten > Igniss (Ignis (latin for Fire)+ hiss) > Clowderkeg. (Clowder, plural of cats+powderkeg?). if at best, a name involving Sulfur or possibly Dynameow.
    • Jossed, at least for stage 2. Litten's second evo is called Torracat/Nyahito. But I'll only move this to the Jossed folder if Clowderkeg/Dynameow/Dainyabi end up not being confirmed. However, 'Nya'

Rowlet's final evolution form will be a grown up owl.
Yes, it's a baby owl, but it'll be a grown up owl. The typing will be grass/flying still.
  • Or maybe it'll become a different type of owl like an Eagle Owl.
    • Or it'll be Stolas, the Great Owl Prince of Hell who has great knowledge over poisonous plants, and also has long legs that look suited for kicking other mons' butts.
    • If the ground typing rumor is true, it could evolve into something similar to Ornimegalonyx an extinct giant flightless owl that lived in Cuba (and coincidentally, had long legs like Stolas mentioned above or a burrowing owl).
      • Looking to be confirmed so far. Dartrix seems to be a adolescent perfectionist owl, so maybe the final evo will be grown up.
      • Confirmed. Decidueye resembles a grown-up owl.

There will be no mega evolutions introduced in this generation.
Instead, there will be regular evolutions.
  • Confirmed. What they said about Megas at all was that you could Mega Evolve again.

Popplio will evolve into a dolphin.
  • Jossed, it evolves into Primarina, a fancy, mermaid-like seal.

Pokemon distribution and number of regional Pokemon.
How they'll handle what species will be available in-game is very important as there are now 720+ known monsters and depending on how many new species they'll introduce, there's likely to be over 800. It would be unrealistic to think that every one will be readily available from the get go, but it would be kind of a letdown if the number was small. My guess is that it'll be handled similarly to the Kalos regional dex where the region was divided into three areas, each with 150 or so Pokemon. Only in Alola's case, each island will have 75 or so. With 7 islands, that'll probably be 525. Obviously that's a lower number then 800+, but there's going to be a few species that'll only be made available post-game.
  • There are 400 Pokemon available total, though the Alola Dex is divided (somewhat) to accomodate a large number regionally.

Rowlet will be able to learn Hyper Voice in some fashion.
Real-life barn owls have incredibly ear-piercing screeches as opposed to hoots.
  • Jossed for now, it cannot learn it by level-up or through breeding. The Move Tutor for Hyper Voice is not available yet.

Litten will evolve into a Fire/Electric type.
Cat fur can be rather staticy in real life, and since a big part of Litten is its fur's properties, it's possible that its fur will be able to generate electricity when it evolves.
  • Jossed it evolves into the Fire/Dark Incineroar.

The Johto starters, the Legendary beasts, Lugia and Ho-oh will be a part of the Alola regional Pokedex.
Many people have noticed that a number of parallels to Jotho have appeared in the Alola region map (Many of the buildings resemble the Japanese-style buildings that Johto has, and there are clouds shaped like Ho-oh and Lugia). Considering that X and Y had a number of callbacks to Red and Blue (you get one of the Kanto starters, the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo can be captured). Sun and Moon might have a lot of callbacks to Gold and Silver. This includes being able to obtain the Johto starters very early (probably after obtaining the first badge) and Lugia and Ho-oh can be encountered.
  • Does that mean Johto starter Mega Evolutions?
  • Jossed. None of them are in any of the Alolan Dex.
    • However, you can get the starters by the Island Scan

Pikipek's evolutions.
Like Fletchling, Pikipek's typing will change after it evolves.
  • Given the fact that its description implied that it will know Bullet Seed, and it has Skill Link (which enhances Bullet Seed), it might evolve into a Grass/Flying counterpart to Talonflame.
  • Jossed. It's final evolution, Toucannon, stays Normal/Flying.

A new Flying Type multi-hit move will be introduced.
Pikipek is based off of a woodpecker, which bores holes into wood by pecking at it continuously, so in addition to bullet seed, it will probably get a multi-hit Flying Type move too.
  • Jossed. No such move was introduced.

Drampa is an evolution of Dunsparce.
Quite a few things point towards Drampa being a Dunsparce evo. Drampa has the typing of Normal/Dragon, with Normal being the primary type, it seems to have a lot of white fluff similar to Dunsparce's wings, and it shares its color scheme with Dunsparce. People have also called for a Dunsparce evolution, so it makes sense.
  • While that does sound like it would be a much welcomed concept, it is very unlikely, since Alomomola was heavily teased to be Luvdisc's evolution, but once Black & White came out, that was not the case. Then there's the Eviolite, which can be a bit of a technical burden for even Game Freak to work around with to give actual evolutions to past Pokémon.
  • Not to mention Drampa and Dunsparce have next to nothing in common aside from these two points, and even they could just as well be (And IMO are much more likely to be) a simple coincidence.
  • Jossed. Dunsparce and Drampa are not related in the evolutionary line.

Drampa will evolve into this gen's psuedo-legendary
Since it's a dragon type and has a mystical appearance.
  • The thing is already 9, bordering on 10 feet in length/height. If anything, it is the psuedo-legendary. Also it isn't unheard of for a Fully evolved dragon to be revealed before the games get released as Haxorus and Noivern were also revealed.
  • Jossed. Drampa does not evolve. Kommo-o is this generation's pseudo-legendary.

Yungoos's original region will never be explored.
It is stated initially not to be native to Alola, but where does it originally come from? Who knows, as it will forever be one of the greatest Riddle for the Ages.
  • Or it will be the next region explored in the next game.

Salandit's evolution will be sexually dimorphic.
The official description puts emphasis on the fact that only females produce pheromones. Maybe the genders look different and have separate movepools, à la Meowstic.
  • Jossed. It's sexually exclusive.
    • Not with a harem of male Salandit it's not. (Rimshot).

Mimikyu will evolve either through friendship or happiness.
The official description of Mimikkyu states that it wants to be loved as much as Pikachu. Once it finds a trainer that does, it will gain the self confidence it needs to discard its disguise (at least the Pikachu aspect of it) and evolve.
  • Jossed. Mimikyu does not evolve.

Mimikyu is a predator
Contrary to all the sympathy it's getting from the internet Mimikyu is actually a highly effective hunter: It disguises itself pathetically on purpose as a relatively harmless, cute, famous pokemon to get closer to humans then whacks them with its wooden "tail" and eats them/their souls/spirits/health, hence why everyone who looks at its true form gets "cursed".

Komala's log is actually a parasitic seed.
This is primarily a guess due to the fact that Komala spends its entire life asleep, and the fact that Komala itself does not get a shiny form. The log does.

Mimikyu is really ugly/gross-looking underneath.
It's not that those who looked under the cloth were cursed, they got sick from being so disturbed by its true form.
  • Specifically, it has trypophobic patterns all over its true body.
  • Possible. According its its dex entries, its true form is so terrifying, a scholar died from shock looking at it.

Bounsweet's evolution(s) will be Grass/Fairy
It's adorable and has a pleasant smell motif. Additionally, its French name contains the word Naughty, which might hint at it evolving into some kind of prankster.
  • Jossed its evolutionary line is pure-Grass type.

Comfey is part of Flabébé's evolutionary line.
It's not just similar to Flabébé. It's its alternate final evolution.
  • Jossed- they're unrelated.

Wimpod will have a really powerful evolution
Let´s face it, it looks really weak, its ability will make it a real pain to catch, and even the Pokedex entries aren't too nice. Perhaps it will follow the Abra route and turn into a powerhouse once it hits next stage.
  • Confirmed!

Bewear is a giant Killer Teddy Bear.
Evidence for this include how both its Japanese name and English name indicate wearing something, its ears are colored like a headband, its mouth looks fake (Compare the other bear Pokemon mouths to Bewear's), it desires to hug others (Albeit, to death), it appeared alongside Mimikyu (A Pokemon known for pretending to be something else), there appears to be a theme of artificial pokemon, and its ability, Fluffy (Reduces damage taken by physical attacks and takes double damage from Fire), sounds just like the stuffing of a toy.
  • Further credence to it is Stufful having a tag directly below its tail.
    • Confirmed. Its Moon Pokédex entry states that its hugs can kill Trainers.

Bewear is something else disguising itself as a bear.
An alternative to the previous WMG.

The Starters will each have two final evolutions.
This was part of a leak that was semi-confirmed by the August news. It might tie into the title names by giving each starter a different final evolution based on the time of day evolved.
  • A distinct possibility. It was said early on that Rockruff shares a secret with the starter Pokemon; come September, we're shown the Midnight and Midday formes of Lycanrock. If that's not the secret they all share, I don't know what would be, unless it's story-related. If this WMG is the case, though, the final evolution will be based on which version of the game they evolve in, not time of day.
  • Jossed. They each only have one.

The flower-nectar from one of Alola's island is poisonous.
Oricorio from that particular island didn't adapt into the environment-they died and resurrect into a primary Ghost-type Sensu-style.
  • Considering that they can drink the other island's nectar and change form, either the nectar is REALLY good, or this is jossed.

Mimikyu will have disguises for other Pokemon.
There are other Pokemon that are just as famous as Pikachu. Mimikyu will have disguises for almost all known Pokemon, no matter how poorly made.
  • Jossed for now. Just Pikachu. Could still be true in a third version, though.

Fusion evolution will be introduced
The pregame art for the new final evolutions showed a base form Popolio and Rowlet next to a fully evolved Toru. Instead of evolving like normal, the Starters will be part of a batch of "Fusion Pokemon" which can fuse with their owners and access even higher forms with multiple pokemon involved explaining the new multiple forms.
  • Jossed. That's just Ash-Greninja.

There will be a pure-flying Pokemon introduced in this gen.
If the rumor of a cat Pokémon with interchangeable secondary type based on its father's primary type is true, then there has to be a way for it to be a Normal/Flying type.
  • Close enough. While Silvally is a Normal-type, it can hold a Flying Memory to become pure-flying.

Pyukumuku will have an evolution that is Water/Fighting type.
Because it can use it's intestines as a fist.
  • Jossed. It does not evolve further.

You can get AZ's Floette
At some point during the story, AZ could die (by being stripped of his immortality, and/or performing a Heroic Sacrifice, pick your poison), and tells you to look after his Floette for him.
  • Jossed, at least for now. AZ doesn't show up anywhere in the game, and neither does his Floette.

The anime has hinted at a new snail Pokémon
In the episode Heatbursts at the Ingenuity Festival there is a wind-up contraption that resembles a pink snail with a yellow shell.

Mimikyu's evolved form looks like an Alolan Raichu.
It uses the stick it carries as a kind of surfboard or witch's broom.
  • Jossed. Mimikyu doesn't evolve.

Mimikyu's true form actually does not kill you.
The toxic spirit mists it is constantly emitting is what actually do kill you. So if you have a gas mask, feel free to go ahead and look at it. Who knows? It may even be a Ridiculously Cute Critter under there! In the anime, when Mimikyu's disguise is ripped, the rip leaks a purple mist. That's what actually kills you, not the true form. This is proved further in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon where one of its pokedex entries says that a gust of wind revealed what was under its rag to a passersby, who went home and died painfully that night. The mists could have been blown toward the passing trainer. Its entry in Moon says that a scholar who saw its true form died of shock. It's not shock from fear, it's biological shock!

Bounsweet's evolved form will have durian-derived features.
1. Mangosteens are called the "queen of fruits", while durians are the "king of fruits". Cue a form combining both the royalty... 2. Bounsweet has a problem with other Pokémon trying to swallow it whole. A spiky cloak like the durian's shell would be quite the deterrent.
  • Additionally, Pokémon want to eat Bounsweet because of its pleasant fragrance, so it would make sense for it to evolve into something that smells terrible.
  • Jossed. Steenee and Tsareena are still based on mangosteens and its defence mechanism is to stomp its predators into the ground instead.

In reverse to Bounsweet being targetted for its sweet flesh,
it will evolve into a predatory Pokémon which is on top of the food chain. Bonus points if they're the main Grass-types that prey on Marowak.
  • Somewhat Jossed. It becomes Tsareena, a rather regal queen that punishes those who offend it.

Turtonator evolves from something.
Considering how big it actually is (6'07''), I'd be pretty surprised if it was a stand-alone Pokémon. Just like Mudsdale and Bewear, it has to evolve from something smaller.
  • Jossed. It's standalone.

If their are remakes of Sinnoh or other regions, there will be new regional forms for each one
For example the starters will have other regional forms like Ice Piplup or Dark Snivy

Sandygast and Palossand
Will be this generation's Voltorb and Electrode.
  • If you mean like a Chest Monster, then Jossed. They appear in shifting sands on Hano Beach, and are significantly rarer than Staryu.

Marshadow is not a legendary, and has nothing to do with Mars at all
Everybody's been reading its name wrong. It isn't "Mars-shadow", it's "Marsh-shadow". It's probably just some swamp-dwelling amphibian or something. Hawaii does have some swampland in the Alakai Wilderness Preserve. Either that or it's a marshmallow. Stranger things have happened.
  • Seriously, Marshadow is basically a Poké God at this point. It's like Pikablu all over again.

Jangmo-o gains a Fighting type at some point in its evolution.
Due to how its biography plays up its warrior tendencies.
  • Confirmed. The October 2016 issue of CoroCoro reveals Jangmo-o's evolution is Dragon/Fighting.

Wild Jangmo-o can have Heart Scales.
Considering that its scales are heart-shaped, it wouldn't be too crazy if you could theoretically farm Heart Scales from them. But it would probably be a bit impractical to hunt for these Pokemon just for their scales.
  • Jossed. They have Razor Claws instead.

Type: Null IS Missingno.
Their names are like error messages, and they're both manmade (although Missingno. is made unintentionally). Seeing as the Generation I games that Missingno. hails from are compatible with Sun/Moon thanks to the unpatched Virtual Console release, it is theoretically possible for Missingno. and its glitchy brethren to cross into Alola, wherein they get transformed into a Type: Null.

Type: Null cannot be caught in the wild
You can only get one in an event, perhaps as a gift from Gladion.
  • Confirmed! You can get one from Gladion in the post-game.

Type: Null was made genderless by its creator.
It was neutered as part of the procedure.

There will be an external event that can remove Type: Null's helmet.
When that happen, it will be as powerful as a mythical event Pokémon.
  • Confirmed, at least for the helmet removal. It requires a Trainer's trust to evolve into Silvally.

Type: Null is an in-universe code name/placeholder name.
The creator were planning to give it a final name, but the project was cancelled halfway.
  • Adding to this, it will be given a "real" name at some point in the story.
  • Perhaps Type: Null is named by Gladion.
    • Jossed. Type: Null was originally named Type: Full by the Aether Foundation, but had its name changed to what it is now when it rejected the RKS System and went berserk. Gladion is implied to have renamed Type: Null's evolution into Silvally.
Type: Null is a failed attempt at creating another Arceus.
Notice how the piece on the bottom part of its helmet resembles the ring surronding Arceus' body. In addition its bio on the official website mentions "To complete a certain mission, there was need of a Pokémon powerful enough to rival those Pokémon often spoken of in mythology." Perhaps that mission was an attempt at creating another universe. This is further supported by the fact that Type: Null's evolution, Silvally, has an ability that allows it to change its type based on the item it holds, similar to Arceus and its plates. And what's that ability's English name? RKS System. In addition, Silvally has a signature move that changes its type based on the item it holds, similar to Arceus.
  • Confirmed. You can find some files on Type: Null in the postgame that reference extensive research in Sinnoh before creating it.

Type: Null is an Eva
See the wmg's about Aether foundation is NERV and Ultra Beasts are Angels.

Morelull's evolution will be Poison/Fairy.
Just look at Skrelp, it sheds its Water typing to become Poison/Dragon when it evolves into Dragalge.
  • Jossed. Still Grass-Fairy.

Marshadow is actually a Marshmallow Pokemon
The Pokemon's type would probably be Fairy/Ghost, and will evolve into "S'mortality", a s'more pokemon.
  • Jossed. It's a Fighting/Ghost shadow Pokémon.

The Rockruff are descendants of one other Rockruff/Lycanroc experimented upon.
Maybe that's why Midnight Lycanroc are complete ruffians (no pun intended) compared to the more sleek Midday form.
  • Jossed. The English Sun and Moon website states that the Lycanroc form Rockruff will evolve into is based on the influence of Solgaleo or Lunala.

There will be a set of version-exclusives
Where they evolve using the Sun Stone and the Moon stone, respectively.
  • Jossed. There is a Sun exclusive that evolves with the Sun Stone, but it's Cottonee, and its counterpart, Petilil, also uses the Sun Stone.

Wishiwashi school form is made from 247-262 of them
A lone Wishiwashi's weight is 0.7lbs (0.3kg) and in school form, their weight is 173.3 lbs (78.6kg). 173.3/0.7=247.57, 78.6/0.3=262.

Rockruff's evo will change form depending on the version it's traded into.
It will become midday form if it enters the sun version, while it enters midnight form in moon.
  • Confirmed. The form that Rockruff will evolve into depends on the version and time of day it's evolved at.

Marshadow is based on this assassin bug
Its type will be Bug/Dark, and it will be found in a swamp.

It is possible to obtain Midday Lycanroc in Pokemon Moon and Midnight Lycanroc in Pokemon Sun after Solgaleo/Lunala is caught
"In the world of Pokémon Sun, Solgaleo’s influence causes Rockruff to evolve into this form." - Midday Lycanroc's description on official pokemon Sun and Moon website. For Midnight Lycanroc, replace "Solgaleo" with "Lunala", "Sun" for "Moon"
  • Jossed. They can be obtained way before Solgaleo or Lunala are even encountered.

Diglett and/or Dugtrio's model will finally reveal the part of it that's underground.
Yet it will still provide no explanation for it learning Scratch/Slash.
  • Jossed on the first part. Which kind of confirms the second on its own.

There won't be any new Ice or Dark type Pokémon.
The only new additions to these typings will be Alolan forms.
  • Crabominable josses Ice, and Guzzlord josses Dark.

You won't be able to catch Type: Null
Type: Null is already stated to be Gladion's partner, and being a chimera-esque Pokemon that is man-made, it seems unlikely you'd be able to find one in the wild. Instead, at some point Gladion will be injured or die in some capacity, and an enraged Type: Null will battle with you against the person/pokemon/ultrabeast that hurt/killed him. Either during or after the battle, Type:Null will remove its helmet, and use its full power to heal/revive Gladion. Since you got to use it for that one battle, both of Type: Null's forms will be added to your Pokedex, but you won't get to keep Type:Null in your party, since he'll be returned to Gladion afterwards.
  • Seems kind of harsh about the catch 'em all aspect. Maybe Gladion will see that Type: Null is more worthy of the player than him and give Type: Null to them as a gift Pokémon.
  • Jossed: You can obtain a Type: Null.

You WILL be able to catch Type: Null
As of right now the only group we know that, at the very least, may have the resources man-power, and dedicated time and effort to make something like Type: Null is the Aether Foundation. Maybe at one point we'll have to explore an abandoned Aether Lab in or near their island, said lab being locked up and abandoned because of another hostile Type: Null found within.
  • Perhaps Gladion will give you his at some point, as it's implied that Type: Null is a unique individual rather then an entire species.
    • While that totally reasonable, if not more possible, if you believe the "Ditto Mewtwo connection" theory (or to applying a semi realistic view to a video game that clearly brakes every scientific and logic-bound law), Type: Null seems to be a failed prototype and you never have only one prototype.
    • Also unless Gladion retires from battling or some other reason that prevents him from fighting, I don't see much reason for him to simply give away his implied Ace Pokemon built for battling that is implied he saved himself to someone else so they can simply use in a similar reason if not against him. well at least not that particular Type: Null.
    • The reveal of Silvally makes this theory more likely to me: it is said that Type: Null removes its helmet and evolves when it finds a partner it really trusts, so the conclusion would be that while Gladion was accepted (or just merely tolerated) by it as a trainer, he was never able to forge a bond strong enough to make Type: Null even stronger. Upon defeat, then, Gladion will entrust Type: Null to the player, who will take the responsibility of being a trainer good enough to awaken its full potential.
      • Gladion is shown with Silvally in the promo art though, so it seems like he can evolve it.
      • to fuel a catch-able Type: Null Theory even more, the Japanese Trailer showed us owning a level 50 Silvally, later in the same trailer we're fighting Gladion's level 53 Silvally, so the only way this disproves the theory is to assume Silvally/Type: Null can be bred.
  • Jossed; you don't catch it. You're given one as a gift in the postgame by Gladion.

The Sun and Moon demo Greninja (the one with Battle Bond) won't be able to be bred.
It's essentially like Cosplay Pikachu. To keep Battle Bond Greninja unique, it'll be in the Undiscovered Egg group and you'll only get it via the demo (or even in an in-game event).
  • Confirmed.

Ash-Greninja is Ash's Greninja!
The one with Battle Bond as its ability is the same one that belonged to Ash before he released it.

The final starters will have two forms that depend on the Affection stat
The descriptions for the mid-stage evolutions mention something about the relationship between them and their trainer.

If a trainer helps Dartrix with its aversion to dirt and unkemptness (probably means grooming it often in Pokémon Refresh) its strength will grow. Torracat is usually a scrappy hothead, but will act like a spoiled child towards a trainer it trusts. A sad Brionne will only drop its cheerful facade if it has opened its heart to its trainer.

So, your starter's final form depends on how much TLC it receives. The leaked wrestler tiger, if it is real, would probably be what Torracat turns into if you don't raise its Affection high enough.

  • Jossed; no alternate forms for the starters.

We haven't seen the/a pseudo-legendary yet
According to Kommo-o's(Jangmo-o line) description, it defends the land for/looks out for a "great Darkness" that covers the land. While this can be summed up to Gamefreaks love of having over-the-top descriptions, this could possibly point toward possibly a powerful dark type Pokemon we have yet to see, either a pseudo-legendary or possibly even another legendary.
  • Jossed by their base stats. The Kommo-o line is this gen's pseudo-legendary.

Lillie will get the third Type: Null.
The files found in the Aether Foundation state that there were three Type: Nulls created. Gladion has the first (which evolves into Silvally), and he gives the player the second in the post-game, but the third is nowhere to be found. With Lillie going off to become a trainer in her own right, and her natural compassion, it's possible that Gladion may give his sister the third Type: Null to care for it the same way he gives the player the second one.

The Johto Starters will receive signature moves.
Because c'mon, the Johto starters need some love. The Gen I starters had Solar Beam, Flamethrower and Hydro Pump; the Gen III starters had Leaf Blade, Blaze Kick and Muddy Water; the Gen VI starters have Spiky Shield, Mystical Fire and Water Shuriken/Mat Block; and the Gen VII starters have Spirit Shackle, Darkest Lariat and Sparkling Aria. The Johto starters don't have this luxury, and they deserve more love. They could go as follows:

  • Meganium: Breath of Life, a Grass and Fairy-type move inspired by its Dex entry about how its breath can bring dead plants back to life. When Meganium uses it, it deals damage and heals Meganium plus all ally Pokemon by the damage dealt. If the foe's using a beam-esque move, this move will go at the same time and engage in a Beam-O-War with the foe's move before ultimately knocking it back. Power 90, PP 15, Accuracy 100%.
  • Typhlosion: Combustion Burst/Flareful Burst: Based on its Dex entry about it creating explosions using its fur, it fires a combustion at the opponent (a la Combustion Bending from [[Franchise/Avatar Avatar]]). The move explodes, causing damage. If the move misses, the opponent will still take damage, but only at a fraction they would've received if they'd taken the hit. Power 90, PP 15, Accuracy 90%.
  • Feraligatr: Deepsea Jaggedness. The Water-type equivalent of Leaf Blade, where Feraligatr forms blades of water on its wrists that resemble the ridges on its head and back while those ridges enlarge and turn blue. Then Feraligatr strikes the opponent with them. These last until the player's next turn. In the meantime, if the opponent hits Feraligatr with a move that makes contact while this move is active, they will take damage equal to a fraction of their move's power.
    • A full datamine of Sun and Moon has revealed that none of the Johto starters got anything new, so it's safe to say this is jossed until a future game.


     Alolan Forms 
Alola Forms.
A new bit of information has been revealed: Many Gen I Pokémon make an appearance in this game, but their types and abilities are so different that they could be regarded as brand new Pokémon. There seems to be at least two kinds: All the members of the line are different from regular forms, or in the case of Alola Exeggutor, only the fully evolved form is different. But which Pokémon do you think will receive variants?
  • Kiawe (One of the Trial Captains) has a bio which mentions that he has a Marowak, but he's also a Fire-type specialist. This may suggest that Alolan Marowak are fire types.
    • Confirmed, Alolan Marowak is a Fire/Ghost type.
  • Meowth and Persian will be Dark Types in order to fix Kanto's broken and unbalanced Type chart. Possible Abilities for them would include Infiltrator, Pickpocket, and Technician, like their normal counterparts.
    • This is actually confirmed surprisingly. Not only are Alolan Meowth Dark-types, but adding balance to Gen I's Pokémon (giving underused types to underused Pokémon) appears to be the main purpose of Alolan forms.
  • Venonant and Venomoth are Bug/Psychic Type in order to promote even more Type diversity, just like the Alolan forms of Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew, Sandslash, and Exeggutor. Alolan Venonat will have Fluffy as it's Ability, while Alolan Venomoth gains Levitate.
  • Rhyhorn, Rhydon, and Rhyperior will adapt to a certain kind of pressure to become a Ground/Steel Type in order to improve their defensive capacities, similar to Onix evolving into Steelix. They will most likely gain Filter as their Ability to cover the weak spots of their natural relatives' armour.
  • Onix and Steelix that are Water/Steel typed. In reference to the Crystal Onix from that Orange Islands episode from so long ago.
    • Or Alola Onix will be Rock/Water, with Alola Steelix being Steel/Water. Their body will be made out of crystal instead of rock and steel.
    • Or Alola Onix will be a pure Ice type being made of crystal, with Alola Steelix being Steel/Ice being made of Diamond with some metal parts. The reason behind this is that Crystal Onix was weak against fire types.
  • Oddish line adapting to the tropical climate by becoming a diurnal Grass/Fire; with their regular Ability becoming Solar Power, and Run Away/Stench/Effect Spore/Healer becoming Soundproof/Aroma Veil/Flame Body/Dancer.
    • Vileplume will have different patterns like the ones in Professor Ivy's place.
  • Jynx will be a Grass/Psychic type that resembles a Hula Dancer as a result of adapting to both the tropical environment and the culture of Alola.
  • Omastar, Kabutops, Cradily, and Armaldo. A recent leak on 4chan showed an unconfirmed list of new pokemon. Among them, there doesn't seem to be any fossil pokemon. In fact, no new fossil pokemon has been revealed yet. Maybe GF decided that they want to break yet another pattern (which they've been doing a lot since Gen V) and gave Alola forms to old fossil pokemon instead. Here, this troper is predicting Alola forms for Omastar, Kabutops, Cradily, and Armaldo. The reasoning goes as follow: Hawaii, on which Alola is based, is a relatively new place on Earth (geologically speaking), and didn't form until long after dinosaurs had perished. However, it is rich with fossils of prehistory aquatic animals. This means that if fossil pokemon are getting Alola forms, it probably wouldn't be Rampardos, Bastiodon or Archeops, which are all based on dinosaurs or related species (for the former two, there is another strong reason for GF to keep them out for now - Sinnoh remake). Instead, it would be fossil pokemon based on prehistory aquatic animals - meaning Omastar, Kabutops, Cradily, and Armaldo, which are based on nautilis, Eurypterids, sea lily, and Anomalocaris respectively. I am predicting that Cradily and Armaldo will get Alola forms of Rock/Water typing. As for Omastar and Kabutops... maybe pure water type to showcase that Alola is such an untainted place? Or Steel/Water type?
    • Oops, from the same troper, the CoroCoro leak of the sand castle Pokemon just falsified the unconfirmed list.
  • Abra line will change typing to Fighting when teleporting cannot keep it away from a crowded population. They have to adept by physically fighting threats off.
    • Alakazam already having a Mega evolution makes it unlikely to get an Alolan form.
    • Alakazam gaining an Alolan form is jossed.
  • Diglett line will be pure Flying.
    • They move up to the sky to keep away from crowds.
    • Think Diglett/Dugtrio on top of a small tornado. That's their Alola forms.
    • Jossed, the Alolan Diglett line is Ground/Steel
  • One that's been rumored a lot is Butterfree. Who is projected to be a Bug/Psychic type. In appearance, it has the same kind of pink body that the Butterfree that became Ash's Butterfree's mate had and it has a similar wing pattern that the Orange Islands Butterfree had.
    • While it would be a nice concept, the fact that Butterfree are shown to migrate across oceans might mean that they aren't isolated enough to develop an Alolan form.
      • Jossed.
  • Alolan Dragonite will have a blue body as well as lossing their wings. They will be a pure Dragon type, or a Dragon/Water which Dratini and Dragonair will also be.
    • Similar to Butterfree, the fact that they routinely fly across the world and even live in the oceans means that they also not isolated enough to develop an Alolan population.
    • Jossed.
  • Alolan Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar will become Ghost/Dark.
    • Not likely for the same reason as Alakazam: It already received a Mega. (Confirmed)
  • Alolan Psyduck and Golduck
    • will be Water/Psychic types because they have unlocked their full power and Alola form Psyduck and Golduck they will be a Golden colour instead of their Kanto colours.
      • Water types are capable of swimming across the ocean so developing an isolated population is unlikely.
      • Jossed.
      • That being said Shellos and Gastrodon have differents depending which sea you find them in. So other pokemon could have something similar.
    • Will become pure-Psychic land-dwellers.
      • Jossed.
  • Alolan Gyarados will become Water/Dragon.
    • Jossed, Sea-bound Pokemon can easily go from and to Alola, making isolation unlikely, and already has a Mega Evolution.
  • Alolan Scyther will change to a Bug/Dragon type, it does have some reptilian features.
    • Jossed, already has a mega evolution (Mega Scizor).
  • The Alolan Squirtle, Wartortle,and Blastoise will become a dual type Pokemons Water/Ground.
    • Jossed, already has a mega evolution.
  • Alolan Ekans will be aquatic. Perhaps Poison/Water or Poison/Dragon. The reason for this is due to Yungoos (Mongooses eat snakes remember?). Its introduction also had an effect on the Ekans population and they responded by going to sea to get away from them.
    • Jossed
  • Alolan Geodude will be made out of volcanic rock. Maybe Pumice. Its so light that it is able to float.
    • The Alolan Geodude line has facial hair on them, and are Rock/Electric, so, Confirmed on the Prediction and Jossed on what it'll look like?

Alolan Forms won't be limited to Gen I Pokemon.
  • Cherrim will be a Grass/Fire Pokémon with Flower Gift properly revised.
  • The Snorunt line will be found on the rocky areas and their primary type will be rock.
  • Vibrava and Flygon will become Ground/Water types as a result of adapting to the tropical climate.
  • Genesect will be Bug/Rock because you will revive it from a fossil, instead of Team Plasma.
  • Phanpy and Donphan (and Hippopotas and Hippowdon) will become Water type simply because elephants and hippos are usually associated with water. Also, they'll be version exclusive counterparts to each other.
  • The Floette line will gain a secondary type based on the flowers grown in each of the Alolan islands. Their typing is according on Oricorio's primary type.
    • Alternatively, the typings will be based off of the flower's colors. Red Flower Florges (and its pre-evolutions) will be Fairy/Psychic, Blue Flower Florges will be Fairy/Water, Yellow Flower Florges will be Fairy/Electric, Orange Flower Florges will be Fairy/Fire, and White Flower Florges will be Fairy/Ice.
  • Alolan Carbink and Diancie will be either Rock/Dark or Dark/Water and will have Black Coral (Hawaii's state gem) in place of their traditional gems.
  • Bellossom will be Grass/Fire, to better utilize its Sun Stone, and will have grown taller to better resemble a hula dancer.
  • Vanillite line: Berry-flavored Ice/Grass type with Harvest as an ability.
  • Lugia will be a Water/Flying to fact it is usually found in water and it is the Diving Pokémon.
  • Alolan Wailord will be a Water/Rock type based off of a humpback whale, since said whales can be found at Hawaiian whale-watching spots, and humpbacks tend to catch barnacles (Or in this case Binacles)on their skin, the latter explaining the Rock-type.
  • Alola Unown will be based on musical notes.
    • Unfortunately, Jossed. Only Gen 1 Pokemon got Alolan forms.

In reverse to old Pokémon gaining Alolan forms,
Some Alolan Pokémon may have different forms when they're found outside Alola.
  • Litten's final evo will have Fighting as its usual secondary type, but its Alola form will have Dark secondary typing instead.
  • Salandit was originally a Dark-type who is known for its thievery, but moved into the volcanic region of Alola and adapted to the dangerous volcano and weaponized its sulfurous exhaust.
  • Without flowers in Alola to provide type-changing nectars, non-Alolan Oricorio are plain-looking Normal/Flying birds.
  • Non-Alolan Mimikyu will wear a Clefairy disguise.
    • Mimikyu from Hoenn will wear a Skitty disguise using the Hi-Skitty doll.
  • The Sandygast line were originally Rock/Ghost types who possess rock pieces to eventually form a castle.
    • Palossand stays on top of mountain cliffs and falls onto unsuspecting victims to sap their life away while they're injured. The victims' grudges accumulate together and possess a pile of gravel to form Sandygast.
  • Turtonator was a Water-type. It became Fire/Dragon when it moved to the volcanic regions of Alola.

An Ice-type version of the evolutionary stones will be introduced.
It will be used to evolve Alola Vulpix into Ninetales.
  • Or, alternatively...
  • The Ice Stone was leaked as of October 4

Alola Vulpix will evolve when leveled up near an Ice Rock
Just like Glaceon.
  • Jossed, see above.

The natural predator Alolan Marowak evolved to resist is a Bug-type.
Bug-type resists normal Marowak's Ground-type. Alolan Marowak, on the other hand, counters Bug-type both defensively and offensively.
  • Alternatively, the predator is a Grass-type, due to the fact that Grass resists Ground and is super effective against it. Maybe the predator was Lurantis, due to the fact that it lures in opponents with its flower-like appearance, then strikes.
  • Bug-type theory is Jossed, while the Grass-type theory is confirmed.

Alolan Raichu will be able to learn Surf in some non-event fashion.
I mean, look at it! It's a Psychic surfing Raichu, and Pikachu has had several events that allowed it to learn Surf. Maybe it'll be able to learn Surf either via level up or TM.
  • Jossed.

Alolan Raichu came about from exposure to drugs.
It surfs through the air and it apparently loves sweets and pancakes. Its also unconcerned with what others think of it. It's clearly high on something. Possibly marijuana.

Only Kanto Pokémon will receive Alolan Forms.
Given that the only Pokémon revealed have been part of the "original" 151, this feels like a fair conclusion and would make for a refreshing nod to the twenty year old designs.
  • Confirmed.

Breeding non-Alolan Pokémon with Alolan forms.
With the new trailer released, it showed several normal Pokémon evolving into Alolan forms. But if we transferred some Pokémon from Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokemon X And Y and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, these Pokémon wouldn't just adapt immediately. Therefore, say for example, you transfer a Pikachu and evolve it normally, it won't have it's Alolan form like a Pikachu from Alola. Likewise, breeding said Pikachu will just produce ordinary Pikachu that evolve into ordinary Raichu. Or, ordinary Vulpixes/Ninetales will still produce ordinary Vulpixes/Ninetales.
  • I think its more likely that evolving certain Pokemon (like Exeggcute, Pikachu and Cubone) in Alola itself is the trigger for evolving into an Alolan form, if applicable: Alolan Exeggutor's lore specifically mentions that it grew tall due to the year-long tropical sun. Kinda like how evolving Eevee near an Ice or Mossy Rock will let it evolve into Glaceon and Leafeon, but game-wide rather then confined to a single route. Alolan forms where all the members are different would work more like East and West Shellos and Gastrodon (i.e breeding a regular female Ninetales will produce regular Vulpix but a female Alolan Ninetales will produce Alolan Vulpix).

Alolan Persian will be a Dark/Steel type.
As of writing this WMG, Meowth is currently the only Pokemon with an Alolan form where the evolved form has not yet been shown. I'm predicting that the eventual Alolan Persian will be a Dark/Steel type. Regular Meowth loses its trademark charm on its forehead when it evolves into a Persian, so an Alolan Meowth's charm becoming more elaborate as it evolves into an Alolan Persian would be nice to see. It would also add another Steel type to Gen 1's roster alongside Alolan Sandshrew and Sandslash.
  • Jossed. Pure Dark.

The true origin of Alolan Raichu
Raichus from Alola were banned from civilization due to either the rodent problem or because they were deemed too dangerous for children (or both). Because of this, they were forced to live on the beaches and slowly adapted to the environment. They found an odd passion for surfing, and thus dedicated their lives to mastering it.

Each type will get at least one Alolan form Pokemon.
In Pokemon X and Y they made sure each type would have at least one mega evolution, they will also make sure each type has at least one Alolan form.
  • Jossed. No Fighting, Bug, Water, and Flying Alolan forms are seen.

there are Alolan forms from pokemon of all regions, we just haven't seen them yet
there aren't that many Alolan form Pokemon despite that being a big part of the new games. Game freak and Nintendo just aren't advertising them because the first gen ones are more iconic and marketable with Pokemon Go being a success. Their will be plenty of Alolan forms of pokemon, at least ones from Johto, Hoenne and Sinnoh since they are also based off of various parts of real life Japan
  • Jossed.

No Water-type Pokémon will have an Alolan form.
In real life, divergent species evolution occurs when members of species are separated for a long while. We can easily assume that Alola is pretty far away from the other regions. And yes, I know about Alolan Exeggutor's all-year sunlight shtick, but I'm not counting him. It's the sun's fault he's this way.
  • The current theory regarding Exeggutor is that they originally came from Alola and spread elsewhere. The short form is the most well-known variant. However, the original point may also apply to Flying-types as well (unless there are Pokemon that are flying types in other regions but the Alolan form isn't). Also don't rule out the possibly of a non Water-type having an Alolan form that is one.
  • Confirmed.

     Ultra Beasts 
UB-01 is meant to be a deconstruction.
It deconstructs the fantasy of a human fusing with a Pokémon AKA synchro-fusion.
  • Confirmed in the most terrifying way possible.

UB-01 was the one hiding in Lillie's bag.
Also, as it became friends with Lillie, it changed form to mimic her.
  • Jossed. Lillie carries around a Cosmog.

Ultra Beasts are actual extraterrestrial lifeforms.
The fact that they're not confirmed to be Pokemon raises several questions. UB-01 certainly fits the mold of a Starfish Alien. They could come from space or another dimension (Giratina's Distortion World seems to be a good bet).
  • Confirmed and Jossed the same time. They're not extraterrestrial lifeforms, they're extradimensional lifeforms.

Ultra Beasts are the Pokémon universe's versions of SCPs.
  • They're strange, anomalous creatures which defy the laws of the regular universe, similar to SCP objects. There have even been SCPs which had come from different dimensions! The Ultra Recon Squad is the Pokemon version of the Foundation, aiming to capture and contain the Ultra Beasts, even giving them identification numbers like UB-01, UB-02 et cetera, akin to the Foundation identifying the anomalous objects by SCP (number).

Ultra beasts are not officially registered as Pokémon and is a failed prototype
The themes of alchemy have been very strong with this generation so far, and along with UB-01 was Type:Null a chimera pokemon, the Aether orginization may possibly be playing god to create newer improved pokemon however given its simmilarity to Lilly it may also be a failed attempt at "Synchro" akin to Ash Greninja. the question is. what was the creature before this synchro?
  • Jossed. They're extradimensional Pokémon

UB-01 is not a threat.
Although described as such, if the thoery of it actually being Lillie is true, then it is likely a benevolent force. Given Lillie's resemblance to Lusamine, and the implication that the Ultra Beasts are the work of the Aether Foundation, it's possible UB-01 disguised itself as a young girl in order to escape them, assuming the theories on the Aether Foundation being actually evil turn out to be correct.
  • Jossed. UB-01 generates neurotoxins that remove the inhibitions of those who take them in, and it ultimately contributed to Lusamine's insanity.

Ultra Beasts mainly consist of "Non-Natural" entities.
In similar to past non-Pokémon entities like Bittercold, Voice of Life/Hydreigon and Dark Matter, they are not born through natural methods, but neither were they created like other artificial Pokémon.
  • Jossed. They're extradimensional Pokémon

Other Ultra Beasts have designs that are also based on other "mysterious" characters.
UB-01 appears to be based on Lillie. Is it also possible that other Ultra Beasts may be based on other human characters. Such as N or even minor Non Player Characters with bizarre abilities like Mr.Bonding.
  • Skirted around. Both UB-02s and UB-03 share appearance traits with existing characters (Gladion, Lusamine and Guzma), but Lillie is based on UB-01, not the other way around.

Ultra Beasts are Septentriones.
Pokemon are the demons, Aether Foundation is JP's and the Law faction, and Team Skull is the Chaos faction.

Ultra Beasts are Pokémon
But they're from another universe.
  • Confirmed. They're extradimensional Pokémon

Ultra Beasts are glitch Pokémon.
The Pokémon from the R/G/B/Y Virtual Console releases can be transferred to Sun/Moon via Bank. People are definitely going to at least try to transfer Missingno and its ilk, just to see what happens.

The Ultra Beasts are an Outside-Context Problem, implied to come from another dimension, whose status as Pokémon is highly debatable. They're rumored to pose a threat to Pokémon and humans alike, even though there are already implications that UB-01 might be benevolent. At least one Ultra Beast is capable of some form of shapeshifting. Instead of actual names like "real" Pokémon have, they're given code names consisting of letters and numbers. Fanon paints the Gen I glitch Pokémon as Eldritch Abominations that are harmful to both humans and Pokémon; even the harmless Missingno was at one time rumored to be extremely dangerous. Few of them could be said to have a stable or clearly-defined shape. Most have garbage "names" formed from a mixture of letters and numbers.

In short, Ultra Beasts are an alternate universe version of Gen I's glitches, forcibly brought to Alola by people who were messing with things they shouldn't have.

  • building on the above, Missingno will be UB-00.
  • Well, they did delete the old dimensions...

Alternativly Ultra Beasts are the long debunked Poke-gods
Yeah. anyone remember those myths? the name of Ultra beast is pretty simmilar to the term Pokegod in a way its hyped out to be more powerful then normal pokemon, the fact they are stated to be a threat on both human and pokemon may also imply they have some godly power.

UB-01 is connected to Zygarde somehow.
In-universe, Ultra Beasts are debated on whether they count as Pokemon or not. UB-01 is also described as having basic survival instincts but not having a will or emotions of its own. They are also supposed to be many of them. What other creature could all of these traits also apply to? Zygarde Cell. They are also take the form of invertebrate life (jellyfish and flatworm respectively). Could it be that UB-01 is also like Zygarde Cell in that its also a fraction of a much larger creature?
  • Jossed.

The Ultra Beasts are a Shout-Out to Eternal Darkness
Back in the days of the Gamecube, there were two games that were celebrated are the pinnacle of Survival Horror at the time and both were Gamecube exclusive: Resident Evil 4 and the lesser known Eternal Darkness. Despite the latter's commercial and critical success, becoming a Cult Classic, it was quietly forgotten by Nintendo due to being overshadowed by the company's other IPs and, most likely, future controversy surrounding the game's developers, Silicon Knights. Judging by the design of UB-01, this will be Nintendo's first ever recognition of the game in more than a decade. UB-01 looks similar to Ulyaoth, one of Eldritch Abomination Big Bad Ensemble of the game, with it being a sea jelly like creature made of liquid glass, ability to shapeshift, and apparently came from beyond the Pokemon world's dimension. Would not be surprise that there are three Ultra Beasts total and the other two are Chatt'urga and Xel'lohta.

Lusamine, Lillie and Gladion are all Ultra Beasts.
To account for their eerily similar appearances, and that UB-01 (whose name implies that there are more than one!) looks like Lillie.
  • Possibly. UB-02 Beauty looks similar to Lusamine, and UB-02 Expansion shares its color scheme with Gladion.
    • Jossed.

Solgaleo and Lunala are both pokemon and ultrabeasts
It will help increase their significance by making them a connection between the pokemon world and the ultra beast's world.
  • Confirmed. They're considered Ultra Beasts because they (along with their pre-evolutions Cosmog and Cosmoem) can create Ultra Wormholes.

The Ultra Beasts aren't human characters in another form
Instead, they are creatures that take on the shape of humans, in an attempt to try and make themselves seem trustworthy. However, their skills at actually imitating humans are not exactly stellar.
  • Jossed. They're simply extradimensional Pokémon

Ultra Beasts are meant to be a new type of "Pokemon" made with human clones
UB-02 Beauty has traits and a posture similar to Lusamine, as well as UB-01 having traits of Lillie, at least one member of the Aether orginization. if we are to beleive UB-02 Expansion is based on a character we are yet to see, it could be possible that the AF are trying to make humans and pokemon one again as of tales of old]]
  • Jossed. They're simply extradimensional Pokémon

UB-01 and UB-02 aren't Lillie and Lusamine/Gladion...
Rather, they are their alternate dimension counterparts. It's been implied that Ultra Beasts are from another dimension entirely, so it's possible that the universe in question is one where UB have taken over over/are in the place of humans.
  • Jossed. Lusamine was affected by UN-01/Nihilego's neurotoxins, which made her dress up Lillie similarly to UB-01

Ultra Beasts are the true main antagonists.
Rather then the ultimate Big Bad being a human as they've been in every generation before. Game Freak has decided to break this trend as well and introduce them as the main antagonistic force. Team Skull and the Aether Foundation do have their moments but their actions cause these creatures to appear.
  • Confirmed in a manner. UB-01/Nihilego's neurotoxins affected Lusamine and put the whole plot in motion.

UB-01 is on your side, but UB-02 is evil.
  • Jossed. The UB-01/Nihilego are the true Big Bads in a sense, as their neurotoxins are what caused Lusamine to go insane until she was defeated by the player. All of the Ultra Beasts are Non Malicious Monsters, with the exception of Nihilego, which is quite possibly mindless, the Ultra Beasts are just scared animals attacking what they see as threats under the influence of Nihilego venom. Once Pokeballs are adapted to their biology, they can be caught, and Pokémon Refresh shows them to be as friendly as more familiar Pokémon once calmed down. Even Nihilego is just acting to create guardians for its territory.

All three Ultra Beast seen so far are female.
Assuming that they even have genders in the first place, all three Ultra Beasts (UB-01, UB-02 Beauty and UB-02 Absorption) all have feminine qualities to them:
  • UB-01 takes on the appearance of a young girl.
  • Beauty has an obviously feminine appearance.
  • Absorption doesn't appear to be female at first glance... Until you remember that female mosquitoes are the ones that suck blood.
    • Jossed. All of the Ultra Beasts lack genders

Whoever made UB-02 took influence from Solgaleo/Lunala and tapped into their power.
There's a reason what type of UB-02 shows up in Sun/Moon; whoever's making them (which I'm not guessing because everyone and their mother on this part of the WMG have) is using the box legendaries influence.
  • Jossed. UB-02, both of them, are extradimensional Pokémon who are separate from Solgaleo/Lunala

Ultra Beasts are Angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Presumably not Pokemon a.k.a. normal inhabitants of earth? Supposedly dangerous to life on earth? Eldritch Abominations? Ultra Beasts are the equivalent of Angels. Bonus points if humans are stated to be a form of UB's, even more bonus points if there's 17 UB's.

Each Ultra Beast will have a pokemon form.
Recently, the Chinese riddler has given us a "leak" hinting at what we are going to see in the Alola dex. Notably, UB-01 and UB-02s are listed there, alongside the other Alola pokemons. So this troper is thinking... maybe each Ultra Beast will have a pokemon form. Here is the theory: Ultra Beasts are in truth Pokemon-human hybrid (as hinted at by their unusually humanoid appearances), created by the Aether Foundation for some purposes. Since pokeballs are designed in such a way that they can't be used to capture humans, they can't capture the part-human Ultra Beasts. Out of resentment for being experimental subjects, Ultra Beasts turn on humans and serve as the main antagonistic force in the story. At the end, the main protagonist and his/her friends will defeat the Ultra Beasts and, as per the norm of this franchise, befriend them. Then they will summon Solgaleo or Lunaala, who will then use their power to "purify" the Ultra Beasts, turning them into complete pokemon so that they can finally be in peace. Each Ultra Beast will thus have a pokemon form that is capturable in post-game.
  • Jossed. They ARE already Pokémon. Just extradimensional ones that don't really obey the natural laws of the game's dimension

Buzzwole and Pheromosa are the male and female of the same species

They start out as larvae, and males evolve into Buzzwole while females evolve into Pheromosa.

Nihilego isn't actually a parasite.
It's possible that it may actually more of a symbiote, if you think about it. It amplifies its hosts abilities and removes their inhibitions; the first of these actions is extremely beneficial to the host, while the second is beneficial to the host, but may be detrimental as whole depending on what the host would be like without their inhibitions. The only known downside is a neurotoxin that leaves the host in a critical state after defusing; considering that the fusion is intended to provide guardians for its territory, it may also defuse from its host of its own accord if they travel too far away from its territory.

Now, the issue with this is that we've only seen this fusion once, with Lusaminenote , a human. Considering that the Ultra Beasts are from an entirely different dimension, which is likely to have entirely different biology, this may be a result of Humans Are Cthulhu. Nihilego may in fact use a neurotoxin which is relatively benign to other life in UB Space, but extremely dangerous to humans; it's likely that other species in UB Space have a mild high upon defusion, if there are even any lasting effects. If so, then regardless of whether it's sentient or not, it wouldn't know that it could actually hurt humans by fusing with them unless members of its species had done so in the past, and may have just been attempting to act as a symbiote, like it normally would for UB Space lifeforms.

Ultra Beasts aren't Pokémon, despite being catchable.
While being catchable by Pokéballs may indicate that they're just a type of Pokémon, this isn't necessarily the case. If one looks closely enough, there's evidence in the series that Pokémon are only one member of the group marked as "catchable" for balls.
  • Items can be stored in Pokéballs, with this being how items are stored in the field. While it may not be canonical to the games, the anime explicitly shows that items (such as rice balls) can be caught by Pokéballs.
  • In Pokéstar Studios' Timegate Traveler Series, Bug Pokémon catch people in Human Balls. The fact that this is plausible enough for the viewers to accept it indicates that people believe Pokéball technology can be modified to catch humans, despite humans explicitly not being Pokémon.
    • Furthermore, Pokéballs are specifically designed not to catch humans. The fact that they need to be designed specifically to prevent this, despite humans not being Pokémon, indicates that they aren't limited to catching Pokémon, despite their name.
Considering this, the fact that Ultra Beasts can be caught in Pokéballs doesn't conclusively prove that they must be Pokémon.

Furthermore, the capture rates serve as additional proof that Pokéballs aren't fully compatible with Ultra Beasts, on a fundamental level:

  • Apart from the Master Ball, all normal balls have a 1x catch rate multiplier when used on Ultra Beasts. This suggests that most techniques used to make it harder for normal Pokémon to escape from balls have no effect on Ultra Beasts. [The Master Ball is an exception, due to being designed specifically so that anything caught by it is completely unable to escape, no matter what it does. It's plausible that it actually lacks the safeguards that other balls have.]
  • Beast Balls, which are specifically designed to catch Ultra Beasts, have a 5x multiplier against them... but a 0.1x multiplier against everything other than them. This suggests that techniques used to make it harder for Ultra Beasts to escape actually make it easier for regular Pokémon to escape, hinting at some very large differences.
The issue can't be that the Pokéballs' systems don't recognise them as catchable, or all normal balls (including the Master Ball) would be completely ineffective against them. Rather, the most likely conclusion here is that Beast Balls use different hardware than normal balls, which would likely only be necessary if Ultra Beasts were a fundamentally type of entity than regular Pokémon and items; if they were merely extradimensional Pokémon, it's likely that the balls would only need software updates.

It's likely that all Pokéballs have a general-purpose matter-energy conversion system, with the only functional differences between the different types (possibly excluding Master and Beast balls) being the software; this software is also responsible for preventing them from catching humans. If this is true, then being catchable doesn't prove that Ultra Beasts are Pokémon, but merely that the system recognises them as "not human" and "catchable".

     Mega Evolutions to debut (JOSSED) 
Place your bets/wishes! Winners will be in bold.
  • Solrock and Lunatone: Fits with the theme of the games.
  • Froslass: To serve as counterpart to Mega Glalie, justified by Mega Gallade in ORAS.
  • Flygon: Perhaps Sugimori's over his artists' block?
  • Trevenant: While a cool design, vanilla Trevenant isn't treelike enough.
  • Gourgeist: Counterpart to Mega Trevenant.
  • Clefable and Heliolisk: Another sun/moon pair.
  • Milotic: Because why not?
  • Butterfree: Counterpart to Mega Beedrill.
  • Ho-Oh & Lugia: Sun & Moon.
  • Tauros: Associated with Spain.
    • Tauros also has a possible connection the Taurus constellation.
  • Cresselia: Literally a Lunar Pokémon.
  • Dragonite: To continue the Mega Pseudo-Legendary trend. It could be a Dragon/Water Type, since it learns a diverse range of Water Type attacks. A good Ability for it could be one that converts Normal Type attacks into Water Type attacks, not only effectively giving it STAB Extreme Speed, but also to noticeably distinguish itself from Mega Salamence.
  • Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr: To mirror the Kanto Starters getting special treatment in Gen VI, such as getting Mega Evolutions, and being another Starter Pokémon that you can get from the new region's professor early on in the game.
  • Volcarona: It is the Sun Pokémon, after all. Bonus points if it can gain Drought as its Ability.
  • Rhyperior: Since Rhydon is one of the earliest Pokémon created by Game Freak, it would make perfect sense to introduce a Mega Evolution for its evolved form Rhyperior in the games that will officially celebrate Pokémon's 20th anniversary.
  • Sigilyph and Golurk: Just in case AZ can utilise Mega Evolution should he be in the new games. Sigilyph and Golurk are essentially long-lasting Pokémon that can live for a very long time, just long enough for AZ to hold on to a consistent Mega Evolution user as old as him.
  • Jirachi: Also celestially-themed with the wishing star concept, and it wouldn't be the first "cute Mythical" to Mega Evolve.
  • Vileplume/Bellossom: Another moon/sun pair.
  • Wigglytuff: Due to the Moon Rabbit influence. It could also tie into Jigglypuff's role in Super Smash Bros. (For a Wigglytuff in potential future Smash Bros games), and become a Fighting / Fairy types, and fight in a style not unlike Pretty Cure. Come on, that would be Badass Adorable.
  • Nidoking and Nidoqueen: Also evolve by Moon Stone, and would fill the "badass Mega" niche.
  • Lilligant and Whimsicott: Former version counterparts, both evolving by Sun Stone.
  • And maybe (probably not) Sunflora and Delcatty, just to guess all of the other titular-Stone evolutions.
    • I could imagine a Mega Delcatty being Normal or Normal/Fairy.
  • Electivire and Magmortar: Why not?
    • Considering that it will be 10 years since Diamond/Pearl were both released in Japan, this would be a great opportunity to incorporate both Mega Evolutions into the game. Mega Electivire could be an Electric/Fighting Type, while Mega Magmortar would become a Fire/Poison Type. This is merely speculation as of now.
  • Mr. Mime and Jynx: Okay, this one is just personal preference, but it's be good of them to try to redeem Jynx a little, and to see where they'd go with a Mega Mr. Mime would be cool.
  • Lapras: It could be found deep within the new region's biggest cave. It can only be caught once a week, as a nod to being able to fight one in Union Cave back in Generation II/IV.
  • Exeggutor: It grows much taller, resembling a palm tree, which is typically associated with tropical beaches.
    • By that same line of thinking, it's only fair for Tropius to get a Mega as well.
    • Actually, Mega Eexeggutor would go well with a Blue appearance to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, being his de facto Weapon of Choice.
    • Semi-Jossed? We have a palm tree Exeggutor, but it's a regional variant instead.
  • Shedinja: It would be an insect-themed guardian angel. It will lose some defence in exchange for good physical attack and speed.
  • Ninjask: Counterpart to Mega Shedinja. Could pull a Garchomp, where it loses some speed (though still relatively fast) for high physical and special attack.
  • Ludicolo: Makes perfect sense if used by a high-ranking hula Trainer.
  • Haxorus: It'll be a Dragon/Steel type due to its association with axes.
  • Yanmega: Its type will change to Bug/Dragon because it's a dragonfly.
  • Accelgor and Escavalier: Both are intentionally "badass" and could easily be embellished Mega-style.
  • Vivillion: If we get a Mega Butterfree, we may as well get a Mega Vivillion, too. Maybe it would be exclusive to Moon and Mega Butterfree Sun?
  • Starmie: Since the games may be going for a huge space motif, it would make sense for a star-based Pokémon to receive a Mega Evolution. Plus, it may gain Regenerator, since starfishes are known to regenerate their bodies in real life.
  • Rapidash: MLP jokes aside, Mega Rapidash will somewhat resemble an Alicorn. It will gain the Fire/Flying-type combination to give it immunity to Spikes and Ground-type attacks. Its potential Ability will be Aerilate. It also knows a sun-based attack, Morning Sun.
  • Klinklang: Since Magearna is a thing right now, it might make sense for another Gear Pokémon to receive a Mega. Mega Klinklang will be a Steel/Electric-type with either Levitate or Technician for its Ability. Appearance-wise, it will be a 100% complete engine.
  • Slowking: To rival Mega Slowbro. Just like Mega Gallade, Mega Slowking will have a unique stat distribution from its counterpart.
  • Espeon and Umbreon: They're among a handful of Pokémon whose evolution is dependent on the day/night cycle, which obviously ties in to the astrological motif. Moreover, they're universally beloved by fans and popular on the competitive scene — in fact, a Mega Evolution could be just the thing that Umbreon needs to join Espeon in BL/OU.
  • Dunsparce: It'd be funny.
  • Zoroark: As a parallel to Lucario — both were the originally revealed Pokémon of their respective generations, and were fairly popular. Also, there's a striking lack of Unova Pokémon with Mega Evolutions. Although Mega Evolution might interfere with Zoroark's illusion theme...
  • Ninetales: Gains a Ghost-type (due to Kitsunes, which Ninetales is based off, becoming spirits much later in their lives, and its many Ghost-type attacks it can learn), and gets a large boost in Attack, Special Attack and Speed.
  • Mismagius: Becomes a Ghost/Fairy type on Mega-evolving. In terms of stats, it gets even boosts to its defenses, special attack and speed (25 in all these stats). Whether or not it keeps Levitate or gets a new ability depends on its design (similar to Gengar).
  • Honchkrow: If Mismagius gets a mega, then so should Honchkrow. It probably gets boosts to its attack stats and possibly speed. As for abilities, maybe it keeps Moxie? Regains Murkrow's Prankster? Perhaps gets Gale Wings?
  • Raichu: Because Pikachu is the Series Mascot.
    • That would imply that the game developers care about Raichu.
    • Oh hey they do care about Raichu. So much so that they gave it an Alolan form instead. Ha.
  • Weezing and Arbok: Since Jessie and James are the most prominent antagonists in the anime. Mega Arbok could possibly become the logical Poison/Dark Type, while Mega Weezing becomes the long overdue Poison/Fire Type.
  • Hypno: Gains No Guard for an always accurate Hypnosis. Magic Bounce could also work for it, as well.
  • Octillery: Gains increased offenses (Attack and Sp. Atk), along with slight boosts to it's defenses. Potential Type combos could be Water/Poison (Since cephalopod ink can contain acids), Water/Fire or Water/Steel (Since Octillery is partially influenced by an artillery), and Water/Ice (Since it can learn Ice Type moves like Aurora Beam and Ice Beam). A good Ability for it can be one that boosts the power of beam based attacks.
    • Or or or.. Keep it pure Water and give it Protean. It's both a reference to the Octopus's ability to camouflage itself and give it potential STAB on all it's moves.
  • Tropius: It could actually lose its Flying typing and gain Levitate, a boost to both attack stats, and a lot of speed turning it into a Lightning Bruiser. Some of its new typings could include Grass/Water, as fruits have juice in them, or just pure grass.
    • Why Levitate? Grass types already resist Ground. Such and an ability would be useless for it. Just look at Carnivine.
  • Dusknoir: Becomes the Grim Reaper, scythe included, along with being a dark/ghost type. It gains a massive boost to attack and defenses in order to become an unstoppable destroyer against unprepared teams. It could also have the ability of Shadow Tag, specifically to fit the reaper motif.
  • Wobbuffet: Because Wynaut
  • Azumarill, because it's the "Aqua Rabbit" Pokémon.
  • Alomomola, it's based off the ocean sunfish, which favors tropical areas.
    • And Alomomola sounds a bit like Alola.
  • Ledian: It is the "Five Star" Pokémon after all. It could also gain Attack or Sp. Attack at the cost of it's Sp. Defense.
  • Hydreigon, because despite it's reputation in the Pokédex, we've had several games show us that it is just like any other Pokémon, and since it is capable of learning Draco Meteor, this prove it is capable of forming the strong bond with it's trainer necessary to pull it off. And as the Pokémon hit hardest by the creation of the fairy type, give it Steel/Dragon Typing to take back its edge.
    • Bonus points if Hydreigon's Mega will look like Mecha-King Ghidorah.
  • The Elemental Monkeys: In a Japanese popularity poll that ranked all 720 (or 721 if you include Volcanion), Simisear got dead last. This is a clear message to the game developers about which Pokémon has been "truly forgotten" (as opposed to "forgotten" Pokémon like Dunsparce, Vanilluxe and Luvdisc, who are still remembered and are actually famous for being "forgotten" or "terrible"). All the elemental monkeys will get one in an attempt to get them back into the limelight.
  • Granbull: Mainly to improve it's physical and special defences, as well as it's physical attack. Possible Type combos for it could be Fairy/Fighting, since it can learn a good chunk of Fighting Type attacks, or Fairy/Dark, since some dogs can be very savage. Unless more Fairy moves are introduced, the ideal Ability for it should be Pixilate.
  • Magcargo: Since Alola is based off Hawaii, it will have volcanoes, and they're usually home to Slugma and Magcargo in some regions. Mega Magcargo retains it's unique Fire/Rock Typing, while gaining Sturdy as it's Ability.
  • Probopass: While Alola is based on Hawaii and not Easter Island, there are hints there will be Pokémon that take inspiration from all over the Pacific (as there's already a new Pokémon based on a koala, which is an Australian mammal). Maybe it will get pure-steel like Aggron. Hope it won't be too ugly, though...
  • Dodrio: Linking on the above suggestion. It will have FOUR heads !
  • Alola Starters: Their final evolutions will be revealed early, then their Mega Evolutions will be showcased later on.
  • Rockruff's final evo: This is the secret it shares with the Alola starters; they are the only confirmed Gen VII Pokémon capable of Mega Evolutions!
  • Eevee: Who better than the evolution pokemon to be the exception to the rule about only fully-evolved pokemon getting Megas? Mega Eevee would either fill the role of a Normal Eeveelution, or it would be every other Eeveelution at once by having Protean.
    • Jossed. Eevee got a Z-Move instead, which boosts ALL of Eevee's stats by 2.
    • Jossed for every WMG. There are no new Mega Evolutions in Sun/Moon.

     Mechanics Related 

There will be space travel.
As the names suggest, possibly the player will be able to go to space to capture the regional legendary Pokémon.
  • Jossed. You capture Solgaleo/Lunala after going to another dimension and returning to the Alola region to catch it

"Ash-Greninja" is a sneak preview of a feature from Sun and Moon.
It's probably not a true Mega Evolution, since there's no mention of Greninjite anywhere. Instead, A-G is a "pseudo-Mega" form, which Starters can attain some way; stronger than the baseline, but not quite as powerful as a Mega form. If the Kanto and Hoenn starters also have hidden pseudo-Mega forms, it would add an interesting strategic wrinkle to the metagame.
  • I wouldn't be too sure as Mega Mewtwo Y was initially introduced as "Awakened Form", and in the movie it was introduced in, it didn't need a Mewtwonite Y to Mega Evolve as it does in the games.
  • Ash-Greninja is still probably not a Mega Evolution, given that only Alain thought that he was and he's not too savvy about this sort of thing.
  • I wouldn't take the anime as concrete evidence for anything. We're still waiting on 100% Zygarde.
  • Semi-Jossed and Semi-Confirmed? Ash-Greninja is revealed to not be a Mega Evolution, but the result of a new ability called "Battle Bond" which lets it transform into a more powerful form in battle. Similar to the Zygarde with Power Construct or Wishiwashi's Schooling.

Espeon, Umbreon, Solrock, and Lunatone will receive Mega Evolutions in this game.
Since these Pokémon are related to the sun and the moon, it only makes sense. The Mega Stones for Espeon and Solrock will be exclusive to the Sun version while the Mega Stones for Umbreon and Lunatone will be exclusive to the Moon version.
  • The rocks I can see. The Eevees... not unless the other branches receive them too, which I doubt. Otherwise, we'd have Character Select Forcing.
  • Jossed. There are no new Mega Evolutions in Sun/Moon.

Minior is a pre-evolution of Solrock and Lunatone.
Minior is called the Meteor Pokémon, while Solrock & Lunatone are the Meteorite Pokémon. Meteors are space objects that pass through the atmosphere, while meteorites are the ones that actually reach the ground. As to how it will evolve, who knows—maybe you have to reach a certain level and trigger Shields Down, and still win the battle with Minior. Or, because Solrock is Attack focused while Lunatone is more Defense focused, maybe you have to fulfill the evolution condition while in shielded form to get Lunatone, or trigger Shields Down to get Solrock.
  • Jossed. Minior is unrelated to Solrock/Lunatone.

Customization will come back and be expanded.
With not only traditional clothes, but also themed outfits, outfits based on previous characters from the series, or maybe even other Nintendo characters.
  • Considering that one of the few complaints about Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was a lack of customization (in an otherwise Even Better Remake), it will likely return. Especially given that you can customize your trainer in Pokkén Tournament and many liked Splatoon's customization, they may feel more to bring back customization.
  • It's confirmed to be coming back as of May 10, but whether or not it'll be expanded is still yet to be clarified.
    • Customization is expanded.

These games will be as different as night and day
Yeah, you know that old saying. Not necessarily these games being locked to certain times of day. Let's say there was an expansion of what Opelucid City started; that is, the towns will be designed differently depending on version, and some exclusive areas (think Black City/White Forest). In addition, approximately 130 BRAND NEW Pokémon, 55 exclusives each, and then about 20 more to account for the starter slots, event Mons, and certain miscellaneous ones found in either. (Then to account for how empty the region would feel otherwise, there'd obviously be a ton of old Pokémon to find, some exclusive to one or the other as well.) It would cause people to either seek out others to trade more and/or people would buy both to experience both versions of the region.
  • Jossed. These games probably have the lowest amount of exclusives.

Light of Ruin will be properly implemented.
Perhaps as the signature move of either of the legendaries, as it's been programmed into Gen VI but not normally available.
  • Light of Ruin was programmed to be learned by AZ's Floette, but that still isn't available.

Pokémon transferred over from eShop Red/Blue/Yellow will be hard-coded to have their Hidden Abilities.
This serves two purposes. The primary purpose, at least as far as Nintendo and Game Freak are concerned, is to provide a greater incentive for older gamers who might still have their old RBY cartridges to re-buy the same game. Most Hidden Abilities are pretty rare, so if buying the eShop RBY serves as an easy way to get them for Gen I Pokémon, that's a selling point. The second purpose is that by hard-coding the abilities of transferred Pokémon, it allows certain Pokémon/ability/move combinations involving moves that were TMs in Gen I only to be flagged as illegal... like, for example, a Machamp with the ability No Guard (one of its two regular abilities) and the move Fissure (TM 27 in Gen I, which is compatible with the Machop line).
  • Jossed. Just the Machop line.
  • Actually confirmed. All Pokémon other than Mew, Koffing, Weezing, Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar will have their H As; the exceptions are because those Pokémon have no HA, and thus have their regular abilities.

12 hours difference is the only difference between Sun and Moon.
You can get the supposed Sun exclusives in the day, while you get the Moon exclusive at night. You can also catch both legendary mascots, just that you'll encounter Solgaleo first if you play during the game's daytime or Lunala if at night, then you get the other one post-game.
  • Jossed. It's been established that the Verdant Cavern trial's Totem Pokémon also depends on the version: Gumshoos in Sun and Alolan Raticate in Moon.

The PSS will return heavily upgraded
Considering how compact, easy to use and accessible it was along with Super Training and Pokemon-amie, this Troper finds it hard to see Game Freak replacing such a mechanic, honestly it would seem a much better idea to upgrade these features and give them new additions and fixes.
  • Jossed. It got replaced by Festival Avenue, which must be accessed to trade or battle with people online.

There will be an option to have the interface not tell you the type-effectiveness of your moves against opposing Pokemon
This would be a good compromise since this feature is helpful for newcomers and more casual fans of the series, while people who find that this makes the game too easy will have the option to turn it off.
  • The interface only appears when you encounter the same Pokemon again, so it doesn't give you the info the first time.

Pokemon can learn certain egg moves if a parent learned them as a TM in Generation 1
This isn't too far from what has already been done. Some pokemon can learn moves if a parent learned them in a previous Generation (TM or otherwise), especially the case for Defog, which was a HM in DP Pt, but could be migrated forward if it was traded to HGSS, where if it wasn't an HM.

Sky Drop will finally lose its TM move status.
There isn't really that much purpose to keep its TM move status when only less than twenty Pokemon can learn Sky Drop.
  • Jossed.

Hidden Power types will no longer be tied to the Pokémon's I Vs
Since it can be changed, it'll raise questions on how it'll affect hidden power, for better or worse.
  • Jossed. Hyper Training doesn't change I Vs.

Hyper Training bottle caps will be as hard to obtain as Ability Capsules.
The methods to actually getting them probably won't be the same, but the fact that Magearna apparently comes with a Silver Bottle Cap suggests that they'll be much harder to find then say, Heart Scales.
  • It has been confirmed that a Pokemon must reach Level 100 in order to perform Hyper Training. Making it hard to obtain is kinda ridiculous.

Poké Ride will replace H Ms.
Note how the rideable Pokémon seem to fulfill the functions of some the HMs: Surf (Lapras, Sharpedo), Fly (Charizard), Rock Smash (Sharpedo (on water), Tauros (on land)) and can be called anywhere as soon as you gain the ability to call them.
  • Confirmed.

Following on, HM moves will be rebranded as simple TM's
At least the statistically good moves, I.E Fly, Surf, Waterfall, etc. However Cut and Strength may stay as HM's
  • Confirmed. All HMs are replaced by Pokémon Ride.

amiibo support.
Will Sun and Moon have amiibo support? If so, what kind of things would scanning one in do?
  • You get to battle trainers who are expies of whoever the amiibo is based on.
  • Jossed. No amiibo support whatsoever.

Alolan Pokémon will only shuffle the stats of their original forms, not change them.
So as to avoid Character Select Forcing.
  • I feel like it's going to make Alolan Pokémon keep their base stat total, while distributing the stats differently. Alolan Marowak was seen using Fire Blast in the September 9th Japanese trailer, so it must mean he'll be oriented around special attacks (if not mixed).
    • Semi-Confirmed. Some Pokémon, such as Exeggutor and Raticate, have their stats increased or decreased while retaining their base stat total, while others, such as Marowak and Muk, retain their original form's stats.

The other Z-Moves.
I think that the different types of Z-Moves will be the following:
  • Ice type: Sub-Zero Geyser: A giant geyser of snow and ice that instantly freezes the enemy.
    • Jossed, Subzero Slammer, which freezes the target to cause damage.
  • Fighting type:
    • Grandmaster's Barrage: A massive barrage of very quick physical and aura attacks that hits multiple enemies in Team Battles and Battle Royals.
    • Alternatively, it will be a Shout-Out to the Kamehameha. Not only is it the most iconic attack in one of the world's most iconic Shounen Fighting anime, it's name is partially inspired by an actual Hawaiian king.
      • Maybe Lucario's Aura Storm from Super Smash Bros. will be made canon
      • The September 8th Trailer had shown Bewear using a Z-Move that roughly translated to 'Unparaelled Furious All-Out Energy Punch', so not exactly jossed just yet, but it hints at Grandmaster's Barrage (name wise) being confirmed (although it seems the barrage itself is jossed). Plus, there was a fist flying at the opponent. Could be a Kamehameha...
      • Name-wise, jossed. It's All-Out Pummeling, as shown in the localized version of the September 8th trailer.
  • Poison type: Toxic Storm: A giant cloud of poison that causes damage over multiple turns. Badly Poisons the opposing Pokemon so it causes damage even after the cloud is dispersed.
    • Jossed, it's Acid Downpour, which drags the target into a poisonous swamp.
  • Ground type: Tectonic Fury: A massive burst of seismic waves that completely shatters the earth, performing massive damage. Even after the move is performed, the arena looks completely shattered, and accuracy for both sides decreased.
    • Name is semi-confirmed (Tectonic Rage). Animation is jossed; the user knocks the target into a fissure, then charges at it while dragging it deeper underground.
  • Flying type: Stratospheric Strike: A fast strike from above, as the user descends, the massive energies being emitted from it shape into a giant bird.
    • Name is jossed (Supersonic Skystrike). Animation is semi-confirmed; the user flies into the air, then comes crashing down at top speed.
  • Psychic type: Mental Discord: A massive barrage of psychic pulses that heavily confuse the opposing Pokemon.
    • Jossed, it's Shattered Psyche, which knocks the target around with telekinesis before dropping it into a dimensional hole with no additional effects.
  • Bug type: Arthropod Horde: A screech that calls upon bugs from all over the region to attack the opponent. The effect is like a more powerful Infestation.
    • Jossed, it's Savage Spin-Out; the user traps the target in a silk cocoon, then thrashes it around.
  • Rock type: Boulder Disaster: The user forms two boulders on each side, then smashes the opponent between the two. (Yeah, I have no imagination when it comes to the Rock type Z-Move.)
    • How about a massive mountain avalanche that makes Rock Slide look like a sand sprinkling?
    • Jossed, it's Continental Crush; the user summons a large mountain, then drops it on to the opponent.
  • Ghost type: Ethereal Madness: The user possesses the opponent and completely decimates them from the inside.
    • Name-wise, jossed. It's Never-ending Nightmare. Jury's out on whenever it matches the description given to Ethereal Madness.
    • Animation is jossed too; the user summons shadow hands which surround the opponent and cause damage.
  • Dragon type:
    • Dragon God Blade: The user forms a massive sword of draconic energy, then basically performs an Omnislash.
    • Mega Flare: The user exhale a blast of light at its victim.
    • Jossed, it's Devastating Drake; the user forms an aura that resembles a dragon, then sends it out to strike the target.
  • Steel type: Cataclysm Forge: The user summons a massive forge around the two, then submerges the opponent in molten metal.
    • Jossed, it's Corkscrew Crash; the user spins like a drill, then crashes into the opponent.
  • Dark type: Sinister Destruction: The user submerges the arena in shadows. Then uses multiple shadowy pulses to utterly destroy the opponent physically and mentally.
    • Jossed, it's Black Hole Eclipse; the user summons a black hole that sucks in the target and implodes on it.
  • Fairy type: Light of Ruin: You know what it does. Besides, I put this here because I agree with the WMG that states it.
    • Almost impossible; Light of Ruin is already a full-fledged and complete move implemented in X and Y, long before the Z-Moves were introduced. Suddenly scrapping all that and making it into a Z-Move would be unnecessary and pointless.
    • Maybe Light of Ruin could be a Floette exclusive Z-Move instead of the general fairy type move?
    • Jossed, it's Twinkle Tackle; the user creates a charming space, then tackles the opponent.

All Z-Moves are counterparts to one-another.
High power, never-miss. At most, some may cause status condition, but it'll have low chance.

Pokémon exclusive Z-Moves
  • Alolan Exeggutor: Eggs-treme Beam: Exeggutor turns around and fires a massive laser from its fourth head.
    • Likely jossed. It revealed the new attack it got was called Dragon Hammer. Jury's out on whether it's a signature attack though.
  • Alolan Marowak: Hot Hot Hula: Marowak does a fire dance with its trainer and then traps the opponent in a ring of fire (and it burns, burns, burns...).
  • Alolan Sandslash: Arctic Slash: Sandslash coats his claws with metal, then coats them with an icy wind, before finally doing a massive cross slash (Not the Final Fantasy 7 Cross-Slash, by the way.) that creates an icy tornado.
  • Slaking: Slaking Stands Up: Assuming Z-Moves aren't solely damaging moves, Slaking gets serious and, with lightning storms and quakes in the background making thunderous noises as Slaking moves its limbs during the Z-Move, stands up. This changes Slaking's ability from Truant to something less crippling like Vital Spirit or Anger Point, as well as gives Slaking a new set of animations that fits a Slaking who's being serious instead of slouching.
    • As of Eevee's new Z-Move, stat boosting Z-Moves have been confirmed. All we need now is this to be confirmed as well.
  • Alolan Meowth/Persian: Blasting Off: Sends the opponent flying until they're just a twinkle in the sky.
  • Alolan Ninetails: Let It Go: Ninetails stops holding back it's power and unleashes a barrage of ice spikes with a flick of it's paw. Note 
  • Lucario: Aura Storm: Yeah yeah, it already has a Mega evolution. It would be a nice Shout-Out though.
  • Machamp: Dynamic Fury: It could be a nice Shout-Out to Pokken Tournament .
    • All jossed.

Z-Moves will be 100% accuracy OHKO moves
  • Because they wouldn't be worthy competitive-wise otherwise (taking up a precious item slot for the sake of an one-time Limit Break that's not even guaranteed to work thanks to typing/ability-induced immunities and defensive moves like Protect), not to mention depending on each move's category, some mon wouldn't be able to use their own respective STAB Z-Moves properly; that'd also guarantee even species with abysmal offensive stats like Shuckle could benefit from the new mechanic. Z-Moves exclusive to a single species might not require the user to know a move from the same type in order to use them (although them probably being the same type as its respective mon would make that a moot point in the end) in order to give them a niche, but there's also another plausible compensation...
    • If this were true Z-moves would be out right banned and/or considered even more wasteful since most skilled players don't rely on a single powerful pokemon to carry a team
  • 100% accurate, but not OHKO, and subject to exploitability like Mimikyu's Disguise.

Z-Crystals exclusive to one species will give them stat boosts and maybe other benefits
In order to compensate for the lack of new Mega Evolutions this time around (although it's unlikely they're going to remove the already existing ones from the games, specially since none of the mon revealed to have an Alola Forme or exclusive Z-Move so far can Mega Evolve, not even the ever-beloved Gen I starters, suspiciously enough), the Z-Crystals containing moves exclusive to a certain species will also provide them additional benefits such as stat boosts or immunities to certain moves in order to act as a more adequate "replacement" for the old mechanic and to give players a reason to use them over the generic Z-Crystals.
  • Confirmed, at least for Eevee.

An added mechanic to Primal Reversions if they return
If Primal Reversions return, and Z-Crystals are made of nature energy like the Red and Blue Orbs, I believe that Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre will have access to an exclusive Z-Move from their respective Orb, but at the cost of their Primal forms during battle. Like for example, after Primal Groudon uses his Z-Move, he will revert back to his normal form.

New Mega Evolutions will be saved for the third version/sequel or remake game.
There's been no mention or hint of any new Mega Evolutions so far, even though the mechanic was a major part of the gameplay last gen. My guess is that they might be holding up new Megas in order to boost sales for Sun/Moon 2 or Star or whatever inter-gen sequel/remake game they eventually make. They'll use Sun/Moon to phase people in on mechanics like Forms and Z-Moves then throw everything together for the next game.
  • Possibly confirmed. No new Mega Evolutions were added in Sun/Moon.

The move Accelerock is not exclusive to Lycanroc.
No. Smeargle doesn't count.
  • Probably jossed. According to Lycanroc's profile:
Accelerock is a move that only Midday Form Lycanroc can learn.
** It doesn't really say anything about breeding or if a Pokemon that isn't in Sun and Moon can learn it.
  • Jossed. Accelerock is Midday Lycanroc's signature move; nothing else can learn it.

Oranguru, or more specifically its move Instruct, will become a competitive meta staple.
Letting a Pokemon double its move on the same turn can become a Game-Breaker if you consider the possibilities. A Mega Kangaskhan with Power-Up Punch can theoretically raise its attack FOUR stages in one turn. If damage-dealing moves aren't the only moves repeatable, then it can get even crazier with stuff like double Sword Dancing. Unless there is some limit to the Instruct move, I can see it getting out of hand pretty easily.
  • In Doubles anyway. Still, since most of the VCG is a Doubles format, if they bring back the restricted legendaries next year, Choice Scarf Kyogre may make a comeback.

In addition to being able to not wear a hat, you also have the option to not wear shoes.
While Alola provides the perfect climate to do this, I'm a bit hesitant to claim that this will actually be an option.
  • Jossed.

Z-crystals are move upgrades
Japanese gameplay of Battle Royale showed an idea of what to expect, the video showed a Pikachu using an upgraded quick attack by the player selecting a fifth option (likely the Z crystal and interchangeable with mega evolution) than picking a move. I'm guessing that the crystal's type will upgrade moves that are of the same type, in this case Pikachu was holding a NORMAL Z-crystal and was able to upgrade quick attack in to its Z move version. I'm also guessing that exclusive z-crystals will naturally override what ever move you choose with the corresponding exclusive move
  • Confirmed. Z-Crystals allow for a Super Move based on the type. The damage also depends on the original move (a Z-Move based on Crunch will do more damage than Bite for example).

Other Pokemon with the Battle Bond ability exist.
So far, it seems like this ability only exists with a specific Greninja. Perhaps there are other Pokemon of other species that also have the same ability? Relatedly...
  • Jossed. Greninja is the only Pokémon with Battle Bond.

Battle Bond is an extremely rare ability that any Pokemon can inherit.
Perhaps it works like this: By chance, a Pokemon could be hatched or generated with Battle Bond as an ability rather then its regular abilities. How rare can this happen? Maybe it's about as rare as obtaining a shiny Pokemon? Although having a Super Mode be accessible only by pure chance would be ridiculous and it would be a ton of work on the developer's part to implement one for every possible Pokemon, this is probably very unlikely.
  • Jossed. This ability is Greninja-exclusive and there's no method of getting it to other Pokémon.
Battle Bond is an extremely rare ability found in certain Pokemon
Like the above W.M.G, but restricted to certain species for simplicity. Starters and significantly popular mons like Flygon, Lucario, Gardevoir, and Weavile are among them.
  • I'm not sure if Pokemon with Mega Evolutions would also have a Battle Bond form though. Perhaps it could be for Pokemon who don't currently have Mega forms.

This generation will introduce quadruple Battles
Each odd generation has introduced a battle style(s) which involve using one more Pokemon than the last one. This will lead to a battle against a trainer with the 4 different Oricorio out at the same time, which will become that one boss due to spamming buffing dance moves and multiple revelation dances to sweep your team in one turn with essentially 16 attacks.
  • Highly skeptical, as the Battle Royale is the generation's new battle format.
  • Confirmed and Jossed. Battle Royals are a 4-person battle with 1 Pokémon from each trainer.

Multi hit moves/abilities in Battle Royales
They will centralize, if not dominate them. You are trying to get many kills as possible, right?
  • Multi-hit moves are actually nerfed for Battle Royals to 3/4ths their effectiveness, just like in double battles.

     Meta Related 

Totem Gumshoos/Raticate will switch positions in Sun/Moon to accommodate the time of day, and the lore will justify it.
Now before I get 'jossed' edits, hear me out first. It would honestly make no sense to see Gumshoos at night and Raticate in day, as according to lore, Gumshoos because that would drive off Rattatas for fear of their own lives, and Raticate because he's a sitting duck as a Totem Pokémon. The lore would explain it by saying that 2 Totem Pokémon were selected as the Verdant Cavern Totem Pokémon because of each others habits. The whole shebang about the Verdant Cavern Totem Pokémon being different in each version was to establish the the 12 hour day/night difference in both. They did say the elements change depending on the time, right...
  • Highly doubtful about this. This theory is very likely to be jossed given that diurnal Pokémon are able to be encountered at night in the Gen IV, V, and VI games.
    • Gumshoos' description puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that it immediately collapses and falls asleep when the sun sets. If any Pokémon were to break the pattern, it would be Gumshoos.
    • Consider the fact that many Pokédex entries are cases of Gameplay and Story Segregation. Yes, there are day and night exclusive Pokémon, but I'm still very, very skeptical about this WMG.
  • Jossed. Alolan Raticate is exclusively the Totem in Moon, and Gumshoos for Sun. The day/night thing may still be in play since Gumshoos fits Sun's day theme and Alolan Raticate fits Moon's night theme, but otherwise they don't switch around at different times of day.

"It all comes together" refers to a region that melds features from every previous generation
Since adding every region beforehand seems overkill, if attractive, the more pragmatic option would be to have a region that is effectively a melting pot of different cultures, ie. the previous regions with nods to the events that transpired there.
  • "Come together" means to meet, or to attend something together, to arrive at an event together. This is for reference's sake. Source: idiom dictionary
    • Kind of confirmed, but really, doesn't every generation take something from the past games?

The phrase "it all comes together" from the trailer is not literal.
The game will not have every region in it.
  • I do think a lot of people are looking too much into it, and with that I almost gotta agree it isn't going to be literal.

Sun and Moon will feature Pokémon fusions
No real reason for this, other than the names of the games hewing close to Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun/Blue Moon, which started the trend of MegaMan.EXE getting power-ups through fusions with other Navis (the Double Soul mechanic).
  • Would Ash-Greninja count as a fusion?
    • The only official information given on Ash-Greninja is from the official USA Pokémon site at this time.
    • Jossed. However, there's a human-Pokémon hybrid in the form of Lusamine and Nihilego, but you don't get to catch them.

The games will be one giant love letter to Pokémon, rife with call-backs and homages.
Knowing that these games were announced on Pokémon 's 20th anniversary in Japan, and given the "it all comes together" line in the trailer, why wouldn't this be expected? I don't think we'll revisit every region, but I believe that the developers will try to fully embrace and embody why people love Pokémon so much. Among other ideas, we could see:
  • Pokémon cries made in the styles of each generation.
  • Clever acknowledgements of rumors and memes within the fandom (i.e. finding a legendary Pokémon by using strength on a truck, a Hoenn-inspired location in the new region with a theme composed entirely of trumpets, etc.).
  • The ability to fight the most popular/iconic player character from each core series region (maybe it can use save data from X & Y, ORAS, and RGBY to build the teams representing those regions, as the developers had intended for the Red battle way back in GSC).
  • Call-backs to previous games in the series through musical phrases, lines of dialogue, etc.
  • An intro that starts off identical to Gen I's, then phases through each succeeding generation's intro as the various professors talk about what Pokémon means to us, before culminating in Professor Oak personally greeting the player to Gen VII.
It would be so amazing to see how much love Nintendo can give for Pokémon fans through these games, especially with the announcement being part of the 20th anniversary celebrations.
  • There are plenty of acknowledgements, but I wouldn't say it goes that far.

Most Pokémon from previous generations who have some sort of day/night association will be in the regional dex.
  • Or in the case of the Kalosian fossil mons, their fossils will be included in the ones you can get via smashing rocks. Probably not until you get the National Dex, but hey, at least we'd actually have infinite Jaw and Sail Fossils.
  • Anyway, when this Troper means day/time associations, they mean mons that require it to be a certain time of day for them to evolve and ones strongly associated with the sun and the moon like Lunatone and Solrock. Hell, it'd nearly be a crime not to include them and the Eevee family in the regional dex.
    • Although I have to admit I'm only saying that because I was breeding a good Anticipation Eevee in Dream Balls to use on my main team for the now-deconfirmed Z and it would be nice to do so for one of the Gen VII games without going outside of the Dex... Nonetheless, I'd like to see those guys even if I had Espeon or Sylveon for Z. Solrock and Lunatone would probably end up being version exclusives again, though.
  • Maybe they could even throw in some of the mons who evolve using the evolutionary stones associated with day and night aka every stone that wasn't available for purchase at Celadon. Funny how that works out.
    • Semi-jossed. Lunatone and Solrock aren't available in the Alola Dex. However, previous day/night counterparts such as Espeon and Umbreon are in the Alola Dex. This Pokédex also makes older Pokémon day/night counterparts to the new ones (the Paras line to the Morellull line and the Dewpider line to the Surskit line).

There will be multiple Take Thats towards Yo Kai Watch
These will come in the form of characters mocking the concept of ghosts inhabiting watches. Bonus points if characters from Yo-Kai Watch cameo to defend the concept.

Ash Ketchum will appear.
He will take up a role similar to Red in G/S/C/HG/SS, with the greatest challenge being...

A Level 100 Pikachu that is nigh-unstoppable and would require a Legendary to take out.

Bonus if he has a tag-team partner in the form of Anime!Serena.

  • You mean the guy who has never beat a major league in his life, hits the Reset Button every other season, and basically has spent the last eighteen years constantly moving forward but not getting anywhere? Even if he did show up in the games, odds are he wouldn't be nearly that powerful.
  • Pikachu would be his only Pokémon, due to his tendency to release anyone who isn't Pikachu.
  • In addition to his Pikachu, Ash will have his Weapon of Choice from the Kalos Region, Greninja. Who can transforms into the more powerful Ash-Greninja and will be his last Pokémon standing.
  • Maybe he gets multiple teams, based on his various teams from each region.
  • The Pikachu will have an item than allows him to strike Ground-type Pokémon. ("Aim for the horn!")
  • There's nothing stopping Ash from pulling out some of the strongest Pokémon he left at Oak's lab, like in the Sinnoh league. Hell, a recent episode about to air in Japan has Ash's Charizard become Mega Charizard Y. This going to be good...
    • That's not Ash's Charizard as Trevor is seen using a Key stone (that's installed in his camera no less). It's his Charizard that'll be Mega evolving.
    • With the reveal of Ash-Greninja in the games, and an upcoming anime episode titled " Farewell, Ash-Greninja! Xerostic's Counterattack!!", if Ash really looses Ash-Greninja (either by releasing him, simply having the power drained, or even if he dies), it could trigger an interesting Easter Egg when Ash is reminded of his own...
    • Addendum: The preview just came out. It seems Greninja's just going to be released. Just a very-likely-to-be-jossed guess here, but would it be wrong for me to say that the demo will tie in with this with Greninja joining your party at the end?
    • Jossed, Ash himself doesn't appear in Sun and Moon.
"It all comes together" refers to loose plot threads being tied up and old characters coming back.
  • The series has quite a few plot threads that different games have ever resolved. We never found out why Giovanni left Team Rocket or where he went. We never discovered Cyrus's fate or how Ghetsis got this hands on the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs or why he even had them. Sun and Moon will wrap up these loose ends and maybe even have us run into and interact with the player characters from all of the previous games, particularly the male player character of R/G/B/Y/FR/LG since we see a trainer that looks like him in the trailer for the game.
    • Uh... Giovanni left Team Rocket because he lost to Red, and when he tried to return after his subordinates sent out the message from the Goldenrod Radio Tower, a time-traveling Ethan and Lyra show up at Tohjo Falls (where he seems to have been staying for some time, similar to Red up on Mt. Silver) and stopped him. Giovanni's appearance at the PWT in B2/W2 shows that he hasn't abandoned his goal of world domination, but I'd say that particular thread is already wrapped up unless you really want to see exactly where Gio went after leaving Silver behind at Route 22.
  • Jossed with wrapping up loose ends... but we do see some returning faces.

Sun and Moon will be the final Pokemon game...
...As we know it. Another game is confirmed to be eventually coming to the NX, but it will either be a reboot, explicitly in another continuity, or taking place after a long Time Skip.



Third Game or Internal Sequel Speculation:

There will be a third version titled Pokémon Eclipse.
Since the 7th Generation games are called Sun and Moon, it would make sense for the third version to be called Eclipse. Mainly because there's a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse.
  • Alternatively, if the third version isn't entitled Earth or something similar (for obvious reasons), it could be called Syzygy. That way, the third version is still thematically related to the concept of celestial bodies (it's an astronomical term referring to an alignment of the Sun, the Moon, and either Earth or another planet) and you're more or less splitting the difference as to which kind of eclipse it is since both kinds occur during that particular configuration. Regardless, if the name is any vague indication of what could happen during the story, the third version (and Sun/Moon in general) should definitely include an eclipse during the act that involves the region's syndicate and the game's mascot legendary.
    • Titles should be easy to remember, and Pokémon is aimed primarily at children; they're not going to use a word like syzygy.
      • Probably true, but hey, you never know.
      • It will probably be relased in 2018 - twenty years after Pokémon Yellow and ten years after Pokemon Platinum debuted. It will have walking pokemon again - or at least the starter pokemon will be the only Pokemon outside the Pokeball.
  • Jossed. The third version will be Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

There will be no third version.
After all, they didn't make a Pokémon Gray Version or a Pokémon Z Version.
  • Black 2 and White 2 were effectively the 3rd version for Black and White, so Gen VI is really the only one that didn't get a third version
    • Jossed. We will be getting a third version. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

The third version will be a combined sequel to both X/Y and Sun/Moon.
There's usually still a round of games in between Gens whether it be sequels (like B2/W2) or remakes (like OR/AS). Unless they're already trying to remake Diamond/Pearl this Gen, I think sequels are more likely this time around. Sun/Moon might be used to build up the new region and its own storyline, while the sequel will be the one letting you travel to both Kalos and the new region to resolve the two plots coming together.
  • This "fifth version" of sorts (As sequels to X/Y and Sun/Moon) will feature heavily around Zygarde as the defender of the earth, possibly introducing another form above "Complete" and will be called something like "Z Eclipse"

There will be a third and a fourth version, like Black 2 and White 2
Possible names include but are not limited to Sun 2/Moon 2, Midnight Sun and Daylight Moon, Dawn and Dusk, Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse...
  • Confirmed, surprisingly! Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

The third version will be Star
Japan has sun, moon, and star as a common trio.
  • Jossed. It's Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon versions.


There will be a Nintendo NX version of Sun and Moon released as well.
It seems kind of odd that the 7th generation Pokémon games are coming to the Nintendo 3DS during the 2016 Holiday season, while the upcoming Nintendo NX is rumored to be coming out that exact same time frame. It's more than likely that Sun and Moon is also being planned to be released on the NX. This is probably the reason why we didn't get any footage of gameplay or cut-scenes in the teaser. It's also justified that the Nintendo NX is planned to be a hybrid of a console and a portable.
  • Actually, NX is coming out early 2017, and the hybrid thing is only a rumor. It was never confirmed.
    • NX is now known as the Nintendo Switch and yes, it's a hybrid(half-console, half-handheld).

The Poké Bank will be updated when the following happens...
... An April/May Nintendo Direct would announce that honor Pokémon 20th anniversary: Nintendo is going to have a Pokémon Summer, where all Pokémon games are placed on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and possible what NX is going to turn out to be — if the rumors are true. For Wii U: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, Y. For the N3DS Families: Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald. Whatever the NX turns out to be: All baseline Pokémon games. All games can work with Pokémon Bank.

IGN will either arbitrarily dock points and say "Too much Water" again or will find some other arbitrary reason to dock the game's score despite the review
Come on it's IGN. Or, alternatively...
  • Sorry to say, but it's Jossed. Here is IGN's review on the game. There's not even a mention of the whole "too much water" fad.

IGN will say "Too much water" again completely as a joke.
But they won't dock points, it will be more of Self-Deprecation. Also, with the Hawaii-like setting, there's bound to be quite a bit of water.
  • Jossed. See above for details.

Pokémon Bank won't allow you to transfer a Mew caught via the Mew Glitch
Because, let's face it. It didn't come from an event, you got it via a glitch. And they fixed the bank just to avoid an out pour of hacked mons when it first came out.
  • Or, alternatively...

Pokemon Bank WILL allow you to transfer a Mew caught via the Mew Glitch
They could allow any Pokemon as long as it's not a glitch Pokemon like Missingno. They could allow Mew in general, since there was an event to get a Mew in Japan for the Virtual Console, I am not kidding.

Smogon's going to ban Eevee from the Little Cup tier thanks to it's new Z-Move, even if not immediately
It's kind of like Xerneas' Geomancy/White Herb combo, except it boosts all of Eevee's stat's by 2, and everybody will either a) have an Eevee on the team, or b) pack Pawniards/Mienfoos/Timburrs/Gastlys/Omanytes/Pokémon carrying Whirlwind/Roar just to deal with the threat.
  • Confirmed.

Litten's final Evolution wont be Fire/Fighting.
Come on, do you really think Game Freak would do that, considering all the other things they've changed?
  • Well, the Chinese Riddler leaks did say that Litten's final evolution will be Fire/Dark, and be based off of heel wrestlers, who tend to use dirty tactics like spitting in the opponent's face, so I believe it's confirmed.
    • Yup. Comfirmed apparently. Incineroar, Litten's final evolution, is Fire/Dark.

There will be another item in the game that hints at the next region's location.

We won't see Pokemon Gyms - Or The Island Trial - in any future games
Replacing gyms with another form of challenge is one of the biggest changes Sun and Moon has implemented and they'll keep doing it with each new region from now on. Each new region will introduce a different form of challenge which has battling Pokemon & trainers of a specialist type at its core, but the details of each challenge will be different to reflect the lore & culture of the region itself, as the Island Challenge is during for its Hawaii inspired region. Aside from remakes of older generations, Gyms and The Elite Four won't be reappearing in the franchise again in their traditional formula.

You will have to catch the Rotom that goes in your Pokédex.
But there'll be an area that's filled with them to make it easier.
  • Jossed.

In the post-game, you can fight the past region Gym Leaders/Elite 4/Champions.
Alola seems like a nice place to go on holiday, and maybe on specific days, you can find them chilling out on vacation, and offering to fight you in a Pokémon battle for kicks. Or maybe, you can fight them, Pokémon World Tournament style.
  • Makes sense Jasmine was on vacation at Sunyshore City in Sinnoh in Gen IV.
  • Jossed. You can fight some old trainers, but not all.

The Alolan forms exist because of Darwinian Evolution
I know it sounds weird but hear me out.

I think it's more obvious with the Alolan vulpix and its evolved form. The regular ones are fire types and tended to be found in areas where it can get pretty cold in the winter and, according to the pokedex, the vulpix exhales fire when they get too hot, thus they're in a climate where they can thrive best.

With Alola's climate being like Hawaii's (sub-equatorial tropical/volcanic), we can guess that the climate was cool enough where the standard vulpixes/ninetales could thrive. As time went on, the climate warmed up, they started to become ice/water types to better thrive, as they'd be cool enough to overheat but the climate is warm enough to keep them from freezing themselves.

How exactly this would've went isn't something I'm not sure but it think it started off where, around the time the island's climate started to warm up,an ice vulpix happens (genetic mutation?) and, after that, became more prevalent as the standard vulpixes/ninetales started dying off and climate started to rise.

I know it's flawed but that's the gist of it.

The games will have amiibo support.
The Pokémon amiibos could unlock different features or have different effects a la The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, while the other amiibos could unlock themed costumes like in Super Mario Maker or Yoshi's Woolly World.
  • Or maybe, the amiibos will unlock the 1st stage evolution of the Pokémon (Charizard & Greninja) or the Pokémon itself (Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo & Lucario).
    • Following that train of thought, the amiibo could allow the player to catch special versions of the corresponding mons (slightly different base stats, hidden Abilities or entirely new ones altogether, uncommon or otherwise inaccessible moves, etc.), similar to how Game Freak distributed a Greninja based upon its depiction in Super Smash Bros. The costumes, on the other hand, could function like Cosplay Pikachu from ORAS in that they give the Pokémon that's wearing it exclusive attacks (though I could see this not happening for the very reason that it'd make an offshoot of the series mascot less unique as a result).
  • Here's an idea: non-Pokémon amiibo can be used to actually fight them as trainers! Not to mention a Pokemon remix of the music from their respective franchises would be playing during battle. For example: Scanning the Palutena amiibo will allow you to fight the Goddess of Light herself, along with a Pokemon remix of the Kid Icarus: Uprising boss theme!
    • If this becomes a thing, Ganondorf MUST have an Emboar.
    • There could be a postgame facility where amiibo trainers can be fought, or accessed during the main story as a side thing that increases in levels due to the amount of gym badges you have. Maybe called the Amiibo Battle House?
    • I see it more likely that non-Pokémon Amiibo will either unlock items related to the character, such as Mario's Cap for a headwear item for scanning a Mario Amiibo, or grant a random Pokémon of a type related to the character. For instance, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser will grant a random Fire type, Ryu will grant a random Fighting type, and Yoshi will grant a random dragon type.
      • Likely jossed. The games have their age ratings established around the world, and there's no amiibo icon. The closest thing we have is QR codes and most are from Pokémon Ga-Olé, and I doubt that's leaving Japan.

At least one new Pokémon will require one of the stones introduced in either Gen II or Gen IV to evolve.
It'd be nice if it was the Dawn Stone. Haven't had anyone need it since a decade ago, and both of those mons were introduced in 2002 via Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Jossed. However, Alolan Sandshrew and Alolan Vulpix do require the new Ice Stone to evolve.

The big gameplay focus will be dual-typed moves.
They've touched on this already with Hawlucha's Flying/Fighting Flying Press, so it seems likely that they'd introduce more dual-type moves to make the gameplay more challenging.
  • While that sounds like a cool idea, how would it work for Pokémon whose type changes when they evolve? Would they just not be able to use those moves anymore? Will they only give those moves to Pokémon who don't have type changes, or Pokémon who are fully evolved?
    • Type of the Pokémon has little to do with the type of the move — it's just like saying Surskit shouldn't learn Bubble because it evolves into a Bug-Flying type. Pikachu Libre gets Flying Press, and the Flying power is added to the Fighting-type move in the same way that the Water effectiveness bonus is added to Freeze Dry (with the curious exception of Inverse Battles, suggesting that there is some thought put into this idea on Game Freak's part). Flying Press is a Fighting move. To explain in terms of the question... let's say that Rock Slide was made a Rock/Ground move, for the purposes of the explanation. You teach the move to Onix. Onix is a Rock/Ground Pokémon, but only gets STAB from its Rock typing. You then evolve your Onix into Steelix, a Steel/Ground type. Your Steelix no longer gets the STAB (because Rock Slide is still a Rock move, just with the added Ground damage effect), but it still has access to the move in the same way Steelix has access to Rock Slide in the Gen VI games (without this hypothetical effect).
    • Jossed on it being the focus at least; that honor seems to have gone to Z-moves.

Fly and Surf.
Fly will have you ride on the Pokémon's back while flying over the map like when using the Eon Flute in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. And more Pokémon will have unique models while using Surf.
  • Jossed. The Pokémon Ride Pager replaces the Hidden Machines.

BURST Mechanics
Okay, this may not be fair considering the Delta species was a TCG-only concept, but this may play out a la the Ash-Greninja one above, but with no fainting/blackout on the player's part. In the card game, Pokémon did get a temporary boost from this, so why not in the main games?
  • Jossed.

There's a new mechanic called "Synergy"
Under certain circumstances Pokémon with max affection/happiness gain an all-around stat boost. The boost is lost when the Pokemon switches out. Ash-Greninja is an event mon with a unique ability causes it to transform when this happens.
  • Jossed.

Soaring from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will return.
The August 1st trailer shows Charizard as being one of the rideable Pokémon and the animation for mounting the Charizard is similar to the animation when Latios or Latias is called with the Eon Flute.
  • Jossed.

At least one new Pokémon will require one of the stones introduced in either Gen II or Gen IV to evolve.
It'd be nice if it was the Dawn Stone. Haven't had anyone need it since a decade ago, and both of those mons were introduced in 2002 via Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Jossed. At most, Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Sandshrew require the newly-introduced Ice Stone to evolve.

Amoonguss will be a Moon-exclusive Pokémon.
It's in the name, after all.
  • So the Voltorb family as Sun-exclusives, then?
    • Since the species' Japanese name (Morobareru) has nothing to do with the moon, it is unlikely that they would do this as a pun on purpose.
  • Jossed. It's not even available in-game.

New Pokémon will evolve with the Dawn Stone.
At present, it's only used to evolve male Kirlia and female Snorunt, and, given its theme, it could be applied to some Pokémon in Sun.
  • Jossed. None of the 7th gen Pokémon evolve with the Dawn Stone.

You will be able to build your own Gym.
Part of the rumor that leaked the 'trials instead of Gyms' concept mentioned that you are attempting to build one in the region. Build-your-own Gyms have been a long requested addition to the series, and it feels like the Pokemon Company is really trying to implement these types of suggestions this generation. Maybe after completing all the trials you will be rewarded the right to start Alola's first gym. You can then customize and exchange these Gyms similar to Secret Bases but much more in-depth.
  • Jossed. Kukui however, builds the Pokémon League for the Alola region during the story. You become the first Alolan Pokémon League Champion

Flower Nectar will be a collectable item, and is what influences a Pokemon to change into an Alolan equivalent
The Official Website states that "Oricorio changes its form by sipping the nectar of certain flowers." Now, this shows to have a huge change on Oricorio, to the point its type changes. So.. What would happen if another Pokemon were to drink the same nectar? This could explain how you would be able to change a classic Pokemon into it's Alolan form.
  • Doubtful. The official website outright states that the older Pokemon have adapted to their new environments in natural ways.
  • Jossed. Flower Nectar is only for changing Oricorio's forms.

Light of Ruin is the Fairy-type Z-Move.
The reason it looks different in the Gen VI games is that AZ's Floette is executing the move by drawing on the Eternal Flower. Using a Fairy Z-Crystal will allow a player to use the "true" Light of Ruin.
  • Almost impossible. Light of Ruin is already a full-fledged move implemented in X and Y, with complete stats and a description. Why go through the trouble of making it a Z-Move when they can just as simply include Eternal Flower Floette as an event Pokémon?
  • Jossed. The Fairy Z-Move is called Twinkle Tackle.

Seasons will return.
Just like in Pokémon Black and White.
  • Jossed.

The Event Munchlax evolves into a Snorlax with Battle Bond
Throwing this one out there now
  • Jossed.

You can choose the order of your trials at some point/it will differ with what starter you get.
At least on Akala Island, where Mallow, Lana, and Kiawe are believed to be, you can either face them in your choice of order, or you face your starter's type first. This may extend with choices to other trials, though you must beat an island in order to advance in the game.
  • Jossed.

The Totem pokemon will be pseudo-random rather than set in stone, similar to the Hidden Hollow Pokemon from Black and White 2.
  • Jossed. All Totem Pokémon are specific.

Breeding Palossand with a (female) Marowak will give you Sandygast and Cubone.
No, not either Sandygast or Cubone. Both. Bonus points if the Marowak mysteriously disappears afterwards.
  • I'm certain that Marowak and Palossand won't be able breed with one another. Typings have nothing to do with egg groups. Marowak have always been exclusive to the Monster egg group while Sandygast looks like it'll belong to the Amorphous egg group (alongside other ghosts, blobs and inanimate objects like Grimer and Drifloon.)
    • This is a series that's the Trope Namer for Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action. If they do breed, I'm laughing.
    • Skitty and Wailord makes at least a weird sort of sense when you consider that both are mammals. It wouldn't make sense at all if a dinosaur can mate with a pile of sand (and not even a dinosaur-shaped pile of sand).
  • Jossed.

Volcanion will be the Box Legendary for Sun version
It would be fitting as it is part fire and has never been shown in the Gen 6 games

If there aren't two teams like in R/S/E and ORAS then the main antagonist team will be called Team Eclipse.
Sort of based off the above post but with the plan being to blot out the sun/moon and hold the world hostage and what ever eclipse happens in the games depends on which version you get with your player character having to go save said legendary before it's too late.
  • Since when have the team names ever complied with the names of the games? Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, and Silver don't exactly have Team Rainbow as their villain.
    • That (as in, all the colors coming together to form a rainbow) could be what "it all comes together" is referring to, and I'm only half-joking here.
    • Jossed: It's Team Skull.

The 8 Gym Leaders will be based on the 8 planets.
And their type specialties will match their corresponding planets, as the planets are named after elements in Japanese. (Water Star, Fire Star, etc.)
  • Wouldn't this result in two water specialized gyms in the same region?
    • Do what Sailor Moon did and have Mercury the ice-type and Neptune the water-type.
      • Neither Water-Star nor Sea King-Star translates to being purely Ice without seeming contrived. Bear in mind that Sailor Mercury used water in all three phases.
    • However, if we go by the proper elemental associations of the planets and the Roman deities they're named after: Mercury would be Steel-type, Venus would be Normal-type, Earth would be Rock or Ground-type, Mars would be Fighting or Fire-type (or Fire/Fighting), Jupiter would be Electric-type, Saturn would be Grass-type, Uranus would be Flying-type, Neptune would be Water-type.
  • Wouldn't that be too close to the Sinnoh region's baddies?
  • Jossed since Gym Leaders aren't even a thing this time around.

Samson Oak is one of the four island Kahunas.
To pay yet another homage to the original games, Samson Oak will be one of the Island Kahunas the player must battle throughout the games storyline (As originally Proffessor Oak was going to be battleable in the first games) and he will use a team of all Alolan form Pokemon, as it is stated he is researching them.
  • Jossed.

For the first time in the main games, we will have a female stand-alone rival.
And she'll be a Distaff Counterpart to Blue, an Alpha Bitch type character who snubs you and wants to be the greatest trainer in the region. Unlike Blue however, she'll have a Freudian Excuse as to why she's like that, and like Hugh from Pokemon Black2and White 2, it will have something to do with the villainous team. Like Blue, she'll go through Break the Haughty and become a Defrosting Ice Queen in the post-game.
  • To expand on this, the first female rival could be an Alpha Bitch with traits taken from both Blue and Silver but with a Spoiled Brat theme added onto her. Her father could own the regional branch of the Pokemart company and also be a major source of funding for the region’s professor, so when his daughter wants a Pokémon he blackmails the professor with cutting off his funding if his daughter doesn’t get a Pokémon. Throughout the game her roster will fill up with rare Pokémon as she simply has her father buy her Pokémon rather then train "Ugly, weak common Pokémon" herself. Her character development will eventually come with her changing her attitude towards Pokémon and training them, with her final Pokémon slot being taken up by the first Pokémon she caught herself, with this Pokémon going onto to being her ace and her Mega Evolution in the post-game.
    • Jossed; a male rival type character, Hau, has already been confirmed, so even if there is a female rival, she won't be standalone.

The professor's name will be Palm.
You know, because there are a lot of palm trees in this region.
  • Didn't they already use up Palm and Elder on Palmer and Alder?
  • With the confirmation that the region in Sun and Moon is based off Hawaii, this is most likely going to end up being true.
  • Jossed; his name's Hala.
    • Or it's Kukui — there's no evidence which one is the Professor. Hala could be the assistant, seeing as it's Kukui who sports the lab coat.
      • Kukui does bring up that it is a plant in Hawaii (or Alola), but so does Hala. I am sure Kukui is the main professor with Hala being his assistant like guessed above.
      • The main professor does seem to be Kukui.
      • Jossed for real; the professor is confirmed to be Kukui.

The evil team will be one that seeks to unite the world.
Taking the context of showing all of the Pokémon games and revealing the new ones with the line "It all comes together", I think the central theme of this game will be unity. The evil team, who will most likely either be called Team Eclipse or Team Unity, will have the honorable goal of uniting the world, but of course their methods of doing this will be very harmful to planet. As for specifics, they could attempt to reach this goal in one of two ways: The first method is that they seek to bring all the landmasses together back into one super-continent. This goal fits the Sun and Moon theme more and it makes sense for Zygarde to get involved if this is the case.The second method is that they will attempt to end conflict by making everyone equal and the same, likely by erasing everyone's individuality and turning humanity into a Hive Mind race of sorts.
  • The name part is jossed (It's Team Skull), and considering the gang's punk-like appearance, the rest of the WMG doesn't look too good unless Team Skull shows a lot of Hidden Depths.

The Aether Foundation is NERV.
Based on how Ultra Beasts are similar to Angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion The Aether Foundation will serve NERV's place, it's the leading group working on dealing with UB's and Type: Null was created by them specifically to fight UB's (making Type: Null and Eva).
  • Jossed, if we're going by Gainax/TRIGGER media they're closer to REVOCS.

If Alola has two villain teams
I find myself expecting two villain teams similar to Hoenn, the version you pick deciding which of these pairs you will need to stop the plans of. For now their desired task will be to keep up whatever sphere is titled in the version you get.
  • I picture the leader of the team in Sun to be a surfer type in his mid-twenties to early thirties, likely buff and shirtless with a tan(Kuikui’s getting some competition). His hair being similar to the legendary lion’s mane, somewhat spiky but also long and flowing either being white, yellow, orange or some combination of those.
  • Mostly Jossed; there's two teams, but neither one is exactly like this.

Kukui and Hala are both Regional professors who both deal with different roles
For example, Kukui is the man to see when it comes to the Pokedex and introductions, while Hala deals with handing out Pokemon and teaching the basics of Pokemon battles.
  • Jossed; Kukui is the Professor while Hala is one of the Kahunas.

The evil team's goal is to undo the permanent day/nighttime
When you start out on the game, you either experience a permanent daytime or nighttime, depending on the version you're playing. This will be initially given an Elephant in the Living Room treatment, though there are some people who realized something is wrong and band together to fix it.
  • Considering how the E3 gameplay showed lighting for noon and sunset, this seems unlikely.
    • Now thoroughly Jossed; both versions experience a normal day/night cycle. All that happens is that Moon's time is flipped 12 hours from your system clock(so it'll be nighttime when your system clock says it's daytime, and vice versa) while Sun's time functions normally.

The villain team will be deconstructed by using cute Normal and Fairy types instead of the usual Dark and Poison types.
The grunts will wear cutesy pink uniforms (including the male grunts) and their goal will be to eliminate all "ugly" and "scary" Pokemon (Mostly Ghost, Bug, Dark, Poison and Dragon types). The leader of the team will be female.
  • The evil team is called "Team Skull" and is as punkish as an evil team can get; the appearance part at least is Jossed with a capital J.
    • Possibly unjossed? See the speculation about the Aether Foundation, who wear all white.
      • The speculation is just that; speculation. From what's been revealed so far, there's literally nothing that indicates the Aether Foundation is evil, it's all fan speculation.
    • This guess is both Jossed and... not Jossed. Jossed in the sense that the villainous Team Skull look and act like punks and use Dark and Poison types. But... the real villainous team, the Aether Foundation, does in fact have a female leader, and is also obsessed with the idea of beauty.

The new region will be based off of Southeast Asia.
Some have noticed a striking similarity between a hotel featured in the game's concept art and the real-life Raffles Hotel in Singapore. See here.
  • Jossed; it's more closely based off of Hawaii, given the name of the region (Alola) and the fact that the regional professor's name is Hawaiian.

The new region will be based off of Spain.
Junichi Masuda visited the country recently, as he did France before X and Y were announced. This would also facilitate the idea of the new region being related to Kalos.
  • Jossed; it appears to be based off of Hawaii, given the Hawaiian-esque name and the fact that the regional professor is named after a Hawaiian tree.

The new region will be the Pokémon equivalent of Germany.
The Gym Leader Wulfric always seemed more German to me than French, and his Gym is located near the Kalos equivalent of the French-German border. The yellow fire truck with a Blastoise on the back also looks similar to certain German emergency vehicles according to a friend of mine who is German-born and raised. There also seems to be a fair number of motor vehicles in the previews we've seen so far. Motor vehicles in past games tend to be somewhat rare. But it wouldn't be TOO out-of-place for a Pokémon equivalent of Germany, considering they're known for both the Autobahn and high-quality engineering, among other things. As a bonus, if Zygarde plays some role in Sun and Moon, the Terminus Cave is also located near the Pokémon equivalent of the French-German border. Perhaps the Terminus Cave could even connect the two regions, a la Tojoh Falls.
  • More evidence includes that a lot of ESA (Europe's equivalent of NASA) does a lot of its operations in Germany. Also, the Pokémon equivalent of Germany might had been the region at war with Kalos from 3,000 years ago, which could make connections to World War One. (Dealing with World War II may be too dark a topic), but like modern day France and Germany, the two regions generally get along.
  • Jossed; it's based on Hawaii.

The new region will be based off of Italy (and possibly Southern France added in)
In the upcoming movie with Magearna, it's creator seems to be based off of Leonardo di Vinci, and there are hints towards a mild to warm climate with the flower theme, and much of Italy has a particularly mild-to-warm climate (except for inland Northern Italy, which have a mountainous geography, and gets rather cold and snowy in the winter). If it connects with Kalos and XY, then Southern France may be part of the map to connect the two regions (mixed in with Northern Italy of course).
  • Jossed, the new region is based on Hawaii.

It will be set entirely in space.
The player character's hometown will be a moon base in Moon and a space station orbiting the sun in Sun.
  • Jossed; it's set in a region based on Hawaii.

The legendaries' types
If the legendaries are quite literally themed after the titles, then the Sun mascot would likely be Fire/Flying, and the Moon mascot would be Psychic/Fairy or Psychic/Water.
  • Wouldn't the Moon mascot be Dark or part-Dark because the Moon is more associated with night and darkness than water or psychic powers?
    • Jossed. Solgaleo is Psychic/Steel, while Lunala is Psychic/Ghost.

The mascots will not be uber legendaries.
Instead, they will be rare, powerful Pokémon that are signature mons of key or important trainers.

The Moon mascot legendary will be a Dark-type rabbit.
Because of the Moon Rabbit legend.
  • Jossed, it's a Psychic/Ghost bat.

The Moon mascot legendary will be Magearna
Because of the Moon Rabbit legend.
  • So far, it seems to be Jossed already. Magearna is a Mythical Pokémon, which means event distribution.
    • Jossed for real now; the Moon legendary is a bat.

Types for the Mascot Pokémon of Sun and Moon
As above, both we'll be new type combinations, which would also make for good contrasts within those types.
  • Sun's mascot will be Grass/Fire to be optimized at maximum under the sunny weather. Due to the sun being known to power up Fire-type attacks per Sunny Day, and many Grass-types often taking advantage of the sun. (Synthesis fully heals in strong sunlight, as well as Solarbeam working instantly). For a bonus, it will also have an ability that benefits under the sun like chlorophyll.
  • Moon's mascot will be Dark/Fairy. Dark-type due to involving nighttime, and Fairy-type due to Fairy-type attacks often being related to the moon (i.e. Moonblast).
    • Both are Jossed. Solgaleo is Steel/Psychic and Lunala is Psychic/Ghost.

The cover legendaries
Will be a wolf for Sun (based on Amaterasu) and a rabbit for Moon (based on "The Rabbit in the Moon," the Japanese take on the Man on the Moon). Bonus points if this means that Bunnelby and Buneary are Moon-exclusives.
  • Jossed, the mascot legendaries are a lion (for Sun) and a bat (for Moon).

The Sun Mascot Legendary will be a Fire/Steel type.
Both mascots have features that resemble a field of stars, and the Steel type is typically used for celestial themed attacks that don't involve the Sun or the Moon, while Sun-based attacks are typically Fire-type. Yes, this would place the Sun Mascot at an advantage over the Moon Mascot, which will most likely be a Fairy type, but he Moon only reflects the Sun's light anyway.
  • Half-Jossed and half-Confirmed, it's a Steel/Psychic Pokemon.

Moon legendary is Fairy/Flying
Pokemon associates Fairy with the moon and it has giant wings. Sure, it looks like it could be dark, but I doubt they'll let the wings go unrepresented mechanically, and cover legendaries get better abilities than levitate these days.
  • Jossed. Psychic/Ghost.

Lunaala will be Dark/Fairy type.
It's a pretty unique typing, and they are the two types most associated with the moon.
  • Jossed. Psychic/Ghost

Both legendaries will be part Fairy.
In previous generations, the Dragon and Psychic typings were the go-to types for legendary Pokémon. However, to change things up, the two cover legendaries share a different type. Fairy seems like a good type for both. The Sun Legendary is Fairy/Fire (or Fire/Fairy) and the Moon is Fairy/Flying (or Flying/Fairy).
  • Jossed. Neither are Fairy. However, they are both part Psychic.

The new Fire Starter will be a Rabbit.
Since this is going to be a new generation, that means new starters, and the Fire Starters are always based on one of the Eastern Zodiac animals. In honor of the "Moon" theme, the Fire-Starter this time around will be a Rabbit, since in Japanese mythology the Inaba is the rabbit on the moon. If this is the case, I could also see the Rabbit Fire-Starter ending up a Fire/Dark-type in its final evolution.
  • Fire/Fairy seems more likely since Fairy-types are heavily associated with the moon.
    • If it is a Fire/Fairy-type is will learn Moonblast and Moonlight through level-up.
  • It is possible if it is a Fire Rabbit based on the Inaba, it will have the move Wood Hammer (despite that being a Grass-type move), in honor of the tale of the Inaba that pounds out mochi on the moon (since the process of making mochi uses heavy wooden hammers)
  • It is also possible in honor of the Rabbit on the Moon myth its starting moveset will include Pound, for the same reasons as above.
  • There is no badger or fox in the Eastern Zodiac. No, badgers are not rats, and foxes are not dogs. You don't get to say "close enough", because if it were a deliberate pattern, there would be nothing stopping the developers from following it exactly.
    • Porcupines (part of the influence for Cyndaquil's line and visually seen in Cyndaquil's flames when lit) are members of the Order Rodentia or rodents if you will, just like foxes are members of the Family Canidae which is shared by dogs. In other words both lines fit in well with the Chinese Zodiac.
  • Alternatively, the Fire Starter will have very long ears.
  • Jossed, it's a cat.
    • However, its striped markings seem to make it look like a tiger, which is a member of Chinese Zodiac, at least.

The mascots of Sun and Moon will be Grass types and themed after flower species.
Since flower is the key word in Gen VII.
  • Jossed, they are certianly not based on flowers and neither of them looks like a grass type.

The Champion will be Bonnie, and she'll have a Mega Dedenne.
But nothing else.
  • Jossed. The Champion is Professor Kukui himself.
    • Semi-Jossed, actually. Although Kukui is not really a Champion, you still get to battle his team of Pokemon before earning your title of Champion.

Only 11 new Pokémon will be introduced.
Just the starters and mascot legendaries.
  • Jossed: More than 11 Pokémon have been revealed.

Bewear is Mimikyu's evolved form
To go along with "Mimikyu is really a predator"
  • Jossed. Bewear evolves from Stufful.

The sandcastles' true forms are the spades on top of their heads.
How else would have make one naturally?
  • Jossed they are an accumulation of victims' grudges possessing piles of sand. Sandyghast takes control of the person who grabbed its spade, while Palossand's spade rotates like a radar dish as it hunts for prey.

Customization will not come back.
Sorry folks \_(ツ)_/¯
  • Alternatively, it'll be downplayed. You can pick the skin color of your player character but that's about it. Because do you honestly expect a global franchise like Pokémon to go back to having a single skin color to choose from when in X and Y you can choose several (admittedly only 3, but still better then no options). It would be like going back to playing only as a boy.
  • Jossed; not only is skin & hair customization confirmed to be returning, but the player characters seem to have custom clothes in a few scenes in the May 10 trailer, indicating that it probably won't be downplayed.

Apart from new Pokémon, new Mega Evolutions and new moves/abilities, there actually won't be any new drastic changes to the Battle system.
While it can be assumed that these games have been worked on for months now, being released during the holiday months of 2016 probably means that there isn't a whole lot that'll be included. Meaning no new types and no completely new mechanics. Graphically, it'll probably look similar to the Gen VI games since they're still going to be on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Jossed. Say hello to Z-Moves: they're the Pokémon version of a Limit Break, and will require a Z-Ring and Z-Crystals. And unlike the Mega Evolution, it's not restricted to a handful of Pokémon, and can be used by any Pokémon as long as they have the corresponding Z-Crystal and a move of the same type.

The games will be exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS
Just a sneaking suspicion I've had since the announcement. What if I have to buy new hardware for these?
  • Jossed right from the get-go; the announcement trailer revealed they'll be available to ALL 3DS models.

You get to fight an equivalent to eight gym leaders.
Which are 4 totem Pokémon and 4 trial captains.
  • Jossed. You have to fight 4 Kahunas and 7 Totem Pokémon in-between.

Lillie is related to Plumeria.
Because they both have flower names and people keep speculating she has a dark secret.
  • Possible evidence: Plumeria flowers were imported to Hawaii from Europe, so Plumeria could plausibly be from Kalos, and many have theorizes Lillie to originate from the region as well. Also, Lily flowers symbolize death, and Plumeria flowers symbolize birth and new life(although in a few cultures, they symbolize death instead, as they're known to grow in cemeteries). What was the main theme of X and Y again?
  • Jossed. She's related to Gladion.

Lillie is UB-01.
I mean, come on, look at it. The cap is Lillie's hat, the tentacles are her hair and legs...
  • Jossed. The fact that UB-01 resembles Lillie can be instead chalked up to Rule of Symbolism, as Nihilego was basically a replacement daughter for Lusamine after she went insane.

The Starter Pokémon not chosen by the Player or Hau will become a second Rival.
Considering how Hau chooses the starter weak to the Player's, and how Alolan people and Pokémon have a closer relationship than in other regions, it wouldn't surprise me to see a Pokémon take a crack at being a trainer.
  • Jossed. It seemed to be used by Kukui, after you beat the Elite 4 and just before you become a champion.

N will return as the region champion.
And he'll be sporting a wicked tan.
  • Jossed. He is not among the previous characters returning to the game.

Lillie is from Kalos and is possibly even related to Lysandre
Lillie's light complexion, clothing, and name stand out in contrast with all the other new characters revealed, possibly hinting that she isn't a native to Alola. On the other hand, all these attributes wouldn't seem out of place in the French-based Kalos. Going further, she seems to be named after the Lily flower, as is Lysandre (Fleur-de-lis in Japanese). Two characters with names derived from the same plant definitely hints at some sort of connection.
  • Jossed. She is related to this region's Big Bad, not the previous.

Lillie is The Mole for the game's evil team
She is mentioned to be Kukui's assistant for mysterious reasons.
  • Adding on to this: she will be its leader, or a top member of the team. There has never been a female major villain in the series before (though there have been female admins within the evil teams), and it's about time we got one. Also, her dislike of seeing Pokemon battle gives her similarities to N, a previous main villain.
  • As noted by a particular video on YouTube, many lillies also happen to be highly poisonous, and some varieties even have very negative connotations. Of the former group, at least one resembles Lillie's outfit. Whether this actually means she's a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing is up in the air.
    • The jury's still out on the WMG as a whole, but the leader part is jossed (Unless she's The Man Behind the Man, which would be insanely unlikely right now).
    • Jossed. She's a runaway from the evil team that isn't Team Skull.

Sun & Moon will be to Kalos what Johto was to Kanto.
As acknowledged on the YMMV page, there are still loose threads from Kalos that haven't quite been addressed. What better way to do that than by having Kalos accessible in the postgame?
  • Just like going from Johto to Kanto, we could go via train, seeing as Kalos has train tracks that apparently go nowhere.
  • Bonus points if, as noted below, this region is the Pokémon world's stand-in for Spain (which might exist judging by a schoolboy faced on Route 15 in Gens II and IV), assuming it and Kalos share borders like Kanto-Johto.
  • Given that Hawaii and Francenote  are across the world from each other, this would be quite a trick.
    • Jossed. No Kalos postgame.

If Kalos is part of the post-game, then Serena will appear as a True Final Boss
After all, when Kanto was part of GSC, we got Red in that role. This time, it will be Serena, so as to have a female player character in the role, and also because she would be more recognizable due to the anime. Her team will consist of powerful Kalos-based Pokémon, including either Xerneas or Yveltal, depending on the version being played, and they will treated as having maximum affection in Amie. Her Mega will be Korrina's Lucario. She'll be located in a new area that is right between Kalos and the new region.
  • I'd say whichever character was the Player Character by way of Memory Link. Unless TPC wants to Cut off the Branches.
  • She will have the Kalos starter that is super effective against your starter, and the Kanto starter that is weak against your starter, she will also have the Snorlax from Route 7, the Lapras from Route 12 if she does not have a water starter, if she does not have a fire starter she will have a Talonflame to reference the Fletchling her Mum has, she will have the Absol her rival gave her, as well as the Lucario Korrina gave you, and a Rhyperior to reference her Mum's Rhyhorn.
    • Jossed. No Kalos, and and no Serena.

The Aether Foundation will be the main villains of Sun, and a rival team of Sorts to Team Skull ala Team Magma and Team Aqua
The fact that Aether members dress in all-white as opposed to Skull's all-black hints that they're probably similar to Team Aqua and Team Magma, possibly to the point that they actually plan on harnessing the version mascot of Sun, with Skull doing the same thing to Moon's. Jossed.

The Aether Foundation's dark secret is a deconstruction of the franchises's lingering shady side
Specifically, they are a organization of people who really, really, really love Pokemon. In that way.UB 01 is what happeend when Lusamine loved a Jellicent a lot. Thankfully, Jossed. Although to be fair, the Aether Foundation could be seen as a deconstruction of sorts, but not to the extent of Pokephilia.

The Aether Foundation is 100% sincere
From the moment they were announced everyone is saying they would be villains, so what bigger twist could there be than them being heroic after all Jossed. Lusamine at the very least is evil.

Faba is the true master of Aether
He's the one pulling the strings behind the organization, but he doesn't actually have negative intentions. He's steering his family's organization in a direction that he thinks will ultimately get them what they want, but he's messing with forces beyond his understanding, and will ultimately mean the end of humans and Pokémon forever. Jossed. It's Lusamine.

Lillie has the Zygarde Core.
In the E3 footage, something is seen making noices and moving in her bag. While I originally thought it could be the third starter, which would have been Rowlett going by the E3 footage, the cry did not match any of the starters. She could have one Zygarde Core, while the player could get another. This goes along with the theory of Lillie being from Kalos.
  • Jossed. She has Cosmog.

Lillie is the Zygarde Core
  • Jossed from the get-go; the Zygarde Core isn't singular, there's a whole bunch of them. They are small green creatures that already made appearances in the anime, and have nothing to do with humans.

Gigareki will be a Ground/Psychic type Legendary griffon representing the Earth, forming a quartlet with Sogaleo, Lunala, and Marshadow.
Interestingly, along with the above-mentioned Marshadow, Gigareki was trademarked. As such, I can't help but believe Game Freak is gonna do something different this time around: the main legendary trio will be a quartet instead. I figured that, since Gigareki will most likely represent the Earth, it'll be a Ground/Psychic type. Since Sogaleo and Lunala are land and avian based creatures respectively, I figured Gigareki could be a mix between the two, and could be a griffon.
  • Jossed. Gigareki is actually a trademark for a Steam game.

The games are prequels to all other main-series games
Set even before Red and Blue. An above WMG suggested that the plot involves bringing the 8-gym Pokemon League system to the islands to replace the Island Challenge Trials. This posits that the game in fact involves the creation of that system in Alola, which then spreads to other regions. It also explains the lack of Mega Evolution - they simply haven't been discovered in the timeline yet. There will be a post-game Time Skip where the player character, now older and wiser, resumes their travels and both fights the league and discovers new Mega Pokemon.
  • Sina and Dexio make an appearance here and reference the player characters and rivals from X/Y, so I think it's safe to say this is Jossed.

Team Rocket will make an appearance.
They'll be literally trying to "blast off" into space.
  • Jossed: No rockets, the team or the object.
    • Well, not entirely. Nugget Bridge returns and the last member, Veteran Don is a Team Rocket member who tries to get you to join after giving you a Big Nugget. and then he reveals that he and the others are just pretending

You'll be able to visit EVERY REGION in Sun & Moon. ALL OF THEM!
Now that Game Freak has models for every Pokémon on the roster save the new ones coming in Sun & Moon, it makes sense that they'd be able to devote more artist and modeler time to the world itself. And for the 20th anniversary game, what better way to wow fans than to one-up the famous, beloved regional shenanigans of Gold & Silver by making every single main-series region visitable in some form?
  • The sentence "it all comes together", after showing all previous generations, seems to heavily indicate this. MAYBE, it will be an all-encompassing region, where the limit to traveling is wherever the sun/moon rises from...
  • Impossible. There's only so much space on 3DS cartridges, and implementing 700+ Pokémon alongside seven regions with their own trainers, towns, dungeons, characters, Gym Leaders, Leagues and whatnot in full 3D would be an impossible feat to perform on such cartridges; not to mention too time-consuming considering the game will be released less than a year after it was trademarked and revealed.
  • Maybe. Maybe it'd be more like an MMORPG?
    • On a 3DS? Not to mention that Japan generally doesn't do those kinds of games. In their minds, multiplayer games are supposed to involve players physically being in the same space and playing together that way, hence the extremely heavy emphasis on the StreetPass feature and local wireless features in many 3DS games.
    • Jossed. Just Alola.

Ash-Greninja Mechanics
We've seen in the anime that Ash passes out whenever he overuses Ash-Greninja. Therefore, I think what Ash-Greninja is is some sort of synchronization, or in other words, Mega Evolution, but with the Trainer and Pokémon themselves replacing the Stones. It provides a greater increase in stats, but with a time limit. If the battle doesn't end within that time limit, not only does the Pokémon faint, but the game treats it like a black out, and you resume from where you happened to be standing (like what happens when you lose a Sky Battle). However, the limit resets every time you switch the Pokémon out and back in, and actually knocking out the Pokémon doesn't cause you to black out, so for the purposes of Link Battles, it would add a layer of strategy in deciding whether to keep your Ash-Greninja in with two turns to go and try for the kill, or switch it out to reset the countdown.
  • Jossed. Ash-Greninja's mechanics are a lot simpler: When a Greninja with the "Battle Bond" ability defeats a Pokemon in battle, it'll transform into Ash-Greninja and keeps that form for the rest of the battle. Reverting back once it's been knocked out or the battle is over.

the third version will be Pokemon Mars
the planet MARS, the Pokemon MARShadow? it would be brilliant going an indirect route like this and having what is essentially earth's foil be the third in the celestial trilogy
  • P.S. Earth and Mars are foils because both are within the perfect distance from the sun to support life and have other features such as water, however earth is full of life and culture with an atmosphere and is associated with blue and green, while mars is basically all red but has no life beyond dead bacteria or solid atmosphere.
  • Most likely Jossed since Marshadow is a mythical, not the third member of Solgaleo and Lunala's group.

If Marshadow is indeed the third Legendary, then it'll be a Water/Dark type swamp/fish monster.
While many people have joked that Marshadow will be a marshmallow, it's possible that the name is partly derived from the word Marsh rather than being a pun on marshmallow. The typing also gives it an edge against the two other Legendaries; Lunala's STAB attacks are already taken care of by its Dark typing, and Water resists Sogaleo's Steel-type moves.
  • Jossed. It's a Fighting/Ghost Night Walker Mythical

The rest of the Guardian Deities will be following the Fire, Ice, Lightning dynamic.
May sound cliche here because of the legendary birds and beasts already having that dynamic, but it could be likely, considering Tapu Koko fills the Lightning part of the dynamic.
  • Jossed. Their dynamic follows on whichever terrain type is available on this game.

Lusamine knew better than calling her group Team Aether
Since she knows Team _____ is associated with villains, she intentionally came up with another term to avoid suspicion.
  • Jossed. The Aether Foundation was named by Lillie and Gladion's Grandfather (it's unknown if he was their father's father, or Lusamine's).

The Aether Foundation will be Above Good and Evil.
Or at the very least, Well Intentioned Extremists, since them being a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing would be obvious, and being the Big Good, compared to Team Skull would also be too obvious. Instead, they will see themselves as good for both humans and Pokemon, seeing beyond Black-and-White Morality.
Considering how batcrap insane Lusamine is, this is possible. However, their main goal seems to be opening a portal to another dimension and creating a haven for Ultra Beasts with it.
  • Jossed. All of Aether Foundation, aside from Wicke, is Brainwashed and Crazy under the effects of UB-01/Nihilego's neurotoxins. When not under the effects, they're good guys.

A relative of the player character will play a major role.
We've had Gym Leader Dads, Coordinator Moms, even a scientist and racer Moms. How about we raise the stakes? Want to know why daddy isn't around? He's been secretly working for the bad guy! Or maybe that role belongs to your brother! Or your daddy's brother! Meanwhile, your sister is one of the Elite Four.
  • Or, in a change from previous games, your father is a stay-at-home dad and it's your mother who is affiliated with that game's villainous syndicate. Better yet, she's the leader herself, giving the core series its first female Big Bad.
    • Or Mama is the Champion, and this is actually a big reveal at the end, though vaguely alluded to. Unless the villain team is recently formed, it doesn't seem likely anyone in your family is a ranking member or leader of it, unless they haven't been around for a while. Champion it's more likely, considering Cynthia and Norman are not from the region they are Champion to and Gym Leader for respectively, and Norman moved his family from Johto to Hoenn because he'd become a Gym Leader.
  • Jossed. A relative of Lillie, however, does.

The Aether Foundation were some of the group of scientists who created Mewtwo from Mew.
After Mewtwo turned on them they left Cinnabar Island, and moved to Alola region.
  • Jossed. No mention is ever made of Mewtwo in-game.

The Aether Foundation was founded by N
Since N's original goal was to start a team (Team Plasma) to save endangered pokemon, the Aether Foundation is essentially that. After he left Unova in Black & White 2, he probably founded a more benevolent team who, instead of trying to free all pokemon, only take care of the badly treated ones, likely due to learning his lesson. This team of course is not a threat, due to not having the corruption that is Ghetsis.
  • Jossed. While Colress appears, it's only a cameo and no mention of N or Team Plasma is made in-game.

The Foundations goal is to ascend all of humanity into Ultra Beasts.
While for this guess to work, Lillie, Lusamine and Gladion have to be related. I think that through some accident, Lillie became UB-01 and as a result of that, Lusamine feels that she has to do something to atone. Unfortunately, she comes to the conclusion that in order for her to atone, she has to make sure Lillie will never be alone, and thus caused both herself and Gladion to become Ultra Beasts, and plans to do the same to the rest of humanity. However, Gladion opposes this and resents her for what she did to him leading him to support Team Skull. While I'm not sure if anyone in Team Skull other than Gladion is aware of this, there is always the chance. And perhaps it could all lead to a final battle against Lusamine with Team Skull backing you up.
  • Jossed. UB-01/Nihilego's neurotoxins are affecting Lusamine and everyone in the Aether Foundation sans Wicke. The neurotoxins work as a psycho serum, victims of it become stronger, but also induces incredible euphoria and decreases inhibition, which leads them to become more destructive. Nihilego then does its best to seem harmless so that its victims will focus on threats to the nest and rivals, at which point it will expand its territory into the ruins along with its victims' species. Lusamine was completely under the Nihilego's sway, and wanted to open up an Ultra Wormhole to allow the Nihilego through.

A Team Skull member or Admin will have a Zubat, Koffing and Skuntank as a shout-out to the Team Skull from the Mystery Dungeon series.
Because it would be funny, and those are all Pokemon the villain teams tend to like to use anyway.
  • Given Plumeria is mentioned to use Golbat, that could be a possibility.
  • Jossed. Only the Zubat line is in the Alola dex.

There will be exactly 26 grunts
Each labeled A to Z and some will get their own character pages.
  • Doesn't that mean there will be two people named N though?
  • Yep
  • Jossed.

Team Skull are not native to Alola
They have a different skin tone to the native Alolans like Hau, Kukui, and Hala.
  • Jossed. They are led by the very tan Guzma and Plumeria.

Plumeria will have a Warm and Fuzzy Moment with Gladion
Team Skull's big sister, a guy with clear issues.....if the game doesn't do it fanfics will.
  • Jossed.

Whether Team Skull or the Aether Foundation is the REAL evil team depends on the version.
  • Maybe they're both Well-Intentioned Extremist and depending on which version you get, one will cross the line, a la Team Magma/Aqua, by summoning Solgaleo/Lunaala to destroy the other.
  • Jossed. In both versions the Aether Foundation are the real villains.

If the above theory is true, Team Skull will use Solgaleo and Aether Foundation will use Lunaala.
  • Due to the fact that despite differences in colour, Team Skull seems to be the more impulsive side, therefore Solgaleo, who is much more aggressive, would be used by them, and the Aether Foundation, which may take a more passive method, would use the calmer Lunaala.
  • Jossed. Neither teams were after either of the legendaries.

Gladion is The Mole
Of all the members of Team Skull, he seems to be the most serious. He's actually a mole for the Aether Foundation, helping to run a decoy organization to distract from the actual threat.
  • Jossed. He's a mole, and he definitely isn't one for the Aether Foundation.

Lunala is a "native god" of Alola and Solgaleo is an invader/destructive force
  • Hawaii has native bats (and owls and seals)
  • Luna=above, Ala=way/road in Hawaiian
  • Counterpoint: Design resembles a Chinese lucky bat, not a Hawaiian motif
    • Counter-Counterpoint: It's a dead ringer for the Hawaiian Hoary Bats.
  • Sigil Spam of Empires: Lion=Britain, Sun=Japan (not good for Hawaii in particular)
  • Lions (and cats) aren't native to Hawaii
  • Sol/Leo=Latin ("ga" could be the Japanese particle), though leo=voice in Hawaiian
  • Jossed. Both are "native gods" for the Alola region.
    • Jossed. Both (and their shared juvenile forms, Cosmog and Cosmoem) are Ultra Beasts who made an alliance with the Tapu and went native. One of the books in the Malie Library has a legend describing their arrival. They're naturalized gods!

Heatran will be in the Alola dex.
It is found in volcanoes.
  • Jossed.

Marshadow's typing is unique in that it will have a new type.
If it's a marshmallow, it will not only be a Dark-type, but also a Vanilla-type!
  • Going by additional types outside of Pokemon Sweet Version game, it could be a Molases/Marshmallow type.
  • Jossed. It's Fighting/Ghost

Somebody will make a remark about Solgaleo and 'Set fire to the sun'
Obvious joke is obvious.
  • Jossed.

Fossil Pokémon
Place your bets. Winners will be in bold.

  • Mosasaurus
  • Pteranodon
  • Velociraptor
  • Stegosaurus
  • Plesiosaurus
  • Allosaurus
  • A giant whale akin to Basilosaurus
  • A woolly rhino
  • A Neanderthal
  • Spinosaurus
  • Carcharodontosaurus, bonus points for having Rough Skin as an ability
  • Liopleurodon
  • A Terror Bird
  • A saber-toothed cat
  • A Gorgonopsid
  • A dodo that evolves into the aforementioned Terror Bird.
  • Therizinosaurus
  • Ichthyosaurus
  • Dunkleosteus, either as a legit fossil or an evolution for Relicanth
  • Tiktaalik
  • Xiphactinus
  • A sea scorpion
  • Dimetrodon
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Elasmosaurus
  • Quetzalcoatlus
  • Dimorphodon
  • An elephant bird
  • Paraceratherium
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Baryonyx
  • Troodon
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Hallucigenia
  • Oviraptor
  • Ornithomimus
  • An orthocone.
  • Helicoprion
  • A moa-nalo; it actually lived in Hawaii, was among the largest animals there, and the closest thing Hawaii ever had to an actual prehistoric dinosaurnote .
  • Diplocaulus
  • All Jossed. There are no new Fossils

The Sun mascot will be an Apollomon Expy.
An early trailer shows one of the new Pokémon silhouettes that resembles that Digimon, and one of the trademarks revealed is Solgaleo.
  • Jossed the only similarity between Solgaleo and Apollomon is that they're both based on lions.

Post-Release Theories


There will be more regional forms in the third version or version remakes
  • 18 pokemon, Spread across 10 different family lines seems like a hand full compared to all the pokemon that could have gotten them, even all the kanto pokemon that don't have mega evolution or different evolution across the regions like staryu, krabby, seel, growlith, mankey, machop, tauros, parasect, the legendary birds and many others could have gotten unique and creative redesigns in another region

There are a multitude of towns that have unfinished buildings or lots with lumber on them
Perhaps in the sequel we'll get to see what they look like when they are built.

Someone's going to defictionalize Kartana.
They will show a tutorial on how to make a Kartana origami.

Nihilego is Missingno.
A Pokémon's index number is what gives it its identity. Missingno has no number, and thus no identity, while Nihilego literally translates to "I am nothing". Missingno comes in many different forms, while Nihilego is said to constantly shift shape. Cinnabar could be the site of a UB wormhole, explaining why you can find so much weird stuff there. The glitched Hall Of Fame is in fact a Sanity Slippage triggered by the neurotoxins.
  • As an add-on, a Missingno transferred via Poke Bank will become a Nihilego, thus fulfilling the "It all comes together!" slogan from the trailers (but in a very unexpected way). And given that Missingno is one of the most famous glitches in the series, if not in gaming in general, this could also explain why, out of all the U Bs in the game, Nihilego is the most crucial to the plot; it's the oldest and most famous UB.

If they Release Post-Game DLC or Pokemon Stars on the Switch, their stories will deal with Going back in time and stopping the Ultra Breasts before they could cause any damage and save the destroyed worlds
Let's be honest here: do you really think the fans would let Game Freak get away with destroying the worlds of those regions that were implied to be destroyed and all the things they fought for (Defeating Cyrus, Saving N from Team Plasma, battling the Battle Frontier) go to moot without causing Too Bleak, Stopped Caring would they? Please guys 2016 is already depressing enough and I just don't want to live in a world where all those things I did destroyed just like that and at least end the game on a more positive note. Besides I still don't get how any of it could have happened if Wally and Cynthia and apparently so do Colress and Grimsley appear. If anyone can explain better how any of this works and reassure me I did save N and my previous player characters were not brutally killed by the Ultra Beasts please do so
  • Addendum, this mission will occur at the same period of time you can start moving in Pokémon from the Pokémon Bank. They weren't "available" until after you complete the mission.
  • Could tie in with the Sinnoh remakes...
  • Seems unlikely; the Ultra Beasts supposedly destroying the Gens 3-5 universe was never actually stated, and seems to have come about by people reading too far into a few lines from the post game. All we know is Anabel is a Faller and that the Ultra Beasts can cause a lot of destruction; fans just took that and ran with it. It seems unlikely to be canon for all of the same reasons that you said it would be too depressing.

Future Pokemon games will be more Shin Megami Tensei-like

There are currently only two timelines
The Ultra beasts are said to have destroyed the timeline that took place on the GBA and DS, but not the ones that took place during on the original gameboy, so here's my theoretical timelines:
  • Timeline 1(the one the games are currently taking place in): Pokemon red and blue>Pokemon gold and silver> maybe this universe's diamond and pearl if their remakes don't take place near the time frame of Sun and Moon> This Universe's version of Black and White, where during or before megaevolution is discovered in the modern world> Pokemon X,Y Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire>Pokemon Sun and Moon
  • Timeline 2: Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Emerald>Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold and Soulsilver> Pokemon Black and White>Pokemon Black 2 and White 2> the Ultra Beasts F**k everything up
    • The Ultra Beasts were never actually stated to destroy the GBA/DS verse, though, just that they can cause a lot of destruction. Also, it seems unlikely that the original GB/GBC games could take place in the same universe as Gens 6 and 7, due to the lack of Megas and Z-Moves, so there would have to be at least three timelines going on.

The universe that the Ultra Beasts destroyed...
...was not completely destroyed. The human population was completely eradicated, but many Pokémon managed to survive underground or within human structures. Over tens of thousands of years, the Ultra Beasts (either due to being not adapted to this new world or due to competition with each other) drove each other to near-extinction, leaving behind only a few highly intelligent and versatile survivors. The surviving Pokémon set up their own society, and ended up trading with the Pokémon of the Gen VI-Gen VII universe for Mega Stones.

The Alolan Interpretation of Mega Evolution
As some may have heard, the Alolan Pokedex gives very "dark" interpretations on the nature of Mega Evolution, a stark contrast to how Mega Evolution was treated in the Kalos region. While would claim that Mega Evolution has been painted in this "darker light" as a sign of the franchise moving away from the concept, the cause for these entries, in-universe, may be due to the unfamiliarity of the Alolan people with Mega Evolution, who had not perfected the process...

Or a result of Alola's own culture. The Alolan region celebrates Pokemon battles, as the festival you participate in at the beginning of the game involves a Pokemon Battle between you and your rival as the central event, one which Tapu Koko gives its approval for. And what is the Alolan counterpart to Mega Evolution, which also depends on the bond between Pokemon and trainer? The Z-Moves, which are known to be taxing on both Pokemon and trainer as much as Mega Evolution. The Z-Stone merely channels this latent energy - of all Pokemon, whereas only specific lines had access to Mega Evolution in the past - into a devastatingly powerful attack that is considerably stronger than the move derived from it. That is, more powerful than the Pokemon is naturally capable of.

And whereas Mega Evolution can be sustained throughout the battle, Z-Moves are a one-shot deal, even if the Z-Move in question is based on a status or support move - pushing the original move beyond its original limits to achieve an additional effect.

Furthermore, Alola is not familiar with Mega Evolution, so they have not mastered how to use it safely. As another example of something inspired by the anime, the out-of-control behavior of Mega Evolution implied by Dex entries ties into Korrina's Lucario going out of control whenever it Mega Evolves. While Fridge Brilliance on the part of the anime for what could be considered a Dethroning Moment (derailing Korrina in the first place to establish it), it is also Fridge Horror for where the Alola Dex entries on Mega Evolutions come from - witnessing events of Alolan Mega Evolution users losing control of their Pokemon, perhaps because they assumed to use Mega Evolution like they could use Z-Move.

Who is to say what the result would be if Z-Moves were used by someone outside of the Alola region. Imagine a move like Inferno Overdrive without the controlled release.

There will be a rivalry between Z move and Mega Evolution users
much like how the two are already competing, it's likely gamefreak will take note and create characters who have a rivalry, the Mega Evolution user will see the Z move user as wasteful since Z moves aren't infallible and can only be used once compared to Mega evolutions witch last an entire battles and improve a pokemon rather than giving them an escape trick. The Z move use will look down on the mega evolution user for being allegedly heartless as most mega evolutions are Body Horror for certain fully evolved species while Z moves can be used by any pokemon and require the trainer to put in an effort and make actual motions instead of just tapping a keystone

Necrozma either suffers from Sensory Overload or some other type of constant pain
Sensory Overload makes the most sense considering it lives underground, but either way one of it's poses shows it clutching itself in what appears to be pain whilst its face glows completely white. Leads into the other theory

Necrozma is being called by the other parts of it's whole
It's body looks like the head of a dragon with an abruptly chopped off neck, so maybe the rest of the dragon is calling to it and that's why it clutches in pain.

The Ultra Beasts didn't destroy all of the previous generation universes
Let's face it, if they did, that'd be very depressing, seeing all of those worlds torn asunder and the journeys in them undone, but sometimes that happens. Saves get corrupted, internal batteries run out, intense glitches wreck everything, RO Ms get deleted, people select "new game", and sometimes the cartridge itself is destroyed. Due to what happened in the real world, those universes are either gone or simply reset. Now, compared to that precious Emerald you 100 percent completed, or that Black 2 you got a Shiny Charm in, doesn't it make you rest a bit easier thinking that the Ultra Beasts razed the worlds that were already forsaken, instead of the ones you can return to if you open up your DS and pop the cartridge in? Why destroy the entirety of the celebrated past when there's hundreds of millions of games sold, and with that, hundreds of millions of universes, and potentially hundreds of thousands of universes you can't go back to by any means?
  • See below for more detailed explanations, but there's some evidence to support this.
  • Likely. Considering the nature of a multiverse in the first place, even if one / some universes got destroyed, there would be plenty of others that are still fine.

There are two Anabels in the universe
Her Faller self, and the one who's a Brain.

The Ultra Beasts didn't destroy everything pre-X & Y
Rather than simply wiping out the pre-Mega timeline in its entirety, let's think about when Mega Evolution was introduced, how it ties into the timeline, and what other games were could potentially be included in the current universe.

When introduced to Mega Evolution in X & Y it seems to be a relatively new innovation, and in fact its origins are described in detail. When the Ultimate Weapon was fired off 3000 years before the games take place, winning the war that AZ was fighting in. As a result, evolutionary stones in the Kalos region were transformed into Mega Stones. Mega Evolution was, for a long time, unique to the region. Therefore, earlier games in the series that don't include Mega Evolution are not necessarily excluded.

However, the one off kink in all of this is the inclusion of remakes, which are generally considered to be retcons of prior games. Since OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire replaced the original Ruby and Sapphire, that means that FireRed and LeafGreen are a bit of an enigma. For the purposes of this theory, it's assumed that they still take place as part of the current timeline prior to the Gen IV games, but Ruby and Sapphire no longer do and are not concurrent with the Gen I remakes due to their placement in the same timeframe as X and Y.

So going by this hypothesis, the current game timeline is FireRed/LeafGreen > Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver > Black/White > Black 2/White 2 > X/Y/OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire > Sun/Moon. The Universe that destroyed therefore includes Red/Blue/Green, Gold/Silver/Crystal, and Ruby/Sapphire. Yellow seems to be its own continuity, being far more divergent from its counterparts and having no real callbacks in later games. It might have been destroyed as well, since it seems to only exist on its own with no future games tying into it.

  • This isn't possible; there is a lot of evidence to suggest that OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire take place before many of the games listed above; e.g., the Royal Unova still being under construction.

The universes that were destroyed were non-game related ones, or only spinoff games
A slightly brighter outlook for the whole situation is that none of the official, canon games were destroyed. Since OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire revealed that multiple, possibly infinite, parallel universes exist, it's possible to reconcile a multi-branching, woven timeline that includes all of the games including originals and remakes, possibly even with the remakes taking place after the games they were meant to update.

However, it's a lot harder to tie in the Colosseum and Ranger games with the main series. It's not stated that every possible universe that doesn't have Mega Evolution was destroyed, and we don't know whether Mega Evolution would have been discovered in those series if they had continued, so their fate is up in the air. The Rumble and Mystery Dungeon series do eventually include them, and Pokkén Tournament incorporates them into Burst Limits. Those games, at least, would have been able to fight off the Ultra Beasts.

The universes that got destroyed by the Ultra Beasts were... unsold copies of the games
A meta explanation that incorporates the actual story goes like this:

Delta Episode showed that there were multiple parallel worlds that could subtly interact with one another, itself a meta-explanation of how players are capable of trading and battling other players using either the Game Link Cable for the Game Boy games or the wireless features of the DS and 3DS games. Black and White had previously suggested something similar by letting players interact with each other's worlds, as well as having different areas for each version. X & Y followed this up with having different motivations for the Team Flare based on the version. Even before that, Ruby and Sapphire had irreconcilable differences in the way the game progressed due to having different villain teams accomplishing contradictory goals.

The implication is that every single copy of the games being played is its own, separate, alternate version of reality. Therefore, since most of those copies are still in existence in one form or another, that would mean the only universes that the Ultra Beasts could have destroyed are ones that the player base haven't experienced - either the canonical ones barely glimpsed during the course of Delta Episode or ones that never had a chance to exist.

The Ultra Beasts only destroyed the timeline of the Generation I and II games
It wouldn't make sense for the Ultra Beasts to have destroyed the entirety of the pre-gen VI universe as Gens III-V are still playable (albeit without berries regrowing and the Shoal Cave remaining static in the case of Gen III) and Pokemon from these games can still be transferred to future games. However, hard copies of the Gen I and II games are not only no longer playable due to their internal battery system dying, but due to their completely different engine, PC system, and distribution of E Vs and I Vs, Pokemon from those games cannot be transferred to Gen III and beyond. It is also worth noting that Generation II was originally planned to be the last games in the franchise. Therefore the timeline is not based in two universes, but three.

Universe A (Original Timeline): RBY —> GSC

Universe B (Advanced Generation Timeline): FRLG and RSE —> DP Pt and HGSS —> BW —> B 2 W 2

Universe C (Mega Evolution Timeline): ORAS and XY —> SM

Some time after the events of Pokémon Gold and Silver, the Ultra Beasts appeared in the Kanto and Johto regions and destroyed the Original Timeline as we knew it. How did this happen? There were already legends of these creatures and their environments, but they weren't called Ultra Beasts and Ultra Wormholes... they were called Glitch Pokemon and Glitch Cities respectively. Beginning trainers were told by elders (Nintendo) to avoid these creatures at all costs. They were also told never to access certain arcane rituals (read: Gamesharks and other actions that can lead to encountering glitches) lest they end up attracting these creatures and bring calamity to the world.

But these children didn't listen to the words of their elders. Lured by promises of encountering "Poke-Gods", secret gardens and other areas with rare Pokemon, and infinite stashes of items, they went through the rituals, but ended up encountering Ultra Beasts and their dimensions instead and wound up releasing them into their world. Their release caused a myriad of disasters and set a time bomb on their dimension. After two years, their dimension would be destroyed. This also adversely affected the PC system and the Pokemon within, with some Ultra Beasts even having the power to transform normal Pokemon into one of their own.

The trainers from the Original Timeline were able to jump dimensions into the Advanced Timeline, but their Pokemon were unable to be saved because cross-dimensional Pokemon transfer, at the time, had not been discovered. These trainers became the first Fallers; older Pokemon trainers who were bitter and resentful of their current predicament. To prevent something like this from happening again, the Pal Park was invented, and truth be told, Pokemon from past generations have always been able to cross dimensions since. Recently, a portal was made that allowed trainers to go back in time to the Original Timeline before it was destroyed (the Virtual Console releases of RBY), allowing the first Fallers to Set Right What Once Went Wrong and rescue their Pokemon.

We've seen other Ultra Beasts before, we just didn't know it.
Several other Pokémon have been mentioned as possibly being from another world, or are outright said to be. Staryu and Starmie shine their gems into the night sky to signal... something. Deoxys is from a far off region of space. Elgyem appeared in Unova 50 years prior to the game when a UFO crashed there. Lunatone and Solroc are said to be meteorites, and have only been known to exist for about 40 years before X & Y (around 30 before Diamond and Pearl). Kyurem, in its original form, arrived on earth in a meteor before breaking apart into Zekrom and Reshiram. Any of them could have been from the Ultra Beast planet.

Then there's the contentious point of Arceus, its creations, and Mew. Mew is stated to be the ancestor of all Pokémon. Arceus is said to have existed since before time and created the Sinnoh region and its local Legendaries. The easiest way to reconcile this is that Mew IS the ancestor of Earth's Pokémon, with Arceus and its children being... something else. Its ability to create eggs of Pokémon that can't otherwise be bred suggests something like the unusual powers the Ultra Beasts have.

Necrozma is an Evil Counterpart to the Island Guardians.
Similarly to the Guardians, the main parts of Necrozma's body seem like they would combine to form a dragon's head. Both him and the Tapus have been in Alola since ancient times. Also worth noting is that both the Guardians' and Necrozma's bodies are black.

Perhaps Necrozma and the Tapus share a similar origin, maybe the Guardians all fought against Necrozma to keep him at bay. Maybe Necrozma will receive a Z-Move like the Guardians and will turn into a dragon.

A lot of Rotom's personality comes from Pop-Cultural Osmosis from being plugged into the Internet.
Photos can be graded by people logging in, so it stands to reason there are browsers on the Pokedex; it's just the main character is busy with the plot of the game. Rotom browses the Internet to find out about people. We should be really happy it didn't turn out worse.
  • Specially designed pokedexes are required because they have heavy duty filters against THAT part of the Internet. It probably required Arceus to bless them personally.

Rotom Pokédex's entries on Mega Evolution make them sounds evil.
Because it is jealous for not getting a Mega Evolution.

Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine are not native to Alola
I've noticed a lot (not all but a lot) of Alolan trainers have tan skin and dark hair, while Lusamine and her children have light hair and fair skin. They do stand out.
  • It is heavily implied by Lillie throughout the story that she isn't completely Alolan, but has lived in Alola for some time now. Supported by her obvious ignorance to Alolan culture and geography.

Marshadow will get a new form in the third game/potential Gen 4 remakes/whatever
Okay, so it turns out that Marshadow is simply a Fighting/Ghost-type Badass Adorable Ridiculously Cute Critter that just happens to be an Event-only mon. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a new form in the third game, where his sky high Attack and Speed outright go through the roof, as well as a crazy defenses buff. Plus, most of the previous 'what Marshadow is' pre-game guesses (except for typing) could be reused here to guess his new form...

Necrozma is part of Cosmog's evolutionary line.
Cosmoem evolves into Solgaleo if the version you're playing is Sun. Cosmoem evolves into Lunala if the version you're playing is Moon. Cosmoem evolves into Necrozma if the version you're playing is neither Sun nor Moon.

If the Ultra Beasts had signature moves...
  • Nihilego:
    • Neurotoxin. Poison-type status move. Lowers opponent's defense and special defense by one stage, with a 30% chance of poisoning, a 30% chance of confusion, and a 15% chance of both. Z-Neurotoxin will poison and confuse, bypassing immunities to do so.
  • Buzzswole:
    • Juice Drain. Bug-type physical move. Does damage, restores health, lower's foe's attack by one stage while raising Buzzswole's attack by one stage.
  • Pheromosa:
    • Strange Allure. Bug-type status move. Infatuates the opponent, regardless of gender. Lowers opponent's speed by one stage. Z-Strange Allure lowers both defenses by two stages.
  • Xurkitree:
    • Wire Tangle. Steel-type physical move. Traps the foe like Wrap, preventing switching and doing damage at the end of each turn. All Electric moves used on the trapped foe do double damage and will even hit Ground-types.
  • Celesteela:
    • Gas Burst: Fire-Type special attack: bomb attack, guaranteed burn
    • Heavenly Mortar: Steel-Type special move. 40% chance of sharply lowering accuracy, and will always lower opponent's special attack by one stage. 10% chance of burn.
    • Liftoff: Steel-Type Physical move. A two-turn attack where Celesteela blasts off into the atmosphere, then collides directly into the opponent. Could have power akin to Z-explosion (200 BP), but damages Celesteela by 75% of its full health.
  • Kartana:
    • Paper Cut. Grass-type physical move. Similar to the likes of Frost Breath, it has a 100% chance of being a Critical Hit.
    • Cut. Normal-type physical move, former HM. This isn't speculation, Kartana is the only Pokemon that can learn Cut without being imported from a previous generation. Weird, huh?
  • Guzzlord:
    • Devour. Dark-type physical move. A low-accuracy OHKO move just like Fissure or Guillotine, but it will heal 25% of Guzzlord's HP if successful.

New Pokerides for a later games
  • Scyther Cut
  • Staraptor Fly
  • Mantine Surf
  • Donphan Rock Smash
  • Mamoswine Strength
  • Crawdaunt Jet
  • Ampharos Flash
  • Rhyhorn Rock Smash

Rock Climb will get a new minigame based around it
  • Since all the Sinnoh Final starter evolutions can learn rock climb, I'd like their to be a new minigame where you race while your pokemon use rock climb

Mohn is the father of Lillie and Gladion
When giving you Type: Null, Gladion tells you his dad was the first to research and confirm the existance of Ultra Wormholes. And a random scientist in Burnet's lab mentions the first papers on Ultra Wormholes were published by someone named Mohn. On top of this, if you compare the two, Mohn seems to have a much shorter version of Gladion's bangs peeking out from his hat.
  • So close...but nothing's confirmed in-game yet.
  • Confirmed in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. When Mohn went to visit the Aether Foundation, Lusamine recognized him as her long-lost husband.

The reason Rotom Dexes are few and far between
The Rotom in your Dex is mostly tame and co-operative. The problem is that Rotom tend to play pranks and wreck havoc with devices. It helps that Kukui tamed the Rotom beforehand before making sure he would get it into the Dex and have it not attack/prank/harass/endanger the player.

The main character returns to Kanto sometime after the games.
He/she is going to see Lillie to return Nebby to her.

Hoopa was pulling Legendaries from doomed timelines into ORAS.
Hoopa's got the power to hop to other dimensions with its rings, and could have easily warped its way out of the grasp of the Ultra Beasts that were bringing down old worlds. But while it may be mischievous, it's not outright malicious, and didn't have the heart to leave the Legendaries of those timelines to fight a losing battle. So it pulled them as far forward as it possibly could, thus giving them the chance to fight another day.

The Ultra Beasts we see are not their natural forms.
It's been noted most of the Ultra Beasts resemble humans from the game, like Lillie, Lusamine, and Guzma. This is because the Ultra Beasts modelled their outer appearance in order to further entice Lusamine. The shapes we see are not their natural ones.
  • Unlikely given Lusamine only ever directly encountered one kind of Ultra Beast (Nihilego). Plus a Guzzlord had appeared before and looked the same.

Lusamine modeled the way her children dressed on the Ultra Beasts.
This being also why she aligned herself with Guzma (due to his resemblance to Xurkitree). Prior to running away from home, Gladion's attire probably had him resembling Kartana, going off how his mother and sister dress.
  • Confirmed for Lillie, but the others seem to be coincidences. If you speak to Wicke during / after the Ultra Beast sidequest, she says that Nihilego and Guzzlord were the only ones who have actually shown up in Alola prior to the events of the game. So, Lillie was almost certainly modeled after Nihilego, but Lusamine and Guzma's resemblance to Pheromosa and Xukitree is probably Rule of Symbolism. (Also, Gladion doesn't resemble any of the Ultra Beasts, at least not as strongly as the others do.

The Orre games take place post-UB rampage.
Hence the desolate atmosphere, lack of wild Pokemon, and sparse civilization.

Marshadow will turn out to be a "sudden mutation" of Mimikyu.
It's learned to love itself for what it is, and control its dark, destructive powers, so it no longer feels the need to wear the guise of a Pikachu.

"It all comes together" refers to the islands
The four islands of Alola appear to have many traits if not call backs to the previous gens.I.E the capital of Ula Ula island being directly based on johto, and Mt Lanikila could possibly be a call back to Mt Coronet's summit, though this troper hasnt noticed anything on the islands that could be compared to Kalos Unova or Hoenn yet (unless you consider Melemele Hoenn's call back due to how naturalistic it is)
  • The four islands are surrounded by alot of water, and seeing how the game has a joke about IGN's rating on ORAS, this could be the reference to Hoenn. Hawaii is a state of US, so Unova-related. Zygarde Cores and Cells are scattered all over Alola.

There are THREE universes we have seen, and the UBs destroyed one of them.
That is, there's a universe where a core game from each set is canon- Blue (it being the final product of Red and Green), Crystal (being a slightly more complete Gold/Silver), Platinum (this one has Looker in it), Black/White (not different enough for me to be sure which is the real one), Emerald (for combining the stories of Ruby/Sapphire- I also think this happened during or just after BW because something forced Unova to undergo a climate change between the games that spawned non-Unova Pokemon), Black2/White2 (as the sequels), and I think Yellow also happens sometime AFTER Blue, but I can't be sure where. I disagree with the official timeline on many counts, whatever is "officially" stated. The second universe is made up of the remake games from the first five generations: FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver (in that order). The third universe has ORAS, XY, and SuMo (in that order). The universe the UBs destroyed was the first one, helped along by, of course, the people who wanted to destroy the universe and rewrite it- Platinum's own Team Galactic.

Kahili was originally going to be a trial captain
In Grand Hano resort there is a golf course area you never actually get to go to (there is no way to access it)in the post game you learn that Kahili's father owns the resort and given Kahili never actually has any other sort of apperance outside the elite four. it could be possible she was originally supposed to be met here for another trail (therefore raising the final 7 to a traditional 8), she was probably axed because Akala already had 3 Trail captains and so having 4 on one island would be a bit of a drag early on.

There won't be any more Pokemon call Type: Null in any of the later games.
Instead in later games Type: Null Pokemon will be given a proper name to show that Game Freak care about it.

The Looker we meet in this game and XY is not the Looker that briefly appeared in ORAS
This Looker is part of the International Police and has been for years, and he doesn't attract UB's, so he's not a Faller like Anabel - he's not the same Looker that appeared from Platinum onwards. However, in ORAS, he appears washed up on a beach with no idea who he is or what happened to him, much like Anabel was said to have done. That Looker, is the Looker from the same universe as Anabel that we met in Platinum. The universe now has two Lookers.
  • It's possible Looker is a Faller and doesn't know it, or his entry method into the universe was different from Anabel's (hence why he ended up lost at sea), so he doesn't have the same energy as a Faller does.
    • Presumably the events of DP Pt still played out more or less the same to how they did in the original games, meaning this universe's version of Looker, should still exist (plus two Looker's in the International Police would be highly noticeable - it's likely whatever happened to the one that appeared in ORAS, he went on a different career path than his universe native counterpart, similar to how Anabel joined up with the IP instead of going off to do exactly what she was doing before).

The MC is a lowkey Psychic.
In the Pokemon universe, Human Psychics really are a thing; it's just that most of them are so situational all it does it give them minor telekinesis over their pokeballs and an affinity to psychic pokemon. One of the reasons they aren't taken seriously is their absolute insistence on being clairvoyent when apparently that is not one of the powers being psychic gives. The other being overly fond on Pstandard Psychic Pstance. But nobody denies that Sabrina the Gym Leader isn't a frighteningly proficient psychic.The MC has a specific form of psychometry, they can detect someone's general emotional state from that person's bed.

The MC was a Faller before the events of the game, or became one when they saw the crack in the sky before challenging Olivia.
After all, a Nihliego does take massive interest in the player when you first encounter one on Aether Paradise, and your battling with it does allow it to return to where it came from. Faba even brings you with him apropos of nothing, when he could have just thanked you by giving you something. Maybe those goggles of his detected Faller energy on the player. It would make Lusamine's comment about needing Nebby make sense; She says something that implies she was trying something other than Nebby's powers. Maybe that something was trying to get by with using someone who just has the energy on them, but it failed.
  • Mostly disproved given Lusamine later says that the first portal we see at Aether Paradise was opened by experimenting with gases that had been extracted from Cosmog's body when she had it in her possession. These proved insufficient to keep the portal open long enough though.

Lillie will return in a future game as a battle-able trainer
In a possible direct sequel to Sun/Moon, possible Sinnoh remake (if its position on the official timeline is changed to take place after Sun/Moon), or future generation, Lillie will have finished her journey in Kanto, possibly becoming its new champion. She would then become a post-game Bonus Boss for the player to battle.

Mimikyu will obtain future customization as a feature in later games
The popularity of the ghost/fairy and memes about it disguising itself as other things will inspire game freak to offer a service where you can change your mimikyu's costume through an NPC or key/equipable item to change it's type or moves like wearing a pikachu costume to make it Electric/fairy and give it access to Volt tackle or costumes based on starters and other famous mons like clefairy, lucario and gardevoir. it will still keep the disguise ability though

The Ultra Beasts did not destroy any previous universe
I may be missing something, but the only "evidence" I've seen for this is "Anabel came from Hoenn, and was in the Ultra dimension". She may have been saying something about "defending the tower", but defending the Battle Tower (from trainers trying to defeat her) was pretty much her job. Sun/Moon may be pretty dark, but there's a difference between "Somewhat dark storyline and a bit darker pokedex-lore" and "Oh millions of people died when the places you rescued were destroyed and warped into an Eldritch Location".

Besides that, getting destroyed by Ultra beasts wouldn't magically turn a place into the Ultra dimension. So for Anabel to come from a destroyed Hoenn, there would've had to have been a portal through which Ultra beasts would've entered. The portals aren't too stable, so it would've closed afterwards. Scared Ultra beasts would destroy Hoenn, but somehow Anabel would survive that long enough until the next portal opened, Anabel somehow got into it, stayed there for a while, and then got out of it again. Sounds kinda unlikely to me.

So, it's far more probable that some portal opened, maybe even close to or in the Battle Frontier. Anabel would go check it out, to see whether or not it's a danger to everyone in the Frontier, and accidentally stumble into the ultra dimension. She'd spend some time there, until getting back out through another portal. That doesn't mean any Ultra Beasts actually got out back then, or even if they did, it doesn't mean they'd wreck Hoenn. With a multitude of portals, only ten made it to Alola, and you can leave those alone for a while (at least until you beat the game) without any ill effects. Back when you saw the first portal, only one UB made it through. They're strong, yes, but all regions have pretty strong trainers and legendary Pokémon watching over them - I'd say the past games' universes are pretty safe.

A future game will have a feature where you can switch between the 3DS and GBA/DS dimension
IT would be like the dark world in link's awakening or Evoland's switching between sprites and 3D models. the mechanics will change between dimensions where the sprite world like pokemon having their types changed so the fairy type is gone and mega evolutions and Z-Moves are unavailable.

Regarding the Johto Starters...
So, the Johto Starters apparently can be found in the wild in Alola? So, a couple of theories:1) The Johto Starters are native to Alola.2) How they got into Johto. They arrived in Johto as a result of Professor Kukui. After all, Professor Kukui did challenge the Kanto League (and Johto is next to Kanto) when he was a youngster, so he must have met Professor Elm and Professor Oak. Simply put: Professor Elm was intregued by these Alolan Pokemon, asked Professor Kukui to give him a few to study, and that is how they became the starters in the Johto region.

Lillie was given the third Type: Null
After the game is beaten and the player talks to Gladion, he mentions that there were three Type: Nulls. The one he uses, the one he gives to you, and a third one that is never seen. It seems very likely that the third Type: Null would have been given to his sister, for the purpose of helping her on her journey in Kanto.
  • It would probably be more likely that the third one escaped into the wild. We need to be able to get in future games, after all.
  • Alternately, someone at Aether is taking care of it, considering one of the scientists mentions in the postgame that they're thawing out all of the Pokémon that Lusamine froze. It's possible that Lillie has it, but it seems like that's the kind of thing that would've been mentioned if it happened.

The Ultra Beasts were initially brought to the Pokemon world by Hoopa
Much like how Hoopa brought the legendary Pokemon of other universes to Hoenn in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, he also once brought the Ultra Beasts into this world. Noticing this anomaly, a group of scientists, including Mohn, began to do some research on the beasts. After a while, the ultra beasts were able to return home, but Mohn somehow went along with them, causing him to disappear, and causing his wife to become obsessed with the Ultra Beasts.

Pokemon Stars is going to be a sequel game like Black and White 2.
There's rumors swirling about that a third version with updated graphics is coming to the Switch. However, given how plot dense Sun and Moon were, I have a slightly hard time believing people will be willing to play through the same exact plot again only with slightly better graphics. Yes they did it with Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum, but those games had mostly Excuse Plot. Game Freak has also seemed very keen on bucking the traditional third game with the past two gens so it'd be weird if they took a step back. My guess is that Stars might take place a couple years after Sun/Moon with the Pokemon League now fully operational. Traditional gyms will be brought back, but trials will also still be a thing to get Z-Crystals. There will be a new protagonist, who is perhaps native to Alola this time, while the SM protags are either ruling champs or 'disappeared' in search of more Ultra Beasts. The plot will involve new Ultra Beasts coming through the wormholes with maybe Necrozma and/or Marshadow as the primary instigators.
  • Confirmed for the sequel game(s), Jossed for the title, which is Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. We don't know the plot as of now.

Pokemon Stars will be the third game for both generations 6 and 7
The game will start in kalos before giving you access to the islands of alola through charizard glide or some other flying pokemon like Flygon throughout the game. this will make up for Zygarde not getting his own game and emphasize the massive scale the pokemon games are capable of on the new switch. it will also give you access to both alolan and non-alolan forms of certain pokemon between regions.
  • Jossed for the title. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

The Aether Foundation was founded by, and Lusamine's father is, Mr. Verich, AKA Greevil.
One of the Foundation members mentions that the Foundation was started by a wealthy man who loves Pokémon, which sounds a lot like what Greevil was pretending to be. Maybe the Foundation was originally- or even still is- a front group for Cipher!

Alola has really thin world walls, children slip through the cracks all the time without even realizing.
This method does not make one a "Faller." The Festival Plaza is an Inn Between the Worlds. The Poke Pelago takes place in the Dream World from Black and White. Professor Mohn was sucked into an Ultra Wormhole (with the induced Amnesia) and landed on the Pelago. It looks like the Pelago islands are part of Alola, but this is because Children and Pokémon can cross the Boundary so easily. In Dream Radar, the overlap required special goggles to see. The "veil" to the Interdream Realm in Alola being so thin is why Professor Burnet moved her research. (and how she met and married Professor Kukui.)
  • Some adults can go, but it's rare. But even the ones who can't still remember, which is why Non Player Characters advise the MC to check them out.

Lillie's Pokemon team in Kanto in a future game would be...
My guess for her team is:
  • Nihilego
  • Lycanroc
  • Sylveon
  • Alolan Exegutor
  • Hakamo-o
  • Gardevoir
    • Or perhaps one of them would be Silvally, due to the above theory of her obtaining a Type:Null.

You'll be able to explore much more of Ultra Space in the Diamond and Pearl remakes.
Due to all the time and space stuff that happens in the original games. Probably as part of the post game, to catch the more common Ultra Beasts.

The world destroyed by the Ultra Beasts was 'a' Gen 1-3 world, not 'the' world of Gen 1-3.
In Sun/Moon's postgame, you can actually visit the world of the other game version. It's mostly just a mechanic to swap day/night to help you hunt down nocturnal/diurnal Pokemon, but it does change some location names and you see the other version's boxart legendary in a cutscene. This establishes that there's at least two non-obliterated worlds. On top of this, back in ORAS, Steven alludes to an alternate world destroyed by the meteor that Mega Rayquaza stops (this is a far different fate than being destroyed by Ultra Beasts), which brings us up to four known worlds, total), and the leader of the "good guy" team at the end of ORAS ponders if there's another universe where they're the bad guys.

The gist of this WMG is this: There are infinite Pokemon universes including 'oldchool' pre-Mega Evolution ones. Anabel is just from a Bad Future one. The entire continuity and history of Pokemon hasn't been destroyed.

Ultra Beasts are Digimon, Ultra Space is the Digital World. Sun/Moon is a stealth Pokemon/Digimon crossover.
Because fanwank.

The cutscene preceding you getting your very own Cosmog is clearly Solgaleo and Lunala breeding
There you go folks, canon Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action for you all. Solgaleo and Lunala are breeding to give you a baby Cosmog.
  • Just, please don't just throw your Solgaleo and Lunala in the daycare together and expect Cosmog eggs en masse.
  • This might as well be confirmed:
    • First off, when you trade Solgaleo to Moon and Lunala to Sun, their respective Pokédex entries in those games refer to them as the male and female evolutions of Cosmog.
    • Secondly, remember that book Lillie was reading in the Malie Library?
    Beast of Sun and Beast of Moon
    Through their union, they brought new life.
    A fragile heir in Alola born
    That the island guardians would keep from strife.
    • They might as well have come right out and said that Cosmog is their child for all that tries to hide it.

Which form of Lycanroc Rockruff evolves to and what Cosmoem evolves into depends on whether their trainers are a day or night person.
When you are playing Sun, you are active during the day as normal. When you are playing Moon, you are only active at night. By being active in certain times of the day, you influence your Pokémon so that it can only evolve to only a specific next stage.
  • Jossed. Whether or not the person is a day/night person doesn't influence how Rockruff and Cosmoem evolve. The Lycanroc form that Rockruff evolves into is simply based on the version and time of day Rockruff evolves at. Cosmoem's evolution is simply version-dependent.
    • I think they meant in-universe (i.e. in the world where you're actually a Trainer and not someone playing the game).
      • There's nothing in-universe about Trainers being day/night people influencing Rockruff's and Cosmoem's evolution. It's still jossed.
      • Considering that the whole point of WMG is to explain unexplained phenomena or predict future revelations, it's not jossed unless there's something that actually contradicts it/makes it impossible/improbable. Saying "it's just based on the version", again, doesn't actually tell us anything as far as the actual story of the games is concerned even if it's the gameplay reason.
      • There's nothing in-game in both versions that says that Rockruff's and Cosmoem's evolutions are influenced trainers being day/night people, either. It's still jossed unless a future game explains or debunks this.
      • It isn't jossed. It just isn't confirmed.
  • In expansion to this, wild Lycanroc of either form can be found in both games because wild Rockruff can be active in either day or night and will evolve into the according form.
  • Jossed in the anime so far. In Rocking Clawmark Hill!, the Rotomdex states that Rockruff will evolve into either form depending on the time, but did not state anything on version-exclusiveness.
  • ...and jossed in the game, as of Sword and Shield, Cosmoem's branched evolution is still version-exclusive, regardless of the player's activity.
    • When they are added to the Isle of Armor expansion, Rockruff's version-exclusiveness are completely off.

Solgaleo and Lunala are not the legendary Pokémon of the Sun and Moon.
They are both describes as emissaries, rather than embodiments. Since Cosmog is considered an Ultra Beast, they are completely foreign to the Pokémon world. As for who the true legendary Pokémon of the sun and moon are, look no further than Ho-oh and Lugia. Gold being symbolic of the sun, and silver representing the moon, Lugia having once caused a solar eclipse as it flew over Johto, Ho-oh's flight forming rainbows behind it. Everything adds up.
  • Jossed. They are the legendary Pokémon of Sun and Moon.
    • I think what they mean is that Solgaleo and Lunala are not the Physical God Pokémon that control the sun and moon (e.g. Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza for land, sea, and air), as they come from the UB dimension. Ho-oh and Lugia, due to being native to this world and having clear links to the sun and moon via their Dex entries, may be the actual Legendary Pokémon of the sun and moon.

Leaf was the Faller killed by Guzzlord
As disturbing as it may sound, it might explain a lot, such as why she's never mentioned once throughout the entire series (especially when compared to Blue and Red), or why Nanu is so disapproving of children being used as bait. Or, assuming that the numerous Glitch Pokémon from RGBY are actually Ultra Beasts (meaning that they have a lot of access to the Gen 1/2 dimension), and how she is not a character option for the game (you can obviously play as Leaf in FR/LG, but not in RGBY), it's possible that this may be the Leaf of the original Gen 1 games, who fell into a wormhole a year before the Kanto games began, unlike her Gen 3 counterpart.

Ryuki is an Early-Bird Cameo for either the third game or Gen VIII.
He seems too uniquely designed and modeled to just be some one-off Bonus Boss. Game Freak likes to do their fair share of Production Foreshadowing as well. My guess is either he becomes the Dragon Z-Crystal Captain in Stars (or Gym Leader if Stars is a sequel) or he's a Gym Leader/Elite 4/Champion/Whatever from the Gen VIII region.

The Ultra Beast have devastated the old universe...but it still exist more or less.
This is the multiverse we're talking about. There are probably an infinite amount of universes, or at the very least an enormous number. While the Ultra Beast did devastate a version of the Gen 3-5 games, there would be functionally identical universes out there.

Necrozma is the "third legendary" to Solgaleo and Lunala.
Obviously there's the fact that they share the same theme; the Tao trio(in the original Black and White) and the weather trio had very similar themes, while Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde shared the same theme. They have an ambiguous relationship to the Ultra Beasts-Solgaleo and Lunala come from Ultra Space, while Necrozma is reminiscent of the Ultra Beasts and speculated to be like them. To a lesser extent, they share the Psychic typing.

I think that Necrozma is the "third legendary", the next legendary introduced in Gen VII to have story significance and probably plays a part with the Cosmog line. Like Kyurem and Zygarde, it has a stronger form. As for the thematic similarities? As of now I admit it's mostly obscure, but they're all themed around light-the sun and moon are classic sources of light, while prisms refract light. And if you want to get into the Genius Bonus, Isaac Newton was famous for his research with prisms and fascination in alchemy. Plus if it does get a stronger form, there might be eclipse symbolism added.

If the Cosmog line can create wormholes to Ultra Space, perhaps Necrozma is the reason why Ultra Space and the universe(s) we're familiar with can even interact at all.

  • With the new information of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon revealed, it's highly likely that Necrozma will be the mascot legendary of that game, since it will be fused with Solgaleo for Dusk Mane form and Lunala for Dawn Wings form; akin to Kyurem in Black 2 and White 2.

The Ash-Hat Pikachu will be initially distributed with the 20th movie
With the 20th movie announced to being an Adaption and/or retelling of the first episode Pokemon: I Choose you, it would be totally fitting and a nice touch to celebrate the anime's 20 years.
  • As of this writing on March 15th, 2017, this wild mass guess has been confirmed; it has been announced that if you pre-book your tickets to the 20th movie, you can obtain an Ash-Hat Pikachu, with the specific cap you get depending on in which date range you obtain the Pikachu (though this is in Japan; no word yet on possible distributions in other countries).

We will re-visit Kanto this generation.
It seems weird that the player's mom would specifically mention how easy it is to access Kanto from Alola during the post-game scene. Kanto is also where Lillie went and there is a lot of Kanto focus this gen. The next anime movie also seems to be a re-telling of Ash's first adventure there. Either there will be a game that takes place in a fully 3D Kanto on the Switch or maybe you can access it post-game on the third version.

Ultra Beasts are stuck in their Mega Forms.
While Rotomdex might be exaggerating, he's definitely stating that Mega-forms cause aggression and hyper-evolution to the point that normal interaction is no longer possible.

We can get Ash-Hat Pikachu by transferring it from Pokemon Yellow.
Considering Yellow was influenced more by the anime,it would make sense for the "Special Pikachu Edition" to give you a special edition of Pikachu.
  • As of March 15th, 2017, Jossed (at least in Japan, no word yet on other countries); you get the Ash-Hat Pikachu if you pre-book your ticket to the upcoming 20th Pokemon movie.

The Anistar Sundial fell out of a UB wormhole
Ultra Space seems to contain a large amount of weird, glowing crystals. Perhaps in ancient times there was a giant earthquake or other event in Ultra Space, that caused an exceptionally large crystal to fall out of a wormhole and into Kalos. Perhaps it is also possible that, given how the crystal is seen as a sundial and thus heavily associated with the sun, that Solgaleo created the wormhole that the sundial fell through? Given its "solar" design, many ancient peoples (including the Alolans and Kalosians) may have associated Solgaleo with the sun and seen it as a physical embodiment of it, and thus also associated anything that it brought through the wormhole with the sun. And seeing how the most important feature of the crystal is the light passing through it, maybe it's also associated with Necrozma in some way?

Lillie only looks like Nihilego because of her mother's Ultra Beast obsession.
Hence, the flood of 'Lillie is related to/is actually/is carrying Nihilego' WMGs before the game came out. Lusamine's obsessions spread out onto what she made Lillie wear, and tried to make her look close to it as possible,
  • Confirmed. She's dressed like Niheligo because of her mother's Ultra Beast obsession.

The January Pokebank update will add the rest of the Mega Stones to the Battle Tree as purchasable items
Why should we lose out on certain megas when the Battle Tree trainers can use them willy nilly?
  • Jossed, the rest of the Mega Stones will become accessible, but not all at once; they are being distributed two at a time as entry gifts for participating in online competitions (and if you don't participate, they'll be released as serial codes the month after).

Nebby is claustrophobic
Hence why it doesn't stay in the damn bag.
  • Adding onto this WMG, its fear comes from being trapped in a small box that extracts its energy to create Ultra Wormhole.

Ryuki is Miror. B
The first sign is his hair. It's red and white, the same colours as Miror. B's iconic afro. His hairstyle also looks like it could have once been an afro. He says he's from another region, but not which one. Sort of like how Orre is not directly mentioned outside of it's own games. Ryuki also has that guitar case, implying an interest in music, which Miror. B was also known for. The reason for not having his trademark Luddicolos is to hide his identity, since being a member of Cipher would be bad for his reputation.

Lillie is a descendant of the kings of Kalos
Hence, her "French" sounding initial encounter theme, initial style of clothing, the fact that she comes from a region with gym leaders, and her family's wealthiness. Both Lysandre and Lusamine also run a large organization, were initially concerned with helping people and Pokemon, and are obsessed with beauty; maybe it runs in the family? There's also Lysandre's Japanese name: Fleur-de-lis, French for "lily flower", as well as the fact that Lillie's entire family is named after German flower names; Germany shares a large portion of its western border with France. Perhaps there will be a "crossover sequel" of XY and SM, that will tie up both games' loose ends and elaborate on the connection.
  • Kalos does have gyms, though I don't remember if there was a mention about when they were implemented, but in all likelihood it was before Lillie would have been born, since I can't really remember anyone commenting about the gyms as any even somewhat recent thing.
    • Whoops, typo. What I meant is that seeing how Kalos does have gyms, and (according to her diary) how Lillie is surprised that Alola doesn't, it's possible that she was originally from Kalos.

On the blatantly underleveled Totem Pokémon...
I felt like I had to bring this up because some of them are legitimately underleveled If you don't know, they consist of Gumshoos/Raticate (lv. 12, evolve at lv. 20), Salazzle (lv. 22, evolve at lv. 33), and Lurantis (lv. 24, evolve at lv. 37). The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, right? Not exactly.

The Totem Pokémon essentially server as the final task of the trial, meant to test the players skill. The Totem Pokémon must have been chosen for their strength, and intelligence, being the head honcho. They must have trained really hard to prove themselves.

  • I don't think being chosen has anything to do with this. Wicke did say that Totem Pokémon came about when ordinary Pokémon were exposed to the energy radiated from Ultra Wormholes.
  • Nihilego, Buzzwhole and Pheromosa: Likely doctors, Nihilego's toxins and Pheromosa's pheromones may have been intended for medicines like anesthetics or pain relief while Buzzwhole's proboscis can be used like a syringe while his strength can set bones
  • Xurkitree: a mobile living battery/generator
  • Kartana: general use sharp blades for cutting up obstructions or obstacles, their small size and thin bodies would also be good for getting into tight areas
  • Celesteela: It's a giant metal rocket, probably transportation for goods, or people, maybe into space
  • Guzzlord: maybe it's a super Alolan Grimer that it meant for waste disposal, or the theory that it turns everything it eats into energy for nourishment is wrong and it actually stores that stuff in a sub-dimension accessed by it's second mouth like a living warehouse

Ultra Space is actually a singularity from countless renditions of the same universe entering a Big Crunch. Possibly giving background into Diamond and Pearl's remakes.
Arceus hatches from an egg within nothing, and spawns a Universe by creating the Time-Space trio to keep it in check. it eventually creates base planets for potential habitats for lifeforms to grow on. it creates the Lake Guardians to instill a sense of natural order. eventually a universe hits a state of enthrophy and collapses in on itself, restarting the cycle anew. once an Arceus hatches, it's power quickly depletes, so it creates the Unown from the "first" amount of Radio Waves to give them form and to utilize them as tools of creation, explaining it's Thousand Arms. Mew is probably depowered fetal cells that landed on planets via debris from the same egg that Arceus hatched from.

Obviously each rendition is probably different. the current cycle has AZ finding a book that somehow enabled him to create a weapon to win the Kalos War. what im thinking is that he inadvertedly caused a ripple within reality from collesing enough bioenergy from Pokemon and the enviroment and has been thinning for a few thousand years. the first visitor would have been a Pokemon that eventually became Necrozma and fell into slumber in the Alola region. the force of energy rippled to another universe, where possibly the Ultra Beasts invaded and human denizens from one reality wandered into another.

Ultra Space itself would be a dark desolate place, of an infinite expanse with no sense of time, as well as an unusual flow of energy that has no basis in any physical world or reality, let alone in similar places like the Distortion World. the Big Bang of new universes ensures that there are always more Ultra Beasts to wander around, where only the most basic but hardy lifeforms survived. perhaps that in a term of basicness, Minior would exist in any reality due to being a gas-based lifeform where one spawned in Ultra Space would instead form into a Cosmog. various Cosmog may have fell out through ripples to dimensions where Ultra Wormholes opened for brief periods in time, where said Cosmog eventually evolved and learned to control their power over traveling Ultra Space safely.

In the Diamond and Pearl remakes, Giratina will presumably be regulated to a sidequest that takes in elements from Platinum. perhaps that due to something (new) like Primal Dialga/Palkia, the Universe would be unbalanced. this will provide some minor Arc Welding with the Unown communicating via Radio Waves as well as the Azure Flute, since in the movies, Arceus was able to resolve fights between the 3 and also solve the potential destruction of the universe due to Hoopa spawning too many legendaries. as thanks, Arceus will spare the Ultra Beasts and attempt to integrate them into future Universes. with the possibility of Megas as well as Infinity Energy being more commonplace.

  • On the note of the movie, Arceus didn't appear to stop or solve the spacial tear that resulted from too many legendary pokemon being summoned, it just stalled the destruction long enough for Hoopa to escape and then let nature take its course. If it was fixing things then Hoopa would not have needed to get away.

Necrozma is a "spent" Solgaleo/Lunala
Its black coloration, combined with the star-like design on the back of its head, is evocative of a black dwarf, a kind of dead star that no longer gives off light or heat) and its ability to refract light is similar to a black hole. Necrozma itself is pure Psychic compared to Solgaleo's Psychic/Steel and Lunala's Psychic/Ghost, and it has lower stats than them, but the same battle music. Because the games establish that the Cosmog line is a species rather than one-off legendaries, and considering these connotations, it's possible Necrozma is what Solgaleo/Lunala turn into at the end of their lives once they run out of power, no longer able to open ultra wormholes and relying on an outside source (light) for energy.

The Alola Pokémon League
At the end of the game Kukui establishes a Pokémon League, so it could be likely that the whole system of trials will be reconfigured sometimes in the future as the canonical 8 Gyms (maybe even in Pokémon Stars, but I don't think so). At the moment, between Captains and Kahunas, there are 11 type specialists in Alola; 3 of them being now Elite Four members (with the fourth one being Kahili, an outsider), there are exactly 8 powerful, elemental trainers left in the region, who could become Gym Leaders. Just look at the mock trial set up by Mina during her later appearance: beat a number of trainers before battling her, just like in a Gym.

This would lead us to the following League:

  • 1st Gym (Melemele Island): Ilima, Normal-type
  • 2nd Gym (Akala Island): Lana, Water-type
  • 3rd Gym (Akala Island): Kiawe, Fire-type
  • 4th Gym (Akala Island): Mallow, Grass-type
  • 5th Gym (Ula'ula Island): Sophocles, Electric-type
  • 6th Gym (Ula'ula Island): a reformed Guzma, Bug-type (I feel like Nanu would likely relinquish his job as a Leader just like he did with the Elite Four membership)
  • 7th Gym (Poni Island): Mina, Fairy-type
  • 8th Gym (Poni Island): Hapu, Ground-type (though look below) or Ryuki, taking over the Dragon-type trial and turning it into a Gym
  • Elite Four: unchanged (Fighting, Rock, Flying and Ghost-type)
  • Champion: anyone of the title challengers in Sun/Moon, more likely Hapu as she's a Kahuna

Ice-type specialist
In Sun and Moon, there are elemental trainers for 17 of the 18 types: 7 Trial Captains - though you can't battle them all on a single cartridge -, 4 Kahunas, Kahili (Flying-type), Guzman (Bug-type), Plumeria (Poison-type), Faba (Psychic-type), Molayne (Steel-type), Ryuki (Dragon-type). Thing is, no Ice-type specialist ever shows up. The reason might be the low number of Ice-type Pokémon introduced in this generation (just Crabominable, who is already used by Hala, with the addition of the Alolan forms of the Sandshrew and Vulpix lines, the latter of which is in Kukui's team). However, in a possible sequel game one such trainer might show up, just to set things straight. Who could s/he be?
  • Lillie: she certainly looks the part, and she may come back from Kanto (where Ice-types are more common) with a nice team.
  • Wicke: she's unfought in these games; the unusual choice of warm clothing, which didn't go unnoticed, may foreshadow this.
  • You, the player: All trial captains and Kahunas are associated with areas that reflect their type specialties, and the Elite Four's arenas do so as well. The area in Alola associated with the Ice-type? Mt. Lanakila, the location of the Pokémon League. Additionally, the Champion's room is colored blue and covered in a crystalline structure not unlike an ice block. This may very well indicate a future Ice-type specialty for the regional Champion - in other words, the player character.

Originally, Lusamine was supposed to be Alola's Ice-type specialist.
In her secret room, you find her collection of Pokemon, frozen in blocks of ice; the idea of displaying frozen Pokemon as decorations is also described in some of Froslass's Pokedex entries, suggesting it could have been one of her Pokemon. The idea of her original team may have been scrapped to give her a more diverse and challenging Pokemon team.

Necrozma is an Ultra Beast.
Why does Looker say it isn't one? Because it's not giving off Ultra radiation. But Necrozma absorbs light. Thus it probably absorbs Ultra radiation too, and this cannot be used to identify it.

Necrozma's true form will be a Psychic/Dragon Pokémon with traits of scorpions
A very common theory about Marshadow was that it would be a scorpion, as in alchemy (which clearly had an influence over the games) the Manticore is composed of a lion (Solgaleo), bat (Lunala), and scorpion (???). However, Marshadow wasn't the true third legendary; Necrozma was. Necrozma looks very fragmented and incomplete, and it resembles a floating severed dragon head. My guess is that to keep with the trio's psychic typing and previous Dragon-type third legendaries, it will be a Dragon/Psychic type, and to complete the Manticore theme, it will have scorpion traits such as multiple legs, pincers, and a large stinger tail.
  • Manticores can also have dragon tails instead, maybe it can merge with solgaleo and lunala to form a psychic manticore chimera
  • This is mostly all confirmed in the sequel games, with a twist: it absorbs either Solgaleo or Lunala, then uses their energy as well as ambient light energy in order to assume its true form, a massive, beaming Jesus-dragon with Psychic/Dragon typing and a signature move which essentially involves nuking the target. However, it doesn't really resemble a manticore so much as an angelic, traditional European dragon.

Ultra Beasts are servants to more powerful Pokemon entities
This theory states that, Ultra Beasts are just servants to some sort of god-like Pokemon entity which lives in beyond the Ultra Space that we see. Guesses for the Ultra Beast's master?

The possible Alola Challenge for the sequel.
While there's no real comfirmation of this, I feel that the following may fit.
  • Each island could have the number of Gyms match how many Trials there are, besides Poni, because maybe the Dragon Trial was replaced with Mina's fairy trial, and the Dragon-type gym could come after the whole problem involving Lusamine and Lillie, as are most of the 8th gyms.
    • As for the champion, it would be the protagonist from the first Gen VII games, as you could be have a new bunch of characters, like in B2/W2.

Instead of new games, the sun and moon series will be re-released on the Switch, extended.
So that they will have new features that their 3DS counterparts didn't have. You can also get to transfer your old save files there without having to go through the entire storyline over again.

Why Passimian and Oranguru are related.
The Pokédex lists them on the same page, implying they're related somehow despite being considered separate species for all intents and purposes. Here's a possible explanation.

If you look at the TM list, Passimian learns a few special moves, most notably Shadow Ball, Energy Ball and Focus Blast, implying it has latent mystical/magical powers that it can't utilize effectively under normal circumstances and instead emphasizes physical strength and teamwork. Most Passimian live their lives knowing no different. However, some are born with a rare genetic mutation that heightens these powers, and encourages them to develop them, but it requires lunar energy to work. In situations where Solgaleo's solar energy prevails (such as Sun), this gene is dormant. If, however, Lunala's lunar energy prevails (Moon), then they gain a compulsion to abandon the troop, which humans interpret as them being unable to handle the rigors of the leader's training regimen but is actually this. If they leave the group, then unless they're caught quickly they'll wander to a remote area at night where the moon shines brightly, causing their gene to activate. They then perform some sort of ritual, causing their power to awaken and trigger a metamorphosis into Oranguru. They live their lives in solitude, dedicated to honing their mystic power and intelligence, and helping injured Pokémon as needed. Unlike the combative, somewhat jerkish Passimian, they strive for knowledge, defense, and altruism, completing the split.

Once you become Champion, the rules for entry to the rest of Poni Island is changed.
If you go there without defeating the Elite Four, a Veteran blocks your path. Once you do, the rules are conveniently changed so there are other ways to gain access aside from becoming Champion. That's how Plumeria and Guzma are able to get to the Battle Tree. That or they took a short cut.

Most U Bs and Necrozma were formerly cryptids in the Pokeverse
Most Ultra Beasts aside from Nihilego and Guzzlord (and even then, the events in their Dex entries did not happen in-game) were only seen after the wormhole opening, yet why do they have their own names and lore behind them? Other U Bs of the same species probably escaped from natural Ultra Wormholes in the past with very little detection and were identified and named by researchers, but these reports were unconfirmed and the data was sent to a database. The data collected is what is used in Wicke's and the Pokedex's entries, after their existence was confirmed. Similarly, Necrozma awakened when these U Bs were sighted in the past, which is how it got its name and Dex entries.

The Aether Foundation is being contracted by Team Galactic to create an artificial Arceus for them and Type: Null/Silvally is a prototype.
This is why Silvally kind of looks like Arceus and its RKS (as in Arceus) system ability.

The Thrify Mega Mart hypnotizes customers.
In Royal Avenue, we encounter the Thrifty Mega Mart, which is a large "superstore" that sells cheaper items with huge discounts. However, the clerks and employees and excessively pushy even by normal salesman standards, constantly telling you to keep returning and shopping until your money is gone. And some of the other customers note that they enter the store and seem unable to stop shopping. Alone this seems like no big deal, nothing worth noting. Until you take note of the fact that the store mascot is Hypno, and that several (excluding one man dressed as one) are in and around the store. Who's to say they aren't using Hypno's influence on their customers to make them shop big and shop often?

Acerola adopted Nanu, not the other way around.
She likes taking care of people, and may have decided that the reclusive kahuna who lives by himself with a shitload of Meowth needed some human company occasionally- or at least someone to come by and make sure he hasn't drowned under all the Meowth hair.

Necrozma is incomplete, in a way that contrasts Zygarde.
Necrozma originally came either from Ultra Space(explaining its ties to the Ultra Beasts) or from another planet in the same Pokemon universe, however crashed. Pieces of it "broke off", resulting in the odd design. People have noticed parts of its sprite can be rearranged to form the head of a dragon; what if that's what it originally was? Like Zygarde, Necrozma's being has been split apart, but unlike Zygarde it's not something natural and is more in line with someone's limbs being torn off. Its involuntary attacks and pained expression comes from being literally broken. It woke up when the Ultra Beasts came out because the radiation from Ultra Space could be used to heal it. In this regard its kind of like Kyurem, except even worse off because there's no Reshiram/Zekrom aspect to fuse back together.

Ultra Space a direct parallel to the normal universe, but on steroids.
Hence the term "Ultra" space. Ultra Space shares the same principles as the main universe, however is far more energetic and "powerful" due to the nature of the energy that fills it. While this is a temporary venture for Totem Pokemon, life in this universe has always been exposed by it and became stronger than normal life to reflect that. Each of the Ultra Beasts serves a role that parallels certain types of Pokemon in the main universe. First and most blatant is Nihilego, who's commonality in their universe and Poison typing makes them a parallel to the Zubat and Tentacool lines. Buzzwole and Pheromosa are equivalents to Bug Pokemon like Butterfree and Heracross. Xurkitree, despite the typing, is an equivalent to Grass type Pokemon-it's just that the plant equivalent of Ultra Space has more in common to electrical appliances. Kartana and Celesteela simply follow the Animate Inanimate Object theme Pokemon always has. Guzzlord represents Pokemon in the Monster egg group, bulky beasts like Snorlax which probably makes it rare by Ultra Space standards. Finally is the uncategorized Cosmog line, who while seen as legendaries are psuedo-legendaries by UB standards. They share qualities of psuedo-legendaries by taking forever to evolve and being pretty strong, while having Magikarp Power. Cosmog and Cosmoem's Joke Character status is just this on steroids.

There's a distinct possibility that humans have an Ultra Space equivalent, it's just that they avoided the Ultra Wormholes and weren't in the area of Ultra Space Lusamine teleported to, since it was an uninhabited cave. While distinctively non-human it's possible they have their own means of capturing Ultra Beasts, and are not so different to human beings much like UB are Pokemon. They're physically stronger and a lot more intelligent and advanced. Perhaps there are other parallels to the main universe, like a reality which is to Ultra Space as Ultra Space is to us or would consider the main reality an Ultra Space.

If Ultra Beasts had Hidden Abilities
  • Nihilego: Clear Body, due to its translucent body. Also because of similarities to Tentacruel, who also gets Clear Body.
  • Buzzwole: Intimidate, because you'd probably crap your pants if you saw a 700+ lb. musclebound mosquito with an enormous proboscis, wouldn't you?
  • Pheromosa: Speed Boost, because of its high speed.
  • Xurkitree: Lightning Rod, due to is tall, gangly shape and being made of wires, which transmit electricity.
  • Celesteela: Heavy Metal, due to its large size. Alternatively, it could also have a plant-based ability such as Chlorophyll.
  • Kartana: Sniper, which increases the strength of crits, and Kartana has many high-critical ratio moves. Or perhaps Super Luck to make those crits happen more, given its sharp edges.
  • Guzzlord: Gluttony, for obvious reasons.

The events of Sun/Moon are very loose with actual plot of the universe.
I think that there has been 4-5 split universes, with the only minor differences being the events of major situations.

  • RB > GS > (Events of R/S, assuming if it was forwards compatible) (Universe 1)
  • FRLG/RS > GS > DP > (the events of) BW (Universe 2)
  • FRLG > HGSS/Platinum > BWBW 2 > XY > (Universe 3)
  • RB (Though with aspects of Pokemon Origins) > HGSS+D/P Remake > BW Remake > (events of X/Y, ORAS is a few months before this) > Sun/Moon. (Universe 4)
  • Gen 1 > 2 > Emerald > X > X (Universe 5)

Basically, Universe 1 exists purely as a groundwork of how the franchise works as a whole. presumably AZ failed to resurrect Floette. in Universe 2, AZ managed to ressurect Floette but didn't leave any irradiated materials for Devon corp to find, this did however push development in technology due to the horrors of war which upgrades 2-way timetravel for Pokemon to cross-continental communication (as the GTS) instead, indirectly small differences occur such as Red lacking an Espeon (arguably, just to distance from his counterpart from Pokémon Adventures). Universe 3 plays mostly the same as universe 1, except for some unexplained reason, Cyrus decides to imprison both Time-space members with a Red Chain instead which may have caused dimensional tears from summoning Giratina, Cynthia outright references the Protagonists of Platinum when you battle her.

Universe 4 is where AZ discovers a book, this resurrects Floette as well as give AZ outright immortality, which caused him to Wandering the Earth in penance, leaving behind information for the Dragonid people, causing them to preserve their culture...however this leaves irradiated materials for Devon Corp, as well as accelerates Unova's Dream research which is completed before the events of Sun/Moon start. perhaps, AZ's book may have came from Colress of Universe 3 since his book from the BW 2 intro cinematic has patterns similar to a Z-Ring, perhaps he may have discovered Dream Energy and archived it in a book where AZ with advanced tech repurposed it as an efficient energy source.

Universe 5 may be a dump universe, this will be where (an) Anabel came from, and she dropped into Universe 4. the only issue is the first (female, could be important?) faller that dies against Guzzlord 10~ years ago in Universe 4. as far as i'am aware, Sina and Dexio does not mention the plot of X and Y, and Wally's appearance can only be justified because he is still sickly and that Ruby/Sapphire occurred concurrently alongside with XY instead of RB. the side effect of this universe is that Red has a Mega Stone from outside of Alola, and that Pokemon like Beedrill/Pidgeot has already-discovered stones, this could also mention small erroneous things such as Wally's Gallade being contained inside an Ultra Ball.

Salazzle is a parody/Take That! at Pokemon-related Rule 34
She's loaded with sexual undertones and has a quasi-humanoid design meant to invoke the image of a voluptuous woman, but unlike the graceful, beautiful Gardevoir or the Playboy Bunny-esque Lopunny, she's very clearly still a wild animal with a genuinely animal-like appearance, something that causes her to slip heavily into the Uncanny Valley. There's also the fact that her unused walking/running animation shows her crawling around the same way a real lizard would, as opposed to walking normally like the aforementioned Gardevoir and Lopunny.

Anabel has been told that Looker is a Faller, but isn't telling him as well.
Which is part of the reason she's tanking the brunt of the Ultra Beast attacks; she doesn't think Looker has the firepower to handle it; and she's trying to protect him from the trauma of his previous experience. Ironically he's doing the same for her. She sees no need to tell the MC about this.

In addition to or in place of a sequel, Sun and Moon will get a spin-off that acts as a throwback to Pokemon Yellow.
Only instead of a Pikachu for a starter, you get a Mimikyu. I like to think it'd be called "Pokemon Nebula" or "Pokemon Nightshade".

The Ultra Beasts are related to Giygas.
They stand out as bizarre in their respective series, have indefinable natures, and apparently have a reputation for ending civilizations.

Contrary to popular belief, Hau is not going to become Kahuna of Mele Mele Island.
It was MC who received the glittering stone, after all, thus marking them as the next Kahuna. This becomes quite the tearjerker when you take Kukui's words of Hau becoming a 'fine Kahuna' into play, as in it was Hau's dream to become one...

All features removed in Sun/Moon will be added back into its Switch edition.
Because that console can then handle all the power required.

Cosmog and Cosmoem were banned in standard tournaments for different reasons from their final evolution counterparts.
Without proper attacking moves, they are so pitifully pathetic, they are ended up banned out of mercy.

Gameplay and Story Segregation is 'not in play re: Lillie and Repels.
Cosmog evolves to Cosmoem at level 43 and to Solgaleo/Lunala at level 53. The wild Pokémon on routes where Lillie appears never exceeds level 50, and only starts to exceed level 40 after Nebby has evolved to Cosmoem. It's quite possible that Nebby is outleveling the wild Pokémon throughout the entire game.

Nihilego was imitating Lillie, not the other way around.
Nihilego is said to be a shapeshifter, and to behave like a young girl. Lusamine didn't dress Lillie up like Nihilego; Nihilego started imitating Lillie in order to endear itself to Lusamine by appealing to the part of her that still loved her daughter.

Z-Crystals are powered-up versions of the type gems from Gen. V, similar to how Mega Stones are mutated evolutionary stones.
Both type gems and Z-Crystals power up moves of a certain type, come in different variations for each of the types, and are limited use (gems get used up, while Z-Moves are once per battle).

The reason Mimikyu is scary enough under its disguise for its appearance alone to kill people is because it's lonely, insecure, and unloved, not the other way around.
Since it has the Ghost type, its physical form is probably malleable and responsive to its psyche. Maybe it's the spirit of a person or Pokemon who died alone and unloved, and when people see its true form, what scares them to death is not how viscerally horrifying its appearance is, but instead the vicarious experience of that same desperate loneliness and fear it experienced just before it died. It disguises itself as Pikachu not only as a ploy for popularity, but also to protect the innocent from the spiritual agony that created it, that it now carries with it everywhere.

Mimikyu is Missingno.
Why not?

Shiny Mimkiyu and Komala aren't actually shiny.
What little you see of its true body is unchanged, and the shiny part is the disguise it uses. Maybe Mimikyu doesn't actually have a real shiny, but instead 1 in usually 4196 Mimikyu are just bad at color schemes and get the greyscale disguise. This might also play with Komala, since the wood is changed in color but not Komala itself.

Guzma's Dad.
Warning:Major Fan Wank ahead.So I read this theory that Nanu is Guzma's dad. At first, I was extremely skeptical of this since we do get to see Guzma's parents on route 2, and Nanu definitely isn't there. But then the person who made this theory gives some slightly good points (such as the resemblance between Nanu and Guzma as well as Nanu being in Po town to warn you of Team Skull). Then a thought crossed my mind. "What if Nanu is Guzma's biological father?" So, I combined the Nanu-Guzma theory with some canon background given on Guzma and made a theory of my own.

Guzma is actually the result of a now dissolved relationship between his mother and Nanu. When they were younger, Guzma's Mom and Nanu were very much in love. But for reasons unknown, they were forced to break up. However, Guzma's mother was pregnant when they did break up. By the time Guzma was born, his mother had (somewhat) moved on and married another man. Meanwhile, Nanu eventually became an island Kahuna but still secretly carried a torch for the woman who bore his son. Sadly for Guzma's mother, her marriage grew into a loveless one, making her wish to rekindle her relationship with Nanu, which her husband suspected. This is why Guzma was abused and why his mother cannot bring herself to believe that he had been causing trouble. His stepfather was venting out his anger (that stemmed from jealousy) on him and his mother loves him dearly because he reminds her of the time she and Nanu were together. It's also possible that Guzma's stepfather made his jealousy over Nanu clear to him, which made Guzma want to defeat the Kahuna in order to earn his approval. This is why Guzma specializes in Bug-types, it's so that he could counter Nanu's Dark-type team. Additionally, this could also explain the implication that Nanu's depressed. He did lose the woman he loved and his son is clearly a broken person and unaware of their relation.

Unlike others, Totem Wishiwashi isn't really bigger than any other Wishiwashi.
Instead, when it activates Schooling, it accumulates about twice the amount of Wishiwashi it usually needs.

Lusamine and Guzma use make-up.
Lusamine is somewhat obsessed with beauty, and wants to keep things young. While she could be Older Than They Look, it might make a bit more sense in-character if she uses make-up and possibly plastic surgery to look like she's still in her twenties. As for Guzma, he probably dyes his hair. He does want to look like a punk and has a cartoon, so having the markings next to his eyes and dying his hair white would fit his character. Neither of his NPC parents have white hair, though if Guzma's hair is natural that might explain why his father is abusive.

4 4 is Mimikyu's true form.
4 4's cry[1] is a heavily distorted Pikachu cry, the game crashes when encountering it, matching its Sun Pokedex entry, stating that a scholar who saw what was underneath the rag died from terror and shock. The Ghost type matches the fact that you cannot find 4 4 under normal circumstances, and the Fairy type is a new type... and 4 4's part 999 type, a type that does not exist. Of course Pokemon Yellow would read Fairy as this nonexistent type; Fairy didn't exist back then!

The Beast Ball's catch rate towards UBs are by case-to-case basis.
So rather than finding out what the group of Pokémon have in common and adjust the ball to make it more effective on the basis on that shared trait, the Aether Foundation created a heavily specialized ball that's much more effective against specifically selected species.

Team Rainbow Rocket indicates that there are lots of alternate timelines.
Each leader is taken from a timeline when their plans succeeded. Since some of these are mutually contradictory (Archie and Maxie both being victorious, Cyrus' requires rebuilding his entire world, Lysandre's involves killing almost everyone), this implies that there are more timelines than just a couple created at critical moments. Plus there's a timeline destroyed by the Ultra Beasts. There are probably an unending number of timelines to fit all of these plus ones where villains lose, and Faba just rolled the law of large numbers until he got ones he liked.

Villains in Team Rainbow Rocket are drawn from timelines of failed Nuzlocke runs.
What, you thought that universe aborted itself after you lost the run? No. It keeps going, and the villain's plan keeps moving. But this time the person who was supposed to rise up and stop them instead ran out of Pokémon and gave up their journey. No wonder there's universes where the bad guys win.

     Future regional variants 
Mostly for fun
Mankey and Primeape
They will be based off japanese snow monkeys and become Fighting/Ice types with the ability flash fire so they can enjoy saunas. they also generally be more pacifistic and friendly

Dark/Electric Pikachu family line

Different flavors for the Vanillite line
For example, a Grass/Ice Strawberry flavor or a Rock/Ice Rocky Road.
  • or a Fire/Ice Hot Fudge Vanillite that evolves into a banana split Vanilluxe
  • "Chocolate-flavored" variants covered with muddy snow instead.

Other variations of Shellos & Gastrodon
a few of Shellos's Pokedex entries make note of its colouration and appearance differing on its habitat, while this has possibly been retconned due to how shorter the details are in newer dex entries, its Diamond Entry goes into much more information, saying that is appearance differs from regions, This troper found this to be a great missed opportunity that an Alolan Shellos/Gastrodon didn't exist because of the details of said entries, perhaps it could be possible in newer games in the franchise.

if Sinnoh gets a remake, it will have regional forms for pokemon introduced outside the fourth generation

A Water/Dragon Gyarados
Because it would make sense. Additionally, it would also be a special attacker to differentiate it from regular Gyarados even more, and would get a special variant of Dragon Dance.

A Bug/Dark Kricketune
It has scythes and learns Night Slash, so a more combative Kricketune with a ninja motif wouldn't be out of the question.

Fire/Fairy Tapu Bulu
Somewhere, in another region, there is an variant of this island guardian that's different with the Alolan one. It comes with Drought as its standard ability.

Fairy type Ralts, Fighting/Normal Kirlia, Fairy/Normal Gardevoir and Ghost/Fairy (or Fairy/Fighting) Gallade
Ralts becomes more legendary due to rarely observing humans, becoming a cryptid in the process. Kirlia grows miniature daggers on its arms whilst it's skirt forms into a single rounded point, again with fragments of gem. Gardevoir never dropped the Emotional Emphatic abilities it had as the previous 2 and became an androgynous Takarazuka performer & Magician hybrid, thriving off the amazement feeling people and pokemon passes off. The head becomes more of a fluffy ponytail whilst adopting more support moves such as levitating allies, minor ice manipulation and of throwing powders. (reference to the Flower, Moon, Snow, Star and Cosmos troupes). this may have made more sense on Alola where Pokemon/Humans are both mellow, and that being an island nation prevented escape due to being too weak to swim or too far to teleport, justifying why Kirlia toughs up.

Gallade taps in its Fae side, and becomes more of a Kendo practitioner instead. which enables it to add sound to its slashes as well as become more effective against ghosts. maybe some kind of Exorcist. Female Gardevoir would require a Dawn Stone whilst Gallade would need a Dusk stone instead.

Dark/Normal Patrat line
They will be from a region that's based somewhere in Asia.