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This page deals with Wild Mass Guesses for games and species in the Hoenn region. For non-game and non-Hoenn game WMGs, please refer to the appropriate page in the Pokemon WMG Index.

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     Generation III Species Guesses 
Gardevoir is a benevolent Eldritch Abomination
Why is it that Gardevoir looks humanoid, but is in the Indeterminate egg-group instead of Humanshape? That's because the gentle, lovely form we see isn't Gardevoir's true form; it's an illusion, seeing how Gardevoir's actual form is impossible for humans to comprehend. Not to mention the fact that it can warp reality at its will.

Absol's Dark typing stemmed from (realistic) evolution
Absol is known by humans for being a Dark-type, due to showing up near disasters and being believed to have caused them. Maybe they had different typings (presumably Psychic due to their disaster sensing), but their constant hatred led them to start using pragmatic tactics to get revenge. Remember the Alolan versions of Meowth, Grimer and Rattata? They gained Dark typings which were not present in their Kanto forms due to their sneaky and pragmatic natures, so Absol (realistically) evolved themselves to become Dark as well. Eventually, all Absol across Hoenn became Dark-types and no more of the original Absol are present.

Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir and Gallade aren't in their true forms.
The Ralts line shares their Egg Group with ghosts and the odd poison-type like Grimer and Koffing. This Egg Group is called 'Indeterminate' or 'Amorphous' - without form. Then there's its Synchronizing or Tracing abilities... So with their line, what we see is NOT what we get. It uses its psychic powers to sense emotions, and has adapted its forms accordingly:Why go to all this trouble? As its entries show, its line is very closely connected to its trainer's feelings. Also, note that the final move learned by all forms save Gallade is Dream Eater. Perhaps its motivations are similar to those of Drowzee and Hypno, but they're smarter and know how to avoid that sort of bad reputation...

The Soul Dew is literally Latios and Latias.
There's actually nothing that proves this idea contradicts anything, and if it is true, it would explain how Latios, who apparently died in movie five, could reappear in the Sinnoh League. In addition, Steven mentions that the Soul Dew is the crystallized soul of both Latios and Latias, which seems to be in conflict with the anime, and the manga never even shows it.
  • Obviously, it wasn't the same Latios. In the anime, the legendaries aren't unique, just very rare and powerful.
    • Who said legendaries in the game are unique? You just met only one of their species. The games could have more than one, but you met only that one.

Deoxys that you catch are actually horribly mutated people or Pokemon.
You see, viruses cannot reproduce on their own. They have to infect a cell and make it produce more of the virus until it dies. Deoxys is a mutated space virus. That means that, even after the mutation, well, it is still a virus. And no, it couldn't have turned into a multicellular organism up there, as it lacks everything needed to make a cell, other than the DNA (if that virus even has DNA instead of RNA). As such, it would have had to come down and find a host.

After infecting the host, well, the mutation may cause it to mutate the cells after infection instead of merely make them into virus factories. Now, that may not seem too scary, but this would mean that the host is slowly mutated into a Deoxys, its limbs painfully mutating into whips, bizarre legs, etc. It would scream in pain, confused as to what is going on, their last moments being nothing but pain as they slowly lose consciousness, devoured by the Deoxys virus.

Now, that is scary by itself. But what if the virus is unable to infect the brain cells, or does not find them suitable? Well, then the person may be left conscious, watching as their body mutates and becomes a Pokemon, but unable to do anything. The newly mutated body might be able to access the host's brain for information and bring itself to more prey, the host unable to do anything but watch the virus infect their loved ones, perhaps consuming some as food.

If the virus stays dormant, then that's even worse. Imagine being infected and going home to your family, suddenly rapidly mutating into a horrific beast that infects and/or consumes your loved ones, maybe staying dormant in one member and releasing them to infect more people.

Imagine the following scenario: A little girl comes from school and hugs her mommy, daddy, and big brother. Suddenly, she screams in pain. Her father rushes for the phone, but before he can reach it, the girl, with inhuman speed, jumps on him and tears out his jugular vein, devouring him. The mother and brother runs over to stop her, but she bites them as well. The mother screams in pain as she begins to rapidly mutate. Her last words to her son are for him to run away. She then turns to her husband, viciously tearing off chunks of flesh, devouring him to fuel her transformation. The boy runs to his aunts, and so begins the cycle anew.

Tl;dr version: Deoxys mutates you into a horrific beast and causes small towns to become a real life version of Dawn of the Dead as it infects more and more people.

Deoxys represents illnesses of all kinds.
Let's consider all the factors: Being classified as a Legendary Pokemon, and for the purposes of this WMG, Legendary Pokemon must represent some aspect of existence, for the sake of brevity. Also take into account that it is A) not native to this planet and B) Suggested by the Pokedex to be a virus that mutated into a Pokemon. That is the first clue; Deoxys itself is a double-whammy for illness; not only is it not native to the entire planet, but it also isn't native to its own body structure. This makes it alien, and thus often quickly described as an alien Pokemon.

But there's more. In all of Deoxys's appearances in the Anime, it is being afflicted by other illnesses. In the movie alone, it is afflicted by the illness of separation and loneliness; for many, misery spreads like a virus, and as the old saying goes, 'misery loves company'. With that in play, Deoxys is also suffering from its own illnesses, and in an attempt to remedy, them it goes out in search of its friend, another Deoxys. However, they are also burdened with misfortune, as Rayquaza refuses to listen and/or pay attention to the actual actions of the Deoxys and keeps on trying to kill them, more or less acting as the White Blood Cell of the planet.

Now, in the series proper, Deoxys is still going through emotional illness, as well as physical illness, and possibly mental illness. The Deoxys seen in the episode Deoxys Crisis is implied to have the mentality of a child, reminiscent of a mental illness, and to have been conscious during its trek through space, locked up inside of a meteor. In addition, the meteor, that was "meant to be its cradle", is actually causing it pain, apparently due to wavelengths of the sun and meteorite matching together or some other gibberish like that. The pain Deoxys feels comes to such a point that it can't control its own Forme Changes until Solana catches it and has it use Recover to finally cure it. By that point, the rest of the area had been completely messed up, with weather patterns going haywire, and, most notably, the Pokemon Center (i.e. the place where illness is cured) being rendered nigh inoperable, with all of its technology refusing to boot up.

In its third appearance, Cheers on Castaways Isle, it has been rendered powerless and unable to move, the only part visible being its Crystal-Brain. It was on a trip to the aforementioned Isle and was shot down by lightning, but its energy was dispersed into the rocks surrounding the island. The Pokemon that bore witness, a Corphish and a school of Water Pokemon (I can't remember their names at the moment), take it upon themselves to gather up shards of the meteors and cover the Crystal with it, in an attempt to 'cure it'. Pikachu and Piplup add to their efforts, and they all succeed in restoring the Deoxys, who later thanks them all and leaves on its way, with the rocks surrounding the island losing their significance and just becoming another rock formation.

With all that being said, I think that is grounds enough for my Wild Mass Guess to not be so Wild, and perhaps even the slightest bit plausible. Discuss.

Deoxys' attack forme's incredible strength can be attributed to its speed
The whips on its arms look pretty threatening, but they certainly don't look like they'd be the strongest things in the Pokemon universe. The reason they do so much damage is that, with a speed stat of 150, it lashes them so fast that it can crush bones.

Claydol was created first, then they somehow reproduced Baltoy
Because Baltoy evolving into something that's already created does not make sense.
  • By the same vein, perhaps Banette existed before Shuppet.

The eye you see in the Duskull line is actually its soul/main body.
Hence why, despite being an eye, Duskull's "eye" wonders around inside it-that is Duskull's true form. The supposed body you see is actually a hollow overcoat that Duskull uses to protect itself.
  • Dusknoir's eye also does some weird movements in its Black and White animations, so this is pretty plausible.

Deoxys is an alien super-weapon.
Out there exists an alien species, which wanted to create an ultimate living weapon to conquer planets. To do so, they engineered a virus that, if exposed to further mutation, becomes a powerful alien. Why make it a virus at first, instead of just an alien straight away? A Trojan Horse. A bunch of virus-carrying meteors would land harmlessly on the planet, would be mutated with a harmless laser, and suddenly you have an army of Deoxys to conquer that world. Not all of these Deoxys wanted to conquer the world, and some were created to keep the peace/For Science!. And unfortunately for anyone trying to invade Earth, there's dozens of Pokemon with comparable strength, and hundreds more who could fight it.

The Weather Trio are a near-extinct race.
There actually used to be a bunch of them in the early Earth. Billions of years ago, the Earth used to be a World of Chaos, but slowly calmed down as the Kyogres, Groudons and Rayquazi slaughtered one another. The ones you encounter are almost the Last of Their Kind, with this extinction correlating to Earth's environment becoming stabler and more open to life.

The existence of Deoxys implies something horrifying about the Pokémon universe.
Deoxys is a 170 cm tall virus. Viruses require cells larger than themselves to reproduce. As such, the existence of Deoxys does not make sense, unless somewhere in the depths of space from which it came from exists lifeforms with individual cells far larger than humans. How big? For example, the human immunodeficiency virus is about 120 nm whereas the macrophage (which it feeds on) is 21 µm - about 175 times bigger. That would make whatever cells Deoxys preys on around 300 meters tall - twenty times bigger than Wailord. And if whatever that creature is isn't a single-celled organism, then...


    Hoenn Game Guesses 
In the Hoenn games, the player is being manipulated by Team Rocket.
Team Rocket only pretended to disband as a way to get unwanted attention away from them (a ten-year-old and their pets can't really bring down a massive crime syndicate) and is secretly manipulating Teams Aqua and Magma into awakening Groudon and/or Kyogre for them. Then, when another ridiculously skilled ten-year-old with an odd connection to Pokemon and a camera floating over their head showed up, TR decided to use them to wipe out Team Magma and Aqua's strength so they couldn't fight back when TR showed up to collect the Legendaries.Which explains why the Magma/Aqua grunts so conveniently explain to you where they're going next: they're Team Rocket plants making sure that you can lawnmower through the real goons and admin staff for them. It's not that they're completely retarded at all!And the reason TR doesn't actually show up to wipe out the protagonist and scoop up Groudon and Kyogre is because the executive in charge of that got in a fight with Wally and was bored to death.
  • Problem: Generation III runs cocurrent with Generation I (FR/LG is the same as R/B, and can trade with R/S without the need for a Time Machine.)
    • There is no true proof of Gen I and III happening at the same time. Being able to freely trade doesn't mean a thing because both Black and White can freely trade with Black 2 and White 2 without a Time Machine, despite the latter two taking place two years later (same Gen is not the point).
      • Excluding the business about disbanding, then, Team Rocket just has their fingers in all the pies.
      • The official timeline explicitly says that the events of R/B and R/S happened at the same time.

Brendan has black and white hair.
Here's an essay since it's too large and difficult to put on Tvtropes.
  • The essay in question mentions Thorton and Gardenia as having multicolored hair. That's not the case; they're wearing a hat and a headband, respectively.
    • Sarcasm? If not, where did he get that theory from? Especially with Gardenia.
    • ...How does Gardenia have a headband?
    • How can she not? Look at it, it's pretty obviously the same color and texture as the black part of her clothing, and for it to be hair and colored that way is ridiculous even by anime standards. This Bulbagarden post has a bit about it further down the page.
      • It's just black hair between orange and in the back of her hair. Nothing odd about it.
      • Only in Special, where it's dyed anyway. Again, it's clearly the same material as her black clothing. In the Sugimori artwork, at the very least, it's a headband.
      • Wasn't that one of those full-body suits that has an opening at the top of the head for hair? Like ninja and martial art dance-fighters sometimes wear, that are sometimes depicted as having that face-framing padding like boxers use. In the games, anyway.
      • Couldn't it just be a shadow in Gardenia's case?
    • Pokémon Adventures says the white thing is just a hat and his hair is like Norman's.
      • Confirmed in ORAS. Brendan takes off the hat when wearing Contest clothes, and just has normal brown hair.

Concerning the Hoenn Champion issue
Every once in a while Wallace/Steven decides to take the title from the other one. He's the former Champion in Emerald and, by the time of HG/SS, he took back the title from Wallace.

Steven changed his team after Emerald; but before Heart Gold / Soul Silver.
Wallace had a type advantage over Steven; 2/3 of Steven's team are rock and ground, and weak to all of Wallace's team. The only problems are Metagross and Skamory, and Metagross can be dealt with using Earthquake (which 2 of Wallace's team has), and Skarmory can just be hit repeatedly. Wallace beat Steven because of his chosen type; the only way for Steven to get his title back is to powerlevel his team or get some new Pokemon.

Wallace filled the role of protagonist when he was a young'un.
No hat that nice can go without awesome power.

Brendan beats Aqua in Ruby.
What exactly happens to them that makes them go away? Brendan beats them, of course, if May is the leading role. May is commonly thought as the canon protagonist for various reasons; Her name in comparison to Norman's, Brendan's persona in the games, his extra lines, her counterparts, etc. Her dummy data has her with a Groudon and Brendan with a Kyogre. Out of the two first games, the "main" one is considered canon to most people and apparently is until the third game comes out. May catches Groundon, or at least it symbolizes her fighting Magma. It's similar to how Red has a Charmander in his dummy data, and Leaf a Bulbasaur, which makes Blue have a Squirtle which fits the "Rival has a type advantage over you" critica.
  • ...If May has a Groudon and Brendan has a Kyogre, wouldn't she have to be the hero of Ruby while he's the hero of Sapphire? The legendary Pokémon were version exclusives prior to Emerald and all...
  • What dummy data are you talking about here? Also, what extra lines does Brendan have?

Wattson is blond
Before his hair turned grey, that is. It goes with the color motif.

There's a "Type theme" in the Kanto gang.
As stated above, Red's dummy data in Emerald has him with a Charmander and Leaf with a Bulbasaur. That makes sense, since Blue would have a Squirtle. Look at the colorings of the Pokemon in comparison to their English names.
  • This is WMG, but using their ENGLISH names would not fit in a series of JAPANESE origin. Not likely.
    • I believe their Japanese names are the same, at least for Red and Blue. Leaf has no official name, but her most common Japanese name is 'Fuguri', a play on Leaf Green, if I'm not mistaken.
      • Red's name in the original Japanese is Red. Blue's name in the original Japanese is Green. Leaf's name was Blue. The real question here is why wasn't Leaf called Green instead in the English version? It would fit with the change that was done in Pokemon Special...

Maxie's plan to erupt Mount Chimney was not, strictly speaking, about expanding the landmass.
That was his excuse, but not his real reason. The idea of making a volcano explode in the middle of the continent in order to expand the landmass makes so little sense that he'd have to be an idiot to do it. Instead, he's a Pyromaniac who just wanted to see the volcano explode. That bit with the rocket fuel was to make an example of the Space Center, since rocket fuel is derived from petroleum, which has to be mined at great environmental cost (he is an eco-terrorist, after all).

If a canon protagonist for r/s/e is ever revealed, it will be May, not Brendan.
When shown with starters, the female player character is usually shown with a member of the Torchic line, and The male pc is usually shown with a member of the Mudkip line. That set up only happens when the girl is chosen. Also while both of them are disliked as rivals, people tend to find rival-May slightly more annoying (and potentially containing Unfortunate Implications but I wouldn't know) making her the Silent Protagonist and Heroic Mime would get rid of that.
  • Also, May is far more well known due to being a main character in the Pokemon Advanced Generation anime.

Steven Stone is albino.
His eyes are blue, his hair is practically white, and he wears lots of really long, dark clothing—on a tropical island, no less. Quite possibly, he has to wear the clothes he does to keep the sun off.
  • Jossed. His hair is silver.

Hero of Ruby has shining-silver spirit while hero of Sapphire has golden heart
That's Mr. Pokémon conclusion in HGSS (as told by Oak). That also means hero of Emerald has both of these things... yeah.inb4 I switched the mons

'Brawly' is just a nickname
He's the only Gym Leader in Hoenn to not have a legitimate name in the English version of the games.There's also the fact that his Japanese name is the same as an herb — perhaps the Values Dissonance made the translators decide that his English version is embarrassed of his equally 'flowery' name and make everybody call him Brawly to get away from that?
  • While this a good theory, Falkner, Bugsy, Gardenia, Fantina, Volkner, Cilan, Chili, Cress, and Wulfric don't really sound like legitimate people names either. His name, like all these other ones, is a pun on something related to their Specified type.

Flannery is a secret Team Magma sympathizer/spy/sleeper agent
Being young and brash, maybe she was enraptured by their ideals and persuaded into joining their cause, believing it to be just. Maybe she has a hidden love for the idea of covering the land in fire, and a hidden hatred for Team Aqua. It fits her whole fire motif.

Glacia is originally from Kalos
She mentions being from a foreign land, and due to her Ice-type specialty it's possible that she comes from somewhere in Mountain Kalos. Snowbelle City is particularly fitting. If so, she's probably Wulfric's daughter as well.

Phoebe has Alolan ancestry.
She has the luau look and is Ambiguously Brown like some of the Alolan natives. One of her parents could be from Alola.

Team Magma and Team Aqua picked the wrong orbs
Now, this could be myself getting confused as how the orbs are depicted in the different kinds of Pokemon canon, but something that always caught my attention is that, in the original pair of Hoenn games, Archie and Maxie pick the Red and Blue orb to awaken the primarily-blue and primarily-red legendary pokemon, respectively. This is not the case in the remakes (In which they could be excused in that they underwent Primal Reversion), which points out that the Blue Orb is Kyogre's and the Red one is Groudon's.

Another thing of interest is how Kyogre/Groudon reacted to each orb - when exposed to the Red/Blue Orb, they pretty much immediately got out of control and started to cause trouble, but when exposed to the other orb, they merely approach the player character and challenge him/her to a battle. My guess is that Kyogre/Groudon, upon getting exposed to the Red/Blue Orb, assumed that its counterpart was awake (It wasn't), got angry and jumped out to get the upper hand in the water vs. land battle.

For more WMG, if Archie and Maxie did not have full knowledge of the legend and thought there was one orb, this could explain why they picked the wrong orb - the couple at Mt. Pyre did it on purpose (By only showing the orb that did not match), to keep the correct orb and give it to someone they could trust.

     Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Speculation 

Tornadus will be catchable in in the remakes.

We won't get RSDS due to it being too soon
  • Think about it, the main plots of the games involve an drought titan and a big storm whale. They stopped rereleasing the RS chapter of Pokemon Special due to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami for that reason, and the last time Earthquake popped up in the anime it stopped showing up at all due to another earthquake. Alternately, they'll say 'fuck it' and release it anyway to cash in on all of us who are desperate for RSDS.
    • They could work around this problem by making a new story set in the region.
    • Jossed. Ruby and Sapphire remakes have been confirmed.
    • Not necessary jossed as this WMG was made during around the BW era. It might been too soon then, to the point it took one generation later to announce the remake.

We won't get RSDS at all, but rather a case similar to Black and White 2
Junichi Masuda said that Hoenn was his favorite region, and he wants to do something special with it. All generations have usually been contemporaneous with each other, Gen I and II, Gen II and IV, but Gen V stands alone. Any Pokemon traded to it, especially if it was migrated to Gen IV from a Gen III game, says it "Traveled a long way through time", and it's accepted that these games are at least a few years after Gen IV, maybe a good 3 or 4, with Black 2 and White 2 pushing the bar to 5 or 6 years in total. Game Freak seems to be taking different turns now, instead of getting an Updated Re-release of Pokémon Black and White in the form of Grey, we were met with Black 2 and White 2, sequels to Black and White. It would make sense that the something "special" Junichi Masuda wanted to do is make a Hoenn centered game that, instead of being a remake, is a sequel to the original R/S/E, complete with a few new Gym Leaders, a different plot involving different Pokemon, and different experiences to greet new and old players alike. And of course, two versions like always.
  • Alternately, we will get normal remakes of them, and then a Black 2 & White 2 styled remake after that. Apart from Cash Cow Franchise making it totally plausible, that would definitely take "something special" Up to Eleven. To say nothing of the fact that FRLG and even HGSS stuck pretty closely to the games they were remakes of, so many fans are probably expecting regular remakes anyway.
  • Also, for trading between the Gen V games, there could be a Time Machine-styled thing, like how Gens I & II traded, with a normal trading room for the other Hoenn remakes. That would allow the "traveled a long way through time" thing to still make sense without neglecting the Gen III games.
  • Jossed: Iwata stated they're full on remakes similar to FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Going with the guess above, the remade version of Ruby and Sapphire will be midquels.
A midquel is a work that happens between two other (in this case, Generation IV and BW). You will be able to trade with the Hoenn remakes normally - after receiving Pokédex, but to trade with Unova games you will have to do more (as they're set in future from point of the remakes). You would meet younger Ghetsis, before he became evil (if that's even possible...), before he brainwashed N. You maybe would get information about his motives and so on, and how he formed Team Plasma (because there is no way N did that on his own). The Dex wouldn't change, as there's no reason (evo stuff for new evolutions of Pokémon in regional Pokédex and incenses would be post-National, and there is no Tangela or its variants in Hoenn Dex, I think...).

Feel free to comment.

We won't get remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, but instead yet another sequels.
Why not? Set them into BW time, and fill the gaps. The only thing is that likely there would be an extra quest (or limited to post-game) for trades with Unova. I mean, Kanto was far enough... Unova is even further. A normal trade wouldn't make a damn sense.

Also cue ribbons and contests stats. Cue Feebas rage and Prism Scale not appearing until post-game or not appearing at all. Feebas appearance should be nerfed, though. That was ridiculous! I never found a wild Feebas outside of Unova.

Hoenn games will be remade, instead of getting sequels set in the the Unova timeline
The reason? It'll be a return to basics. Unova has gone too far into the future of Pokemon, while it's not all Jetsons futuristic, we don't know how far in the timeline Black and White was, before the sequels did a two year time-skip. We're too far into the future, far from Red and Blue, where Pokemon was good. (I'm not bashing the new games, White 2 restored my faith in Game Freak, but Pokemon was at it's best in the past). The Hoenn games are contemporaneous with the Kanto games, and remaking Hoenn, the only region that as of now is not made for a game on any DS System, 3DS or otherwise, would be a good way to return Pokemon back to it's beginning time-line and continue from there.
  • Comfirmed: They are full remakes.

Possible changes/additions in a hypothetical RSE remake:
Like with the third game list, it's based mostly on past trends, as well as ideas of mine about how to retain ideas from Emerald that are tough to reconcile with the original Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Brendan and May, as the rivals, will receive much better teams and be battled more often, with the option of rematches post-League. The whole thing about them quitting as Trainers after being beaten in Lilycove City in the originals will be quietly dropped. Whatever new Pokemon NPC!May gets are anyone's guess, but NPC!Brendan will have to have at least Aggron, Shiftry, and Rhyperior at some point.
    • NPC!May could get a team partially based off her anime team, or Pokemon she knew well. These include Beautifly, Glaceon (hey, it could be added to Hoenn) and Altaria (because of that Tear Jerker episode).
      • Brendan having a Dustox would be a nice bit of duality/contrast with May's Beautifly.
    • Additionally, as Bianca had the starter type you're strong against and Cheren had the one you're weak against, the opposite gender rival will have the former and Wally will have the latter (Ralts can still be his signature Pokemon, but he would at least have the starter in his team in all its forms, and it would fill the conspicuously empty 6th slot on his team from the original R/S/E).
      • Jossed, Brendan and May have fixed teams depending on the starter you have. They always have Swellow and Raichu in their final teams, and, depending on who you start with, two of Magcargo, Wailord and Breloom.
      • Also, instead of the final battle being at Lilycove City, leaving you unable to see your gender opposite's fully evolved starter, he or she will challenge you to an optional match once you become the champion.
      • Semi-confirmed; this one-time battle is mandatory after beating the Pokémon League and after the credits roll.
  • The idea of both Magma and Aqua being evil and both Legendaries being awakened will carry over from Emerald, with the change between versions being in regards to which Team awakens their Legendary first. Rayquaza will still play a part in the final battle.
    • Alternately, the change between versions would be which team you go after in the near-endgame, with the NPC going after the other one. The one going after Magma would get an assist from Steven while the one going after Aqua would get an assist from Wallace. This would lead to the Lilycove fight being a Fight Then Team Up scenario, as Brendan and May would honestly believe that each is working for the team the other is trying to take down. After the battle, regardless of who wins, Wally demonstrates Cutscene Power to the Max knocking out the winner and making the Player Characters realize that both teams are Evil.note  The Route 119 fight could be moved to the Weather Center on that same route to set this up.note  The Team you go after would be the one you helped out in the past, which would be the opposite of the one implied by the Box Art.
      • Jossed, while both Magma and Aqua are antagonistic towards the player, both are still rivals, with one outdoing the other depending on the game.
  • Gym Leader rematches will return, probably with a Battleground/Fighting Dojo-like place to facilitate them like in HGSS.
    • Jossed, the only Gym Leader you get to have a rematch with is against Wallace, and it's only once in the Delta Episode.
  • There will be a way to catch Dialga in one version and Palkia in the other, while bringing both together will make Giratina available (much like the Weather Trio in HG/SS).
    • Pretty much confirmed.
  • Whether Wallace or Juan is the Sootopolis Gym Leader will vary between versions, like Iris and Drayden in Black/White.
    • Alternately, both cases will result in a double battle in Gen III remakes and Grey respectively.
    • Alternately alternately, Juan would merely be the Senior Assistant to Wallace.
      • Jossed, Wallace remains as the sole Sootopolis Gym Leader.
  • Steven will only be Champion the first time you battle the Elite Four, with Wallace taking his place in subsequent battles. Steven himself will relocate to Meteor Falls afterward for rematches.
    • Another thought, the Champion will be neither Steven nor Wallace... it will be both of them, as the first double Champion battle. Otherwise, Steven will be the champ in the Ruby remake and Wallace will be it in the Sapphire remake; you meet the other in Meteor Falls.
    • If the double Champion battle thing comes to pass, May/Brendan's belated appearance in the Champion's chamber could instead lead to them teaming up with you as your doubles partner in the final fight.
      • And maybe the other who isn't the champion will help you against the team? Or maybe if Steven helps and he's the champion, his mons are higher level and make it seem like a Crutch Character but it's really Gameplay and Story Integration.
      • I'd say that Steven would be taking on Team Magma and Wallace would be taking on Team Aqua, regardless of Version. It would just so happen that the one that teams up with you (as opposed to Prof. Birch's child) is the Champion of the Version.
      • All Jossed; Steven remains as Champion, even during rematches. However, in the Delta Episode's conclusion, he says he's considering giving his Champion status to Wallace.
  • Cynthia will appear somewhere; her presence seems almost obligatory by now. Bonus points if she meets Steven.
    • Jossed, Cynthia is nowhere to be found
  • Something from Pokémon Adventures will attain Canon Immigrant status, like how Silver being Giovanni's son was made manifest in FR/LG and HG/SS years after first appearing in Special. It might take the form of, for example: your player character having a stormy relationship with Norman, Wallace being the true Champion and Steven only a runner-up, Wallace and Winona having some sort of relationship, etc...
    • Actually, Silver being Giovanni's son was implied in FR/LG before Special did it, as one of the Rockets in the post-game references Giovanni having a kid with red hair. Though it doesn't automatically make the "kid" Silver, there really aren't any other candidates, especially since even in the original G/S/C Silver's hair color is referenced quite a bit as a defining trait.
      • Really? Ah; my bad, then. My knowledge in that area was a tad hazy. Still, there is some precedent for overlap between Special and game canon these days, regardless of which came first, so the suggestion isn't totally out of the question.
  • Walking Pokemon will return, and Wally's Ralts will routinely be seen following him in the overworld view.
    • Wally's Ralts will become a Gallade instead of Gardevoir.
      • Or maybe the Ralts's gender is randomized and if it's a male, it becomes Gallade. If it's female, it becomes Gardevoir.
      • Do Not Want, male Gardevoir are great.
      • He will somehow manage to have a female Gallade.
      • All Jossed, the walking mechanic didn't return and Wally's Ralts will eventually evolve into a Mega-Evolving Gallade.
    • How about he has both a male Gallade and female Gardevoir?
      • Jossed, he only has Gallade.
  • Speaking of Wally, his whole team could be based off "green Pokemon", much like in Special. Aside from the above, these could include Roserade, Kecleon, Dustox and Flygon.
    • Semi-Jossed; he has a team of varying types and the only green Pokémon he has out of the list is Roserade.
  • A large area to explore post-game will be created, seeing as the original version of Hoenn was severely lacking in such things. The Battle Frontier (whether with the same Brains or new ones) might be relocated here.
    • Or the land where the Battle Frontier is located will be expanded upon.
      • Jossed, the Battle Resort takes the place of the Battle Frontier, even though there are signs that the Battle Frontier is being built.
  • The rematches will include Gen IV and V Pokés and will be a lot harder.
    • Semi-confirmed; this only applies to the Elite 4.
  • The Gyms and trainers themselves will make for a difficulty spike because they have access to Gen IV and V moves.
  • The battle music will change on a Gym Leader's last Pokemon, as in Black and White. Because why not?
    • Jossed, the music remains the same when the Gym Leader is in a pinch.
  • Add more depth to the characters' personalities, especially the Elite Four and May's.
    • May's personality evolution could go hand in hand with the guess all the way up about her becoming a much stronger Trainer when she's the rival.
      • Confirmed; May's personality is more akin to a Genki Girl.
    • Also confirmed with the personalities and motives of Teams Magma and Aqua being expanded on.

If RS is remade, May will be given brown eyes or Brendan will be given red
The only thing Game Freak loves more than blue eyes and brown eyes is Curtains Match the Window. The latter would be a good theme coloring; May has blue eyes for "Sapphire" and Wally has green for "Emerald", or possibly to signify the Hoenn trinity. Red was given brown eyes and brown hair for HGSS as well.
  • If the new CoroCoroleaks are anything to go by, May's hair color is brown. I also am seeing that May and Brendan both have grey eyes.(Maybe purpleish?)
    • Confirmed, both Brendan and May have gray eyes.

Hypothetical RSE Remake Name Brainstorming
Join up and add yours in!
  • Red Ruby, Blue Sapphire, and Green Emerald
  • Earth Ruby, Ocean Sapphire, and Sky Emerald
    • Or they may go viceversa; as in Ruby Earth and Sapphire Ocean
  • Magma Ruby and Sea Sapphire
    • Magma Ruby, Aqua Sapphire and Sky Emerald
    • Ruby Blaze and Storm Sapphire.
  • Magma Ruby and Aqua Sapphire.
  • Sun Ruby and Rain Sapphire.
  • Scarlet Ruby and Indigo Sapphire
  • Dawn Ruby and Dusk Sapphire (or vice versa)
    • Branching off of that, Sunrise Ruby and Sunset Sapphire.
  • Drought Ruby and Storm Sapphire
  • Combining some earlier predictions: Earth Ruby and Sea Sapphire.
  • ForeverRuby and EternalSapphire. Those HAVE to be the names!
  • ShinyRuby and TidalSapphire. I was going for Shaking Ruby, but thanks to recent events, I don't think so.
  • CarnelianRuby and TurquoiseSapphire.
  • Crimson Ruby and Navy Sapphire.
  • Roaring Ruby and Silent Sapphire.
    • Or, Roaring Ruby and Soaring Sapphire. Whatever floats your boat!
  • TerraRuby and OceanSapphire.
  • RagingRuby and SurgingSapphire.
  • Inverse: RainstormRuby and SolarSapphire
  • RubyRage and SapphireSplash
  • The official names of the remakes are Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

In the remakes, a Ninetales with Drought or Volcarona will be found in the Scorched Slab.
The Scorched Slab is a reference to a legend about the sun goddess Amaterasu sealing herself in a cave and the world being deprived of the sun. That's why in RSE, the Sunny Day TM was found there. However, in the RSE remakes, things will be kicked up a notch. Instead of some little TM, a Unique Enemy that's Always Female will appear post-game. The best candidates for this are Volcarona, who's already a Unique Enemy and a sun god, and a Ninetales with Drought.
  • Jossed: Heatran is found.

In the remakes, more Pokemon will be introduced to the Hoenn Pokedex.
About 50 would see reasonable. These would include:
  • All evolutions/pre-evolutions of Pokemon found in Hoenn that were introduced in Generation IV. These would include Rhyperior, Froslass, Budew, Roserade, Magnezone, Probopass, Dusknoir, Probopass and Chingling.
  • More Ice types. The original game was severly lacking in Ice Pokemon, so a few more of them would help out. These could include Sneasel/Weavile, Snover/Abomasnow(by having it appear at winter) and Cloyster(its pre-evolution is caught underwater.)
  • A few other Generation IV, V, and VI Pokemon.
  • As well as an expansion to some fire and water Pokemon. That way, the teams aren't stuck using things like Zubat, Mightyena, and such.
  • Considering that 250 is small compared to the massive Kalos dex, I'm expecting more then 50 additions. So in addition to most of the above, it might also include:
    • Emerald's Safari Zone expansion being available from the start with no need to unlock it.
    • Non-Hoenn dex Pokemon that are catchable in Emerald: This would include Meowth, Ditto, Smeargle and Sudowoodo.
    • The Jotho starters (available to the player in the same way the Kanto starters were in X and Y).
    • The Sinnoh starters (not actually a part of the Hoenn dex, but as a reward for completing it, or just beating the game).
    • All the Non-starter/Non-Legendary Pokemon that are currently only availabe through the Poketransfer.
    • All the Pokemon that are currently only available through X and Y's Friend Safari.
    • A gift Eevee, most likely from Lanette.
  • Semi-confirmed: There's indeed Pokémon retconned into the Hoenn Pokédex. However, they're mainly Pokémon who had their evolution lines expanded in future generations. In other words, Probopass, Magnezone, Budew, Roserade, Gallade, Chingling, Rhyperior, Froslass and Dusknoir are the only Pokémon added to the regional dex.
    • Also, the Johto, Unova and Sinnoh starters are available from Birch after beating the Pokémon League the first time, after the Delta Episode and after beating the League a second time, respectively.
    • The Emerald Safari Zone isn't available in any way, even though Kakuna, Pidgeotto and Buneary become available there via the Dex Nav post-Cave of Origin.
    • Eevee is a Dex Nav-exclusive to Route 117.

Expanding on WMG above, what we can expect in new Hoenn region
Few retcons to make available Pokémon more varied.
  • Phenomenona (A wild Huntail have appeared!), plus dark grass.
    • Semi-Jossed. Overworld Dex Nav encounters play similarly to phenomena, though trade- and stone-exclusive Pokémon won't be available with this method.
  • Seasons, though not as much as Unova games.
    • Seasons seem to have been dropped in Kalos.
  • Time will be properly added, and Lunatone and Solrock will no longer be version-exclusive. They'll be time-exclusive!
    • Jossed. Still version exclusives
    • Proper time implementation confirmed; it has been carried over from Gen IV.
  • HM will be all relocated, as Badges are no more a requirement.
    • HMs link to Badges again in Gen VI.
  • The three Rods will be relocated to be later; Old Rod around 3rd gym, Good Rood around 6th or 7th gym, and Super Rod being post-game.
    • Jossed. Same as before.

In the remakes, Jirachi will be catchable in-game via event item.
And it would relate to the white stone and "Wishtag" item discussed/found in Sootopolis City.
  • Jossed. It's still event-exclusive.

Team Aqua and Magma will get a total re-tool in a remake
Both teams were rather bland and lacking in the original games and arguably are weak when compared to other villainous teams. The remake will treat them to a difficulty spike (even giving the bosses a completely new team) as well as adding an Ascended Extra or two. In addition, Tabitha would get renamed to clear up the mishap.
  • Half-jossed. Their plans are more different between the two teams, but the difficulty is the same, only differences in the boss teams are Maxie with a Weezing and Archie with a Muk, and Tabitha is still named Tabitha.

Wally will get a Gallade in the remakes
An addition to his team will be a male Kirlia prior to fighting the Elite Four, which will become Gallade in the post-game.
  • Confirmed. Plus, it will be capable of Mega Evolution.

Wally will get the third starter in a remake.
As in, the one that neither you or Birch's kid has. Why? Well, he could use some more variety in his team anyway, not to mention him having a full party of six would just be a nice touch. Plus, him having gotten a Pokémon from Birch could help solidify his rival status a bit better (since a lot of people seem to like Birch's kid as the "default" rival). What they'd do with Roselia in the case of him having Sceptile is a question, but maybe it and a hypothetical 6th Pokémon could vary depending on what starter he has: keep Roselia if he has Blaziken or Swampert, and give him some other Pokémon if he has Sceptile. Maybe he could even have its base form at level 15 along with his Ralts when you fight him in Mauville City?
  • Also, he'll either use the rival battle theme or use a slight remix of it for a more unique theme.
  • Bianca can have an Emboar or Simisear alongside her Chandelure, so Wally having both Sceptile and Roselia probably won't be a problem.
  • Jossed. It's been confirmed that he still has his Ralts, but in his endgame fight he has an extremely powerful team, the kind you'd usually see on an irl competitive player.

Wally will use the third starter pokemon to capture Ralts.
  • Jossed - he still uses a Zigzagoon.

The remakes will replace secret bases with Hidden Grottos.
Tragic, I know *sniff*:,(
  • Or they have both. Better yet, the ability to convert some Grottos into secret bases!
    • If this happens, it would likely be with the tree bases (or maybe the bush ones).
      • Jossed: Secret bases are back, and better than ever!

You will be able to obtain one of the Sinnoh Starters in the remakes
  • Confirmed: You'll not only be able to obtain the Sinnoh starters, you'll also be able to obtain the Johto starters and the Unova starters.

The remakes will include an area that acts as Mt Coronet in Sinnoh and Chargestone Cave in Unova. There will also be an Ice Rock and Mossy Rock added too.
in HG/SS, one problem was that there was no area to evolve your Magneton and Nosepass into Magnezone and Probopass respectively. Same was for Ice Rock and Mossy Rock in order to obtain a Glaceon and Leafeon. The remakes to Hoenn will add the four to the regional dex and either take a certain area and make it suitable for evolving Magneton and Nosepass or create a spot near Mauville. as for Ice and Mossy Rocks, the former could be located in Northern Hoenn or preserved at the Weather Institute while the latter can be in Mossdeep City.
  • Ice Rock would make a lot of sense in Shoal Cave, and Mossy Rock would likely be in Petalburg Woods. As for Magnezone and Probopass, I could see New Mauville being Retconed into being the designated "magnetic" area.
  • Confirmed: They're in the most logical locations (ie, the Mossy Rock's in Petalburg Woods, Ice Rock in the lowest floor of Shoal Cave and the Mt. Coronet equivalent being New Mauville.)

The remakes aren't happening. Hoenn might be featured in a further installment, but that's all.
Besides the obvious fact that Gen 5 is already behind us and no remake was announced, the already released remakes only exist in the first place because the original GB/GBC games were incompatible with Gen 3 and later. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald obviously don't have that problem. Besides, the legendaries from RSE can be caught in more recent games.

Another elephant in the room is the series' timeline. Since the series was rebooted after Gen 2, Game Freak only released games that were either contemporaneous with, alternate versions of, or sequels to the games that came before. RSE and RBY/FRLG happen at the same time, DPPt and GSC/HGSS happen three years later. Judging from the Rocket Grunt's son, BW take place at least six or seven years after DPPt and GSC/HGSS, and B2W2 happen two years later. In this context, releasing a RSE remake implies one of two things: either the timeline in Pokémon world is looping, or the series is getting a second reboot. Considering all the memorable characters and events the games love to reference, that would be lost, there's serious doubt GF will reboot the series again.

  • Remake =/= reboot
  • Jossed: The remakes are happening, alright. And they are indeed a timeline reboot of a sort.

The remakes will actually be sequels that take place after the original games.
Considering how many concepts Game Freak have played with in Gen 5, such as releasing sequels to Black and White instead of an Updated Re-release, they might do the same for the remakes by showing how Hoenn has changed since the original games.

Regigigas will be given a new form
New and improved, it will have it's ability changed to something broken, putting it in the Urber tier.
  • Jossed: Same old Regigigas.

The R/S/E remakes will be eShop downloads for the 3DS.
They won't cost the same as a full new game. The game will stay mostly the same, with a few new features and upgrades. The remake will also allow players to transfer Pokemon to their X/Y games.
  • Jossed, box arts have been shown in every trailer since the very first. While they are obtainable in the eShop, they're not eShop exclusives.

You will be able to travel to Sevii Islands.
Emerald gives you ability to go to Birth Island and Navel Rock, which are located there. Why not get further and get entire archipelago? That would be nice place to put new Pokémon for Hoenn games.
  • Jossed: Only the Hoenn region's featured within the games.

The remake will be for Wii U
Instead of having two versions on the handheld consoles, a single game brought to life in glorious 3D on the Wii U. It would allow full exploration of the entire region (a great way to do something "special" with Hoenn), as well as pay homage to the Colosseum games which came out during the same generation. They could even have the return of shadow pokemon and give it a Colosseum subtitle!
  • Jossed: The remakes are comfirmed for the 3DS.

The remake shall have a flag that will check wherever the Ralts Wally has caught is Shiny or not.
Because who'd want a Shiny that will turn normal next battle?
  • Alternatively, they'll do like they did for N's Pokemon and just prevent them from being Shiny.
    • Semi-confrimed; the Ralts that Wally encounters is shiny-locked.

We're not getting the Ruby/Sapphire remakes...
Instead, we'll get a remake of the third version, called Eternal Emerald.
  • Jossed: The remakes really are of Ruby/Sapphire, and are called "Omega Ruby" and "Alpha Sapphire".

The Champion in the case of sequels will be Wally
Wally being the champion would settle the issue of whether Steven or Wallace was Champion, as well as whether Brendan or May defeated him.note 

As an addendum, his Elite Four would be Steven, Wallace, Brendan, and May. Either two or all four would have been former champions. You would also choose the order in which you face them, similar to later generations. In this case, Brendan would have Sceptile to keep Wallace's team water-based; Wallace would get Swampert. Also, one of the Previous Players would have the Ruby & Sapphire Rival team while the other would have the Emerald Rival team.

  • Jossed. Steven is confirmed as the returning Champion, and the games aren't even sequels.

Theoretical teams.
  • Both of them will have the starter you are weak to
  • Both of them will have the Tropius from the originals or have three different Pokemon depending on their starter: if you get Treecko May/Brendan gets Pelipper, if you get Torchic May/Brendan gets Magcargo and if you get Mudkip May/Brendan gets Tropius/Ludicolo
  • If different genders get different Pokemon, Brendan will get Aggron, Shiftry and Rhyperior because he had them in the movie. It's obscure, but all Gamefreak has to do for the ideas is check out Bulbapedia
  • If different genders get different Pokemon, May will get Snorlax(assuming the New Hoenn Pokedex includes him), Glaceon(ditto) and Delcatty/Beautifly. This is based off the anime.
  • If different genders get the same Pokemon, May/Brendan could have a mix of their anime Pokemon.
  • Both of them will have one or more of Ash's Pokemon he caught in during Hoenn. This would include Swellow, Torkoal and Glalie.
  • Jossed. Same teams as before, but the Fire Pokémon is Magcargo instead of Numel, starter is fully evolved at Lilycove and an extra match is added where they also get a Raichu.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are not actual remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, nor do they actually take place in Hoenn itself.
This might be a little strange, but a few tourist NPCs in X and Y mention that they come from a region that isn't any of the previous regions, Hoenn included. The new trailer for OR and AS also mention that it takes place in a "dynamic new region, and virtually nothing else (no game footage or anything...). Most tellingly though, Groudon and Kyogre are capable of making new landmasses and oceans so there's a fairly good in-universe explanation as to why they show up in a brand new (but very Hoenn-like) region (they created it, just as they created Hoenn).
  • The "explore a new world" bit in the trailer sounded like standard commercial speak. It's essentially a stock phrase they use in every Pokemon commercial. However, it is pretty likely that there will be many new areas or islands added into the remakes. Areas possibly created by Groudon and Kyogre.
  • Jossed: Iwata stated they're full on remakes similar to FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

We'll get two version-exclusive Rayquaza Mega Evolutions.
Mega Rayquaza Alpha will be black-colored and have some unique typing like Dragon/Fairy, because Game Freak will want to make it the second coming of Mega Charizard X. Mega Rayquaza Omega will be green and keep its Dragon/Flying typing, and have some broken ability like Gale Wings, similar to the less-popular-but-just-as-potent Mega Charizard Y. Both of them will have stats on par with Mewtwo's Mega Evolutions.
  • Jossed: Only one Mega Evolution.

Mega Latios and Mega Latias will play some role in the story
Given that they debuted in Ruby/Sapphire and are the only Mega Evolutions not available right now. Their Mega Forms look almost like a fusion of the two legendaries, so perhaps at some point they have to combine their strengths to take something down. Which one you're given is based on which version you're playing.
  • Confirmed: They appear in a side plot involving Team Aqua/Magma attempting to steal their Mega Stones.

Starter Mega Evolutions
They will add Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert and their mega stones along with the blazikenite will be obtained at some point during the story but you will only get the mega stone of the starter you choose and your rival will get the mega stone of the starter they choose.
  • Mega Starters confirmed per CoroCoro leaks.

Wally will get his Ralts from Birch.
  • Jossed: Wally still captures his Ralts in the wild.

The player character will be unrelated to both Brendan and May.
The main character will probably be customizable like in X and Y, and thus both Brendan and May will appear as neighbors instead.
  • Or, just like in X and Y, updated versions of Brendan's and May's classic looks will be the default outfits, but you'll be able to customize them. And because Pokémon seems to have a thing for not making you play as a young kid anymore, their designs will have a Vague Age like Calem and Serena, which can be customized to look older or younger just like in XY.
  • May and Brendan remain the player characters in the remakes according to CoroCoro leaks.

Kyogre and Groudon will get Mega Evolutions.
Through Alpha and Omega megastones.
  • These are most likely what they are on the boxart, or possibly simple alternate formes (there are very subtle design differences from their regular forms). The Japanese logos actually show red and blue stones (possibly the Red and Blue Orbs) with an "omega" and "alpha" in them. These stones are probably either their Mega Stones or form-changing held items a la Griseous Orb.
  • Jossed: They get "Primal Reversions", something related to, but not exactly the same as, Mega Evolutions.

There will be a fairly long postgame story, with a new region.
Kinda like Johto-Kanto in the second gen. This will both help relate Hoenn to the newer regions and avoid creating paradoxes in the Pokémon timeline. The game is still going to take place in Hoenn in the same time period as Gen 1, but while the main story will mostly be unaltered from the original, the postgame will contain several nods to Kalos, Unova and Sinnoh.
  • Jossed. Delta Episode is the postgame.

Deoxys will have an important role in the story.
Instead of being just an extra, he will turn out to be an important element of either the main story or the postgame.
  • Confirmed with the Delta Episode.

The games will incorporate voiced Pokémon Speak (not just for Pikachu).
This will inevitably cause a massive schism in the fanbase, mostly between fans and haters of the anime. It'd be even worse for the latter party due to newer adaptations such as Pokémon Origins not having Pokémon Speak at all.
  • Jossed. The starters keep their X/Y cries.

The home region of the guy that gives out the Strange Souvenir in Pokemon X and Y will be visit-able in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
A Backpacker character in X and Y appears in the game's various hotels and will tell the player about landmarks in his home region, always stopping himself before giving a lengthy description and simply saying "you'll see for yourself soon enough." His final statement before vanishing from the game forever is that his home region is "not Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova," ruling out his statements as hints at the R/S remakes (several of the landmarks he describes appeared at first to be known locations in Hoenn). Upon being encountered for the last time, he gives the player the Strange Souvenir, a bizarre statuette which is "from a distant region" according to its description, which serves absolutely zero purpose despite in X and Y requiring a significant bit of time and effort to find this guy enough times to get it.

Notably, it is not a key item, but a regular item, meaning it can be held by a Pokemon ... and thus potentially traded to other games. Perhaps the region he is referring to is one which will appear alongside Hoenn in OR/AS, a la the Sevii Islands in FireRed and LeafGreen, but closer in scale to Kanto in Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver. This statue will either grant the player access to that region in that game (sort of a bonus for those who own both X/Y and OR/AS) or the region will be open to all players, with the Strange Souvenir doing something of significance within it (again as a bonus for those who also own X or Y).

  • Jossed: The only region the games cover is Hoenn like the original games.

Steven Stone would have a Mega Aggron in the post game
Think about it: Steven has a fascination with stones. Mega evolutions involves stones from the Kalos region. He usually has an Aggron on his team in addition to his Metagross. Do the maths.
  • Jossed: While Steven does indeed have a Mega Stone, his Mega evolution Pokémon is revealed to be a Mega Charizard X according to the CoroCoro leaks.
    • The leaks never claim that the Charizard is Steven's. They don't even refer to it by name. They simply use it as an example of Mega Evolution, which Steven is said to be investigating. Plus, it's Lv 100 (so it's pretty obviously a demonstrational Pokémon in a Wi-Fi battle), and the English ORAS site includes that very same picture under the Mega Evolution page, and not under Steven's section on the Characters page.
      • Still Jossed with the reveal that his Mega Evolution is Mega Metagross.

May won't be featured in the remakes.
She will instead be replaced with a new girl protagonist, as they did with Lyra to Crystal in HGSS.
  • Jossed: She's still in the game if the CoroCoro leaks are anything to go by.

Milotic's "Beauty" evolution will be dropped out, but there will be something about the Prism Scale
As you all know, Feebas's "Beauty" evolution was dropped out after Generation 4, so Feebas had to be traded with a Prism Scale. X and Y have the same conditions, but since that would make trading awkward, there's a chance that the Prism Scale evolution will be kept for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire just for consistency.
  • Unlikely: In a case of Developers' Foresight, if you give a Feebas full beauty stats in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, then importing said Feebas into Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X or Y, said Feebas would still be able to evolve into Milotic when it levels up.
  • Jossed. You can't find Prism Scales in Hoenn (but you can get them by trading from X/Y) and the Beauty evolution is back.

Triple and/or Rotation Battles will be prominent in these games
Double Battles were introduced in Ruby/Sapphire, and they were also integrated Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heartgold, and Soulsilver, so there might be a good chance those two modes of battle will be integrated.
  • Jossed: They're as prominent to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as they are to X and Y (in other words, won't be featured in normal gameplay except in one spot).

Winona's Gym Leader Battle (or at least some of the trainers there) will be a Sky Battle
It could be a neat gimmick, but it could also be unfair.
  • Jossed: It's a regular single battle.

Moves that will be tutored
Moves with TM Status in Hoenn but not Kalos
  • Focus Punch - Route 115 where the TM was in the originals or Battle Frontier
  • Water Pulse - Battle Frontier
  • Bullet Seed - Route 104 where the TM was in the originals.
  • Giga Drain - Battle Frontier
  • Iron Tail - Lilycove City or Battle Frontier
  • Shock Wave - New Mauville where you received Thunder Bolt in the originals.
  • Skill Swap - Battle Frontier
  • Snatch - Battle Frontier
  • Though it's also a decommissioned TM, Secret Power was only useful in making Secret Bases so it can be replaced with another mechanic.
    • Semi-confirmed; Focus Punch, Water Pulse, Giga Drain, Iron Tail, Shock Wave and Snatch are tutor moves in the Battle Resort, while Secret Power regains its TM status.

Other Moves

If remakes, Wattson's and Juan's Gym Prizes will be...
For Wattson: Thunder Bolt, in a reversal of Gen III: Surge's old move has been restored by Clemont while Wattson's old move has been decommissioned, but see the Move Tutor Guess above.

For Juan: Rain Dance. There is precedent for this back in Heart Gold / Soul Silver where Pryce awarded Hail. The only other possibility is Scald. That TM will be on the abandoned ship where Rain Dance was in the originals.

  • Jossed: Wattson's TM is Volt Switch while Wallace's "TM" is the Waterfall HM.

Like the Kalos Dex, the new Hoenn Dex will be divided into habitats.
The Gen III Hoenn Dex have habitats like forest Pokemon, cave Pokemon etc. Now in Gen VI, the Kalos Dex separates Pokemon into Coastal, Central and Mountain France, I mean, Kalos. Now, since Hoenn is about half land and half sea, the Hoenn Dex may also have "Terrestrial" and "Aquatic" parts, maybe even a "Beach" one in the middle.
  • Jossed.

May will return for the remakes
Kris was only dropped from HGSS and replaced with Lyra because she was Crystal only, and Green was redesigned as Leaf because she never really existed in Gen I. May was the first female protagonist to appear in the games, and also had a major role in the anime, so replacing her would seem out of place. Also, replacing only the female and not the male repeatedly gives off Unfortunate Implications.
  • Confirmed; if CoroCoro leaks are anything to go by, she's still in.
The new Berries
If the numbering system from Gens 3 and 4 return, the Roseli berry will be listed as Number 52, while shifting all subsequent berries down, and the Kee and Maranga berries will be Numbers 66 and 67, respectively. If Contests return, the Roseli berry will have 25 points in Sweet and 10 in Bitter, the Kee berry will have 10 points in every category, and the Maranga will have 15 Points in every category.

Mega Evolution would only be available post-game.
The backstory behind mega evolutions is that the stones required in order to mega evolve are usually only found within the Kalos region. Even Pokémon Origins outright stated that Red's Mega Stone and Charizardite X came from the Kalos region. The only logical conclusion to this is, therefore, you'd only gain a Mega Ring via a post-game event of some kind.
  • ...Or they do what they did in Origins. Have a character like Mr. Fuji who just so happens to have a Mega Stone and Ring imported from Kalos to give to the player for plot reasons.
  • Jossed: They appear during the middle of the story.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will not be able to connect with X and Y until the post-game
To simulate the connection issues that plagued Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will, like Fire Red and Leaf Green, only allow the use of the Pokemon you'd find in the Hoenn Pokedex until the post-game; trading will be restricted, evolutions such as Ambipiom will be stopped immediately before they can happen, just like in Fire Red and Leaf Green. This will incite old rage in fans who, when Gen III first came around, screamed and wailed because they couldn't send over their Level 100 Mewtwos and Typhlosions from Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and ORAS will wind up getting the same complainers and whiners that it's predecessors had.
  • Barring Magnezone and Probopass, all new Pokemon are related to those in current, original Hoenn dex need new items. And the Coronet expy can be located postgame. Or not be there at all, cuing even more rage.
    • Jossed; the Coronet expy is New Mauville, and it's accessible just before the final badge.
  • Jossed: You'd be able to communicate with X and Y as soon as you're able to use the Player Search System, which is when Wally gives you the PlayNav.
  • Actually you could always transfer Firered/Leafgreen Pokemon upon starting a new save in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and battle with them, it just wouldn't register on the Pokedex.

Regigigas will be easily catchable in the post-game
The Regi were originally introduced in Ruby and Sapphire. They're required to awake Regigigas. What's to say there can't be a third Regigigas hidden in Hoenn somewhere, perhaps in a previously unknown cave or temple?
  • Implying it's not the same Regigigas moving around. Hoenn happens before Sinnoh which happens before Unova.
  • Confirmed. Encountering it, however, is no easy task. Albeit you can actually get him as soon as you catch Groudon/Kyogre.

If Sceptile gains a Mega Evolution it will be a Grass/Dragon Type.
  • Confirmed by CoroCoro leaks.

In the post-game you will travel to Orre in a similar manner to the way you traveled to Kanto in GSC.
Cipher resurfaces and starts doing it's thing again. Professor Krane sends a message to Professor Birch requesting that he send some trainers to help deal with a new Shadow Pokémon epidemic. Naturally Birch decides to send you, the Hoenn league champion, and your rival, his son/daughter, to help out, culminating in a battle with Wes who would have Pokémon on par with Red's. Basically it would act as a third installment of the Colosseum series and provide a chance for your rival to get some character development. Plus it would be FLIPPING AWESOME.
  • Jossed: The only region covered in the game is Hoenn.

Regigigas will form a duo with Rayquaza
In that each of them has a Super Mode similar to Groudon and Kyogre's. However, each of their super modes are exclusive to one of the versions.
  • Jossed: Not only is Rayquaza still solo, its "super mode" is available in both games.

Sinnoh will appear in the post game as a sort of prequel
And if this happens it can help explain why there is Omega and Alpha in the remake titles. We could even have new Galactic Admins trying to start things off and going after Arceus the Alpha Pokemon instead.
  • Jossed: The only region covered in the game is Hoenn.

Additions because of new mechanics
Just a guess, these are rather unlikely. Note that the first three are accessible only postgame, probably via Rock Climb or something that didn't happen in the original game, because that's the only explanation why it didn't happen earlier. (But then again, we have Piloswine with Ancient Power before G4, and Lickitung with Rollout before G4...)
  • Eevee rocks - Petalburg Woods and Shoal Cave, respectively.
  • Mt. Coronet expy - New Mauville. It's a power plant... even if you turn it off in a side quest.
  • Deoxys meteors - Meteor Falls.
  • Rotom boxes - Again, New Mauville, except it's the original room.
  • Gracidea - Show Shaymin to the person in the flower shop by Rustboro.
  • Kami mirror - Show one of the genies to guy on Route 113. (Guy makes glass items from ash. Mirror is made of glass.)
  • DNA Splicers - Show Kyurem to person in the Sootopolis City.
  • Relic Song - Show Meloetta to the person in the Lilycove Museum.
  • Drives - Show Genesect to scientist in Devon building.
I have no idea where Secret Sword could be placed, though.

  • Several corrections:
    • Deoxys meteors are fount in Professor Cosmos' house in Fallarbor Town.
    • DNA Splicers are found as hidden item within the Gnarled Den, where you fight Kyurem.
    • Relic Song can be taught by a guy in Mauville City.
    • "Rotom Boxes" can be found in Professor Birch's lab.
    • You have to go to the berry master's house on Route 123 in order to gain the Gracidea flower.
    • For the Reveal Glass, you have to go to the mirror shop in Mauville City.

You cannot evolve Eevee into Sylveon
The same way it cannot evolve into Espeon and Umbreon in Fire Red and Leaf Green as well as Leafeon and Glaceon in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
  • Or hopefully, it will be able to evolve into Sylveon, but through other means; kind of like how Feebas can now evolve into Milotic by way of trading with an item.
  • Jossed, Pokemon-Amie is confirmed

The Mauville Game Corner will feature three or four mini-games instead of two, and allow you to upgrade them
To make up for the likely absence of slot machines (due to those European Union laws) and the fact that it can take forever to win coins in Voltorb Flip, the game corner in those games could have several different mini-games. Some could be easy but yield few coins, while others could be harder but yield more coins. You could also upgrade them by spending enough money on them: this would make it far easier to win more coins in the long run. This would break the monotony of playing a single fun, yet somewhat repetitive mini-game, and allow you to win more valuable prizes faster.
  • Jossed. Mauville Game Corner is closed down, though its closing is explained in-game.

Alternatively, the Game Corner will be outright replaced by a new building
It could be either battle-related, or be linked to a potential new feature of the games.
  • Jossed: The Game Corner's still there, albeit closed down by the time you get to Mauville City.

Poke Marts will be replaced with Boutiques.
As this should be the first Pokemon remake incorporating the hybrid Pokemon Center/Mart, the old location of the Pokemon Marts will be replaced with Boutiques (this is all assuming Boutiques/Trainer Customization).
  • Jossed: Poké Marts are once again, in their own separate buildings.

Brendan and May have alternative costumes
Which is recoloured blue and is exlusive to Alpha Sapphire, while the red one shown is for Omega Ruby only.
  • Jossed, both May and Brendan wear predominantly red clothes in both versions.

There will be a special event
involving Pokemon that was caught in the original Ruby and Sapphire versions.
  • Confirmed: If you talk to the game director in Lilycove with the first Pokemon in your party being from the original games, he'll give you special furniture for your base.

Potential candidates for Mega Evolution
  • Sharpedo/Camerupt
    • As Team Aqua and Team Magma's signature mons, while it sounds like a rehash of Lysandre's battle, it would be cool to see something like this.
      • Confirmed that both are getting Mega Evolutions and being used by their respective team's leader.
  • Wailord and/or Relicanth
    • As the two Pokémon involved in the summoning of the Regi trio, something would likely come from this.
      • Jossed.
  • Sableye
    • Mawile got a Mega Evolution. Sableye didn't. Maybe this is a chance for it to gain some new power, and an ability that makes it immune to the Fairy-type.
    • Confirmed.
  • Salamence/Metagross
    • Just about every pseudo-legendary has received a Mega Evolution, barring Hydreigon. Drake and/or Steven could potentially bust them out.
    • Confirmed for both Metagross and Salamence.
  • Jynx
    • Her "brothers" Electabuzz and Magmar got evolutions, so a Mega Evolution for Jynx would be a nice payoff.
      • Jossed.
  • Dragonite
    • To complete the Pseudo-Legendary Mega Evolution thing.
      • Jossed.
  • The Johto and Sinnoh Starters
    • The other Starters all have Mega Evolutions, so maybe these can be available post-game.
      • Jossed.
  • Xatu
    • It's a fairly underused Pokemon.
      • Jossed.
  • Sudowoodo
    • Once again, fairly underused, and it can finally gain the grass type.
    • Jossed.
  • Donphan
    • Making it a Steel type would be interesting.
    • Jossed.
  • Girafarig
    • It's practically begging for a boost.
    • Jossed.
  • Celebi
    • So one Mew-clone can have a Mega Evolution.
    • Jossed.
  • Luxray
    • To counter Manectric.
    • Jossed.
  • Drifblim
    • Fairly underused.
    • Jossed.
  • Drapion
    • Fairly underused.
    • Jossed.
  • Carnivine
    • Fairly underused.
    • Jossed.
  • Gallade
    • To match Gardevoir.
    • Confirmed by a CoroCoro issue.
  • Heatran
    • Maybe it can be used with some relation to Volcanion.
    • Jossed.
  • Cresselia
    • A Mega Cresselia would look cool.
    • Jossed.
  • Masquerain
    • Maybe it could even become a Bug/Water type because Masquerain's Bug/Flying type is really unpopular compared to Surskit's typing.
    • Jossed.

Wally will use Mega Gardevoir.
It IS his signature Pokemon.
  • Jossed. His signature Pokémon had changed into a Gallade that can Mega Evolve.

Rayquaza will have its own primal form.
It would be very odd for the last member of a trio not to get one.
  • Jossed. Rayquaza's getting a Mega Evo instead of a Primal Reversion.

Primal Kyogre will be revealed to be Water/Electric.
Groudon's Tron Lines are fiery, and it was revealed to update to Ground/Fire. Kyogre's, on the other hand, glow yellow and look like electricity running through it. Perhaps they'll be attempting to "balance" them more, as it would make Kyogre weak to Groudon's STAB now. It would also give Kyogre a sort of "storm" vibe that goes will with Drizzle, seeing as Rain gives perfect accuracy to Thunder and Hurricane. Looking at the animations, Groudon may even be gaining a new signature move that could be a physical, Ground equivalent to Eruption/Water Spout, effectively making it so that the Primal Forms are essentially a matter of who can get their attack to land first. It would also allow Groudon to have its signature move still be effective under the Rain.
  • Another point: it would be very odd for Kyogre to be the only member of its trio not to be dual-typed.
    • Seems to be Jossed, as the official site says it's a pure Water-type. But then again, it didn't reveal their new Abilities.
      • Jossed, Primal Kyogre remains pure Water and has Primordial Sea as its ability.

More third generation pokemon will get mega evolutions.
  • Confirmed; Altaria, Salamence, Metagross, Sceptile, Swampert, Camerupt, and Sharpedo gained Mega Evolutions
The bright and dark spots on the new Hoenn maps are event-related.

Character Customization will be scrapped entirely
Looking at the pre-release information, there is no mention, or any slight focus, on customization. Additionally, the skin tone for Brendan is already darkened, and both of their designs, while new, still have the iconic details that they had in the original games; their hats, hairstyles, etc. Poke Marts as independent buildings also appear to be returning, ripping to shreds the theory that they would be Boutiques. I hope you enjoyed the customization in X and Y; Game Freak didn't like it enough to keep it.
  • Sadly confirmed.

Different outfits (and hairstyles) will be sold in Contest Halls
Looking at the new Hoenn Map, Contests Halls make their triumphant return to their respective cities. And what is one of the biggest things about a Pokemon contest? Style, not just for your Pokemon, but for yourself. As such, clothing and hairstyles/hair colours could easily be sold in the various Contest Halls that pepper the Hoenn Region.
  • Jossed due to there being no customization options.

Boutiques will get the same treatment here that Contest Halls received in Emerald
Limiting separate locations to on.
  • Jossed due to there being no customization options.

Looker would be retroactively added to the story in some way.
  • Confirmed: He appears post game as the NPC who gives you the Audinite.

Boutiques and Poke Marts have switched places in these games.
Self-explanatory really.
  • Jossed due to there being no customization options.

We can still costumize the clothing but they will retain the same basic style.
As in the colours will change and some of the basic stuff about the clothes. Like Brenden's hat coming to one point instead of the two.
  • Jossed due to there being no customization options.

Steven gives you the Metagross Mega Stone.
Like Diantha and the Ralts she gives you, the Beldum you find at his house will be holding the Mega Stone.
  • Semi-confirmed: While the Beldum he gives you doesn't come with the Mega Stone, he'll hand it to you after you rematch him.

The TM and HM systems will use the original Ruby Sapphire (and by extension, the entire Diamond and Pearl set) set, not XY
It's not like you can trade these items between these two regions when you can't make you Pokemon hold them.
  • There's no reason for Flash to be back as a HM. Also, there are some new TM numbers since G4. Although, there are changes, as Rock Smash is back to being a HM.
  • Jossed: The only changes to the HM/TM list is Dive regaining its HM status, Rock Smash becoming a HM move and Secret Power taking up Rock Smash's old TM slot.

Primal Dialga will play a role
The powered-up Kyogre and Groudon are called Primal Kyogre/Groudon, so it makes some sense.
  • This only applies to the english version. In the japanese version, Primal Dialga is Called Dark Dialga. Anyways, Primal Reversion for other Pokémon would be nice.
  • Jossed: Only regular old Dialga appears in the games, and even then, it's version exclusive to Alpha Sapphire.

The new Mega Pokémon introduced in this game where designed long ago, but Game Freak intentionally desisted from incluing them in the Kalos-centric games
Two main reasons:>To encourage people to buy the new games (through mostly redundant, the brand itself and these being remakes is the main deal)>Game Freak knew that people would try to crack the games, not just for piracy purposes, but also to get information (such as the Pokémon's stats, level-up and breeding moves, mechanics as if tipping does things as making shinies more common, etc.). This happened with Gens IV and V, with the event-exclusive legends, and they want to keep them secret for as long as possible. The players (via save-altering devices, as 3DS emulation has not yet been made possible) discoved Mega Lati@s and Diancie (now confirmed), Hoopa and Volcanion. After ORAS is released, XY will be patched to make trading and battling with the new games possible (assuming they want do allow back-and-forth communication).
  • Confirmed and Jossed at the same time: While ORAS has been confirmed to freely interact with XY, it has been confirmed that XY will not be patched to support the new moves and items introduced in ORAS.

Photo Spots will make a comeback
They were added in the G/S/C remakes, and were very prominent in X/Y. Hoenn features so many different landscapes it wouldn't make sense for Alpha and Omega not to have Photo Spots as well. That and taking a picture with Mt. Chimney in the background would be pretty damn cool.
  • Jossed.

Lisia is Wallace's younger sister
Her hair and eyes are the same color as his and she generally just looks a lot like him, it definitely seems like they're related in some way, siblings is the most obvious since Wallace seems a bit too young to have a 14-17 year old daughter.
  • If not younger; she could simply be younger than she looks, like some of the protagonists.
    • Any younger than 14 would seem like a big stretch, but she'd have to be 9 or younger to be the right age to be Wallace's daughter, he looks to be 25-30.
      • If she's Wallace's daughter (and related to him at all, of course). She could be around the same age as the protagonists and be Wallace's sister.
  • Jossed: While related, Lisia is actually Wallace's niece. She is however the daughter of Wallace's older sister.

Tate will become more masculine in his updated appearance.
To make him look more like a boy, and to differentiate him from Liza somewhat.
  • Jossed: He still resembles Liza in terms of appearance.
  • Close enough....he has green buttons, while Liza has red buttons.

Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre's currently unnamed abilities are essentially Drought and Drizzle before they got nerfed
Self explanatory. They are said to be reverting to their former revolutionary strength, aren't they? Maybe this is why the weather-inducing abilities got tuned down in the first place.
  • Yes and no. They last forever like Drought and Drizzle did prior to being nerfed, but they also cause Water-type or Fire-type moves and abilities to be ineffective (And they are named, now: Desolate Land and Primordial Sea). They also are only active while the user is in battle; switching it out will remove the weather.

Groudon will finally receive some physical Fire-type moves, let alone have its movepool reorientated towards physical moves
Now that Groudon gains the Fire-type upon Primal Reversion and a massive boost to its Attack, will they finally give the master of sunlight and droughts Fire-type attacks it can actually use? Groudon's not a special attacker, yet all but one of its Fire-type attacks are special and so is the majority of its level-up movepool. The only physical Fire-type move it's ever been able to learn is Fire Punch, and that's through move tutors, and Eruption which was as close to a signature move it got before ORAS was also special. The thing's nearly trumped by Kyogre in every way and it's got jack shit to counter with.

Additionally, what type would Groudon's currently unnamed signature move shown in trailers be - Ground, to allow Groudon to use it to its complete potential, or Fire so it can be boosted by Primal Reversion and Drought? Would the legendaries' new signature moves work similarly to Fusion Flame/Bolt, in which they power up eachother, or in order to give Groudon an equal advantage over Kyogre, would they make its new move super effective against Water-types a la Freeze-Dry?

  • Jossed, Groudon's signature move is Precipice Blades, which has no additional effects other than hitting multiple targets in multi-battles.

Existing Mega Stones that will be in ORAS
Exactly What It Says on the Tin which Mega stones that where in X and/or Y will be in ORAS
  • Absolite
  • Gardevoirite
  • Mawilite
  • Aggronite
  • Medichamite
  • Manetricite
  • Banettite
  • Gyaradosite
    • Confirmed alongside all the other Mega Stones.

Possible Locations for an equivalent of the Anistar Sundial
So, the Anistar Sundial seems to have some connection to how the Mega Stones work, what with how the Mega Bracelet could resonate with it to find hidden Mega Stones. It's very unlikely that it would be able to power something on what could be assumed to be the other side of the world, and even if it does, there could still be a Primal Evolution equivalent. Some possible locations are:
  • near the Pokemon Center just south of Victory Road - An [[ Mcwb IM.jpg HD Map of Hoenn]] (warning: Very large image) indicates an odd yellow-to=purple gradient object just south of the Victory Road Pokemon Center
  • Mossdeep City - It could act as a replacement for the White Stone, assuming they don't do something connecting it to Jirachi. Alternatively, they could Hand Wave it as the White Rock itself being the source of the Mega Stones' power in Hoenn.
  • Near the Scorched Slab - To go along with the whole sun thing.
  • In Lilycove City - Lilycove already has a lot going on.
  • at the peak of Mount Pyre - The Red and Blue orbs are already found at the peak of Mount Pyre. They are most likely the triggers for the Primal Evolutions for Groudon and Kyogre, so it could work.
  • Sootopolis City - Sootopolis also happens to have a connection to Groudon and Kyogre. The map that has been revealed also shows a small island just southwest of the city that can only be reached by surf.
  • The Battle Frontier - Clouds can be seen over where the Battle Frontier would be located, a-la how they were used to obscure the Eastern half of Unova in the pre-release maps for Black and White 2.
  • Rustboro City - Devon would probably have some interest in it.
    • All jossed: There's no equivalent to the Anistar Sundial within the game.

If Brawly wears feet-shaped shoes and Watson and Norman wear slippers,
Wallace will wear high heel sandals. And he will have light blue toe nails.
  • Jossed, he wears plain sandals that don't show his toes.

Wally, or someone who sees Wally with Mega Gallade will say;
Something about Wally, being a frail boy, reminding them of something they read/saw with a man who looked a lot like Mega Gallade and a frail boy waking up in a hospital after defeating him, bonus points if a Leaning on the Fourth Wall reference to video games is made.
  • Jossed.

The Mossdeep Space Center will let you travel to space this time
Because why not? It would be a great post-game sidequest or DLC event, and the fact that you can visit the city in the upcoming demo, of all places, might be a hint. Bonus points for letting you catch either Deoxys or Jirachi.
  • Jossed. You go to space as part of the post-game, but you'll get there on Mega Rayuaza.

Groudon and Kyogre's Primal Reversions are a result of their breaking free of a Power Limiter put on them by Rayquaza
The plotline of the original games will be mostly kept intact, except that Maxie/Archie's plot to unleash Groudon/Kyogre will have much more dire consequences because of their Primal Reversions, making them far more powerful. In Emerald, Rayquaza is necessary to pacify the two from destroying the world with their battle, and there are legends intimating that it's happened before. In the aftermath, Rayquaza put locks on their power to lessen the threat to the world, and somehow, the machinations of Magma/Aqua will cause those locks to break.
  • Jossed: It's the result of them absorbing the then-thriving energy of the land.

Cosplay Pikachu gains a second type depending on the costume
Notice how each costume has a special move of a different type. It would make sense that each of them actually corresponds to the second type gained, granting STAB. Specifically:
  • Pikachu Rock Star gains Steel Type (Meteor Mash)
  • Pikachu Ph.D is either pure Electric type or gains an unspecified second type (Electric Terrain)
  • Pikachu Pop Star gains Fairy Type (Draining Kiss)
  • Pikachu Belle gains Ice Type (Icicle Crash)
  • Pikachu Libre gains Fighting Type (Flying Press)
    • Jossed: The only change other than appearance is the fact that it can learn various different moves depending on her costume.

Rayquaza will have both a Primal Reversion and a Mega Evolution
Dependent on game, Omega Ruby will have it Mega Evolve while Alpha Sapphire gets the Primal Reversion.
  • Jossed: Rayquaza has a single Mega Evolution in both games.

OR/AS will be more difficult than the previous few games.
A common criticism is that X/Y and B/W were too easy. OR/AS is going to avoid that, particularly as Pokemon games have been catering to older and more hardcore players.
  • Semi-Jossed: The games are as easy as X/Y with the EXP Share enabled and has hard as the original R/S with it off. And this is assuming you're not using the DexNav to grind for Pokémon with ideal stats.

Contests are going to be a bigger deal in OR/AS.
They'll give out bigger and better prizes, and they'll be more difficult.
  • Semi-Jossed: If anything, they're actually made easier since there's now no more restrictions on the amount of Pokéblocks one can give to the Pokémon. That, and the Pokéblock-making process was simplified so that it's easier. However, beating all five contest categories, followed by Lisia, is required to obtain the Lucarionite.

For the contests, dressing up Pokemon will be returned.
Generation V brought Pokemon Musical, a successor to the Gen. III contests. The most notable part of Pokemon Musical was getting to dress up your Pokemon. Dressing up will return, but as part of Pokemon Contest. Outfits will be a part of judging.
  • Semi-confirmed: It's possible to dress up Cosplay Pikachu and have it so that said Pikachu's costumes can be used outside of battles, but it's not possible to dress up the other Pokémon.

There are no more new Mega Pokemon.
All the Mega evolutions that will debut have already been showcased before this game's release.
  • Confirmed.

The Hoenn remakes will receive a third version alongside Pokémon X and Y's third version.

Lisia the Idol in ORAS is actually Cia from Hyrule Warriors.
In the Japanese version, her name is Lucia, not to mention she has a similar midriff-baring, J-pop idol-esque look. After the events of Hyrule Warriors, in an effort to get her mind off Link, she left the world of Hyrule and traveled until she reached Hoenn, and took up Pokemon Contests because she liked them.

Regice is Regigigas' favorite offspring
  • The story goes that he visits Regice often, explaining why he can be found in Island Cave. This could also explain the requirements to encounter him within the game, as the things you have to do to get him to appear involves, treating Regice with "love" (in other words, nicknaming it and giving it a "frozen desert"note ) in addition to having the other two Regi on your team.
    • On the other hand, it could be that Regigigas simply prefers cold environments. Going to extra lengths with its ice-based child is an ancient way of showing respect for Regigigas' preferred climate (or something similar), and it will notice this and appear. Might also explain why Regigigas was found in Sinnoh, the cold region, and not in Hoenn, a place with a more tropical climate.
      • Not just "in Sinnoh"—Regigigas was found in Snowpoint Temple, an ice-filled dungeon in the coldest part of Sinnoh. It seems likely that Regigigas's habitat is in the cold.

Zinnia wasn't meant to be the Draconid Lorekeeper at first
  • Rather, that was supposed to be the original Aster—likely her twin sister, given the mirrored meanings of their Japanese names. However, no thanks to Aster's death, the responsibility was quickly foisted upon Zinnia. Of course, this meant that Zinnia had to take the equivalent of a crash course in preparations to be the Lorekeeper, when she'd originally had no expectation of that ever happening. This was likely stressful like nothing else, with the death of her twin already blasting her soul. End result: someone who takes her duties far more zealously than intended, determined not to let the deaths of Aster and any other Draconids who preceded her be in vain. Which unfortunately resulted in Zinnia's going-it-alone, the-end-justifies-the-means attitude towards summoning Rayquaza.

Zinnia is a case of Older Than They Look.
  • Zinnia's model is young-looking, maybe 18, but her official art looks adult. There's a line in the Team M/aqua Hideout:
    Zinnia: Aren't you a happy girl, Aster? ♪ Just what I'd expect of my daughter!
  • Emphasis mine. Lots of people treat their Pokemon as friends, but I don't think anyone has used familial terms for them. It's possible that the original Aster was Zinnia's daughter and Aster the Whismur is named for her. This puts a new spin on her behavior during the game.

Zinnia mocks Steven during Delta Episode because she's genre savvy
  • We already know that Zinnia is aware of the Pokemon world having alternate universes for the original games and the remakes. This could also mean she's aware of how defeated champions historically hang onto their thrones infinitely, because Playable Epilogue wasn't a thing yet. In other words, Steven is a symbol for status quo. Meanwhile, Zinnia is doing all she can to avert disaster, changing her attire, changing her plans on the spot, and accepting that her role has changed from the chosen one to just The Chooser of The One. Therefore, Zinnia sees Steven to be everyone she isn't, which is why she keeps reminding him that he is a former champion and not a current one: because if Steven didn't keep that in mind, then he'd just continuously challenge the player character without end.

Zinnia was the human Aster's mother
  • Zinnia constantly uses hypocorisms towards Aster the Whismur, in particular she outright refers to the Whismur as her daughter.

Wally and Wallace are related
  • Their appearances are incredibly similar. The remakes makes this even more notable as they have nearly the same color scheme, hair and eye color. It also helps that their names are actually incredibly similarnote . Perhaps Wally is named after Wallace because they look similar?

Hoopa will have something to do with all the Legendary Pokemon appearances.
  • If you look at those portals the Pokemon appear from, they look almost identical to the ones that Hoopa is supposedly able to generate.
    • In the backstory for Hoopa and the Clash of the Ages, it's revealed that Hoopa would summon increasingly powerful Pokémon and beat the crap out of them as a form of entertainment. When it started summoning dangerous legendaries, its unbound forme was locked away in the prison bottle. So while not directly confirmed, it's still pretty strongly implied.

Kanto will return in Gen VI
  • It's a throwback to Gen III when Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were released along with Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leafgreen. While there was a fancier remake of Ruby and Sapphire known as Pokemon Emerald, there was no remake of Pokemon Yellow. Since this is Gen VI, with Pokemon X and Y are released as the main game and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as the cool remake, I believe that Pokemon Yellow will return to start a new pattern to Nintendo's Pokemon algorithm.

Speculated Formula:Main Games (ex: X and Y)Fancy Remake (ex: OR and AS)Fandom Rejoice (ex: Pokemon Yellow ver 2.0)

Cosplay Pikachu has really high dating standards.
It can't breed with other Pokemon. Out-of-universe, this is to prevent Uniqueness Decay. In-universe, this is because Cosplay Pikachu is extremely prudish compared to Pokemon; it refuses to mate with the other Pokemon in the daycare.

The meteor from the Delta Episode is an alternate version of the one from the Mystery Dungeon games
In the Delta Episode, the scientists at the Space Center originally plan to warp the meteor away to another world, but Zinnia stops them because it could potentially end up headed towards a world that couldn't avert the impact, plus they have Rayquaza to blow up meteors in the ORAS continuity. The protagonist gets drawn into the conflict, catches Rayquaza, and uses Rayquaza's Mega Evolution to blow up the meteor, encountering Deoxys in the process.

Meanwhile, in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team, the natural disasters rocking the planet are signs of an impending meteor. The protagonist was brought to this world and turned into a Pokémon to resolve this crisis, which they accomplish by getting Rayquaza to blow up the meteor. Furthermore, the remains of the meteor end up impacting the planet elsewhere (presumably, Rayquaza wasn't able to destroy the meteor as thoroughly since it didn't have the added power boost of a Mega Evolution), creating Meteor Cave, a dungeon populated solely by transparent Deoxys mirages with the real Deoxys at the bottom.

Given that alternate timelines are officially a thing in the Pokémon canon (RSE vs ORAS, Black vs White, etc.), what if the meteor in the Rescue Team games came from an alternate version of ORAS, where Zinnia failed or wasn't around to prevent the scientists from following through?

There is no alternate timeline, or at least it isn't simply split between a Mega-Evolution-Universe and a No-Mega-Evolution universe.
The timeline theory proposed by Zinnia was made to explain why there are no Mega Evolutions prior to Generation VI. However, it doesn't explain other inconsistencies in the Pokemon continuity such as why given Pokemon are never even mentioned (with a few exceptions such as the implied existence of Regigigas in Hoenn's Sealed Chamber) until the generation in which they are introduced.

There are two possible explanations: The first is that every individual save file of Pokemon could take place in an alternate universe from one another and the owners of multiple games can weld the continuity of their games together in any way they choose (e.g. connecting the events of their X or Y file with their Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire file). The result is many, rather than just two, alternate timelines where Mega Evolution may or may not exist or simply hasn't been discovered in a given time or region.The second is that every game prior to the release of their remakes (e.g. Ruby and Sapphire before their Gen VI remakes) is a condensed or fabricated version of what actually happened and we are only told what the player character remembers or wants to tell us (e.g. Gen III's Brendan or May may not want to talk about Zinnia because she scared them with her unnerving behavior.

In addition, it is never explicitly made clear whether the two timelines involving Mega Evolution or lack thereof is actually canon. We know that Zinnia isn't an entirely honest or trustworthy person, considering that she goes around the region stealing from people and talking to them in a mischievous manner during the Delta Episode, so it's entirely possible that she made the already very conjectural theory up. After all, she probably couldn't have known about the existence of any alternate timelines unless she had somehow managed to travel to such a dimension in the past, and evidence is provided that she has an active imagination (such as having imaginary conversations with her Whismur in a rather Calvin And Hobbes-esque manner in that she seems to "hear" her speak when no one else can).We also know that Zinn isn't fond of Steven or the Devon Corporation for whatever reason, so her destroying the device meant to warp the meteoroid away and justifying the act with the timeline theory may well have been done so that they wouldn't be taking credit for saving the world.

Chaz's Macherie has a Lonely, Hasty, Mild, or Gentle nature.
It's a bit of a running gag that Chaz refuses to enter Macherie in a Toughness contest. All of these are natures that make a Pokemon dislike sour Pokeblocks, which increase Toughness. It's not so much that Chaz doesn't realize that's where Macherie would shine—he just doesn't want to make her eat Pokeblocks she doesn't like in preparation for such contests.

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