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This page deals with Wild Mass Guesses for games and species in the Sinnoh region. For non-game and non-Sinnoh game WMGs, please refer to the appropriate page in the Pokemon WMG Index.

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    Generation IV Species Guesses 

The Lake Trio represent both the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan AND the Freudian psyche.
Mesprit represents the id, the emotional and instinctual part that focuses on what the individual wants, hence the "me" in its name. Azelf is the superego, the part that gives people the willpower to control oneself and consider the wants and needs of others, hence the modified plural "us" in its name. Finally, Uxie is the ego, the rational part that balances the id's hedonism and the superego's altruism, acting as a separate party with no bias towards either side (hence the modified "you" in its name) and allowing people to act both in self-interest and in the interest of others.

Shaymin represents gender equality.
First, look at regular Shaymin. Shy, small, and even girlish. Now, look at its sky form. It has changed from a hedgehog to a deer! It even has antlers, which usually go to the males of a species. It's also obvious how masculine it is. Compare the voices in Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Shaymin's voice in its regular form sounds feminine, while its sky form sounds tomboyish. Its gained flying type could be a metaphor for freedom! Its weakness against ice can actually stand for criticism.
  • Or it is just "growing up" by evolving. Young boys' voices are high, to the point where female actresses voice act young male characters. When a boy gets older his voice sounds deeper. Shaymin's sky forme is just its version of maturation.

Spiritomb is not a Pokémon.
Spiritomb is actually many souls of different people bound within a keystone. It may even be a demon. The binding gave it special powers that caused it to be wrongly classified as a Pokémon.
  • But it can breed! Perhaps the people/demon became a Pokémon?

Rotom was going to be a legendary, but Game Freak changed their minds at the last minute.
Hence why the legendary music plays when you fight it.
  • This could possibly explain why Rotom also got special form changes, which is something usually only reserved for Legendary Pokémon...

Cresselia has a Miracle Eye sort of effect that only works on Darkrai.
Psychic vs. Dark... how does she negate his nightmares and hold her own in fights with him in Explorers? She must have some kind of Miracle Eye effect, one she doesn't exploit when with a Trainer, perhaps because of Honor Before Reason.

Kyogre is Manaphy's Biological mother.
The dad could be Lugia or something. Or maybe Kyogre's just magical like that and can lay eggs without any father. Sort of like the whole "Manaphy can only breed Phione but Phione doesn't evolve into Manaphy" sort of thing.
  • Immaculate conception. Arceus is the father. Manaphy is PokeJesus.
    • Or there was a religion based off Kyogre, and Manaphy was their saviour.
    • Or that would make Kyogre the Virgin Mary Pokemon.
  • Manaphy is a special, more powerful than average Phione, that's why they breed but only Phione are made. But maybe Kyogre had something to do with Manaphy's specialness, perhaps it is the result of a Phione it willed to become pregnant as a display of its power?

Manaphy was artificially created.
Possibly by a now long dead Atlantis-like advanced civilization. They genetically engineered it to be incapable of breeding, but since this was long before the existence of Ditto, they didn't anticipate people trying to breed Manaphy with Ditto. Phione is what you get when you breed something that's been genetically modified to not be be able to breed, Phione's differences in appearance from Manaphy and reduced power come from the resulting genetic "glitches". The special Manaphy "egg" is actually a storage unit designed to mimic the properties of a normal Pokémon egg (including "hatching" when spending enough time with a person), and when the Atlantis-like civilization eventually fell, the "eggs" were left drifting in the deepest depths of the ocean for millennial, with some eventually being found in modern times.
  • Another idea is that Manaphy and Phione are similar in basics to queen and drone bees. Manaphy eggs are made with a royal jelly like substance, and because you don't have it your Manaphy will only breed the commoner Phione.

Cherrim was going to be a Grass/Fire Pokemon, and its ability Flower Gift was meant to raise all stats in Sunny Weather
However, it was found to be so powerful in the alpha/beta testing stage, it was powered down. It went too well.

Cyrus was the developer of Porygon-Z.
Porygon-Z is created by trading Porygon 2 with a Dubious Disk found in the Galactic Headquarters in Veilstone. Porygon 2 is created by trading Porygon with an Upgrade that you can find in the Galactic Building in Eterna. In Platinum, a guy in Veilstone offers to give you a Porygon that he found by the Galactic Headquarters.

So, someone in Team Galactic wanted a Porygon, and had the means to upgrade it, and had developed a mod to upgrade it further.

By know-how alone, Cyrus is the most likely candidate, due to his canon affinity for machines and programming. Simulating or replicating emotional thought has been one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in Artificial Intelligence research, so Cyrus could consider Porygon an excellent parallel to his Emotion Suppression philosophies. Lastly, the Porygon-Z mod on the Dubious Disk was meant to upgrade it so it would be able to travel into other dimensions... maybe to escape the destruction/recreation of the universe, and assist Cyrus in doing so.

Long story short, Cyrus developed the Dubious Disk. The Porygon you got in Platinum was supposed to be his test specimen, but he obviously never got it (and then you took the Upgrade and the Dubious Disk, too).

  • Perhaps it was a counter-measure for Giratina's interference. Obviously Cyrus didn't know Giratina was going to interfere but he could have predicted it might do. It would have been useful to create a cybernetic Pokemon that could survive inside the Distortion World and enough Sp. Attack to potentially fight Giratina itself. It would even be immune to Giratina's signature attack.

Drifloon and Drifblim are demons.
They're ghosts that steal children and take them to the underworld. That sounds like a demon to me. Presumably they take the form of balloons because nobody would take them seriously.
  • They'd take the form of balloons because small children are fascinated by balloons.

Dialga is a Time Lord/TARDIS in Pokemon form.
It is blue, has time powers, and its usual Trope Tradition to guess a character from any given series to be a Time Lord.

The Rotom's appliances in Shopping Mall Nine are V 2.0 of the ones in Eterna Galatic Hideout and Silph Company
Features of V 2.0 includes changing Rotom's secondary type.

Leafeon and Glaceon were introduced to form Trios with Flareon and another Kanto Eeveelution
Leafeon not only was requested by fans so many, but it makes a trio of sorts with Vaporeon and Flareon, in a trio similar to Starter Trios by type. Glaceon forms a Fire, Ice, Lightning trio with aforementioned Flareon and Jolteon.

  • Arceus is naturally God. He's the Alpha Pokemon, banished Giratina and his home (the Hall of Origins) has a glass floor... possibly referencing the glass lake/sea seen in the Revelation vision of Heaven. The white fur may be the Pokemon equivalent of the bearded guy we usually see the Lord as.
  • Dialga and Palkia are archangels. A number of extra-biblical stories have angels help construct the universe for God, and Dialga/Palkia shaped time and space for Arceus. Guessing they are Michael and Uriel respectively, and take your guess on which is which.
  • Giratina is Satan. Both him and Satan are dragons who, when banished to the Distortion World/Hell respectively became legless serpents. Giratina is more powerful than Dialga and Palkia(it managed to stop them when Cyrus was using them to recreate the universe), and they represent archangels. Who is considered the most powerful, greatest archangel? Lucifer aka Satan
  • The lake trio represent the three different parts of God's almighty nature. Uxie represents God's omniscience (it brought knowledge), Mesprit represents omnipresence (it brought emotion, which is in everyone) and Azelf represents omnipotence (it brought will, and thus is the controlling force behind everyone). The lethal power of God is represented in what happens when you screw with them:
    • Uxie opening its eyes is the free will issue of God: if He uses His full all-knowingness to read your thoughts, you lose free will and aren't really you, represented in the "wiping your memory" aspect.
    • Mesprit being touched is unclear, but it may have something to do with reaching God face to face-you are wiped out/mind-raped into being an emotionless mind-slave of God. Or something, I'm not entirely sure
    • Azelf being harmed represents Hell. If you hurt God, God punishes you by making you effectively immobile. If you hurt Azelf, Azelf punishes you by making you immobile.
  • Heatran is Adam. Heatran was born at the beginning of the world, like Adam. Much like how Adam was created with the Earth, so was Heatran — however, Adam was formed from the Earth when it was much like our own, Heatran was formed from the molten Earth and thus is made out of lava and steel.
  • Just like the legendary golems, Regigigas is a golem as well. It is an avatar for God's chosen people, the Jews, having suffered throughout history (it and the legendary golems were locked away).
  • Manaphy and Phione are antediluvian and post-diluvian people. According to the Bible, people lived much longer and were more powerful, and the people afterwards would be considered meek. The old world was wiped out by a flood, and as such Manaphy(that old world) is associated with the antediluvian people-hence why you cannot reproduce them, and only get their descendants (Phione/post-Flood man). Manaphy could be considered Noah.
  • Cresselia and Darkrai are Archangel Gabriel and Raphael respectively. Prophetic visions often appear in dreams, and Gabriel was the one who came to the Virgin Mary in a vision. Rapahel is an angel that causes nightmares, but is benevolent like Darkrai. Also in the anime Darkrai was owned by Tobias, who was guarded by Raphael.

If/When Gen 4 gets remade, Arceus will have a Mega Evolution-
-or Primal Reversion, an exclusive to it; something. Why? Because if nothing else, it's implied to be the creator of the Pokémon universe on some scale, and when you compare the stats of base Pokemon only, Arceus is the strongest. Going beyond that, currently it's overshadowed by specific Mega Evolutions (both Mewtwo's and Rayquaza's)... but if it had it's own form (aside from the plates), then just imagine.
  • Sadly Jossed. Megas and Primals aren't featured in BDSP.

Giratina's "violence" was the result of it going mad from the revelation
Giratina, despite Eldritch Abomination extraordinaire and sole inhabitant of an Eldritch Location where the rules of reality are out to lunch cannot comprehend the rules of our own reality and thus lashes out without the help of a trainer when in our realm.

Garchomp is the ancestor of Carvanha and Sharpedo.
  • Garchomp resembles a cross between a hammerhead shark and a dinosaur. Some dinosaurs that lived in water were ancestors of fish (in a similar way that whales are descended from land mammals). Carvanha's coloration is exactly the same as Garchomp's and Sharpedo has some similarities in its design to Gible.

Heatran is not a true legendary.
A vast colony of Heatran live and breed deep in the planet’s core. It’s considered legendary because they almost never come up to the surface. Those that do breach the surface are feared and heralded for the power they’ve built up living so deep underground. Heatran only breed in the intense heat and gravity of the planet’s core, which is why captive ones never breed despite having genders.
  • Heatran is pretty well-equipped to survive deep inside the planet, now that I think about it. It's short, bulky, and has thick limbs, letting it survive and move around under intense pressure; it's partially made of metal, which melts only at very high temperatures; and with Flash Fire, it can both protect itself from intense heat damage and power itself up using heat energy. With so little organic matter existing deep underground, maybe Flash Fire absorption is how Heatran "feeds."

There are no true male Buneary or Lopunny
The "gender" is whether it can by default incubate a fertilized egg cell or send its egg cell to the other. During a crisis with none of the other "gender" around they can reproduce asexually, or with a massive amount of "males" they can switch to "female".

Manaphy is the child of Kyogre and Palkia
Palkia and Kyogre had a fling, and Manaphy was born from it, he's the prince of the sea because his parents are legendary Water-types and the only members of their respective species. If Palkia and Kyogre ended up having another child (easy since they're curretly caught by May Birch and Dawn Berlitz) the child will be another form of Manaphy which will breed to make another form of Phione.
  • Two Manaphy of different forms will end up breeding a generic Manaphy form known as "Hybrid Manaphy".

Bogleech is right about Lucario. Metaphorically.
It's in a situation similar to Mimikyu. It has a terrifying true form, but molds its body based on what it sees regarding people's likes and dislikes through its ability to read Aura. It tries to match everyone's likes, and the end result is a ridiculously popular Pokémon that's actually kinda boring if you dig under the surface.

Throughout Sinnoh's history, many have journeyed to Acuity Cavern...
...for the purpose of seeking out Uxie in order to lose all their memories and restart life with a new identity. If they dare approach the Pokémon, Uxie will ask why they want to forget everything. Only very rarely will it grant such a request: to those who have suffered the most deeply, by no fault of their own, and have no one who love them or would miss them. For those who want to forget the guilt of having done something terrible, Uxie will refuse and state that they cannot escape their crimes. Depending on what their crime was, it will tell them to atone instead of running away from the past, or simply state that their sin is unforgivable.

    Giratina Guesses 
The Veilstone Myth was Giratina's fall
Giratina is listed as a renegade Pokemon, suggesting that he and Arceus aren't on the best terms. Though the dialogue of the Veilstone Myth is more befitting Shaymin in this troper's opinion, Giratina is a popular pick for it. This was also the end of the golden age where Pokemon lived together with humans. Giratina either hated the age, and simply wanted it gone, or believed the current arrangement was more suitable, but was shot down by Arceus. And so he went over his head. Giratina first planted a powerful sword where someone suitable would find it, leading to the massacre of the region. Once the person repented, he then offered his own setup as a covenant, which was accepted. Arceus certainly didn't like it, but as humanity entered the deal willingly, he was unable to revoke it.

Giratina represents antimatter and regular matter.
Origin Forme is antimatter, and Altered Form is regular matter.
  • When it's a living shadow, it represents dark matter.

Giratina actually represents the force of gravity.
Palkia represents space, and Diagla represents time. Gravity, according to the Theory of Relativity, is defined by the warping of space-time, which would fit Giratina thematically with the other members of its trio, as well as explaining its space-time warping abilities. In addition, its home "dimension" is most notable for being a place where gravity is all wonky, which fits in with this ability (in essence, Giratina exerts its control over gravity to act as a kind of living black hole, wrapping the fabric of space-time around it to create a "pinched off" area of extremely warped space to use as its "nest" - it can use the same principle on a smaller scale in order to vanish from the physical universe during its Shadow Force attack). Finally, it has two Formes, one which is affected by gravity and one which defies it. Makes a lot more sense than connecting it to antimatter, which doesn't have any of the qualities Giratina is known for.
  • Also, Shadow force, it Giratina leaving the current space and time, which it could do with enough control over gravity.
  • Given the above, Giratina could represent both matter/anti-matter and gravity. After all, what generates the warping of space-time? Matter. This includes anti-matters, since its basically the same as matter except that the particles have a reverse charge. Dark matter may actually be the overlapping of the Distortion World and regular universe.

Giratina shifts into the Reverse/Distortion/Torn World when it uses Shadow Force.
You know, its signature move where it vanishes completely, and then uses an unblockable attack. It fits with its power in the movie, though I'm not sure if it's shown to freely shift between worlds in the games.

Giratina does not represent antimatter, it represents spirit.
The renegade Pokemon banished for its violence? Logically it was either banished to the distortion world and cursed to take on an altered form if it left without permission or it was banished from the distortion world and the altered form is further punishment. Either way it can't inherently represent antimatter since it either is not originally from the distortion world or something equal to or greater than Giratina defeated it inside that place.

Well Cyrus blames the strife that occurs in the world on spirit and seeks to eliminate spirit. Notice that when he gets really close to achieving this goal Giratina shows up to put a stop to it? Why would the renegade Pokemon care what Cyrus does in another world, especially if it's the world it was kicked out of? Because Cyrus was making a direct attack on the thing it represents! When Giratina hatched from the egg Arceus made, living spirit entered the world!

  • When Giratina fell, Arceus decide to create the Lake trio to replace him. That's why the Distortion World entrance is a lake-the lake trio based their home on the original source of spirit. To prevent something like Giratina happening again, they became a trio to balance each other out.

Giratina is the guardian of the underworld.
In Diamond and Pearl, and if you fail to capture Giratina in the Distortion World, its at Turnback Cave/Sendoff Spring. The place is heavily implied to be the gateway to this world and the afterlife. The region also has a number of Ghost type Pokemon, most notably Duskull and Dusclops. Their evolution Dusknoir is stated to be the Grim Reaper/Shinigami of Pokemon. Giratina's very apperance [[Dracolich seems to be undead]], and its Ghost type may not only refer to how out of place it is. Far from being the Satan of the franchise, Giratina is the guardian of the underworld, protecting the barriers between life and death. The Distortion World may be the underworld, but its just as possible that it may simply direct to the underworld.

Giratina isn't Satan.
Yeah, I know, six legs/ribs/wings, banished for his violence, but beyond that Giratina doesn't really fit the position of Satan. While Satan has less chance of beating God than a Magikarp, Giratina is equal in strength(if not superior given his intervention in Platinum) to Dialga and Palkia, and only Black/White Kyurem and Arceus are stronger. The Distortion world isn't [[Hell Naraka]]. While violent, Giratina is actually part of the Celestial Bureaucracy as God of Antimatter instead of an outcast/rebel-his violence comes from an obsession of order rather than being the total villain that Satan is typically envisioned as. Much like how Arceus is a more generic version of The Maker instead of the omnipotent, Biblical God, Giratina is less the Devil and more an amalgamation of grumpy, temperamental and dark gods. Giratina being treated as a Satan expy comes from the same reason why trickster figures like Loki and death embodiments are treated as Satan: Hijacked by Jesus, or rather Hijacked By Ahura Mazda.

Giratina was once human...
Okay, here we go with this...Team Galactic existed in the past, but back then no trainer stopped them. The Distortion World was the original world, warped to be without spirit. But then the former leader of Team Galactic, when without spirit, was an empty husk. From the Hall of Origin, Arceus created a new world, made of normal matter, and made the former Team Galactic leader Giratina and isolated him/her/it in its Distortion World.

Centuries later, Giratina, regaining memories of its former life, starts using its space-warping powers in an effort to make its former dream a reality, and potentially create a friend for itself. But then, you come along, destroy Team Galactic again, and become a friend for Giratina. In doing this, Giratina's wrath and hatred was satisfied, and it was finally ready to put its Dark and Troubled Past behind it.

The Distortion World is the afterlife. Giratina is the god of the underworld.
You find Giratina in Diamond and Pearl, in Turnback Cave. It appears in an ancient cemetery. There's a lot of spooky elements to it. The Distortion World that you see is actually the afterlife itself. What you see is simply Giratina's personal domain, where its mere presence is distorting the nearby reality. Beyond it is the rest of the Pokemon afterlife, where the souls of people and Pokemon who passed on live. Those souls known to stay away from the temperamental Renegade Pokemon, and the recent chaos from Cyrus's attempt at recreating the cosmos. Cyrus's loathing of spirit means he refuses to believe in an afterlife, however once things return to normal he's going to be in a nasty surprise upon learning the afterlife exists and he's most likely stuck there. His plan to destroy and recreate the universe would've also destroyed and recreated the afterlife. The different laws of gravity and time were put there to better accommodate all the souls.

Giratina wasn't banished to the Distortion World; it lives there.
Come on — its Distortion World form is called "Origin". If it's not originally from the Distortion World, why would it be called that? Additionally, it does not actually seem trapped there; it has no trouble popping out to abduct Cyrus, after all. (Plus, saving reality seems rather out of character for a banished demon seeking to spite the creator god.) It stays in the Distortion World because that's its natural habitat; as the god of antimatter/spirits/whatever it's more suited to that world than this one. The humans who made the myths only assumed that such a scary-looking creature must have been banished, but they were incorrect.

Cyrus is right that Distortion world and Giratina are one of the same
Cyrus theorize that Giratina is part of the distortion world and the distortion world is a part of Giratina; What he failed to realized that the Pokémon itself is simply an physical avatar that can be easily be replaced by Arceus.

    Arceus Guesses 
The Arceus you encounter is just an avatar of an higher being namely, Sinnoh, the creator of the Hisui region
You didn't think a god would let you catch it, did you? You just caught its powerful, but not supernaturally powerful, avatar to interact with the real world. The real Arceus is chilling in some dimension making a new avatar for himself.
  • This is just what I thought as well. Clearly, Arceus is nice, and he just wants to make you feel good for catching such a rare Pokemon. But he's also happy he's getting a laugh at your expense...
    • You mean sort of like Umlaut in Xanth?
  • Maybe Arceus was just bored? Or maybe it has to run a Celestial Bureaucracy and got fed up with it. If it needs to escape, it shouldn't be that hard for it to break out (since it happens to be a god).
  • You stopped Cyrus from enslaving its top creations, and presumably fought hard enough for them to consider you worthy of fighting with them. You're rather impressive, for a human. That's why Arceus even considers allowing you to challenge it.
  • This adds up with my theory that Arceus is a physical avatar for the Unown hive mind-they can always create another focus.
  • Very heavily implied in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, where Arceus says it will let "a part of itself" travel with you when you catch it.
  • This also might as well extend to both the Creation and the Spiritual trio, as they're also avatars/pieces of Arceus.

Alternatively, you never actually caught Arceus. The Pokedex is mistaken.
Really, how would it know? What did you catch, then? Not sure, but it was probably a bad idea to do so.
  • You caught a ditto with delusions of grandeur.

It doesn't matter that you caught Arceus, because Arceus's only purpose was to create the world; Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina keep the balance.
And when you catch Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, Arceus just makes another one. Arceus went to sleep after creating the world, and was never going to wake up. But you were deemed worthy enough to have it join you.

Yet another alternative: Arceus hasn't regained its energy from when it created the world.
Arceus created the world, so you'd really expect it to be a lot stronger in battle than it is. Not only can it be defeated and caught like any other Pokémon, but as of Generation VI, it doesn't even have the highest base stat total any more. This is completely illogical... unless...Arceus, having created the world and singlehandedly made several other Olympus Mons come into existence, simply expended all of its energy in doing so. It's so "weak" because it doesn't HAVE the energy it used to make the world... because, well, it used it. Even if Arceus is able to recover its energy, it's entirely reasonable for it to not get it all back at once, so 720 base stat points is pretty good, particularly in comparison to several other Legendary Pokémon, which didn't really spend their energy on anything that we know of.(If the Azure Flute events qualify as canon despite being unavailable to normal players, then the fact that it was forcibly awakened with the Flute when it would have still been resting at Spear Pillar backs this up. Of course it's not going to be the strongest Pokémon if its regeneration was cut short!)

Mewtwo is out to expose Arceus.
This may be a bit of a stretch, but after reading an earlier WMG but it's established from the very first movie that Mewtwo has a resentment towards the humans that created him artificially (although in the English dub, they got rid of the part where he admits to despise the scientists' meddling through creating clones) and had a hatred towards other humans and their Pokemon, because of this. Well, it wasn't just the cloning that peeved him, it was the fact that these humans were trying to make themselves out to be like a God by trying to create life. Think about it; Team Rocket is evil, and Mewtwo knew of their plans. Why would you think they'd want to create an ultimate Pokemon? Clearly, they were trying to create all these powerful beings, like Mewtwo, to have an army of ultimate Pokemon to take over the world with. And what better ego boost is there other than to gloat "I created this army of ultimate Pokemon out of nothing, therefore that makes me God!" However, Mewtwo was just not pleased with that mentality. He was created by science and grew up around it, most likely he would be anti-religious or prefer to take logic over mythical answers.

So, after the events of the first movie, he goes off with all the clones he made to do what exactly? Well, clearly he is doing something, and it has something to do with doing the same with other frauds attempting to build themselves up as Gods. Think of him as the Dark Messiah in this case. With all the new Pokemon coming up each generation, you can't honestly believe that he'd be ignorant of their existence, or of the new legendaries? Not only is he learning of these new legendaries from other Pokemon or from sneaking around in society unnoticed and gaining the information from the humans who know of these legends, but also has decided to find out whether these legends were true.

While researching, he's found out that Arceus, and the other legendaries that are building themselves up into a God-like level, are not really Gods and had no part in creating the word. In fact, this is all a plan by Arceus to make himself up into a God. He is just an insanely high leveled Pokemon, that clearly would be more stronger than the other wild Pokemon as most of them aren't even allowed over level 50 in the games (other than that place where you get the 100 leveled Magikarp, but then, Magikarp is useless) so in comparison can look to be God-like to them. Arceus could have easily beaten up these weakened Pokemon, to make them all consider him as their God and creator of the world. He then appeared to the humans after coercing the Pokemon, so after giving a show of an extrem4 amount of power, and having the other Pokemon turning into grovelling wimps before him, the humans were under the impression that Arceus must be their God. After a few generations, even the Pokemon began to believe this, and the humans were being fooled into making the legend of Arceus quite disproportionate, so that everyone really did believe that he created the world.

This is where Mewtwo comes in. See, unbeknownst to Arceus, one Pokemon actually had the intelligence to question his authority as God and PROVED IT WRONG. Yes, Mewtwo knows Arceus is a fraud, and is not happy with that! He went to confront this so called "God" to beat the stuffings out of him for deceiving all the Pokemon and humans. Mewtwo's not afraid to blow the enemy up a few times before getting to the explanations, so of course it'd be perfectly in character for him to attack first, getting Arceus before he has time to say "Wait, What?" However, Arceus isn't a push over, oh no. There's a reason why the other Pokemon listened to him and announced him as their God. The two get into a small fight, of epic proportions, but it is stopped shortly as Arceus realizes that Mewtwo isn't just any Pokemon he can deal with by a single "Judgement" attack. So Arceus flees, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike back. This is why Arceus is impossible to find, because he is hiding from Mewtwo. Mewtwo, on the other hand, is out searching for Arceus to finish off the job, which is exactly what he's been doing all this time and why he seems to prefer spending more time around human civilization rather than staying secluded with only Pokemon. He's trying to find some more reliable sightings of the fraud, as Arceus could easily order the other Pokemon into lying on his behalf, but no human would be able to understand Arceus to obey his order and they would be too shocked when seeing Mewtwo to even think of lying.

Now, this may go on for quite a while; however, Arceus isn't just going to back down. Hell no. He's rounding up the other legendaries to get back at Mewtwo. But with all these powerful Pokemon gathering, it easily caught the attention of others, including Mewtwo. He figures out what may be going on, so it decides to go search for some DNA of the other legendaries, to make clones out of them to help him in the fight if the original legendaries really do decide to help Arceus. So now, Arceus has his army of the real legendaries, while Mewtwo has his own army of clones of the legendaries. When they finally do meet, of course expect a massive battle to happen. This battle will most likely be a future Pokemon movie. The battle will be Epic, it will be Awesome, and most importantly, it will be Made of Win.

Arceus and Mewtwo are opposites (almost).

Here we go. In the beginning, there was Arceus. Arceus created Mew as an outlet for its power. However, even that was not enough for Arceus. It created the Pokemon World, and its human inhabitants, but it still needed to create. It released all its power to the outskirts of the Pokemon Universe, and began to draw in beings from other planets, fandoms, and mythologies, then channeled them into Mew, who altered them into Pokemon and released them into the World. This would explain why Pokemon tend to look like creatures from Earth, other fandoms, and mythologies. However, Arceus still wasn't done. Over the course of the games, it churned out more and more Pokemon. During the first few years of the Pokemon Universe, scientists cloned Mew, creating Mewtwo. As Mewtwo was a clone of the second most powerful Pokemon in the world, it was unbelievably strong. However, the way it was created (horrific genetic experiments, according to several Pokedexes) caused its power to manifest in the form of negative, destructive energy instead of positive, creative energy, making it a negative double of Mew, and, as such, putting it almost at the level of Arceus. Like Mew (and by extension, Arceus), Mewtwo wanted to create life, but as a negative being, it couldn't create its own life, and it had to clone others the way Mew was cloned to create it. This caused the first movie. Once again, though, because the cloned Pokemon were created artificially through bizarre cloning machines, they released more and more negative energy. Eventually the negative energy began to reach Arceus, who started creating legendary Pokemon to stave it off. However, as Mewtwo and his clones continued to exist, they pumped more and more negative energy into the world. This caused the villains of each series to become progressively more evil, and as the negative energy grew stronger and stronger, Arceus made stronger and stronger legendaries to counter it. Eventually, the negative energy began spilling out of the Pokemon Universe, forming the Torn World and Giratina. Cyrus is almost completely full of negative energy, which drove him insane and made him try to annihilate the world and remake it. Things are beginning to come to a head, and soon Arceus and Mew will have to deal with Mewtwo themselves.

Arceus is not the creator of Sinnoh, but its first conqueror.
The second Plate you pick up in Sinnoh reads "This plate is formed from the power of defeated giants" (or a slightly different wording). Now, why would "the giants" (which obviously refers to the Regis) have to be defeated if they were servants of Arceus? Answer... they weren't its servants until it beat them into submission. The only thing we have to go on for saying that it is a god are some old legends, which are unreliable due to probably being Written By The Winner, and the Pokedex articles, which are unreliable because the Pokedex also contains such blatantly impossible errors as Magcargo being significantly hotter than the freakin' SUN.
  • Lightning is hotter than the sun.
    • Not for as long of a time as Macargo.

Arceus is God In Name Only.
It's true that Arceus created the universe, but that's about it. Arceus is merely what started the cosmos. It's only true divine power is the ability to create, hence the title: the Alpha Pokemon. This is why you, a mere mortal, can capture God-because God turned out to be pretty much a weakling.
  • So deism describes how Pokemon works?

Arceus is the Hive Mind of the Unown.
Think about it: in the Johto remakes, you can create a Dialga, Palkia or Giratina egg using Arceus. During the ceremony, Arceus summons a horde of Unown to create an egg. Arceus is more or less the soul of the Unown, made manifest into a Pokemon. The Unown are the actual body. This is why the Unown are useless: they're essentially projecting their entire consciousness into Arceus, making the actual Unown near-mindless. This is also why you can capture Arceus: it has no power on its own, and the Unown can create another focus for their consciousness. Finally, note how the Unown cannot breed whatsoever, despite being neither baby Pokemon or legendary? They really are legendary.
  • Or you got it backwards and the Unown are the unseen thousand arms of Arceus, its tools and or independent parts of Arceus's body, enough mind to function on their own but still under the creator's control.

Arceus is did create the world as it is known but is not God or even a god.
After Diamond/Pearl/Platinum came out Heart Gold and Soul Silver confirmed that Arceus is the one who shaped the world. Then Pokemon Black and White came out and said powerful Pokemon are worshiped as gods but really are not? Who is right? They both are. Perhaps Arceus was sent from another universe to shape this one so Pokemon could live in it? Maybe Arceus is a creature born of the primordial chaos that brought order to existence? Maybe it can do things inherently, maybe the hall of origin amplifies its power?

Pokemon, especially legendary ones, have been shown to do great things in cutscenes. Maybe he's beatable by players because Gamefreak cared more about catching and trading than plot. Maybe he's just holding back because Pokémon battles are for sport, not to the death. Pokémon are mysterious beings even to the people in the game, they don't fully understand how they work or where they came from yet (even Porygon is buggy). There is no reason Arceus can't have god-like power but still be subject to the some of the same basic rules of other Pokémon.

Arceus is catchable because its job has exhausted it.
Originally, Arceus was as powerful as you'd expect the creator of the universe to be. However instead of being completely omnipotent, Arceus only had a limited amount of mass-energy to craft existence. Why doesn't Arceus have 1000 arms anymore? It sacrificed much of itself just to make the universe. This self-mutilation resulted in Arceus passing out for billions of years, and even once it healed the majority of its power is kept in the creation trio/lake trio respectively. Arceus can't create more than one member of the creation trio because this would exhaust what little power it has

The "Arceus" we capture is only one of the True Arceus' arms.
The thousand Arceus arms may be figurative, like someone is someone else "right arm" or in a less sybolic way, an actual limb in Hive Mind or transcendent link of true Arceus, who is in his own dimension like in the anime and his arms are all shatered around the infinite universe.
  • This is implied to be the case from text in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Before catching Arceus, it says it will "allow a shard of itself to walk with you", implying that's not the whole of its being.

Arceus allowed itself to be captured.
Hey, it's the Pokemon's version of God after all. Capturing the Pokemon doesn't limit it in any manner, as it can just use its omnipotence to perform things outside of the Pokeball's limitations or omnipresence to go wherever it wants to. You're only able to catch it because Arceus is a nice guy and wants to give you a chance to fill your Pokedex. It only acts like an especially-strong Pokemon because it respects fair play among Pokemon(of course it's still super-powerful, to show off that it is God in the first place).

Arceus is the reason why Pokémon are "Pokémon".
Rather than being biologically related or evolving in the normal means from one another, Pokémon are Pokémon because they're literally in Arceus' image. Every single Pokémon follows the same mechanics because they were "shaped" that way, given an essence similar to itself and as such bound to the same rules. This is how non-animals, living inanimate objects and even beings like Giratina can somehow be the same type of creature; they're all shaped and designed by the same entity.

The reason why humans aren't Pokémon, despite nowadays being the only real-life animal on the planet, is because they were created/crafted by something that isn't Arceus. The Alpha Pokémon had zero output on mankind's creation, making them different from everything else on the planet. It's quite possible that another legendary Pokémon chose to develop humanity solely on its own.

As for Mew, it serves as a sort of "extension" of Arceus, an avatar of its essence so as to freely create Pokémon without putting direct effort in it.

    Sinnoh General Guesses 

As an alternative to the Dialga guess above, Looker is the (somewhat incompetent if you ask me) Time Lord.
He has ten's trenchcoat after all. The "international police" thing is just him using the psychic paper. His TARDIS is a pokeball that he "catches" himself in. Pokeballs are implied to be bigger on the inside after all.
  • And his pokemon are his companions.
  • Also, no one knows his real name. He outright says that Looker is just a code name.

Roark is Silver's brother
The new HGSS artwork for Silver depicts him with similar hair to Roark, and since hairstyle is apparently hereditary in the Pokemon world, this means that they share at least one parent. This could possibly mean that Silver's father is actually Byron, and the mention of Giovanni's son having red hair being just a coincidence.
  • Perhaps they're cousins, and Byron's sister married Giovanni. It'd make as much sense as your theory.
  • Or, since Byron is a MANLY MAN and Roark is ...uh... not..., Roark more likely takes after his mom than Byron. This would also explain why Roark's mother/Byron's wife is absent, since Silver is (probably) younger than Roark...
  • If they are brothers, either it's through the same mother or Roark's mom slept around - HeartGold and SoulSilver'' confirm that Silver is, in fact, Giovanni's son.

The Rival from Pokémon Gold and Silver is Roark when he grows up.
Here Either that, or Roark is his real father.
  • Impossible, the Johto and Sinnoh quests are near-simultaneous. And hairstyle does not necessarily imply direct relation.
  • Besides, Roark's father is Byron, and Silver's is Giovanni. Unless... Oh god, I've squicked myself out.

Mars is Silver's older sister, and Ariana is their mother.
Mars. Silver.Ariana.

Coincidence? I think not.

  • Holy crap... Also, to combine this with the previous theory, Roark could be Silver's half-brother.
  • This would also explain why Ariana is the only female Rocket executive.
  • Ariana=Silver in welsh.

Mars is Ariana's little half-sister.
Alternative to the above, and would manage to handwave why no mention is made of any Team Rocket-Galactic ties. When Ariana was a teen, her parents separated. Her dad fell in love with Mars' mom, who was from Sinnoh, and ended up moving there and had Mars. Resentful over this, Ariana decided to stay with her mom in Johto and eventually join Giovanni in founding Team Rocket. Silver inherited his maternal grandfather's hair style like his mother and young aunt did.

Will and Lucian are brothers.
They both are from their league's respectives Elite Fours, have purple hair, use Psychic Pokemon, and dress in an elegant way (although Will's more of a flamboyant/Tuxedo Mask parody). The similarities are there for everybody to see. They could be siblings and, ironically, Lucian would be the older one.

Lt. Surge is Volkner's uncle or older brother.
They look somewhat similar, they have blond hair, they're both Hot-Blooded, and they're both electric fans.
  • I also think of the Gym Leaders in terms like that. Like maybe Candice is Pryce's granddaughter, or Phoebe is Morty's cousin, etc.
    • Wattson is Volkner's grandfather, Lt. Surge is his father/uncle, and Elesa is his cousin.

Byron doesn't age.
He has the energy level of a hyperactive 8-year-old, and is still in pretty damn good shape for a man in his mid-40s. Also, here is an image of him in the series' present day. Here is how he looked in a flashback to roughly 10 years ago.

Cyrus has a run-in with Mesprit before the events of DPPt.
It explains why he is so emotionless and hates it; he no longer has the ability to comprehend emotion and spirit and can only see all the negative aspects of things of that sort.
  • Except then, he wouldn't have emotions at all, rather than just suppressing them. Granted, it's possible he encountered it, but it didn't take his emotions. Unless, of course, he later got them BACK...
  • Well, you do see Cyrus at Lake Verity right at the beginning of the game in Platinum. While obviously he didn't capture Mesprit then, it's possible that it at least messed with his emotions then even if it didn't outright take them all away.

Cyrus is the Omega Pokemon
Arceus, the Alpha Pokemon, is said to be the God of Creation. So the Omega Pokemon would be the God of Destruction.However, it doesn't just come out of nowhere. Cyrus, by some means (Celebi, most likely) travels back in time; to the moment of creation. If he can't destroy the world and recreate it, then he'll go back before the world was even created. He succeeded in gaining the godlike power he desired, but was sealed away by Arceus and its offspring before he could do any significant damage. But soon, he will awaken...
  • How would that work with Cyrus having a living grandfather?
    • Cyrus is the reincarnationm of the Omega Pokemon
    • Alternatively, Cyrus didn't have to travel in time. Much like how Arceus was around at the dawn of time, Cyrus was around at the end. With time and space essentially frozen in the Distortion World, Cyrus would be immortal so long as he stays there. Countless eons later, Cyrus ascended to position of the Omega Pokemon at the end of the universe. With the knowledge and power he obtained, Cyrus gained the power to travel back in time and begin his war against Arceus to recreate the universe in his soulless image.

Alternatively, Cyrus will become Poke-Satan.
He already shows those qualities, considering his attempt to control the gods, recreate the universe and hatred towards creation itself. At some point, he will learn how to harness the power of the Distortion World. And the War in Heaven shall begin...

Cyrus is Arceus' Satan equivalent.
Cyrus was once a legendary Pokemon who rebelled against Arceus and attempted to take Arceus' power for himself. Present at creation, Cyrus disagreed with many of Arceus' choices, among them choosing to give the gift of spirit to mortals, which he saw as a curse rather than a blessing. He attempted to overthrow Arceus, but failed. Rather than kill him, Arceus chose the worst punishment possible for him: to be made the weakest of Arceus' creations and locked into an eternal cycle of death and reincarnation. While his memory of being a legendary was erased, Cyrus still subconsciously resented Arceus and wanted to correct his mistakes, however it was only in his latest incarnation that he chose to act on it. He gathered a group of followers and attempted to create a new universe, only to be stopped by the intervention of a young trainer and one of Arceus's servants. Cyrus is still out there, however, and he will never stop in his quest to overthrow Arceus.

Cyrus has already gained minimal control over the Distortion World.
You can't go back to the part of the Distortion World you fought him and Giratina in, and thus you never see him again. But WHY can't you go back there? Consider this—the last thing he says to you includes the vow that he'll gain control over that world and become a god from there. Of course, it's not much, but at least you won't be disturbing him while he gains true power.

Cyrus is the Only Sane Man in Sinnoh.
Metaphorically speaking, of course. But he's the only character in game canon to bring attention to or even seem aware of things like warfare and that the world is basically not the sweetness and light place people keep insisting it is. Imagine growing up in a world similar to the real world that you and I all share, only with no one ever talking about the bad things that go on or have gone on or how to prevent them from happening again, choosing instead to play around with cute monsters all day. It's no wonder he felt he had to go to such extreme lengths to change it... or to get anyone to listen to him.
  • On that note, Pokemon were actually bred or built to serve humans in war... and Cyrus is the only one with half a clue!

Cyrus is either an empath or an Aura user.
He's able to sense Giratina's anger before there's any sign that it's present, and he can sense power in both the world and in people. And if he picks up on the emotions of those around him, no WONDER he has such a negative view of them—he's overloaded by every negative emotion anyone could think of!

Mars is from Jubilife and Saturn is from Pastoria.
They represent the traits associated with the spirit of the nearby lakes. Meaning the weak link in the chain is Jupiter—she's not unusually intelligent and her reaction to snow means she wouldn't be from Snowpoint. However...

Cyrus would have kept Jupiter in his world, but not Mars.
Saturn is already eliminated from the equation. But Mars... Cyrus even refers to her as the "bringer of war", owing both to her name and her violence, and both war and emotion are things he's trying to eliminate. Jupiter, not embodying any of the traits of the lake spirits, would be more malleable in his reshaping the population of his new world.

The Ribbon Syndicate is part of a conspiracy to control Sinnoh.
Sounds crazy, right? But think about it for a moment. No matter where you are in the game, even if you've beaten the Elite Four and captured Arceus himself, the suspiciously grandiose building in the Resort Zone won't let you in unless you have 10 or more ribbons. Who's to say this Ribbon Syndicate isn't looking to recruit powerful trainers with lots of ribbons, in the same way the Church of Happyology wants to recruit powerful people? And according to Bulbapedia, the spa treatment this Syndicate provides includes diamond and pearl dust as part of the treatment.

Now how exactly would a lowly ribbon club get that kind of money? And what, exactly, are they using it for? To hire ex-Team Galactic goons to shake down people for protection money? Who's to say?

Maylene's mother died, and her father is neglectful.
When Maylene comes to visit your villa, she comments that he comes to watch her train only after he wins at the game corner. Clearly, Maylene's mother died at some point in her childhood, and her father turned to a life of gambling to cope with it. He gets so engrossed with gambling, however, that he ignores his own daughter most of the time.
  • Alternatively, Maylene's mother ran away and broke her father's heart, so he became so depressed he took to gambling.

Maylene is in cahoots with Team Galactic.
Not a full time member, but Lucas/Dawn's Pokédex DOES get stolen by Team Galactic as soon as you beat her. She must have called them right before you challenge her/right after you beat her. Also explains why the headquarters is right in the same city, but she never acknowledges its existance.
  • Alternatively, Galactic owns the casino where her father apparently spends most of his time. They won't let her father go home until Maylene sells you out to Galactic. This is why her father speaks about her so fondly, even though he's 'neglectful'.

Maylene is poor.
Her father is always seen in the Game Corner, and excessive gambling is not a very good career choice. She also always seems excited at the idea of free food, as seen in the battleground and the restaurant in Celadon City. She never uses potions in battle (as opposed to other Gym Leaders who use them ALL THE FRICKING TIME), which gives the implication that she can't afford them.
  • Maybe she can't afford shoes either?
  • And just think - after defeating her, you, the player, took away half of her remaining money. What the Hell, Hero??
  • Not quite; payouts are now determined by the trainer's highest-leveled mon, plus, for the player, their badge count.

Gen IV's bag stores items as data.
Hence why it has an infinite space.
  • Not surprising. Before Gen IV items can be stored in the PC. If the technology became more portable, it is possible to have a Bag of Holding.

Cynthia really is a pedophile.
Johto, Sinnoh, and Isshu? Meeting random kids 'randomly'? Even if she is going there for plot reasons, it seems unusual.
  • Technically, the Isshu guys are teenagers. And in Johto and Isshu, you've kinda got to go looking for her yourself.
    • Teens still aren't legal. Do we even have confirmation on Iris's age?(Or Hilbert/Hilda's?)
      • "Teens still aren't legal." Maybe not in the United States But this is a game series based on Japan. The Age of Consent in Japan is 14. Also, Hilda/Hilbert are stated to be 16, which is the age of consent in most states of the U.S (and areas around the world too).
  • Yeah, but Johto and Isshu is just sightseeing. She and Dawn are actually together, and she's not going to cheat on her (especially since the girl controls four godlike beings).
    • No.
  • No.

Cynthia is a huge Professor Rowan fangirl.
She starts being nice to you as soon as she sees you got the Pokédex from Professor Rowan. And she's always mentioning stuff about helping out your Pokédex. She tells you to say hi to him after your first meeting, too (which you don't do, ya jerk).

Cynthia is a Chansey.
I know this sounds completely insane, but think about it. Remember that one myth in Canalave's library that talks about a Pokémon that turned into a human? I posit that said Pokémon is, in fact, Cynthia. She mysteriously demonstrates the ability to heal your party to full just by holding them (with the Pokémon Center noise, might I add,) after the Distortion World, not to mention the magic egg full of "happiness" and the Secret Potion for the Psyducks. Not only that, but she frequently pops out of tall grass to speak with you, has an egg charm on her jacket, and has those... head... doodlebobbers- all rather reminiscent of the common Chansey, wouldn't you say? I rest my case.
  • A few counterpoints:
    1. Cynthia has family members older than her. Plus, that book's pretty old.
    2. Other people can heal your Pokemon, like every one of the stat trainer partners, and Cheren and N in Black and White.
    3. That egg is a Togepi egg. She has a Togekiss. Do the math.
    4. Secret Potion comes from Cianwood. Game even says so.
    5. That's not an "egg charm"; for one thing, it looks more like a teardrop.
    6. Her hairclips look more like Lucario's aura-sensors (with an Umbreon color scheme.)
In response to point four:Pokedex says that Gabite scales can cure anything(, she has a Garchomp. Do the math.)

Cynthia is a former player character.
Think about it. She says several times that she also went on an adventure with a Pokedex when she was younger. And she's Sinnoh's champion, which is a position that the player character always ends up holding.
  • I'd say that your mom in Black and White is one, too. She says herself she used to be a Trainer, in any case.

The unused Red Chain item in Diamond and Pearl was going to summon Dialga in Pearl and Palkia in Diamond.

In Diamond and Pearl's coding, there's item data for the Red Chain. It seems unlikely that the player would bring about Dialga or Palkia, so they had Cyrus do it instead, and had it planned so it would be used to obtain Palkia or Dialga in the opposite version.

Fantina is Canadian
It avoids any (major, her brokenish English/French in the French and English versions would be odd, but not plot effecting) Dub-Induced Plot Hole as she speaks French and/or English depending on the translation. The 2nd best option (French that lived/studied/traveled/preformed/whatever the UK/got taught English in school), though isn't quite as clean with the "avoid confusion for any country" move (why does she exclusively use English in the Japanese version?).

The Pokemon Mansion in Sinnoh holds a very, very dark secret.
The Master Liam of the 5-Maid Knockout Exact-Turn Challenge will tell you that you don't need to know what's going on in the back of the mansion, but he winks at you at the same time. What's supposed to be going on with a master and 5 maids in the back of a mansion? I don't really want to know. Maybe they're having some sort of party, or baking a cake?

Professor Rowan is a reincarnation of The Therearah.
Same namesnote  and all.

Cyrus is The Antichrist...
To Giratina's Satan. Unknown to Cyrus, Giratina manipulated aspects of his life so that one day it could be freed from the Distortion World. Cyrus had no clue, and believed he was remaking everything. Only when Dialga and Palkia were under control, could Giratina finally be free. You capturing Giratina? Pah...Giratina allowed that. Giratina has lived eons, while you are but a mortal. You released the Pokedevil, and have no comprehension of what you've done. The world shall fall, the stars shall die, and the renegade will reign...

Cyrus will escape from the Distortion World, but will either die or suffer a Fate Worse than Death shortly thereafter.
Think about it: he could spend years in the Distortion World, without food or water or even a regular sleep schedule. If he ever bothers to leave, that could catch up to him, to say nothing of the people who might pounce on him the second he returned to civilization. On the other hand, it's possible that Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf placed curses on him, and those curses will take effect the second he leaves.

Cyrus is an illegitimate child.
If one of his parents wasn't his biological parent that might have lead to his abuse when he was young. And a contributing factor to his distrust of emotions may be that he doesn't want to fall in love and risk creating another illegitimate child to suffer the same way he has.

Cyrus is an Evil Counterpart to Volkner.
Think about it: they're both highly-intelligent Gadgeteer Geniuses who spent a portion of their lives in Sunyshore, they're both powerful Pokemon trainers, they're both withdrawn and depressed for various reasons, and then there's the renewable energy focus of both of them (Cyrus's Team Galactic researches alternative energies as a cover, and Volkner likes solar panels, one of the most famous renewable energy sources to date). Cyrus's name is derived from a word meaning "sun," the star at the center of the solar system; and Volkner's title as per his gym is "The shining, shocking star." Hell, they even look something alike!

Maylene is on friendly terms with Cyrus, or at least thinks of them as such.
She'd be much more likely to let someone she already knew build up his shady business in her own city. If she considered Cyrus her "friend," then her lack of concern about Team Galactic despite their being almost literally at her doorstep makes sense. And if you consider that even most of Cyrus's own followers seem to think he's an honest, reasonable man, he wouldn't have to do much to make friends with a young girl who's got tremendous power but not much experience, and already has a lot on her plate with her Gym Leader responsibilities and neglectful father.

Maylene and Candice are lesbians.
They did seem rather close, and it would be pretty cute.

Maylene is a The Woobie (not my explanation)
Maylene is a gym leader in Veilstone City. It's also suggested that she's remarkably young for the role, lauded as the 'barefoot fighting genius'. The truth is, the city of Veilstone is using her. Gym battles, naturally, bring a lot of revenue in for a city...And given Maylene's strict, disciplined lifestyle, she doesn't seem to use very much of that money on herself. Her father is an obsessive gambler. He spends virtually all of his free time in the city's Gamecorner, tossing away his daughter's money. Even when he manages to win, his greed and obsessive nature only causes him to eventually waste every ounce of cash that he receives. All the while, he and the entire city encourage Maylene to continue on track...Tirelessly training. Her youth makes her a novelty...just one of the many sites to see on any tourist's journey to Sinnoh. She's afraid of disappointing the city she grew up in as well as the only family she instead of mingling with people her own age, she trains and trains and trains. The only real 'friend' her own age is Candice, the gym leader of Snow Point. At one point in the game, she goes to visit Candice in Snow Point. She walks the entire She explains that she could just use a Flying-type to make it there quickly...but she never uses any Flying-type Pokemon, so it's likely that it was a lie. She insists that the journey is for training...But in reality, she simply can't afford any other way of making it to Snowpoint other than walking on her own. Crasher Wake sometimes visits her...and once, he actually took her all the way to Celadon City. She was thrilled to see the eating contest there...since it was the only way she could actually eat until she was full considering her vow of poverty. Secretly, she wishes Crasher Wake was her father...and though he's offered to take her away from it all, she resists temptation to remain loyal to her father and city.
  • Well, yeah. You could make the case that just about anyone in this game is The Woobie, unless said character was happy all the time to begin with (maybe not even then).
  • Maylene has extra Woobie points though. In canon we can say at least part of this is true.

The Ghosts in the Old Chateau were alive until the protagonist came along.
  • The ghosts don't appear at first. there's an antidote in the trash. naturally, being Kleptomaniacs, the player will take everything from everything inside. this dooms the poor girl and butler who were poisoned and frantically searching for the antidote in their last moments. they start appearing and resent the player. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero ...
    • If they really were alive before, why would they put such an important item in the garbage? And why would they be mad at the player, as opposed to the person who poisoned them? Even if it was an accident and the poisoner died, it wouldn't make sense for them to be mad at some random kid who entered their unlocked, battered, and abandoned-looking house and take something from the garbage.
    • Not to mention, if you don't take the antidote, the ghosts appear regardless.

Gardenia lived in the Old Chateau during whatever horrible event happened in it, and might be even responsible for it.
  • Yes, I am aware there's this implication that Charon used to live in it himself, but the dude is old... and Gardenia is most certainly not. It could've been long before (or maybe even for a short time after) Gardenia herself (and her family) moved in.

  • Anyway, playing on the fact that Gardenia is seen in front of it, proclaiming the certain hauntedness of the Chateau and her fear of ghosts and ghost-type Pokemon (which is also established in her later appearances in Black/White), perhaps this fear stems from trauma of her experience, or at worse, guilt from causing it in the first place. Whatever it was, it lead to the death of a butler and a little girl (perhaps a sister or childhood friend). Being that an antidote is found in the garbage can in D/P, it certainly sets up a few grim scenarios:
    1. Her family was poisoned, Gardenia survives by a) being an expert in poisons (something that seems plausible for a grass-type gym leader) b) not being the target or c) sheer luck of not eating/drinking the poison. Her family's murder was solved, and she would become the city's gym leader with a Dark and Troubled Past
    2. She murdered her own family (for reasons that range from hating them to them being an obstacle in the way of her becoming gym leader; who the hell knows?). Being that she's not in prison right now, it's likely the crime went unsolved and Gardenia lived her life hiding this unholy secret as hard as she could.

Bertha is Byron's mom, and Roark's grandmother.
Both Roark and Byron are in charge of types typically associated with minerals and the earth; Rock and Steel types. So is Ground types. Rock loses to Steel, Steel loses to Ground. Roark and Byron are the only examples besides Koga and Janine where gym leaders are direct relatives. And she looks old enough. Bertha is the mother of Byron, wife to the Underground Man and grandmother of Roark; the more generations you go up, the tougher it gets. Byron gets his hair color from her back when she wasn't grey.

Candice's Medicham was a gift from Maylene
They seem to be friends, and Maylene has a Medicham in the World Tournament in her Black 2 / White 2 appearance. She used it to breed a Meditite, which she gave to Candice to help her against Rock- and Steel-types that her Ice-types would have trouble dealing wtih.

The Underground Man is Byron's dad, and the previous Oreburgh Gym Leader.
And when Byron was young, he was pushed hard to become a strong Trainer by his father, one who the title of Oreburgh Gym Leader could pass to. That's why he does the same to his own son, Roark.

    Meta Theories 
The production team had spies stealing ideas from the developers of Super Mario Galaxy
  • Cynthia looks really similar to Rosalina, right down to having that badass fringe draping across one eye (which should probably be a trope by the way).
  • The Distortion World has gravity pointing in unusual directions, much like many of SMG's level designs.
  • The bad guys are called Team Galactic. Come on, guys. That one's not even subtle.
    • One problem: Diamond and Pearl came out on September 28, 2006; Super Mario Galaxy came out on November 1, 2007. If anything, it seems more like it would be the other way around.

Diamond and Pearl will be remade
Just before the end of Gen 8.
  • For the Nintendo HDS.
    • Not gonna happen - Nintendo has no plans on replacing the Nintendo 3DS in the future (not counting the Switch). Plus, Gen VII still needs remakes.
    • But Gen V didn't have any, so this WMG predicts that DP will be remade even further compared to RS'.

    Generation IV Remakes 

Remake Sinnoh's Team Galactic will be after Mega Evolution.
In the original, Team Galactic is trying to harness energy released in evolution. In Pokemon OR/AS, it's revealed Infinity Energy can be obtained two ways - one, by killing hundreds of Pokemon, and through Mega Evolution.

Cyrus could be aware of alternate universes much like Zinnia, and it would add a much needed shade of grey to Cyrus's character that he chose to use the deadlier way of obtaining Infinity Energy.

There will be RBGY remakes before Sinnoh remakes.
Necessity is the mother of invention, and the 3DS no longer supports GBA games, but DOES support NDS games. Additionally, OR/AS takes place in the same time frame as RBGY.
  • But there were already remakes—unless you wanted them to remake the remakes, it would be easier for them to release Fire Red and Leaf Green to the virtual console.
  • Confirmed in the sense that Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! are remakes of Yellow version, and were the last games of generation VII.

Diamond and Pearl Remakes will happen by the year 2019 for Japan
It's sequentially proven. FireRed and LeafGreen came out in 2004, HeartGold and SoulSilver came out in 2009, and OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire came out in 2014. Unless something hits Japan, like an unexplained economic crisis, then there is no stopping Game Freak from releasing a Diamond and Pearl remake.
  • Jossed: 2019 came and went without word of remakes.
    • More specifically, the release year for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is 2021.

Sinnoh's theme is myths and legends
As the result, the remakes will catalogue all legendaries in that current generation and you'll get to obtain them. Some may be exclusion to one version, though and exceptions may include man-made Pokemon like Mewtwo.
  • Would that include Event Pokemon?
    • Given what happened in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, odds are that they'd probably be willing to do this for Pokemon from the first 2 generations and maybe some Gen V legendaries. However, odds are that they won't include Gen III, VI, or VII legendaries, due to the fact that those are on the current system that the remakes are on (unless Nintendo was to release the remakes on the Switch). Odds are that 1-2 event legendaries would be catchable in a normal playthrough - best bet is that Darkrai and Manaphy are the ones that get addednote .

The Cyrus of the potential remakes is the exact same Cyrus
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire had established several differences from the original games, while The Stations of the Canon is in effect for some, notable changes are to the charatcers are motivations.

If Diamond and Pearl get remakes, then it would likely be similar, with only the Evil Plan and leaders changing. or perhaps the better terminology is not changing. The Reveal if that not only does Cyrus know of alternate dimensions, he knows because he himself is from one; the Dimension of Platinum. And the plot while still be along the Lines of Omnicidal Maniac would either be multiversal destruction of remaking one universe from the comfort of the other. The aftermath would be one large Cosmic Retcon

  • To build on this, perhaps there would be a different Cyrus during most of the main story, but in a Delta Episode-like Giratina story, the original Cyrus would reappear to continue his plans, perhaps using the ultra beasts.

Hypothetical Sinnoh Remake Name Brainstorming
Join up and add yours.
  • Eternal Diamond and Infinite Pearl
  • Eternal Diamond and Timeless Pearl
  • Life Diamond and Wisdom Pearl - go all out on symbolism
  • Dilatation Diamond and Flowing Pearl (or vice-versa)
  • Solid Diamond and Liquid Pearl
  • Shimmering Diamond and Sparkling Pearl
  • Temporal Diamond and Spatial Pearl
  • Temporal Diamond and Celestial Pearl
  • Destiny Diamond and Prophecy Pearl
  • Hope Diamond and Imperial Pearl
  • Hope Diamond and Dream Pearl
  • Blue Diamond and Pink Pearl (not sorry)
  • Royal Diamond and Regal Pearl
    • All of these have been jossed - the official naming has been revealed to be Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Giratina will be retconned into representing Alternate Universes.
Its siblings represent space and time. Now that the multiverse is canon, it's more logical to tie that division of reality to legendaries that already deal with dimensions.

Roark and Byron will teach the player about Mega Evolution
With Mega Rampardos and Mega Bastiodon, of course. And there will be Mega Stones in the Underground. And then they'll get into a humongous argument about which Mega Fossil Pokémon is better.

If it's not them, it'll be Cynthia with Mega Garchomp.

The Sinnoh remakes will appear on the handheld after the 3DS
It's a simple pattern. Note that there has been one Pokemon remake per Nintendo handheld. FR/LG on GBA, HG/SS on DS, and OR/AS on 3DS. It stands to reason that the next handheld, whatever it may be, will house the Sinnoh remakes.
  • So, they'll be for the New Nintendo 3DS then?
    • Either jossed or confirmed, depending on if you consider the Nintendo Switch a handheld or a console, as Nintendo has stated that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the last Gen 7 games on the 3DS.

Diamond/Pearl remakes will mix the plot of those games with that of Platinum
To be precise, the Distortion World and the Giratina plot will be added. Either the Diamond/Pearl version of the Spear Pillar incident will happen, with the player catching the version Legendary, and then it follows up with Giratina intervening straight after, or the Distortion World will be visited during a post-game scenerio that will be like the Delta Episode in ORAS.
  • The only problem with the former scenario is that in Platinum, Cyrus summoned both legendaries and that enraged Giratina, causing it's intervention; unless they included some way for players to catch the other legendary(i.e., catch Palkia in the Diamond remake), Cyrus would only summon 1 of the legendaries; Giratina would have no need to intervene if only one was present.

Tying into the above WMG, Team Galactic will split into two factions in the post-game
The two factions will be lead by Cyrus and Charon, and both scenarios will be tackled - first, the player will deal with Charon's scenario involving Stark Mountain, and after that, some of the dialogue by one of the other characters (Either Looker or Charon) will lead the player to return to Team Galactic's headquarters, where they'll find a post-Heel–Face Turn Saturn opposing Cyrusnote , and Cyrus will return to the Spear Pillar, and open a rift in dimensions, summoning Giratina.

The remakes would retcon certain Pokémon to have gender differences.
Some of the Gen V+ Pokémon as well as certain Mega Evolutions and Alolan Forms will be changed such that the male will visually have minor differences from the female.
  • What about all Eeveelutions getting gender differences? Sylveon could have altered ear patterns too.
    • Female Vaporeon have shorter ear fins than male Vaporeon.
    • Male Jolteon have larger tail fur compared to female Jolteon.
    • Female Flareon have possibly shorter ears or unique heart tail pattern.
    • Female Espeon have shorter ears, to give it more a cat-like look.
    • Female Umbreon could have full-moon shape circle on her forehead.
    • Female Leafeon have rounder leaf designs compared to male Leafeon.
    • Female Glaceon would have heart-shaped tails.
    • Male Sylveon have exclusively bowties, while female Sylveon have bobtails.

The remakes would give the players Z-crystals after every gym battle
Either that, or they would add type-themed sidequests to the plot that give the requisite crystals.

There will be a postgame sidequest involving the Aether Foundation researching Arceus to create Type:Full
Much like the ORAS sidequest involving the creation of Mr. Bonding.

More Fire Types will be native to Sinnoh in the remakes
  • A common complaint about Diamond and Pearl was the lack of fire types - before beating the Elite Four, if you didn't choose Chimchar, your only option was Ponyta/Rapidash. Platinum rectified this by adding in a few more fire type Pokemon; and given that 3 generations of new Pokemon have been added since those games were released, logic dictates that, oh say, Salandit gets added to the list of Pokemon capturable in the Sinnoh Region (or maybe perhaps the player can find a Larvesta Egg).
  • This could also be rectified if they introduced new Sinnoh variants of old pokemon that are fire-type.
  • The most likely solution is that the DP remakes will simply use Platinum's Sinnoh Dex.
    • Confirmed: Grand Underground has a sector with magma pools and veins where Fire-type Pokémon like Houndoom and Numel live.

New Regional Forms will be invented for Sinnoh
There are plenty of Non-Sinnoh, Non-Megaevolving pokemon available in the Sinnoh dex that could adapt to the winter environments, or...
  • Semi-confirmed: Hisui, the Sinnoh of the past as seen in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, has Hisuian Forms, such as the Psychic/Flying Hisuian Braviary and the Rock/Fire Hisuian Growlithe. It is unknown what happened to them between that game's time period and the present.

there will be Disortion Forms
The remakes will be more involved with the disortion world and include pokemon that fell into it and got mutated by the anti-gravity properties of the dimension.

For the sake of matching, there will be Mega Magmortar and Mega Electivire
This is really for the sake of Flint and Volkner having a lot more OBVIOUSLY matching teams. It will be an ultimate fight against two mega Pokemon at once.
  • Likely jossed, since Mega Evolution is gone for Generation VIII.

The Distortion World will contain Ultra Beasts
It's another semi-eldritch alternate dimension so it's not too far a stretch. If they're not right in the Distortion World, then the Distortion World will allow access to Ultra Space.

The remakes will incorporate ride Pokémon, but change which Pokémon are used
Though the Pokémon in SM are from various generations, the remakes will make them focus on pokemon available (or at least relevant) to Sinnoh.
  • Charge will be Rampardos
  • Search will be Probopass
  • Paddle or Jet will be Floatzel
  • Glide will be Drifblim
  • Gallop will be Hippowdown, Mamoswine, or Rhyhorn

During the battle against Giratina in the Distortion World, whenever that may be, the graphics on the battlefield will be constantly glitching and distorting, and there will be...
...a very brief, few-second moment where the full battlefield, graphics, sprites, music, and all, will fully revert back to that of the original Platinum.

If the Distortion World is in the remakes, battles inside it will follow Inverse Battle rules.

We will visit Dialga and Palkia's home dimensions first mentioned in Platinum.
Similar to the Distortion World in Platinum and the home environments of the Ultra Beasts in Ultra Sun and Moon, we will get to see these locations eventually. Dialga lives in a place that gives off an overwhelming sense of time, and the same with Palkia and space. In these spaces, time and space are essentially controllable as a resource much like gravity behaved different in the Distortion World.To proceed in these environments, you either advancing or rewind time to alter the environment to get to Dialga, and use portals to get around obstacles for Palkia. For an added bonus, Dialga's space would be largely metallic and Palkia's very aquatic to match with their typings.

If Platinum's plot is tackled in a "Delta Emerald"-esque post-game, we'll team up with a previously event-exclusive legendary instead of Giratina
Rayquaza was summoned to stop a meteor that was containing the previously event-exclusive Deoxys from colliding with the Earth, so if Platinum's plot handled in a similar matter, it would make sense for Giratina to be the Final Boss of the event, and have us team up with a previously event-exclusive Pokemon, seeing as how Giratina isn't exactly heroic. And if that's the case, the previously event-exclusive we team up with could benote :
  • Arceus: The most obvious choice - it's common for people to compare Giratina to Satan, so who better for us to team up with to take the Pokemon equivalent of Satan down with than the Pokemon equivalent of God?
    • Unlikely at this point, as Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a separate game with a focus on Arceus and released in close proximity to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.
  • Shaymin: The second Diamond and Pearl movie did have Shaymin and Giratina fight, so they could use this if only for the sake of a Mythology Gag.

Mount Coronet and the cycling road underpass will be expanded to serve as the Wild Area equivalent for Sinnoh.
It's one of the largest landmarks in the region, and passing through its various levels is required to traverse a lot of the region. It can also be redesigned so that various environments can appear in it earlier on. For example, access to some of the higher peaks to catch ice types, but keeping these sections separate for those that would lead to Snowpoint. As for the underpass, it's right next to the mountain and invokes a similar vibe to when passing over the Route 5 bridge in Galar and seeing the next section of the Wild Area laid out before you.
  • The Safari Zone could also become a wild area, either finding a way to connect it to the other sections or an entirely separate second area.
    • From the initial game trailer, likely Jossed, as the games mimic the original games' top-down grid-based overworld and not open 3D routes like Sword and Shield.

Cyrus will try try to use Dynamax energy to enact his plot in the remakes
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire changed elements of the original story in order to work in elements that had been introduced in X and Y, namely Mega Evolution. So it stands to reason that Diamond and Pearl remakes will change parts of their original plot to work in Dynamax and Gigantamax. One major element in all of the minor Team Galactic plots from the originals is that they were trying to gather large amounts of energy. The remakes will have Cyrus basically punching holes into other dimensions in order to harness this energy, and in the process cause Dynamaxing to become almost as common in Sinnoh as it is in Galar. And when you think about it, elements such as the Darkest Day, Distortion World, Ultra Space, and Eternatus can all be tied together thematically.
  • Alternatively, Cyrus would gather and accumulate Galar Particles knowing that it is a major cause of Dynamax and Gigantamax. He and the other Team Galactic people would then create artificial Power Spots around Sinnoh for some reason tied to Giratina.

There will be new Rotom Formes
With different types, naturally.
  • Ground: jackhammer
  • Bug: bug zapper
  • Poison: centrifuge
  • Steel: chainsaw or table saw

New Gigantimax formes will be created for the gym leaders and Elite Four
Their signature Sinnoh Pokemon will get them so that they can match with the Galar League. The fact that no Sinnoh Pokemon recieved Gigantamax formes may reinforce this.

Arceus will get an "Eternamax" form of its own.
Either as an "Episode Delta" scenario or a special event, rather than just being given to you. Like Eternatus you can't use it due to being Purposefully Overpowered, though they may also have a more normal Gigantamax or even something like a Mega Evolution which would be the most powerful Pokemon(though it would have to hold an item and have its ability changed for that). "Eternamax" Arceus will surpass Eternamax Eternatus in power. Lore-wise, it's explained that this is the form Arceus was in while creating the universe and can only return to it due to the story events reviving its original power, with the idea that it exhausted much of its power in making and sustaining reality.

A city in Sinnoh will have a partnership with Wyndon or another city in Galar like Lumiose and Mauville.
That addition in ORAS was pretty well received, or at least not complained about much online much, and Galar felt suspiciously disconnected from the rest of the Pokemon world to me, so if the next Gen VIII game is Sinnoh remakes, they seem like a good chance to add more lore. My prediction for this city is Veilstone because it seems big enough to not feel random but still relatively small, and it would be hilariously meta if the Game Corner was closed because Galarians complained due to Galar being based on the UK, even though Pokemon doesn't get meta like that much so I don't think that would be the canon reason.

You will get a minor reward for bringing a Pokemon from the original Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum to the game.
In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire you got a Secret Base decoration for bringing a Pokemon from the original games. Since Diamond and Pearl have Secret Bases too, the item could be another Secret Base Decoration.

Dual-slot mode will become an Old Save Bonus for having save data from Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! or Pokémon Sword and Shield on your Switch.
The Gigantamax Factor Pikachu and Eevee show that the Gen VIII games have the technology to do that, and you can't get games from before Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! on the Switch. I could see Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee unlocking the dual-slot mode Pokemon for FireRed and LeafGreen respectively, and Sword and Shield unlocking it for Pokemon for Ruby and Sapphire respectively. Emerald would be unlocked with either Sword or Shield, or both games.

The remakes will feature Looker and will be set in the same time frame as Pokémon Sword and Shield, explaining why he wasn't in those games.
Looker has been in at least one game from every generation since Gen IV and his design is based on the Tenth Doctor, which makes him not being in Sword and Shield very odd. Every remake except ORAS and Let's Go were set in the same time frame as the normal mainline games for their generation, so if Looker was in the remakes, they could put SwSh and the remakes in the same spot on the timeline to justify Looker not being in Sword and Shield.

Unown and Hidden Power will come back for Wayward Cave, but there will be a way to change a Pokemon's Hidden Power type.
SwSh added many features to make it easier to get into competitive, such as the Ability Patch and Mints, and one of the speculated reasons for Hidden Power being cut is that it made it harder to get into competitive.

There will be Path to (Diamond and Pearl Remake Names) Campaign.
This is similar to how there is a campaign for DP near the end of Gen III.

Regieleki and Regidrago will be catchable in some form.
Given at how Regigigas first appeared in Sinnoh, and required the 3 orignal Regis to summon it, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to add in the two newest Regis

What will happen to the Veilstone Game Corner???
  1. It will tragically be replaced by a new mini-game or set of mini-games like that awful Voltorb Flip.
  2. It will be closed down like in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.
  3. It will be kept in the remake for the absolute sake of nostalgia.
  4. It will be unplayable because kids (including you, the player) are not allowed to use the slots.
  • Just want to point out that I loved Voltorb Flip; it was a series of randomly generated logic puzzles, and I made a killing solving them consistently.

Guesses for which Gen 5-8 Pokemon that could make it into BDSP
Place your bets, people!
  • Minior: The summit of Mount Coronet, at or near Spear Pillar, could be high enough for Minior to land and be caught.
  • Passimian: In reference to the 2019 Rugby World Cup being held in Sapporo.
  • Vivillon: In addition to appearing as wild Pokémon, it will also appear as an Old Save Bonus reward for taking a picture in New Pokémon Snap of every wing pattern. An NPC will gve you one Vivillon of your choice of wing pattern. This Vivillon would also breed Scatterbug that evolve into Vivillon with its wing pattern regardless of the player's location. If two promotional Vivillon breed, the home player's Vivillon's wing pattern takes priority.

The statue in the remakes is a hint towards a new form or fusion of Dialga and/or Palkia.
Originally, the statue is designed to look ambiguously like either Dialga or Palkia while the one in the remakes resembles a combination of the two.
  • It also combined elemens of Arceus, such as the crest on the sides of its head, so Arceus may be involved too.

There will be Sinnohan Regional Forms.
This would be one way to bring in new Pokémon and update the Sinnoh games to the present-day, and these Pokémon would either be later-generation forms or evolutions of pre-existing Pokémon (or both) adapted to creatures and ideas familiar to people of Hokkaido. Coming to mind are:
  • Sinnohan Falinks, based on a group of samurai. They would carry sashimono and take on the Fighting/Steel type via their armor.
  • Sinnohan Sinistea and Polteageist, based on green tea instead of black tea. Due to green tea being less processed than black tea and Japanese teapots traditionally made of earthenware, they could be of the Grass/Ground or Grass/Rock types.
  • Sinnohan Sentret and Sinnohan Furret of the Normal/Fairy type, who would then evolve into a special-attacking new Normal/Fairy Pokémon based on the Japanese Idol Singer as a counterpart to Obstagoon.
  • Sinnohan Dhelmise, based on marimo balls and taking on a very different appearance from Alolan Dhelmise. It would have the Grass/Water type.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will not be the official game of the VGC.
As shown with Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, a game can be considered a mainline Pokemon game, and still not be the official game of VGC. This also means ILCA is off the hook for having to implement Dynamax or any pokemon past Gen 4. You will still be able to online battle, but it might not have in game events.
  • Confirmed. Ranked battles will still occur in Sword and Shield.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will use the upgraded Platinum dex.
Porygon-Z (one of the added Pokémon in Platinum) was seen in the trailer.
  • Tangrowth was as well, and there was no way to catch a Tangela in Diamond and Pearl, just in Platinum.

A younger Opal from Pokémon Sword and Shield will appear as a cameo character to have a representation of the Fairy Type be in Sinnoh, as well as possibly other things as well.
Basically a repeat for Mina's role in Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, with her not only representing Fairy Types in Kanto after originally having appeared in Pokémon Sun and Moon but also being an easy source for Bottle Caps introduced in the same generation. Opal could possibly reward the player with Nature Mints for either battling or speaking with her, or perhaps even be an opponent in Pokémon Contests.

Pokémon available in Grand Underground's Pokémon Hideaways
So far, only Pokémon up to Generation IV have been seen. Most likely, Pokémon from later generations are available in there, but only in the postgame.
  • Forest Sector
    • Confirmed:
      • Zubat/Golbat/Crobat
      • Wooper/Quagsire
      • Skorupi/Drapion
      • Bidoof/Bibarel
      • Wurmple/Silcoon/Cascoon/Beautifly/Dustox
    • Predicted:
      • Sunkern/Sunflora
      • Burmy/Wormadam/Mothim
      • Eevee/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon/Espeon/Umbreon/Leafeon/Glaceon/Sylveon
      • Smeargle
      • Ditto
  • Swamp Sector
    • Confirmed:
      • Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine
      • Budew/Roselia/Roserade
      • Croagunk/Toxicroak
      • Grimer/Muk
      • Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume/Bellossom
    • Predicted:
      • Gulpin/Swalot
      • Toxel/Toxtricity
  • Volcano Sector
    • Confirmed:
      • Houndour/Houndoom
      • Onix/Steelix
      • Geodude/Graveler/Golem
      • Numel/Camerupt
      • Skorupi/Drapion
      • Slugma/Magcargo
    • Predicted:
      • Vulpix/Ninetales
      • Magby/Magmar/Magmortar
      • Salandit/Salazzle
      • Rolycoly/Carkoal/Coalossal
  • Snowy Sector
    • Confirmed:
      • Munchlax/Snorlax
      • Meditite/Medicham
      • Sneasel/Weavile
      • Snover/Abomasnow
      • Bronzor/Bronzong
      • Snorunt/Glalie/Froslass
    • Predicted:
      • Cryogonal
      • Bergmite/Avalugg
  • Coastal Sector
    • Confirmed:
      • Wooper/Quagsire
      • Psyduck/Golduck
      • Wynaut/Wobbuffet
    • Predicted:
      • Staryu/Starmie
      • Crabrawler/Crabominable
      • Pyukumuku
      • Pincurchin
      • Mareanie/Toxapex
      • Wimpod/Golisopod
  • Desert Sector
    • Confirmed:
      • Psyduck/Golduck
      • Wingull/Pelipper
      • Bidoof/Bibarel
      • Swablu/Altaria
    • Predicted:
      • Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon
      • Cacnea/Cacturne
      • Silicobra/Sandaconda
      • Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile

Pokémon Hideaways are how you find Pokémon with Hidden Abilities.
Though the methods to get them might not be practical or even possible until late-game or postgame.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will have Primal Dialga and Primal Palkia.
It's important to remember that Primal Dialga was actually the original instance of Primal Reversion in Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time - with a similar theme to how Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre looked, with its hues being darker and the lines on its body glowing red. With the changes to the plot that ORAS brought - namely, Maxie and Archie knowing which is the correct orb - it's likely that Cyrus will use Infinity Energy or some other object to create Primal Dialga or Primal Palkia.
  • No. Primal Dialga is called Dark Dialga in Japanese (using the Japanese word for "dark", so it's not the same thing as Shadow Pokémon either).

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will have Mega Evolution.
It's the most popular of the unique abilities trainers get in the recent generations, and it played an important role in ORAS. Plus, only 5 Sinnoh pokemon have Megas - this would be a perfect opportunity to give a Mega form to pokemon like Froslass or Luxray.

The National Pokedex will return...

... As in only the first 493 Pokemon as of Gen IV. With the possible exceptions being Alola Forms, Galar Forms, Galarian Evolutions, the Hisuian Pokemon, and obviously Sylveon. Quite possibly, the reason for excluding Gen V-onward would perhaps be because of the new policy in regards to mainline Pokemon games; in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were basically the End of an Era of seeing every single Pokemon up to date under the same roof as each other, as every other game afterwards beginning with Let's Go featured only a specific selection of Pokemon in them as opposed to every single one.

  • Confirmed. None of the Alola Forms, Galar Forms, or even Sylveon appear in the game.
Fantina will reveal she use to live in Kalos
It explains her French language and why she has trouble with the English language

There will be a DLC expansion about finding or resurrecting the lost Hsuian forms from Legends: Arceus
As noted in the LA WMG page, the new forms from that game are missing in the present. Given the various attempts at resurrecting Fossil Pokemon throught the series, and Sun/Moon noting the successs at restoring the formerly-endangered Lapras, It seems that a good tie-in in the run-up to Legends' release would be a story about the Hsuian region BDSP players can play through.

This may also come with the return of other regional variants as well.

There will be DLC adding the last few pokemon unavailable in Gen VIII.
Between Sword and Shield and BDSP, there are only 63 pokemon that cannot be used on the switch. Two of them are the mythicals Hoopa and Meloetta, but the rest are more standard pokemon. The story of the DLC could be that there are mysterious gold rings appearing in the Grand Underground, bringing in pokemon that have never before appeared in Sinnoh. Catch all 61 pokeon that appear and you can figure out that Hoopa is behind it, and get a chance to catch one.Meanwhile, there is news of a pokemon entering itself in to Super Contests, and doing quite well for itself. Get to master Rank and get a high enough score and it will be so impressed by your performance that Meloetta will join you.