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  • Waaaaaait a moment, Ms. Champion. Wait just a moment. I distinctly recall fighting tooth and nail for hours on end without healing to get to this insane Eldritch Location, then having to solve insane Gravity Screw puzzles in there so I can finally get to fight an insanely difficult Omnicidal Maniac while hanging onto the last shreds of sanity. Now I hope I don't come across as tactless and all, but where was your lv. 62 Garchomp then?
    • Addressed on the page: Helping Would Be Killstealing.
    • "Player! You're our only hope of beating Cyrus and saving the world, even though my pokemon are probably double your level and could easily destroy his team! Good luck!"
    • There's some indication, right before you fight her in her capacity as League Champion, that she's been grooming you to challenge her and the Elite four all along. So its possible she had you fight Cyrus so your pokemon could get the experience for beating him. If you lost, she could have just stepped in and ground him to dust in your stead, but by winning, you take another step on the path to the League. And she left you Giratina because she's nice like that (did *anyone* not catch the mascot legendary? In any of the games?).
      • In fact, would you rather fight Cynthia later with a lv. 62 Giratina? I wouldn't.
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    • Hey, how do you even know she even had that Garchomp at that time? For all we know, her Pokemon could still only be in their 40s and she needs to level up her Pokemon like you. You think you're the only one who needs to Level Grind?
      • She wouldn't be Champion if her Pokemon were still in their 40s.
      • Actually, it could be possible that she is, which is kinda scary that she's so good that she's champion with low-level Pokemon...
      • In HGSS Lance's Dragonite is level 40 at the time of the Rocket HQ, and he's still champion, so this is likely.
      • No, not by the Sinnoh standards of the Elite Four, Lv. 40, at that point in the game would be lower than some gym leaders even.
    • For that matter, don't forget her sudden appearance just outside Lake Valor, after you've been chasing around a certain grunt muttering about blowing up the lake. You beat him, then she shows up and tells you to run along and go play with some psyduck. So...did she ever actually DO anything about said nutjobs and their explosion-related schemes? Guess not, given what happens a few gym badges later. Almost makes you think something fishy is going on.
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    • Levels don't meant squat in Pokémon, they're Gameplay and Story Segregation. Lance and Blue's Pokémon were higher level in Gen I than Gen II.
  • What's with the pseudo-rival's family here? They seem far more interested in you than their child. And why do they just stand outside the lab after you beat the game? Don't they have their own house to go to? Or even going inside the lab?
    • "Well Done, Son!" Guy. They don't see their son worthy enough. Or maybe...Palmer is your father! DUN DUN DUN. (Just realized how you and your rival's relationship totally changes when you see them as family. Changes Silver somewhat, huh?)
    • We're taking about The Player Character you did not pick. On this note: Strangled by the Red String. You're an SPC, (s)he's an SPC, Mars commented on how much of a couple you are...
      • Oh, I always assumed she was making fun of you two about the couple thing. I'm not sure what the exact quote was, but it was more like, "What are you, some lovey-dovey couple to the rescue?". She didn't really go on about it that much.
    • You are a Child Prodigy. Someone who has saved your region from destruction, destroyed a cult, captured a bunch of Pokemon, and became a champion at only eleven. Your psuedo-rival is a Flat Character who researches Pokemon.
      • So? It's still their kid, whether or not I'm awesome doesn't mean they should go ignored.
      • Eh, Prof. Oak did the same thing with his grandson; maybe having little respect for family members just comes naturally to Pokémon researchers.
      • Children in that universe are a lot more badass than in ours, to be fair.
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    • A lot of families tend to react like that, for a period of time at least.
  • Fire Fang hits through Wonder Guard, even when hacked. Discuss.
    • My best guess would be a way to stop cheating courtesy of Game Freak. Look at it this way, Wonder Guard prevents all attacks except for super effective moves. Best thing to solo the game withnote . Problem is, only one Pokēmon (Shedinja) has this and it isn't exactly the best Pokēmon to use. Solution? Hack it on to something with few or no weaknessesnote . However, Game Freak caught to this and made Fire Fang able to hit through Wonder Guard to catch cheaters and hackers off guard. Why is it a guess? As far as I know, Game Freak hasn't said anything about this which would make this somewhat of a Guide Dang It!.
    • Fire Fang no longer has this property in Black and White, so this may have just been a glitch. Note that it would normally hit Shedinja anyway because it's super-effective, so GF may not have realized this in time.
      • The point was to stop hackers, not people using the ability legitimately...
      • Out of all of the moves in the entire series up to that point just onenote  was programmed to behave differently for the sake of stopping hackers. I don't see how you can seriously attempt to argue this to be anything other than a programming error, especially when considering the facts that the move no longer bypasses the ability in Gen V unless it's super effective note  and that Shedinjanote  is the only Pokemon to have this ability under normal circumstances, simply because somebody cheating at the game might be caught off guard. The fact that Fire Fang isn't even a commonly used move only makes this claim even more unlikely.
      • Shedinja, the only Pokemon who can legitimately have this ability, is already weak to fire. The Fire Fang thing works effectively to deter cheaters and doesn't change anything when used properly.
      • Porygon, Porygon2, Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir are all able to Trace Wonder Guard. As Porygon and Porygon2 are able to learn Conversion and Conversion 2, it is actually possible to have a Pokémon only able to be hit by Fighting type moves, or by Ground type moves. If Fire Fang can hit through Wonder Guard on any of these Pokémon, then it is a glitch, and not an intentional method of deterring cheaters.
  • Why are there wild Steelix in Sinnoh, even though they can only evolve by trading (while holding Metal Coat)?
    • Iron Island probably has naturally occurring Metal Coat, which lets it evolve (let's ignore the trading part since there's really no logical reason why that should even happen in the first place). As for the Victory Road and Snowpoint Temple ones, you got me.
      • Well, you can find a Metal Coat in Iron Island, at least in Platinum, so this explanation makes sense.
    • Magic.
    • Same as how you can find some Pokemon at levels lower than the levels at which they are supposed to evolve - pokemon evolution in the wild works differently from pokemon evolution in captivity. The same applies to pokemon breeding, which is why male-only pokemon are capable of breeding in the wild despite the lack of dittos in the area, and why multiples of various legendaries exist, yet you can't breed them yourself.
    • I have a theory that the evolution caused by trading is a mutation caused by the energy displacement when a Pokemon is realeased from a Poke Ball and the original Trainer ID is erased. In this way wild Steelix would be a result of Trainer's releasing Onix's which are still are holding Metal Coat (or the Onix is released near the naturally occuring Metal Coat in the wild) triggering the evolution.
  • So, how come in Platinum, the cutscene at the Spear Pillar adds Dialga and Palkia to the Pokédex as seen without you having to battle or catch them until later, but the events in the Distortion World don't do the same for the lake trio?
    • Most likely because it's not all that difficult to just go to the lake trio's caves and just encounter them there. Annoying, yes, but having to get to Spear Pillar all over again just for Dialga and Palkia's 'dex data would be even worse.
  • How one is expected to capture the level 1 Regigigas in Platinum. You can't battle it until you have all three legendary golems in your party. How do you unlock the way to them? Having an event only level 100 Regigigas in your party, therefore making the level 1 Regigigas obsolete.
    • The level 1 Regigigas isn't actually useless. The level 100 Regigigas can't be EV-trained (kinda like customizing its stats through use) because EV's take effect when the Pokemon levels up. A level 100 CAN'T level up. Which makes the level 1 you get far better than the level 100 when they're both at level 100.
      • Just for information, the level 100 Regigigas can be trained somewhat using vitamins (and the so-called "box trick" to claim the results), and can also be EV Trained in Black and White, where the mechanism for updating stats was altered. Same, of course, for any other level 100 Pokemon.
    • You can just transfer the legendary golems over through Pal Park from your copy of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.
  • It's implied Darach likes Caitlin. But she's 14 and he seems to be an adult. Squick, eh?
    • Maybe as a friend?
    • Japanese age of consent is 13. Sinnoh is based off of a region of Japan.
      • It's 14, not thirteen. This is why all of those hyper-sexualized females in some animes are stated to be 14 *cough*Yoko*cough*
    • It is 13 federally, but all prefectures set it at at least 16. Anyway, Caitlin was 14 in Platinum and HGSS, 16 in Black and White, and 18 in Black and White 2.
    • As long as he doesn't try to do anything with her, as bizarre and creepy as it is, it is not really a crime.
  • So, assuming that Dialga/Palkia/Giratina aren't what the myths claim them to be (gods of time/space/antimatter), then what would the purpose of Cyrus' plan have been? Surely if the dragons weren't truly capable of manipulating spacetime, Cyrus would have accomplished nothing by controlling them, eliminating the presence of any real threat. (Okay, so the nihilistic leader of a terrorist organization would be in control of a very powerful Pokemon, but that's not quite the same as resetting the universe.)
    • Yes, removing the one factor that his entire plan was based around does, in fact, ruin the plan. Funny how that works.
    • Who said that they're not capable of manipulating spacetime? They aren't what the myths claim, they didn't create time/space/antimatter. But they do have power such that they are capable of manipulating them, hence how Giratina can make the Distortion World, and why summoning Dialga/Palkia in Diamond/Pearl creates a massive distortion emanating from the peak where it was summoned.
      • Well then the reason behind my confusion becomes "how can they do that?" If they aren't gods, then I'm assuming they're pretty much just powerful beasts. So how does something like that acquire the ability to manipulate fundamental elements?
      • The same way any other Pokemon does. Just more so.
      • If they're gods or not is pretty much irrelevent. They're god-LIKE and that's what matters, because their powers are the same. If something is a god or not is pretty much a human distinction anyway, and as Arcanine's dex entry shows, varies from region to region. But the creatures don't change.
  • How was Cyrus able to evolve his Golbat? Golbat needs friendship (then called happiness) to evolve, and I am sure that is a kind of emotion, such as love. While Cyrus thinks emotions are worthless and plans to create world without them. He has Golbat in first battle, then it evolves, in both DP and Platinum. So, how exactly he got that one Mon, considering he "starts" with Golbat?
    • Well, he is good at manipulating emotions (as shown by that speech in the Galactic Veilstone Building in Platinum)... Maybe he just faked being nice to Golbat, and then stopped caring after it evolved?
    • Cyrus isn't as emotionless as he wants to be. He probably did care for his Golbat, but didn't want to admit it/was only aware on a subconscious level.
    • Cyrus sees the logic of not mistreating a pokemon making them stronger. It's easy to raise happiness anyway, unless you actively lower it, and he sees no point in that.
    • He works right next to the Veilstone Department Store and a few blocks from the massage parlor, plus he walks everywhere. Basically, he did it the same way you, the player, do.
  • Why doesn't Cresselia have the legendary Pokémon music? I don't remember if she did or not in Diamond/Pearl, but she didn't in Platinum, which seems to have carried over to Black 2 and White 2. (Then again, if she had it in D/P but not Platinum, that would raise more questions...) Even weirder, Rotom does have the legendary battle music despite not actually being a legendary.
    • Well, to be fair, Rotom was an...urban (legend).
  • Why does Flower Gift boost Attack and Sp. Def when its sole user, Cherrim, has Sp.Atk and its best stat followed by Speed? The ability seems wasted to me by not boosting its best stats. Not only that, Flower Gift's description implies that Sp.Atk will be raised instead of Sp.Def. And finally, this issue seems to be treated like an Elephant in the Living Room, where not a comment was made about it.
    • Because then it has even higher Special Attack. It's more effective to have high speed and offensive stats than to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. It's not like Cherrim is a good Pokemon to use anyway, but you know. Overspecialization is often actually a good thing.
    • Just realized that according to the Hanakotoba, cherry blossom flowers represent gentleness and kindness. To be accurate on what flower it's based on, Cherrim isn't meant to be an appealing, opponent-razing badass but instead, help power up its ally.
  • How can you, Cynthia, and Cyrus exist in the Distortion World? First off, I doubt there's any air considering that its sole inhabitant is Giratina. Secondly, Giratina is the master of anti-matter, and the Distortion World would also be anti-matter. You, Cynthia, and Cyrus are all matter - the moment you would've made contact with anything, you would've exploded like the Tsar Bomba. At least Giratina has the excuse of existing in your world via transforming into its matter-based Altered Forme; people don't have that luxury.
    • Who says we don't? You, Cynthia, and Cyrus just "transformed" into their anti-matter formes, and because this is significantly less awesome than it sounds, didn't notice it. Maybe their livers were blue at the time or something.
  • What's with that Dragon Tamer on Route 210 having a Lv. 34 Gible in Platinum? In Platinum you're not going to be here until after you earn your 5th badge, so everyone is in 30s instead of 20s as in DP, but in DP that Tamer's Gible was level 39. Why the heck in Platinum is a Rock Climb-restricted Trainer weaker than the Double Teamer that can be battled as soon as you reach the Route? By the time you can get to him, your team is probably in their low/mid 40s. Diamond/Pearl is more reasonable than Platinum, despite the fact that the rest of the Trainers on the Route is actually weaker. Abundant Shrine case has the excuse that you could get the HM virtually anytime, which with the combination of the fact that unlike other regions, HMs are not Badge restricted in Unova (though that Black Belt has something you would normally face by the time you get Waterfall) - this guy has no such excuse.
    • This is actually a problem I had with the older Pokemon games. How the hell are my Pokemon supposed to get stronger if they're fighting Level 50 Magikarps. It's because those trainers are pressing the freaking B button while I had to fight the Pokemon League with my Level 50 team. Against a LEVEL 62 GARCHOMP.
  • Why if you enter the Distortion World's waterfall from one side, you'll travel very fast, but if from the other, you'll travel very slow? What if player accidentally gets back on the waterfall? He'll need to get through slow part AGAIN. And if I recall, the slow one is on the side from which you're going to access it first time. Is Game Freak just being a troll?
    • Maybe, you know... it's because there's a current, and you're swimming against it one way?
  • The lass in the Seven Stars restaurant says that her mother is in the hospital waiting for her baby to arrive. She's been saying the same thing for several years now. HOW?
  • Mr Pikachu on Route 222, care to tell me about how you don't seem to notice one of your Pikachu is a Trainer?
    • The kid said that he had gotten very good at emulating a Pikachu. It's possible he got a lifelike full-body suit. Also, Rule of Funny.
  • Is there any reason why the maids block off the doorways of the eastern and western exits to the Pokemon Mansion? Since there's nothing there, why didn't they just make them walls?
    • Probably to show that the mansion has more rooms (and is as big as it looks from the outside) without having to actually put the rooms in there.
  • Why does the president of the Pokétch company needs to use the Pokétch to count to three!?

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