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This page deals with Wild Mass Guesses for games and species in the Johto region. For non-game and non-Johto game WMGs, please refer to the appropriate page in the Pokemon WMG Index.

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    Generation II Species Guesses 
Wobbuffet's tail is its true body and vice versa.
That's the reason why it has eyes, why it tries to hide in darkness, and why it unleashes Destiny Bond when it's attacked.
  • The Pokédex entries confirm that the tail is the most jealously guarded part of its body. It would also justify why the main "body" can take such a huge amount of damage (it consists primarily of buffer tissue).
  • Alternatively (on the huge HP front, not against the true-brain front), Wobbuffet are another form of "balloon" Pokemon, like Wigglytuff, Wailord, and Drifblim. A couple of their Pokédex entries state that Wobbuffet inflate when they counterattack.
The Unown are Hive Minded tools of the primal forces of order.
As opposed to the unknowable Eldritch Abomination that is Missingno., the Unown are the living tools of an unfathomable force that manifests itself as writing - the essence of knowledge and law. When alone, they are weak but capable of developing independent personalities. Together, they are incredibly powerful. They seem to be attracted to ancient ruins, and even the greatest minds of the Pokemon world are unable to fathom their true purpose...
  • So, they're an independently individual version of the Auditors, minus the genocide?
    • "Minus the genocide"? What do you think their true purpose IS?
      • So, wait. Since Santa exists... Oh man. That's evil!
      • On the other hand...
The Unown are the Language of the Universe
Coinciding with the above WMG. Unown are weak individually, but together, they have great reality warping capabilities, as shown in the 3rd movie. And in the HG/SS Arceus event, Arceus uses a bunch of Unown to create a Dialga/Palkia/Giratina out of nothing. Or rather, to reprogram reality so another can be born. It's even possible that Arceus used the Unown to create/shape the universe in the first place. So, a being with enough power and knowledge could potentially use them to rewrite reality to their whims. The ancients in the Ruins of Alph were aware of Unown's power and based their language on them in an attempt to tap into that power.
  • So they are truenamers? At least it explains why they suck so much.
  • This would actually imply that Unown were the first Pokemon in this universe, and probably created Arceus out of boredom. Then they helped Arceus make the universe. Seems reasonable enough.
  • The architect of the above theory proposes some addendum: in the third movie, on indulging the whims of an upset little girl they could create anything she desired. But they're often seen in the company of the creator of the universe... are these the tools of the Gods?
    • "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." It makes too much sense not to be intentional somehow.
      • So Arceus is essentially the collective consciousness of the Unown?
      • Alternately, the Unown are the "thousand arms" of Arceus. The mythology surrounding the creation of the world was merely metaphorical.
    • Fridge Horror: If the Unown are part of Arceus, it means that the Team Rocket radio signals likely screwed around with the mind of GOD.
    • To back this theory up, if anyone ever had access to the Azure Flute, which was never distributed - when played, this flute allows the holder to access the Hall of Origin where Arceus dwells. The song it plays? It's the electromagnetic song that the Unown broadcast in the ruins of Alph. They are literally the voice of God.

Chikorita is a Pokemon equivalent to kittens.
Particularly, by internet popularity standards.

The original forms of the Legendary Beasts were the three Gen I Eeveelutions.
Three Pokemon perished in a fire in Ecruteak City. The were resurrected as Legendary Pokemon. What are the mascots of Ecruteak City? The Eeveelutions. What Pokemon have aspects of felines, canines, and vulpines along with a Fire/Water/Electric trio? Jolten, Flareon, and Vaporeon. That's right, the Legendary Beasts Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are the ultimate form of Eevees.
  • This is also helped by the Hidden Abilities of Raikou, Suicune, and Entei (Pre Gen VII) being the same as the normal abilities of Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon (Volt Absorb, Water Absorb, and Flash Fire, respectively)
    • The Gen 2 prototype has the Legendary Dogs looking far more like Eevees and its version of Celebi is actually an early Leafeon, so there may be some truth in this.
    • The fact that their hidden abilities suddenly changed in Gen 7 feels like it josses this a bit, though. If it was meant to be evidence, why would it be changed? And the only beta beast who really resembles an Eeveelution is Suicune, imo.

The reason Unown are so weak is because individual letters don't mean much on their own.
People who watched the third movie might be confused as to why the Unown there are so powerful whereas they can only learn one move in the games. In the games, only a few (1-3, hypothetically 5) Unown can be encountered at any one time, while in the movie there was an incredibly high number of them grouped together at once. Much like how individual letters and other symbols don't mean much on their own but become more meaningful when arranged to form text, Unown become more powerful the more of them there are together.

Smeargle is closely related to Ditto.
Like Ditto, it's weak on the surface and can theoretically learn any move. The ooze they use to Sketch moves is actually Ditto goop, or maybe Smeargle are just mode-locked Ditto.

Shiny Celebi really are the females of the species.
Assuming that Celebi do have genders and are just genderless because nobody can tell. If something as absolutely rare as a shiny Celebi is meant to be female, then that explains why they're such a rare species of Pokemon

Lugia destroyed the Brass Tower.
Unintentionally, of course. Lugia is described multiple times as causing powerful storms, and sealed itself away to protect people from its power. It was perched in Brass Tower. Lugia is said to have ran away in fear when the tower burned down, but something like Lugia shouldn't fear the storm; unless it had an ulterior motive. 150 years ago, Lugia accidentally caused a storm that destroyed the Brass Tower, burning it down. Remorseful for what it did, Lugia ran away to hide its power in Whirl Islands. Eventually, you would capture it and because the Pokeballs are power limiters, Lugia is free from its burden. This is the reason why Lugia and Ho-oh are both able to give access to the Beast Trio in ORAS; Ho-oh created them, and Lugia is the reason why they were resurrected in the first place.

Pokérus killed the animals
When those microscopic life forms infect Pokémon, all it does is that it made them stronger, specifically by increating their EV gains. So the question is, why are they called Pokérus when they are not viruses to Pokémon? That's because it's not the Pokémon they're harmful towards.

    Johto General Guesses 
Will is a girl in disguise.
Or at least a hermaphrodite, I don't know. Proof? Look at these hips. These girly hips.
  • And his team in the remakes is all female. Hm...
  • I see him as a trans guy.
  • What does this say about all those other dudes who look like ladies in this franchise, though?

Mom is the Government
Your mom is a the government and you are a tax collector. You go around and force people to pay their taxes. Mom pays Professor Elm to give you a Pokémon as a bouncer to help protect you on your tax collecting. You send some money to your mom and keep some for yourself. Sometimes she will buy you an item and have a delivery man bring it to you. But the delivery men are in every Pokémart. She owns all of the Pokémarts and Pokécenters. The deliverymen are able to loiter around the Pokémart all day until Mom tells them to give you an item. You haven't seen your mom in days, but when you call her she asks you where you are and tells you how much money she has. She asks if you want her to stop taking the money, meaning she has enough money for the time being.
  • Following this line, it would be also likely that Mom is actually the Queen of the country, which makes you a prince/princess.
    • So, the royal family of Johto lives in a small house in a non-descript small town?

Jasmine is from Sinnoh.
Not only do you see her at Sunyshore City in D/P/Pt, she also participates in Super Contests. The reason she says Sunyshore reminds her of home is because Olivine is where she moved, but she was born in Sinnoh. That, and her last Pokemon in the HG/SS rematch is Empoleon.

Jasmine and Caitlin are Sisters.
First of all, just look at the two of them. Both of them have long brown hair. Both have similar builds and dress in the same style outfit. Both seem to have a streak of shyness running through them. Also, it would explain why Jasmine was in Sinnnoh during D/P/Pt, visiting her sister; the same goes for Caitlin in Johto along with the rest of the Frontier Brains in HG/SS. Also, Jasmine in general seems to be somewhat of a doer of good deeds. If she came from a rich family, she would have the money to help out like that.

Baoba makes Ethan/Lyra the owner of the Safari Zone as a tax dodge.
Building a Safari Zone has to be a huge financial undertaking. No one would hand something like that over to anyone for free, much less a little kid, unless there was some subversive reason. And as owner, you never see a single dime of profit—it all still goes to Baoba. Hell, you still have to pay to enter!!! The "test" he gives is just a meaningless little thing to make a naïve 10-year-old think they've earned it.
  • This is actually much more believable than the in-game explanation.

Silver is 14 - 15 years old.
A guy mistakes Red for him, who was eleven in FRLG. How could they mistake a 7 - 8 year old for an eleven year old? Possibly, Lyra and Ethan are that age too (they seem the same age as him). Also, possible back up, their heights and weights.
  • Um, Silver is supposed to be around 11, and since the game takes place 3 years later than FRLG, Red would be 14.
    • Yes, that's what he's saying. The guy in question is in the Kanto remakes, when Red's eleven and Silver's eight or so. In the sake of fairness, Silver uses the same sprite in the Giovanni event (abuse we see him right after Red beats Giovanni the last time), so maybe he's just mature for his age? Or the guy in question didn't know much about Silver besides his hair color? He would also mistake Leaf for him if you played as her.
      • Silver has no stated age, just like everyone else. What I meant was, they mistook a supposed 7 -8 year old for an eleven year old. If he has seen Silver and recalls him well enough, that seems unusual unless Silver is Red and Leaf's age. Taken from that, Lyra and Ethan are Silver's age.
      • Actually, several characters do have confirmed ages (Rowan and Cyrus are 60 and 27, respectively), but never mind that. The exact quote that the scientist says is "You... You're not Giovanni's kid, are you? No, that can't be right. Giovanni's kid has red hair." That doesn't really say whether or not he's met or even seen Silver; for all we know he could have just assumed the player character was Giovanni's child who had come looking for his father, and then remembered somebody telling him the kid was a redhead. There's really not enough info to say what exactly the case is, it could just be a continuity error.
      • The quote could be referring to the fact Red is frequently mistaken for Ash, and the theory that Giovanni is Ash's father.

Your mom was a former member of Team Rocket.
In the anime, it's mentioned that with all the men being trainers, the women took up a lot of jobs. Even if this isn't consistent with the games, the populace's general fascination with training must leave a lot of jobs unfulfilled by one person. So why does Mom never work? Simple. She was apprehended, spent some time in jail, and is now on house arrest. Those items she buys you without checking with you first? A ruse to hide that she's saving your money for herself, who she can't comfortably support now, or she's secretly funding Team Rocket.

This also goes into the matter of your father. Reformed (mostly) now, (or simply not wanting you to get involved for your safety), she's not telling you that your dad is a member of Team Rocket. Now, the boy may not even be hers: regardless of who Mom is, Ethan appears in both games. She may have agreed to raise Giovanni's second kid after it got attached to her, so it wouldn't be subject to his or the mother's emotional abuse.

As for Lyra, she's probably hers, but her father? Maybe the ever-popular yet wicked Proton, who shares her face shape, has a pale skin tone contrasting Mom's, which Lyra is in the middle of, and who no woman in her right mind would want involved with her child.

Silver's mother is either Rocket Executive Ariana or Lorelei of the Kanto Elite Four.
Think about it, his red hair has to come from somewhere, and both of them have a very similar shade. So, I'm guessing that the situations could have gone like this:
  • Ariana: he was the result of a one night stand, where neither Giovanni nor Ariana had any intent to have a real relationship. Then, Ariana got pregnant. She didn't want the kid, not being very well off, but Giovanni said he would take it and raise it on his own, excited about the prospect of having an heir to his title as Viridian Gym Leader and as the Boss of Team Rocket, while the organization was still in its infancy. So when Silver was born, Giovanni became his legal guardian and Ariana left. Later in her life, Ariana regretted not being a part of her child's life and joined Team Rocket in an attempt to get close to Giovanni and re-enter Silver's life. While she was exceptional at battling and quickly rose up the TR ranks, Giovanni resisted her advances. Later, in GSC and HGSS, she's still attempting to impress him, thinking reviving and leading the new TR would make him interested.
    • I believe Ariana is the mother, because "Ariana" means "Silver" in Welsh. I don't think that was an accident... And the hair is more red while Lorelei's is more orange, plus the hairstyle of Ariana resembles Silver more.
    • I don't think it was simply a one-night stand. Giovanni felt that Team Rocket may one day need an heir. Due to being good friends, Ariana helped him get his son. They may even be lovers, but their relationship is secret (Giovanni doesn't want to ruin his Villain with Good Publicity angle). Their relationship has likely been soured and broken after Silver left the group.
    • With Ariana, I've always thought that it was a sexual-only affair or one-night stand when she was in Team Rocket, maybe a grunt or young admin. They are a mafia, so that wouldn't be much of a stretch.
    • This isn't canon? I was always certain Ariana was Silver's mom—same hair color, same hairstyle, and sleeping with the boss for power/money/an heir/really good sex seems to fit her personality. Also, if both his parents were in Team Rocket, he'd be guaranteed to have been raised there (thus explaining his attitude), whereas a single mom would likely have just taken him and ran as far from Rocket as she could.
    • Personally, I think that it being an affair or pragmatic relationship is a bit cynical, even for a mafia analog. Even Evil Has Loved Ones, after all; Giovanni treats his son like he actually has Silver's best interest in mind rather than just using him. That said, Ariana being Silver's mother makes sense, considering their shared hair color and style. They also have a similar signature pose, though reversed. Extending off of this, there's another member of the family, too. Mars from Team Galactic has the same style as Silver but with a girlish bob. She has a bit of Silver's attitude as well. Her being a member of Team Galactic parallel's Silver's wild-card status, both having left their father to make their own place in the world rather than join Team Rocket.
  • Lorelei: they actually had a relationship, Lorelei being attracted by Giovanni's power and skill as a Gym leader (she probably wasn't E4 yet) and rugged good looks. Giovanni was also impressed by her skill and thought she could make a vital difference in Team Rocket (once again, still a young organization), and perhaps also be a good girlfriend/wife. After Lorelei became preganant with Silver, Giovanni thought it meant he finally had the hook he needed to pull her into Team Rocket, and revealed his plans and intentions to her (as didn't previously know about his TR involvement), hoping it would make her more attracted to him. Needless to say, this backfired; instead, she was disgusted that he was a budding crime lord, and that she had fallen for a man so evil. She left him, and when Silver was born, not wanting the reminder of her involvement with him, she left him on his Gym doorstep. Giovanni took the advantage to start raising a heir to Team Rocket, the son of two great battlers.

Silver is the player's half-brother.
Notice how your mother has brown hair, like Lyra, but where does Ethan get his hair color? The only important people with dark hair are Bruno, Koga, Giovanni and, uh....Yes. Plus, when you meet Petrel, he comments "Hmm, you're saying I don't look like Giovanni," or something to that effect. Either Giovanni is a wanted criminal (likely) OR he's the character's father, and he broke it off with your mother. No one brings it up because it seems mean to point out that your father is a notorious criminal.
  • Probably it's because Giovanni is a well-known criminal. He's a dangerous man on the run, and during the Celebi time-traveling event, Ethan or Lyra both know who he is and that he's the Rocket boss on sight.
  • ...or your dad is just some random unimportant dude who's dead/divorced/dead-beat.

The Kimono Girls are a heroic secret society working behind the scenes for a better tomorrow.
  • ...Dude. It all makes sense now...
    • I thought it was just the opposite: They we an ancient pagan cult manipulating you to bring back their god. And they were using you to bring it back, regardless of your safety.
      • They're part of an Ancient Tradition worshiping powerful and potentially dangerous beings, but in the least harmful way possible. Lugia or Ho-Oh probably wouldn't hurt a human, at least not in a regulation battle: Ho-Oh is explicitly more about bringing the unjustly and accidentally killed Back from the Dead than about killing a human (see the Legendary Beasts' origin story), and while Lugia's only characterization was in the movie (which happened during a filler arc that lies completely outside the games' canon), we can assume it's not an evil or violent being either, at least not intentionally (it was a different story when Cipher got their hands on it, but let's not go there.) Both are capable of being destructive, as are the Legendary Beasts who tie into their story, but none of them would harm you unless they were cornered. After all, Pokémon is pretty damn idealistic outside of Colosseum and XD. The Kimono Girls want humanity to see Lugia and Ho-Oh again because of the good effects they might have. I think the line in Crystal talked about the hearts of humans and Pokémon communing? And there was that stuff in the Ruins about walking with Pokémon in harmony. They probably believe that Ho-Oh and Lugia will make humans kinder to Pokémon, and possibly to other humans. Remember, HG/SS take place during and just after Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, as evidenced by Jasmine being back from her trip to Sinnoh when you're in Kanto, which probably happened just after your battle with her but before you went to the Indigo Plateau. The story got out about Cyrus, as Cynthia (a Champion, unlikely to lie) and the remaining Galactic Executive (who could provide secret documents, etc.) had probably told the media about what happened. The Kimono Girls decided the time was right to bring back the Legendary Birds and improve the lives of humanity. After all, we never know when the next Cyrus will emerge, and there won't always be a 10-year-old kid running around who can capture Palkia/Dialga/Giratina... Oh, look, a 10-year-old kid who can probably capture Lugia and Ho-Oh and all three Legendary Beasts!
  • The games have shown both Lugia and Ho-Oh are good Pokémon at heart. Ho-Oh revived the beasts and shows up in Colosseum to stop the big bad from escaping, and Lugia sealed itself away because its power was too dangerous (and ended up corrupted in XD, so that means it can't have been evil to start with).
  • Isn't this canon? They do say they were looking for someone who was capable of waking up their version's respective legendary, implying that Ethan/Lyra is worthy due to being both strong and kindhearted. And trusting someone with a good heart to use a legendary sounds a lot like hoping that Ethan/Lyra would use their influence for good.

Johto is a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Think about it. The Kimono Girls are manipulating you to bring back their god, possibly to have it repair the damage to the land and revive the dead. (The three legendary dogs gave them this idea.) This is in HG/SS, so maybe the apocalypse happened recently. The Kimono Girls are pretty straight-forward, but let's analyze the rest of the land and make educated guesses.

Tin Tower (where you meet Ho-Oh) features advanced technology in panels. Yet, most of the tower is old and run-down. Why are the floors so complicated and maze-like? To keep the unworthy from reaching the top? Or was it being rebuilt? Did something happen to destroy most of the inside and the monks had to rebuild?

How come there aren't a lot of roads connecting around towns and cities? Take Ecruteak: to the west, bumpy paths and grass. Makes no sense, the way it's designed. To the South, a patch of grass, making people who have no Pokemon unable to get to Ecruteak. Either the Gym Leaders did this (see below), the townspeople became paranoid of other people and isolated themselves by destroying the roads, trade relations broke down, or some horrible natural disaster wiped away the roads and lands.

Proton killed the mother Marowak.
It fits his Psycho for Hire, Combat Sadomasochist personality. It took place around, or a bit before, RGBY/FRLG and he looks no older than twenty five so he should have been in his late teens - early adulthood. If Ariana and Archer were admins during that period, why not him?
  • Essentially confirmed in Pokemon Origins.

Youngster Joey isn't a Youngster.
Rather, he's a Rich Boy, disguised as a Youngster. The evidence would be his Rattata, which, if one hacks the game code, has maximum IVs, something that can only happen through extreme luck, or complicated and extensive breeding (which would likely be too expensive for a Youngster to afford). Why he's disguised as a Youngster could probably be greed- losing trainers have to give away half of their money, which is significantly less for a Youngster than a Rich Boy.

Ho-Oh turned Kris into Lyra
Somehow or other, Kris was horribly injured and near death (if not dead). Ho-Oh happened to be in the area and revived her... though if indeed the Legendary Beasts were once Eeveelutions, then it's reasonable to assume that humans revived by Ho-Oh would change as well, both physically and somewhat mentally.(Also, this is most definitely how it should have happened in the manga.)
  • ... This is a semi-crossover WMG, isn't it?

Victini caused the destruction of the Brass Tower.
It was, in fact, created to be used in some ancient war between Poke-Pan and Unova, and proved to bring a swift victory on its first use. Because of its power, Victini was locked away, never to be used again in battle (until you come along). The people of Ecruteak City simply mistook its horrendous attack of pure blazing fury for something just as fast and just as fatal: a lightning bolt.
  • ...too soon, man.
    • Too soon? When would the first hostile use of a weapon capable of murdering civilization ever be allowed to be taken lightly?! This'll be in bad taste until humanity has ended.
  • Wait, I just realised that Slateport City is based of Nagasaki City...where the second atomic bomb was launched. DAMN YOU VICTINI! DAMN YOU!

In the second generation, baby Pokémon weren't really newly discovered.
They just hadn't classified them as a separate type of Pokémon. Before that, they just referred to Magby as a baby Magmar, Elekid as a baby Electabuzz, etc. After much scientific debate, they changed it.

Alternatively, baby Pokémon only existed in the wild
In Pokémon Generation I, there is a daycare, but it doesn't breed Pokémon. That practice hadn't been started yet. Because pokémon like Pikachu, Clefairy, Magmar etc., are rare, they breed only in the wild, in places humans can't get very easily. Also, presumably, they are protective of their young, meaning humans would be unlikely to find them. However, when the practice of breeding pokémon in captivity (daycare centres) began, the pokémon were discovered.

Falkner's Father is Koga
Because wouldn't that be hilarious? Having him and Janine have a 'War' over their fathers without knowing its the same man? His promotion to the Elite 4 was a blessing, since it right between both his kids. How does he lead this double life? Ninja Powers obviously.Plus, Look at his Main Pokémon, Crobat. Poison AND Flying typed.
  • Doubtful; from what everyone says, Falkner's dad is dead and Falkner inherited his gym and Pokemon. If Koga were his dad, that wouldn't amke sense.

Pryce's after battle quote is a metaphor
"When the ice and snow melt, spring arrives. You and your Pokémon will be together for many years to come. Cherish your time together!" The ice and snow is a metaphor for Pryce's life. He is old and acknowledging that his death is near. He's telling you to cherish your time with your Pokemon because, in his old age, he's seen many of his own Pokemon wither and die. He's just an old man who is satisfied with his life and is ready to die.
  • Well, yeah. That's exactly what he meant.

Whitney has a Southern Belle accent
She does have a dialect in the Japanese version (Osaka-ben I believe) but no translation has showcased it. The games didn't give Bill an accent in the translation so who knows what Whitney has.
  • A Valley Girl accent would probably suit her better.
  • IIRC, in the remakes, she does say something like "I ain't losing, you hear?" when you get her Miltank low on health. So this could be canon, or at least likely.

If the protagonist of these games are ever stated it'll be Lyra
The female protagonist is showcased in multiple official artwork, Lyra looks like Red (which would make the "your eyes look like his" dialogue people say throughout the game a double meaning), and it'd give a ratio of one male canon protagonist and one female.

Archer is related to Cyrus.
Sounds like "Wild" Mass Guessing indeed at first, but there are a few reasons this could work. First, they both have similarly-colored hair, and people often use hair in the Mars-Ariana-Silver-Roark family guess. Secondly, as just mentioned, this isn't the first time someone's guessed that Johto and Sinnoh characters could be related. Thirdly, it's commonly accepted that Johto and Sinnoh take place at similar times; in Platinum, Cyrus is confirmed to be 27, and Archer at least looks like he's about early-to-mid 20's, so taking their likely-similar ages into account, they could very well be siblings/cousins.

Oh, and they both have a Houndoom. Although Cyrus only has one in Platinum, not Diamond/Pearl, but Platinum is generally taken as the canon game anyway.

The two unnamed people in Olivine Gym in the remakes are part of Jasmine's family
She's too shy to have taken on Junior Trainers. Based on their appearances, I'd guess they are her younger sister and her grandfather.
  • They're just two of the trainers from the lighthouse, since they mention it when they speak to you.

If Gold and Silver ever get remade again...
Whitney's Gym layout will be based on Jigglypuff in place of Clefairy, as Clefairy is now a pure Fairy-type in Gen 6, and Jigglypuff is Normal/Fairy. It would also be a good opportunity to throw off trainers who would start off with Fighting-type Pokemon.

If made, the GSC Virtual Console will not be compatible with the Virtual Console RBY.
If is does, then the chance for a Gen 1 Pokémon to change their gender will be visible. In the GB games, a Pokémon's gender is tied to the Attack IV, but their gender is randomly generated when transferred to Gen 7.
  • Ultimately Jossed. The Poké Transporter was patched just before the games' release so that gender and shininess when transferring from Gen I to Gen VII are computed the same way as in Gen II.

Arceus destroys a world when it creates the Egg in the Sinjoh Ruins.
I don't remember all the exact details, but Cynthia says that the world is a kind of egg and also that all life from an Egg must end to spring anew. Fast-forward to Generations VI and VII where it is confirmed that the Pokemon "world" is a multiverse containing at least several worlds, and probably a LOT more. Combining this with the fact that this is the first and only canonical time we see an Egg created, and since it hatches into one of the creation trio, who are very powerful mons that we don't usually see hatch from Eggs, it's very possible that Arceus sacrificed a world to gather the energy necessary to make the Egg. Additionally, a friend of mine has a theory that ALL Eggs are created by Arceus. Notice how the images that play out before the Egg hatches seem to be of the real world, or at least a world like it. If you combine the two theories, and a world is destroyed every time Arceus creates an Egg...

The Jade Orb used to summon Rayquazza in the Embedded Tower.
If it were to reappear again, it will be re-designed to resemble a Mega Stone, specifically a hypothetical "Rayquazzite".

The Gym Guy is the Player's father
It makes no sense for some random guy to just be following some random trainer. Obviously, at some point, the Gym Guy and Mom were an item, maybe married, maybe not, but after Ethan/Kris was born, the relationship soured and Mom got full custody and kept him out of Ethan/Kris' life. Alternately, he may have abandoned the family and later regretted it. However, he kept tabs on his child for years and once they became a trainer, he started following them secretly and gave them advice and cheering them as a way to compensate for not being there for them.

    Johto-Kanto cross-guesses 
Red died after losing to Gold/Ethan/Kris/Lyra.
Red trained at Mt. Silver for three years. The shame of losing to someone who first became a trainer about a month ago caused him to commit suicide.
The screen blacking out was just to hide that he jumped off Mt. Silver in shame. This is further supported by the remakes, where Red is standing right next to the edge of the top of Mt. Silver.
  • How do you rebattle him, then? I know what you're going to say...
    • The same reason the Elite Four acts like you haven't challenged them before, even though you've beaten them 10 times. The battle with Red only happened once canonically, it's just that you're allowed to relive those events just before his suicide.
      • You (the player character, not the above troper) are sick. Fighting a suicidal trainer over and over, with him jumping off the edge of a cliff (or being knocked off the edge of the cliff thanks to the shock of losing) every time you win? Unless you (the player character) think you're actually traveling to the past and can change his mind... *shudder*
  • After becoming Champion, Red defended his title against an endless wave of challengers. He gradually lost his enthusiasm for battling, and eventually surrenders the title. He sought the ultimate challenge, hence his journey into the heart of Mt. Silver. (Assuming that legendaries only show themselves to those who are "worthy", Red in his glory-seeking mental state is hardly fitting.) Eventually, he reaches the end, when he realizes that he has conquered the toughest challenge for any trainer, and prepares to leap off of the edge when the player character walks in...
  • No. He didn't die, he blacked out. He is still mute since he was a Silent Protagonist, so it would make sense that he would do what he did in RBY when he lost: lose some money, black screen, fade in to the Pokemon Center safe and sound. By the time you get back there, he had already Flown away.
  • He never died and as previously mentioned, blacked out. This is even mentioned by Green after you defeat Red, congratulating you for doing it. Implying that they met up after he got beaten
  • Jossed. You battle him at the World Tournament.

R/B/Y and G/S/C are an alternate continuity - but not originally.
Unforeseen messing around with the time machines Bill invented (possibly involving MissingNo.) corrupted spacetime. In order to prevent the corruption from spreading to the rest of the series, Fire Red and Leaf Green retconed them, thus quarantining the corruption (and, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, MissingNo.) and splitting them into their own parallel universe. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh MissingNo. G/S/C wgah'nagl fhtagn.
  • The Delta Episode in ORAS basically confirms that the Pokémon series runs on a multiverse. While it was mainly in relation to ORAS and the original RSE, why not extend the reach a little and include the first two gens in this, too?

Bill's Time Capsule in Gen II messed up the timelines, which resulted in the events of the remakes.
It explains any and all differences between the remakes and originals. It's also why the later games are incompatible with the older ones. Alternate timelines and all.

Misty's "boyfriend" that she refers to in Silver/Gold/Crystal/SS/HG is really Ash (Red)
Her boyfriend was "late" or whatever, but really her "boyfriend" is Ash (Red) who is obviously up on Mount Silver. She wasn't waiting for a date, nor were they actually a couple, and she was there because she was sad because she still loves him and was depressed, wanting to be alone.
  • Ash and Red aren't the same person. Red came first, then the anime and Ash.
  • Wait... she said he was "late"??? Oh my god, Red was a ghost! That would explain why no one talked about him in the other games, other than "You remind me of..."
  • Wait, what? When was any "boyfriend" besides the guy that the player actually sees her with at Cerulean Cape mentioned? And he's got a different sprite from Red, so... probably not.

Cinnabar Island did not erupt
It was dragged into Glitch City by Missingno's influence. The only reason the island exists at all is because only the town and the volcano were sucked in, somehow sparing the Pokemon Center. Blaine survived because he was probably off the island at the time. Why? I dunno.
  • I bet Blaine knew about Missingno and tried to create a countermeasure. It saved the Pokemon Center and everyone inside it.

The eruption on Cinnabar is your fault.
  • When you're in Ecruteak, you're forced to awaken the Legendary Beasts to progress with the story, correct? And when they wake up, they give a yawn of a roar. But check this:
    It is said that when it roars, a volcano erupts somewhere around the globe.
    Entei's Pokédex entry, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
  • Entei roars, volcanoes erupt. Entei roared when it woke up, before running off, and... Well, by the time you get to Cinnabar, all that's left is the Pokémon Center. No humans died, but the Pokémon in the mansion? Probably dead. All the buildings and property on the island? Hope they had insurance. Anything they were researching at the lab? Gone, along with all record of its existence unless they had a backup somewhere that wasn't destroyed. It was almost a year before you get there, but the period between the end credits following the defeat of Lance and you finally making it to Kanto is never necessarily detailed now, is it?
    • Alternatively, this could apply to any Entei-related incidents post-FR/LG. Red could be walking to Mt. Silver two years later and run into one, it gives out a battle cry, Cinnabar erupts.
    • It was your fault, but there was nothing you could do to prevent it in the first place. Eusine and Silver were already looking for the legendary dogs. They would have found it eventually.
    • ...Cinnabar erupted two years before the protagonist became a trainer.
    • Cinnabar was already destroyed, but there's still Mt. Chimney in Hoenn. You inadvertantly completed Team Magma's evil plan!
      • Except Team Magma's plan was stupid. Assuming you made Mt. Chimney erupt, all you probably did is grant Lavaridge and potentially Fallarbor Town a horrific molten death
      • Eh, They're still smarter then Team Aqua.
  • This can't possibly work in the originals, though. You can progress without waking them up.
  • It's worth noting that the Cinnabar eruption was inspired by several that happened in Montserrat over a period between 1995 and 1997, rendering its entire capital of Plymouth uninhabitable.

Lt. Surge put the Snorlax blocking the Diglett Cave in GSC
He was tired of being owned by every challenger who had a Diglett/Dugtrio. Because, really, Poor, Predictable Rock is one thing, but living right next to a nest of your weaknesses makes you Too Dumb to Live.
  • In B/W, almost ALL the Gym Leaders live next to their weaknesses. Maybe it's the league rules...
    • Considering B/W takes place in a simile of America, and Lt. Surge is blatantly and canonically American... Maybe he's just used to the old rules!
      • Except for the fact that Unova and the United States of America are stated to be two different places in the Pokemon World...
      • But that's wrong.
  • Diglett have incredibly low Defense and Electric types are generally extremely fast. Gameplay aside, Surge shouldn't have had much trouble beating any Diglett users that came his way.
    • It's a plot point that he evolves his Pokémon for power, not strategy, but the overconfidence would fit with his characterization.
      • That bit about evolution is Anime-only.

Kanto and Johto are more polluted than the other two regions.
Hence why there are more Poison-types in both regions. The game even says outright that a pond in Celadon City is polluted with Grimer. Also, there are more Grass/Poison Pokemon there, either because they feed on polluted water (notably, good places to find Oddish and Bellsprout are near the Power Plant and Cerulean City) or because they developed the Poison-type as a protection because Grass-types are otherwise easily poisoned.
  • Well, it would explain why berries don't grow there... at least, not anymore.
    • Perhaps Apricorns are hardier than the old Berries which is why they can survive?
    • Berries resemble tomato plants, which are small, while Apricorns grow on trees, which are much hardier than smaller plants.

A random civilian in Cerulean City mentions that Bill's not "above doing all sorts of things to get rare Pokemon". Sounds a lot like Team Rocket. Also, note that Bill loves rare Pokemon, but he lives a hermit-like lifestyle, not even going on a cruise party that has sailed around the world. It's not that Bill doesn't like people, it's that he's afraid that there may be someone who has beaten him in the Viridian City Gym and might recognize him. Also, note the lone Team Rocket member who steals the Dig TM. He could be working as a free agent, but it's much more likely that there's a superior agent nearby. But what really kicks it is when Bill fuses himself with a Pokemon (A Rhydon or something similar in R/B, a Clefairy in FR/LG); after Bill is returned to normal, he never speaks of the Pokemon again.
  • In Gold and Silver, once Team Rocket is actively searching for Giovanni, Gold/the player only sees Bill for incredibly brief periods of time; and he always seems to be in quite a hurry, mostly communicating through in-between agents and screens.
  • This brings up the question of how he knows when to return to the gym. Very simply, Old Man Weedle is acting as his eyes and ears, warning Giovanni/Bill ahead of time when a trainer powerful enough to face him is coming so he can quickly Fly to Viridian and fix the Broken Bridge unlock the Gym.
    • He has a video camera in the door of the gym, or some sort of scanner for the number of badges a player has. He then uses the teleporter to get into the gym. The "broken teleporter" story is just a case of Obfuscating Malfunction, so that people assume he can't get to the Gym on (literally) a moment's notice, and that he has nothing to do with those working teleporters Team Rocket has.
  • In the anime, his door has an image of Mewtwo, at a time when the only people who know about him are the scientists who made him and Giovanni. Which would imply that Bill is either a high-ranking member of Team Rocket, or one of the scientists involved in the creation of Mewtwo.
    • Using the anime as evidence for the games? Really? REALLY?
      • That cannot be the only problem you have with this theory, dude.
  • Likewise, the only way to get to his cottage is by traveling over Nugget Bridge, which is guarded by a Rocket grunt.
    • Speaking of Nugget Bridge, a guy in the Cerulean Pokemon Center in FR/LG comments that Bill will do whatever it takes to get rare Pokemon, and he's "not above doing all sorts of things." Sounds a bit fishy in light of this theory.
      • You, sir, are cordially invited to re-read the OP's first sentence.
  • So, is Bill's family in on his double life or are they in the dark, too? And where would Silver fit in to it, since he is Giovanni's son?
    • Related to the above, Bill appears to be a young adult while Giovanni is middle-aged with a nearly teenaged son. It wouldn't make sense for Bill to have a son that old.

Giovanni killed himself after Heart Gold / Soul Silver.
All we hear after he leaves after the battle is a splashing sound.
  • Or that could be radio static.
  • Jossed. Giovanni will appear in Black 2 and White 2.
    • That doesn't rule out Attempted Suicide. Attempted, but failed and/or changed his mind. That, or he faked a suicide attempt to deter Ethan/Lyra from following him, knowing they wouldn't be able to move for a bit from the shock of a man committing suicide before their very eyes.

Red is still the Indigo League Champion when you fight him.
However, because Red is so young, Lance is the acting Champion - kind of like a regent. It's not clear if the GSC protagonist is now the Champion after beating Red at Mount Silver; does it count since they weren't at the Pokémon League?
  • Jossed. Blue was the Champion in Red/Blue/Yellow/Fire Red/Leaf Green. And he's the same age as Red.
    • That doesn't actually mean anything, though. It's totally in character for Blue to refuse to allow Lance to be the acting champion in his place, and it makes sense for Red to agree to it.

Red and Gold/Ethan are brothers after all.
Well... all we know is that they have different moms. Red and Gold are related through their absent father. Because obviously two insanely talented preteen Pokemon trainers can't exist in the same game and not be related to each other in some way.
  • Well, Gold/Ethan's Expy-of-Red status was pretty blatant back in GSC, until FRLG and HGSS differentiated them a bit more... Given how much they used to look alike, this is fairly plausible.

Ethan looks like Red because he copied Red's style.
Ethan spent his childhood watching the tv broadcasts of the Pokémon league fights and hero worshiped the champion. So, to be more like him, he wore similar clothes and got a similar haircut.
  • It's only been 3 years though. His hair isn't even that similar to Red's.
    • Well, not anymore, but it was slightly more similar in their original artwork. At least it was the same color, anyway.

Giovanni wasn't the head of Team Rocket
According to Bulpapedia "The official Red and Blue guide from Nintendo Power, Giovanni was labeled to be a regional boss of Team Rocket" My guess is that in Red and Blue Giovanni planned to take over all of Team Rocket. But Red managed to stop him for reaching his goal. Come Gold and Silver a few rouge members of Team Rocket are trying to build a regional version of Team Rocket in Johto, some of the higher-ups in Team Rocket caught wind of this, and they decided to use Gold to stop them from growing too strong. They do this by using Elm to act as a Pokémon professor (how else do you think he got the starter Pokémon?), because they are shown to have a mass following and just needed Giovanni to kick start things and the Celebi event tells you he was ready to rejoin them. Team Rocket is most likely still around.

Cameron the photographer is a former Team Rocket member
He was most likely a recruiter for the Rockets prior to their initial disbandment, which explains why he has a lot of spare Team Rocket uniforms, and whenever the player rejects the option of having their photo dress as a Team Rocket Grunt, the reason why he says "yeah nobody should dress like Team Rocket" is him remembering his dark past and when Team Rocket was serious business and when impersonating a Team Rocket member would of gotten you either arrested by the police, killed by the Rockets themselves or even getting recruited by the Rockets becoming a Rocket for real. And when Team Rocket took over Goldenrod City Cameron either fled so that he would not be hunted down and killed by his former comrades or got in his old uniform and hid himself amongst the Grunts until the player defeated Archer.

Red and Leaf are the same person
It could go either ways:
  1. Leaf is crossdressing as Red.
  2. Red is Transgender, began his journey as Leaf, and transitioned sometime in between FRLG and HGSS.
  3. Leaf is really Red's gendered alternate counterpart.

If Leaf were to be the final boss at Mt. Silver instead of Red
Her only difference in her team compared to Red would be that she would have Espeon in place of Pikachu. Her Espeon will be male, at Lv.88, hold no item and will have Psychic, Shadow Ball, Reflect and Quick Attack.
  • Nah, Pikachu is Series Mascot, so I doubt they'd boot him off Leaf's hypothetical team. I'd guess that Espeon would be in place of Snorlax (or maybe Lapras, but since Lapras was specially added for HGSS Snorlax would be more probable).
  • However, LGPE introduces Eevee as a parallel starter to Pikachu, being also associated to the female playable character.
    • That said, when Green made a cameo in LGPE, she lead with Clefable instead.

All of the alleged suicides happened, but the universe wanted to give them a second chance.
Based on two other WMGs on this page. Some higher power resurrected both Red and Giovanni, because they are still useful elsewhere.
  • Or Arceus is just a massive dick. This is the being that created SENTIENT ICE CREAM. Someone commits suicide? "Too bad bitch, you're not dying." *Rezzes them*

Alternately, they really are dead.
Wherever else Red or Giovanni appear is just a person in disguise. Remember when Petrel was disguised as Giovanni?
  • It's pretty believable that Petrel would disguise himself as Giovanni again. As for who is Red in disguise... I'd say either Leaf or Gold/Ethan.

Professor Oak met Bugsy during his trip in Johto before a shocking revelation.
That's why he must ask all the time if people are boy or girl. Because he's never sure anymore.
  • He would've had to have taken another trip to Johto sometime before the Kanto games, then, since he'll ask you in FR/LG if you're a boy or girl.

Ariana and Archer are really Jessie and James
In the English version of both, they have names that begin with the same letter (A and J respectively), and while they have darker hair for Ariana and lighter hair for Archer, they share the same colours. Now with how ambiguous age tends to be in Pokemon (and anime in general unless the character is really old), it's possible for the two to be older (and more competent ala Best Wishes) versions of Jessie and James (who if you recall, did exist in Pokémon Yellow).
  • Problem: Yellow does not appear to be canon, if Blue's Gym team is any indication (it's based off his Red/Blue team). Also, two admins who are quite similar to Ariana and Archer appear in Fire Red and Leaf Green, which does not take much from Yellow either. So Jessie and James existing in Yellow doesn't really mean much... Besides, design-wise Ariana and Archer are the closest-based off the admin designs that existed in the initial Gold and Silver.
    • Then all we have to do is rearrange this theory to make: "The Rocket Admins from Gold and Silver are older versions of Jessie and James". Which was actually its own WMG back in the day.

Cinnabar's volcano eruption was triggered deliberately by the scientists on the island after they discovered MissingNo and the other glitches
At first they tried to research them and harness their incredible powers (infinite item duplication would be incredibly useful), but they quickly realized just how dangerous they were and opted for the nuclear option in order to protect the world. The public was never told that the eruption was planned, nor are they aware of MissingNo or 'M or any of the other abominations that lived there. The Pokemon center that is present there is not the same one that was there in Gen I/III - it was built later.

Clair's refusal to give you the badge was the result of politicking, not ego.
It's never specified in the games exactly how much political power Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and Champions have. It's not uncommon for headcanons to assume that these are all political positions, where instead of elections, you have pokemon battles. (After all, if pokemon are indeed so powerful and dangerous, there's no reason to assume that they'll be perfectly subservient to humans. As a result, civilization lives three gyradoses away from annhilation. Trainers become the most important people, because they can stave off these dangers, and the most powerful of them become leaders.)

Lance is both Clair's cousin and Champion when you first challenge Blackthorn. In a paradigm where Champions hold political power, it's not unreasonable to assume that keeping Lance on the throne is a familial, not individual, interest. Lance represents his family's ideals and protects the political and economic interests of Blackthorn, so his demotion is costly to his city and family.

Given Clair's skill level, one can assume that she can recognize talent. Not only did she lose to you, but she undoubtedly also heard accounts of your power from other people in Johto. She thinks (knows) that if you go up against Lance, you'll very likely win and curtail her family's influence. But well, you can't challenge the League without eight badges...

When she first refuses to give you the badge and deflects by asking you to go to the Dragon's Den, she does so under the guise of subjecting you through another trial because of you "lazy ideals". She's unfriendly, but she has plausible undeniability. If she's reported, she could point to other Gym Leaders who make you do things before giving you the badge. Her hope is that her grandfather, who is likely more respected than her throughout the region, will recognize what she's doing and give you a more legitimate-sounding reason for refusing you a badge. (Bonus points if there's some League loophole that allows Gym Leaders to tack on extra badge-earning requisites, and/or if the clan has used this method to reject people who defeated Clair).

Unfortunately for her, you pass her grandfather's test with flying colors. There's no plausible way that he can reject you. Even if they flunk you, they can't do so forever without attracting unwelcome outside attention. And it sure would be awkward if you ended up becoming Champion anyways (maybe by challenging the Kanto circuit and using those badges?) and then taxing Blackthorn exports...

(Anyways, I find it hard to believe that you're the first person who's ever defeated Clair. If you're not, you'd think that the League would pick up on complaints about Gym Leaders not handing out badges. And if being "unbeatable" mattered so much to her, why did Clair used a nerfed lvl 40 team instead of her HGSS rematch team? My only guess is that she has something personal against the player character. )

The Blackthorn City dragon clan is a Cult of Personality centered around dragon types being a hereditary privilege
The general consensus during R/B/Y/G/S/C and I guess FR/LG/HS/SS, due to Gameplay and Story Segregation, is that while dragon types can be gained and trained with only mild difficulty and patience while playing, in-universe they're apparently incredibly rare to find that most people doubt they even exist. And even if you do manage to catch one, to train them is an even more difficult task, that it seems the action in itself earns you the title of a master trainer. The only way to catch them (aside from the Dragon's Den) is in the Safari Zone (very uncommon) and Johto's Route 45 (again, very uncommon), as well as being purchasable from the Game Corner (at a pretty hefty price involving a fair bit of gambling). Excluding Red and Ethan (who the game makes very clear are gifted), not many people are going to be able to catch a Dratini, or even have the funds to buy one. Lance and Clair are respected across the land, because they are good enough to handle the rarity and power of the dragon types. Seems a fair measure of trainer merit right, that only the best trainers can train a dragon type, and that's why Lance and Claire are admired, right?

Except it's not. Not at all. Clair and Lance probably received their Dratinis, before they even began serious training, by their clan while they were extremely young (in fact, in the mangas, this is canon). They basically got a Dratini handed to them, purely for being born into the 'right family' (while other people struggle to even find one), grew to become adults with a good decade of years of training behind them, and then them and the rest of their clan look down on people who don't have Dratinis and Dragonairs as amazing as they do, as well as persuading the general populace to do the same thing. All while constructing this notion that the members of the elite family should be respected and praised (even admired and worshiped), for no other reason, other than being born in the right family and inheriting that family privilege. Kind of like a metaphor for most of society's socioeconomic inequality really.

  • What's worse is that not only do they boost their hereditary privilege, they deny others the right to have it as well. Look at it this way, Dratinis are common on only one place (the Dragon Den), you can't enter the Dragon Den until you had been 'blessed as a dragon user'. But you can't legitimately be a dragon user, unless you actually own and train a dragon type. But you can't get a dragon type until you enter the den. It's just Flat "What". Catch 22. It's weird that you only end up only being able to catch your first dragon Pokémon until after you're considered a dragon user. My guess is that the dragon clan are mostly worried that, hypothetically, if other people did start using dragon types more, it would render the enigma and coolness factor of the dragon type fad null and void. It would be like having a 'normal user clan' or a 'grass user clan'. You see, the Blackthorn dragon clan don't want to lose that, it's the only thing that makes them special. That's why they isolate the Dragon's Den off from people, that's why they appear so snobby about dragon types being THEIR thing.
  • How does this link to Cult of Personality though?
    • Have you not seen how many people in Johto and Kanto have dragon types? It's just Lance, Clair, and a bunch of Cooltrainers that hang around the Blackthorn Gym itself. Most of them openly idolize Clair and Lance. From the way they talk, I do get the impression that there's a bit of Cult of Personality solely for the excessive fan-following centered around the Blackthorn dragon clan, and around Lance and Clair in general. Seeing as no other trainers seem to have dragon types, apart from the ones that surrender themselves as fanatics only. It's a bit suspicious if you ask me.
  • On a slightly related note, why do Lance and the dragon clan elder talk about how Pokémon should be treated with friendship and compassion, yet the blessed user of the clan (Clair) gives you the rising badge that makes all Pokémon obey you without question? I wasn't aware obedience was a compassionate strand of true friendship. Also the quiz they ask you in that den has other contradictory questions to their previous attitudes as well. For example, asking you which is more important in pokemon and trainers, strong, weak, or both. The right answer being both (so the clan think you're compassionate) despite Clair's attitudes seeming more gravitating towards strong pokemon, and refusing to even admit she had lost against you because her pokemon were weaker. Another question is which is more important in raising pokemon: love, knowledge or violence. SHE OWNS A POKEMON GYM, the whole theme of that is using pokemon to battle to prove your own supremacy. I would have agreed with her if she was just a NPC handing out a TM or something, but coming from a clan that supports a gym leader that's hypocritical to the core. But when I started to think about it, it made me realize. That's why all the Cooltrainers in her gym are so pathetically weak compared to Clair. I mean the clan is telling them "you have to accept strength and weakness, and love and knowledge is more important than violence", meanwhile Clair has elevated up in social prestige so much because of the cult influence, she can effectively focus completely on strength and violence, directly contradicting the dragon clan's mantras that it enforces on others, and not one person bats an eyelid, because they will always see her as a 'charismatic leader'. Same goes for Lance. That's why Clair and Lance grew to be so powerful, and why their fanatics are weak. Lance and Claire don't follow the same rules they tell others to uphold, so they boost up in strength while the others remain stationary. The Blackthorn dragon clan represents one of those 'can preach but can't practice' all-talk cults perfectly. The fan-following around them is only because the people of Johto and Kanto haven't woken up yet.
    • Supported by the increasingly common presence and ownership of dragon types in all other regions since, where the prestige of dragon users has noticeably gone down. People are wising up.
  • Is it just me, or does 'blessed user of dragon pokemon' sound disturbingly similar to 'glorious leader of our nation'? If we consider the Pokemon League the 'public sector' of the Pokemon world, Clair would essentially be the appointed head of council for Blackthorn city, and her clan would be a state religion.
  • It seems the prestige and social image of the dragon clan members is so high, that literally any pokemon they end up using seems to automatically be considered a dragon type, solely for the notion that the dragon clan members use them. Literally, Lance has a Ampharos in the trading card game, and Clair uses one in Pokemon Stadium 2. It's a sheep, it isn't even reptilian, there is nothing even remotely draconic about it at all. And yet, as Mega Ampharos in X/Y it suddenly gains a dual dragon type. Why? Because Lance and Clair have one?
    • This is a case of stuff getting lost in translation. Ampharos's Japanese name was Denryu, which is a pun off of "denryu" (electric current) and "den ryu" (electric dragon), and that's been a thing since before Lance or Clair used it. It's also been able to learn dragon-type moves since Gen IV, although admittedly that's after it's appearances in TCG and Stadium 2.
  • It's worth noting that Clair let slip that she never actually passed the (Crystal revised version of the) Dragon User Test herself, and is called out by the Elder on not being respectful enough to the player - someone more worthy than herself. It's very likely that the dissonance was deliberate.
    • Clair was probably a stand-in Gym Leader selected after Lance's promotion, selected because they needed to have a Gym Leader and they had no one better at the time (not to say that Nepotism wasn't also a factor). However, this sent Clair down the wrong philosophical path, and the elder has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get her to shape up.
  • Adding onto this, with the introduction of Mega Evolution, they are also holding onto Charizardite X and Ampharosite.

Dark Pokemon were imported to Kanto
  • Psychic types ran amok in generation 1 due to a number of factors just happening to all benefit them. People discovered that there were other types out there, like dark, which have a huge advantage over psychic. They began importing Houndours and Murkrows. They're even found near Saffron City, where they would be in high demand due to all the psychic trainers in the area.
Red became champion of both Kanto and Johto
  • This is why Johto and Kanto are the only region to share an Elite 4, and you need 8 badges to face him. It would also explain all the bad organization like the Kanto gym leaders being stronger than the Elite 4, (although that can be explained as them using their best team for a man with 8 or more badges.)
Gold/Silver/Crystal is a direct sequel to Yellow, not Red/Blue
  • Red's highest level Pokemon as well as the first one he calls out is Pikachu, suggesting that was his starter. He also has the fully evolved form of the 3 Kanto starters which you can only do in Pokemon Yellow. True they didn't want to give Red a definitive starter so they just gave him all four, but still his Pikachu...
    • Then why is Blue's Gym team his RGB team minus a starter?
    • Worth noting that in Yellow, all three starters are handed to the PC by NPCs for various reasons, in homage to the anime like the rest of the game.
Leaf and Kris fell in love and are living together somewhere in the Sevii Islands
  • Best reason I can think of for them not being in HG/SS.
    • ...That makes so much sense. And it makes it all the more disappointing that the player can't go there in HGSS.
Sabrina was the first trainer to evolve Eevee into Espeon.
  • The "new" Eeveelutions seem to be fairly well-known by the time of the game, though, plus one of the Kimono Girls has an Espeon. I can totally buy Sabrina being one of the first people in Kanto to do it, though.
The old woman who gives you the Cleanse Tag is a ghost
  • If you examine the door of the former Day Care on Route 5, it gives the message "What’s this? House for Sale… Nobody lives here." What is she doing in the supposedly vacant house?