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  • Behold. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming out internationally on November 2014... Mere MINUTES after this was announced, the ENTIRE POKEMON FANDOM EXPLODED IN UTTER JOY NOT TWICE, BUT THREE TIMES. Which really makes you say... Hoenn Confirmed!
  • After HeartGold and SoulSilver replaced Kris with Lyra, fans were worried something similar would happen to May and/or Brendan in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Luckily, they are still the protagonists.
  • Some of the returning characters have received some welcome changes.
    • Steven Stone's new design is awesome, and he can use Mega Evolutions too. He's also the Champion again!
    • Maxie and Archie can both use Mega Evolutions.
    • Not only is Wally back; he now uses a Gallade, that can Mega Evolve no less.
  • Team Magma and Aqua's motives are being changed to be more logical than they were in the original games. Team Magma are now Politically Incorrect Visionary Villains, while Team Aqua are now an Animal Wrongs Group.
  • New Mega Evolutions!
    • Turns out Blaziken isn't the only Hoenn starter getting a Mega Evolution, because Sceptile and Swampert have them too! Mega Sceptile is a Grass/Dragon type with the ability Lightning Rod, while Mega Swampert gains the ability Swift Swim!
    • Diancie has a Mega Evolution that grants it the ability Magic Bounce and sacrifices its Defense and Special Defense to get large boosts to its Attack, Special Attack, and especially Speed.
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    • Sableye gets a Mega Evolution that increases its Defense and Special Attack and gains the Magic Bounce ability!
    • Metagross has a Mega Evolution, used by Steven Stone no less. It gains the ability Tough Claws and a boost in all of its stats, particularly Speed.
    • Altaria has a Mega Evolution that becomes Dragon/Fairy with Pixilate and balanced offenses and defenses.
    • Lopunny is the first Generation IV Pokémon since Lucario, Garchomp and Abomasnow to receive a Mega Evolution, becoming a Normal/Fighting type with Scrappy, which means that all those Ghost-types you couldn't defeat in the past without Dark or another Ghost type attack will be at your mercy, especially with Lopunny now able to naturally learn High Jump Kick.
    • Salamence has a Mega Evolution with the ability Aerilate.
    • Audino is the first Generation V Pokémon to receive a Mega Evolution, becoming an all-around Normal/Fairy tank with Healer.
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    • Slowbro is also confirmed to get a Mega Evolution with Shell Armor and a bigger boost to its Defense, putting it on par with Cloyster and normal Aggron (and twenty shy of Normal Steelix).
    • Gallade has a Mega Evolution with increased Attack and Speed, and is used by Wally.
    • Sharpedo gets a Mega Evolution that gives it Strong Jaw and a boost to all of its stats.
    • Camerupt has a Mega Evolution that gets Sheer Force and becomes an even stronger Mighty Glacier.
    • Rayquaza gets a Mega Evolution that not only has an outstanding design, it gets a new ability called "Delta Stream", which creates a new weather effect that removes other weathers and causes super effective attacks against Flying-types to do neutral damage. As a Mega Evolution, it also gets the standard 100-point boost to its stats, making it as powerful as Mega Mewtwo X and Y. Rayquaza can now perform its role as the mediator between Groudon and Kyogre, because his new Ability will even nullify Primal Groudon/Primal Kyogre's abilities, even when they're still on the field!. And it does not need a Mega Stone! The only pre-requisite to Mega-Evolve Rayquaza is the new move Dragon Ascent! It is a Legendary that Mega-Evolves that can pack a held item other than a Mega Stone!
    • Pidgeot's Mega Evolution gives it a massive boost to its Special Attack along with giving it No Guard.
    • Beedrill's Mega Evolution gives it the ability Adaptability and massive boosts to its Attack and Speed.
    • Steelix's Mega Evolution gives it Sand Force and boosts to its Attack and defenses, putting its Defense on par with Shuckle's.
    • Glalie's Mega Evolution gives it Refrigerate and boosts to its offenses and Speed.
  • New formes of Kyogre and Groudon featured on the boxart! They're called Primal formes, achieved through Primal Reversion.
    • Primal Kyogre has a new ability called "Primordial Sea", which creates heavy rain that lasts as long as Kyogre is on the field, cannot be canceled by other weathers, and makes it immune to Fire-type attacks! The King of the Seas has permanent rain again!
    • Primal Groudon's typing is finally Ground/Fire. It also has a new ability called "Desolate Land", which creates extremely harsh sunlight that lasts as long as Groudon is on the field, cannot be canceled by other weathers, and makes it immune to Water-type attacks! Groudon can finally stand on equal footing with Kyogre!
  • The Secret Bases are back, with some new features:
    • You can share Secret Bases through StreetPass, QR codes, and just connecting the game online.
    • If you become Secret Pals with someone, you can battle them and use special skills like making Pokémon Eggs hatch faster and raising a Pokémon's level.
  • The Pokémon Contests have returned, under the name Pokémon Contest Spectacular, with some new features:
    • It is now possible to use Mega Evolutions in the contests.
    • The Berry Blender is a portable Key Item, meaning you can now make PokéBlocks whenever you want. There also isn't a mini-game this time, making it easier to make high quality PokéBlocks.
    • There is no longer a limit on how many PokéBlocks you can give to your Pokémon. Not only does this mean you can max out all of your Pokémon's Contest stats, it also makes evolving Feebas by maxing its Beauty easier.
    • Also, if you're lucky enough to get your hands on the Lansat and Starf Berries, using them results in PokéBlock +'s every time.
  • Brawly's new design seems pretty cool, and awwwww! How sweet! The Pokedex is paying homage to the Game Boy Advance...what's this in the far left corner? that...POKÉMON-AMIE IS BACK?!?!?!?!
  • The official site has shown that Salamence (a late-Pokédex Pokémon) got bumped up by amount of the Generation IV Pokémon related to those in Hoenn's Pokédex.
  • Oh, hordes are back as well! That's pretty convenient... oh, five Grunts are challenging me all at once? Wait, trainer horde battles?!
  • In X and Y if you surfed on Lapras, it was visible in the overworld. Trailer footage shows that at least Wailmer is now depicted both surfing and diving, and presumably a few others will be too!
  • Pikachu, is that you? A new trailer has shown that you will be able to see Pokemon hiding in grass and then encounter them in battle should you be able to sneak up on them, the aforementioned Pikachu included. Additionally, it also means that Pikachu will be available outside of the one given to you at a Contest Hall or the Safari Zone (if it still exists).
    • It's been revealed that this is achieved through one of the PokéNav Plus' new functions, the DexNav. This feature also allows you to record any Pokemon you talk to in the overworld as seen.
    • Also the more times your DexNav records how many times you see certain Pokemon in the wild, you get better chances of finding ones with perfect IVs, hidden abilities, egg moves, or even holding rare items.
  • Not only does the Eon Ticket event return (and is now shareable via StreetPass), but the Latis have been given a bigger storyline - you and Steven will set out in a sidequest to rescue your version's Lati, and according to a trailer they join your team on their own will, meaning you won't have to chase them around the region to catch them! In addition, by using a new item called the Eon Flute, you can ride them over the near majority of the region in their Mega Evolutions. Visual Effects of Awesome at its finest.
    • X and Y's low legendary count has been justified in the most awesome way possible: every other non-event legendary will be available in ORAS, found on the small islands scattered around Hoenn, accessible with the help of the Latis. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
  • At some point in the game you can get Deoxys.
  • The Elite Four get upgraded teams with levels in the 70's in rematches... and ALL of them have Mega Evolutions. Given how people were disappointed at the lack of Elite Four rematches in X and Y, this is a huge step up.
  • Premier Balls are now obtained when you purchase ten or more of any ball, not just the regular Poké Balls.
  • You can finally fly to routes instead of just places with a Pokémon Center.
    • Not only that, but if you're using the AreaNav and see a place you want to fly to, all you have to do is press A and you are immediately asked if you want to fly there.
  • For the first time, you're allowed to bring your own Poké Balls and Pokémon into the Safari Zone. This makes catching the Safari's Pokémon much easier and less frustrating.
  • The shiny lock present on all legendaries in X and Y is all but gone from these games (barring weather trio and Deoxys, but you can transfer these from previous Generation). This means that shiny Reshiram and Zekrom can finally be caught legitimately!
  • Some of the Scrappy Mechanics from the original games have been rectified:
    • The AreaNav function allows you to keep track of your berries. Combined with the ability to now fly to any route, this makes berry farming much easier.
    • The Safari Zone functions like a normal area instead of using the bait/mud mechanic.
    • Day-night cycles are actually visible.
  • EV training through horde encounters is now a lot more convenient. First, there are certain routes where, if you initiate a horde battle, you're guaranteed to get a Pokemon that raises the EV of a specific stat, meaning you won't have to get pissed off whenever you encounter a Cubchoo horde instead of a Vanillite horde. Second, Sweet Scent is no longer affected by the weather, which is especially convenient since two of the routes have perpetual weather conditions.
  • For those who admire the battle animations, you can now play (and pause) them for any Pokemon you have caught via the Pokedex (instead of it being just the standard non-action animation), including Mega Evolutions. In X and Y the only way to see the animations for the Mega Evolutions in the game was to actually battle with them.
  • The Gotta catch 'em all slogan is real! With all four games (and some considerable effort) it's finally possible to get all non-event Pokémon in the same generation for the first time since Generation III!note  Given the fact that there are now over 700 Pokémon in the National Pokédex, this is a much-needed blessing.
    • Even better, thanks to the 20th Anniversary, every mythical besides Diancie, Hoopa (both having already been released in 2015), and Volcanion (will still be released in 2016, just not part of the 20th Anniversary event) can be obtained! You can finally, literally, catch every single known Pokémon.
  • For those who use the Pokémon Bank and are real fans of the Johto Starters, you can now get them with their Hidden Abilities by using Pokémon Bank! This means ALL starters have had their Hidden Abilities released! In particular, people are looking forward to Sheer Force Feraligatr!

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