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  • There's one trainer on Route 113 who always confused me. There is a Parasol Lady who has a Numel who says that she uses her parasol to shield her Numel from the volcanic ash. But why would Numel, of all Pokemon, need to protected from volcanic ash? It's a Fire/Ground type that's BASED off of a volcano (crossed with a camel) so one would expect that a Numel would love being around volcanic ash! Or maybe that's the joke and the trainer is projecting her own needs on her Pokemon (like maybe she hates the ash so she assumes her Pokemon would too).
    • Yeah, it's almost certainly a projecting your needs on your pet joke. If it was snowing she'd dress it in a sweater. Just like how people will put them on Shih Tzus and other small dogs even if they have naturally warm coats.
  • Speaking of, if volcanic ash is dangerous to breathe in real life note , then how come everyone on Route 113 and in Fallarbor Town suffer no ill effects?
    • Presumably the same way that your character can stand over the mouth of an active volcano. Game physics.
    • It is set in a completely different universe. Humans there aren't the same as here.
  • Big Pearls have a small chance of being found in the possession of wild Gulpin. The question is, how and why? Do these Gulpin function like oysters do in real life?
    • Gulpin normally consume and dissolve everything they come across. Most likely, it's not so much that they have an affinity for Big Pearls, but rather that Big Pearls are one of the very few things they can't digest - any other item that comes into their possession, they eat.
  • In Black and White, some remarks from Cynthia imply that Platinum is the canon version from fourth gen, adding fuel to the common "third version is canon" theory. However... In HeartGold and SoulSilver, it's Steven who claims to be Champion, rather than Wallace, which seems to rule out Emerald as being the "canon" version. So, does anyone have any idea as to whether or not they just did this for simplicity's sake or whatever (being as how Ruby and Sapphire did get released before Emerald, making Steven more "recognizable" as Champion), or did they really mean that either Ruby or Sapphire is supposed to be the canon third gen game?
    • Well, if III and I take place at the same time, then II happens 3 years after Emerald. That's plenty of time for Steven to take the title from Wallace. After all, Blue only held the title for about fifteen minutes.
    • Strictly speaking, May or Brendan was the Champion of Hoenn at the end of Ruby, Sapphire, AND Emerald. It is likely that Steven was really just calling himself a Champion of Hoenn, and there was an error in translation (as Japanese really doesn't explicitly differentiate the cases, as far as I know).
    • The remakes imply an existence of a Pokémon multiverse. Therefore, it's safe to say that HeartGold/SoulSilver takes place in a universe where Steven is still champion. Even if there's no multiverse, if the events of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire are the new canons, the Delta Episode reveals that Steven gave his position as champion to Wallace just so that he could travel around the world without concerning himself about the Hoenn Pokémon League.
  • Okay, these games are getting official remakes within gen VI. Say what? Wasn't Pokémon X and Y supposed to take place after Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, which in turn takes place after Pokémon Black and White, which in turn takes place after the IV gen games, which in turn takes place after the III gen games? Which part of the timeline does Ruby and Sapphire really take place in, now?
    • ORAS will replace RSE in the timeline. Also, the timeline is this, with X and Y taking place at the same time as Black 2 and White 2.
    • The placement of ORAS on the timeline is a bit more complicated. It is shown to take place before Black and White by virtue of the Royal Unova being described as 'under construction', and as established, X and Y can't take place before Black and White due to the mention of Team Plasma. Where it gets complicated is that the Delta Episode has Zinnia imply that the original games are in an alternate, parallel timeline where Mega Evolution doesn't exist and the Kalos war never happened.
    • ... which in turn fits surprisingly well with the end of the Ruby and Sapphire chapter of Special, where Celebi brings the protagonists to an alternate timeline where the climax proceeded very differently.
  • Why is the demo being distributed via codes? It could easily have been made available straight through the eShop, and it would have prevented all of the logistical nightmares going on with the actual demo release.
    • Marketing. This way you need to buy a magazine/visit a store/subscribe for a newsletter to get the demo, and all of these activities brings you closer to wanting to buy one game or another.
  • The player witnesses Wally capturing a Ralts as his first Pokémon with Norman's Zigzagoon. We then see Wally give the Zigzagoon back. The Ralts, however, is at such a low level that it only knows Growl. How is Wally supposed to level up his Pokémon if he can't have it fight or use it to catch other Pokémon to help gain experience?
    • Com Mons tend to be easy to catch even if you don't weaken them first. Perhaps he just kept tossing Poké Balls until one finally worked, and then used that Pokémon to help him level up his Ralts.
    • Or, he just used a Rare Candy, to get his Ralts to Level 6... boom, Confusion.
    • Struggle.
    • Wally moved to Verdanturf town, which is right next to the daycare center. He probably left his Ralts there for a couple levels.
    • In ORAS, Ralts learns Confusion at level 4 now.
  • We see Norman give Wally a Zigzagoon when Wally goes to catch Ralts. Wally returns it. In Ruby and Sapphire, Norman does not have a Linoone, so what happened to the Zigzagoon? This may be part of the reason why he was given a Linoone in Emerald, but wouldn't Norman giving Wally a Slakoth make more sense?
    • Most players will have dozens more Pokemon than they use in their 6 slot limit. Perhaps that Zigzagoon was just one he caught or a baby from others in storage.
    • It has been heavily hinted Gym leaders have multiple teams. Perhaps for trainers who come from Rustboro for a first or second gym battle (Who are not the leaders son or daughter) fight a Slakoth and Zigzagoon.
    • Actually, Norman has a Linoone in Emerald.
  • If there are Pokémon contests in ORAS why did they look like Tripokalon in the animated trailer? You know, May was dancing with their Pokémon like Serena does as a performer, coordinators don't perform at contests.
  • ORAS Delta Episode: How old exactly is Zinnia supposed to be? She has that typical "adolescent character drawn like a young adult" look a lot of female characters get, but she's at least old enough to have had a daughter, who she presumably had for at least a while before she passed away. She has a grandmother who's still alive, and gets called both a woman and a girl by two separate characters. My guess is maybe she got pregnant around 20 and is mid to late 20s now.
    • It was never concretely stated that the original Aster was Zinnia's daughter. That's just what she called her Whismur, and it's fairly common for people to refer to themselves as their pets' parents. Personally, I got the impression that Aster was either her sister or her girlfriend, but it could be anybody, really. Aster being her daughter certainly isn't impossible, but it would raise the very same questions about her age that you've presented. However, their exact relationship remains ambiguous.
    • In Omega Ruby there's a random Magma grunt that will battle you during the Delta Episode. If you talk to her after defeating her, she'll explicitly say that both Brendan/May and Zinnia are teenagers. Once you find Zinnia in Maxie's room, however, the grunt will dissapear, so you can't really check her dialogue again.
    • Since we get to meet Zinnia's grandmother, but not her mother, I assumed that was the identity of the original Aster. It could also add a bit of drama in forcing Zinnia to assume her role earlier than expected, maybe she was too young to perform it to begin with, and her mother was the one who should've been there instead.
    • If the original Aster was Zinnia's daughter, there's no telling how young Aster was; she could have been a year or two old, for all we know. Zinnia could plausibly be a young-looking 18-20 year old. Putting her somewhere in the late teens could Hand Wave the ambiguous in-game references to her age, anyway.
  • For Cosplay Pikachu's other forms, the connection between the exclusive move and costume is more obvious, but why does Pikachu Belle get Icicle Crash? (besides the fact that it is a Beauty type move)
    • Belle Pikachu's dress looks rather heavy and warm, doesn't it? Perhaps a loose connection to a cold move like Icicle Crash.
  • So wait a minute... why are there Zubats and Golbats in a cave? I get that it's a cave... but it's an undersea cave. How on earth did they get there?
    • The fact that there's air in there means that it likely connects above-ground somewhere.
    • In case of Seafloor Cavern, there is sun-lit opening between entrance and the place you dive out from. So most likely the cave itself is above the sea level, just unaccessible from the side.
  • Let's say Zinnia is correct in the Delta Episode in saying that teleporting the meteor away could possibly bring it to an alternate universe version of Hoenn where they wouldn't be equipped to fend against a meteor crashing toward the planet. But what are the chances that it would end up going toward that exact space in the entire universe, at a time period and in a place where there are living beings that would worry about it? And on that subject, what makes her think that the meteor will end up in another world in the first place? If the technology the Space Center people planned to use is based on the warp panels, it sounds more like the meteor would just be teleported somewhere else in space— and space is a pretty big place, too. You could actively be trying to teleport it to a specific planet and still be more than likely to fail. It really doesn't seem like a big enough concern to put a place we know would be destroyed in jeopardy.
    • It makes a bit of sense when you consider that the device is called the Link Cable, which was used to trade Pokemon in the original Ruby and Sapphire to the other version. If we take all the little hints that both Original Hoenn and Remake Hoenn are parallel universes, but also that Ruby and Sapphire are alternate universes as well, plus the hints that the alternate universe it would hit is the original then it works out. Since the Link Cable was supposed to send Pokemon between Gen III Ruby and Sapphire, then that's exactly what it would do, send the meteor to Gen III Ruby and Sapphire.
    • A lot of what Zinnia is saying is based on the fact that the scientists are basically saying "We don't actually know where the meteorite is going to end up, anywhere but here is good though". Zinnia points out, what if that anywhere happens to be an alternate universe that can't actually deal with it? It does help that she actually does have an alternative - Rayquaza. Makes some more sense to players, knowing that this is a remake and all.
  • Anyone else think it's strange that Rayquaza has a stronger connection to the origin of mega evolution than the Diancie species? I mean for starters, Diancie is the only Gen 6 Pokémon to get a mega evolution, and most likely the only ones that ever will. Second, they're rock/fairy type, which kinds fits more with mystical stones. Finally, they're based on the mythical carbuncle, which would have it make all the more sense to have that legendary have a strong connection with mega evolution than the space dragon whom, to coin Homestuck terminology, basically serves as an auspistice between two other godly beasts whose mere presence screw up the world's weather severely.
    • Maybe Rayquaza is simply tied to the origins of Mega Evolution in Hoenn? Or it was simply one of the first few Pokémon to accomplish this? From the way Zinnia's story is framed, it could really be argued either way, since it does sound like an origin story for Mega Evolution as a whole, but it still focuses more on Hoenn's history specifically. I agree that it's pretty disappointing that more Gen 6 Pokémon don't have Megas, though (especially since Diancie's is only obtainable in ORAS).
  • Why do Groudon and Kyogre seem so complacent about your player character riding on their back on the way to the core of the Cave of Origin? The game states point-blank before then that the version legendaries are pretty much hellbent on carrying out their grand purpose of wiping out all life, as they've attempted to in the past. And they clearly see you before you climb on and they make their way to the core. So if they're supposed to be one-track minded by this point, why do they just let your trainer climb on and carry them to the core, let alone give them the chance to hop back into solid ground? If anything you'd expect them to try and attack you the moment they spot you while the red/blue orb's power is being used to keep your suit functioning so they could finally get rid of the orb that always foiled their attempts.
    • I believe that Maxie/Archie and Wallace mention that the player's opposite orb has a calming (and protective) effect against the legendary, which presumably coerces them to bring the player to the core peacefully. Once they undergo primal reversion though they attack so presumably they then have the power to overcome your orb.
    • Groudon and Kyogre are not depicted as hellbent on wiping out life so much as slaves to their desire to absorb natural energy and fulfill their purpose in the world (to create more land and water respectively). Without masses of natural energy messing with and overwhelming their minds they are apparently as reasonable as other legendaries, and are even noted to have saved human societies in the past from droughts and floods respectively. So one could assume that while heading into the Cave of Origin they may have been so single-mindedly focused on their goal (the energy within) that they didn't even take notice of the player character grabbing onto them.
      • No, Groudon/Kyogre clearly walks up to the player and lets them hitch a ride on their back. It assumes a "get on my back" stance and stays like that until the player jumps on them.
  • Mauville Food Court has the nickname of "Battle Food Court" because Trainers are battling each other over the limited seating in the establishment. Not only does this earn the place a "dubious reputation" but the legal sanctioning of Pokemon Battles in a public area presents a high risk of collateral damage for both bystanders and property. If the owners had some sensibility, they would increase the seating capacity, have some Police on duty to make sure the battles don't end with a violent and personal "trainer-on-trainer" altercation, or at least forbid the use of certain Pokemon Moves like "Surf" and "Hyper Beam".
    • Maybe the battles are what makes the food court popular! If you increased the seats, then trainers wouldn't get to battle each other, which wouldn't be as fun.
  • The whole business with Petalburg Gym. Although ORAS does mention that Norman and Birch went to college together, giving Norman a connection to Hoenn and reason to move there, it is still puzzling that there is not a word about what happened with the former Gym Leader of Petalburg. Assuming that there was one. But if there wasn't, there must only have been seven Gyms in Hoenn until recently, as there is no mention of any other Gym having to shut down. So was Hoenn a unique region in that it had less Gyms, and then that changed without anybody mentioning it, or did something happen to the former leader that, again, no-one wanted to talk about?
    • Maybe he simply retired and Norman was offered the position by Birch since he was the best candidate for the job? Not everything has to have sinister motives attached.
      • (Original headscratcher here) I did not assume it had to be something sinister; it just seems like a huge case of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot for what could replace the Superboss in Emerald. Explanation of what I mean provided in a note due to minor spoilers and possible FanWankiness.note 
  • Why is May chosen to represent the (Alpha)Sapphire version? She's very red and is usually associated with Torchic.
    • I cannot find any evidence as of this writing that the 'representation' is official, so I'll look at the fandom and point out two things:
      Among May's counterparts are Sapphire from Pokémon Adventures.
      The original Nuzlocke comic starred Brendan under the Punny Name Ruberto "Ruby" Normanson. You can probably guess why he was not named after a pun on Sapphire instead.
      Both the adaption and the fancomic that ended up receiving a lot of Follow the Leader tributes left May over to be representative of Sapphire. Seeing as Fanon is omnipresent among Pokémon fans and tends to be a blend of various sources, even people who've read neither might have been convinced that May should be the representative of Alpha Sapphire due to friends sharing ideas with friends sharing ideas with...
    • The thing is Sapphire is the most different incarnation of May and she usually doesn't have a heavy influence on other incarnations of May unlike what happened to Gold from the same manga.
  • What kind of hairstyle is May's anyway. How does her hair works?
    • The remakes have May's hair making a bit more sense. She's just got the back of her hair pulled into a ponytail, and left the front out. In the originals, it seems like the back of her hair is just cut shorter.
  • So you find Looker collapsed on the shores of the Battle Resort with no memories of himself. A woman then brings him back to her hut so he can recuperate. You then get his Audinite and leave him like this. Is there something I'm missing about this story?
    • Presumably ORAS takes place chronologically prior to XY, and since Looker appears there as his usual self he must recover in the meantime, but beyond that we have no information on how he ended up there and what caused his amnesia. Conceivably something related to an assignment of his with the international police. Just another mystery to ponder over, like the ghost girl and that hex maniac.
    • Possibly explained in Sun and Moon in the post-game Ultra Beast sidequest. A similar thing happened with SM's version of Anabel, so it's likely that ORAS Looker is a Faller like her. However, this leaves the question of whether it's the same Looker as in XY and his other appearances, but that could be easily handwaved with the multiverse meaning that there's multiple versions of everyone anyway.
  • So the game corner is no more as of ORAS after years of causing controversy among critics and irritation among fans. My question is why just close it? Why not change it up to something a little more relevant to what came to most of out minds as kids when hearing anything along the lines of "game corner"? I'm talking instead of slot machines, why not minigames based on what one would play at carnivals and arcades as a means for collecting tokens that could then be exchanged for prizes? That was something that really bothered me when I first entered the game corner on a friend's copy of Emerald back in middle school. It's a game for kids anyway. They aren't into sloth machines. They wanna play whack-a-mole (or I guess whack-a-Diglett in this case), the shooting gallery, or maybe that ball-rolling game where your goal is to get the ball to fall into the center hole. At least that's what this troper was expecting to see in there.
    • That's basically what they did in HeartGold and SoulSilver. It was a 'card flip' minigame. The problem was it was rather boring and while you couldn't lose coins, it took forever to get enough coins to get anything, verses the original game corner only needing an hour or so to get the top prize Porygon. Presumably Game Freak just threw up their hands and said screw it and got rid of it completely.
      • Voltorb flip was a lousy game though. If Game Freak were to make the game corner more like an arcade, as in what I'm sure what most of us were thinking of at first when we saw something called a 'game corner' in our Pokemon game, and include Pokemon-themed minigames based on arcade classics, the game corner would be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.
      • Say what? Voltorb Flip involved far more strategy than previous Game Corner games. Instead of mashing the A button at random at slots, you actually had to evaluate your odds, giving you more control over it and making it easier and faster to get coins compared to the awful luck-based slots from older games — and without having to savescum. If anything, it's the slots that were boring and slow. And they already did arcade-style minigames with FRLG's Game Corner and Platinum's Wi-Fi Plaza... both of which were promptly ignored by players.
  • Why Mega Glalie and no Mega Froslass? Why in fact, did Gallade not get a Mega until after Gardevoir? Did they purposely split up the Pokemon who evolve by Dawn Stone?
    • Probably because Glalie is commonly agreed by players to be rather underwhelming. Froslass isn't super-great either, but her increased speed compared to Glalie made her stand out a lot more in comparison (at least at the time). A boost for Froslass would definitely be nice, but she needs one "less" than Glalie did.
  • Why aren't there any female Triathletes in the remakes? The lack of female Psychics is at least explainable; Hex Maniacs became a Distaff Counterpart to the class in Gen VI. Yet there's no reason as to why they cut the female Triathletes.
    • I figured it was because they also added in several trainer classes that weren't in the original games (like Street Thugs, Delinquents, Fairy Girls, etc.). Plus they had all the various Kalos classes in the Battle Maison, right? Maybe they just didn't want to have even more trainer classes lying around in the code.
    • ORAS excluded plenty stuff from the originals due to being rushed. They probably didn't draw female triathlete sprites due to time constraints. In fact, Pokémon games as of late have become infamous for having less content with every new game, likely owing to Game Freak's current insistence on yearly releases.
  • Why doesn't Desolate Land have any effect on damage-dealing Ice-type moves? You'd think weather hot enough to make damage-dealing Water-type moves fail would have a similar effect on what are essentially moves utilizing frozen water and/or coldness.
    • If it's not simply Gameplay and Story Segregation, you might be able to Hand Wave it with most Ice moves being solid. The ice would have to melt first and then evaporate, and possibly the moves happen quickly enough that there's not enough time for that to happen.
  • According to the Pokédex, Absol is mistakenly believed by many people to be the cause of natural disasters when it is actually trying to warn people about them. Do all these people not have Pokedexes or other in-universe sources to tell them the truth? This seems like the kind of thing that would become common knowledge after it was discovered, but the Pokedex speaks as if most people are still making this same mistake about Absol. It should have at least made a in-universe impact when the truth was discovered, such as being mentioned in the news, pokemon nature shows, Wiki's articles about Absol (assuming the Pokemon world has Internet), etc...
    • Because way too many humans will not believe those annoying little things called "facts". Just as one example, in Real Life, many people still believe black cats to bring bad luck, leading to them being the least adopted shelter animals, among other things. People can be very superstitious, so they won't stop seeing Absol as bad omens just because of things like that (After all, disaster still strikes after an Absol was around, no?).
    • On the bright side, by Ultra Sun and Moon, Absol is getting more popular for its ability to predict disasters.
  • Why don't battles while soaring in the sky use Sky Battle rules? It would make a lot more sense, and Sky Battles apparently aren't in ORAS at all.
    • That would've been fun, but Sky Battles were basically an optional thing in XY. Technically soaring is optional too, but considering it was basically introduced to make traveling easier, it would've quickly turned into a Scrappy Mechanic if you were required to have a flier/Levitater in your party to do it. (Or you'd have to go out of your way to make sure and avoid the soaring battles, but still.)
  • So Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza are the respective guardians of the sea, land and sky. But wait, weren't Ho-Oh and Lugia the guardians of the sky and the sea respectively? What's going on here?
    • The weather trio aren't guardians, that's just fanon.
    • Also, it could simply be a regional thing. As in, if we do take it as canon, they're just the guardians in those specific places.
  • Why did the localization give the leaders of Team Aqua and Magma such nonthreatening names as Archie and Maxie?
    • The real question is, on the other side, why would (in-universe) parents give their children threatening names as if they're expecting them to lead evil teams one day?
  • Why did Mr. Stone need the player to deliver a letter to his son? Why not just contact him directly by phone or email?
    • It's Steven. He spends all his time digging around in caves, where he presumably has terrible reception. It makes less sense in Emerald and ORAS, since the Poke Nav now has a call function that works just fine in Granite Cave, but there could be deeper caves that we never access.
  • Why did Game Freak replace Steven with Wallace as the Champion in Emerald? Didn't they think that players would see this as a "downgrade", considering that Wallace was merely a Gym Leader (not even an Elite Four member) in RS?
    • In (gameplay) principle, who would you expect to be stronger: Wallace, who was a gym leader, or Steven, who's otherwise a "random trainer"? Yes, the player knows Steven was a champion in RS, but in the games, champions are easy to replace- you depose whoever the previous champion was, after all. Gym leaders are there to take on all challengers; champions are (apparently) "one loss and you're done." Or, Gameplay and Story Segregation, involving player knowledge.
  • Why is Team Magma Fire-themed, rather than Ground-themed?
    • Seems to me like they are themed after both things. The only Fire Pokemon they use, Numel/Camerupt, is also a Ground-type. And don't forget that Groudon, who they practically worship, has Fire-type moves and is associated with lava.
    • Besides Numel being half-Ground already, a few Magma grunts had Baltoy as well in Emerald, iirc. This could've been meant to play up the Ground theme a bit more.
  • Why did the localization give the Crimson Orb and Indigo Orb blander names ("Red Orb" and "Blue Orb")? Were they afraid that kids wouldn't know the colors crimson and indigo? And why did they later go back on their naming convention and renamed the Verdant Orb "Jade Orb" rather than "Green Orb"?
    • I can't explain the Crimson and Verdant Orbs, but the Indigo Orb could be because there is already an Indigo Plateau and an Indigo League and maybe they wanted to avoid people mistakenly connecting the Indigo Orb to those things.
  • In the remake if you check the statues in Norman's Gym, Wally just beat the Gym. So why in the cutscene shortly after you beat Norman, this one meets Wally outside his Gym and acts like he hasn't seen him since he caught Ralts? He says "It's been a while, Wally. You've grown stronger, I can tell that just from looking, even without having a battle with you". Um, Norman, you just had a battle with Wally and lost to him!
    • Is it said exactly when the battle was? Wally could've beat Norman a few days before the player did and then trained a little more afterwards, and "a battle" here means "another battle."
  • Why in the post-game in ORAS, whenever Birch gets chased by a wild Pokémon, he has the main character grab one of the Pokémon in his bag to save him? The MC obviously has their own Pokémon by that point, being the freaking Champion.
  • Why did team Magma/Aqua use the Blue/Red Orb to summon Groudon/Kyogre? YMMV but to me, you would summon a land spirit with a red orb, and a sea spirit with a blue orb, and not the other way around.
    • Notice that they were pissed off when they awoke. Groudon and Kyogre were likely enraged into appearing due to their opposing element's presence. Heck, each may have thought that the other was somewhere near.
      • True, but irrelevant. I asked why Magma/Aqua thought it was a good idea, not why Game Freak did.
    • We have a trope for this: Plot-Induced Stupidity. Who said team Magma and Team Aqua were smart? Their plan is to expand the land or ocean to have more space for their Pokémon. Maxie tries to erupt a volcano that's nowhere near the ocean, and Archie apparently doesn't think that maybe because there is land, that people would get overcrowded quickly if not die out in the floods?
      • Not to mention, you surely can't expect an evil organization which is ultimately brought down by a tween to be savvy. Also to be fair, the Pokemon world is a bit of an isolated universe, so poor understanding of elemental color coding tropes is to be expected.
    • Actually, if you take a closer look, the orbs do correspond with the right Pokémon: Groudon has the Blue Orb because it has (sometimes hard to see) BLUE Tron Lines all over its body, whereas Kyogre has RED Tron Lines that correspond with the Red Orb. So, it's simple to say that each orb was the color of its corresponding Pokémon's inner aura.