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No spoiler warnings allowed on these subpages! Therefore, read with caution!

Original Games

  • Basically, in Dewford Town, there is a trendy phrase. You can make what's "hip, happening, and trendy" almost ANYTHING. Even "ADULT ANIME." This works a bit differently in the remakes where instead of doing a "trendy phrase", you can start a trend about anything found within your backpack and "what's cool about them."
  • A female Cool Trainer on Route 111, before she challenges you, says that your Pokemon look like serious actors and that she wants to ask you "for an engagement", which makes it sound like she's proposing to you. It's made even funnier if you're playing as a girl, but in Emerald after you beat her, she only mentions wanting to be friends with more strong trainers like you. Still funny though. This is probably why they changed her dialogue to "Could I ask you for a battle?" in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • In the museum in Slateport, when you encounter Team Aqua (Sapphire/Emerald) or Team Magma (Ruby), the grunt you fought in Petalburg Woods and Rusturf Tunnel will give you a TM. What's in this TM? Thief, which he claims fits you rather than him before running off in the middle of his job.
  • "The air is tasty here!" Said by a young boy walking by the water on Route 117.
  • Many random trainers have hilarious Large Ham tendencies.
    Gorge your eyes on this, it's a SILK SCARF!
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  • You know the standard YES/NO means of answering questions in Pokémon? In this game, it extends to asking where you're from. Saying yes will result in the man saying that he's never heard of Yes Town. Selecting no causes the man to say that you've had to have come from somewhere (and then guessing that you were born at the bottom of the sea).
  • "Fishing is all about concentration. You have to focus on the floater"
  • This bit, from a Beauty Contest participant in Lilycove:
    This pretty Pokemon looks just like me when I was younger. Right when I said that, my husband spewed the coffee he was drinking. Did I say something funny?
  • Apparently, Rydel, the bike shop owner, has his name printed all over his bicycles. How do we know this? An NPC on Cycling Road points out that your bike says "Rydel, Rydel, Rydel, Rydel, Rydel", etc. on it. Using several boxes' worth of text, no less.
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  • The Battle Tower (and Frontier in Emerald) trainers have their lines entirely made up using the Easy Chat system, which creates many hilarious lines like "POUND THE THICK FAT ON MY BELLY DRUM!" or "I AM GOING TO ENJOY AN EGG". One of them even says "NONE OF THIS IS MAKING SENSE."
  • When you fight the Winstrates, after defeating the daughter, her grandmother comes out and says:
    You! How dare you make my granddaughter cry! For that, I'm going to smack you! Prepare to lose!
  • There is a triathlete on Route 117 who keeps running back and forth claiming he is in a race. After he is defeated, he claims he have "dropped to last during that battle." Yet, when re-battled, he claims he's comfortably in the lead. All of this ignores the fact he is the only triathlete on the entire route. Is he racing against himself? Or is this a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation?
  • You know the series-wide Running Gag of a battle against a Fisherman using a full party of Magikarps? This game has a fun variation: there is a Fisherman on Route 132 that challenges you with a full party featuring a Magikarp... and five GYARADOS!

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


  • When Matt calls Tabitha a Makuhita, Tabitha throws an over-the-top tantrum and demands that he at least make it a Hariyama.
  • One of the first Magma grunts the player meets describes Steven as "a rather stunning male specimen."
  • Steven recalls Team Magma's name as Team Something Or Other.
    • Brendan/May does the exact same thing in the actual game.
  • Tabitha calls Steven a "silver-haired pretty boy."
  • A rather hilarious Call-Forward to Pokémon X and Y can be found in the demo. In X and Y, a male Swimmer in Azure Bay tells you that he's swum from Hoenn to Kalos. Many pointed out that (assuming Hoenn and Kalos are in the same locations as Kyushu and France) this is a trip of several thousand miles. In the demo - canonically about a decade before X and Y - we meet this Swimmer at the start of this marathon journey!
  • Sometimes a scientist will show up in Mossdeep and talk about how he loves Shroomish, but that they don't seem to appear around Mossdeep. Sometimes, a Shroomish may appear randomly in Mossdeep in place of another NPC. It's even funnier if the scientist still happens to be there.
  • Near the start of the game, a Team Aqua member will proudly boast to be the 25th best grunt on the team. Looking up Bulbapedia shows that there were barely twenty-something Grunts in Aqua to begin with in the original games, implying that she kinda sucks at her job.

Promotional Short

  • When Brendan's Treecko tries to attack a Youngster's Zigzagoon with its tail, the Zigzagoon dodges it, causing Treecko to slam its tail on the ground. Not only does the slam make a comical sound, Treecko ends up suffering painful vibrations from the impact, causing Brendan to Face Palm in the background.
  • In Mega Sharpedo and Mega Slowbro's fight, Slowbro's Shellder notices the incoming Sharpedo and panics before turning around, resulting in a surprised Slowbro. Upon breaking free from Sharpedo's bite, both Slowbro and the Shellder look freaked out.
  • In Mega Lopunny and Mega Sableye's fight, after Lopunny's attacks all get blocked by Sableye's giant ruby, Sableye mocks Lopunny by grinning through the ruby. Lopunny proceeds to jump behind Sableye and lightly kicks its leg, causing Sableye to lose its balance as its own ruby falls on top of it. Mega Sableye ends up struggling underneath it while Lopunny giggles.
  • Mega Audino and Mega Altaria are shown copying May's dancing in a Pokémon Contest.
  • Not a single Pokémon has their voice dubbed into English, which is rather humorous if you can hear it.

Main Game

  • If you're playing as Brendan, May makes an odd-looking surprised face when she greets you for the first time.
  • There's an Ace Trainer in Rustboro City who gives you a Float Stone, and item that halves the holder's weight. If you go to a different floor and come back, you'll find the Ace Trainer is gone... and there's a Hiker where he was standing. Talk to him, and he says "I seem to have put on a lot of weight lately." Yes, apparently the Float Stone works for humans too...
    • Solves the mystery behind the differences between Ace Trainers and normal Hikers.
  • When you encounter Tabitha at Mt. Chimney (Omega Ruby only), he isn't too pleased to see you.
    Tabitha: Unngh! You're really...really, really, really, really, really, really... really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really...reeeallllyyyy... an obnoxious child, aren't you?!
  • Maxie's after-battle model when you win. Basically, a non-verbal Big "WHAT?!" as his glasses go askew. Followed up a few seconds later by him quickly adjusting his appearance so that it looks like it never happened. It's hilarious when you see it for the first time.
  • One of the possible Pokémon in the Beauty and Cuteness contests is... Chaz's Machoke. Not a Pokémon one would expect to participate in said contests, right? It gets even better as the moves it knows for both contest types are Sunny Day, Return and... Attract. It's also possible to face it in the Cleverness contest. Its moves for that contest are Bulk Up, Brick Break, Low Sweep and... Attract. Yes, it still has Attract for that contest.
    • You actually get to talk to Chaz a few times after winning higher-ranked contests. Said trainer considers his Machoke's strength its cuteness and shies away from entering the Machoke in the toughness contest. That is, until Character Development sets in and eventually trains with Gym Leader Brawly for the contest.
    • After beating a Super Rank contest for the first time, Chaz barges in and complains about you stealing his spotlight as Lisia's rival. He boasts that they spent the night before their debut hanging out, talking all night about their dreams for the future.
      Chaz: Well, actually, we talked for about 40 minutes, but it was still amazing!
  • A female Team Aqua Grunt at Lilycove City comments that she can't wait to bring her 101 Skitty to her grandpa's Wailord.
  • The fact that characters can have more animations in the remakes than just walking animations means we can now see Flannery "trying too hard to be intimidating," which is depicted as her pulling a face as she speaks as well as shouting her words instead of talking normally. That, and combined with the fact that she still fumbles her words in the remakes (and turns to the side to think every time she does so) all make the scene seem funnier than before.
  • Wattson's Perpetual Smiler face now has a close-up animation before the battle begins which involves the camera spinning. It practically turns him into The Hyena.
  • As in the original versions, ORAS features many hidden Kecleon. One such example is hidden in Lavaridge Town's hot springs. IN the hot spring! One has to wonder how the poor lizard isn't boiling alive.
  • A warning sign in Team Magma's base next to a locked door.
    Danger! Please don't play inside.
    Caution! It's super dangerous! Really! I mean it!
    If something bad happens because you didn't believe me, don't blame me!
    • The nearby machine for testing the durability of the Magma Suit also has hilarious labels.
      Give it a walloping
      Throw a lot of weight on it
      Wring it tightly
      Drop it from really high up
      Burn it severely
      Submerge it intensely
      Thrash it hard
    • On a similar note, there's the device used to fire lasers at irradiated meteorites:
      Fire the laser beam delicately
      Fire the laser beam a bit more
      Fire the laser beam fairly judiciously
      Fire the laser beam like whoa
    • In the resting room:
      Magma Grunt: Today's smell check of our beds is done! They're fine. They smell good.
    • If you examine the computers next to the Magma/Aqua Suit, you'll get a message from an AI telling you that the Suit is 120% complete, but whoever wears it may find it slightly humid and damp. And then it apologizes.
  • During the drought/drizzle, the old couple staring out into the sea at Lilycove comment that they married during the same current weather years ago. This means they married during a famine or a flood.
  • Once Steven leaves after talking to Zinnia's grandmother, she gives this line if you talk to her.
    Zinnia's grandmother: That silver-haired dreamboat said he was headed back to Rustboro.
    • In fact, a truly ridiculous amount of characters feel the need to mention his attractiveness. It's honestly like his being handsome is a Hoenn-wide meme.
  • Once you beat the Elite 4, you can get the Johto, Unova, and Sinnoh starters from Birch, who is running away from a Shroomish (who turns out to not be so hostile), the moving company Machoke (mistaken for a wild Machoke), and his wife (mistaken for a wild Pokemon).
  • Visit the 5th floor in Lilycove Department Store and you'll witness both Tate and Liza squeeing at buying toys with a research representative of the space center commenting that he's spoiling them first to get them to help with their space travel research.
  • The fact that you obtain the Gardevoirite and Galladite from Wanda and Cozmo is pretty hilarious.
  • Despite now being constrained to what's in your item bag, the Dewford trendy phrase still allows for some hilarious combinations. Like Bright Powder Parties.
    • Australian players will likely get a giggle out of making anything involving the item "Big Root" trendy.
    • Or perhaps even worse, Hydro Pump Habit.
    • In a similar vein, "Great Ball Parties".
  • President Stone embarrassing his son Steven by teasing him about being impatient.
    • The fact that Steven visibly gets a >:( expression when Mr. Stone teases him is pretty funny, too.
  • The Magma and Aqua grunts when they fight you. Their dialogue indicates that you fight each one at least twice, because they remember the thrashing they took the first, and sometimes second times. They know damn well that they can't beat you. They know it is futile to even try, and yet they still do.
  • On second floor of Mauville City, there is a guy there who randomly gives you a Nugget. What makes this funny is that he demands you treat this moment seriously and that there is nothing funny about Nuggets.
    • This is a slight Lost in Translation moment - the Japanese name for Nuggets is "golden balls." So, he's probably telling the player not to be childish and to stop snickering at being randomly given a guy's balls.
  • Gym Leader Roxanne fussing with the Ruin Maniac about a rare stone because she wants it.
  • Brendan insisting he did not go to Lilycove City to buy plushies. Even though after this, going to Brendan's house shows that he has a brand new Swablu plushie. Compared against Wally's new found levels in badass more than a little funnier.
  • Archie apparently punishes his grunts by giving them noogies.
  • Wallace's camp extends far beyond his new outfit. In his pre-battle conversation with you, he'll suddenly pose for a surprise photoshoot, complete with shutter flashes and close-ups- including a close-up of his buttocks. For no apparent reason. He does this again when he gives you the Waterfall HM for beating him and again in the cutscene that appears after you encountered him in the contests for the first timenote .
  • One of the possible special skills a Secret Base Pal can have is "Tell me my fortune". Choosing this gives you a random MAX O-Power all the while the Secret Base Pal acts in character to their trainer class in order to "tell your fortune". Besides the fairly obvious and appropriate Hex Maniacs, the possible classes that can use this secret base skills include at least the Swimmers (they speak about swimming against the current and pulling your fortune out of their trunks), Guitarists (they apparently play a melody in order to grant your fortune), Lasses (they do a bit of word play involving the word "Lass") and Poké Maniacs (They pretend that your fortune's in their costume, then act "in-character" by roaringnote ).
  • Sea Mauville's 10 slogans for a cheerful and fun workplace, which looks like something from Aperture Science.
    01. Say good morning very loudly.
    02. Don't bring Pokémon to your workplace.
    03. Always arrive on time. Always stay late.
    04. Lay your life on the line in safety checks.
    05. Take joint responsibility for teamwork.
    06. Obey your superior's orders absolutely.
    07. Maintain top quality. Give up your sanity.
    08. Worship and praise the founder.
    09. Don't expect time off before you retire.
    10. No need to think. Just work unceasingly.
  • If you interact with a portal in a Mirage Spot, the game asks you, "Would you like to put your hand deep in the hole?"
  • You can find Gym Leader Winona standing on one of the tall towers in Mauville City, supposedly feeling the breeze. Talking to an old lady nearby will ask you about what has gotten into her.
  • When you reach the Battle Resort in the postgame, a short cutscene shows an overly excited Wally accidentally bumping into either Tabitha and Courtney (Alpha Sapphire) or Matt and Shelly (Omega Ruby), who then apologizes profusely, addressing them as "ma'am" and "sir". Neither of them is flattered.
    Tabitha: Hey! I have only just turned 27! How old do you think I am?!
    Shelly: Ma'am? MA'AM?! I'm a "Ms.", not a "ma'am"!!
    • The Italian dialogue is even funnier: Wally apologizes with "S-sorry...! Nothing got broken I hope? I know that at a certain age, breaking a bone can be dangerous..."
  • In the Battle Maison, one Punk Guy says after you beat him, "Wahhh! You're scary! Stop picking on me!"
  • After becoming Champion, you can find Gym Leaders Tate and Liza searching through the doll section with a suited man on the 5th floor of the Lilycove Mall. The suited man is a worker of the Mossdeep Space Center who is trying to study more on space travel and has asked the young gym leaders to help him by using their psychic powers. However, since they are so young, he is less than successful and tries to buy them dolls to "butter them up" and help him out.
  • There is a Hiker in Granite Cave who claims to have gotten lost on his way to the Contest Spectacular Hall. The closest of which lies in Slateport, across the sea. And the route does not require entering the Granite Cave at all. Sadly, you cannot help the guy out.
  • For Spanish players there's the scene in Route 118 where either Latios or Latias comes asking for help. Its presence is announced by a cry which the subtitles describe as "tioooos" or "tiaaaas". Hilariously, "tios" (and its feminine form "tias") is a colloquial term in Spain, which could be translated as "guys" or "dudes". Hence, for a Spanish player, it looks like Latios or Latias is saying to Steven and the player "hey, guys, what's up?". Take note, both the Latis can communicate with humans via telepathy according to the Pokédex, so that doesn't seem exactly farfetched.
  • One of BuzzNav's HNN reports is this, just after you beat the Champion. In an interview, Prof. Birch will reveal that he used to change the player character's diapers while claiming that he was the first one to spot his/her talent back then. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the player character), the video of his interview got cut off before he could say more. BuzzNav is more or less the equivalent of national television. Could come across as Heartwarming another way.
  • BuzzNav's pretentious and over-the-top reports of whatever other players are doing, with the hosts exulting in rejoice over a player finding a Potion with the dowsing machine or buying 99 Ultra Balls. Especially the Wonder Trade reports.
    Yee-haw! It's that time again! Time to check out the latest heart-racing, breathtaking Wonder Trades! And who is today's Worldwide Wonder Trader? Look, here to entertain us is Brendan! Welcome! All righty then, Brendan, what will you be offering for your Wonder Trade? Oh! Would you look at that! A Wurmple! Wurmple, you shocker, you! You sure know the Pokémon that everyone wants, don't you? And now's the moment we watch as Wurmple is... sent! It's been sent! We have send-off! Here we go! HERE WE GO-O-O! Have fun, little Wurmple! I'm sure you'll be loved! And now! Oh! Oh! Here it comes! Who has come to us from beyond? Whoa! Will wonders never cease?! It's a Zigzagoon! A Zigzagoon, sent all the way from May! And what's it clutching like there's no tomorrow? A Potion! And that's another Wonder Trade gone off without a hitch! What a rush! And our thanks to Brendan and May! That Wonder Trade was— heart racing! Breathtaking! The perfect Pokémon to memorialize 597 successful Wonder Trades! You sure are some kind of trader, Brendan! OK, viewers, isn't it time YOU tried a little Wonder Trade of your own with the PSS? See you next time!
  • An NPC can be found within Mauville City contemplating on whether or not she should enter the Contest Spectacular with her Pokémon, and asks her Pokémon if he feels "Positive or Negative" about it. Said Pokémon's a Minun. Right behind her is a man contemplating entering the Contest Spectacular as well just so that he could see said "beauty".
  • Before you enter your first contest, Lisa will say that she's "happier than a Gloom with a Sun Stone" (which would be a Bellossom).
  • The Trap Door mechanic in the Lavaridge Gym returns here. Brendan's reaction when he falls down one is priceless.
  • When Courtney shows up to apologize to Maxie for going off the deep end during the ending of the Delta Episode in Omega Ruby, the awkward silence between them drags on for so long that Tabitha eventually just yells at them to get on with it.
  • In the desert portion of Route 111 (the part that requires the Go-Goggles), there is a Hex Maniac on top of a cliff that requires the Mach Bike to access. She says she got up there using her occult powers, then asks how the player got up there. She seems dumbfounded that you just used a bike. She even expresses interest in getting a bike herself, and admits that she's actually rather athletic under that huge robe.
    • She's gone the next time you enter the desert, apparently off to get a bike!
  • Speaking of the bike, if the Amie status screen is open, you can see your Pokémon doing wild, rapid flips while you ride. They also do a big jump when jumping over a ledge.
  • The Street Thugs and Delinquents are scary though guys and ladies who wear jackets with Plusle and Minun on their backs.
  • You obtain the Mega Stone for Pidgeot by showing the Intriguing Stone to Mr. Stone, which has the same description as an item in XY that had absolutely no purpose. Meaning Sycamore's students may very well have thrown out a perfectly good Mega Stone. On top of this, during this conversation, Mr. Stone has a Picture of an Omanyte behind him. An extremely powerful Pidgeot and an Omanyte, hmm...


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