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With Pokemon crossing over with Nobunaga's Ambition of all things- even getting a worldwide release despite one half of the game being Japan-exclusive- anything's possible. Cast your votes!

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Main Games and Franchise-wide

    Setting-Related Crossovers 
It takes place in the same world as Shadow Star...
  • ...After Mamiko has destroyed all humans. Of course the shadow-dragons can duplicate or shapeshift into anything they like. They've even been shown to duplicate people on more than one occasion—that's how the Virgin Princesses appear sometimes, as we're shown in the manga, and how Kyoji's doppelganger is formed. So there's that; perhaps, in addition to the Adam and Eve repopulation, there were also shadow-dragons duplicating humans out of curiosity or yearning. We're shown that after the destruction of humanity, there are tons of shadow dragons still left around. Perhaps Shiina's and Mamiko's children's children grew up closely with these creatures and formed special bonds with them. Eventually, it became something commonplace and traditional, and eventually mellowed and evolved into the world of Pokemon.
  • As a side note, some of the adult dragons resemble ancient Pokemon, too.
  • Baby shadow-dragons can also have any number of forms.
  • (It's not perfect, but this troper thought it would make a neat theory anyway.)

It takes place in the same world as Half-Life...
After the Black Mesa Incident, some of the Xenites interbred with the local wildlife. Some of the Xenite characteristics were passed on. After many cycles of this, we have our modern-day Pokemon!

The Pokemon world is actually a planet in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe.
They are all on a planet sheltered from the horrors of the Galaxy by a warp-storm (similarly to the Tau race who managed to develop without too much external influence). Pokemon themselves are either Lesser Daemons (possibly Tzeentchian - why else are they cooperating with the humans, if not as part of a larger plan), or local xeno wildlife. Team Rocket is actually a branch of the Inquisition that has forgotten its purpose after so many years without Imperial dogma to guide them. The Warp storm may be so important that Imperial, Heretic, and Xeno forces avoid it (placing Pokemon world somewhere in either the Eye of Terror, the Maelstrom, or the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath), and the planet's similarity to Earth can be explained by the early terraforming mankind did during the Dark Age of Technology.How's that for a Wild Mass Guess?

The Pokemon universe is a Daemon World.
Think about it. The people in this world just casually accept these creatures with terrifying powers. The truth is far more sinister. They are actually being deluded by Slaanesh into thinking his Greater Daemons are under their control, whilst these daemons are feeding of their emotions.
  • Of course, it's more than just Slaanesh. Fighting type Pokemon are under the dominion of Khorne, Poison/Bug type belong to Nurgle, and Psychic types are Tzeentchian.

The Pokemon World is Holy Terra right after the rise of the Emperor
The Emperor has just affirmed his hegemony on the world, but isn't fully in control yet. The Pokemon are a cross between the results of experiments in the Dark Age of Technology and Chaos Demons corrupted by the Emperor, and tend to obey to Humans because of this.
  • Ash's father? The Emperor, of course. That's why he's never around: he's busy transforming the unstable peace among the factions in his absolutistic Imperium and squashing criminal syndicates like Team Rocket.

Pokemon is the future of the Fallout World
The nukes changed the landscape, making the world look the way it does. Also, both have different science, and the Pokemon is radiation + animals. The option to make Harold spread his seeds in FO3 is canon. Rare Candy is basically a pill full of rads. Also fits the idea of always having some idiot become a hero.

The world of Pokemon is the future (present?) of The Flintstones.
Consider: the world of Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty is full of seemingly sentient creatures of all shapes and sizes who are all too happy to be suborned by humans and who are used in a variety of tasks. These creatures can all talk; but none of the humans seem to hear or understand them, which suggests that, like the latter-day Pokemon, they are not using human language.

Pokemon is the Star Wars galaxy's future/present.
Exactly what it says on the tin.

The Pokemon world is a Noah's Ark-like mission from the Star Wars Universe.
So far there are 493 Pokemon known. And at the beginning of Giratina and the Sky Warrior the announcer states that there could be perhaps thousands of Pokemon. These could all be populations of unknown worlds in the Star Wars universe, and near the destruction of the planets part of the population is sent on a ship to the Pokemon world. Mew could've been the one species that all Pokemon evolved from, including the other species such as humans. (Goes along with the Humans being Pokemon theory below.) Arceus could just be an embodiment of The Force as a whole.
  • The movie states there "could be perhaps thousands of Pokémon," not Pokémon species, just Pokémon.
    • Which is a rather silly and narrowminded way of interpreting that line for a series that's constantly adding new species.

Pokemon is the Discworld in the future.
Astfgl in FaustEric escaped his job and led another revolt, that backfired and resulted in demons staying on Discworld at the cost of having to charge their shapeshifting powers through fighting each other, being sent back to hell and resummoned via portable circles inscribed in the Poke Balls. Some humanoid Pokemon were made by Demons trying to possess humans or dwarfs (Jynx being a result of the Dwarf Feminism movement) after the powerdown, which obviously went wrong and got them stuck, and most rock Pokemon are the same result, but with Trolls. Ground-type Pokemon that actually appeared to be made of earth used to be the four "gold" golems from Making Money. The technology has advanced in a really random way (the Discworld has the Clacks, and very nearly a semaphore-based internet, and many things from the Counterweight Continent and XXXX, while the Pokemon world runs the gamut of technological advancement, from animal-powered paddleboats to the flying fortress in Mewtwo Strikes Back and the city in Destiny Deoxys). Penultimately, it describes why Ash has only aged a year or two in the last ten: he's part dwarf (possibly by adoption, the way Discworld genes are shown to work in Soul Music), enough to get the age increase but not enough to get the beard or blockiness. And finally, the implacable hedgehog of the infamous hedgehog song really is the imperturbable nature spirit Shaymin, it's not a Double Entendre.

The Pokemon World is the universe created at the end of AKIRA
Tetsuo assumed the form of Arceus, while Akira himself assumed the form of Mew (so that he could still push around Tetsuo by assuming his form if need be). Tetsuo/Arceus, in his boredom created the Dragon Trio out of homage to his former Capsule buddies Kaneda, Kaisuke, and Yamagata, and somewhere along the line was compelled by Akira/Mew to allow Takashi, Kiyoko, and Masaru to assume the forms of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie and make them the universe's respective arbiters of willpower, emotion, and knowledge. The other legendary Pokemon are the forms assumed by the other 36 psychic children, with Mewtwo being the exception as he is the product of Tetsuo/Arceus' attempts to relive his life back in Neo-Tokyo (when you're a Physical God, it can't be that hard to use a few erm... shortsighted scientists as pawns). All other Pokemon are the product of Akira's prior failed attempts to create a new universe (once if we're going by movie continuity, twice if we're going by manga continuity), while the humans of the Pokemon world are all of the people sucked in by Akira's final Sphere of Destruction. As for any inconsistencies, what do you expect from a guy who went on a power trip back in his former life and turned into a giant fetus amoeba when his powers grew beyond his control.

The world of Pokemon is on the far side of the Amestris of Fullmetal Alchemist from our world.
Asplode your head. The worlds have greater and greater deviation from our idea of entropy and conservation of work as you go further down the line. The reason the Olympus Mons have gotten plot-relevant lately is because (aside from Mewtwo, canonically the strongest Pokemon apart from the specific bailiwick of creating worlds or making flowers grow) of the Amestrian massacres leading to enough energy raining into their world to justify their awakening.

The Pokemon world runs on similar rules to the world of Fullmetal Alchemist.
The Poke Balls have built-in alchemy machines, sort of like the Xingian alchemy tags the little kid with the panda uses for projectile alchemy circles, the Pokemon are transported by, instead of reconstructing their matter in a different shape, by reconstructing them in a different place, and the Pokemon themselves are superalchemists, and their food is an infusion of red water (that's why Ash got sick that time he tried to eat Pokemon food; sorry to everyone who thinks Lugia is his dad.) As for Pokemon eggs, the shell is just whatever material the Pokemon had handy at the time with a coating of concentrated red water on the inside, in order to hide the ghastly effects of an incomplete homunculus. This even accounts for why Pokemon only faint in battle: They know their own bodies well enough and have such fine control that they never die, they just pass out from the effort of keeping themselves together after the attack that takes the last of their hit points (and the Potions and Ethers are just different forms of red water

The Pokemon World is an Alternative Timeline of Mother where Martha and George succeeded
The Starmen/Pokemon are from space: Their forms come in all sorts of mooks and monsters, with just a certain number we know about. This explains why the Pokemon World is so close to our Earth, but different. Similar to what happened with the Ark in Mother 3, a world was created for humans to partner with Pocket Monsters, to help make more successes similar to Giygas. The humans are not aware that they are being used, as the Starmen make them understand they are in control.

The Starmen's WMDs use the Human training to increase their powers. Only the recent Mewtwo was considered a failure: Pokémon Ranger has shown an ancient civilisation had methods to produce Mewtwo just as good as modern science. Before, it was a regularly produced item which people thought was unique and the best for their own time (any sense that Mewtwo had ran around just a few years prior, only dying, was wiped... though this failed one, allows for a "we did it right now").

Earth actually exists elsewhere too, just similar to how people's minds have been wiped in the Ark, nobody really can think about the original Earth.

Also the Ark of Mother 3 was created by the events that had the Starmen create Earth-2 for Pokemon. When the four heroes jumped back in time to kill Giygas at the dawn of time, things did change. It made Martha and George's original training of Giygas successful, prompting the events leading up to Mother 3.

The people of Earth I momentarily remember the events that occurred after the ending, as time had yet to rearrange itself properly to have Martha and George successful parents. Even worse, Buzz Buzz may have been sent by Giygas after eating the Apple of Enlightenment specifically to allow his own defeat, and ergo his own success.

Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel Masters, Beyblade and Bakugan happen in the same universe, but...
The entire planet has six nations, and they all have suffered from war. Now, there's a Cold War-like thing happening in the planet and all the countries have created their own creatures. First they give creatures to children, so they can see how they work. And on some day, all the countries attack to each other with those creatures.

Countries in my opinion are:

  • Pokemon World = Japan
  • Digimon World = China, because most of the people here more chinese than Japanese, also high tech technology.
  • Beyblade World = The Great Britain
  • Duel Masters World = Canada
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! = Egypt
  • Bakugan = USA
The Pokemon world is the result of whatever is happening in Civilization.
Hence how real world locations are referenced but it looks nothing like the real world. Tokugawa just did well.

The Pokemon universe is the same as the Mass Effect universe.
Or at least an alternate version. Basically, ancient animals and organisms on Earth were exposed to element zero (either through experimentation by the Protheans or by accident) and evolved and mutated into entirely new lifeforms with incredible natural powers. At the very least, it would explain Psychic-type Pokemon, as they can be very similar to biotics in most cases.

The Pokemon world is actually several islands on the Grand Line from One Piece.
It has unique creatures that seem to get 'discovered' in every region. You need a boat to get from one region to another. We all know from Groudon and Kyogre that the weather is freaky. There are places with magnetic anomalies - Mt. Coronet, anyone? Sabrina ate the Mind-Mind Devil Fruit, Meowth ate the Human-Human fruit, the humans are all Made of Iron. The Legendary Birds are the Big Good, so they would be the Admirals, what with Fire, Ice, Lightning. The dials from Skypeia are actually Helix fossils that still have power from their Omanytes. The Oshawott line are all Fishmen and Bouffalant is related to Brook.

The Pokeverse is The Nostalgia Critic's hated things put in one to keep him sane
Think of what he's subjected to. Steel. Batman and Robin. THE ADVENTURES OF SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! The universe almost was destroyed by him reviewing Pokemon: The First Movie, but he hated it, so we were saved. It has every last thing he hates in one because it is his peeves embodied.

Pokéarth is the world of Fire Emblem in the distant future.
Ransei just happens to be the only place that stuck to the oldest traditions known to history. Arceus is Naga, and Grima is Giratina. Countries are as follows:

If you're wondering why most of the countries are from Awakening, this troper's only played that and part of Shadow Dragon

  • Well, the Pokémon Ranger folder below has another Fire Emblem world, so...

The Digimon and Yokai are distorted Pokemon brought into Elmore by Dr Weird
  • He could be able to make Mewtwo and since Elmore can be weird with reacting to unnatural things (Men with ponytails, Richard getting a job, and dogs getting on with cats) it wouldn't out of the realm of possibility.

This Franchice will have a crossover with a fighting game (such as Street Fighter or Dead or Alive) as a hybrid genre equivalent to Chess-Boxing.
There will be an alternation between the fighters fighting each other and sending out a Pokémon to fighting in their place.

    Science of the Pokemon World 
Pokemon evolution is powered by Spiral Energy
Spiral Energy is the energy of evolution. And Pokemon that evolve tend to gain mass, which has to come from somewhere. Also, the Galactic Bomb uses a large amount of energy, which apparently comes from Pokemon Evolution. An additional thought This Troper had is that since the legendary Pokemon don't evolve, they're kind of the equivalents of Anti-Spirals, sent to keep the Spiral Energy of the rest of the world in check.

The entity who created the Pokemon is the same who created the Mogways and Gremlins
Based on the Gremlins novelizations, my fanon backstory for the Pokemon was this: Mogturmen, an alien god, wanted to create the perfect race of creatures, a race of being that would be adorable and help humanity coexist in peace. On his first try, he created the Mogways. Unfortunately, since nobody gets its right on the first try, the Mogways were flawed (ie. the whole "turning into Gremlins" thing). Since he couldn't just leave them there, he sent them to Earth anyway. At the second try, he created the Pokemon, and was satisfied with the results. He also sent them to Earth, and that is how Pokemon were created.

Poke Balls are technology inspired by the TARDIS.
I've heard once, when it started airing in Cartoon Network, that Poke Balls are much, much larger at the inside than at the outside. Just think how they could put an Onix, or a Steelix in a Poke Ball; there would be only two ways, and one of them (shrinking) would probably transform Onix and Steelix in useless (and dead, for that matter) "Diamondixes", by the compression factor. So, the technology they developed might mean that there is a Time Lord roaming around (and he probably is Ash's father).

Pokémon attacks are actually Bending
  • Flying and Dragon attacks that use wind, (and Icy and Silver Wind) and Poison gas attacks, are Air Bending
  • Water, Ice, and Grass attacks, as well as liquid Poison attacks, and Muddy Water, are Water Bending
  • Ground, Rock, and Steel attacks are Earth Bending
  • Fire and Electric attacks, as well as some Dragon attacks and Solar Beam, are Fire Bending
  • Psychic and Ghost attacks, as well as Aura Sphere, Hyper Beam, and Giga Impact, are Energy Bending
    • Except those Psychic attacks that look more like Blood Bending
  • Additionally, Mew is the Avatar.

Pokéballs are a product of Aperture Science.
Rather than being converted to energy and stored in the balls, the Pokémon are clearly passing through a portal to a separate dimension where they live. Clearly, Aperture Science used their technology to develop these Pokéballs and is the supplier of the Pokémarts. Even the color scheme points to Aperture Science's hand. Take a look at the regular and premium Pokéballs and tell me that shiny smooth white/red/black coloring doesn't remind you at least a little of a turret.

    Specific Places 
Glitch City is the Heart of Gold.
They're both extremely chaotic, nonsensical locations which break the laws of physics.

The Ruby/Sapphire world will become the Mother 3 world
Go to Dewford and go into the far right house. There's a family inside consisting of a balding man, a brunette woman in a red dress, and a brown, vaguely dog-like pet. Does this seem familiar?Therefore, when the apocalypse happens, this family is saved by the White Ship, taken to the Nowhere Islands, and the woman becomes pregnant with twins.This would explain why all the Tazmilians are so in tune with nature - they're all former Pokémon trainers, or they're at least used to seeing Pokémon. Side effects of this theory are that the Ruby/Sapphire world is regrettably close to destruction, and that the worlds of Hoenn and Eagleland are somehow linked. The Franklin Badge has to come from somewhere...

The people of the Sinnoh Battle Zone love Iron Man.
Why do you think they named a mountain after him? The (Tony) Stark Mountain.

The Distortion/Torn/Reverse/That Place Where You Catch Giratina In Platinum World is the Pokemon world's version of the Wyld.
A realm outside of the normal world, where the normal laws of physics don't apply? Sound familiar, anyone? Clearly, the Distortion World is the primordial chaos from which the world was forged. Cynthia and Cyrus are incorrect in assuming that it is the twin of the main Pokemon world; what little resemblance it has is due entirely to its proximity to the Pokemon world. Basically, you visited the Pokemon world's Bordermarches, or possibly the Middlemarches. Cynthia's assumption that Giratina is the only creature there is also flawed; it's just that, as stated in its Pokedex entries, it was banished there from the normal world, and is thus the only recognizable inhabitant. The indigenous inhabitants probably aren't nearly as comprehensible. This also means that Giratina is not some kind of cosmic balance—it was banished due to being a troublemaker, and Cyrus's screwing with time and space gave it an opportunity to return, causing a Wyld incursion in the process.
  • if you stayed around there for too long, would you start to develop Pokemon features?
    • Now I want to save there and see if my trainer transforms...

    Fauna in General 
Pokemon are highly specialized evolved forms of Transformers from the planet Cybertron.
This would explain why they "evolve" into different forms and why they fit so well into Poke Balls. It also explains their breeding habits: The females "build" an exact replica of their smallest form (usually); all the males (or asexual breeding partners) are required for is the Spark which, aside from powering up the baby Pokemon, gives it some of its attacks! The breeders' ignorance of this could come in two ways:
  1. They're so Squicked out by a Pokemon bursting forth with robotic bits and an egg twice the size of a softball that they block it out.
  2. The Pokebots always "lay eggs" when nobody is watching so as not to let humans know they are robot aliens!

Pokemon are native Cybertronian wildlife that has been relocated.
The battle for the power-enhancing Mini-Cons reawakened Unicron and nearly destroyed Cybertron. With their incredible powers and combative yet easily-trainable natures, the Pokemon certainly seem as if they could be the center of a similar problem. The noble Autobots certainly couldn't commit genocide; the only solution would be a force migration en masse. What planet is known for conditions where Cybertronian life can survive and prosper, but hasn't developed the technology to notice the ships that would deliver the creatures? Why, Earth!

Pokémon are the Chtorr.
Chtorr are artificially created life forms made by some unseen alien race to outcompete native life and terraform the Earth to suit their own biology. This is backed up by one of the mangas, which explicitly says that all Pokémon are different expressions of the same DNA.

This deals with the 'hard coded future evolution of Mew' problem (see below): Mew is the 'seeder' Pokémon and has the equivalent to all ecological niches preloaded in its DNA. This also explains why new and stranger Pokémon are constantly appearing from nowhere and why non-Pokémon animals have become almost nonexistent. Earth is losing.

Pokemon are either a massive phylum of Mushi, or organisms affected by them.
They have very bizarre biology, and there are cases of earlier Pokemon such as Grimer and Voltorb being created from nonliving things. Porygon was a result of a new breed of computer-based Mushi, and the evolved forms were humans trying to play with it's genetic code because they had the most thorough understanding of it.
  • Actually, this makes perfect sense. Mushi have been shown to go through metamorphosis under the right conditions - hence Pokemon evolution. And in the Pokemon world, Mushi figured out how to become complex organisms without being harmful to humans. Instead, they just need time+skill to grow, and... well, just whatever the hell is in 'pokefood'.
  • And Ash's Pokemon evolve spontaneously because Ash gives off the 'life energy' Mushi need to grow. And Pokemon Breeders, like Brock, or Poke Masters, like Ash wants to be, are the people who would have been Mushishi in a word where no-one can see Mushi. Especially Ash - hence why he's the center of so many huge events.

Pokemon are Hollows.
There are a couple of theories for this.
  • Due to a failed experiment in the Bleach-verse, a load of hollows got sent into the Pokémon world. Due to the experiments that had been performed on them, travelling to another world, and exposure to said strange world, certain aspects of their biological makeup were changed, and a lot regressed into smaller and different forms - losing their mask and lust for souls in the process. Some just lost their mask, but still wanted souls (like Haunter), other lost the lust for souls, but kept the mask (like Cubone). There were a few however who did the opposite, and lost the mask/soul-lust (or only one) - but instead became more powerful and became what were later known as the semi-legendaries, and/or legendaries (example: Dialga and Palkia look like they still retain parts of a mask over themselves). These 'new' hollows spread across the land, and would fight amongst themselves as they did back in Las Noches. Eventually they were discovered by humans, who upon seeing their instinct to fight, used them to protect themselves from the 'wild' hollows, and bonded with them. Through trial and error, the humans discovered that the hollows would react to things, and grow to a stronger form (reminiscent of their original, and also due to the biology of the 'Mon world) if they reached a particular level of strength, or came into contact with particular stones, or many other things. Eventually the humans created a light technology (which relied on the flaws in the hollows genetic makeup, like their evolution), to transport them around easier, and began to collectively refer to them as 'Pokemon'.
  • Like the above, some experimental hollows got accidentally sent to the Pokemon-verse, but this time there were a lot fewer of them, and Pokemon already existed. Again like the above, the hollows reacted to the experiments, travelling, and new world, but this time only one of the effects happened. They either lost their mask, or lost the lust for souls, but not both (except for perhaps the Duskull evolution line). They then proceeded to blend in with the regular Pokemon, evolving and being captured like they did, and began to be classed as new breeds of Pokemon. The 'masked' ones (the Cubone, Aron, and possibly Rhyhorn and Bagon evolution lines) were put in a wider range of types, whilst the 'soul-lust' ones formed almost all of the Ghost-types, with the effect of wanting souls varying from species to species.

This ties in to an earlier apocalypse theory. A long time ago, a massive war wiped out a lot of people. Then, the Millenium Earl appeared and offered to bring back the many dead. Thegrief-stricken people accepted. Half of the populace died from the Akuma scourge created. The Earl, satisfied with the chaos and destruction, left the same way he came. The humans knew they were direly outmatched by the Akuma. So they created new technology to control the Akuma rather than destroy them. It was a revolutionary type of Innocence, a Capture Type, able to be mass produced for all humans available to use. In fact, even in the modern day it is mandatory to have a Capture Innocence on you, as the Akuma, even through the years of peace, are still vicious. It was created like a ball to capture powerful Akuma and bend them to a human's will. Many years later, evolved Akuma are involved in games of strategy and skill meant to simulate battle, but without death. The Elite Four of each region are Noah who escaped their master. So yes, in the end of game canon, you turn out to be a Noah.
  • The whole "leveling up/evolution" doesn't exactly argue with this- becoming more powerful, while becoming more... well, monstrous? Imagine a real-life Pokemon, if you will. Pretty scary, yeah?

Pikmin are a type of miniature Pokémon
Pikmin serve as the actual insects of the Pokémon world. They're tiny but they're just as obedient as their bigger relatives.

Pokemon are an offshoot of Digimon
Let's say a distant future, or even After the End version- after all, Pokemon can be transferred just like digital data, they evolve into different, stronger forms (though permanently) and have a tendency to bond with children. As a tradeoff to permanent evolution, their evolved forms are less powerful and not all of them can do it. The Legendaries are the last remaining Mega-level Digimon in Shapeshifter Mode Lock. Possibly the whole universe takes place within the Digital World... or not...
  • That's not bad, actually. One can quite easily see Salamence having once been Imperial Dramon. Interesting that none of the evolving Pokemon can reach Stage3. It's also worth noting that not necessarily all the Legendaries are Mode-Locked at Mega; given their Base Stats, the Gen I Legendary Birds and the Gen II Legendary Dogs are quite likely Ultimates (Perfects).
  • There's a, sadly discontinued, fanfic called Digimon and Pokemon: Mon Wars that states this. And the GS ball holds the power of digivolution, which lets the Pokemon break past the evolution lock and devolve. The GS ball then becomes a Digivice-pokeball that can send actual Digimon back where they came from and, when used in conjunction with a Pokedex, can actually scan Digimon!
  • It could also be the reverse, Pokemon is actually a prequel to Digimon - there were humans and Pokemon in the Digital World, and the universal workings of Poke Balls and the PC worked off of the inherent digital nature of the world. Then, some cataclysmic event happened, like a war or mass disease, wiping out the humans. Forced to survive without human trainers, the resulting creatures were forced to evolve (in a Darwinian natural selection matter-type evolution, not Pokemon evolution), and nature selected for species that could both learn more moves and pick up the ability to degenerate evolutions to save energy - but this came with the side-effect of being more susceptible to death rather than fainting (though the fact that they could revert to eggs saved that). All traces of Digital World humans were wiped out, until they were forgotten - and then the Digital World found access to a parallel universe, and Adventure happened. (Note that this is also applicable to other seasons, although with Tamers one needs to consider the lack of reincarnation via eggs.)
    • Which makes Mega Evolution the "Missing Link" between them.
    • Also, in Digimon World: Dusk/Dawn, everytime you see a type of Digimon in the wild it is recorded on your digivice which the Digimon gradually becomes more and more powerful, so the player most likely would try to run into them over and over to get stronger variations. Sound familiar? note 

Alternatively, both Pokemon and Digimon are offshoots of the Shin Megami Tensei Multiverse.
While This Troper never had the opportunity to play any of the games, the Older Than They Think Trope Page states that the first game (and the novel that inspired it) came years before either of the two franchises exsisted, and a quick look at this Gaming Diary shows that in the early Digimon games, Jogress evolution (or DNA Digivolution as it is known outside of Japan) was supposed to be permanent, just like demon fusion in the SMT games. Also, far more Digimon resemble mythological creatures and entities than Pokemon do, and they are summoned in a way similar to the Demon Summoning Programs used in SMTI. As for Pokemon, many of the earlier WMG's pointing to a post-apocalyptic scenario can be adapted to the world of the first two games to some extent, as far as This Troper knows.While the evidence is rather light because This Troper has only neighboring Tv.Tropes and Wikipedia pages to rely on, this is still a rather compelling theory.

Most Pokemon access the Grid to power their attacks, while psychic types have built-in effectors.
Also, the player and his/her parent(s) are Contact agents.

Pokemon are related to Trolls.
Why else would all the Pokemon Breeder trainers carry buckets? Also, this would explain the lack of explanation on the Pokemon breeding process (too confusing/complex) and why Pokemon who dislike each other can have an egg.

    Specific Species or Types 
The Pokemon world's Ditto is either a distant evolutionary ancestor or a descendant of the Kirby race.
Both of them are pink and gooey; Kirby just has a more solid form. Kirby is less able to copy an opponent than Ditto does, suggesting that the Kirby race may have slowly evolved into more fantastic and potent powers like completely transforming into an opponent. The Shiver Star in Kirby 64 has long been known to be our Earth—perhaps in our most recent Ice Age. Some members of the Kirby race may have found themselves on the Shiver Star and stayed there.
Alternatively, Kirby's world is far in the future of our own, and Ditto may have evolved beyond its need to fully copy an opponent to defend itself or hunt, shedding its once-necessary amorphous form. The descendants instead gained the ability to eat anything...

Jigglypuff is from Dreamland
Just tell me he isn't...
  • For that matter, I'd say Clefairy came from Dreamland, too. Jigglypuff and Clefairy really look related to me. They're even found darn close to each other in R/B/Y, and both evolve via moon stone. Furthermore, Clefairy is known to be an alien.

Jigglypuff is actually a Kirby.
One of the Kirby (they're a species, not just a character, if you didn't know) went to an alternate universe because he was shunned by the other Kirby because he wanted to pursue music and wanted to train differently than the other Kirby. So, the Kirby went to the Pokemon dimension through a portal made by swallowing some new enemy,and taught itself how to attack and sing.
  • More like Jigglypuff is the species and Kirby is the individual. Or perhaps they're split evolutions; Kirby being created with a different sort of stone than the Moon Stone.

Gyarados and Venomoth are somehow related
Via Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action, both species split off and now the only remaining trace of their common ancestry is the forehead trident that Gyarados and Venomoth share. By that same logic, we also have Venonat/Butterfree and Venomoth/Paras (the eyes).

Cross-Universe Evolutions

Magnetmites and Magnetons are actually GLaDOS's personality spheres that have somehow developed a mind of their own, gained magnets and anti-gravity levitation, and escaped into the wild
Think about it: they look creepily similar. It could be possible one of Aperture Science's experiments was to give the spheres their own mobility and personality independent of GLaDOS; during or after the experiment, a few of them escaped into the wild, somehow managed to find a way to make more of themselves, and spread.

For the other way round, check the Portal WMG page.

Porygon is a Digimon
Is has been described as a "Virtual Pokémon". It can physically travel into the Internet. It has no gender. "Gon" sounds very similar to "mon".

Bug Pokemon will become the Warhammer 40,000 Tyranids.
One of the above WMGs gives the Bug>Psychic as having a Hive Mind and so being incomprehensible to Psychics. Fast forward to the 41st millenium or so, and the bugs have evolved even more powerful attacks (the "shadow in the Warp" that kills psykers). What happened to the other species of Pokemon you ask? Well, standard Tyranid procedure is to eat everything on a planet (including the other Tyranid), so...

Mew, and by extension Mewtwo, are part of Giegue/Gyiyg/Giygas' species.
Look at them, then look at Giygas' form from Mother 1. Notice the similarities? In addition, Giygas' race are all psychic, just like Mew and Mewtwo. Mewtwo's genetic alterations could have been a quickening of the development process, hence its larger size.

Dr. Weird Created Mewtwo.
Think about it. He has a fairly advanced grasp of biology(if you call genetically splicing your roommate with a pork chop biology), practically shows no morals in regards to science, and is probably one of the few scientist who show no reservations about creating a super being. He probably got the funds to build Rabbot and his other creations from Team Rocket.

Mewtwo was created from the DNA of Mew and Frieza.
Don't act like they don't look alike.

Celebi is a Time Lord.
This one is practically canon now. It travels through time; it possibly can regenerate into different forms and personalities (compare the Celebi from Time and Darkness to the Celebi in the game proper); it had a female and mortal Companion (the Notch-Eared Pichu); it even has a probable TARDIS (the Ilex Shrine).

Ho-Oh's resurrection ability is the same process as Regeneration
While Time Lords can do it on their own, Ho-Oh can trigger the process in any creature it chooses. That's why the eeveelutions that died in the Burned Tower turned into the Legendary Beasts— it wasn't deliberate, that's just what they turned into. ... it may also be why Kris is Lyra now.

Jirachi are hybrids between incubators and Poomo's species.
Jirachi bares a resemblance to Poomo, and Jirachi and Kyubey are both small, white, magical creatures that can grant wishes.

Manaphy is the Pokemon World's Abe Sapien.
The same creature that turned Langdon Everett Caul into an Icthyosapien via a strange ritual transformed a simple Phione, an elusive deepsea creature, into the mighty Manaphy, rebirthing him in the process. What said creature has in store for both of them, no one knows.

Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia are really just a metaphor...
...for the Trinity of WMG! Think about it. Arceus is the metaphor for Haruhi Suzumiya, as they are both the Creator Gods. Dialga, the God of Time, is a Time Lords (the Adamantine Orb is it's TARDIS, just to let you know). And Palkia, the god of Space and molder of shapes, is Shinji Ikari, proven because Shinji can take away a human's shape (aka their AT Fields).
  • And Darkrai is a Shinigami.
    • Wouldn't that be Giratina?
      • There's a simple explanation for that: Giratina represent's antimatter, and Palkia represent's space and matter. So who would be the opposite of Shinji Ikari...? None other than his alter-ego, the God Emperor of Mankind!
      • Kamina.
      • Jossed. Ash's Squirtle is Kamina.
      • You can Joss a WMG?
      • You can if it's proven wrong, but you shouldn't Joss one with another one. That's just bad form.
  • Giratina is a witch, and the Distortion World is a witch's barrier.

Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Mesprit are incarnations of The Beatles.
OP would just like to point out that this theory sounded a lot better in her head.

Soooo, if we take the Pokéverse verse to be an Alternate Universe, then we've got Beatles in our universe and Beatles in the Pokéverse (this is assuming there's some kind of equivalent of everything in our universe in the Pokéverse). Only the Pokéverse's Beatles are ... rather different. Rock gods in our universe become real gods in the Pokéverse.

First up is the big two, Dialga/Palkia, or Paul/John respectively. Both are the main members of their groups. Dialga and Palkia govern time and space, can alter the fabric of the universe and are mascot legendaries. Paul and John, meanwhile, did most the songwriting, were the lead singers a lot of the time and were, well, in charge. And when they fight, it does not end well. When Dialga and Palkia fight, it destroys the universe. When John and Paul fight, it breaks up the Beatles. Dialga, by the way, is Paul, while Palkia is John (however delicious a Paul-kia pun would have been). See, Palkia is part Water-type. As the Beatles went on, it became apparent that John was the more experimental, laid-back of the two - more ''flowing'' (also rather symbolic, as John's ashes were scattered in the sea). Paul was more rigid and perfectionist, which is synonymous with Dialga's Steel-typing somehow.

George is Giratina. For a start, there's Giratina's part Ghost-typing, fitting because George Harrison is, well, dead. Then, if we take a look at Giratina's roles in the Sinnoh games, there's some parallels with George's role in the Beatles. In Diamond and Pearl, Giratina hides out in Sendoff Spring and doesn't do an awful lot, much like the 'quiet' Beatle George. In Platinum, however, Giratina plays a major part in the storyline; towards the end of the Beatles, George wrote more songs and generally got more involved. (From this, you could say the events of Platinum parallel the Beatles' breakup. Giratina appears in the midst of Dialga and Palkia's fighting, obviously majorly pissed off, and opens a portal to the Distortion World, leaving Dialga and Palkia at a loose end. George appears in the midst of John and Paul's fighting, obviously majorly pissed off, and storms out of Abbey Road studios, leaving John and Paul at a loose end.) And, let's not forget Dialga and Palkia banished Giratina to the Distortion World, while John and Paul largely excluded George from the songwriting, so of course he became a tad reclusive. The whole Origin/Altered Forme thing also kinda fits. Altered Forme Giratina is mop-topped, quiet George, while Origin Forme Giratina, which we only see in Platinum, is unrestrained, outspoken, 'I-won't-play-at-all-if-you-don't-want-me-to' George (in other words, natural George).

That leaves Ringo and Mesprit. Mesprit is not like Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Mesprit is little, and while it is a legendary it's not as impressive as the other three. Much like Ringo. Mesprit also is the only one able the calm the main duo when they're biting each other's heads off. Much like Ringo (seriously. Paul McCartney said on a few occasions it was Ringo's influence keeping the Beatles together later on). Mesprit doesn't become that important till later on, when it calms Dialga and Palkia. Much like Ringo (Ringo didn't write a song on his own till the White Album). Finally, Mesprit is from a different 'group' than the other three (rather than being a god, it's a 'guardian'. Much like Ringo, who came from a different area of Liverpool to the other Beatles, and didn't join until rather later on, when John, Paul and George were very much established as bandmates. He also left a different band to join the Beatles.

So, there you have it. Oh, and Brian Epstein is Arceus.

Darkrai is Nightmare Moon.
It's a character related to the moon that causes nightmares. Need I say more?
  • Then is Cresselia Celestia?

Missingno is the Lovecraftian god Daoloth
Described as "so complex that the eye could recognize no describable shape," it is said that looking at Daoloth's impossible form drives mortals mad. Further, when summoned, it is said to inexorably expand in a way that consume everything around it, transporting the hapless material to strange, foreign dimensions. Not altogether dissimilar from the way Missingno corrupts and destroys your save file, no?

Missingno is The Ugly Barnacle.
The titular barnacle is implied to be some sort of Eldritch Abomination and kills everything simply by existing. Encountering missingno can result in your game becoming corrupted or even crashed and having to be restarted, which in a sense is killing everyone in the game. Plus, missingno isn't exactly the prettiest of Pokemon around.
  • One issue with that. Missingno is purely harmless, besides small corruption to your Hall of Fame. Maybe something more dangerous, like 4 4 or something that learns the move Super Glitch. I know a lot about glitch Pokemon.

Missingno is the D-Reaper.
Guess where that thing ended after its battle with the kids?

Missigno is Tails
Video evidence:

MissingNo is something similar to Giygas
Mewtwo sure does look a lot like Giegue, doesn't it? And Mewtwo was created on Cinnabar Island, very near the most common location for finding MissingNo. So what if the two are related? At some point, Mewtwo somehow suffered or suffers some kind of mind-breaking psychic trauma; being recaptured somehow by scientists and treated again as nothing but a giant lab rat, or perhaps some issue with being forced somehow to experience emotional states, such as compassion for an opponent, that it's never known before. Like its spiritual predecessor Giegue before it, this psychic trauma causes its powers to go completely haywire and manifest as MissingNo and the mysterious sub-dimension Glitch City. This trauma may also explain its non-presence in Generation 2: it lost its physical form and probably its entire cave to its rampaging psychic powers, leaving the Berserk Gene behind where its cave used to be. As for the remakes? Mewtwo quite clearly stayed in that cave until HG/SS, and of course there's no sign of MissingNo.

Missingno and Glitch City are the same kind of thing as Giygas
All right, so, Cinnabar Island. Birthplace of Mewtwo, who is well-known to be an expy of Gieguenote . Also the home of incomprehensible Eldritch Abomination Missingno and entry point to Glitch City. Missingno may even in fact be an incarnation of all of Glitch City somehow, given how such an Eldritch Abomination can work sometimes. Giygas was also both an Eldritch Abomination and an Eldritch Location, or at least blurred the line between the two. Why is it so near to the birthplace of its own previous existence's expy? Well, while escaping from the laboratory, Mewtwo might have tried to pull off one of those incomprehensible attacks on the humans, which worked, but led to his malicious intent towards humanity and ability to use such attacks in battle starting to manifest as a Giygas-like being nearby for unknown reasons, possibly Arceus sticking one of those thousand metaphorical arms in and ripping it out of Mewtwo so he'd go hang out alone in a cave like a decent godlike being instead of turning out like Giegue did. Which was a double-edged sword, if that's what happened: Mewtwo certainly learned to behave by the same rules as other Legendaries, but then there was the other result of it, which had to be sealed away with a volcanic eruption a few years later, and eventually erased altogether.

Arceus is Gallifreyan in origin.
No, he's not a Time Lord. Rather, he's a Gallifreyan bioweapon, probably created at some point during the Last Great Time War. Let's be honest, given the horrors the Doctor mentions showing up there (the Nightmare Child, the Could've-Been King with his Army of Meanwhiles and Never-Weres) an elemental beast capable of manipulating space and time and creating lesser beings after its own style doesn't seem too far-fetched- in fact, that sounds like something tame compared to those ideas. The big piece of evidence for this theory? Take a look at the creation ritual in HeartGold/SoulSilver. Anybody else think those rings around Arceus look quite a bit like Gallifreyan script?

Arceus has a Philosopher's Stone
Hear me out. In the HG/SS games, when you take Arceus to the Sinjoh Ruins, you can get a Dialga, Palkia, or Garitina. When you select one, an alchemy circle is created, from which Arceus is "creating new life." If he can make something from nothing, he must be converting the souls in the Philosopher's Stone to matter, the same way alchemists use the Stone in FMA.
  • Or he could, y'know, create new life because he's a god. I realize that you could be saying that he used the Philosopher's Stone to create Pokemon in the first place, but if that was the case, where would the souls come from? (Though keep in mind that I haven't finished FMA, so if there is, in fact, a way to create life without using previously existing souls, then...)

Zekrom is actually the newest model of Metal Gear
Just look at the thing, it wouldn't be out of place...
  • It may also mean that the region's professor/champion/evil team's leader is an expy of Big Boss.

Diancie's design is based off of Madoka
In it's normal form it looks like her magical girl form. The pink crystals are like her hair. Diancie's mega evolution looks just like Madoka's god form. Just look at the dress.

Staryu and Starmie are corrupted Gems.
  • Like Gems, they are biologically genderless.
  • Staryu is shaped like a five-pointed star, the symbol of the Crystal Gems.
  • Staryu has a gemstone core that allows it to regenerate from any injury as long as the core is intact.
  • Starmie's Pokédex entries mention it transmitting radio signals into space — possibly an attempt to communicate with Homeworld.
  • The SU episode "Monster Buddies" showed that corrupted Gems can retain some vestiges of personality and even sentience when Steven befriended Centipeetle. Like all Pokémon, Staryu and Starmie can become affectionate toward their Trainer through regular interaction and Pokémon-Amie.

Riolu and Sans are the same person (?)
Bear with me now. This is a long theory...


Pokémon Diamond, its very successful sequel, Pokémon Pearl and *its* very successful sequel, Pokémon Platinum, are games about Riolu, a Pokémon who is half Lucario, half useless piece of junk, who lives with his Trainer and Pokémon party.But this story, which seems to have a happy ending, has a dark secret...

Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of the series, had other plans for Riolu but Nintendo didn’t allow it.

This is the real story.

Satoshi’s outcome occurs before gym 4 in which Riolu would evolve into Lucario.Riolu started feeling ill, and when his best friend Piplup asked him what was going on, he said it was no big deal, he was just poisoned.

But the pain, which at first seemed insignificant, would soon turn into something a lot worse. Piplup, as well as the Pokémon party, knew something bad was happening to Riolu. He looked pale and weak, but he insisted he was fine, just a bit cold.

As the daughter of Nurse Chansey, Piplup didn’t ignore this and decided to take Riolu, along with Drifblim, Rapidash and Hippowdon, to the Pokémon Center in which her mother worked, just to make sure it was nothing serious.

They knew then what he had.

It was none other than Pokérus.

Tears welled up in everyone’s eyes when they also knew it was in an advanced state. Riolu was immediately taken into hacking tools, as a last attempt to save his life, while Piplup’s mother started explaining the origin of this Pokérus to the group.

The rest of the newspaper seems to be burned.

As this Pokérus was produced due to an external element, hacking tools didn’t work, and Riolu was sent hone, to spend his last days with his loved ones. The Chansey gave Riolu another solution, but this wouldn’t guarantee his survival.

This other part of the newspaper seems to be burned, too.

Days passed by and Riolu, despite the pain he was feeling, kept his smile to cheer up the party a little bit. But his aspect didn’t match that smile, because hacking tools left him with an emaciated aspect.

Censored in black highlighter. We couldn’t recover this part of the newspaper.

Finally, that bitter morning, Riolu died of nuzlockeism...

Drifblim, Rapidash and Hippowdon cried helplessly. They knew, moreover, that Censored in black highlighter Drifblim, the strongest Pokémon, snapped because of their huge loss, and took a drastic direction. This was to be continued.

This tragic story was presented by Satoshi Tajiri to Nintendo but they outright rejected it. He had to write a different outcome, and that’s the story we all know.

However, as you know... man, do I feel a side tangent coming on? Toby Fox was a core Game Freak developer, causing the development of the Pokémon Furret and the Abilities Frisk and Chara. Now he’s demoted to music duty, because Imakuni? was fired. Ok, back to the theory.

Toby Fox was shocked with this tragic story and decided to use it in a different way.

“What if Riolu, after Censored in black highlighter, went to another game? To a place called the Underground?”

That’s how Toby Fox created one of his main characters in his Earthbound ROM hack!

...what, you didn’t know he made one? You probably know it as Undertale...

It was a character named SANS.

S - Riolu

A - After

N - Not

S - Surviving

We must admit he shoehorned a first letter. But please don’t let this get you down. There is a lot of evidence to this theory! Let me know in the comments if you find a hole in the theory.

Plot Holes and Pot Holes:

  • Who is Papyrus?
    • Totodile. who else?

Humans in the Pokemon World are a Spiral Race
Humans have access to spiral energy as opposed to the Pokemon themselves. However, the humans themselves gain no benefit from spiral energy. Rather, Pokemon feed off the spiral energy produced by humans, allowing them to spontaneously evolve, breed in non-conventional ways, and outright ignore the laws of conservation of mass and energy. This is also why trained Pokemon tend to be so much stronger than wild ones. Wild Pokemon, by comparison, breed like regular animals would and go through a slow metamorphosis instead of spontaneous evolution. Legendary Pokemon exist to ensure this bond between humans and Pokemon remains, as this more limited use of spiral energy (due to a hard cap on how far a Pokemon can evolve) is considered safe as opposed to the Spiral Nemesis that would come about if humans ever started using this energy for themselves.
  • I feel the need to add to this and point out that in the Gamecube games (well, at least in Gale of Darkness, but I assume for Colosseum as well) there's a spiral pattern on the ground during the evolution screens.

The guy next to Celadon Gym is Mitt Romney.
Heheh! This gym is great! It has binders full of women!

Guile Is Lt. Surge.
His full name is Guile Surge
  • Which explains how he's an American, but not a Unovan: Guile's icon in Street Fighter II was set in the Southeast; Ken's was in New York (Unova). This means that Balrog (from Las Vegas) would be from Oore. Rather fitting...

Sabrina is the female version of Anthony Freemont
I always had that impression.

Blaine is somehow related to Dr. Robotnik
That distinctive mustache shape, circular black sunglasses, bald head, a strong interest in science and unethical experimentation (at least in the expanded universe, if not in the games themselves) ... that's a pretty impressive coincidence, don't you think?

Itsuki (or Will) from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal is Koizumi Itsuki.
Think about that: both are psychics, both are kinda fruity (a tuxedo with bright magenta details, come on), both have the exact same hairstyle (although Will's is purple), and both have the exact same name (at least in the original)! How can they not be the same friggin' person? Makes one wonder where the others are... Perhaps they are all acting as other Elite Four members, or even Gym Leaders. Makes things difficult, since most of the Haruhi cast uses their last names/nicknames to identify themselves, and most of Pokemon characters use just the first name...

Kris or Kotone/Lyra is the Nobody of the other
It's the same deal Kairi and Namine, having superficial similarities in appearance, but plenty of differences as well. I suspect whichever was the original had a bad encounter with a heartless, and voila! Instant look a like.

Ethan and Lyra are Ethan and Lilah
Name's the Same.

Ethan/Lyra is being controlled by Baoba
Even after he declares you the owner of the Safari Zone, he says, "Would you kindly keep paying admission?" You obey.

Cameron, the photographer, is the photographer from EarthBound.
He got bored and went to the Pokémon universe to take pictures of random people with their Pokémon.

The player character in Ruby/Sapphire is Kevin Costner
  • If the world becomes completely flooded (like it Sapphire), it would be like the movie "Water World," starring Kevin Costner.
  • If the world suffers extreme droughts (like in Ruby), it would be like the movie "The Postman," starring... Kevin Costner.

Steven Stone knows Willy Wonka.
Because he worked in his factory because HE IS AN OOMPA-LOOMPA. Look at his overworld sprite. Look up a picture of an Oompa-Loompa from The Movie with Gene Wilder.

Archie is Captain Haddock.
First off, Captain Haddock's first name is Archibald which is shortened to Archie. As some WMG state, the Pokemon world is a product of an apocalypse and there was a great disaster that caused the Pokemon to appear, but there as great human deaths and suffering in the process. As another WMG state, Tintin and co. (which includes Haddock) are immortals whom never age and that explains why no one ages even though the world around them change considerably.

Tintin, the Thom(p)sons, Calculus, and Nestor perished in big apocalypse while the Marlinspike Hall was utterly destroyed. With everyone and everything important to him gone, Haddock returned back to being a sailor. In the meantime, he managed to capture a Zubat who became his only friend to replace everyone who was gone and so he treated the Zubat with extreme kindness, that explains why Archie has a Crobat. During his adventures in the sea he also managed to capture a Sharpedo who became one of his trusty Pokemon.

His past being too painful for him, he shed off his old identity. He dropped his last name and began using his first name, Archibald, soon that was shortened as a nickname Archie. He stopped using his iconic Unusual Euphemisms. He also shaved a great deal of his beard and decided to adapt to the fashion sense of the people around him. Because he spent too much time in the seas, he grew to love the sea even more than his previous times as a sailor. His mind not exactly the most stable, he began to grow a weird obsession with the ocean and believes ocean are good and land are evil. That is why he created Team Aqua which are dedicated to expanding the ocean.

  • Um... if everyone was immortal then what does that make AZ?

Byron is the reincarnation of Kamina.
He's certainly Hot-Blooded, badass, and Manly enough, and they're both muscular and they wear capes that are shredded at the bottom. Byron's obsession with piercing the ground instead of the heavens comes from being reborn into a world under the sky, where the underground is a vast, unexplored, mysterious place, like the surface in Gurren Lagann. He's still obsessed with digging, just in a direction that better fits the world he was reincarnated into. Additionally, he prefers steel-type Pokemon because they subconsciously remind him of the mechs he used to pilot and battle with in his past life.
  • So, who's his Simon? Roark? I bet Steven is Rossiu.
  • While we're at it, transported from the main WMG page, Cyrus is a living Spiral Nemesis. His whole motive is to rid the world of this silly "spirit": the thoughts, emotions, and free will that make up most of Spiral Energy. How does he propose to do so? Rally others' spirits, and use the gems from the creators of that "spirit" to create a suspiciously DNA-like chain to grab the creators of space and time (which appear at the Spear Pillar with little galaxy-like spirals around them in Platinum) and force them to do his bidding. His references to the spirals of space and time in Platinum, as well as the little reference to DNA in his description of the Distortion World, only deepens the similarities. He's no Anti-Spiral, their whole purpose is to repress spirit and Spiral Energy to protect the universe, rather than to use it to bring destruction. Which of course leaves the Spiral Nemesis. But you and Cynthia, being kinda-sorta Spiral Knights almost like the Dai-Gurren Brigade without Humongous Mecha, manage to stop the Cyrus Nemesis by using more Spiral Power. Take it a bit further, and Simon's soul may have copied itself many times, each reincarnating as the hero of Pokémon in some generation. Or maybe just the Generation 4 hero so far, since he's the one who stopped the actual Spiral Nemesis.

Volkner is actually Minato Namikaze
After sealing away the Kyuubi, Minato didn't die, instead he was transported into an alternate reality and became an Electric Pokemon trainer.

Flint is actually Zabimaru
In an alternate reality, zanpakuto spirits are not sealed in swords, but they do have the same hair.

Flint is the Male PC's father in D/P/Pt
What, you didn't honestly think that they called the male PC Lucas by chance did you?

Cyrus is the reincarnation of Hikawa
As Aleph/Hijiri shows, reincarnations need not be in the same world in the multiverse. Cyrus wants a world that is basiclly Shijima. Their character art shows them in roughly the same pose with black under clothes.

Even if you don't factor in (Dub)Name's the Same and the rather unusually light blue hair that they have in common, there's also the old man in Sunnyshore City who mentions that when he was much younger, Cyrus was a "quiet boy who liked the company of machines." Syrus uses Vehicroids throughout the GX series and, early on, could very easily be described as "quiet" due to his shy nature...

Cyrus has a daughter.
Think about it. He needed someone to take over if he were to die/fail in his plan. So why not his daughter? Cyrus is his last name, and his daughter's last name. His daughter is a sleeper agent and will activate upon his defeat. She's been taught by her dad to follow in her career. Miley Cyrus is his daughter, durr. And he's Billy Ray Cyrus.

Cyrus is Calvin.
When Calvin got to be a teenager, his parents worried about how he still lived in a fantasy world and apparent attachment to Hobbes. So, while Calvin was sleeping, they took Hobbes to the dump. After losing his childhood toy, Calvin became antisocial and nihilistic, because without Hobbes, he couldn't escape into the childish fantasies that helped him cope with reality (he had Asperger's). Soon, he became the Cyrus we know and love, but still resented his parents for throwing away Hobbes and ended up killing them, all while still a teenager. He then dyed his hair blue, changed his name to Cyrus and moved to the faraway Sunyshore City, where he fabricated a story about being an ordinary student (with Abusive Parents thrown in to get himself sympathy). The only person he told of his plan was his grandfather, who secretly moved to Sinnoh himself to keep an eye on Cyrus/Calvin.

Cyrus started up Team Galactic shortly after moving to Sinnoh, and the four Commanders represent different people from his past life. Charon represents his father (which is why he remains The Unfought; Cyrus feels some kind of affection for his 'dad' and keeps him out of danger) and Mars and Jupiter are different sides of the Tsundere Susie. Saturn, Cyrus's right-hand man, is a personification of all the respect Insufferable Genius Calvin never got as a child.

And Hobbes? Hobbes was burned in an incinerator after being thrown away - but turns out he actually was sentient, and he's reincarnated as a Zubat which Cyrus catches. This is why he manages to evolve it into Crobat despite claiming to be emotionless.

Cyrus will become Jyggalag.
Cyrus wanted a world of perfect order free of emotion. That's essentially what Jyggalag's realm in Oblivion would have been like. Instead of simply being destroyed, the new universe Cyrus created becomes a Daedric realm within Oblivion. As Cyrus created it, he also has power over it. Based on the attitudes of Daedra cultists, the Daedric Princes seem to attract people like themselves, which would explain why Dyus worked in Jyggalag's library of absolute logic. The other Daedric Princes turned him into Sheogorath because he wanted to remake their realms in his image the same way he tried to remake the Pokemon World.

Cyrus is Kane from Command & Conquer
He leads an evil organization (Team Galactic vs Nod) which seeks to use a certain object or entity (Dialga and Palkia vs Tiberium) to achieve a goal (creating a new universe vs Ascension). If you restrict Cyrus to his Anime incarnation, they also both go through a portal at the end of their respective saga.

Lady Caitlin from Platinum is really Nunnally vi Britannia.
Seriously, just look at her. The resemblance is almost frighteningly apparent. Granted, Caitlin can walk and see, but she does spend a lot of her time in a fancy chair, is (or at least is treated like) royalty, and is also tended to by a well-dressed caretaker (though, rather than a maid like Sayoko, she has a male valet, Darach). Just how one could have gotten into the other's universe is anyone's guess, though.
  • Well, I thought the same thing, but then, it could be a Shout-Out, as they appeared around the same time. Unless she did just like Will/Itsuki, and entered the Pokemonverse through a portal.

Looker from Gen IV is another Chameleon Arch modified 10, this time with plastic surgery added.
However, being companionless, he decided to keep some of his personality intact (most likely to avoid eating any pears) and integrate himself into the police force to continue to help others. In fact, he may have become the Looker to die, which will be foiled sooner or later. Someone stumbled on his TARDIS and was able to use it to access the Time Lord Technology of making something in a pocket dimension. However, whoever this is, he couldn't manage to make it as simple, so you have to be teleported in rather than easily walk in, hence the red light-ifying.

Looker is the Tenth Doctor
I mean they look alike, they both save the world while trying not to hurt anyone, they both have been to more than one universe neither of them age, they fought against people who were going to collapse the whole of creation, and they both use things that are bigger on the inside :)

Alternatively, Looker is the Eleventh Doctor.
Don't tell me you don't see Matt Smith in Looker's face.
  • Maybe the crashing TARDIS in the regeneration Scene leads him to PokéVerse before landing in Amy's garden and that's why he is in Tennant clothes.

Looker's real name is Koichi Zenigata.
Looker was based on him, and he did say that Looker is his code name. It would also explain why he speaks such broken English.
  • Jossed. Looker speaks broken Japanese. On the other hand, he speaks perfectly good French...

Hilda from Pokémon Black and White is a parallel universe counterpart to Sonic the Hedgehog.
Here are the comparisons:Both are teens (Sonic is canonically 15, while fanon assumes Hilda's age to be 16.), both are badass (And both look extremely cool.), both are considered heroes in their respective universes, both have a stalker (N and Amy respectively.) following them and are paired with said stalkers in fanon, both have a childhood friend (Bianca in Hilda's case and Tails in Sonic's case.) and both left their homes for adventure.

The two brothers that ruled Unova long ago are Lucas and Claus
(from a legend in B/W) "Reshiram and Zekrom were originally one Pokemon. Twin heroes formed a new country together with the dragon where humans and Pokemon could live together. But one day the brothers began to fight over the direction that the country should move in. The dragon began to fight along with them, and its body split in two, Reshiram siding with the older brother and Zekrom with the younger. The two dragons would battle each other until Unova was destroyed, so they were put to sleep."
  • That first dragon was the dark dragon after reforming the world and resurrecting all those who had died in vain. Claus, wanted the country to be more military oriented, and Lucas want the country to stay peaceful, the Chimeras and animals were change into the pokemon we know today by the Dark dragon.

N is a descendant of Lucas and Claus.

N and Princess Peach are related somehow.
Thier hairstyle looks really similar.

N is related to Shikieiki.
Let us count the ways.

After B/W, N flew his Legendary to Gensokyo.

Ghetsis is Makarov
Let's review:

N is related to L from Death Note.
Think about it. We don't know how many people Ghetsis used before he got someone he could manipulate. L came before N, like they do in the alphabet. Now, the Death Note universe has no Pokemon. I'd suspect that, somehow, Giratina got involved and then L got warped into an entirely different universe.

Lysandre is in some way related to Leon Kuwata.
Both happen to be spiky-haired redheads with beards. Maybe Lysandre is Leon's Mega Evolution?

Lysandre is I.M. Meen
Lysandre and IM Meen have similar hairstyles. Perhaps Lysandre was reincarnated as a bookworm-hating librarian.

There is a Shout-Out to the WMG that Looker is The Doctor in ORAS (While not actually canon, the developers couldn't resist)
He gives you Audinite. Audino's main basic abilities are "Healer" and "Regenerator." Its hidden ability is "Klutz" - The Doctor can be a goofball sometimes, but refuses to admit it.

Valerie is somehow related to Suu from Monster Musume
It's not enough that they have NonStandard Character Design eyes, those eyes looks really similar despite the art style differences. Perhaps her outfit weighs thirty pounds because she's storing excess water there, to prevent drying out or diluting. Her wish to be a Pokemon could also be interpreted as wishing her species being acknowledged as Pokemon, but not having the social skills to make that come across properly; any time she tries telling anyone about her ancestry she's brushed off as a loon - a ''capable'' loon, but not to be taken seriously when off the clock.

Wattson and Misha are related somehow
All those "Wahaha"s, man. Considering how young Wattson's wife looks, it's hard to tell whether he's the granddad or the dad...

    Omnibus Crosses 
Beast Wars as seen in the Pokémon world (Just For Fun)


  • Optimus - Slaking, Infernape Or Primeape.
  • Rattrap - Raticate.
  • Cheetor
    • Luxray.
    • Wouldn't one of the Legendary Gerbils be more appropriate? They are, after all, able to run halfway across Johto in the time it takes to say "Wild Suicune fled!"
    • Jolteon
  • Dinobot - Kabutops or Gabite.
  • Tigatron - Arcanine (went from cat to canine)
  • Airazor - Staraptor.
  • Silverbolt - Mightyena with Swellow wings.
  • Depth Charge - Mantine.
  • Blackarachnia
    • Ariados. (Sort of applies)
    • Galvantula
  • Tigerhawk - Entei with Fearow wings.
    • Wouldn't Raikou make a bit more sense than Entei?
  • Nightscream: Swoobat
  • Botanica: Tangrowth


  • Megatron - Rampardos, later giant Charizard.
    • Or Tyranitar?
  • Scorponok - Drapion.
  • Tarantulas - Also Ariados.
  • Terrorsaur - Aerodactyl.
  • Waspinator - Beedrill.
  • Inferno - Durant. ( They never made an ant Pokemon, go figure.)
  • Quickstrike - Skorupi with Arbok tail.
  • Rampage - Kingler with more Nightmare Fuel.

Pokémon are the equivalent of Mario monsters
How do you explain Weedle? Also:
  • Mankey = Ukiki (they steal the heroes' hats)
  • Primape = Donkey Kong
  • Squirtle = Koopa Troopa
  • Blastoise = Bowser
  • Lapras = Dorrie
  • Piloswine = Blizzard Midbus
  • Voltorb = Bob-omb
  • Gastly = Boo
  • Lickitung = Gulpit

Which makes Red/Ash/Whatever MARIO himself!

  • Personally, Koopa Troopa more resembles Shuckle. Bowser more resembles Carracosta. And Ukiki more resembles Aipom. As Aipom actually are cheeky. Despite both a Mankey AND a Aipom stole Ash's hat at some points.

Kotone is Mario and Peach's daughter

The Pokemon universe is parallel to the Mother universe.
See above. Also, there is a lot in common between the two series if you compare them including enemy equivalents. It also helps that some of the people who helped with EarthBound helped with the Pokemon series as well.

  • Tessie = Lapras
  • Monkey and Ape Pokemon = The monkeys in the Monkey Caves, Bubble Monkey, Salsa and Samba
  • Voltorb and Electrode = Smilin' Sphere and Uncontrollable Sphere
  • Gyarados = The Kraken
  • Teddiursa and Ursaring = Mighty Bear and Mighty Bear 7
  • Diglett and/or Sandshrew = Mole Playing Rough
  • Shroomish = Ramblin' Evil Mushroom
  • Breloom = Shrooom!!!
  • Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff = Foppy and Fobby
  • Entei = Carbon Dog
  • Grimer = Slimy Little Pile
  • Muk = Master Belch/Barf
  • Rattata = Rowdy Mouse
  • Raticate = Plague Rat of Doom
  • Zapdos and Raikou = Thunder and Storm
  • Spiritomb = Giygas

This pretty much makes Ash/Red Ness or at least related to him in some way.

  • Actually, there's a bit of evidence suggesting that he might be Ninten instead. No, really.
    • To better explain, there are codes to skip the naming sequence in Red/Blue. If skipped, Red's name will be Ninten, and Blue's name will be Sony.
  • It's gotta be the Adventures 'verse then. It's the only 'verse that had a blonde-haired chick that's featured anytime prior to Gen V, much less with Psychic Powers. Yellow is Paula! On that note, fellow blonde Emerald could very well be Jeff. Not sure who Poo is, though.
    • On second thought, perhaps it's a multi-canon team: Yellow is Paula as above, but Anime!Clemont seems to be just as likely a candidate for Jeff as anyone else (blonde, glasses, techno-savvy...). And, again, no idea on who Poo would be... which means that Ness never really left Lucas in The Subspace Emissary: Ness' alternate/future/past form was with him all the time!
  • It is a popular theory that Unova is based on, or completely an afterimage of Mother 3.

Pokemon takes place in the Xenosaga universe. Arceus was a bio-organic war machine similar to Deus that landed on a terraformable planet.
Relating to theories of Arceus imposing as a God, and the pokeverse has a Magic A Is Magic A rule, the planet where Pokemon takes place is not even close to Like Reality, Unless Noted. Rather, taking the apopcalyptic theories above in a new direction, the pokeverse wasn't designed to be: it was like a weapon disposal facility, to isolate Arceus. However, Arceus, still being sentient enough to function, created reproducing life forms such as Mew (which lead to pokemon, and if you will, human life) to eventually help repair itself when the time is right. Until then, it lies dormant to conserve power (until The Kid with the Remote Control comes along).

Now where are the connections? Let's look:

  • Mew = Ditto <—-> Wels
  • Ruins which may have better technology than the surface. (Unowns)
  • Pokemon having supernatural abilities, could be spelled out with nanomachines.
  • Humanity may be the latest species of Pokemon, explaining the similar Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys running along.
  • Legendary Pokemon may be some Super Prototype kingdom created by the ancients

Pokemon takes place in one of Digimon multiverse
Digimon had lots of multiverse with their own rules.

  • Pokemon takes place where the barrier between digital world and real world collapse, thus both world are melded into one.
  • The pokemon is originally, a data, thus can be stored into PC (or pokeball). It also explained how TM and HM are taught using disk. They are simply adding more data to the pokemon.
  • The digital world is never in any danger (as opposed to other multiverse) thus human and monster coexist peacefully, and there are never any need of having a digivice.
  • Thus the monster can only evolved naturally to its child form. Baby I > Baby II > child.
  • The mega evolution is just an evolution to adult stage. Same with digimon series, this happened when a human bonds with digimon during the battle. It is just discovered really late (in sixth gen) because the human takes longer to bond with pokemon without a digivice.

  • Alternatively, the catastrophe in digital world happened long, long ago, which erased most of the monsters saved for the legendary. Arceus was responsible in creating the world - the digital world, that is - and the same catastrophe resulted in digital world and real world melded into one. The chosen children and digivice (if there were any) are long forgotten, but the tradition is still survive in which all pokemon trainers are children/teenager.
  • The same catastrophe also dumbed down the surviving monster in that they are only capable to speak in pokemon language, not human language. Alternatively, it could be they simply never learned.
  • The monster adapted to the real world and become more like biological creature.
    • DNA evolution worked differently in this universe, resulted in an egg that contained both parents data while the parents still remained as an individual. The pokemon day care didn't lie when they said they have no idea where the egg came from. This also explained the ridiculous pairing in the same egg type - they never actually had sex.
    • Each digimon multiverse had diferent rules regarding death. Since the monster here are adapted into real world like a biological creature, it is possible they are simply dead like other beings.


Spinoffs and Adaptations

    Anime-Related Crossovers 
The whole show is a hallucinated attempt by Shinji of Neon Genesis Evangelion to try and preserve his own happiness and sanity.
Shinji = Ash, Asuka = Misty, Ryoji = Brock, Gendo = Professor Oak, Misato = Delia Ketchum. The Pokemon in general are ways to avoid both fighting and death (Pokemon only "faint", and they fight each other rather than Shinji having to fight), and the pretty countryside is a way to placate Shinji. Note also that, as time passes, Pokemon designs look more and more like Angels — would you be surprised if Deoxys, Palkia, or Regigigas attacked Tokyo-3?
  • Alternatively, the apocalypse mentioned in the first Pokemon theory above was Third Impact.
  • Alternatively alternatively, the entire show was made by people who had just watched the entire show through End of Evangelion and needed something to restore their sanity, but who couldn't get Evangelion out of their heads entirely.
  • Does this mean humans are the 494th Pokémon?
    • No, they're the "zeroth" Pokémon. (Which, one supposes, makes Missingno the negative first — or going even further, the ith Pokemon, which in some ways would be appropriate.)
  • Alternatively alternatively alternatively, it's an alternate universe where alternate evolutionary paths are in fact capable of coexisting. Pokemon are the Angels (great diversity of forms and odd powers being the sort of thing the Fruit of Life gives) and humans are human (technology given by the Fruit of Knowledge being their shtick). The reason why there are more Pokemon than Angels is that they cooperate with humans, lessening the selective pressures and allowing for greater genetic diversity.
    • Mew, as the progenitor of all (non-legendary) Pokémon is an Adam-type seed.
      • This gets even better when realises that in the manga the mysterious dark glasses wearing scientist (Blaine/Ikari) has an embryonic clone of Mew/Adam implanted into his arm.

Ash is an reincarnation or alternate universe equivalent of The Other.
In Doctor Who, The Doctor has been revealed in the expanded universe to be the reincarnation of one of the founders of Time Lord society. Ash and The Doctor have quite alot in common. Both have traveled with female companions who tend to leave him to do their own thing. Both of them have a sentient companion that they may or may not understand (Pikachu/The TARDIS) and who is prone to disobeying. Both of them have also traveled with a male companion who's most famous trait was hitting on people (Brock/Captain Jack Harkness). Both of them tend to be very rebellious and stubborn, with Chronic Hero Syndrome. Both of them are normally kind, but can get unkind at times. Both of them have died and come back from the dead. Both of them change their look from time to time (though, The Doctor's change is a bit more drastic). Both of them are normally non-romantic (though 9 and 10 have been very, very romantic). Both have been played as Messianic Archetype and both have saved the world. Also, neither of the age. Ash may not be a Time Lord, but he is at least the reincarnation of one.

Ash changes his name and joins the military.
He joins under the name of Michael J. Caboose.

Ash is Jesus.
Think about it:
  • His father is never shown.
  • He's come back to life. Multiple times.
  • He's almost always "The Chosen One" or some other "special" person capable of fulfilling some prophecy or another.
    • He's the reincarnation of a guy who sacrificed himself to save his kingdom.
    • If both this and the theory that Giovanni is Ash's father are true... brr.
      • Or it means that Satan is his daddy, which is right up there in the blasphemy line.
      • IF Ash is Jesus than his dad would be Arceus.
  • He performs miracles such as having his Pikachu use its electric power as armor (for a flying type no less) and knocking out a Rhydon with an electric attack. Granted, they're Pokemon-related miracles, but they still count.

Ash is an avatar of Vishnu.
In Hindu Mythology Vishnu is the god of sustaining creation. To this end, he incarnates himself as mortal avatars, typically blue skinned, who become heroes, slay demons, and turn people to the path of righteousness, etc., etc. Ash would seem to fit into this, minus the blue skin, of course.
  • This means that Misty/May/Dawn/whoever else you want to pair Ash with is an incarnation of Lakashmi, Vishnu's wife, who incarnates herself into an avatar every time her husband does. Their two mortal forms inevitably end up marrying. (Not that this stops Vishnu's avatar from getting around.)
    • It would likely be Misty, seeing as May was never hinted at, nor was Dawn (and her and Cynthia totally have a thing, canon be damned), plus he and Misty was teased over and over.

Ash has been playing the Reaper's Game for the past decade.
We already know that Ash has already died before. While Shibuya's game is one week long, that is no guarantee that all games are. Team Rocket are clearly the Harrier's in charge (although they suck at it, due to not possessing the pins necessary to Erase Ash) and the Pokemon are Noise called by one of Ash's pins (since Pokemon were what he was connected to in life). Since the Composer of this Game set Ash the mission of becoming the best at using his pins with no time limit (possibly hoping that Ash could eventually replace him as Composer), Ash has been incapable of aging or returning to the RG. His friends have been fellow Players, who haven't had the same mission and as such have eventually returned.
  • Going along with this, Ash always has at least one partner. Always. And, remember Neku's Final Attack? He was able to sync up with all three of his partners at the same time- even Josh, who was being held (presumably) against his will and fused with to create a giant dragon noise. Ash's companion's focus on friendship and other G-rated themes may also be part of Ash's training, to ensure a fair Composer. This also has references to an above theory, and Ash's willingness to let his Pokemon move on, so to speak, which a Composer needs because people have to die sometime!

Ash is Aleph
This has much less evidence for it than the above post, but this is also a compelling scenario. Can anyone guess why?

Ash is Giygas.
You cannot grasp the true form of his stupidity.

The Pokémon Universe is a reincarnation of the EarthBound universe, and Ash is a great-great x?? grandson of Ness
.]]Think about it. When MOTHER 3 ended, the Pokémon World was born. Dr. Andouts made olden Pokéballs out of the design of the ASC and the story of Pokémon Black and White is similar to MOTHER 3. New continents were made, being known as Kanto, Johto, Orre, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and the Nowhere Islands became Unova. After that, Ness's grandsons kept having kids - starting from Ness and Paula - and all had PSI. One was Sir Aaron - who's PSI became aura. Then, some had PSI, some had aura. Ash's father had aura. Then met Delia, had Ash. Ash had PSI - he just doesn't know it - and has aura. That's why Ash keeps on re-reliving! Something from his body uses PSI Lifeup or Healing and he is restored! I just think this is plausible.

Ash is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion
Like Elric he deserts his friends, and instead of turning in Team Rocket to the authorities, he simply sends them away, as if he's balancing the forces of law and chaos EC-style. It makes a bit more sense when you think of how archetypal his character is, and how interchangeable his friends are:
  • Brock is Jerry Cornelius: he's a promiscuous, racially ambiguous comedic figure.
  • His various female companions are The Eternal Consort.
  • Pikachu is Stormbringer: he is unpredictable, varies wildly in power from season to season, and occasionally hurts Ash.

Ash Ketchum is actually Negi Springfield in disguise
Due to the events of the Magic World arc, Negi was turned into a High-Daylight walker like Evangeline. However, because of his lack of aging, he was forced to go into hiding, but because he did not want to leave Japan, he stepped half a dimension away. Just as the Magic World is [[an overlay on Mars]], the Pokemon world is an overlay on the Earth. And so, he ended up in Kanto and assassinated the real Ash Ketchum, dying his hair black and acting the part until he received Pikachu and went on his journey. This would explain Ash's ability to attract women for no apparent reason, as well as his non-aging (Even though a year in-universe had passed between Ash's first arrival in Viridian City and the Indigo League, the execs still insist that Ash is only 10 at the beginning of Best Wishes), as well as his ability to use Aura without much training. It would also explain why Ash is able to survive damage that most people wouldn't even come close. Negi would be discreet, but he wouldn't stop using magic completely.

Ash is immortal, a la Captain Jack Harkness (of Doctor Who/Torchwood fame), after Pokémon: The First Movie.
Think about it. Ash has been in far more potentially lethal situations after the first movie (being hit by a massive onslaught of Pokemon attacks, falling from implausible heights and surviving, being buried under tons of metal, etc.). Therefore, in the first movie, when Ash is turned to stone by Mewtwo and Mew's attacks and is revived by the Pokemon's tears (emotions?), Ash was over-affected and became immortal, just like Captain Jack. This would also explain why he doesn't seem to age at all.
  • Bear in mind, Never Say "Die" is a universal law in this show. If Ash is immortal, so are Team Rocket. This may be due to all the attacks that they were subjected to over the years.
    • Team Rocket's immortality is canon. In the Japanese version, they've commented on their own immortality more than once.
      • Awhaaaaaaat?! When did they ever say that? Prove it.
  • Ash did 'die' early on in the show, in the Lavender Town episode. He played with a Haunter for a while, then got back into his body and was ok. That was a weird episode.
    • And when he came back to life, he became a zombie, so now he doesn't age and can't be killed.

Ash and Pikachu are Highlanders.
Similar to a Team Rocket WMG, remember that immortals in Highlander stop aging when they die and that way back in season one, Ash and Pikachu were killed by a falling chandelier and later came back to life. They haven't aged since. Do the math.

Pikachu is like Yubel from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: the real "boss" over Ash, and insanely jealous of anyone and anything that gets between their relationship.
Pikachu is the only Pokemon Ash doesn't even hint at getting rid of (unless you count that one time when Ash decided to leave it with a tribe of wild Pikachus - but his refused to stay); he's perfectly willing to let go of or shunt to Professor Oak's lab any other 'Mon he captures, regardless of how long he's known them. Plus, Pikachu has no compunctions with letting its trainer know what it thinks of any decisions Ash makes with a well-placed Thunderbolt, which Ash has grown a tolerance to. (Note that he never fights back against this.) And it's also not above putting Ash's other Pokemon in their place. Thus, Ash is clearly Pikachu's, and not vice-versa.
  • To make matters worse, Pikachu's gender remains officially undetermined, so "hermaphrodite" is still an available option.
    • Recently, a female Pokemon used Attract in the anime, and it worked successfully on Pikachu. Pikachu is confirmed to be a male.
      • ...or is it?
      • Yes, under normal circumstances Attract only works if the target and user have opposite genders. The only known exception is a machine that broadcasts a modified form of Attract that instead causes Electric and Water Pokémon in range to become attracted to eachother and is specificly noted to be unaffected by gender.
      • Not to mention that female Pikachu have a notch in their tail and male Pikachu don't.

Pikachu is Ash's daemon.
A daemon is like an animal that represents a human's soul. When a human touches another's daemon, the humans get a nasty tingle. Humans and their daemons share a psychic link. The front-view for a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Pikachu looks a lot like Ash, Ash and his Pikachu share facial expressions, and the last time Ash was turned into a Pokemon, it was Pikachu. Also, Pikachu gives Ash a bit of a "tingle" sometimes.
  • Note that humans can't be separated from their daemon for any remotely appreciable length of time. Considering how — as much as he may sometimes agonize over it — whenever this happens, he can clearly survive, and has seriously considered letting Pikachu live in the wild at least once, that doesn't seem to add up.
    • Witches and their daemon can spend as much time as they please apart, through a specific ritual they go through when they are young. In the third book, we're shown that this ritual is not limited to just witches.
      • Charizard anyone? A painful parting, etc. etc.
      • He'd better be preparing the materials. I mean, Greninja has probably just displaced Pikachu as daemon with its Synchronization.

Ash's Pikachu has been hit by the Destiny Plume and knows its days are numbered
Either before being captured or while in captivity, a destiny plume-like artifact was invoked on Pikachu - it gained immense power, but when its 'battle' is over, it'll kneel over and die on the spot. When it bonded with Ash, utilizing its powers in the process, its fate was decided - its 'battle' is helping Ash become a champion, but after that it's an express one-way ticket to hell. That's why it's powerful enough to override resistances and immunities, but still loses fairer matchups - if Ash won a Pokemon League, he'd consider himself a champion, and it's over for Pikachu. Pikachu, when called in as the inevitable last stand, subtly throws the match to prolong its life (and, depending on how selfish it may be, possibly its time with Ash).

Ash's Pikachu is powered by Shipping.
If Lyrical Nanoha is to be believed, beings that run on Ship-to-Ship Combat—especially in a world with this much of it—are really, really strong.

Ash is a half-Saiyan.
Ash Ketchum is a perpetually 10 year old child with jet black hair and a love for battling. Saiyan children are known for having extremely long childhoods before suddenly ageing up. Jet black hair is the dominant color of Saiyan hair. Saiyans are also defined by their love for battling. If Ash's biological father were a Saiyan, it would explain all these traits appearing in Ash, as well as possibly why his dad is missing: he would have been killed when Freeza's men hunted down all surviving Saiyans. Furthermore, if Ash was half-Saiyan, it would redefine his otherwise completely unexplainable aura powers as simply ki control, a power common in Saiyans. It may also explain why Ash sporadically has superhuman strength, agility, and jumping abilities. These powers would be normal for a half-Saiyan. Lastly, Saiyans are mostly oblivious to the concept of love. Ash is too. If Ash were half-Saiyan, it would explain nearly every one of his quirks and attributes.

Ash's Pokedex was hacked by JARVIS from Iron Man
This would explain why the Pokedex was a Deadpan Snarker in the beginning, but later lost it.

Her weapon of choice? A flamethrower.
  • (separate Theory):Additionally, Meowth will brandish a baseball bat and shotgun, and James will sport a classy suit while sneaking around and stabbing people in the back.

James has Roman Zolanski as an alter ego.
Minaj claims that Zolanski is a fabulous gay man filled with incredible rage that only comes out when she is angry. Beyond the common fandom that James is gay and fabulous, I can only imagine that following the same ten-year-old kid around for nearly a decade, with the same abusive teammates, continually getting electrocuted, would make someone snap pretty badly. The emergence of this alter ego might explain Team Rocket's proficiency in Best Wishes - Jessie and Meowth are trying really, REALLY hard to not get Zolanksi TOO pissed off, and are matching his angry, violent personality.
  • James was showing signs of this alter ego long before Best Wishes, too. Recall Sinnoh, when Jessie and Meowth refused to team up with the twerps, even though there were baby Pokemon in danger (including James' own Mime Jr.) He reacted...violently.

James is actually from Felarya.
That's why he keeps getting Pokemon that try to eat him; they remind of home.

James's family is distantly related to the Kaiba family.

Meowth is a Youma.
The whole "impress a female Meowth" thing was just a cover story. Because really, if Pokemon can learn to speak human language, why haven't we seen this from any other Pokemon besides legendaries, and Meowth himself?Somehow, Meowth survived the final battle between Sailor Moon and Queen Beryl, and the Senshi spared him because he wasn't really that evil (for a Youma) and was too weak to be a threat. He ended up in the Pokemon world thanks to Sailor Pluto screwing around with the timeline.

Meowth is an avatar of Nyarlathotep
These are really idiotic reasons, but...
  • It explains why he can talk.
  • It would make him the real Big Bad.
  • The Japanese name for Meowth (species)is Nyarth.
  • (Feel free to add more reasons if you want!)

Officer Jennys are mass-produced XJ-9 units with human skins
Jenny, Jenny. Serve and protect. Blue hair. It all adds up. They took the guns out because, with Growlithes, wouldn't need them, and to make people more comfortable.

Brock is an Assassin from Assassin's Creed

Brock is Gary's father.
After all, we have evidence that Gary is Sam Oak's grandson, and Brock Sam's son.

Brock's mother is a witch. And she has Weasley blood in her veins.
The first time Flint (Brock's dad, not the Elite Four) appears in the anime, he says that Lola is dead. However, in a Chronicles episode, she appears and her 'death' is never brought up - in fact, it's as if she was there the whole time.

Sooo ... take a look at the episode in which we're told Lola is dead. It first aired in April 1997 - shortly before the Battle of Hogwarts. She could have, without telling her (Muggle) husband and kids she was a witch, altered their memory before setting off to fight in the Second Wizarding War, making them think she was dead (kind of like Hermione does at the beginning of Deathly Hallows). After the war, she returned to her family and adjusted their memories again so they thought she was there all along.

As for the Weasley thing, that's mainly because she had so many children (a Weasley doesn't necessarily have to be red-haired, considering it's a recessive gene). Also, she married a Muggle and pursued a career in Pokémon rather than something wizardy, which is something a 'blood traitor' Weasley might do. Lola may or may not have told Flint and the kids she's a witch; but it's highly likely Brock's a Squib, which is why he was journeying with Ash rather than going to Hogwarts. The little 'uns are presumably too young to go to Hogwarts.

Giovanni is a Goa'uld
He's obsessed with power, he wanted a custom-made extremely powerful Pokemon (for a host, perhaps?), and more than that, his voice actually has the Goa'uld voice effect in earlier seasons.

Ritchie is Ash's Nobody.
Ritchie would have been born when Ash was "killed" by Mewtwo and Mew's attack. They do look alike and have similar personalities. They also basically have the same Pokemon.

Contesta and Sukizo are Time Lords.
Hear me out.
  • Just how many contests are run annually in a region? The Kanto Grand Festival had 270 entrants with 5 ribbons apiece — that's 1350 ribbons right there, each of which came from exactly one contest. For the sake of simplicity, we'll assume nobody was a dick like Gary and got more ribbons than they needed. Note that this assumption actually decreases the number of ribbons that are probably in circulation.
  • Now since each ribbon is won competitively against a handful of other trainers, we must assume that roughly some multiple of that 270 (say, x* 270) only had 4 ribbons by the time the Festival rolled around, and another multiple of that only had 3 ribbons, etc. By similar logic, we can estimate the total number of ribbons in circulation prior to a Festival as a geometric series of terms 270* (x^n)* (5-n), n = [0..4].
  • Even with a very generously low value of x, say x=2, this comes out to some 15,390 contests a year. (A more realistic value would be about x=8, which yields over 1.4 million. For the sake of generosity, we will again use the low estimate just to make a point.)
  • Once more we make a minimizing assumption that probably isn't true: that the contests run year-round and do not stop for the Festival season itself. This averages out to just over 42 contests a day. Let me once more reiterate that nearly every simplifying assumption we've made has made this estimate less than it probably really is.
  • This likely isn't much of a problem for the local legion of Nurse Joys, but we are led to believe that Contesta and Sukizo are singular entities and must somehow attend all of these across the region each day. In addition, they must also attend a similar number in all the other regions too. How? Time Lords. Remarkable.


  • Well, if Ash is still ten despite going through, as of this writing, 6 Regions, each taking hundreds of days, plus 2 Challenge Cups, (on the order of dozens of days,) then it may just be that there are that many days in a Poke-Year.
  • Also, Monsieur Pierre may or may not be. Given that the number of Keys required to enter the Master Class Showcase is only 3 and there were only 27 performers there,note  if: A: The 27 performers were a mix of Rookies and Professionals and B: The multiplier was 2, then there would only be about 300 Keys according to the formula: close, but doable in a standard year.

Dawn is this universe's Key.
Because the Name's the Same. And why not?

Paul (Shinji) is Shinji's Shadow Archetype.
Think about it. They're near-total opposites! Either that, or they are the same person in different situations (What if Shini grew up in the Pokemon world? He became a jerkass. Paul in NGE? Without his Pokemon to protect him, he's reduced to a scared and flawed kid.)

The contest participant in Gen IV named Jorge is Jorge.
We never actually saw Jorge die, so perhaps a mishap in slipspace sent him into the wrong dimension (remember, Slipspace is an alternate dimension itself) and he crash landed in Sinnoh. His kindheartedness made him good with Pokemon, and he quickly took to being a trainer. Instead of getting back into violence, though, he chose a more non-violent option, contests.

Hunter J is somehow related to Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons

Zoroark, Celebi, Suicune, Raikou, and Entei in Pokemon Zoroark Master Of Illusions combine to be Loki
Just here me out here
  • Suicune having the majestic appearance of Tom Hiddleston
  • Celebi being the godlike aspect to Loki
  • Raikou seems to be a bit of a trickster
  • Entei embodying the power of Loki
  • Zoroark's Dark Typing (or Evil Typing in Japan)

Cress is Bernkastel.
A bit of a cracky WMG here, but this would explain something.

Cress managed to take on Pikachu with Panpour without getting hit even once. How so? If we go by game technicalities (That don't appear present in the anime), Double Team would've only raised Panpour's evasion by one. The fact that Pikachu managed to hit a clone of it? Cress willed the Miracle to happen; because the probability, while low, was still not zero. It helped set the rest of the battle into motion so he could kick Ash to the curb.

How exactly he is related to Bern, is unknown. Cross-canon incarnation? Epileptic Trees strikes again? Take it as you will.

Clemont is a Time Lord.
How did he store that machine that he has that electrifies Pokémon?
  • By this logic, Brock and Cilan are Time Lords as well, with those entire picnic tables they somehow lug around in their backpacks. Heck, Cilan even has a totally cool bowtie!

Clemont is Tony Stark.
He built a Robot! In a Castle Dungeon!note  With... whatever was there at the time which might as well be a Box of Scraps!

Anime!Limone and Blaziken Mask are twins
We will be led to think they are the same person until the reveal is made. You see, Blaziken Mask- let's call him "Limley" for now- and Limone used to work together to unlock the secret powers hidden in Kalos that allow Pokemon to Mega Evolve. One day they invoked Kalos's biggest secret, the demon Ly Sander, who caused Limone to lose his memory of their work, leading Limley to become a superhero as a cover for hunting down the two-point-five books that will tell him how to open a portal to another dimension and get his brother's memories back...

...Wait, wrong twin theory.

    Pokemon Ranger Crossovers 
Heath is Wolf O'Donnell.
Before you battle him for the last time, he says "Can't allow you doing that!" He stumbled into this dimension somehow, and was transformed into a human on entry. It would also explain his broken English, given that a shared language is unlikely between two separate dimensions.

Nanoha Takamachi founded the Ranger Union
After all, you spend the entire game befriending the crap out of Pokemon.
  • Win.

Almia is Magvel in the distant future.
(There are spoilers for Fire Emblem 8 here, but I don't want to put the whole thing under a spoiler tag, so consider yourself warned.)The sheer number of similarities is frightening. For example, the Shadow Crystal behaves almost exactly the same way the Dark Stone did, indicating that Fomortiis is still inside of it. That would explain why Blake Hall did a Face–Heel Turn when he was exposed to it (just like Lyon). That would mean that the three gems are the Sacred Stones—and in fact they serve the same purpose in SoA that they did in FE8, by stopping the power of the Shadow Crystal/Dark Stone. The Styler upgrade at the end of the game that draws power from the gems works the same way as the sacred weapons did, because it can capture 'Remo'd Pokemon like the weapons did +10 damage to monsters. Finally, many attacks look uncannily like magic (fire pillars look like Elfire or Forblaze, ice pillars are Fimbulvetur, roselia's yellow petal storms like any light magic, darkrai's attacks like dark magic...).

    Pokemon Adventures Crossovers 
Pokémon Adventures exists in the same universe as Sonic the Hedgehog.
And Blaine and Eggman are brothers. (Just look at them!)

Both Blaine and Eggman were inspired by their grandfather Gerald Robotnik, and they ended up taking villainous paths. Eggman looked up to his brother Blaine quite a lot, and eventually, Blaine even got an offer to work with this villainous group in a faraway region known as Kanto. Blaine decided to use his experience and knowledge of his grandfather's experiments to aid Team Rocket: He would help Team Rocket in their quest to create the Ultimate Life Form. That's Right.

Mewtwo was inspired by Project Shadow. It would explain why Blaine was so hellbent on getting Mewtwo right at all costs. He refused to fail his grandfather. However, eventually Blaine realized it was time for a Heel–Face Turn and this revelation was a huge shock to his brother. Eggman refused to ever bring him up because he was embarrassed that the person he looked up to for so long had switched sides.

Eggman, on the other hand, was inspired by much of the technology of the Pokémon World. Wisp Capsules along with every robot that's ever been powered by one of Sonic's animal friends are all inspired by Poké Balls. It's how he can always fit them inside of such complex machinery, and why they come bursting out when Sonic hits a robot.

Xadhoom will show up and kill off the villain of the storyarc she appears in
Because the series are thematically similar.
  • Then the villain will be an Evronian in disguise?

Link is Yellow's Father.
They both have blonde hair, wear similar outfits and they both have a connection with a mysterious forest.
  • I knew that she was Ash's Cross-Canon Counterpart, not Red! They're both All Loving Heroes with special powers! And now This Guess!

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