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AM stands for Armageddon_Man. (No, not THAT Armageddon Man)
NK for Neon_Knight.
(Though I ocassionally appear in other forums as PumpkinKnight)

If you've spotted these nicknames on any Unreal, Quake forum... (or maybe a Heavy Metal one?) chances are that the 75% of the time is probably me.note 

Let's see... AM_NK is from Argentina, he's 25 y.o., a metal fan, a gaming fan, (First-Person Shooter variety) of course a soccer fan, and a... ehrm... Troper. (No, not a Trooper :P) Also, a developer for the game OpenArena.

Also, unofficial member of SPOON.

What I've done so far:

Tropes launched succesfully:



Character sheets

Shout-Out pages

Pages (subpages included) which I regularly check

Tropes and works translated into Spanish

(Updating when there's something more to add...)