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    In general 
  • The Skaarj are heavily inspired by Predator, including such homages as dreadlocks and wrist-mounted blades.
  • The planet Na Pali is named after a state park on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.
  • The Izanagi corporation is named after the eponymous deity of Japanese Mythology.
  • It turns out that the Nanoblack referenced across the series exists in Real Life.

  • The Vortex Rikers prison ship is named after Rikers Island. Appropriate, since they're both prisons. This was outright confirmed by its author.
  • The multiplayer map DmAriza has the Quake shape.
  • The name of the Glathriel Village from Return to Na Pali comes from the human hex in in Jack Chalker's "Well of Souls" books.
    • Also, there's an Easter Egg which guides to a secret. It has the Unreal Tournament clan Ocrana's logonote , and the translator has the following message:
    "Will you die for this?"
  • The Temple of Chizra is inspired by the Indiana Jones movies.
  • The filenames of the Rrajigar Mine and Depths of Rrajigar levels are named "Dig" and "Dug" respectively.

    Unreal Tournament 

    Unreal II: The Awakening 

    Unreal Championship, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004 

    Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict 
Raiden's references towards his home series qualify as a Mythology Gag, which can be seen in the UC2 character sheet.

  • Continuing with the Shout Outs to Mortal Kombat, after freezing an opponent, the announcer yells "Finish Him!!" before you do a Coup De Grace.
  • Some of the Liandri bots taunts are references to internet lingo.
    "You are teh suck!"
    • There's also these two references to Microsoft Windows:
    "Logging crash dump."
    "I see the blue screen."
  • The Juggernauts are also keen on references:
  • One of the challenges have three slow but tough males going against three fast but weak females. It's called "Tortoise vs. Hare"
  • Another of the Challenges has Malcolm going against 4 undead characters. It's called "Day of the Dead".
  • Anubis's Ladder, which takes place after the events of the Ascension Rites, mentions that he was offered an offer he couldn't refuse.
  • One of Apophis's taunts is "Damn, I'm good!"
  • One of Devastation's adrenaline combos, "Head Turret", has her activating mounted turret defenses like Fulgore's No Mercy.
    • Many of her Ladder challenges have references to programming concepts. One of her matches is labeled "GOTO: Next Match", and the description of another match has a C++ fragment.
    "if (Target.Color == Self.Color) ProtectTarget(); else DestroyTarget()"
  • One of Raiden's Ladder challenges pits him against the Skaarj Torgr and the human female Sappire. The match is called "Beauty and the Beast".
  • One of Raptor's challenges is named "Carnage++", a reference to the C++ programming language.
  • One of Sobek's taunts is "It's better to burn out, than to fade away."
  • One of Szalor's Ladder challenges is called "Armed and Dangerous".
  • One of the in-game awards, given to the achiever after reflecting an opponent's charged adrenaline fueled melee attack, is called Smackdown!.

    Unreal Tournament III 
  • The achievement for beating Chapter 4 is called "Not In Kansas Anymore".
  • The achievement for defeating the Final Boss in Insane is called "Fear The Reaper".
  • Get the "Combo King" award 15 times, and you get the "Don't taze me bro!" achievement. invoked
  • Jester is designed around Epic Games' president Mike Capps' sister.
  • The Ronin team has "Damn, I'm Good!" as a taunt.
  • The Greed gametype is inspired in the Greed mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 which in turn is based on Quake III: Team Arena's Harvester gametype. Given that the UT2004 mod replaces the skulls of Harvester with coins and the UT3 gametype brings the skulls back, it's possible that UT3!Greed is a mix of both.