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Characters of the Commandos video game series.

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Original Games

    The Green Beret 

Jack O'Hara / The Green Beret

Nicknames: "Tiny", "The Butcher"

Appearances: Behind Enemy Lines | Beyond The Call Of Duty | Men Of Courage | Destination Berlin

An Irish sergeant, and the leader of the commandos.

  • Anti-Hero: He was arrested once for slapping his superior officer. He's also a former boxer.
  • The Big Guy: A rare instance of one also being The Leader.
  • Blood Knight: He's happiest when fighting Nazis, noting that it's what he does best.
  • The Butcher: Subverted. He doesn't receive this nickname because of some sadistic tendencies, but because he uses a knife as Weapon of Choice.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: The strongest of the commandos, by far.
    • He's able to carry barrels of fuel by himself in all games.
    • He's strong enough to move kerosene reservoirs on wheels in Beyond the Call of Duty.
    • In Destination Berlin, he's able to carry machine guns and fire them, and he can also move a German PaK gun all by himself and fire it.
  • Eagle Squadron: He is an Irish citizen fighting in British army. The Republic of Ireland remained neutral during the entirety of World War II. There's a lot of Truth in Television to this one: many Irishmen joined up to fight for the British Army during the conflict, many of them even deserting from the Irish Army to do so.
  • Expy: Of both Mike Kirby and real life World War II commando Paddy Mayne.
  • Fighting Irish: Born in Dublin, he enlists in the British Army in order to fight.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: He was Army boxing champion four years in a row.
  • Heroic Build: He's massively muscled and shows off his biceps in sleeveless shirts.
  • Ironic Nickname: He's nicknamed "Tiny", yet he is the tallest and most physically imposing of the commandos.
  • Knife Nut: The knife is his primary weapon, for silent kills. Artworks commonly shows him with a machete-sized Bowie knife. The manual and in-game information describe the knife as a "Fairbarn-Sykes fighting knife" (the standard knife of the British Commandos), which was a lot smaller, not to mention a completely different shape as well.
  • Large and in Charge: At 6'5" and the rank of Sergeant, he's the leader of the commandos in the field.
  • The Leader: The highest ranked out of all the commandos. It's telling that the shortcut to select him is number 1.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He can run quicker than anyone barring the Thief.
  • Made of Iron: He can take more damage than the other commandos.
  • Military Maverick: Was sentenced to fourteen years of hard labour after striking an officer. His sentence was suspended upon volunteering for the commandos. According to the tutorials, he is violent and undisciplined, but is more of a nightmare for the enemy than he is for his superiors.
  • Nice Hat: His beret is iconic to the character.
  • Noodle Incident: During Destination Berlin's tutorial, he mentions being shot during a mission to Colditz castle for which the Sniper apologises, claiming it to be an accident. It's not mentioned if the Sniper accidentally shot him or failed to cover him as the enemy fired upon him.
    • Shout-Out to the penultimate mission of Men Of Courage.
  • Oireland: Mostly averted.
  • One-Man Army: He's accurately identified as such in the tutorials. Also, his biography mentions that he entered a bunker with a bullet in the arm and no ammo and killed sixteen enemy soldiers. While wounded and with no ammo no less.
  • Person with the Clothing: Despite his real name and ranks been mentioned in the manuals, he is only refered as "the Green Beret" ingame (except in Destination Berlin).
  • Removable Turret Gun: In Destination Berlin, he's able to carry around heavy machine guns and use them as personal weapons. He moves more slowly and can't go prone, though.
  • Rise from Your Grave: One of his abilities is burying himself in sand or snow to avoid detection. He can then get up once the enemy has passed by and surprise him.
  • Sergeant Rock: He's as willing, if not moreso, as the rest of his team to undertake the mission.
  • Series Mascot: He has always been the one who showed up the most in promotional material, "No CD" error messages and the animated logo of Pyro Studios.
  • Shout-Out: He's very loosely based on John Wayne's character from The Green Berets.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: Even in the fucking snow in Behind Enemy Lines; in the North Pole mission of Men of Courage he can be frozen to death if he stays outside too long without special winter clothing, in the Stalingrad mission of Destination Berlin he wears all the time relevant winter clothing.
  • Team Dad: Even refers to his team as "kids".
  • Trading Bars for Stripes: He already was a soldier in the British military, then had to choose between spending fourteen years in jail (for having beaten a British officer) or serve in the British Commandos corp.
  • Weapon of Choice: His knife.

    The Driver 

Samuel "Sid" Perkins / The Driver

Nicknames: "Tread", "Brooklyn"

Appearances: Behind Enemy Lines | Beyond The Call Of Duty | Men Of Courage

An American criminal who enlisted in the commandos in Great Britain. He is a specialist in equipment and vehicles taken to the enemy.

  • The Ace: He gets the best guns in Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty, and he is the only one who can man machine gun nests and vehicles in said games. In Men of Courage, he gets molotov cocktails, CS gas grenades and the beartrap to compensate for the fact that everyone else can now use all the guns.
  • Angrish: When climbing ladders.
  • Anti-Hero: He's an American criminal that only avoids extradition because he is serving in the British Army.
  • Badass Driver: As the team's driver, he can make use of any land vehicle from humble Kubelwagens to Panzers.
  • Brooklyn Rage: He's the token American in the games. He was a criminal before enlisting in the commandos, and hails from Brooklyn, hence his nickname.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Didn't appear in Destination Berlin. Justified in that from Men Of Courage onwards, his specializations (namely, being able to drive most vehicles and being able to use rifles and SMGs) are available to everyone. He was the only commando who could drive armored vehicles still, but Destination Berlin sadly had none available.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: When sustaining injury.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He's a criminal on the run from the authorities in the US, so he joined the British Army to avoid extradition.
  • The Driver: His job in a nutshell. The other commandos couldn't drive either trucks or cars in Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty so it was his speciality.
  • Master of None: In Men Of Courage, his specialisations are less apparent than previously now that everyone can use rifles and submachine guns and can drive cars and trucks. He's still the only one able to drive tanks and is given the Bear Trap, CS gas grenades, molotov cocktails and smoke grenades to compensate for this, but it wasn't enough to prevent him from being Put on a Bus for Destination Berlin.
  • The Medic: If he is available on a map, it's always him who carries the medipac.
  • Molotov Cocktail: Can use them in Men of Courage.
  • Universal Driver's License: He can drive all land vehicles, and armored vehicles in Men of Courage. A bonus mission of Men of Courage also has him drive a German amphibious vehicle, the Landwasserschlepper. In his backstory, he tested various captured German vehicles, which is why he is able to drive German tanks.
  • Weapon of Choice: Submachine guns and mounted machine guns.

    The Marine / The Diver 

James Blackwood / The Marine / The Diver

Nickname: "Fins"

Appearances: Behind Enemy Lines | Beyond The Call Of Duty | Men Of Courage | Destination Berlin

An Australian combat diver.

  • The Alcoholic: That's all you need to know.
  • Cool Boat:
    • His inflatable boat.
    • One mission in Behind Enemy Lines has him use a German midget sub to torpedo a battleship.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He sounds very sarcastic when given orders in Behind Enemy Lines.
  • Demoted to Extra: Only appears in one mission in Destination Berlin.
  • Harpoon Gun:
    • In Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty, he can use a harpoon gun to silently kill enemies on land, but its range is short and it has a very long reload time. This problem can actually be circumvented by rapidly clicking right after use and reusing it with the hotkey, making it very handy to get rid of two-men enemy patrols.
    • In Men Of Courage, it's the only weapon that can be used underwater, making it very useful against sharks and Japanese divers. A glitch allows it to be used on land; it's medium-ranged with unlimited ammo, and essentially makes the Diver into a silent killing machine.
  • Knife Nut: Can use a knife to kill enemies silently like the Green Beret in Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond The Call Of Duty. He throws them to kill enemies in Men of Courage and Destination Berlin.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills: When wearing his diving gear, he has an infinite supply of air.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: From Men Of Courage onwards, he can collect multiple knives and throw them to kill enemies.
  • Weapon of Choice: Harpoon Gun and knife throwing.

    The Sapper 

Thomas Hancock / The Sapper

Nicknames: "Inferno", "Fireman"

Appearances: Behind Enemy Lines | Beyond The Call Of Duty | Men Of Courage | Destination Berlin

An English sapper and explosives specialist.

  • BFG: The Bazooka in Men of Courage and Destination Berlin, which only he (and nameless allied soldiers) can use. He also functions as a tank gunner in Men of Courage.
  • Demolitions Expert: He, as the explosives expert, is the only one who can throw grenades in the earlier games (something of a gap in the others' training it seems, though this was changed in Destination Berlin), and only he can detonate timebombs and radio-controlled bombs. In Men of Courage, he can use a metal detector to spot and deactivate landmines, then use said mines.
  • Mighty Glacier: He's the slowest runner. The manual states that this is due to all the explosives he carries and in Men Of Courage, he mentions that he has to carry a lot of extra equipment.
  • Molotov Cocktail: Can use them in Destination Berlin.
  • Not Even Bothering with the Accent: His biography states that he's from Liverpool yet none of the games actually have an actor for him to even emulate a Liverpool accent. That's also considering that the British submarine crew in the Men Of Courage missions "Das Boot: Silent Killers" and "White Death" (with the exception of the Captain) all have scouse accents, somehow.
  • Oop North: From Liverpool, apparently.
  • Playing with Fire: He can use a flamethrower in Men of Courage.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Seems to have developed this with the Thief.
  • Weapon of Choice: Grenades in the first games, bazooka and flamethrower in Men of Courage and Destination Berlin.

    The Sniper 

Sir Francis T. Woolridge / The Sniper

Nickname: "Duke"

Appearances: Behind Enemy Lines | Beyond The Call Of Duty | Men Of Courage | Destination Berlin

A sniper from an aristocratic English family.

    The Spy 

René Duchamp / The Spy

Nicknames: "Spooky", "Frenchy"

Appearances: Behind Enemy Lines | Beyond The Call Of Duty | Men Of Courage | Destination Berlin

A French Resistance agent and master of disguise.

  • Cunning Linguist: He can speak English, French, German, Russian and Italian fluently.
  • Does Not Like Guns: Downplayed. According to the manual, he prefers other weapons, though will use a gun if he has to.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: The only one able to do so in Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty, and the best at this in the later games.
  • Master of Disguise: Starting in Men of Courage, every commando soldier can wear the uniforms of basic enemy soldiers, but they have a limited duration and it only works in the long-range view of enemies. René can wear any uniform indefinitely and distract soldiers, even give orders to subordinates if he finds Lieutenant or Officer uniforms. Wehrmacht Officers will unmask him in their short-range view, and SS Officers and soldiers can unmask him as soon as they see him no matter the distance.
  • Maurice Chevalier Accent: He has a thick French accent when talking in Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty.
  • The Medic: In Behind Enemy Lines if no one else is available.
  • Perfect Poison:
    • The syringe is an infinite instantly silent One-Hit Kill weapon in Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty.
    • In Men of Courage and Destination Berlin, the weapon is still totally silent, but has been deprived of its unlimited supplies and One-Hit Kill properties (one sting: the enemy staggers as if having had a bottle of wine, two stings: he is out cold for a bit, three stings: death).
  • La Résistance: He is a member of the French Resistance.
  • The Smart Guy: The Allies owe a lot to his intelligence gathering skills, which crippled an admirable number of enemy vehicles and bases.
  • Weapon of Choice: His poisoned syringe.
  • Younger Than They Look: According to the manual, he is in his early-to-middle thirties. There is an official artwork where he looks to be at least twenty years older than his actual age.

    The Seductress 

Natasha Nikochevski / Natasha Van Der Zand / The Seductress

Nickname: "Lips"

Appearances: Beyond The Call Of Duty | Men Of Courage

A Dutch (in Beyond The Call Of Duty) / Soviet (in Men Of Courage) spy who uses her charms to deceive the enemy.

  • Action Girl: She could use a gun in Beyond the Call of Duty already, but Men of Courage added submachine guns, bolt-action rifles and sniper rifles for her to use.
  • Adaptational Nationality: She was a Dutch resistance agent of Russian descent in Beyond The Call Of Duty. Men Of Courage turned her into a Soviet agent born in Ukraine, likely to not let USSRnote  completely out of the game.
  • Alliterative Name: Natasha Nikochevski.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Didn't appear in Destination Berlin.
  • Cold Sniper: She can wield sniper rifles in Men of Courage.
  • Dirty Harriet: In Beyond The Call Of Duty, she lures a German general into a brothel to steal him secret documents. What exactly happens there is up to the player's imagination.
    • In Men of Courage, it's implied she disguises herself as a prostitute in Haiphong.
  • Distaff Counterpart: For the Spy (minus the syringe) in Beyond the Call of Duty and Men of Courage.
    • To the Sniper also in Men Of Courage.
  • Dressing as the Enemy: In Men of Courage, her disguises are restricted to secretaries and Asian prostitutes, but they can fool anyone barring officers and SS, just like the Spy's officer disguises.
  • Grievous Bottley Harm: She can KO enemy soldiers with wine bottles in Men of Courage. The downside is that she can't tie them up.
  • Honey Trap: It's heavily implied she gets the secret documents this way in the last mission of Beyond The Call Of Duty.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: In Men of Courage, she can disguise herself durably and she's a sniper.
  • Master of Disguise: Her disguises are durable and unnoticeable by most enemies just like those of the Spy, minus the latter's ability to give orders.
  • Master of None: In Men of Courage, she can knock enemies out, but this costs a bottle of wine, and she can't tie them up, unlike all the other commandos bar the Thief, who use their fist. She can disguise herself and distract the enemy, but she can't give orders while doing so, unlike the Spy. She's as good with sniper rifles as the Sniper, however.
  • Ms. Fanservice: So much so that some artworks (picture) have her wearing a nigh-transparent top.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Can walk right into a Japanese naval base dressed as an Asian prostitute (despite being a European woman) with a Sniper Rifle slung across her shoulder and no one will bat an eyelid (barring officers).
    • One possible, and somewhat horrible explanation, is that she's part of the 'entertainment' for off-duty sailors. When the Green Beret picks up her equipment from the shopkeeper, he's told to "get her out of there - it's no place for a lady" and the room she's waiting in is bare, save for a few mattresses...
  • Retcon: In Beyond The Call Of Duty, her full name was Natasha Van Der Zand, and her birth place was the Netherlands. In Men Of Courage, her name was changed to Natasha Nikochevski, and her birth place was changed to Kiev, Ukraine, Soviet Union.
  • Sensual Slavs: In Men of Courage. A Soviet (Ukrainian-born) spy who uses her looks to distract the enemy.
  • Sexy Secretary: Her disguise in occupied Europe in Men of Courage.
  • Show Some Leg: Her main ability to distract enemies.
  • The Smurfette Principle: She is the only playable female character of the original Commandos series.
  • Take a Level in Badass: She became a sniper in Men Of Courage.
  • Weapon of Choice: Her charms. And sniper rifles in Men of Courage.
  • Wig, Dress, Accent: At least wig and dress. She still has a thick Slavic accent.
    • Fridge Brilliance / Genius Bonus: Germany recruited volunteers among prisoners of war and locals from Eastern Europe, so why not a secretary?
    • Also in play during the Haiphong mission - Far Eastern cities of the time, such as Shanghai, Harbin and Beijing, were awash with White Russian refugees from the Soviet Union. She could easily be pretending to be one for the purposes of espionage, and as Japan was at peace with the USSR throughout much of World War II, she would likely remain at large.

    The Thief 

Paul Toledo / The Thief

Nickname: "Lupin"

Appearances: Men Of Courage | Destination Berlin

A young French thief with exceptional agility and lock-picking skills.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Has a few moments, especially in Men of Courage. The French dubbing gives his voice a constant snarky tone, in contrary to the English one.
  • Does Not Like Guns: Rarely, if ever, starts a mission armed.
  • Fragile Speedster: Moves faster than anyone else, but isn't as durable as the rest of the team.
  • Older Than They Look: His face looks like a teen. He is also the smallest character, so he can be easily mistaken for a child considering the graphics of the games. The manual says that he is in his late-twenties.
  • Safecracking: One of his roles. He only needs his picklocks and a few seconds to succeed.
  • Shout-Out: Owes his nickname to Arsène Lupin.
  • The Sixth Ranger: Joins the team in Men Of Courage.
  • Throwing the Distraction: He can send his pet mouse, Spike, to attract the attention of the enemy.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With the Sapper.
  • Weapon of Choice: His high kick, and a piano wire in Destination Berlin.

    The Dog 

Whiskey The Dog

Appearances: Men Of Courage

A bull terrier dog. The commandos adopted him after his French resistance owner's death and use him to carry equipment without being noticed by the enemy.

  • Canine Companion: Well, obviously. He is best paired with the Thief, as the Thief can reach places the other commandos can't without being noticed, and bring them equipment through the dog.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Didn't appear in Destination Berlin.
  • Hammerspace: He's a bull terrier dog, and somehow his inventory is big enough to contain submachine guns, K98 rifles and explosives, all at once. Here's a real bull terrier to compare. What's more? The commandos can carry him on their back with all that stuff in his inventory.
  • Non-Action Guy: Well, he is a non-attack dog.
  • Team Pet: He is more useful than simply being the team's pet dog/mascot.
  • The Cameo: Appears in the ending of Strike Force.
  • The Nose Knows: He is able to detect mines, which is useful to dodge, defuse or destroy them.

    The Castaway 

Wilson the cast away

Appearances: Men Of Courage

A British naval officer who got stranded on Savo Island. Since Japanese soldiers leave him alone, he can provide useful distraction for the commandos.

  • The Aloner: He was one until the Japaneses built a base on his island (see the Older Than They Look entry below).
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: He described the Japanese garnison as "demons", and the noise of the island artillery as "thunder". Justified, considering he probably spoke with nobody during at least forty years. Even now, the Japanese leave him alone on the island, although they know him and doesn't see him as threatening (which has to be used as an advantage by the player).
  • Dreadful Musician: His bugle call is hilariously bad. The Japanese just stare at him in disbelief.
  • Non-Action Guy
  • Obfuscating Insanity: The player can use him to distract enemy soldiers.
  • Older Than They Look: The character looks to be on his forties. When first reached, he mentions to be a soldier of the Queen Victoria. Victoria died in 1901, the briefing of the mission states that it is set in 1942. Do the maths...
    • He also states that he was part of The Light Brigade.
  • Shout-Out: To Robinson Crusoe and the movie Cast Away.
  • Spot of Tea: When meeting the commandos, the first thing he says after presenting himself is asking if they have some tea. After receiving a negative answer, he complains that he hasn't drink tea since "twenty years" (it would be more than forty, more accurately).
  • Wild Man: Subverted. He has the appearance, but he is actually a frail Non-Action Guy whose main role is to make noise to distract Japanese soldiers.

    Colonel Montague Smith 

The Colonel / Colonel Montague Smith

Appearances: Behind Enemy Lines | Beyond The Call Of Duty | Men Of Courage | Destination Berlin

The officer who oversees the commandos' missions.


    Axis soldiers 

German soldiers / Japanese soldiers

German and Japanese soldiers.

  • Artificial Stupidity:
    • "Heinz, I'm just gonna leave my post for a moment. I saw a pack of cigarettes laying out in the open, on the ice in the arctic desert. I'll go climb down the whole destroyer and get me some of them before someone else decides to!"
    • In Behind Enemy Lines, any vehicle a commando goes in then out of becomes tagged as "enemy" to German soldiers and they start shooting at it till it explodes. The hilarious (and sometimes useful) part is when they do this even when the vehicle is close enough to explode in their face, which means they can be suicidal.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: German soldiers speak with very mangled German sentences and Japanese use an Asian-sounding gibberish.
  • Circling Birdies: These appear over the head of enemies when knocked-out, with the "star" variant.
  • Elite Mooks:
    • Submachine gun equipped soldiers in Behind the Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty. Whenever an alarm is triggered, they pop out of garrisons and start patrolling. It's the main reason why alarms spell real trouble for the commandos in the early games.
    • Those Gestapo officers that can see immediately through the Spy and Natasha's disguise in Beyond the Call of Duty.
    • Snipers can see the commandos at any distance and kill them in a matter of seconds.
    • In Men of Courage, SS officers can unmask the Spy and Natasha at any range as well as Wehrmacht/Imperial Japanese officers at close range.
    • Paratroopers are able to unmask the Spy in Destination Berlin. Their assault rifles (based on the STG-44) are quite effective.
  • The Enemy Weapons Are Better: In Men of Courage and Destination Berlin, a basic Axis infantryman can't kill a commando in one shot with the basic rifle, but a commando can kill him in one shot with the same weapon. It takes two shots by SMG-equipped German soldiers to kill a commando, and one shot for a commando to kill an Axis soldier.
    • In two Men of Courage missions in Asia, the commandos have access to a German MP-40 submachine gun, which is great to kill several enemies at the same time in one go, and the best weapon Japanese soldiers have meanwhile is the basic rifle, which doesn't kill a commando instantly when used by them. True to history, Japan didn't have submachine guns in significant quantities during World War II (the most produced Japanese SMG was the Type 100 with fewer than 30000 built — Nazi Germany produced over one million MP-40 by comparison).
  • Failed a Spot Check: The only way to explain why a German/Japanese soldier would run right to a huge triggered Bear Trap or a thread especially put there to make him trip. It becomes blatant when the reason why they run there is because they saw a pack of cigarettes.

Strike Force

    The Spy 

George Brown / The Spy

  • All Germans Are Nazis: Averted, he is actually German.
  • Colonel Badass
  • Dressing as the Enemy
  • Expy: To the original Spy, with a bit from the Thief (his backstab move consists in strangling a lone German with a piano string).
  • Hollywood Silencer: His Walter PP.
  • It's Personal: According to the manual, it is how his superiors view his motivation to fight against Nazi Germany.
  • The Leader
  • The Mole: The Green Beret suspects him to be the mole during most of the game. He is not.
  • Mysterious Past: The manual features a couple of pages describing the commandos, their abilities, and their past. This specific section of his page is left blank. Even at the end of the game, we only learn that he is German, nothing else.

    The Green Beret 

Francis O'Brien / The Green Beret

  • Expy: To the original Green Beret, obviously, and to the Driver as well.
  • Dumb Muscle: Referenced and averted in the opening cutscene of the first mission, in which the Sniper describes his teammate, saying that the Green Beret is a killing machine but not a brainless brute.
  • Guns Akimbo: He is able to dualwield submachineguns.
  • Knife Nut: He uses a mêlée knife in both standard attack mode and backstabbing mode.
  • The Lancer / The Big Guy
  • Neck Snap: His backstab move involves this, despite carrying a massive knife.
  • Non-Indicative Name: He doesn't wear any beret.
  • One-Man Army: He is the toughest man of the team and can use any weapon except sniper rifles. He is especially designed for non-stealth missions.

    The Sniper 

William Hawkins / The Sniper

  • Blood Knight: Although he doesn't seem very sadistic or bloodthirsty, the manual states that he is a thrill-seeker, and that's the reason why he joined the OSS.
  • Expy: To the original Sniper and to the Marine (he throws his knives and is the best swimmer of the team).
  • Friendly Sniper
  • Knife Nut: His backstab attack consists in stabbing an unaware German. He also can throw his knives.
  • The Smart Guy


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