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"Let's go, Friender! Our real enemy awaits!"

Voiced by: Daisuke Ono

After the death of his father, Tetsuya Azuma swore revenge against the evil robot race who killed his father. As the Neo Human Casshern, (or Neoroider Casshern) he uses his strength, gun and extending legs to battle the evil androids. Backing him up is his dog Friender, who also became a cyborg to help Casshern by transforming into various vehicles.

  • Cyborg
    Frank West: You changed your whole body into a machine for revenge? That's pretty hardcore, kid.
  • Diving Kick: His Ryuusei Kick (Meteor/Shooting Star Kicknote ) for his light and medium versions, while his heavy version is instead the Flying Drill.
  • Energy Weapon: His Level 3 "Chou Hakkaikousen". ("Super Destruction Beam" in English) He fires a concentrated green beam of solar energy which creates a powerful explosion upon contact. Of course, it's not as epic as in the anime. note 
  • Jack of All Stats: Despite having no projectile or true "dragon punch" uppercut, Casshern regardless is one of the more balanced characters with simplicity packed along with solid combos and decent damage output.
  • Knight in Sour Armor:
    (after winning against Roll) "Humans and robots... living together in peace? I'm not against it, but it's unlikely to happen."
    (after winning against Zero) "A world where humans and robots live in harmony? I find that hard to believe..."
  • Shock and Awe: His primary form of offense, especially via his Denkou Punch.
  • Spell My Name With An S: "Casshan" in Ultimate All Stars, which makes it clear what Capcom had to go through to gain the licenses.note  It's even more notable because Funimation released his most recent anime as "Casshern Sins", meaning there are concurrent depictions of the character that spell his name differently.


"Only one true beauty can achieve victory, and I am the very definition of true beauty!"
After winning against Ken The Eagle

Voiced by: Noriko Ohara
Boyacky voiced by: Joji Yanami
Tonzura voiced by: Kazuya Taketabe

The only playable villain in the game, Doronjo is the main antagonist of the Yatterman series. Their main objective is to steal things, namely pieces of the Dokuro/Skull Stone for Dokurobei, their seldom-seen boss.

  • Bad Boss: They are regularly punished by Dokurobei. This is implemented in their Level 3 Super.
  • Butt-Monkey: Even the Level 3 super involves them getting blown up.
  • Clothing Damage: She gets her clothes ripped off, continuing with the Yatterman series' tradition, after her level 3 super. It's very brief and minimal in comparison to any Yatterman series, but it's still there.
  • Confusion Fu: Her main playstyle is basically "fill the screen with shit that involves working Boyacky and Tonzura to death". With this, she can maintain very solid control of the screen in the hands of a skilled player, and can occasionally whack at the opponent herself too. Needless to say, it depends on which tools you use at which time, as both Boyacky and Tonzura can appear at once, but can't be in two places at the same time themselves, so it's all about filling in the gaps.
    • Ultimate All-Stars nerfs her shenanigans a bit in trade of giving her a bit more raw damage on her standalone moves.
  • Dark Action Girl: Notably, Doronjo is the only playable villainous character in the whole roster.
  • Everything's Messier with Pigs: One of her moves has her summoning Boyacky, who then summons a palm tree. Then, Odate Buta, the Doronbo Gang's mechanical pig, climbs up, and explodes.
    • The Level 3 Super version is even better/worse in this aspect. Should the poor victim got caught in the explosion, him/her/it gets bounced around by even more explosions like a tennis ball. Cue the aforementioned Clothing Damage.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good
    (winquote against Batsu) "Why are kids these days only interested in fighting for justice? It's enough to make me gag!"
    (winquote against Saki) "How could someone as young as you even think you know how to protect the earth? I tell you, these young people and their 'justice'."
  • The Fighting Narcissist
    (when winning against Jun The Swan) "Hah! Did you think a little duckling like you could actually beat the great and beautiful Doronjo!?"
    (when winning against Roll) "Cleaning up is for the weak, not for the beautiful. Be a lamb and grab your mop. This place needs a good cleaning."
  • Gonk: Boyacky and Tonzra are quite strange looking. The former mostly because of his Gag Nose.
  • Groin Attack: Her "Punching Bag Fiesta". Tonzra grab hold her opponent and Boyacky beat them senseless until Doronjo delivers the final blow, a swift vertical kick. While it may not be the intentions of the attack to directly be a groin attack or a cunt punt, most often the positioning of the characters results in her knee landing right where it hurts the most.
  • Horny Scientist: Her skinny techie sidekick Boyacky is quite the pervert as seen by his quote in Doronjo's ending.
    (Boyacky in the ending) "And once again all the young ladies out there know how cool the Dorombo Gang is!"
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain
    Jun The Swan: The three of you are just like some stereotypical cartoon villains. What? No, I was not praising you!
    Kaijin No Soki: Not only are you a terrible fighter, those two goons with you are cowards!
    Polimar: I'll be sure to remember the Dorombo Gang... as the most incompetent criminals in the history of the world!
    Tekkaman: The three of you are not as bad as you appear. What do you say to changing your ways?
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: She would like to have some "words" with Morrigan about her outfit...
    • That is a bit hypocritical when you realize Doronjo's outfit is just as skimpy and when you remember in the original 1977 Yatterman series whenever she gets blown up in her giant robot her clothes get damaged to the point where she is mostly exposed and almost naked.
  • Mini-Game Credits: Except when finishing the game as Roll, they must catch as many letters as they can in the credits. Every letter gives zenny, which the player can later use to buy costumes, characters or artwork at the shop. It's necessary to catch every gold letter to unlock the other minigame, Ultimate All-Shooters.
  • Projectile Kiss: Her taunt, which can actually damage! It's also her assist move.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Perhaps unintentional, but done in her winning quote after a Mirror Match:
    "If you're going to dress up like me, then you'll have to pay me a licensing fee. You can't just imitate a celebrity for free!"
  • Ship Tease:
    • She hits on Alex, as seen in her victory quote against him:
      "Oooh! You are definitely my type of man! Of course, you could use a haircut. And a suit. If you bring me some flowers then I might just date you."
    • Crossing a bit with ephebophile, as she also hits on Volnutt:
      "Oh, my! What a handsome boy! I hope some day you can fight at my side."
    • And, ironically, on Ippatsuman:
      "Oooh... The more I see of you, the more I like you. What a cruel fate to be forced to fight such a handsome man!"
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Doronjo is very confident despite her track record:
    (after winning against Ken The Eagle) "Only one true beauty can achieve victory, and I am the very definition of true beauty!"
  • Spell My Name With An S: Same as in Yatterman series: Doronjo or Dronio? Boyakki or Boyacky? Tonzra, Tonzler o Tonzura? Doronbo or Drombo?note 
  • Supermodel Strut: To show off how she's a Proud Beauty, her slow walking stance is a deliberate swaying strut, complete with keeping one hand poised at her hip. Also used in some of her attacks, such as the "Punching Bag Festa" Level 1 super when used on Yatterman-1 or Yatterman-2.
  • Take That!:
    (when winning against Chun-Li) "As proven once again, the police are no match for the Dorombo Gang!"
  • Terrible Trio: She's always accompanied by Boyacky and Tonzra. They even appear together in both boxarts! It's a shame that they are overshadowed by the game's logo, an error Capcom issued first by making them as the menu hosts in CGoH, and then by putting said title in a blank space in the UAS coverart.
  • Token Evil Teammate: In a game called Cross Generation of Heroes, she's the only villain(ness) albeit an ineffective one.
  • Wangst: How she see some of the normally angsty characters: invoked
    (winquote against Tekkaman Blade) "I just can't stand these dark, brooding men! I hate them!"
    (winquote against Zero) "You just get on my nerves, you know that? Just get away from me. You disgust me."

    Gold Lightan

"I will protect this planet, and fight anyone who tries to hurt it!"

Voiced by: Issei Futamata

  • Anime Theme Song: "Ougon Senshi Gold Lightan!"
  • Bare Fisted Humongous Mecha: He lacks ranged attacks, as his attacks are normally punching and kicking. Also, his real size is definitely way, way bigger than in the game. He's supposedly hundreds of feet tall.
  • Flash of Pain: Because he doesn't flinch when damaged (as compensation for fighting alone) he needs confirmation that the hits are landing which are more obvious than just their health bar.
  • Giant Foot of Stomping: Many of his attacks, including one where he kicks the poor soul to the wall, and stomps on and spins on their body. Ouch.
  • One-Man Party: He can't be paired with anyone due to his own power.
  • Our Souls Are Different: Normally, his trademark move, "Gold Crash", rips out the "mechanical core" of robotic enemies in his anime as well as the robot type characters in the game (Roll, Casshern, Mega Man Volnutt, PTX-40A, and another Lightan). However, when the attack hits a non-robot opponent, he pulls out their SOUL and makes them explode in a grand fashion!
  • Palette Swap: Silver Lightan.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!:
  • Shoryuken: Done in his CGOH ending.
    • Also done in his UAS ending, but it's just visual.
  • Spell My Name With An S: "Gold Crash" or "Gold Crush". If you can't guess, the English words "crash" and "crush" are written the exact same way in katakana. Don't worry Crash Man, you're not the only one.
  • Tremor Trampoline: "Gold Quake", which hits the entire floor and sends the oppenent flying unless they jumped or blocked low.
    • This is also how he starts "Gold Crash".
  • Unflinching Walk: Though after suffering several hits he and PTX do get dizzy.

    Hurricane Polymar/Polimar

"There's no chance of you winning if you can't tell which is the real Polimar!"

Voiced by: Kunihiko Yasui

  • Ass Kicking Pose: His main mechanic via his Arashi no Kamae ("Stance of the Storm"), where he'll perform a random iconic pose of his, only it can provide him a seal/an icon he can expend to automatically cancel his special moves into each other with ease. He also does this during some of his other moves as well.
    • All three seals/icons are also the only way to use his Level 3 Hyper Combo.
  • Audible Sharpness: A bunch of his kicks sound as if he's slicing and dicing you.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: His Level 3 Hyper, Hissatsu: Gen'ei Hariken ("Sure Finish: Phantom Crushing Backfist"). With a rib snap on his opponent's chest at the end to boot.
  • Drill Tank: Turns into one for one of his Level 1 Supers.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Same issue as with Ken, nobody gets the importance of him or the Hurricane style:
    Alex: That was the roar of a hurricane? Sorry, but I ain't quakin' in my boots here.
    Batsu: So you're the protector of some city, huh? I guess that's like a local hero kind of thing?
    Chun-Li: That's the Hurricane Style, right? I guess it's better for taunting than actual fighting.
    (after winning against her) "Whadya mean you've never heard of Hurricane Polimar!? I'm the protector of Washinkyo! That's so bogus!"
    Joe The Condor: All you do is run your mouth, eh? I take it the Hurricane style is nothing more than prancing around and talking ad nauseum.
    Jun The Swan: I know you're trying to go for a "wild-and-crazy" hero thing there, but all that screaming is just downright annoying.
    • The only one who outright respects him is, obviously...
      Viewtiful Joe: Whoa, the real Polimar!? H-O-T! Hey, hey, can you sign my helmet!? Make it out to "Joe, my No. 1 fan"!
  • I Know Karate: In some adaptations, Polymar himself without his suit (despite the lampshading in Ippatsuman's ending) is already a worthy karate master. His suit's powers tend to be a bonus on top of that.
  • Mighty Glacier: Not really a grappler per se, but much like Makoto herself, Polymar's walking speed is by far one of the slowest with average dashing speed/coverage/distance (since he does some badass arm waves in a slow walk). He however hits pretty damn hard as his damage output is one of the highest in the game.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: A Tokusatsu hero who is a detective, parodies Bruce Lee, fights alien invaders and can transform into a Drill Tank!
  • Power Palmed Across the Room: His Hari Houken (Crushing Back Crumbling Fist; a play on his "Hariken" title) involves a gut-punch into a stepping palm strike for a nasty wallbounce if close enough.
  • Spam Attack: His Tsunagi Sokutou Geri (Tethering Foot Edge Kick), though by itself it's rather tame compared to the Hyakuretsu Kyaku and Yatter Splash.
  • Spectacular Spinning: To the point of being able to create tornadoes via his Shinkuu Katategoma ("Vacuuming One-Handed Spin Top").
  • Spell My Name With An S: "Polimar" in Ultimate All Stars, which makes it clear what Capcom had to get through to gain the licenses.note 
  • Three-Strike Combo: His Handou Sandan Geri (Recoiling Three-Stage Kick), which is two upward kicks ending with a somersault kick.
  • Worthy Opponent:
    (when winning against Batsu) "I believe you and I are alike in many ways. Keep up the good fight—for justice!"
  • Would Hit a Girl: He has no regrets about hitting women. However, he worries about what this means after beating Yatterman-2.
    (when winning against Yatterman-2) "I hope people don't think I started hitting a girl for no reason. I think I should be getting home now."


"You ask why I fight? I fight to see evil vanquished and good rewarded! That is the proper order of things!"

Voiced by: Masayuki Kato

  • Batter Up!: He whips out baseball bats on occasion. Notable in that it produces something pretty close to a Beam Spam.
  • Giant Hands of Doom: His Humongous Mecha, Gyakuten-Oh! in his Level 3 Super, attacks with these.
  • Good Scars
  • Humongous Mecha: Gyakuten-Oh, his temporarily controllable mecha in his Level 3 super, and a gameplay expy of Anakaris's Marvel vs. Capcom 2 super, where he grows huge and slaps you silly.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Surprisingly, he's the only Tatsunoko character who didn't made an overseas appearance before Cross Generation of Heroes.
  • Meditating Under a Waterfall: His ending.
  • Megaton Punch: His Level 3 super has him controlling his mecha, who can throw many of these.
  • Secret Character: In the Wii version of Cross Generation of Heroes. To unlock him you must Clear Arcade mode thrice with a Tatsunoko character (not necessarily the same one every time), then purchase him for 2000 points.
  • Shoryuken: His Quick Stance is a Shoryuken version of his Justice Liner dash attack (albeit straight upward in a single step forward), which has little vertical range of the Shoryuken but has the horizontal range. If he performs it while dashing, it gains horizontal reach.
  • Tremor Trampoline: Gyakuten-Oh is capable of pounding the ground which bounces opponents about.

    Jun The Swan

"It's in your best interest to give up now before you really get hurt."

Voiced by: Kazuko Sugiyama

  • Hammerspace: Her Level 3 Super involves the God Phoenix, who can appear even in the Galactor Base, the Yatterman Workshop and the Ark of Yamato.
  • Highly-Visible Ninja
    Kaijin No Soki: You call yourself a ninja, but you stand out far too much. Is your clothing not a hindrance to your work?
  • Killer Yoyo: Jun's primary weapons are two yoyos capable of latching bombs onto its victims.
  • Martial Pacifist
    "You might find this surprising, but out of all the Science Ninja members, I enjoy fighting the least."


"... The duty of a Karas... ... is to protect the city..."

Voiced by: Endou Daichi

  • Anime Theme Song: By lack of an own, he uses the music of the first scenes of the Karas OVA.
  • Audible Sharpness: "Hiei Zangetsu" (lit. "Ice Shadow Slaying Moon"), otherwise known as "Cold Moon Slice". You know, that pleasant but chilling sound of Karas doing "multiple slices" from the moon that entangles the opponent.
  • Counter-Attack: His Shiranui ("Unknown Fire") Hyper Combo. Though despite its name, it has no fire effects whatsoever.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Just protects its city, as seen in some of his victory quotes.
    • Polimar mistakes him for a villain because of this:
      Polimar: Black armor! Flashing eyes! And never shouting out your own name! Are you sure you're not a villain?
  • Dash Attack: His Kasha (Fire Wheel) attack, and one of its finishers, Yatou (Night Blade). Also applies to the final blow of his Zan'eijin.
  • Difficult, but Awesome/Some Dexterity Required: In truth, Karas was nerfed in the international release via his combos; the inputs between most of his moves require tighter timing, essentially making him this and requiring a lot more practice to achieve most of his previous stuff and most players in the scene don't find him as practical anymore.
    • Even then, the fact that he has the lowest health in the game and laggy moves prompts some quick execution regardless to keep up his pressure, as well as any means necessary not to get hit.
  • Flash Step: His phantom phasing dashes can achieve this effect as they can even pass through his opponents, allowing for some nasty cross-ups.
  • Fragile Speedster: In Cross Generation of Heroes, as his attacks are fast and have decent reach (though his movement speed is fairly average) while being able to chain a ton of different moves together (even his Kasha into his crouching heavy sweep over and over again to achieve the original game's infinite combo). Even without said infinite combo, he can apply some pressure like crazy, with it being considered to be one of the best in the game. However, he suffers from having the lowest health in the game (due to his human alter ego's rather Squicky origins in the anime.note )
    • However, in Ultimate All-Stars, despite his combo execution nerfs (as well as the removal of his infinite as it no longer works in the combo), he still has some of the speed on his attacks still the same as ever. Through enough practice along with a few new buffs, he can still be played on the same level.
  • Theme Naming: A number of his moves have a notable naming for Japanese mythology and terms. The Kasha ("Fire Wheel"), Yashaguruma ("Yaksha Wheel"), and aforementioned Shiranui for one.
  • The Rival: Soki, in this game, due to Soki's demon blood.
  • Shoryuken: Narukami (Resounding God), a sword-based uppercut with quite a few glowing effects.
  • Spin to Deflect Stuff: His Ungaikyou (Cloud Outer Mirror) has him spinning his katana at a high enough velocity that it can reflect most projectiles. Its followup Hyper Combo, Zan'eijin (Tracing Array) makes him instead disappear out of view while the blade flies from everywhere to cut his opponent up.
  • Unblockable Attack: Though very slow on recovery (but he slashes very fast via one stroke), one of his command normals named Kuzuha (Kudzu Leaf) can be fully charged up for a crumple for devastating effect if used/timed right.
  • Variable-Length Chain / Chain Pain: His Tobimizuchi (Flying Water Serpent) move, which has him fire a golden grappling hook chain from his shoulder (said chain can reach all the way to most of the whole entire screen).
    • Upon connecting, he can follow it up with either a flying kick all the way into the wall finishing with a slamming punch (his "Ukifune/Floating Ship"), or fling his opponent anywhere he wishes (his "Tsurigitsune/Fishing Fox").

    Ken The Eagle

"Wherever evil lurks, we will root it out! That is the Science Ninja motto!"

Voiced by: Katsuji Mori

  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Some of the characters seem to ignore the importance of the Science Ninja Team, or him:
    Alex: Ken the Eagle? More like Ken the Beagle!
    Batsu: So what exactly does the Science Ninja do? Sit around all day and polish their helmets?
    Chun-Li: The Science Ninja? Sorry, never heard of you. Are you guys a bird-watching club or something?
    Frank West: So, you're a... ninja... scientist? Huh. Sounds like something you'd read about in a cheap comic book.
    Tekkaman Blade: So you guys are ninjas who use science? I don't get it. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
    Zero: Science Ninja... Are you advertising for some kind of children's toys or something?
    • Except Ryu, who sees Ken as a Worthy Opponent:
      Ryu: As I expected, the famed Ken the Eagle's attacks are relentless and powerful.
    • And, of course, Viewtiful Joe:
      Viewtiful Joe: Hey, if you guys have an opening, ring me up! Whether it's a horned owl, a swallow or heck, even a condor, I'd fit the bill!
  • Fragile Speedster: His health is not as poor as other characters, and he also has the low damage output. But boy, can he fly to all sorts of places at various angles, and even teleport. With such a kit, good Ken players can dominate the battlefield through some solid match control.
  • Hammerspace: His Level 3 Super involves the God Phoenix, who can appear even in the Galactor Base, the Yatterman Workshop and the Ark of Yamato.


"Let's go, Pegas! The future of humanity rests on our shoulders!"

Voiced by: Katsuji Mori

  • Anime Theme Song: "Tekkaman No Uta"
  • Big Damn Heroes: In his ending, just after he finished Yami, a new menace approaches: Pyron. Then, as he's going to battle him alone, Zero, Roll, Gold Lightan, PTX-40A and Tekkaman Blade appear to help him.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Being a Screaming Warrior, this is mandatory:
  • Death from Above: His Chou Kaiten Tek Lancer (Super Rotating Tek Lancer) Hyper Combo, which involves throwing his lance up at an angle forward and above himself, then fires his signature Voltekka into it for an omnidirectional laser right below where he threw it.
  • Humongous Mecha: A non-playable mecha version, his Pegas.
  • Mighty Glacier: Slow, and hits hard with great range on his lance.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: A knight... IN SPACE, with cowboy shoes and lasso (SPACE LARIAT!), a throwing lance (SPACE LANCE!), a mecha for a surfboard, and who can fire beams of energy from his forehead. Oh and he's a Toku too.
  • No Indoor Voice: Speaks with Power Echoes. With that said...
  • Shoulders of Doom
  • Spectacular Spinning: A majority of his special and hyper moves involving his SPACE LANCE! have said weapon being spun around.
  • Throwing Your Lance Always Works: A lot of his moves involve throwing his lance, as mentioned above. However, a lot like Captain America himself in past Capcom crossovers, Tekkaman can lose it when he throws it with certain attacks, and he has a different set of moves without it (which aren't as good). After some time passes however, or when he walks up to it himself or uses his Tek Win to pull it back, it'll be back in his hands.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: The Tek-setter suit. Voltekka inbound of course, though in the original it was actually an energy ball, but turned to this trope for this game, because it fits the Capcom flair more.

    Yatterman- 1

"Whether I'm blocking or punching, I'm always using all of my power! That's the Yatterman way!"

Voiced by: Eri Kitamura

  • Fragile Speedster: Tends to have fairly high mobility and confusing attacks with some mixup from his Yatter Run, being able to rushdown and chase a ton of opponents down with his speed, as well as having one of the fastest projectiles in the game with his Kendamagic. However, he doesn't do too much raw damage and his stamina is a bit low.
  • Hammerspace: All 3 of his Supers involve him calling Yatterwan, who can appear even in the Galactor Base and the Ark of Yamato.note 
  • I Am Not Shazam: Yatterman-1 is miscalled as Yatterman. This was fixed in UAS with the presence of Ai-Chan.
  • Killer Yoyo: His kendama is more or less in the same spirit, though it's a much simpler toy. Though it's amazing at controlling space and playing footsies with.
  • Shoryuken: His basic launcher has a bit of this kind of motion: a spiraling uppercut in a leap, though small and not as noticeable when you cancel it into a super jump.
  • Spear Counterpart: To his girlfriend Ai-Chan. Note that both fight differently from each other.
  • Spell My Name With An S: Yatterman or Yattaman?
  • Victory Pose:
    "Victory Pose Time! Yatter! Yatter! Yatterman!"

Cross Generation of Heroes Exclusive

    Hakushon Daimao

Voiced by: Tōru Ōhira

A character only present in Cross Generation of Heroes.

The main character of the series of the same name. A goofy oriental genie who lives in a bottle and grants the wishes of everyone who sneezes nearby.
  • Fartillery: The finish of one of his Level 1 Supers.
  • Fighting Clown: He has cartoony but otherwise dangerous attacks, has an air throw, can Snapback like Alex, (in fact, they're the only two characters who are able to do that) and has the second highest stamina.
  • Improbable Weapon User: He uses his wand in many of his normals and one of his Level 1 Supers.
  • Nasal Weapon: Of the "should come with their own hurricane warnings" variety. One of his attacks is a powerful sneeze that sends the opponents flying.
  • No Export for You: A unique case. While the game made it across the border, he didn't show up in the American version because his licencers were being a little stingy. However, there's the five secret characters they included in Ultimate All-Stars to probably make up for this.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Not in the anime he comes originally from, but in this game he looks much more cartoonier than his other fellow Tatsunoko characters.
  • Secret Character: In Cross Generation of Heroes. To unlock him you must Clear Arcade mode once with a Tatsunoko character, then purchase him for 1000 points.

Ultimate All-Stars Newcomers

    Joe The Condor

"My Bird Missile will hunt evil down and eradicate it here and everywhere!"

Voiced by: Isao Sasaki

  • Anti-Hero: To the point of being mistaken for a villain:
    Polimar: I honestly thought you were a villain. I had no idea you are in some top-secret organization. My mistake.
  • Ax-Crazy: He's extremely trigger-happy, and goes as far as blowing up a goddamned mansion.
    Chun-Li: I don't care what secret ninja organization you belong to. Firing missiles here is dangerous. Does your boss know you're doing this?
    • And as a prologue to his ending, if he's defeated by Ken:
      Ken The Eagle: Joe! When I give an order, you listen! You are not to fire the Bird Missile without my express permission!
  • Badass Cape
    Batsu: That cape's freakin' cool! Don't it get in the way though? Maybe I'll start wearing a trench coat...
  • Badass Normal: So badass that the brain damage he received from one of the early episodes became his sickness later on, leading to his terminal death. However, due to this, his fighting skill has become more powerful. You can see this in his stance.
  • Bullet Time: His Cactus Bunker when it's successful paints the screen red, except for him and his opponent, which turn black, and has him shooting his gun. We see the bullet going in slo-mo.
  • Commander Contrarian: To Ken, as seen in his own ending.
  • Death from Above: One of his hyper attacks calls the God Phoenix to rain missiles on the battlefield.
  • The Gunslinger: Especially shown in his Savage Shot move.
  • Grappling-Hook Pistol: He uses one which has a grapple from the front and and weighted one from the back. Also, his shurikens.
  • Hammerspace: One of his Level 1 Supers involves him calling the God Phoenix, who can appear even in the Galactor Base, the Yatterman Workshop and the Ark of Yamato.
  • I Work Alone: And some characters will comment on this:
    Gold Lightan: You're a strange one... Why do you find it so difficult to get along with your friends?
    Saki: Teamwork is of the utmost importance! How about trusting in your teammate more often?
    Tekkaman: A leader does need to be calm under pressure, but he should also have a passion to inspire his team. You should learn to respect your leader.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: His moveset is based upon this, he even uses the Bird Missiles as a special.
  • Secret Character: In Ultimate All-Stars. To unlock him you must get 6 different Tatsunoko characters' Arcade endings.

    Tekkaman Blade

"My hatred and anger for the Radam is the only thing that fuels me!"

Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa

  • Calling Your Attacks: Being a Screaming Warrior, this is mandatory:
  • Dialogue Tree: Tekkaman Blade will comment that Saki's fighting style reminds him of a female friend, (Aki Kisaragi) after defeating her.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: In spite of his in-game personality being established as an Outof Character Moment, a few characters comment on this. And he has a few quotes in this vein.
    Karas: "...I cannot imagine how you must feel... ...Having to hunt down your friends and family..."
    Gold Lightan: "I know life is tough, but if you don't cheer up, you'll chase away everyone who's close to you."
    Frank West: "I don't know what happened to you, but you look like you've been through a lot, pal. Good luck with your fight."
    Ken The Eagle: "You appear to carry a great weight on your shoulders. Have you tried talking to your friends about it?"
    Ryu: "Your strength... I sense an unrelenting weight bearing down on you."
    Tekkaman: "I understand having one's family taken like that would fill you with hatred for those that did it. But a heart filled with hate won't make you stronger."
    (when winning against Frank West) "I don't do interviews. Do me a favor and never speak to me again."
    (when winning against Saki) "Wow, I'm amazed you've been able to do your job. That carefree attitude is not gonna help you protect Earth."
    (when winning against Tekkaman) "So your Tek Set is made by humans. That's nice, but it won't do squat against the Radam."
  • Out-of-Character Moment: A milder example, Takaya/Blade is actualy a Nice Guy, however the potrayal in this game forgot to add that part, and only shows the part where he acts as a loner which is really early on the show itself.
  • Secret Character: In Ultimate All-Stars. To unlock him you must get 3 different Tatsunoko characters' Arcade endings.
  • Spell My Name With An S: "Crash Intrude" versus "Crush Intrude". Same issue as with Gold Lightan's "Gold Crash".
  • Theme Naming: His moveset is taken from various types of European blades (i.e. Katzbalger, Baselard, etc.)

    Yatterman- 2

"Did you underestimate me because I'm a girl? Well, too bad for you!"

Voiced by: Emiri Katou

  • Button Mashing: Her Level 3 Hyper Combo has her controlling Yatterpelican's attacks, which essentially means she's mashing "fire" on the controller - before clinging to the beak and DIVEBOMBING the foe.
    • Also for her Yatter Splash attack as mentioned below.
  • Confusion Fu: Her main shtick. Her pressure/rushdown/mixup game is by far one of the more strongest of the cast, and is also able to make use of Omotchama and her projectiles for disjointed frame traps to keep her opponents on the defensive guessing.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To her boyfriend Gan-Chan. Note that both fight differently from each other.
  • Fragile Speedster: Might be a contender for that spot, as she's much more powerful on direct offense than her boyfriend as she packs an even stronger focus on mixup, rushdown and pressure, as her attacks come out quite quick with a lot of hitstun and she can lock down with her projectiles; though her health is at the same level of Yatterman-1 and Volnutt without too much heavy damage behind her attacks. However, she has fairly slow walking speed and not as much coverage with her dashes.
  • Hammerspace: Her Level 3 Super involves her calling Yatterpelican, while one of her Level 1 supers involves her calling Omotchama, both of whom can appear even in the Galactor Base and the Ark of Yamato.note 
  • The Power of Love: Electric love, that is! All of her attacks are electric-based, and one involves shooting out electric hearts that bounce back and forth. One of her hyper moves involve summoning a more potent electrical heart which you can hold to make it bigger and more powerful. Heck, her real name, Ai Kaminari, means "Love Thunder".
  • Secret Character: In Ultimate All-Stars. To unlock her you must get Frank West, Zero, Tekkaman Blade, and Joe the Condor's Arcade endings.
  • Shock and Awe: Her weapon is the Shock Stick, an electric rod that can also fire heart-shaped lightning balls.
  • Spam Attack: Her "Yatter Splash" involves rapid wand jabs. Also has an anti-air version of it.
  • Spell My Name With An S: Yatterman or Yattaman?
  • Spin to Deflect Stuff: Her "Yatter Shield" shield move with her wand, where it also doubles as a projectile reflector as well.
  • Sumo Practitioner In All Of Us: Her "Omotchama's Roll" Level 1 hyper has her calling Omotchama, the dice-robot of Yatterman. He then proceeds to slap and attack Ai-Chan's opponent with moves extracted directly from E. Honda.
  • Verbal Tic: Omotchama, who appears in her "Omotchama's Roll" Level 1 hyper, always ends his statement with "~de koron!".