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"Hell, Yes!" Moment
aka: Oh Snap

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The moment at which a character realizes that things are finally starting to go their way when they're in danger. Perhaps it seemed that the only option was a One-Way Trip or a Heroic Sacrifice, but suddenly The Cavalry appears on the horizon. They might not say anything in particular, but the look on their face is priceless.

The effectiveness of this moment can be affected by their change in confidence. An arrogant, so far unbeatable supervillain suddenly realizing he's got the ace in the hole he'd been hoping for is difficult to make this trope work with, but a downtrodden hero or Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain who has faced hellish adversity at every turn can usually pull it off with little difficulty.

Basically the Inverted Trope of Oh, Crap!. It can often be an Oh, Crap! moment for the opponents of the character having a Hell Yes Moment. Optionally enhanced by a well-placed Theme Music Power-Up.

Some situations where this commonly occurs:

Not to be confused with Big "YES!", And the Fandom Rejoiced or Crowning Moment of Awesome, although a Hell Yes Moment can and often does precede the latter. Do not be surprised if the series theme song begins to play.

When this is subverted, it is a Hope Spot.

Warning: As this trope commonly relates to important plot twists, expect major spoilers.


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  • If you're an innocent being abused in the Fist of the North Star world and you know who he is, you will weep joyful tears when Kenshiro shows up.
  • In Attack on Titan, pretty much anytime Eren shows up in Titan form. A particularly special case occurs at the end of episode 24, when he shows up and punches the Female Titan right in her face, after suffering a humiliating defeat during their first fight in episode 21.
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Nia has this reaction when she realizes her ring is glowing.
    • Much earlier in the series, Rossiu has one as Simon shows up for his epic He's Back moment.
  • In the Grand Finale of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, during Ed's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown against Father, every one of Ed's allies start to cheer him on.
  • Lyrical Nanoha, whenever Nanoha gears up to fire Starlight Breaker. It's especially encouraging when the letimorf starts playing.
  • In Maiden Rose, Klaus has one of these moments during the night training exercise at Luckenwalde. Early on Taki is knocked unconcious and Klaus carries him away from the combat, his trauma from losing his former comrades surfacing as he just waits for Taki to wake up. When Taki finally comes to he acts cold and aloof as usual and they go over how bad their situation is, made worse when they hear the barking of dogs. Then Taki stands up, pulls out his knife, and the following conversation ensues:
    Taki: "Klaus von Wolfstadt, I ask you to join me."
    Klaus: "There we go."
  • In Chapter 698 of One Piece, just when everything looks like it's going to end horribly, Former Admiral Kuzan, also known as Aokiji the Blue Pheasant, shows up to put a stop to the beatdown Doflamingo has been laying on Smoker.
    • The Straw Hats themselves are prone to causing this. Nearly every time a major villain is beating someone up, one of them, nearly always Luffy, turns it around with a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • The most awesome by far has to go to Usopp/Sogeking in Enies Lobby: despite the crew's best efforts, Robin was about to be dragged through the Gate of Justice by Spandam, and therefore lost forever, and their main hope of stopping this, Franky, had just apparently been blown up by a landmine. And then out of nowhere, Spandam is shot. Cue Sogeking standing atop the tower of justice, singing his theme tune as he shoots down everyone near Robin, at a range that no gun could reach, and Franky walking out of the smoke to pick Robin up.
    • During the Marineford arc, Whitebeard joins the battle. TREMENDOUS amounts of awesomeness and butt-kicking ensue.
  • Bleach: When Charlotte is about to defeat Yumichika, he explains that his Finishing Move will kill Yumichika inside a barrier that cuts him off so completely from the outside world that none of his friends and allies will be able to know he's died. Unfortunately for Charlotte, he had no idea that Yumichika was hiding a Coverblowing Superpower that he had been refusing to use because he didn't want his friends and allies to know he possessed it. For a moment there's an incredible expression of raw disbelief on Yumichika's face before his gentle "thank you" reveals Charlotte has just handed him the fight on a silver platter. The Anime milks this moment even more by adding in a Dramatic Pause and Glowing Eyes of Doom as well.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn has one in episode 6. When Captain Otto is about to be forced by Angelo to open fire on a friendly ship to keep it from giving away the Neo-Zeon task group's location or witness his captured crewmembers being executed, the formerly ineffective and bumbling captain finally snaps and tells Angelo just where to stick it. One of the Bridge Bunnies even visibly fistpumps in the background.
    "I DARE you to lay a single finger on them and if you do, I'll rip your head off, BOY!!!"
  • Dragon Ball
    • Goku gets this all the time when his friends realizes that he's on his way or finally arrives on the battlefield. The most standout examples: Tien's reaction when Goku saves him from Drum, Piccolo and the surviving Z-Fighters sensing Goku's energy during the battle with the Saiyans, Goku arriving to fight Frieza, him finally recovering from his heart virus, and him teleporting just in time to stop Super Buu from blowing up the Earth.
    • Goku has this reaction when he sees Gohan ascends to Super Saiyan 2.
    • The Buu Saga, Goku nearly jumps for joy when he senses Vegeta, who has been killed by Buu earlier. With Vegeta, he finally had someone he can fuse with.

     Films — Animated  

  • This happens several times in WALL•E:
    • First, after the escape pod explodes, EVE is relieved to discover that WALL·E survived, and then he reveals that he managed to save the plant.
    • Later on, when the captain realizes that EVE and WALL·E still have the plant and are moving in his direction.

  • A great one occurs in Zootopia, with Judy and Nick's smug smiles when they reveal to Bellwether how they faked Nick's attack and recorded her gloating confession.
    "It's called a hustle, sweetheart. Boom!"

     Films — Live-Action  

  • Waylander has this reaction in Jason X when he sees the upgraded android KM-14 about to fight Jason Voorhees.
  • Sky High (2005): Layla won't use her powers except in self-defense. One of the villains, believing their side has already won and that Layla's a wimp anyway, attacks her just to be petty. "Big. Mistake." Also counts as a Let's Get Dangerous! moment.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Plenty of them. When Gandalf and Éomer arrive at Helm's deep, both Aragorn and Théoden make those. When the Ents decide to join the war, Merry and Pippin make it. When The Rohirrim arrive on the Pelennor fields, Gandalf makes it. When Sauron explodes, All the fellowship makes it.
  • The ending of Ink gets two of these: when Ink realizes who he is and delivers an enormous can of whoopass and when enough Storytellers show up to drive off the attacking Incubi from the hospital.
  • In Last Action Hero, Danny has one of these when Whitney escapes her captors and pulls a gun on the guys holding him. Everyone notices.
  • Flash Gordon
    Monitor: Hail Flash Gordon. You saved your Earth.
    Flash: (tossing away his sword) YEAH!!!!!!!!
  • In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman stopping the Tumbler gunfire from hitting the police in the Bat is what leads to the police force attacking the mercenaries for one last time.
  • In Armageddon Harry Stamper has this reaction when he cheers at the (unexpected) arrival of the other Armadillo carrying A.J., Bear, and Lev to the drill site.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy:
  • In Jurassic Park, the remaining heroes appear to be cornered by the lead Velociraptor and one of her packmates. All seems lost and it appears that our human protagonists are about to be shredded...right before the Tyrannosaurus rex shows up and devours the vicious raptors as the film's theme song plays triumphantly in the background.
  • Jurassic World has that very same T. rex being brought in to stop the film's saurian Big Bad, only to be defeated...and then, the heroic lead raptor shows up to give her some Heroic Second Wind.
  • In Godzilla2014 When the titular King of Monsters is on the ground after fighting the female MUTO and looks like he's been knocked down for the count. Then his spines start to glow.
  • Throughout PowerRangers2017 the main characters slowly come together from dysfunctional teens grappling with their own issues to a group of friends willing to trust and rely on each other, but despite all their bonding moments they're never able to function as an effective team of Rangers. They repeatedly get beaten down in training, they can't summon their signature armour, and when they try to go up against Rita she effortlessly defeats them singlehanded and breaks their spirit. But after the shared experience of Billy dying and coming back, they're try to connect with the grid and each other again, and...
    Jason: It's morphin' time.
  • Thor: Ragnarok: Thor has been dumped ion the planet Sakaar and is forced to duel against the Grandmaster's champion. He lets out the mother of all Big "YES!"-es when he discovers said champion: the Hulk.


  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians / The Heroes of Olympus:
    • Percy deftly outsmarting Luke and tricking him into admitting he poisoned Thalia's tree. Spacey he may be, but Idiot Hero Percy is not. Extra points for holding his own long enough to do it against a swordsman much older than him, and skilled enough that he used to teach Percy.
      Percy: You poisoned the tree, you betrayed Thalia, you set us all up-all to help Kronos destroy the gods.
      Luke: You know that! Why do you keep asking me?
      Percy: Because I want everyone in the audience to hear you.
    • Percy reaching deeper than ever during the Battle of Manhattan until he could casually stroll on the surface of a lake and created a hurricane barrier between himself and his opponent subconsciously.
    • The Fifth cohort after Percy, Hazel, and Frank storm the defenders' fortress during the war games. The entire legion, especially Reyna, when they pull a Big Damn Heroes during the invasion. Not to mention "TWELFTH LEGION FULMINATA"
      • In the same book, after Frank and Hazel drag Alceyonus out of Alaska, where he was invincible
    Frank: Welcome to Canada, idiot.
    • Percy forcing control of Akhlys' own poison away from her and coldly curb-stomping her was awesome in a brutal way. Shy, compassionate Momma's Boy Percy made a hell-goddess beg him for mercy.
      Akhlys: What is this?
      Percy: Poison. That's your thing, right?
    • Frank taking charge of a ghostly Roman army in the House of Hades after an emergency promotion to freaking praetor.
    Nico: "Now that's more like it. Let's turn this tide!"
    • In Blood of Olympus, after Leo realizes his insane plan to defeat Gaia and then come back to life to rescue Calypso has worked, he takes a moment to proclaim his awesomeness.
  • In The Return of the King, when Aragorn's banner unfurls over the corsairs, it triggers a simultaneous Hell Yes Moment from the defenders of Gondor and an Oh, Crap! from Sauron's forces.
    "And the mirth of the Rohirrim was a torrent of laughter and a flashing of swords, and the joy and wonder of the city was a music of trumpets and a ringing of bells. But the hosts of Mordor were seized with bewilderment...and a black dread fell upon them."
    • A little earlier, the Witch King handed one to Éowyn:
    Witch King: Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!
    Éowyn: (Laughs) But no living man am I! You look upon a woman.
  • This happens in Animorphs #45, when Marco is fighting aliens who look like a cross between Lizard Folk and razor blades, giving us this priceless quote:
    Marco (Narrating): They had exactly one second to think I was insane. Gigantic paws, armed with claws that can gut a salmon before you could say "lox" knocked their heads together.
    • Rachel then proceeds to Curb Stomp the Hork-Bajir.
  • In the Heralds of Valdemar book Owl Knight, Darian and his companions are up against a snow-drake when heading northwest to find his parents. Things seem impossible, until Healer Keisha fires an arrow hitting it at the right spot. To Darian's amazement, Keisha runs right up to face the snow-drake, followed by younger sister Herald Shandi who shouts the Trope expression.
  • In the Hurog duology, there is one of those for Oreg when he realizes that he can solve the problem by a Heroic Sacrifice. He is suspiciously calm and relaxed afterwards. Of course, the beginning of the novel may also count; Ward's father dies, which is a big relief for more or less everyone, including the horse.
  • In With a Bullet, the third Shadow of the Templar novel, Mike has this reaction when Johnny shows up in a glorious Dynamic Entry/Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • The Dresden Files has a ton of these. The most powerful being when it turns out Harry is less alone than he (or sometimes just the reader) thought. Some particularly notable ones:
    • At the end of Turn Coat, it looks like Harry and his dog are standing alone against the council's inertia, and then Ancient Mai, who has tried to kill Harry twice before, stands up and exclaims "That is a Foo dog." And the balance shifts.
    • At the darkest moment in Changes, when Harry's back is broken and his apartment building is on fire, his landlady calls out "God help us!" and Sanya comes running around the corner as naturally as if he'd been in the book before that scene.
      • The entire climactic battle of Changes is a series of these, starting when Murphy pulls out Fidelacchius and spouts an Archangel-fueled, then continuing with the arrival of the Grey Council, and then when they in turn bring Kenku in as back-up. And it ends on a subversion—Harry's inner monologue is going Hell Yes when he sees Martin coming up behind the Red King, only for it to be reversed when Martin reveals he was The Mole.
    • When The Cavalry shows up in Raith Deeps.
    • In Skin Game, just when things are at their bleakest, and it seems like Harry has done exactly the wrong thing to end up on the bad end of 3 to 1 odds, he says something simple, and all hell breaks loose in the best possible way.
  • Eludoran presents us with a few: Llane's rescue of his sister, Morwenna's sacrifice and Arulaine's assault on the Crystal Spire.

     Live Action TV  

     Video Games  

     Newspaper Comics  

  • Calvin and Hobbes: After a fight over the Transmogrifier Gun, it stops working, and Calvin is stuck as an owl. Calvin's reaction comes after Hobbes comments that owls never go to school. (This doesn't last though, because when he is relieved to return to his normal self in the next strip, he realizes that now he has to get ready for school again.)
  • Peanuts: Charlie brown had a rather exuberant reaction to the birth of his sister Sally.

     Web Original  

  • Aquerna's combat final in the Whateley Universe. She's outclassed by a brutal opponent who is not only more powerful than her, but who gets stronger the more punishment he takes. Aquerna's only power is a connection to squirrels (squirrel speed, squirrel strength, talking to squirrels - she's a campus joke). And then she finds the testers have put a big park in the middle of the battlezone. A park full of squirrels.
  • The ending of the "Crushed" arc in Worm. Behemoth has shrugged off every hit that the heroes have delivered, even after they've done more damage to him in the past few hours than in twenty years of fighting him. Then Chevalier wakes up in the hospital, grabs his sword, and charges Behemoth, even though he's still recovering from major surgery. Chevalier's Heroic Sacrifice is able to force Behemoth to retreat back underground, having come closer to killing him than anyone else in history...and then Scion finally shows up, drags Behemoth out of the ground, and vaporizes what's left of him, finally managing to kill one of the Endbringers.

     Web Comics  

  • The Order of the Stick: The Order is about to get finished off by Tarquin (except for Elan, whom Tarquin wants to level up for an epic confrontation). He's interrupted by an airship showing up and Elan's cries of "Look! Roy, it worked! It worked!" note 
  • Dumbing of Age: After Becky has been kidnapped and is being driven away, she has resigned herself to staying put for now. Then she sees Amazi-Girl in the mirror and quietly buckles up her seatbelt.

     Western Animation  

  • The first season finale of X-Men had this with the team fighting a losing battle against "THOUSANDS of Sentinels!", and Professor Xavier's jet crashing to what looked like a fiery death... only to stop falling a foot above the ground and be righted by a magnetic field.
    Magneto: Did you think I would let you die alone, Xavier?
  • In the Grand Finale of Teen Titans, after Beast Boy and his Ragtag Bunch of Misfits have all been captured, almost a dozen other Titans we thought were captured suddenly burst in. Cue Crowning Moment of Awesome for the entire show.
  • Optimus Prime from Transformers Prime returns to the battle after everyone thought he was dead. Ratchet thanks the Allspark while Jack, Miko, Raf, and Fowler all cheer and shout for joy.
  • The Flintstones: Pretty much any time Fred Flintstone shouts "Yabba-Dabba-DO!" is a Hell Yes Moment.

Alternative Title(s): Hell Yes, Hell Yeah, Oh Snap