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Season 1
"MIKE! I found the chocolate pudding!"
    Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers 
  • While eating the fries Benny gave her, Eleven becomes so annoyed by the squeaking fan that she jams it with her mind. She then calmly goes back to eating.
  • Mike notices Steve trying to sneak into his sister's room... while sneaking out himself.
    • When Steve notices that he's been noticed, he initially tries to lean about casually while adopting a sort of nonchalant "Hey, s'up?" attitude... while he's standing on a garbage bin leaning on the garage roof.
  • During the kids' interrogation by Hopper, Dustin and Lucas get into an argument about Mirkwood, which escalates into a slap fight. All the while, Mike is sitting between the two, clearly done with them.

    Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street 
  • Dustin assumes Eleven's deaf and loudly claps his hands. She is understandably startled.
    Dustin: Not deaf.
  • Mike gives Eleven some of his clothes to wear, since hers are drenched. Adorable. Then she almost changes in front of the boys.
    • After convincing El to change in the bathroom, Dustin expresses his disbelief that she almost got naked in front of them – complete with making a disrobing gesture that knocks his own hat off. He repeats this gesture every time he brings up Eleven's weirdness.
    • The next day, when Mike doesn't show up to school, Dustin and Lucas theorize that he may have been caught with Eleven. What's the first thing Dustin asks?
      Dustin: What if she slept naked?
    • Just the fact that the boys are exactly at that awkward age where the concept of a naked girl is equally repellent and intriguing.
  • Lucas theorizes that Eleven is an escapee from a mental hospital in a nearby county. Dustin asks him if he has a lot of family there.
    Lucas: Bite me.
  • Lucas's understandable reaction to learning Eleven's name.
    Lucas: Her name is Eleven?
    Mike: El for short.
  • Lucas and Dustin stay at Mike's house for dinner! While trying to keep themselves composed after learning about the people after Eleven. And Eleven's power. And Eleven walking down the steps behind Mike's mom.
  • Mike and the boys try to convince Eleven to trust them.
    Mike: They're not gonna tell any adults. Right?
    Dustin: (nodding) We never would've upset you if we knew you had superpowers.
    *Mike smacks him*
  • El decides to wander around the house during dinner despite Mike's warning to stay in the basement. When he sees her, he chokes on his milk, causing his mother to look behind them, but Dustin brings her attention back to the table by slamming on it with both his fists.
    Dustin: Sorry, spasm.
  • While explaining the word friend to Eleven, Lucas brings up the importance of never breaking a spit-swear, which he demonstrates on Dustin. In the next scene, Dustin can be seen looking disgustedly at the spit on his palm and staring at Lucas with a "what the hell" expression on his face.

    Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly 
  • Lucas's supplies for looking for Will include a "wrist rocket."
    Dustin: You're gonna take out the Demogorgon with a slingshot?
    Lucas: First of all, it's a wrist rocket. And second of all, the Demogorgon's not real. It's made-up.
  • Dustin's travel supplies: a bunch of snacks. He justifies this by saying that Eleven's the only weapon they need. He then tries to prove his point by making her lift a toy replica of the Millennium Falcon in the air. El just stares at him while he drops it twice.
    • What's best about this is Eleven's expression. Prior to this, she has been alternately terrified, scared, apprehensive, and nervous. In this moment, though, she has the most coolly disdainful look on her face. She's not a trained seal, and she's not going to act like one.
    • Even better, she's seen levitating the Falcon when she's alone for her own amusement in a later scene, as if to say: "I'm doing this for me, not for someone else's amusement."
    • You just know some superfans were wincing at the constant dropping of the Falcon toy in that scene. Dozens of Netflix viewers thinking "Dude!That thing is mint! Be careful!"

     Chapter Four: The Body 
  • After the boys see Eleven in her disguise, Mike remarks that she looks "Pretty..." before adding "...good" a second too late. Lucas raises an eyebrow with an "are you kidding me?" look on his face.
  • When they break into the middle school, Mike reminds Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven to look sad if anyone sees them. Dustin and Lucas then mime sadness and crying to Eleven to make sure she's on the same page, and she mimics them back.
  • The group making up "Eleanor's" story on the spot when Mr. Clarke starts asking about her. Like how she's from Sweden. And how by "bad place," she means she hates the cold there.
    • In that scene, the boys ask Mr. Clarke to let them into the AV room because... they want to cry... in the AV room.
  • Dustin loudly walking in on the assembly for Will's "death," causing the staff and students to stare. He tries to abort before Lucas turns him back around.
    • Eleven calling Troy a mouth breather for insulting Will.
    • Then she makes him piss himself. And gives a "No sweat!" gesture.
  • Who could forget Eleven's first reaction to makeup?

     Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat 
  • When Mr. Clarke asks the group how they're holding up, they answer that they're in mourning. Dustin then picks up a cookie and remarks that they "aren't real Nilla Wafers."

     Chapter Six: The Monster 
  • How Dustin convincing Mike to make things rights with Lucas. It so perfectly captures the kind of "playground laws" kids come up with.
    Dustin: Bottom line is, you pushed first. And you know the rule, you draw first blood—"
    Mike: I'm not shaking his hand!
    Dustin: YOU'RE SHAKING HIS HAND! This isn't a discussion! This is the RULE of LAW. OBEY, or be banished from the party! Do you want to be banished from the party?
  • Dustin, while trying to mediate an argument between Mike and Lucas mind you, calls Eleven knocking out Lucas "awesome."
    Lucas: Awesome!?
    Dustin: Yeah, she threw you in the air with her mind!
    Lucas: I could have been killed!
  • Nancy and Jonathan bonding after buying monster-hunting supplies.
    Nancy: You know, last week, I was shopping for a new top I thought Steve might like. It took me and Barb all weekend. It seemed like life or death, you know? And — and now...
    Jonathan: (smiling)'re shopping for bear traps with Jonathan Byers.
    Nancy: Yeah.
    Jonathan: What's the weirdest part? Me or the bear traps?
    Nancy: (smirking) You. Definitely you.
  • Eleven wanders in a store looking for food while a bit disoriented. One of the store workers asks if she's lost and tries to get her to talk to him. She simply responds with "mouth-breather" and walks off to steal some Eggos. The look of utter confusion on the worker's face helps sell the scene, too.
  • Troy holds Dustin at knifepoint, demanding Mike tell him what he did to make him wet himself on their last encounter. Dustin offers him the truth, which Troy ignores.
    Dustin: Our friend has superpowers, and she squeezed your tiny bladder with her mind!
  • After Eleven saves Mike and scares off Troy and James:
    Dustin: She's our friend, and she's crazy!

     Chapter Seven: The Bathtub 
  • Lucas yelling "THE BAD MEN ARE COMING!" to the group over the walkie-talkie while riding a bike. Which yells "The British are coming!" vibes.
    • Dustin thinks he's saying Mad Hen.
  • The kids explaining to the parents how Eleven's powers work.
    Dustin: The more energy she uses, the more tired she gets.
    Lucas: Like when she flipped the van earlier.
    Dustin: It was awesome.
  • As Mike flees his house as the Hawkins Lab men arrive, he stops to instruct his mother what to do:
    Mike: If anyone asks where I am, I've fled the country
  • Nancy and Mike promise to be honest and tell each other everything. They both then immediately lie to each other about their feelings for Jonathan and Eleven, respectively.
  • Dustin calling Mr. Clarke at 10 PM on a Saturday to ask how to build a sensory deprivation tank. His reason? "... Fun."
    • The best part? Mr. Clarke bought it.
    • Even funnier, he's watching John Carpenter's The Thing with his super-hot girlfriend and they're both geeking out over the special effects. Mr. Clarke is a ladies' man! Who'd have guessed?
  • Nancy has to take a moment to gawk at the Room Full of Crazy Joyce has created.

     Chapter Eight: The Upside Down 
  • Nancy's utter bewilderment upon stepping inside the Byers house for the first time, what with the Christmas lights strewn about, the writing on one wall, the half-repaired hole in another, and the place having become a total mess over the course of the season.
  • Steve getting introduced to the main plot, and his Freak Out! over all of it. He shouts a panicked Big "WHAT?!", and Nancy points a gun to his face to get him to leave the house for his own safety. Then the Demogorgon shows up in reaction to his wounds from Jonathan beating him.
    Jonathan: (To Steve while running) JUMP!

    Jonathan/Nancy: Shut up!
  • Dustin long suspected the cafeteria lady was lying to him, always telling him they were out of chocolate pudding, when in fact she was hoarding it all. He was right.
  • While Mike reassures Eleven that she can move in with them and become a member of his family, he tells her that soon she'll be able to eat "real food," not just Eggo waffles. Eleven reacts with visible confusion, since she considers Eggo the best thing since sliced bread.
  • Lucas attempting to ward off the Demogorgon with his wrist rocket, while undoubtably terrifying, is a giant Brick Joke leading back to Episode 3. Wrong, Lucas. The monster is real. And it's not a wrist rocket. It's a slingshot. Unfortunately.
    • To his credit, he did say he was gonna shoot it in the eyes. That was before he met the Demogorgon, though.
    • After Lucas fires several rocks straight at the Demogorgon to no effect, one suddenly knocks it backwards without warning, leading to a moment of shock from the boys at the apparent success. . . before a pullback reveals that Eleven has actually thrown it across the room and pinned it to the wall with her psychic abilities.
  • Dustin and Lucas falling asleep on each other in the hospital waiting room and their utterly confused reactions when they wake up like that. Even funnier when you notice that they're the only ones sleeping in a room full of tense people. Lucas even has a "Dude, what the hell?!?" look for Dustin when they wake up.
  • When Mike notices that Nancy and Jonathan are gone and tells the others, Dustin merely answers that they're probably hiding somewhere "sucking face". Both Lucas and Mike are immediately grossed out.


Season 2
"Why is nobody else wearing costumes?"
    The entire season 
  • The Running Gag of Dustin growling to show off his newly grown teeth.
  • "Totally Tubular!"
  • Lucas being on the biggest receiving end of Max's "Stalker" nickname is funnier when you think of it as karma for how often he called Eleven "the wierdo" in Season 1.

    Chapter One: MADMAX 
  • Mike steals some quarters from Nancy's piggy bank for the arcade, which leads to Nancy chasing her brother out of the house and shouting "ASSHOLE!" as he pedals away.
  • Dustin plays Dragon's Lair. Specifically, his meltdown after he dies when he was this close to beating it! Anyone who's ever played that game in the arcade will likely identify with him.
    Dustin: No. No, NOOO! No, no, no, I hate this overpriced bullshit, son of a BITCH, piece of shit! [Kicks the console]
    Lucas: You're just not nimble enough. But you'll get there one day. But until then, Princess Daphne is still mine! [Princess Daphne gasps]
  • Keith, the geeky arcade employee, tries to get the boys to pay for information by having Mike get him a date with Nancy. Everyone else thinks it's a fine idea, but Mike is less than thrilled.
    Mike: I'm not going to prostitute my sister!
    Lucas: But it's for a good cause!
  • Hopper tiredly trying to avoid Murray.
    Hopper: (talking over Murray in full deadpan) Get away from me.... Get away from me. (practically singing) Get awaaaaay from meee.
    • The whole thing just has an air of routine about it, the cops don't bother to disguise their disparaging remarks or hide their laughter, later Flo interrupts Hop and Murray's conversation to relay a call (about pumpkin sabotage) and finishes with "Your welcome." Hopper immediately jumps on the excuse to leave.
    Hopper: Sorry, I really hate to do this, but it's an emergency.
    • Hopper also tries to eat a donut, and only gets one bite in before Flo takes it away and replaces it with an apple. Later, while Hopper is in his office talking to Murray, he takes a single bite of the apple, before tossing it in the garbage.
      • He even takes the bite out of his mouth. That must've been a nasty apple.
  • Ted Wheeler (quite smugly) thinks he's won argument points during his dressing down of Mike for his somewhat off-the-rails, unruly behavior by bringing up the old chestnut of "would you jump off a cliff if your friends did it?" analogy. Actually, about that... kinda. Epic Fail, "Dad of the Year". Epic.
    • Ted's uselessness throughout the whole scene is kind of amusing: Karen is trying to discipline Mike, but Ted's contribution is to drive the metaphor into the ground by talking about how his coach would have kicked him off the team for this many 'strikes'.
  • Steve trying to break the awkward silence with Barb's parents as he notes that the KFC dinner was, "Finger lickin' good."
  • Mr. Clarke talks enthusiastically about the brain, but the only ones who look even remotely interested is the party. The rest of the class looks bored out of their minds, and one girl is even seen playing with a cootie catcher with the most mindless expression.
    • When Max comes in, Mr. Clarke asks Dustin to give him a drumroll.
  • Hopper getting dive-bombed by a crow will get a big laugh from anyone who's played the tie-in game, where birds are Goddamned Bats.
  • The boys follow Max around, to make sure she was "safe", and during a school break Max drops a piece of paper into a garbage bin. Cue the boys running towards it, with Dustin diving for the paper, which reads "STOP SPYING ON ME CREEPS!"
    • A group of girls walk passed them with suspicious expressions. The next shot shows Lucas, Will and Mike trying to act casual while Dustin is still rummaging through the bin.
  • Will asks why Jonathan was staying with him, and asks whether or not his brother had any friends. Jonathan gives a long pause before stuttering that he did have friends, he just prefers to be with Will because he's his best friend.
  • During the same conversation, Jonathan outright calls Will a freak - and himself - which is precisely why they don't spend time with boring, vapid people. He uses an analogy of hanging out with David Bowie or Kenny Rogers. Will instantly squirms before picking Bowie. Cue Bob barging into the room with a genuinely excited "I love Kenny Rogers!" Will and Jonathan just stare at each other for a second before bursting into laughter. He may have ruined a profound brotherly moment, but the man is just way too Adorkable.
  • Bob picks Mr. Mom for their movie night. While he and Joyce look like they're having a blast, Will and Jonathan both look extremely bored.
  • The Mood Whiplash when Will has to leave early:
    Mike: Are you sure he's alright? He seemed quiet today.
    Lucas: He's always quiet.

    Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak 
  • As Hopper makes breakfast, he gets a jumpscare from Eleven, who is wearing a bedsheet over her head. She flatly explains that she is a ghost.
    • "Explain" may be a bit too generous a term...
    Eleven: Ghost.
  • The name for the three rules Hopper made for Eleven: "We're not stupid".
  • The montage of the boys getting their picture taken for Halloween. While Dustin and Will's families are ecstatic, Lucas's sister calls him a nerd while Mike's expression just reads, "Kill me now".
    Karen: (about to shoot one last picture) Okay, say "Who ya gonna call?".
    Mike: No! (flash!)
  • The boys dress up as the Ghostbusters for Halloween. Lucas and Mike both go as Venkman. Lucas objects that Mike thought he "had" to be Winston, not only because he's the only black friend, but first and foremost because Winston is simply not as cool to him.
    • The kids notice that no one else is coming to school in costume. This is treated with just as much seriousness as the stuff with the Upside Down.
    Kid: (off-screen) Who you gonna call? The nerds!
  • Hopper talking to Eugene, the second farmer to make a complaint about a blight hitting his pumpkins. Eugene holds up his hands and asks Hopper why they look like that.
    Hopper: Because you're old?
    Eugene: Damn straight!
  • Hopper radios his deputies, who are over at another farm, and tells them to not touch any of the sticky goop without gloves. Powell looks at Callahan, who's touching the goop with his fingers and sniffing it, before dryly replying, "Copy that, chief."
  • Jonathan decides that he'll let Will go trick-or-treating without a chaperone and as his little brother leaves he mimics Bob's Dracula voice, "I hope it doesn't suck!"
  • Eleven is watching TV and mimicking words and expressions of the actors.
  • While the boys are trick-or-treating, they discuss the value of 3 Musketeers candy bars. Dustin likes them but Mike, Will, and Lucas do not. Especially not Lucas.
    Lucas: If I get another 3 Musketeers, I'm gonna kill myself.
    • The trick-or-treating scene also includes a woman who calls the boys "little exterminators" after seeing their Ghostbusters costumes. Dustin, annoyed, responds by wordlessly grabbing a massive handful of candy from her bowl.
  • Max scares the boys wearing a Michael Meyers mask, and Lucas lets out a high-pitched screech. Max laughs and points it out to Lucas. It gets even better: that's how Caleb McLaughlin actually screams.
  • Hopper gets scared by the farmer's kid and grumpily tells him happy Halloween, before he realizes he's super late and Eleven was back at the shack waiting for him. He quickly drives off before backing up and demanding the kid give him his candy. The boy shakes his head and Hopper resorts to offering him bills.
  • The Halloween party that Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan attend:
  • Realizing that Eleven isn't going to greet him, Hopper resigns himself to eating the candy on the couch, but at the same time tries to coax her out of her room.
    Hopper: It's very unhealthy to leave me out here. I'm gonna get fat! Could have a heart attack, or something.
  • Dustin nervously approaching his shaking trash can and when he finally opens it to see what's inside, and stares at it in shock.
    Dustin: Holy shi- (Credits play with the Ghostbusters theme)

    Chapter Three: The Pollywog 
  • Dustin finds a slimy baby creature from the Upside-Down in his trash can. His response? Sneak it into his house, put it in his terrarium (evicting his poor turtle) and name him. And why does he name him D'Artagnan? Because he decides the best thing to feed an otherworldly creature is a 3 Musketeers candy bar.
    • The awkward laughing exchange between Dustin and his mother.
  • Dustin tries to check out more books than his limit, and can't use his usual charms past Marissa the librarian who is already wise to his ways. His solution?
    Dustin: (points behind Marissa and narrows his eyes) What the hell is-? (Marissa turns, Dustin grabs his books and legs it)
    • He first tries to tell Marissa that he's "on a curiosity voyage", and the books he needs "are his paddles to travel". After he steals the books, he yells, "I NEED MY PADDLES!"
  • Knowing Eleven was angry at him, Hopper tries to get her to get out of bed, but she refuses. He then tells her that he guesses he'll have to finish the triple stacked Eggo waffles by himself. Eleven's eyes widen...and the camera smash cuts to her sitting at the table.
    Hopper: Mmmmm! Good, right? (Eleven doesn't respond) You know the great thing about it? It's only 8,000 calories. (Eleven continues to glare at him)
  • Want proof that Hopper's 100% Eleven's parent now (even/especially with the loggerheads)? Watch her expression when he starts Dad Dancing... 33% "What?", 33% "OMG: Help!" and 33% "*awwww*" (perhaps a bit less of the last one). It's tradition playing out, not just a montage!
  • During the "cleaning the cabin" montage, Eleven awkwardly tries to use the broom, but it's clear she has no idea what she's doing. Hopper demonstrates, and Eleven then excitedly a circle.
  • Hopper returns to the station and asks Powell and Callahan what they found. They meekly say that they didn't find much because it was getting dark out.
    Hopper: It's called "flashlights," you dipshits.
  • While the kids are looking for Dart around the school, Lucas karate kicks open a classroom door because he thinks no one else is around. He immediately gets in trouble with the teacher inside, who cries out a shocked "EXCUSE ME, MISTER SINCLAIR!" His excuse is even better.
    Lucas: Uh, s-sorry. I was looking for study hall. Bye!
  • Max asks if she could join the party, and while Mike tries to explain that they have enough people for the party with their certain roles, she shrugs and asks if her class could be the "Zoomer".
  • Dustin finds Dart and where does he hide him? Under his hat.

    Chapter Four: Will the Wise 
  • Lucas dumpster dives so The Party can search the trash for Dart. He throws a pair of garbage bags out to his friends and leaps out of the dumpster á la parkour, almost like he's done this sort of thing a million times. Doesn't stop him from ribbing a tardy Dustin, though.
    Lucas: Well, well, well. Look who finally decided to show up. After I finished drawing the short straw. Real convenient.
    • Max tells him he stinks, and walks over to stand beside Dustin. He says hi to her in a flirty way, and she returns the greeting seeming rather weirded out.
  • Karen catches Nancy and Jonathan attempting to sneak in and the two awkwardly try to cover it up by saying they were going to study for a big test.
  • The expressions of shock that Nancy and Jonathan give each other when Jonathan turns to the key on his car and it's suddenly operational again.
  • While Max getting mad at Lucas and the others for leaving her out so much is sad, we get this gem when Max is walking away.
    Lucas: (sniffs himself and winces) Aw shit!

    Chapter Five: Dig Dug 
  • To send his mom on a Snipe Hunt to keep her from finding out that Dart just ate Mews, Dustin pretends he's calling one Mr. McCorckle who has "spotted" Mews in another neighborhood. The whole time, we can see that he's actually just talking to a dial tone.
  • Lucas asks his dad for advice about dealing with girls, specifically how he gets his mom to stop being mad at him after a fight. His dad replies that he would apologize and then get her whatever she wanted. The next response is gold.
    Lucas: Even when she's wrong?
    Mr. Sinclair: (finally looks up from his paper, and gives his son a Look) She's never wrong, son. (goes back to reading his paper)
    • Throughout this, his little sister Erica is drowning her waffles in syrup, much to their mother's disapproval.
  • Lucas finally tells Max everything that happened in Season 1, causing her to essentially become one of the show's own viewers as she comments that it's a cool story, if a bit derivative. Lucas is understandably (and hilariously) flabbergasted.
    Lucas: I tell you all of this — I mean, top-secret stuff! Risking my life! And this is how you react?
    Max: (Trying not to laugh) "Risking your life"...?
    Lucas: Oh, so this is funny to you?
    Max: Yeah...I mean, kind of funny.
  • Dustin manages to trap Dart in his outdoor cellar, using his hockey gear for protection.
    Dustin: I'm sorry... You ate my cat.
  • Bob looking at the drawings Joyce taped to the wall and actually takes it all very well.
    Bob: ....Huh... (looks around some more) Huh...
  • Dustin tries to contact Lucas via radio, but Lucas's sister Erica tells him off and turns off the toy. It takes him a few seconds to realize he had been cut off.
  • Growing desperate, Dustin goes to the Wheeler's house to find Mike or Nancy. Ted Wheeler answers, and proceeds to be as oblivious as ever to his children's whereabouts- they've both been missing for days at this point- prompting Dustin to finally say what the fandom is thinking:
    Dustin: Son of a bitch. You're really no help at all, you know that right?
    Ted: Hey, language.
    • The reason Dustin went to the Wheelers' house in the first place? Dustin tried calling for two hours earlier, and during that entire time, Karen was talking on the phone with one of her friends. When Dustin finally arrives at the Wheeler house, he asks if Ted is aware of how long Karen has been on the phone. Ted, in a long suffering tone, tells Dustin he is well aware, showing that there is at least one thing Ted Wheeler knows about his family.
    • Following this, Steve arrives at the house with a bouquet of roses that are an intended apology for Nancy. After making sure the roses aren't for Nancy's parents (because they're the only ones home), he grabs the flowers, tosses them in the car, and tells Steve to get in so they can go monster hunting. Steve is completely bewildered throughout the entire thing.
      Dustin: Do you still have your bat?
      Steve: Do I what?
    • Beforehand, Steve tries to rehearse before stopping himself during the apology and asking, "What the hell am I sorry for?"
  • Hopper's Casual Danger Dialogue with Bob after Bob and Joyce save his life:
    Hopper: (dusting himself off after nearly being choked to death.) Hi, Bob.
    Bob: Hi, Jim.
  • When Eleven telekinetically opens the door of Terry Ives' house, there's something oddly humorous about the intensity of El's badass Kubrick Stare juxtaposed with the door gently and slowly opening. The fact that the tense background music suddenly cuts out as the door opens is the cherry on top.

    Chapter Six: The Spy 
  • While driving to Dustin's house, Steve asks the younger boy about Dart, questioning whether or not it's just a lizard. Dustin replies that its mouth split open and ate his cat. Cue a Beat from Steve before he's nodding like, "Yeah, not a lizard."
  • The smash-cut from Jonathan and Nancy furiously making out to Lucas' little sister doing the same thing with a He-Man and a Barbie, complete with kissing noises. Lucas then storms in and takes his He-Man back.
    • Lucas contacts Dustin via walkie-talkie, who has been setting a trap for Dart with the help of Steve. Dustin is trying to tell Lucas to meet up with them, but Lucas is having trouble keeping up with the bombshells being dropped on him. Particularly Steve tagging along.
      Dustin: While you were having sister problems, Dart grew again and I'm pretty sure he's a baby Demogorgon.
      Lucas: Wait...what?
      Dustin: I'll explain later. Just meet me and Steve at the old junkyard.
      Lucas: "Steve"?
      Dustin: And bring your binoculars and Wrist Rocket.
      Lucas: Steve Harrington?!
  • When Lucas shows up at Max's house, it looks for a minute as though Billy will catch them. The camera follows his slow, predatory walk toward the door as he corners Max and softly demands to know who she was talking to. She tells him "Mormons." Cut to Billy wearing an expression that shows he didn't see that answer coming.
  • Steve reveals his hair secrets to Dustin, to the boy's delight.
    Steve: Fabergé.
    Dustin: What?
    Steve: (pointing to his hair) It's Fabergé Organics. Use the shampoo and conditioner, and when your hair is damp, it's not wet okay, when it's damp...
    Dustin: Damp...
    Steve:...Do four puffs of the Farah Fawcett Spray.
    Dustin: Farah Fawcett Spray?!
    Steve: Yeah, Farah Fawcett Spray. (suddenly serious) You tell anyone I just told you that, and your ass is grass, you are dead, do you understand that?
    • Later becomes a Brick Joke when Dustin styles his hair exactly like Steve in the final episode of Season 2 and looks just as ridiculous as you would expect.
  • Lucas cheerfully greeting Steve and Dustin, who have spent a good chunk of the day dropping pieces of raw meat around as bait for Dart like he instructed.
  • Dustin radioing for help while surrounded by the juvenile Demogorgons.
    Dustin: Mike? Will? God? ANYONE?
  • Murray telling Nancy and Jonathan to cut the bullshit and share the damn bed after the two continually claim that they were just friends.
  • The awkward 'morning after' for Nancy and Jonathan while Murray observes them, before asking Jonathan "How was the pull-out?"
    Jonathan: (Spit Take) I'm sorry..?
    Murray: The sofa.
    Jonathan: Oh yeah... it-it was good.
    Murray: (grins) I bet.
  • As the teens leave Murray's place he sends them off.
    Murray: And if you need to reach me again... don't. (slams the door in their faces)
  • It's a little moment, but when the possessed Will reveals that he still remembers Mike, Mike kind of puffs himself up proudly in a kind of "Thanks dude!" fashion. Also a moment of heartwarming, since not even an interdimensional Eldritch Abomination shadow-spider-monster can rob Will of the memories of one of his best friends.

     Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister 
  • Eleven bumps into a man in Chicago after getting on the bus who tells her to watch where she's going. She calls him a "mouth breather."
  • When Eleven meets up with the teenagers and Axel threatens her, he begins seeing spiders crawling up his arm. He starts screaming and tries to swat them off, but outside his vision, it looks like he's doing a weird dance.
    Kali: You're a terrible dancer, Axel.
  • Eleven's entire punk getup. "Bitchin'."
  • Kali uses her illusions on the cashier at the gas station making it look like the toilet water was running. Without the illusion, it looks like the guy is gingerly stepping around the tiles.

     Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer 
  • Hopper's expression, and subsequent Facepalm, as Dustin tries to relate, to the group, the monster in the D&D Monster Manual to what he thinks the Shadow Monster's master plan must be. The look and facepalm just scream "What has my life become?"
    Nancy: So this mind flamer thing—
    Dustin: Flayer. Mind flayer.
    Nancy: *sighs* What does it want?
    Dustin: To conquer us, basically. It believes it's the master race.
    Steve: Oh, like the Germans?
    Dustin: Uh, the Nazis?
    Steve: [A little sheepish] Yeah, yeah yeah, the Nazis.
    Dustin: If the Nazis were from another dimension, totally.
    Hopper: *facepalm*
    • Also Dustin declaring that it's a manual, not a game...until he gets to the point he recommends summoning a undead army, at which point the usefulness of the analogy has ended and he has to concede that it is just a game. It's worth noting that the background music, which has been frenetic up to this point, slows to a grinding halt as Dustin realizes just how thoroughly he's screwed himself over.
    • Hopper questioning the usefulness of bringing in the manual, Dustin puts Hopper in his place and tells him that this the best metaphor they have for understanding the Shadow Monster controlling the Demogorgons, only for Lucas to say that it's an "analogy".
    Dustin: "Analogy"? That's what you're worried about?!
    • Lucas' Badass Fingersnap when Dustin first hits on the Shadow Monster/Mind Flayer analogy, as if it's the perfect Eureka Moment... while Max and Steve both give Flat Whats, since they don't play D&D and don't know what the Mind Flayer is.
  • When it looks like the Mind Flayer is sending Demodogs to attack the Byers house, the group all gather weapons: Hopper an assault rifle, Nancy a hunting rifle, Steve his spiked bat, Mike a candlestick... and then you have Lucas trying to protect Max with his slingsho--er, wrist rocket. It worked the last time.
  • The reactions to Eleven's return ranging from Mike's relieved glee, Hopper's "What are you doing here?" face, Max's "Is that who I think it is?" look, to everyone else's shock... and finally to a confused look from Steve, since he's never met Eleven before and has no idea what's going on.

    Chapter Nine: The Gate 
  • Hopper tells Mike not to be mad at Eleven for not contacting him during the 353 days he tried to contact her. Mike, absolutely enraged, shouts that he blames Hopper for that. Hopper says "That's okay, kid" in a way that screams "Oh, this is going as well as I imagined".
    • Also, Eleven has a new "normal girl" experience: the moment you realize your dad and your boyfriend don't like each other and aren't going to be getting along any time soon.
  • One of the first things El does is excitedly point out that Dustin now has teeth. Dustin responds with his signature "You like these pearls? (Purrs)", which causes Eleven to slightly startle. Lucas shakes his head and gives him a "What are you doing?" look.
  • Dustin decides to dub the new Demogorgons as "Demodogs", and Hopper grumpily asks how that was supposed to help them.
  • Max introduces herself to Eleven and extends her arm to shake it... and El just abruptly walks past her to hug Joyce. Obviously, Mike and Eleven will not be joining Lucas and Max for a double date anytime soon.
  • As Eleven and Mike are saying goodbye before she and Hopper leave to close the Gate to the Upside-Down, they lean in for a kiss... and Hopper tells El it's time to go. He's really gotten into the father role without even realizing it.
  • Hopper and Eleven have a small conversation while driving to the lab, and Hopper wants to know what she's been up to and how she found her mother. You can tell how hard he's trying not to freak out over what she tells him, and is also baffled at her luck.
    Hopper: How did you get there?
    Eleven: A truck.
    Hopper: A truck?
    Eleven: A big truck.
    Hopper: ...A big truck? Who's truck was it?
    Eleven: A man's.
    Hopper: A man's?
    Elven: A nice man.
    Hopper: ... Okay.
    • Hopper admits that he likes Eleven's new look and she replies, "Bitchin'", to which Hopper agrees saying, "Bitchin'."
  • Mrs. Wheeler's fantasy coming true when she is in the bathtub. To wit, while relaxing in a bubble bath and reading a Romance novel, she receives a knock at the front door. The man at the front door is the spitting image of the character in the novel, complete with flirtatious manner, an unbuttoned shirt and chiseled abs. It's Billy. You can just see the wheels in her brain trying to process whether she is dreaming or not.
    • The way Billy takes merciless advantage of her obvious flusteredness leads to the awkward question of exactly how many times he's pulled this same trick.
  • Dustin tells Steve to put the Demodog into the fridge for science and they couldn't bury it like a common dog. Steve grumbles saying that Dustin would have to explain all this to Joyce later.
    • What's arguably funnier is that, at least on screen, we have no idea how or even if Dustin did tell Joyce.
  • The kids all come up with a plan to weaken the hive mind, Steve is totally against it, and they're not listening.
    Steve: Yeah, and then we all die!
    Dustin: Well, that's one way of thinking.
    Steve: No, that's not a way of thinking man, that's a fact.
  • Steve tries to tell the kids that they had something to do in "the game", only to come back to the bench analogy and realize there was nothing they could do.
  • Billy arriving at the Byers and asks if he was seeing Steve. Steve replies to not cream his pants.
    • The kids are looking out the window, clearly visibly so when Billy sees them they freak out and duck back down.
    Dustin: Shit! Did he see us?
    Steve: (muttering) Oh, shit...
  • Billy immediately agreeing to leave the group alone with a meek "OK" after Max nearly crushed his balls with Steve's nail-bat.
  • Steve wakes up from the fight and begins to slowly panic when he notices that Max was driving the car.
    Mike: I told you he'd freak out!
    Steve: STOP THE CAR!!
    • Also Mike's expression when Steve thought he was Nancy looks both disgusted and annoyed. Dustin notices Steve opening his eye, cheerfully tells him that even though he got his ass kicked he fought well and talking to him like he would a pet.
      Dustin: He beat the shit out of you, but you put up a good fight.
    • Dustin then tries to put Steve's mind at ease about Max driving.
    Dustin: It's okay, she's driven before.
    Mike: Yeah, in a parking lot...
    Lucas: That counts!
    • Lucas screams like a girl again as Max makes the turn.
  • When they arrive at the site where the hive was, Steve stumbles out of the car, trying to remain the authority figure with little success. As he tells the kids to stop what they were doing, they ignore him as they start putting on masks, gearing up, and siphoning gasoline out of the car.
  • Dustin screeching dramatically when he gets sprayed with the particles in the tunnel and the group runs back in a panic.
    • After he calms down from his panicking the others are understandably a little annoyed.
      Dustin: ... I'm okay.
      Lucas: (sighs)
      Max: You serious?
      Steve: Very funny, man. Nice.
  • Dustin offering Dart some nougat.
    Steve: He's insane...
    Max, Lucas and Mike: (whispering) Shut up!
  • Baumann watches the military leave the facility for good and gleefully salutes to the cars. One of the MPs passing by flips him the bird in response, without so much as looking at him.
  • Hopper being offered a sandwich Dr. Owens, but declining it by saying he was on a diet. After giving Hopper the fake adoption certificate for "Jane Hopper", Owen advises Hopper to keep her out of sight for another year. Knowing how El is going to react to this news, Hopper quietly reaches for the sandwich and takes a huge bite out of it.
  • Mike is already dressed for the dance, but his mom wants to take pictures. Just like in the Halloween picture, his face is drooped down in internal agony.
    Mike: Mooooom!
    Mike's Mom: (cheerfully) Miiike~!
  • Dustin follows Steve's hair advice, and the results are about as good as one would expect. Lucas asks if Dustin had a bird's nest perched on his head.
    • When Dustin purrs again, Steve gives him a long stare before telling him to not do that anymore.
    • Then there's Mr. Clarke, the only other person who seems to appreciate Dustin's look.
      Mr. Clarke: Looking snazzy tonight, sir.
      Dustin: Thank you, my lord.
  • When Nancy asks Dustin to dance after all the other girls reject him in the rudest possible fashion, look closely and you can see that all of them are watching him dance with Nancy with the most hilariously bitchy pissed-off faces.
  • After more than a year of waiting, Mike and Eleven finally get to dance together at the Snow Ball... except there's just one small problem:
    Mike: Do you want to dance?
    El: ... I don't know how.
    Mike: (nonchalant) I don't either. Do you want to figure it out?

Season 3
    The entire season 

    Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy? 
  • Eleven and Mike are having a heavy make-out session which leads to Hopper getting suspicious and leaning back in his chair to see what's up. When he catches them, Eleven shuts the door and he nearly rams it open. However, once the door is open, Eleven and Mike are lounging casually on her bed reading.
    Hopper: Three-inch rule!
    • When Hopper bursts in, Eleven has a nervous look on her face, clearly hoping that he would be believe their sudden change. Mike? A grin that could be read as either an innocent "Hello, Chief Hopper, how are you today?" or a smug "Too slow, old man".
  • Robin telling Steve that "his children" were there.
  • Nancy and Jonathan wake up realizing they're late for work, with both of them hurrying to get dressed. As Nancy is prepping, Jonathan is trying to get his pants on and ends up face-planting into the floor. It's especially funny because it seems, at first, they're worried about getting caught spending the night together in Jonathan's room, but apparently Joyce is totally cool with it, even taking a moment to wipe Nancy's Lipstick Mark off Jonathan.
  • The power goes out at Starcourt, leading Steve to simply trying to flip the switch off and on.
    Robin: That isn't gonna work, dingus.
    Steve: Oh yeah? (aggressively flipping the switch)
  • Dustin's camp is literally called camp "Know Where".
  • Dustin has been at science camp for a while and just gotten back, so the rest of the Party gather to throw him a Surprise Party by having Eleven move his toys to lead him to the living room. However, Dustin had been pretty freaked out to see his toys moving of their own accord (though he became convinced he was dreaming), so he brought the deadliest weapon he had...his Farrah Fawcett spray bottle. Once the Party blows their horns behind him, Dustin panics and begins spraying the bottle into Lucas' eyes. With both boys screaming like girls.
    • The look of absolute horror on Dustin's face while screaming, like he genuinely believed his best friends were something that burst out from the Upside-Down.
    • Eleven is so startled by Dustin's spraying that she immediately does a Security Cling with Mike. This is Eleven, the girl who melted the brain of Connie Frazier, disintegrated the Demogorgon, and faced down the Mind Flayer, yet she finds this scarier than any of those, and somehow believes Mike will save her. For added funny, when Mike and Eleven embrace, both still have their party horns in their mouths.
    • The fact that Lucas doesn't think to just step out of the way only makes the scene funnier. It's not until Dustin has likely emptied a good portion of the can that Lucas thinks to shield his eyes. Very slowly.
      • To be fair, there's also Dustin, who doesn't take his finger off the nozzle even though he clearly sees it's just his friends.
    • After Lucas manages to wash out his eyes enough, he looks at Max and utters the dumbest observation a boy can say to his girlfriend:
      Lucas: Is that a new zit?
      Max: (beat) What is wrong with you? (shoves Lucas' head under the faucet)
  • Karen is lounging at the public pool with her fellow moms when one of the others notice that lifeguard Heather is getting down. After taking a moment to freshen themselves up, the Hawkins moms ogle Billy as a lifeguard, scored with The Cars' "Moving in Stereo", the music from the infamous masturbation scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Even funnier is the subtext, very nearly text, that Karen and the others are doing this regularly.
    Middle-aged mom: (snaps her compact closed) And... showtime.
  • As Dustin shows off his inventions to his friends, he holds up the "Slammer", clearly an attempt to make a motorized hammer, but which is just a hammer that's vibrating in place. He pushes it towards Mike and Eleven; Mike gives a condescending stare while El backs away, again partly hiding behind Mike.
    • Another invention Dustin shows is the "Forever Clock", a model of a wind turbine which he claims will be "very useful come the apocalypse".
  • Over the past two seasons, the Party has seen many stranger things in their adventures, and have accepted them more or less without question. But none of them are prepared for when Dustin reveals why he built his giant radio: to talk to his new girlfriend, Suzie. The Party's reactions to him having a girlfriend are priceless. You can see the exact second they process the word "girlfriend". Even Eleven is surprised.
  • When the Party is going on a hike, Lucas drinks all the water. Max calls him out on it and he tries to make amends by spitting water he hadn't swallowed back into the flask.
  • Robin tallying up Steve's flirting wins ("You Rule") and losses ("You Suck") on the store whiteboard. So far, a big ol' goose egg for You Rule and six for You Suck.
    • Added in another for seven when he starts trying to hit on a group of girls after ditching his hat.
      Steve: You know what? Screw company policies.
      Robin: Wow, it's like you're a whole new man.
      Steve: Ahoy, ladies! I didn't see you there. Would you guys like to set sail on this ocean of flavor with me? I'll be your captain... I'm Steve Harrington.
  • Joyce trying to walk Hopper through a "heart-to-heart" talk for El and Mike, and he gives up.
    Hopper: Maybe I'll just kill Mike. I'm the chief of police, I can cover it up...
  • Mike and El regularly engage in heavy-petting, to Hopper's chagrin. One night Hopper puts a stop to it by telling Mike a bullshit story about his grandmother being seriously ill, likely killing Mike's sex drive for the rest of the summer.
  • When practicing his "talking to them on their level" talk with Joyce, Hopper is repeatedly advised to remain calm. When he finally tries to put it into practice and gets a bit flustered in doing so, Mike makes the mistake of getting a bit cocky towards Hopper, leading to the grandmother story and Hopper hurrying Mike out to give him a ride home. When in the car, Hopper reveals the truth for why he wanted to get Mike alone in his squad car. Impressively, Hopper remembers Joyce's advice and remains calm. Too calm. From the look on Mike's face, not only would screaming have been preferable, so would taking on a Demogorgon by himself.
    • Then when he finishes and looks to Mike who's staring at him blankly, he growls, "Nod if you understand!" and Mike quickly starts nodding his head.

     Chapter Two: Mall Rats 
  • Mike calling Eleven to tell her he can't see her today because his Nana got sick and turned for the worse. When El points out that Hopper lied about that, Mike takes a moment to pull away from the phone and angrily mouth "Shit!"
    • When Mike says his Nana might die, his mom had picked up, understandably reacts in shock, and Mike angrily yells up at her from his basement.
      Karen: Did Nana call?!
    • Hopper is more than ecstatic to witness how the call went down from El's, driving down the road singing along with "Don't Mess Around With Jim" at the top of his lungs and and almost cackling with joy.
  • Steve and Dustin reunite with each other, giving themselves their personal high-five.
    Robin: How many children are you friends with?
    • Said high-five also includes miming a lightsaber duel, which ends in Steve pretending his guts are spilling out after Dustin pretends to stab him. Robin can only look on in confusion before asking the above question.
  • Dustin telling Steve what he found yesterday, but trying to keep it subtle. Too subtle.
    Dustin: I intercepted a secret Russian communication...
    Steve: ...What? I can't hear you.
    Dustin: I said I intercepted a secret Russian communication.
    Steve: Speak louder.
    Dustin: I intercepted a secret Russian communication!!
    Everyone else in the store: (stares)
    Steve: Geez, shhh! Okay, that's what I thought you said.
  • Robin speaking pig latin to Dustin and Steve who think it's Russian.
    Robin: That's pig latin, dingus.
    Steve: (hits Dustin) Idiot.
  • Lucas taking Mike to buy something for Eleven that's shiny, pretty and says "I'm sorry". Mike takes it literally, and Lucas only groans.
    • The boys walk past Eleven and Max as the two giddily dart into a Gap store, neither group noticing each other.
    • The boys' reaction to a Victoria's Secret store. They each stare for a couple seconds before bolting the hell outta there, clearly not ready for that sort of gift.
  • Jonathan keeps taking pictures of the rat, because he can't take a clear photo of it.
    Jonathan: We're gonna have to keep doing this until you stop moving, you little shit.
  • Mike finds a tiny silver teddy bear pendant and asks how much it would cost. Turns out...
    Lucas: $300? $300?
    Mike: I should have shoved that little teddy bear right up his—
  • Lucas finds perfume and accidentally sprays it in Mike's face.
  • Poor Will, who's being dragged along and asks if they can finally play D&D now.
    Mike and Lucas: No.
  • When Joyce goes to visit Mr. Clarke's house, "Weird Al" Yankovic's "My Bologna" is playing loudly. He makes his presence known to Joyce just by standing with his hands on his hips, wearing magnifying lenses for the miniatures he was painting, while his garage door opens.
  • Eleven breaking up with Mike with the words "I dump your ass," followed by the song "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner starts playing.
    • Max's mouth is open with shocked delight in the back, and in Mike and Lucas' Stunned Silence that follows as they watch them leave on the bus, Will asks: "Now can we play D&D?"

     Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard 
  • Eleven uses her powers to spy on the boys, seeing Mike wallowing at why she's treating him like this while stuffing his face with chips. The boys then start burping and farting. And rather than express disgust or confusion, Eleven just starts laughing.
    • Max advises Eleven that if she spies on Billy and sees something messed up, it'd be best to get out ASAP or be scarred for life.
  • Dustin and Steve are surveying Starcourt for suspicious activity when Dustin notices a man in sunglasses and a long coat with a duffel bag. Steve immediately assumes the guy is an "Evil Russian", and the two follow him. Eventually, they see him reach his destination...a Jazzercise class he's teaching. Dustin stares in confusion that they got it wrong, while Steve stares at the all female class.
  • After two days of trying and failing to get a D&D game together, Will takes matters into his own hands and wakes up Mike and Lucas by blasting fantasy music and refusing to respond to them unless they play along. He even wears a Robe and Wizard Hat. Of course, the scene ultimately takes a turn for the heartbreaking, but it doesn't make Will's methodology less funny.
  • Eleven and Max start investigating Billy, and Max asks whether or not Eleven heard screaming. When she confirms this, Max believes it's another one of Billy's hookups, asking if they were happy screaming. Eleven, who's still extremely sheltered, asks Max to describe what a "happy scream" is.
    Max: It's like... I'm just gonna lend you my mom's Cosmo.

     Chapter Four: The Sauna Test 
  • Steve suggests he can just knock the Russian guy out, leading Dustin to ask whether or not Steve has actually won a fight so far. Steve claims it was only once that he was beaten (Billy) and then Dustin brings up that it was twice since Jonathan beat the shit out of him the year prior.
  • As Robin leaves (not before telling Dustin and Steve to behave), Dustin is seen licking Steve's ice cream scooper, which disgusts him.
    Steve: Dude. Come on man, not my scooper.
    • He then takes it from Dustin and shoves it into his apron without so much as wiping it off.
  • Dustin volunteering to crawl into the vent since he can pop his shoulders. However, he still can't quite fit and asks Steve to push him.
    Dustin: Push my ass.
    Steve: What?
    • Robin and Steve get into a minor disagreement.
      Steve: He can bend like Gumbo.
      Robin: You mean, Gumby.
      Steve: Pretty sure it's Gumbo.
  • Dustin convincing Erica that she should go along with their plan if she loves her country.
    Erica: You can't spell America without Erica. (slurps on her drink)
    Dustin: (beat) Uh, yeah, yeah. Oddly, that's completely true. So do this for America, Erica.
    • Erica extorts bribes of ice cream from Steve and Robin by pointing out their plan reeks of child endangerment and refers to the plan as "Operation: Child Endangerment" from there on out.
    Erica: Commencing Operation: Child Endangerment.
    Robin: Please stop calling it that.
  • During Karen's Rousing Speech to Nancy:
    Karen: You're a fighter. I don't know where you get it from.
    Nancy: Dad.
  • As the Party is observing Billy to see if he's been possessed by the Mind Flayer, Max is reluctant to believe it, despite Will explaining that the Mind Flayer can lie dormant, or Mike pointing out that Billy is wearing a robe to keep the sun off and drinking an Icee because he likes it cold. Lucas's argument for Billy being possessed? Billy is wearing a shirt. This is the only argument Max can't argue back.
    Lucas: Have you ever seen him with his shirt on?
    Max: ...I mean, it's a little weird.
  • When Mike and Eleven get a chance alone, Mike tries to apologize for lying to her, saying she's the most important person in the world to him. Eleven throws his "girls are a different species" line back at him, and Mike realizes she used her powers to spy on him. When Mike says that's against the rules, El quips back, "I make my own rules". You can practically hear Mike think "What?" to himself.
    • When Eleven suggests maybe Hopper is right that they stop spending so much time together, Mike disagrees and calls Hopper "some angry old man who hates joy."
  • It may have taken three seasons, but Lucas finally makes good use of the Wrist Rocket when he manages to stun Billy with a shot to the head.

     Chapter Five: The Flayed 
  • After the elevator eventually stops, Robin asks if everyone was okay.
  • Erica sassing the teens about her having to miss a sleep-over, a birthday party, and how her mom would slit their throats for endangering her. This leads to Steve yelling that he literally could not give a fuck about any of that if they end up being killed by the Russians.
  • Eleven describing when she first saw Heather screaming in the Void. She goes on to say it wasn't happy screaming. When Lucas asks what she meant by that, Eleven starts to talk about how Max was telling her about happy screams and Max cuts the conversation short saying, "That's not important!"
  • Steve deciding to take a leak on top of the elevator and asking Dustin to look away. Unfortunately, his urine seeps onto the inside of the elevator, to Robin's disgust.
  • Erica trying to open one of the containers, with Robin arguing they shouldn't drink it since they don't know what it is. Erica goes on about how the body starts dying once it gets dehydrated and states she'd rather drink shit than die. Later, one of the containers that they used to prop open the door breaks and the liquid inside literally burns a hole in the floor.
    Robin: You still wanna drink that shit?
  • Joyce telling off Murray for wanting to search Alexei, saying how they've had a long day and ends up going on a rant that gets funnier when she gets to the reason why this all started.
    Joyce: Because somehow, you're the closest person who speaks Russian which I can't believe—but that doesn't matter because unfortunately, we're here. So if you don't mind, put that thing away, stop behaving like a jack-ass! And ask him, what he's doing that is making my magnets fall off my damn fridge! ...Please.
    • That rant throws Murray off so much that he does something he hasn't done in two seasons: shut up and act civil around other people.
  • The group's Oh, Crap! expression when they enter the comms room with the guy still sitting in his chair.
  • What does Dustin take-away from Steve beating up the comms guy?
    Dustin: Dude, you did it! You won a fight!
  • When the gang goes to visit Mrs. Driscoll in the hospital, Nancy claims that she's Mrs. Driscoll's granddaughter, and the others are the rest of her family. The receptionist isn't fooled, given that they are all different ethnicities.
    Lucas: Extended.
  • Hopper commandeers a car for him, Joyce, and Alexei, claiming to the driver that Alexei is a dangerous criminal. Alexei's behavior... doesn't back this up.
    Hopper: That man in there? I know he doesn't look it, but he is one of the most dangerous men in the world.
    Alexei: (happily drinks his Slurpee)
    Hopper: He's, uh... murdered many children.
    • Joyce's idea of a vicious criminal? A "forgerer".

     Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum 
  • The assassin starts to choke Mayor Kline, and the mayor apologizes for his losing his temper. He also adds that he's going to therapy.
  • When Steve is getting violently interrogated by the Soviets asking him who he works for, Steve tearfully tells them that he's just an ice-cream vendor and starts rattling off the names of different flavours in a manner similar to a captured soldier giving out his name, rank and number. The interrogator actually takes a moment to laugh.
  • Alexei refusing to talk unless Hopper gets him some cheeseburgers and a cherry slurpie. When Hopper gets him a strawberry slurpie instead, Alexei calls it shit. Hopper then says it's all just sugar and ice, which snowballs into a whole heated argument about slurpies.
  • Erica has no problem believing the stories about the gang dealing with a monster from another dimension and a girl with special mind powers. What she refuses to believe is that her brother could possibly be involved in all this.
  • Dustin proving Erica is a nerd by saying she loves My Little Pony. When she asks how does that make her a nerd, Dustin proceeds to go onto a huge explanation about the show's current dark storyline involving the villain Tirek. Even Erica's impressed.
    Dustin: (after Erica does a pretty complex math problem in her head) Holy shit. You're a nerd.
    Erica: (extremely offended) Come again?!?
    Dustin: You. Are. A. Nerd.
    Erica: Okay, you better take that back, nerd.
    Dustin: Can't put the truth back in the box.
    Erica: But it's not the truth.
    Dustin: Let's examine the facts, shall we? Fact one: You're a math whiz, apparently.
    Erica: That was a pretty straightforward equation.
    Dustin: Fact number two: You're a political junkie.
    Erica: Just because I don't agree with Communism as an ideology...
    Dustin: Fact number three: You love My Little Pony.
    Erica: And what does My Little Pony have to do with this?
    Dustin: Ah, let's recall the ponies' latest adventure, shall we? The evil centaur demon Tirek turns Applejack into a dragon at Midnight Castle, and then Megan and the other ponies have to use Moochick's magic to defeat his rainbow of darkness, saving them from a lifetime of enslavement. All the pink in the world can't disguise the irrefutable fact that centaurs and castles and dragons and magic are all standard nerd tropes. Ergo, My Little Pony is nerdy. Ergo, you, Erica, are a nerd.
    Erica: And how do you know so much about My Little Pony?
    Dustin: (proudly) Because I'm a nerd.
  • Joyce on the line with Owen's secret lab. All of it.

     Chapter Seven: The Bite 
  • Robin and Steve spend most of the episode high as kites and giggling to themselves.
    • "I don't do drugs, dad. It was only marijuana..."
    • "We all die someday, my strange little child friend."
    • Steve halting for a moment to grab a bag of popcorn poking out of the trash and stuffing some in his mouth.
    • Dustin later telling Erica, "It's official, I'm never having kids."
    • Steve and Robin trying to make sense of Back to the Future while still high from the Russian doctor’s drug.
      Robin: So like, I wasn't super focused in there or anything, but... I'm pretty sure that mom was trying to bang her son.
      • Special mention goes to Steve's borderline infuriated "Then why is it called "Back to the Future"?" while they are at the water fountain.
    • Later, Steve tells Robin that he used to date Nancy. Robin groans and says "she is such a priss", to which Steve responds "Hmm - turns out not really."
  • The absolutely brilliant use of Back to the Future's musical score during the scene where Dustin gets back in contact with Mike and Eleven over the walkie talkie... except Dustin is talking way too fast for Mike to understand, not to mention the signal is bad and the batteries are dying.
  • Some random person off-screen yelling "Yeah lady!" when Joyce punches Larry Kline, then knees him in the balls.
  • Murray again finds himself yelling at a couple to resolve their UST, after which Alexei reveals he’d just assumed Joyce and Hopper were already an item. They both have a huge laugh while Joyce and Hopper themselves have no idea what the conversation in Russian was about.
  • While in a store helping Eleven heal (and with her trying to use her powers again), Lucas opens a can of New Coke, upsetting everyone into telling him to be silent. Then out of nowhere, he and Mike (and then Max) begin to argue over how New Coke could be as good as the original, an obvious parallel to the reaction to Coca Cola attempting to replace the Classic with New Coke. It gets so weird that Eleven has to tell them to shut up.
  • Steve breaking to Dustin they probably shouldn't go to his house to hide. When Dustin asks why, Steve admits that he may have told the Russians his name and where he lives.
    Dustin: (baffled) What is wrong with you?
    Steve: Dude, I was drugged.
    Dustin: So?
    Steve: So?
    Dustin: So, you resist!
  • Karen and Ted catch Joyce and Hopper running (from a Russian assassin) and Karen comments "What an odd couple they are" while Ted says "There's someone for everyone" with his hand on her shoulder and she sighs loudly with an eyeroll.
  • Alexei proudly shows his enormous Woody Woodpecker plush to Murray after winning it playing a carnival game. Murray happily responds with a hilarious impression of the Woody laugh.
  • When the teens and kids meets up again at the mall, all of them must deal with being Locked Out of the Loop in some way or another. The Party is unaware of the Russians in the mall, the Scoops Troop is unaware of the Mind Flayer's return, Robin has no clue about El and her powers, and Erica apparently had a different mental image of who El was based on Dustin's story.
    • While Robin is still confused on how the car moved to crush those Soviet agents, Dustin simply says "El has superpowers". Robin is naturally more confused, and asks "What?" in response, leading Steve to repeat what Dustin said and then add "Try to keep up", as if a girl having superpowers is the most normal thing in the world. Although by this point, it probably is for Steve.

     Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt 
  • After the main characters are all reunited at Starcourt, the various groups fill each other in on what they know. Steve has a Let Me Get This Straight... moment where he goes over that the Mind Flayer has built itself a physical body to kill the Party. From his tone, it sounds less like the idea is completely ludicrous, and more like he just wants to make sure he has all the facts right.
  • The Snark-to-Snark Combat between Murray Bauman and Erica Sinclair, the two snarkiest characters in the series.
    Murray: I'm sorry, why is this four-year-old speaking to me?
    Erica: I'm ten, you bald bastard!
    Lucas: Erica!
    Erica: Just the facts!
    • Murray's callsign for when Dustin and Erica help him navigate the air vents: "Bald Eagle."
  • After Dustin says that he could have used the rest of the Boys dealing with the Soviets, they also say that they could have used him as well dealing with the Flayed. All four then have a Group Hug, saying that they missed each other...and Erica ruins the mood.
    Erica: Don't cry, nerds.
    Lucas: Erica!
    Erica: Keep saying my name! See what happens!
  • The Scoops Troop, consisting of Erica, Dustin, Steve and Robin head to Dustin's radio tower and are given the keys by Hopper to the convertible stolen earlier. The troop's reactions are delightful.
    Robin: [reading the license plate] The Toddfather?
    Steve: Oh, screw Todd! Steve's her daddy now!
    Robin: Did you just refer to yourself in the third person?
    Erica: [disgusted] Did he just call himself daddy?
  • There is a particularly hilarious burst of Mood Whiplash that just comes out of nowhere during one of the tensest moments in the episode; when Dustin sees the lights flickering at Starcourt, he calls the Party in an attempt to make sure they are safe. Who picks up on the other end? The Mind Flayer, who takes a moment from stalking the Party to stare at the walkie-talkie before roaring into the speaker, as if saying "Silence, You Fool!" to Dustin. It's hard to describe the sight of the eldritch, utterly inhuman Overarching Villain of Stranger Things acting like a typical Big Bad straight-up telling one of the heroes to shut up.
  • In what may be the most epic Brick Joke in all of Stranger Things, Dustin, needing to quickly figure out an obscure mathematical constant, contacts Suzie, his genius girlfriend in Utah, the one he built the tower to talk to and who everyone else (including the audience) had likely forgotten about in the chaos of the season. But before she's willing to give him the number he wants, she forces him to sing the theme to The Never Ending Story with her while the Final Battle is going on, which unknown to her is being broadcast over everyone else's radios with only Mike, Eleven and Max not getting to hear it.
    • Hopper, Joyce, and Murray, trapped underground in a secret Russian facility, all have a terrific You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reaction. Joyce leans her head against the wall in despair as the music plays, while Hopper looks too dumbfounded for words.
    • The kids and teens especially. Will starts to turn and look to everyone probably thinking, "The monster from my nightmares is chasing us and this is really something that's happening?" Even Steve is looking at the walkie-talkie like he can't believe Dustin actually did score a girl. The cuts to the car are especially priceless because you can still see the Mind-Flayer chasing them for the duration of it.
    • Erica, sitting next to Dustin while he's singing, is staring in open mouthed shock, clearly unable to believe what is happening before her eyes, and likely convinced that she is going to die with the biggest dork on the planet.
    • Also, the fact that everyone else can hear the conversation and singing is because Dustin told Suzie to change frequencies so she could give the number directly to Hopper, but one wonders if Dustin had an ulterior motive in switching to prove that Suzie actually existed.
    • The simple fact that after everything our heroes have experienced in three seasons—a Government Conspiracy conducting human experimentation, people being possessed, a secret Soviet base on American soil, and all the horrors of the Upside Down—it's the sound of Dustin singing with his girlfriend that makes our heroes stop to say "Wait, What?".
    • In the epilogue as they're helping the Byers to move out, Lucas and Max (who again didn't get to hear the song) loudly sing the song to annoy Dustin who gives them the finger.
  • Steve and Robin getting a job at the video store with Keith. One of his initiation tests is asking them their top three favorite films. Robin passes, Steve stumbles and says he liked Star Wars, but when Keith presses on whether or not it was A New Hope, Steve states it was the one with the "teddy bears" (Ewoks). He also says he liked Back to the Future, but he saw it stoned out of his gourd on Russian Truth Serum, so he can only remember that it had Alex P Keaton in it.
    • Robin convincing Keith to hire Steve because of him being a Chick Magnet, which would hopefully help him land a hot chick. Steve in the background stumbles over a cardboard cut out ad for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which he hurriedly tries to fix. He then tells Keith that the film was definitely one of his top three.
  • With Hopper (presumed) dead, Eleven is taken in by Joyce, but she's forced to leave when the Byers move out of Hawkins. Mike is unperturbed and simply plans to have a Long-Distance Relationship with Eleven. Given that Mike and Eleven didn't let being hunted by a Government Conspiracy, monsters from an Alternate Dimension, Hopper forced to fake Eleven's death for 353 days, or the Soviet Union keep them from being together, the two probably consider her moving to another town a mild inconvenience in comparison.
  • Before she leaves Hawkins, El tells Mike that she did overhear his argument with Max in "E Pluribus Unum", and asks if he remembers what the argument was about. Mike, totally remembering that this is the argument where he admitted he loves El, adopts a "deer in headlights" expression and begins babbling as his brain descends into full "awkward boy mode" by saying he doesn't remember. When El finally tells Mike she loves him as well, it's in a tone that says "Relax, I feel the same way". After El and Mike kiss, Mike still has a confused look on his face, as if thinking "Wait, did that actually just happen?".
  • Hopper's letter is mostly sad, but the last line tells Eleven to keep the door open at least three inches.


  • Mike and Eleven's Big Damn Kiss was Millie Bobby Brown's actual First Kiss. Her reaction? "Kissing sucks! That sucked!"
    • Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin had mentioned in interviews that when the scene was being filmed, they were watching behind the camera in complete awe.
    • Topped in Season 2, where you can see Finn tell Millie "I'm coming in" due to how nervous she was. And meanwhile, Lucas and Max's kiss needed a ton of takes due to the steadicam operator having trouble timing the spin to capture Caleb's face afterwards.
    • Said kiss was also Finn Wolfhard's first kiss, but he refused to admit it even to Millie Bobby Brown for three years out of embarrassment. He also felt that the end result "looked like [he] was eating her."
  • In her appearance in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Millie Bobby Brown gloats about how, unlike her co-stars, she doesn't have to learn a lot of lines, and then switches on her 'Eleven' mode, mumbling "No. Papa. No." which is pretty much all Eleven says.
  • Apparently, Finn Wolfhard's Sir Swears-a-Lot character in It (2017) rubbed off on him, and everyone was horrified at his constant potty mouth while filming Season 2 when he'd never been like that in Season 1.
  • Joe Keery posted a pair of photos on Twitter that Mike and Eleven would have taken at the Snow Ball. Apparently, even getting photographed with Eleven can't get a smile out of Mike. That boy just really hates getting his picture taken.
  • Hopper does not seem like the kind of guy to go the gym, which makes it all the funnier when he declares at the end of Season 2 that he is on a diet, and the lengths the costume designers will have to go to in order to hide David Harbour's new superhero physique that he gained between Seasons 1 and 2.
  • Millie Bobby Brown apparently showed up on set one day covered head to toe in glitter - saying "I don't know where this glitter came from". Production was delayed by approximately forty five minutes while they removed it.
    • Even better, judging from production crew interviews everyone appears to have had a kind of resigned Sure, Let's Go with That reaction, along the lines of "Yeah, she's an eleven-year-old girl, glitter's just going to find it's way to her I guess."
  • Ed Benguiat, the designer of the famous retro font used in the opening titles, had absolutely no idea that the show was such a huge deal until he noticed his royalties inexplicably skyrocketing!
  • The show joins the list of stuff popular enough to get a parody on Sesame Street, stuffed full with references that'll fly over any kid's head, with Sharing Things.
  • A few ads for Spark New Zealand manage to turn the Mind Flayer of all things into Nightmare Retardant.
    Will: Mike? Mike?!
    (The Mind Flayer rises from the buildings)
    Mind Flayer: (in New Zealand accent) Urrooooohhhhh... Oh, sorry. I was at boot camp last night not recommend it. Anyway, welcome to the Upside Down, famous for its night markets and dance parties. Oh, are you into drum and bass? Cause I've got two tickets for a gig tomorrow night...
  • The Season 3 teaser.
    Steve: Ahoy!
  • This ad from Coca-Cola for New Coke. It features Lucas, Max, Mike, and El being cute together... and then Steve flirting with a girl at the movies, only to have Dustin interrupt by grabbing his popcorn and snapping "You're late!" The look Steve gives him is priceless.
  • The promotional character posters for Season 3 has everyone looking tense and nervous....except for Erica Sinclair, who’s causally posing.
  • A fan makes an alternative theme for the show.
  • It is possible to call Murray Bauman's phone number (618-625-8313), doing so will result in the caller hearing this...
    Murray: Hi, you have reached the residence of Murray Bauman. Mom, if this is you, please hang up and call me between the hours of 5 and 6 pm as previously discussed, okay? If this is Joyce, Joyce, thank you for calling, I have been trying to reach ya. I have an update. It’s about, well, its probably best if we speak in person. It’s not good or bad, but it’s something. If this is anyone but my mother or Joyce, well, you think you’re real clever, getting my number, don’t ya? Well, here’s some breaking news for you: You’re not clever. You’re not special. You are just simply one of the many, many nimwits to have called here, and the closest you will ever get to me is this prerecorded message so at the beep, do me a favor and hang up and never call here again. You are a parasite! Thank you and good day.
  • David Harbour's Suspiciously Specific Denial that Hopper is "the American" referenced in The Stinger for Season 3.


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