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The Characters page for Everything:Gaiden. Be warned: there are Loads and Loads of Characters. Due to the hecticness of the original design, we have changed it to be listed by player rather than by game.

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     Elf Collaborator's Characters 

Corvus, the Scholarly Crow

Originated from the world of Despair, Crapsack World incarnate. He used to be the God Of Knowledge....before he was killed by one of his enemies.

Richard Collins

Alith Nadan

Gaston Pierrot

Medea Alcris

Nate Richards


Yukari Kikiuchi

A former Ordinary High-School Student who ended up with Wikus and Lucinda. Hails from the same world as Minu.


Pollux Armiksen

Isabella 'Izzy' Stark

Wikus Lanz

A tribute in the Hunger Games. He was saved from imminent death when he ends up with Yukari and Lucinda.


Daeron of the Moonfoot

A kobold ex-thief.

  • Blood Magic: The Ritual Blade allows Daeron to do this. Shame he doesn't know how to.
  • Evil Weapon: His Night's Shard. It allows him to turn invisible....but it also reaches out for blood constantly and requires bloodshed to fuel its powers.
    • Dirty Coward: The Night's Shard is also afraid of too much weighted odds against it and it's wielder, pressuring Daeron to hide from enemies.
  • Insistent Terminology: Ex-thief.
  • Knife Nut: The Night's Shard, the Ritual Blade and other magical knives are in his arsenal.
  • Loveable Rogue
  • Mr. Vice Guy: Loves his drink.
  • Odd Friendship: With Silica.
  • Quick Nip: Loves doing this.
  • Verbal Tic: I've got one, lass! He uses this to refer to Silica.

     Empiricist's Characters 

Silica Tykki

"I had some time to step back and look at myself now and to be honest, now I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing with my lif- er, deat- wait no >__<, existence. Considering so far I've developed various weapon systems despite being a pacifist, combined said systems into an artillery platform, rained what amounts to napalm at people, attached what is essentially a collar bomb to a young boy, and blew a hole in a flying city."
A spirit possessing a specialized human-like construct.
  • Amplifier Artifact: Her bracelet. Interestingly enough, she was the one who made it in the first place. Also, it can grant use of her magic to others, though using it probably isn't the best idea considering the user would likely fail each spell.
  • Armor and Magic Don't Mix: Inverted. Her offensive spell casting capabilities are increased by her aim stabilizers.
  • Artifact of Death: Downplayed. She has a pair of arcane sabers that engulf anything they cut with fire, but they burn the wielder and eventually sets them aflame.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: She's a pacifist whose dream is to "do something that resonated in the hearts of others" but her magic spreads The Corruption, uses the power of an Eldritch God and is geared for lethal applications.
  • Cargo Ship: She took what she thought was an emotion suppressant that turned out to be a Potion of Yandere.
  • The Corruption: Her magic spreads the influence of Zentol, corrupting the landscape and creatures if overused.
  • Energy Weapon: She has an explosive arcane saber, two incendiary explosive arcane sabers, a light sword and a crossbow that fire explosive arrows of light.
  • Functional Magic: Primarily Theurgy and Device magic.
  • Geometric Magic: A modular circle and rune system. Though she can no longer use it, the circles are still active.
  • Ill Girl: Downplayed. She's anemic, but she made sure to construct her body so that it isn't too inconvenient for her.
  • Language of Magic: Her particular magic is a modular form of eldritch theurgy.
  • Meaningful Name: "Silica" is the main substance in glass. "Tykki" is Finnish for "cannon". She is almost literally named Glass Cannon!
  • Mundane Utility: She uses her magic in place of appliances sometimes.
  • Mystical White Hair
  • Odd Friendship: With Daeron.
  • Power-Strain Blackout: Subverted the one time it pops up. Her magic has no strain on her at all, but the spell in question required her to run around drawing a large magical circle, which was tiring for her due to her anemia.
  • Sinister Scythe: Her scythe can greatly amplify the power of each strike. It is also able to cleave through anything that is of insufficient divinity, even with its handle!
    • Artifact of Death: However, with each attack made using it, there is a 1/6 chance that she and the scythe are destroyed instantly.
      • That is somewhat diluted now, except there is the risk of the entire area being smited to the ground now.
  • Situational Sword: She cannot actually muster the willpower required to utilize her newly acquired divine capabilities without using spells and a Potion of Yandere to enhance it.
  • Squishy Wizard: Her body was created to maximize magical capabilities at the cost of everything else.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: She has no combat experience nor intends to acquire any, but possesses immense magical power.
  • White Mage: Inverted. Her magic covers just about everything other than healing.

Florencio Jean Walter

"The government isn't exactly going to let every two-bit gang-banger learn the complex intricacies of ethereal magic..."
A traveling merchant with qualifications as an alchemist and military connections.
  • Armor and Magic Don't Mix: Subverted. He is entirely capable of wearing armor and parts of his armor give him access to more spells.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He is quite surprised that necromancers are considered inherently evil as in his world, they were more true to their name and used their abilities and charisma to convince the dead to assist with various fields.
  • Functional Magic: Theurgy and Transmutation
    • Equivalent Exchange: More advanced transmutations require input mass, making it similar to nucleosynthesis.
  • Face Your Fears: Inverted, he didn't fear Guignols until he faced one in combat.
  • Holy Is Not Safe: The Divine Water he uses is highly radioactive when active, it's not safe to anything in high enough doses really.
  • Idiot Ball: Decides to provoke an ancient immortal without any backup.
  • Instant Runes: Spells that access the server result in these, except the runes are more similar to QE codes as spell information is encoded in the appearance of the resulting sigils.
  • Intrepid Merchant: Entered a civil war to make a profit.
  • Magnetic Weapons: He uses a compact railgun and an EMP emitter.
  • Paper Talisman: They let him use magic he hasn't learned from a server.
  • Powers as Programs: Up to Eleven. He mentions accessing an entire database of spells.
  • Post-Modern Magik: His world is built on this.
  • Science Fantasy: His world relies on both advanced technology and magic with constant overlaps.
  • Simple Staff: Not very simple though since it emits intense electromagnetic pulses.
  • Slap-on-the-Wrist Nuke: In his world, due to the effectiveness of military technology, nukes are classified as melee weapons.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: He tends to use less common terms but also use profanity a lot.
  • Our Souls Are Different: Souls store a person's mind and ferries them to the afterlife when they die, however, that means that they are empty and can store other things such as magical payloads. Plus, they aren't tied to any specific person, if someone loses their soul, they automatically get a new one with no ill effects.
  • Soul Power: One of his spells attaches souls to people and propels them in an uncontrolled manner.
  • Unorthodox Reload: Hip-mounted units on his armor magically fabricate additional rounds and propel them straight into the chamber of his gun.
  • Whatevermancy: Averted, he is bemused as to why people who raise corpses rather than talk to the dead are called such.

Lucinda Peyton Montanari

"I have been paraded as a messiah and executed as a pariah. Sowed the sterile seeds of death and saved the lives of a myriad. I have negotiated as a necromancer and threatened as a common thief. Started internecine wars and ushered in the doves of peace. Lived lives of unadulterated excitement and spent existences watching the drying of paint. I have loved countless people and hated countless people, sometimes the same. A single lifetime is but an infinitesimally miniscule thread within the monolithic tapestry of my history."
A member of an organized crime syndicate.

The Gardener/ El Inazuma

"Oi, who was that shouting over there? You'll annoy the gardener even further, and considering I don't know what they could do I'd say its a somewhat worse idea than shouting at the card-tank."
A quiet elderly elf who works as a gardener. He practices iaijutsu in his spare time.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: able to unsheathe and attack with a katana in a split second.
    • and any other weapon for that matter. Including ones that don't exactly fit the usual definitions of weapons or unsheathing. At one point, he grew a clonal colony of trees, uprooted it and threw it in a single instant.
  • Cool Mask: a combination between a noh mask and a luchadore mask that changes its expression to a various displays of hostility with a tilt of the head.
  • Mask of Power: Zig-zagged. Putting on his mask grants him additional power, but removing it and his other mask along with the rest of his disguise grants an even greater power boost, though when doing so, he is obligated to eliminate all non-allied witnesses.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: A samurai luchadore black operations soldier who masquerades as an elf.
  • Semantic Superpower: His skill at iaijutsu extends to everything that involves unsheathing and attacking in an instant.
    • Up to the point where an ally of his in the past was able to interpret it further to allow him to assemble and unload a gattling gun in a split second.
  • Time Abyss

     Xantalos' Characters 

Az-Sho, the Fiery Serpent

The Trickster

"I know you, but you not know I. But I am known to your dead, and prolonged them while they were still alive. I would recall my favor to you."
A shapeshifting trickster god who survived the destruction of Despair
  • Awesome Aussie: When in the form of Steve Irwin, he wrestled a dragon-like heavy weapons platform and later a reversed a spacial-distortion assisted bodyslam.
    • Wrestler in All of Us: He tends to wrestle with great success in this form, succeeding in suplexing an entire army via dragon and defeating Lucinda in what was supposed to be a duel with edged weaponry lifting him up and slamming him into the ground.
  • Dragon Rider: The dragon in question being giant, levitating mechanical komodo dragon that serves as a heavy weapons platform. Which he guides with a large piece of meat.
    • Beast of Battle: The dragon in question is capable of generating and firing explosive crossbow bolts of light, large chainsaw arrows, poisonous gas and self-limiting blackholes charged with some of the most dangerous substances from Silica's former grimoire.
    • Weaponized Animal: The weapons are not so much attached to it as much as they are part of its body.
  • I Have Many Names
    Trickster Call me Loki, Odin, Raven, Coyote, Trickster, Beezlebub, Pan, Grinning Man. Any name will do, really. Trickster will suffice.
  • Reality Warper
  • Shapeshifting
  • The Storyteller
  • Trickster God

     Vgray's Characters 





     Ragnarok's Characters 

     Twi's Characters 

Ori (Orichalum Sonata of the Ages)

Marie Hel



Camille Leblanc

Miranda Leblanc

Thera Aesop Cross

Stefan Timmerman


Hannah Bismuth

  • BFS: An enormous, ornate claymore that contains gems for magical purposes.



Maria of Antioch

Natasha O'Connor

Stella Watters

Isabella Cattleya Flora


     OREOSOME's Characters 

Lucas Alexander (Super Academy)

Catherine Valten

Nico Valten

Lucas Alexander (La F)

     Ranger Cado's Characters 

     Great Wyrm Gold's Characters 

     Other Characters 


Hissinh Walnut's current character. Currently adventuring with the main party.



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