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-The premise of this roleplay

Because having ONE gaiden thread for RotMG and TA wasn't enough.
-The reason for it's existence

Everything:Gaiden is yet ANOTHER one of the Bay 12 Play-by-Post Games.

The premise: Random characters from unrelated worlds end up in an unfamiliar realm.

Found here.

This game shows examples of:

  • Cerebus Rollercoaster: Abruptly shifts between an Idol Singer's debut to an Axe-Crazy immortal murdering people and then to someone who fell in love with an inanimate scythe.
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  • The Commandments: A meta-example in The Decalogue which is designed to handle lore conflicts, though its effectiveness is uncertain due to it nothaving been used yet.
  • Description Porn: Empiricist's posts approach this at times, usually proportional to their absurdity.
  • Dysfunction Junction: About half the cast has some issue ranging from being of tangential relevance to being major details.
  • Enhanced Archaic Weapon: The sword is a necrotic, soul-stealing blade, the bow calls upon an eldritch god to fire chainsaws, the shiv is weaponized space-time and the lance turns out to be a nuclear reaction-catalyzed dimensional weapon.
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  • Gaiden Game: To the entirety of the Forum Games and Roleplaying forum.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Amongst other things, clonal colonies of trees and eurodance are used as weapons.
  • Laser Blade: Generally far more dangerous than the usual template.
    • Of the three Arcane Sabers Silica has made, two will violently explode whatever flesh they contact, causing horrible wounds. The other one does that and makes the victim undergo spontaneous combustion.
    • Florencio's world has Pulse Blades, which amount to low yield thermonuclear weapons that focus their blast into a localized lance of intense heat.
    Florencio: Well, we gave up on having proper medical systems in armors since offensive systems were too effective and fucked people up regardless of healing when they breached defensive systems, so now, the systems just revive and reconstruct people before their soul leaves.


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