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People Calling the Old Man Out in fanfiction.

  • A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script: In this The Silmarillion fanfic:
    • Celebrimbor continuously called his father out on everything that he did -genocide, kidnapping, conspiring against his own relatives, helping his brother force a woman into marriage (that according elvish laws is a form of rape)-, but Curufin never listened. Finally Celebrimbor got fed up with it and disowned his own father.
    • Subverted with Finrod and Finarfin. Before parting ways they had a very long, heated argument during which they got mad with each other and both started to fling insults and accusations. Later Finrod regretted it because his father had done nothing to deserve that treatment (and Finarfin also rued his own words). Their relationship got uneasy for a while until they finally talked about it and apologized to each other.
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  • Ancient Sins: During their climatic battle, Dante unleashes all the rage he feels towards Celestia for abandoning him and proceeds to beat the ever living crap out of her. he finally throws her off the mountain, seemingly killing her, but she gets better.
  • In a Happy Feet fanfic called An Outcast's Acrimony, Mumble lashes out at his father, Memphis, for feeling so different from the rest of the colony and having to suffer from their ostracization. This happened after Memphis announced to the whole colony that when Mumble was an egg, he accidently dropped him, thus the reason why Mumble looked and acted different from the others.
  • In the Pokémon fanfiction, Common Sense, Ash calls Character of the Day Anthony out for being obsessed with winning the P1 Grand Prix fighting tournament to the point where he neglected his family for months. When he grows indignant and suspicious of a trick to psyche him out before the match, Ash points out that he himself never knew his father since he left on a journey to become the number one Pokémon Master. After explaining his plan to find him on the way to the top and drag him home if need be, he smiles and says that he just wanted to make sure Anthony wouldn't put Rebecca through the same thing.
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  • DAUGHTER has a simple but effective calling out scene between Kuvira and her foster/adopted mother Suyi. Kuvira calls out Suyin for not treating her enough like a daughter, which strengthened her abandonment issues:
    Suyin: "I treated you like a daughter. I-I-I..."
    Kuvira: "No, you didn't."
    Suyin: "Yes, I did".
    Kuvira: "Then why didn't you love me like a daughter?"
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged has been building up one from Gohan to Goku for years and it has boiled to the surface a few times, like when Gohan flips out after he finds out Goku got bodyswapped with Ginyu and lets out his pent rage on Ginyu, whiles the latter's in his father's body. The Abridged Movie of Super Android 13 also brings this up. But it all finally comes to a head in part of two of the finale for the Cell Saga, when Gohan decides to make Cell suffer instead of just annihilating him while he has the chance, Goku tries to tell him to stop messing around with the villain and just end it. Unfortunately, Gohan really should have listened to Goku this time around.
    Goku: Uh... kiddo? I understand you're angry but—
    Gohan: But WHAT? YOU'RE gonna give me advice now? Let me guess: I should let him go so he'll be an even BETTER fight later! Or maybe I should let him power up to 100% so I can teach him HUMILITY! Wait! I know! I should throw him a GODDAMN senzu bean and have YOU FIGHT HIM!
    Goku: I... see what you're getting at Gohan...
    Gohan: Then shut up and put on your poncho... you're in the splash zone...
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  • In The Flash Sentry Chronicles (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls): When Flash and Scootaloo finally meet their birth parents, Flash calls them both out for abandoning them at orphanages and never once trying to meet them when the were growing up. Flash turns out to be more angry at them than Scootaloo mainly because of how much he struggled as a kid after the orphanage he was in caught fire and he had to live on the streets until he met Twilight and her family. Flash eventually forgives his parents after he cools down by talking to Twilight and sees them put themselves in danger to protect him and Scootaloo.
  • A Gem in the Rough: Priyanka Maheswaran cannot comprehend why Pearl would think letting Connie duel Zoro and Tashigi would be a great idea and lets her know it.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC's version of Harry Osborn seems to be less angsty and more bitter than in most incarnations; he's only ever heard when arguing with his father from off-screen.
  • Gendo never got called out by his son, Shinji, in the original Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is not the case in quite a few Fan Works.
    • In The Child of Love, Shinji calls Gendo out on lying about destroying all Yui’s pictures and then Shinji says after everything Gendo has done to him and his family he wants nothing of him.
      Shinji:"You lied to me, you bastard, [...] that picture of mother, you had it all along. [...] You just wanted to keep it to yourself, [...] you selfish bastard."
      Gendo:"Is that all?"
      Shinji:"I hope they keep you in here forever, [...] even that'll be too good for you, after all that you have done."
      Gendo:"You mean like bringing you and the Second Children together?"
      Shinji:"I didn't need you for that! [...] we never needed you to fall in love! You were only using me, using Asuka, using Teri! [...] HOW COULD YOU?!"
      Gendo:"Because I needed to,"
      [Shinji turns to leave]]
      Gendo:"Aren't you forgetting something?"
      Gendo:"I was thinking, I know that Colonel Katsuragi is now your legal guardian, [...] but shouldn't you ask me for permission to marry the Second Children, even if it's merely for formality?"
      Gendo:"You are planning to marry her, aren't you? You are the father of her child."
      Shinji:"We don't need anything from you. We want nothing to do with you. This will be our last meeting, as far as I am concerned. [...] I'm finished here,"
    • Doing It Right This Time: After being sent to the past, Rei -of all people- calls Gendo out on having abused Shinji and her emotionally before informing him all would be for nothing.
    • Evangelion 303: In chapter 10, Gendo meets his son for first time after ten years… and he starts lecturing him about his neglected duties and being more worried about a comatose, pretty girl than about every one else in the world. Naturally, Shinji was less than impressed:
      Gendo: You disappoint me […]
      Shinji: YOU disappoint me! You think that duty is the ability to deny your own feelings? To pretend that you were never vulnerable to love? You know what I’m feeling… You were in love once in your life!
    • Ghosts of Evangelion:
      • Shinji averts this. He is in his thirties when his father comes back from Instrumentaliy, and he stopped caring for Gendo and his abusive behavior long ago, so he doesn't call him out.
      • Asuka called Misato out on neglecting her completely and abandoning her right when she needed her the most. Misato agreed she screwed it up with her and Shinji.
        Misato: Did something happen?
        Misato: If it did, you should talk to me about it.
        Asuka: Why? It's not like you care anyway. You just want to find a way to get me out of your hair, same as always.
        Misato: Now Asuka, that's not really fair —
        Asuka: Don't talk to me about fair, you bitch! You never wanted to deal with me in Germany, and when I came here you watched me fall to pieces in front of your eyes without doing a damn thing about it.
        Misato: Hold on now —
        Asuka: And then you let the commander hang me out to dry, before you threw me out like garbage when I was no longer useful —
        Misato: Asuka, wait a minute —
        Asuka: —and then when Kaji died you completely forgot about me until I crawled into a hole somewhere to slit my wrists and die! And after Third Impact, when you finally found us, you sent me to another damn city so that fucking piece of shit could… Don't act like you're concerned. I know better.
        Misato: Are you finished now?
        Asuka: Tch.
        Misato: It might surprise you to learn I agree with you. Everything you said is true. I did a terrible job with the both of you, and there's no excuse for it. Nothing about the circumstances changes what happened to you. It was criminal, and it was wrong, and I'll regret it until the day I die. But even so, you have to think about your situation here: you aren't equipped to live on your own, and neither is Shinji. You both need a lot of help and support, and there aren't exactly a lot of candidates banging on the door for the job. For better or worse I'm the closest thing to family either of you has.
      • Several years later Asuka called her father out when he tried to reconcile with her, although much like Shinji, she no longer cares.
      • Ryuko tells her mother childhood traumas don't excuse bitchiness when you're in your forties. Asuka's retort was… hugging her.
        Ryuko: You know, I don't get you. Sometimes you're really cool like this, and others you're a total bitch. What's up with that?
        Asuka: Be glad you get bits of nice on occasion. Ask your father what it's like when I'm mean 24/7. You don't know how lucky you are.
        Ryuko: Sure I do. You love me more than anything, and you love dad just as much. But that doesn't stop you from treating us both like dogshit on occasion.
        Asuka: Shut up, you idiot! I'm doing the best I can. I—
        Ryuko: Bullshit! 'The best you can,' you say? Whatever. Today you were fine. I felt like you were an actual parent for a change, and that was nice. But last night? Fuck that noise. Back in the day I guess you could get away with it, since things were really rough for you back then. But now, not so much. We deserve better, father and I, and so do you!
        Asuka: You little brat. Not even your father talks to me that way.
        Ryuko: Tch. He calls you out on your bullshit all the time. Misato does, too. I'm not an idiot, mom; I see what's going on around me. How the hell would I have the nerve to speak up otherwise?
        Asuka: (laughing and hugging her) You stupid little brat! I'm glad to see you take after your father in ways other than musical talent!
        Ryuko: Cut it out, mom! Jeez, you're embarrassing me!
        Asuka: I'm proud of you, little girl. I truly am.
        Ryuko: You're missing the point! Gah! Where is dad when I need him?
    • Once More with Feeling: Shinji calls his father twice:
      • The first time happened in the Eva cages, before his first battle. When Gendo said "It's been a long while", Shinji replied "Not long enough". That was only the beginning.
      • The second time happened after the battle, when Shinji wanted to discuss the terms of his job:
        Gendo:: “You are not indispensable. If you will not pilot the Evangelion, Rei will do so instead”.
        Shinji: “You know, on some level I should be surprised that you would threaten to have a fourteen year old Girl sent to her death if I didn’t do exactly what you said… but I’m not”.
        Fuyutsuki: “Now Shinji, that’s not what he-”
        Shinji: “Oh of course it is. You don’t have any need to defend this man in front of me. Yesterday he paraded Rei out as the consequence of me defying him, putting her through hell just to blackmail me into Unit One. Every one of us knows she wouldn’t have lasted five seconds in combat, but he didn’t give a damn”.
    • In The One I Love Is..., Shinji called his father out twice:
      • In chapter 5 Shinji gets mad because his father has manipulated Asuka and Rei. So that he marches to his office and warns Gendo against interfering with their lives again, pointing out he is more expendable than a pilot.
        Gendo:"You think you can threaten me?"
        Shinji:"Of course I can. I am the only pilot of Unit-01. You need me to save your life. You know as well as I do that you don't have any spare pilots. And you also know that Rei and Asuka won't be able to fight alone for long. That is, if I don't convince them to stop fighting for you at all. In this whole scenario... you are the only one who is useless."
      • In chapter 11 Shinji explodes in public:
        Shinji:"Damn you! You hurt Touji! You let Asuka suffer! You took Rei from me! And now you want me to kill Kaoru? You heartless son of a bitch! If it wasn't my mother's name, I'd be ashamed of being called Ikari!"
    • Scar Tissue: During an accidental meeting in an elevator Shinji finally calls his father out. When Gendo starts lecturing him about his health, his language or his relationship with Asuka, Shinji says it is none of his business, especially after how he has treated him. When Gendo presses the Asuka's issue Shinji finally explodes, punches him and tells Gendo will speak about Asuka respectfully, using her name... or else.
    • The Second Try gives us several examples. Even more awesome because Shinji is a great father in his own right.
      Shinji: You know, [...] I thought I might be able to understand you better by now. But actually I understand you even less than before. How... [...] How can anyone really want to send his own child away?
      Gendo: I have no reason to explain myself if you are already aware that you cannot understand.
      Shinji: No, maybe not. You'd just blame everything on the pain of losing her anyway. Do you really think you're the only one who ever felt like that? You're not the only one who lost a loved one! [...] But unlike most, you didn't hold dear what was left of her. Instead of using it to remember the love she gave, you just saw it as reminder of her loss. So you just threw it all away, because the very existence hurt you.
    • In A Crown of Stars, Shinji skips the talking part and straight up decks Gendo upon their reunion. Afterwords, Shinji refuses to have anything to do with his father, even though Gendo's had time to think about what he's done and is making a genuine effort to become a better person.
    • In the Alternate Universe Fic Going Another Way, Shinji (who's a bit more strong-willed here due to growing up with a caring and supportive uncle instead of an apathetic guardian) calls Gendo out, but none of them really faze the older Ikari much... until Shinji is able to pull his mother Yui's soul from Unit 01 out enough for her to be able to contact the outside world. And Yui is not at all happy to learn what her husband has done since her disappearance, all in the name of getting her back no less. She chews him out so thoroughly that Gendo, guilt-stricken, drinks enough alcohol to necessitate him getting his stomach pumped. Afterwards, he begins making an honest effort at redeeming himself.
  • Wrong Road to the Right Place features a few of these, although in all cases the characters are calling out mothers rather than fathers (and sometimes not even their own parents);
    • When Oliver learns that Dinah Lance knew that Sara was going to join him on the Gambit, while he appreciates that she couldn't have known what was going to happen, he tells Dinah that she should have recognised that he was just using Sara even if Sara was in love with him, and thus betrayed Laurel's trust by not telling her about Sara going on the Gambit.
    • Later, Laurel delivers one to Moira about her going to all this trouble to 'protect' Oliver and Thea without thinking about how they will feel about her actions.
    • After learning about the Undertaking, Oliver informs Moira that he's going to stop Malcolm and expose her role in the Undertaking unless she admits it first.
  • It is incredibly common in Frozen fan fictions to have Anna call her parents out for the way they treated her and Elsa in their childhood, particularly the latter:
    • In the second chapter of Darkness Burning, which is set in an Alternate Universe where her parents came back safely, Anna berates her parents after learning about "Conceal, don't feel". She tells them they're responsible for Elsa's depression and attempted suicide.
    • In The Royal Reunion, she calls out her parents after being reunited with them after three years. She vents out all her rage at the isolation her and her sister felt due to their parents separating them for over a decade. Anna gets equally mad about how her parents words caused Elsa to doubt herself growing up.
    • In the fifteenth chapter of Stranded, when Anna and Elsa reunite with their parents in the same island they're trapped on, Anna's first response after meeting them is to call them out for ruining both her and Elsa's childhood, especially the latter and also accusing them of causing the events of Frozen to have happened in the first place. Anna goes as far as to say that she preferred her sister over her parents, although they took it too literally and assumed that Anna didn't love them anymore, causing them to run away in tears, which made Anna realized she took it a bit too far.
  • In Clash of the Ketchums, after Ash's father tries to argue that Ash has wasted his life with his career as a Pokémon trainer, Ash counters most of his father's arguments and observes that his real issue (although he won't admit it) is that he just resents that Ash was so much better at being a trainer than he was.
  • Embers:
    • Langxue does this to Iroh, in proxy for Zuko, over how Iroh's well-intentioned but ultimately misinformed actions are just causing more and more problems for Zuko. Unfortunately for Iroh, he doesn't take it to heart, and the results are an implicit disowning by Zuko in chapter 85.
    • In chapter 88, Aang does this to the whole White Lotus, calling them out on various inefficiencies of theirs — Bumi's stupid tests that accomplished nothing when he could have directly helped Aang by being straightforward, Pakku over his refusal to train Katara (something that came back to bite them both in the fanfic), Iroh refusing to trust that his nephew's trust of Iroh could have led to Zuko making a Heel–Face Turn if Iroh had just been honest about why Zuko's loyalty to Ozai is misplaced...
  • In Faery Heroes Neville yells at his grandmother for trying to turn him into a clone of his father.
    Neville: This greenhouse, Mossy told me Dad had it built for Mum because she loved Herbology. Professor Flitwick said that she was the head of the Charms Club when she was a student. Every Boxing Day when we go to St. Mungo's, she gives me a few bubblegum wrappers, but the nurses say that she won't let anyone else even come near them. These are the only things I have left of my mother; why do you want to take them away from me so much?
  • The Treasure Planet fanfiction Picking Up the Pieces, Jim pulls an excellent one of these on his Disappeared Dad, with whom he briefly and bitterly reunites through a chance encounter. Summing it up, he says "I wanted your love but you never did a thing for Mom and I; and I found out I didn't need it to be awesome, and it's because of that I'm graduating from the most high-class academy in the galaxy. And it's after all this when you want to be my father again. We don't need you anymore, so screw you, in-name-only Dad." Wow.
  • Naruto fan fictions often have a habit of calling out Naruto's father on sealing the Kyuubi into him, Naruto's mother depending on if they see her as alive or dead, and Naruto's erstwhile godfather, Jiraiya, who failed to carry out his duties as guardian for 12 years. Results vary from heartfelt reunions to permanent shattering of familial bonds depending on the author's inclination.
    • Naruto: Asunder except to BOTH parents (the fourth was in a form of stasis until his spirit was returned to his body. Kushina was forcefully sent back to Whirlpool to make it a Plan B safe haven if Konoha gets trashed.). Naruto, to his credit, says he understands fully WHY they sealed the Kyuubi in him but while they (Minato and Kushina) try to justify their actions Naruto points out that A) His mom SHOULD HAVE fought harder to stay with Naruto B) Thanks to their excellent parenting, he doesn't understand the concept of love in any form C) His life was shit because of what they did. Naruto even questions why the 4th didn't let the 3rd seal the Kyuubi, only for the 4th to say it was his burden to bear. Naruto FLIPS, calls bullshit and says the 3rd would've been happy to save the village. Naruto ends off saying that they shouldn't have had him if they were going to give him up and "It doesn't matter if you're back. I made it fine without you and still don't need you. Don't bother me again.". Even at the end of the story Naruto never forgives them but extends a "I don't completely hate your guts" gesture.
    • These days the Fourth gets the brunt of the blame, since it has been revealed that regardless of whatever happened, Kushina wouldn't have survived the tenth of October. Even then, since the sealing was an impromptu instead of prepped, like most fics have speculated the sealing was, the blame is considerably lessened, since it's clear that Minato didn't really have much of a choice in the matter. The fact that Kurama would eventually be allowed roam around again and cause havoc wherever he went (especially considering that he hadn't had his Heel–Face Turn yet), plus being free pickings for whoever caused the attack in the first place was too much of risk for them to do anything else.
  • This occurs in the KaBlam! fic Goodbye June. June's dad reveals that he's been fired from his new job for stealing money (in order to take her to fun places that he wouldn't be able to afford otherwise), and she snaps and chews him out for moving them to New York just to go and get himself in trouble. Sure, they make up later, but it's still quite an outburst.
  • There are a few Dragon Ball Z fics that had Gohan calling out his father for constantly leaving. Like No More Forgiveness by The Masked Otaku.
  • Averted in a CMOH for DC Nation. Connor Hawke discovers the pictures and birth announcement that proved Ollie knew about him. He's not exactly pleased about the knowledge that Ollie had never made effort to find him, and while Ollie braces for the chewing out...
    Connor: If I'd found this when I was a boy at the ashram, I would never have partnered up with you. If I had found this when I was the only Green Arrow, then I would have been VERY angry. But, now? ... Because of those things, I've had a chance to know you, to follow in your footsteps, to be the son of a good man. Because I didn't know, and because of those things I didn't trust, I have what I always wanted.
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fancomic "Perfect Harmoneigh" (which can be found here on Deviantart). Octavia brings her girlfriend to a party her overbearing mother is throwing in order to find her a husband. Things are going badly, and then mum demands to know "Why don't you want to be happy?!" and it. Is. ON.
  • Subverted in The Basalt City Chronicles. In Daniel Clydesdale's backstory, he was utterly different from his father and ran away from home at 13 because Theodore (the father) wanted Dan to be part of the Clydesdale political legacy, while Dan was always itching for a fight. When they meet up again, Daniel's in Juvie. When he hears his father has come to visit, the kid's ready to let loose—but Theodore unwittingly yanks the rug out from under Daniel by begging for forgiveness and calling himself out.
  • Ember does this to Terrador in the Spyro Madness Saga. After Terrador completely destroys her life, up to and including kidnapping her before she even sees her children, Ember has a chance to kill him, which everyone says she should. Instead, Ember gives him a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech and allows the authorities to deal with him.
  • In the Katawa Shoujo fic Lilly Epilogue Family Matters, Akira reminds her father that he had left her and Lilly to fend for themselves in Japan when he and their mother had moved to Scotland, in response to him trying to persuade Lilly to return to Scotland, resulting in an argument. After a little while, even Lilly gets in on it, as she is infuriated by her father insulting Hisao and Hanako, and at the peak of her anger, yells "YOU HARDLY RAISED ME AT ALL, YOU BASTARD!!" before ordering him out of her apartment. She later reconciles with him, though.
  • The Immortal Game: When Rarity is finally confronted by her father, Esteem, he offers her a chance to join him and live like royalty in the new Social Darwinist society he and Titan are creating. Rarity not only refuses, she calls him out on all the terrible things he's done — including but not limited to putting her through Training from Hell as a child, killing her mother, and being the one who let Titan out of his can in the first place. She tops this with completely disowning him and swearing to defeat him and his master.
  • In Lessons from the Mountain, Maedhros finally calls his father out when he becomes fed up with Feanor's verbal abuse.
    Feanor: Your disapproval has been clear from the first. And yet you return, knowing that I alone of all elves here cannot abandon you. Your mother, your brothers, they have left you one by one. I remain, and so you cling to me. That is what those mortal elflings are to you – not sons, but security.
    Maedhros: How dare you? I come because I love you. Have you forgotten your life so completely? You loved us once. You loved each of us... and our Mother. I came to you because she asked it of me. She knew she would never see you again, and so she asked me to look after you when she was reborn. She did not abandon any of us, least of all me. The Maiar here are right – the one thing you cannot teach an elf is that which he already knows, or thinks he does. You cannot love with just a fëa, Father. That is why everyone else is re-embodied. They miss...being able to love someone. Hunger? Thirst? Cold? It is not those hroafelmë that wear on the spirit!
  • White Devil of the Moon:
    • Nanoha, who in this story is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, calls out Queen Serenity for her lax attention in raising Princess Serenity, both as a mother and as a queen, saying that if she had prepared her for her duties better and not let her sneak away to Earth so much, Serenity might not have committed suicide upon Endymion's death. She also points out that there were several other possible negative outcomes to Serenity and Endymion's relationship, which Serenity did not foresee due to not being raised well.
    • Fate gives this to Precia immediately before killing her, denouncing her mistreatment in the first season, and declaring that she is a Harlaown, not a Testarossa.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever, which is set several years after the canon series, has this happen with Zane Truesdale, who by this time has two children of his own but has failed to be a proper parent to either of them, leading to his son becoming The Resenter and his daughter being a Shrinking Violet. Zane gets two callings-out for it—one by Alexis for his failure to set a better example for the two children, and the other by his son for making him keep quiet for several years about the fact that their mother died while pregnant with the daughter and burying his own grief for the sake of his sister, who he hates because of that incident.
  • A Growing Affection: Hinata to Hiashi, after he tries to come between her and Naruto.
    Hinata: Lord Hiashi. Your actions today were shameful. To go to the Hokage with a personal matter, and attack a fellow ninja… You are fortunate Naruto is not holding you accountable for the assault. Please do not disgrace our family in this manner again. Do not make me choose between you and Naruto. You will not like the results.
  • Subverted in The Legend of Link: Lucky Number 13. Link's father killed Link's mother and nearly Link himself, just for being born, thus causing Link to grow up as a Hylian instead of a god. The reason it's subverted is because Link doesn't take it personally; he's never known either of his parents, so to him, his father's just another monster that needs killing.
  • A fan contribution to Hivefled has Feferi calling out her Abusive Parents in song.
  • TheMightyOz's still in progress Nine Lives One Love gives a view of human Meulin and her painful relationship with her parents. In a few chapters, she inwardly states how awful her parents are for leaving her and her little sister, in this case Nepeta, alone for years without a word. Seeing as they are now both dead for unknown reasons, Meulin never got the chance to actually say anything to their face.
  • Queen of All Oni: Jade has her father abducted so that she can chew him out for all the years of Parental Neglect she suffered. And then she disowns him.
  • Justice League of Equestria:
    • Mare of Steel: When Thunderlane's father Steel Wing tries to convince him of his paranoid delusions about Supermare (Thunderlane's Love Interest), Thunderlane brings up how he's always been a lousy father, then throws him out of the house.
    • Princess of Themyscira: Diana gives a more subdued one of these to her mother Hippolyta for putting her personal feelings over the will of the gods.
  • In the Rise of the Guardians fic Guardian of Light, the main character, Helen, does this rather epically to Pitch, her biological father.
    Helen: Whoa! Who are you to tell me what to do?
    Pitch: I'm your father!
    Helen: Oh, that makes perfect sense! Yes, you're my father! Who, for the last couple of centuries, has been parading across the planet scaring the pants off little kiddies and trying to plunge the world into darkness! And when you finally realize that you have a daughter you not only kidnap me and try and turn me into a creature of darkness, but you also think you have the right to tell me who I can and can't date! Actually, just who I can't date!
    Pitch: It is a parent's job to make sure their child does exactly as they say!
    Helen: (punches him) What kind of father tries to turn his own daughter into some kind of shadow being? If you really cared about me you would do what was best for me, instead of what's best for yourself. I can't be forced to be someone I don't want to be.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, Shiho gets this twice.
    • The first comes in Chapter 7, from Miho's Love Interest Akio, (whose family despises Shiho), after Shiho visits Miho in the hospital and disowns her.
      Akio: The only one here that’s a disgrace here is you, Nishizumi. Victory or nothing? If that was true, wouldn’t Maho’s defeat have been enough for you to give her a chance? Miho is twice the tank commander you ever were Shiho.”
      Shiho: I will not be spoken to in such a fashion!
      Akio: It’s the only fashion you deserve to be spoken to. Sensha-do isn’t just about victory. It’s about camaraderie and friendship. Miho faced your team outnumbered more than two to one and she won. With her leadership a team made up of inferior tanks bested yours with their King Tigers, Maus, and Panthers. She beat Maho herself in a singular duel with a Panzer IV. Why are you punishing her for doing well?
      Akio: Get Out!! If you’re not claiming her as your daughter you have no right to be here.
    • In Chapter 8, Miho's older sister Maho does this to Shiho.
      Maho: Mother, when you considered this, did you even think about Miho's feelings?
      Shiho: Sentimentality is a grave extravagance for a soldier, Maho. Miho has blossomed outside our family... could you see her taking a post in the Self Defense forces? Becoming an officer? By disinheriting her, I have done the best for her...She will no doubt find her own way forward.
      Maho: But what about her happiness, mother? She loves you and you cast her out... don't you see how much that has hurt her. She wants to make you proud... why do you think she persisted in sensha-do as a freshman? You have hurt her mother.
  • In Restraint, Azula calls out her father Ozai for years of abuse and rape, before she burns half of his face.
  • Happens in the sixth flashback chapter (forty-sixth overall) of The Twilight Child, when the main character finally snaps at her mother. Neither of them were on a good basis with each other anyway, but from thereon out neither speaks to each other until the very end of the story. Even worse since the mother is actually trying to get on with her daughter. The name of this person? Twilight Sparkle.
    Twilight Twinkle: Or what? What can you do to me? What will you do to me that Discord and Star-Swirl the Idiot haven't already done, hmm? Or Princess Celestia for that matter? Do you think you're going to wave some magic about and hope you're going to get "your little girl" back? Do you think there's something wrong with me, that I'm making up all these things about dad for attention? Do you think I want to look at you? Do you think I want to spend any time with you now, when you seemed barely bothered to teach me about magic? When you only ever showed up to lecture me about the fact that I was picked on for being your daughter? No wonder Discord went for dad. Heck, if he'd erased you, I'd probably have cheered with JOY!
  • In the Fruits Basket fic Unshakable, Tohru tearfully calls Ren out for her callousness towards Akito, unable to understand how Ren could hate someone she gave birth to. Ren appears genuinely moved for a second before brushing it off.
    Tohru: You speak of your child... as if she were a stranger. How can you... hate someone... that you bore from your womb? That person should be special to you. Even more so that... your husband is dead...
  • A Taste of the Good Life has this exchange after Ebby, a recovering alcoholic, has her runaway daughter taken away from Main Course by Foal Protective Services, in hopes of regaining custody of her.
    Ebby: I just want to start by saying that I’m sorry for everything I did to you, back then and now bringing you back here to Canterlot. I made a lot of mistakes.
    Scootaloo: No, you didn’t. A mistake is something you do because you don’t know any better, or you don’t understand a situation. That’s what Main Course and Rainbow Dash both told me, and they’re each ten times the pony you are. When you keep doing the same bad thing over and over again, you don’t get to keep calling it a mistake.
  • From Kill la Kill AU, Ragyo does this to her abusive mother, Youko, on her deathbed, calling her out for her out for how she's treated her when she was child and for what she's done to their family in speech near reminiscent to Meg's speech to Lois.
    Ragyou: [...] In that vein, you say how I had hurt you, yet you never think about how you had hurt me. I was never to blame for your problems, instead, I had the misfortune of being born. I had needed you to guide, protect, hold, and love me, yet after I had grown teeth and started to walk, you left me to fend for myself, doing none of those things. [...] You're a monster, we will not deny that. I can tell you are curious as to why I even came to see you. Of course, I came just to show what you've failed to destroy.
  • Stephanie Brown's argument with Batman in Angel of the Bat deconstructing his claim that he "thought she was alive" after the events of War Games just reeks of this, though she does bitterly point out that he can't be her old man, since no matter how hard she tried, he never let her into his family.
  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox: Minato gets called out three different times by three different people over how he effectively abandoned both Naruto and Kushina in the wake of the 365-day rampage by the Kyuushingai, resulting in Naruto having to carry a burden of guilt over his participation in that group without getting effective parental support, for the two years following the devastation. To his credit, Minato doesn't try to defend his actions.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage: When Daring Do reveals herself as Rainbow Dash's mother, who abandoned her as a newborn, Dash chews her out for it. However, when she sees Daring break down in tears of shame, her anger quickly burns itself out, and the two reconcile.
  • In Rites of Ascension, just before banishing her to Ponyville, Twilight calls her mother out on never being there for her and using her as a stepping stone for social climbing, including making it perfectly clear she would rather have had Celestia as her mother.
  • In Shards To a Whole, an NCIS fanfic, Tim McGee, now head of NCIS's Cybercrime division, wound up performing a security test of the computer systems of the USS Stennis, commanded by his estranged father Admiral John McGee. When the Stennis failed the test, Admiral McGee secretly arranged to have some of his men beat Tim savagely. Since Lt. Mane, the lead assailant then committed suicide and the others said they were following Mane's orders, there was no direct connection to the Admiral, who looked like he was getting off scot free. Later, when Tim's sister Sarah saw what had happened to her brother, she contacted the Admiral by phone and confronted him. Realizing that her father really did try to have Tim killed, Sarah announced her intention to publicly accuse him of abusing her as a child (he never beat anyone but she was more than prepared to lie about it, knowing that Abby would happily manufacture any evidence she needed to prove abuse), unless he immediately resigned his commission, the only thing that he truly valued in the world. She concluded by effectively banishing him from her life for good.
  • A common scene in Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction, involving Adrien and his father Gabriel, an emotionally distant yet controlling jerk who tends to treat his son more like an employee than a loved one. A standout can be found in heartstrings, after Gabriel tries to interfere with his son's growing relationship with Marinette by having photographs of her and Chat Noir taken (not knowing that Adrien is Chat Noir) and leaking them to the media.
    Adrien: You can do whatever you want to me. You can take me out of school! You can book me for whatever events you want, I don’t care! Just - Just leave Marinette out of it!
    Gabriel: Why do you care about her so much? She’s clearly not interested in you.
    Adrien: What do you want from me? I’ve done everything you’ve ever asked of me. I do it without resisting. I’m perfect. What else do you want from me?
    Gabriel: As your father, what I ask of you is -
    Adrien: You don’t treat me like your son. You treat me like your property. You’re doing this because you think you can use this to make me sit and stay. You thought you could use Marinette to hurt me. You thought that would make me come back to you, right? That I could be your puppet again? I will not disrespect you or your name in public, and I’ll follow your schedules, but you don’t pull my strings anymore. Who I spend my time with, that’s up to me.
  • The fanfic comic Down features Adrien, who has had his confession to Ladybug thrown in his face and Alya and Marinette ignoring and avoiding him with the former throwing him a Death Glare every chance she gets, finally snapping when his father scolds him for making him look bad and launching into one of these speeches, including claiming his Missing Mom was right to call Gabriel "a selfish bastard who doesn't need a family". Gabriel slaps Adrien to shut him up and while he immediately regrets it and tries to apologize, Adrien is broken and no longer has any energy to stand up for himself, though in a second shorter example of this trope, he pointedly reframes his relationship with Gabriel as that of employee/employer rather than father/son.
  • In With This Ring, OL does this on Artemis and Jade's behalf to Sportsmaster during the New Years Breakout.
  • A Brighter Dark: Camilla does this after Corrin returns, accusing Garon of essentially turning her into a suicide bomber. Garon reacts pretty calmly, stating that 1) that is pretty much exactly what he did. 2) It was indeed a pretty dickish thing to do. And 3) He's not particularly sorry, since he wasn't given a lot of other options.
  • After taking his own measures to be more proactive following his canonical 5th year, Harry gives a royal one to Dumbledore in The Power of Time, when the latter still tries to meddle in his life for his "own good." Harry then proceeds to go on a royal rant, pointing out Dumbledore knew how the Dursleys treated him, but did nothing, robbing Harry of his childhood, only to still send him back to the same environment year after year, (made worse after the psychologically damaging deaths of Cedric and Sirius), kept information about Harry's family from him, (Harry's own classmates knew more than he did), and no faculty members were forthcoming), not standing up to Fudge in regards to Voldemort's resurrection, (Which could have prevented a lot of their current problems), as well as excusing Snape's hatred of him and abuse of other students. He finishes by asking why Dumbledore expects him to trust him after all that?
  • War of the Biju: After learning about the truth of Yashamaru and his mother, Gaara is much harder on his father than he was in canon, chiding Rasa for his terrible leadership in relation to his downright atrocious parenting abilities. While he still ends up forgiving him like he did in canon, his forgiveness is treated more as something he can't deny his father in spite of everything that has happened between them. To Rasa's credit, he admits that Gaara is right, and hopes they can start over when Gaara eventually joins the pure world permanently himself.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In its sequel Picking Up the Pieces, Night Blade, upon meeting his parents for the first time since before their adventure began, absolutely flips out at them, feeling that they've only developed an interest after his role in helping to save Equestria.
  • I Will Not Bow: In its sequel Blazing Generations, Akane's Stage Mom only ever thinks about how to promote her career as the Idol Singer Akimi, to the extent that she leaks information on where Akane's attending school to the paparazzi, and is determined to turn the singing competition at school into a publicity stunt for Akane and force her to resume her career at the end of the school year whether Akane likes it or not. In chapter 66, when she furiously chews Akane out for dropping out of the competition in favor of Lilly, calling her a "loser girl with no reputation," Akane has finally had enough; she gives her mother an Armor-Piercing Slap, furiously calls her out over her attitude and actions, and fires her as her manager, declaring that the idol business has turned her into a different person and she wants her mom back. This, combined with Akane subsequently singing the song her late father used to sing and explaining that she wants to be the idol she herself envisions, reaches her mother, who breaks down in Tears of Remorse.
  • SAO: Mother's Reconciliation: Both Asuna and Kouichirou call Kyouko out more than once for her Control Freak tendencies.
  • RWBY: Scars:
    • After having not seen her biological mother Raven since infancy, Yang is disgusted by her coldness and Social Darwinist viewpoint. After Raven calls Yang's team unworthy of living and misgenders her transgender sister Ruby, Yang rants Raven out. She ends her rant by saying that not only is Raven dead to her but she'll also kill her if Raven goes near her family or team again.
    • Yang calls out her father Taiyang for having neglected her and Ruby after Summer died, leaving Yang to have to take care of her sister despite barely being a teenager (if even that).
    • Weiss is forced to sing for a charity concert and, like in canon, she sings "This Life Is Mine" (which is a song version of this trope aimed at her abusive father). Unlike in canon, she sings the rock version of the song from the soundtrack, complete with guitarists and lots of angry screaming, and even points accusingly at her father during the song. Her mother and brother are the first to clap. The audience is confused about the song but they politely clap as well.
  • In X-Men 1970, Cyclops calls Professor Xavier out on letting them believe he was dead and, on top of it, being completely unapologetic about their pain.
  • In Cellar Secrets, Satsuki does this to a mentally-ill and interned Ragyou.
    Satsuki: "You destroyed lives beyond any real repair and, fittingly, you've destroyed your own life. You destroyed Rei's with your abuse and a child you wanted to keep hidden. You also destroyed Ryuuko's, the child you never named and kept hidden, by keeping her locked away in a cage in a cellar, allowing her development and growth to become stunted. You didn't just destroy her life, you destroyed ours with your secrets and abuse. You hurt us and you're going to be living with that for the rest of your life."
  • Kara of Rokyn: During a heated argument, Kara finally tells her cousin exactly how she feels about having been dumped into an orphanage when she was fifteen by her only living relative and then forced to hide her powers for months. Kal fires back she is editing facts out to make his actions look worse than they were. At the end, Kal admits he was also afraid of her getting hurt by his enemies when her existence became public, and Kara forgives him.
  • In The Victors Project, a Fan Fic of The Hunger Games, Katniss does this to Haymitch when he attacks Boudicca, the Victor who runs District 2' Career tribute school.
    Haymitch: She trained kids to die! To kill! She lied to them! She lied and sent them to die.
    Katniss: Like you did? … You trained us to fight. You trained us to die. You lied to us, moved us like pieces in your Games. Don’t look at me like that, Haymitch. I have forgiven you. But you have to face what you did.
  • Us and Them: When President Shinra comes to "rescue" his son from AVALANCHE, Rufus gives hims a scathing rebuke and appraisal of his deficiencies and refusal to face facts, saying he'd rather work with AVALANCHE, which has people who are actually competent.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters: When reunited with his long thought dead father, Caleb's first reaction is to break his nose. When Julian recovers from that, Caleb then chews him out for the Black-and-White Morality he forced the Rebellion to run on and that he impressed on the younger generation, nearly driving Caleb to becoming a Knight Templar and succeeding in doing so to Aldarn. Additionally, he also brings up how disgusted he was to learn about how Julian let monsters like Rhouglar and Tharquin into the Rebellion, and about what he did at Carhaiz, ultimately making it clear that he no longer respects his father and will no longer let him have any authority in the Rebellion.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail, Professor Cerise praises Chloe for getting into a battle against Ash...completely ignoring how Chloe was humiliated in her attempt to even battle Ash — because she was pressured by her classmates to fight him — and it only tells her that her father will only care or notice her problems if it involves Pokémon. That, and having the Professor side with Goh when she throws Goh's Rotomphone into the curries is what causes Chloe to snap and scream why couldn't he be something other than a Professor.
  • Son of the Sannin: During the Fourth Ninja War, the Uchiha brothers encounter Edo Tensei!Fugaku on the battlefield. Sasuke lets him have it because his stupidity in goading the Uchihas into a coup d'etat led to the clan's near extinction. Fugaku calmly accepts it, having realized how much of a folly it was.


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