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  • Mikan of Alice Academy is abused by classmates, teachers and her once-best friend. This may be different in the manga, but at least the best-friend abuse lasted for five seconds... Unless she feels Mikan is acting stupid or wants her to stop being sad, Hotaru is the first to jump to Mikan's defense. And the classmates and at least two teachers warms up to her pretty quickly too.
  • Chise in The Ancient Magus' Bride gets treated like a weirdo as a child because she sees (and reacts to) the fantastical creatures around her that no one else can see. Then she's repeatedly reminded that she's an unwanted weirdo after her father leaves her family and her mother kills herself.
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  • In Anne Happy, Tennomifune Academy's admissions are unusually competitive. As a result, Class 7, selected on the basis of Born Unlucky, is seen as a detriment to Tennomifune, and there are some who wonder why the academy even bothers to try to help out these average, if not unfortunate, students.
  • Attack on Titan:
  • Big Windup!: The protagonist Mihashi Ren was bullied at his former middle school due to his old teammates believing that he was made the ace through favoritism, because his family owns the school. The bullying, combined with his naturally sensitive and sorta jumpy personality left him with crippling anxiety, extreme self-confidence issues and a guilt complex on top of it. He gets better in high school though.
  • Bleach:
    • Toushirou Hitsugaya was a victim of this when he was a child. In his own words...
    Hitsugaya: "They're scared of me. It's not like I did anything bad to them, but... Even then, I could tell they were afraid of me (...) The only ones who aren't are Hinamori and my Grandmother."
    • Sajin Komamura was treated like a monster due to being a huge anthropomorphic canine. His loyalty to Yamamoto stems from Yamamoto being the first person to have ever looked past his appearance to see the true man beneath. When Kenpachi destroyed the helmet he wore to hide his features, the reaction from others was relief that he was no longer hiding himself because they'd felt the helmet made him seem shifty and now they could trust him because he was being open about himself. No-one cared about his actual features.
    • Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue were bullied simply for their Implausible Hair Color. Ichigo is often mistaken as a delinquent because of his hair colour and Orihime had a Traumatic Haircut forced on her by bullies. She was completely alone until Tatsuki befriended her.
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    • Ulquiorra Cifer is a rather tragic villainous example. He was the only white Arrancar in an all-black clan. When he first came into being, the others all tried to destroy him, so he killed them first and remained alone until he met Aizen.
  • Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist spends most his life being ridiculed by everyone else. Fortunately, this situation improves over the course of the manga and anime.
  • Makino Tsukushi of Boys over Flowers saves the trio of obnoxious popular girls that bully her multiple times (often from her vengeful boyfriend), but they continue to attempt to torment her throughout the series.
    • Tsukishi also saved Sakurako after the girl when to great lengths to torment her because she wanted Tsukasa, who was then interested in Tsukushi, to find her attractive after he called her ugly as a child. They became sort-of friends after that.
  • Nakajima Atsushi from Bungou Stray Dogs grew up in an orphanage where everyone hated him due to his ability that forced him to turn into a white tiger every once in a while. He suffered from severe abuse, both verbally and physically from his caretakers, and was also bullied brutally by other children.
  • The eponymous character of Cat-Eyed Boy. The son of a nekomata, he was born horribly deformed — he looks almost human, save for having the eyes of a cat, pointed ears, and claw-like fingernails. Other monsters see him as an enemy due to how human he looks, but he looks too inhuman for humans to see him as anything but a monster. He actually takes it pretty well most of the time, observing the world from the shadows, playing tricks on people, and interceding in supernatural events.
  • Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass fits this for the majority of the first season. Then his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder starts acting up.
  • Lark from Crepuscule was bullied by his peers when he was five for having red eyes which were supposedly signs of being a vampire.
  • D.Gray-Man:
    • Miranda grew up being relentlessly mocked by everyone she knew.
    • Allen himself, the main character. His strange left arm led to him being abandoned as a baby and looked upon with disgust and fear until Mana took him in. Allen got this again when it was discovered he is/will become the 14th.
    • Krory was isolated from his village due to the belief that he was a vampire. When his Innocence awakened and he started attacking people (who were actually Akuma), his reputation got worse.
  • As a child, Lucy of Elfen Lied was mercilessly teased by the other kids in the orphanage for her emotionless demeanor and her horns. The final straw is when they take the puppy she'd been caring for and force her to watch while they beat it to death, just to get some kind of reaction out of her. She snaps and tears apart everyone in the room with her newly-awakened powers. Later, thinking she has been betrayed by Kouta, she goes on a massive slaughter rampage.
  • In Fire Force, Shinra Kusakabe was scorned by everyone he came across for his involvement in the disastrous fire that killed his mother and brother, to the point where he was branded as a devil. Even when he spent the next 12 years trying to piece together the truth about what happened, he was quickly dismissed as a Conspiracy Theorist. His grins whenever he's under stress didn't help matters either.
  • Flame of Recca. In attempt to "save" the clan, after almost being murdered at age 4, Kurei was ostracized and ridiculed along with his mother for being the wielder of a cursed flame which was said to bring ruin to the Hokage ninja clan. As it turns out, Kurei is actually the holder of the rarest and most sacred fire that the clan can produce.
  • In Fruits Basket, Tohru Honda was ostracized as a little girl by her kindergarten peers. In fact, the title of the series lampshades this trope: after the kids humiliate her during recess, Tohru thinks "there's no place for me, a rice ball, in a fruits basket." In a more direct sense, after Tohru's father, Katsuya, died when Tohru was three years old, many of her relatives on her father's side looked at Tohru and said, "A girl like this is no consolation," because she didn't look like Katsuya. Said adults had the nerve to say this during Katsuya's wake/funeral. In Tohru's face. When they were supposed to be offering their condolences to her. Tohru's paternal grandfather summarizes it best; Tohru's silence to these comments may have allowed the relatives to think that they were speaking to an otherwise mindless child, but children are capable of listening contrary to what adults think, and they are especially prone to take such 'mindless' comments to heart. Tohru's mannerisms as she grows up are a result of such comments, and, in some ways, this pushes her into the Stepford Smiler territory.
  • Tamahome of Fushigi Yuugi reveals he was nicknamed "obake-chan" and tormented as a child because of the mark on his forehead, which designates him as a Suzaku warrior (and hence somebody who will help save the entire kingdom).
    • And fellow warrior and vitriolic best bud Tasuki immediately deflates Tamahome's big heroic moment by agreeing with "obake-chan." (Tasuki is next seen soaring into space as he screams.)
    • Parodied in the omake "The Tale of the Forbidden Women's Hot Spring Resort": The Suzaku and Seiryuu Seishi miff each other off with Amiboshi and Suboshi as media:
      Tasuki: They must know your childhood nickname!
      Tamahome: (pre-Berserk Button stage)
      Amiboshi: Tamahome, take it easy! I'm not the one writing this stuff!
  • Girls Bravo has Yukinari Sasaki, who was often ridiculed and beaten up by girls all his life. That includes his best friend, Kirie. This is what causes him to get hives whenever he is touched by a girl.
  • Cima Garahau from Gundam 0083 combines this with Butt-Monkey for her backstory. She was tricked into killing the population of a space colony with poison gas, then her commanding officer foisted all the blame off on her to save his own hide. Because of this, she unfairly gained a reputation as a bloodthirsty psychopath, and the only people willing to work with her were soldiers from her home colony. Then near the end of the war, their colony is turned into a BFG, and that same commanding officer lost/never bothered recording the paperwork to show where the colonists were relocated, meaning Cima and her people have no idea where their families are. And then when Zeon lost the war and most of their forces retreated to the asteroid belt, Cima and her men were denied passage because of the gassing incident, forced to spend years eking out an existence and ducking The Federation. Is it any wonder she turns on the Zeons late in the series?
  • Reki from Haibane Renmei was born with black wings due to being sin-bound. This caused the other Haibane to ridicule her until she learned to dye her wings.
  • Ippo Makunouchi from Hajime no Ippo used to be heavily bullied at school. In fact, he's introduced to boxing when Magnificent Bastard Mamoru Takamura saves him from his most usual tormentor, the delinquent Umezawa (who later matures, stops bullying Ippo and comes to befriend him).
  • Juli in The Heart of Thomas is The Un-Favourite in his family and sexually harrassed at school due to his exotic dark looks inherited from his Greek father.
  • InuYasha:
    • Inuyasha was bullied and picked on for his half-demon heritage his whole life. Even now, humans suspect and fear him while demons mock him.
    • This is standard for all half-demons in the series. Jinenji, for example, was so despised for his demonic heritage that when a family of insect demons began attacking and eating humans near his home, he was the prime suspect right off the bat, with the villagers going so far as to form an angry mob and set fire to his home before the real culprit was revealed.
    • Not even humans are safe from mistreatment. Before she started traveling with Sesshomaru, Rin lived as a ward in her hometown and was treated like crap by the people there. We're actually shown a scene of them beating her black-and-blue for stealing a fish.
  • One of the main themes in Iris Zero, where 99% of kids are born with a power called an "Iris" that allows them to see things others don't. Kids without Irises, called Iris Zeros, are bullied and discriminated against. Complicating things, kids only started being born with Irises about 27 years before the series start. So, none of the adults understand the kids and their Irises, and therefore aren't making much of an effort to protect Iris Zeros from bullying. It's so bad that Toru, an Iris Zero, has a policy of "low exposure"-meaning he attempts not to stand out so no one will decide to beat him up after school.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen has these two examples:
    • Junpei Yoshino, the teen who Yuuji befriended, was constantly getting harrassed or bullied in his past life, especially with the three people who died a Cruel and Unusual Death in Chapter 18.
    • The mother of one of the students from Magic College Kyoto School, Noritoshi Kamo, is treated horribly by other people because of Noritoshi's status as a fake heir and his mother just being a concubine of the head of the Kamo clan.
  • Kaleido Star: Sora Naegino is initially viewed as an outsider by her fellow performers than she really expected, with Layla Hamilton as their ringleader.
  • Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada in Katekyō Hitman Reborn! is referred to as "No-Good Tsuna" by many of his classmates, and put down for his bad grades by his teachers in front of the classes regularly, as well as for his lack of social and athletic skills. Even when he's trying his hardest to change for the better, people still manage to dash his hopes flat like a pancake. Reborn his at home tutor also initially spends more time criticizing Tsuna than actually praising him, though he gets slightly nicer, but his taunting never does stop. Perhaps, though, he is doing it for Tsuna's sake to provoke him into doing something about the teasing. His own mother frequently belittles him even though she clearly cares for him, and she becomes nicer in the later volumes when Tsuna becomes less of a loser.
  • Kaze to Ki no Uta:
    • Serge is shunned by his peers and family members because of the color of his skin which he inherits from his Romani mother, despite his kind and gentle nature.
    • Gilbert, too, given his promiscuity and loner tendencies. The boys at the school are fascinated by him and his beauty, but he's often bullied or ignored by the peers who don't want to sleep with him.
  • Shishioh Gen from Kekkaishi is notable for being treated little better than a dangerous animal even in a group of super-powered freaks and outcasts. This, however, might be explained by the fact that the head of this group is a Manipulative Bastard who likely had special plans for Gen.
  • In Kemono Jihen, Kabane has always been ostracized from his peers due to the strange smell he gives off. His Evil Aunt uses him for nothing but menial labor and refuses to send him to school. All of the townsfolk actively shun and belittle him day-in and day-out. This is about as damaging to his psyche as one can imagine and he's baffled with Inugami treats him kindly.
  • In Kotoura-san, generally people avoid the titular local telepath Haruka Kotoura, and actually the first scene of the anime showed there's actually a radius around her that people didn't even want to enter lest their minds be read. Without spoiling much, the end of the series inverts exactly this with an oddly casual yet rewarding moment of heartwarming.
  • Yuuta of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions got this treatment when his teenage delusions of grandeur gone too far in middle school, making him a Cloudcuckoolander. After moving to high school, he treated this as Old Shame.
  • A subverted example occurs with Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia. At the beginning of the series, his fellow classmates regularly mock Izuku for his dreams of becoming a superhero even though he's a Quirkless student, to the point that they call him "Deku" to emphasize his worthlessness and uselessness in a society filled with superpowers. However, after he receives training One For All and and gets into U.A., his powerful new Quirk and heroic traits quickly earn him the admiration and respect of virtually everyone in class, to the point that he's initially elected Class Representative.
  • In My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, pretty little Sophia is bullied for her albinism until Katarina (accidentally) saves her. Years later, Katarina steps in again, though on purpose this time, and rescues the commoner Maria from being harassed by some obnoxious nobles. In this case other characters actually think those bullies were being incredibly stupid since in no more than two years Maria will have higher status than them due to her outstanding magical talents.
  • Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea has the four kids of Shioshishio go through this initially, being ocean-born children in a school of surface kids. Part of the blame lies on one of the kids, Hikari, whose immediate reaction to the first condescending comments made during their first day of transfer due to his short temper is to make condescending remarks right back.
  • Naruto:
    • Naruto Uzumaki was marginalized for most of his life by the villagers of the Hidden Leaf Village because of his status as the Jinchuuriki (demon host) of the 9-Tailed Fox, due to the belief that he's the actual incarnation of the demon itself. This goes right into Bullying a Dragon territory, considering that a sufficiently distressed Naruto would be capable of releasing the Fox, which is one of the most powerful entities in the Naruto-verse, capable of creating tsunamis and leveling mountains, and single-handedly responsible for killing mass numbers of shinobi and nearly destroying Konoha. Fortunately, Naruto simply wants to protect his fellow villagers and gain their acceptance. After defeating Pain, he succeeds in becoming a respected icon in his own right. Naruto wasn't completely alone back in the old days, though. He did have one ally, Iruka Umino, who even now doubles as his default guardian and surrogate big brother. In fact, Iruka, himself an orphan since he was very young (in fact, he was orphaned by the Nine-Tailed Fox), was motivated to be there for Naruto because he himself was a survivor of years of this treatment, which he dealt with by acting out in a similar way to the little jinchuuriki.
    • The villagers of the Hidden Sand Village learned the consequences of bullying a Jinchuuriki when Gaara, the 1-Tailed host, went Ax-Crazy from the isolation, forcing everyone, including skilled veteran ninja and his own siblings, to trend very carefully around him. After Naruto beats some sense back into him, he eventually becomes the respected and beloved leader of the village that had previously feared and hated him.
    • According to Deidara, the two Jinchuuriki Akatsuki captured before Gaara were pariahs in their villages, and no one tried to rescue them. The trend is downright turned on its head with Killer Bee, the eight-tailed Jinchuuriki. Turns out he's an extremely beloved member of the Hidden Cloud Village, and when that village, particularly the Raikage and his own students, find out that he's been captured, they are pissed (though their mood changes to sheer annoyance when they find out that Bee gave his would-be captors the slip and went off on an unauthorized vacation). Though it's later revealed that when he was a kid, even Bee's treatment fell under this, and it's only later that he becomes as respected as he is now. It's also implied that they searched for Nii Yugito but never found the kidnappers in time to save her.
    • Due to the extensive use of clans with bloodline powers during the Land of Water's many civil wars (as well as events like the Ax-Crazy Kaguya clan's war against the Hidden Mist Village), the people of that region have a general dislike of people possessing special bloodline powers, to the point of occasionally attempting anti-bloodline genocides. They eventually elect a woman with two bloodline powers to become the fifth Mizukage, suggesting that the trend is changing at least somewhat.
    • Chouji Akimichi being shunned for being fat, until Shikamaru Nara stands up for him and later he gets in the Ino-Shika-Chou trio.
    • Hinata was subject to this treatment as well, because she was stripped of her rightful birthright as heiress to the Hyuga clan. The Last reveals that she was ridiculed in the Academy for having the Byakugan. She was also picked on because the children thought that she thought of herself as superior to them because of her upbringing, when in reality, her family constantly made her feel inadequate.
    • Rock Lee was shunned as well for not being able to use ninjutsu or genjutsu (and very little taijutsu) while in the Academy, and things didn't look up for him until he met Guy.
    • Sakura is a very mild example compared to all of the others above. When she was younger, she was always teased and made fun of because of her big forehead; after Ino began to stick up for her, she became more outgoing. Ironically, after befriending Ino and developing feelings for Sasuke, she became a bully especially towards Naruto, who had far worse issues than her.
  • Natsume from Natsume's Book of Friends had this as a kid, because others were always calling him creepy or weird because of his ability to see youkai.
  • One Piece has quite a bit of flavours:
    • Never ever more literally than Tony Tony Chopper, who is an actual reindeer. Even when he didn't have devil fruit powers, he was still picked on for having a blue nose, and when he did eat the devil fruit, he was violently thrown out of the herd. When he ate the Devil Fruit that granted him sapience and ability to turn into a human he was overjoyed that he may finally find a home... But to humans he looked like a scary yeti and they drove him away too. Well, most of them.
    • Robin might also qualify. The children initially shun her because of her Devil Fruit power. When she's forced on the run, she can't find anyone willing to take her in without succumbing to fear of the government closing in on them for harboring her or betraying her for the bounty money until she meets the Straw Hats.
    • Ace was a bit of an odd case as this trope goes. It turns out his dad was Gold Roger himself. When he was growing up, though, the world hated the guy and seemed to spend a lot of time badmouthing him and any children he might have had, never aware that such a child actually existed and was right there listening, so Ace himself wasn't a specific target to them. Didn't stop Ace from taking it personally.
    • Any relative of Montblanc Noland was met with ridicule and humilation after he was labeled a pathetic liar, for years people kept berating Noland's family for actions, it got so bad that one of his descendants, Cricket, ran away from his family to forget about Noland's existance. However when a grown-up Cricket eventually arrived on the island where Noland was called a liar, his crew immediately abandoned him once he revealed who he really was.
    • Rebecca from the Dressrosa Arc might qualify as well. Her grandfather who was the former king of Dressrosa, was villainized by Doflamingo who took his throne. As soon as Rebecca entered the colosseum, people started to express their hate for her bloodline, so much that Diamante, the murderer of Rebecca's mother, took offense to it and called out the crowds. Fortunately for Rebecca, she's finally given a break after Doflamingo's Frame-Up is exposed thanks to the Straw Hats (namely Usopp).
    • As of the Totto Land Arc, Sanji was considered a pariah to his family. He was born to the Vinsmoke family, whose warlike and Darwinistic principles is largely was supposed to become an utterly remorseless Tyke-Bomb like his older and younger quadruplet brothers after his father, Vinsmoke Judge, experimented on them in utero. Sora, Sanji's mother, tried to preserve her sons' humanity by taking a dangerous drug that undid genetic enhancements, but only managed to save Sanji and grew sickly until she died. Because Sanji was the only one who was physically weak compared to his enhanced siblings and still retained his compassion, he was deemed a "dud" and a disgrace to the family name, so Judge felt justified with letting Sanji's brothers bully him viciously and constantly while doing nothing to stop them. The only family members who loved Sanji for who he was were his older sister, Reiju, who took care of him every time he was beaten black and blue but only did it in secret out of fear of being abused as well, and Sora, who spent her last moments praising Sanji's compassion and encouraging his desire to cook. Eventually, after Judge threw Sanji in the dungeons to let him rot there while lying that he died in a training accident, Reiju secretly used her enhancements to free her brother and help him run away from home, but Sanji was so affected by his horrid childhood that he was shell-shocked to realize that he now had a true father figure in Zeff.
  • Practically everyone in Pandora Hearts has undergone this. Leo was made fun of and avoided for seeing lights of the Abyss before his eyes and hearing voices because he is Glen Baskerville's reincarnation. Jack was an illegitimate child and was abused by his mother and mocked by practically everyone he met except for Lacie. Lacie, too was a child of Ill omen and was taunted as a child by an old woman and told flat-out that she would be dropped into an endless hell because she EXISTED by Levi.
    • Vincent as well was made fun of by everyone due to his red eyes. Alice used to torment him as well, though Vincent probably bullied her more.
    • The Nightray Family itself suffers from this. Most of the members are decent people, however they are all seen as traitors.
    • Oz himself was neglected by his father and called filth, his own mother died in childbirth, and many nobles looked down on him. Even Jack Vessalius treated him like shit when he was a chain (and he does now) and doesn't care about his feelings.
  • Momo Adachi in Peach Girl is a victim of bullying by a few of her classmates, strangers, and her best friend Sae, mostly because she had tanned skin and bleached blonde hair as a result of being exposed to chlorinated water as part of the swim team, but also partially because she was able to hook up with the hottest guys in school despite that. Sae even tries to make it seem like Momo is the one bullying her, throughout the course of the series.
  • Pokémon Adventures:
    • Turned out Emerald was teased for being an orphaned dwarf who couldn't do much of anything without some help from rather friendly Pokémon. He got so sick of the teasing that he pushed away the Pokémon who helped him, and resolved to be more self-reliant. Not a bad philosophy, except that it alienated him from making any possible future friends he secretly wanted.
    • Y was bullied at the Sky Trainer Academy by the other students because the teachers gave her favored treatment for having a celebrity mom. To make things worse, the main reason why she attended the academy to begin with was to distance herself from said mom, who is a land-based Rhyhorn racer, giving her bullies extra ammo to work with.
  • Lucia from Rave Master is implied to have been mistreated by the populace as a whole for being the grandson of the most hated man in history and the son of one of the most hated men alive. And by implied to have been mistreated, I mean locked up for more than half his life with that being the only excuse for his imprisonment while people spread rumors about him to make him the Rave Master universe's equivalent of the Boogeyman. He did not take it well.
  • Retired Heroes: Tifa gets ostracized a bit due to being the daughter of a demon, but not too much. It helps that the mayor's daughter has declared her The Rival, and refuses to let anyone else look down on her.
  • Rosario + Vampire:
    • Moka Akashiya was teased and bullied at her old human school.
    • Yukari Sendo was a constant victim of Fantastic Racism from the other students for being a witch; of course, pulling pranks on the students who mistreated her certainly didn't help matters. After Tsukune and Moka save her from bullies and befriend her, Yukari apologizes to the other students for her pranks, and they in turn feel guilty for the way they treated her.
  • Sailor Moon: All of the Inner Senshi are outcasts until All-Loving Hero Usagi comes into their lives and draws them into her circle of friends:
    • Ami Mizuno is a Teen Genius whose extreme intelligence and crippling shyness caused her peers to assume she was a snob who looked down on them.
    • Rei Hino's Psychic Powers caused people to see her as strange and spooky.
    • Makoto Kino's imposing stature and Super Strength, combined with her insistence on standing up to bullies, meant that people assumed she was a violent girl delinquent and avoided her out of fear.
    • Minako Aino had a thriving social life at first, but after she awakened to her power as Sailor V she had less and less time for her friends due to the demands of fighting evil and maintaining the masquerade. As a result, her friends drifted away and her peers assumed she felt she was too good for them, mocking her for "pretending to be Sailor V."
  • In School Days, rich and pretty Kotonoha is bullied by Otome and her Girl Posse. Later, Setsuna also bullies her, in an attempt to keep her away from Makoto and make sure he goes to Sekai. It gets worse, although the worst of it didn't fall on Otome or anyone in her immediate circle of Jerkass friends.
    • Otome got slightly redeemed because she straightforwardly told Makoto that he was an asshole and removed herself out of the picture, after learning about Sekai's possible pregnancy. No excuse for the rest, though.
    • Also, Setsuna had to go live abroad, which is arguably a sort-of punishment considering how she ended up completely alone in France, how had a crush on Makoto but didn't get to tell him, and how she wasn't around to stop Sekai and Makoto's death.
  • In one episode of Shigofumi, the focus character is the only one with the courage and goodwill to help a bullying victim out. The victim ends up DEAD, and he becomes the next target of bullying because he'd try to help any other target. Eventually, some of the bullies try to kill him, so he attacks and nearly kills one of them in self-defense. In one of the stupidest examples of If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him ever, the main character then implies that he's evil for doing so.
  • Shokugeki no Soma:
    • Everyone initially views Soma Yukihira as an outsider given that he comes from a simple family restaurant. However, he ends up blindsiding most of them over the course of the series thanks to his cooking skills and determination.
    • Megumi Tadokoro. Initially ridiculed because of her poor grades and submissive attitude, she's considered a bit of a laughingstock. During training camp she makes a good impression with the instructors, allowing her to participate in the Elections. Though her schoolmates are initially baffled at her inclusion, they eventually catch her a break after her match in the quarterfinals even though she's defeated soundly by Ryou.
  • A lighter version of this is shown in Spider Riders with Grasshop. He also qualifies as the ultimate Butt-Monkey at times.
  • You can't really blame Str.A.In.: Strategic Armored Infantry for having this trope in droves. It is, after all, based very loosely on A Little Princess.
  • In Sword Art Online, Shino was stigmatized after she killed a robber with his own gun. Even her own mother abandoned her (albeit because the incident broke her to the point where she was no longer able to care for Shino than out of malice). It's indicated that after the Phantom Bullet arc, Shino's been making some friends at school.
  • In Trigun, Vash the Stampede is universally hated/feared/hunted by everyone. The best he can hope for is being asked to leave a town and the worst is to watch as those trying to kill him destroy yet another town/city and kill innocents. To make matters worse, his heart of gold causes him extreme guilt over these incidents, yet he still is always there to save them.
    • This is also shown in the episode where he and Wolfwood visit the flying city only to be hated by most of the inhabitants. They hated Vash because he brought Wolfwood with him (he didn't do it on purpose), and they hated Wolfwood because he was the first non-Vash outsider to visit in the better part of a century, and they were extremely xenophobic. The situation didn't change after the two of them fight off 2 of the Gung-Ho Guns and saved them all.
    • The manga chapter shortly after the first real Power Incontinence incident, which went straight up into Body Horror, in which Vash saves the day but instinctively throws up some 'feathers' to catch a bullet, and then the townspeople he just saved start stoning him, is very much this. Vash's True Companions are there to be outraged on his behalf, but Vash just keeps smiling.
  • With the Light: Sachiko sets out to find an accepting kindergarten to prevent this from happening to Hikaru when she sees an autistic preschool girl being ignored by all of her classmates. She ultimately ends up succeeding in this goal, as Hikaru's own classmates slowly befriend him.
  • ×××HOLiC has Kimihiro Watanuki, who is insulted, bullied, ordered around and screwed over at every point. The fact that his "friends" do occasionally help him out of trouble (that he usually got into for their sake) is how we, the viewers, know that they care.
    • Yuko might do this, but Himawari and Domeki don't. Himawari is always complimenting Watanuki on his cooking, or laughing over how he and Domeki relate. Domeki, for his part, is always willing to help Watanuki, but is a Deadpan Snarker and never lets Watanuki get in a sidewise crack at him. Other than from Yuko, Watanuki gets most of his abuse from the spirit world, though he always goes off the deep end complaining that Domeki is intruding on his and Himawari's private time. Should also be noted that even despite Yuko's incessant teasing of Watanuki, she does prove the care deeply about him.
    • There is however, a pretty heavy implication that Watanuki grew up not having any friends. His ability to see things that are Invisible to Normals led his classmates to think of him as a weirdo who told outlandish tales or freaked out over things that weren't there, no matter how real they actually were. The one time he does make a friend, it turns out he's a spirit boy who is on his way to passing on to the next world. Domeki, Himawari, and Yuko are the first solid group of friends Watanuki's had in his life.
      • And to top it off, Watanuki also grew up alone, having been orphaned and deciding from a young age that he'd live in his own apartment so to not be a burden on others. The landlord of the property has supposedly watched out for him most his life but that's where it stops.
  • Shin-ah in Yona of the Dawn grew up isolated and ostracized by the people of his village who genuinely, if ignorantly, feared his dragon powers. The only person who looked out for him repeatedly quashed any ideas that he might one day make friends, and then died when Shin-ah was four years old. Shin-ah's only companion in the next 14 years is a gluttonous squirrel.
    • Jae-ha was imprisoned by his village because of his dragon power.
  • On Yu-Gi-Oh!, there's Little Seto and Mokuba Kaiba, the smartest kids in the Domino orphanage. Constantly bullied and picked on, with nobody to depend on but themselves. But then they got adopted, and look how well that turned out!
    • Also Kisara from the same series, who was bullied all her life because of her fair skin and white hair. Then it turns out that her mind is actually the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
  • This is a major problem for espers in Zettai Karen Children. The Big Bad went on the Kill ’Em All route years ago after being betrayed by his superior. Minamoto's job is to make sure the Children don't follow suit.


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