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Never has The Lone Ranger felt more lonely!

Shoutouts abound to one of the heroes best ingrained in the public consciousness, there's even a trope all on its own to straight parodies of the archetype Batman codified; the Batman Parody.

Please, only direct examples. Any resemblance to a Batman story or concept without Word Of God to back it up is speculation.

References to the Nolan trilogy can be placed on their own page at The Dark Knight Trilogy.


References to Batman in other works:


    Asian Animation 
  • In Happy Heroes, robots with costumes of Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man are known to appear every once in a while.
  • In the Lamput episode "Super Docs", Fat Doc wears a costume that is almost entirely black in color with little pointy ears at the top and a yellow belt, clearly meant to be Batman's iconic outfit. His buddy Slim Doc wears a Superman costume.

    Comic Books 

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 

  • In Season of Miracles, one kid is a fan of Batman and doodles the logo on the baseball. He later patiently explains to his friends that "Holy ______" is a Batman reference.
  • Wonder Woman (2017): Bruce Wayne sends Diana the photograph from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to kick of the movie's Framing Device.
    • SHAZAM! (2019): The DCEU Batman logo appears on multiple T-shirts and merchandise shown throughout the film.
  • In Electra Glide in Blue, a group of old people squabbles over comic books, including Batman.
  • The Drummer and the Keeper: Gabriel tells Christopher that during his manic phases, he feels like he can do anything, like Batman.
  • In Eternals, Karun being described as Kingo's butler makes Gilgamesh note "Like Alfred to Batman!"
  • In Mulan, Mushu and Cri-Kee scare off the Huns by copying Batman and Robin's entrance and mannerisms.
  • In Getting Straight, Garcia plans to write a book report on a Batman comic book. Harry compares Batman's heroism to Don Quixote. Later, he learns that the comparison inspired Garcia to read Don Quixote.


    Live-Action TV 

  • The music video for Eminem's "Without Me" sees him as a Robin Expy named "Rap Boy" with Dr. Dre being (the non-costumed) Batman analogue.
  • On the cover art for Iron Maiden's Somewhere in Time there's Batman under the billboard of Tehe's Bar.

    Professional Wrestling 

    Puppet Shows 
  • In an episode of Eureeka's Castle, Batly's favorite superhero is revealed to be Bat Boy, to the point where Batly has a signed poster of him and sings his theme song.

    Video Games 

  • Charby the Vampirate: When Charby first sees the extensive cave complex and laboratory underneath the cabin he asks if Menu ate Batman to get the place.
  • Hark! A Vagrant presents "Sexy Batman", making criminals uncomfortable with his choices.
  • League of Super Redundant Heroes: Flying Fox-man is the local Batman Parody, and he's accompanied by his young yellow, green and red wearing partner Dodo. In several strips there are style parodies to certain periods in Batman's publishing history and one panel is a match for the cover of Detective Comics 38 with Dodo and Flying Fox Man subbed in for the daring duo.

    Web Video 

    Western Animation 
  • Dexter's Laboratory: The titular character from the The Justice Friends segment, "Ratman" is a blatant spoof of Batman. His origin story involves him losing his parents after leaving a movie theater, albiet not in a way that gets them killed. After his parents were scared away by rats when he was old enough to live on his own (specifically, the age of 30), the same rats took him in as one of their own. Much to his displeasure, the Justice Friends only let him join their team as their resident handyman, summoning him whenever they need him to repair something.
  • In the Kaeloo episode "Let's Play Justice Masters", Stumpy dresses as Batman and Quack Quack dresses as Robin, on top of Kaeloo dressing up as Zorro.
  • Kim Possible: The entire "Fearless Ferret" episode is a homage to Adam West's Batman.
  • Logorama: Several Batman logos can be seen flying by the rabbit hill at the zoo before the earthquake starts.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z" - Wile E. Coyote uses an ACME Batman costume to try to catch The Road Runner.
    • Tiny Toon Adventures:
      • "Superbabs" - When changing into her Superbabs costume, Babs first accidentally changes into a Batman costume.
      • "Bat's All, Folks", "The Just-Us League Of SuperToons", "The Return Of Batduck" - Plucky poses as Batduck, an obvious parody of The Caped Crusader
      • "Bat's All, Folks" - the main antagonist, Question Mark (voiced by Charlie Adler), is an obvious spoof of Batman villain The Riddler
    • Taz-Mania
      • "Comic Madness" - At the end of the episode, Taz starts a comic book company called "TZ Comics." One of the comics featured is "Bat-Taz," a parody of Batman.
    • The Looney Tunes Show
      • "Reunion" - Daffy Duck claims he is Batman. In the end, it is revealed that Bugs Bunny is Batman.
      • "Another Bat Idea" - Wile E. Coyote uses an ACME Batman Costume to try to catch The Road Runner
      • "SuperRabbit" - At the end of the episode, Bugs changes his superhero persona from Superman to Batman.
  • The Simpsons:
    • The "Jingle Bells" parody known as "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" has been sung at least twice in this series:
    • "Marge vs. the Monorail":
      • Burns and Smithers' escape from the courthouse parodies Batman's rescue of Vicki Vale in the 1989 film.
      • While Homer is in the out-of-control monorail, Marge is able to contact him, leading to this exchange:
        Marge: Homer, there's a man here who thinks he can help you!
        Homer: Batman?
        Marge: No, he's a scientist.
        Homer: Batman's a scientist.
        Marge: [annoyed] It's not Batman!
    • The speech patterns of the beekeeper voiced by Hank Azaria in "Lisa's Rival" are based on Adam West's portrayal of Batman.
      Beekeeper 2: To the BEEMOBILE!
      Beekeeper 1: You mean your Chevy?
      Beekeeper 2: ...Yes.