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Drinking game for Batman entries.

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  • Every time Batman mentions his parents' death, drink!
  • Every time Batman punches someone, drink!note  If he punches an ally, take two.
  • Every time he says "I'm Batman" or a criminal says "It's the Batman!", drink! (This one should work for a few mediums. NOTE: Don't try the former if you're reading Shortpacked!. You'll wind up dead).
  • Take a shot each time there is a blatant ass shot, take two if it's a guy, and take three if it's Nightwing.note 
  • Drink half a bottle whenever Batman smiles in any Batman animated show. You'll never wind up drinking more than 2.
    • This rule was definitely here before the premiere of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
    • Drink when Batman is in the full outfit but speaks in Bruce Wayne's voice (or vice versa) for plot reasons.
    • Take a sip every time poison/toxic/knockout gas or any derivatives therein, is used for anything. Seriously, this happens a lot in Batman: The Animated Series.
    • Drink twice whenever something happens in Batman: The Animated Series that would never occur in a modern 'serious' Batman adaptation, such as the Joker being able to hold his own against Batman or Batman having a sex drive.
  • Every time The Joker initiates some Foe Romance Subtext with Batman or calls him by an affectionate nickname take a drink.
  • Every time Jason's case appears in a dramatic moment, take a sip. Take a gulp if it's smashed in a fight.
  • Every time Jason mentions hating Batman, the Joker, or their responsibility for his death, drink.
  • Every time there is Batdickery, drink.
  • Every time someone believes something that isn't their fault is their fault and broods about it, drink
    • Take 2 if it's not Batman.
    • Take a shot if another character tries to reassure the brooding character.
  • Every time Batman tells another hero to get out of Gotham, drink.
  • Every time someone disappears midsentence, drink.
    • Two when it's not Batman!
  • Every time the interchangeable love interest gets entangled in the current case, drink.
    • Finish the bottle if it is a plucky reporter or the love interest is the villain.
  • Every time the Joker kills someone, drink.note 
  • Every time Two-Face flips his coin, drink. Take two drinks if it lands on heads.
  • Every time Ra's al Ghul takes a dip in a Lazarus pit, drink.
  • Every time the Penguin uses a weaponized umbrella, drink.
  • Every time the Bat signal appears, drink.
  • Every time Catwoman gets flirty with Batman, drink.
  • Every time Two-Face's reliance on his coin toss gimmick is used against him, drink half a bottle.
  • Every time Harley Quinn says "Mistah Jay," drink.
  • Every time the Riddler asks a riddle, drink. Take two drinks if Batman solves it on the same page/scene.
  • Every time Talia refers to Batman as beloved, drink.
  • Every time Scarecrow uses his fear toxin, drink.
  • Take a drink when someone on the receiving end of a Bat-beating should not have survived whatever Batman did.
  • Finish your drink every single time Joker belts out an Evil Laugh.note 
  • Anytime Dick Grayson flirts or sleeps with some chick, take a swig!

    1960s TV Series 
  • Take a sip anytime "bat" is said, in any context.
    • Down a flask if it's an actual bat.
    • Take two every time Chief O'Hara says something stereotypically Scottish/Irish.
  • Take a drink anytime Robin says "Holy (blank)!"
  • Take a drink every time a Bat-climb is interrupted by a celebrity leaning out a window. Take two drinks if it's someone who's still a celebrity today.
  • Take a sip whenever a female character appears in a costume that will display her legs for maximum Fanservice.note 
  • During the once-per-episode fight with the theme song take a sip every time a "BAM!" "POW" "ZAT!" effect happens.
  • Finish whatever is left during the "Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!" at the end of the episode

Here is an old one from Angelfire, which is remarkably comprehensive:

Rules and whatnot: This drinking game is based on the 1960s Batman TV show starring Adam West and Burt Ward. The rules are simple. Simply use your favorite alcoholic beverage and take drinks accordingly. Whoever is the soberest by the end wins. That is if anyone cares about winning by that point. If you're playing this with non-alcoholic drinks (though since it's a drinking game, I don't know why you would be) then the last person who has to run to the bathroom wins.

Special Note: If the director of the episode is listed as "george waGGner" ignore the rules and just drink. Constantly. Trust me, you'll be much happier that way.

THE HEROES ========== Take a drink when:

  • Commissioner Gordon acts classist toward O'Hara
    • Drink twice if he threatens to transfer him to the sanitation department
  • Batman calls Robin "old chum"
  • The theme song plays (you know the one)
  • Batman and Robin gaze at each other soulfully
  • Bruce Wayne is somehow important to the episode
  • Chief O'Hara is stereotypically Irish
  • The Excuse du Jour that Bruce and Dick give Aunt Harriet sounds sexual
    • (ex: fly fishing, going for a ramble in the woods)
  • Aunt Harriet is late for something because of Bruce and Dick
  • Commissioner Gordon fanboys Batman
    • Drink twice if it's because he's going to the Batcave
  • Alfred is seen cleaning something
  • Batman tries to lay down the mack
  • Batman freaks out over Robin
  • Batman gets out of something with a gimmick
  • Robin or Batman accidentally hit each other during a fight scene
  • Alfred looks annoyed when he answers the Bat Phone
  • Robin bitches while climbing on the Batrope
  • Someone says "Batman and Robin are duly deputized officers of the law"
    • Drink twice if its not Batman or Robin
  • Batman seems utterly distracted by a woman
    • Drink twice if he's utterly distracted by Robin
  • Batman says something that could be construed as sexual to Robin
    • Drink twice if it involves punishment or "being eager to please"
  • Batman sounds like a public service announcement.
  • Batgirl outsmarts, outfights, or just plain outdoes the Dynamic Duo
  • Batman and Robin wonder about Batgirl's true identity.
  • Batgirl's theme plays
    • Drink twice if it is one of the episodes where there are words.

Take two drinks when:

  • Robin says "Holy _______!"
  • Alfred pimps the ladies
  • It's actually nighttime
    • Drink three times and tell me if you ever see it rain
  • The bat poles screech when Batman and Robin slide down them
  • Someone pops out of the window while Batman and Robin are on the bat ropes
    • Drink three times if it's obviously a cameo from another show, or a famous person, like Lurch or Santa.
  • Batman poses melodramatically
  • Batman and Robin are seen doing normal stuff in full costume (ex: going to a restaurant or a disco)
    • Drain your glass anytime Batman dances.

THE VILLAINS ============ Take a drink when:

  • The Penguin quacks
  • The Riddler cackles maniacally
  • Catwoman makes cat noises
  • The Joker uses a clown gimmick
    • (ex: pies, confetti, hand buzzers, etc.)
  • Someone kidnaps Robin
    • Drink twice if it's -not- Riddler
  • Someone steals the Batmobile
  • The moll du jour expresses sympathy for Batman
  • The villain thinks Batman and Robin are dead
  • The deathtrap defies Earth Logic more than usual
  • The sleeping gas -isn't- red
  • The villain hides behind one of his/her minions rather than fight
  • The villain insults Robin

Take two drinks when:

  • The Villain isn't one of the "big 4". (Joker, Riddler, Penguin, or Catwoman)
    • Drink three times if the villain makes you say "WTF?!"
  • The Villain tries to kidnap/marry Barbara Gordon or Batgirl
  • Another actor is playing one of the "big 4" aside from their normal actor
  • Every time you notice that Mr. Freeze has a new actor

  • Drain your glass any time the villain outsmarts Batman.
  • Drain your glass if Liberace is the villain, just because.

OTHER BAT DRINKING REASONS ========================== Take a drink when:

  • There's a sound effect
    • Drink twice if it's a particularly weird one (ex. Zap-eth! Zlonnnk!)
      • Drink three times if it's the stars that come up when someone gets KO'd
  • Police protocol is flagrantly violated
  • Cards are fed into Batcomputers or the show otherwise shows its age (ex: the ambulances look like hearses, 60s slang is used, etc)
  • There is a ridiculous label (i.e. "Acid Pit Release Button", "Shark Repellant")
  • Something is mispronounced
  • A woman acts stereotypically vapid
  • The police show how truly inept they really are

Take two drinks when:

  • Shakespeare is invoked
    • Three drinks if he's insulted on top of it

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