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Drinking Game / Justice League (2017)

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Drinking Game for Justice League. For For Zack Snyder's Justice League, see here.

Watch out for spoilers

  • Whenever Uncanny Valley kicks in due to the CGI work on Henry Cavill's face to cover his mustache, drink.
  • If a trailer scene is clearly missing at some point, drink. — Watching the trailers is needed for this one.
  • If you see a scene that was obviously reshot (based on pre-October 2017 trailers and the above-mentioned CGI face), drink.
  • Whenever Batman quips, drink.
  • Whenever Batman says "fear", drink.
  • Whenever Flash talks about "brunch", drink.
  • If Flash refers to Pet Sematary, drink.
  • If you see a joke or gag at Wonder Woman's expense, drink.
  • Whenever Aquaman says "Dressed like a bat", drink.
  • If Cyborg's arms turn into something, drink.
  • Whenever Steppenwolf says "Mother", drink.
  • Whenever the Russian family shows up, drink.
  • If you see a major setup for future films (such as Mera talking about Queen Atlanna, a Green Lantern or Deathstroke meeting Lex Luthor), drink twice.
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  • Whenever someone refers to Superman before his revival, drink.


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