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Drinking Game / Gotham

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If you're watching Gotham and have a superhuman liver, take a drink each time:

  • Bruce is kidnapped.
  • You need subtitles to understand Alfred.
  • Selina steals something
    • Another drink if Gordon, Alfred or Bruce immediately makes her put it back
  • Selina escapes someone's custody.
  • GCPD is raided by a villain or criminal.
    • Whenever a frontal assault on the GCPD is successful, take another drink.
    • If the Penguin or another villain Lampshades how easily criminals keep pulling this off, finish your drink.
  • There's an obvious reference to a character's (typically a villain's) future.
    • If the character in question openly likes the reference, make it a double.
  • Whenever someone breaks into Wayne Manor.
    • If said someone ambushes Bruce or Alfred from the shadows, make it a double.
  • Whenever Alfred is stabbed.
  • Whenever a criminal or criminals is shown participating in wanton violence.
    • Double if said violence is directed at a cop.
  • Gordon (or any other cop) begins a speech to the other police officers with "Listen up!"
  • Gordon (or any other cop) shouts "GCPD" upon entering a room.
  • When a newly-captured suspect escapes police custody/prison/Arkham, or is busted out by another party.
    • If they are captured, but escape/get busted out before the subsequent commercial break, make it a double.
  • If the Penguin veers off-topic into philosophical musing, take a shot.
    • If he "muses philosophically" simply as a lead-in to killing somebody or having them shot, take a double shot.
  • If Nygma talks to himself, take a shot.
    • If Nygma chews himself out for a mistake, take a double shot. Yes, his alter-ego taunting his nerdy side counts.
  • If Ivy says something rude enough to make you want to strangle her, take a shot.
    • If Galavan says something arrogant enough to make you want to shove another umbrella down his throat, take a double shot.
  • If Alfred snarks, take a sip. A full shot would have you on the floor before the episode is over.
    • If Alfred hangs a Lampshade, do take a full shot.
  • Whenever a character Lampshades Gotham's status as a Wretched Hive/Vice City with the words "It's Gotham", "This is Gotham", or something similar.
  • Whenever Alfred gets into a fight.
  • Someone comes back from the dead.
  • Whenever a character has something violent happen to their hand, take a shot.
  • Whenever Jerome's tone or topic of conversation shifts in mid-monologue, sniff your drink. Actually ingesting alcohol every time this happens would be fatal.
  • Every time someone answers one of Nygma's riddles.
    • If someone asks Nygma a riddle, make it a double.
  • In the series finale episode "The Beginning...", take a shot every time a character mentions that ten years have passed.
  • Any time Penguin throws a fit, or seems on the verge of a mental breakdown. Be careful with this one.
    • Take two if he throws a fit because of Ed/the Riddler. The dog counts too.

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