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Drinking Game / The Great British Bake Off

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  • Drink every time a blue plaster appears on someone's finger between shots.
  • Drink for every shot of someone praying in front of an oven.
  • Drink for each use of the phrase 'Soggy bottoms'.
  • Drink twice if Mel or Sandi say 'On your marks, get set, bake!' in a funny voice.
    • Drink if Sue or Noel say 'On your marks, get set, bake!' in a funny voice all three times in an episode. Otherwise don't drink for it, or you won't make it through a series.
  • Drink for each time a contestant mentions their hands shaking.
  • Drink for each Paul Hollywood Handshake. It's recommended to have this alongside other drinking games, otherwise your drink would go stale.
    • Drink twice if this happens during Bread Week.
  • Drink for each innuendo. Sip for any after the third one in a given episode, because it's likely by that point that they're just going for a streak of them.
  • Drink for each Tempting Fate shot of a contestant saying 'This should be easy' and then a cut to one of the judges saying 'This is a deceptively hard thing to bake' (or vice versa).
    • Drink if the hosts' voiceover says that the next stage of the bake should be done in a certain way, followed by a shot of a contestant not doing that.
    • Drink for any montage of contestants putting similar bakes into the oven for drastically different amounts of time.
  • When the technical challenge is announced, take a sip for each contestant who has never heard of that item before.
  • Sip for every baker who wafts their bake with a baking tray or something similar.
  • Down four bottles of the strongest alcohol in the world when one of the hosts or judges make one of those... rather uncomfortable sounds... when they taste something they like.
    • Sign yourself up for Alcohol poisoning - with FIVE bottles - if it’s Sandi.
  • Drink if a contestant gets out some homemade gadget or mould to help them construct a bake.
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  • Drink for every shot of a sheep.
  • Drink every time a contestant names a key ingredient and a judge says they don't like that ingredient.

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