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Drinking Game / Grey's Anatomy

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Drinking game for Grey's Anatomy. Grab a bottle of tequila and take a drink each time:

  • The McLanguage is used.
  • Two people have sex in an on-call room.
    • If someone actually sleeps instead, make it a double.
  • Take a shot when someone says “Seriously?” (expect to get hammered if you’re watching the earlier seasons).
  • Chug your drink when Arizona mentions her amputated leg.
  • Take a shot when a patient dies on the table and a doctor says “it’s my fault”.
  • Three people sleep in a bed together.
    • Make it a double if those three people are Meredith, Derek, and Cristina.
  • Chug when Meredith or Cristina use the “you’re my person” phrase.
  • Any of the remaining originals mention any gone or dead characters.
    • If the originals mention a member of the original intern class, make it a double.
  • Take a shot each time someone other than Meredith narrates an episode.
    • Take two shots if more than one person narrates.
  • Two doctors get into a physical fight inside the hospital’s walls.
  • Chug if Alex mentions Izzie—and uses the words “cancer wife” or “crazy” to describe her.
    • Finish your drink if he mentions any of his past failed relationships.
  • Sniff your drink when a patient’s story relates to one or more of the characters (we don’t want you to die of alcohol poisoning).
  • An attending flirts with a intern or resident.
  • Chug if a doctor gives a monologue (discounting the opening and closing voiceovers)
  • Finish your drink if there’s an accident that affects the characters or occurs at the hospital.
  • Take two shots if a doctor dies.
  • A doctor gets into a car accident.
  • If Cristina and Owen forget they’re broken up, take a shot.
    • Make it a double if they have an argument about having kids.
  • Every time there’s a scene at Joe’s Bar.
  • Take a shot if a couple decides to divorce.
  • If a doctor is hospitalized, take two shots.
  • Chug if there’s a mass casualty in the ER.
  • Take a shot every time Meredith mentions her dead mother.
  • Meredith’s kids (or anyone’s for that matter) make an appearance longer than thirty seconds.
  • Take a shot if Webber goes on a speech about improving the hospital.
  • If you’re watching season 5, take a shot each time “number 12” is mentioned.
  • Alex is seen holding a child or infant.
  • Meredith’s house is referred to as a “frat house”.
  • If a pager goes off, make it a double.
  • Each time a doctor falls on their face, take a shot.
  • “How To Save A Life” “Chasing Cars” “Into The Fire” or “In My Veins” plays.
  • Meredith and Derek have a fight about DC.
  • Someone interrupts a wedding.
    • If someone leaves the altar, make it a double.
  • Chug if there’s an (awkward) elevator encounter.
  • If a doctor discovers they have a brain tumor, take a shot.
  • A hallucination/dreamscape/flashback occurs.
  • If you’re watching the shooting episode, make it a double every time a doctor is walking around the hospital during the lockdown.
  • A doctor gets covered in blood.
  • If a character takes a shot, take a shot.
  • If you’re watching the musical episode, take a shot each time a doctor randomly starts singing a song.
  • If Owen cheats on his partner, make it a double.
  • Finish your drink if Meredith almost dies.

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