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  • Meta-example: The finale of series 4 got BBC 2's best overnight rating ever, and actually beat The X Factor in ratings for that week.
    • And beyond mere ratings, the show as a whole has received much of the credit for a renaissance in home baking in Britain, with supermarkets reporting sharp rises in the sale of cookbooks, ingredients and baking accessories as the show grew in popularity year after year. Becoming in a very short time a national institution that has gotten people who may have never baked for years, if ever, into the kitchen with the kids is an admirable and extraordinary rise for what started as a humdrum filler cooking show for the summer.
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  • Other meta-example: Mel, Sue and Mary's decision to remain loyal to the BBC despite what must have been a huge financial incentive from a commercial broadcaster, after the Channel Hop was announced.
  • While he ultimately didn't win the title, Richard Burr of series 5 won the title of Star Baker five times over the course of 10 episodes. That's not something to sneeze at!
  • Contestant Paul Jagger of series 6 crafted an intricate and detailed lion out of many types of bread, which had Paul Hollywood declare it the most impressive-looking bread creation he had ever seen. The judges decided that he couldn't be awarded Star Baker due to coming in last for the technical challenge that week, but were so impressed by the lion that they awarded him a unique Special Commendation for his achievement.
  • Nadiya Hussain, also of series 6, crafted a cheesecake tower with a floating soda can topper supported entirely by a straw and meringue. It was impressive enough for Paul, who was speechless for a moment before calling it ingenious.
    • She got another one when, after scoring in the bottom for all technical challenges so far, she got first place twice in a row.
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    • And then, finally, there's her Confession Cam after she wins:
    Nadiya: I'm never gonna say I don't think I can. I can and I will.
    • Nadiya is far from the first baker in the tent to have some strange or peculiar trick that Paul and Mary haven't heard of, but that is usually because it's a terrible idea. Mary and Paul had never encountered marshmallow-based fondant before her final showstopper, and it blew them away.
  • In season 5, 17-year-old Martha, 14 years younger than the next youngest baker, won two technical challenges in a row, despite many of the other bakers having been baking longer than she had been alive.
  • A minor one in season 6. After being fairly timid for the whole season, Nadiya talks back to Paul during the final.
    Paul: Happy, Nadiya?
    Nadiya: Yeah. Yeah.
    Nadiya: Happy, Paul?
    (Beat, both start laughing)
  • In season 8, nineteen-year-old fan favourite Liam won Star Baker in the infamously difficult *pastry week*.

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