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Awesome / The Greatest American Hero

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  • In one episode, Ralph faced off against a genetic mutant played by André the Giant.
  • Ralph usually gets at least one Moment of Awesome in an episode (usually right at the end) where everything finally comes together and he manages to save the day without embarrassing himself any worse than he already has.
  • The first time Ralph tries to fly, he gets some pointers from a young boy who happens to be nearby. The advice actually helps, and the boy watches in enraptured happiness as Ralph goes wobbling away into the sky.
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  • Defeating the electric squid monster from space just has to count.
  • "Operation: Spoilsport" manages to be alternately tense and genuinely scary, and even tosses in some intentional humor after Bill gets shot up with Truth Serum. Plus great in-universe use of the songs "Eve of Destruction" and "It's a Beautiful Morning."

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