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Funny / The Great British Bake Off

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  • During the Sweet Dough week of series 3, after Paul gives her a highly dramatic toss-and-slam kneading demonstration, Sarah-Jane rushes over to convince Cathryn to try it. Cue Cathryn's dough ball flying across the tent and onto the floor, amid much hysterical giggling and apologising.
    Sarah-Jane: (rushing to retrieve it) Look, it's OK, just pick the bits out!
    Cathryn: It's got green carpet in it! I'm not serving Mary Berry green carpet!
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  • In an early week of series 7, Julie reveals that she hasn’t practiced her signature much, only “six or seven times”, which prompts Paul to raise his eyebrows and stare at the camera from the background.
  • During the semi final of series 7, Selasi decides to do Mel and Sue's job.
    Selasi: Bakers, two hours left. That's two hours.
    Sue: (charging up in mock-fury, with Mel right behind her) Are you putting me out of a job, mate? This is all I had.
    Selasi: Sorry...
    Sue: I was like the Speaking Clock but with puns! That's all I had!
    Mel: Do you want us to come and bake for you? Hmm? Because we can do that, you know.
  • Tom made dick bread and won Star Baker.
  • During the Tudor Week Signature Challenge in series 7, Selasi is asked about the aromas from his game pie mixtures. He doesn't notice that Sue stuck rosemary into her nose the entire time until he does a Double Take.
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  • Noel attempting to use the hanging teacups at the back of the tent as a makeshift xylophone, inadvertently smashing one of them. He immediately dumps the tools he was using in the sink and legs it off-camera.
  • In the dessert week technical challenge of series 8, Yan served her molten cakes in a dick formation for literally no reason.
    Yan: If you're going to serve a cake, serve it phallic.

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