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  • One of the challenges involved guessing the voices of all the hosts, the guest host, Flequi, and the music composer (who has a really deep voice)... after sucking helium from a big rubber tube attached to a machine.
  • Lydia slips on gunge and of course gives one of her over-the-top reactions ("I look ridiculous in front of all of Spain!"). She spends the rest of the episode with a cast on her arm.
  • One of the show's mainstay games throughout all seasons in Italy and Spain was the Beso y tortazo game, in which the contestant had to guess whether each of the eight Oquettes would kiss or slap him (or the host if the contestant was female). This game alone had tons:
    • Vanessa, the green Oquette with short hair, and her inevitable failure to speak fluent Spanish.
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    • Lila, one of the yellow Oquettes, who dealt such notoriously hard slaps that they were usually picked up by the camera over the sound effects.
    • From the New Year's Eve episode, the guest host and the celebrity contestant prank Emilio.
  • The "pie firing squad" challenge. The prueba itself is comedic gold... and it only gets funnier after it ends.
  • One Eat That prueba required the contestant to prepare a "baby food" with such appetizing ingredients as liver, brains, and blood, then pick it out of a lineup by taste while blindfolded. Lydia all but tells the contestant which one is hers, then she and the guest host are soundly and hilariously called out by Emilio.
  • The Season One finale had a recap of the most memorable moments, including a bunch of Hilarious Outtakes, as seen here.
  • From the third season, which was broadcast live, the dice don't work.

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