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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

"This wasn't the plan." "No, Master Wayne. This is The Team!"

For Zack Snyder's Justice League, see here.

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  • In the beginning, Batman quickly disarms a burglar and uses him as bait to draw a Parademon out. Then, he takes on the Parademon by himself and pins it to a wall, where it self-destroys.
    • Not only that, but the entire reason that Batman disarms and subdues the burglar was, as Batman tells him, to lure the Parademon out. They "smell" fear...Batman, simply a man in a world of Gods, Kryptonians and Cyborgs, cannot be detected by something that "smells" fear. Considering that he had the balls to go toe-to-toe with Superman in the last movie though, this should hardly come as a surprise.
  • For fans of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, seeing Bruce Wayne ride a horse makes one hell of a shout-out.
  • To put it simply: Batman is completely Overshadowed by Awesome, since he's just a Badass Normal in a world with gods, aliens and super strong beings. So what does he do? Making full use of his fleet of vehicles and the arsenal they pack to support the League.
    • The Knightcrawler. The perfect vehicle to explore the dark tunnels and shafts underneath Gotham City's harbor.
      • Alfred can remote-control it, and it can crawl walls.
      • Batman gets into it by jumping off a ledge while being shot at by Parademons. Then he opens fire and obliterates them to help Wonder Woman.
    • The Flying Fox. A three-story black plane Wayne Industries initially conceived as a troop transport, now serving as the League's mobile HQ.
      • Batman wastes no time using it to destroy the structure that was generating Steppenwolf's base's Deflector Shields.
      • Then he's forced to crash-land the plane... and jumps out of it in the freaking Batmobile, not unlike his Dark Knight version getting out of the wrecked Tumbler on the Batpod.
    • The Batmobile. The car is as awesome as ever.
      • Batman's big plan for getting the League past an army of Parademons? Provoking them to chase after his Batmobile alone with the siren sound that attracts them. His big plan for surviving the previous one? He has none. It takes a special brand of either insanity and heroism to pull a stunt like that. Knowing Batman, it's probably both.
      • He then plows right through the Russian city using the Batmobile's weapon systems.
      • For that matter, the vehicle has been upgraded with a cannon, the kind of artillery you would normally see on a tank. Talk about Tank Goodness.
      • Then Aquaman climbs on it for a ride.
  • A subtle one. When Bruce first brings up Steve Trevor to get under Diana's skin, before she shoves him you can see a look of surprise on her face, because she never told Bruce his name. Steve Trevor died almost a century before the information age, most of his work was top secret, and his last mission with Diana was off the books, yet Bruce was still able to get his name and deduce his history with Diana with nothing to work from except a single old photograph. After spending the bulk of his last movie as Lex Luthor's Unwitting Pawn, he is Dumbass No More.

    Wonder Woman 
  • A group of terrorists attack the Old Bailey Criminal Court of London and set up a bomb to demonstrate their belief in fear and chaos, with only twenty seconds until boom. Then Wonder Woman crashes in, takes care of most of the mooks (shrugging off an assault rifle to the head while she's at it) and tosses the bomb into the sky just in time. She then blocks the terrorist leader's bullets (specifically, every bullet from an assault rifle on full-auto with no more than ten or fifteen feet between it and the innocents it's aimed at), saving the hostages.
    Terrorist: I don't believe it! What are you?!
    Wonder Woman: A believer. (Shockwave Clap)
    • And that stuff is pretty mundane to her.
    Louvre Curator: What did you do this weekend, Diana?
    Diana: Me? Nothing very interesting.
    • Before all of that, she stands on the Lady Justice statue of the building, preparing herself to bring these terrorists to, well, justice.
  • A downplayed one, but she was also able to notice Cyborg spying on them while she was talking with Bruce near the lake, probably deduced who it was, but did not want to scare him and let him come to them on his own.
    • Even more when you remember that when the German spies were following them in London, Steve spotted them and Diana didn't. As well trained as she was, some things you can only learn with experience, and she's had a hundred years to learn how to spot someone following her.
  • As awesome as ever, she briefly challenges Steppenwolf one-on-one in the shafts and tunnels beneath Gotham Harbor and holds her own even though he's clearly stronger than her. She ends up sending a shockwave with her bracers to hold him back.
  • She doesn't last too long, but Diana is the last one (sans Batman) standing fighting Superman, managing to tank a head butt from him and stagger him with her own before he puts her down.
  • At one point in the Final Battle, the Batmobile gets swarmed by Parademons; Wonder Woman simply jumps and body slams them off of it.
  • During the This Cannot Be! moment with Steppenwolf, Diana almost casually steps on her sword hilt with her left foot, and catches it in her right hand, without breaking stride.

  • Jason Momoa was the perfect choice for Aquaman; he makes the King of Atlantis into one badass motherfucker.
  • He wears a full set of Atlantean armor into battle, and it looks amazing. It's not fish scales, but it perfectly says "warrior from the deep".
  • A fisherman's boat is sinking after Parademons landed on it and Aquaman jumps on it to save his life.
    • After bringing the fisherman on dry land, he takes a drink from a bottle of whiskey and then the ocean just engulfs him. In slow motion.
  • Bruce goes to talk to Arthur Curry and gets shoved into a wall several feet off the ground with no apparent effort on Arthur's part. On the other hand, Bruce doesn't even flinch.
  • Aquaman briefly goes toe-to-toe with Steppenwolf when the latter beams into Atlantis to obtain the Mother Box.
  • Using his quindent's power, Aquaman holds off an entire water current Steppenwolf uses to flood the tunnels the Justice League was chasing him in. This gives the other heroes enough time to escape in the Knightcrawler.
  • Aquaman stabbing a Parademon with his quindent while the pair are falling in mid-air, then surfing on the body through a building to land.
    • That's just the end of it, even. Between the long weapon and the amount of time he spends in the air, Arthur deals with the Parademons like a frickin' Final Fantasy dragoon.
  • Wonder Woman lassos Steppenwolf, but is not strong enough to pull him down. Then Aquaman joins her and together they pull him down.
  • Aquaman is actually the one to land the final blow on Steppenwolf, stabbing him in the shoulder with his quindent and punching him across the room. This is the last straw that makes Steppenwolf know true fear.

  • We get to see this Flash from the perspective of normal folks at times, not in Bullet Time, and it. Is. Awesome!
  • If you look around Barry Allen's lair, there's a ton of clues as to just how smart and quick-thinking this version of The Flash is. The computer setup looks custom-built, as does his suit; next to the computers is a mountain of books that would put some public libraries to shame; and the walls are covered in layers of graffiti that all look fresh, not faded, indicating Barry painted it all. To top things off, there seems to be a boxing ring behind it all, so this Flash knows how to fight.
  • The way Barry simply dodges out of the way of the Batarang that Bruce throws, going into Bullet Time as if it were the most natural thing in the world; you can see in his face as he realizes exactly who he's talking to. And then he turns to look at Bruce before he catches it, and it hasn't even passed out of arm's reach.
  • Wonder Woman loses her sword during a fall. Flash goes on a Wall Run and helps her get the sword back by pushing it upwards with his finger.
  • Flash building up static electricity and using it to charge up the Mother Box.
  • Flash being able to dodge an amnesiac and angry Superman's punches is awesome, more so because Flash is damn scared shitless while doing so and Supes has Super Reflexes nearly on par with his own, and thus isn't holding back! Guess we really know who is faster!

  • The limitless range of technological interaction of Cyborg's cybernetics, due to the Mother Box technology. He can hack anything, spy on anyone that stands near a computer and can even get into the systems of a Kryptonian ship. He can also turn his arms into plasma cannons and fly.
  • Cyborg propels himself down the shaft the league is fighting Steppenwolf in and lands in the overturn and wrecked Knightcrawler, then reactivates it with cables his arms generated, straightens it up on its legs and fires rockets at Steppenwolf with it.
  • Cyborg catching Aquaman when the latter falls during the Final Battle and essentially Fastball Specials him back into the fight.
    Cyborg: The ride ain't over yet.
    Aquaman: My man! WOOHOO!!!
  • When he says his iconic Teen Titans Catchphrase "Booyah!" after Steppenwolf is beamed back to Apokolips.

  • Superman pretty much defeating the entire League by himself after his resurrection. Not even Wonder Woman, widely considered the second strongest in the group, can do much against him. Granted, the team was trying to pacify him, not actually harm him, but it still shows just why he's considered THE big gun for them.
  • Wonder Woman attempts her Shockwave Clap, but he appears next to her in a split second and grabs her arms before she can. He headbutts her, she headbutts him back, both to no effect. To Diana's credit, she only loses when Superman flies up, still holding her, so she no longer has any footing to resist a second headbutt that embeds her in the ground. This shows that, even in his confused state, Superman was still capable of coming with a good strategy to fight the one League member that might potentially be a hindrance to him.
  • The Flash runs behind Superman as he holds up Aquaman and Wonder Woman. It's the usual visual of the Speed Force, everyone around him frozen...and then Superman's super hearing kicks in and he GLARES at him. Barry is obviously stunned to realize someone is as fast as he is. They then fight it out, Barry barely able to avoid the blows, a battle that seems to last moments but is a split second to anyone watching.
    • Happens again when they were rescuing civilians in the final battle. This time he actually catches up to Flash, who had been running for a while, and even trolls him!
  • Superman using his freeze breath for the very first time to freeze Steppenwolf's electro axe, allowing Wonder Woman to destroy it.
  • The League, five strong, nearly matches Steppenwolf in combined attacks blow for blow. When Superman steps in during the climax, he single-handedly steamrolls Steppenwolf, and still had time to save civilians.
    Superman: Well, I believe in truth. But I'm also a big fan of justice. (proceeds to punch Steppenwolf across the room)
    • Best part is that he says the first part behind Steppenwolf, off screen, and the John Williams theme start to swell, hitting fanfare as Superman backhands Steppenwolf into a wall.
  • Seeing DCEU-Clark finally pulling off the iconic Superman shirt rip. Especially awesome is the fact that it's accompanied by Lois reciting the famous "Look, up in the sky!"
  • Just one line. "Is this guy still bothering you?" Said right before Superman effortlessly overpowers Steppenwolf, again. It almost works as a counter to The Hulk's "Puny god."

  • In the flashback, he takes a bolt of lightning from Zeus, the sort of thing that badly wounded Ares, and was still ready for more as he was dragged away from the fight.
  • The Mother Box of Themyscira teleports him on Earth, and he gets out of the Boom Tube with a Three-Point Landing.
    • There's also his complete indifference to the prospect of having to fight the Amazonian army single-handedly. Just look at how casually he reaches for the Mother Box while the Amazons try to restrain him.
    Steppenwolf: (speaking to the Mother Box) At last you call me home.
    Hippolyta: You will not like your welcome!
    Steppenwolf: (smiles) Oh I think I will.
  • When Amazons close the cave gates to give Hippolyta more time to escape with Mother Box, it takes him mere seconds to break through.
    Steppenwolf: (watching Hippolyta flee) Yes! Run!
  • He leaps into the sky to bring down his ax and wreak havoc on the fleeing Amazons.
  • A single strike of his ax sends a destructive shockwave in a several hundred foot-large radius during the ancient times battle.
  • He grabs a rocket fired at him from the Knightcrawler and holds it while it still has momentum before calling humans "primitive beings" and redirecting it.
  • His Badass Boast to Wonder Woman when she says he's on his own.
    Wonder Woman: You overestimate yourself.
    Steppenwolf: Child, my axe is slick with the blood of your sisters.
  • In the final battle, he unleashes an outright Curb-Stomp Battle on the League; Aquaman gets swatted, Cyborg is helpless to break out of his Neck Lift only being able to futilely struggle, and even Wonder Woman gets taken down easily and subsequently trapped under a bunch of rubble. Then Superman shows up and the Curb-Stomp Battle goes the other way.
    • And even then he barely takes any damage, even from Superman stomping on him and unleashing his heat vision. If you pay close attention, Steppenwolf actually moves his hand fast enough to block the Eye Beams.

  • The flashback about the ancient times battle against Steppenwolf's first invasion is brief, but packed with awesome.
    • We get to see the Amazons charge into battle (possibly led by Antiope), some of them with their feet on the saddle like freaking Dothrakis!
    • The Amazons aren't alone, they fight alongside Atlantean and human forces and Olympian gods.
    • They're helped by an alien Green Lantern. He jumps in the battle, generates a giant hammer with his ring and smashes a few Parademons. Steppenwolf manages to kill him and his ring flies off to find a new bearer, but it's still an impressive Heroic Sacrifice to protect the Earth.
    • The Apokoliptian army is simply huge, backed up by several gigantic aircraft that may also double as walking tanks.
    • Ares—yes, that Ares, the main antagonist of the Wonder Woman movie—gives Steppenwolf a taste of his own medicine and takes a flying leap to slam his own axe right in the New God's shoulder after he's blasted with lightning by Zeus himself.
    • The goddess Artemis causes some serious damage to an aircraft with her magical Arrows on Fire.
    • Zeus attacks Steppenwolf with lightning. He then breaks the Unity back into three Mother Boxes with lightning, stopping the Hostile Terraforming.
  • The Amazons doing their best to pull a You Shall Not Pass! on Steppenwolf when he attacks in the present. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for their Queen to not let the Mother Box be taken away from the isle.
    • The Amazons seal themselves in with Steppenwolf to prevent his escape, expecting this to mean certain death. If it works, they're trapped with Steppenwolf; if he doesn't bother killing them and teleports away, they're sure to suffer starvation and thirst as the huge stone door was never meant to be reopened when the supports holding it up were broken. They didn't hesitate to doom themselves to save the world... and when he broke out anyway, they resumed attacking even though they now have an escape route, know they have no way to stop him, and the villain has lost interest in them. Anybody would say at this point that they'd done everything they could, their courage and loyalty were not in question, and there's no practical reason to continue risking themselves; time to retreat and survive. But they don't stop for a second. Even as Steppenwolf leaves, we can see arrows flying out of the hole he'd made. Can an entire civilization have being The Determinator as its hat?
    • Venelia is downed, Steppenwolf marching on her. Rather than run, she ties the Box to an arrow and lets it fly, knowing she'll be killed but her duty is her first thought.
  • Silas Stone, along with other STAR Labs scientists, was kidnapped by Steppenwolf. While the others begged for their lives saying the I Have a Family line, Silas had a Defiant to the End attitude, showing no fear, refusing to give the information Steppenwolf wanted and saying that he preferred to die instead. Even Steppenwolf is mildly impressed.
    Steppenwolf: At last, one that doesn't whine!
  • Mera holds her own against Steppenwolf with her water powers, summoning an underwater whirlpool on him and sending a torrent of fish to him.
    • She later gives Arthur a much needed "The Reason You Suck" Speech, telling him to get over his self-pity over his abandonment issues and do his duty by following Steppenwolf to the surface.
  • The battle between the Justice League and Parademons is just an incredible sight to behold as we see this team of only five people outnumbered by a whole army of aliens and yet they are pretty much holding their ground, showing that, contrary to Steppenwolf's beliefs, the Earth has protectors.
  • A random Parademon gets one when he manages to get on top of the Batmobile, rip off the gun, and start hitting the Batmobile with it, to the point where it deals critical damage.
    • Another gets one for briefly tossing Batman himself around like a ragdoll.
  • Steppenwolf having his own troops turn on him is incredibly satisfying to watch.
  • The Stinger which reveals that Lex Luthor has escaped Arkham Asylum and that he called Deathstroke to offer him a chance to create their very own counterpart to the Justice League.

  • The first official trailer's music is a cover of "Come Together" by Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XL. It sends a great message about teaming up and sounds like the perfect music to kick some ass to.
  • The action montage at the climax of the "Sneak Peek" trailer features a re-arrangement of Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel theme ("What Are You Going to Do when You Are Not Saving the World?").


  • The simple fact that the original Super Team is gathering for the first time in a long overdue live-action movie is awesome in and of itself.
  • Justice League was expected to be discussed at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, with a short teaser (a set visit described a rough cut of Bruce meeting Barry, and it was expected as something to show comic con). At the DC panel they introduced the Justice League cast and banter over showing some footage, eventually giving the crowd an unexpected two minutes-long trailer. Even more impressive is that they were literally in the middle of filming, so being able to put this together is an accomplishment in its own right.
  • After some sexism accusations for costumes worn by some of the Amazons, one of the extras came forth to Zack Snyder's defense. And keep in mind that her scenes had been cut. True companionship right there.
  • Ladies and gentleman, after three years of waiting and uncertainty, Zack Snyder's version of the film will see the light of day in 2021! On HBO Max no less! All of the fan campaigning finally paid off, and all mockery about either the perceived hopelessness/ridiculousness of said campaigning or the impossibility of such a film existing has been soundly put to rest.


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