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Drinking Game / Big Finish Doctor Who

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A drinking game to accompany Big Finish Doctor Who.

Take a sip when:

  • Someone says, "Doctor, what's happening?"
  • A companion gets kidnapped.
  • A new alternate universe is discovered.
  • One of the extras tries to out-ham the Doctor.
    • Two sips if they actually succeed.
      • Three sips if they manage to out-ham Seven in any way.
  • The Doctor loses his memory.
    • Two sips if it's Eight.
  • An alien race designed by Nicholas Briggs shows up.
    • Two sips if he designed it before he got out of puberty.
    • Three sips if designed it before he got out of puberty, and he's still got his old concept art napkin doodles lying around.
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  • You spot a blatant reference to the Doctor Who Audio Visuals.
  • Events from the comics are mentioned, and treated as perfectly normal canon.
  • Events from the novels are mentioned, and contradicted again a few months later.
  • Someone points out that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.
  • The Doctor is flustered at the lack of censorship compared to the TV series.
  • A companion is delighted at the lack of censorship compared to the TV series.
  • Someone falls in love with the Doctor.
    • Down the bottle if it's mutual.
  • A cliffhanger takes over a year to get resolved.
    • Take a big shot if a cliffhanger takes over five years to get resolved. You are listening to Gallifrey and, let's be honest, you want to drown out your feelings.
  • Lucie says "Lucie Bleedin' Miller".
  • Hex says "Oh my God!"
    • Two if someone lampshades it.
  • Five is knocked unconscious.
  • Six compares himself to a cat.
  • Seven goes off the deep end and makes the bacon fly.
    • Take two if Seven topples a government.
      • Take three if he makes the bacon fly and topples and government. Note - the order is not required.

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  • Eight gets distracted halfway through a — hey, look, shots!

Take a shot when:

  • Five, Six or Seven say they must get around to making another sonic screwdriver.
  • The Web of Time is shredded and put back together again.
  • An alien race develops time travel, and immediately heads to Earth just to screw up history.
  • A building turns out to be somehow sentient.
  • Another sentient race on Earth is revealed.
  • Ace gets shot, kidnapped, or beat up.
  • The characters get stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop.
  • The story turns out to be All Just a Dream.
  • The Monster of the Week is made of sentient sound.
  • The show suddenly turns into a panto.
  • Yet another set of minor characters get their own spinoff series.
  • London gets blown up.
    • Two shots if it's the entire planet Earth.
  • Cybermen show feelings.
    • Two shots and a celebratory soufflé if Daleks show feelings. Other than all-consuming hate towards everything non-Dalek, that is. Or fear of the Doctor.
  • A companion suddenly disappears from the episodes altogether, and only vague references are made to their departure.
    • Two shots when this is finally explained several years later.
  • Someone sings the Zagreus tune.
  • Someone claims the Time Lords are really nice people deep down.
    • Two shots if it's the Doctor, who really should know better.
  • Five accidentally commits genocide.
  • Six dresses up for an episode.
  • Seven has to kill someone to preserve the timeline, and can't bring himself to do it.
  • Eight loses his shirt.
    • Two shots whenever he loses his trousers, too.
  • The Doctor makes out with a companion.
    • Down the bottle if it's Seven and Ace.
  • Several Doctors get into a bitching match.
  • Several versions of the same Doctor get into a bitching match.
  • The Doctor gets gruesomely tortured.
  • Six loses a body part.
  • A character is brought back from the dead.
  • Ace becomes even more emotionally screwed up.
  • Mel shows her dark side.
  • The Brigadier is really bad at being retired.
  • Peri gets realistically broken.
  • Rassilon does a moral flip-flop.
  • You suddenly feel sympathy for Davros.
  • The Master shows up unannounced.
    • Two shots if you genuinely couldn't tell it was him.
  • Blackpool is mentioned.
  • The CD case falls apart in your hands.
  • There is a Tomato Surprise or Tomato in the Mirror reveal that would have been immediately obvious if the story had visuals.

Other suggestions:

  • If you can't follow the plot because you were supposed to listen to five dozen related audios first, reach for the whisky bottle and start mourning your bank account.
  • If you're watching the TV series and everyone looks just weird, because you're used to only hearing their voices, break out the vodka until they all look normal again.
  • If Iris Wildthyme shows up: try and match her drink-for-drink. Good luck.