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The Sirens of Time are members of the Trickster's Brigade

Eve's race from The Mad Woman in the Attic was one of the races represented in The Apocalypse Element

The Vortisaurs are related to the Reapers

The Doctor erased Napoleon's memory of The Curse Of Davros

Winkle's Wonderland was built over Gallifrey after the Time War

The discrepancies between the end of the Universe in Zagreus and Utopia are due to different dating systems
  • Alternatively the Divergence attempting to break out at the end lengthened the lifespan of the Universe.

Jen, the interrogator in "The Memory Cheats" / "The Uncertainty Principle", is the Doctor's companion Jenny from "Seven Keys To Doomsday", under deep cover.
They've got the same name and they're played by the same person. QED.

The Bovin developed from the Daemons
  • Hence they both inspired the image of the Devil and held power on Earth many years ago.

The end of Dark Eyes 4 will lead into The Night of the Doctor
  • Perhaps the Doctor during Dark Eyes will change his clothing to what he is wearing in The Night of the Doctor. Or it will end with him receiving a distress call near Karn.

Something bad will happen to Molly

The Rani will appear in 2014
  • Apparently an old enemy will be making their Big Finish debt later this year, in a Sixth Doctor story.

The First Doctor's companion Polly is Charley Pollard's niece
  • Charley's mother, Lady Louisa, was voice acted by Polly's actress, Anneke Willis, in Zagreus and Charley did have an older sister who was about the right age to be Polly's mother. She had a younger sister too but since Cecelia Pollard committed suicide out of regret for supporting the Nazi party it probably couldn't have been her.
  • And both Polly and Charley were posh enough to be feasible.

Big Finish will make the War Doctor Adventures
  • I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this.
    • Confirmed.

Before he met Mary Shelley the Doctor had met alternate versions of him
  • Their minds got meshed up and as a result the Doctor remembers companions from another continuities. By the time of "The Night of the Doctor" his mind has recovered so he only references Big Finish companions.

The Dalek Time Controller helped the Daleks develop time travel
  • It gave them time travel technology in the 22nd century. This may have been lost with its defeat, but the Daleks still had the plans and were able to develop time travel, leading to the creation of the Dalek Time Controller.

During the Time War Zagreus and Keep broke out of the Divergent Universe
  • After Rassilon. They decided to help the Daleks, perhaps just to spread chaos through history.

Rassilon will return
  • Perhaps for 200? Or in the finale of Dark Eyes as the Time War begins.

Draconian years are different to human years
  • Hence why in Paper Cuts the Doctor says he visited 60 years ago while the Queen says 50.

For 200th release...
  • There will be a multi-Doctor story.
  • Charley will meet 8 again. But it would be suitably tragic if he has to erase his memory of this.
  • The Dalek Time Controller will join other Big Finish villains.
  • The Sirens of Time or Knights of Velyshaa will feature.
  • Rassilon, Zagreus or Keep will escape the Divergent Universe.
  • The events of Dark Eyes spill into the Doctor's past.
  • There will be two Masters.

The Doctor from Full Fathom Five is an alternate War Doctor.
  • In that universe, the Eighth Doctor asked for 'someone ruthless' instead of 'warrior', nad this was the result.

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