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Drinking Game / Chick Tracts

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Get out the sacramental wine and take a sip from the blood of Christ any time when:

  • Someone laughs "HAW HAW!"
  • God uses the Bible quote Matthew 25:41note  when sending someone to Hell.
  • Anyone (including captions) uses the Bible quote John 3:16note .
    • Take two if the quote seems to have no connection to anything happening on panel.
  • Someone manages to get saved while on the verge of death.
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  • The tract arrives at a particularly heinous moral.
  • A Single Tear is shed.
  • A tract states that an entire Christian denomination or non-Christian religion is the invention of Satan himself.
  • A source cited for Chick's claims turns out to be a book published by Chick Publications.
    • Take a second sip if the book in question was actually written by Chick himself.
  • A prospective convert has never heard of basic, well-known Christian doctrines such as Jesus dying for humanity's sins.
    • Take a second sip if a person has never heard of Jesus at all.
    • Take a third sip if the person only knows "Jesus Christ" as an expletive, and double it if the person is a child.
    • Down the rest of the drink if the new convert immediately recognizes and understands metaphorical phrases like "washed in the blood" and "filled with the holy spirit" despite having never heard of Christianity before.
  • Chick completely misemphasizes his dialog. (Optional, only use this rule if you're unafraid of alcohol poisoning.)
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  • The Tract accidentally contradicts its own message.
  • God acts like a dick.
  • A good guy goes to hell because he hasn't "found Jesus".
  • An utterly reprehensible person goes to heaven because he "found Jesus".
    • Drink the rest of your drink if this and the one above it happen in the same tract.
  • An ethnic stereotype appears. Take another drink for each stereotype appearing in a tract specifically targeted to said ethnic group. Down the whole bottle whenever a non-white character isn't a stereotype in any way. (You'll probably only drink as often as Chick wants you to.)
  • Gay men (and they're always men) seek to turn everyone else gay.
  • Everytime a character ends up as Aesop Collateral Damage, take a drink. If the way the character ended up as Aesop Collateral Damage would result in them going to hell according to the laws of the Chickverse, take two.
  • Whenever a non-Christian person completely overreacts to someone mentioning Jesus in their presence
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  • When Chick breaks his Aesop.
  • When Chick quotes a Bible verse that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter.

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