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  • "No Fear?": The Badass Preacher kicking a frigging door in so that he can save a girl about to commit suicide.
    • Until we reach a little Fridge Logic as to why in the world the sister didn't tell her parents about the fact their oldest daughter is going to kill herself, and only told anyone during the boyfriend's funeral. Seriously, she told a complete stranger instead of her damn parents.
  • "The Sissy" portrays Jesus's crucifixion as one.
    Man: Would you have guts enough to go into a town where you knew they were going to kill you?
    Duke: No way!
    Man: He did, Duke... He did it for you! When He got to that town, they framed Him, and beat Him with a whip that had chunks of metal and bone... it cut His muscles and blood vessels to shreds... He should have died before they nailed Him on the cross. You see, Duke, He was beaten to a pulp for you! That's how much He loved you!
  • In "Bad Bob," a jail guard gives the eponymous Jerkass and his cousin a nice "The Reason You Suck" Speech saying that the kid who tried to witness to them had more guts than they did. It's a nice show of respect for someone the guard doesn't entirely agree with, and a good discussion about what it truly means to be gutsy.
    "If two guys ever deserved hell, it's you two. You didn't have to destroy that kid the way you did. He might be a little off base, but he's sincere. I'm a Christian... and let me tell you, that kid's got more guts than the two of together. Anyone can be rebellious and crude like you guys. But it takes real guts to stand up for God like that kid did. He cared about you and wanted to help you. But you are too blind to see it. Whether you know it or not, we all deserve to burn in hell. But God in His mercy sent His only begotten son to shed His precious blood and die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. But you two have spit in God's face and rejected His gift of eternal life, so both of you are on your way to the lake of fire."
    • And to add to the Jail Guard's awesomeness, he willingly risks his life to save Bad Bob from the prison when it catches fire.
  • In "First Bite", Faith manages to convert The Antichrist to Christianity. Propaganda or not, that's a pretty impressive feat!

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