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Haiku / Chick Tracts

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Preachy comic strips,
Chick Tracts' ignorant author
forces the morals.

When I read Chick Tracts
I go lolwhut. Then I find
out he's serious


Don't drop the anvil
Makes Christians look like morons
Too Anvilicious!

Anvilicious strips
that make every Christian go,
like, "Stop Helping Me"

This preacher's creepy,
harrassing groups of people
that aren't just like him.


It's because of him
that I started reading the
Harry Potter books.

Whatever God says
it's much harder to believe
with all of the Narm.

All of Jack Chick's tracts
Are the very reason that
I'm an atheist.

Jack Chick likes to think
That evil Catholicism
Causes everything.

The moral here is
Become born-again Christian or
you end up in hell.

You will go to hell.You will really go to hell.You will go to hell

— Tropers/Hagagaga

Jack Chick and his tracts
Make me very happy to
To be flaming gay

These Comics are a
great example why you should
not shoot the message.

Some of Jack Chick's tracts
could have been touching - had they
been less filled with Narm.


My grandmother read
Chick Tracts, and kept them around
Unironically.—Pug Buddies


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