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It's the smirking angel that really makes it.
  • "This better be good, or I'm going to jump." however, the rest of the Tract attempts to be very depressing.
  • One tract for believers shows a big hulking thug in the most hideous imaginable combination of bondage gear, biker clothing, and Nazi paraphernalia towering over a fairly ordinary-looking Christian guy who's sweating profusely (and whose stomach is shown to be tying itself into a knot) and yelling right in his face "Are you calling me a sinner!?" (Now why would anyone say that?)
    • ....and Fang the dog is standing there with them, which is a nice touch.
  • Satan, dressed in a pumpkin-headed mask for an upcoming Halloween massacre, gloating from a hilltop over the arrival of some teenagers in the woods and then suddenly exclaiming "@!!!☆☆! I forgot my chainsaw!"
    • While walking his pet snake on a leash.
      • And the kid yelling at him after running him off by invoking the name of the Lord.
        Satan: [running away] @!!!☆☆!
        Kid: [shakes his fist] I HATE YOU! AND I HATE YOUR LOUSY BIRTHDAY!
      • Perhaps the funniest part is that in the next panel, it's revealed that both Satan and the kid are wrong about Halloween being Satan's birthday.
      • The presumably-American Good Ol' Boy country-fried county sheriff suddenly talking like an antiquated denizen of Scotireland.
        Sheriff: "RUN! Tis the Devil himself!"
  • The Family Guy panel in this tract. Made even better by the fact that Chick can draw Peter and Stewie Griffin 100% accurately and perfectly. Not to mention the Book of Psalms being used as a source on what the world was like 50 years ago.
    • Also, the bizarre way Chick uses footnotes note  could lead one to believe that the source for his claim that Stewie Griffin is gay is Leviticus 18:22.
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  • "I'm so glad I haven't sinned for over 20 years!"
  • From "Bad Bob".
    Jail Guard: You gentlemen have a visitor, a first-timer, so be nice.
    Bad Bob: You saying I'm not nice?
    Christian Man: Hi, fellas.
    Bad Bob: Oh no! Look what he brought with him. Get that clown out of here. I've had enough of that (Symbol Swearing) crammed down my throat!
  • In "Humbug", when Scrooge, while declaring his hatred for all of humanity to Cratchit, accidentally references a Bible verse.
  • The trailer for the "Dark Dungeons" adaption perfectly shows that the creators aren't taking it seriously in the slightest. A particular highlight is dramatic music playing over a scene of game die being tossed into fake blood that looks like it was taken from the set of an Eli Roth movie. Then the ending feature this hilariously self-aware stinger:
    (after a montage of people dying in Bloody Hilarious ways) "What Could Possibly Go Wrong??"
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  • At the end of "Crazy Wolf," a strip about the demonic evils of Native American shamanism, the protagonist says he's going to convert to Christianity, leaving us with this amazing line.
    And he did! And Satan went NUTS!
  • And in this one, a girl named Samantha sets her room on fire. Why? Because IT HAD OCCULT STUFF IN IT!!!
    Samantha: I hate my room now!!!
    • The panel likely depicts a HUGE bonfire outside but it does look like she torched her bedroom.
  • And in the same comic, Uncle Bob is referred to as a Muggle. Even better? Chick uses a footnote to explain that this is someone who's incapable of magic.
  • The villainous coven in "First Bite" loses their candidate for the Anti-Christ, despite Satan's claim that he will not fail. It results in these two panels, which give the whole affair a slapsticky tone.
    Head Vampire: Master, why did you tell us that Igor was the Promised One?
    Satan: I...uh...I lied! Because that's what I do! Get over it!
    Head Vampire: That's it! If you can't trust Satan, who can you trust?
    Vampire: Jesus?
    Head Vampire: Shut up!
  • Most of the two goofy devil's antics in "A Demon's Nightmare"....including the angry elevator-devil in the Hazmat-like heat-protection suit.


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