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  • A film of 1984 had a scene with Julia and Winston in the room on top of the antique shop. For some reason she gets up and walks around in the room for minutes completely naked and the camera shows her entire body. Every shot at Winston, though, shows only his head, or at best his upper body.
  • Toward the end of Alien, there's a long scene where Ripley's in a shirt and panties. During the whole time, the camera's focus is clearly aimed rather lower than her face, and doesn't go back up to its usual height until after she gets some more clothes on.
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  • American Hustle features Sydney dressed in a lot of Absolute Cleavage outfits. Notably one shot tilts down to focus on a briefcase - but Sydney's cleavage is still framed in the background.
  • In Attack of the Clones, when Padme and Anakin are reunited and Padme remarks that Anakin has grown, he replies "So have you" while staring at her chest.
  • In Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, we first see Vanessa Kensington via a slow pan up her entire body.
  • In Woody Allen's Bananas, it's done to comic effect with a leather clad secretary who brags she and her friends are going to have a porno party.
  • Bitch Slap consists about 80 % of Male Gaze (the other 20 is Les Yay). It's fully, fatly justified to say the camera licks, caresses, and more or less dry humps its subjects - there are moments when the same shot of, say, the viewpoint gliding up a mile-long leg stepping out of a car, is actually repeated twice if not thrice, only to be followed by close examination of the curves that await up there, then brought to the finale with a face shot with plump lips and gleaming eyes.
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  • We have a moment in Blonde Crazy where Bert checks out the derrieres of women out on the dance floor— especially easy for him since he's sitting down. Being The Pre Code Era, this comes as no surprise.
  • Troy Duffy got Julie Benz to be in his movie, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, and damn it all if he wasn't going to take full advantage of it for his male audience. But, to be fair, there is a hefty amount of Fanservice for the ladies as well, so we could just look at it as equal opportunity exploitation.
  • Subverted in the car-wash scene of the original Bring It On. As Cliff approaches the carwash, we see through his viewpoint - until his sister Missy enters the frame at precisely the right height that her breasts are perfectly framed. He is understandably Squicked out.
  • In Cabin Fever there is a scene where the hot brunette walks across a grass field to a house. The shot builds out to a close up of her swaying butt, in jeans, and slows down to slow-mo as it does so.
    • The introduction to an earlier scene is a slow pan over a sexy bikini-clad blonde laying on a raft.
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    • A later scene featuring a topless woman is taken from exactly the right position so the we see her large breasts twice at once: directly from the side, and front-on via a reflection in a bathroom mirror.
    • Many reviewers have claimed that the subsequent leg-shaving scene focuses an inordinate amount of attention on the woman's breasts, despite it essentially being a psychological horror scene.
    • The sex scenes are filmed in such a way to maximize the display of breast-jigglage or booty-shaking.
  • Carrie:
    • The 1976 version has a slow motion shot of all the girls in the locker room showering and getting changed. Although Carrie quickly gets her period in the shower, there's still plenty of intimate shots of boobs and legs before the blood flows.
    • Another obvious example is the detention for the girls, where they're all in skimpy PT gear and doing star jumps to allow some jiggle to show.
    • The 2002 film features a tamer version of this, but there are still shots of Angela Bettis washing her legs and back.
  • Subverted/reversed in Centurion: when Etain fights and kills Virilus, he is shirtless and she is fully clothed. She's gorgeous and frequently dressed in furs and eyeliner, but her clothes are never that revealing or titillating.
  • Charlie's Angels (and the sequel too, naturally) featured numerous scenes which pointedly and gratuitously framed the lead actresses' rear ends. This is particularly noticeable in the numerous fanservicey scenes of various female characters dancing, stripping (don't ask) or in the slow-mo action shots where the Angels inexplicably always seem to wear tight pants or bodysuits of some sort, and high heels, regardless of whether or not they'd be convenient or comfortable or even safe to fight in. Considering it was based on a 1970s' jiggle show, though, is anybody really surprised at any of this?
    • The MST3K Mockbuster Angels Revenge was the same thing, with less-attractive women. Early in the movie, we get a shot straight up a ladder as a woman is climbing it, and Crow quips "Hey, you're giving away the plot!"
  • The Courtship of Eddie's Father is about a widowed father and his son sizing up various candidates for second wife/stepmother.
  • In Creature from the Black Lagoon there is a scene where the shapely Julie Adams is swimming in the eponymous lagoon. At one point she dives, causing the top of her body to submerge and the bottom to rise above the water and move right into the camera. For a brief moment almost the entire screen is filled by her buttocks.
  • Crocodile Dundee: When Sue from is bending over in her (very) string'd bath suit, Mick "Crocodile" Dundee is watching her from behind the bushes.
    Sue Charlton: That croc was going to eat me alive.
    Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: Well, I wouldn't hold that against him. Same thought crossed my mind once or twice.
  • In Devil Doll, the introduction of Grace, Vorelli's Replacement Lovely Assistant, has a slow pan up all the way from her feet to her head.
  • In Die Hard, the camera pans down just slightly but very noticeably to show that Bonnie Bedelia's jacket/blouse thing had opened up a bit, showing her slip.
  • An interesting subversion in Dirty Dancing, noted by the screenwriter during the commentary. Most of the film is from Baby's point of view, and how she sees Johnny and others around her.
  • This is how Julie Warner's character is introduced in Doc Hollywood, twice. First, it's a dream sequence, but the same scene is essentially repeated in real life. As seen with The Puppet Masters, this is not her only entry.
  • Dumb and Dumber To: Harry and Lloyd briefly flash back to a younger twenty-something Fraida bending over a pool table.
  • In Fair Game, Kate changes her shirt on the side of the road by the car she and Max are using; Max takes a look through the window and we get to see a sideview of her left breast. Kate is played by Cindy Crawford, so it's very hard to blame him.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn has a rare example of the Male Gaze being played for Squick rather than Fanservice, as we see how Richie looks at Kate Fuller. Since Richie is a serial rapist, the effect is deeply unpleasant.
    • Played straight with Santanico Pandemonium's snake dance however, she's played by Salma Hayek too.
  • The final poster of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra features all of the main characters, including The Baroness, but she is the only one facing the viewer, along with her body twisted in a Rob Liefield-style pose so her buttocks is as well. Then again, it's more or less in-character.
  • The opening of Grand Canyon, in which Kevin Kline, with courtside seats at a Lakers game, seems to spend as much time looking at the other women in attendance as he does looking at the game itself.
  • The first Hercules (1958) movie from the 1950s featured a scene in which the male characters are captured by a group of Amazons. Despite the obvious threat of the women's weapons, the camera "inexplicably" focuses on a long line of long legs (bare, natch). On the other hand, these were beefcake movies where Hercules ran around shirtless flexing his muscles.
  • High School Musical 3 had a shot of Sharpay's butt that filled the screen.
  • Hitchcock, in which Scarlett Johansson plays Janet Leigh of Psycho fame, gives Scarlett's behind some screentime.
  • The lesbian sex scene in The Hunger is filmed and framed in such a way. The entire sequence is quite voyeuristic, with pans along legs, asses and breasts.
  • I Love You, Beth Cooper has a couple good examples:
    • When Denis falls head first into Beth's lap, we see a POV shot of her panties.
    • Toward the end, Beth's two girl friends try to prove Rich is gay by doing something that would turn on any straight boy: licking a phallic pastry. The scene is shot to turn on the male viewers, of course.
  • The James Bond movies have this from time to time with the Bond Girls, prominently when anyone's getting out of the water with a bathing suit - ostensibly as a tribute to original Bond girl Honey Ryder. Casino Royale (2006) manages to make it both Darker and Edgier and Stupid Sexy Flanders by showing how Daniel Craig looks in blue instead..
  • The entrance of Vanessa Hudgens in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is this in every sense of the term (what with it being from Josh Hutcherson's POV and all). And as for the scene where she crawls out of a tunnel that's collapsing around her... did we mention the short shorts she wears for almost the entire movie? And that it's in 3D?
  • The Lady in the Lake used the stylistic choice of filming every scene as it would be viewed by Philip Marlowe. In one instance, the woman he's talking to goes out of focus, because he's busy leering at her Sexy Secretary.
  • Discussed in Looker. The protagonist is shown an advertising program that tracks the viewer's eye movements during commercials to determine where the product needs to be displayed. Of course he's focused laser-like on the hot swimsuit model's perky behind.
  • In Lost in Translation the background of the opening credits is a shot of Scarlett Johansson's behind. Interestingly enough, this scene was shot by Sofia Coppola, who acted out the shot herself first to make the actress more comfortable.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Iron Man 2:
      • We get a lovely shot of Black Widow's rear when we see her in the catsuit for the first time. We also get another gratuitous shot of it again when she fighting the bad guys and pulls out the small mines from her belt. The fight scene is also notorious for the repeated occasions when she does a Three-Point Landing pose and the shot blatantly centres on her bosom. It doesn't help that Natasha is played by Scarlett Johansson.
      • Not to mention the scene prior to this where Happy is driving her to Hammer's office and she begins changing in the backseat. The viewers are treated her taking off her shirt exposing her bra....nearly causing Happy to crash the car because he was Distracted by the Sexy. She quickly comments that he should keep his eyes on the road and the poor bastard makes an epically heroic attempt to do so, even after the audience is treated to one lone leg rise up.
      • What about the scene prior to that where Natasha and Pepper Potts are walking into the Stark Expo up the stairs, wearing tight little black moderately short dresses. The camera stays on them from the back for a fairly long time, given that nothing else was happening on the screen, and it didn't advance the plot in any way.
      • To be fair Pepper completely lampshades this trope in the most Deadpan Snarker way.
    Tony: Who (Natasha) is she?
    Pepper: She is from legal, and she is potentially a very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit if you keep ogling her like that.
    • The Avengers does this a great deal with Black Widow whe she's walking away from the camera in a lot of shots. There's a scene of Scarlett Johannson tied to a chair, wearing a Little Black Dress, stockings, and no shoes, beating up several goons with a jaw-dropping sequence of contortions and acrobatics. Also, her character is purposely trying to invoke this very trope on her "captors" in order to distract and mislead them. She then spends the rest of the film in a skin-tight catsuit, but is slightly overshadowed by all the Female Gaze flying around her costars.
    • All of this stuff gave Natasha a reputation among certain critics as a pure Ms. Fanservice that took at least two more films that did away with these shots (or at least toned them way down) to live down.
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol features loads of tantalizing shots of Paula Patton and Lea Seydoux, zooming in on their sexy bodies and right down their Gainaxing cleavage during their fight scene.
  • Parodied in The Naked Gun 33 1/3 when Leslie Nielsen's character first sees Anna Nicole Smith. Watch as the camera goes slowly up the legs... and up the legs... and past the knees... and up the legs... and up the legs... and up the legs... and past the knees again...
  • Scarlett Johansson'snote  "panty shot" establishes character in The Perfect Score.
  • In Pitch Black, when Fry is crawling into the cavern with the first sighting of monsters. On the commentary the director even says "Young boys everywhere, you're welcome."
  • In the Police Academy movies, Callahan is subjected to this a lot, both by viewers and other characters. In the fourth movie, two kids sitting next to her on the plane are staring at her rather amble bosom until she notices and snaps "Eyes left!" at them.
  • At one point in Predators, the camera focuses on Isabelle's butt. She turns around, and finds that Stans was staring at it, annoying her.
    Stans: Your ass is awesome.
  • Occurs when Julie Warner's character is introduced in The Puppet Masters, but it's actually a plot point. After she hangs a lampshade on its occurrence, the lack of male gaze by the townsfolk is her first sign that something is very wrong. As seen with Doc Hollywood, this is not her only entry.
  • One of the more original 'reveals' of the female form is in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window: In Grace Kelly's first shot, only her hand is seen (switching on a light IIRC), then an arm, then a bit more, etc, with her face last.
  • Subverted in Red Eye where Lisa has to strip off after someone spills coffee on her blouse. The shot frames her chest - but the focus is instead on the scar there instead of her breasts.
  • Red Sparrow has been criticized for its heavy emphasis on Dominika's body, and often it is about how the men around her perceive her. It quickly becomes uncomfortable, making Dominika feel even more violated in the eyes of the audience after the numerous rape/near-rape sequences.
  • San Andreas is a movie filled with destruction porn. It also introduces Alexandra Daddario's character of Blake by having her sunbathing in a black bikini that shows a lot of her form, and spends an astonishing amount of time reminding us of her Ms. Fanservice qualifications, with her (and her screen mum Carla Gugino) Gainaxing hither and yon throughout. Even when Blake is on the verge of drowning, the makers just can't resist letting the audience look down her shirt. They just can't.
  • Spoofed hilariously in Scary Movie, which is pertinent since horror movies are perhaps the most guilty of this trope (often in squicky ways as a woman contorts her body sensually and moans orgasmically as she is dying). The movie opens with a woman (played by Carmen Electra) running from a psycho killer, her clothes getting ripped off by anything she runs by, and stopping to pose and flick her hair as she runs (in Slo Mo, no less) through a sprinkler.
  • Pick any scene in The Scorpion King with Kelly Hu in it.
  • The Sentinel and Harsh Times were both released around the same time, and both featured Eva Longoria, and both had a shot where the camera focuses on her butt. In both cases it was to emphasize how the men in the scene see her. In both cases the director was also a male.
  • In Serenity, right after one of River's hallucinations, the camera cuts to showing her lying facedown on the deck grating, and the camera angle is conspicuously positioned to give the viewer a perfect shot straight down her cleavage. Plus the countless shots of River's feet.
  • In Sheena, the camera angles are consistently chosen to focus on the large amount of bare skin exposed by Sheena's skimpy costume. Sheena spent a lot of time leaning forward for cleavage shots, there were many shots of her climbing up a wall with the camera being fixed so her torso and legs filled the screen as she passed by it, and there were many up-the-skirt panty shots during those climbs.
  • The Shallows gives a lot of attention to Nancy's breasts and ass while she's surfing at the beginning. It continues to do this after she's suffered several gruesome injuries after being attacked by a shark, turning this into Fan Disservice.
  • Sucker Punch plays some of this for drama, as a lot of emphasis is on how uncomfortable the protagonists are at constantly being seen as sex objects. The "Love Is A Drug" sequence, included on the Extended Edition, shows a lot of sexy ladies dancing - from the POV of the horny customers.
  • In The Misfits (1961) ,the camera follows Clark Gable's gaze to Marilyn Monroe's behind as it bumps up and down while she rides a horse.
  • Some Like It Hot features Marilyn Monroe walking into frame in such a way that allows her ass to wiggle - and she's then sprayed with steam from an engine for added affect.
  • Spring Breakers infamously had a lot of this. There are shots in which the character's torsos are in frame for no reason other than this. Which is to say nothing of the copious amounts of BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTS!!!!!!!
  • Star Trek Into Darkness:
    • The scene in which Uhura is walking up to the Klingon war party in an attempt to inform them of their intentions, the camera is firmly focused on her behind as she's walking, right up until she stops.
    • Similarly, the camera (and Kirk's eye) stealing a look at Dr. Marcus as she changes uniforms.
    • JJ Abrams made sure the film was this, as Pretty Boy Chris Pine's buttocks were CGI'd out of a scene as he "couldn't inflict that on people" (Pine himself was slightly upset about the news), and a Cumberbatch Shower Scene is only on the deleted features.
  • In Take The Lead, we have lead actor Antonio Banderas dancing a fiery tango with the movie's main antagonist, played by Katya Virshilas, who gets several long, lingering, even slow-motion shots of her legs while she spins, her breasts, her hips, and a few overhead shots that go straight down her cleavage. The studio probably could have saved a lot of money casting a stand-in for Mr. Banderas, who is mostly obscured for all but one brief shot where we see his face.
  • Played with in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), in the scene where Vernon is frantically driving the truck and trying to see what April is doing. The camera pans over to reveal her grabbing video footage with her phone by leaning out of the window with her behind right in the camera. Vernon is fine with this, but taking his eye off the road causes them to crash.
  • Subverted in Tell No One; at a restaurant, we see a shot of a waitress' behind as she's walking away, but then it's revealed it's Helene who's looking at her, not Alexandre.
  • Transformers Film Series:
    • Michael Bay asked some people why they watched the first Transformers; "For the hot chick." So he decided to get it out of the way before he started.
    • Anyone who has seen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will realize from Megan Fox's very first scene that director Michael Bay has gone out of his way to not do anything to discourage this trope.
    • Transformers: Dark of the Moon carries this to a new level. We first see the female main character dressed in a man's long shirt with tiny panties, as she ascends a staircase, with a tight focus on her legs. She is on camera for at least a minute before we see her face. The rest of the movie has her in either skin tight outfits or very short skirts and dresses, doing things like getting out of low-slung cars with her legs as the only visible part of her. Also, there were some robots or something in the movie.
    • Transformers: Age of Extinction continues the tradition. Especially at the beginning of the movie, the female main character is wearing tight shirts and very short shorts and skirts, and even when the scene is just talking, the camera angle just happens to have her legs in the foreground with the two male characters talking in the background. Further, like all of Bay's movies, the background female characters are universally gorgeous and dressed in skimpy and tight clothing, with long loving pan shots up their bodies for no particular reason.
  • The first shot of Ann-Margret in the Elvis Presley vehicle Viva Las Vegas is of her legs only, walking into a garage where Elvis and another man are under a car. The camera then tracks up her body as the men get out from under the car, and cuts to an extreme close-up of her rear end as she walks away from them.
  • WarCraft has the scene in Llane's meeting room where the camera lingers for a longer moment at the Absolute Cleavage of a High Elven noblewoman present at the meeting. For the record: there's not a single important Elf character in the entire film.
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: The way the camera moves when we first see Mystique in her cleavage-exposing dress evokes this.
  • The cameras that film The Fast and the Furious movies are constantly lingering on the curvy parts of half-dressed women.
  • Van Helsing introduces Anna Valerious with a slow-motion tilt up her body, allowing the viewer to see Kate Beckinsale in a corset. There's also another part where Anna is dropped on Van Helsing and a shot from his POV looks up at her breasts, another one on her crotch.
  • Lifeforce is nothing but this trope when the Space Girl, played by an ultra gorgeous Mathilda May who remains nude in like 90% of her screen time, is the focus of the scene. The entire sequence when she wreaks havoc on the Space Research Facility while in the buff is one of the most memorable examples of this trope in cinema from the 80s.
  • Big Trouble lampshades this in universe: Jenny repeatedly orders Andrew not to look at her rear end (she doesn't use that word) as she is about to walk away. Both Andrew and Matt conspicuously do look, and comment on it to each other.


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