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Criminal Organizations


A death cult consisting of evil magic casters who specialize in necromancy.
    In General 
  • Cult: They appear to be a very small cult consisting of Khajiit and four or five unnamed necromancers. Clementine serves as muscle and an old associate of Khajiit's, but not as an actual member.
    • The Light Novel mentions that Khajiit is only one of twelve leaders of the cult, at least three of whom are stronger than he is. Where the others are is unknown, but it's implied the overall cult is actually quite large.
  • Evil Sorcerer: They're all too willing to sacrifice innocents to achieve their goals.
  • Necromancer: Obviously.
  • Red Shirt: Beside Khajiit and Clementine, the handful of necromancers that appeared to be the rest of Zuranon went unnamed and undistinguished. They died shortly after Momon and Nabe showed up.
  • Religion of Evil: They worship death.

    Khajiit Dale Badantel 
Voiced by: Minoru Inaba (Japanese), Brad Venable (English)

One of the twelve core members of Zuranon. His objective in E-Rantel was to create a second undead city to power up his artifact, but was foiled by Momon and Nabe.

  • Arc Villain: Of the beginning.
  • Bald of Evil: Throwing back to the trope's possible origin related to the whole "lacking hair = death" idea.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: On the recieving end from Narberal, who used a single spell to obliterate his dragons, incinerating him in the process.
  • Flunky Boss: As expected of a Necromancer, his main shtick is to summon up minions and let them fight for him. First an army of undead, then an undead dragon, then another to fight two-on-one (if you don't count himself).
  • Freudian Excuse: In the light novel and manga, his motivation was that he wanted to resurrect his mother, but there wasn't any resurrection spell powerful enough to revive her. One could be devised, but the magical research would take longer than his lifetime, so he resolved to become immortal to do it.
  • Hollywood Acid: The "Acid Javelin" spell is this.
  • Immortality Seeker: Has been searching for this up to the point of Clementine's proposition.
  • Necromancer: Pretty much a stereotypical necromancer, in both appearance and skills. He plans on turning the populace of E-Rantel into undead, an action that would accumulate enough negative energy to turn him into a lich.
  • Non-Indicative Name: For The Elder Scrolls players, anyway, as he looks nothing like the catfolk race from those games.
  • Parental Abandonment: His mother died when he was a child. His father is not mentioned.
  • Power Crutch: His plan to become a lich revolves around his Amplifier Artifact, a purple crystal about the size of his fist, which gathers up negative energy like a magic battery, and it can be used to augment his spellcasting. It was drained when he summoned up two skeletal dragons, but his plan was to resurrect the dead of E-Rantel would be enough to recharge it to full. He died and it was claimed by Ainz before he could see if his plan would work.
  • Smug Snake: Not quite as much as Clementine, but he is quite full of himself, constantly calling Nabe a fool for challenging him. While he is incredibly powerful by New World standards, he did not quite realize what he was dealing with.
  • Starter Villain: Scenes play out with him set, with Clementine, as the first major enemy Momon may have to face. Of course, considering who our protagonist is, it's more like "speed bump that will be encountered later" since Momon needs adventuring cred in the city Khajiit's threatening. Before he is killed, Narberal Gamma thanks him for being "a stepping stone" for Ainz's eventual rise to fame.
  • That Man Is Dead: Whenever Clementine calls him Dale he insists that that name means nothing to him anymore.
  • This Cannot Be!: Repeatedly when Nabe goes up against his Skeletal Dragon(s).
  • Villainous Breakdown: He's on the verge of having a Freak Out when his perfect plan, that he spent 5 years working up to, is upturned in the span of five minutes by Nabe.

Voiced by: Aoi Yūki (Japanese), Mikaela Krantz (English)

A giggling psychopath, a rogue warrior from Zuranon, and a former member of the Black Scripture, the strongest scripture in the Slane Theocracy. She recruited Khajiit as extra muscle in her plan to kidnap Nfirea Bareare, claiming because she wanted to see what would happen if she forced him to wear a magical artifact, though it was probably more to destroy E-Rantel. She's effectively a rogue who hits hard and fast with her magic knives and Martial Arts Skills.

She has A Day in the Limelight in the form of a Pure Pure Pleiades Spin-Off, called "Clementine the Fugitive," where she is revived following her fight with Ainz, albeit traumatized, and while trying to escape the kingdom, runs into the Pleiades, and gets horrifically maimed in every encounter. At the end of the last episode, she snaps after seeing Ainz as Momon effortlessly throwing a boulder away. She is last seen siting on a rock while staring blankly, completely unresponsive, and can only mutter that "The flowers are beautiful."

  • Asshole Victim: Her fate of being crushed to death while destroying her own face to break free is truly horrifying. However, it's tough to say that she didn't earn that fate.
  • Ax-Crazy: She didn't need to kill several of the people she did; she just wanted to. When Khajiit called her on disrupting the plan she tried to kill him, but he was more than aware of her personality.
  • Back from the Dead: The Fugitive Clementine OVAs is about Clementine coming back from her death and attempting to leave Re-Estize Kingdom while interacting with the Pleiades. The second episode reveals that her revival has damaged her, though.
  • Bare Your Midriff: The gap between her armored top and bottom reveals a good portion of her stomach.
  • Battle Trophy: Whenever she kills an adventurer, she takes their guild plate and attaches it to her armor.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Averted. She beats herself into a bloody mess and loses a good number of teeth trying to escape Ainz's crushing bear hug.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: In "Clementine the Fugitive," she wants to avoid meeting Ainz again. After going mad from meeting the Pleiades and Momon again, she suffers a nervous breakdown and stops caring about anything. Ainz meanwhile can't recognize Clementine post-breakdown, stating that she's "too pure" and just walks by. In effect, she can never meet Ainz again because her mind shattered.
  • Blood from the Mouth: Combined with High-Pressure Blood and Overdrawn at the Blood Bank as part of her death, literally at Ainz's hands, and it is gratifying to watch.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Reduced to this in the Pure Pure Pleiades OVA; each segment opens with her getting maimed by each Pleiades Maid in turn. From being electrocuted by Naberal Gamma's Lightning, being eaten by Solution Epsilon, to being disintegrated by CZ Delta's Wave-Motion Gun. Of particular note is when she falls into Lupusregina Beta's claws: Clementine is torn to shreds, healed back to life by cleric magic, and then torn to shreds again. Over and over and over.
    • The Fugitive Clementine OVAs is all about this. Each episode has her meet a pair of the Pleiades and suffers as a result. It ends with her being losing all her confidence and sanity, sitting on a rock and stares into the sky, her face a blank and innocent slate, happy as can be and oblivious to anything else around her.
      • In the first episode, she gets horribly drunk and nearly suffers from alcohol poisoning by accepting Lupusregina's challenge, before being rammed into barrels and a wall thanks to Yuri. She's saved, but has a terrible hangover and vomits profusely.
      • The second episode, Solution reveals that her revival has damaged her, with her memories fuzzy and her body instinctively doing unusual things (i.e., she comes across the bar she got wasted in during episode 1, and immediately decides to go in with a derpy look on her face), and her skills have drastically decreased too. When she comes across more Pleiades, she decides to trust them immediately, and gets swarmed by Entoma's bugs before having her memories erased.
      • By the third episode, she stops her internal monologue as she is that tired, and when she comes to the same bar as before, recognizes Narberal as Nabe, realizes that the people she met are a part of the same group, and while trying to flee, convinces Shizu to help her and gets rocketed away, traumatizing her further while learning that she serves under someone even more powerful. Cue the above after seeing Momon toss a massive, magical boulder. Hilariously, her breakdown actually spares her from facing Ainz again, as he can't recognize her blank, "pure" face.
  • Chainmail Bikini: A bit more concealing than the usual type, but still conspicuous in the large amount of cleavage revealed. Justified by her personality and actions: her "armor" is either made of or plated with the adventuring plates of those she had slain. Additionally, since Clementine's fighting style consists of blindingly fast dashes, a full set of armor would probably have been too cumbersome.
  • Charm Person: She demonstrated that her knives can do this, just in one instance on a worker after she stabbed him.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Her favorite pastime, right after wanton murder.
  • Cute and Psycho: She's cute, busty, and wears a Chainmail Bikini. Too bad her face is usually distorted by a too-wide grin because she's laughing at her latest victim. By the end of "Clementine the Fugitive", the "Psycho" part no longer applies.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Ainz very, very slowly crushes her to death with his bare hands as she screams in terror and struggles in vain to break free. She deserved every last second of it.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Hits it hard at the end of "Clementine the Fugitive", where after seeing Ainz effortlessly toss a boulder, she snaps, and is left sitting by the side of the road without a care in the world.
  • Foreshadowing: In the Light Novel, Khajiit points out that her usual method of going for an opponent's vital points for a quick kill are useless against the undead. Later, when she tries this against Ainz (not knowing he isn't human), her strategy does indeed prove totally ineffective (that said, his High Tier Physical Nullification probably also helps).
  • Fragile Speedster: She's essentially a rogue, so her primary tactic generally amounts to stacking a bunch of speed and evasion buffs on herself before lunging at her enemies and going for the vitals. Unfortunately for her, Ainz has no vitals, making this tactic useless. Although one of her Martial Arts does allow her to block Ainz's powerful sword strikes with ease, so she's got defensive buffs to mitigate her fragility.
  • Freak Out: Once she realizes Ainz is a lich who completely outclassed her, and that he intended to crush her to death in his arms, she reacted with fury and panic. While her reaction was understandable, it was a well-earned execution.
  • Freudian Excuse: Briefly discussed as she slays a worker; ultimately averted as a pile of lies, she just likes killing.
  • Giggling Villain: Seems barely able to hold back her giggles while talking, sometimes breaking down mid-sentence for a bout.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: A played for laugh version happens in the Fugitive Clementine OVAs as a result of meeting the Pleiades and indirectly meeting Momon again, she loses all her confidence and sanity from their ridiculous powers, as well as realizing that they can disguise themselves as humans. In the end she just sits on a rock and stares into the sky, her face a blank and innocent slate, happy as can be and oblivious to anything else around her.
  • Hate Sink: Her character is centered around being a murderous, sadistic monster with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Seeing her get her comeuppance in the end is very satisfying indeed.
  • Hero Killer: Literally. She would hunt down adventurers, kill them, and take their plates as trophies. She kills and tortures the Swords of Darkness, whom Ainz thought had the potential to become great heroes if they didn't lose sight of their goals.
  • Hoist by Her Own Petard: Those trophies she collected came back to bite her hard, since they're used to track her down after she kidnaps Nfirea.
  • Ironic Name: Clementine comes from "clemens", meaning gentle or merciful.
  • Irony: In "Clementine the Fugitive", she wanted to avoid facing Ainz again. In the last episode, she snapped so hard, she will never be able to face him again and Ainz can't recognize her, as her face is "too pure".
  • Karmic Death: Ainz decides to drag her death much longer than is necessary specifically because she always did the same to her victims.
  • Knife Nut: Her preferred weapons are a set of stilettos for stabbing and thrusting. They're enchanted as well.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Her tendency to brutally torture and murder innocent people caught up to her in a very big way.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Aside from the fact that she's a deranged killer, Clementine is very attractive, and knows it. This makes it all the more ironic — not to mention fully deserved — when she ends up suffering two counts of Death by Disfigurement after she destroys her own face trying to punch and bite Ainz in a fit of crazed desperation when he catches her in a Killer Bear Hug, before her body is graphically crushed to death in his arms.
  • Oh, Crap!: When her enchanted weapons do next to nothing to Ainz, and she realizes the “hero” Momonga she’s been fighting the entire time is actually an Elder Lich in disguise. Unfortunately for her, it was a realization made far too late.
  • Psycho for Hire: She's a murder-happy assassin who loves to wear the plates of adventures that she's killed. Unfortunately for her, this winds up backfiring when she killed the Swords of Darkness, and Ainz responds by bear hugging her to death.
  • Rogue Agent: A former member of the Slane Theocracy's Black Scripture. She's on the run after she abandoned the order and stole an artifact called the Crown of Wisdom from the Windblossom Scripture.
  • Slasher Smile: Pretty much her default facial expression.
  • Smug Snake: The girl is an incredibly arrogant bitch. Of course, she is justified in flaunting her skills, which are equaled by next to none in the New World. It's just that Momon is not from the New World.
  • The Sociopath: She doesn't care about the suffering she causes and only causes it because she wants to. She's incredibly arrogant about her skills (though not without good reason) and was revealed to have lied about having a Freudian Excuse for why she kills. She possesses no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In the Spin-Off "Clementine the Fugitive", she was revived following her fight with Ainz, but is deeply traumatized, as shown when she refuses to go through a graveyard on the off-chance that Ainz would be there.
  • The Starscream: Very blatantly just "using" Khajiit, and he sees right through her.
  • Verbal Tic: In Japanese dub, her voice begins to shudder whenever she's pissed off, even when she appears relatively calm, giving away the fact that she's mentally unstable.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • She starts losing her composure when nothing she does seems to hurt Momon, and he still refuses to take her seriously. When he reveals himself as Ainz and catches her in lethal bear hug, she loses it entirely and begins beating herself into a bloody mess trying to escape his grip.
    • In the Spin-Off "Clementine the Fugitive", meeting the Pleiades and indirectly meeting Momon again has her snap and become a vegetable, smiling blankly while only muttering that the flowers are pretty.


Eight Fingers

An underground criminal coalition within the Re-Estize Kingdom, and lead by their Executive Council. It is now under of the control of the Sorcerer Kingdom.
    In General 
  • Even Evil Has Standards: They are hardened criminals responsible for a vast manner of atrocities between them. Even so none of them are willing to allow another person to receive the Cold-Blooded Torture that is Nazarick's "initiation" into their ranks. They believe that no one should have had to suffer as they had. Seeing them have empathy for other people is even more shocking than their current state after crossing the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: A dark twisted example. After being tortured in Nazarick to ensure their obedience, the leaders of Eight Fingers now consider each other close companions and trust each other more than anyone else. This is probably due to the fact that they have to rely on one another to complete their orders, they now have a bond no one else could understand, they are no longer masters but slaves, and powerful, supreme, godlike beings coming to conquer the world tends to put things into perspective with each of the leaders realizing that they were living in a tranquil bubble of safety (the common mundane issues of crime are nothing in comparison to the existential horror they are now facing) with the appearance of Nazarick being a cosmic horror story from their perspective.
  • Mugging the Monster: What sealed their downfall was their kidnapping of Tuare almost literally right after Ainz had declared her to be under his direct protection. Ainz Ooal Gown, a being who takes his Declaration of Protection very seriously, would not let them go unscathed.
  • A Shared Suffering: They now consider themselves companions with a strong bond of trust after going through the "Baptism" in Nazarick. It makes sense given that they are now essentially slaves serving Nazarick (albeit well treated slaves because they are also compensated for their work and more or less live their lives as normal people. Ainz has them treated more like employees and so long as they obey, the lords of Nazarick are more like bosses than slave-masters).
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork:
    • Eight Fingers is less of a single organization than they are more like a poorly structured corporate conglomerate: each division acts as a separate entity that specializes in a particular area of crime, and prioritizes it's own welfare and profits above the whole. None of the eight organizations really like each other.
    • The groups forming this organization are always trying to sabotage or steal from one another, fear of assassination is high amongst the leaders.
    • The only organization with significant ties to the others (that isn't subversive or a form of espionage) is the Six Arms, which acts as a security division to the organization as a whole.

Executive Council

Voiced by: Toa Yukinari (Japanese), Jo Lorio (English)

The leader of the drug trade department of the criminal organization, Eight Fingers.

  • Cold-Blooded Torture: On the receiving end of this courtesy of Aura and Mare. The only reason she didn't die was because her torturers used white magic to heal her. She is so broken by the ordeal that she sells out the rest of Eight Fingers without a thought. The rest of the organization leaders are terrified when they realize they will be broken in the same way.
  • The Corrupter: Many of the nobles in Re-Estize are under her thumb after visiting her establishment and being blackmailed, or made addicts to drugs.
  • Despair Event Horizon: She and the other members of Eight-Fingers were very close to it after being tortured in Nazarick but they weren't completely broken as afterwards, they thought of secretly contacting the adamantite adventurers in the kingdom for help. That is until they learned that the demon Jaldabaoth, who terrorized the kingdom and easily killed members of Blue Roses (an adamantite adventurer group) with no effort, and that he was under the control of the Sorcerer King who decimated the Kingdom's army with a single spell. After that, they realized how screwed they and the rest of the kingdom were. That beings of mythical power and resources had appeared to conquer and that they as mere humans could only bow their heads in servitude.
  • Empty Shell: While Hilma was by no means anything approaching innocent and she had done very horrible things, what she suffered at the hands of the denizens of Nazarick was more than a little unsettling. While the particulars of the torture are not given in detail, it was explained that she should have died but for the fact that the magic users in Nazarick are demi-god level or just straight up god-level and could completely heal her or resurrect her perfectly if necessary during the torture. Apparently, the continuous cycle of extreme pain, horror, and injury, followed by complete rejuvenation, then back to the torture has left her a completely broken mess whose behaviour is similar to a terrified beaten dog. She can't even eat solid food anymore. Make of that what you will.
    • It's stated in the novel that one of the things that was done to here by the bug lord in Nazarick was having his carnivorous roaches eat her from the inside out. This implies that the roaches most likely entered her body through her mouth and started eating her from the stomach. Is it really any wonder she can't eat solid food anymore?
  • Fantastic Drug: They produce a highly addictive opiate.
  • Maximum Fun Chamber: What the elf twins refer to Kyouhukou's room where Hilma was repeatedly tortured.
  • Poisonous Person: She can summon a highly toxic snake from her tattoo.
  • Power Tattoo: Once a day, she can magically summon a snake from it.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Being a former high-class prostitute, this goes with the territory.
  • Tattooed Crook: She has a snake tattoo on her wrist.
  • Undying Loyalty: Towards Ainz when she finally meets him. After Philip's supreme act of stupidity in attacking carriages of the Sorcerer Kingdom containing grain for humanitarian aid, Hilma is hauled before Ainz in the company of all of the floor guardians. Being in the same room as so many mindbogglingly powerful creatures that would think nothing of torturing her for fun had Hilma trembling in absolute terror with her expecting death or worse for allowing Philip's idiocy to occur. To her absolute shock Ainz judges that she wasn't at fault for what happened as she had performed her duties to the best of her ability and Philip's suicidal stupidity was beyond any reasonable expectation. He concluded that it was her responsibility to write a report and come up with as many plans as she could to avoid such mistakes in the future. He stated that a first mistake should be forgiven because anyone can make mistakes and then asked all assembled if they had any suggestions or comments to add which could be useful and assured everyone that he would take no offense. Afterwards, upon returning home to her fellow eight-fingers heads, she wept Tears of Joy on how she had been spared and declared that the sorcerer king was a wise and benevolent ruler who could be merciless in his actions but only as needed and was fair in his judgements while rewarding the achievements of his servants. She declares that they need to work hard and hope that they can become Ainz’s direct subbordinate instead of Albedo as she knows what would have happened if the decision was left up to her.
  • Unproblematic Prostitution: She actually liked being a high-class prostitute, and uses those "skills" to ensnare nobles and other people of power to the service of The Eight Fingers organization.
  • Would Hurt a Child: The first thing she thought when she saw Mare is that he's a noble's "toy". When she realized that's not true, she tried to kill him. Not a smart idea as she got close enough for him to grab her by the hair and drag her away. Not that staying away would have saved her either.

    Cocco Doll 
Voiced by: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English)

The leader of the slave trade department of the criminal organization, Eight Fingers.

  • Depraved Bisexual: Confirmed by Volume 6, chapter 7. He asked to be given, as a gift, both Climb (in Volume 5) and Tuare (In Volume 6) for his pleasures.
  • Non-Action Guy: Is never seen involved in combat.
  • Sissy Villain: He's slender, effeminate, dresses flamboyantly, and appears to be wearing Guyliner.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: Still ran the slave trade in Re-Estize despite Princess Renner's edict banning the practice, out of certain brothels and gladiatorial arenas.
  • Unluckily Lucky: He was the only leader of Eight Fingers that was arrested. As such, he doesn't have the misfortune of coming into contact with Nazarick. No longer the case as of Volume 14. He is "rescued" because the other leaders are worried they'll be punished if they don't tell Nazarick about him. As a result, he is taken to undergo the "baptism".

Voiced by: Rintarou Nishi (Japanese), Dave Woodward (English)

The leader of the Six Arms, the security department of the criminal organization Eight Fingers. An unarmed fighter who uses enchanted animal spirit tattoos to enhance his abilities.

  • Animalistic Abilities: Zero ha the Shamanic Adept class, which let's him call out the names of different animals (which manifest as glowing tattoos) to give himself corresponding stat boosts. Unfortunately for him, he's dealing with Sebas, one of Nazarick's Elite Mooks who are magnitudes more powerful than even the best the New World has to offer. Zero abilities prove useless.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Thinks he's the World's Strongest Man. He's wrong.
  • Badass Boast: He claims to be the strongest in the kingdom. Whether or not he can actually go toe-to-toe against Gazef Stronoff, who is the strongest in the kingdom, and win is not known.
  • Bald of Evil: Not a hair on his head, and he's one of the nastiest people in the story.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Doesn't use any weapons to fight.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Made a good show of matching Sebas Tian's strength, or at least he was able to perfectly mimic Sebas Tian's damage to a steel reinforced door. In actual practice, he didn't even come close.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Is on the receiving end of a literal one from Sebas Tian.
  • Good Powers, Bad People: He's a ki-master monk with Shamanic tattoos, yet he's one of the most depraved individuals in the story to date.
  • Hunk: Very tall and muscular. He'd be very attractive if he wasn't so despicable.
  • The Leader: Of the Six Arms which provides security for the Eight Fingers.
  • Megaton Punch: The attack he uses against Sebas is this. It would've been impressive against anyone else, but unfortunately for him Sebas just tanks it like he got poked in the chest.
  • My Hero, Zero: He's not a hero and is instead an evil criminal, but his name is Zero and he's an expert fighter and a high-ranked criminal enforcer.
  • Power Tattoo: They glow when he uses his Shamanic Magic.
  • Red Baron: "Fighting Devil"
  • Super Toughness: He can clash with a katana and make metallic sounds.
  • Tattooed Crook: He's got a lot of tattoos.
  • This Cannot Be!: Though not verbatim, the look on his face when Sebas shrugs off his most powerful attack is this.
  • We Can Rule Together: To Brain Unglaus. Much like Succulent's it didn't work which pisses him off.

Six Arms

Voiced by: Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese), Chuck Huber (English)

A member of the Six Arms, the security department of the criminal organization Eight Fingers. An unorthodox fencer who also uses basic illusion spells to disorient and confuse his opponents.

  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: His unorthodox fighting style of combining illusion magic and swordplay has him very confident in himself. Unfortunately, it amounts to using cheap tricks to compensate for the him not being a very good swordsman. While effective against low-tier fighters like Climb, somebody like Brain Unglaus outclassed him several times over and had a simple counter to Succulent's tricks.
  • Bald of Evil: He's bald like his boss, and a piece of work just like him.
  • Bullying a Dragon: He taunts Sebas Tian over Tsuare, trying to needle him into bartering Solution (who, remember, was posing as Sebas's employer at the time). They don't come to blows, but he sent assassins after Sebas, which makes him the architect of his own downfall.
  • Curb Stomp Cushion: Defeating Climb wasn't as easy as he thought it would be in Volume 5. Gets curbstomped in the rematch in Volume 6 because Climb was well aware of his tricks.
  • Master of Illusion: Lampshaded.
  • Master of None: Because his levels are split 50/50 between swordfighting and illusion magic, he's not actually a very good fighter nor a particularly good mage. His tactic relies on overwhelming enemies with trickery before they wise up.
  • Oh, Crap!: When he found himself facing Brain Unglaus.
  • Red Baron: "The Devil of Illusions"
  • Smug Snake: Take away his tricks and he's not so tough. He's stated to be the weakest among the Six Arms.
  • We Can Rule Together: He tries this on Brain Unglaus. It didn't work due to Brain getting Character Development after meeting Shalltear Bloodfallen, Sebas, and Climb.

Voiced by: Shun'ichi Maki (Japanese), Greg Dulcie (English)

A member of the Six Arms, the security department of the criminal organization Eight Fingers. An undead lich specializing in destructive elemental magic, namely the third-tier spells Fireball and Lightning Bolt.

  • Crystal Ball: He is usually seen with one in his left hand, though it's not for prophecy but rather for boosting his signature spells.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Received one from Sebas Tian as he's the only one who NEVER got to use his attacks at all.
  • Dem Bones: He's a "natural" lich, though his appearance is closer to that of a zombie than a skeleton like Momonga. Presumably he hasn't been dead long enough to have rotted completely.
  • Only in It for the Money: He wanted funds to help elevate his powers.
  • Playing with Fire: His main offensive spell is Fireball.
  • Red Baron: "Undying King" Davernoc (which briefly served as Sebas Tian's Berserk Button due to "Undying King" coincidentally also being one of Ainz's titles.)
  • Unfortunate Names: An unusual sort. The only unfortunate thing about his nickname is that he shares it with someone else. Sebas takes this as a huge insult and kills him before Davernoc can even do anything.

Voiced by: Shota Yamamoto (Japanese), Randy E. Aguebor (English)

A member of the Six Arms, the security department of the criminal organization Eight Fingers. The most heavily armored member of the group, he is lither in combat than his bulky heavy armor would suggest thanks to his signature Whip Sword.

  • Armor Is Useless: He wears the heaviest armor of all Six Arms (the others were all armored very lightly or not at all). Sebas didn't have any more difficulty punching his head into giblets than any of the others.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Got one from Sebas Tian.
  • Red Baron: "Void Executioner" Pesylian.
  • Shout-Out: His Whip Sword is made out of a metal named after an actual Real Life weapon, the Indian Urumi.
  • This Cannot Be!: When Sebas Tian stopped his "unstoppable" technique, with two fingers!
  • Villainous Valour: He realizes too late that Sebas wasn't bluffing about his strength after the latter killed two of his comrades in seconds. He attacks Sebas anyway since he'd rather die fighting than die fleeing. In the Light Novel, he's the reason why Sebas takes about 20 seconds to kill him and the 3 members of the Six Arms.
  • Whip Sword: The true trick behind his "dimension slashing" technique.

Voiced by: Hiromichi Tezuka (Japanese), Tyler Carson (English)

A member of the Six Arms, the security department of the criminal organization Eight Fingers. A duelist rogue wielding an exceptionally lethal sword, he specializes in landing the first (and last) blow of the battle.

  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Quite literally from Sebas Tian.
  • Glass Cannon: His rapier is covered in deadly poisons and has two enchantments on it that turn even the lightest scratch into a severe wound that mangles the flesh. He also has one of the deadliest lunging attacks in the Kingdom, said to surpass even that of Gazef Stronoff. But he wears only light armor and lacks skill at fencing, so his entire fighting style consists of landing the first blow and making sure that blow is also the last.
  • I Call It "Vera": Named his rapier "Rose Thorn".
  • Laughing Mad: After stealing Sebas Tian's gloves, trying to rationalize that they're a magic item giving Sebas supernatural powers in the Light Novel.
  • Lovable Rogue: As a handsome young man wearing a flashy matador-like armor, he's clearly trying to project this vibe. His rapier even has a hilt in the shape of a rose.
  • Poisoned Weapons: His rapier is not only poisoned, but also enchanted to dramatically aggravate any wound made with it.
  • Red Baron: "Thousand Kills" Malmvist.
  • This Cannot Be!: When Sebas Tian performs a Barehanded Blade Block with one finger. Heck, the rapier bent from the strain!
  • Toros y Flamenco: He'd feel right at home in that setting, considering his outfit.
  • Villainous Breakdown: His disbelief at seeing Sebas effortlessly demolish his comrades causes him to rant that the butler must be using a magic item to beat them. He just can't process how one person can kill all four of them in seconds.

Voiced by: Eriko Matsui (Japanese), Haileigh Todd (English)

The sole female member of the Six Arms, the security department of the criminal organization Eight Fingers. Wears absolutely no armor, but is able to control five floating scimitars at once with her mind, giving her a significant edge over any melee combatant.

  • Belly Dancer: Dressed up in what appears to be a dancer bikini and is said to be a dancer fit for an RPG setting.
  • Dance Battler: Lampshaded. Her scimitars have "Dance" magic imbued in them. This is simultaneously likely a reference to the fact that Flying Weapons are referred to as "dancing" in many tabletops and video games.
  • Dead Man's Trigger Finger: Her scimitars keep going for a few seconds after her death.
  • Flying Weapon: Controls five of them.
  • Glass Cannon: With her five dancing scimitars, she can attack much faster than a regular warrior, strike more targets simultaneously, and may have greater range. However she wears absolutely no armor. Likely also a Fragile Speedster.
  • Losing Your Head: Subverted. For several moments, after being beheaded, she moves her lips, trying to speak, but can say nothing as she's no longer connected to her lungs and throat, and she's completely aware of what's going on as she slowly dies.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: An unusual example, instead of having many arms she uses five scimitars with the "dancing" enchantment simultaneously.
  • Off with Her Head!: Sebas chops her head off so quickly she didn't even realize she was dead until she saw her own beheaded body.
  • Red Baron: "Dancing Scimitar" Edström
  • The Smurfette Principle: She's the only female member of the Six Arms.
  • Stripperiffic: Exaggerated. There is clearly not even an attempt at armor here. She's dressed in light silk clothes that make her look more like a belly dancer than a fighter.
  • Tattooed Crook: Has a tattoo of a dragon.


    Staffan Heivish 
Voiced by: Yutaka Aoyama (Japanese), Jeremy Inman (English)

A guard of the city watch who was "friendly" with the Eight Fingers organization, particularly the slave peddling sector.

  • Asshole Victim: He was a corrupt official who enjoys raping and murdering sex slaves. Sebas killing him cannot be seen as anything other than a good thing.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Sebas inflicts a relatively slow and agonizing death on him by punching him in the gut hard enough to rupture his organs and leaving him to bleed out.
  • Dirty Cop: Sided with Succulent to extort Sebas Tian regarding Tuare.
  • Dirty Coward: Has no problems beating up helpless women, but when facing an opponent who can fight back, he runs away screaming.
  • Disposable Sex Worker: To prove just how nasty he is, he is shown engaging in this in an Eight Fingers brothel.
  • Does Not Like Women: He couldn't care less about a woman's personality. In bed, he has a fetish for beating up the women he's sleeping with, except that he doesn't keep healing potions on hand.
  • Entitled Bastard: Believes it's his right to take women and combine beating/raping them to death for his fetish. In fact, he bemoans that if he hadn't been introduced to the Eight Fingers brothel, he would have had to kidnap women off the streets and take his lusts out on them, and then only because kidnapping is a crime, and he might actually get in trouble for the kidnapping, not for anything else.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Doesn't even understand why someone would be angry at seeing women beat and raped to death.
  • Fat Bastard: A life of indulgence has left him seriously overweight.
  • Has a Type: A very creepy example. He seems to prefer using blonde girls because they remind him of Princess Renner, whom he despises for ending the slave trade. When he beats them, he imagines Renner in their place. Tuare was a past victim, and he desires Solution as well.
  • Hate Sink: He is so corrupt and despicable that no one will mourn Sebas turning his insides into jelly.
  • Karmic Death: His fetish involved beating women and leaving them to die. Guess what happens to him?
  • Manchild: He acts this way when confronted by Sebas.
  • Obliviously Evil: When confronted, and beaten, by an enraged Sebas Tian, he truly could not comprehend what he did wrong. Not the raping, not the beating, not the extortion, none of it.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: His involvement in slave trade, not to mention his unpleasant fetish, are what sets him apart as particularly depraved.
  • Spoiled Brat: Sebas Tian slapping him in the face is the first time he's ever faced corporeal punishment. In fact, his response is explicitly stated to be like a scolded child.
  • Would Hit a Girl: His fetish involves beating a woman to make her scream, beat her some more until the screaming stops, then beat her until she can't move any more before finally raping her, and then after thoroughly violating her, leaving her to die. He hates Princess Renner ending the slave trade specifically because he can no longer buy slaves for this purpose.

Death Spreading Brigade

A criminal organization in the Re-Estize Kingdom.
    In General 
  • Always a Bigger Fish:
    • They came to Shalltear's attention, who effectively destroyed the entire organization within the span of a night.
    • Coincidentally, Shalltear's attack was just a short span of time before a party of Adventurers came to scout their hideout. Said Adventurers were implied to be working as a support element for a military group of the Slane Theocracy, who were likely coming to stamp out the Brigade.
  • Asshole Victim: To the last man.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: It's mentioned that they have raped women on multiple occasions.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: They had a large "prison" full of women that they planned to sell.



Voiced by: Kentarou Tone (Japanese), Anthony Bowling (English)
A member of the criminal organization Death Spreading Brigade.
  • Exact Words: He told the Nazarick maid, Solution, that he would like to be "inside her". She swallowed him whole.
  • Freudian Excuse: His beloved younger sister was sold to become a slave by their parents while he was conscripted to the war. He still tries to find her whenever he goes to brothels.
  • The Mole: He would go into towns and cities as a coachman, find rich people for the gang to target, and then lure them into ambushes. Sebas Tian used that against him.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Stopping to grope Solution, who was in the company of monsters killing his bandit party, was a really bad idea. He didn't even have a rational reason to do so.

    Brain Unglaus 
A mercenary who lived to get stronger and be the best with a sword. He signed on with the Death Spreading Brigade, as he believed it was a contract that would garner him a great number of fights to test himself with. After challenging Shalltear, Brain fled and deserted after realizing their difference in power, and became the Brigade's sole survivor because of it.
For tropes relating to Brain Unglaus, see his page under the "Others" section of the Re-Estize Kingdom of the Human Kingdoms page.

Alternative Title(s): Over Lord 2012 Death Spreading Brigade, Over Lord 2012 Eight Fingers


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