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Do you bury me when I'm gone?
Do you teach me while I'm here?
Just as soon as I belong,
then it's time I disappear...

- "I Disappear", Metallica

Oh, hello there. I'm a thirty-something Filipino guy with a near-unhealthy interest in anime, movies, video games and certain web video series. Wishes for a place to belong to and hopes this place is it.


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* November 2016:

So it's been a year (and a couple of weeks, more or less) since I decided to "Get Known" here on TV Tropes. And my impression of the Troper community so far? Apart from the rare gadflies (who are thankfully not as bad as the G.I.F.T.-filled jerkasses I had the misfortune of meeting on the other online community I left behind), most of the folks here are a quirky, yet well-disciplined bunch. And I thank you guys for that (even if I didn't get a posted "Welcome" reply to my self-introduction post back in December of 2015).

But even though I'm sort of enjoying the Troper life right now, I do fear the day when either I lose my purpose here on TV Tropes, or a bunch of total *eff*wads (trolls, jerkasses, and the like) decide to come here and ruin things.Note 

Yet those particular fears somewhat pale in comparison to what's happening around me in the real world right now. A decade ago, people on the Internet tended to be more friendlier toward each other and being a troll or jerkass was frowned upon. Now it seems being a jerkass is the norm...and it's apparently reflected on the people's choice of recent democratically-elected national leaders who seem to have an authoritarian bent. As much as I'm not supposed to apply tropes to real life (well technically, I already am doing that, so what the hell), I can't help but think Humans Are Bastards sometimes.

And I'm still not keen on starting a social media account, even though it's admittedly the best way to communicate with people nowadays. You know, it's ironic that social media was made to encourage connecting with other people (or at least to establish communication between loved ones who are separated by oceans), yet when I hear stuff about social media nowadays, it's always how toxic some online communities are and how intolerant they are of other points of view. Which only makes people want to disconnect from social media in general.

(*sighs*) I can only hope that I can see a bright, sunshiny day at the end of all this doom and gloom. Because living in despair and doubt is not living at all.

More to be revealed in due time... (It's a work in progress.)


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