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Deadpool is probably the best known example of Heroic Comedic Sociopath in the comics, and that aspect gloriously translated to the big screen.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
"All the dinosaurs feared the T-Rex."

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    The film 
Wade Wilson/Deadpool

  • In the opening of the film, we see Wade threatening the guy whose apartment he broke into so he could get at the pizza guy.
    Wade: I will shoot your fucking cat!
    Jeremy: I-I-I don't know what that means. I don't own a cat.
    Wade: Then whose kitty litter did I just shit in?
    [awkward silence as Jeremy processes that statement while Wade realizes he may have said too much]
    Wade: Anywho...
  • The cutaway scene showing Deadpool singing along to Salt-N-Pepa while drawing his suspect on a piece of paper in crayon.
    Deadpool: (while singing along to Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa, he notices the camera) What–oh! Oh hello. I know, right? Whose balls did I have to fondle to get my very own movie? I can't tell you, but it does rhyme with "Polverine." And let me tell you, (in an Australian accent) he's got a nice pair of smooth criminals down under. Anyway, I got places to be, a face to fix, and–oh! Bad guys to kill!
  • In the fight scene in the car, Deadpool grabs a car cigarette lighter and shoves it into an opponent's mouth, leading to this double entendre:
    Deadpool: [puts a red-hot car cigarette lighter onto henchman's forehead, then shoves it into the henchman's mouth] I never say this, but don't swallow.
  • In the middle of mocking/beating Francis after impaling him to a wall, Deadpool reacts to Colossus's approach from behind by reaching back and accidentally groping him. Instead of fear or incredulity, he just manages a confused, "Dad?"
  • In one of the many glorious Take That! moments, Deadpool narrates during a throw from Colossus that "shit just went sideways in the most Colossal way." The film then instantly cuts to a close-up of an action figure of the sewed-mouth Wade from X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Wade's apartment. Deadpool corrects himself by saying, "Well, maybe not the most." Later, Wade appears to say that the figure is his "most prized possession", when he's really talking about the Wham! album it's sitting on.
  • In the opening highway chase, everything in the highway chase is going to Hell. Specifically, the van Deadpool jumped in and attacked is barrel rolling and everything (and everyone) is flying out; it goes super-slow-mo with Deadpool, upside down, looking at the ensuing chaos through the moon roof...
  • While talking to cab driver Dopinder, Deadpool reveals he's wearing an Adventure Time wristwatch.
    • Before, he explains to Dopinder that "it's Christmas Day [it's actually April], and I'm after someone on my NAUGHTY list!"
  • During the opening shootout, Deadpool is shot in the arm, and as he looks through the bullet wound in his arm at his assailant driving towards him: MOTHERFUCKER! Made even funnier by the fact that the wound is closing while he's looking through it.
  • When Deadpool keeps count of the strict ammunition budget he has in the beginning (he forgot his ammo bag), he shoots one dead mook two more times as revenge for shooting him in the ass.
    Deadpool: Stupid!... Worth It.
    • Just before this, after shooting the mook who was about to throw a grenade, Deadpool does a victory dance, saying "Me gusta cinco!"... and then gets shot in the butt by the aforementioned mook.
    "Agh! Right up Main Street!!"
    • Shortly thereafter, a still closeup of his tush shows that there's a visible whiff of gunsmoke trailing from the bullet hole in his behind.
    • And then when he wastes several shots attempting to hit the motorcycle mook (who is later revealed to be Francis):
      Deadpool: [shoots] Ten! [misses] Shit! [shoots] Nine! [misses again] Fuck! [shoots] Eight! [misses a third time] Shit fuck! [guy gets away] Bad Deadpool. Seven. [caps another guy] Good Deadpool.
  • Deadpool getting frustrated with Colossus and throwing everything he's got into a punch to the metallic ruskie's face...which absolutely obliterates his hand, turning it into a floppy, mangled mess. Does this stop Deadpool? Hell no. It's not until after he's after broken both of his arms/hands and one of his legs that Colossus finally cuffs him and begins dragging Deadpool's twisted heap of body back to the X-Jet, (naturally) arguing the whole way, and Deadpool ends up cutting off his own hand, which is left Flipping the Bird.
    • Deadpool's line leading up to the latter scene:
      Deadpool: Ever seen 127 Hours? Spoiler alert!
    • When the wound starts to gush blood everywhere, he quips, "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret."
    • When his initial punch out of frustration does nothing to Colossus:
      Deadpool: OH! Ohohoho...CANADA! (wiggles his wrist around, which is now limp) That's not good.
    • When he tries a Groin Attack on Colossus after breaking his right hand and breaks his other hand:
      Deadpool: Cock-shot! (CLANG!!!) OW! (his other hand is now broken at the wrist) Oh, your poor wife!
    • Also, his reaction to breaking both wrists and destroying his hands, leaving them floppy and useless:
      Deadpool: All the dinosaurs feared the T. rex!
    • And upon breaking his leg, hopping around like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
      Deadpool: You ever hear about the one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest?
    • This exchange immediately afterwards:
      Colossus: Do you have off switch?
      Deadpool: Yeah, it's right next to the prostate. Or is that the on switch?
      Colossus: Enough! (smacks Deadpool into a car)
    • Colossus' reaction to Deadpool's futile fighting: "This is embarrassing. Please, stay down."
    • Before all that, Deadpool's facial expression when Ajax manages to escape on the highway (recalling Kevin McCallister's famous pose and/or Edvard Munch's 'The Scream') and his frantic, multiple Double Take from Colossus to the spot Francis was originally.
    • Before Ajax's escape:
      Deadpool: [to Colossus] The day I decide to become a crime-fighting shit swizzler, who rooms with a bunch of other little whiners at the Neverland Mansion with some creepy, old, bald, Heaven's Gate-looking motherfucker... On THAT day, I'll send your shiny, happy ass a friend request!
    • Colossus defining his role as the straight man to Deadpool's Comedic Sociopathy perfectly.
      Deadpool: You big chrome cockgobbler! (throws a can at him, which bounces off)
      Colossus: That's not nice.
    • When Colossus tells Deadpool to use his powers for good, Deadpool grabs a hubcap and...
    Deadpool: Heads up.
    [throws hubcap like a frisbee at Ajax's head]
  • Deadpool's reaction to Negasonic Teenage Warhead's name:
    Deadpool: Negasonic Teenage... wwwwhat the SHIT?! That's the coolest name ever!
    • They chose NTW as Colossus's trainee purely so Deadpool could have that reaction.
      • And then Deadpool asks if they can switch names.
    • That fact that Deadpool, as pop culture-oriented as he is, didn't realize it's a reference to a song from the 90s. Or he did and that's why he thinks it's the coolest name ever. Both interpretations are hilarious.
  • Deadpool's fourth wall quips over the X-Men:
    Colossus: Let us go talk to the Professor.
    Deadpool: McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are confusing.

    Deadpool: It's a big house, it's weird I only ever see two of you. It's almost like the studio couldn't afford another X-Man.
    • The latter is even better when you realize that Ryan Reynolds just ad-libbed that line.
      • Negasonic Teenage Warhead's bemused "What the fuck is he talking about?" look seals it. It's pretty much the way everyone reacts to Deadpool.
      • Made even funnier when the sequel does show some of the other more famous (and expensive) X-Men, like Storm, Beast, and Professor Xavier...for a five-second cameo.
  • After the highway scene, Al asks Wade why he's so grumpy.
    Wade: Let's recap! The cockthistle who turned me into this freak slipped through my arms today. [Beat, looks at his amputated hand] Arm.
  • Pretty much everything during the bad-guy-hunting montage — especially the Deadpool Rap.
    SeXy MuthaFuckaaaaa!
    • At the start of his rampage, Wade turns to the camera and gleefully says "This shit's gonna have nuts in it!" with the biggest shit-eating grin ever.
    • He first has a lot of trouble with his costume, starting out with an all-white outfit that is quickly ruined when a bad guy unloads a clip into him. The camera cuts to him at a laundromat trying to use a stain remover pen on a now-red shirt. From across the laundromat, a woman tells him her own formula for removing bloodstains (seltzer water and lemon) — and recommending that dumbasses who bleed on their clothes regularly should wear red. The humor comes from the fact that we meet this woman later in the film — she's Al, and she is completely blind. When he makes a mask but no one can understand him, Al says he sounds like he has a dick in his mouth.
    • And he's trying to get out all the bloodstains out with a Tide detergent pen — which is only for smaller stains. And he's got several exhausted pens on the table in front of him, implying that he's been at that for quite some time.
    • One of his first victims has Deadpool telling one of Ajax's men, "Don't make me ask twice!" Cut to him sticking a knife in the guy's photo and angrily saying, "He made me ask twice!" He then removes his mask and asks the camera, "Is the mask muffling my voice?!"
    • One of Deadpool's targets in his search for Ajax drags his bleeding self across an ice rink, while Deadpool gives chase on a Zamboni. Especially because the film uses camera trickery such as Depth Deception to make it look like Wade is moments from running him over...when he's actually half the length of the rink away!
      Deadpool: [laughing] Y-You're about to be killed... by a Zamboni!
      • The guy doesn't even have a proper picture. His "photo" on Wade's wall is a doodle on a post-it calling him "Zamboni Guy."
      • What makes it even funnier is the Fridge Logic of the scene. The blood trail starts in the middle of the rink with the guy already halfway to the other side. Which means Deadpool cut the guy's legs so he couldn't walk while fighting him in the ice rink, then left him alone and went to get the Zamboni just to kill him in such a ludicrous fashion. Or, if you prefer, he injured the guy's legs in another place, then dragged him into the ice rink so he could use the Zamboni. Either way.
    • Wade is shown conflicted after beating up a woman. He sounds upset and confused if it's sexist to hit her or if it's more sexist to not hit her...all while producing a gun, to presumably kill her.
    • (while fighting a bunch of mooks) "Donde esta Francesca?!"
    • In another scene, he beats a mook against a locker asking about Francis. If you notice in the background, there's an old man watching with a disinterested look on his face.
    • And, of course, there's the Fridge Funny implication that it's taking Wade so long to track down Francis because he only ever asks for him by that name. It's very likely that a lot of the people he interrogates don't know their boss's real name is "Francis" and not "Ajax", so have no freaking clue who he's asking them about!
    • In the extended cut, in between these moments Deadpool touches himself and saves a cat, while Al fails to mount the IKEA drawer.
    • He catches up with one guy (the same recruiter from below), and before going to work on him, pushes the camera away so the viewer only sees the horrified reactions from various onlookers.
  • Deadpool's first meeting with the recruiter for Ajax's group, who he nicknames Agent Smith, starts with him asking, "Now, how can I help you, besides luring children into a panel van?" and ends with him saying, "Oh, shit, we're within five hundred yards of a school, so you might want to, [makes get lost motion with his hand] you know."
    • And when he meets him again, Deadpool calls him "Jared." What's particularly great is that Jared Fogle's arrest happened months after filming completed, so they were able to add that in for Reynolds' ADR voice-over sessions.
    • The thought of their Bad-Guy Bar being so close to a school is funny in and of itself.
  • "You may be wondering, 'Why the red suit?' Well, that's so bad guys can't see me bleed. This guy's got the right idea! He wore the brown pants."
  • "Nobody's getting hurt!" [a guy falls off the overpass behind Colossus] "That guy was already up there when I got here."
  • "You're right. The cancer's only in my liver, lungs, prostate, and brain. All things I can live without."
  • "Fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break?! That's, like, sixteen walls!"
  • When Wade first meets Vanessa, a hooker at the time, he buys 48 minutes of her time and says he wants to "put balls in holes". Cut to them playing skeeball.
    • Made even funnier as the camera is at first flipped 90 degrees to the left, which really makes it feel like it's the start of something intimate.
  • "And please don't make the supersuit green. Or animated!"
    • Even funnier if the behind the scenes are taken into consideration. Some of Deadpool's action sequences are fully CGI-animated, and his white eyes in the suit are 100% CGI to emote properly.
  • Angel is seen atop the wrecked carrier looking down at the approaching heroes. Deadpool calls it: "She's gonna do the superhero landing!" Once she lands, Deadpool applauds but points out "That's really hard on your knees. Totally impractical, they all do it."
  • Deadpool taunts Angel Dust about her getting beat-down by Colossus. "That's why I brought him." Only to have Angel super-punch Colossus into the dirt.
    • "I mean, that's why I brought her?" He turns to Negasonic Teenage Warhead, only to find she's too busy tweeting out an updated status. The whole fight has to stall until she finishes her tweet and tosses away the phone. (In a meta extension, the phrase "hashtag it" was incorporated by NTW's actress Brianna Hildebrand on her Twitter bio for a while.)
    • And then she matter-of-factly uses her Nova Blast to knock Angel back hard into a nearby metal container, taking out two mooks along with her.
    Deadpool: Whoa. I so pity the dude who pressures her into prom sex.
  • Colossus is rather annoyed at Deadpool's potty mouth:
    Deadpool: Finish fucking her the fuck up!
    Colossus: Language, please!
    Deadpool: Suck a cock!
  • As Deadpool carves his way through the mooks in the final battle, he suddenly stops, and gleefully says hello to Bob, knocks him out cold with a headbutt rather than killing him, and then asks how he and the kids are doing.note 
  • On a similar note: Deadpool improvising a white flag:
    Deadpool: Look away, child. [she doesn't] LOOK AWAAAAAAAAY!
    [she does, and Deadpool rips his underwear out of his pants]
  • During the final fight between Deadpool and Francis, Deadpool gets a dagger jammed in his brain and is being beaten repeatedly in the face by Francis, but then Vanessa, who's escaped from the pod, charges into the frame and impales Francis on one of Deadpool's katanas. Francis is out for the moment, a disoriented Deadpool falls over, and Vanessa is lying on the ground, in pain from being in the decompression pod. The footage goes into slow motion and Chicago's "You're The Inspiration" starts playing as Deadpool and Vanessa look at each other. Deadpool makes a little "Hi honey!" wave at her. Vanessa looks fondly back at him as a cute little cartoon unicorn walks shyly into the frame and nuzzles her. Cut to Deadpool making an inept attempt at a heart-shape with his fingers. Cut to Vanessa surrounded by tiny cartoon animalsnote  with an increasingly incredulous look on her face. Cut to Deadpool, who makes a dick-in-vagina gesture. Cut to impatient-looking Vanessa who shouts (her voice slowed down) "Aaaaaaassssshooooooole!" because he's just lying there being cute at her when the Big Bad could kill them at any moment.
    • Comedy bonus: as soon as Vanessa shouts "Asshole!", the cartoon animals are incinerated, and the unicorn actually has the flesh melt off its body and its skeleton turn to dust.
  • Once Vanessa unmasks Deadpool, he's wearing a cutout of Hugh Jackman's face underneath it.
    • Even better, he apparently stapled it to his face, and when Nessa pulls it off, he's completely unfazed by the staple still in his chin!
    • Even better than that is the realization that Deadpool was wearing this under his mask during the entire climactic fight scene!
  • Deadpool makes good on his promise to spell out Francis' name by actually spelling it out with the corpses of all the mooks he just killed. He even announces it with a cheerful "Yoo-hoo!"!
    • The "i" is lowercase; the body is dotted with what appears to be the dude's decapitated head. Deadpool don't skimp on details. As if to underscore it, the "i" is positioned to moon Francis.
  • Colossus is giving a big speech on how Deadpool can do the heroic thing and spare Francis' life. Deadpool gets bored midway through the speech and shoots Francis in the head, which is followed by Colossus puking.
    Colossus: WHY?!
    Deadpool: You were droning on!
    • Blink and you'll miss it, but even Francis — who's aware it's the only thing keeping him from getting shot — rolls his eyes at the speech. You could even interpret his "seriously?" look at Wade as if he's asking the latter to just shoot him already. Even funnier, Deadpool nods in response, like saying "yeah, don't worry, I'm cutting this shit short real quick."
  • "You have something in your teeth." Watch Ajax's expression; he silently scoffs it off, then his expression changes as he realizes the fact that he can't feel anything means he has no idea if Wade's serious or not. As Wade keeps rambling, he walks over to a nearby mirror and bares his teeth...and cue Wade's "Made you look."
  • "His legal name is Francis! He got Ajax from a dish soap!"
  • It's played completely straight and is a well-done action sequence with no humor, but it's still pretty funny that Wade and Francis' first duel is with fire extinguishers. In a burning building.
  • During the opening bridge scene, Deadpool shoots three guys in the head with one bullet and then says "I'm touching myself tonight." Later, when the film fast-forwards from when Deadpool boards Dopinder's taxi, it goes too fast and we arrive at night, where we see Deadpool... touching himself.
  • After the final battle, Deadpool is talking with Colossus, as Vanessa approaches.
    Deadpool: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just a boy, about to stand in front of a girl, and tell her — what the fuck am I gonna tell her?
  • The Post-Credits Scene; a spoof of the post-credits scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, complete with Deadpool mocking the viewer for expecting there to be a teaser for the sequel, or even a Samuel L. Jackson cameo ("Well, we don't have that kind of money."). He then comes back and reveals that Cable will be in the sequel ("Just need a big guy with a flat top. Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, Keira Knightley. She's got range, who knows."), and asks the viewers not to tell anyone.note  He also asks everyone watching to pick up their garbage. Chicka-chicka.
    • The deleted scenes offer an alternate take, where Deadpool adds that they don't have the money because "we spent it all on the uniform", and while telling about Cable, not only is the microphone visible — and the operator keeps shoving the thing into Ryan Reynolds' face — but Deadpool adds Newt Gingrich and Grace Jones to the actors being considered.
  • "I had another Liam Neeson nightmare. I kidnapped his daughter and he just wasn't having it. They made three of those movies. At some point you have to wonder if he's just a bad parent."
  • Deadpool's deconstruction of Negasonic Teenage Warhead's character:
    Deadpool: Look! I'm a teenage girl! I'd rather be anywhere than here! I'm all about long, sullen silences, followed by mean comments, followed by more silences. So what's it gonna be? Long, sullen silence or mean comment? Go on.
    Negasonic: ...You got me in a box here.
    Deadpool: AHA!
  • The extended version of the freeway scene has some more Snark-to-Snark Combat involving Deadpool:
    • After Colossus explains Negasonic Teenage Warhead is his trainee, he compares it to the waiter's assistant who talks about the soups.
    • Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Deadpool have this exchange:
      Deadpool: So what's your power?
      Negasonic: I can see the future.
      Deadpool: Cannot!
      Negasonic: You're about to say something stupid.
      Deadpool: No I am not. Will not say... be saying... GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
    • Instead of "he was already there", Ryan Reynolds says "You've heard the whole, 'make an omelette break some eggs thing'?" and Ed Skrein notes "Hey, that's my line!"
    • Deadpool goes on a filibuster about Green Lantern (while the guy in a gray mocap suit standing in for Colossus is clearly holding laughter):
    "'Defender of the Universe', I've heard this shit before. An executive with an $1000 Armani comes and says "Hey, you wanna be a superhero? We don't have a script yet, but we promise it's gonna be awesome!" But what he doesn't say is that the release date is totally unmakeable and the supersuit is gonna be animated! Like a fucking Saturday Morning Cartoon! And we all know the sad end to that, don't we?"
    • Colossus says "Wade, you're very, very annoying!" Negasonic adds "Thank you!" and Deadpool tells her "Yeah, never heard that one before!"
    • Deadpool also asks Negasonic to exchange names several times throughout the extended version of the scene, rather than just once.
  • This exchange between Negasonic and Deadpool:
    Deadpool: Ripley, from Alien³!
    Negasonic: Fuck, you're old.
    Deadpool: HA — fake laugh, hiding real pain. Go get Silver Balls.
  • From the blooper reel: an alternate take on the Zamboni scene has Deadpool calling out "It's very ice to see you!" in a hysterical imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian accent.
  • Also from the blooper reel: Deadpool screaming for Colossus to get moving, as all the while NTW stands in the doorway with hardly a change in expression at Deadpool's ranting.
    • Another thing from the blooper reel where Deadpool's talking to NTW at the X-Mansion, where he notes that it seems kind of sexist about how their group is called the X-Men even though the team is technically co-ed (meaning there are both men and women), which NTW agrees with.

Vanessa Carlyle

  • Vanessa performing a vicious Groin Attack on the "Fat Gandalf" who gets too fresh with her, with Wade telling her to "hakuna his tatas."
  • The Sex Montage between Wade and Vanessa has some delightfully crude moments:
    • On Halloween, Wade eats her out wearing vampire teeth.
    • On International Women's Day, Vanessa pegs him, much to Wade's reluctance.
    • They sit companionably near the window and read books with coffee during Lent.
    • Thanksgiving naturally involves food sex.
    • The musical dissonance makes it even better. Surely Neil Sedaka would be proud to see his legendary lite-pop number "Calendar Girl" used for Wade Wilson bonestorming his girlfriend on every conceivable holiday.
  • Wade proposes to Vanessa the only way Wade Wilson can: with a Ring Pop.note 
    • An outtake has Morena Baccarin stick the Ring Pop in her mouth. Reynolds tells her she really doesn't want to do that.
  • The lead up to said proposal:
    Vanessa: Wade, there's something I've been meaning to ask you. Only because you haven't gotten around to asking me. Will you, um... stick it in my...
    Wade: Marry me?
    Vanessa: Uh, jinx?
  • An alternate take of the post-Ajax death scene has Vanessa shooting Francis twice saying "Gratuitous... worth it!". Deadpool says "For starters, I'm really turned on right now!" and Colossus notes "You two were made for each other."


  • Weasel gets some delightful snark at Ajax's and Angel Dust's villainous clothing when they show up at the bar, trying to intimidate him into giving up info on Wade (the alternate versions on the outtakes are also great).
    Weasel: You sure you're not looking for clothing that isn't monochromatic?

    Weasel: [as they leave] Have fun at your midnight screening of Blade II!
  • Every line exchanged between Wade and Weasel about how awful he looks.
    Weasel: Motherfucker, you are hard to look at.
    Wade: Like a testicle with teeth.
    Weasel: You look like Freddy Krueger face-fucked a topographical map of Utah.
    Wade: Exactly!
    • Even the Green Band trailer version is pretty funny:
      Weasel: Oh man, you are hard to look at. You look like a topographical map of Utah.
      Wade: Exactly!
    • This exchange from the movie itself:
      Weasel: You look like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado.
      Wade: ...Thank you.
      Weasel: And not gently. Like hate fucking. There was something wrong with the relationship and that was the only catharsis that they had without resorting to violence.
  • As Wade prepares to leave for the final battle:
    Weasel: Wade, I'd go with you, but...I don't wanna.

Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead

  • As Deadpool, Colossus, and Negasonic Power Walk toward the battlefield, Negasonic realizes that Deadpool forgot his bag of guns in the taxi.
    • Crosses into a meta Moment of Awesome for the writers. There was a big gunfight planned for the final battle, but an unexpected $7 million budget cut meant they had to do some trimming, and said gunfight was cut. The writers turned a lost opportunity into a string of jokes and a Drama-Preserving Handicap.
    • While it was necessary to find a way to bring it up, Brianna improvised this line.
  • Colossus is ashamed once Angel Dust suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction. He gives her time to adjust herself, while hiding the exposed breast from our view with his hand. She remarks how sweet that is... then swiftly gives him an echoing punch to his iron crotch hard enough to send him flying (something that only injured Deadpool when he attempted the same).
    • This is especially hilarious, as the film has just given us fully uncensored crotch and breast shots of strippers in one of the previous scenes. Colossus really is a gentleman!
  • Negasonic's insults to Deadpool are improvised, notably when Deadpool asks her if it's going to be a sullen silence or a mean comment.
    Nega: ...You got me in a box here.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead wonders what the perks of being with the X-Men are, considering the mansion gets completely destroyed every couple of years. Colossus then cheerfully responds that having their mansion regularly demolished "builds character."

...and Everyone Else

  • Angel Dust's expression after getting punched into a car by Colossus looks less like vicious rage and more like a temper tantrum.
  • A lot of shots show the actors actually trying not to laugh or smile during jokes — when Deadpool tries to fight Colossus, Nega is shown smiling at his failure, and when Nega is finishing up her tweet, Angel Dust is clearly trying to keep a straight face.
  • The names in the dead pool at Weasel's bar include (in addition to W. Wilson) V. Putin, T.J. Miller (who plays Weasel), R. Reynolds, S. LaBoeuf, B. Cosby, C. Sheen, K. West, L. Lohan, M. Cyrus, O. Osbourne, L. Wayne, K. Rock, N. Beatty, M. Tyson, A. Bynes, A. Palmer, and R. Liefeld.
  • The opening credits sure make troping easy, proudly announcing the characters as "A Hot Chick", "A British Villain", "The Comic Relief", "A Moody Teen", "A CGI Character", and "A Gratuitous Cameo".
    • Shining examples of Self-Deprecation are Ryan Reynolds ("Starring God's Perfect Idiot") and Tim Miller ("Directed by An Overpaid Tool", "Some Douchebag's Film").
    • The only ones who get off easy? The writers — "Written By The Real Heroes Here", implying that either the writers are the ones who wrote the credits, or whoever wrote the credits truly believes that the the writers are the real heroes.
    • The Bullet Time pan that the credits are posted onto have a few visual gags, such as a coffee cup labeled Rob L., a card of someone who isn't Green Lantern, a People magazine with Ryan Reynolds on the cover, and a mook getting teabagged by Deadpool, while he reaches out the window and gives a bike-riding mook an atomic wedgie. The best part? The whole acid trip is scored to "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton.
      Deadpool: [his head sticking out of the SUV as it slow-mo flips upside-down] Aw, shit... did I leave the stove on?
      • It gets even funnier when the scene is revisited, and it shows that the reason "Angel of the Morning" was playing is because Francis' Mooks were listening to it on the radio... BEFORE Wade dropped in on them.
      • Note that Wedgie Guy is apparently shooting his own wrecked-and-flaming motorcycle in midair. Which is only fair, considering what the bike's drive-chain whipping through the air next to him is about to do.
    • The aforementioned tea-bagging is literally the first glimpse we actually get of Deadpool himself. What could be more fitting for this guy than to have his package be the first part of his character shown?
    • Just to cap off the sarcastic perfection of these opening credits, the whole sequence is The Oner, complete with gratuitously show-offish little stunts like passing through the straw-hole of a coffee cup lid.
  • Deadpool and Blind Al's back-and-forth is funny enough, but in the middle of it Deadpool changes out of his combat boots and into crocs, and he apparently wears white socks.
    Deadpool: It reeks like old lady pants in here...
    Al: I'm old, and I wear pants.

    Al: It sounds like you've got a dick in your mouth.

    Al: Why such a douche this morning?
    • The exchange the two have before Deadpool heads out after Ajax crosses the line at least eight times.
      Deadpool: There's 116 kilos of cocaine buried somewhere in the apartment, right next to the cure for blindness. Good luck!note 
    • And after Deadpool leaves Al and Weasel to go have his final showdown with Francis, Weasel drops this gem:
      Weasel: Wanna get fucked up?
    • The "PG-13" version of the line is way worse:
      Weasel: Wanna get felt up?
    • And before that, Weasel properly explains why he won't partake in the finale:
      Weasel: Wade, I would go with you, but I don't want to.
    • Of note is the surprisingly sweet scene of them talking and snuggling on the couch, and then Wade strokes her chin with a baby-like hand that's growing from his stump. And then asks for some privacy, because he figures his dick will feel huge in his tiny hand.
  • Stan Lee as a strip club announcer!
    • Well, the opening credits did promise "A gratuitous cameo"...
  • When Deadpool first meets Dopinder, he learns that the man's crush is actually his cousin Bandhu's fiancée. Deadpool urges him to win her back in any way. When he next meets Dopinder, he learns that he's taken Bandhu hostage and locked him in the trunk of his cab. Wade pretends to be horrified to save face in front of Colossus, but congratulates Dopinder under his breath and not only encourages him to finish the job, but suggests taking it further.
    • Later, when Deadpool tries to call Dopinder for the bag of guns he accidentally left in the taxi, the car gets rear-ended, with Dopinder's cousin still in the trunk. Presumably, Deadpool's forgotten arsenal turning up during a police search will make a bad situation much, much worse.
    • There's also the fact that this is one of the few times Deadpool doesn't advocate indiscriminate murder as the best solution, and instead actually gives Dopinder some legitimately good relationship advice. That means this entire thing was Dopinder's own idea.
  • The animated end credits with a Deadpool doodle going around doing things like jerking off a unicorn's horn (making it shoot out a rainbow), and then commenting on the names of the credits (he points to Ryan Reynolds' name and the text next to his head reads "He's hot!" while he gets an erection, and when it gets to Ed Skrein's name, Deadpool's text reads "He's hottest!!"; Gina Carano has Deadpool making the unicorn poke her name repeatedly with its horn)
  • The closing credits include the line "Special thanks (with tongue) to Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza."
  • The outtakes have plenty, many listed above. For instance, when Wade uses a nickname on Angel Dust before she punches him, he uses names such as Henry Winkler, Busta Rhymes, Nikki Sixx, Criss Angel Mindfreak, "", along with an imitation ("Hey you guys!"). After the one in the film ("less angry Rosie O'Donnell"), Ryan Reynolds cracks up and says "Sorry, Gina" before Mrs. Carano replies "Motherfucker".
  • Right before his "fight" with Colossus, Deadpool addresses the audience... only for the camera to change viewpoints so he's suddenly pointing at the empty freeway. Deadpool then spends the next few seconds looking back and forth between the camera's new position and the one he was pointing at. It's really not often that the camera person gets to troll someone...

It's very obvious just from looking that Ryan Reynolds had the time of his life with this movie.

[farts] #driveby.
— Deadpool, leaving a message for Blind Al.